New Zealand Specialist Cheesemakers Champion of Cheese Awards 2018 Entry Information

New Zealand Specialist Cheesemakers Champion of Cheese Awards 2018 Entry Information
New Zealand Specialist Cheesemakers

Champion of Cheese Awards 2018

Entry Information


Why Enter                                            3

Key Dates                                            4

Rules of Entry                                       5-7

Categories Defined                                   8-9

Categories with Class Code (for manual entry only)   10-14

Entry Form example                                   15-18


Every year the NZ Champions of Cheese Awards celebrate and champion the country’s best specialty
cheese. It is the only national cheese competition in New Zealand and represents a unique
opportunity to evaluate and benchmark cheese making excellence and the very highest of standards.

Cheese producers throughout New Zealand are encouraged to submit their goods for consideration
with the assurance that judging is objective and transparent and conducted by an independent panel
of local and international experts.

Brand exposure and awareness
Event organisers Marvellous Marketing are experienced publicists and will promote medal and
trophy winners, supported by the NZSCA website, social media marketing (Cheese Lovers NZ
Facebook and Instagram pages owned by NZSCA to promote NZ cheese), digital marketing and by
the family of NZ Champions of Cheese sponsors.

A money can’t buy quality endorsement
These Awards provide a quality endorsement to support marketing. Medal and champion product
logos and product stickers are available for use on products which reach judging benchmarks.

Content marketing opportunity
All medalists and trophy winners will have a strong message to share with distributors, store owners
and customers using one-on-one discussions, newsletters, social media and publicity.

Authoritative judging process
Created for the New Zealand cheese industry by the industry, these independent awards are
professionally run and managed. Cheese is entered without any identifying marks or labelling to
assure independence and expert judging.

Judging is conducted by an independent and experienced panel led by Master Judge Russell Smith,
ably supported by Ross McCallum and Lassa Skinner in senior judging roles.

All entrants will receive feedback on their entries.

Food Marketing and Brand Building Workshop presented by Marvellous Marketing
As part of the entry fee, cheese makers may attend a complimentary two-hour brand building
workshop covering latest communications trends, marketing and sales tools. This is a marvellous
opportunity to network with other New Zealand small food producers, cheesemakers and

Late 2017
     Online entries open through
     Entry Information added to
     Announcement to media about all details for 2018 Awards
     (Note entries processed and labels with judging codes sent out as entries are received)


Friday 19 January
Entries close

Monday 22 January
Final labels with judging codes posted from today

Friday 9 February
Last day for late entries

Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 February
Judging samples to arrive at:
4-6 Tironui Station Road West
Takanini 2112

Samples may be delivered between 6am and 4pm on these days.

Friday 23 February
All Cheese transported to judging venue chillers at AUT.

Saturday 24 February
Judging at Auckland University of Technology, School of Hospitality and Tourism, 55 Wellesley Street
East, Auckland City

Monday 27 February and Tuesday 28 February
Audit of results

Wednesday 28 February
Individual results sent to entrants via email

Thursday 1 March
Gold Medal results announced to public/media

Thursday 15 March
AGM, Auckland (morning) venue TBC

Thursday 15 March
    Gala Cocktail event at Fale Pasifika, 20 Wynyard Street, Auckland
    Champion cheese trophy results released


    1. All cheeses entered must be produced in New Zealand.

    2. Closing date for entries is Friday 19 January 2018. Late entries will be accepted until 9
       February but will attract a late fee (see details below)

    3. Entry fees
       Note entries without accompanying payment will not be accepted.

a) The Entry Fee for financial members of the NZSCA is $75 +GST ($86.25) per cheese entry and $150
+GST ($172.50) per entry for non-members. Entry fees are non-refundable.
b) Late entries will accepted at the secretary’s discretion but will incur a late fee $100+GST ($115.00)
per entry for financial members or $175 +GST ($201.25) for non-members

c) The Entry Fee into the Curds and Whey Champion Home Crafted Cheese category is $30 +GST
($34.50) per cheese entered and this automatically enters you into the Curds and Whey Champion
Home Crafted Cheesemaker Award. Entries in the Home Crafted cheese category will not go forward
for the ‘Champion of Champions’ Awards. There is a separate entry form for Home Crafted Cheese.
Entry fees are non-refundable.

4. Labels for your cheese entries will be sent to you electronically when all entries have been
processed. Please ensure that each product is labelled with the correct ID number.

5. You may enter any number of different cheeses but each cheese can only be entered into a class
and category once (see Categories and Classes).

6. New Product Category

This is open to any new products launched during 2017 and before judging in February 2018.

7. Export Category

This is open to any cheese currently being exported anywhere outside New Zealand.

8. All entries become the property of NZSCA.

9. It is not permitted to enter a cheese that has been bored or sampled with a cheese trier. Any such
cheeses will be judged and given a complimentary score but will be ineligible for any medals or

10. All producers agree not to hold the organisers responsible in the event of any accident, loss or
damage from whatever cause, arising to any article or exhibit or non-delivery of the same.

11. The judges reserve the right to cancel or alter categories/classes without notification.

12. Cheese Size

The following is a recommendation on the amount of cheese to send:
Small cheeses

A minimum of 1 kg should be submitted from the same production batch. All cheeses under 1 kg
should be entered whole and uncut without any brand identity.

Large cheeses

Whole cheeses are preferred but if this is not possible the recommended minimum is 5 kg without
any brand identity.

13. The judging consists of two rounds

Medals Round: where the gold, silver and bronze medals are decided by panels of 2-3 judges.
Championship Rounds: where all the judges are given the opportunity to judge the gold and high
scoring silver medal winners to decide the Category Champions and the two Champion of
Champions Awards (Artisan & Commercial).

If you are a producer of more than 25 tonnes total annual production volume, you must be able to
produce (or have the capacity to produce) 500 kilos (½ tonne) of your entry per annum, for the entry
to be considered for the Champion of Champions Award (Commercial). If you produce less than 25
tonnes you will be considered for the Champion of Champions Award (Artisan).

14. On arrival all cheeses will be held in chilled storage. On the day prior to judging, exhibits will be
dealt with in the following manner: The cheeses will be brought to as close as 10 -12°C overnight
prior to judging to be at 12 – 14°C for judging.

15. The Judges’ decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

The cheeses will be re-wrapped after their category has been judged with re-labelling of the unique
entry number if necessary. The cheeses will be kept together as a category throughout their
movement from storage to judging room and back to storage.

16. All cheese must be delivered to TBC Auckland and must be received on Wednesday 21 or
Thursday 22 between 9am and 4pm. Delivery is to 4-6 Tironui Station Road West, Takanini.

17. You may enter any number of different cheeses but each cheese can only be entered into a class
and category once (see Categories and Classes).

18. Use of NZ Champions of Cheese Medal and Award labels

The official NZ Champions of Cheese Award logo and Award medal labels gold, silver, bronze,
Champion of category and Champion of Champions design and image are the property of the NZSCA.

No person or entity has the right to reproduce this label other than the official label supplier Kiwi
Labels. This is an exclusive arrangement for 2018. All award labels must be officially sanctioned and
purchased from Kiwi Labels irrespective of your company print or label supply. The image can
however be used for other promotional non-product uses. For practical application reasons with
large volume sales, the award label image can be incorporated into a product label if it forms part of
a single label on a product pack. Authorisation for this and use of a label supplier other than Kiwi
Labels is required in writing from the NZSCA.

Further, the official artwork of the award logo and labels remain the exclusive property of the
NZSCA. It cannot be reproduced off existing labels or logos, reproduced directly on pack or as part of
general packaging.

Any questions relating to the use and reproduction of labels must be addressed in writing to the
Secretary, NZSCA Inc.

Any producer found using NZ Champions of Cheese Awards medals on any cheese other than that
which received the medal, will risk disqualification from future entry. This applies to cheeses which
are renamed post awards i.e. the medal awarded applies only to the cheese named and entered into
the competition.

The price charged by the official label supplier includes a copyright fee that is paid to the NZSCA.
Order forms for labels will be sent to all medal and champion trophy winners on 1 March, 2018.

A. Fresh Unripened Cheese

Prepared for consumption without the flavour enhancement of ripening or curing or the addition of
moulds. Usually not brined or washed and not stored at specific humidity or temperatures for the
purpose of added flavour or character development; Fresh cheese ranging between mild to high
acidity, eg. Fromage Frais, Quark.

B. Blue Cheese

Mild blue cheeses inoculated with Penicillium Roqueforti or Penicllium Glaucum and finished with a
coating of Penicillium Candidum.

Brined, Brushed, Pressed or Natural Rinded cheeses that display interior veining achieved through
inoculation with Penicillium Roqueforti or Penicillium Glaucum, natural curing, and/or cave-ripening

C. Cheddar Cheese

Cheeses that are traditionally milled and “Cheddared” to achieve correct Cheddar acidity, moisture
and texture or stirred curd cheddar which is unable to be separated from the original.

d. Dutch Style Cheese

Entries that generally follow the original recipe for those cheeses internationally recognized as
originating from Holland and the Netherlands: Edam, Gouda, Leyden, Maasdammer, Leerdammer,
Borenkaas, Parrano, Processed Smoked Gouda etc.

E. European Style Cheeses

Entries that generally follow the original recipes for those cheeses internationally recognized as
originating from Old World/European countries.

Exempt: Feta, Dutch styles, Cheddars, Blue Veined, Fresh Unripened, Soft Ripened/White Mould and
Washed Rind Cheeses.

F. Feta Style Cheese

Fresh cheeses prepared for consumption with flavour enhancement through minimal curing /
ripening and brining. Mild to high acidity, flavour range and soft to crumbly textures.

G. Goat Milk Cheese

Cheeses made from Goat milk only.

H. Ewe Milk Cheese

Cheeses made from Ewe milk only.

IJK. Flavour Added Cheese

Cheeses with flavouring ingredients added, eg. nuts, herbs, seeds etc.

N. New Cheese

Cheeses released on the market within the past 12 months.

O. Original Cheese

This category is open to any New Zealand cheese that is:

    Of an original NZ recipe or process. Explain why or how this is unique.
    The cheese must display a particular, local character or unique local quality that is distinctly
     New Zealand.
    The cheese must be distinguished with a unique name.

These three criteria are mandatory.

A cheese must demonstrate all three criteria to be eligible for this category. Examples of New Zealand
original cheese from past competitions are Egmont, Ahjette, Kikorangi, Mirandale, Arani, Sting, Mt.

Should a situation arise whereby agreement between cheese maker and the NZ Champions of Cheese
Awards secretary cannot be reached regarding the eligibility of entry into this category, the Master
Judge will be called upon to make a full and final decision.

S. Soft Ripened Cheese – White Mould Rind

opment from moulds such as Penicillium candidum and Geotrichum candidum. Ripening occurs from
the rind toward the centre.

W. Washed Rind Cheese

Cheeses rubbed, brushed or washed in a liquid while curing. Liquid can be brine, whey, wine or spirits
and may contain surface colonising bacteria such as Brevi linens.

EX. Export Cheese

Limited to cheeses produced for and sold internationally.

FH.Farmhouse Cheese

Source milk from your own farm animals (cows, sheep, goats, buffalos) and produce and market
cheese products.

CATEGORIES WITH CLASS AND CODE (if entering manually, not required for on line entry)

CATEGORIES                                  CLASS                                                         CLASS CODE

A. Fresh Un-ripened Cheese   [in brine or   Cottage Cheese                                                AA
wrapped but not in oil]

                                            Crème Fraiche                                                 AB

                                            Open Class – Cow’s milk                                       AC

                                            Mascarpone                                                    AD

                                            Open Class – Ewe’s Milk                                       AE

                                            Open Class – Goat’s Milk                                      AG

                                            Cream Cheese                                                  AH

                                            Mozzarella – Fresh in Brine                                   AM

                                            Mozzarella Burrata style                                      AF

                                            Pasta Filata Style – Mozzarella, Scarmorze                    AP

                                            Ricotta                                                       AR

                                            Open Class – other milks or milk blends                       AS

B. Blue Veined Cheese                       Natural Rind Blue – Cow’s Milk                                BA

                                            White Mould Rind – Cow’s Milk                                 BB

                                            Blue Cheese – Added Cream                                     BC

                                            Natural Rind Blue Cheese – Ewe’s Milk                         BD

                                            White Mould Rind Blue – Ewe’s milk                            BE

                                            Natural Rind Blue Cheese – Goat’s Milk                        BF

                                            White Mould Rind Blue – Goat’s Milk                           BG

                                            Open Class – Blue Cheese from mixed milks or Buffalo          BW

C. Cheddar Cheese                           American Originals –cheddar-style: Colby, Monterey Jack etc   CN

                                            Mild Cheddars aged less than 6 months                         CA

                                            Cow’s Milk Cheddars aged less than 12 months                  CB

                                            Goat’s Milk Cheddars aged less than 12 months                 CC

                                            Ewe’s Milk Cheddar aged less than 12 months                   CD

                                            Cheddars aged up to 19 months                                 CE

                                            Cheddars aged up to 25 months                                 CG

Cheddars aged between 26 and 36 months                                 CH

                                                 Mature Cheddars aged over 37 months                                    CM

D. NZ made Cheeses – Dutch                       Gouda cheese aged over 9 months                                        DA

                                                 Edam Cheese aged over 9 months                                         DB

                                                 Open Class – All Milks                                                 DC

                                                 Edam Cheese – Cow’s Milk                                               DE

                                                 Flavour Added Dutch Style Cheese includes Leyden                       DF

                                                 Gouda Cheese –Cow’s Milk                                               DG

E. NZ Made Cheeses – European [Exempt:- White
Mould Soft Ripened, Blue, Washed Rind Cheeses]

                                                 British Style –Cheshire, territorials                                  EB

                                                 Danish Style – Havarti, Gjetost etc                                    ED

                                                 French Style – Port Salut, Monastery Cheeses, Comte, Beaufort, Tomme   EF
                                                 de Savoie, Reblochon

                                                 Grana Style – Parmesan, Aged Asagio, Montasio                          EG

                                                 Halloumi – all milks                                                   EH

CATEGORIES                                 CLASS                                                                  CLASS CODE

                                           Mediterranean Style – Spanish Manchego, Italian Asiago Style           EM

                                           Pasta Filata style –Provolone, string cheese, Scarmorze                EP

                                           Swiss style – Raclette, Emmental, Sbrinz, Appenzeller, Gruyere etc     ES

F. Feta Cheese                             Feta – Cow’s Milk                                                      FC

                                           Feta – Ewe’s Milk                                                      FE

                                           Feta – Goat’s Milk                                                     FG

                                           Feta –Low salt open class all milks                                    FL

                                           Feta – made by ultra-filtration                                        FU

                                           Feta – mixed milk or water buffalo                                     FW

G. Goat Cheese                  [Exempt:   All Fresh Goat cheeses – all shapes; all cheeses aged up to 10 weeks   GA
All Feta, Blue Cheeses]

                                           Mature, aged Goat cheeses – all cheeses over 10 weeks                  GM

H. Ewe Milk Cheese                         All Fresh Ewe’s Milk Cheese                                            HA

                                           All aged Ewe’s Milk Cheese – Romano, Pecorino, Manchego styles         HM

I J K. Flavour Added Cheeses               Open Class for all Smoked Cow’s Milk Cheese                            IA

Including flavour added fetas              Open Class for all Smoked Ewe’s Milk Cheese                            IE

                                           Open Class for all Smoked Goat’s Milk Cheese                           IG

                                           Italian Style Smoked Cheese –Scamorza, Mozzarella etc                  IM

                                           Cow’s Milk Cheese marinated in oil                                     JC

                                           Ewe’s Milk Cheese marinated in oil                                     JE

                                           Goat’s Milk Cheese marinated in oil                                    JG

                                           Cheeses flavoured with peppercorns & seeds                             KA

                                           Cheeses flavoured with capsicums, chili peppers and garlic             KB

                                           Cheeses flavoured with herbs, flowers. Fruits                          KC

                                           Cow’s Milk Cheese flavoured with herbs & garlic                        KD

                                           Open Class for all flavoured Ewe’s Milk Cheese                         KE

                                           Feta with flavour added – All Milks                                    KF

                                           Open Class for all flavoured Goat’s Milk Cheese                        KG

Firm Cheese with flavour added eg Cheddar with Port Wine, beer or Whisky   KH

                                           Open Class for all Soft White Mould ripened cheeses with added flavours    KS

                                           Open Class for all unripened cheeses with added flavours                   KU

N. New Cheese                              New Unripened Fresh                                                        NA

                                           New Blue                                                                   NB

                                           New Cheddar                                                                NC

                                           New Cheddar over 13 months                                                 ND

                                           New Ewe’s Milk Cheese                                                      NE

                                           New Flavoured Cheese – all milks                                           NF

                                           New Goat’s Milk Cheese                                                     NG

                                           New Firm Cheese – all milks                                                NH

                                           Open Class – all milks or milk blends                                      NI

                                           New Soft Ripened Cheese - [White Mould Rind]                               NW

CATEGORIES                                 CLASS                                                                      CLASS CODE

O. Original New Zealand Cheese             Original Fresh Unripened Cheese                                            OA

                                           Original Blue Style Cheese                                                 OB

                                           Original Cow’s Milk Cheese                                                 OC

                                           Original Ewe’s Milk Cheese                                                 OE

                                           Original Goat’s Milk Cheese                                                OG

                                           Original Buffalo or mixed milk cheese                                      OH

                                           Original Cheese with Added Flavours –all milks                             OK

                                           Original Soft Ripened Cheese [White Mould Rind]                            OS

                                           Original Washed Rind Cheese                                                OW

S. Soft Ripened Cheese: White Mould Rind   Open Class – Cow’s milk                                                    SA

[Excluding Soft Ripened Blue Cheeses]

                                           Brie Style – Cow’s Milk                                                    SB

                                           Camembert style – Cow’s Milk                                               SC

                                           Open Class for cream added cheeses                                         SD

                                           Open Class for Ewe’s Milk Cheeses                                          SE

                                           Open Class for all milks or milk blends                                    SF

                                           Open Class for Goats Milk Cheese                                           SG

W. Washed Rind Cheese       Washed Rind Cheese – Cow’s Milk          WC

                            Washed Rind Cheese – Ewe’s Milk          WE

                            Washed Rind Cheese – Goat’s Milk         WG

                            Open class – all milks or milk blends    WO

E. Export Cheeses           Fresh Unripened                          XA
[Cheeses made for export]

                            Blue Styles                              XB

                            Cheddar Styles                           XC

                            Dutch Styles                             XD

                            European Styles                          XE

                            Feta Styles                              XF

                            Goat’s Milk Cheese                       XG

                            Ewe’s Milk Cheese                        XH

                            Flavour Added Cheese                     XK

                            NZ Original Cheese                       XO

                            Soft Ripened – White Mould Rind Cheese   XS

                            Washed Rind Cheese                       XW


Congratulations on your decision to enter the 2018 NZ Champions of Cheese Awards. If you
make great New Zealand specialty cheese this is your opportunity to present it to our expert
judging panel for assessment.

Entries close on 19 January 2018 and all cheese samples for judging must be delivered to
Auckland on Thursday 22 and Friday 23 February. Judging day is Saturday 24 February 2018
at the AUT School of Hospitality and Tourism.

Please check the NZSCA website for the most up to date information and
read the entry information in full before entering.

Please contact Carmel Clark if you are entering manually and she will
provide official entry forms and a bank account for entry fees.

Good luck!

The entry fee is $75 + GST ($86.25) for members and $150 +GST ($172.50) per entry for non-
members. Entry fees are non-refundable.
   1. To enter your cheese must be produced in New Zealand.
   2. For specific rules around entry please refer to Entry Conditions on and
      in the entry information.
   3. Note you must complete a separate online form for each entry.
   4. If you are entering the Home Crafted Cheese Category please email for your entry information.

Part 1. Entrants Details

Producer/Business Name: ________________________________________________

Annual total volume of all cheese produced:

Please TICK one:

Less than 25 tonnes    ___

More than 25 tonnes ___

Note this information is to classify the entry in either Champion of Champions (Artisan) or
Champion of Champions (Commercial) Awards

Producer/Business website: _____________________________________________

Postal Address: _____________________________________________________

Key contact name: ______________________________________________________

Mobile: ________________________________________________________________

Email: _______________________________________________________________

Cheese maker’s name 1: _________________________________________________

Cheese maker’s name 2: _________________________________________________

Cheese maker’s name 3:________________________________________________

Cheese maker’s name 4:___________________________________________________

   Part B: Product Details

  Full name of Cheese including Brand Name

  Please TICK the relevant boxes for your answers.

   1.Type of Milk

  Cow    ___

  Goat ___

  Sheep __

  Buffalo ___

  Mixed Milk __       Please specify milks ________

  Breed (please specify type of Cow, Goat, Sheep, Buffalo)

   2 . Type of rind

  Waxed ___

  Clothbound ___


  Other ____

  3. Age when ripe: _________ Weight of whole cheese_______ Shape:_____________

  4. Rennet coagulated        Yes __         No ___

  5. Acid coagulated          Yes ___       No ___

  Other (please specify)

  6.Added ingredients (eg. chives, annatto, truffle, fenugreek etc.)

  7. Unique characteristics (eg. Washed in wine, from own herd etc.)

  8. What style would best describe your cheese? ( eg. White mould, washed rind, cheddar
  style, blue, parmesan style, pecorino, other (please specify)

9. Cheese Category for Judging

(Refer category list for class code)

 Cheese Category

 Class Code

 10.Other Categories

Best New Product

To be eligible for Best New Product, the product must have been launched in 2017 or before
 judging in February 2018.

 We wish to enter the Best New Product Category.

 Yes ___        No __

Champion Farmhouse Cheese

To be eligible for the Champion Farmhouse Cheese you must source milk from your own
 farm animals and produce and market your own cheese.

We wish to enter the Farmhouse Cheese Category.

 Yes ___        No __

 Creative Pack Design

 We wish to enter the Creative Pack Design Category.

 Yes ___        No __

 Thank you for your entry!
 When you click Submit you will be taken to our secure PayPal payment page where you can
 pay the $75+GST entry fee using your credit card (no paypal account is required). You will be
 returned to this website after completing payment.

When filling out the Entry Form complete an answer in ALL boxes. If the question is not
relevant put ‘not applicable’. If you are unsure of which category your product should be
entered under please write TBC (to be confirmed) and we will categorise it for you.
Please note that all entries become the property of NZSCA. When submitting an entry you are
giving permission for your details to be shared with NZ Champions of Cheese Awards partners.

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