Our New Quad Roller Grinder - Increased milk production with decreased particle size. Insight FS

Our New Quad Roller Grinder - Increased milk production with decreased particle size. Insight FS
summer 2020

We are excited to bring you tips and details on the latest new offerings at Insight FS and
information on the industry. Our goal is to help our customers improve profitability by providing
quality supplies, services, consultation, and investment in you as a customer.

Our New Quad Roller Grinder
Increased milk production with decreased particle size.

The Dairy industry is always evolving
to be more efficient. At Insight FS,
our goal is to help our customers
improve their profitability by providing
quality supplies, services, advising,
and investing in you as a customer. In
April we installed a new quad roller
grinder with scraper to take off the
overs that allows us to provide the most
efficient ground corn in the area. The
roller grinder we installed allows us
to provide high capacity ground corn
under 400 microns with outstanding
surface area. By taking off the overs on
our ground corn, we can provide the
                                           Research completed at the Ohio State
most consistent product tested at a
standard deviation of only 1.53%.
                                           University demonstrated a decrease              Get to Know the Team:
                                           in particle size of 150 microns increase
                                                                                           Meet Ashley Voelz
Why is all this important for our          milk production by 2 pounds/head/day.
                                                                                           Watch Now: https://insightfs.com/Animal-
customers by reducing our micron and
                                           Other factors that will influence corn          Nutrition
increasing our surface area? When corn
                                           in the diet is genetic traits and weather
is processed into smaller and smaller
                                           effects. Varieties of corn that are flourier
particles, more surface area is created
                                           will be more digestible than corn that
which allows more rumen microbes to
                                           is vitreous corn. These traits can also be
attach and eat. The more the rumen
                                           weather dependent and vary year to
microbes eat, the more energy and
                                           year. However, having a finer grind will
protein available for milk production.
                                           aid in making the most out of each corn
This allows for greater feed efficiency.
                                           crop and season.
Our New Quad Roller Grinder - Increased milk production with decreased particle size. Insight FS
Shooting for Stable Silages

Did you know that 1st crop and spring           would in hotter months. While these            stability would be the use of a good
cereal silages can be your best feed assets     feeds can add benefits like digestible         Inoculant to help shorten the time it
on the farm? Aside from the tonnage             fiber to a diet, I often hear trepidation      takes for feed to reach a stable pH (under
advantage, the cooler growing conditions        from producers about how they have             4.6) and promote a good population of
allow the plants to lignify less than they      troubles ensiling clean, well-feeding          lactic acid bacteria. Once ensiled, ensure
                                                spring silages. Clostridial Silage can cause   your feed face is clean and that you can
                                                dry matter losses, energy loss, decrease       feed off that surface at a rate where feed
                                                intakes and cause metabolic problems           is fresh and cool daily. If you find yourself
                                                in your transition cattle. Clostridia          in a butyric feed situation, try laying the
                                                bacteria can get onto feed from lodged         feedstuff where it can respirate overnight.
                                                material, rain splash during wilting, or       Exposing butyric feed to oxygen the
                                                from aggressive harvesting in the field.       night before feeding can volatilize butyric
                                                Before you get into the fields, check your     by up to 50%. These are just a few ways
                                                mower height to avoid bringing in excess       to ensure you get the most nutrition out
                                                ash and dirt from the field. Forages with      of your silages and the most profitability
                                                high ash can buffer the ensiling process       from your animals. For more information
                                                and keep the pH at an undesirable level.       and resources on silage additives and
                                                Correct moisture at harvesting will also       clean feeding, contact your local Insight
                                                deter a bad fermentation; wet feeds            FS Animal Nutrition representative.
                                                have a higher likelihood of a clostridial      Happy Harvesting!
                                                occurrence. Another way to ensure feed

 Avoiding the “Summer Slump” Through Tub Utilization

 Springtime has arrived bringing lush grasses and grazing               them attractive to many producers for their convenient sizing,
 opportunities to the countryside. Just as quickly as that green        weather-resistant properties, and wide range of formulas to fit
 grass comes, your pasture quality can diminish leaving both            varied operational needs. When animals lick, they are not only
 pasture and animals’ nutrient deficient. These potential nutrient      getting added nutrition into their diet, they produce saliva
 deficiencies come at a critical time frame when the animals are        which is a natural buffer for their stomach. New tub technology
 likely to have youngstock at their side or are trying to add body      such as intake modifiers, fly control, gastric support aids and
 condition for re-breeding.                                             highly absorbed trace minerals for optimum conception can be
                                                                        a great financial asset to your farm!
 Forages mature as the summer goes on, losing nutrients,
 specifically protein, and allowing animals to lose body                Whether your grazing corn stalks in your beef herd, trying to
 condition and mineral reserves if not supplemented. In                 increase conception in your ewe flock, looking for a smooth
 addition to management strategies like                                                 transition in weaned calf pens or want to
 soil fertility and grazing pressure, there                                              add body condition to a hard-keeping horse,
 are a few ways to prepare for a decline in                                              we have a tub to fit your needs! Reach out
 pasture quality.                                                                      to the experienced professionals at Insight
                                                                                      FS to help create a customized solution or for
 A great tool available to your farm are lick                                        questions on pasture fertility, tub selection and
 tubs. Tubs help bridge the nutritional gaps                                         management for your farm.
 during times of reduced forage quality or
 stress events. The versatility of tubs makes
Our New Quad Roller Grinder - Increased milk production with decreased particle size. Insight FS
Not All Electrolytes are Made the Same

It’s no secret that your calf program       When choosing an electrolyte, we want
needs to include electrolytes. It is        it to have the following properties:
inevitable that you will need to use them   1. Supply sufficient sodium
at some point. Calves are the future of
                                            2. Include agents that help intestinal
your farm, choosing an electrolyte is a
task that should not be taken lightly.
                                            3. Provide an alkalizing agent
Diarrhea is the most common issue we
                                            4. Provides energy
have in calves. Correcting dehydration
and acidosis is our main goal in treating   5. Help foster a healthy gut
calves with diarrhea. There are enormous
                                            If you need help finding a quality
amounts of calf electrolytes on the
                                            electrolyte, please reach out to your local
market- so which is right for you?
                                            Insight FS Feed Specialist.

Novera Bypass Protein

In the fall of 2018, Novera Inc has         on commercial dairy settings, I am                must be met. But in order to drive milk
established manufacturing of their          confident in the consistent performance           production, along with pounds of
patented, plant based, bypass protein in    we get from the product. Customers are            butterfat and milk protein, dairy rations
Ixonia, Wisconsin. Novera commercialized    seeing increased profits feeding rations          balanced for bypass protein. Novera 45
its protein product after over 6 years of   formulated with the Novera 45. One                has delivered a reliable source of bypass
research and development. Research          recent feed trials saw an increase in 64          protein to the market.
showed up over 93% post-ruminal             cents per head per day. Farms have been
                                                                                              Please visit https://noveraprotein.com/
digestibility as well the highest           able to pull out inconsistent or expensive
                                                                                              for more information.
Metabolizable Protein, the highest          form of bypass protein and replace them
Metabolizable Lysine, and the highest       with a more consistent form of bypass
Metabolizable Methionine on the market.     protein with a greater return.

After working with and feeding the          All in all, the key is a balanced diet.
Novera 45 protein for a year and a half     Degradable protein requirements

                                                                                      Cents improvement
                                                                                            per day
            # Cows       on Novera Milk       Original           Change ecm           Daily Improvement
                          Production          Program
              102             96.03             91.74                4.29                   0.430
              166             67.69             64.97                2.72                   0.51                 vs exceller meal
              72             101.01             95.52                5.49                   0.79              vs blood and exceller
              504            105.76            100.11                5.65                   0.64                 vs exceller meal
              390              99.2             93.48                5.72                   0.901          vs exceller meal and blood
 Total       1234             93.94             89.16                4.78                   0.654
Our New Quad Roller Grinder - Increased milk production with decreased particle size. Insight FS
Insight FS Celebrates Farmers with $10,000 Donation to Wisconsin Dairy
Recovery Program
JEFFERSON, Wis. (AgPR) June 2, 2020 --      of Agriculture, and Hunger Task Force,        in a new way and support their mission
June has been celebrated as Dairy Month     connects milk to emergency food               to feed people.”
since 1939. As COVID-19 has interrupted     organizations throughout the state,
the daily lives of Americans in 2020,       providing relief to underfed and              About Hunger Task Force: Hunger Task
making sure families have access to milk,   unemployed Wisconsinites.                     Force continues to accept donations
cheese, and other healthy foods has                                                       for the Dairy Recovery Program on its
become more important than ever.            “We realize that food insecurity              website at hungertaskforce.org/dairy.
                                            happens in our own backyard and this
Insight FS, headquartered in Jefferson,     program allowed us to better serve the
Wisconsin, and serving farmers              communities throughout Wisconsin and            Learn more at insightfs.com/feed or
throughout the state and beyond,            encourage others in the community to            contact a feed specialist today.
recently gave $10,000 to Hunger Task        support similar efforts,” said Dave Mottet,
Force to support the Wisconsin Dairy        General Manager at Insight FS.                  Antigo                Jefferson/Palmyra
Recovery Program. The program, a                                                            (715) 627-4844        (920) 674-7000
partnership among Dairy Farmers of          The cooperative’s donation not only
                                                                                            Brandon               Mapleton
Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Department         serves food insecure households, it             (920) 346-2291        (920) 474-4466
                                            also helps dairy farmers who are facing
                                                                                            Brodhead              Marshall
                                            unexpected challenges this year.
                                                                                            (608) 897-8671        (608) 655-3421
                                            Perry Goetsch, President of the Insight         Darlington            Rozelville
                                            FS Board of Directors said, “In a time          (608) 776-4600        (715) 387-1541
                                            where agriculture is still full speed           Ixonia                Wautoma
                                            ahead and animals still need to be fed,         (920) 261-1718        (920) 787-3307
                                            we saw this as an opportunity for the
                                            Insight FS Foundation to serve farmers
                                                                                                                    ©2020 GROWMARK, Inc. M59885
Our New Quad Roller Grinder - Increased milk production with decreased particle size. Insight FS Our New Quad Roller Grinder - Increased milk production with decreased particle size. Insight FS Our New Quad Roller Grinder - Increased milk production with decreased particle size. Insight FS Our New Quad Roller Grinder - Increased milk production with decreased particle size. Insight FS
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