The Role of Prosthetics in The Treatment of Diseases of The Maxillofacial Region

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The Role of Prosthetics in The Treatment of Diseases of The Maxillofacial Region
Volume 4| January, 2022                                                                    ISSN: 2795-7365

                                            The Role of Prosthetics in The
                                            Treatment of Diseases of The
                                                Maxillofacial Region

Bobodo’stov U.K                     Bukhara State Medical Institute
Saidov A.A.                         Bukhara State Medical Institute
            Reasons for the high need for orthopedic treatment with removable dentures, the leading
            position is still occupied by " insufficient sanitation of the oral cavity, untimely access of

            patients to the dentist." In addition, an important role is played by the problem of
            imperfection of materials and technologies used for the manufacture of dentures, leading
            to deterioration of the dental system []. Time lag is a sliding body that undergoes
            the process of crushing chains and crushing food blocks, in other colas it is a multi-layered
            galaxy that grinds its teeth with anger and rage. NPZHB - complex and coordinated,
            according to the description of movements, the hinges are locking [1.3.5].
          Keywords:                 Jaw Exhibits, Teeth

The relevance of the topic.                             According to the author (Yu. Simanovskoy)
        Reasons for the high need for orthopedic        [7.9.10], Chin lower jaw is a complex
treatment with removable dentures, the leading          musculoskeletal       carcass      with       many
position is still occupied by " insufficient            components, involved in the connection of the
sanitation of the oral cavity, untimely access of       upper jaw (y / j) and the rows of teeth of the p /
patients to the dentist." In addition, an               j, providing the movement of the p / j in different
important role is played by the problem of              directions. block. Motions are an example of
imperfection of materials and technologies used         motion around instantaneous and variable axes,
for the manufacture of dentures, leading to             which is a condition in biomechanics. The
deterioration of the dental system [].         authors (O.G. Bugrovetskaya and Hammual
Time lag is a sliding body that undergoes the           [] divide the network of types of
process of crushing chains and crushing food            motion around different axes as follows; a
blocks, in other colas it is a multi-layered galaxy     horizontal arrow involved in the opening and
that grinds its teeth with anger and rage. NPZHB        closing of the mouth and between the arrows;
- complex and coordinated, according to the             slip planes lying at the level of the p / j tongue
description of movements, the hinges are                and varying in p / j protrusion and retrusion; a
locking [1.3.5].                                        side-sliding bullet at the end of the bullet; the
        Other authors [] believe that the        whole p / j slides and moves laterally; axis of
superficial area of the flange of the Chin lower        rotation around the vertical, located in the
jaw exhibits a saddle joint, the surface of which       center of the right or left joint; a curved axis
is similar to the surface of the wrist-toe core         located at the center of one or the other joint for
joints of the big toe. From a biomechanical point       the combined movements of deviation and
of view, the junction of the lower jaw (p / j) with     opening of the mouth [].
the skull consists of four synergistic moving           The authors emphasize that the activity of TJT is
joints, so some authors propose to call the CHIN        related to the structure of its blocks, the suction
LOWER JAW “Chin lower jawcomplex”.                      activity should end in the eighteenth month of

Eurasian Scientific Herald                                              
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Volume 4| January, 2022                                                                 ISSN: 2795-7365
the period of postnatal ontogeny. Defects of          biocompatibility        and     physico-chemical
dental arches and occlusion disorders were            properties of prostheses [].
observed if suction was continued later; i.e.,               The complexity of processing dentures
disorders in jaw articulation, morphological          made of thermoplastic polymer, leading to a
changes of joint heads, followed by deep              rapid loss of aesthetic characteristics of the
structural changes in the upper jaw (yu / j), hard    denture,        its      contamination       with
palate, temporal bone [].            microorganisms that contribute to diseases of
These changes, in turn, adversely affect              the oral mucosa, the emerging dissatisfaction of
hemocirculation, hearing, respiration, and            patients with the altered appearance of the
impaired chewing and facial muscle function in        removable prosthesis. (Dmitrienko S.V., 2013;
the cranial cavity. Studies have not been             Danilina T.F., 2013; Mikhalchenko D.V., 2013;
sufficiently studied in terms of human                Irsaliev H.And, Nigmatov R.N., Khabilov H.L.,
masticatory muscles and the force factors that        2011; Lee S.J., 2008).
produce CHIN LOWER JAW: One author                           Injection    molding     technology     of
suggests that Chin lower jaw is not formed at all,    thermoplastic polymers is considered as a
while another suggests that it produces several       promising technology in modern dentistry to
hundred        Newtonian        reactions.      The   achieve high aesthetic standards (Tregubov I.D.,
displacement of the p / j from the central            2007;. Ryzhova I.P., 2012;. Skorikova L.A.,
occlusion to the anterior part is accomplished        2014;.Badewa A.P, 2002; Gucht D.E., 2013).
by the right and left lateral wing muscles,                  This technology is of interest not only
directed by the incisors, and the displacement of     among specialists, but also among patients. A
the p / j in the horizontal plane is manifested in    common characteristic of this group of
the form of a “gothic angle; when the p / j moves     materials is the absence of a residual monomer,
laterally from the central occlusion (MO)             and, consequently, their bioinertness for the
position, the Bennett motion is observed to           body. The constructions of them are
rotate around the vertical axis in the p / j groove   characterized by elasticity; lightness, comfort
on the laterotrusive side of the convex growth;       and high aesthetics (. Vares E.Ya, 2004; Konnov
The authors emphasize that the shape                  V.V., 2010; Fujii T.A., 2005).
mechanism of p / j in the form of a spatial frame,           Traditional technical approaches and
i.e. it can rotate freely around the hinge axis       well-known polishing agents used in dentistry
until      some      restriction     is     formed    for basic polymers leave traces, micro-
[].                                  scratches, do not allow to achieve a smooth,
                                                      even and shiny surface of a dental prosthesis
      The current methods. There are many             made of thermoplastic polymers []. The
scientific and practical works around the world       final processing of dental prostheses made of
devoted to the local and systemic sensitivity of      thermoplastic polymers today requires a lot of
the body to dentures made of various types of         time and effort from specialists and often leaves
plastics.The results of the conducted studies         dissatisfaction with the quality of the surface
confirm that when using removable dentures            obtained [10.11].
made of acrylic polymers, changes of various
nature are often observed in the tissues of the       The purpose of the study.
prosthetic bed and the oral mucosa, and the                  To determine the features of prosthetics
most common of them are inflammatory and              with removable dentures and to develop criteria
dystrophic, associated with mechanical and            for the selection of materials for removable
toxic-allergic effects of the prosthesis base         dentures with end defects.
material. However, the quality of removable
prostheses      largely    depends    on     the      Objectives
manufactured material. Therefore, special                  a special questionnaire system has been
interest     is   paid    to   improving    the       developed for patients with various types of

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Volume 4| January, 2022                                                                 ISSN: 2795-7365
removable dentures with partial absence of          out according to the following criteria: 1 degree
teeth.                                              - staining of 1 segment - a satisfactory level of
      a method for determining the hygienic         hygiene, 2 degree - staining of 2-3 segments - an
condition of the surface of dentures made of        average level of hygiene, 3 degree - staining of 1,
various materials has been developed.               2, 3, 4 segments - an unsatisfactory level of
      A description of the literature reflecting    hygiene, 4 degree- staining of the entire surface
the approach of world scientists to solving this    of removable dentures facing the oral mucosa –
problem is presented. We studied the need for       critical level of hygiene. Depending on the
orthopedic treatment with removable dentures        degree of staining of the surface of the
in the partial absence of teeth, the effect of      prosthesis, patients were given appropriate
removable dentures on the prosthetic bed, the       recommendations.
pliability of the mucous membrane of the                  The condition of the mucous membrane of
prosthetic bed, factors affecting changes in the    the cavity was assessed by its color, moisture
tissues of the prosthetic bed when: using           content, degree of compliance. The fact of the
removable dentures.                                 influence of removable denture structures can
      All the subjects were divided into three      be expressed in the manifestation of
groups.                                             pathological changes. For their presence and
      1-the group where the Quadrotti               evaluation, the classification of prosthetic
prosthesis made of thermoplastic material was       stomatitis proposed by A.K. Iordanishvili (2007)
used. (n=34)                                        was used. The inflammatory reaction of the
      2-group where patients had dentures           mucous membrane was detected using the
made of acrylic polymer "Fluorax" (n=33)            technique proposed by E.S. Kalivrajian (2003).
      Control group-healthy people (n=16)                 At the stages of dynamic observation, to
      Based on medical and social research, a       identify inflammatory areas of the mucous
special questionnaire was developed for             membrane, the inner surface of the prosthesis was
patients in order to determine the clinical         covered with an emulsion-a solution of zinc oxide, a
condition of the prosthesis, which is carried out   solution of aqueous polyvinyl alcohol and food
using a questionnaire                               starch, in a ratio of 1:1:4:3. The surface was dried.
      With the help of the questionnaire, such      After that, the Schiller-PISAREV composition was
data were revealed as previously used               used on the mucous membrane of the prosthetic
prostheses, the attitude of hygienic care to the    bed and a minute later the fixation of the emulsified
prosthesis, the use of hygiene products, Your       prosthesis into the oral cavity was carried out. For
satisfaction with the prosthesis, whether you       several seconds, the patient imitated chewing
used professional cleaning of prostheses, the       movements. Then the prosthesis was removed
use of hygienic procedures, the timing of the       from the oral cavity. The iodine included in the
comfortable use of the removable prosthesis.        composition reacted with starch. The intensity of
      The consists in dividing the surface of a     the base coloring in blue color, topographically
removable denture into frontal and lateral          displayed areas of inflammation of the oral mucosa.
segments, the boundaries of which are a line        At the heart of the staining process is edema, as a
drawn through the middle of the canines on the      manifestation of the inflammatory process in soft
denture, staining with a solution of methylene      tissues. The assessment was carried out
blue, rinsing with water for 5 seconds and          subjectively by color: the more intense the color,
drying with an air jet for 10 seconds, assessing    the higher the intensity of the inflammatory
the hygienic condition of the prostheses by         reaction of the mucous membrane. Quantitative
staining the segments. At the same time, the        measurement of the area of the mucosal load zones
surface of the removable denture is divided into    was carried out using the application of a
the following segments: 1 and 2 segments – the      polyethylene film with a millimeter division into a
area of the frontal teeth, 3 and 4 segments - the   outlined fragment of the oral mucosa.
area of the chewing teeth, the assessment of the    Consequently, the transfer of the inflammation
hygienic condition of the prostheses is carried     zone was further scanned in the computer program

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Volume 4| January, 2022                                                                        ISSN: 2795-7365
"histogram", the area was calculated. The indicators      throughout the entire period of use, it can be argued
of the inflammatory response of patients of the           that the worst result was not revealed - a "very poor
selected groups were summed up. In the future,            level of hygiene" corresponding to 5.0-5.5 points. In
they were analyzed in a comparative aspect                patients of the main group 1, after a month, the
between clinical groups. The dynamics of the state        condition of removable prosthesis structures is at
of the oral mucosa was checked after 3.14 days,           the level of "satisfactory" in 5 people (31.3%), and
1,3,6 months of patient observation.                      at the level of good-11 people (68.7%). There are no
       A device (pH meter) was used to determine          bad results.
the pH of the oral fluid with special vacuum                     In patients of group 1, after a month, the
electrodes with a flat working surface, which             condition of removable prosthesis structures is at
provided a rigid connection between the measuring         the level of "satisfactory" already in 8 people (50%),
electrode and the reference electrode. The device as      and at the level of good - only in 4 people (25%).
part of the pH meter-millivoltmeter model "pH-            There is also a bad condition in 4 people (25%).
121", has a low thermal inertia and allows you to                After 3 months, the results of the survey
get the result in a few seconds.                          showed that all 49 patients noted the constant,
       Microbiological studies were conducted in          convenient use of prostheses. Everyone expressed
the groups of patients studied by us before and after     their satisfaction with the aesthetic properties of
prosthetics.                                              their designs. During the survey, it was revealed
       To do this, patients were offered to rinse their   that all the survey participants carefully followed
mouths with distilled water 2 hours after eating,         the recommendations and carefully monitored the
then the oral fluid was collected in sterile dishes,      oral cavity and prostheses. The professional
and subsequently the surface of differential              assessment of the hygienic condition worsened
diagnostic nutrient media was seeded with a               after 6 months in the 2nd observation group.
certain volume of them. Cultivation of crops for the
isolation of anaerobic microbes was carried out by        Conclusion.
the method of sealed polyethylene bags filled with                The best results were determined in group
mainline natural gas. Identification and                  1 in people using Quadrotti prostheses. The average
differentiation of cultured microorganisms was            results were in group 2 in individuals who had rigid
carried out using Bergy's Manual Systematic               dentures made using classical technology. As a
Bacteriology (1997)                                       result of the study of the condition of the mucous
       To determine the phagocytic activity of            membrane, the presence of an inflammatory
neutrophils in saliva, sampling and processing of         reaction in the form of foci with color of different
the material were carried out according to the            intensity was revealed in all groups of patients.
method of Temurbaev M.A. (1984), modified by              Analysis of the obtained macrohistochemical data
Antonov A.V. (1996). The activity of lysozyme in          indicates that the highest average values of the
saliva was determined by us using the method of           inflammatory reaction are observed in the first
Aliyev Sh.R. (1994) (1 The method for determining         week after the application of removable prosthesis
immunoglobulins of class A – secretory fraction           structures. Moreover, the reaction of the mucous
(sIgA) is based on the Mancini method (1964).             membrane depends on the properties of the basis
       Statistical studies were conducted on the          and is more pronounced under the influence of
basis of standard clinical recommendations. The           rigid structures, compared with thermoplastic
results of the clinical examination were processed        prostheses. In patients of the second group using
on a Pentium-IV personal computer using                   rigid prostheses, the foci of the inflammatory
Microsoft Exell office applications and the               reaction were the largest, and their average value
STATPLUS biostatistics program (2009), with the           was -314.8 ± 0.03 mm.
calculation of the arithmetic mean of the studied
indicator (M), its standard error (m), reliability        References.
indicators (P) and the Student's criterion.                  1. Saidov A.A. Assessment of some
       The obtained data on the index of cleanliness            indicators of oral liquid in children with
of prostheses in 100% of patients of all groups,                the pathology of the temior-lower under

Eurasian Scientific Herald                                                 
                                                                                                 P a g e | 11
Volume 4| January, 2022                                                            ISSN: 2795-7365
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Eurasian Scientific Herald                                      
                                                                                      P a g e | 12
Volume 4| January, 2022                                                            ISSN: 2795-7365
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   24. Олимов С.Ш., Саидов А.А. Гаффаров                Hygienic condition of the oral cavity
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       ротовой жидкости у детей с                       with        temporomandibular         joint
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Eurasian Scientific Herald                                      
                                                                                      P a g e | 13
Volume 4| January, 2022                                                      ISSN: 2795-7365
       Journal. Indiya, 2020. - № 9(6). - Р. 589-   metalloproteases and connective tissue
       591. Impact Faktor= 5.98                     markers in the pathology of temp-jaw
   31. Saidov A.A., Olimov S.SH., Gaffarov S.A.,    joint in children // Journal of critical
       Akhmadaliev N.N. The value of matrix         reviews, 2020. Vol 7, – P. 44-49.

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