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World's Best Practice Guide - in Professional and Technical Education and Training - World Federation of Colleges ...

World’s Best Practice Guide
in Professional and Technical Education and Training
World's Best Practice Guide - in Professional and Technical Education and Training - World Federation of Colleges ...
1                                                                                              World’s Best Practice Guide in Professional and Technical Education and Training

    table of Contents
    The 2018 World Congress in australia ....................................................................................................... 3

      1     Access to learning and employment
    Gold - Australia Pacific Training Coalition (APTC ). ................................................................................. 5
    Silver - Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology.. ................................................................ 7
    Bronze (TIE) - Lee D. Lambert and Ricardo Castro-Salazar .................................................................. 9
    Bronze (TIE) - Qingdao Technical College . ................................................................................................ 11

      2     Applied Research and Innovation
    Gold - Research & Innovation Division, Niagara College .. .................................................................... 14
    Silver - Red river college............................................................................................................................... 16
    Bronze - Mohawk College IDEAWORKS .......................................................................................................... 19

      3     Entrepreneurship
    Gold - Craig Elias................................................................................................................................................ 22
    Silver - Rizhao Polytechnic . .......................................................................................................................... 24
    Bronze - Taishan Polytechnic . ...................................................................................................................... 26

      4     Green Colleges
    Gold - USURBILGO LANBIDE ESKOLA ................................................................................................................. 29
    Silver -TAFE NSW ................................................................................................................................................ 32
    Bronze - Box Hill Institute ............................................................................................................................ 34

      5     Higher Technical Skills
    Gold -Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.. ............................................. 37
    Silver -Wuhan Railway Vocational College of Technology................................................................. 39
    Bronze -Chengdu Aeronautic Polytechnic ................................................................................................ 41

      6     Leadership Development
    Gold - Centennial College.............................................................................................................................. 44
    Silver - Naqi Hyder ........................................................................................................................................... 46
    Bronze - Anne Sado/George Brown College/Polytechnics Canada .. ................................................ 48

      7     Student Support Services
    Gold - Holmesglen Institute.......................................................................................................................... 51
    Silver - Wuhan Railway Vocational College of Technology................................................................ 53
    Bronze -Qingdao Vocational and Technical College of Hotel Management (QVTCHM) ............... 55
World's Best Practice Guide - in Professional and Technical Education and Training - World Federation of Colleges ...
World’s Best Practice Guide in Professional and Technical Education and Training                                     2

About the WFCP
The World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP) is a member-based
international network of colleges, polytechnics, university colleges, institutions
and individuals of professional and technical education and training. The Federation
provides leadership in delivering workforce education for the global economy.

The WFCP began as an informal network borne out of a desire to have a
forum for the almost 4,000 professional and technical education and training
institutions around the world to meet regularly, learn from each other, and share
experiences. The first meeting was held in 1999 in Quebec City, Canada along
with the first World Congress of the WFCP and officially formalized as a network       CONTACT
in 2002 with the 2nd World Congress held in Melbourne, Australia.                      WFCP Secretariat:
Today, the Federation represents colleges, institutes, and polytechnics, united by
the mandate to prepare students for complex professional roles in a changing           613-746-2222 ext. 3141
society so that they can emerge as leaders and innovators in their chosen careers.     1 Rideau Street – Suite 701
                                                                                       Ottawa, ON K1N 8S7 Canada
Acting as the united voice for its members, the Federation enables the:
                                                                                       1-613-746-2222 ext. 3141
•   promotion of its members to their communities;
•   influence on the development of policy;

•   access to information and experiences that allow each to learn from each other;

•   sharing best practices;

•   offering of an online community;

•   promotion of partnerships to improve staff and student mobility;

•   development of partnerships to deliver international contracts;

•   organization of the bi-annual World Congress to enable knowledge exchange; and,

•   positioning of its members on crucial issues such as inclusiveness, expectations
    of excellence in professional and technical education and training.

To learn more about the WFCP and how to become a member, please visit
World's Best Practice Guide - in Professional and Technical Education and Training - World Federation of Colleges ...
3                                                         World’s Best Practice Guide in Professional and Technical Education and Training

Introduction                                                                           The World Federation of
The World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics is pleased to present the
Second World’s Best Practice Guide in Professional and Technical Education
and Training. As with the first edition, the second edition features award             Colleges and Polytechnics:
winning institutions, individuals and programs engaged in professional and
technical education and training (PTET) from around the world.                         Awards of Excellence
The entries are provided by the 2018 recipients of the WFCP’s Awards of                The Awards of Excellence are
Excellence, in seven categories: access to learning and employment, applied            handed out for the following:
research and innovation, entrepreneurship, green colleges, higher technical            Access to Learning and Employment –
skills, leadership development, and student support services. The Guide                awarded to an individual, institution or
demonstrates the responsiveness, innovation, and focus of Federation                   institutional association that has developed
members; it is designed to offer guidance to other actors in PTET as they              effective channels to increase access to
embark on their own projects to enhance the education they offer and the               learning and employment for students.
learning their students receive.

Students are central to the Guide’s entries. Underneath the project
                                                                                       Applied Research – awarded to an individual,
descriptions, and the logistical know-how is the implicit idea that those
                                                                                       institution or institutional association that has
being recognized have embarked on their projects to enhance the lives of
                                                                                       demonstrated excellence in addressing real-
their students and their learning opportunities. Projects are developed to
                                                                                       world challenges through applied research
ensure equal access to education in a region, community, or group with
much need. Industry and international partnerships are actively pursued
to ensure that graduates can meet the demands of a changing world.                     Entrepreneurship – awarded to an individual,
Common among this year’s entries is a sense of change around the world                 institution or institutional association
and its impact on PTET. Cutting-edge technology is embraced in projects                that has demonstrated excellence in
and classrooms to ensure that students are prepared to weather the storm               integrating entrepreneurship into academic
of a globally changing marketplace. Institutions are engaging in applied               curriculum and/or implemented innovative
research, in an effort for students to gain valuable skills, as well as contribute     entrepreneurial activities.
to the local and global economy. Entrepreneurship and innovation is
imbedded into curricula, as demand for soft skills to complement higher
                                                                                       Green Colleges – awarded to an individual,
technical skills grows.
                                                                                       institution or institutional association that
The entries of the Second World’s Best Practice Guide in Professional and              has demonstrated excellence in advancing
Technical Education and Training brim with inspiration and innovation.                 environmental sustainability through
We trust that as you or your institution or organization embark on similar             knowledge, tools, practices and technologies
projects, adopt similar models, or develop similar individuals, these entries
will offer guidance and real know-how to ensure your own success.
                                                                                       Higher Technical Skills – awarded to
                                                                                       an individual, institution or institutional
                                                                                       association that has demonstrated excellence
                                                                                       in partnering with industry to improve access
                                                                                       to jobs and meet the skills needs of the
                                                                                       21st century workforce

                                                                                       Leadership Development – awarded to an
                                                                                       individual, institution or institutional association
                                                                                       that has demonstrated excellence in developing
                                                                                       the next generation of college leaders

                                                                                       Student Support Services – awarded to an
                                                                                       individual, institution or institutional association
                                                                                       that has demonstrated excellence provision
                                                                                       of services that support students throughout
                                                                                       their college experience.
World's Best Practice Guide - in Professional and Technical Education and Training - World Federation of Colleges ...
World Best Practices Guide in Professional and Technical Education

World's Best Practice Guide - in Professional and Technical Education and Training - World Federation of Colleges ...
5                                                      World’s Best Practice Guide in Professional and Technical Education and Training

                         GOLD: ACCESS TO                                                          CONTACT
                         LEARNING AND EMPLOYMENT                                                  Denise O’Brien

                         Project name: Australia Pacific Training Coalition (APTC)
                         Country: Australia- Pacific                                              Phone: +61 408334370

                                                                                                women in trades in response to ongoing
                                                                                                demand for skilled tradespeople and assists
                                                                                                graduates to start small businesses of their
                                                                                                own. In 2017, APTC delivered a Certificate IV
                                                                                                in New Small Business program to female
INTRODUCTION                                                                                    small business entrepreneurs in Fiji.
Established in 2007 as the Australia-Pacific Technical College, APTC provides access to
                                                                                                APTC runs a program to support people
learning and employment for some of the most vulnerable and geographically remote
                                                                                                with additional learning needs to develop
people in the world. Its goal is to contribute to a more skilled, inclusive and productive
                                                                                                foundation skills and prepare for the
workforce that enhances Pacific prosperity. For over 11 years APTC, managed by TAFE
                                                                                                workforce or further studies. Students are
Queensland, has successfully delivered the largest Australian Government funded
                                                                                                placed with host employers to gain hands-
education aid and development project in the Pacific Region, delivering skills and
                                                                                                on experience and industry knowledge with
Australian qualifications to people from 14 Pacific Island countries. To date, APTC
                                                                                                the aim of securing sustained employment.
has celebrated 12,887 graduates.
                                                                                                APTC is changing stereotypes in local
Providing access to quality training in support of regional economic growth is the              communities by supporting inclusion.
key focus of APTC. APTC’s qualified and highly experienced trainers collaborate with
                                                                                                The Pacific Region is vulnerable to natural
local training institutions and employers to deliver qualifications that are matched
                                                                                                disaster and climate change impacts. APTC
to employment opportunities regionally and internationally. APTC graduates have
                                                                                                has consistently responded innovatively
strong technical skills, knowledge and ‘soft skills’ which contribute to their improved
                                                                                                to these challenges, especially natural
employment outcomes, social and cultural prosperity.
                                                                                                disaster, through reskilling individuals and
                                                                                                supporting local communities to rebuild.
                                                TVET institutions, private sector and
AWARD WINNING PROJECT/                          NGOs to ensure that training meets labour
                                                                                                APTC’s use of live work projects to rebuild

PROGRAM/INSTITUTION                             market demands and produces job-ready
                                                                                                communities is an exemplary educational
                                                                                                practice that is replicable to other parts of
A skilled, qualified and flexible workforce     graduates. APTC works closely with other
                                                                                                the world that experience such events.
is critical to the Pacific Islands becoming     Pacific educational institutions and training
more self-reliant. Operating in a developing    providers, building on the region’s existing    Building Pacific networks takes time, with a
region, APTC provides leadership in the         strengths. APTC have TVET partners in           broad range of stakeholders now seeking out
Pacific TVET sector through flexibility         Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Vanuatu,         APTC to contribute to national and regional
and responsiveness to the changing              Solomon Islands, Tonga and Kiribati.            TVET skills development. The growing
needs for skills development.                                                                   commitment from both government and
                                                A key emphasis of APTC is to establish and
The Technical, Vocational Education and                                                         industry to support APTC student learning
                                                maintain close links with industry to ensure
Training (TVET) aid and development                                                             by offering work placements has been
                                                that training is relevant. APTC actively
program provides a blueprint for                                                                a significant element to APTC’s success.
                                                supports local employers, industry groups
increasing access to learning and                                                               Consistently high student and employer
                                                and associations. APTC has successfully
employment for Pacific Island Citizens.                                                         satisfaction is evidence of APTC relevance in
                                                engaged local employers committed to the
                                                                                                the Region. APTC has moved from a “donor/
                                                training of their staff. APTC has been able
APTC is highly valued across the region for                                                     recipient” model to a genuine partnership
                                                to work with employers to realise strong
the transformative effect it has had on lives                                                   model, underpinned with a capacity building
                                                gains from a highly skilled workforce.
and communities in diverse and remote                                                           and sustainability strategy that is agreed by
                                                Some examples of these relationships are
locations. At the very heart of APTC’s work                                                     all parties, with closely managed outcomes.
                                                Solomon Power (SI), Fiji Water (Fiji), Curtin
is providing access to quality training to
                                                Bros and Coral Seas Hotels (PNG) and the
develop skills that enable citizens to enter
the paid workforce.                             Ministry of Education (Vanuatu and Samoa).      RESULTS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS
                                                                                                From APTC’s first graduation of eight
The program is recognised for its holistic      Participants benefit from equitable access
                                                                                                students in Vanuatu in 2007 to just under
and practical approach to meeting the           for women (as students and trainers)
                                                                                                13,000 in 2018, APTC now delivers
access challenge in the Pacific Region.         and for people living with disabilities via
                                                                                                43 Australian internationally recognised
APTC has embraced a partnering                  APTC’s inclusive approach and numerous
                                                                                                courses to students from 14 Pacific Island
approach, working with governments,             equity-based programs. APTC promotes
                                                                                                countries, with a dedicated team of over
World's Best Practice Guide - in Professional and Technical Education and Training - World Federation of Colleges ...
World’s Best Practice Guide in Professional and Technical Education and Training                                                                 6

                                                                                                     APTC has made a strong commitment to
                                                                                                     the nationalisation of its workforce, that is,
                                                                                                     to appoint and support the development
                                                                                                     of Pacific Island Citizens wherever possible.
                                                                                                     At the commencement of APTC the training
                                                                                                     workforce was entirely expatriate; now
                                                                                                     made up of over 80% Pacific Islanders:
                                                                                                     skilled, experienced and qualified to deliver
                                                                                                     Australian qualifications.

                                                                                                     With the firm belief that paid work is a right
                                                                                                     not a privilege, APTC relentlessly promotes
                                                                                                     TVET as the first choice for those wishing
                                                                                                     to gain access to employment. It is though
                                                                                                     skills, qualifications and employment that
                                                                                                     Pacific Island Citizens support themselves,
200 staff, with 80% being Pacific Island            INTERNATIONAL VALUE                              their families and communities and the
Citizens. Of the graduates’ to-date, 41% are        APTC represents a unique aid-approach,
                                                                                                     economic prosperity of their country.
women. APTC operates across the Region with         placing Technical, Vocational Education
qualifications offered in sectors demanding         and Training at the heart of development
skilled workers including automotive,               and reform in the Pacific.                       NEXT STEPS
manufacturing, construction, electrical,                                                             The Australian Government has committed
                                                    The learning and success of this world-
tourism, hospitality, education, management,                                                         to another eight years of funding to APTC –
                                                    first development project, management
and health and community services.                                                                   now renamed the Australian Pacific Training
                                                    and outcomes will inform best-practice
                                                                                                     Coalition. APTC will work collaboratively
APTC encompasses a number of activities             implementation of future TVET-based
                                                                                                     with Pacific governments, Pacific TVET
to support Pacific Island men and women to          aid projects at the international level for
                                                                                                     systems and institutions, and industries/
obtain skilled work in the paid economy and         many years to come. APTC is a replicable,
                                                                                                     enterprises to facilitate TVET reform.
to support the development of the TVET              sustainable, applied-education model
sector in the Pacific. APTC achieves this by:       that can be implemented to the long-             Being mindful of the need to continue to
                                                    term benefit of individuals, countries and       deliver high quality and relevant skills and
•   undertaking labour market analysis and
                                                    regions across the globe.                        qualifications, 1 July 2018 signals key shifts
    linking skills and qualifications to labour
                                                                                                     in the direction of APTC;
    requirements of Pacific Island countries, and   The APTC experience offers an
    increasingly, Australia and New Zealand         international case study for supporting          1. Embedding APTC in Pacific TVET
                                                    regional economic growth through                    Systems. APTC will continue to form
•   issuing internationally recognised
                                                    improved access to TVET. It is a working            partnerships and coalitions with
    Australian vocational qualifications
                                                    example of how partnerships and                     selected TVET institutions and systems
•   undertaking a targeted program of               collaboration are the key to providing              to support improved quality, relevance
    professional development and training           sustainable access to training for financially      and cost-effectiveness of TVET
    to support the capability and capacity          disadvantaged and geographically remote             provision by local providers.
    of APTC staff                                   communities. Regular requests from
                                                                                                     2. Gradual introduction of co-investment.
                                                    governments, TVET bi-lateral and other
•   supporting Pacific Island TVET                                                                      The willingness to contribute to the
                                                    donor programs, regional providers and
    regulatory and qualifications                                                                       cost of training will reduce reliance on
                                                    Skills Authorities to work collaboratively,
    frameworks and quality processes                                                                    Australian aid and promote prospects
                                                    confirm the value placed on APTC’s
                                                                                                        for the long-term sustainability of benefits.
•   working with local industries and               expertise and the outcomes achieved.
    employers to obtain labour market                                                                3. Renewed emphasis on labour mobility.
    advice and to develop their workforce                                                               Students will have the opportunity
    productivity through training
                                                    WORDS OF WISDOM                                     to nominate for a domestic or labour
                                                    Advice? Create an environment where
                                                                                                        mobility track without causing ‘brain
Through partnering with national TVET               people can do their best work!
                                                                                                        drain’. These initiatives will support
institutions, APTC is working to improving
                                                    APTC’s success can be attributed in no              Australian and Pacific Island labour
the quality of training. As a result, there is
                                                    small way to its own staff. The APTC team           mobility policy objectives.
a better regional understanding of sound
                                                    share a tangible ‘head and heart’ alignment
TVET practice including industry liaison,                                                            Coalitions of reform will ensure that
                                                    with the purpose of APTC and the people
competency-based curriculum - teaching                                                               APTC continues to create skills for life
                                                    of the Pacific Region.
and learning, training resources, management                                                         for the people of the Pacific.
and policy, and successful transfer of skills                                              
to Pacific Island national trainers.
World's Best Practice Guide - in Professional and Technical Education and Training - World Federation of Colleges ...
7                                                       World’s Best Practice Guide in Professional and Technical Education and Training

                         Silver: ACCESS TO                                                         CONTACT
                         LEARNING AND EMPLOYMENT                                                   Dr. Audrey Penner Phd.

                         Project name: Virtual Reality Enhanced Education
                         Name of recipient/institution/association:                                Phone: 705-235-6867 x6867
                         Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology
                         Email address:
                                                                                                 tours. Five interactive simulations were
                         Country: Canada
                                                                                                 programed which allowed the students
                                                                                                 to, figuratively, get their hands dirty. For
                                                                                                 example, the interactive simulation built
                                                                                                 for our electrician apprentices allowed
INTRODUCTION                                                                                     them to install an 220A electrical service
Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology is Ontario, Canada’s smallest college            to a house. They used hand controllers
institution. It also happens to have the largest catchment area in the province, over            to manipulate objects, drill holes, run
150,200 square kilometers. This catchment area is greater in size than 162 of the world’s        wire and install panels. Our automotive
countries. Northern serves more than 65 communities in this region, and out of necessity,        mechanic students were, in VR, shrunk
it has evolved as a pioneer of and expert in distance education methods, technology,             down to molecular size to explore the
and pedagogy. Northern College had the engagement of Will Durocher, Professor, who               fuel and exhaust systems of a car from the
had a vision and the technological expertise to bring this vision to life. Working with          inside out. This experience truly highlights
both full-time programs and the contract training division, the story of how this came           the potential of the technology, which is to
into being is a credit to Will’s innovation.                                                     teach in new ways. This simulation was
                                                                                                 an experience which has no analogue
                                                 virtual reality camera which was composed       in base reality.
AWARD WINNING PROJECT/                           of an array of six, and later fourteen GoPro
PROGRAM/INSTITUTION                              Cameras. The camera array allowed us
                                                                                                 More recently, social virtual reality has
                                                                                                 been emerging and becoming more
Each new technology brings with it               to film VR experiences stereoscopically
                                                                                                 popular. Social VR allows those with
the potential for enhancing the human            in a 360-degree sphere. This technology
                                                                                                 VR equipment to interact with avatars
condition and making our lives better.           was used to create the world’s first post
                                                                                                 in virtual spaces in ways that are very
With the advent of modern virtual reality        secondary course delivered through the
                                                                                                 compelling, natural and realistic. Our team
technology there is an opportunity to            medium of VR. The course highlighted the
                                                                                                 has been using social VR from its early
enhance education in ways never before           lived experience, culture, and teachings
                                                                                                 days most notably on SVR platforms like
thought possible. Virtual Reality (VR) allows    of various Indigenous peoples throughout
                                                                                                 AltSpace VR, VR Chat, Janus VR, Facebook
educators to transcend the limitations of        Canada, all through a first-person
                                                                                                 Spaces, and High Fidelity. We have used
physical space and time. They can engage         experiential perspective. For example,
                                                                                                 social virtual reality to take students on
learners with the information, knowledge         learners were engaged by putting on a
                                                                                                 virtual field trips. For example, a teacher
and skills not only to excel in their careers,   VR headset and learning directly from
                                                                                                 and students, all with avatars were able
but also to gain a broader understanding         Indigenous storytellers and elders.
                                                                                                 to jointly explore a virtual field trip, which
and appreciation of the world. Through a
                                                 After this initial success Northern College     had been recently filmed. The teacher
series of well executed projects Northern
                                                 was funded to create detailed VR training       guided the tour and offered students the
College has invented, from scratch, new
                                                 for tradespeople. With this project we          experience of going underground in a
pedagogy that works with the emerging
                                                 designed a truly world class VR Studio          mine, an experience many would not be
technology of VR. At the core of these
                                                 Classroom facility along with mobile            fortunate enough to experience. Social
projects were fundamental questions
                                                 equipment that could be deployed off            VR was also used by two professors to
pertaining to the very nature of teaching
                                                 site and a 4D effects simulator, which          teach a course on entrepreneurship. The
and learning. Our success in this area is not
                                                 added real world effects like wind and          professors created the VR equivalent of
related to any one project but rather to an
                                                 temperature control to the VR experience.       a podcast, which they called a VRodcast.
open-minded risk-taking approach and a
                                                 Designing learning infrastructure with as-yet   Over the course of a fourteen-week
willingness to experiment.
                                                 unreleased technology was a challenge and       semester they did VRodcasts in both
Our exploration of the virtual began             required our team to anticipate upcoming        virtual spaces and physical spaces using
largely before commercial VR technologies        changes and requirements. As part of            live 360 broadcasting.
were available, as such, we used the             the VR for Trades project we created
development kits for the Oculus Rift             not only a new learning facility but also
DK1 and DK2. In order to create filmed           five filmed VR experiences including
experiences, we constructed our own              underground mine, and processing facility
World’s Best Practice Guide in Professional and Technical Education and Training                                                                8

                                                                                                    fail. The same ethos of fearlessly trying
RESULTS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS                        WORDS OF WISDOM                                  new things, which has created most of
The objective of our virtual reality               It is clear to us after these projects and
                                                                                                    our technological wealth today, is exactly
projects and initiatives was nothing               through watching the technology evolve
                                                                                                    what is needed to develop VR as a modern
less than inventing new pedagogy for               closely that virtual reality is likely to
                                                                                                    standard in post-secondary teaching.
an emerging medium. We met this                    become a phenomenon as powerful as
objective by pioneering the worlds first           the internet in the coming decades. This
course delivered in VR and by laying the           prediction is based upon the fact that           NEXT STEPS
foundation of effective post-secondary             modern VR technology uses the exact              Northern College has ambitious goals
teaching with filmed VR experiences,               same technology as smart phones, as such         for further development of virtual reality
interactive VR simulations, and teaching           there is a forcing function for rapid and        expertise and capabilities. The next phase
in social VR. The projects resulted in             continued improvement of the technology.         of development involves creating the
benefits to the community in terms of              Institutions that want to develop capacity       world’s first “virtual” school. Virtual reality
better awareness of Indigenous cultures            in virtual reality should try to do so while     is now a “place” you can go to. The virtual
across Canada. The response from our               the field is emerging in order to have a         reality campus of Northern College will be
school’s Indigenous partners to the course         formative impact. Institutions should also       hosted in social virtual reality. Both short
was overwhelmingly positive. The project           try to foster cross-border collaboration         training courses and full credit courses will
created a bridge between the Indigenous            with other interested parties and also with      be taught to this emerging technological
culture and the Western learner. The               industry. Not all institutions will have an      market. Northern College will then be
projects also benefited our trades students        interest in developing these capabilities        the first institution in the world to have
by allowing them to take virtual tours of          but with a few engaged parties, rapid            offerings delivered routinely in VR. As
locations they would not otherwise get to          advances in education can be made.               the democratization of the technology
visit as part of their traditional training. The   Finally, above all institutions need a culture   continues it will allow Northern to serve
benefit of our social VR work is allowing          of exploration and a toleration of risk to       its large dispersed population with the
students across vast distances to have a           try new things, and even occasionally            highest quality of education.
shared face-to-face learning experience,
which is an excellent complement to
conventional distance delivery.

The lessons learned from Northern College’s
innovation in VR education are widely
transferable to all nations of the world. One
of the primary benefits of virtual reality
technologies, especially social virtual reality
is its barrier dissolving effect. Much like on
the internet the boundaries of countries and
cultures are not overt and as such it opens
new opportunities for an inter-connected
world. Specifically, institutions around the
world can collaborate to create compelling
VR training and students from institutions
worldwide can be brought together
through the medium of social VR, to learn
together in new ways. Faculty around the
world can have face-to-face discussions
of best practices without leaving their
offices, and senior management can
foster new collaborations and networks
all around virtual tables. Conceivably,
educational conferences could be hosted
in social VR reducing harmful greenhouse
gas emissions from international travel.
Additionally, robust VR equipment is now
cheaper than overseas international travel,
furthering it’s potential.
9                                                    World’s Best Practice Guide in Professional and Technical Education and Training

                        BRONZE (TIE): ACCESS TO                                               CONTACT
                        LEARNING AND EMPLOYMENT                                               Ricardo Castro-Salazar

                        Project name:
                        GLOBAL LEARNING AND INCLUSION WITHOUT BORDERS                         Phone:520.206.3021
                        Name of recipient/institution/association:
                        Lee D. Lambert and Ricardo Castro-Salazar
                        Email address:;                  involves strengthening Mexican-American
                        Country: United States of America                                   identity and culture by acknowledging the
                                                                                            Mexican roots of the Tucson community
                                                                                            and the deep historical links between the
                                                                                            United States and Mexico. Thus, they have
INTRODUCTION                                                                                established relationships with numerous
                         Lee Lambert is Chancellor and CEO of Pima Community                Mexican institutions, including colleges
                         College. He was born in South Korea and has lived on three         and universities, national and state
                         continents. He is the 2017 CEO of the Year of the Association of   governments, and the business & industry
                         Community College Trustees (ACCT). He has been on the board        sectors with the objective of developing
                         of the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC)           (bi)cultural pride and strengthening ties
                         and has promoted community colleges around the world. His          among binational communities. As part of
                         vision for a more interconnected binational region has been        their strategy, they also have developed
                         praised by major international actors like the US Institute for    strategic relationships with numerous
                         International Education (IIE), the Arizona-Mexico Commission,      community organizations that engage
and the Mexican Government. Under his leadership, PCC has received numerous national        with Mexican-origin populations, including
and international recognitions.                                                             the Mexican Consulate, Tucson City
                                                                                            Government, Pima County Government,
                         Ricardo Castro-Salazar is Vice President for International
                                                                                            Tucson-Mexico Sister Cities Association,
                         Development at PCC. He is also an Associate Researcher at the
                                                                                            Fundación México, Tucson Hispanic
                         University of Arizona Center for Latin American Studies. He has
                                                                                            Chamber of Commerce (THCC), the
                         been External Advisor to the Mexican Government through the
                                                                                            League of United Latin American Citizens
                         Institute for Mexicans Abroad and a Fulbright Administrative
                                                                                            (LULAC), Portable Practical Education
                         Scholar in Russia. He has graduate degrees from England,
                                                                                            Preparation (PPEP), Amistades, and
                         Holland, Mexico, and USA. He has published in English and
                                                                                            many others. This approach has resulted
                         Spanish in various international journals and edited volumes
                                                                                            in global learning opportunities for PCC
                         and has received recognitions in the U.S. and the U.K. for his
                                                                                            students and for Mexican-origin minorities
research on undocumented students. He also has received the University of Arizona
                                                                                            on both sides of the border. Furthermore,
Global Education Excellence Award.
                                                                                            Chancellor Lambert strongly supported the
                                                                                            creation of PCC’s award-winning Mexico
                                              relationships, and a vision to provide
AWARD WINNING PROJECT/                        access to global learning to minorities
                                                                                            Project during politically challenging times,

PROGRAM/INSTITUTION                           and historically marginalized populations,
                                                                                            helping hundreds of minority students to
                                                                                            date. At the same time, VP Castro-Salazar
Chancellor Lee Lambert and Vice President     especially Mexican-origin minorities.
                                                                                            has served as External Advisor to the
for International Development Ricardo
                                              In the United States, 48% of Hispanics        Mexican Government and has developed
Castro-Salazar have implemented a new
                                              in higher education attend community          support for immigrant and DACA students.
vision for international education at PCC.
                                              colleges and more than 4 in 10 residents
Their premise is that all students should                                                   Thanks to this binational collaborative
                                              in Tucson, where PCC is located, are
have access to global learning, and                                                         approach, PCC is one of three community
                                              Hispanic. Mexican-origin Americans
international education must not be only                                                    colleges in the US selected by Mexico’s
                                              represent 89% of all Hispanics in Tucson
the privilege of those with financial and                                                   Ministry of Education to host students
                                              and they are, by far, PCC’s largest
academic means. Dr. Lambert, a worldly-                                                     from the prestigious SEP- Bécalos-
                                              minority enrollment. Nevertheless, a
wise leader of Korean descent, and Dr.                                                      Santander (SBS) program, where
                                              large sector of their population remains
Castro-Salazar, a Mexican immigrant who                                                     underprivileged Mexican students receive
                                              marginalized and their college dropout
has studied and taught in a number of                                                       government support to study STEM
                                              rate is higher than for other minorities.
nations, orchestrated a new approach                                                        courses and advanced ESL in the U.S. In
                                              Therefore, Chancellor Lambert and VP
to international education for the public                                                   the past three years, PCC has hosted over
                                              Castro-Salazar have concentrated their
community college. As part of PCC’s                                                         250 SBS students who have earned short-
                                              efforts on the achievement of equity,
mission to focus on student success, they                                                   term certificates that are recognized in
                                              social justice and inclusion for Mexican-
have created structures, international
                                              American communities. Their action plan
World’s Best Practice Guide in Professional and Technical Education and Training                                                   10

Mexico and make them more competitive          others. Additionally, PCC has developed       being loyal to principles and working
in the labor market. Additionally, Mexican     educational exchange programs with            in partnership with the community.
students now represent the largest number      Mexican institutions that have benefitted     Chancellor Lambert and VP Castro-
of international students at PCC, so we have   faculty and students on both sides of         Salazar have been passionate and
developed structured learning experiences      the border. Chancellor Lambert and VP         deeply committed to the principles of
involving local and international students     Castro-Salazar have been invited by the       inclusiveness and equity beyond frontiers.
where they achieve deeper intercultural        Mayor of Tucson to accompany him on           Under Chancellor Lambert, PCC is one of
understanding. PCC students also have          friendship and business missions to Mexico,   the top community colleges for graduating
traveled to Mexico to participate in various   where they have met with top government       Hispanic minorities and he has repeatedly
study abroad programs.                         officials and a former Mexican President      stated to the College community that
                                                                                             “we are a social justice organization.”
                                                                                             VP Castro-Salazar’s book, Navigating
RESULTS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS                    INTERNATIONAL VALUE                           Borders, has been designated by the UC
The objectives of providing educational        The premise of “Global Learning and
                                                                                             Davis Mellon Social Justice Initiative as
access to historically marginalized            Inclusion without Borders” is international
                                                                                             a reference on how to conduct research
minorities and making the relationship with    by design. Making Mexico a strategic
                                                                                             in service of social justice movements.
Mexico a priority for global learning have     partner has produced new educational
                                                                                             Thus, at PCC, the foundation of access
produced powerful multiplying effects.         programs based on innovative binational
                                                                                             to learning and student success without
Chancellor Lambert and VP Castro-Salazar       collaboration. The goal of global
                                                                                             borders is the embedded principle of
have been recognized by the Mexican            education and inclusion for all has evolved
                                                                                             global social justice. The lesson for
government, the City of Tucson, and local      in partnerships with US and Mexican
                                                                                             any other institution is to listen to the
community for their service to Mexican-        institutions beyond expectations. This
                                                                                             community and let their principles lead.
origin populations. PCC has partnered with     year, for the first time, a government
the Mexican Consulate on many initiatives,     institution in Mexico has partnered with
including the Education Orientation            an American college to offer financial        NEXT STEPS
Window at the Consulate, where Mexican         credit at 0% interest to Mexican students     Pima’s ambition is to become Northwest
nationals and Mexican-Americans can            wishing to study in the US. The Institute     Mexico’s preferred College in the United
learn about education opportunities            of Educational Credit of the State of         States. Mexican students already constitute
in Tucson and Mexico. PCC’s efforts            Sonora partnered with Pima to offer           the largest population of international
to serve Mexican-origin communities            such opportunity to Mexican students          enrollments and Pima is planning to work
have received national recognition by          who enrolled in PCC during summer             with the new government of Mexico and
the Institute for International Education      2018. Another example of binational           its educational institutions to continue
(IIE). Individually, Chancellor Lambert        collaboration was a partnership with the      providing access to global learning to
received the 2016 Victoria Foundation’s        Technological Institute of Hermosillo         underprivileged students on both sides
Edith Auslander Outstanding Support            (ITH) to implement a Sustainable Energy       of the border. At the same time, PCC
of Hispanic Issues in Higher Education         Exchange Program where six students and       has formally established an international
recognition. He also was recognized with       a professor from each institution worked      education program that will continue to
the 2017 Tucson Hispanic Chamber La            on Building Construction Technology           work with organizations in Mexico and the
Estrella Award for his commitment to           projects on both sides of the border.         US to develop opportunities for Mexican-
improving educational standards and his        The program was selected as one of the        American and Hispanic students in the
commitment to diversity and inclusion.         100,000 Strong in the Americas Innovation     community. PCC is also working with the
VP Castro-Salazar’s work with Mexican-         Fund grant recipients. These are only         National Institute of Technology of Mexico
American students and immigrants was           two of many examples that illustrate the      (the largest network of technological
recognized with the 2015 League of             success of learning without borders.          universities in the nation) on short-term
United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)                                                       STEM programs, with the Technological
National Convention Humanitarian Award.                                                      Institute of Sonora (ITSON) on the
He has provided over 440 scholarships
                                               WORDS OF WISDOM                               development of binational certificates,
                                               The concept of “Global Learning and
to Mexican-origin and Hispanic students                                                      and with the Ministries of Education and
                                               Inclusion without Borders” can be
with support from the Mexican Ministry of                                                    Foreign Relations of Mexico on programs
                                               applied among different international
Foreign Relations. In 2017, the Ambassador                                                   for Mexican-origin populations and
                                               partners and educational dimensions.
of Mexico to the US visited Tucson and                                                       immigrants. One of PCC’s main goals is
                                               Many educators support the concept,
honored PCC with an $80,000 grant for                                                        to expand study abroad programs and
                                               but execution can encounter political
scholarships. PCC’s Office of International                                                  to continue expanding opportunities for
                                               opposition and misunderstanding.
Development has worked with community                                                        underprivileged populations.
                                               One of the key lessons at PCC, and
organizations like JobPath to select
                                               the best way to face challenges, is by
scholarship beneficiaries in strategic areas
like Aviation Technologies, Sustainable
Technology, Automotive, Logistics, and
11                                                   World’s Best Practice Guide in Professional and Technical Education and Training

                        BRONZE (TIE): ACCESS TO                                                 CONTACT
                        LEARNING AND EMPLOYMENT                                                 LI Zhen (Joe)

                        Name of recipient/institution/association:
                        Qingdao Technical College                                               Phone: 86-189 5328 2565
                        Email address:
                        Country: P.R.China

                                                                                              develop their own learning pathways,
INTRODUCTION                                                                                  through doing projects they internalize
Qingdao Technical College (QTC) is, in China, one of the first national exemplary
                                                                                              skills, and, therefore, achieve abilities that
vocational colleges; one of the Chinese advanced vocational education institutes; one of
                                                                                              are sustainable. After graduation, about
employment competitiveness exemplary colleges, among vocational colleges; and, one
                                                                                              70% students stay working in Qingdao;
of the modern apprenticeship pilot higher vocational colleges. QTC also takes the leading
                                                                                              in contrast, before registration, only 30%
role in the “Student Support Services” Affinity Group of WFCP.
                                                                                              students come from Qingdao.
QTC maintains partnerships with 83 institutions and organizations from 25 countries
and regions around the world. Teacher training bases were set up in partner institutions
and organizations in 8 countries and regions. Three International Symposia on Higher
                                                                                              RESULTS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS
                                                                                              Embracing a “student-centred” philosophy
Vocational Education were hosted by QTC. In 2013, the vocational education cooperation
                                                                                              based on enterprises’ and students’ needs,
project between the Chinese and New Zealand governments were settled at QTC. QTC
                                                                                              teaching reform is carried out at QTC.
has won many honorary titles, such as the 2016 WFCP Awards of Excellence Gold Award
                                                                                              To improve the performance criteria of
in “Student Support Services, and the most popular university president among Chinese
                                                                                              holistic development, to provide students
universities and colleges.
                                                                                              with more opportunities, and to improve
                                                                                              competitive advantages for students the
                                               learning.” Students raise questions through
AWARD WINNING PROJECT/                         the learning processes, which is an inquiry-
                                                                                              “learning, teaching and doing in one”

PROGRAM/INSTITUTION                            based learning style. Whereas teachers at
                                                                                              talent training mode was innovated, a
                                                                                              broad-field curriculum system of higher
Quality management is improved by              QTC aim at addressing students’ questions
                                                                                              vocational education constructed, and
setting the goal of “letting students          in their teaching practices and in this way,
                                                                                              “many teachers collaborate in one class”
become their best self,” and innovatively      students are able to master the concepts
                                                                                              and “project-based teaching” methods
putting forward a “learning, teaching and      in the learning process and enjoy the joy
                                                                                              were implemented. The employment rate
doing in one” talent training mode, which      brought by creativity. In addition, students
                                                                                              remains over 97 percent.
is based on “learning” and promoting the
integration of production and education.
Every year, professional training programs
are revised dynamically according to
business and students’ needs. QTC offers
“support and service” to our students
through various channels such as general
education, academic consultation, career
planning and psychological support.
Students who are frustrated by their
poor academic performance on the
entrance exam will be trained to be a new,
professional and reliable industry support.

Under the task-oriented and project-
driven paths, the initiative of each major
is given back to students and students’
creativities are respected. The teaching
concepts turn from “hand by hand” to “let
go;” from “learning first and then doing” to
“doing first and then learning;” and, from
“teaching for teaching” to “teaching for
World’s Best Practice Guide in Professional and Technical Education and Training                                                     12

                                                                                             INTERNATIONAL VALUE
                                                                                             Adhering to an international college
                                                                                             concept, QTC continuously explores in
                                                                                             terms of curriculum reform, academic
                                                                                             exchanges, teachers’ exchange, students’
                                                                                             overseas study and employment and new
                                                                                             mechanisms and modes of international
                                                                                             cooperation and exchange. QTC ranks
                                                                                             top 50 in terms of international influence
                                                                                             among China’s higher vocational colleges.
                                                                                             In 2017, QTC, together with Qingdao
                                                                                             Construction Group, set up a training
                                                                                             base in Kenya to recruit and train Kenyan
                                                                                             employees. In the same period, a Chinese
                                                                                             tourism training base was set up in Dubai
                                                                                             to train local tourist guides.

                                                                                             Internationalization of Curriculum
                                                                                             Development, of the teachers’ team,
                                                                                             and of talent training is promoted at QTC.

                                                                                             WORDS OF WISDOM
                                                                                             •   Initiate the talent cultivation mode of
                                                                                                 “Learning, Teaching and Doing in One”

                                                                                             •   Construct the three dimensional
                                                                                                 “Broad-Field Curriculum” system

                                                                                             •   Improve teaching strategies and methods

                                                                                             •   Strengthen guidance and education
                                                                                                 for entrepreneurship and employment

                                                                                             •   Strengthen international cooperation
                                                                                                 and exchange

                                                                                             •   Implement multiple evaluations

                                                                                             NEXT STEPS
                                                                                             QTC will adhere to the “international
                                                                                             education” route and penetrate
                                                                                             internationalization of talent cultivation
                                                                                             into professional level. Furthermore, facing
                                                                                             internationalization and industrialization,
                                                                                             QTC will construct the professional talent
                                                                                             training of “1+N+1” cooperative mode, as
In other majors, there are similar learning   Students’ learning motivation is stimulated,   in, each specialty relies on “one industry
processes. Not only that, QTC creates         and their overall quality and creativity       organization” and “N (more than one)
opportunities for students to establish       improved. QTC students, who not only have      related enterprises” to connect with “one
student-centered positions, improve their     strong professional skills, but also have a    foreign vocational education institution,”
learning potential, and develop their         noble professional moral spirit, have won      to provide our students with opportunities
learning abilities through creating “job-     many prizes in skill competitions at home      to study abroad, paid internships abroad,
like courses” such as “Honours Program”,      and abroad. QTC students also obtain           and employment.
“Humanistic Quality General Course”,          sustainable development capability, and the
“Labour Education Class”, “Creative           employment rate remains over 97 percent.
Design Course,” and “Student Assistant.”      There are 166 QTC students employed
                                              abroad, while another 124 students started
                                              their own business while at school.
SECTION 2       World Best Practices Guide in Professional and Technical Education

World’s Best Practice Guide in Professional and Technical Education and Training                                                       14

                         GOLD: APPLIED RESEARCH                                                CONTACT
                                                                                               Dr. Marc Nantel,
                         Project name:
                                                                                               Associate Vice-President,
                         Niagara College Research & Innovation Excellence
                                                                                               Research & Innovation
                         Name of recipient/institution/association:
                         Research & Innovation Division, Niagara College                       Email:
                         Email address:
                                                                                               Phone: 905-641-2252, ext. 4150
                         Country: Canada

INTRODUCTION                                                                                 The achievements of R&I are really the
                                                                                             achievements of the industry partners with
Niagara College’s (NC) Research & Innovation (R&I) Division provides real-world solutions    whom we work. Here are specific examples
for business, key industry sectors, and the community through applied research and           (many more can be found on our website:
knowledge transfer activities. We conduct projects that provide innovative solutions,
such as producing and testing prototypes, evaluating new technologies, and developing
                                                                                             WAMIC: Airbus Helicopters reached out
new or improved products or processes for small- and medium-sized businesses. With
                                                                                             for help improving its processes around
funding support from various regional, provincial and federal agencies, students and
                                                                                             the trimming of large composite pieces
graduates are hired to work alongside faculty researchers to assist industry partners leap
forward in the marketplace. Niagara College is focused on three Innovation Centres: the
Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre (WAMIC); the Canadian Food & Wine
                                                                                             The research team conducted a thorough
Institute Innovation Centre (CFWI IC); and the Agriculture & Environmental Technologies
                                                                                             analysis of Airbus’ current practice,
Innovation Centre (AETIC). Operating on the key values of teamwork, honesty, ethics,
                                                                                             culminating in a final comprehensive
respect and excellence, NC’s R&I division has earned the Canadian Top 50 Research
                                                                                             report. Currently, Airbus and I-Cubed, a
Colleges standing of No. 7 for the past 2 years (2016, 2017).
                                                                                             local automation solutions provider in
                                                                                             Stoney Creek, are working together to
                                              To support industry sectors that are
AWARD WINNING PROJECT/                        most relevant to Niagara, NC has been
                                                                                             move forward with the recommended

PROGRAM/INSTITUTION                           successful in building strong institutional
                                                                                             solution. Overall, the solution will reduce
                                                                                             the work-cell scrappage rates by 90% and
Through its Research & Innovation division,   capacity by achieving success in obtaining
                                                                                             decrease the time to process each part on
Niagara College is committed to pursuing      long-term, renewable grants. To support
                                                                                             average by 80%.
research and development activities that:     its research Centres, NC has secured
                                              funding for two buildings (WAMIC, CFWI         CFWI IC: Broya, a Toronto-based food
•   Take a leadership role in revitalizing    IC); held 2 multi-million-dollar capacity-     company that produces high-quality,
    the Niagara regional economy, while       building grants (CFWI IC, AETIC); has          innovative meat products, approached
    supporting community and economic         recently renewed its Industrial Research       the Centre with an idea to develop a new
    development in Niagara, Ontario, and      Chair for Colleges (AETIC) in Precision        product line of shelf stable, bite-sized
    Canada                                    Agriculture & Environmental Technologies;      meat snacks, which would meet their
•   Enhance the productivity and increase     secured multiple small and large project-      exceptional standards of nutrition and
    the competitiveness of our local small-   focused Ontario grants (all Centres);          health benefits (https://www.ncinnovation.
    and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)       received multiple small ($30,000 to            ca/blog/portfolio/broya). The research
                                              $150,000) and large (> $1,000,000)             team conducted a product development
•   Support the creation of new jobs          equipment grants; and, currently holds two     project that resulted in three new meat
    through successful applied research       Technology Access Centre (TAC) grants          snacks, which combine natural sweetness,
    and commercialization activities          (WAMIC, CFWI IC). The Innovation Centres       mild spices, real fruits, and ethically
•   Enhance the quality of our academic       are further supported by our Digital           sourced meat. The products, which have
    programs and professional development     Media & Web Solutions and Business &           now been commercialized for health-food
    of college personnel                      Commercialization Solutions. The two           stores, and soon major retail chains, are
                                              Solutions are an enabling layer for the        also paleo-friendly, gluten-free, nitrite-free,
•   Support the development of applied        Centre-based projects, and improve the         and completely free of all other allergens.
    research skills of our students           commercialization prospects we help our
                                                                                             AETIC: The team solves sector-wide
                                              industry partners to develop; they are
                                                                                             challenges in agriculture, with recent work
                                              supported through the major activities and
                                                                                             including: collaborating with Sarapoint
                                              funding of the Centres.
                                                                                             Global to develop weather analytics
15                                                  World’s Best Practice Guide in Professional and Technical Education and Training

for tender fruit growers, and drone-          projects with Airbus, the company saw his      campus, touring all our research labs, and
to-rover communications to support            potential to oversee aerospace component       allowing each student an opportunity to
precision agriculture and semi-automated      production and ensure the production           present on their team’s progress on recent
farming; and using precision agriculture      lines are operational.                         projects. This allows a friendly setting
applications research, sharing that                                                          in which students may further develop
research with 28,000 grain farmers across                                                    presentation and business skills. With
the province to support the profitable
                                              INTERNATIONAL VALUE                            the success of these days, we now plan
                                              Because of our success building capacity
and environmentally sustainable usage                                                        events similar to ‘break bread’ together
                                              and operations at NC, R&I has been
of precision agriculture variable-rate                                                       throughout the year.
                                              involved in many International projects
techniques on their fields.
                                              aimed at increasing research capacity in
                                              other institutions. For example, Vietnam’s     NEXT STEPS
RESULTS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS                   Vinh Long Community College (VLCC) has         To build on our success, we must continue
There is no applied research project          been working closely with NC to develop        to seek long-term, renewable funding
conducted at Niagara College without at       their capacity in food technology and          opportunities, while persisting in our
least one student involved. Niagara College   laboratory management in partnership           efforts to recruit industry partners who
recently released a 2017-2021 strategic       with Global Affairs Canada and Agriteam        will benefit from interactions with our
plan that points NC toward a future as        Canada. In the program, VLCC was trained       Innovation Centres. Colleges in Canada are
“Canada’s leader in applied, experiential     to deliver performance-based, demand-          fortunate to be supported in their applied
learning” and in which experiential           driven, student-centred curriculum with        research efforts by strong programs at
learning is highlighted as one of three       new methodologies, equipment and               several levels of government. Nevertheless,
key strategic directions (http://www.         delivery approaches. NC’s School of            college research is critically underfunded       Horticulture has also taken our applied        compared to that of universities. There is
plans-reports/strategic-plan/). The R&I       research knowledge and expertise to the        much more that could be accomplished
Division has placed experiential student      Dominican Republic, building pumps to          with the right level of support, so Niagara
learning at its core since our inception      improve irrigation in the greenhouses          College intends to be a strong player in the
through course-based research (hands-         and introducing aquaponics, a self-            advocacy work of its provincial (Colleges
on training occurs as part of the course      contained system combining aquaculture         Ontario) and federal (Colleges & Institutes
learning objectives), funded research, and    and hydroponics. And finally, NC recently      Canada) associations. By securing funding
technical service offerings. In the latter    hosted delegations from Excelsior              for its Innovation Centres, Niagara College
two examples, students are hired by R&I       Community College, Jamaica, through the        furthers its own cause, but by contributing
as Research Assistants (part-time and         CARICOM Education For Employment               through advocacy to raising the overall
co-op options), and Research Associates       Program (C-EFE), and Brazil’s Ministry of      level of funding for college applied
(one-year contracts for graduates). NC        Education, through the CICan Canada-Brazil     research in Canada, we also aspire to help
R&I has made possible close to 10,000         Collaboration, to share with them best         our whole sector, including students and
student research experiences since July       practices in the administration of applied     industry partners who benefit from it.
2011, with ~350 of these as paid research     research in the college environment.
positions, and ~9,500 as course-based
project participations. Our students
on applied research projects learn
                                              WORDS OF WISDOM
                                              Niagara College Research & Innovation
project management, presentation skills,
                                              operations and Innovation Centres are split
intellectual property, report writing, and
                                              between two campuses in the Niagara
all the soft skills required to interact
                                              Region, so it is sometimes difficult for our
with industry partners and project
                                              teams of students, graduates and faculty
colleagues. In many cases, they are hired
                                              to get to know the administrative team,
on by the industry partner after their
                                              and each other, and to feel connected to
project completion, and graduation.
                                              the greater mission of training students
For example, James Turner worked as a
                                              while engaging with industry. Therefore,
Research Assistant with WAMIC, was hired
                                              we implemented an annual Research &
upon graduation from the Mechanical
                                              Innovation professional development day,
Engineering Technologist program, to
                                              in which all staff, graduates and students
be a Manufacturing Process Engineer at
                                              spend the day together, anchored by a
Airbus Helicopters, a subsidiary of global
                                              lunchtime barbecue. We spend the first
aerospace company, Airbus. Based on his
                                              half of our day at our Welland campus, and
work as an NC student, including partner
                                              the second half at the Niagara-on-the-Lake
You can also read