Welcome to Melbourne Cheer Academy for 2020! Whether you are a new or returning athlete, we
welcome you to our club and can’t wait to get to know you better. We are excited to see what you will
accomplish this year and we look forward to seeing personal goals achieved and celebrated!

The following information pack is designed
to give you all the necessary details that
you (as either a supporter or an athlete)
may need for the upcoming season.

Please read everything in this pack
carefully and direct any questions you may
have to our office staff.

   We always get asked: “What is cheerleading?”
                                                      Allstar Cheer is a fast paced, dynamic sport that
                                                      encompasses dance, jumps, gymnastics tumbling
                                                      and a range of acrobatic stunts...

                                                      ...all in two and a half minutes!

                                                      Cheerleaders train year round and are taught how
                                                      to increase their strength, flexibility and
                                                      coordination whilst also learning confidence
                                                      through performance.

                                                      Our athletes find cheer a positive social outlet
                                                      where they connect with people their own age with
                                                      a similar interest.

                   4 REASONS YOU SHOULD START CHEER!
   We help our athletes       Centrally located in     MCA is for people of all   Our competitive teams
     get fit and enjoy     the eastern suburbs of        ages. We welcome           perform at national
   themselves. We aim      Melbourne, our facility      anyone who wants to       events in front of huge
   for all our members      is easily accessible by     participate in a great      audiences. Our top
  (old and new) to have          car or public           sport, as well as be     squads may also travel
  fun and make friends            transport.             part of a tight-knit      interstate & overseas
      along the way.                                      team in a positive          to perform and
                                                            environment.                  compete.

        CONTACT DETAILS                                     OFFICE ADMIN HOURS
                 (03) 9998 6493                                    Mon - Thurs    3.00pm - 8pm
           melbournecheeracademy.com                            Saturday - Sunday    10am - 2pm

All-Star cheerleading has evolved into one of the most exciting, fast-paced sports in the world. Training
for competitve cheerleading is hard, but extremely rewarding as athletes get to experience the
incredible feeling of performing in front of hundreds of cheering spectators. Our sport is broken down
into competitive levels by age and ability level. The Australian Cheer Sport Alliance (ACSA) is the
industry Peak Body and we form our program based on their competition criteria and age grids.

Our All-Star squads usually train Febuary to December with regular breaks throughout the year, with our
entry level teams doing half year seasons. We look for athletes that are willing to work hard, improve
their skills, train consistently and be loyal to their team.

Our program vision and goal is to build our athletes by starting with a strong foundation and progressing
your athlete at their own ability level in a motivating, positive environment. We focus on character and
core values, which helps develop our athletes into solid competitive team players. Our teams are always
highly competitive within their various divisions.

            GYM LOCATION: 1/37 Lexton Rd, Box Hill 3129

                                   MCA Box Hill is the ultimate high performance facility equipped
                                   with 2 x full size 9 run competition spring floors, extra spring
                                   flooring for private classes, a 10 metre Premium Tumbl Trak, a
                                   huge range of tumbling development aids, full air conditioning
                                      and heating, athletes lounge, vending machine and more.
CHEERSPORT (Beginners)
CheerSport is specifically for beginners new to the sport of Allstar Cheerleading. Our CheerSport
program aims to provide an introduction to all the skills of Allstar Cheer, in a low pressure, relaxed
environment. With each season running for half a year and training once a week, the commitment level
is easy to organise around other sports and activities. CheerSport teams also get to experience the thrill
of performing at the end of each season at either the club Showoffs or at a full blown competition under
lights (Eutopia) and our End of Year showcase (Flight Night). The CheerSport program is also a lower
cost for tuition and performances and athletes are not required to purchase a competition uniform.

    Perfect for beginners                          Low pressure, fun environment

    Train once a week                              Low cost of tuition / fees

    Uniform not required                           Perform for family & friends

ALLSTAR NOVICE (Beginners / Intermediate)
Allstar Novice is for beginner athletes who want a greater challenge and can handle a step up in both
commitment to their team and to their training. The program aims to provide an introduction to all the
skills and routine building of Allstar Cheer with the aim of transitioning athletes to higher levels. Novice
Allstar teams will attend multiple competitions throughout the year long season (all held in Melbourne)
and get to wear the sparkly MCA level 1-2 uniform! Training is usually twice a week and athletes are
expected to attend all training sessions.

   Great for beginners                            Committed team atmosphere

   Train twice a week                             Sparkly uniform and custom music

   Multiple local competitions                    The chance to compete at Nationals

ALLSTAR ELITE (Experienced)
Allstar Elite is for our intermediate and advanced athletes who can handle a high degree of commitment
and are working on higher level skills. The program aims to provide a challenging and positive
atmosphere for higher level athletes to push themselves and succeed. Elite teams will attend multiple
competitions throughout the year long season (all held in Melbourne EXCEPT for the National
Championships in QLD). Athletes are expected to attend all training sessions.

    Experienced athletes                           Multiple competitions

    Train 2-3 times a week                         Beautiful uniforms

    Specialist coaching                            World class choreography

    High end custom music                          Competing at Nationals
          Below is a comprehensive competiton schedule for MCA in 2020. Please familiarise
          yourself with the below dates and mark them down in your diary so that you and your
          athlete will be available.
          Please note - we do not receive finalised times from the compeition providers until
          around a week beforehand, and the venue does change competition to competition.
          Double check the venue details before heading off to an event! For more information
          about competitions, please read the Important Info pages.

          Location: Melbourne Sports Aquatics Centre, South Melbourne
          Date: Sunday 21 June 2020
          Teams Attending: All Competitive Teams, all CheerSport Teams
          Summary: Held on Sunday afternoon/evening, this is a performance event and an
          introduction to cheer for all new athletes. All teams will perform once.

          AASCF Winterfest Competition
          Location: Melbourne Sports Aquatics Centre, South Melbourne
          Date: Saturday 27 - Sunday 28 June 2020
          Teams Attending: All Competitive Teams, all Stunt Groups
          Summary: All teams scheduled across Saturday/Sunday so please keep both days free.
          Teams compete once.

          Cheerbrandz Olympia Cheer Competition
          Location: Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, South Melbourne
          Date: Saturday 29 - Sunday 30 August 2020
          Teams Attending: All Elite Teams
          Summary: Olympia is held over 2 days. All teams will compete twice, once on each day.

          Cheercon Experience Competition
          Location: State Basketball Centre, Wantirna
          Date: Saturday 12 September 2020
          Teams Attending: All Elite Teams
          Summary: Teams will be scheduled across the day. Teams perform only once.

          AASCF Vic State Championships
          Location: Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, South Melbourne
          Date: Saturday 19 - Sunday 20 September 2020
          Teams Attending: All Competitive Teams, all Stunt Groups
          Summary: Held over 2 days, teams will be scheduled across Saturday/Sunday so keep
          both days free. Teams perform once.

          Cheerbrandz Eutopia Cheer Competition
          Location: Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, South Melbourne
          Date: Sunday 15 November 2020
          Teams Attending: All Competitive Teams, all CheerSport Teams
          Summary: Eutopia is held on a single day. All teams will compete once.

          MCA Flight Night               ** NEW **
          Location: Melbourne State Netball Centre, Royal Park
          Date: Sunday 22 November 2020
          Teams Attending: All Competitive Teams, all CheerSport Teams
          Summary: Held on Sunday afternoon/evening, this is an exclusive club event to
          celebrate and showcase our MCA routines for friends and family. All teams will perform
          once, spectator entry will be free.

          AASCF National Championships
          Location: Gold Coast Convention Centre, QLD
          Date: Thursday 26 - Sunday 29 November 2020
          Teams Attending: Level 1 Elite - 6 Elite Allstar Teams
          Summary: Held over 3 days, Friday - Sunday. Teams may be competing Friday during the
          day or late at night on the Sunday evening so athletes are required to be available for both
          of those times.
All Star Cheerleading requires specific skills for each level. Each athlete is placed in a team
that is best suited to their skill set and will give them a challenging and successful year. A summary of
each level and the appropriate skills are as follows:

  NOVICE          Perfect for beginners with limited or no cheerleading experience. We teach all stunting, dance,
                  jumps and tumble skills. There are NO SKILL PRE-REQUISITES to join a team.

  LEVEL 1         Level 1 Elite selection requires front walkovers and back walkovers as well as mastery of all other
                  level 1 skills. We refine current skills and work on higher level skills when ready.

  LEVEL 2         Level 2 selection requires a well executed back handspring as well as mastery of all level 1 skills.
                  We refine current skills and work on higher level skills when ready.

  LEVEl 3         Level 3 selection requires multiple connected back handsprings and round off backhandspring
                  tucks. We refine current skills and work on higher level skills when ready.

  level 4         Level 4 selection requires significant cheer experience as well as tumbling skills including
                  layouts, standing back tucks and multiple connected backhandsprings to tuck.

  level 5         Level 5 selection requires significant cheer experience as well as tumbling skills that include full
                  twisting layouts, jumps to standing back tuck and multiple connected backhandsprings to layout.

  level 6         Level 6 selection requires significant cheer experience as well as tumbling skills that include full or
                  double twisting layouts and multiple connected backhandsprings to full/double twisting layout.

NON-TUMBLE        Team selection requires cheer experience at the desired level as well as significant fitness and

                                                             AASCF National Championships
                                                             Location: Gold Coast Convention Centre, QLD
                                                             Date: Thursday 26 - Sunday 29 November 2020

In 2020 the AASCF National Championships are being held at the Gold Coast Convention Centre in
Broadbeach, Queensland at the end of November. Nationals is one of the largest and most prestigious
Allstar Cheerleading competitions in the world and averages over 10,000 competitiors.

In 2020, our elite program (level 1 elite - 6) will attend the National Championships. Families will need
to book their own accommodation and flights for the duration of the competition, with a requirement that
they are available to compete from midday Friday through to the final competition block on Sunday
evening (approximately 10.30pm). Last Melbourne trainings will be Wednesday evening (25 November).

After feedback from parents in 2019, we have decided that for 2020 we will not participate in the
Pinnacle competition held on Monday 30th November, however there will be no classes running on
Monday to allow travel time for coaches and athletes back to Melbourne.
    This page gives our families a list of the key dates throughout the year. For more information on all of these
    events, dates and activities, please head online and add the public MCA Google calender. You will find all of
these events and activities listed with additional, specific information about each event. You can also use the link to
  add this to your own online calendar app. Simply go to your own Calendar app and add this calendar using the
                                         following link: https://goo.gl/h9WUZf

                 11 JAN           >   Office Reopens after Xmas break
                 18 JAN           >   2020 Open Day
                 28 JAN           >   Term One Classes Begin
                 31 JAN           >   Parents Information Night
                 3 - 9 FEB        >   Bring A Friend Week (Cheersport / Novice Teams)
                 8 FEB            >   Tiny/Mini/Youth Teams Movie Night
                 15 FEB           >   Junior/Senior Movie Night (TBC)
                 24 FEB - 1 MAR   >   Shift Week Commences (Elite Teams)
                 7 MAR            >   Open Teams Night Out (location TBC)     Allstar teams have a
                                                                             6+ hour schedule to be
                 9 MAR            >   Labour Day (no classes)                taught their routine for
                                                                                the year. This is a
                 27 MAR           >   Last Day Term One Classes                  mandatory, non
                                                                                                  negotiable schedule
                                                                                                 that all athletes have
                 28 MAR - 9 APR   >   ALLSTAR CHOREOGRAPHY                                             to attend.

                 14 APR           >   Term Two Classes Begin
                                                                       Check out the Google
                 25 APR           >   ANZAC Day (no classes)           Calendar events or the
                                                                       competition section in
                 8 JUN            >   Queens Birthday (no classes)     the info pack for more
                                                                        information on these
                 21 JUN           >   SHOWOFFS (MSAC)                       competitions
                 26 JUN           >   Last Day Term Two Classes
                 26 - 28 JUN      >   AASCF WINTERFEST COMPETITION (MSAC)

                 13 JUL           >   Term Three Classes Begin
                 29 - 30 AUG      >   CHEERBRANDZ OLYMPIA COMPETITION (MSAC)
                 12 SEP           >   CHEERCON EXPERIENCE COMPETITION (SBC)
                 18 SEP           >   Term Three Classes Finish
                 18 - 20 SEP      >   AASCF STATES COMPETITION (MSAC)

                 5 OCT            >   Term Four Classes Begin
                 31 - 3 NOV       >   Melbourne Cup (no classes Saturday - Tuesday)
                 15 NOV           >   CHEERBRANDZ EUTOPIA COMPETITION (MSAC)
                 22 NOV           >   FLIGHT NIGHT (State Netball Centre)
                 27 - 29 NOV      >   AASCF NATIONALS COMPETITION (QLD)
                 30 NOV           >   Nationals Recovery Day (no classes)
                 5 DEC            >   MCA End of Year Celebration (details TBC)
                 11 DEC           >   Last day of Term Four regular classes
                 12 DEC           >   2020 Team Placement Day                   Not all teams attend.
                                                                                See the online Google
                 16 - 19 DEC      >   2020 Team Trainings (modified timetable) Calendar for more
                 21 DEC           >   Office closes for Christmas Break
 ENROLMENT                                                                         CLASS TUITION FEES

$100 PER YEAR                                                                                               CheerSport Teams
                                                                                                               $100 PER MONTH
Enrolment fee is required for all athletes. It includes the                                                5 payments per season
athletes 2020 athlete membership, training uniform &                                               Seasons: Feb-June and July-Nov
personal accident insurance cover.

                                                                                                       Novice Allstar Teams
                                                                                                               $160 PER MONTH
                                                                                     (Feb - Dec) 11 payments, includes tumble class

CHEERSPORT TEAMS                                                                        Elite Allstar Program:
Season 1: $99*                         Season 2: $139
February - June                July - November
> Includes entry to Showoffs 2019 (season 1 only), or                                       Tumbling Teams (level 1 - 2)
  MCA Flight Night & Eutopia (season 2 only)                                                                  $200 PER MONTH
> Includes photos from each comp                                                     (Feb - Dec) 11 payments, includes tumble class
> Includes team music fees & choreography costs
                                                                                           Tumbling Teams (level 3 - 6)
NOVICE ALLSTAR TEAMS                                                                                           $230 PER MONTH
                                                                                 (Feb - Dec) 11 payments, includes tumble class
2 x Payments of $255
First payment is due 20 March.
Second payment is due 4 June.
                                                                                       Non-Tumble Teams (level 1 - 3)
>   Includes   entry to 3 Melbourne based competitions                                                         $160 PER MONTH
                                                                                                               (Feb - Dec) 11 payments
>   Includes   entry to Showoffs 2019
>   Includes   entry to Flight Night 2020
>   Includes   photos from each competition                                                Non-Tumble Teams (level 6)
>   Includes   team music fees                                                                                 $230 PER MONTH
>   Includes   all choreography costs                                                                       (Feb - Dec) 11 payments

                                                                               Prices are based on the average amount of training
                                                                            hours per week across the full season. Please note fees
ELITE ALLSTAR TEAMS                                                              DO NOT include Comp entry costs, uniform, extra
2 x Payments of $390                                                                        classes, holiday or summer programs.
First payment is due 20 March.
Second payment is due 4 June.
> Includes entry to 5 Melbourne based competitions                                                           Required Gear
   (teams will perform twice at Cheerbrandz Olympia)                                                                    N/A
                                                                                                      CheerSport Uniform:
> Includes entry to Showoffs 2020
                                                                                            Uniform (Novice - Elite 3): $195
> Includes entry to Flight Night 2020
> Includes entry to AASCF National Championships (QLD)                                          Uniform (Elite 4 - 6): $300
> Includes photos from each comp                                                       Allstar Teams Competition Bow: $25
> Includes team music fees
> Includes all choreography costs
                                                                                             Cheer shoes: various prices

Worlds Team Levy: $40
                                                                           Extra Teams, Classes & Comps
                                                                           Athletes wishing to do extra classes can speak to the
An additional levy of $40 is required for Worlds Teams                     office about tuition upgrades. Extra competitions are
(open levels 5 - 6) due to the exrta costs associated with                 billed outside of prices listed on this page. Any
choreographers and music. This levy is due at the same                     athletes who compete on 2+ teams pay $230 per
time as the first comp pack installment.                                   month tuition in total and will be required to pay a
                                                                                      second competition pack at a reduced rate.

                              Please remember that comp packs are NOT refundable under any circumstances.
     Development teams, athlete crossovers and stunt groups will be required to purchase an additional team comp pack at a reduced rate.

Enrolment MUST be paid and a tuition debit plan covering all tuition for the year completed by all customers prior
to the commencement of their first class (with the exception of a free trial class). Athletes enrolling during the year
will be charged from the month they join onwards with a reduction for their joining month (ie - enrolling 15th April
will mean April’s payment will be 50% off the full monthly amount).

Payments are deducted monthly for tuition. PLEASE NOTE: Class tuition is a contract formed upon successful
submission of a debit plan via the enrolment portal. The contract start date is the date of submission. The contract
expires once the full amount owed is paid. As part of our class tuition contract we allow a 20 day cooling off period
from the signing date for customers to choose to cancel their contract without repercussions. After 20 days,
customers have a contractual obligation to fulfill their contract, all costs must be paid in full.

Payments that fail to transact or bounce will result in a temporary loss of service: athletes will be gently removed
from classes until the payment is made. Customers will be contacted by the direct debit company in this case.
Failed payments will incur an automatic $12 Failed Payment fee. If outstanding payments continue to fail the debt
will be passed on to a debt collector and all debt collector fees will be added on top of the outstanding amount.

In the event of serious injury or severe illness, debit payments may be suspended for athletes who are incapable
of attending training for a duration of between 3 - 6 weeks. To suspend your payments, a suspension form will need
to be filled in and submitted to the office to be approved along with a medical certificate outlining the details of the
reason for suspension including length of time. Suspension requests cannot be backdated and will be approved at
the discretion of the MCA Management team.

Tuition must be managed via scheduled debits set up through our Enrolment Portal. The only alternative to this is
full payment upfront upon enrolment. We do not accept cheques. A 1% surcharge applies to any Credit Card
transactions including Paypass at reception. For transactions $1000 and over a 1.5% surcharge will apply. Tuition,
enrolment and competition bundle costs are non-refundable in the event of injury, sickness, dismissal, cancelled
classes, non-attendance of classes or discontinuation of a squad. MCA is not responsible for reimbursing travel
expenses, comp fees or term fees to an athlete who is injured, sick, moved or dismissed from a team.

Upon enrolment each athlete will be supplied with a pre-existing injuries/medical form. This form must be returned
to the office outlining medical issues or past injuries that could affect training. If any medical information changes
throughout the year a new form will need to be supplied. Injured athletes are required to supply their coach with
a physiotherapy report or medical certificate outlining the extent of the injury, rehab plan and when they are
allowed to restart training. Injured athletes without a report or certificate will not be allowed to train.

Every senior MCA coach holds a Working With Children check and Level 2 First Aid qualification. The first aid kit is
available to any student through their coach. MCA is unable to provide athletes with Panadol or equivalent
medication. The club reserves the right to call an ambulance for any athlete and will not bear responsibility for any
costs this incurs. Parents will be notified immediately.

Personal accident insurance is supplied for athletes upon enrolment, but we DO NOT supply ambulance cover.
MCA reserves the right to call an ambulance on behalf of an athlete regardless of their coverage with Ambulance
Victoria. Parents will be notified immediately.

If you are on a competition team, you MUST ATTEND your scheduled competitions. The detrimental effect on a
team missing athletes for competitions is huge and it makes our coaches’ jobs incredibly hard. It is imperative that
all competitions are attended.

Performance schedules are usually released 2 weeks beforehand by the event providers so please keep the WHOLE
WEEKEND free until you know your arrival, performance and awards time. Missing training within 1 week of a
competition is completely unacceptable for ANY reason and may result in your athlete being removed from the
routine for that competition.
Due to the team based nature of the sport, MCA has a very strict policy on attendance for classes. An athlete
missing training on an Allstar team (this does not apply to Cheersport teams) for whatever reason significantly
affects training and is detrimental to the entire team as choreography, stunts and pyramid sections all don’t work
if a single athlete is not there. Due to this, if an athlete misses 2 trainings or more during a term, they will be
removed from the routine until whenever the coach deems it an appropriate time to inject them back in (usually at
least 5 weeks before the next competition).

Hospitalization or serious contagious illness are the only accepted reasons to miss training. If ill or injured, athletes
are still expected to attend and watch training so as to not miss changes. School exams, homework load or tests
the following day are also not considered acceptable reasons to miss training. We expect all of our athletes to
prepare themselves for their schooling responsibilities so that they do not negatively impact their team. If you have
an exam during training hours, please give 1 month notice to plan substitutes for your position in the routine. For
more information, please read the MCA attendance policy which can be found at the office and on the website.

We ask that all athletes wear full training uniform (training top, black, green or MCA shorts and training bow) to
training. Athletes not properly attired will not be permitted to train. All athletes must have long hair tied back off
the face for all classes and must remove all jewellery (including earrings) prior to each training session. Fingernails
must be kept short at all times. Runners AND cheer shoes are required at every training session.

At competitions athletes are required to wear their club t-shirt, singlet or jacket to and from competitions. Athletes
are required to wear at least one piece of MCA apparel at all times during competitions to promote club unity and

We ask that athletes and parents please be concious of their actions when wearing MCA branded gear or uniforms
out in public or at social events. Using the MCA uniform for events other than competitions is strongly discouraged.

MCA has a strict ‘No Bullying Policy’ that extends to verbal, physical and cyber bullying. We do not tolerate bullying
in any form including negative body remarks. If anyone is found to be bullying other athletes they will immediately
be removed from the club without refund.

Athletes and parents are expected to always exhibit good sportsmanship and show respect for MCA staff, team
mates, other athletes and supporters within the gym. During competitions, athletes and parents will not approach
competition officials for any reason. Athletes will be asked to read and sign an athlete contract upon their first
weeks with their team that outlines correct behaviour. This contract covers a number of items including our
anti-bullying policy. Copies of this contract are available on our website or at the office.

If gym rules are compromised or there is a breach of the gyms code of conduct / policies, the following actions will
be taken:

1st violation - A meeting with the athlete defining the problem
2nd violation - A meeting with the athlete and the parent(s)
3rd violation - The athlete may be removed from the team or the program

If the breach of the rules is deemed serious enough by the Program Directors, we reserve the right to immediately
remove an athlte and / or family from the program.

MCA does not allow training or competing with other All-Star Cheer clubs under any circumstances. This includes
private classes, clinics and open gyms. Failing to adhere to these rules will result in immediate dismissal from MCA
without refund. Note: Exceptions are often made for gymnastic clubs, dance & scholastic programs (High
School/University) but do require notice and approval from the MCA Program Director.

Athletes are not required to have Facebook or Instagram - neither of these platforms are used for any official club
communication. MCA does not allow the use of individual team Instagram or Facebook pages without first seeking
permission from the MCA Program Director. Instagram or Facebook Messenger group chats that are deemed to be
inapprorpriate in regards to content and behaviour will require a team coach to be added to monitor athletes.
Each MCA team has a designated Team Hero who assists the team coaches in administrative tasks and athlete
management on comp days and throughout the term. The Team Hero is typically a parent or supporter of an athlete
on that team, and they really are our heroes come comp season!

Athletes are required to check in and out on competition days with the Team Hero, and should respect them as they
would a coach or other MCA staff member. If you are interested in applying for the position of Team Hero, please
contact the office.

As our club community grows ever larger we are constantly striving to communicate better with our athletes and
supporters. To this end, we have several communication methods that we use for varying information.

All official communication from the club will be distributed via email to both supporters and athletes including a
monthly Newsletter. All billing information will be supplied to a single nominated customer email address. Please
ensure that reception@melbournecheeracademy.com is not marked onto your spam list. Scheduled athlete
absences should be emailed to the office AS WELL as phoned in.

Notifications may be sent in the form of text messages to parents and athletes mobile phone numbers but we try
to avoid that when possible. Athletes running late need to notify the gym office via phone as well as send an email.

We highly encourage parents to come in and discuss any questions or concerns they may have with our staff so
they can be addressed as soon as possible. Our staff are very knowledgable and can help with almost every facet
of the club. Please note, we require all communication with staff to be as respectful as possible. If at any time staff
feel uncomfortable with with a supporter, parent or athlete interaction they have been instructed to disengage and
politely ask the other party to leave.

Each team has a team page via Band App that we ask all parents, supporters & athletes to request access to. Within
the Band App, information regarding your team including event updates, training reminders and other relevant
information specific to you or your childs team will be sent out. Band App is not to be used to notify the
team/coaches of an absence.

Please note, Band App requires users to be 13 yrs old or over for child safety and privacy reasons. If your athlete
is under that age, we ask that the parent signs up and joins the team page on the athletes behalf.

           BAND App desktop (computer) version - https://band.us
           Also available on iOS and Android devices.

To get Band App, search Band App on your iPhone, Android Phone App Store or online. Links to your Band App Team
pages will be available to you via the enrolment portal upon signup. Alternatively, ask the MCA office for the link
for your particular team to gain access. Please make sure you also manually turn notifications on.

PLEASE NOTE - there is also a general Melbourne Cheer Academy club page where all general information and
updates can be found. Please join this page via the enrolment link as well as your team page.

We send out monthly newsletters that include information regarding upcoming events, competitions, and other
general club updates. You will also receive a dedicated competition note before each competition with more specific
details. PLEASE ensure that you are receiving these emails, and that you read them fully so you don't miss any
important information. Please also note that if you unsubscribe from our emails, we cannot resubscribe you with
that same email address.

We are introducing a brand new open forum for our supporters and athletes - Cheer Chats! Our head coach and
gym owner Danelle will be running regular sessions where supporters and/or athletes can learn more about cheer,
get informed about our club, and ask any questions they may have. These are set up to be casual, informal chats
and the sessions will be based around a different topic each time.
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