2020/21 START HERE DON'T STOP - Full-time courses - Dudley College

2020/21 START HERE DON'T STOP - Full-time courses - Dudley College
Full-time courses


2020/21 START HERE DON'T STOP - Full-time courses - Dudley College

    I am delighted that you are considering Dudley
    College of Technology for the next stage in your
    education. Last year was yet another exceptional
    year for the college and our learners’ success
    rates. Following our Ofsted Inspection in May
    2017, we were awarded an ‘Outstanding’
    grading, something I am very proud of and which
    is a mark of the excellent teaching and learning
    you can expect here with us.
    Over the years the creation and development of the Dudley Learning
    Quarter has changed the landscape of Dudley, improving the provision
    of Further Education for young people and adults across the borough
    and beyond. The latest addition to the Quarter is Advance II - Centre for
    Advanced Building Technologies, which is providing a unique environment
    for learners to get the skills the modern construction industry really needs.
    More recently we have expanded our operations beyond Dudley Town
    Centre with the creation of the Brierley Hill Learning Quarter. Comprising
    of the Construction Apprenticeship Training Centre (CAT), The Art and
    Design Centre Brierley Hill, The Independent Living Centre Brierley Hill
    and the Skills Shop Merry Hill. We are investing in providing outstanding
    facilities for all of our learners to acquire the skills employers value and will
    provide them with a route to higher education or their chosen careers.
    Along with giving you excellent facilities in which to pursue your studies we
    have a range of learner services to guide you as you move on to college
    and then beyond to university, work or further study with us. Our tradition
    of providing a friendly and supportive place to learn, combined with
    outstanding teaching and purpose-built facilities, really does put you, the
    learner, at the heart of all we do.
    We look forward to meeting you at one of our Open Events or our
    Taster Days. As we want you to make the right choice about your future
    education. I can promise whatever your choice we will support you every
    step of the way.

    Neil Thomas
    College Principal

2020/21 START HERE DON'T STOP - Full-time courses - Dudley College

Welcome                                         02
Why study with us?                              04
Our Learning Quarters                           06
Outstanding facilities                          10
Clubs, academies and societies                  12
What course is best for you?                    14
 A levels                                       15
 Apprenticeships                                16
 What are T Levels?                             18
 Full-time vocational courses                   20
Ready to apply?                                 21
Full-time course listing                        23
Resources                                       70
Progression routes                              71
Here to help you succeed                        72
Become outstanding                              73
English and mathematics                         74
Learner Services                                75
Stay and progress further                       76
Outstanding part-time courses                   77
Terms and conditions                            78
How to find us                                  79

            Our mission:
            To deliver outstanding technical and professional learning,
            which raises aspirations, develops skills and changes lives.

2020/21 START HERE DON'T STOP - Full-time courses - Dudley College

    Why study
    with us?          Outstanding:
                      Ofsted -

      Industry-standard equipment
      and software enable learners
      to produce practical work
      of a very high standard. As
      a result, learners leave the
      college work-ready, and as
      attractive candidates for
      prospective employers.

    Ofsted rated 2017

2020/21 START HERE DON'T STOP - Full-time courses - Dudley College

 invested in the Dudley
 Learning Quarter in the
      last 7 years

 invested in new centre
 for Advanced Building
 and Construction Skills
   (Dudley Advance II)

achievement rate in 2017/18
                              Established since


2020/21 START HERE DON'T STOP - Full-time courses - Dudley College

    Dudley College of Technology has been in the business of
    providing hands-on thinking and learning since 1862. Today we
    have created the fantastic Dudley Learning Quarter to cater for
    learners’ needs from basic skills through to Higher Education -
    all focused on your future career and employers’ needs.

    Advance Campus                               Advance II Campus
    The impressive results of a £9m investment   Dudley College of Technology has invested
    in advanced manufacturing and engineering    over £12m in Dudley Advance II, its new
    technology for learners and employers        Centre for Advanced Building Technologies.
    alike. As a STEM assured and IMechE          If you are serious about a career in the
    approved centre, Dudley Advance offers       construction industry, then you have to
    learners, apprentices and employers          consider Dudley Advance II as the place to
    2800m² of specialist teaching space. Built   get the skills and hands-on thinking
    over four floors, the building encompasses   you need.
    mechatronics, electrical engineering and
    engineering science to enhance your          Dudley Advance II is the first of its kind
    learning experience and ensure you’re        offering learners training in the latest
    working in a ‘real’ environment.             construction techniques, technology and
                                                 off-site fabrication. We are working in
    Facilities include:                          partnership with leading employers, such as
    • Rapid prototyping lab including 3D        Laing O-Rourke, who are embracing new
       scanner, 3D printers and laser cutters    technologies to ensure that your training
    • Measurement components and testing labs    gives you the skills that future employers
                                                 are looking for.
    • CAD/CNC machines
    • 3, 4 and 5 Axis CNC machines.              With a focus on Apprenticeships, level 3+
                                                 qualifications and progression to degree
    We’ve established unique partnerships that
                                                 level courses, the centre supports the
    offer the best teaching and progression
                                                 modernisation of skills development across
    pathway opportunities in the STEM and
                                                 the construction industry.
    engineering sector.

2020/21 START HERE DON'T STOP - Full-time courses - Dudley College

Aspire                                           To help you thrive in your A level studies,
                                                 Dudley Sixth creates an environment that
At Aspire (The Broadway) you will find           is happy, warm and supportive, with well-
specialist facilities for foundation learning    equipped teaching rooms and laboratories
and independent living courses for learners      as well as computer zones and quiet, study
with a range of physical/learning difficulties   friendly support areas. There's also plenty of
and disabilities.                                space for relaxing during breaks.
The combination of specialist support in
purpose built facilities enables learners to     Evolve Campus
achieve their full potential.                    The wow factor on all fronts - inside and
                                                 out - including a full theatre with stage,
The Broadway Campus                              lighting, sound and performance equipment,
Our original and largest building, first         state-of-the-art hair salon and beauty
opened in 1936 and has recently been             therapy suite, three industry-standard
refurbished, to provide a fantastic              recording studios, rehearsal pods and Apple
environment for learners to study                Mac suite, sports hall, air-conditioned gym
and socialise.                                   with the latest equipment, top-class glass
                                                 facilities and an aeroplane training facility to
The Broadway Campus is home to our £1m           name but a few.
newly refurbished dedicated Library and
Learning Centre with quiet study space,
where you can reserve workstations, access       Motor Vehicle Centre
hard copy and digital books and media.           If you’re looking for a career in the motor
As well as receive support with research,        vehicle industry, we provide a range of
assignments and college systems from the         courses including Vehicle Maintenance &
dedicated staff. The facility also includes a    Repair and Motor Sport, all delivered in
purpose-built training kitchen, on-site bistro   our specialist Motor Vehicle Workshop at
and specialist tutors for hospitality and        Wolverhampton Street.
catering learners.
                                                 3G Football Complex
Create                                           At Priory Road our new 3G Football
Our dedicated Fine Art and Sculpture             Complex provides an all-weather
Workshop offers learners a place to create       artificial grass pitch for Dudley College
large scale artworks, 2D and 3D pieces           of Technology learners and the local
and is also the home of our Production           community. The complex includes changing
Arts Team.                                       facilities for players and officials, as well
                                                 as a stand area for spectators and has the
                                                 added benefit of being floodlit so games
Dudley Sixth
                                                 can be played up until 9pm weekdays. So if
Dudley Sixth is our A level centre,              you have a passion for football, join us and
open for bright and motivated learners. It       enjoy playing on one of the best pitches in
offers AS and A level courses in fabulous        the region.
facilities, backed up with excellent support
and teaching.

2020/21 START HERE DON'T STOP - Full-time courses - Dudley College

2020/21 START HERE DON'T STOP - Full-time courses - Dudley College

Brierley Hill
Learning Quarter
Art & Design Centre                              The Skills Shop Merry Hill
Our specialist Art & Design Centre based in      The Skills Shop is a dedicated training
Brierley Hill, offers courses from level one     facility within the Merry Hill retail complex.
to Higher National Diploma. With specialist      Specialising in training for adults including
facilities for Fine Art and Digital skills we    employability courses and English and
have something for everyone with a               mathematics programmes the programmes
creative flare.                                  are designed to help individuals re-enter the
                                                 work of work or up skill to improve their
Situated close to Brierley Hill Town Centre      career prospects.
and close to Merry Hill retail park the Art
and Design centre benefits from excellent
transport facilities.

CAT Centre
The Construction Apprenticeship Training
(CAT) Centre is now open with over
300 apprentices and learners enrolled
on programmes. This brand new purpose
built training centre focuses on traditional
construction trades such as carpentry,
plastering, heating and ventilation, plumbing,
roofing and electrical installation.

Independent Living Centre
Brierley Hill
At the Independent Living Centre (Brierley
Hill) we have a specialist training facility
for foundation learning and independent
living courses designed to meet the needs
of learners with a range of physical/learning
difficulties and disabilities.

With a range of bespoke facilities and
learning programmes we offer a broad
based curriculum to support SEND
learners. This combination of specialist
support in purpose built facilities enables
learners to achieve their full potential.

2020/21 START HERE DON'T STOP - Full-time courses - Dudley College

     Where to eat

      Stir Refectory

      The biggest STIR on site, there are hot meals, snacks,                                        Monday -
                                                                      Broadway   8.30am - 2pm
      sandwiches, sweets, hot and cold drinks.                                                      Friday

      Stir CAT

      There are hot meals, snacks, sandwiches, sweets, hot                                          Monday -
                                                                      CAT        8am - 3pm
      and cold drinks.                                                                              Friday

      Stir Coffee Shop
                                                                                 8am - 4pm          Monday
      If you need to quickly refuel or to sit and chat with
      fellow learners, the coffee shop offers Starbucks coffee
                                                                      Broadway   8am - 8pm          Wednesday
      and deli bar, hot sandwiches, pastries, traybakes, hot snacks
      and refreshments.
                                                                                 8am - 3.30pm       Friday
      Stir Juice
                                                                                 8am - 4pm          Wednesday
      For learners on-the-go, grab a refreshing smoothie, a                                         Friday
      Starbucks coffee or sandwich, hot and cold snacks.
                                                                                 8am - 7.pm

      Stir Café & Bistro

      A range of daily specials lovingly-prepared by catering staff
                                                                                                    Monday -
      and apprentices, for those who want to have a relaxed           Enhance    8.30am - 2pm
      meal-time experience.

      Stir ADC
      There are hot meals, snacks, sandwiches, sweets, hot                                          Monday -
                                                                      ADC        10am - 2pm
      and cold drinks.                                                                              Friday

     Stir Lite
     A menu that serves nutritious choices for health-conscious learners, as well as vegan and celiac options
     available. Stir Lite can be found across all sites.

Student learning centres                                     11
There are iPoint learning centres across
our campuses and a dedicated library and
learning centre at Broadway Campus.


     Students' Union
                                                         Find out more about your SU
     Students, have you ever wondered what
     the Students’ Union is? The good news is,                @DudleySU
     you’re already enrolled as a member of the               Dudley Student Union
     Students’ Union and it’s free for all Dudley
                                                              01384 363 412
     College of Technology students.
                                                              The Broadway - Room B4
     The Students’ Union is run by students                   studentunion@dudleycol.ac.uk
     FOR students, and every year you get the                 @dudley.su
     opportunity to vote for who leads the
     Union. All students are encouraged to
     run in the elections for class rep or union
     officer, these students then attend training
                                                       Welcome to the Students’ Union, get ready for an amazing
     and meetings, enhancing college life for
                                                       year, the future is exciting and you’ve got this!
     all students.
     Your Union is part of the National Union of
     Students, which offers you a direct link to       Creating Community
     have your voice heard by the government.          By offering activities, events, clubs and social groups the
     The Students’ Union are a political               SU support students to get the most from their social life,
     organisation, advocating equal opportunities,     meet new people and make new friends.
     a cleaner environment and a better future         Throughout the year, the Union organise a variety of
     for you.                                          trips/events which include; Freshers Fayre, Alton Towers,
     If you have any problems whilst on your           Young People’s Question Time, London Parliament,
     course or you get into trouble at college,        Blackpool Pleasure Beach, nightclub parties, Drayton
     we will be there to listen and make sure          Manor, residentials, adventure activity pursuits and sporting
     you get the support you deserve. We are by        activities. There will also be a number of smaller trips/events
     your side!                                        running directly related to specific student clubs and student
                                                       requests. All Union activities are open to all members. If
     Education is important, and our number            there is something you are particularly interested in doing
     one job is to ensure you receive the              let us know, we’re always looking for inspiration!
     education you deserve, however that’s
     not all, as friendship and fun is also really     Clubs & Societies
     important to us. The Students’ Union              Do you have a passion for something? Whether it is gaming,
     arranges trips and activities to make             keeping fit or chocolate appreciation, the Union can help
     college life as enjoyable as possible, and at a   you to set up a club or society. We will support you with
     discounted rate!                                  financial costs, resources and help you run trips/events
                                                       throughout the year. If you are unsure about what you
     Keep an eye on our social media and
                                                       would like to do, some clubs such as ‘Social Football, Retro
     website to stay updated.
                                                       Gamers, Pool Society and Breakfast club will be running
                                                       from September. All students are welcome to join any club
                                                       or society at any time of the year.

                                                       ‘The SU also sell a student discount card
                                                       the Totum card, they can help students
                                                       save lots of money and also double up as
                                                       age ID so check out www.totum.com to
                                                       see whether you’d like to purchase one’

Stourbridge Football                           Through Team Dudley you can:
                                               • Receive specialised coaching and training for six hours
Academy                                          per week
The under 19 male Football Academy is          • Represent the college regionally and nationally in AOC
a joint venture between Dudley College           Sport tournaments
of Technology and Stourbridge FC, and
                                               • Attend trials for regional and national squads.
provides learners with an excellent
opportunity to train alongside Stourbridge     All sports represented by the college have the opportunity
FC first team players, whilst gaining their    to progress to regional finals held across the West Midlands
academic qualifications - opening up           and, if successful, through to the national finals at a UK
hundreds of career prospects.                  based university. AOC Sport runs regional and national
This is an ideal opportunity for talented      representative squads in many sports at the elite end
players to make that first step towards a      of competition. The college has experienced success at
professional playing career or step into       this level through its football, endurance and badminton
non-league football whilst also developing a   programme. Sports that the college is currently represented
transferable skill set.                        in are:

Dudley College of Technology learners can      •   Athletics        •   Hockey
apply to join the under 19 male academy        •   Badminton        •   Netball
and entry is based on football ability and a   •   Basketball       •   Rugby Union
successful trial.                              •   Cricket          •   Table Tennis
                                               •   Cross Country    •   Tennis
                                               •   Football         •   Volleyball
Team Dudley Sport
                                               •   Golf             •   Swimming.
At Dudley College of Technology we are
extremely proud of our sports development
                                               Most sports are played on a Wednesday afternoon and
programme, which gives you the chance to
                                               include travel to other colleges in the West Midlands and
study and pursue your sporting interests at
                                               around the rest of the country. To find out more about
the same time. Team Dudley Sport has been
                                               sport at Dudley College of Technology, please come and see
developed to demonstrate our commitment
                                               the Sports Department at Evolve Campus.
to sport and add value to your experience
as a learner. We want you to have the          For more details contact the sports development
opportunity to excel in your chosen sport,     manager on simon.king@dudleycol.ac.uk
be it competing, volunteering or coaching,
whilst completing your academic studies.
If you compete for the college you will
become a member of Team Dudley. The
college runs a number of successful sports
teams that play within Association of
Colleges (AOC Sport) regional and
national competitions.


     What course is
     best for you?
     There are a number of pathways you can take with Dudley
     College of Technology to kick start your career:

        A levels
        T Levels
        Full-time vocational courses.

A levels

Dudley College of Technology have a
dedicated A level Sixth Form which is
Dudley Sixth. A levels are subject-based
qualifications that can lead to university,
further study, training, or work.
You can normally study three or more A levels over two
years. They’re usually assessed by a series of examinations.
Over 500 bright young minds study A levels at Dudley
Sixth each year. Their results just keep getting better with
a 99% pass rate in 2019, with a100% pass rate achieved
in 28 subjects.

                                                                                         pass rate in 2019

A level courses Dudley Sixth offer:
   Accounting                                                    Graphic Design
   Biology                                                       History
   Business                                                      ICT*
   Chemistry                                                     Law
   Computer Science                                              Mathematics
   Economics                                                     Media Studies
   English Language                                              Philosophy
   English Literature                                            Photography
   Environmental Science                                         Physics
   Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)                          Politics
   Film Studies                                                  Product Design
   Fine Art                                                      Psychology
   French                                                        Religious Studies
   Geography                                                     Sociology
   Geology                                                       Sport & Physical Education
   German                                                        Textile Design.

*This qualification is delivered as a level 3 BTEC or technical certificate, equivalent to an A level

     Build skills and knowledge for your
     chosen career. Earn while you learn.                           Entry requirements:
                                                                    Our usual minimum entry requirements
     Apprentices earn a salary and have standard employee           for Apprenticeships are detailed below.
     benefits such as holiday pay and sick pay whilst               For course-specific requirements please
     working towards a nationally recognised qualification.         visit our website.
     Apprenticeships are a great choice for a first step
     in your career with work experience and a                      Level 2
     qualification to match!                                        Three GCSEs at grade 3 including English
                                                                    or mathematics.

                                                                    Level 3
                                                                    Four GCSEs at grade 4 including English
                                                                    or mathematics.

     Apprenticeships we offer:
        Accounting                                            Engineering Technician (Technical Support)
        Administration                                        Engineering Technician (Tool-making)
        Barbering                                             Gas
        Beauty Therapy                                        Geospatial Survey Technician
        Brickwork                                             Hairdressing
        Built Environment & Design                            Health & Social Care
        Building Services                                     Heating & Ventilating
        Business Improvement Techniques                       IT Application Specialists
        Carpentry                                             Infrastructure Technician
        Casting                                               IT, Software, Web & Telecoms Professional
        Childcare                                             Occupational Work Supervision
        Civil Engineering for Technicians                     Painting & Decorating
        Construction Civil Engineering                        Performing Manufacturing Operations
        Customer Service                                      Plastering
        Digital Engineering Technician                        Plumbing
        Electrical Electronic Engineering                     Professional Cookery
        Electrical Installation/Maintenance                   Property Maintenance Operative
        Engineering Fabrication & Welding                     Reception - Front of House
        Engineering Maintenance                               Refrigeration
        Engineering Manufacturing                             Roofing
        Engineering Technician (Machinist)                    Sheet Metal Work
        Engineering Technician (Mechatronics)                 Supporting Teaching & Learning
        Engineering Technician (Product                       Travel Services
        Design & Development)                                 Vehicle Maintenance & Repair
                                                              Wall & Floor Tiling.



     The “T” in T Levels stands for          From September 2019 T Levels will
     Technical, the idea behind these        be available in three pilot areas
     qualifications is that they will        of childcare (education pathway),
     introduce a new system of technical     digital (software applications
     education to provide a high quality     and design pathway) and
     technical option alongside an           construction (building services
     academic option for learners aged       and engineering pathway).
     16 to 19.
                                             In 2021, T Levels will become
     The table below shows the UCAS          available in a wider range of
     tariff allocation for T Levels, and     subjects than the three pilot
     how it compares to the allocation       areas, and will include:
     for A levels.
                                               Agriculture, Land Management
      UCAS       T Level            A          and Production
      tariff     overall grade      Level      Animal Care and Management
      points                                   Building Services
                                               Craft and Design
      168        Distinction*       A*A*A*
                                               Cultural Heritage and
                                               Visitor Attractions
      144        Distinction        AAA
                                               Design, Development and Control
      120        Merit              BBB        Design, Surveying and Planning
                                               Digital Business Services
      96         Pass (C or above   CCC        Digital Production, Design
                 on the core)
                                               and Development
      72         Pass (D or E on    DDD        Digital Support Services
                 the core)                     Education
                                               Hair, Beauty and Aesthetics
     T Levels will follow GCSEs and            Health
     will be equivalent to 3 A levels.         Healthcare Science
     T Levels will combine classroom           Human Resources
     theory, practical learning and a          Legal
     3-month industry placement to make        Maintenance, Installation
     sure learners have real experience        and Repair
     of the workplace. The 2-year T            Management and Administration
     Level courses have been developed         Manufacturing and Process
     in collaboration with employers           Media, Broadcast and Production
     and businesses so that the content        Onsite Construction
     will meet the needs of industry and       Science.
     prepare learners for work.

TECHNOLOGY CHOOSING TO                 FOR TRANSPORT COSTS WHEN I                             19
PILOT T LEVELS?                        AM ON A WORK PLACEMENT?
Dudley College of Technology           Dudley College of Technology has
has been selected by the               designated funding to support
government to pilot T Levels as        industry placements which can be
it has a proven track record of        used to support you with your
technical education that includes      travel costs. You can find out
successfully delivering previous       more by speaking to our student
technical qualifications, such as      finance team or by coming to the
NVQs and BTEC Diplomas.                next open day.

T LEVEL?                               UNPAID T LEVEL OVER A PAID
T Levels are ideal for you if you      APPRENTICESHIP?
are moving on from GCSE studies        T Levels and Apprenticeships are
and you think you would enjoy a        different. A T Level will give you
practical approach to studying,        the opportunity to continue your
that includes a 3-month industry       studies and get a much broader
placement with an employer.            idea of what it’s like to work
                                       in a certain sector, with the
WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE                 opportunity to specialise later.
                                       Apprenticeships are paid, work-
                                       based training for those who
APPRENTICESHIP?                        know what occupation they wish
T Levels will include about            to pursue.
20% of the time being spent on a
work placement, with 80% being         CAN I GO TO UNIVERSITY AFTER
spent in the classroom. This differs
to an Apprenticeship which is
                                       STUDYING FOR A T LEVEL?
typically 80% in employment and        Yes, you can. T Levels will
20% in the classroom.                  prepare you to progress into a
                                       skilled job, but you can also
                                       choose to take further technical
                                       training, such as a Higher
STUDYING ON A T LEVEL?                 Apprenticeship or degree, if you
No, you are not employed by an         don’t want to move straight into
employer when studying on a T          a job.
Level, you are simply on a work
placement with them.

    Come and find out more
    about T Levels at our

   Saturday 19th October 2019 10am - 2pm
   Saturday 18th January 2020 10am - 2pm
   Saturday 14th March 2020 10am - 2pm
   Wednesday 10th June 2020 4pm - 7pm

                                                                                 bus pass
     Full-time                                                                   For all full-time 16-18 year

                                                                                 olds starting in
                                                                                 September 2019*

                                                                                 *Terms & conditions apply

     Our full-time courses are designed to prepare learners to start a variety
     careers, such as a trade, a craft, or as a technician. Our courses are made up of
     a variety of units, all aimed at one subject and one final qualification.
     If you feel your skills are more suited to do practical assessments and
     coursework assignments rather than exams, a vocational programme may be
     the best route for you.

     Full-time courses we offer:
        Administration                                      Media
        Animal Science                                      Motor Vehicle
        Art & Design                                        Music
        Business & Enterprise                             Performing Arts & Production Arts
        Care & Early Years                                  Public Services
        Construction & Building Technologies                Science (Applied)
        Engineering                                         Sport
        Hair & Beauty                                       Travel & Tourism
        Hospitality & Catering                              Entry-level Courses*
        Information Technology
                                                             For learners with few or no formal qualifications


Ready to apply?
Whatever your grades, there is a course for everyone. If you have
found your ideal course and have all the information you need, you
can apply by following these simple steps:

      1. Apply                                                       online!
      Fill out the application form.You can do                       dudleycol.ac.uk
      this online at dudleycol.ac.uk.
      If you need a printed form or if you have
      any problems along the way, call our
      Admissions Team on 01384 363 333.

                                                                2. Interview
                                                                We’ll then write to you and let
                                                                you know we have received your
                                                                application.You will be invited in for
                                                                an interview. This might include an
                                                                assessment, an audition or bringing a
                                                                portfolio of work with you.
      3. Offer
      Following your interview we will offer a
      place to you. In some cases this will be
      conditional on your exam results.

                                                                4. Confirm
                                                                Simply return your offer slip to
                                                                us confirming your acceptance.
                                                                Following this you will receive a
                                                                letter telling you which date you
      5. Enrol                                                  need to come to enrol at college.
      A letter will be sent to you giving you a
      date to come for enrolment and induction.

If you have any questions at any time, or if you can’t make your interview date just
contact us and talk to one of our friendly Admissions Staff. We’re here to help!


                       Open days:

                       Saturday 19th October 2019
                       10am - 2pm

                       Saturday 18th January 2020
                       10am - 2pm

                       Saturday 14th March 2020
                       10am - 2pm

                       Wednesday 10th June 2020
                       4pm - 7pm


Administration                                      24
Animal Science                                      26
Art & Design                                        28
Business & Enterprise                               30
Care & Early Years                                  32
Construction & Building Technologies 34
Engineering                                         38
Hair & Beauty                                       42
Hospitality & Catering                              46
Information Technology                              48
Media                                               50
Motor Vehicle                                       52
Music                                               54
Performing Arts & Production Arts                   56
Public Services                                     60
Science (Applied)                                   62
Sport                                               64
Travel & Tourism                                    66
Entry-level Courses*                                68
For learners with few or no formal qualifications


     Boost your employability. Every organisation,
     large or small, needs administrators.
     Administrators keep life running smoothly behind the scenes - this
     could be filing information, managing diaries, arranging travel and even
     welcoming visitors. At Dudley College of Technology, you can study
     administration at several levels meaning you will learn basic office skills
     through to team working, Health & Safety, writing business documents
     and office procedures.
     We have a working administration office which houses all of the
     equipment you would use in a real working environment.You will gain
     transferable skills that you need to work in a number of organisations.

      Entry requirements:                   We work with...                        Get a career in
      Our usual minimum                        Automobile Association (AA)         Administration:
      entry requirements for                   Environmental Resources               Administrative Assistant
      Administration courses are               Group (ERG)                           Barristers’ Clerk
      detailed below. For course-              Her Majesty’s Revenue and
      specific requirements please                                                   Customer Services
                                               Customs (HMRC)
      visit our website.                                                             Assistant
                                               Lloyds Banking Group.
                                                                                     Customs Officer
      Level 2                                  NHS
                                                                                     Data Entry Clerk
      Four GCSEs at grade 3                    Dudley MBC
                                                                                     Hotel Receptionist
      including English                        Sandwell MBC
      or mathematics.                                                                Legal Secretary
                                               West Midlands
                                               Ambulance Service                     Medical Secretary
      For Apprenticeships: three
                                                                                     Personal Assistant.
      GCSEs at grade 3 including
      English or mathematics.               Location:
      Level 3                               The Broadway Campus.
      Four GCSEs at grade 4
      including English
      and mathematics.
      For Apprenticeships: three
      GCSEs at grade 4 including
      English and mathematics.


                                  Laura Wills
                                  Business Administration Apprenticeship
                                  Laura has completed her Business Administration
                                  Apprenticeship level 2 and is now working towards
                                  her level 3 with Dudley College of Technology
                                  whilst working at a local company, Acenta. Laura
                                  hopes to progress to a Higher Apprenticeship in
                                  Business Administration.

Administration courses we offer:
Subject                                                             Level 2       Level 3

Administration Apprenticeship

Administration OCR Diploma

Customer Service Apprenticeship


     Animal Science
     Learn the theory and practice of caring for and handling
     domestic, farm, exotic animals and horses.
     You will study the principles of animal biology and explore what constitutes
     an environment in which animals can thrive. While our classes are primarily
     classroom-based we work in partnership with Brockswood Animal Sanctuary in
     Sedgely so as a Dudley College of Technology learner you will help sick, injured or
     abandoned animals recover, whilst keeping them fed and cared for.You also have the
     chance to undertake work experience at Dudley Zoo, as part of the course. Equine
     learners work alongside local riding schools and stables to practice their skills and
     understand stable and horse management.

      Entry requirements:                 We work with...                        Get a career
      Our usual minimum entry                Brockswood Animal Sanctuary         in Animal Science:
      requirements for Animal
                                             Dudley Zoo                             Animal Shelter Worker
      Science courses are detailed
      below. For course-specific             Smestow Wildlife Park                  Dog Groomer
      requirements please visit              Wild Zoological Park                   Kennel Worker
      our website.                           Wood Farm Riding School.               Pet Behaviour
      Level 1
                                          Location:                                 Pet Shop Assistant
      Four GCSEs at grade 2
      including English                   The Broadway Campus.                      RSPCA Inspector
      and mathematics.                                                              Safari Park Worker
      Level 2
                                                                                    Veterinary Nurse
      Four GCSEs at grade 3
      including English.                                                            Wildlife Rehabilitation
      Level 3
      Five GCSEs at grade 4
      including English.


                                             Eleanor Gandy
                                             Animal Management
                                             Eleanor has achieved high grades throughout her
                                             Animal Management course, developing her practical
                                             skills working with animals. Eleanor plans to go on to
                                             the Animal Management HNC at Dudley College of
                                             Technology to further her experience and training.
                                             Working at Dapper Dogs Ltd, Eleanor has gained
                                             valuable experience as an integral part of her course.

Animal Science courses we offer:
Subject                                                           Level 1        Level 2       Level 3

Animal Management BTEC Extended Diploma

Animal Science BTEC Diploma

Animal Care City & Guilds

Equine Studies

Hands-on thinking...
Our learners get the opportunity to take
part in a two-week work experience in
Africa.Your days will be filled with walks
in the bush and tracking animals, your
evenings will be spent out under the
stars.You will come across elephants,
hyenas and lions - to just name a few.
Learners are also able to participate in
the African Conservation Experience’s
Game Ranger course.


     Art & Design
     Realise your true potential while pursuing
     a career in the creative industries.
     Our Art & Design department is a dynamic and vibrant place to study. As a learner with us you will have
     the opportunity to use state-of-the-art equipment including Apple Macs, screen printing facilities, 3D and
     ceramic workshops, glass-blowing studios, fashion and textiles studios and even a green screen room for
     video production. Our courses will include working on exciting live project briefs and opportunities to
     exhibit both internally at college and at external venues.

      Entry requirements:                 We work with...                        Get a career
      Our usual minimum entry                Black Country                       in Art & Design:
      requirements for Art &                 Living Museum                          Animator
      Design courses are detailed            Centre for Equality                    Architect
      below. For course-specific             & Diversity
      requirements please visit                                                     Art Editor
                                             Dudley Zoo
      our website.                                                                  Art Therapist
                                             Summit Support
      Level 1                                University of
                                                                                    Games Designer
      GCSEs at grade 1 to 2.
                                             White House.                           Fashion
                                                                                    Design Assistant
      Level 2
                                                                                    Graphic Designer
      Four GCSEs at grade 3               Location:
      including English.                                                            Illustrator
                                          Evolve and Art and
                                          Design Centre.                            Photographic Stylist
      Level 3                                                                       Photographic Technician.
      Four GCSEs at grade 4
      including English and one
      must be in a creative field.


                                Jack Rogers
                                Whilst studying at Dudley College of Technology Jack’s
                                development journey has been outstanding, throughout his
                                time he progressed from level 1 Art to level 3 Photography.
                                He has pushed himself outside his comfort zone and
                                increasingly built his confidence by actively being involved in
                                photographing high profile college visitors and covering events
                                in the local community.
                                Jack's passion is evident as he is continuing his studies at the
                                University of Wolverhampton to study BA (Hons) Photography.

Art & Design courses we offer:
Subject                                                  Level 1       Level 2       Level 3

Art & Design Diploma

Computer Games Design Diploma

Fashion & Textiles Diploma

Graphic Design Diploma

Photography Diploma


     Business &
     Take an academic or vocational route to achieving
     your business dreams.
     Dudley College of Technology’s Business courses are taught in modern facilities by dedicated
     tutors, who themselves have industry knowledge to share with you.You will be taught
     about many elements of running an enterprise, from accountancy and finance through to
     production, managing people and marketing. Although you don’t need a formal education in
     business to launch your own empire, our courses provide a great grounding for going far
     in life.
     Dudley College of Technology is proud to be the home of the West Midlands branch of the
     Peter Jones Enterprise Academy. Named after its founder, Dragons’ Den star Peter Jones,
     the academy is designed to equip future generations of entrepreneurs with the skills and
     confidence they need to aim higher.

      Entry requirements:                  Get a career in
      Our usual minimum entry              Business & Enterprise:
      requirements for Business &             Accountant
      Enterprise courses are detailed
                                              Accounts Clerk
      below. For course-specific
      requirements please visit               Banking Customer Service Adviser
      our website.                            Business Development Manager
                                              Human Resources Officer
      Level 2
                                              Insurance Broker
      Four GCSEs which must
      include a grade 4 or above              Legal Executive Assistant
      English or mathematics.                 Legal Secretary
      Remaining GCSEs at grade 3              Marketing Assistant
      or above.
                                              Payroll Administrator.
      Level 3
      Five GCSEs at grade 4 or
      above including English
      and mathematics.

      The Broadway Campus.


                                                Jon Turton
                                                Accounting Diploma
                                                Jon has achieved outstanding results in all of his
                                                examinations, along with numerous notices of
                                                commendation throughout the year. His outstanding
                                                work secured him an interview with HMRC.

Business & Enterprise courses we offer:
Subject                                                                          Level 2       Level 3

Accounting Apprenticeship

Accounting Diploma

Business BTEC Certificate

Business BTEC Diploma

Understanding Enterprise & Entrepreneurship Diploma

Applied Law with Criminology

Most enterprising college in the country
2018 saw staff and learners from Dudley College
of Technology’s Peter Jones Enterprise Academy
celebrating a fabulous triple victory having
been awarded the titles of:
• National Entrepreneur of the Year
• Inspirational Student of the Year
• Enterprise Manager of the Year

All at the national EntFest - the Peter Jones
Foundation’s enterprise festival which the
TV Dragon hosted at Buckingham University.


     Care & Early Years
     Get a strong start in the care sector, or for a career
     working with children.
     Dudley College of Technology’s Care & Early Years department is the perfect place to
     acquire both the theory and the hands-on experience you need if you are interested
     in a career in healthcare or in children’s care, education or development. Although
     you’ll be based at our Broadway Campus, almost half of your learning will happen in
     the workplace ensuring that you become competent and confident at the same time.
     The qualifications you will gain can equip you for work in schools, nurseries, hospitals,
     special-needs schools or care homes. Due to our close links with local employers this
     means you are able to apply your new knowledge to real situations and real people.
     NOTE: Because Care & Early Years qualifications are designed to lead to employment with vulnerable groups of people, please
     note that you will need to have an enhanced DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) check before embarking on our courses.

       Entry requirements:                                                                                         Get a career in Care
       Our usual minimum entry                                                                                     & Early Years:
       requirements for Care &                                                                                          Care Assistant
       Early Years courses are
                                                                                                                        Early Years Teacher
       detailed below. For course-
       specific requirements please                                                                                     Family Support Worker
       visit our website.                                                                                               Healthcare Assistant
                                                                                                                        Hospital Play Specialist
       Level 1
       Four GCSEs at grades
       1 to 2 including English                                                                                         Nurse
       and mathematics.                                                                                                 Nursery Worker
                                                                                                                        Occupational Therapist
       Level 2
                                                                                                                        Play Worker
       Four GCSEs at grade                                 We work with...                                              Social Worker.
       3 including English
                                                               Ashbourne Care Home
       and mathematics.
                                                               Beacon Centre for the Blind
       Level 3                                                 Bramford Primary School
       Four GCSEs at grade                                     Learning Journey Day Nursery
       4 including English                                     Woodsetton Special School.
       and mathematics.

                                                           The Broadway Campus.


                                              Abigail Horton
                                              Care & Early Years
                                              In her first year at Dudley College of Technology, Abigail
                                              has demonstrated that hard work and determination
                                              does pay off and will be progressing to the second year of
                                              her Childcare Diploma. Combining her studies with her
                                              place on the college netball team, and 400 hours of work
                                              placement are indicative of her strength and determination
                                              to succeed. Abigail plans to go onto teacher training after
                                              her time at Dudley College of Technology.

Care & Early Years courses we offer:
Subject                                                            Level 1       Level 2       Level 3

Caring for Children Care NCFE CACHE

Childcare Apprenticeship

Childcare and Education Certificate CACHE NCFE

Childcare and Education T Level Certificate

Health & Social Care Apprenticeship

Health & Social Care NCFE CACHE Diploma

Introduction to Early Years Education & Care
CACHE Certificate

Supporting Individuals with Learning Difficulties NCFE

Supporting Teaching & Learning Apprenticeship

Supporting Teaching & Learning Diploma

Supporting Teaching & Learning T Level Certificate

     & Building
     Give yourself skills for life with an education in
     Construction & Building Technologies.
     By learning a trade you may be able to set yourself up with a career for life. Our
     Construction department offers courses in areas such as bricklaying, carpentry
     and joinery, heating and ventilation, engineering, mechanical services, plastering,
     plumbing and refrigeration and air-conditioning engineering. Our well-equipped,
     specialist workshops and classrooms provide the best environment for you to
     home your skills, whilst being overseen by expert tutors. We have strong ties with
     the University of Wolverhampton which many of our learners progress via our
     innovative pathways agreement.

      Entry requirements:                 We work with...                     Get a career in
      Our usual minimum                      A & D Joinery & Interiors        Building Technologies:
      entry requirements for                 BAM Construction                    BIM Technician
      Construction & Building                Croft Conservation Ltd              Building Services Engineer
      Technologies courses are
                                             Dudley Zoo                          Building Technician
      detailed below. For course-
      specific requirements please           Laing O’Rourke                      Civil Engineer
      visit our website.                     Lovell                              Design Manager
                                             Saltwells Nature Reserve
      Level 1                                                                    Drawing Technician
                                             Wates Construction.
      There are no formal entry                                                  Quantity Surveying
      requirements. However,                                                     Technician Trainee.
      you must be prepared                Location:
      to complete functional              Advance II, CAT Centre.
      skills/GCSE in English and
      mathematics as part of
      your course.

      Level 2
      Four GCSEs at grade
      3 including English
      and mathematics.

      Level 3
      Four GCSEs at grade
      4 including English
      and mathematics.

Construction courses we offer:                                                                  35

Subject                                              Entry-level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Basic Construction Skills (Multi-Skills)
City & Guilds Diploma

Bricklaying City & Guilds Diploma

Brickwork Apprenticeship

Building Services Design Technician Apprenticeship

Carpentry Apprenticeship

Carpentry & Joinery Diploma

Carpentry (Site) Diploma

Civil Engineering for Technicians Apprenticeship

Construction Civil Engineering Construction
Operations Apprenticeship

Construction Transition

Gas Apprenticeship

Geospatial Survey Technician Apprenticeship

Heating & Ventilating Apprenticeship

Occupational Work Supervision Apprenticeship

Painting & Decorating Apprenticeship

Painting & Decorating Diploma

Plastering Apprenticeship

Plastering Diploma

Plumbing Apprenticeship

Plumbing Diploma

Property Maintenance Operative Apprenticeship

Refrigeration Apprenticeship

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Wall & Floor Tiling Apprenticeship


                                              Victoria Brownhill
                                              Victoria has been a model learner since joining the
                                              Plumbing level 1 diploma. Achieving high grades and
                                              completing excellent work at the Brockley Animal
                                              Sanctuary,Victoria plans to continue her studies with the
                                              college with the long term aim of joining an Apprenticeship
                                              within the industry.

     Building Technologies courses we offer:
     Subject                                                                        Level 2       Level 3

     Building Information Modelling

     Built Environment & Design Apprenticeship

     Construction Contracting Operations Apprenticeship

     Data Cabling Apprenticeship

     Design Engineer Construct

     Digital Engineering Technician Apprenticeship

     Design Surveying Planning T Level

     Survey Technician Apprenticeship

Ofsted                              37

Leaders and managers
have designed highly
innovative, forward-looking
apprenticeship pathways
to prepare learners for
future careers in newly
emerging, highly skilled
digital technologies.


     Engineers wanted: make yourself
     invaluable to the West Midlands’ workforce.
     Engineering is all about problem solving, designing, creating and maintaining all the
     products and machines you have ever seen. A business can’t operate without the skills
     of qualified engineers, so by studying the discipline, you will make yourself very valuable
     to a future workforce. Whether your interests lie in specialisms such as electrical
     engineering and installation or computer-aided design (CAD), you will be given hands-
     on experience and technical skills alongside essential theory - all led by skilled tutors
     who are experts in their individual field.

      Entry requirements:                  We work with...
      Our usual minimum entry                 A & M EDM Ltd
      requirements for Engineering            Alan Nuttall Partnership Ltd
      courses are detailed                    Cab Automotive
      below. For course-specific
                                              Clamason Industries Ltd
      requirements please visit
      our website.                            Doosan Babcock
      Level 1                                 McCain Foods Ltd
      GCSE grades at 1 to 2.                  Thomas Dudley Ltd

      Level 2
                                              Voestalpine Metsec PLC
                                              Westley Group.
                                                                                    Milena Nazarko
      Three GCSEs at grade 3                                                        Engineering
      or above including English
                                                                                    During her course, Milena
      and mathematics or                   Location:
      an appropriate                                                                has not only demonstrated
                                           Advance I & II, CAT Centre.              outstanding Engineering skills
      level 1 qualification.
                                                                                    but has also extended her
      Level 3                                                                       leadership qualities during the
      Three GCSEs at grade 4,                                                       project work by keeping the
      one of which must be English,                                                 team on track. Milena plans
      plus a grade 5 in mathematics                                                 to continue her studies with
      or an appropriate level                                                       an Apprenticeship or a higher
      2 qualification.                                                              level programme to kick
                                                                                    start her career within
                                                                                    the industry.



Engineering courses we offer:                                                                     41

Subject                                                     Level 1   Level 2    Level 3

Business Improvement Techniques Apprenticeship

Castings Apprenticeship

Computer Aided Design & Technology BTEC Diploma

Electrical/Electronic Engineering Diploma

Electrical Installation/Maintenance

Electrical Installation/Maintenance Diploma

Electrical Installation City & Guilds Diploma

Electrical Installation/Maintenance Apprenticeship

Engineering Fabrication & Welding Apprenticeship

Engineering Manufacturing Apprenticeship

Engineering Manufacturing

Engineering (Mechanical/Manufacturing/Maintenance/
Fabrication & Welding) City & Guilds

Engineering (Mixed Discipline) Diploma

Engineering Technician (Machinist) Apprenticeship

Engineering Technician (Mechatronics) Apprenticeship

Engineering Technician (Product Design &
Development) Apprenticeship

Engineering Technician (Technical Support) Apprenticeship

Engineering Technician (Tool-Making) Apprenticeship

Improvement Operator

Improvement Technician

Metals Foundry & Pattern Making Technician

Performing Engineering Operations (Fabrication & Welding)

Performing Engineering Operations (Manufacturing)


     Hair & Beauty
     Get set for the world of work with a Hair & Beauty qualification.
     Dudley College of Technology is proud to offer courses that pave the way towards industry
     recognised qualifications. Our courses cover everything you need to start practising your
     trade - not just techniques but Health & Safety, reception skills and team working too.
     You can attend events organised by some of the top companies in the Hair & Beauty Therapy
     industries, as well as take part in photo shoots, competitions and trade exhibitions such as
     Salon International. Hair & Beauty learners who achieve the right qualifications are in demand
     for work in commercial salons, sports centres, or even on cruise liners.

      Entry requirements:                 We work with...                       Get a career
      Our usual minimum entry                Arena Hairdressing                 in Hair & Beauty:
      requirements for Hair &                Dermalogica                           Aromatherapist
      Beauty courses are detailed            Horcross Hall                         Barber
      below. For course-specific
                                             Leddington Hairdressing               Beauty Consultant
      requirements please visit
      our website.                           Ragdale Hall                          Beauty Therapist
                                             Russells Hall Hospital                Chiropody/Podiatry
      Level 1                                Sienna Tanning                        Assistant
      Grades 1 to 2 in English and           Wahl                                  Freelance Hair Stylist
      mathematics and you must               Wella.
      be prepared to complete                                                      Image Consultant
      functional skills/GCSE in                                                    Junior/Senior
      English and mathematics as          Location:                                Hair Stylist
      part of your course.                Evolve.                                  Make-up Artist
                                                                                   Nail Technician
      Level 2
                                                                                   Salon Manager
      Four GCSEs at grade 4
      including English                                                            Salon Technician
      and mathematics.                                                             Spa Manager.

      Level 3
      Four GCSEs at grade
      4 including English and
      mathematics, plus level 2
      qualification in hair, beauty
      or barbering.


Ofsted -
Highly qualified staff use their
excellent subject knowledge and
vocational skills, and extensive links
with employers to provide lessons
that relate closely to the needs and
expectations of industry.


     Hair courses we offer:
     Subject                                                          Level 1   Level 2   Level 3

     Barbering Apprenticeship

     Barbering City & Guilds

     Hairdressing Apprenticeship

     Hairdressing Technical Certificate

     Hairdressing NVQ

     Hairdressing VRQ

     Introduction to Hair & Beauty

        Brodey Ryan Smith
        Brodey showed outstanding skill development throughout
        his course, and wowed tutors with the quality of his
        practical work. Brodey's determination to succeed is
        evident by the hours he put into volunteering at a local
        barbers, where he carried out extra training and observed
        others to learn the skills needed to complete his course.
        Brodey now plans to move onto the level 3 Barbering
        course and has gained himself a position at the salon where
        he volunteered.


                                  James Scott
                                  Complementary Therapies
                                  James has proved to be an outstanding learner, taking his
                                  skills to another level by working as a volunteer therapist
                                  at the White House Cancer Support Charity. James plans
                                  to continue his voluntary work whilst moving towards a
                                  level 4 qualification, and possibly teacher training.

Beauty courses we offer:
Subject                                                Level 1        Level 2        Level 3

Beauty Technical

Beauty Therapy Apprenticeship

Beauty Therapy Diploma VRQ

Beauty Therapy NVQ

Complementary Therapies Diploma

Introduction to Hair & Beauty


     Hospitality &
     Equip yourself to work in the fast-growing
     and exciting Hospitality & Catering industry.
     Hospitality is a growing industry with a huge number of jobs that fall within it. All
     of our tutors have professional catering backgrounds so our learners are able to
     gain hands-on experience of cookery in our new state-of-the-art kitchen.Your
     course will include visits to local catering companies and restaurants so you can
     put context to the theory you learn in class - seeing for yourself how things
     work in real businesses with real customers.

      Entry requirements:                  We work with...                          Get a career in
      Our usual minimum entry                  Black Country Living Museum          Hospitality &
      requirements for Hospitality             Cielo                                Catering:
      & Catering courses are                   Compass Catering                        Baker/Pastry Chef
      detailed below. For course-
                                               Edmunds                                 Bar Assistant
      specific requirements please
      visit our website.                       Marriott Hotel                          Catering Manager
                                               Talbot Hotel                            Chef
      Level 1                                  Village Hotel.
                                                                                       Head Chef
      There are no formal entry
      requirements. However, you                                                       Kitchen Assistant/Porter
      must be prepared to complete         Location:                                   Mobile Catering
      functional skills/GCSE in            The Broadway Campus                         Assistant
      English and mathematics as           and Enhance.                                Restaurant Manager
      part of your course.
                                                                                       Waiting Staff.
      Level 2
      Four GCSEs at grade
      3 including English
      and mathematics.

      Level 3
      Must have a Professional
      Cookery Diploma at level 2.


                                                  Alexander Buckby
                                                  Hospitality & Catering
                                                  Alex has gained confidence as well as core skills within
                                                  the catering industry whilst working in the kitchen at
                                                  Stir Bistro, producing fresh dishes daily. Alex plans to
                                                  continue his Apprenticeship to level 3 as his skills and
                                                  abilities develop.

Hospitality and Catering courses we offer:
Subject                                                             Level 1        Level 2          Level 3

Culinary Services Certificate

Professional Cookery Apprenticeship

Professional Cookery Technical Diploma

Professional Cookery Advanced Technical Diploma

Professional Chefs Advanced Technical Diploma

Hands-on thinking...
As well as a fully-fitted catering kitchen already installed at The Broadway, we have now added
a training kitchen in the Enhance which is our STIR Café and Bistro.
The dining area is a great place for our learners and visitors to the college to grab a bite to
eat or relax over lunch and dinner - all prepared and served by our learners.


     Our Information Technology courses open up a
     world of opportunities.
     Information and Communication Technology is essential to the day-to-day running of
     almost every organisation in the world, from spreadsheet software and emails through to
     complex security systems. Whether your interests lie in developing websites, hardware
     maintenance or computer programming, having IT skills in your CV opens up a huge number
     of career options.
     As a Dudley College of Technology learner, you will have access to several computer rooms.
     All equipped with the latest hardware and software, including multimedia and programming
     software. Our highly trained and experienced tutors will offer you additional short
     programmes to broaden your knowledge and understanding - which is ideal preparation
     for employment or higher level courses or university.

      Entry requirements:                We work with...                      Get a career in
      Our usual minimum entry               Carphone Warehouse                Information
      requirements for Information          Dudley Metropolitan               Technology:
      Technology courses are                Borough Council                      Computer Games
      detailed below. For course-           Her Majesty’s Revenue and            Developer
      specific requirements please          Customs (HMRC)
      visit our website.                                                         Computer Service and
                                            Lloyds Banking Group.                Repair Technician
      Level 1                                                                    Cyber Security Analyst
      GCSE grades at 1 to 2.             Location:                               IT Helpdesk
                                         The Broadway Campus and Art             Professional
      Level 2                            and Design Centre.                      IT Project Manager
      Four GCSEs which must
                                                                                 IT Support Technician
      include a grade 4 or above in
      English or mathematics. The                                                Network Engineer
      remaining GCSEs at grades 3.                                               Software Developer
                                                                                 Web Designer.
      Level 3
      Five GCSEs at grade 4 or
      above including English
      and mathematics.


                                              Nathan Ward
                                              Information Technology
                                              Nathan's mature attitude and approach to work has
                                              resulted in nothing but praise from all his tutors.
                                              His dedication and approach to work are a solid
                                              foundation for him to achieve his plans of moving on
                                              to an Apprenticeship.

Information Technology courses we offer:
Subject                                                        Level 1       Level 2       Level 3

Design Production, Design & Development T Level

Information & Creative Technologies

Infrastructure Technician Apprenticeship

IT App Design and Development Diploma

IT Application Specialists Apprenticeship

IT Creative Diploma

IT Introductory Diploma

IT, Software, Web & Telecoms Professional Apprenticeship

Systems Support for IT Technicians Diploma

Web Design & Software Development Diploma


     Gain a broad and valuable understanding
     of the global media industry.
     Dudley College of Technology’s Media courses open up the fascinating
     world of media by combining theory with practical projects. You’ll
     explore how we’re all affected by what we see, hear and read every day -
     what makes us choose to respond, react or even buy.
     Our tutors are professionals, all with experience in a range of various
     media sectors such as: journalism, TV, radio, film, print and social media.
     At Dudley College of Technology, you will have access to our state-of-
     the-art TV broadcast studio and film-making facilities, benefiting from our
     Apple Mac editing suites and industry-standard software. Having a media
     qualification could lead to a number of different career options such as
     broadcasting, advertising, journalism, video production, PR or film.

      Entry requirements:                 We work with...                          Get a career
      Our usual minimum entry                 BBC                                  in Media:
      requirements for Media                  Black Country Museum                   Advertising
      courses are detailed                    Brook Advisory Centre                  Media Buyer
      below. For course-specific
                                              Centre for Equality & Diversity        Audio-Visual
      requirements please visit
                                              Dudley MBC                             Technician
      our website.
                                              Dudley Zoo                             Broadcast Engineer
      Level 1                                 Flatpack Film Festival                 Broadcast Journalist
      Four GCSEs at grade 1                   Futura Group                           Camera Operator
      to 2 including English                  Junction 15                            Film Production
      and mathematics.
                                              Lighthouse Media Centre                Assistant
      Level 2                                 Royal Television Society               Lighting Technician
      Four GCSEs at grade 3                   Summit Support                         Media Researcher
      including English.                      The AOC (Arts of Change)               Photographic Technician
                                              University of Wolverhampton            Radio Broadcast
      Level 3                                 West Bromwich Albion FC                Assistant
      Four GCSEs at grade 4                   White House.                           Script Writer
      including English.
                                                                                     Studio Sound Engineer
                                          Location:                                  Video Editor.
                                          Evolve and Art and
                                          Design Centre.

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