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Working at Grosvenor Americas

Working at
Working at Grosvenor Americas

An introduction to Grosvenor pg.4
Our Purpose and Living Cities pg.5
About Grosvenor Americas pg.6-9
Net Zero Carbon Commitment pg.10-11
Our Culture pg.12
Local Social Impact pg.13
Giving Back pg.14
Our ED&I Initiatives pg.15
Our People pg.16-19
Rewards & Benefits pg.20-21

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Working at Grosvenor Americas
4     Working at Grosvenor Americas                                                                                                                            5

                                      An introduction                                                            Our Purpose
                                      to Grosvenor                                                               and Living Cities
                                      Grosvenor Americas is a part                                               Our Purpose is to deliver commercial
                                      of the Grosvenor Group, one                                                and social benefit. This is achieved
                                      of the largest privately-owned                                         1   by adopting a far-sighted approach,
                                      international property businesses                                          being locally engaged and sharing
                                      who develop, manage and invest                                             and benefitting from our international
                                      in more than 60 cities around the                                          experience – we call this our Living Cities
                                      world.                                                                     approach.

                                                                                                                 We adopt a far-sighted perspective
                                                                                                                 to help create, manage and evolve
                                                                                                                 properties and places with an aspiration
                                                                                                                 to leave them better than we found them.

                                                                                                                      International reach
                                                                                                                      and local engagement
                                                                                                                 We share knowledge and perspectives
                                                                                                                 with our international teams while
                                                                                                                 promoting local expertise, fostering a
                                                                                                                 deep appreciation and understanding
                                                                                                                 of local markets and the needs of local

                                                                                                                      How we measure sucess
                                                                                                                 We judge our success by looking at our
                                                                                                                 financial performance and social impact

                                                                                                                 Click to learn more about our
                                                                                                                 history and Living Cities.

                                                                          1. 1500 K Street, Washington, DC
                                                                          2. The Pacific, Vancouver, BC

    05:30 pm
    San Francisco, CA
Working at Grosvenor Americas
6    Working at Grosvenor Americas                                                                                                                            7

                                                                                  1. Grosvenor Ambleside,
                                                                                     West Vancouver, BC

                                                                                  2. 185 Post Street,
                                                                                     San Francisco, CA

                                                                                  3. Central, Silver Spring, MD


Americas                                                                                                                      gender balance
                                                                                                                              of employees

                                                                                                                              properties in
Our first international                     Our Strategy is focused on:                                                       our portfolio

investment was in 1952 with                                                                                                   CAD

the acquisition of Annacis
Island in Vancouver, which                  Significantly growing a high-
opened in 1955 as Canada’s                  quality portfolio of urban property
                                                                                                                              Assets under
                                            in dynamic locations with like-
first industrial park.                                                                                                        Management
                                            minded third-party capital
Today we are a highly active                investment.

property company offering
hands on real estate transaction            Performance
experience across *San Francisco,
                                            Recruit and retain talented people
*Washington, DC, *Vancouver, Los                                                                                              Development
                                            who are drawn to our inclusive                                                    Pipeline:
Angeles and Seattle.
                                            workplace by fostering a culture
Our focus is to invest, develop             where diverse ideas and opinions                                                  All figures as at 31 Dec 2019
and co-invest in vibrant, urban             lead to superior decision making                                              1
locations where our activities can          and investments. Providing
make a positive contribution to             opportunities for our people to
neighbourhoods and communities.             grow and develop.                                                         3

                                            Creating value for Grosvenor,
                                            our partners and the
                                            communities in which we invest
                                            by developing and improving
                                            property and minimizing our
                                            environmental impact.

* Cities in which our offices are located
Working at Grosvenor Americas
8   Working at Grosvenor Americas                                                         9

                                    “We are focused on thoughtfully crafting urban
                                    properties that drive strong returns while make
                                    a lasting impact on their communities. To do so,
                                    we strive to have a team of high-performing,
                                    highly engaged and motivated people by offering
                                    exciting opportunities and growth potential.
                                    We want to foster an inclusive culture and actively
                                    encourage our employees to bring forward
                                    innovative ideas to ensure that our decisions
                                    are optimized by the perspectives that each
                                    individual brings. We promote a culture of
                                    balance, recognizing and supporting family life
                                    so employees can bring their best selves to work
                                    and perform at their highest potential.
                                    Working for Grosvenor Americas, you will be
                                    part of a dynamic team that shares a common
                                    purpose and values. We hold our reputation to
                                    the highest standard which demands that we live
                                    our values of trust, integrity and respect while
                                    delivering excellence in our work product .”

                                    Steve O’Connell
                                    Chief Executive Officer,
                                    Grosvenor Americas
Working at Grosvenor Americas
10   Working at Grosvenor Americas              11

     Working with the World Green
     Building Council (WGBC) we have
     committed to achieve net zero carbon
     operational emissions from our
     directly-managed buildings, by 2030,
     and to work towards all buildings,
     directly and indirectly-managed, being
     embodied and operational net zero
     across our portfolio by 2050.

     We have partnered with the City of
     Vancouver to create a project built
     to Passive House standards at 825
     Pacific Street for local artists needing
     affordable workspace.

     Learn more about the detail of our
     commitment here.

Our 2030
Net Zero Carbon
Working at Grosvenor Americas
12     Working at Grosvenor Americas                                                                                                         13

                                                                             We consider the needs
                                                                             of the local community
                                                                             in all our activities

                                                                             Local Social Impact
                                                                             We consider the needs of the local
                                                                             community in all our activities
                                                                             and contribute to these needs by
                                                                             executing specific actions. A recent
                                                                             example of this is our response to     CAD $826,000 donated
                                                                             COVID-19. We asked employees to
                                                                             recommend local groups in need         to local organizations
                                                                             of support and then worked
                                                                             quickly to allocate a total of $370K
                                                                                                                    and charities in 2019
                                                                             to these groups to aid in their
                                       Our Culture                           Pandemic response.

                                       The culture at Grosvenor is rooted    We also donate annually to
                                       in our values. Individuals join our   organizations and charities across
                                       team who are highly motivated to      our markets.
                                       exceed expectations in our real
                                       estate transactions, and also share
                                       our commitment to providing a
                                       positive long-term contribution to
                                       our communities.
                                       Our business is based on:
                                       • Transparency
                                       • Accountability
                                       • High standards
                                       • Trust
                                       • Respect

     02:40 pm
     Atchison Village
     Richmond, CA
Working at Grosvenor Americas
14    Working at Grosvenor Americas                                                                15

      Giving Back                                   Our ED&I
      We encourage and support our
      employees to volunteer with local
      groups and charities. In addition to office   An employee-led Equality,
      organized volunteer opportunities,            Diversity and Inclusion
      we offer employees paid work time to          Group was formed in 2017
      commit to personal volunteering. Some of      and focuses on the
      the charities our employees have recently     following areas:
      supported include:
                                                    • Mental Health & Wellness
      • Habitat for Humanity                        • Pride and LGBTQ+
      • Dress for Success                           • Training & Culture
      • Ronald McDonald House                       • Recruitment
      • Local Food Banks                            • Racial Justice
      • All Stars Project
                                                    These groups work to
      Our employees are also heavily involved       implement initiatives to
      with industry organizations and many          continually develop our
      contribute time to volunteering on            diverse and inclusive culture,
      relevant committees and Boards.               with the full support of the
                                                    Executive Committee.

                                                                                     25% of company
                                                                                     members make up
                                                                                     our ED&I Group

     07:55 pm
     Ronald McDonald House
     Vancouver, BC
Working at Grosvenor Americas
16   Working at Grosvenor Americas                            17                                                                                           17

                                                                                                              Tommy Gallagher,
                                                                                                           Director, Construction,

Our People
                                                                                                           Washington, DC

                                                                                                           “I joined Grosvenor to work on incredible
                                                                                                           projects and since my first day I have been
                                                                                                           respected, challenged and empowered. I
We recruit people who are passionate                                                                       feel connected to the leadership within the
                                                                                                           company who have imparted the autonomy
about and motived by real estate to                                                                        to allow me to grow professionally and effect
apply expertise across a range of sectors                                                                  change, while working with people who I truly
and activities.                                                                                            value, both professionally and personally.”

Across our North American markets we have
high-calibre specialists in the following areas who
have a deep understanding of our local markets
and communities:

• Investment                         • Capital Partnership
• Development                        • Finance               Joanne Chua,
                                                             Investment Manager,
• Construction                       • HR
• Structured                         • Marketing
  Development Finance                • Risk Management       “My experience so far at Grosvenor
                                     • Legal                 is a true testament to the strength of
                                                             our culture. Our global perspective
                                                             and commitment to fostering a
                                                             growth environment has afforded me
                                                             exposure in markets across the US
                                                             and Canada, and internationally in Sweden
                                                             and Denmark. I am supported in applying
                                                             these experiences and strategies to
                                                             my portfolio at home in the Pacific
                                                             Northwest. I am very grateful to work
                                                             with such a dynamic team – globally – of
                                                             talented professionals, for whom I have
                                                             endless amounts of respect. Focused on
                                                             learning, creativity, and excellence, we’re
                                                             empowered to work hard with integrity, be
                                                             socially responsible, and have fun!”             Lauren Krause,
                                                                                                           Director, Environment, Social and Governance,
                                                                                                           San Francisco

                                                                                                           “When I told my boss and colleagues that I was
                                                                                                           pregnant (with twins!) I was nervous, as most
                                                                                                           expecting mothers are. I shouldn’t have been.
                                                                                                           People could not have been more supportive
                                                                                                           and excited for me. Twin pregnancies are
                                                                                                           notoriously complicated and mine was no
                                                                                                           exception. I was fully supported throughout
                                                                                                           my many doctor appointments, early delivery,
                                                                                                           and return to work. Since returning, I’ve been
                                                                                                           able to utilize Grosvenor’s flexible work policy
                                                                                                           by working from home one day a week. I
                                                                                                           really look forward to not commuting on that
                                                                                                           day, and the other four days I appreciate the
                                                                                                           company’s focus on life-work balance and how
                                                                                                           it enables me to spend quality time with my
                                                                                                           2-year old’s!”
Working at Grosvenor Americas
18                                                                                                   19

        Sean Wheeler,
     Vice President, Co-Investment,

     “I feel very fortunate to have started
     my career at Grosvenor Americas. The
     company’s long-term investment strategy
     allows management to also take a long-
     term view on employees. I believe this is a
     major reason the culture is so supportive
     and empowering. From education to travel
     there are numerous opportunities to
     learn new skills and expand your market
     knowledge. It is also rewarding working for
     a company that is not solely profit driven.
     Grosvenor Americas routinely commits
     to doing the right thing first not just in the
     communities we build or own but how we
     manage all our relationships.”

       Zadaai Villamizar-Gonzalez,
     Project Marketing Coordinator,
     Washington, DC

     “Grosvenor has provided me with all of the
     tools, resources and support to help me
     progress my career. Four years ago, I joined
     Grosvenor as a Development Coordinator
     with no real estate experience. From day
     one, everyone I’ve worked with has been
     willing to provide me with invaluable
     advice and encouragement. In my previous
     role, I was able to gain experience with
     accounting, legal, risk management, project
     management, construction, operations
                                                       Graeme Low Ah Kee
     and marketing and communications. Through
                                                       Senior Manager, Development
     mentorships and open communication
                                                       Financing & Transactions
     between myself and my manager, I was able
     to move into a specialized field of marketing.”
                                                       “I started my career at Grosvenor as an
                                                       intern, pursued a professional designation
        Mark Purdy,                                    and returned to the Company in 2012. I
     Senior Vice President,                            have been given the opportunity to develop
     Investment & General Manager,                     through formal and informal mentorship, on
     San Francisco                                     the job learning and support for continuing
                                                       education. Grosvenor has acknowledged
     “Grosvenor provides a great environment for       the growth in my capabilities by providing
     its staff to learn and grow both personally       avenues for promotion as I continue my
     and professionally. With the support of my        career within the company. I am grateful
     teams and senior management, I have been          for this acknowledgement and hope I
     able to advance my career from starting as        can facilitate career growth for the next
     an Asset Manager in Calgary to relocating         generation of Grosvenor employees.”
     to the San Francisco office as Senior Vice
     Present, Investment and General Manager.
     Despite challenges with each new role,
     Grosvenor continues to provide support
     through education and training to ensure
20     Working at Grosvenor Americas                                                                                              21

      Rewards & Benefits                                                                High quality
                                                                                        real estate
                                                                                                            in project
                                                                                        transactions        work
      The most exciting benefit we offer is the
      opportunity to work on exciting and ambitious
      projects, as well as a breadth of personal
      growth opportunities.

      In addition to this, we offer competitive         “Grosvenor offers a robust      Regular office      35-hour work
      compensation, generous retirement benefits
      and reward exceptional work and results.          benefit package to employees    social events       week (M-F,
                                                                                                            flexible within
      We also know the importance of employee
                                                        & their families which                              8am – 5pm)
      wellbeing - striking the right balance            includes medical, dental,
      between work and personal responsibilities
      and interests. This includes market-leading
                                                        vision, life insurance,
      family friendly and work-life balance policies,   disability insurance and tax-
      as well as benefits designed to support
      fitness, wellbeing and mental health.
                                                        advantaged savings plans.       Industry            Generous
                                                        GA’s benefits are some of the   memberships
                                                                                        and access
                                                                                                            paid vacation
      We focus on creating a healthy working
      environment and fostering a culture of            best in the industry with low
      integrity, respect and trust.                     employee contributions, low
                                                        out-of-pocket maximums
                                                        and generous employer
                                                        funding into an HSA account”    Generous            Career development
                                                                                        parental leave      and Education tuition
                                                        Relation Insurance,

                                                                                         Focus on work      Very competitive
                                                                                         life balance       health and wellness

                                                        To find out more about
                                                                                        Annual              Paid time off
                                                        working for Grosvenor           wellness/ fitness   for volunteering
                                                        Americas and view               reimbursement       activities and
                                                        or apply for open                                   charity donations

                                                        vacancies here.

                                                                                        All staff are
                                                                                                            Robust retirement
                                                                                        eligible for an
                                                                                                            plan matching –
                                                                                        annual bonus
                                                                                                            nearly 3xs the
                                                                                                            average employer
     04:40 pm
     The RISE
     Vancouver, BC
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