2019 Brochure and Fees - Work Study Ireland

2019 Brochure and Fees - Work Study Ireland
2019 Brochure and Fees
2019 Brochure and Fees - Work Study Ireland
2019 Brochure and Fees - Work Study Ireland
Studying English language opens up a world of opportunities; from developing
     proficiency for further education and greater career options to travelling the
 world and having unforgettable life experiences. At The English Studio our courses
                               support students to achieve their goals.

With our Adult, Junior and Teacher     Our dynamic group of experienced      Our focus on real life experiences
Training courses, The English Studio   teachers are waiting to welcome       outside the classroom further
provides opportunities to study        students and support their journey.   assists students’ progression.
with international students from all   Together with excellent facilities,   A dedicated team of support
over the globe in two of the most      the very best learning resources      staff are on-hand pre and post
exciting student travel destinations   and a communicative approach to       arrival to help, and local travel,
worldwide — London and Dublin.         language development, they will       accommodation and work-
                                       have all the tools necessary for      placement experts will be available
                                       real-world success.                   to ensure each student maximises
                                                                             this amazing opportunity.

   The English Studio                                4         Teaching Training Courses                          31

   Student Experience                              10          Junior Courses                                 34

   Accommodation                                  20           Groups                                         38

   Adult Courses                                   24          Price Lists                                        42

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2019 Brochure and Fees - Work Study Ireland
The English Studio

                        The English Studio language schools are right in the
                                                heart of the city.

                         In either London or Dublin, students will be in the
                      perfect location to see the sights and have a great time
                                       while improving their English.

                  Our schools are within walking distance from the cities’ main
                  attractions and amenities, and whether night or day there is
               always something to do in two of the most exciting, most visited
                              and most cosmopolitan cities in the world.



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2019 Brochure and Fees - Work Study Ireland
The English Studio in London has
two buildings — High Holborn and
Catton Street. Both are minutes
from the world famous British
Museum and Covent Garden

British museum | 2 minutes walk
Covent Garden | 5 minutes walk
London Eye | 8 minutes walk
West End | 15 minutes walk

From our city centre school in
Dublin, students can find cafés,
bars and shopping centres right
next to historic sites such as
Dublin Castle and Christ Church

Temple Bar | 4 minutes walk
Dublin Castle | 6 minutes walk
Trinity College | 10 minutes walk
Phoenix Park | 30 minutes walk

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2019 Brochure and Fees - Work Study Ireland
 At The English Studio we aim to go above and beyond for our students offering
 academic excellence in our English courses and an exceptional student experience
 on their learning journey. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of
 our students have to say:

                                 Baha | TUNISIA
                                 I was torn between studying in the USA and Ireland but ultimately, I decided
                                 to come to Ireland. I still had reservations but when I arrived I was pleasantly
                                 surprised with Dublin. I could not believe how multi-cultural and cosmopolitan the
                                 city is. I started in Elementary. I didn’t have much English at all but after six months
                                 of focus and working hard on my language, I am in upper intermediate.

   Carlos | BRAZIL
   This is my second time in London to study English, and I can say that The English
   Studio goes above my expectations, the teachers are great, but what I like most was
   the warm welcome on the first day.

                                 Ruggero | ITALY
                                 I first came here two years ago on a summer programme. I am 21 years old now
                                 and I wanted to come back so much to enjoy Dublin as an adult especially the
                                 pubs, nightlife and Guinness because I couldn’t enjoy that before.

   Manuela | COLOMBIA
   I really enjoy meeting people from all around the world and learning from their
   different cultures. I can do that here at The English Studio. The school has a central
   location in London but the most important thing at The English Studio is the
   teachers who help me to improve my English.

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2019 Brochure and Fees - Work Study Ireland
I have been studying English at The English Studio for the last 9 months. I have
become regularly involved in the school’s social programme and extra activities.
I love my class and my teachers. I have really enjoyed my experience in the college
and in Dublin in general and I would recommend it to anyone. It is a great thing
to do.

                             Cristina | SPAIN
                             One thing I like about studying at The English Studio is it’s great location. It allows
                             me to go anywhere in London within a short time. I also like getting to meet people
                             from different countries while learning English. And finally, the teachers are really
                             helpful and make sure the classes are lots of fun.

Alexandra | RUSSIA
It is the third year in a row that I have come to London to study at The English
Studio. It gives me a great opportunity not only to study English but meet people
from all over the world. The atmosphere in the classrooms is always positive and
friendly and the teachers are great and willing to help which makes it impossible to
not make progress.

                             Anna | RUSSIA
                             I am 23 and was working in pharmaceuticals in Moscow. I need English for my job
                             because my company uses English every day. I’m speechless. I had no expectations
                             of Ireland. I didn’t think it would be so modern, but it feels like a friendly village.

This course is great, I really enjoy the time learning more of the English Language
with my teachers at The English Studio. Their classes are amazing. They make class
fun by giving us one day grammar and the next day listening, so we mix it up and
learn a lot in class.

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2019 Brochure and Fees - Work Study Ireland
The Student Journey


   THE RIGHT FIT                          THE RIGHT LEVEL                        HE RIGHT HOME
   FOR YOUR STUDENTS                      FOR YOUR STUDENTS                     FOR YOUR STUDENTS
   Whether for adults, juniors or         After booking, students receive       We have found accommodation
   trainee teachers The English           a pre-placement test via email to     for thousands of students in
   Studio can help you find the           ensure each student is placed on      London and Dublin and are here
   course that best fits your students’   the right path to learn English and   to help you find the best option
   needs. If they are looking for         progress based on their ability.      for each individual. Whether they
   general, academic or business                                                favour the independence of one
                                          From beginners to advanced we
   English, or want the perfect                                                 of our Student Residences or
                                          have classes to suit each level,
   summer school for kids, we have                                              the traditional family experience
                                          and with regular progress testing,
   you covered. And booking a                                                   offered by our Homestay hosts,
                                          students are supported and
   course couldn’t be simpler.                                                  we’ll help find the right home for
                                          encouraged to reach their goals.
                                                                                their studies.
   Just send your booking forms
   by email to our Business
   Development Team (see page 45).

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2019 Brochure and Fees - Work Study Ireland
Students will receive a friendly
welcome at our schools on
their first day from both our
experienced support staff and

They will receive their timetables,
course materials and induction,
and as they join an international
mix of students in the classroom
they’ll quickly make new friends.

FOR YOUR STUDENTS                     FOR YOUR STUDENTS                    FOR YOUR STUDENTS
Our ambitious teachers are here       Learning English is not just about   At the end of their course,
to support your students on the       the classroom. Every opportunity     certificates and academic
road to success.                      to practice enhances the student     references are available for
                                      experience and helps them gain       students to demonstrate their
From the first week, and every 4
                                      confidence and improve more          success in learning English.
weeks thereafter, students receive
an individual tutorial with one-to-                                        9 out of 10 students would
one lessons available on request.     Our social programmes, free          recommend The English Studio to
Homework 3 to 4 times per week        clubs and English Studio LIVE are    a friend and we ask every student
and periodic testing challenge our    designed to give students more       to provide feedback during and
students to do their best.            chances to practice their English,   after their course so we can
                                      learn more about the city’s          further improve our services to
                                      culture, make new friends and,       provide the perfect choice for
                                      most importantly, have fun!          your students.

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2019 Brochure and Fees - Work Study Ireland
Student Experience

    At The English Studio, our focus on the culture, experience and student journey
    helps us stand out from the crowd going further to make sure that our students
    feel part of our family and experience the best of these incredible cities.

    We understand that coming to a new country to learn          Whether it’s advice on health issues, places of worship,
    English is very exciting, but sometimes may seem a little    opening a bank account or just the best options for a
    daunting, that’s why we’re here to help students with        night out, our staff are extremely knowledgeable and
    everything they may need to settle in.                       experienced.

  Our schools have nominated welfare and safeguarding team members on hand to support every student. We want
  to ensure students feel at home and comfortable as quickly as possible; that way they can make the most of their
  experience with us right from day one.
  Learning support is available as well as multilingual pastoral care for those who need these services.
  Student wellbeing is vital to each and every member of our team because when you choose The English Studio, you
  become part of our family.

                          At The English Studio, it’s the little things that make all the difference. While the most
                          important part of a student’s course is their English classes and learning, we think they
                          deserve even more. That’s why we’ve added a few little add-ons. Available outside timetabled
                          classes, we think these extras add up to make our students’ experience extraordinary.

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All students are invited to join our free clubs.

They are a great way for students to supplement learning in class with practical skills needed in the real world and to
build their confidence. Clubs are weekly, for 1 hour and are entirely free.

Interview Masterclass                      Pronunciation Workshop                     CV Clinic
Looking to impress recruiters and          For students looking to grow in            Designed to provide writing tools
secure a job? Focusing on interview        confidence, speak more clearly             to build confidence in producing
techniques the club aims to improve        and be easily understood, the              and editing a CV, the free clinic looks
verbal language skills through             Pronunciation Workshop provides            at which style of CV best fits each
traditional and situational interview      specific practice to fine-tune speaking,   student’s professional profile as well
practice. Students learn to explain        listening and conversation skills.         as how to decode job adverts and
existing skills, qualities and                                                        match CVs to employer requirements.
experiences, and will improve their
English fluency and accuracy.

At The English Studio we love cake quite simply because cake gets people talking.

Whether students are looking to enjoy more cultural traditions, need to feel part of the family at a end of the week or
are looking to meet new friends ahead of the weekend, we deliver free cake to each classroom every Friday, to celebrate
our students and another great day at school and to get conversations started.

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 Our students tell us that some of their most memorable moments while studying with us come from being
 immersed into a new culture. For this reason, through The English Studio LIVE we send a student from London
 and Dublin to experience a live event in the city each month.

 Our teachers nominate students they feel are the most hard-working or improved, those that have achieved outstanding
 results or contributed significantly in the classroom. Nominated students are entered into a prize draw and the lucky
 winner will get the chance to attend a music concert, world-famous sporting event or box-office hit theatre show.

 Students in 2018 attended concerts including Beyoncé and Jay-Z, The Rolling Stones, Bruno Mars, The Script and
 many more.

                        Paola | COLOMBIA
                        Thank you to The English Studio for this amazing opportunity! The Bruno Mars concert was
                        one of my best experiences that I ever had! My friend and I enjoyed every moment with joy
                        and happiness. I will never forget this memory, because this singer is one of my favourites
                        and it was powerful to feel each song in my heart and in my soul!

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The Social Programme

  At the heart of The English Studio’s social programme is our desire to give
  students an opportunity to meet their classmates outside of lessons to practise
  their English, make friends and most importantly to have fun!

Every week, a schedule of sightseeing, cultural and leisure activities is organised so there's something for everyone
to take part in and enjoy. We know that many of our students are managing a tight budget, so our informed and
experienced staff will seek out the best activities for day or night that are completely free or suit any pocket.

Even though there is so much to do in the city, we recommend that our students, whether in London or Dublin, go further
and explore the rest of the country during their stay. We arrange regular day trips led by The English Studio staff or
organised through other providers that we work with.

Both England and Ireland can serve as a gateway to the rest of Europe. For students studying with us for longer from
other continents, they will find plenty of flights available for city breaks, sporting adventures or a weekend at the beach.
Our team will be happy to advise students looking to plan a trip further afield.

                        Kenny Moynihan | HEAD OF STUDENT SERVICES. THE ENGLISH STUDIO DUBLIN
                        We know students want more than an English lesson, they want to have an experience.
                        The focus of our programme is on cultural understanding of the city and country. Each
                        month, we update our programme to include one-off events which you won't find anywhere
                        else in the country. We also include a mixture of fee-paying and free activities to match our
                        students' budgets.

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EXAMPLE                                      University Presentation              FREE

                                             Join us and learn what life is
                                             really like at a UK university and

                                             understand more about the
                                             application process.

                                                                                                 MONDAY                   Cambridge University

Beatles Walking Tour FREE
Visit to Abbey Road Studios,
sign the wall with other Beatles
super-fans and take a picture
on the famous crossing.

                                                                                 Abbey Road   Hampstead Heath

                                                                                                 Football in Regent’s Park FREE
                                                                                                 Do you consider yourself to
                                                                                                 be the next David Beckham?
                                                                                                 Why not take on our teachers
                                                                                                 for a game in Regent’s Park?

                          British Museum                                      Regent's Park

                                             Treasure of Lincoln’s                FREE
                                             Inn Fields
                                             Find out the Charles Dickens
                                             connection, see where Harry Potter
                                             was filmed and visit John Soane’s
                      Lincoln's Inn Fields                                                    Covent Garden

Pub Night                   FREE
A great opportunity for
networking with other students
at our famous Pub Night.

                                             Cambridge Trip                      £39.00
                                             Take a punt along the river and
                                             marvel at the stunning architecture
                                             of this historic university city.

                              Punting on
                          the River Camb                                                      London St Pancras Station

               Serpentine Lake, Hyde Park
                                                                                                 Columbia Road                     FREE
                                                                                                 Flower Market
                                                                                                 Join us for a trip to Columbia
                                                                                                 Road when the famous street
                                                                                                 is transformed into an oasis of
                                                                                                 foliage and flowers.
EXAMPLE                                      Language Exchange                €5.00

                                             Social networking hosted by
                                             Real Events, Ireland's leading

                                             language programme.

Cinema Club                  FREE
Make yourself comfortable
with popcorn, soft drinks,
goodies and a movie in our
relaxing student lounge.

                                                                                       National Gallery of Ireland

                                                                                          Walking Tour and           FREE
                                                                                          Music Night
                                                                                          A free walking tour for all new
                                                                                          students with Student Support
                                                                                          team and the opportunity for
                                                                                          everyone to join in our weekly
                St Stephen's Green Park                                                   music session.

                                             GAA introduction                 FREE
                                             and training
                                             Experience Ireland’s favourite sport
                                             and become a pro with our very our
                                             coach from The English Studio.

                          Phoenix Park

Guinness                  €18.50
Ireland’s number one attraction-
can't be missed! On this weekly
visit, a pint of Guinness is of
course included.

                                             Wicklow and                      €30.00
                                             The perfect trip to get away
                                             from the city and experience
                                             Ireland’s beautiful countryside.
                                             Not to be missed.
                           Powerscourt                                                 Wicklow

                         Cliffs of Moher   Galway                       SUNDAY
                                                                                          Cliffs of Moher &           €40.00
                                                                                          Giant’s Causeway
                                                                                          Journey to the heart of the West to
                                                                                          witness epic views over the Atlantic
                                                                                          Ocean, and head to the magical city
                                                                                          of Galway.
The English Studio London
 By choosing an English Language School in Holborn, the heart of London, students
 get the experience of being in one the most exciting cities in the world. Our fantastic
 location provides instant access to the capital’s famous attractions, sights and scenes.
 With great transport links the school is easy to reach by underground, bus or train whether students choose to stay in our
 own accommodation or find somewhere themselves. Holborn Underground Station on the Central and Piccadilly lines is
 right across the street from the school providing great access to all of London has to offer.

  ESSENTIAL INFORMATION                    AVERAGE STUDENTS                               NATIONALITY MIX

 Location: 113 High Holborn,               JAN    389                                     In London we welcomed students
 London WC1V 6JQ                           FEB    439                                     from 89 countries to study at the
 Closest transport: Holborn                MAR    441                                     school in 2018.
                                           APR    392
 Underground (Piccadilly and
                                           MAY    451
                                                                                          Here are the top 10 nationalities:
 Central Lines)
                                           JUN    493
 Minimum entry level              A1
                                           JUL    566
 Number of classrooms             18       AUG    467

 Maximum class size               22       SEP    342                                         1. BRAZILIAN          2. ITALIAN

 Average students per class       16       OCT    381
                                           NOV    406
 Minimum age                      16
                                           DEC    359

                                                     100 200 300 400 500 600                   3. SPANISH           4. TURKISH

  SCHOOL FACILITIES                        AGE RANGE
                                                                                               5. FRENCH            6. ALGERIAN
                                                                    16-17 | 4%
                                                 40+ | 10%
                                           31-39 | 18%                      18-25 | 45%

    Interactive flat FREE High-speed
  screen monitors in WiFi throughout
   every classroom
                                                             AVERAGE                          7. COLOMBIAN         8. MOROCCAN

  Student break-out     Water coolers                                                          9. RUSSIAN          10. JAPANESE
                                           26-30 | 18%
  room & study area      throughout

                         Jim Birrell | MANAGING DIRECTOR. THE ENGLISH STUDIO
                         Students often ask me – why London? For me it’s easy, London has to be one of the most
                         exciting, fast-paced and vibrant cities in the world. But don’t just take my word for it, London
                         frequently appears top in polls as being the most highly rated study and travel destination
                         globally. Whether it’s history, culture, markets or music that excite you, London has it all. I’ve
                         lived here for 5 years and I’m still exploring and meeting new people every day; it really is an
                         inspiring city!

16 | londonbookings@englishstudio.com • dublinbookings@englishstudio.com
The energy and excitement of London is simply impossible to put into words.
  Whatever our students are looking to experience during their studies, they will
  find it here; from museums and art galleries to music concerts and sports events.
  And for those after a slower pace of life at the weekend, traditional English
  villages, historic cities and seaside resorts are just a short journey by train.

While London can be an expensive city, there are plenty of amazing things to do for free or on a budget. Most museums
are open free to the public and London is home to lots of green spaces for walks and outdoor fun.

Further afield, a day trip to the coast is only an hour by train to Brighton and those interested in seeing life at a
traditional English university or school can visit Oxford or Cambridge for the day — or even Hogwarts at the Harry
Potter Studio Tour just outside London.


                           BRITISH MUSEUM

                                                                                                         MUSEUM OF
                                                                                                          LONDON      Explore on your budget
                                                         HOLBORN                                                      Science Museum                     FREE

                                                                                                                      Bike hire                     £2 per day
              TOTTENHAM                       THEATRE
              COURT ROAD                      DISTRICT
                                                                                                          ST PAUL’S
                                                                                                         CATHEDRAL    London Eye                           £25
                                                                                                                      West End Musical               from £25

                                         COVENT                                                                       Row boat in Hyde Park       £12 per hour

                                                                                                                      Thames Clipper boat journey           £5
                                                                                                                      Harry Potter Studio Tour             £40
 PICCADILLY                                                                 RIVER THAMES
                       TRAFALGAR                                                                                      Return train ticket to Brighton from £17

                                                                                                                      Return train ticket to Cambridge from £14

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The English Studio Dublin
  Situated in the centre of Ireland's iconic capital city, students who choose to study
  with us in Dublin will discover a city like no other. Surrounded by cafés, bars and
  shopping centres, our school is set amongst historic sites showcasing the city’s
  Viking and medieval heritage.
  Most of Dublin’s renowned sights are just a short walk away, while the school is ideally located for transport links to travel
  further in the city by bus or the Luas tram.
  With such a centrally located school, wherever students choose to stay in Dublin their journey to class will never to be
  too long.

  ESSENTIAL INFORMATION                      AVERAGE STUDENTS                                 NATIONALITY MIX

  Location: Abbey House, Jervis St.,         JAN    331                                       In Dublin we welcomed students
  Dublin, North City, Dublin 1               FEB    378                                       from 77 countries to study at the
                                             MAR    409                                       school in 2018.
  Closest transport: Jervis Shopping
                                             APR    382
  Centre Luas (Red Luas Line)
                                             MAY    459                                       Here are the top 10 nationalities:
  Minimum entry level              A1
                                             JUN    462
  Number of classrooms             23        JUL    531

  Maximum class size               15        AUG    475
                                             SEP    476                                           1. BRAZILIAN          2. ITALIAN
  Average students per class       12
                                             OCT    459
  Minimum age                      16
                                             NOV    392
                                             DEC    316

                                                       100 200 300 400 500 600                     3. SPANISH          4. MONGOLIAN

  SCHOOL FACILITIES                          AGE RANGE
                                                                                                   5. RUSSIAN           6. MEXICAN
                                                                   16-17 | 2%
                                                    40+ | 9%
                                             31-39 | 21%                        18-25 | 36%

  Student break-out    FREE High-speed
   room and study      WiFi throughout
        area                                                   AVERAGE                             7. TURKISH          8. S.KOREAN

   Snack and coffee      Water coolers                                                             9. FRENCH          10. ARGENTINIAN
      machines            throughout        26-30 | 32%

                          Louise Guyett | HEAD OF SCHOOL. THE ENGLISH STUDIO DUBLIN
                          So, what do I like most about Dublin? The people here are friendly, ready to help and always
                          in the mood for a chat! There’s something for everyone here whether you like live music, sport,
                          theatre or art, and we have loads of different festivals throughout the year too. Dublin is
                          over 1000 years old, so it’s steeped in history and there is always something new to discover.
                          What I also love about this city is that on one side there’s the sea and on the other side the
                          countryside, so for students who like outdoor activities, there is so much to choose from.

18 | londonbookings@englishstudio.com • dublinbookings@englishstudio.com
Dublin offers the culture, cuisine and modern luxuries that our students would
  expect from a cosmopolitan city whilst retaining the infamous Irish charm.
  Whilst Ireland has many sights to visit all easily accessible from the city.

On our doorstep there is an array of diverse museums, art galleries and theatres as well as a world of delicious cuisine to
be explored. With foods that span continents and countries you can choose from eating experiences that range from fine
dining to the buzzing atmosphere of tapas. And anyone looking for a traditional experience during their studies can’t miss
out on a game of Gaelic football at Croke Park.

For the weekend, students will find a variety of historic and beautiful places to visit outside the city such as the Cliffs of Moher,
Glendalough, and for TV fans take a trip north and visit the iconic sets of Game of Thrones from the Iron Islands to Winterfell.

                                    THE SPIRE


    MUSEUM                                                          RIVER LIFFEY

                                                                                              Explore on your budget
                                                                                              Natural History Museum                FREE
                                                                                              Collins Barracks                      FREE

                            NATIONAL WAX                                                      Trinity College/Book of Kells          €14
               TEMPLE BAR     MUSEUM

                                                                                              Guinness Storehouse             from €18.50
                                                                                              Gaelic football at Croke Park     from €20
                                                                                              Game of Thrones Tour                   €36
      DUBLIN                                                     TRINITY
      CASTLE                                                     COLLEGE
                                                                                              Return train to Belfast                €14
                                                                                              Bus Eireann to Cork                 €15.50

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    It is important that students feel at home when they come to learn English at
    The English Studio. We provide a range of high quality accommodation options
    which are all great places to study and make friends.
    Our experienced team are ready to help support                of London or Dublin are quickly accessible by public
    students in finding the right accommodation for them.         transport.
    All of our accommodation choices are located within easy      Students can choose between our exclusive Student
    reach of the schools and you will find that the attractions   Residences or Homestay options.

                            Sehanur | TURKEY
                            Staying in the Student Residence is the most beautiful adventure in my life. I had the
                            opportunity to meet a lot of people from different parts of the world which is an amazing
                            experience for me. People who live in the Student Residence are polite, kind and very
                            helpful. Also, the location is quite nice. Kentish Town is really peaceful and touristic place.
                            I enjoyed every minute of it and maybe one day I’ll come back here.

20 | londonbookings@englishstudio.com • dublinbookings@englishstudio.com
We have helped thousands of students find really great places to stay during their
course. They can rely on us to find the right option to meet their requirements
and budget.

Student Residences                                              Homestays

By far the most popular option for all adult students, our      Living with a host family is a great way for students to
Student Residences offer the perfect choice for those who       practise their English. All our hosts are English speakers,
like a little more independence.                                so students can apply what they learn in English lessons
                                                                by chatting to their host family.
Sharing a large house with other students from the school
in a central location, students have the freedom to discover    Hosts are recruited, trained and supported by our highly
not only the English language but the city and culture, local   trusted partners to ensure excellent service levels are
community and nightlife.                                        delivered to each and every student and our staff will be
                                                                there each step of the way to offer guidance.
Our Student Residences offer fantastic communal areas
where students may find themselves cooking cuisines             Students are able to choose the right combination of
from all over the world, talking about some of their            services to best fit their needs — we offer self-catering
fantastic experiences in the city or making plans for           through to half-board meal plans and either single or
weekend trips away.                                             twin rooms.

With no extra bills, WiFi and bed linen included as well as
cleaning of communal areas; this is the smart option for
many students.

  We're here to help

  If students don’t feel that our Student Residence or Homestay is the right option, we are here to help find an
  accommodation option that works for them.

  Whether they are looking for a student house share, studio stay or something more temporary, our team can
  provide information of the options available.

                                                                                                    www.englishstudio.com | 21
London Accommodation

   Student Residence                                            Typical homestay

  Student Residence,                                           Homestay
  Kentish Town (Zone 2)                                        London
  In a British home all the best conversations happen in the   Working with British Council registered partners we have
  kitchen and our Student Residence is no exception. Here      placed thousands of students with hosts all over the city.
  our large communal kitchen acts as a great social space.
                                                               Our portfolio of hosts reflects the rich culture, ethnicity and
  Our students are never disappointed with the great           diversity of this great city. Located in zones 2 to 5 students
  location in Kentish Town, zone 2. Travel to school in        can choose where they want to be based during their stay
  around 20 minutes, spend weekends a short walk up the        in London.
  road in Camden Town or grab something to eat from a
  local deli to take up to Hampstead Heath for a picnic in
  the summer.

                                                                                        KEY FEATURES

                                                                                        Student Residence
                                                                                        • Independent living
                                                                                        • Global community
                                                                                        • All bills included
                                                                                        • WiFi
                                                                                        • Large communal kitchen

                                                                                        • Family atmosphere
                                                                                        • English practise with local
                                                                                        • Various board options
                                                                                        • WiFi

   Student Residence

22 | londonbookings@englishstudio.com • dublinbookings@englishstudio.com
Dublin Accommodation

 Student Residence                                                Typical homestay

Student Residence,                                              Homestay
St. Stephen's Green (Dublin 2)                                  Dublin
Our student residence options are the perfect fit for           Working with highly trusted partners, our portfolio of hosts
students wanting a real Irish experience in Dublin city         in Dublin offer a home away from home experience. Many
centre. The central location is just a few minutes’ walk from   of our host families live outside the city centre in houses
the famous St. Stephen’s Green and a mere 20-minute walk        with gardens in the suburbs of Dublin.
to the school.
                                                                Most students travel to school on public transport (bus/
Living in such a central location allows most attractions,      tram). The journey time is approximately 40 to 50 minutes,
amenities and facilities to be accessed by foot. Offering       though this may be longer at peak traffic times.
social living arrangements, students quickly become part of
the school community, meeting new friends right from the
word go.

                                                                                         KEY FEATURES

                                                                                         Student Residence
                                                                                         • Independent living
                                                                                         • City centre location
                                                                                         • All bills included
                                                                                         • WiFi
                                                                                         • Laundry facilities

                                                                                         • Traditional home
                                                                                         • English practise with local
                                                                                         • Breakfast and dinner provided
                                                                                         • WiFi

 Student Residence

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Adult Courses

     The English Studio provides students with a world-class language exchange
     experience. We recognise that learning is a life long journey and that each
     student who studies with us is on their own individual language learning path.
     Whether taking an Academic, Business or General           The English Studio values real life communication
     English course, we want our students to enjoy learning    and we use this as our guiding principle in delivering
     English as much as we enjoy teaching it, feel supported   courses and lessons based on useful language relevant
     by our passionate, ambitious group of teachers and        to the needs of our students. We emphasise that
     support staff.                                            learning a language is about what students can do,
                                                               rather than what they know.

                         Will Tichener | ACADEMIC         DIRECTOR. THE ENGLISH STUDIO LONDON
                         Our friendly and dynamic teachers love teaching and students feel the benefit of our
                         communicative language teaching classes from the very beginning. Classes are high
                         tempo, with lots of energy and lots of opportunities to speak throughout lessons: pairwork,
                         groupwork and repetition drills will all combine to give all students the practice that
                         they need.

24 | londonbookings@englishstudio.com • dublinbookings@englishstudio.com
We offer continuous enrolment on our adult courses throughout the year in London
unless otherwise stated. Enrolment on courses in Dublin is also continuous excluding
mid-course test weeks as detailed in the Terms and Conditions on our website.

General English                                                                 Intensive English

• Improving your everyday English                                               • Learning English fast
• Beginner to Advanced levels                                                   • People with limited time in the UK & Ireland
• Flexible learning with either 15 or 20 hours per week                        • Choose either 25 (London only) or 30 hours per week

Academic English                                                                English for business

• Improving key academic skills                                                 • Using English for international business
• Essential for gaining access to international universities                    • Upper Intermediate and Advanced levels
• English Exam Preparation for Cambridge IELTS Exam                            • Cambridge BEC Exam
 (London and Dublin) or Cambridge CAE (London only)

Our adult courses are aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and offer testing throughout
to ensure student progression.

                                                             CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH QUALIFICATIONS

         Common European      Cambridge
                                                                                  General and higher
           Framework of        English             Schools                                                   Business            IELTS
          Reference (CEFR)      Scale


                                                C2 Proficiency                      C2 Proficiency

                        C2        210                                                                                              8.5
                                                                                                           C1 Business
                        C1        190           C1 Advanced                          C1 Advanced
                                                                                                             Higher                7.0

                                  180                                                                                              6.5

                                                   B2 First                                                B2 Business             6.0
                        B2        170            for Schools
                                                                                       B2 First

                                               B1 Preliminary                                              B1 Business             4.5
                        B1        150
                                                for Schools
                                                                                    B1 Preliminary
                                              A2 Key for
                        A2        130                                                   A2 Key
                                                               YOUNG LEARNERS


                        A1        110          Al Movers


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  At The English Studio we offer Elective classes aimed to improve students’
  confidence and ability in social and professional contexts to help them achieve
  success on their English language learning journey.
  For 2019, both our schools will offer the following electives to students on General,
  Intensive and Academic English courses:

  Speaking                                                                     Writing

  Our speaking classes aim to improve fluency of English and                   Our writing elective will help students improve their
  speed of delivery. Learning how to manage conversations,                     effective and appropriate use of language in writing.
  students will gain confidence to speak in a variety of formal                Through practice, students will become more assured when
  and informal situations. They will have ample opportunity                    writing in different formats and contexts, with emphasis
  to practise and receive individual feedback from teachers                    on planning and organising content, managing written
  to further progress their spoken English proficiency.                        interactions and recognising the effects of language choice.

  Project Based English                                                        Professional English

  New for 2019, our Project Based English classes provide                      Ideal for those students who want to make improving
  the opportunity for students to take part in a variety                       their English for working in an international environment
  of projects to help develop a broad range of skills in                       a priority during their course our Professional English
  English. These may include making a short film or radio                      classes concentrate on improving clarity and focus of
  programme, writing for a blog or school magazine, or                         communication, recognising the effects of language choice
  organising a social programme. This course is ideal for                      in a professional situation as well as improving confidence
  students who want to improve their English across all skills.                in speaking and writing both formally and informally.

  The electives offered may be dependent on the term and individual student’s English level.

26 | londonbookings@englishstudio.com • dublinbookings@englishstudio.com
General English
General English is always our most popular English course and is available for every
level from complete beginner through to advanced.
And with our General English 20 option, students benefit from an additional 5 hours
each week in our electives classes, perfect to further improve written and spoken skills.

The fully accredited courses are suitable for students at                       pronunciation, grammar and listening, further emphasised
any level. With entrance and regular progression testing,                       in our 20-hour course with electives.
students are allocated to the right class for their ability.
                                                                                This course is fully accredited by the British Council
Our teaching approach aims to develop practical                                 and ACELS ensuring high quality instruction from our
communication skills, with special emphasis on speaking,                        supportive and passionate teaching staff.

                                                              08:45 - 12:00      12:05 - 13:05 13:10 - 14:10 14:15 - 15:15                15:20 - 18:30

                  General English 15                           MORNING                                MIDDAY                             AFTERNOON
                  General English 20†                           MORNING + 1 Elective                                    1 Elective + AFTERNOON

                                                                       09:00 - 12:15                12:20 - 13:20               13:30 - 16:45

                  General English 15                                    MORNING                                                 AFTERNOON

   DUBLIN         General English 20 AM                                   MORNING + 1 Elective

                  General English 20 PM                        AFTERNOON + 1 Elective                          1 Elective + AFTERNOON
† Example timetable. Please note that daily elective hours are scheduled between 12:05 - 15:15 in London, dependent on term and the student’s English level.


          EEKLY HOURS
         15 or 20


                                                                                                                            www.englishstudio.com | 27
Intensive English
  Our Intensive English course fast tracks students to communicate easily and
  confidently in English. Whether students are complete beginners, intermediate or
  even advanced, with either 25* or 30 hours of tuition per week, this is the perfect
  option to help them learn English quickly.
  Designed with our students’ personal progress in mind,                         In our London school, alongside English language classes,
  they will learn at the right level for their ability, with teacher             students will study a selection of our elective courses
  support and regular progression testing throughout the                         dependent on the term and their English level.
                                                                                 The Intensive English courses in London are fully
  Students practise in group activities and will learn how                       accredited by the British Council.
  English is used by proficient English speakers every day;
  ideal for those with limited time or simply wanting to
  improve their English fast.


      Private English lessons provide students with the individual attention they need to learn at their own pace, in
      their own way and at a time that they choose. Whether students are looking to improve in one particular area of
      English, work on their pronunciation or prepare for an interview or exam, our teachers can provide a learner plan
      just for them to fit their schedule.

                                                               08:45 - 12:00       12:05 - 13:05 13:10 - 14:10 14:15 - 15:15               15:20 - 18:30

                    Intensive English 25†                                 MORNING + 2 Electives

    LONDON          Intensive English 30                                           MORNING + 3 Electives

                    Intensive English 30                                                               3 Electives + AFTERNOON

                                                                        09:00 - 12:15                12:20 - 13:20                13:30 - 16:45

     DUBLIN         Intensive English 30                                  FULL DAY                       LUNCH                      FULL DAY
  † Example timetable. Please note that daily elective hours are scheduled between 12:05 - 15:15 in London, dependent on term and the student’s English level.


           EEKLY HOURS
          London | 25 or 30
          Dublin | 30


  * London only

28 | londonbookings@englishstudio.com • dublinbookings@englishstudio.com
English for Business
English for Business helps students prepare for the job market and improve their
career prospects in English-speaking environments. By gaining confidence and learning
to communicate with ease, this is the ideal course for students looking to practise
business skills or preparing for a new career. Our English for Business course also
prepares students for the Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC).

This course is the perfect fit for people who need to use                       Aimed at upper intermediate and advanced levels of
English as a foreign language in an international workplace,                    competence, the Cambridge Business English Certificate
already working in business or preparing to follow such                         examination is a useful qualification for students on this
a career. In class they will practise business skills such as                   course. The BEC certificate is awarded by Cambridge ESOL
giving presentations, holding meetings and negotiating                          and is internationally recognised.
or even prepare for the future by improving their CV and
                                                                                Alongside English for Business classes, students studying
interview skills.
                                                                                20 or 25 hours per week will enjoy a selection of our elective
                                                                                courses to further prepare for the world of business.

                                                              08:45 - 12:00      12:05 - 13:05 13:10 - 14:10 14:15 - 15:15                15:20 - 18:30

                  English for Business 15                      MORNING

  LONDON          English for Business 20†                      MORNING + 1 Elective

                  English for Business 25†                               MORNING + 2 Electives

                                                                       09:00 - 12:15                12:20 - 13:20               13:30 - 16:45

                  English for Business 15                               MORNING                                                 AFTERNOON

   DUBLIN         English for Business 20 (AM)                            MORNING + 1 Elective

                  English for Business 20 (PM)                                                                 1 Elective + AFTERNOON

† Example timetable. Please note that daily elective hours are scheduled between 12:05 - 15:15 in London, dependent on term and the student’s English level.


         London | 15, 20 or 25
         Dublin | 15 or 20


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Academic English
  Our teachers have a proven track record of successfully preparing students for
  Cambridge exams. For anyone planning to go to college or university in an English-
  speaking country, one of our courses that focus on academic English is ideal.
  These courses are designed to prepare students to take an internationally recognised exam that they will need to enter
  their desired college or university. Whether needing to study for an IELTS or Cambridge CAE examination our practical and
  passionate teaching style will ensure that students excel in their exams and walk away with a respected qualification.

  Cambridge IELTS Exam                                            Cambridge CAE Exam

  The IELTS Exam Preparation course is one of our most            London only
  popular. Over the years, our teachers have helped               The prestigious CAE exam is accepted by thousands of
  hundreds of students achieve the IELTS score they needed.       universities and employers as evidence of an outstanding
  The IELTS exam is the most effective and achievable way to      achievement in language learning. Our structured course
  gain access to UK and Irish university courses for second       with personalised learning reviews and monitored and
  language speakers. Our course helps students develop the        assessed progression allows us to know when students
  academic reading and writing skills, and confidence, for        are ready to take the exam and succeed.
  university life — and beyond!

                                                  08:45 - 12:00   12:05 - 13:05 13:10 - 14:10 14:15 - 15:15    15:20 - 18:30

                IELTS                               MORNING                                                    AFTERNOON
                CAE                                 MORNING

                                                          09:00 - 12:15          12:20 - 13:20         13:30 - 16:45

    DUBLIN      IELTS                                        MORNING                                   AFTERNOON


          EEKLY HOURS
         London and Dublin | 15

      London | 15
      4 and 6 weeks. Set start
        dates apply, check online
        for dates.


30 | londonbookings@englishstudio.com • dublinbookings@englishstudio.com
Teacher Training Courses

Teacher Training courses at The English Studio are specially designed for those
who wish to teach English as a second language anywhere in the world!
Our range of courses aim to provide solutions for those starting their career in English Language Teaching,
looking to gain a qualification, through to experienced teachers wanting to refresh their language skills and
teaching methods.

                    At The English Studio we know that great teaching is the best predictor of outstanding
                    student achievement. That's why our training courses for English language teachers focus on
                    maximising the impact educators can have on learning outcomes. Whether you have zero
                    teaching experience, or you've been practicing for years, we can provide solutions to your
                    development challenges. We offer internationally recognised certification for novices, and
                    in-depth, advanced tuition for experts looking to refresh their methods. Our experienced
                    training team can also deliver bespoke courses tailored to the specific professional needs of
                    groups looking to study together.

                                                                                               www.englishstudio.com | 31
Trinity Cert. TESOL
  The Trinity Cert. TESOL courses are designed for anybody starting out on an English
  language teaching career looking to gain an internationally recognised certification.
  Classes give trainees an introduction to the theory and practice of contemporary
  English teaching and an insight into the challenges facing both learner and teacher.
  Our course provides six hours of teaching practice              Fully accredited by Trinity College London ensures high
  following which our experienced tutors will give trainees       quality instruction and a recognised qualification from the
  detailed, constructive feedback. At the end of the course       course. The Trinity TESOL Certificate (Teaching English to
  they will graduate with a Trinity Cert. TESOL Certificate,      Students of Other Languages), along with CELTA, is one of
  qualifying them to teach English anywhere in the world.         the most recognised teaching qualifications and can lead to
                                                                  some of the best teaching jobs available. It is accredited at
  The full-time teacher training course provides a high-
                                                                  Level 5 on both the UK National Qualifications Framework
  quality and affordable intensive 4-week programme with
                                                                  and The European Qualifications Framework and Level 6
  experienced trainers who deliver a 98% pass rate. In our
                                                                  on the QQI National Qualification Framework in Ireland.
  Dublin school we also offer a more flexible study option
  allowing students to study part-time to better fit their
  schedule over 12 weeks.

                Trinity Cert. TESOL      MONDAY         TUESDAY       WEDNESDAY     THURSDAY         FRIDAY       SATURDAY

   LONDON       Full-time              09:30 - 17:00 09:30 - 17:00 09:30 - 17:00 09:30 - 17:00 09:30 - 17:00

                Trinity Cert. TESOL

                Full-time              09:00 - 18:15 09:00 - 18:15 09:00 - 18:15 09:00 - 18:15 09:00 - 18:15
                Part-time                             18:00 - 21:15                18:00 - 21:15                 10:00 - 17:30

                                                                                           KEY FEATURES

                                                                                              FULL TIME

                                                                                           Weekly hours – 30+
                                                                                           Course duration – 4 weeks
                                                                                              PART TIME Dublin only

                                                                                           Weekly hours – 12
                                                                                           Course duration – 12 weeks

                                                                                                LASS SIZE
                                                                                              10 (maximum 15)

                                                                                           All moderation and
                                                                                           certification fees included

                                                                                           Courses run frequently.
                                                                                           Check online for dates.

32 | londonbookings@englishstudio.com • dublinbookings@englishstudio.com
Teacher Training Short Courses

   Available all year round to groups looking for specialist Teacher Training courses
   our short programmes offer a flexible way for teachers to gain the necessary
   skills to upgrade their English teaching practice.

CLIL   Methods of Practice                                     Language      Refresher

For subject teachers who want to deliver lessons through        Our Language Refresher short course is ideal for teachers
English, both new to CLIL methodology, or experienced           looking to boost their English language practice in a specific
practitioners looking to refresh their knowledge. By the end    area or simply increase their motivation for language
our CLIL Methods in Practice short course teachers will:        learning and teaching. By the end of the course teachers
• be able to combine subject and language objectives to
 form specific, measurable outcomes                             • feel more confident about their abilities in English
 for their lessons                                              • have developed a clear set of strategies and behaviours to
• have a sound foundation of the research implications for      help you learn more effectively
 CLIL in practice                                               • have received expert support to help identify your key
• have added significantly to their repertoire of classroom     problem areas and start an action plan to help you move
 tasks and materials                                             past your barriers

Modern British Culture                                          Advanced Methodology and Language

London only                                                     London only
Aimed at teachers with an interest in integrating modern        For teachers of secondary school students and adult
British culture into their curricula. This course will help     learners. The course is designed to refresh and build upon
increase awareness of aspects of contemporary British life      their awareness of the principles and practice of teaching
as well as building teachers’ confidence in their own English   English. They will leave the class prepared with ideas and
language and teaching skills.                                   course materials to be used in their own classroom with
                                                                plenty of opportunities to practise their teaching skills
                                                                during the course with us.

Bespoke Packages

Are you looking for a solution to suit your group’s individual teaching needs? Our experienced team can tailor make the
perfect package combining the necessary elements from our teacher training programmes. Many of our groups return to
us year after year so you can feel confident that your booking will be in safe hands.
Visit our website for a sample timetable or contact us for more information.

                                                                                                    www.englishstudio.com | 33
YES Junior Courses

     We have been running successful young learner summer schools for over 10
     years. Our Young English Studio or YES courses help students between the ages of
     8* and 17 to improve their English and have a lot of fun along the way.
     Specially-designed YES English courses are suited to          Our dedicated and energetic teams ensure an excellent
     learners of varying ages and abilities, and packaged          experience with high levels of pastoral care. Central
     together with a packed activity programme, our YES            locations and an exciting range of cultural and sporting
     English & Activities course is a favourite option for young   activities mean these courses are the perfect option for
     students to enjoy the summer in London or Dublin.             ambitious younger learners.

                           Ray Walker | ACADEMIC MANAGER, THE ENGLISH STUDIO LONDON
                           It’s always a delight to have our young students at The English Studio during the summer
                           months. This is the perfect age for them to start learning English or to continue their studies
                           from back home for a few extra weeks. Both in class and out on excursions students always
                           have a huge amount of fun as they quickly make friends with classmates from around the
                           world. I’m sure each student leaves with a group of pen pals to keep in touch with and
                           continue on their English learning journey.

34 | londonbookings@englishstudio.com • dublinbookings@englishstudio.com
YES General and Intensive English
YES   General English

Available for every level from complete beginner through                   All students take an English level test before arriving so
to advanced speaker, our YES General English course, with                  that they can enjoy their classes from day one, placed
15 hours tuition a week, gives students the opportunity to                 according to their age and ability. During class students get
improve their English, practicing in a multinational class                 plenty of practice of relevant English that’s useful outside
what they may not learn in school.                                         the classroom and at the end of the course they will receive
For students aged 8* to 17, the course helps develop                       a YES Certificate and an End of Course Report to show their
each child’s practical communication skills, with special                  parents and teachers back home.
emphasis on speaking, pronunciation and listening.

YES   Intensive English

London only
For students aged 8* to 17, looking to improve their                       Our young students develop their fluency in conversational
English fast we offer the YES Intensive English course.                    English, receiving individual feedback and corrections from
Combined with General English classes students focus on                    their teacher: whether it’s asking for directions or ordering
conversation and pronunciation with an hour each day                       lunch, our supportive teachers help students become more
dedicated to practice with their teacher and classmates.                   confident speaking English.

*We enrol students from 8 years old in London, 12 years old in Dublin.

                                                                    08:45 - 12:00          12:05 - 13:05          13:30 - 17:00

                 YES General English                                 MORNING
                 YES Intensive English                                      MORNING

                                                                    09:00 - 12:15          12:20 - 13:20          13:30 - 17:15

   DUBLIN        YES General English                                 MORNING

                                                                                                    KEY FEATURES

                                                                                                         WEEKLY HOURS
                                                                                                         General English | 15
                                                                                                         Intensive | 20 (London only)
                                                                                                         Start Mondays from
                                                                                                         17th June to 12th August

                                                                                                    Fees include course book,
                                                                                                    learning materials, pens,
                                                                                                    water bottles, backpacks
                                                                                                    and lanyards.

                                                                                                               www.englishstudio.com | 35
YES English & Activities
  A favourite option for our young students, the YES
  English & Activities course combines all the benefits of                                            KEY FEATURES
  General English classes with a 5-day activity programme                                                 WEEKLY HOURS
  to discover the sights and culture of London or Dublin.                                                 English classes | 15
                                                                                                          Activities | 20
  Each day students attend 3 hours                     the city with children of their age.               1 hour for lunch
  of English classes, and following a                  Our friendly YES Activity Leaders are              Start Monday from
  delicious lunch, get to practise what                always there to take good care of our              17th June to 12th August
  they’ve learnt in the classroom with                 young students as well as to make
  afternoons packed full of activities and             sure they have fun and learn about                 Lunch included
  excursions.                                          the city. Lunch is provided each day
                                                       offering 3 or 4 options, one of which is
  Activities are planned for students                                                                      Entrance
                                                                                                                        fees/tickets for
                                                       vegetarian.                                            activities included*
  of all ages to discover and explore

                                                                                                      Fees include course book,
                                                                                                      learning materials, pens,
                                                                                                      water bottles, backpacks
                                                                                                      and lanyards.
  *Transport tickets for afternoon activities not included.

                                     EXAMPLE ITINERARY
                       LONDON                                        DUBLIN
         Walking Tour of The                           Walking Tour River Liffey and

         Southbank, TATE Museum                        St. Stephen's Green
         and Borough Market

         The Natural History Museum,                   Trinity College Science Museum

         The Science Museum and                        and National Museum of Ireland
         Hyde Park for sports                          (Archaeology)                                 The London Eye

         Oxford Circus and Hamleys                     Phoenix Park and sports

         Toy Store                                     afternoon

         The London Eye Experience                     Dublin Castle and

                                                       National Gallery

         Thames River Cruise                           Viking History in Dublinia

                                                                                                                                 Dublin Castle

                                                                      08:45 - 12:00           12:05 - 13:05           13:30 - 17:00

    LONDON          YES English & Activities                           MORNING                    LUNCH        AFTERNOON ACTIVITIES

                                                                      09:00 - 12:15           12:20 - 13:20           13:30 - 17.15

     DUBLIN         YES English & Activities                           MORNING                    LUNCH        AFTERNOON ACTIVITIES

36 | londonbookings@englishstudio.com • dublinbookings@englishstudio.com
Family Courses

Travelling as a family? Make savings on our family courses. Combining our Adult
and YES courses, The English Studio offers ideal solutions to ensure families can
travel and study in the same centre during summer months, with classes to suit all
English levels.
Our YES English & Activities course also means adults can    Pricing couldn’t be simpler either. As we know
take time out in the afternoon, or study one of our 25 or    travelling as a family can be expensive, we offer a
30-hour courses, while we take our younger students out      more preferential rate for an Adult and YES tuition,
on exciting local excursions.                                packaging everything to include all enrolment fees and
                                                             study materials. This gives one course price per parent/
And if looking for accommodation during their stay,
                                                             guardian and young learner student.
our homestay options offer twin or family rooms with a
variety of board options from half-board to self-catering.   (See pricelists on page 42 and 43 for more information).

                      Nicoletta | ITALY
                      Studying with my daughter was very important. At 13 she wasn’t interested in studying during
                      the summer but, having her mother attending the same school made it easier and she
                      understood how important it is to learn English. It was exciting to share our experiences,
                      attending school in the morning and visiting London in the afternoon, all this helps to make
                      the kids open-minded! Thanks to The English Studio, where we went for the second year in a
                      row, Margherita has learned a lot, had fun, and now she is able to speak and understand a
                      lot. An experience that I recommend to everyone.

                                                                                                www.englishstudio.com | 37
  Short-stay Groups
  The English Studio has helped groups from around the world organise their English
  language courses in our London and Dublin schools.
  Our friendly team are here to help plan the perfect stay to suit your students’ needs with standard packages including
  English tuition, accommodation and activities with excursions and sightseeing in the city and beyond.

  We also offer a full programme of additional services including transfers and meal options upon request.

  Short-stay groups available 1st September to 31st May the following year.

       STANDARD PACKAGES INCLUDE                                          VALUE PACKAGES INCLUDE
       • 15 hours of morning English tuition per-week                    • 15 hours of afternoon English tuition per-week
         tudy materials and end-of-course certificate                    • Study materials and end-of-course certificate
         nrolment and accommodation finding fees                         • Enrolment and accommodation finding fees
       • Half-board homestay accommodation (twin rooms)                  • Half-board homestay accommodation (twin rooms)
       • Lunches 7 days per-week                                          • Lunches 7 days per-week
       • Fun afternoon and weekend social activity                       • Fun morning and weekend social activity
            programme                                                         programme
       • Free group leader place 1:15                                     • Free group leader place 1:15

                                          STANDARD PACKAGE                                                  VALUE PACKAGE

                                          1 week       2 weeks                                         1 week          2 weeks


               All inclusive               485           920                     All inclusive            460            870

               Tuition only                78             65                     Tuition only               66           55

               All inclusive               490           930                     All inclusive            465            880


               Tuition only                87             73                     Tuition only               75           63

  Prices are in school's local currency

   STANDARD PACKAGE (AM TUITION)                                     VALUE PACKAGE (PM TUITION)
                                MONDAY–                                                          MONDAY–
            TIME                                    SATURDAY                  TIME                                  SATURDAY
                                 FRIDAY                                                           FRIDAY

    08:45 - 10:15            English tuition                           09:00 - 12:30         Social activity

    10:15 - 10:30                  BREAK                               12:30 - 13:30              LUNCH
                                                      Full day                                                       Full day
    10:30 - 12:00            English tuition                           13:30 - 15:00         English tuition
                                                   social activity                                                social activity
    12:00 - 13:00                 LUNCH                                15:00 - 15:15              BREAK

    13:00 - 17:30             Social activity                          15:15 - 16:45         English tuition

38 | londonbookings@englishstudio.com • dublinbookings@englishstudio.com
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