Arctic Office Products - In Stock Catalog Office Furniture

Arctic Office Products - In Stock Catalog Office Furniture
Arctic Office Products
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Arctic Office Products
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          Office Furniture

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Arctic Office Products - In Stock Catalog Office Furniture
Arctic Office Products
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Arctic Office Products - In Stock Catalog Office Furniture
Arctic Office Products
                                                In Stock Now!

Table of Contents
Wood Desking……………….………………….….……..……………………………...5-8
Conference ..…………….…………….…..………………………………...…………..9
Adjustable Desks………..………………………………...……………...……………10-11
Metal Desking…………………………….……..……..………………………………..13
Task Chairs……………..……………………..……….……………………..………….14-21
Guest Seating……………………..………………………………….………………….22-23
Files & Storage .……………………...………….……………………..……………..24-26
Ergonomic Accessories…….………………..….…………………….…..…………27-28

Arctic Office Products - In Stock Catalog Office Furniture
Arctic Office Products
                                                                                In Stock Now!

In stock now, speedy delivery
Experience, Commitment

Arctic Office Products is a locally owned company, serving Alaska for 60 years. Employing over
100 Alaskans, Arctic Office Products is the largest full-service office products dealer in the
state providing furniture, supplies, office machines and a factory-trained service department.

Furniture and Delivery

Arctic Office Products is a full service contract office furniture dealer. We offer product, de-
sign, project management, delivery and installation. With the largest selection in Anchorage
and the largest inventory, you can pick out a chair or desk today and have it delivered the
same week!
We stock task chairs, files, small office setups, large office desking, storage cabinets, guest
seating, conference tables and much, much more! Practically everything needed for the entire
office is available and in stock now, ready to be delivered to you. No other office furniture
dealer has the quality and variety of in stock items ready for same week and often next day
Anchorage delivery.

Please contact us today for more information on our products and for our estimated delivery
times in Fairbanks and Kenai.

Arctic Office Products - In Stock Catalog Office Furniture
Arctic Office Products
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    Hon Large Office or Shared Space
    This is a great shared space or large office set up with a U-Shaped Hon executive desk with storage cabinet,
    a comfortable Hon Ignition task chair, and plenty of guest seating in the way of Allsteel Relate chairs and a   N
    Hon Preside round table. The convenient double monitor arms are Humanscale. *Available in Harvest and
    Henna Cherry (shown). Relate guest seating on pg 21, monitor arms are on pg 29.                                 G

      Item# H105293         Item# H10534                                   Item# H10541
                                               Henna Cherry     Harvest    Credenza Shell
                                               Item# H90056CE14              LIST $585        Item# H105104

                                                                                              Pedestal with 2
      Cabinet w/ lateral   Stack on hutch,                                                    file drawers
      file LIST $1910      72X47 LIST $846            Celestial Zephyr
                                                                                              LIST $712
                                                available in
      Item# HLD42G                              Celestial Zephyr                               Item# H105102
                                                LIST $245

                                                                            Item# H10560
                                                                            Bridge, 42”
      Round Tabletop       Item# HTXLEGS                                    LIST $297
                                                                                                Pedestal with 2
      LIST $385            Xleg base, silver                                Item# H10570        box drawers and
                           LIST $384            Item# H10521 72X36          Bridge, 48”         1 file drawer
                                                Peninsula LIST $719         LIST $308           LIST $712

Arctic Office Products - In Stock Catalog Office Furniture
Arctic Office Products
                                                                                         In Stock Now!


I   Hon Private Office
N   This perfectly adjustable layout for a private or small office, this Hon single desk unit is affordable and
    professional. The corner unit can be configured right or left to fit your space. Shown above with a left hand
G   return and overhead in Henna Cherry. The Humanscale Freedom chair adds ergonomic support (pg 15)
    and Hon H2111 chairs (pg 23) are a comfortable and attractive option for guest seating.

                                                                                            Item# H10534
                                                                                            Stack on hutch,
             Harvest        Henna Cherry                                                    LIST $846

                                              Item# H105815R
                                              Corner Unit Right
                                              *Available in Henna
                                              Cherry only. LIST $899

                                                                           Item# H105856 Back
          Item# H10578 Desk                                                Enclosure LIST $195
          shell, 60X30 LIST $562
          Item# H10579 Desk                                                           Item# H105102
          shell, 66X36 LIST $606
                                                                            Pedestal with
          Item# H10592 Desk                    Item# H105816LJJ             2 box drawers
          shell, 72X30 LIST $639               Corner Unit, Left            and 1 file
                                               *Available in Henna
          Item# H10594 Desk                    Cherry only.                 drawer
          shell, 72X36 LIST $674               LIST $899                    LIST $712

Arctic Office Products - In Stock Catalog Office Furniture
Arctic Office Products
                                                                                            In Stock Now!

    Mayline Napoli Desk

                                                                                            Sierra Cherry    O

    Napoli desking combines clean , modern lines with rich veneer                                            D
    and an affordable price.*Available in Sierra Cherry (shown).
       Item# NEXTLSCH
       Left extension
                                     Item# VLCSCH
                                     Credenza Cabinet 72X19
                                                                               Item# NRTPRSCH
                                                                               Right Return
       LIST $553                     LIST $1673                                LIST $1218

     Mayline Napoli Reception Station
     First impressions are critical for any business. This Napoli reception station should make a great
     -AAA North American hardwood veneers throughout
     -3/4” frosted temper glass
     -non-handed return
     *Available in Sierra Cherry
     finish on cherry veneer

                LIST $6214

             Sierra Cherry

Arctic Office Products - In Stock Catalog Office Furniture
Arctic Office Products
                                                                                               In Stock Now!


              Hon Small Offices
I             Functional and customizable, Hon small offices are the best. Choose from setups like the small L-shaped
N             desk in Harvest (above) with Hon 10500 series bookcases (pg 24). Below is a spacious L-shaped Hon desk
              with a 2 drawer lateral file and cabinet serving as a credenza in Harvest, Humanscale keyboard tray,
G             monitor arm and LED task lighting (pgs 28-29).

                         Item# H10561 Return
                         Shell LIST $436                                           Item# H10578 Desk shell, 60X30 LIST $562
                         Item# 105861 Return                                       Item# H10579 Desk shell, 66X36 LIST $606
                         Shell LIST $410                                           Item# H10592 Desk shell, 72X30 LIST $639
                                                                                   Item# H10594 Desk shell, 72X36 LIST $674

      Harvest       Henna Cherry

                 Item# H10563

    Lateral File
    LIST $816

                Item# H105291

    LIST $648

Arctic Office Products - In Stock Catalog Office Furniture
Arctic Office Products
                                                                                              In Stock Now!


                                                                                                     Henna Cherry     N
    Hon Conference Tables                                                                                             N
    Versatile Hon conference tables are perfect for any shared space. The racetrack shape (above) gives the
    most and room for seating Hon Pillowsoft chairs (pg 20). Boat shaped table (below) is stylish and
    affordable, available in Henna Cherry only, shown with Allsteel Acuity chairs (pg 14). Both tables available
    in slab leg base (above) and T leg base (below). *Most items available in Harvest and Henna Cherry.
                                                                 Item# HTTLEG96T1                  Item# H105991
                                                                 T legs for 48X96                  Podium, avail-
                                                                 Table Top, Silver                 able in Henna
                                                                 LIST $674                         Cherry LIST $724
                                                                 Item# HTTLEG120T1
                                  Item# HTLA48120                T legs for 48X120
Item# HTLA4896 Race-              Racetrack Table Top-           Table Top, Silver
track Table Top-48X96,            48X120, seats 12 LIST          LIST $728
seats 8 LIST $851                 $1048

Item# HTLP96J Slab base for
48X96 Table Top , *Available in
Henna Cherry only. LIST $479

Item# HTLB48120JJNJ Boat- shaped
table top, 48X120 seats 12. *Available
in Henna Cherry LIST $1415

Arctic Office Products - In Stock Catalog Office Furniture
Arctic Office Products
                                                                                               In Stock Now!

L         Ergonomic Small Office
E         This is the ideal small office set-up with a ergonomic adjustable height desk, Conset base (pg 11), Hon top
          in henna cherry, Hon pedestal (pg 5) and Allsteel Acuity task chair (pg 12). Plenty of storage with Hon
          bookcases in light grey (pg 23).
E         Hon Table & Desk Tops
S                           Item# HWR3060PJJPX 30X60
                            worksurface. *Available in Henna           Item# HWR2448PJJPX 24X 48
                                                                                                        Henna Cherry

K                           Cherry. LIST $371                          worksurface. *Available in
                                                                       Henna Cherry. LIST $478
          Maxon Table Tops
          Durable worksurfaces perfect for multiple uses. Three top sizes shown below for a
          customized corner desk. *Available in Brune Slate with Charcoal edge.                     Brune Slate   Charcoal

     Item# MMDCCT2436W
     Maxon Corner Top,
     24X36 LIST $621

    Item# MMWRT2436W
    Maxon work surface, 24X36
    LIST $357

    Item# MMDWRT2430W
    Maxon work surface, 24X30
    LIST $333

Arctic Office Products
                                                                                             In Stock Now!

                                    Varitask Base
                                    Item# 6043BLACK
                                    This heavy duty electric adjustable table base from Mayline is stylish and
                                    encourages a full range of motion from sitting to standing.

                                    -150 lb lift capacity -adjusts from 26” to 42”                               A
                   LIST $1701       *Available in with all Hon tops in Henna Cherry. Base available in black     D
                                                                               LIST $756
                                     Henna Cherry                                                                D
              LIST $718                                 Conset 501-17                                            S
                                                        Item# 501178S096
Conset 501-19 Basic                                     Affordable and light weight sit-stand desk has the
                                                        ergonomic benefits of changing positions from            S
Item# 501198S095                                        sitting to standing throughout the day.
220 lb. capacity adjustable base.
                                                        -Flip out tray for under desk storage
Hon Corner Top                                          -176 lbs. of lifting capacity
                                                        *Available with Hon HWR2448 or HWR3060 (see pg
Item # HWC3624PJJPX
                                                        10) top in Henna Cherry.
Corner top, available in
Henna Cherry (shown). Grommet at back for
cord management and easy monitor arm
install. Available leg support extender for $77
                           LIST $499

Conset 501-27
Item# 501278S152152A

Adjustable corner base moves from 22” to 46.4” in height with
automatic safety stop. Has 275 lb lift capacity. Shown with                             LIST $1425
Maxon tops on page 10.

Arctic Office Products
                                                                                              In Stock Now!

S     Maxon Panel Systems Prefix
      Put your office first with Maxon’s newest panel system , Prefix. Value-engineered to be versatile, efficient
      and cost effective, your office will function the way you want and look good doing it. Built to last in fit and
      finish, Prefix is affordable without compromising quality. Shown with a Humanscale Element task light (pg
      27) and Hon Basyx Executive chairs (pg 19). *Panels available in various configurations to fit your office
      needs.                                                            Rectangular Work surface
                                                                        Item# MMDWRT2430W176360 24X30 LIST $333
                                                                        Item# MMDWRT2436W176360 24X36 LIST $357
                                                                        Item# MMDWRT2442W176360 24X30 LIST $379
          Element Veil Brune Slate    Charcoal                          Item# MMDWRT2448W176360 24X48 LIST $413
                                                                        Item# MMDWRT2472W176360 24X72 LIST $536
                                                                        Item# MMDWRT3060W176360 30X60 LIST $525
                                                                        Item# MMDWRT3072W176360 30X72 LIST $615

Item# MPFXM6524FPN          Item# MPFXM6548FPN         X Connector
Panel, 24ZX65               Panel, 48ZX65              LIST $209
                                                                              Item#                  Item#
LIST $558                   LIST $724                                                                MPFXC65LMPCH
                                                                              End Panel Cover        L Connector 65”

                 Modesty Panels                                               LIST $100              LIST $190
                 Item# MMDMP30HPMTCH 30”LIST      $276
                                                                                Item# MPFXCSMPCH
                 Item# MMDMP36HPMTCH 36” LIST     $283      Item#               Straight Connector
                 Item# MMDMP42HPMTCH 42” LIST     $286      MPFXC65TMPCH        LIST $9
                 Item# MMDMP48HPMTCH 48” LIST     $289      T Connector
                 Item# MMDMP72HPMTCH 72” LIST     $308      LIST $201
Arctic Office Products
                                                                                                     In Stock Now!


 Maxon Surpass                                                                                                        S
 Surpass provides a menu of desking options to furnish your office exactly as you like and with a Limited Life-
 time Warranty, you can be assured Surpass is a value today and tomorrow. Various configurations avail-
 able—see rectangular work surfaces and available colors at left. *Shown with Hon Ignition Chair ( pg 15)             I
 and an Allsteel Essentials file (pg 26).
                          Item# MMDHO72TMTCH        Item# MMDHT72TMTCH                                                N
                            Hutch 72”
                            LIST $1550
                                                         Tack board 72”, in Element Veil
                                                         LIST $402

Item# MMDCCT2436                                                                           Item# MMBDD36HPMPCH
Corner Work surface 24X36                                                                  Bridge Desk Support, 36”
                                                  Corner Modesty Panels
LIST $621                                         Item# MMDPC36HMTCH                       LIST $669
Item# MMDCCT2442                                  36” LIST $265                            Item# MMBDD42HPMPCH
Corner Work surface 24X42                         Item# MMDPC42HMTCH                       Bridge Desk Support, 42”
LIST $710                                         42” LIST $273                            LIST $672

 Hon Metro Classic Desk
 Item# HP3262CL
 With sturdy steel construction, this small office desk is
 practical and professional and a steal of a price.
 -wire grommets
 -locking center drawers and high-sided file drawers
 -reinforced frame, baked enamel finishes
 and high-pressure laminate work surfaces
 *Available in Putty paint and Harvest                                                             LIST $1023
 laminate.                                     Harvest       Putty

Arctic Office Products
                                                                                                In Stock Now!

                                               Item# AWMGGDNOP712BONL17
                                               Award-winning ergonomic chair with intuitive controls & AcuFit
T                                              ergonomics.

A                                              -Adjustable arms, seat depth, & tilt tension

                                               -Automatically adjusts for recline & lumbar support based on your
                                               body’s weight
K                                              -Controls are integrated into seat pan
                                               -88% recyclable frame & base

C                        LIST $1,449

H                        Relate
                         Item# RLMHW20LCBKLKM01
A                        Versatile and comfortable task chair featuring Body
                         Adaptive Control.

I         Lilium         -Adjustable arms & seat depth adjustment

R                        -Adjustable lumbar & quick tension control
                         -Weight-sensing tilt with pivoting back
S                        *Available in Lilium or Black.

                                                                                                 LIST $1,141

     Ignition Task Chair
     Comfort and performance come at an affordable
     price with this scalable mid-back task chair.

     -Height & width adjustable arms
     -Back-height & seat depth adjustment
     -Tilt tension & tilt lock controls
     *Available in Pewter or Lagoon fabric.

                                                                   Item# HITL3AHM              Item# HIWM3AHM
                                                                   Low Back Task               Mid Back Task
                    Pewter                Lagoon                   LIST $667                   LIST $712
Arctic Office Products
                                                                                                In Stock Now!

                                   Ignition Executive Chair
                                   Item# HIEH3DHLSQ11TPA
                                   Comfort and functionality in this black leather high back chair fit for an
                                   executive.                                                                    T
                                   -Adjustable arms, seat depth, & tilt tension                                  A
                                   -Back rest adjusts for 6 vertical positions for optimal lumbar support        S
                                   -Polished Aluminum base

                            LIST $908
Humanscale Freedom
Chair                                                                                                            A
Winner of 10 design awards, the
Humanscale Freedom chair is the perfect
option for a intensive use task chair.                                                                           R
-Weight sensitive recline                                                                                        S
-Synchronously adjustable arm rests
*Available with and without headrest.

                                               Item# F211GW101                    Item# F111GW101
                                               LIST $1335                         LIST $1135

     Humanscale Freedom Saddle
      The most comfortable and versatile stools ever
     made, these stools encourage healthy posture.
     -Encourages sitting in saddle posture, putting the
     spine in a healthy lordotic curve
     -Perfect for short term sitting                            Item# F300GV101            Item# F300TW101H
                                                                Saddle Stool
                                                                                           Tall Saddle Seat
                                                                LIST $300                  LIST $367
Arctic Office Products
                                                                                             In Stock Now!

                                   Performa 2+ High Back
                                   Item# 2224-150-1984XS

T                                  Clean, straight forward design combined with human-centered

A                                  -molded back foam for lumbar support
                                   -Multi-function control
S                                  -Optional seat slider provides 2 additional inches of leg support

K                                  *Available in Flint (see swatch below).

                                    LIST $861
H    Performa 2 Mid Back & High
A    Back
      Comfortable, multifunctional seating and Izzy’s

     lean manufacturing process keeps it priced right.

     -comfortable mid back option for medium back
R    support or high back option for ultimate support

S    -molded back foam for lumbar support
     -Multi-function control
     -Sliding seat pan available for $ 57 upcharge,
     Item# R11014.
     -Stool kits available: $99 19-24” Item # 1945-022
     and $128 for 23-33” Item# 1947-022.                     Item# 2021-150-1984N         Item# 2024-150-1984N
     *Available in Flint.                                    Mid Back LIST $601           High Back   LIST $642

                                                             Performa 2 Small Back
                                                             Item# 2022-150-1984
                                                              Perfect for the most petite office member, all the
                                                             comfort and affordability of Performa in this smaller
                                                             -molded back foam for lumbar support
                                                             -same Multi-function control

       Flint                                                 -seat depth 15.75 inches
                                                             *Available in Flint.            LIST $589

Arctic Office Products
                                                                                         In Stock Now!

 Andy Big & Tall
 Item# AND103MU150LM
 Andy’s style is comfortable and functional. Perfect for the
 person who needs a larger fit.
 -heavy duty version with weight capacity of 350 lbs
 -Multi-function synchro and swivel tilt                                                                  S
 -Interchangeable components extend the life of the                                                       K
     *Available in Flint.
                                                                 LIST $719
     Hag Capisco                                                                                          A
 Hag Capisco has created the idea posture and position for active work. Saddle style seat takes the       I
 pressure off your back while award winning design and style make this a perfect fit for a modern
 office.                                                                                                  R
 -Integrated foot plate
 -Unique back design supports various sitting positions
 -Seat, back and height adjustments
 -Backward tilt tension adjustment and 2-position tilt lock
     *Available in Black Vinyl and
 Sapphire fabric (below).

      Sapphire          Black Vinyl

                                      Item# 81060134SU                   Item# 8106A150SU
                                                                         Black Vinyl LIST $1187
                                      Sapphire LIST $1187
Arctic Office Products
                                                                                In Stock Now!
     Standard Systems

                         Airro Ergo Task Chair
                         Item# 8701QRSS
T                         High performance task chair, offering ergonomic long term

A                        comfort with a high back design.

                         -Height adjustable arms with pivot
                         -Mechanical height adjustable lumbar support

K                        -Tilt tension & tilt lock controls, seat depth adjustment
                         -10 year warranty

C          LIST $803
H       Airro 24/7
A       Item# 8701247SSHD

I       A work-horse chair for multiple shift, heavy-duty sitting.
        (Pictured with headrest, a $61 upcharge).
R       -Under warrantee for 24/7 use, up to 400 pounds.
S       -Height adjustable arms, Mechanical height adjustable
        lumbar support
        -Tilt tension & tilt lock controls, Seat depth adjustment
                  -10 year warranty
                                                                     LIST $750

                    Airro Standard
                    Item# 8701ST

                    The Airro chair offers ergonomic , long term seating comfort. The
                    range of chair adjustments meets most of each individual’s needs
                    in today’s workforce.

                    -Synchro-tilt control and swivel
                    -Height adjustable arms, Mechanical height adjustable lumbar

     LIST $450      -10 year warranty

Arctic Office Products
                                                                                               In Stock Now!

     Basyx Executive
     Item# HVL601ST11T

     Tailored stitched detail in black leather, cushioned comfort
     back, all at an extremely affordable price.                                                                T
     -Swivel/tilt control                                                                                       A
     -Mid Back for medium support
     -Tilt tension and tilt lock
                                                                           LIST $215
                                       Basyx Mesh Task Chair                                                    H
                                       Item# HVL562MST2
                                       Breathable mesh back and seat offer durability and comfort for an        A
                                       amazing price point.
                                       -Synchro-tilt, tilt tension and tilt lock
                                       -Adjustable height arms                                                  R
                                       -Pneumatic swivel for better seating position                            S

                        LIST $464

 Basyx Managerial Chair
 Comfortable Managerial chair in black leather
 and available in mid and high back to fit your

 -Swivel-tilt control with tilt tension and tile lock
 -Black SoftThread leather with pleated
 stitching detail
                                                          Item# HVL641ST11T            Item# HVL642ST11T
                                                          High Back Chair              Mid Back Chair
                                                          LIST $287                     LIST $260
Arctic Office Products
                                                                                       In Stock Now!

                           Pillow Soft High Back
                           Item# H2091SR11T
                           Executive seating in plush black leather that feels as
                           comfortable as it looks.
T                          -High back for maximum support

A                          -Memory Foam that conforms to the user’s body
                           -Plush, tufted backs for better lumbar support
C           LIST $598       Pillow Soft Mid Back
H                           Item# H2092SR11T
                            Same look and feel in a smaller mid-back perfect for a
A                           smaller frame.
                            -Memory Foam conforms to the user’s body
I                           -Plush, tufted backs for great lumbar support
R                           -Plush black leather

S                                                                               LIST $576
                           7800 Series Seating
                           Item# H7808NT10T & H7808NT90T
                           Task chairs built to perform all day, everyday.

                           -Adjustable arms and seat
                           -Contoured back rest for superior lumbar
                           *Available in Black and Navy (shown).
                        LIST $751

                               Gamut Seating
                               Item# H2072NR11T
                               Attractive combination of style, size,
     Navy      Black           comfort and value.

                               -Softly curved loop arms.                     LIST $439
                               -Knee tilt allows comfortable reclining
                               *Available in Pewter (shown).                                   Pewter

Arctic Office Products
                                                                                               In Stock Now!

     Volt Task Stool
     Item# H5705
     Comfort, function, and style at a value-conscious price point.
     -Adjustable foot ring.
     -Pneumatic swivel
     -Optional arms (not included)
     *Available in Black, Crimson, and Navy (shown). Adjustable
     arms sold separately, Item# H5795T $70 list.
         Crimson         Navy           Black
                                                                         LIST $328
     Volt Task Chair
     Item#   H5701
     Same comfort, function, and style in a value-conscious
     task chair built to last.                                                                                  R
     -Tilt tension & tilt lock controls
     -Pneumatic seat lift
     *Available in Black, Crimson (shown) and Navy.
     Adjustable arms sold separately, Item# H5795T $70 list.

                                                                    LIST $199

                                                Ergonomic Knee Chair
                                                Item# KCM1425
                                                Ergonomically designed to aid correct posture and relieve the
                                                lower back.

                                                -Thick padded seat and knee pad with memory foam
                                                -One touch pneumatic seat adjuster
                                                -Heavy duty nylon base with dual carpet casters
                                LIST $265
Arctic Office Products
                                                                                     In Stock Now!

                           Hampton 200
                           Item# Hampton 200
                           More than a desk chair, this is the true lap of luxury. Butter soft
                           leather, with perfect neck and back support!
                           -Available in Black leather (shown)
U                          -Adjustable Height

E                          -Cold-cured foam cushioning

S                       LIST $1200

T                     Soho Oxford
C                     Item# MCSH302-308
                      Long-lasting comfort in a luxurious desk chair.
H                     Designed to recline at an ergonomic angle,
                      this is perfect for those who want a little more
A                     out of their executive chair.

I                     -Available in Havana leather (shown)
                      -Cold-cured molded foam seat
R                                                                                  LIST $1350

S                           Andy Guest Chair
                            Item# AND5020150XLP10

                            Great look and feel—comfortable guest seating at a great

                            -Available in Flint grey (shown)
                            -Mid back supports posture
                            -Durable sled base

                LIST $382

         Basyx Guest Seating
         Item# HVL693SP11
         Sturdy, comfortable leather guest seating at an affordable price.

         -Black SoftThread leather
         -Built in lumbar support
         -Padded leather, upholstered arms                                                  LIST $295

Arctic Office Products
                                                                                               In Stock Now!

                                      Invitation Seating
                                      Item# H2111
                                      Sturdy hardwood frames and striking style offer up big
                                      hospitality without taking up space.

                                      *Available in Blue Lagoon Fabric with Harvest Frame (shown)
                                      and Pewter fabric with Henna Cherry frame. See colors below.
                                        LIST $474                                                                  U
        Harvest   Henna Cherry   Blue Lagoon   Pewter
                      Gratzi Guest Chair
                      Item# LF14ADV49675                                                                           C
                      Black leather guest chair perfect for lobbies, offices,
                      conference rooms and more.                                                                   H
                      - Steel frame construction                                                                   A
                      -Woven Latex suspension
                      -Weight capacity 350 lbs
                                                             LIST $639                                             I
                                                   Olson Stacker                                                   S
                                                    Item# H4041-11-BK
                                                    Lightweight and sturdy, high density stacker is easy to put
                                     away without sacrificing style and comfort. Stacks 40 high on a chair cart.
                                     *Chair cart also available for List $400, Item# H4043T.

                                     -Sled based solid steel frame
                                     -Polymer seat and back
                                     -Chairs stack 12 high without cart , 40 high with cart
                  LIST $144

     Relate Side Chair
     Multi-purpose side chair features innovative technology and unusual comfort.

     -Pivoting mesh back for better conformity and comfort
     -Fixed Arms
     -Multi-purpose casters go on any surface
                                                                                 LIST $591
Arctic Office Products
                                                                                              In Stock Now!

                                                                         Hon 10500 Series
                                                                         Bookcases from Hon’s toughest desking
S                                                                        system at the most competitive prices.

                                                                         -Durable laminates available in 2 colors
                                                                         *Available in Henna Cherry or Harvest (both

O                                                                        shown).

G                                                                          Henna Cherry       Harvest

E        Item# H105534
         4 shelf Laminate Bookcase
                                        Item# H105535
                                        5 shelf Laminate Bookcase

         LIST $562                      LIST $674

                                                                    Hon Brigade Steel
                                                                    Durable steel bookcases in 4 or 5 shelf. Three
                                                                    colors to choose from.

                                                                    -Steel construction for wear and tear
                                                                    -4 shelf is 71” high, 5 shelf 81 1/8”

                                                                    *Available in Putty, Light Gray, Black and

                                                                     Light Grey            Black

          Item# HSC60ABC             Item# HSC72ABC
          4 Shelf                    5 Shelf
          LIST $347                  LIST $395
                                                                     Charcoal               Putty

Arctic Office Products
                                                                                               In Stock Now!

                                                                                       Light Grey   Black          T
                                                                                       Putty                       R
 Rugged construction designed for intensive daily use—perfect price point for
 any application. Additional single file rails (Item # H919491) or double file rails
 (Item # H919492) for a $43 upcharge per pack for front to back filing.

Item#     H682L 2 Drawer File 36” wide    LIST   $663
Item#     H692L 2 Drawer File 42” wide    LIST   $784
Item#     H684L 4 Drawer File 36” wide    LIST   $1153
Item#     H694L 4 Drawer File 42” wide    LIST   $1369
Item#     H695L 5 Drawer File 42” wide    LIST   $1810
*Available in Putty, Light Grey and Black.

  Hon Vertical Files
  Durable and space-saving these files are an
  economical option for archival storage .

  -High drawer sides hold hanging files—no need for
  hang rail inserts
  -Interchangeable core removable lock for security

     *Available in Putty, Light Grey and Black            Item#    H312P 2 Drawer File              LIST    $363
                                                          Item#    H314P 4 Drawer File              LIST    $495
                                                          Item#    H315P 5 Drawer File              LIST    $728
                                                          Item#    H312CP 2 Drawer Legal File       LIST    $433
                                                          Item#    H314CP 4 Drawer Legal File       LIST    $568
                       Light Grey     Black

Arctic Office Products
                                                      In Stock Now!

         Essentials 2 Drawer Lateral File
         Item# ELF830NBP02STD

         Drawers full of convenience, capacity and durability. This 2 drawer
S        lateral file integrates seamlessly into your existing workspace.
         *Available in Flint (shown).
                                      LIST $714
R                       Hon Brigade Storage Cabinets
A                       Reinforced construction, sleek form and function.

G                       -Adjustable shelves
                        -Interchangeable locking core at the handles

E                       Item# HSC1842 41 3/4 Cabinet LIST $636
                        Item# HSC1872 71 3/4 H Cabinet LIST $878
                        *Available in Putty, Light Grey and Black.

                             Putty            Light Grey        Black

            Sentry Fire Files
            Unsurpassed fire and water protection for your business or
            home records in a seamless design.

            -Drawer specific lock & unlock
            -Accommodates legal & letter size folders

            *Available in Putty and black (both shown).

            Item# 4G3110 4 Drawer File LIST $3977
            Item# 2G3110 2 Drawer File LIST $2665

Arctic Office Products
                                                                                             In Stock Now!

     Horizon Task Light                                             Element Classic
     Item# HNBEW                                                    Item# EDUBS
                                                  Featuring advanced LED
                                                  technology , the Element                                    E
                                                  Classic combines aesthetics
                                                  with unmatched lighting
                        LIST $475
                                                  —Intuitive dimmer control                                   G
                                                  –Available in silver (shown)
                                                                                           LIST $503          O
     Visually striking LED task light that
     uses the first form of film                                                                              N
     technology designed to provide an
     extra wide footprint of warm, glare                                                                      O
     free light.                                   M7 Grommet Mounted
                                                   Monitor Arm                                                M
     - Built-in dimmer
                                                   Item# MSA17
     –Available in silver (shown)
                                                   Same ergonomic                                             I
                                                   adjustability and
 M7 Clamp Mounted                                  sleek design made
 Monitor Arm                                       to fit your desk style.
 Item# M7B1S2CMSP
                                                   –Available in silver                                       S
                                                                             LIST $350
                                                   -Post with bracket
                                                   mount for 1 monitor

               LIST $405
                                                    M7 2 Pc Clamp
                                                    Mounted Monitor Arm
                                                    Item# M7S-C
     Easily adjustable, stable and elegant line     -Available in silver (shown)
     of flat panel monitor arms that allows         -13” depth adjustment
     the user to take full advantage of flat        -2 Piece low-profile clamp
     panel technology.
                                                    mount to horizontal
     - Two piece heavy duty clamp mount
     -Available in silver (shown)
     -Post with bracket mount for 1 monitor                                        LIST $365

Arctic Office Products
                                                                                                      In Stock Now!

                                                               CPU Holder
            M7 Dual Monitor Arm
            Item# M7S-S                                        Item# CPU-600
                                                               With clean lines and a sleek
                                                               exterior, this CPU hold is
E                                                              perfect for space saving.
                                                               -Quickest and easiest
R                                                              installation of any CPU
                                                               holder on the market
G                                                              –Reduces cable clutter and
                                                                                                 LIST $175
                                                               promotes a longer life for

O                                                              your CPU

                                                                      6G900 Keyboard Tray
N          -Available in silver (shown)
                                                                      Item# 6G991G
           -Dual mount allows to ergonomic placement

O          of dual monitors to maximum work capacity

M          6G500 Keyboard Tray
           Item# 6G500G27
I                                                                     Promotes healthy posture by
                                                                                                        LIST $470
                                            LIST $450                 allowing you to sit back in your chair and
C                                                                     protecting you from carpal tunnel syndrome.
                                                                      -Intuitive height adjustment , tilt position angle

S          Same great ergonomic benefits in a wide
                                                                      -Standard 19” width tray
                                                                      *10 inch clip mouse included .
           platform to fit your office needs.

           -Intuitive height adjustment, tilt position angle
           -larger 27”width tray                                           6G400 Keyboard Tray
           -15 year 24/7 warranty                                          Item# 6G400G27
           5GAD Keyboard Tray
           Item# 5GAD991G

                                               LIST $545
                                                                                                         LIST $450
                                                                         Same great ergonomic benefits in a wide,
                                                                         diagonal platform to perfect for a corner desk
                                                                         or work surface.
         Above desk keyboard tray allows for sitting or standing.
         -Dial tilt positioning allows the angle most suited to you      -Intuitive height adjustment, tilt position angle
         -Standard 19” width tray                                        -large 27.5” width tray

Arctic Office Products
                                                                                                   In Stock Now!

                                                                Desk Risers
     Lite-Source Desk Lamp
                                                                 Item# 820-05
                  Item# LS20290
                                                                 Stackable furniture
                  This stylish table top lamp adds
                  character to any office.
                                                                 riser that has 100s
                                                                 of uses.
                  -Leather pole, grid pattern shade
                                                                 -1” risers are
                                                                 stackable to
                  -Height 13”
                                 LIST $165
                                                                 customize your                                        C
                                                                 desk height                   LIST $5.00
                                                                 -Durable up to 600 lbs.

 Maxon LED Task Light                                                                                                  S
                                          Item# MUSLED18 18”
                                          LED task light with cord.
                                          LIST $508                      Hon Tasklight
                                          Item# MUSLED36 36”
                                          LED task light with cord.
                                                                         Item# HH890960                                I
                                                                         61” task light a perfect fit under over-
Sleek, superior lighting for your work-
space at an affordable price.
                                          LIST $534                      heads, this Hon task light illuminates your   E
                                                                         workspace for less! LIST $211
                                            Coat Trees
 Lite-Source Floor                          Affordable and
 Lamp                                       attractive
                                            costumers are
 Item# LS80293                              available from our
                                            wholesaler. All are
                                            durable and if out
                                            of stock they can
                                            be here in 1 week.

  Modern 3 light lamp
 with leather pole and
 grid patterned shades.
 A fabulous accent for
 lounge, office or waiting
 area. *Height 6 ft.
                                                                  Item# 4193CY       Item# PMCLAS Item# 2012
              LIST $345                                             LIST $148          LIST $167  LIST $283.95
Arctic Office Products
                                                In Stock Now!

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