IFIM Law School
         (Affiliated to Karnataka State Law University, Approved by BCI)

                                                                           PROSPECTUS 2019



                               Professor (Dr.) Avinash Dadhich
                               LL.M (France), Ph.D (UK), IVLP Fellow (USA)
                               Principal & Associate Dean - IFIM Law School

Welcome to IFIM Law School, one of the leading private law school in the country!

Legal education in India is dynamically evolving these days. Studying Law has increasingly become
a compelling career for students and many parents are encouraging their children to pursue a
degree in Law. Law students are looking at a wide variety of career options both nationally and
internationally. Legal education institutions now have to take strategic measures to enable their
students to hone their advocacy skills and live up to the expectations of a globalized society. IFIM
Law School with its vision of value-based quality legal education aspires to produce law graduates
competent to meet ever emerging challenges to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. We aim to
produce not only responsible lawyers but also responsible citizens on whom rests the hope of a
glorious future.

The faculty of IFIM Law School comprises a blend of academicians and professionals who leaves
no stone unturned to mould our students to be at par with reputed law schools. It is the stated aim
of our visionary management to enable our students to bag coveted positions in the bar, the
corporate world and all other meaningful avenues with a sense of social obligation.

IFIM aims to create socially responsible thought leaders in different fields of law and contribute to
nation building. At IFIM we focus on the Socratic method of teaching, equip students with research
and writing skills along with mooting and advocacy skills and to incorporate the idea enhanced
learning courses on Personality Enhanced Program (PEP), Research Incubation (RI) and Social
Immersion Program (SIP) are provided to the students. Additionally, IFIM is uniquely located in the
centre of the corporate hub of Electronic City, Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. The uniqueness
at IFIM lies in the mentorship that is given to individual students. It is a small community of
like-minded faculty and students that aim to create a niche in the field of corporate and
commercial laws. At the end of five years we aim to give the society lawyers with a sense of
business management. We aim to make Five years journey of B.B.A. LL.B program a
memorable one.

At IFIM Law School we are nurturing tomorrow’s corporate lawyers. The pedagogy focuses on
bridging the gap between theory and practice by offering practical exposure to students through
law clinics and so on. IFIM Law School also benefits from the expertise of the IFIM Business School
and both institutes work in collaboration. This is where the law school innovates and introduces
several new techniques. IFIM Law School considers it as its paramount obligation to focus on
clinical legal education to produce such brand of lawyers.

Looking at the Management’s zeal to develop a top ranked law school manifested in the measures
taken at the threshold itself, I have no scruples in saying that IFIM Law School will make rapid
strides in the years to come and emerge as one of the premiere institutions in the country. The Law
School as per the recent Career 360 ranking is ranked number seventeenth in the category of best
law schools in India and tenth in the B.B.A. LL.B Course. I am extremely delighted to associate
myself with this esteemed law school. I welcome all students to IFIM Law School.

 IFIM was established in 1995 by the DSIJ (Dalal Street Investment Journal) Group and was
 promoted by Institute, the Centre for Developmental Education (CDE). Over the years, the IFIM
 Group has carved a niche for itself as a front-runner for quality education in India.
 The Mission of IFIM's is to nurture holistic, socially responsible and continuously employable

 To this end, the Group, with the support of the CDE, has established many academic institutions,
 including the IFIM Business School, IFIM College and the IFIM Law School.

 Across the board, IFIM employs a unique knowledge delivery model that addresses domain
 knowledge, career advancement and employability skills.

 This emphasis on real-time learning ensures holistic development of its students.
 IFIM's knowledge delivery model is executed and supported by highly committed faculty, who bring
 with them extensive experience in industry, research and consultancy. Several outstanding
 professionals also collaborate with IFIM as visiting faculty.

 Located in the knowledge hub of Electronic City, Bengaluru, IFIM is equipped with well-planned
 infrastructure and resources.

   IFIM Law School in association with IFIM Business School and Comparative Legislative Society, Paris, France organisd
   Confluence 2019 Editon V - ‘The Future of Digital Intelligence, Ethics, Impact and Prudence’ - 26 Feb, 2019.
   Mr.Sanjay padode; Chairman & Secretary CDE, Mr. Arthui Gaudron; Project in Charge Center for robotics, Mines
   Paristech, PSL Research University, paris, Justice Dominique Hascher; Judge, Supreme Court of France, Prof. Joel
   Moneger; Emeritus Dean and Professor Dauphine University, Paris,

                                                                                                                                                                          IFIM B-School
                                                                                                                        IFIM Law School                                    ties up with
                                                                                                                       started functioning                                  NASSCOM

                                                                                                                               2014                                            2017
                                                                                                                                                                                      IFIM B-School    IFIM B-School
     The           Started IFIM                         Moved to the                             Started the        IFIM B-School       IFIM B-School              IFIM College          receives        introduced
                   B-School in         Received the    Electronics City       IFIM College        Executive         received the         ties up with               launched              AACSB        Curriculum 4.0
                                                                                                                                                                 MBA and M. Com.
  Journey      Banashankari campus      AIU status         campus         started functioning   PGDM program      SAQS accreditation           NSE                                     accreditation

                     1995                 2002              2003                2009               2011                 2014                  2016                   2017                 2018             2019
   of IFIM
Institutions             1995 – 1999
                       START UP YEARS
                                                         2000 – 2007
                                                      FOUNDATION YEARS
                                                                               2008 – 2010
                                                                             TESTING YEARS
                                                                                                                        2010 – 2016
                                                                                                                   CONSOLIDATION YEARS
                                                                                                                                                                      2017 onwards
                                                                                                       2012                2014                    2016

                                                                                                  ISO 9001:2008       IFIM B-School             IFIM College              IFIM B-School’s
                                                                                                  accreditation     becomes a member          Accredited with            PGDM program is
                                                                                                                        of AACSB             Grade ‘A’ by NAAC          reaccredited by NBA

                 VISION                                                           MISSION

       To be the most sought after                                    To nurture holistic, socially
       destination for quality                                        responsible and continuously
       education in India                                             employable professionals

Advantages of IFIM
   IFIM Law School has received 17th ranking in the Careers360 Best Law School in India Survey 2019
   10th Best B.B.A. LL.B Program offered in India as per Careers360 Survey 2019
   Industry and Practice focused Global Law School
   Faculties from international law schools such as King's College London, South Asian University,
   London School of Economics (LSE), (Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA & Erasmus
   University Rotterdam, Netherlands & University of Hamburg, Germany) and National Law schools in
   India such as NLSIU Bangalore, NALSAR Hyderabad, NUJS Kolkata, NLU Jodhpur, NLU Assam
   International collaborations with Brooklyn Law School, USA
   MoU signed with NLSIU Bangalore for activities related to research and academic growth
   Renowned Global Visiting Professors from UK, France, USA, and International Court of Justice
   100% assistance in internships and placements

Igniting the spark, leading the way
IFIM Law School Governing Council
Mr.Sanjay padode                                         Dr. Aninya Sircar
Chairman & Secretary, CDE                                Ex-AVP & Head of IP Cell , Infosys
IFIM Institutions
                                                         Dr Pratima Prabhakar
Dr. Chindandha Reddy S. Patil                            Principal, CMR Law School
Professor, Karnataka State Law University
                                                         Mr Partha Mandal
Prof. (Dr.) Ranbir Singh                                 Managing Parter, Universal legal,
Founder and Vice Chancellor                              Bengaluru
NLU, Delhi
                                                         Mrs Bindu Sharma
Dr. Omprakash V Nandimath                                Founder & CEO
Registrar & Professor of Law, NLSIU                      Origin IP Solutions LLP, Bengaluru

Professor (Dr.) Avinash Dadhich                          Prof Waseem Khan
Principal & Associate Dean - IFIM Law School             Principal, Al-Ameen College of Law

Professor M S Lakshmi Narayanan
Member, Governing Council

The Programs on target for success

B.B.A. LL.B.
(Full time: Five years: Affiliated to KSLU and approved by BCI)
This full time, five-years integrated program offered by IFIM Law School is the result of a
collaborative effort of two renowned institutions- IFIM Business School and IFIM Law School.

The specially designed program will help students to develop a deep understanding of the
corportae world, equipping them to navigate the labyrinth of law. this amalgamation of distinct
areas of study offers students a unique competitive advantage over their peers. Integrated courses
are also hailed by recruiters and academicians alike for their ability to make students ‘industry

In keeping with IFIM’s unwavering focus on holistic development the B.B.A. LL.B program will be
completed with relevant co-curricular and extra-curricular activites to enhance the overall
development of every student studying here.

(Full time: Three years: Affiliated to KSLU and approved by BCI)
IFIM Law School takes pride to launch the 3 Year LL. B Program for the academic year 2019-2020.
At IFIM, the emphasis is on providing our students with a more holistic educational experience. The
3 Year LL. B course is designed to nurture continuously employable professionals and industry
ready. To achieve the goal the students in addition to attending the regular classes will be trained
to develop their soft skills and research skills through Personality Enhancement Program (PEP) and
Research Incubation (RI). Also, the Social Immersion Project (SIP) plunges the students in a real-life
problem and overcome it in the best of the ability of the students. The target by the end of the 3
years course is to make a student ready to take up areas which fits into their skill set such as
Judiciary, Corporate, Banking, Litigation, Academics so on and so forth.

Mentorship Showing the path to tread on
Mentors play a key role in our lives. They are a source of unending inspiration, constant
encouragement and consistent guidence. Mentors take on the daunting role of moulding young
minds. At IFIM Law School, we help students find mentors who guide and motivate them on their
professional journeys. Corporate Mentors serve as a valuable connect to the industry and help
students navigate the unchartered territories of business and law, with ease.

Corporate Mentors:
   Help students plot their Purpose Maps
   Conduct preliminary industry research around their mentee’s Purpose Map
   Help determine and achieve their mentee’s career goals
   Help mentees network with industry professionals, and find internships as well as possible
   job opportunities
   Introduce mentees to resourses and organizations with which they may not be familiar with
   Equip them with the skills necessary to face interview for a job and subsequent job retention
   Identity and bridge gaps between the mentee’s aspirations and their reality
   Provide regular feedback on the mentee to the Institute

Experiential Education - Moot Court
Moot Court is an esential component of experiential education of law students. The Moot Court at
IFIM Law school, is equipped with a cutting- edge projection system that facilitates live broadcast
of international events which provides the perfect backdrop for students to learn and practice the
art of oral advocacy.

Mooting is an integral part of the curriculum at IFIM Law school. Every student is expected to take
part in at least one moot court competition during their five years of study of law. A moot court
committee and a dedicated moot court trainer oversee the functioning of the moot court society
(MCS). Members and office bearers of the MCS, elected annually, are enjoined with the
responsibility of ensuring the smooth functioning of the society. A Moot Court Coordinator with
vast experince in training moot teams has also been appointed to train the students. IFIM Law
School has participated in the following moots:

   The 57th Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court competition
   Manfred Lachs Space Law International Law Moot Court competition
   The NLS- Trilegal International Arbitration Moot (NLSIAM)
   The 32nd Bar Council of India Inter- University Moot Court Competition
   The 14th Surana and Surana National Corporate Law Moot
   GLS Nanavati National Moot Court Competition
   BCIT National Moot Court Competition- Quarter Final Rounds
   National Law School Trilegal international Arbitration Moot Court Competition

IFIM Law School has specially designed five years industry practice centric B.B.A. LL.B and Three
years LL.B program, which will give students deeper understanding of the corporate world and
inculcate in them the skill set to navigate through the complex structure of legal arena.

This unique program is the result of a collaborative effort of two renowned institutions - the IFIM
Business School and the IFIM Law School. This amalgamation of distinct areas of study offers
students a unique competitive advantage over their peers. This course is also encouraged by
recruiters and academicians, as it makes students 'industry-ready'.

Program tailored by IFIM is even more nurtured of the very fact of its location amidst IT Hub of
Bengaluru; wherein students trained by the institution get the opportunity to avail the first hand
experience of the industry and its culture. Let’s make a difference by being different.

          AD IDEM 2019, International Law Conference on Law and Regulation of Artificial Inteligence:
          A Global Perspective - 25th Feb,2019
          Justice Dipak Misra- Former CJI, Supreme Court of India; Justice Dominique Hascher- Judge, Supreme Court of
          France and Prof. (Dr.) P. Ishwara Bhatt- Vice Chancellor, KSLU, Prof. (Dr.) Avinash Dadhich – Principal, IFIM Law

                      With a powerfull legal directive, the country set many milestones with a
                      strong command
                      Dipak Misra, Former CJI, Supreme court of India

In keeping with IFIM's unwavering focus on holistic development, Law programme is complemented
with relevant co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The Personality Enhancement Program
(PEP), Social Immersion Project (SIP) and Research Incubation (RI) are such initiatives.

            MOOTING                        SOCIAL IMMERSION                    START UP LAW CLINIC
      Enhance the resource                     PROJECT                             Aims to provide
       and debate skills in                 Helps students to                     consultation and
            students                        realise their social               assistance to startups,
                                          responsibility towards                helping them in their
                                                  society                              growth

                                  HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT

           RESEARCH                           PERSONALITY                            LEGAL AID
          INCUBATION                         ENHANCEMENT
                                               PROGRAMME                         Provides free legal
      Aims to sow the seeds                                                       sevices to needy
                                          Focuses on developing
       of research skills in
                                          confidence, self-esteem              people in and around
             students                         and improving
                                          communication skills of                    Bengaluru

                    The academic atmosphere is very good in the School and
                    I feel the credit must go to the management, Principal and Faculties.
                    Vishnuprasad R ; Assistant professor NLSIU, Banglore


             Prof. (Dr). Avinash Dadhich, LL.B, LL.M, Ph.D, Principal and Associated Dean
             Dr. Avinash Dadhich has completed LL. B from Faculty of law, University of Delhi,
             India, LL.M from France in International and European law & Ph.D in law from
             United Kingdome. His area of Specialisations is Global Competition Law,
             European Union Law, Global Anti- Corruption/Fraud Law (FCPA&UKBA) AND
             Law/Regulation of AI/Robotics. He was awarded with 25th Anniversary full
             Scholarships by Bangor University and French Government Full Scholarship for
             LL.M. He has multiple national as well as international publications. Dr. Dadhich
             has a wide academics as well as corporate work experiences with Competition
             Commission of India, Ernst & Young, Deloitte and Supreme Court of India.

             Ms. Shagufta Anjum-Assistant Professor; B.A, LL.B, LL.M
             Post Graduate Program in Corporate Management (PGPCM, Asian School of
             Cyber Laws), Research Scholar (PhD in Law) from Alliance University.
             She has 11 years of experience in teaching and has taught a wide variety
             of subjects from the branches of Human Rights Law, Cyber Laws,
             Constitutional & Administrative Law, Law of Contracts, Interpretation of
             Statutes, Environmental Laws. She has been honored with “Best Presentation
             Award” at the National Conference on Emerging Trends in Legal Field.

             Ms. Apoorvi Shrivastava-Assistant Professor; B.A.LL.B, LL.M
             Masters of Law in Corporate and Commercial Laws (NALSAR University of Law,
             Hyderabad), Pursuing PhD in International Commercial Arbitration (National Law
             University, Jodhpur)
             She is an ADR enthusiast and the faculty coordinator of IFIM Centre of Excellence
             on Alternative Dispute Resolution. Her areas of interest are International
             Commercial Arbitration, Corporate Regulation and Insurance Law. Her teaching
             stint started in NALSAR University, Hyderabad; where she got an opportunity to
             work as a Teaching Assistant for Law of Contracts; thereafter she joined
             Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur as Assistant Professor. She is an
             Accredited Associate Arbitrator of Chartered Institute of Arbitration (CIArb).

             Ms. Shivani Dutta-Assistant Professor; B.A.LL.B, LL.M
             PhD Research Scholar at NLSIU, Bangalore (2017), Gold Medallist: (LL.M,
             Consumer Laws) from National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam
             She has 4 years of teaching and research experience and has taught various
             subjects such Family Law, Property Law, Labour Laws. She is the Faculty
             Co-ordinator of the IFIM Centre of Excellence on Consumer Laws and also the
             Assistant Editor of the IFIMS International Journal of IPR and Commercial Laws.

             Mr. Harsh Vardhan Chandola, BA LL.B ( National Law Institute University Bhopal
             LL.M (Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA & Erasmus University
             Rotterdam, Netherlands & University of Hamburg, Germany)
             Harsh Vardhan Chandola has practiced intellectual property law since 2004 and
             worked with intellectual property firms in Delhi. In 2008, Harsh was awarded the
             prestigious Fulbright scholarship to pursue Masters in Law in Intellectual Property
             from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA. After, the Fulbright
             program, Harsh pursued European Masters in Law and Economics from University
             of Hamburg and Erasmus University Rotterdam on a generous award by Erasmus
             Mundus Scholarship.

     Dr. Aisha Ahmed Sharfi Assistant Professor; B.A.LL.B (Hons), LL.M, Ph.D. From
     National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata.
     She has seven years of research and teaching experience. She has taught courses
     such as Law and Child, Minority Rights, Air and Space law and Corporate
     Governance. She heads the Start- Up Cell and the IFIM Centre for excellence in
     Corporate and Commercial Laws and also the Assistant Editor of the IFIM
     International Journal of IPR and Commercial Laws. She has published extensively
     in national and international journals. Debates concerning integration and
     accommodation interest her besides care for our environment.

     Ms. Soumya Rajsingh, Assistant Professor; B.A, LL.B from NLU and Judicial
     Academy Assam, LL.M from South Asian University, New Delhi.
     She has Qualified in UGC National Eligibility Test. She was awarded with South
     Asian University Merit Scholarship for the year 2016-17 and 2017-18. She has
     worked on Jurisdictional Aspect of Cross-Border Insolvency: A Critical Analysis of
     Indian Legal System in LL.M dissertation. She has multiple publication and
     participated in many national as well as international conferences.

     Ms. Richa Saxena, Assistant Professor, B.A, LL.B (Hons) from NLU Bhopal, LL.M from
     London School of Economics
     She was Awarded scholarship by the Center for Advanced Study & Research on
     Intellectual Property (CASRIP), University of Washington, School of Law to attend
     the “Patent & Intellectual Property Law and Practice Summer Institute” (July 11,
     2007-July 27, 2007). She has near about Ten years of experience being a corporate
     lawyer and has worked with different organisations like Acko Technology and
     Services Private Limited, Corporate law unit (Ernst& Young LLP), Bangalore ,
     Cognizant to name a few.

     Dr. Mafruza Sultana. is Assistant Professor (Adjunct) – Finance at IFIM Law School.
     Dr. Sultana has completed Ph. D. in Economics and is expert in teaching
     Economics & Statistics She has multiple publication and participated in many
     national as well as international conferences.

     Prof. Parameshwar H. S. is Assistant Professor (Adjunct) –
     Finance at IFIM Law School.
     He has worked in a team of consultants, which works on assignments which
     include Turnaround Management, Rehabilitation of sick industrial companies.
     He has a total of 15+ years of professional experience.

Bringing the Brightest Minds to Campus
AD IDEM 2019, International Law Conference on Law and Regulation of
Artificial Inteligence: A Global Perspective - 25th Feb,2019
In the backdrop of the emergence of AI as a next generation technological innovation and the
concerns it raises for the civilization, IFIM Law School had organised the first International
Conference on the intersection of AI and the Law - titled as Law & Regulation of AI: A Global
Perspective under its first flagship event- AD IDEM 2019 on 25th February 2019.

Conference was graced by Former Chief Justice of India Justice Dipak Misra, Justice Dominique
Hascher, Judge, Supreme Court of France, Prof.(Dr.) Ishwara Bhatt, KSLU Vice Chancellor.

Conference experienced a massive exposure of information on AI and its allied issue through two
brain-storming panel discussion. First Panel Discussion was on the theme AI and Data Privacy-
Moderator of the panel Anand Vijay Jha, Additional Director General, DG office, Competition
Commission of India along with the other panelists Nitesh Ranjan,General Counsel, India,
Mobileum Inc, Ms. Sudha Munireddy, Vice President – Legal, Hinduja Global Solutions, Wg Cdr
Sivarama Krishna Prakash (Retd), Senior Corporate Counsel

Theme of the second panel was “AI as a Decision Making Tool” Sudha Hooda, General Counsel,
India and Board Member, Nvidia, moderated the panel wonderfully. All the other panel members
Mr. Akshay Sridhar, IAS, Karnataka, Ms. Anvita Bajpai, Sunvai Founder and Sh. G. R. Raghavender,
Joint Secretary, Ministry of Law & Justice, Govt of India along with the moderator concluded that AI
can help in decision making but cannot replace Human Intelligence.

International Certificate Course on Legal and Institutional Framework
on European Union Law
IFIM Law School, Bangalore organised an International
Certificate Course on ‘Legal and Institutional Framework on
European Union Law’ from 14th March, 2019 to 20th March,
2019. In continuance with the vision of providing global
platform and broadening the horizons of knowledge in this
competitive global market, the Law School has come with this
unique course which was graced and conducted by eminent
international Professor Arnaud Raynouard Vice-president,
University Paris-Dauphine, France and Dr. Avinash Dadhich.

This Course is designed with the idea of exposing oneself to
the legal framework and institutional policy of European
Union. The Course in addition to the legal understanding of
EU Law will also act as a great help for the participants

We invited all the Academicians, Professionals, Research
Scholars     and    Students to   participate   in   the         Professor Arnaud Raynouard
                                                                 Vice-president, University Paris-Dauphine, France
Certificate Course.

National Seminar on “Deliberations on Consumer Laws
Contemporary Issues and Challenges in Global Market”
Centre of Excellence on Consumer Laws, IFIM Law School in association with Online Consumer
Mediation Centre (OCMC), NLSIU Bangalore celebrated the World Consumer Rights Day by
organising a National Seminar on the theme “Deliberations on Consumer Laws Contemporary
Issues and Challenges in Global Market”. The seminar was inaugurated by Justice N Kumar, Former
Judge, High Court of Karnataka, Prof (Dr) R. Venkata Rao, Vice Chancellor, NLSIU, Bangalore and
Prof. Arnaud Raynouard, Professor of Law, University Paris Dauphine, France. Prof. (Dr.) Ashok. R.
Patil, Director OCMC, NLSIU introduced the theme of World Consumer’s Rights Day and
development of Consumer Law.

The seminar embraced of six technical sessions on topics ranging from Medical Negligence,
Misleading Advertisements, E-commerce, Consumer Protection Bill, 2018, Mediation and Consumer
Disputes, Food Safety Product Liability and Service provider liability. 73 participants from across
India participated in the Seminar, participated in seminar and presented their research paper’s in
the different technical sessions.

 Prof. (Dr.) Avinash Dadhich – Principal, IFIM Law, Professor Arnaud Raynouard; Vice-president, University
 Paris-Dauphine, France, Justice N. Kumar, Retired High Court Judge of Karnataka, Prof. Dr. Venkata Rao,
 Vice Chancellor, NLSIU, Banglore, Prof. Dr. Ashok Patil, Professor and Director OCMC, NLSIU, Ms. Surekha
 Shetty, Director, Student Services, IFIM Institutions

Book Launch: ‘Not Just a Civil Servant –
A memoir of an IAS officer’
Mr. Anil Swarup an IAS officer of Uttar Pradesh cadre who joined the Civil service in 1981 is not a
new entrant to the club of ex-bureaucrats turning into an author and penning down his experiences
into a book titled ‘Not Just a Civil Servant’. He retired in 2018 and having worked in several
capacities in the state, as well as the Centre he brings into this book vivid life experiences during
his tenure as an Official of Elite Class.

The event was graced by eminent personalities like Ajay Seth,IAS, Managing Director at Bangalore
Metro Rail Corporation Ltd., R. C. Mishra retired IAS officer, member Appellate for Industrial and
Financial Reconstruction Ministry of Finance (Govt. of India), L. M. D. V. Prasad, Regional Director
National Institute of Open Schooling, J.V. Patil, Aditional Director General of Foreign Trade,
Directorate General of Foreign Trade Govt. of India.

              Mr. Anil Swarup an IAS (Ret) former MHRD & Coal secretary to Govt. of India
              Prof. (Dr.) Avinash Dadhich – Principal, IFIM Law

National Symposium on Law and Development
IFIM Law School, Bangalore organized a National Symposium on Law and Development. The
symposium was aimed at deliberations by prominent speakers from India as well as abroad on the
inter relations of law and development.

The event was graced by eminent personalities like Prof. (Dr.) Arnaud Raynouard is a full-time
professor of Law and Vice-President of University Paris-Dauphine, Paris, France, Justice Subhash
Bashetti Adi is a former Judge of the High Court of Karnataka and Upa Lokayukta of Karnataka
Lokayukta, Dr. Sudhir Krishnaswamy is a co-founder of Centre for law and Policy Research and a
partner at Ashira Law, Prof. (Dr.) T.S. Somashekar is a Professor of Economics at NLSIU, Bangalore.

The subject was well received by participants who agreed on the greater requirement for more
meaningful engagement between different disciplines to find tangible solutions to our
developmental problems.

Intra- IFIM Deal Negotiation Competition
IFIM Law School organised an extensive brainstorming and exuberating session on negotiation.
Students from IFIM Business School, IFIM College and IFIM Law School went head to head to crack
a favourable settlement in deal negotiation for their team. Total 20 teams participated in the event
and was adjudged by various mediation centre, academia and law firm’s representatives. All
participants agreed in unison that it was a great learning experience with practical exposure.

      Dr. Shyamtanu Pal: Assistant professor Christ University, Ms. Shilpa Sharad: Mediator Bangalore Mediation
      Center, Dr. Anita Patil: Assitant professor, NLSIU Bangalore, Mr. Jonathan Rodrigue: Mediator

Career in Law for Law Aspirants
IFIM Law School conducted a One Day Workshop on Career in Law. The resource persons for the
Workshop were Ms Ojasvita Srivastava, Mr Subramaniam Ramaswamy and Wg Cdr. S.K. Prakash
(Retd). Ms Ojasvita Srivastava is presently working in the position of Legal Counsel, Guam and
Papua New Guinea at G4S and founded Project Abhimanyu in July 2015.

Mr. Subramaniam Ramaswamy is the Founder of Medha Advisors, a Business Consultancy and
Advisory firm and serves as the Chairman of the General Counsel Section of Indian National Bar
Association (INBA)

Wg Cdr. S.K. Prakash (Retd) Wing Commander Sivarama Krishna Prakash commenced his career
with a short stint in Central Bank of India and then moved in to the Indian Air Force, where he spent
the first seven years in the Administrative Branch as an Air Traffic and Radar Controller and then
moved in to the Judge Advocate Department

The workshop began with an objective of bringing a holistic understanding of Project Abhimanyu
and how the law students can approach them in case of assistance required with available career
options and job opportunities.

Workshop On Policy And Practice Of Merger Control In India
To understand the implication and practical ambit of Merger Control policies in India, a workshop
is organised by IFIM Law School, Bangalore, Competition Commission of India and NLSIU
Bengaluru on April 26th 2019. Key Speakers- Shri Manish Mohan Govil, IRS, Adviser (Law),
Combination Division, CCI Prof. (Dr.) T.S. Somashekar, Professor, NLSIU Bengaluru

‘Sensitization Programme on Promoting Effective Implementation of the
Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007 in Karnataka’
in association with Karnataka State Legal Services Authority (KSLSA);
Karnataka State Resource Centre for Senior Citizens & National Institute of
Mental Health & Neurosciences (NIMHANS)

IFIM Law School in order to imbibe ‘Social Responsibility’ amongst its law students has set-up
Legal-Aid Clinic. This student - driven Clinic aims to provide free legal services to the needy people
in and around Bangalore. The Clinic also pledges to safeguard Women and Children from various
forms of abuse and has launched SAFE HELPLINE through which an aggrieved can contact the
Clinic for immediate assistance. In case of legal assistance, the Clinic has associated itself with
District Legal Services Authority, Bangalore. The event was graced by Hon’ble Former Justice and
Chairman Advisory Board, Age-Friendly Karnataka – Mr. Ashok B Hinchigeri, Mr P. Krishna Bhat,
Hon’ble District and Sessions Judge and Chairman, District Legal Services Authority – Rural, Dr C R
Chandrashakar, Senior Professor of Psychiatrist at NIMHANS and founder ‘Samadhana’
Counselling Centre in Bangalore, Dr P T Sivakumar, Professor, Department of Psychiatry Geriatric
Clinic and Services; Convener and Nodal Officer ‘Age Friendly Karnataka’ and Mr. P
Veerabhadrappa a senior Advocate at High Court of Karnataka and a Panel advocate at
NIMHANS legal-aid clinic,

IFIM Centre for Excellence on Alternative Dispute Resolution
The Centre is focused in providing mediation training, client counselling, negotiation training to the
students. Aligning with the vision, the centre in association with The Peacekeeping and Conflict
Resolution Team (PACT), organised a boot camp on Consensual Dispute Resolution (CDR).

Mr. Jonathan Rodrigues and Mr. Nisshant Laroia, accredited mediators from Indian Institute of
Corporate Affairs, listed with Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation; disseminated basics of
the negotiation process to the participants whilst going into the details of what should happen
during a negotiation with multiple live demo sessions.

Centre of Excellence on Consumer Laws
The Centre of Excellence on Consumer Laws which was set up in the year 2016 is a student run
research centre functioning under the guidance of Faculty Coordinator Ms. Shivani Dutta, Assistant
Professor, IFIM Law School with an avowed objective of creating awareness about various
consumer laws and rights of the consumers. The Centre has been actively involved in organizing
Guest Lectures, Workshops, Seminars justifying the very purpose for which it has been established.
The Centre also offers a Certificate Course on Consumer Laws. The Centre in collaboration with
Online Consumer Mediation Centre, National Law School of India University concluded the
National Seminar on Deliberations on Consumer Laws: Contemporary Issues and Challenges in the
Global Market on 23rd March, 2019.

                                     IFIM Centre of Excellence on Women and Child
                                     The Centre aims to create awareness in the society about
                                     the rights of women and children. Goal of the centre is to
                                     empower women and children and educate them to raise
                                     their voice against all sorts of discrimination, abuse and

                                     An enthralling Panel discussion consisting of distinguished
                                     legal luminaries on “Uniform Civil Code in India: An
                                     Endeavour towards Gender Equality” was organised, which
                                     educated the students and people from various field about
                                     the current burning issue.

                                     To recognise and celebrate achievements, strength and
                                     importance of the very existence of women, the centre
                                     celebrated International Women’s Day on 8th March 2018
                                     and released an annual newsletter. Centre even performed a
                                     skit and installed a sanitary napkin vending machine;
                                     looking into the needs and demands of the society. In
                                     association with Juris Law Office, centre organised a
                                     National    Legal    Drafting    Competition     “Feminae

All these centres are the platforms for students to learn the intricacies of law and its specific
branches. Here we go beyond classroom teaching and provide atmosphere where students can
evolve by getting practical exposures through various activities.

Speak Peak Of Our Previous Events

Youth Red Cross wing took the initiative to   National legal drafting competition on theme
create awareness on World
                    world Aids
                          Aids Day
                                Day 2018
                                      2018    ‘Feminae Empoderamiento’ 2018

Annual ranking moot court competition 2018    Boot camp on Consensual Dispute Resolution,

In this contemporary world sans frontiers, it is necessary that our youth are prepared to become
global citizens, with a global view that is not confined to the narrow boundaries of their own
communities. To facilitate this, IFIM Institutions have designed Inbound and Outbound Exchange
Programmes. These programmes we believe give students an opportunity to understand diverse
perspectives and cultures as well as the dynamics of legal world in other countries.

With Outbound Exchange at IFIM, students expand their horizon as they are given a chance to
network with people around the globe. Students to participate in programmes with top-ranked
Institutes across the world which also provides them opportunities to receive Joint Certification
both from IFIM and an International Partner University. On the similar lines, IFIM Law School had
organised an International Conference on “Law and Regulation for Artificial Intelligence and
Robotics: A Global Perspective” on 25th and 26th February 2019.

IFIM has signed MoU’s with                             Academic MoU with
the following Institutions                             NLSIU, Bangalore

                                                          National Collaboration

Student’s Life At IFIM

  Ethnic Day
  To celebrate the diverse traditions across the
  country and to keep the spirit of unity, the
  students as well as the Faculties of IFIM Law
  School celebrated an ethic day by wearing the
  traditional attire of one’s State. The day also
  included cultural events such as dance
  performances, fashion show, singing, etc.
  Students with the best attire were awarded
  with the title of ‘Ms. Desi’ and ‘Mr. Desi’.

  Fresher’s` Day                                      Talent Hunt Day
  A grand welcome party by senior students.           Talent Hunt Day organised every year with
  Bridging the gap between the students and           events ranging from collage competition, caption
  creating   a    friendly  and  enthusiastic         writing competition, dance competition, hair
  atmosphere in the campus.                           styling competition and singing competition,
                                                      where students get chance to showcase
                                                      their talent.

                                                    ‘Sanskriti- A fest to celebrate our culture’ on 20th
                                                    April 2018. It was a food festival, wherein the food
                                                    stalls were offering a variety of Indian delicacies
                                                    ranging from parathas to butter chicken, halwas to
                                                    kulfi, kebabs to chaat.

            Coordination between management, teachers and students is like a family.
            All the very best.
            Justice Aravind Kumar

An environment designed to stimulate learning

Auditorium                        Classroom

Play Ground                       Hostel

Main Campus


We believe a library is the heart of every college and often reflects the institution's approach to
education. IFIM has a sprawling 3,000 sq. ft. library, stocked with numerous well-reputed journals,
books, dissertation reports and A/V resources. Easy access online information helps students to
navigate the library resources, easily. IFIM Law School has access to internationally acclaimed legal
databases, including Manupatra and Westlaw, among many others.

Experiential Education - Moot Court

A Moot Court is an essential component of experiential education of law students. The Moot Court
hall at IFIM Law School, is equipped with a cutting-edge projection system that facilitates live
broadcast of international events and also provides the perfect backdrop for students to learn and
practice the art of oral advocacy.

Mooting is an integral part of IFIM Law School's program. Every student is expected to take part in
at least one moot court competition during their five years of legal study. A Moot Court Committee
and a dedicated Moot Court Trainer oversees the functioning of the Moot Court Society (MCS).
Members and office bearers of the MCS, elected annually, are entrusted with the responsibility of
ensuring the smooth functioning of the Society. A Moot Court Coordinator with vast experience in
training moot teams has also been appointed to train the students

Students Achievements and Accolades
 Our students bagged first prize in the Red Cross Quiz conducted at KSLU Hubli.
 Our I Semester students participated in National Client Counselling Competition conducted by
 IMS Unison University, Dehradun, where Ms. Mallika Bansal was awarded the Best Client
 Counsellor Award
 Students have won Fashion Show, and came Runners up in Juris Genius, Business Quiz and
 Brain Grill at the Bishop Cottons Women’s Law College National Fest.
 Students Participated in KSLU Inter Zonal youth Festival organized by Kristu Jayanthi Law
 College and won many prizes.
 Participated in Bishops Cotton Law School, Bangalore and students successfully brought
 laurels to the institution.
 Students have participated in the Legal Touch Stone Competition organised by KSLU and won
 1st prize in group dance, 2nd prize in singing competition.

 Student won first prize in classical vocal competition organised by KSLU
 Students have one second prize in skit organised by KSLU

                     A wonderful bunch of students and great set of faculty
                     Ekta Bhal-Partner, Samvad Partners

Corporate Affairs Outreach and Placement Committee (CAOPC)
IFIM Law School believes in providing continuous employability to its students during their lifetime.
To initiate this, Law school has set up Corporate Affairs Outreach and Placement Committee
(CAOPC) with an object of securing internship (every semester) and mentor students for final
placements at the end of their five years integrated B.B.A. LL.B course. Till date the committee has
placed on record 100% internships for all the batches and targets 100% placement as well.

                Having learnt the structure and process of legal education at IFIM Law School,
                I feel convinced that the Law School has excellent vision, commitment and
                enthusiasm to excel in the field of legal education. I see a better future ahead
                of this institution
                Prof. D.P.Verma-Additional Director (Research and Training),
                National Judicial Academy, Bhopal

                                                                              B.B.A. LL.B. 2019-24

                   B.B.A. LL.B. 2019-24

       Thank you for your beautiful hospitality
       and showing your campus to me look                                     B.B.A. LL.B. 2019-24
       forward to working together in future.
       Ms. Julie Sculli, Brooklyn Law School USA

Scholarships at IFIM Law School

Scholarship Criteria
The IFIM Law School scholarships is intended to encourage meritorious students who demonstrate academic
excellence and enable those in financial need to pursue law and qualify as a lawyer. The scholarship is a way
to demonstrate IFIM group of Institutions social responsibility and its commitment to nation building. The
scholarships are awarded and supported by the generous grant made available every year by the Padode

What does the scholarship include?
The scholarship includes full or partial tuition fee waiver.
The following criteria is applicable for the selection of the students to be eligible for 100% tuition fee waiver:
Students taking the   CLAT EXAM/LSAT EXAM:
• 90% in 10th Standard + 90% in 12th Standard + a CLAT Rank between 1-500 or
   LSAT Score of above 95 percentile
• The following criteria is applicable for the selection of the students to be eligible for 50% tuition fee waiver:

Students taking the CLAT       EXAM/LSAT EXAM:
• 80% in 10th Standard + 80% in 12th Standard + a CLAT Rank between 1-1000 or
   LSAT Score of above 90 percentiles
The number of seats for each category of scholarship would be limited and will be decided by the admissions
committee at the beginning of the admission season. The selection of the final candidates will be done on merit
cum need basis. These scholarships will be awarded by the Padode Foundation.
For more details and to apply online, please visit

IDIA Scholars
In 2017 two IDIA Scholars joined IFIM Law School with full Tuition Fee Waiver Scholarship awarded by the
Padode Foundation. Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access (IDIA) a trust established by Prof. Shamnad
Basheer to empower underprivileged students through legal education. The IFIM Law School works closely with
the IDIA Team to empower marginalized and under-represented groups by providing them access to legal

IFIM Alumni Scholarship
IFIM Alumni Association opens UG Scholarship for B.B.A. LL.B aspirants. The scholarship targets families that
would not be able to support their child’s education in an elite institute and aims to provide an equal
opportunity to these aspirants to receive quality education and achieve their long-term goals.

The Association has decided to offer this scholarship for aspirants effected in Kerala and Coorg by the August
2018 floods. The aspirant will be offered 100% scholarship based on need and merit basis. The scholarship will
identify and select candidates before they join IFIM Law School and avoid subsidizing fees to already selected

The Association extends Rs. 10 – 12 lakhs for the Scholarship in total and the selection of candidates will be
done through a pre-set process detailed below.


Disclaimer: A few logos of organizations have been shown for ease of recognition and recall; the logos are the exclusive property of the respective organizations and
no violation of IPR is intended or implied.

Eligibility for B.B.A. LL.B Five Year Integrated Program
•    Passed 10+2 or an equivalent examination from any recognised board with a minimum of 45% marks in
     aggregate(40% for SC/ST candidates)

•    The maximum age limit for a candidate is 20 years as on June 1st, 2019 (22 years for SC/ST candidates)

•    Must have qualified in any one of the entrance examinations, via., CLAT, LSAT or ILAT
     (IFIM’s Law Admission Test) in addition to the above, students must write an essay on a given topic and
     qualify in personal interview.

Eligibility for Three Years LL.B Program

•    Have secured marks, which shall not be below 45% (44.5% and above shall be treated as 45% of total marks
     in case of general category applicants and 40% of total marks in case of SC and ST applicants.

•    Be or be less than thirty years in the case of general category of applicants and thirty- five years in the case
     of applicants from SC, ST and other backward communities as on June 1st, 2019.

•    Have graduated in any discipline of knowledge from a University established by and Act of Parliament or
     by a State Legislature or an equivalent national institution recognised as a Deemed to be University or
     Foreign University recognised as equivalent to the status of an Indian University by an authority competent
     to declare equivalence, may apply for three-years degree course in law leading to the conferment of LL.B.
     degree on successful completion of the regular programme conducted under these Regulations.

Students Internship Testimonials

             Ms. Abhikrishna Lal, 1st year B.B.A. LL.B student, IFIM Law School
             HOPE Foundation (NGO), Qatar, UAE
             It was a unique experience for me to intern with HOPE Qatar, a non-profit institution,
             engaged in helping differently abled children to integrate into the society.
             My internship with HOPE Qatar taught me to be selfless and the art of giving back to the
             Society in various possible ways. I have re-shaped myself as a more responsible person
             and understood my responsibility as a ‘Social Engineer’ in this Society.

             Ms. Fathima Rifa, 3rd year B.B.A. LL.B student, IFIM Law School
             Abu Dhabi, UAE, Meera Ali Al Jallaf Legal Consultants, Law Firm
             I thought it would be difficult for an Indian law student to adapt to the UAE law firm as
             the laws differ in their substance and procedure. But I am honored to learn diverse legal
             systems which will help me to shape my career. This international exposure has opened up
             various career options for me and has enhanced my legal skills to a larger extent."

             Mr. Sandesh Samuel, 3rd year B.B.A. LL.B Student, IFIM Law School
             Mr. Prabhuling. K. Navadgi, Additional Solicitor General of India, High Court of Karnataka
             It was an absolute privilege and honor for me to intern under The Additional Solicitor
             General of India Mr. Prabhuling. K. Navadgi at the High Court of Karnataka. Getting
             mentored by the most renowned person amongst the legal fraternity has enhanced my
             professional skills and learnt the art of advocacy. I want to thank my college for giving me
             the opportunity to share the office with such an eminent Law Officer, the 3rd highest
             position in the country.

             Mr. Sarbodeep Sood, 4th year B.B.A. LL.B IFIM Law School
             Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Bangalore
             Getting the chance to intern in one of the largest MNCs in the IT sector, is nothing less than
             a privilege. Being a pure corporate house, the Company has a plethora of work, which
             results in immense learning for any intern. I had the opportunity to work on several
             commercial laws.
             The most enjoyable part of working there is the end of the week discussions that are held,
             wherein the Senior Counsels, take an hour or more to discuss issues and teach the interns
             about various aspects of the Organization and other areas too.

             Ms. Nidhi Chauhan, 4th Year B.B.A. LL.B Student, IFIM Law School
             Hon’ble Justice Mr. K Natarajan, High Court of Karnataka
             To intern under the sitting Justice of High Court is a dream of every law student and I was
             lucky enough to live by this dream. To get mentored by the learned Justice Mr. K
             Natarajan was educative as well as challenging. Since I was assigned the task of carrying
             out research related to the cases handled by Hon’ble Justice, my research, reasoning and
             drafting skills got nurtured to a larger extent.
For more details, please contact:
                          Office of Admissions

IFIM Law School: #8P & 9P, KIADB Industrial Area, Electronics City Phase I, Bangalore - 560100
Tel.: 080–41432800/888 | Mob. +91 99000 67704/06/07 | Email: |
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