Overseas Adventure Travel - Turkey's Magical Hideaways 2021 YOUR O.A.T. ADVENTURE TRAVEL PLANNING GUIDE - Overseas Adventure Travel

Overseas Adventure Travel - Turkey's Magical Hideaways 2021 YOUR O.A.T. ADVENTURE TRAVEL PLANNING GUIDE - Overseas Adventure Travel

            Turkey’s Magical Hideaways

      Small Groups: 8-14 travelers—guaranteed! (average of 12)


           Overseas Adventure Travel
      The Leader in Personalized Small Group Adventures on the Road Less Traveled
Overseas Adventure Travel - Turkey's Magical Hideaways 2021 YOUR O.A.T. ADVENTURE TRAVEL PLANNING GUIDE - Overseas Adventure Travel
Dear Traveler,

We can dream, can’t we? That’s what I’ve been doing these past months, as I look forward to traveling as
soon as it’s safe to do so. I know you’re eager to get out there again soon, too, and our Turkey’s Magical
Hideaways itinerary described inside is an excellent way to start.

   Exactly how your adventure unfolds is up to you, because you have many choices to customize it. You
   can arrive early and stay later—perhaps by adding a pre- or post-trip extension, spending time in a
   Stopover city, or combining 2 or more trips. Plus, your itinerary is laced with free time, so you’ll have
   opportunities to do your own thing. More than 80% of the travelers who reserve this trip choose to
   tailor their adventure. In fact, O.A.T. is the only travel company to offer such flexibility and choice for an
   experience that is truly personalized.

As for Turkey’s Magical Hideaways, thanks to your small group of 8-13 travelers (average 12) you can expect
some unforgettable experiences. Here are a few that stood out for me:

When I saw Cappadocia for the first time, it felt like I had been plucked from reality and transported into an
otherworldly fairytale. I stood in awe at towering, cone-shaped pillars and pinnacles that met a boundless
sky. The only thing more awe-inspiring than the fantastical landscape was the welcoming nature of the
locals who live here now. I stopped at one of the small villages nestled on the outskirts of Cappadocia,
where I visited a local craft cooperative. The women here showed me the intricacies of their handicraft
traditions before speaking with me about their dreams for the future. You’ll meet them, too, and hear their
personal experiences before getting a taste of Turkish hospitality during a Home-Hosted Lunch in the

You’ll also hear about another side of Turkey when you meet with a Syrian refugee to discuss Turkey’s
conflicting beliefs toward refugees. He’ll delve into his own harrowing account of fleeing from Syria as well
as the challenges he and other immigrants face as they integrate into Turkish society.

The way we see it, you’ve come a long way to experience the true culture—not some fairytale version of
it. That’s why we don’t shy away from controversial topics, and why all our Trip Experience Leaders are
“insiders” who live in the country. At times you may be nudged out of your comfort zone. But you will also
be inspired by the resilience and humanity of the wonderful people you meet. And that’s what adventure
travel is all about.

Thanks for letting me dream along with you about the Turkey’s Magical Hideaways. I’m optimistic that soon
we won’t just be dreaming, but experiencing the enrichment that only travel can bring. Until then, feel free
to call our Adventure Specialists at 1-800-955-1925.

Love and peace,

Harriet R. Lewis
Vice Chairman
Overseas Adventure Travel

P.S. Due to the uncertainties of the continuing pandemic, we are
     EXTENDING our Risk-Free Booking Policy through 12/31/21. Please
     see details at www.oattravel.com/riskfree-booking.

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Overseas Adventure Travel - Turkey's Magical Hideaways 2021 YOUR O.A.T. ADVENTURE TRAVEL PLANNING GUIDE - Overseas Adventure Travel
A Letter from Harriet Lewis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
The O.A.T. Difference. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
The Grand Circle Foundation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
The Leader in Solo Travel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7

TURKEY’S MAGICAL HIDEAWAYS                                                                   Climate & Average Temperatures . . . . . . . . . . 63
Your Adventure at a Glance:                                                                  Aboard Your Ship: Cabin Features, Dining &
      Where You’re Going, What it Costs,                                                     Services on Board . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66
      and What’s Included . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8                    Turkish gulet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66
Your Detailed Day-To-Day Itinerary . . . . . . . . . . 9
Optional Tours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28                        ABOUT YOUR DESTINATIONS:
Pre-Trip Extension . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .         29                  CULTURE, ETIQUETTE & MORE
Post-Trip Extension . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .          35                  Turkish Culture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68
Deck Plans . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   40                        Religion and Religious Observances . . . . . . .                       69
Dates & Prices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     42                        Language . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   70
                                                                                             Shopping: What to Buy, Customs,
                                                                                             Shipping & More . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74
Travel Documents & Entry Requirements. . . 43                                                DEMOGRAPHICS & HISTORY
Visas Required . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43                        Turkey. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76
Rigors, Vaccines & General Health . . . . . . . . . 45                                             Facts, Figures & National Holidays . . . . . . . .               76
      No Vaccines Required . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       46                      Turkey: A Brief History . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 77
Money Matters: Local Currency & Tipping                                                      Azerbaijan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78
Guidelines . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49
      Tipping Guidelines. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   51
                                                                                             RESOURCES: SUGGESTED
Air, Optional Tours & Staying in Touch . . . . . 53                                          READINGS & MOVIES
     Optional Tours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53                   Suggested Readings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 81
     Communicating with Home from Abroad . . 54                                              Suggested Movies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82
Packing: What to Bring & Luggage Limits . . . 56
     Suggested Packing Lists . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58
     Electricity Abroad . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61

O.A.T. Health & Safety Measures. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 85
Notes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 86
Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 91

Overseas Adventure Travel - Turkey's Magical Hideaways 2021 YOUR O.A.T. ADVENTURE TRAVEL PLANNING GUIDE - Overseas Adventure Travel
in Turkey
This adventure not only showcases iconic sights, but takes you beyond them to experience the
culture through unique activities, engagement with the natural world, and authentic encounters
with local people. Since our founding in 1978, O.A.T. has become America’s leader in personalized
small group journeys on the road less traveled.

(AVERAGE OF 12)—GUARANTEED                                 To see the world like the locals, you should
The world feels more intimate and engaging                 travel like one. Our small group size allows
when your experience of it is also personal and            us to take the roads and waterways that are
genuine. That’s why our groups never exceed 13             less traveled, and we often follow them using
travelers. This gives you access to people and             the same unique modes of transportation
places larger groups simply can’t reach. More              that the locals use—be it a canoe, a camel or a
authentic interactions. Deeper bonds with                  vintage cab.
your travel mates. Personal service from your
Trip Experience Leader. Smoother transitions.              UNIQUE LODGINGS
And a far more satisfying experience than any              Our lodgings reflect the local character,
traditional tour offers.                                   from smaller family-run hotels and historic
                                                           manors to comfy inns. Occasionally, larger
THE BEST TRIP EXPERIENCE LEADERS                           hotels closer to city centers are used. Wherever
Your English-speaking, O.A.T. Trip Experience              you stay, you’re assured fine comfort and
Leader is a resident of the region you are visiting,       hospitality.
so you will get a true insider’s perspective
that brings each place alive—the stories, food,            OUR WORLDWIDE OFFICES
customs, hidden treasures and more.                        With 36 regional offices around the world,
                                                           we are perfectly poised to leverage our local
AUTHENTIC CULTURAL CONNECTIONS                             relationships to deliver an excellent experience
Engage with local people through visits to                 and value. During this trip, you’ll be supported
farms, factories, markets, and artisans’                   by our team in Istanbul.
studios; school visits; Home-Hosted meals;
and more.

Explore ancient ruins on Gemiler Island                    Interact with locals in their home in Cappadocia

Overseas Adventure Travel - Turkey's Magical Hideaways 2021 YOUR O.A.T. ADVENTURE TRAVEL PLANNING GUIDE - Overseas Adventure Travel
Enriching. Inspiring. Unforgettable. These features form the foundation
of your Turkey’s Magical Hideaways adventure.
VISIT                                                 Do you ever wonder, “What would it be like
GCF was established in 1992 to help change            to live here?” when you visit new lands? Let’s
people’s lives in the world where we live,            find out during your O.A.T. A Day in the Life, an
work, and travel. To date, we have pledged or         exclusive, immersive experience that places
donated $200 million worldwide.                       you in the heart of a community where you’ll
                                                      meet various people where they live, work,
By investing in the places we explore—                and play; visit the neighborhood school; lend a
including local schools, cooperatives, or arts        hand with daily chores; and break bread with
centers—we hope to give locals the skills and         our hosts.
confidence they need to become leaders of
their generation and preserve their heritage          Perhaps you’ll join a local resident or
for many years to come. We’re proud to play           community leader for a guided walk through
a part in preserving precious locales like the        the town, visit a market, or enjoy a unique
Bryggen waterfront district of Bergen, a living       opportunity to meet teachers and students at
example of the glory days of the Hanseatic            a local school if school is in session.
League, and supporting villages like Harmi in
Estonia, whose once-struggling school is now          HOME-HOSTED EXPERIENCES
a center of community life.                           Stories shared. Differences solved. Taste buds
                                                      engaged. Good will extended. It’s amazing the
CONTROVERSIAL TOPICS                                  things that can happen across a kitchen table,
Every culture has its joys and achievements,          so we’ll break into groups of 4-5 to join a local
and we celebrate them all. But every place            family in their home for a snack or a meal.
also has its challenges, and to gloss over them       This is a rare opportunity to witness family
would not do justice to those whose stories           life, learn local customs, and taste some
need to be told—nor to you, as a traveler who         home-cooked fare.
deserves more than a sugar-coated version of
                                                      On this adventure, we’ll learn more about the
things. So our Trip Experience Leaders will
                                                      rich culture of Cappadocia when we share a
lead frank discussions on controversial issues,
                                                      meal with a local family in their home. While
and introduce you to people whose stories will
                                                      savoring a homecooked meal, we’ll delve
expand your understanding.
                                                      into local culture and everyday life with our
For example, we’ll meet with a Syrian refugee         gracious hosts.
attitude towards Syrian refugees and discuss
the challenges he and his fellow immigrants
face as they integrate into Turkish society.

Overseas Adventure Travel - Turkey's Magical Hideaways 2021 YOUR O.A.T. ADVENTURE TRAVEL PLANNING GUIDE - Overseas Adventure Travel
Changing people’s lives, one village, one school, one person at a time

                                                  GIVING BACK TO THE WORLD WE TRAVEL
 Dear Traveler,
                                                  Since our inception in 1992, the Grand Circle
 In 1992 we established Grand Circle              Foundation has pledged or donated more than
 Foundation, an entity of the Lewis Family        $200 million to projects around the world.
 Foundation, as a means to give back to
 the world that had already given us so           JOIN OUR GENEROUS TRAVELERS
 much. We’ve pledged or donated more              We consider each and every one of our travelers
 than $200 million worldwide to support           to be partners in our worldwide giving.
 the education of young people and the            Some travelers, however, are so inspired by
 preservation of international treasures          the schools and villages they visit, they are
 and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.                 compelled to give more. In fact, our travelers
                                                  have donated more than $1 million in 2019
 Of course, none of this would be possible
                                                  alone. And because we have no administrative
 without your help. A portion of the
                                                  costs, 100% of donations are used to help
 proceeds of every adventure is donated to
                                                  change people’s lives.
 Grand Circle Foundation—so just as your
 life will be enriched by the discoveries         BETTER OUR OWN COMMUNITIES—
 you’ll make on your journey, you’ll also         ALL AROUND THE WORLD
 help to enrich the lives of the people
                                                  In addition to the destinations where we travel,
 you’ll meet along the way.
                                                  we strive to better the communities where
 Thank you for traveling with us, and for         we work—from our headquarters in Boston
 helping to change people’s lives.                to our 36 offices around the world. In Boston,
                                                  more than 99% of our associates participate
 Love and peace,
                                                  in community service each year. Worldwide,
                                                  nearly all of our offices organize annual
                                                  community service events of their own..
 Harriet R. Lewis
 Chair, Grand Circle Foundation

                                                  How you can help
                                                  To learn more about ongoing Foundation projects, you
                                                  can sign up for our weekly e-newsletter, the Inside Scoop,
                                                  at www.oattravel.com/community/the-inside-scoop.
                                                  When you do, you’ll not only receive updates on Grand
                                                  Circle Foundation, but the latest news and discoveries on
                                                  all things Grand Circle and Overseas Adventure Travel.


Overseas Adventure Travel - Turkey's Magical Hideaways 2021 YOUR O.A.T. ADVENTURE TRAVEL PLANNING GUIDE - Overseas Adventure Travel
in Turkey—and Around the World

FREE Single Supplements: We don’t                   The leader in solo-friendly
charge a single supplement on this                  travel for Americans—
adventure and optional trip extensions—
                                                    by the numbers
a savings of $795-$1100 per person
compared to other travel companies.
But single spaces fill quickly, so early                 More than    50,000 solo travelers
reservations are advised.                                  joined us in 2018 and 2019—on their
                                                              own or with a friend or relative
One of our most popular trips for solo
travelers. More than 331 solo travelers
joined us on this adventure in the past two                 20,000 single spaces with a
years—either independently or sharing                     FREE or low-cost Single Supplement
a room with a mother, daughter, sister,                     in 2021—a 25% increase from 2019
or friend.

High ratings: More than 89% of these solo
travelers rated their adventure excellent.
                                                           More than    90% of solo women
                                                              travelers rated their adventure
On average, half of your group will also                                   excellent
be traveling independently, so it’s easy
to forge special bonds as you experience
unforgettable moments together.                            38 exclusive women’s departures
                                                           featured on 23 of our most popular
You’ll be in good hands, thanks to your                         adventures—8 of which are
dedicated local Trip Experience Leader                            single-only departures
(a resident of Turkey), and the expertise
of our regional office team in Istanbul.

Increased Single Space: In 2021, we have
118% more single spaces than in 2019,
with up to 3 single spaces per departure.
See available FREE single space at

                                                  Solo doesn’t mean “alone.” Three out of eight O.A.T. travelers
                                                  join our small groups as solos, so you will be in good company.

Overseas Adventure Travel - Turkey's Magical Hideaways 2021 YOUR O.A.T. ADVENTURE TRAVEL PLANNING GUIDE - Overseas Adventure Travel
Our best value in 3 years—with a savings of up to $500 per person

Turkey’s Magical Hideaways
Small Ship Adventure
Turkey: Istanbul, Cappadocia, Antalya, 4-Night Turquoise Coast private gulet cruise, Ephesus
Countries: 1 | Cities: 4 | 4 Nights Aboard A Privately Chartered 13-Passenger Turkish Gulet

 Small groups: 8-13 travelers—guaranteed!
                                            It’s Included
              (average of 12)

                                            • Accommodations for 3 nights in              • 36 meals—15 breakfasts, 9 lunches,
                                              Istanbul, 3 nights in Cappadocia,               and 12 dinners (including 1 Home-
  17 days from $                              3 nights in Antalya, 4 nights aboard a          Hosted Lunch)
  Includes international airfare              privately chartered Turkish gulet, and
                                              2 nights in Kusadasi
                                                                                          • 27 guided tours and cultural experiences
  Travel from only     $230 a day
                                            • International airfare, airport transfers,   • Services of our local O.A.T. Trip
                                                                                              Experience Leader with your group

  16 days from $     2695                     government taxes, fees, and airline fuel
                                              surcharges unless you choose to make
                                                                                              of 8-13 travelers (average of 12)
                                                                                              throughout your adventure
  Without international airfare               your own air arrangements

                                            • All land transportation and                 • Gratuities for local guides, drivers, ship
  FREE Single Supplement available                                                            crew, and luggage porters
                                              internal flights
                                                                                          • 5% Frequent Traveler Credit toward
                                                                                              your next trip
  Maximize Your
  Discoveries & Value
                                                    To get a richer view of the Included Features on this adventure,
  Optional extensions:                              watch our Trip Itinerary video at www.oattravel.com/tmh2021
  Untouched Azerbaijan
  5 nights pre-trip from $2895
  Travel from only $483 per night
  Northwest Turkey: Battlefields of
  Ancient Troy and Gallipoli & Istanbul
  6 nights post-trip from $1495
  Travel from only $250 per night

  Gulet, Antalya, Turkey

       Turkey’s Magical Hideaways

Overseas Adventure Travel - Turkey's Magical Hideaways 2021 YOUR O.A.T. ADVENTURE TRAVEL PLANNING GUIDE - Overseas Adventure Travel
Turkey’s Magical Hideaways


 6 nights in Untouched Azerbaijan
 Day 1 Depart U.S.                                               Day 5 Overland to Guba • Krasnaya
                                                                 Sloboda village visit • Explore Guba
 Day 2 Arrive in Istanbul, Turkey • Fly to
 Baku, Azerbaijan                                                Day 6 Khinalug village visit •
                                                                 Home-Hosted Lunch
 Day 3 Arrive in Baku • Explore Baku
                                                                 Day 7 Overland to Baku • Carpet Museum
 Day 4 Excursion to Gobustan • Gobustan
                                                                 & Cultural Center visits
 Museum visit
                                                                 Day 8 Martyr’s Lane visit • Fly to Istanbul •
                                                                 Begin main trip

Day 1 Fly to Istanbul, Turkey                                      Blue Mosque. On-site amenities may include
                                                                   a bar and terrace; typical rooms here feature
Afternoon/Evening: You depart today on an                          a minibar, TV, wireless Internet access, and a
overnight flight to Istanbul, Turkey.                              private bathroom.

                                                                   Lunch: On your own. You are free to settle
Day 2 Arrive in Istanbul, Turkey
                                                                   in at the hotel, or venture out to start your
• Destination: Istanbul
                                                                   explorations of Istanbul independently. After
• Accommodations: or similar                                       you savor the flavors of Turkey for lunch, you
Morning: You’ll arrive in Istanbul sometime in                     may seek out a bakery or restaurant that serves
the early afternoon, depending on your specific                    traditional baklava, a sweet dessert made with
flight arrangements. An O.A.T. representative                      filo dough, honey, and nuts.
will arrange for your transfer to your hotel—a
                                                                   Afternoon: The afternoon is yours, with the
ride of about 1.5 hours, depending on traffic.
                                                                   freedom to rest in your room or stroll the
Here we’ll be joined by travelers who took our
                                                                   nearby neighborhood.
optional Untouched Azerbaijan extension.
                                                                   Dinner: On your own. The area around our hotel
Upon arrival, you will check in and receive your
                                                                   features an assortment of Turkish restaurants,
room assignment. We stay in Istanbul for three
                                                                   and your Trip Experience Leader will be ready
nights—depending on where we stay, we’re
                                                                   to recommend favorites. Perhaps you’ll seek
likely to be situated in the heart of the city,
just a brisk walk from the Hippodrome and

                      Itinerary Subject to Change. For Information or reservations, call 1-800-955-1925

Overseas Adventure Travel - Turkey's Magical Hideaways 2021 YOUR O.A.T. ADVENTURE TRAVEL PLANNING GUIDE - Overseas Adventure Travel
out a restaurant that prepares traditional                             embroidery and have a chance to ask them
dishes like turlu, a popular and flavorful                             about life in Istanbul. The head of the project
vegetable stew.                                                        will also be available to discuss the mission.

Evening: You’re free to seek out Istanbul’s                             • How to get there: A 15-minute metro ride
delights on your own. You may choose to                                   from Old Town, plus a 10-minute walk.
experience dondurma, Turkey’s famous                                    • Hours: 9am-7am, Monday-Saturday.
gravity-defying ice cream. Made with salep                              • Cost: Free.
flour, the ice cream resists melting, and is often                  • Explore the Istanbul Archaeological
known to droop down off the side of a cone                             Museum: With over one million artifacts
without falling to the ground.                                         from a variety of cultures, Istanbul’s
                                                                       Archaeological Museum is one of the largest
Freedom To Explore: During your three days
                                                                       in the world. The majority of treasures you’ll
in Istanbul, you have the freedom to explore
                                                                       find here are from civilizations that were once
this city on your own during your free time.
                                                                       part of the vast Ottoman Empire, including
Below are a few recommended options for
                                                                       the Balkans, Africa, Mesopotamia, and
independent explorations:
• Master Turkish cuisine at Cooking Alaturka:                           • How to get there: A 15-minute metro ride
 Step into Istanbul’s first cooking school,                               from Old Town, plus a 10-minute walk.
 opened in 2002, to learn about the techniques                          • Hours: 9am-7am, Monday-Saturday.
 and ingredients that go into Turkish cooking.                          • Cost: Free.
 Then, enjoy a hands-on lesson preparing a
 traditional five-course meal. You’ll get to                        Day 3 Explore Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar &
 enjoy the fruits of your labor after completing                    Topkapi Palace
 each dish as you sample the cuisine you have
                                                                     • Destination: Istanbul
 just prepared, along with a glass of local wine.
                                                                     • Included Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
 A minimum of two people need to be signed
                                                                     • Accommodations: Armada Old City Hotel
 up for this class.
                                                                       or similar
  • How to get there: A 10- to 15-minute walk
    from the Armada Old City Hotel.                                 Activity Note: As we explore bustling city
                                                                    markets today, we’ll be exposed to a cacophony
  • Hours: 10:30am-2:30pm and 4:30-
    8:30pm, Monday-Saturday.                                        of sights, sounds, and smells in extremely
                                                                    busy environments. The boisterous energy
  • Cost: About $75 USD.
                                                                    may be overwhelming to some travelers, so
• Meet the embroiders at the Turquoise Tassel:
                                                                    we encourage you to be ready with a spirit
 Tucked into a less-visited corner of Istanbul,
                                                                    of adventure. If either the Grand Bazaar or
 the Turquoise Tassel is unlike most other
                                                                    Topkapi Palace are closed today, our Trip
 handicraft shops you’ll find in the city. This
                                                                    Experience Leader will rearrange activities as
 embroidery workshop was established to
                                                                    needed to include these visits on a different day.
 provide training and employment to local
 women who have no other opportunities to                           Breakfast: Served buffet-style at the hotel
 work outside of the home. During your visit,                       beginning at 7am, with Turkish and American
 you’ll see the women hard at work on their                         options available.

                       Itinerary Subject to Change. For Information or reservations, call 1-800-955-1925

Morning: Around 8:30am, we’ll gather as a                           Constantinople) and served as the residence of
small group for the first time and meet with our                    Ottoman sultans—along with their wives and
Trip Experience Leader for a Welcome Briefing                       concubines—for the next 400 years. Today, it is
at our hotel. During this briefing, we will                         one of the world’s richest museums, and during
introduce ourselves and review our itinerary in                     our 1-hour visit, we’ll behold a staggering
more detail (including any changes that may                         collection of arms, porcelain, and priceless
need to occur). Our Trip Experience Leader will                     treasures that include the jewel-studded
also discuss logistics, safety and emergency                        dagger made famous by the Hollywood heist
procedures, and answer any questions we may                         film, Topkapi.
have. Then, around 9:45am, we’ll set off on a
                                                                    Our visit conludes around 2:45pm, at which
full day bus and walking tour of Istanbul, the
                                                                    time you are free to return to the hotel with
historic city formerly known as Byzantium
                                                                    the group, or remain in historic center to
and Constantinople, with our Trip Experience
                                                                    explore on your own. Perhaps you’d like to visit
Leader. Due to its strategic location astride both
                                                                    Archaeological Museum, showcasing over a
Asia and Europe, Istanbul served as the capital
                                                                    million artifacts from the Balkans, to Africa,
of a series of empires since its founding back
                                                                    and Afghanistan. At about 6:15pm, we’ll take a
in the seventh century BC, and today boasts
                                                                    15-minute walk to a local restaurant (or we may
myriad treasures from its incredible history.
                                                                    drive there, if the group wishes to).
Our first stop is the Hippodrome of
                                                                    Dinner: Around 6:30pm at a local restaurant.
Constantinople, a lively central square that was
                                                                    Tonight’s Welcome Dinner will feature
the social heart of the city during the Byzantine
                                                                    authentic Turkish cuisine, including an
era. We’ll witness the square’s defining
                                                                    appetizer, main course, and dessert. Your
features—two soaring obelisks—before
                                                                    choice of bottled water and a soft drink, glass of
continuing on to the Grand Bazaar, about a
                                                                    beer, or wine is included.
15-minute walk. Upon arrival around 11am,
we’ll delve into this lively and historic market.                   Evening: On your own. You’re free to walk or
Home to more than 4,000 shops today, this                           ride back to the hotel if you’d like. Perhaps
remarkable complex dates back more than 550                         you’ll venture out to one of the city’s popular
years. Stroll through row after row of colorful                     rooftop nightspots, where you can enjoy a
stalls, sampling street foods and Turkish                           drink and striking views of the city. Your Trip
delicacies as you do.                                               Experience Leader will be happy to provide
Lunch: On your own around noon. Grab a bite
at one of the Bazaar’s many food stands—your
Trip Experience Leader will be happy to point
you in the direction of his or her favorites.

Afternoon: After exploring the myriad wares
sold at the Grand Bazaar, we’ll regroup around
1:30pm and begin making our way to Topkapi
palace, another highlight of the city’s glorious
past. The complex of grand pavilions and
courtyards was built by Mehmet II in the middle
of the 15th century (just after his conquest of

                       Itinerary Subject to Change. For Information or reservations, call 1-800-955-1925

Day 4 Explore Istanbul & Hagia Sophia                              country: The status of Syrian refugees in
• Controversial Topic: The challenges                              Turkish society. We will meet with one of
                                                                   three female Syrian refugees and speak with
facing Syrian refugees in Turkey with a
                                                                   her for about an hour to learn about her
female refugee and a Turkish citizen
                                                                   experience as an outsider in this country. A
• Destination: Istanbul                                            Turkish female speaker will also be on-hand to
• Included Meals: Breakfast                                        provide the complicated Turkish perspective
• Accommodations: Armada Old City Hotel                            on the situation: While most Turks recognize
  or similar                                                       the refugees’ desperate situation, many are
Exclusive O.A.T. Activity: Today’s discoveries                     beginning to resent the Syrians for straining
feature the Controversial Topic of the                             Turkey’s resources. It’s a emotionally charged
challenges Syrian refugees are facing in                           issue for Syrians and Turks alike; for their
Turkey with a refugee and a Turkish citizen.                       safety, our speakers have asked that we not
This conversation will reveal both sides                           identify them by name.
of a complicated humanitarian issue that                           Since 2012, more than 4 million Syrians have
has no easy solution. Read more about this                         sought refuge in Turkey (though unofficial
conversation below.                                                estimates put that figure much higher, at about
Breakfast: Served buffet-style at the hotel                        6 million refugees). Fleeing a war-torn region
beginning at 7am, with Turkish and American                        that has been battered by civil war, Kurdish
options available.                                                 militants, the Assad regime, and the Islamic
                                                                   State, these refugees have left all their worldly
Morning: At around 8:30am, we’ll begin our                         possessions, their homes, and in many cases
city tour of Istanbul. We’ll walk approximately                    their friends and family members—all in search
10 minutes to Hagia Sophia—a true wonder of                        of a better life in Turkey.
the Byzantine world. Completed under Emperor
Justinian in AD 537, this massive building                         But with so many refugees arriving penniless
(known best for its resplendent dome) was a                        and desperate, attitudes among the Turkish
Christian church for nearly 1,000 years, until                     are divided, and the refugees’ reception has
Mehmet the Conqueror claimed it for Islam.                         not been uniformly welcome. In large part,
Kemal Atatürk, the revolutionary leader and                        this is due to the support given to the Syrians
founder of the Republic, proclaimed it as a                        by the Turkish government: Syrian people
museum in 1934. The church’s interior was                          receive priority medical treatment over the
designed as an earthly mirror of heaven, and                       local Turks at hospitals, for example, and
as we explore, our Trip Experience Leader will                     unemployment benefits are longer and more
point out the stunning Byzantine mosaics and                       substantial for Syrians than for Turkish people.
distinctive features that contributed to the                       And as the number of Syrians in Turkey has
success of this estimable goal.                                    grown, so, too, has their pressure on the
                                                                   system—Syrians now make up about 8% of the
At approximately 10am, we’ll drive about                           total Turkish population, a sizable minority.
10 minutes aboard our private motorcoach                           As a result, many Turkish people consider the
to a Syrian-owned café in Aksaray, an                              Syrians a burden on society, taking work and
Istanbul neighborhood known as “Little                             resources away from Turkish citizens at a time
Syria.” Here, we’ll sit down to learn about                        of economic distress. Violence against Syrians
a Controversial Topic currently roiling the                        is on the rise, particularly in the suburbs of

                      Itinerary Subject to Change. For Information or reservations, call 1-800-955-1925

Istanbul where there is a prevalence of both                       After our conversation concludes around
Turkish and Syrian gangs. Right-wing political                     11:30am, we’ll make our way to the Taksim
groups are also taking aim at the refugees:                        area, approximately 30 minutes away by bus.
There is even an increasing demand amongst                         Upon arrival, our Trip Experience Leader will
hardline Turks that the refugees return home,                      give us a brief overview of the neighborhood
creating an impossible contradiction—for                           and point out options for lunch.
many Syrians, there is no home to return to.
                                                                   Lunch: On your own around 12:30pm.
At the same time, many Turkish people have                         The area around Taksim is surrounded by
taken a softer approach to their new neighbors.                    restaurants and you’re free to find one that
They regard the Syrians as hardworking                             appeals to you. Or, your Trip Experience
members of society and a welcome contribution                      Leader can recommend a true Turkish
to the fabric of Turkish culture, worthy of the                    experience: trying local street-food favorites
same aid, dignity, and respect as any other                        such as islak (a type of hamburger), a döner
person. But even among these Turks, there is                       kebab, or a delicious simit (a special bagel with
a sense of fatigue: Many thought the refugees                      sesame seeds).
would only be in Turkey for 2-3 years, but the
                                                                   Afternoon: We’ll reconvene around 1:30pm
situation in Syria has yet to stabilize.
                                                                   to take a stroll around Galata, the old Genoese
This puts the Syrians, who have already faced                      quarter. Our 1.5-hour walk will take us through
unimaginable tragedy, in an increasingly                           one of the oldest neighborhoods in Istanbul and
difficult situation. A great deal of them are                      to Istiklal Caddesi, a two-mile-long pedestrian
taken advantage of by local employers,                             street. As we walk, we’ll have time to witness
working for subpar wages and living in                             and appreciate the colorful shops and wealth of
crowded dormitories. They are often regarded                       Art Nouveau and Ottoman-era buildings that
by Turkish citizens as outsiders. And yet the                      line this route. We’ll begin our return trip to our
decision to assimilate into Turkish culture can                    hotel around 3pm. En route, we’ll stop at Misir
be wrenching, with other refugees condemning                       Carsisi, the Spice Bazaar—one of the largest
their fellow countrymen for abandoning                             bazaars in the city. Travelers who wish to
their roots.                                                       participate can join our Trip Experience Leader
                                                                   on a walk through its bustling stalls. Otherwise,
We’ll hear from each of our speakers for about
                                                                   you’ll remain on the bus and return to the hotel.
10 minutes apiece, then spend the remainder
of the hour asking questions to further our                        The remainder of the afternoon is yours to
understanding of the perspective of some                           relax in the hotel, or you may choose to take a
of Turkey’s most invisible people. Your Trip                       short ferry ride to Kadıköy, an up-and-coming
Experience Leader is ready to facilitate the                       neighborhood popular with the locals on the
conversation as needed. As you continue                            Asian side of the Bosporus.
your journey through Turkey, be sure to keep
                                                                   Dinner: On your own. Perhaps you’ll ask your
an eye out to see for yourself how refugees
                                                                   Trip Experience Leader where to find the
have settled in to Turkish society, and how
                                                                   best manti in town. This stuffed dumpling dish
locals’ opinions about them vary from person
                                                                   traditionally features a filling of ground meat
to person.
                                                                   and onion, served with yogurt and tomato
                                                                   sauce—but Istanbul has seen a rise in new
                                                                   filling options, among them fish or vegetables.

                      Itinerary Subject to Change. For Information or reservations, call 1-800-955-1925

Evening: The evening is free for your own                          cities in the area housed up to 20,000 people.
discoveries. Your Trip Experience Leader is a                      There are also more than 600 Christian
wealth of information for activity ideas.                          churches carved into the soft rock, some dating
                                                                   to the third century AD. A few Cappadocian
Day 5 Fly to Cappadocia • Visit Göreme                             caves also serve as homes for modern-day
                                                                   troglodytes, who stay quite cool here in the hot
open-air museum
                                                                   summer weather.
• Destination: Cappadocia
• Included Meals: Breakfast, Dinner                                At about 3:30pm, we’ll arrive in Göreme, a
• Accommodations: or similar                                       literal “open-air museum” of ancient rock-cut
                                                                   churches, chapels, and monasteries adorned
Breakfast: Served buffet-style at the hotel
                                                                   with Byzantine frescoes dating from the tenth
beginning at 7am, with Turkish and American
                                                                   to the 13th centuries. We’ll explore this natural
options available.
                                                                   wonderland on foot for approximately 1.5 hours
Morning: At about 9:30am, we’ll board                              before traveling by bus for about 15 minutes
our bus for a 1.25-hour ride to the airport.                       to our hotel. Depending on where we stay, our
Upon arrival, we’ll check in for our 12:30pm                       hotel for the next three nights may include
flight—depending on our departure date, we’ll                      on-site restaurants in addition to a bar, shop,
fly to either Kayseri or Nevsehir. Although                        and swimming pool. Your room may feature air
our flight from European-influenced Istanbul                       conditioning, a minibar, TV, and private bath
to landlocked Cappadocia is only about 450                         with hair dryer. After checking in and getting
miles, it may feel as if we landed on another                      our room assignments, the remainder of the
planet when we arrive. Over millennia, rain                        afternoon is yours, with the freedom to relax
and wind have shaped the soft white volcanic                       and settle in.
rock—called tufa–of the surrounding Anatolian
                                                                   Dinner: We’ll depart for a local restaurant
plain into an otherworldly landscape of
                                                                   around 6:30pm, where we’ll dine on regionally
dripping cones, pillars, pinnacles, and fairy
                                                                   inspired dishes.
chimneys soaring more than a hundred feet
into the sky.                                                      Evening: On your own. You’re free to enjoy
                                                                   a nightcap at the hotel bar, or chat with your
Lunch: After landing around 2pm and boarding
                                                                   fellow travelers about favorite moments from
our bus for a panoramic drive, we’ll make a
                                                                   the adventure thus far.
brief stop at a small store to pick up fruit and
nuts to enjoy for lunch as we make our way                         Freedom To Explore: During your three days
toward Göreme.                                                     in Cappadocia, you have the freedom to explore
                                                                   this region on your own during your free time.
Afternoon: Our 1-hour drive to Göreme will be
                                                                   Below are a few recommended options for
our first introduction to Cappadocia’s geologic
                                                                   independent explorations:
wonders and remarkable human history. As
we’ll learn from our Trip Experience Leader,                       • Visit a family living in a fairy chimney:
people have inhabited the region since ancient                        During the Roman period, persecuted
times, using hand tools to hollow out thousands                       Christians went into hiding in Cappadocia—
of the freestanding tufa formations. These                            and quickly realized that the region’s fairy
cave-like rooms once sheltered Turkey’s early                         chimneys could double as dwellings. With just
Christians from invaders, and vast underground                        a little excavation, they were move-in ready,

                      Itinerary Subject to Change. For Information or reservations, call 1-800-955-1925

and some families simply never left. Your                         Day 6 A Day in the Life of a Cappadocian
 Trip Experience Leader would be happy to                          village • Optional Ballooning Over
 arrange a meeting with one of these families
                                                                   Cappadocia tour
 so that you might see their home first-hand
                                                                    • Destination: Cappadocia
 and learn about life in this otherworldly
 destination.                                                       • Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
                                                                    • Accommodations: Alfina Hotel or similar
  • How to get there: A 30-minute drive by
    bus.                                                           Exclusive O.A.T. Activity: Today’s discoveries
  • Hours: Based on the family’s availability.                     feature a NEW A Day in the Life experience of
  • Cost: Free.                                                    an unspoiled village in Cappadocia. With the
                                                                   mayor of the town as our guide, we’ll play a
• Master the art of paper marbling at
                                                                   traditional game with local men at a teahouse,
 Kapadokya Ebru Sanat Evi: Ebru is the art of
                                                                   visit a women’s cooperative and help make
 paper marbling, which is typically used as
                                                                   handcrafts, enjoy lunch with a local family, and
 a background for calligraphy and covers for
                                                                   learn about the town’s agricultural traditions.
 books and stationery. To achieve this marble
                                                                   Read more about this experience below.
 finish on paper or fabric, artists add dye to
 the surface of water and dip either the paper                     Early Morning: At about 5am, early risers are
 or fabric into the water, which absorbs the                       welcome to join us for a spectacular experience:
 color and takes on a marble pattern. Watch                        an optional hot-air balloon flight over
 as a local who has been honing his skill for                      Cappadocia, with the chance to view its surreal
 14 years creates ebru before you have the                         beauty from high above, illuminated by the rosy
 chance to dye a silk scarf using this technique                   light of dawn. During this 2-hour excursion,
 yourself.                                                         we’ll soar over the amber terrain and fairy
  • How to get there: A 15- to 20-minute taxi                      chimneys—all the while savoring this unique
    ride, about $13 USD one way, from the                          panorama in remarkable fashion.
                                                                   Travelers who partake in this experience
  • Hours: 9am-7pm, daily.                                         will be back to the hotel by 7:30am, where
  • Cost: About $45 USD.                                           we’ll re-convene as a group and depart for
• Decompress in the whimsical surroundings                         our NEW A Day in the Life experience in the
 of Cappadocia with a Yoga class: Unplug in                        unspoiled town of Cat. Nestled in the heart of
 the other-worldly environment of Turkey’s                         Cappadocia, Cat is located in one of the popular
 Cappadocia region with Kundalini yoga and                         travel destinations in Turkey. But while nearby
 meditation. Breathe deep as you take in                           towns have been transformed by tourism,
 sweeping views of the honeycombed hills                           Cat has retained its authentic character. The
 and towering boulders, and strengthen your                        economy here is agrarian, and the town’s
 body and mind amidst the captivating beauty.                      2,200 residents still maintain their traditional
 This activity is weather permitting and runs                      customs and beliefs.
 approximately 1-2 hours.
                                                                   Breakfast: At approximately 8am, we’ll
  • How to get there: Classes are held in                          arrive at the pastures on the outskirts of Cat,
    various locations.
                                                                   where we’ll enjoy a typical farmer’s breakfast.
  • Hours: Hours vary, classes available daily                     Farmers in this area typically rise very early
    and weather permitting.
                                                                   in the morning to tend to their fields, taking a
  • Cost: About $80 USD.
                      Itinerary Subject to Change. For Information or reservations, call 1-800-955-1925

break after the sun comes up to enjoy a simple                     men-only teahouses. We’ll spend about 45
breakfast from home. We’ll dine on modest                          minutes at the cooperative, learning about its
fare similar to what the farmers enjoy every                       mission, talking to some of the local women,
day while learning about local agricultural                        and even trying our hands at making one of
traditions.                                                        their crafts.

Morning: Around 9:15am, we’ll bid farewell to                      Lunch: Around 12:15pm, we’ll begin making our
the farmers and continue on the town center                        way to the home of a local family with whom
about 15 minutes away. Here, we’ll be met by                       we’ll enjoy lunch. As we dine on traditional,
our community leader for the day: the mayor                        homemade dishes, our hosts will share what
of Cat, and one of the town’s most successful                      life is like in a traditional Turkish community,
residents. As a farmer, business owner, and                        and we’ll ask any questions that we may have.
well-regarded community member, he’s an
                                                                   Afternoon: After lunch concludes around
ideal host for our discoveries today.
                                                                   1:45pm, we’ll board a bus bound for a
After spending approximately 30 minutes                            community storage facility about 15 minutes
learning more about the mayor and this                             away. Carved into a rocky hillside, the facility
community, we’ll walk to a nearby teahouse                         is a cool, dark place for storing Cat’s most
to meet more village residents. Teahouses are                      abundant crop: potatoes. Up to 25,000 tons
typical Turkish “man caves”—places for local                       of potatoes can be stored in the facility at one
men to catch up with one another over a cup                        time, and the natural climate control keeps
of Turkish coffee or a cold drink. While women                     them fresh until they can be sold to individuals
are not forbidden from entering teahouses,                         and vendors across Turkey. For a fee, every
their presence would be highly unusual. (We’ll                     farmer in the community can store his crops in
learn more about this gender segregation in                        the facility. We may even have the opportunity
Turkey on Day 9.) Fortunately for our group,                       to meet a farmer or the owner as we explore
the teahouse we’ll visit has an outdoor terrace                    the space. At approximately 2:30pm, we’ll
where the patrons typically gather, and we                         bid farewell to Cat’s mayor and begin the
will be most welcome to join them. In addition                     30-minute return trip to Cappadocia, stopping
to socializing, men often play rummikub                            en route to visit a few of the region’s most
(a tile-based game similar to dominoes) at                         famous rock formations, such as the soaring
teahouses. We’ll get a primer on the rules                         Three Beauties or aptly named Camel Rock.
and then challenge the locals to a friendly
                                                                   After we arrive around 3:30pm, you are free
                                                                   to relax on the hotel grounds, or explore the
Our visit to the teahouse concludes around                         surrounding landscape at leisure. At around
11am, at which time we’ll walk to a women’s                        6:45pm, we’ll take a 15-minute bus ride to a
cooperative about 15 minutes away. The                             local restaurant for dinner.
cooperative was established by the municipality
                                                                   Dinner: Around 7pm at a local restaurant,
to help local women learn how to make
                                                                   featuring regional dishes and local ingredients.
handcrafts (like lace, paintings, and reusable
shopping bags) that they can sell to supplement                    Evening: On your own after we return to the
their income. In addition to providing new                         hotel around 8:15pm. You’re free to ask your
skills, the cooperative is also a spot for                         Trip Experience Leader for more insights into
socializing, serving as an alternative to Cat’s

                      Itinerary Subject to Change. For Information or reservations, call 1-800-955-1925

Cappadocian village life, or perhaps you’ll                        Lunch: Around noon, we’ll depart for a local
choose to compare photos with your fellow                          restaurant for lunch, arriving approximately 15
travelers.                                                         minutes later.

                                                                   Afternoon: At approximately 1:30pm, we’ll
Day 7 Cappadocia • Underground                                     make our way to a rug-weaving cooperative
city excursion • Optional Whirling                                 approximately 30 minutes away. Local artisans
Dervishes tour                                                     will help us learn about all aspects of this
• Destination: Cappadocia                                          traditional Turkish craft, from silkworm
• Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner                         cultivation to spinning, dyeing, and the
• Accommodations: or similar                                       traditional patterns and weaving techniques.

Activity Note: Today’s discoveries include a                       Then, we’ll return to our hotel around 4pm.
1-hour hike—up to 3 miles along hilly trails                       You may opt to enjoy a few hours of free time,
with uneven surfaces—and a walk through                            or enjoy another glimpse of Turkish culture
uneven, underground tunnels.                                       by joining our Whirling Dervishes optional
                                                                   tour. Around 5:30pm, you’ll take a 15-minute
Breakfast: Served buffet-style at the hotel                        drive to witness the legendary “Ritual
beginning at 7am, with Turkish and American                        of Sema,” a traditional religious dance
options available.                                                 wherein dervishes (Muslim religious figures
Morning: Around 9am, we’ll depart our hotel                        akin to monks) spin faster and faster to
for a 1-hour hike to enjoy unimpeded views                         summon the divine. The show concludes
of the sweeping valleys and landscapes of                          around 6:45pm, at which time you’ll return to
Cappadocia without any of the large tourist                        the hotel to join your fellow travelers for dinner.
crowds to interrupt the serene beauty of this                      Dinner: Around 7:15pm at the hotel.
magical region. Our explorations continue
around 10:15am, when we take a 30-minute                           Evening: On your own after we return to our
bus ride to Ozkonak, one of the remarkable                         hotel by about 8:30pm. Perhaps you’ll share
underground cities dotting the local landscape.                    stories about the view over a drink at the bar.
During the Hittite era, as successive armies
swept across Asia Minor, these multi-leveled                       Day 8 Overland to Konya • Whirling
complexes were built as uniquely defensible                        Dervish monastery visit • Overland
communities—all had heavy millstones for                           to Antalya
doors that could be rolled in place to seal off
                                                                    • Destination: Antalya
the outside world. There are believed to be
about three dozen of these underground cities                       • Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
in the region, but few have been excavated. In                      • Accommodations: Tuvana Hotel or similar
Ozkonak, we’ll explore some of the hundreds of                     Activity Note: Today’s transfer to Antalya
rooms, which were designed to house 60,000                         includes about 9.5 hours of bus travel, with
people for up to three months. We’ll wander                        stops along the way.
the narrow, sloping passageways between
kitchens with enameled food storage areas,                         Breakfast: Served buffet-style at the lodge
water cisterns, stables, and living quarters at                    beginning at 7am, with Turkish and American
the deepest levels—all well-ventilated by giant                    options available.
air shafts.

                      Itinerary Subject to Change. For Information or reservations, call 1-800-955-1925

Morning: Around 8am, we’ll board our bus for                        bath with hair dryer. You’ll have about two
the day’s journey southwest, across the Taurus                      hours to settle into your room—or begin to
Mountains toward the Mediterranean seaside                          explore the hotel grounds.
town of Antalya. Along the way, we’ll discover
                                                                    Dinner: Around 7pm at the hotel, featuring
one of Turkey’s iconic fixtures: the Whirling
                                                                    Mediterranean-inspired local fare.
Dervishes. Around 11:30am, we’ll arrive in the
city of Konya, a bastion of Seljuk culture and                      Evening: On your own, with the freedom to
home of the Mevlevi—known as the Whirling                           seek out Antalya’s delights independently. Your
Dervish for the dramatic whirling practice they                     Trip Experience Leader will be happy to provide
include in formal ceremonies. Our 45-minute                         recommendations, should you like.
visit with our Trip Experience Leader will
include the Mevlana Muzesi (a museum                                Freedom To Explore: During your three days
dedicated to Mevlana Celalettin Rumi), as                           in Antalya, you have the freedom to explore
well as the former tekke (dervish hall) that                        the city on your own during your free time.
now holds the tomb of Celaleddin Rumi. Later                        Below are a few recommended options for
known as Mevlana, he was the founder of the                         independent explorations:
Mevlevi order and became one of the greatest
                                                                    • Meet local women at the Women’s
literary and spiritual figures of all time—more
                                                                       Counseling Center & Solidarity Association:
than a million and a half Turks come here to
                                                                       Founded in 2000, the center’s mission is to
pray each year. Shortly after noon, we’ll walk to
                                                                       prevent violence and discrimination against
a nearby restaurant for lunch.
                                                                       women, and to provide legal and psychologi-
Lunch: Around 12:15pm, we’ll dine at a local                           cal counseling. During your visit, you’ll learn
restaurant, featuring regional dishes.                                 more about the steps the center is taking to
                                                                       support and empower women, and you’ll
Afternoon: We’ll return to our bus around                              meet a few women to discuss the unique
1:30pm and continue our journey toward                                 issues they face in Turkey.
Antalya. Along the way, the glimmering
Mediterranean Sea will come into view, with
                                                                        • How to get there: A 15-minute taxi ride.
mountain views all around. Once an old fishing
                                                                        • Hours: 9am-5pm, daily.
village, Antalya is now a sprawling seaside
                                                                        • Cost: Free.
resort that combines unspoiled beaches and                          • Experience a traditional Turkish bath at
modern homes with a walled Old Town. The                               Demirhan Hamami: Centuries ago, locals in
eclectic architectural styles on display reflect                       this region drew inspiration from the bath
more than 2,000 years of history.                                      cultures of the Romans and Asia. To the
                                                                       Romans, the bath was a place to mingle with
We’ll reach our hotel around 5:30pm, at                                others, so a more social bath experience was
which point we’ll check in and get our room                            adopted in Turkey. And in Asia, the steam
assignments. While our exact hotel may vary,                           bath was popular, which made its way into
we’ll be well situated for exploring Old Antalya.                      Turkish bath culture as well. During this fully
On-site features may include a private beach,                          immersive visit, you’ll learn more about
garden, and restaurants. Your room may
include a TV, wireless Internet, and a private

                       Itinerary Subject to Change. For Information or reservations, call 1-800-955-1925

Turkey’s famous baths firsthand, including                        take place earlier in the day, or on Day 10. Your
 hygienic and religious elements that are                          Trip Experience Leader will advise you of any
 significant to the experience.                                    changes. Read more about this conversation
                                                                   below. This evening, we’ll also experience a
  • How to get there: About a 15-20-minute
    walk from the hotel.                                           Home-Hosted Dinner in the home of a local
                                                                   family in Antalya.
  • Hours: 9am-10pm, daily.
  • Cost: Starting from $20 USD.
• Discover folk culture at Suna Inan Kirac
                                                                   Breakfast: Served buffet-style at the hotel
 Kaleici Museum: Dive into the rich history
                                                                   beginning at 7am, with Turkish and American
 and culture of Turkey during explorations of
                                                                   options available.
 this museum complex’s 19th-century home
 and former Greek Orthodox church. Step into                       Morning: Around 8:30am, we’ll gather in a
 the first part of the museum, a two-story                         room in our hotel, where we’ll be joined by an
 home decorated in a typical Turkish fashion,                      archaeologist for an hour-long conversation.
 to see life-sized dioramas of a traditional                       Their insights will prove invaluable at our first
 wedding ceremony. As you explore, look                            destination: Antalya Muzesi, an archaeological
 down at the detailed mosaics under your feet                      museum located about 15 minutes from our
 that were made from pebbles collected from                        hotel. We’ll arrive around 10am, and spend
 a local beach. Then, move on to the Church                        approximately 1.5 hours exploring artifacts
 of Hagios Georgios, one of the few churches                       from the Stone and Bronze Ages to Byzantium
 of its kind in this region, to view traditional                   housed in the museum’s many exhibition halls
 ceramic pieces.                                                   and open-air galleries. Around 11:30am, we’ll
  • How to get there: A 5- to 10-minute walk                       make our way to Kaleici, Antalya’s Old Town,
    from the hotel.                                                for a 1-hour walking tour, which begins at
  • Hours: 9am-6pm, Thursday-Tuesday.                              approximately 11:45am. Kaleici translates to
  • Cost: About $1 USD.                                            “within the city walls,” and among its myriad
                                                                   highlights is Hadrian’s Gate, a triumphal arch
Day 9 Explore Antalya • Antalya                                    built in the name of the Roman emperor who
Museum visit • Controversial Topic:                                visited Antalya in AD 130. As we walk about,
Women’s rights in an increasingly                                  we’ll have time to witness the neighborhood’s
conservative Turkey with local women •                             shops; honey-hued stone walls; and narrow,
                                                                   winding streets.
Home-Hosted Dinner
• Destination: Antalya                                             Lunch: On your own around 12:30pm. You’re
• Included Meals: Breakfast, Dinner                                free to dine on the hotel grounds, if you’d
• Accommodations: Tuvana Hotel or similar                          like. Or, you may choose to seek out a meal
                                                                   elsewhere in town. Given its coastal locale,
Exclusive O.A.T. Activities: Today’s discoveries
                                                                   Antalya’s seafood is particularly popular, and
feature the Controversial Topic of how
                                                                   this may be a great opportunity to sample the
women’s rights in Turkey are changing as
                                                                   day’s catch. Your Trip Experience Leader will be
society becomes more traditional. We’ll speak
                                                                   happy to point you toward particular favorites.
to two women with different perspectives
on this troubling issue. Depending on our
speakers’ availability, this conversation may

                      Itinerary Subject to Change. For Information or reservations, call 1-800-955-1925

Afternoon: You’re free to spend the afternoon                      a front-row seat to the dramatic increase in
as you wish. You may choose to unwind on one                       femicide in Turkey—up 30% since 2009. She’s
of Antalya’s numerous beaches, or venture                          also keenly aware of the recent controversy
back into Kaleici for additional exploration.                      surrounding the Istanbul Convention, an
At approximately 5:30pm, we’ll make our                            international coalition designed to address
way to a café just a few blocks from our hotel.                    violence against women. Turkey was the first
Here we’ll meet two young women who will                           country to adopt the convention in 2011, but
share their insights into the Controversial                        it sought to pull out of it in 2020, arguing that
Topic of the future of women’s rights in an                        the convention harmed the traditional family
increasingly conservative Turkey. Due to the                       structure.
sensitive nature of this topic, our speakers
                                                                   Our other speaker comes from a more
have requested that their names not be shared
                                                                   traditional background: She was raised in a
publicly. The café is an ideal setting for this
                                                                   conservative family and even had an uncle
tough conversation: Many teahouses in Turkey
                                                                   who was an Imam. Twice divorced and a single
are reserved exclusively for men, but this café
                                                                   mother to a 4-year-old son, she faced backlash
welcomes women as well. As we’ll learn from
                                                                   from her family when her marriages ended.
our speakers, this type of segregation is just
                                                                   She has also endured her share of professional
one of the many hurdles women are facing as
                                                                   discrimination. (In Turkey, women’s income is
Turkey tracks toward a more traditional society.
                                                                   estimated to be just 44% of men’s, and women
Turkey has been a model of female                                  are regularly passed over for job promotions.)
empowerment in the near-Middle East since                          She now owns her own e-commerce shop and
the early 20th century, when the country                           counts herself among the mere 33% of female
gained independence from the Islamic Ottoman                       Turks who are part of the labor force.
Empire and began embracing democratic,
                                                                   This regression of women’s rights is believed
secular ideals. In 1930, Turkish women received
                                                                   to have begun in 2002, when the conservative
full political rights, including the right to
                                                                   Justice and Development Party rose to power.
hold office; 60 years later, Turkey elected its
                                                                   Party leaders have made many statements
first female prime minister. Turkey has also
                                                                   that seem to run counter to Turkey’s founding
amended its criminal and civil laws numerous
                                                                   pro-feminist ideals, including suggesting
times over the years to further protect
                                                                   that it is “against nature” to treat women and
women—including equalizing marriage rights
                                                                   men equally and encouraging men to harass
and criminalizing honor killings. However, data
                                                                   women who are dressed “inappropriately.”
from the last 15 years suggest that the march of
                                                                   Such statements have been embraced by
progress has started slowing down—and may
                                                                   fundamentalist voters while worrying
even be reversing.
                                                                   secularists—effectively splitting public opinion
The women who will join us today have both                         in half. Our guests will spend about 20 minutes
witnessed this shift first-hand, albeit from                       sharing their opinions about women’s rights
different perspectives. Our first speaker is                       in Turkey; after learning more about the issue,
an English professor and activist who has                          we’ll have approximately 40 minutes to ask any
been volunteering at the Women’s Solidarity                        questions we may have.
Foundation for over ten years, helping
to support domestic abuse survivors and
advocating for gender equality. She has had

                      Itinerary Subject to Change. For Information or reservations, call 1-800-955-1925

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