100% Australian Company - 2020/21 CATALOGUE - Kaleidoscope

100% Australian Company - 2020/21 CATALOGUE - Kaleidoscope
100% Australian Company

100% Australian Company - 2020/21 CATALOGUE - Kaleidoscope
In 1989 Kaleidoscope was founded with the goal of
providing high quality toys and children’s products to
the Australian market. Managing Director, Jos Benner
saw a need for interactive and educational toys that
encouraged children to think, learn and develop essential     Bonikka................................................2
skills in a creative and fun way. From small beginnings as
a home based business, we are now a market leader in          Ditty Bird............................................4
the Australian Specialty toy industry, with a substantial
warehouse facility. Kaleidoscope continues to provide
high quality toys, games, crafts and lifestyle products
                                                              Le Toy Van......................................... 5
designed specifically for children.
The continuing growth of the business is greatly due to
the relationships developed with suppliers and retailers
in a constantly changing market. Kaleidoscope takes pride     Folkmanis...........................................9
in ethical and sustainable production methods using
natural products where possible. Our product ranges are       Kiddie Connect............................10
designed and manufactured to the highest standards in
safety, quality, and environmental sustainability, and this
is reflected in the wealth of awards that these products
                                                              Mamagenius.................................... 11
have won over the years.
                                                              Manhattan Toy...............................12
Kaleidoscope is a member of the Australian Toy
Association, is part of the ICTI program for promotion of
ethical manufacturing and fair labour treatment, and the
                                                              Meiya & Alvin................................ 18
FSC program which promotes responsible management
of plantation forests. Proudly 100% Australian owned and      Tender Leaf Toys........................20
The loyal customer base and well-known brands are a           Tikiri....................................................30
large part of the success of Kaleidoscope. Retailers and
retail customers have come to expect quality, reliability     Wheely Bug................................... 33
and after sale service from the customer service and
warehouse team.                                               Trybike..............................................34
If you have any questions please contact Kaleidoscope.
                                                              CoConuts....................................... 36
                                                                  denotes new product

     11 Enterprise St
     Richlands Queensland 4077
     P: (07) 3375 6446
     E: customerservice@kaleidoscope.com.au
100% Australian Company - 2020/21 CATALOGUE - Kaleidoscope

                               MH200970                  KC4792Z                   MAM3390 – MAMAGENIUS
DSL3429 – TIKIRI My 1st Zoo    MANHATTAN TOY             KIDDIE CONNECT 1-10       Original Lock Activity Box
Animals 12pc CDU               Classic Skwish            Car Puzzle

                              DB0679 – DITTY        DJ6061 – DJECO        DJ3400 – DJECO     DJ6597 – DJECO
                              BIRD Learning Songs   Fairy Melody          Ballerina Night    The Ballerina’s Tune
                              Board Book            Magnetics Music Toy   Light              Music Box

PUPPETS White Bunny
Rabbit Puppet

                                                           LETV292 – LE TOY VAN
                              DJ7227 – DJECO Ballerina     Doctor’s Kit
                              36pc Silhouette Puzzle                                 MH314370 – MANHATTAN TOY
                                                                                     Wee Baby Stella Bathing Set

DJ9750 – DJECO
Big Box of Colours

                                              TL8421 – TENDER LEAF TOYS
                                              Wooden Weather Station

                                                                                    TL8236 – TENDER LEAF TOYS
TB6174 – TRYBIKE Green
                                                                                    Push Along Ice Cream Cart
Vintage Trybike

WBA1SL – WHEELY BUG                                                                    DSL1910 – BONIKKA Grace
Small Ladybug                                                                          Baby Doll in Carry Cot with
                                                                                       Bottle & Blanket
                                        LEH150 – LE TOY VAN Cherry Tree Hall
100% Australian Company - 2020/21 CATALOGUE - Kaleidoscope
DSL1910 – Grace –
                                                                                                            Baby Doll in Carry
                                                                                                            Cot with Bottle &
                                                                                                            Blanket (23cm)

DSL1960 – Baby Kaia      DSL1961 – Baby Kye    DSL1962 – Baby Carry Cot               DSL1963 – Baby Aria
(43cm)                   (43cm)                (28cm x 18cm)                          (43cm)

  DSL1970 – Teeny Doll        DSL1972 – Teeny Doll
  Rubber Head                 Comforter-Rubber
                              Head                               DSL1211 – Katy        DSL1212 – Peggy Blonde    DSL1213 – Fran
                                                                 Brunette Doll with    Doll with Lilac & Pink    Light Brunette Doll
                                                                 Pink & Sea Green      Dress (42cm)              with Pink & Green
                                                                 Dress (42cm)                                    Dress (42cm)

  DSL1971 – Teeny Doll
  Rattle Rubber Head

                                       DSL1502 – Pari                   DSL1501 – Pia – Light          DSL1503 – Ria – Blonde
                                       Brunette Doll with Blue          Brunette Doll with Peach       Doll with Pink & White
                                       & Purple Dress (35cm)            & Blue Dress (35cm)            Dress (35cm)

 DSL1302 – Cecilia – Brunette Doll with White Linen Dress (42cm)

2 Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue
100% Australian Company - 2020/21 CATALOGUE - Kaleidoscope
DSL1702 – Rose
                                                                                                     Brunette Organic
                                                                                                     Doll with Grey
                         DSL1602 – Scarlet – Beige                                                   Dress & Pink
                         Hair Doll with Pink Floral                                                  Jacket (32cm)
                         Dress (35cm)

                                        DSL1603 – Summer – Brunette Doll            DSL1701 – Lily
                                        with Orange Floral Dress (35cm)             Blonde Organic Doll
                                                                                    with White Dress &
                                                                                    Blue Jacket (32cm)
                      DSL1601 – Lilac Black Haired Doll
                      with Blue Floral Dress (35cm)

   DSL1723 – Blonde Lucy        DSL1724 Brunette Mandy
   with Bracelet (38cm)         with Bracelet (38cm)

                                                                           DSL1333 – Priscy         DSL1304 – Maliah
                                                                           Blonde Linen Doll        Black Haired Doll
                                                                           with Cream Linen         with Grey Linen
                                                                           Dress (42cm)             Dress (42cm)

DSL1803 – Brook         DSL1801 – Neva                DSL1802 – Honey
Cotton Doll (38cm)      Cotton Doll (38cm)            Cotton Doll (38cm)

                                                                                 DSL1911 – Cherub   DSL1912 – Cherub
                                                                                 Baby Pink (32cm)   Baby Blue (32cm)
       DSL1699 Precious Mini Dolls – Assorted Colours (16cm)

                                                                              Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue            3
100% Australian Company - 2020/21 CATALOGUE - Kaleidoscope
                     TO LISTEN TO THE SO N G S O N EAC H PAG E

DB6857 – Music To Dance To   DB6858 – Action Songs        DB9271 – Sounds of Australia    DB6859 – Dinosaur Sounds

  DB0679 – Learning Songs      DB0670 – Farm Animal         DB6851 – Cute Animals        DB6853 – Safari Animal Sounds

        DB0673 – Nursery Rhymes             DB0674 – Classical Music             DB0671 – Children’s Songs

        DB6855 – Happy Birthday             DB6856 – Bedtime Songs               DB0672 – Instrumental Children’s Songs

4 Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue
100% Australian Company - 2020/21 CATALOGUE - Kaleidoscope
                      ABOUT PLAY

                              Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue   5
100% Australian Company - 2020/21 CATALOGUE - Kaleidoscope

     Young Children                Older Children

       Do It Yourself                Small Gifts

       Needlework                    Body Art

6 Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue
100% Australian Company - 2020/21 CATALOGUE - Kaleidoscope

   Early                    Animambo

   Wooden Puzzles          Construction

Puzzles                    Games

                               Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue   7
100% Australian Company - 2020/21 CATALOGUE - Kaleidoscope
                        BIG ROOM


8 Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue

      Fantasy                 Wild Animals


                               Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue   9
WOODEN PUZZLES                                          KC5525C – Carry Around
                                                                                              abc (Lower Case)

  KC5219C – Shape Clock Puzzle
                                      KC4792Z – 1-10 Car Puzzle
                                                                                              KC5525B – Carry Around
                                                                                              ABC (Capitals)

KC2001E – Fractions with        KC5214D – Jigsaw Shape            KC2001G – 123 Carrot         KC5525A – Carry Around
Number                          Fraction Puzzle                   Puzzle                       123 Puzzle

KC5200C – Slice the        KC5112C – Sea Creatures KC5213A – Farm Animal     KC2001C – ABC          KC2001D – abc
Fruit Puzzle               Chunky Puzzle           Chunky Puzzle             (Uppercase) Chunky and (Lowercase) Chunky and
                                                                             Tracing Puzzle         Tracing Puzzle

KC5213B – Wild Jungle      KC5112D – Vehicles      KC2001A – Vehicle Puzzle KC2001B – Large Sun      KC2001F – 123 Worm
Chunky Puzzle              Chunky Puzzle           with Magnets             and Rainbow Puzzle       Puzzle

KC5214G – Ark Chunky           KC5214E – Rainbow Fish
Puzzles                        Puzzle
                                                                                         KC5214C – Rainbow Birds Puzzle
                                                                                   KC5199A – Fish Stacker Puzzle
10 Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue
Age 3-5 years


    KCCC021 – Firefighter Costume

                                                 KCCC012 – Doctor Costume

                                                                  KCCC003 – Nature
                                                                  Explorer Costume

                                                mamagenius ®

MAM3516A                            MAM3390 – Original Lock Activity Box             MAM2063 – Wooden Baby Activity Box
Lock Activity Box                   32cm long x 15cm wide x 17cm high                33cm long x 16.5cm high x 15cm wide
20cm long x 12cm wide x 17cm high

                                                                                 Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue            11

  MH216990 – Sleepy         MH216950 – Finding Home    MH217490 – A               MH217460 – Animal
  Not Sleepy                                           Mermaid’s ABCs             Sounds

   MH158700 – Flutter       MH216130 – What’s              MH216120 – What’s      MH208160 – Find the Ball
   By Birdie                Outside? – Sky                 Outside? – Sea

                            MH200050                   MH201350 – Sunny            MH202970 – Buzzing
                            Where’s The Bone?          Day Soft Fabric             Through

MH216860 – Lemon the Bear    MH216830 – Lemon the          MH216840 – Lemon the   MH216850 – Lemon the Bear
                             Bear Goes Camping             Bear Plants a Garden   Cooks Dinner

                                   MH211740 – Look Who’s                           MH202380 – Whoozit
                                   Smiling Photo Book                              Photo Album

12 Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue

                                                                                  MH216910 – Manhattan Ball (Boxed)

                                           MH217740 – Leopard Rubber Teether

                       MH206600            MH218120 – Lili Llama Rubber Teether   MH218260 – Travel Toy Llama
                       Skwinkle Teether

  MH214200                  MH216100 – Transparent            MH216700                    MH216915
  Atom Teether              Atom Teether                      Stellar Rattle              Manhattan Ball

MH210670 – Colourful        MH143910 – Natural                MH200930
Classic Baby Beads          Classic Baby Beads                Classic Winkel        MH214220 – Click Clack Ball

      MH209620                 MH203540                        MH200970                    MH214250
      Natural Skwish           Colour Burst Skwish             Classic Skwish              Artful Skwish

                                                                       Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue        13

  MH217700                    MH217520                              MH212810
  Wimmer-Ferguson Loopsy      Wimmer-Ferguson Mind Cubes            Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile

                              MH216880 – Wimmer-Ferguson Baby Zoo
                                                                                   MH217510 – Wimmer-
                                                                                   Ferguson Learning Cube

                                         MH218190           MH216890                  MH210950
                                         Wimmer-Ferguson    Wimmer-Ferguson           Wimmer-Ferguson Sight
                                         Tiger Travel Toy   Whale Travel Toy          & Sounds Travel Toy

                                      MH211590 – Wimmer-Ferguson         MH201480 – Wimmer-Ferguson
                                      Infant Stim-Mobile To Go           Mind Shapes

14 Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue

 MH216150 – Varoom Builders         MH212280 – Tree Top Adventure (57cm high) MH159110 – Deep Sea Adventure (54cm high)

MH208130 – Bababall           MH211540 – Brilliant       MH158970 – Making                MH218300 – Spiral
                              Bear Magnetic Stack        Faces Memory Game                Animal Lemur

 MH316310 – Activity Centre Zebra           MH216570 – Musical Chicken              MH217120 – Musical Llama

    MH202260 – Whoozit Water Mat           MH216260 – Jazzy Ball          MH212080 – Links-To-Go Set

                                                                           Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue        15

 MH152960 – Wee Baby Stella             MH154300 – Wee Baby Stella              MH152930 – Wee Baby Stella Sweet
 Sleepy Time Scents Set (29cm high)     Beige Sleep Time (29cm high)            Scents Birthday Set (29cm high)

  MH314370 – Wee Baby Stella          MH152980 – Wee Baby Stella       MH153090 – Wee Baby    MH155900 – Wee Baby
  Bathing Set (29cm high)             Doll Beige (29cm high)           Stella (29cm high)     Stella Fella (29cm high)

                                                          MH152420 – Baby Stella                MH158980 – Stella
                                                          Peach (38cm high)                     Collection Feeding Set

                                                                                                MH152310 – Wee
                                                                                                Baby Stella Sweet
                                                                                                Dreams Bassinet

16 Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue

      MH155370 – Henley Speckled        MH154260 – Petals the          MH158260 – Under the       MH158360 – Luxe
      Chicken (22.8cm high)             Unicorn (19cm)                 Sea Jellyfish (31.8cm)     Twiggies Sullivan (Sloth)

MH155350 – Cooper White MH159330 – Hans      MH159230 – Charming       MH159220 – Charming MH158850 – Sleepy Time
Chicken (22.8cm high)   (28cm)               Charro Hippo (29cm)       Charlie Lion (29cm) Bear (22cm)

MH155360 – Megg Brown         MH103970 – Goldie          MH152770 – Snow (30.5cm)          MH104140 – Ziggie (30.5cm)
Chicken (22.8cm high)         Lanky (30.5cm)

           MH106690 – Nursing Nana Dog (25.5cm long)            MH107790 – Nursing Nina Cat (25.5cm long)

                                                                            Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue           17
DSL2921 – Ethan Hedgehog       DSL2923 – Ethan Hedgehog      DSL2433 – Havah
                                  Rubber Rattle                  Plush Teether                 Soft Rattle

   DSL2302 – Alvin Rubber      DSL2111 – Meiya the           DSL2112 – Alvin the            DSL2103 – Havah the
   Squeaker Window Box         Mouse Toy                     Elephant Toy                   Bunny Toy

   DSL2303 – Havah Rubber       DSL2301 – Meiya Rubber           DSL2402 – Alvin Rattle     DSL2400 – Meiya Rattle
   Squeaker Window Box          Squeaker Window Box

  DSL2602 – Alvin Teether Window Box    DSL2601 – Meiya Teether Window Box    DSL2603 – Havah Teether Window Box

18 Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue
DSL2212 – Alvin Puppet Snuggly   DSL2211 – Meiya Puppet Snuggly        DSL2312 – Alvin Squeaker Gift Set

DSL2942 – Alvin                  DSL2941 – Meiya               DSL2422 – Alvin Flat Toy    DSL2421 – Meiya Flat Toy
Stacker – Window Box             Stacker – Window Box

      DSL2423 – Havah Flat                DSL2425 – Meiya Flat Toy                  DSL2426 – Alvin Flat Toy
      Toy Card                            New Card                                  New Card

                                                                          Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue          19

 TL8401 – Balancing Arctic Circle               TL8407 – Counting Carrots           TL8402 – Stacking Garden Animal Friends

TL8348 – Pond Dipping Fishing Game TL8415 – How Many           TL8420 – Colour Me Happy TL8347 – Snail Whirls Wooden Puzzle
                                   Acorns Wooden Puzzle        Wooden Worm Puzzle

TL8408 – Bear Colours Clock           TL8345 – Rainmaker TL8421 – Weather Station          TL8412 – Ladybug Teaching Clock

 TL8417 – Touchy Feely Animals      TL8338 – Peacock Colours     TL8419 – Ouch Wooden Puzzle TL8418 – Underwater Shapes

 TL8414 – Citrus Fractions Puzzle     TL8360 – Safari Park Story Bag Set         TL8362 – Fairytale Story Bag Set

20 Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue

                       TL8366 – Forest Trail Kit       TL8606 – Princess Magblocs         TL8365 – Safari Adventure

    TL8411 – Tic Tac Toe Game     TL8468 – Dream House Blocks               TL8321 – Royal Castle

                                                      TL8344 – Monster Stacker

TL8467 – Heads & Tails Dominoes with Bag                                                       TL8341 – Monster Lock Box

                                                   TL8610 – 8 pc Designer
                                                   Magblocks Set

 TL8466 – Garden Path Dominoes with Bag                                              TL8607 – What’s Up
                                                                                 Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue        21

        TL8701 – Tree Tops Train Set
                                                                              TL8702 – Wild Pines Train Set

   TL8753 – Forest Tunnels
   for Train Set
                                                TL8355 – Construction Car Set        TL8751 – Fir Tree Tops for Train Set

                                         TL8353 – Wooden Retro Cars Set

 TL8752 – Mountain Pass

                                                                                                 Wooden Tow Truck
                                                    TL8351 – Wooden
                                                    Tractor and Trailer

                                                                 TL8613 – 14 pc Racing
                                                                 Magblocs Set
     TL8367 – Fire Engine

                             TL8343 – ABC Emergency Cars                  TL8235 – Tutti Frutti Ice Cream Van with Penguins

22 Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue

    TL8652 – Flexible Limb Construction Robot

                                                   TL8581 – Blue Bird Service Station

        TL8340 – Animal Taxi
                                                TL8364 – Happy London Bus

                                       TL8313 – Space Adventure                    TL8311 – Cosmic Rocket Set

 TL8612 – 12 pc Galaxy Magblocks Set

                                                      TL8312 – Life On Mars Set
  TL8335 – Rocket Construction Set

                                                                            Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue      23

                                                                    TL8357 – Garden Wheelbarrow Set

   TL8358 – Blossom Flowerpot Set      TL8356 – Strawberry Flower Pot

                                                TL8363 – Flower Bed with Can


       TL8228 – Mini Chef Bird’s Nest Cafe
                                                                               TL8236 – Ice Cream Cart

                                             TL8274 – Mini Chef Chopping
                                             Board with Vegetables

      TL8238 – Fish and Chips Supper                                       TL8276 – Little Bear’s Picnic

24 Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue

                                               TL8253 – Weighing Scales           TL8273 – Grocery Bag

               TL8256 – Woodland
               Store and Theatre

                                                                                          TL8285 – Wooden Eggs

 TL8141 – Four Wooden People               TL8147 – Sunny Doll Family              TL8142 – Doll Family

TL8145 – Edward with TL8146 – Amy with    TL8144 – Mrs Goodwood     TL8148 – Ayana with    TL8143 – Mr Goodwood
Flexible Limbs & His Flexible Limbs & Her with Flexible Limbs &     Flexible Limbs &       with Flexible Limbs &
Skateboard           Rabbit               Her Baby                  Her Cat                His Dog

                                                                           Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue          25

    TL8305 – Noah’s Shape Sorter Ark

                                                             TL8306 – Noah’s Wooden Ark

           TL8480 – Stacking Farmyard Animals with Bag

                                                                          TL8469 – The Friend Ship Boat
      TL8164 – Chicken Coop

                              TL8301 – Little Barnyard Set            TL8165 – The Stables

26 Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue

     TL8483 – Farmyard Animals Set                                             TL8470 – Woodland Animals Set
     (1 of each animal in display shelf)                                       (1 of each animal in display shelf)
     *All animals available separately in a pack of 6                          *All animals available separately in a pack of 6
                                                                               TL8472 – Woodland Animals
                                                                               (3 of each animal in display shelf)

    TL8475 – Safari Animals Set (1 of each animal in display shelf)
    *All animals available separately in a pack of 6

  TL8479 – Coastal Animals Set (1 of each animal in display shelf)    TL8477 – Dinosaur Set (1 of each animal in display shelf)
  *All animals available separately in a pack of 6                    *All animals available separately in a pack of 6

                                                                                    Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue                27

  TL8455 – Magnetic Garden Stacker

                                         TL8459 – Magnetic Foxy Stacker Puzzle       TL8465 – Baby Activity Walker

                                                             TL8350 – Wooden Pull Along Ducks
  TL8463 – Nursery Blocks in a Bag

                                                                                     TL8464 – Wagon with Blocks
                                                        TL8452 – Baby Blocks

     TL8456 – Wooden Tortoise
     Shape Sorter with Shapes

                                      TL8451 – Wooden
                                      Twisting Cubes
                                                               TL8404 – Audio Sensory Tray      TL8406 – Touch Animal
                                                                                                Sensory Tray

    TL8405 – Visual Sensory Tray

   TL8101 – Sweetiepie Dolly Cradle       TL8104 – Sweetiepie Dolly Pram
                                                                               TL8591 – Running Rabbit Wooden Ride On

28 Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue

   TL8816 – Pull Along Bear Cart
                                                                               TL8813 – Forest Fox Chair

                                             TL8812 – Forest Rabbit Chair

                                                                                           TL8811 – Forest Bear chair
   TL8814 – Forest Deer Chair                 TL8808 – Forest Steps

                      TL8801 – Forest Wooden Table and 2 Chairs                  TL8810 – Forest Table Only

                                                                            Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue          29
DSL3541 – Sweet Sunrise Dragon

                        DSL3531 – Magical
                        Midnight Dragon

                                                                    DSL3551 Plush
                                                                    Midnight Dragon

    DSL3532 – Cotton
                                                                                      DSL3542 – Sparkly Shining
    Candy Unicorn
                                                                                      Stars Unicorn

                                                                                       Hippo Teether
    DSL3464                 DSL3465          DSL3466           DSL3461
    Crocodile Teether       Zebra Teether    Lion Teether      Elephant Teether          Giraffe Teether – DSL3462

30 Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue
DSL3424 – Rubber Crocodile

                                         DSL3426 – Rubber Lion

                                                                                 DSL3422 – Rubber Giraffe

                 DSL3634                                         DSL3425
                 Rubber Horse                                    Rubber Zebra                   DSL3421
                                                DSL3423 – Rubber Hippo                          Elephant

                                          Rubber Cow

DSL3631                                                     DSL3763
Rubber Pig                                                  Rubber
                                                            Seahorse                     DSL3764
        DSL3635                                                                          Rubber Turtle
        Rubber Chicken

                        Rubber Puppy

         Rubber Sheep
                                                    Rubber Dolphin

                                              Rubber Crab
                                                                       Rubber Octopus

                                                    Also available:
                                                    DSL3639 – My 1st Farm Animals CDU
                 DSL3429 – My 1st Zoo Animals CDU   DSL3760 – My 1st Ocean Buddies CDU
                                                             Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue         31

    DSL3309 – Organic Plush        DSL3308 – Organic Plush          DSL3316 – Organic          DSL3307 – Organic Plush
    Baby Bear                      Baby Mouse                       Plush Baby Koala           Baby Bunny

    DSL3471                     DSL3473                 DSL3474 – Organic       DSL3472                DSL3475
    Organic Plush               Organic Plush           Plush Elephant          Organic Plush          Organic Plush
    Elephant Spiral             Elephant Pull Toy       Vibrating Toy           Lion Activity Toy      Elephant Rattle

DSL3490 – Lilith    DSL3491 – Lilith Llama   DSL3484 – Rubber            DSL3483 – Rubber          DSL3485 – Rubber
Llama Rubber Rattle Activity Rubber          Teething Ring Yellow Muslin Teething Ring Pink Muslin Teething Ring Green Muslin

       DSL3492 – Lilith Llama           DSL3481 – Crocodile          DSL3480 – Lion                 DSL3482 – Giraffe
       Comforter Rubber                 Comforter Green Muslin       Comforter Pink Muslin          Comforter Yellow Muslin
32 Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue
...wheely fun!

WBA6LC – Cow Large Wheely Bug                                                 WBA4LB – Bee Large Wheely Bug
WBA5SC – Cow Small Wheely Bug                                                 WBA3SB – Bee Small Wheely Bug

                                         WBA8LM – Mouse Large Wheely Bug
                                                                               WBA10LT – Tiger Large Wheely Bug
                                         WBA7SM – Mouse Small Wheely Bug
                                                                               WBA9ST – Tiger Small Wheely Bug
WBA12LP – Pig Large Wheely Bug
WBA11SP – Pig Small Wheely Bug

                                                                               WBA2LL – Large Ladybug Wheely Bug
                                                                               WBA1SL – Small Ladybug Wheely Bug

                                                                                 WBUC1 – Wheely Bug Unicorn Combo
                                                                               WBCUC1 – Unicorn Wheely Bug Cover

                                  WBHC1 – Wheely Bug Hedgehog Combo
                                  WBCHH1 – Hedgehog Wheely Bug Cover

                                                                                  WBDC1 – Wheely Bug Dog Combo
                                                                                     WBCDG1 – Dog Wheely Bug Cover

       WBLC1 – Wheely Bug Lion Combo                                   WBPC1 – Wheely Bug Panda Combo

       WBCLI1 – Lion Wheely Bug Cover                                  WBCPD1 – Panda Wheely Bug Cover

 * Small – 12+ months
   Large – 3+ years                                                        Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue         33
2 IN 1                           TRYBIKE STEEL
   BIKE                            Convertible Balance Bicycle changes from a
                                  low tricycle suitable for age 18 months plus to
                                   a balance bicycle suitable for up to 5 years.
                                   Adjustable seat allows greater adaptability.

                                                     TURN                      YOU NEED
                                                            YOUR             TO CONVERT
                                                                 T  RIKE
                                                                             YOUR TRIKE!
                                                          INTO A BIK

                                  TB6176 – Woven
                                  Wicker Trybike

                     RANGE INCLUDES                 6 FANTASTIC COLOURS!

          TB6175 – Vintage Red                     TB4007 – white                   TB6142 – Vintage Blue

         TB6174 – Vintage Green                    TB6144 – Grey                    TB6143 – Vintage Pink

34 Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue
CHOOSE YOUR                            EACH
                                                                         TRYBIKE H
                                    FAVOURITE                                   WIT
                                                                        COMES KER
                                                                        THIS STIC
                                      DESIGN                               SHEET

                             TRYBIKE WOOD                                           4 IN 1
                                  The four configurations of the wood
                                Trybike provide easy progressions for all
                                 ages and abilities from 18 months old.

1                           2                           3                       4

1. Low tricycle can be walked and
   ridden to develop movement
                                                   AVAILABLE IN             2 COLOURS!
   and steering skills.
2. Low bicycle introduces balance
   and extends bike handling skills.
3. High bicycle for building
   confidence in preparation for a
   pedal bike.
4. High tricycle enables children
   with differing abilities to develop             TB6151 – Pink                TB6152 – Brown
   the skills for riding or can be a
   fun bike for an older child.

                                                                    Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue   35
From the creative geniuses at
  Trybike we are excited to introduce
  CoConuts Helmets. Each helmet
  is designed to perfectly match the
  steel Trybike range.

                              COCO10M – MEDIUM                                   COCO11M – MEDIUM

                              COCO12M – MEDIUM                                   COCO13M – MEDIUM

                              COCO4M – MEDIUM                                    COCO9M – MEDIUM

                                                                              HELMET SIZES
       *Complies with                                                   Extra Small: 44-51 cms.
       Australian Testing
                                                                             Small: 47-53 cms.
       and Standards for
       Bicycle Helmets                                                     Medium: 52-58 cms.

                                        COCO14S – SMALL
                                        COCO14M – MEDIUM
36 Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue
Our Brands
             Bonikka presents an extensive range of                                  Children learn by imitation and the Le Toy
             handcrafted cloth dolls. Crafted with care using                        Van range of role play toys cover all aspects
             natural rubber and fabrics produced using best                          of a child’s day to day life as well as allowing
             practices in organic, chemical free growing and                         children to create their own worlds and develop
             production.                                                             their imagination. The Petilou range has simple
                                                                                     characters and bright colours perfect for the
             From the creative geniuses at Trybike we are                            very young. Made with sustainably produced
             excited to introduce CoConuts Helmets.                                  rubber wood with hand finished detailing, these
             Children will love the funky and playful designs.                       toys are designed to be passed down through
             Each helmet is crafted with an ABS hard quality                         families. Le Toy Van is renowned for their ethical
             plastic outer shell with a lightweight inner shell                      standards across all areas of manufacturing and
             featuring foam pads and a spin dial in the back                         development.
             to ensure comfort and the perfect fit. CoConuts
             also feature 11 air vents keep children cool and                        Best known for the development of the Original
             adjustable chin straps with quick-release buckle.                       Lock Activity Box, Mamagenius takes pride in
             Tested for Australian Safety Standards.                                 producing traditional wooden toys and puzzles
                                                                                     designed to stimulate the development of hand-
                                                                      mamagenius ®   eye coordination, fine motor and gross motor
             Playful learning through music & sounds! The
             delightful Ditty Bird musical books, for children                       skills.
             from 6 months, help develop early language skills,
             auditory development and music appreciation.                            Manhattan Toy understands the importance of
                                                                                     colour and texture to the intellectual development
             Djeco presents four different ranges that                               of babies. Manhattan have included Wimmer
             encourage children to learn and create.                                 Ferguson toys and accessories in their range as
                                                                                     well as developing the Skwish and other rattles
             Djeco Main Range focuses on toys, games and                             and teethers.
             puzzles for newborn through to adult that teach,
             develop and entertain. Djeco products are                               Designed in Sri Lanka, the Meiya & Alvin range of
             designed to aid development and enhance social                          baby teethers, rattles and books perfectly capture
             interaction.                                                            the innocence of childhood. Meiya the Mouse and
             Djeco Art and Crafts encourage children to                              Alvin the Elephant are now being joined by new
             develop their fine motor skills and imagination                         characters as the range expands.
             through elegant designs and gradual skill
             progressions.                                                           Tender Leaf Toys present a range of educational
             Lovely Paper range of stationery has recurring                          toys that promote learning through play. Tender
             artistic themes that promote a return to the art of                     Leaf Toys have taken traditional toys and given
             written communication with beautiful cards, books                       them a makeover to suit the modern playroom or
             and stationery items.                                                   nursery. Awarded the ICTI seal of approval for
                                                                                     promotion of ethical manufacturing and fair labour
             Little Big Room understands how a creative                              treatment.
             environment can influence a child’s development.
             Djeco presents beautiful themed items for                               The Tikiri range of toys for babies and toddlers is
             bedrooms and living.                                                    an introduction to a world of imagination. Friendly
                                                                                     unicorns and delightful dragons join farm and zoo
             The Folkmanis range of every-day, exotic and                            characters to enhance children’s physical and
             fantasy puppets have an international reputation                        emotional development. Made from pure natural
             for excellence in craftsmanship and detail.                             rubber and organic fabrics, Tikiri ensures their
             Puppets allow the child the opportunity for open                        toys are suitable for all children.
             ended play while encouraging language skills, fine
             and gross motor skills and the child’s interest in                      TRYBIKE provides children with a way to develop
             the natural world.                                                      the skills needed to become confident cyclists.
                                                                                     Trybike easily converts from trike to balance bike,
        Kiddie Connect has designed a range of                                       with adjustable seat height, allowing the bike to
        attractive, wooden, quality educational toys                                 grow with the child. Designed in the Netherlands
        that teach the introductory concepts of maths,                               and manufactured from high quality materials,
        language and environment through puzzles and                                 Trybike is built to last.
        role play. Solid chunky pieces, bright colours and
Kiddie simple designs make this range ideal for use in

Connect day-care, kindergartens and schools as well as the                           Designed in Australia to promote the
                                                                                     development of gross motor skills in children
        home.                                                                        at the cusp of walking through to toddlers.
             Kiddie Connect has a new line of occupational                           Multi directional wheels allow the child greater
             dress-ups for role play suitable for children aged                      independence of movement. The Wheely Bug
             three to five years.                                  ...wheely fun!
                                                                                     has a large range of familiar characters designed
                                                                                     to appeal to any child. The small Wheely bug suits
                                                                                     children from 12 months to three years, the large
                                                                                     for three to five years.

                                                                                     Kaleidoscope 2020/21 Catalogue                       37
100% Australian Company


                                                   Connect                       mamagenius ®

                                       ...wheely fun!

Kaleidoscope Australasia Pty Ltd, 11 Enterprise Street, Richlands Queensland 4077, Australia. www.kaleidoscope.com.au
                              Phone: (07) 3375 6446. Email: sales@kaleidoscope.com.au
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