Special Needs in Education Summit 2018 - 26th - 29th March, 2018 - The Grace Hotel, Sydney CBD - Konnect Learning

Special Needs in Education Summit 2018 - 26th - 29th March, 2018 - The Grace Hotel, Sydney CBD - Konnect Learning
Special Needs in
 Summit 2018
26th – 29th March, 2018 - The Grace Hotel, Sydney CBD
Special Needs in Education Summit 2018
                                                               Expert Educational Insight From:

  Mark Smith                                     Diana Murphy                                Nicholas Danta                              Patrick Lowe
  Principal                                      Principal                                   Principal                                   Deputy Principal
  Lomandra School                                St George School                            Penrith Valley Learning Centre              Saint Ignatius College

   Catherine Phoon                               Judith Evans                                 Rebecca Panagopoulos,                      Susan Seymour
   Head of Specialised Learning                  Specialist Educator                          Special Needs Programme Co-                Head Teacher Learning Support;
   Queenwood School for Girls                    Mawarra Public School                                                                   Master of Special Education
                                                                                              ordinator                                  Bonnyrigg High School
                                                                                              Newington College

   Dr Rosalind Walsh                             Joy Harvey                                  Deborah Barrott                             Toni Ellis
   Catalyast Program Co-ordinator                Assistant Principal Learning &              Assistant Principal Learning &              Assistant Principal Support Unit
   Queenwood School for Girls                    Support                                     Support                                     Engadine Public School
                                                 Orange Public School                        Kelso Public School

  Amelia DiPaolo                       Kim Moroney                         Belinda Emmerson-Franke           Tyler Adams                         Debra Hocking
  Learning & Support Team Co-          Early Learning Education Officer,   Learning & Support Teacher        Scholarship Co-ordinator            Course Co-ordinator; post-
  ordinator; Stage 2 Teacher           Catholic Schools Office                                                                                   graduate Indigenous Health
  Sydney Distance Education Primary    Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle       Engadine Public School            Nangala Project
                                                                                                                                                 School of Medicine
  School                                                                                                                                         Wollongong University

  Ray Handley                         Michelle Townsend                    Lyn Worsley                       Elisabeth Shaw                      Melinda Gindy
  Masters in Special Education        Research Managaer                    Director & Resilience             New South Wales Chief               President; Gifted Families
  Course Co-ordinator                 Project Air                          Doughnut creator                  Executive Officer                   Support Group Inc. (NSW); Vice-
  Wollongong University                                                    The Resilience Centre             Relationships Australia             President, Australian Association
                                                                                                                                                 for the Education of the Gifted
                                                                                                                                                 and Talented

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Special Needs in Education Summit 2018

Special Needs in Education Summit will bring together practitioners and thought leaders to discuss practical strategies that
drive improved education and social outcomes for special needs students.
You will learn how to cultivate student resilience, empower students from disadvantaged backgrounds, drive institution-
wide wellbeing outcomes, deal with challenging student behaviour, support students with complex mental health needs,
nurture talented students and drive enhanced education outcomes throughout your learning institution.
This is your only chance to learn from pioneering principals, curriculum developers, teachers and student support
professionals from public, private, higher education and special needs institutions.
KEY BENEFITS OF ATTENDING                                               Directors of Learning
  Improve teaching practice in any classroom setting                    Heads of Student Wellbeing
  Empower students held back by physical or mental health,              Heads of Curriculum Development
  disadvantage or trauma                                                Directors of Student Services
  Foster the potential of indigenous students                           Student Counsellors & Psychologists
  Identify and support students with special needs
  Nurture gifted and talented students                              CONFERENCE LOGISTICS
  Harness technology to enhance learning for special needs
  students                                                          Venue: 		           The Grace Hotel, Sydney
  Cultivate collaboration between schools, communities              Address:            77 York St, Sydney, NSW 2000
  and students                                                      Dates: 		           26th – 29th March, 2018
PLUS: Hear practical case studies from Public, Private and          Start/Finish:       8:50 am – 5:20 pm
Special Needs schools and universities from across Australia
                                                                    REGISTRATION AND ENQUIRIES
AUDIENCE                                                            To register for Special Needs in Education Summit 2018
This forum will bring together education leaders, heads             simply complete the registration form at the back of this
of schools, universities to ensure the best educational             brochure and send to: events@konnectlearning.com.au or
outcomes for special needs students. It will be particularly        call 02 8248 0200. Alternatively, registrations can be made
relevant to:                                                        online at: http://www.konnectlearning.com.au/conferences
   Principles & Vice Chancellors                                    SPONSORSHIP
   Heads of Special Needs Education                                 Strategic sponsorship opportunities are limited. Contact
    Course Co-ordinators                                            the sponsorship team on 02 8248 0200 or email events@
    Heads of Specialised Learning                                   konnectlearning.com.au to discuss sponsorship package
    Deputy Principals                                               options.
    Heads of School
    Head Teachers

P: 02 8248 0200    E: events@konnectlearning.com.au   A: PO Box H264, AUSTRALIA SQUARE, NSW, 1215   w w w. k o n n e c t l e a r n i n g . c o m . a u
Special Needs in Education Summit 2018
                                      DAY ONE: Pre-Conference Workshop, 26th March 2018
8:30 Registration, morning coffee and tea

Workshop A: 9.00am – 12.30am
Transform challenging behaviour by understanding and harnessing your student’s motivations
Our understanding of child motivation has undergone a revolution. Awareness of our child’s capacity and desire to learn and connect
are transforming teaching practices around the world. This workshop will teach tried and true strategies for short-circuiting unwanted
behaviours and empowering your students to be the best version of themselves.
Learning outcomes:
  Engagement and listening skills for appreciating the root cause of challenging behaviors
  Understand the impact of fear and shame on learning
  Take-away strategies to assist students in regulating their emotions
  Transition from shame, reward and praise techniques
  Empower your students to be the authors of their own actions and lives

Your expert facilitator: Robin Grille, Psychologist & Author of Parenting for a Peaceful World
Robin Grille is a psychologist in private practice and a parenting educator. His articles on parenting and child development have been widely published and
translated in Australia and around the world.
                                                                     Robin’s experiential, skills-based courses assist the education community to embrace
                                                                     learning as a transformative, personal growth journey. Drawing from 25 years’ clinical
                                                                     experience and leading-edge neuropsychological research, Robin’s seminars and courses
                                                                     focus on healthy emotional development for children, parents and teachers.
                                                                     Robin’s first book: ‘Parenting for a Peaceful World’ has received international acclaim and led
                                                                     to speaking engagements around Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand and Canada. His second
                                                                     book, Heart to Heart Parenting is now translated into Korean and German.

12:30pm: Lunch
Workshop B: 1:30pm – 5pm
Cultivating student resilience with practical trauma-informed strategies
As emotional trauma rises in classroom settings, academic, behavioral and social outcomes for students deteriorate. This workshop will give
you evidence-based methodologies and techniques to mitigate challenging behavior, foster creativity and nurture independence within
your students.
Learning outcomes:
  Implement trauma-informed practice
  Recognise and understand trauma
  Establish systems and structures that cultivate effective learning
  Manage challenging behavior through effective discipline, student empowerment and a whole team approach
  Cultivate innovation and creativity in the classroom

                                               Your Expert facilitator: Nicholas Danta, Principal, Penrith Valley School
                                               Nic has worked in Special Education for over 20 years. He is currently the Principal of Penrith Valley School, an
                                               alternative educational setting for students with Behavioural Disorders and Emotional Disturbances for students
                                               in years 4 to 12. Nic has presented on a variety of subjects including; Trauma Informed Practice, Leadership and
                                               Innovation, to audiences in Lightning Ridge and Coonamble, groups of Principals and School executive staff
                                               in Western Sydney and Special Educators from across NSW at the annual SEPLA conference. Nic is passionate
                                               about harnessing creativity and innovation in his work in schools.

End of day one

  P: 02 8248 0200         E: events@konnectlearning.com.au            A: PO Box H264, AUSTRALIA SQUARE, NSW, 1215      w w w. k o n n e c t l e a r n i n g . c o m . a u
Special Needs in Education Summit 2018
                                                                     Day Two: 27th March
8:30 Registration, morning coffee and tea                                                1:40 Engadine Public School: Integrating autistic students to cultivate the best
8:00 Opening remarks from chair: Mark Smith, Principal,                                                   academic outcomes and social empowerment
     Lomandra School                                                                                         School integration as key to empowering students within their

                                                                                         CASE STUDY:
                                                                                                             community and reaching academic excellence
EMPOWERING STUDENTS THROUGH EDUCATIONAL EQUITY                                                                  Using differentiated Personalised Learning Plans to enhance
                                                                                                                academic outcomes
9:05 TThe Nangala Project - Indigenous Football Scholarship Program
                                                                                                                Cultivating cultural inclusiveness through shared
              Providing sport and educational pathways out of inter-generational                                participation with mainstream students
              disadvantage                                                                                   Foster an inclusive culture through understanding the
                  HA personal story from Nangala’s founder on the                                            importance of role-modelling values

                  transformational power of educational opportunities                                        Enable students to overcome specific challenges with
                  Learn how to create a vehicle for positive change by scaffolding                           behavioral and academic strategies
                  pathways for gifted students
                                                                                                         Toni Ellis, Support Unit Co-ordinator, Engadine Public School
                     Scholarships, partnerships, and built-in additional support
                  Gain insight into how the Nangala soccer scholarships are                              Belinda Emmerson-Franke, Autism specialist Learning & Support
                  changing the lives of students and their communities                                   Officer, Engadine Public School
              Tyler Adams, Scholarship Co-ordinator, the Nangala Project, Balarinji      TRAUMA AND EMOTIONAL SPECIAL NEEDS
                                                                                         2:30 Indigenous Trauma Recovery Program, Wollongong University Teaching
CLASSROOM ADJUSTMENTS FOR SPECIAL NEEDS                                                                   teachers how to treat indigenous trauma
9:55 Queenwood School for Girls: Implementing evidence-based practice to                                    Learn methods for health professionals for healing inter

                                                                                         CASE STUDY:
              identify and respond to Special Needs students                                                generational trauma
                  Establishing whole-school intervention with evidence-based                                Enhance indigenous outcomes through Integrating Aboriginal

                  practice                                                                                  pedagogy into curriculum
                     Identification of unique needs through student history,                                   Foster catharsis and empowerment through dadirri (narrative
                     psychometric and aptitude tests                                                           therapy)
                     Establishing pathways and programs targeted at the                                     Understand the roots of indigenous trans-generational trauma
                      appropriate level of learning                                                         and their contemporary relevance
                  Fostering harmony between the community, students and                                     Comparing indigenous-informed curriculum to the western
                  school                                                                                    model to understand best practice
                     Building in personalised adjustments for each student                             Debra Hocking, Course Co-ordinator; post-graduate Indigenous health,
                     Integrating special needs students into the mainstream                            School of Medicine, Wollongong University; Mouheneenner Elder
                      classroom                                                          3:20 Afternoon tea
              Catherine Phoon, Head of Specialised Learning, Queenwood School
              for Girls                                                                  3:40 The Resilience Centre: How the ‘Resilience Doughnut’ school training is
                                                                                                         transforming wellbeing outcomes
10:45 Morning tea                                                                                            What is the ‘Resilience Doughnut’ and how has it transformed
                                                                                         CASE STUDY:

                                                                                                             school processes and approaches?
11:00 Newington College: Using technology to improve lesson delivery for                                     Understand the evidence behind positive Psychology
              students with individual learning needs                                                        Learn practical strategies for developing resilience and personal
                 Harnessing technology to enable inclusive lesson delivery                                   empowerment

                 through:                                                                                    Gain access to training and the Resilience Report to track your
                    Delivering education through handheld devices and video                                  student’s emotional skills
                    format                                                                               Dr Lyn Worsley, Director of The Resilience Centre; Clinical Psychologist
                    Enabling full participation of students with a sensory                               and Author of the Resilience Doughnut, The Resilience Centre
                     impairment to improve learning
                    Technologized reading solutions – build engagement                   GIFTED STUDENTS SPECIAL NEEDS
                    capabilities for dyslexic students                                   4:30 Queenwood School for Girls – Catalyst Program
                 The benefits of investing in technologies in driving student                             Providing pathways for gifted students to maximise school and student
                  academic and social outcomes                                                            outcomes
              Rebecca Panagopoulos, Head of Learning Enhancement,                                            Using an RTI framework to meet the needs of gifted students
                                                                                         CASE STUDY:

              Newington College                                                                                 Learn how a Response to Intervention framework can be
                                                                                                                used in the context of highly able students
MENTAL ILLNESS SPECIAL NEEDS                                                                                    Strategies for ensuring that students who are both
11:50 Project Air Strategy, University of Wollongong: Enabling better                                           intellectually gifted and have a learning disability are
              identification and support for students with complex mental health                                identified
              needs                                                                                             Developing IEPs for gifted students with complex additional
                 Learn how to address increases of trauma, mental health issues                                 needs

                 and self-harm within schools                                                            Rosalind Walsh, Catalyst Program Co-ordinator, Queenwood School
                 Build school-wide understandings of student identity through                            for Girls
                 integrated and relational methodology
                 Learn strategies that build confidence and skill in identifying         5:20 Gifted Families Support Group Inc. (NSW) Teaching students with special
                 and responding to classroom presentations                                                needs – but what about if one of those needs is giftedness?
                 Understand how to implement early intervention for resolution                     Understanding the statistics and prevalence within Australia
                                                                                         CASE STUDY:

                                                                                                   and hi-lighting the need for greater support
                 of emerging mental health needs
                                                                                                   How special needs and giftedness can sometimes mask each
              Dr Michelle Townsend, Research Manager, Project Air Strategy,                        other: the tyranny of “But he’s not actually failing!”
              Wollongong University                                                                Approaches for helping students develop their abilities utilising
12:40 lunch                                                                                        strength-based learning models
                                                                                               Melinda Gindy, President; Gifted Families Support Group Inc.
                                                                                               (NSW); Vice-President, Australian Association for the Education of
                                                                                               the Gifted and Talented
                                                                                         6:10 End of day two

P: 02 8248 0200               E: events@konnectlearning.com.au           A: PO Box H264, AUSTRALIA SQUARE, NSW, 1215                w w w. k o n n e c t l e a r n i n g . c o m . a u
Special Needs in Education Summit 2018
                                                                   Day Three: 28th March
 8:30 Registration, morning coffee and tea
 8:00 Opening remarks from chair: Mark Smith, Principal,                                                           Providing students with trauma based counselling, tutoring,
      Lomandra School (Special Needs)                                                                               guidance and therapy
INCREASING SPECIAL NEEDS CAPABILITY AND RESPONSIVENESS                                                             Programs for parents and communities around supporting
9:05 Lomandra School: Supporting teacher mental health and conflict                                                 and managing their children
              resolution capability                                                                                Assistance for schools on supporting students through
                 Understanding the impact of vicarious trauma on teacher                                           difficult family dynamics

                 mental health                                                                               Elisabeth Shaw, Chief Executive Officer of New South Wales,
                 Managing yourself personally and professionally in challenging                              Relationships Australia
                 Develop structures for empowering teacher decision making in           EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING
                 complex and ambiguous situations
                 Enable conflict resolution through compassion to transform              2:30 Pathways for special needs students through experiential learning
                 school culture                                                                  What is experiential learning?

                                                                                        PANEL DISCUSSION
              Mark Smith, Principal, Lomandra School                                             What is the evidence for how experiential learning impact
9:55 Schools Hub: Supporting carers through a hub of expertise                                   Is meeting curriculum benchmarks through self-directed
        The story behind the pioneer funded school’s hub                                         learning possible?

        How to build special needs capability through information                                What is the case for learning outside classrooms?
        sharing with parents and across schools                                                  Is all real learning experiential learning?
          Focus on collaboration and share resources                                                       Mark Smith, Principal, Lomandra School
          Connect with solution providers and link their services to
                                                                                                           Debra Hocking, Course Co-ordinator; post-graduate Indigenous health,
           where most needed
                                                                                                           School of Medicine, Wollongong University
          Engage in continuous strategy
                                                                                                           Dr Ray Handley, Subject Co-ordinator; Masters in Special Needs &
              Susan Seymour, Head Teacher Learning Support; Master of Special
                                                                                                           Behaviour Management; PHD in motivating dis-engaged students
              Education, Bonnyrigg High School
                                                                                                           through technology, Wollongong University
10:45 Morning tea                                                                                          Robin Grille, Psychologist & Author of Parenting for a Peaceful World
11:00 Caring for special needs students in mainstream schools                            3:20 Afternoon tea
         Learn methodology for providing educational support to                          3:40 Ignite a love of learning with self-determined play

         special needs students and their parents                                                 How to formulate and implement policy enabling learning
                                                                                        CASE STUDY:

             Handling denial                                                                      through play
             Linking with options and services                                                       Learn about international perspectives of early Learning
             Harnessing in-school capabilities and resources for building                            practices
            capability                                                                               Understand how to scaffold curriculum into ‘invitations to
         Democratising care - the case for access to multi-disciplinary                              play’
         allied professionals within schools                                                         Understand what Key Learning Areas learning through play is
              Judith Evans, Specialist Educator, Mawarra Public School;                              best suited to
              Department of Education                                                                        Kim Moroney, Early Learning Education Officer, Catholic Schools
11:50 Saint Ignatius College, Riverview: Using social media to educate parents                               Office, Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle
              and community                                                              4:30 Engaging students through technology
                 How to use web platforms to produce and distribute a series of                  Learn how to mold experiential learning into a classroom
                                                                                        CASE STUDY:

                 embedded youtube clips                                                          context with technologies
                 Tools, technology and strategies for delivering a three-tiered                  Understand the benefits of removing typical psychological
                 model of engagement                                                             barriers to learning
                 Benefits of a sophisticated web presence:                                       Know how to leverage data to help design lesson delivery
                   Connecting busy families to relevant information                              Re-thinking traditional education practices – the activity of
                   Transforming education into entertainment for easy                            learning and the role of teacher and tests
                   consumption                                                                   The benefits of technology to facilitate learning for all special
              Patrick Lowe, Deputy Principal, Saint Ignatius College                             needs exceptionalities

12:40 lunch
                                                                                                             Dr Ray Handley, Special Needs & Behaviour Management curriculum
1:40 Relationships Australia: Access additional support for teachers, students                               developer and teacher for Masters accreditation; PHD in motivating dis
              and the community                                                                              engaged students through technology, Wollongong University

                 Help is always available with Relationships Australia’s 18              5:20 End of day three
                 programs, events and initiatives

P: 02 8248 0200                E: events@konnectlearning.com.au         A: PO Box H264, AUSTRALIA SQUARE, NSW, 1215                    w w w. k o n n e c t l e a r n i n g . c o m . a u
Special Needs in Education Summit 2018
           DAY FOUR: Workshops on practical skills for teachers in the classroom, 29th March 2018
8:30 Registration, morning coffee and tea                                           2:30pm – 5:00pm: Workshop C
8:30 – 11:00am: Workshop A                                                          Supporting students with special needs in mainstream classrooms
Universal Design for Learning Program                                               Rural and remotely located schools are particularly vulnerable to a
Teaching practices for fostering an inclusive culture and classroom                 lack of access to the support or resources needed to provide for their
                                                                                    special needs students. This workshop, conducted by two Assistant
Student engagement is critical for true learning to occur. This                     Principal Learning & Support Officers, will provide practical strategies
workshop will teach you how to target each student’s learning style                 based on a range of case studies on how to deliver adjustments
and level through a range of expression modalities. Learn effective                 for mainstream classrooms that take best advantage of resources
goal-setting and inclusive practices to ensure that every curriculum                already available.
milestone is met.
                                                                                    Learning outcomes:
Learning outcomes:                                                                     Manage aggression within your classroom and improve
   Insight into the psychology behind learning                                         engagement
   Forward-plan syllabuses that cater to every learning style                          Enhance wellbeing and positive behavior outcomes
   Assess a range of expression modalities for level of student                        Know how to build your student’s social skills
   comprehension and analysis                                                          Understand methodologies for providing support for specific
   Foster the genius of every student in your classroom                                sensory and processing needs
                                       Your expert facilitator: Amelia Di Paolo,
                                       Assistant Principal: Welfare & Learning                            Your Expert Facilitators: Joy Harvey, Assistant Principal
                                       Support; Stage 2 Teacher, Sydney Distance                          Learning & Support (APL&S), Orange Public School
                                       Education Primary School
                                                                                                                              Joy is based at Orange Public
                                         Amelia Di Paolo is a dedicated teacher                                               School and supports all schools
                                         with eight years teaching experience                                                 within the Orange area, both
                                         and Master of Research in Special                                                    secondary, primary and SSPs.
                                         Education. Amelia currently works
at Sydney Distance Education school and specializes in delivering special
needs in a distance learning setting. Her core competencies include
inclusive instruction for all levels leveraging a range of technologies and                               Deborah Barrott, Assistant Principal Learning & Support
embedded goal setting to achieve the best outcomes for her students
                                                                                                                            (APL&S), Kelso Public School
across all year levels
                                                                                                                              Deborah is based at Kelso Public
11:30 – 2:00pm: Workshop B                                                                                                    School and supports secondary,
Empowering students with severe disabilities to reach their and academic                                                      primary and SSPs schools within the
potential                                                                                                                     Bathurst, Lithgow
St George School has over 40 years experience in delivering
education to children with the highest level of physical and
intellectual needs. In this workshop, Principal Diana Murphy will                   Joy and Deborah are Assistant Principal Learning & Support teachers based
provide methodology on engaging and providing technologized                         at Orange Public School and Kelso Public School (Bathurst) respectively.
communication options for students based on real programs St                        Both are active in providing special needs support for students and staff and
George is implementing.                                                             are available upon request to consult on building in special needs capability.
Learning outcomes:                                                                  5:00pm: End of day four
   Heighten engagement and create joy with sensory-rich spaces in
   your school
   Know how to consider every sense involved in learning
   Understand the principles involved in forward planning initiatives
   Use the latest technology to provide options for students with
   severe physical disabilities to feedback on their learning
                                                 Your expert facilitator: Diana
                                                 Murphy, Principal, St George

2:00pm: Afternoon Tea

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Special Needs in Education Summit 2018                                                                                                                     Registration
                                                PO Box H264                                                                                                                   www
         02 8248 0200                                                                                     events@konnectlearning.com.au                                                      www.konnectlearning.com.au
                                                AUSTRALIA SQUARE, NSW, 1215

LOCATION & DATES: 26th – 29th March, 2018, The Grace Hotel - 77 York St, Sydney, NSW 2000
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