MEDICINE 2019 - Western Sydney University

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MEDICINE 2019 - Western Sydney University
MEDICINE 2019 - Western Sydney University
MEDICINE 2019 - Western Sydney University
Located in the heart of one of Australia’s fastest growing economic
regions, Western Sydney University offers unlimited potential to
students with the talent, drive and ambition to succeed.
Western Sydney is an exciting place to be. As the nation’s third
largest economy, and one of the fastest growing population and
employment centres, it is an increasingly important, dynamic and
culturally diverse hub of business, industry and innovation.
With a large multicultural population of more than two million
people from 170 nations, Western Sydney’s global links are
creating unlimited opportunities for international business,
investment, education and cultural exchange.
Ranked amongst the top two per cent of universities in the
world, Western Sydney University values academic excellence,
integrity and the pursuit of knowledge. We are globally focused,
research led and committed to making a positive impact on the
communities we engage with.
Your success starts here.
MEDICINE 2019 - Western Sydney University
MEDICINE 2019 - Western Sydney University
MEDICINE 2019 - Western Sydney University

6               Western Sydney University
MEDICINE 2019 - Western Sydney University

≥	BE A LIFE SAVER                                 ≥	FIVE FOCUSED YEARS                           ≥	A LOCAL AND GLOBAL
	Advances in medicine rely on advances in      	The five years of your medical degree              EXPERIENCE
  knowledge. It’s why 11 years ago Western        at Western will prepare you for the              	Across the five years of your medical degree,
  Sydney University created a new kind of         opportunities and challenges of a                    you will be experiencing hospital, general
  School of Medicine. Since then we’ve seen       medical career with real health care                 practice and community services across
  over 600 graduates enter the medical            environment learning from week one.                  Sydney, and Western Sydney in particular.
  profession and make a difference. Our                                                                You will also experience health care in rural
  Doctor of Medicine offers an innovative                                                              New South Wales during the later part of
  degree that combines problem-based            ≥	IT’S A SHARED EXPERIENCE                            the program and identify and organise your
  learning and intensive clinical practice      	You will begin your journey through small            own elective experience in your final year.
  with leading research that will position        group learning that will foster strong               This might be in Australia, but it could also
  you for the career of your choice. As you       relationships with fellow students, who will         find you (as it has previous students) in
  progress through the degree you’ll find         also become your lifelong colleagues. As             Nepal, Japan, South America, the United
  yourself moving from classroom to clinical      a School recognised for inclusiveness, our           Kingdom or Fiji – just to name a few.
  placements ensuring the utmost competence       students reflect the diversity of the Australian
  and confidence in your future career.           community and of Western Sydney. As well
                                                  as learning together, you will be joining a      ≥	FUTURE POSSIBILIITES
                                                  student community packing birthing kits as 	Western Sydney Medical School is proud
≥	PURPOSE-BUILT FACILITIES                       part of global health campaigns, playing an          of its engagement with its community
	Our innovation doesn’t stop with how you’ll     annual soccer match against staff, hosting           and contribution to the growth of the
  learn. It carries through to where you’ll       career development nights and working                health services of the region, especially
  learn too. Starting at our Campbelltown         together on student well-being initiatives.          Campbelltown, Liverpool and Blacktown/
  campus, our world class facilities boast                                                             Mt Druitt Hospitals. We are also proud of
  state of the art research facilities and                                                             our graduates who are undertaking and
  our brand new neuroscience behavioural        ≥	RESEARCH PATHWAYS                                   completing specialist training in disciplines
  investigation laboratory. It’s why our School 	The field of health and medical research can         including: Surgery, Cardiology, General
  of Medicine is one of the most advanced         make such a difference to people’s lives,            Practice, Dermatology and Radiation
  medical training centres in Australia. As a     and during your medical degree at Western            Oncology. You may even meet some
  graduate you won’t just be highly skilled,      Sydney, we will not only make sure that              on campus who have returned to teach
  you’ll be highly prepared for your internship   you understand how to apply research to              those who follow in their footsteps.
  and have a range of career paths to choose      your work and for your patients, but also
  from including Medical Practice, Medical        explore questions in different environments
  Research and Medical Education.                 (laboratories, hospitals, general practices      ≥	FREE DIGITAL TEXTBOOKS
                                                     and the community). If you discover a         	Western was the first university to provide all
	The clinical schools you’ll be based in during
                                                     particular research interest, we will help      the digital textbooks for your first year units
  Years 1 &2 are brand new and purpose built.
                                                     identify the best pathway for you to pursue     for free. We are pleased to be offering the
  The Blacktown/Mt Druitt Clinical School was
                                                     it, supervised by experienced and well-         benefit of free digital textbooks for first year
  opened in 2014 and the new facility for the
                                                     regarded researchers based at the School.       units to students once again in 2019! That’s
  Macarthur Clinical School at Campbelltown
  Hospital welcomed students in 2017.                                                                up to $800 in value. Why? Because money
                                                                                                     shouldn’t stand between you and opportunity.
                                                                                                     Discover more about free digital textbooks
                                                                                                     at                                                                                                                                7
MEDICINE 2019 - Western Sydney University

Future thinking.
Unlimited possibilities.
The Academy at Western
Sydney University.

Success is not just about    The Academy at Western Sydney        ≥ unprecedented opportunities for
                             University offers advanced             industry and real-life experience
getting a degree, but also   degrees that prepare you to thrive
developing the critical      in the face of change and seize      ≥ world-class research,
                                                                    researchers, teachers,
thinking and leadership      success at every opportunity.
                                                                    experts and innovation labs
                             Whether your dream is to achieve
skills to support a          as a professional, an entrepreneur   ≥ travel to national and
successful career.           or an academic, you will learn to      international leadership
                             think differently and creatively       experiences and conferences
It’s about learning skills   in whatever you do.
for your chosen life, not    The Academy offers high-
                                                                  ≥ a range of professional
                                                                    and personal development
just a job.                  achieving students a unique,           workshops
                             hands-on approach to learning in
                             an interdisciplinary environment.    ≥ internship, service learning and
                             Led by Professor Jonathon Allen,       volunteering opportunities
                             The Academy draws on the unique
                             experience of leading thinkers,      ≥ personalised career planning
                             social change agents, community
                                                                  ≥ mentorship programs
                             leaders, and high-achieving
                             students both past and present.      ≥ applied leadership experience in
                                                                    student-led, community-focused
                             With a focus on ethical leadership
                             and critical thinking, built on
                             the pillars of academic rigour,      Visit
                             community engagement, and            theacademy for more information.
                             professional and personal
                             development, The Academy
                             offers students access to:

           The Academy

8                                                                                    Western Sydney University

BIG              9

Doctor of              COURSE                       UAC
                                                                                INTAKE           LOCATION        DURATION ATAR

Medicine               Doctor of Medicine
                       Recommend Studies: Chemistry.
                                                    725505    097592B      4758     March        Campbelltown 5F                 N/A

                       Key: F = Full-time; N/A = Not applicable, additional selection criteria apply. See Applicant Checklist page 18.

                       Advanced professional skills and lifelong                  PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION
                       learning are needed to work effectively in
                                                                                  Our graduates are eligible for registration
                       medicine today. Western Sydney University’s
                                                                                  with the Medical Board of Australia (via the
                       Medical Program provides that foundation
                                                                                  Australian Health Practitioner Regulation
                       through a combination of intensive problem-
                                                                                  Agency) and its equivalent in New Zealand,
                       based and clinical learning, underpinned
                                                                                  and will be able to apply for registration in
                       by research. As a first and second year
                                                                                  overseas countries. General registration in
                       student, you will apply the Problem-Based
                                                                                  Australia also requires successful completion
                       Learning (PBL) method using authentic,
                                                                                  of an approved internship after completing
                       case-based materials to link with bedside
                                                                                  your degree. Please note that many countries
                       teaching in real clinical settings.
                                                                                  require foreign graduates to undergo
                                                                                  additional assessments before they are
                       From third to fifth year, you will learn through
                                                                                  registered to practice in that country.
                       immersion in clinical and community settings,
                       working as a member of healthcare and
                       community teams to ensure that you are                     MEDICAL RESEARCH
                       competent and confident for your future                    There are many opportunities to participate
                       career.                                                    in and conduct your own medical research
                                                                                  during your degree. All MD students will
                       PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE                                       complete a project in either research,
                                                                                  education, clinical practice or community
                       In third to fifth years you will rotate through
                                                                                  service, adding career building skills to
                       clinical placements across Western Sydney
                                                                                  their portfolio. Students can also choose
                       and rural and remote NSW. Starting in the
                                                                                  to undertake an additional year of focused
                       first week of Year 1, you will learn with real
                                                                                  research anytime after second year, adding
                       patients in hospital and community settings.
                                                                                  a Bachelor of Medical Research to their
                       A distinctive feature of the curriculum is three
                                                                                  qualifications. After the research year,
                       full years of immersive learning in clinical and
                                                                                  they can return to the medical program to
                       community-based placements. These range
                                                                                  graduate with dual medicine and research
                       from tertiary specialist and general hospitals,
                                                                                  degrees. Some of these students also choose
                       GP practices, community-based services and
                                                                                  to continue their research with a PhD before
                       unique to our program, Aboriginal Medical
                                                                                  returning to the course and graduating with
                       Services in Western Sydney and across NSW.
                                                                                  MD and PhD.                                                                                                                     11

What will your
Medicine experience

Medicine is an integrated curriculum, using         CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                               LOCATIONS
problem-based learning to place learning
                                                    As a graduate of the Medical Program, you will     In the first two years of the course, you
about medical science in a clinical context.
                                                    be able to choose and combine from a range         will study at the purpose-built medical
Four themes run throughout the course:
                                                    of career options, including:                      school on the Campbelltown campus and
Patient Care; Health in the Community;
                                                    ≥≥ medical practice – the degree prepares          a clinical school at Campbelltown, Camden
Personal and Professional Development; and
                                                       students to become practising doctors           or Blacktown/Mt Druitt Hospitals.
Scientific Basis of Medicine. Clinical exposure
(contact with patients) begins in the first year        within Australia, New Zealand and many
                                                                                                       In the later years, you will be required to spend
and intensifies throughout the program.                other countries in the world. To practise
                                                                                                       one or more clinical rotations outside the
                                                       in Australia or New Zealand, you must
                                                                                                       Sydney metropolitan area, as well as rotating
                                                       complete a one year approved internship
CORE UNITS AND ELECTIVES                                                                               through a number of different locations within
                                                       to be eligible for general registration. To
                                                                                                       metropolitan and rural NSW Sydney, to give
To graduate with a Doctor of Medicine,                 then qualify in a medical specialty, you must
                                                                                                       you the experience you need to be a doctor in
you will be required to complete the core              complete additional training. The training
                                                                                                       the 21st century.
units required across the five years of                required varies with the specialty chosen
the program. For detailed information                  and can take from three to six years.
                                                                                                       This will be across hospitals, general practices,
about the course structure and units,               ≥≥ medical research – as a Western Sydney          community organisations and Aboriginal
visit                      University medical student, you will receive    Medical Services.
                                                       foundational training in medical research
You will be exploring key areas of medical
                                                       skills to set you up for future opportunities   Approximately 25 per cent of our students
practice across your degree including,
                                                       to do research. In addition, you have the       will have the chance to study medicine for
specialties of Internal Medicine and Surgery,
                                                       chance to acquire an additional research        12 months at one of our rural clinical schools,
Paediatrics, Mental Health, Oncology, Critical
                                                       qualification (Bachelor of Medical              based at Bathurst and Lismore. Subsidised
Care and General Practice. And during your
                                                       Research), by adding one year to the            purpose-built student accommodation is
elective or through a research projects, you
                                                       degree.                                         available at both sites.
can choose to deepen your experience and
interest in a specific area of clinical practice.   ≥≥ medical teaching – medical teaching
                                                       careers can involve an academic post in a
                                                       university, or you may teach students and
                                                       junior doctors as part of your clinical work.

12                                                                                                                              Western Sydney University

Entry                                                                                              How to apply

Selection to the medical program is on            Please see the Future Student website            DOMESTIC STUDENTS
the basis of: academic merit (ATAR or its         ( for more
                                                                                                   In accordance with Government policy,
equivalent, for those without a completed         information on the Rural Entry Access Scheme.
                                                                                                   28.5 per cent of our students will be
degree; Grade Point Average (GPA) in their
                                                                                                   offered Bonded Medical Places. For
most recent degree, for graduate applicants);     ABORIGINAL AND TORRES STRAIT                     more information about the Bonded
results of an aptitude test, and performance at   ISLANDER OPPORTUNITIES                           Medical Places Scheme, please see the
an interview. For academic merit entry into the
                                                  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students   information on the Department of Health
Doctor of Medicine for the 2019 cohort,
                                                  with an interest in being a doctor and helping   website –
an ATAR or equivalent of at least 95.5 (93.5
for applicants from Western Sydney) is            others through medical care are strongly
required for school leavers or those with an      encouraged to apply. The School of Medicine      INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS
incomplete degree. For graduates, a GPA of        recognises the large Aboriginal and Torres
                                                                                                   If you are an international student completing
5.6 is required (or 5.1 for WS applicants). See   Strait Islander population in Western Sydney
                                                                                                   one of the following qualifications in 2018, you for more              and the need for more Aboriginal and Torres
                                                                                                   must apply through UAC International:
information.                                      Strait Islander doctors.
                                                                                                   ≥≥ an Australian Year 12 in or outside Australia
                                                  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander            ≥≥ an International Baccalaureate
RURAL ENTRY ACCESS SCHEME                         applicants should have successfully
                                                                                                   ≥≥ a New Zealand National Certificate of
The Rural Entry Access Scheme (REAS) offers       completed at least the equivalent of the
                                                                                                      Educational Achievement (NCEA) Level 3.
a minimum of 15 places specifically for rural     NSW HSC. It is desirable, but not essential,
students to study medicine, commencing            to sit an aptitude test for medicine.            You can lodge your application online at
in 2019. It is open to current school leavers,                                           
non-current school leavers and graduates.         The most important criteria for admission
                                                  will be assessment of the applicant’s            All other international students must
REAS is available for candidates who have lived   desire to study medicine and their               apply direct to Western Sydney University.
in an RGSA-RA of two to five for a minimum        likelihood of succeeding in the course.          Western Sydney University international
of five years consecutively or 10 cumulative      These will be determined by the School           tuition fees and further information about
years, commencing from the age of five.           of Medicine on a case-by-case basis.             studying and living in Australia can be found
Selection is on the basis of: academic            Please contact the Course Information Centre
merit (ATAR or its equivalent, for those          on 1300 897 669 for further information.         If you have any questions about applying
without a completed degree; grade point                                                            as an international student, call
average in their most recent degree,              The School of Medicine website is located at
                                                                                                   02 9852 5499 or email
for graduate applicants); results of an  with
aptitude test; and performance at an              information for Aboriginal and Torres Strait
interview. For academic merit, an ATAR or         Islander applicants available on the
equivalent of at least 93.5 is required for       How to Apply pages.
school leavers or those with an incomplete
degree, and for graduates a GPA of 5.1).                                                                                                                               13

14              Western Sydney University

Bachelor of            COURSE                       UAC
                                                                                INTAKE           LOCATION     DURATION ATAR

Medical Research       B Medical Research
                       Recommend Studies: Chemistry.
                                                    N/A       063557G      4647     March        Campbelltown 1F/2P         N/A

                       Key: B = Bachelor of; F = Full-time; P = Part-time; N/A = Not applicable.
                       Note: Part-time refers to study load, not to timetabling of evening classes.

                       This course gives students enrolled in the                 ≥≥ An 80 credit point inserted program,
                       Western Sydney University Doctor of Medicine                  specific to the new degree (Bachelor of
                       degree the opportunity to undertake a year of                 Medical Research), which can be taken
                       research while taking leave from the medical                  following the 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of the
                       course for 12 months full-time or 24 months                   Doctor of Medicine program, comprised of
                       part-time. The additional degree may be
                       undertaken anytime after the second year                   ≥≥ A compulsory 60 credit point new unit,
                       of the medical program and provides more                      Medical Research Project, and a choice
                       in-depth experience in medical research.                      of one of two existing course work
                       Students can return to the Doctor of Medicine                 combinations, totalling 20 credit points over
                       on completion of the Bachelor of Medical                      two semesters.
                       Research. The degree is also available as an
                       exit point for those who do not wish to resume             For more detailed information about
                       medical studies.                                           course structure and units, visit
                       CORE UNITS AND ELECTIVES
                       Years 1 and 2 of the Bachelor of Medical
                       Research are identical to Years 1 and 2 of
                       Doctor of Medicine.

                       Qualification for this award requires the
                       successful completion of 240 credit points,
                       which include:

                       ≥≥ A common 160 credit point core,
                          comprising the first two years of the Doctor
                          of Medicine program                                                                                                              15

16              Western Sydney University
MEDICINE 2019              17

                                               A ONE OF A
                                           KIND DEGREE IN
                                             DATA SCIENCE.            In the world of tomorrow, data skills will be essential
                                                                      – no matter what other qualifications you may have.
                                                                      Western’s new Bachelor of Data Science is a one
                                                                      of a kind. It’s unique because it can only be studied
                                                                      in conjunction with another degree. This is a real
                                                                      advantage in a competitive environment. Graduates
                                                                      who understand the intricacies of extracting
                                                                      information and knowledge from data are highly
                                                                      sought after, whatever their discipline.
                                                                      Blend Data Science with courses like Marketing,
                                                                      Engineering, Information and Communications
                                                                      Technology, Science or Psychology to graduate
                                                                      with a combined degree.
                                                                      It will all add up to an unstoppable future.
                                                                      Find out more about what our Bachelor
                                                                      of Data Science degree can offer.



                                      REGISTER AND SIT
                                                                                                              BE SELECTED
REGISTRATION                          UMAT                             or those applicants who meet
                                                                      F                                       Applicants are selected in
In addition to your UAC               Register and sit the            both UMAT and academic                  competition with other eligible
application, submit an online         Undergraduate Medicine          threshold, attend an interview in       applicants based on:
registration form with Western        and Health Sciences             Sydney in late November 2018.
                                                                                                              (a) academic merit
Sydney University by 5pm              Admission (UMAT) at
                                                                      The interview is via a Multistation     (b) results of UMAT
Sunday 30 September, 2018.   with
                                                                      Mini Interview (MMI) where
Late applications will not be         the Australian Council                                                  (c) p
                                                                                                                   erformance at the interview.
                                                                      applicants are asked a series of
accepted. Applicants currently        for Education Research.
                                                                      questions, each by a separate
(or previously) enrolled in an        Registrations open in early                                             A declaration regarding
                                                                      interviewer at a separate
accredited medical degree at          2018 and close in June of                                               Western Sydney eligibility
                                                                      interview station.
another university, including a       the same year. Strict closing                                           forms part of the School of
combined medical degree, are not      dates apply.                                                            Medicine Registration form. Visit
eligible to apply via this pathway.                                                                 
These applicants must apply via
the Transfer Request process. For
details, visit

18                                                                                                                        Western Sydney University

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS                                            PROVIDING OPPORTUNITIES
If you are an international student completing                    THROUGH SCHOLARSHIPS
one of the following qualifications in 2018,                      Western Sydney University is not only about
you must apply through UAC International:                         obtaining an education. We also challenge
≥ an Australian Year 12 in or outside Australia                   ourselves to engage students who will
≥ an International Baccalaureate                                  get involved and make a difference to the
                                                                  University and wider communities. The
≥ a New Zealand National Certificate of                           University has a unique set of scholarships
  Educational Achievement (NCEA) Level 3.                         on offer, reflecting our strong commitment
                                                                  to academic excellence and opportunity
You can lodge your application online at
                                                                  for Western Sydney students. Our
                                                                  scholarships support students who have
All other International students must apply                       diverse interests and skills, and who make
direct to Western Sydney University at                            an active contribution to the community.
                                                                  The University works closely with business,
For information about studying at Western                         industry and the community to ensure we
Sydney University, including courses,                             offer scholarships that meet the needs of
tuition fees, English requirements, intakes,                      our students. Our scholarships provide
assessment methods, accommodation                                 our students with support and give them
options and living in Australia, visit                            the opportunity to establish professional                                relationships while they study.

If you have any questions about applying as an                    Take the time to examine our scholarships
international student call 02 9852 5499 or email                  and make the most of your opportunities for                           success. For details on scholarships, including
                                                                  the eligibility criteria and how to apply, refer
                                                                  or call 1300 897 669.

Medicine is not included in any of the early offer programs.

IMPORTANT DATES                                                                                                                     GET CONNECTED

                                                                                                                                    Future students

August                                                          November                                                            Events
Open Day                                                        Western U Day                                             
19 Parramatta campus                                            7 Parramatta campus
                                                                Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander                     
September                                                       Future Students Information Evenings
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander                           12-13 Penrith campus
Future Students Information Evenings                                                                                                Twitter
10 Penrith campus                                                                                                         
11 Campbelltown campus                                          All year
                                                                School Visits                                                       Instagram
Open Day                                                        Request a school visit from a Student                               #westernsydneyu
22 Liverpool city                                               Outreach Adviser
                                                                                                                                    1300 897 669


                                                                                                                                    Sydney City Campus

Western Sydney University reserves the right at all times to withdraw or vary courses listed within this publication. Variations
may include but are not limited to location of its courses on the University’s campuses or other locations. In the event that a
course within this publication is to be changed or withdrawn, applicants will be advised by mail to the address specified by them
on their UAC application before the last date for the change of preferences for the main round. In respect of course location
change, students should be aware of the need to accommodate such changes for the whole or part of courses for which they
enrol. The University also reserves the right to update, amend or replace online versions of this publication without notice.
Published 2018. CRICOS Provider Number 00917K.                                                                                                                                                        19

                      Contact information
                         1300 897 669

                   Western Sydney University
                        Locked Bag 1797
                   Penrith NSW 2751 Australia


20                                              Western Sydney University
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