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Global outreach Day one day I one world I one message - 140+ - Livenet
Global Outreach Day
     one day I one world I one message


                                        GOSPEL LITERATURE

    5.7    MILLION
                                        142   MILLION


                     THE MAIN PERSON        6.8   MILLION

                     E VERY B ELIEVER

  Every last Saturday of May millions of Christians
              are sharing the Gospel worldwide
Global outreach Day one day I one world I one message - 140+ - Livenet
Europe: 98.7 % is lost
“Contemporary Europe has become the most godless civilization the world
has ever known“ New York Times.
America: gaining atheism and secularism.
Loss of the christian identity and values.
6,600 ethnic groups are still unreached.
90% of Muslims have never heard the Gospel.
Over 5 billion people around the world do not know Jesus as their per-
sonal lord and savior. Amongst the increasing broken world, they are facing
eternity without perspective - the Good News is desperately needed.

                                                    93%                 of church members never
                                                                        share the Gospel with others

                                   “There aren’t enough missionaries to solve all the issues in the world. But there is
                                    an army of believers, sitting in churches, waiting to be mobilized.
                                   Ordinary people, empowered by God, making a difference together, wherever
                                   they are.
If we can figure out a way to turn an audience into an army, it will change the world. It’s time to stop debating; let’s
start doing. It’s time for the church to be the church. Be part of Global Outreach Day.”
                                                                                                           Rick Warren

We have to create a culture of evangelism.
Global Outreach Day
The vision of Global Outreach Day is every believer sharing the Gospel on
the last Saturday of May every year. The Global Outreach Day (G.O.D.) is a
catalyst to mobilize the church for evangelism. This day of action is a first
step to a lifestyle of evangelism.

One Movemnet
The movement inspires Christians around the world to live a li-
festyle of evangelism and discipleship.
Global outreach Day one day I one world I one message - 140+ - Livenet
                                                                                                        3 STEPS
  Christians worldwide are trained to spread the Gospel by
                                                                                                                              Werner Nachtigal
                                                                                                                               Stephan Gängel

  being taught 3 simple steps:
                                                                                                          TO PERSONAL E VANGELISM

          • how to start a conversation
          • the basics of the Gospel message
          • how to lead somebody to Jesus
                                                                                                            Global Outreach Day
                                 „This training material is unique...“                                        Training Book              1

                                                                                                        Training booklet sample
                                                                                 Paul Eshleman
                                                           Vice President Campus Crusade & Jesus Film


  The Global Outreach Day combines prayer with action. That is why we are connected to many prayer movements like Global
  Day Of Prayer. The night before the G.O.D. took place this year, we partnered with IHOP for the first time to hold the Global
  Upper Room and mobilize Christians around the world to pray.

It’s easy! Every Christian can be part of it.
We all are called to share the Gospel with everyone we
Here are some practical examples of how Christians are
sharing the Gospel:
• One on One – Inviting someone over for a cup of coffee
  and telling him about Jesus.
• In small groups – reaching out to the streets, in the
  market places, parks, etc.
• Care and share – Doing something good for the needy
  in hospitals, prisons, children’s homes etc.
• Reach your area – Visiting home to home or strategic
  campaigns with other churches.
• More ideas – Concerts, open-air meetings, flash mobs,
  banners, share tracts, posts on social media, etc.
Global outreach Day one day I one world I one message - 140+ - Livenet
                            • Amazon – A tribal chief and parts of his tribe in the Amazon
                              got saved.
                            • Dominican Republic – Many people from various back-
                            grounds grounds came to faith
                             in Jesus: several prostitutes, a star basketball player, a whole
                             criminal gang, and many more.
                            • Bangladesh – A Muslim man dying from severe Cholera and
                              already given up by doctors, got prayed for and received com-
                              plete healing. As a result, his whole family got saved, too.
                            • El Salvador – A man so crazy he was being kept in chains
                              like an animal found deliverance and salvation in Christ.
                            • Nepal – A witch doctor received healing during prayer and
                              got saved.
                            • Costa Rica – A drug producer got saved, then destroyed his
                              production facility and now shares the Gospel.
                            • Sri Lanka – A two year old boy, completely paralyzed in both
                              of his legs since birth, was totally healed after prayer.
                            • Germany – A man, whose legs had been mostly
                              unable to move for 32 years and who had to use a complicated
                              support frame for walking, was totally healed.
                            We received countless reports of evangelistic activities
                              in homes, on the streets, in prisons, hospitals, etc.

 • Millions of Christians shared the Gospel for the first time
 • Thousands of leaders personally trained and they trained their whole church
 • Millions of people reached out with one-on-one evangelism
 • Thousands of small groups and churches planted
 • Many participating Christians are now sharing the Gospel regularly
 • Nepal: 6,631 home fellowships started – 22,000 people baptized
 • Philippines: a church in a slum area grew through the G.O.D. outreach from 300 to 475 and later tripled in just a few months
 • Nigeria: a movement with 30,000 congregations was inspired to evangelize monthly
 • Uganda: over 20,000 leaders trained as well as 3,900 church planters. As a result, 580 new churches were established.
Global outreach Day one day I one world I one message - 140+ - Livenet
Nepal: Activities during the time of the earthquake
  Nepal was unique in 2015! The          al Outreach Day: We saw churches        churches there. Our entire tour of
national team, with five regional co-    started at the G.O.D. 2014, and the     this earthquake-shaken country was
ordinators and teams in 75 districts     new Christians worshiped the Lord       a testimony of fruition, unity and an
all over the country, decided long       passionately and gave their testimo-    active and prepared Body of Christ,
before the earthquake happened to        nies. Older Christians reported how     which adopted the Global Outreach
reach out for a whole month with         the training transformed them to a      Day as its own vision.
practical help.                          lifestyle of evangelism.
  Then the earthquake came, and             We met people who were saved or
they were prepared for action all        healed during the G.O.D. By passing
throughout the country. When we          out food during our relief outreaches
came, we heard awesome testimo-          in the earthquake areas, two entire
nies from all over about what the        villages accepted Christ, and many
Lord has been doing during the last      people received help. Our district
two years as a result of the Glob-       coordinators have already started

Ghana: 741,150 decisions for Christ                                              Peru
  This year was the first time fellow-                                             The most dangerous criminal of
ships in Ghana participated in the                                               the country gets saved.
G.O.D. The king invited pastors to                                                 A pastor was evangelizing in a hos-
a meeting and encouraged them                                                    pital in Lima and met a man who
greatly. Due to the very good plan-                                              had survived a gang war. He told
ning and mobilization, the results                                               him about Jesus, and the man broke
were remarkable.                                                                 down in tears and got his life straight
  Almost 800,000 Christians were ac-                                             with God. The following day, the pas-
tively involved and reached over two                                             tor saw this man on the news. He had
million souls all across Ghana with                                              been the most dangerous and infa-
the Gospel. 741,150 people made a                                                mous criminal in the entire country
decision for Christ.                                                             and was named “Dracula”. His whole
                                                                                 family got saved as well.

Germany:                                                                         Nick Vujicic in Germany
  The Global Outreach Day kicked                                                   A part of this major outreach was
off a project to reach 8.5 million                                               an event with Nick Vujicic, who be-
homes with a very appealing news-                                                came famous through his YouTube
paper. Over 180 churches joined in                                               video clips. 5,600 people stormed
the initiative to reach their federal                                            into the arena, which was completely
state with the Gospel. As one team                                               sold out. 450 of them ran forward at
was waiting for more newspapers                                                  the altar call and gave their lives to Je-
to arrive, they began talking to sev-                                            sus. 35,000 people in many countries
eral Muslims. After one woman was                                                followed the event via live stream,
healed, several more came and                                                    which was simultaneously translated
asked for prayer. The result: 12 Mus-                                            into French and Italian. The largest
lims were healed, and three of them                                              German television network gave a
gave their lives to Jesus.                                                       very positive report about the event.
Global outreach Day one day I one world I one message - 140+ - Livenet
The Philippines: 18,976 Christians were trained
   In the Philippines, we were able         sions for Jesus. In one of the largest
to rally the Body of Christ and dis-        slum neighborhoods in Manila, many
tribute nearly 3 million Gospel tracts      were reached with the Gospel. A
throughout the whole nation to be           lame woman was prayed for and she
used on the G.O.D.                          could walk again.
   The tract told the story of Manny
Pacquiano, the famous boxer, who
was excited about the idea. 18,976
Christians were trained in evange-
                                                                                              Manny Pacquiao with G.O.D. Tract
lism, and 12,245 people made deci-

India: 10 million tracts printed & distributed
  The politicians in India have made it      and are reaching thousands. In Vara-
their goal to remove Christianity from       nasi, a central city of Buddhism and
India by 2021. When Christians try to        Hinduism, we held a prayer night
pass out tracts, special security forces     and had various outreaches to the
are informed to hinder them.                 villages on the next day.
  10 million tracts were printed and           One particular Guru from the
distributed especially in northern India.    highest caste was very open to the
Many churches and home fellowships           message and gave his life to Jesus
were mobilized. Millions of Christians       directly by the Ganges River after he
prayed specifically during the G.O.D. as     was prayed for.
part of a prayer movement. Now they
are combining prayer with evangelism

“The Global Outreach Day is a great way to                          “Go out there, step out in faith. Do some-
encourage people to start sharing their faith.”                     thing you haven’t done before.“
                                      Steve Douglass - CRU                           Nick Vujicic - LIFE WITHOUT LIMBS

“Global Outreach Day is a simple idea for the                       “The vision I am presenting to our own mission
biggest church mobilization in the third millen-                    is that we want to be evangelizing on that day
nium of Christian history.“                                         in every nation of the world.”
                               Daniel Oscar - Bible League                                Loren Cunningham - YWAM

                    Everyone can reach someone,
                            together we can reach the world.
Global outreach Day one day I one world I one message - 140+ - Livenet Global outreach Day one day I one world I one message - 140+ - Livenet Global outreach Day one day I one world I one message - 140+ - Livenet Global outreach Day one day I one world I one message - 140+ - Livenet
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