We are so excited to have our amazing Serve Team serving our community
this Easter at the NewSound Helicopter Egg Drop! We want to thank you for
taking the time out of your Easter weekend to make this an incredible event
and an opportunity for our community to experience a service at NewSound.
Our hope is that they will not only encounter God, but will also see the
generous hearts and hospitality of our church family. Enclosed you will find all
of the information you will need to make this day a success. Please take the
time to read through all of it, paying special attention to the responsibilities
of your team, so that the day can go as smoothly as possible. As with
everything we do, we want to create an environment of excellence, so if you
have any questions that are not covered in this booklet, please do not
hesitate to let us know. We cannot wait for this exciting and fun event, but
even more, we cannot wait to see how God uses us and our efforts to reach
out to those who are close to us, but far from Him. We love you and thank
you for everything you do to make NewSound Church so special!
Much Love,
Pastor Josh and the Team


Event Timeline ………………………………………………………………. 3
Teams, Leaders, and Responsibilities ……………………… 5
Volunteer Information & FAQ ……………………………………. 8
Parent Information ………………………………………………………… 9
Event Map ……………………………………………………………………… 11
Walkie-Talkie Channel List ………………………………………….. 12



Volunteers Arrive on Site

   •   Parking for our serve team will not be available on site. Please park at our
       neighboring businesses: check the Boys and Girls Club lot first, and when full, then
       the daycare next door. These locations are both approved for our team to park and
       within walking distance, and we are asking our serve team to park off-site so that we
       can make sure we have parking places available on-site for our honored guests.

   •   If you are not serving during the NewSound Easter service(s) and therefore miss
       Serve Team Rally, check-in at the Check-In Tent to receive your information on which
       event team you are serving on and where to meet up with your team captain.


   •   Saturday at 4:00 PM
   •   Sunday at 8:45 AM


All volunteers go to their designated areas, ready for guests!

   •   Registration Team report to Check-In Tent at the fields by 12 Noon.

   •   Field Team will report to the fields by 12 noon. We need at least 4 team members (1
       per field) present by noon. The rest of the team will need to be out there just prior to
       service ending.

   •   Both of these teams are present in the event that we have people arriving solely for
       the egg hunt.

   •   The NewSound Kids Team will head to the fields just as soon as all of the kids in their
       designated rooms have been checked out.

       If you are serving this event and you have kids checked into NewSound Kids, make
       plans ahead of time as to how you are going to check them out quickly so our Kids
       Team can get to the fields and you can serve. Especially if you have babies in the
       Nursery. It will require some planning ahead, but our entire Kids Team needs to be on
       the fields, so don’t leave them checked into NewSound Kids during the hunt!

Event is Open to the Public

   •   Parking team to direct any guests arriving after services into parking spaces. They
       will make sure to inform guests that they must be pre-registered for the egg hunt
       portion of the event and will hand out information to parents as they arrive. Parking
       Team will also be directing families to the crosswalks that we will be using to walk
       between the egg drop fields and the bounce house area. Crosswalks are highlighted
       on the event map.

•   Encourage Participants to pick up their kids and then head straight to their
       respective fields after service.
   •   If anyone arrives that did not pre-register, they will not be allowed on the fields for
       the egg hunt, but they are welcome to enjoy the Bounce Houses, Easter Bunny, Face-
       Painting, and Food Trucks open for business in the back of our school property.


   •   All children will check into their age-appropriate fields and remain in the holding
       zone portion of their field. The Egg Hunt will begin and each field captain will release
       their kids from their holding zones after the helicopter has cleared the area,
       beginning with the 2-4 year old field, and continuing by age group every 5 minutes
       after, to stagger the hunts. The field team captain releases the kids with a countdown
       over the megaphone and by tearing down the caution tape line for their field that
       holds the kids in their holding zone.

   •   Field Team Volunteers will be responsible for making sure the children are waiting
       patiently until they receive the signal that their hunt has begun. Field Team
       Volunteers will also be carrying around buckets of Easter eggs to sneak into a kid’s
       basket that may not be finding very many, making sure every kid is getting a great
       amount of eggs. Our goal is that every kid would leave with at least a dozen eggs.

   •   Fields will be cleared and bracelets will be checked following each hunt, matching
       parent and child codes before they exit the field, just like we would a NewSound Kids
       classroom at check-out.

Volunteers kindly remind participants that the bounce houses, bunny activities, food trucks,
face painting, etc. are open after the hunt and can be found in the back of the school
property. We will have parking team members working the crosswalks (highlighted on the
event map) to make sure our families are safe walking to and from that area.

Event Ends
   • All activities close down
   • Parking team continues to assist guests as they leave.
   • All other volunteers assist with clean-up/tear-down, to include clean-up of the
      parking lot of our neighboring business parking locations.

Event should be completely wrapped up and cleaned up; volunteers and staff leave.


TEAM & RESPONSIBILITIES                                    TEAM CAPTAIN          SERVE TEAM AREA


Serve throughout the event meeting needs as they           Andrew Wilson         Usher Team
arise to make sure the quality is excellent                Doug Wright
throughout. Crowd control for fields; keeping the
right people on the right field (no parents) and
making sure everything with the drop is executed
well. Make sure everyone is safe and if a parent or
child is lost, help them find their child. If a child or
parent is lost, they will report to the Red Information
Tent to reunite. Must be able to correct an adult or
child if necessary. Immediately following the service,
half of this team will report to the egg drop fields
and half of this team will report to the inflatables
area. Periodically check restrooms so that they are
kept clean and stocked. Serve throughout the event
helping pick up & empty trash, meet needs as they
arise, and anything you can do to make sure the
quality is excellent throughout.


You will be assigned to a field for the day until the      Francois & Christie   Café Team
NewSound Kids Team arrives on the fields. You will         van Well
need to put eggs out on the field prior to the
helicopter drop. You will let kids with bracelets onto
the fields’ holding zones, making sure no parents
enter the field, and you will explain to them that
they pick up their kids at the same place they let
them into the field. You will occupy and entertain
kids in the holding zone of the field and ensure they
don't cross into the egg hunt zone of the field
(behind the caution tape line). After the NewSound
Kids team arrives, you will head over to the bounce
house area to serve that area. We want you over to
that area early, so that you are already over there
and ready to greet our guests as they walk over
after the egg hunt.


Direct traffic, direct parking, set up cones, etc. Hand    Matt Moser            Parking Team
out maps/info card to every car that comes in just         Tyler Hodges
for the egg hunt. You are the first person our guest
will interact with and we want it to be an amazing
experience. Serve as crossing guards for all of our
crosswalks that are the highlight routes for guest
moving from the egg hunt fields to the bounce
house area in the back of the property.


This team will be split between two areas:               Brock & Katie       Host Team
1.) Field Area: hang around outside the egg hunt
fields and registration tent (in the front area of the

2.) Bounce House Area: be around the bounce
house area and Red Information Tent, which is for
guest information and will be located in the back of
the school property.

The check-in tent in the front area will be where
volunteers may come to check-in and you may need
to help direct.

The Red Inforamation Tent in the back area will be
the meeting place for any children who get
separated from their parents.

This team needs to be knowledgeable about the
church and will spend their time connecting with
people, sharing information about the event,
directing people, and answering questions. Also be
open to praying with a guest if requested.


You will check-in attendees for the event and also       Victoria Gosnell    Admin & Check-in
place the appropriate color band for the field they                          Teams
are registered for. You will check them into their
appropriate services. You will also give an additional
white bracelet to those who indicated they did not
want their child photographed. This team will move
into place from the kids’ check-in area at Building B
before services, to the check-in tables by the fields
by mid-service to greet any people who just come
for the event and not the service. All tables, chairs,
and check-in A-frame signage need to move over.
You are the first point of contact for many of our
families, so please remember people over process.
We want to make registration as smooth and
effortless as possible but remember that being
friendly and connecting with families is the ultimate


This team will make sure everyone is safe and            Trenton Rodriguez   Worship & Creative
having fun. The Bunny Team will be split up              Dave Terrell        Team

1.) Helping with the lines to meet and get pictures
taken with the Easter Bunny

2.) Helping the lines to get face paint and the lines
at the bounce houses if that team needs more help.


 Responsible for the setup of the fields for the egg      Dave & Danielle     All Teams
 drop on both days. Set-up:                               Smith
  • Red tent for guest information in the back
    property where bounce houses will be.
  • Set up the large tan tent for check-in on the road
    right in front of the fields.
  • Set up tables and chairs out front of NewSound
    Kids check-in for registration. Once service has
    started, we will move these over to the tan tent
    where check-in happens by the fields for anyone
    that did not check their kids into NewSound Kids.
  • Set up tables for face painting in the back area.
  • Set up trash cans throughout the property,
    especially where food trucks will be in the back.
  • Make sure bathrooms are all open and are clean.

 Serve throughout the event helping pick up & empty
 trash, meet needs as they arise, doing anything you
 can do to ensure the quality is excellent throughout.
 After the event, break down the fields and tables.
 Refer to the map to know where to set up
 everything. Take inventory prior to event to ensure
 we have enough tables for everything.


 This team’s primary goal is to make sure everyone is     LaShawn Moser       NewSound Kids
 SAFE and having fun. You will be the authority on
 the field, communicating what's happening at each
 drop to the kids and parents, making sure there is
 order and that rules are followed and parents do not
 come on the field. You must be able to correct an
 adult or child if necessary. Connect with families and
 make sure that each kid matches up with their
 parent (numbers match on bracelets) before they
 exit the field.

 A few members of this team will be holding 5-gal
 buckets full of extra eggs. You’ll walk the fields
 during the hunt to sneak some eggs into kids’
 baskets that may look empty, ensuring each kid
 leaves happy with a full basket. Your goal is fpr
 every kid to walk away with at least dozen eggs, so
 watch out for those that don’t and let’s sneak some
 in their baskets!

 2-4 YEAR OLDS FIELD                                      Brooke Bingham      Nursery Team
 5-6 YEAR OLDS FIELD                                      Whitney Bosserman   Toddler Team

 7-9 YEAR OLDS FIELD                                      Nora Lewis          Preschool Team
 10 – 12 YEAR OLDS FIELD                                  Brooke Riley        Elementary Team

*PLEASE NOTE: ALL teams will help break down and clean up the campus after the event is over!
Please do your part so it does not all fall onto one team. Thank you!


Where should I park?
Parking for our serve team will not be available on site. Please park at our neighboring businesses:
check the Boys and Girls Club lot first, and when full, the daycare next door. These locations are both
approved for parking and within walking distance, and we are asking our serve team to park off-site
so that we can make sure we have parking places available on-site for our honored guests.

What should I wear?
Please check the weather to make sure you’re comfortable. Anything that is suitable to wear to serve
on a Sunday will be acceptable for the Easter Egg Drop. All of our Serve Team should be wearing a
lanyard so we can more easily be identified by our guests.

What if we need more volunteers for our area?
Our team captains will be constantly evaluating whether or not our areas have enough people to
manage it with excellence. Please be flexible if you are asked to switch to another team on the day of
the event. If we feel that one team is in need of more help, and another team is well-covered, we will
be asking a few volunteers to switch.

Do I need to bring anything?
There is no need to bring anything, but we recommend some cash for the food trucks. We want you
and your family to enjoy the event, too!

What if I come across a lost child or a parent who cannot find their child?
Most importantly, please stay calm and help reassure the child or parent that we are doing all we can
to keep the event safe and have plans in place for this. Please escort the child or the parent to the
Red Guest Information Tent. This is our “headquarters” for the day. Our team captains will all have
walkie-talkies and Brock Herron will be in the tent to be a point-person for communication from
there. The Red Information Tent is located in the back of the property where our inflatables and food
trucks area will be, and is noted on the event map.

What if someone needs first aid?
There will be a first aid kit at the Red Information Tent.

Anything else I need to know?
Have fun! Smile! There is no greater joy than serving God by serving others! This is our opportunity
to show our community just how amazing and friendly our NewSound family is! Also, make sure to
take pictures throughout the day as you serve together, and tag us on social media using
#NewSoundEggDrop and #NewSoundEaster18



Once you are parked, you will want to head to our Easter service! Your children will go to
NewSound Kids, which is located in Building B and will be easy to identify… just follow the
bubbles! We’ll have everything you need at check-in. Our kids’ spaces are clean, safe and
fun and have relevant and engaging worship, teaching, and activities. Once the kids are
checked in, join us for our Easter service in the auditorium. After service, you’ll pick up
your children from the kids’ area at the same place you checked them into, and then head
straight to the football field. Make sure your child's name tag stays in tact on them and
you keep your parent sticker we give you. Make sure you both have on your bracelets.
Both you and your child will get matching bracelets that will have matching numbers. We
will use these to match you back up with your child when they are exiting the field of their
egg hunt. Please keep these on all day. If you opted out for photo use of your child when
you registered, you will need make sure they are wearing the white bracelet given to them
at the Registration Table, that is THE indicator for our team to not use photos of your


We have four fields total, divided by age groups. We will email you a copy of the map of
the layout of the campus so you can easily locate the age-appropriate field for your kid(s).
Safety is our number one priority, so to keep the number of people on the field at a
minimum, only children are allowed on the fields at all times, plus the Field Team Captains.
All of our Field Team Captains serve in our children’s ministry, are background checked
and trained to serve your child with the best care. All fields are secured. No child can exit
a field without a parent/guardian. We will use the numbers on your NewSound Kids
check-in stickers or the bracelets to match you up together when exiting the field. While
no parents/guardians are allowed on the fields, you will be able to watch them safely have
all the fun from the sidelines.


If you have kids hunting in two different fields because they are in two different age
groups, you are permitted to move a child from a younger field to an older field. However,
we do not recommend this because the fields have been broken down by age for the
safety of your child. We cannot allow you to take an older child and put them on a
younger field.


We will not let any kids leave a field without a parent/guardian. If you have kids on two
different fields, we advise you to go to the youngest field first, then go to pick up your
oldest child. The hunts will be staggered, to give you more time to get to your oldest child
when their hunt is over. Until you get to their field, your child will be safe and secure while
you are picking up your younger children at another field.


Our team will be actively serving your kids if a child gets scared, hurt, or desires to be
back with a parent. The child will be escorted by one of our team members to the side of
the egg hunt field and will be taken care of until the leader can reconnect the child with
their parent at the same place on the field where the parents drop off the children for that
field. Again, all of our Field Team Captains serve in our children’s ministry, are background
checked, and are trained to serve your child with the best care.


We would love for you to get some snapshots of your kids with the Easter Bunny! He will
be making a special appearance at the hunt! Feel free to take your own pictures, and we
will also have a photographer available to take your picture, if you wish, which we will
upload it to our Facebook page. You can retrieve the photo there after the event. We will
also have Easter eggs by the Easter Bunny so that you can stage some egg-hunting action
shots of your kids! This is also a great area for any little ones under the age of 2 to go play
and “hunt” for eggs. This area will be in the back area of the school property where the
inflatables, food trucks and face-painting is!


All of our volunteers have NEWSOUND CHURCH badges on. If there is anything you need,
just grab one of us! If you become separated from your child at any time during the event,
please notify one of our volunteers and proceed to the RED INFORMATION TENT; please
tell your children the same so that we can better assist you if this situation arises.


We have inflatables and bounce houses and face painting that we would love for your kids
to enjoy! Your kids will have opportunities to bounce/play for limited minutes at a time on
the inflatables so that we make sure everyone can play safely.


We have some of the BEST food in Wellington here! If you would like to grab some
food out on the lawn on this beautiful day, please stop by the food trucks. They will accept
cash, and some will accept credit cards as well.



LEADER                                  AREA

Rebekah Smith                           FLOATER

Kim Mauney                              FLOATER / HELICOPTER COORDINATOR

Andrew Wilson / Doug Wright             SECURITY

LaShawn Moser                           NEWSOUND KIDS / EGG DROP FIELDS

Brooke Weir                             NEWSOUND KIDS / EGG DROP FIELDS

Francois van Well / Christie van Well   FIELDS / BOUNCE HOUSE AREA

Brock Herron                            RED INFORMATION TENT

Victoria Gosnell                        REGISTRATION & CHECK-IN

Matt Moser                              PARKING

Trenton Rodriguez / Dave Terrell        BOUNCE HOUSE AREA

Dave Smith                              FIELDS / PARKING / REGISTRATION AREA

LaShawn Moser                           NEWSOUND KIDS / EGG DROP FIELDS

  •   Please note: Pastor Josh may be on a walkie if he decides it is necessary at any point.
      Our goal, however, is for him to be freed up to just walk around and meet people!
  •   All walkies will be set to the same channel to streamline communication. Please note
      which area each person/people will be in so that you can call for the appropriate
      person and keep down unnecessary radio chatter.
  •   When calling for a specific person, please say “Your Name to Whomever you are
      calling” – (i.e. Kim to Lashawn) – and respond with “Go for Your Name” – (i.e. “Go for
  •   Please do not start a new conversation in the middle of someone else’s unless it is an
      absolute emergency.

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