2020 Narangba Valley State High School

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2020 Narangba Valley State High School
Narangba Valley Enrolment Application
  State High School

Our Mission
To develop inspired, innovative and    2020
resilient learners who are well
prepared to "Challenge the future"    YEAR 11
2020 Narangba Valley State High School
Dear Parent / Carer

I welcome your decision to apply for enrolment at Narangba Valley State High School. As a parent
myself, I know that deciding on a high school is a very important decision. For me the most important
questions are:

          Will my child be happy and safe at this school?
          Will the staff take great care with my child’s welfare and educationalprogress?
          Are the staff qualified professionals who work hard to improve their practice?
          Are there sufficient opportunities for my child to develop their skills and passion?

I am confident to say that our school, we can say a resounding “YES!” to all of these questions.
Narangba Valley SHS is an outstanding school with a proven track record of high academic &
sporting achievement, but also a provider of amazing specialisations through academies and
excellence programs. We are very proud of the achievements of all students, whether theyare aiming
for university, vocational training or employment, and with a regular attainment of 100% QCE for Year
12 students we know we are preparing all our students for a bright future.

Our mission in this school is to develop Inspired, Innovative and Resilient learners who are prepared
to ‘challenge the future’ in a changing, dynamic world.

We also work hard at developing responsible citizens through our core values of Respect, Integrity
and Commitment. We have high expectations of our students, knowing that this will bring out their

Our staff are always willing to answer your questions, and of course, we will be having our various
information evenings for parents and carers.

All the best

Steven Miskin



How to use this booklet and complete the requirements:

          Please refer to the contents page, note that any Form that has an asterisk                       * must be
          Use the check list to ensure you have completed all required Forms.
2020 Narangba Valley State High School
2020 Year 11 Enrolment

   Completed                                                     Parent Returned   Office Checklist

 Copy of birth certificate

 Enrolment Management – Form 1 (2 forms of proof of residency)

 Application for enrolment Completed & signed

 Student Resource Form completed and signed

 Subject Selection Completed and signed

Third Party Website Consent Form

 Enrolment Agreement completed and signed

 Student Agreement completed and signed

 Responsible Use agreement completed and signed

 USI Form

 Media Consent Form

 If required:

 Medication Form / Department of Communities Carer FORM

 Learning support / ESL

                   Application to Dance Troupe if required

Application to Instrumental Music Program if required

 Copy of Legal / Custody Orders – If required
2020 Narangba Valley State High School
Contents of enrolment book. Please note the forms with * must be completed and signed.

Form 1 *     Enrolment Management Check Sheet
Form 2 *     9 Pages Application for student enrolment
Form 3*      Student Resource Scheme
Form 4       Shared Financial Responsibility
Form 6 *     Third Party Consent Form (4 Pages)
Form 7 *     Enrolment Agreement
Form 8 *     Student Agreement – Network & Internet usage policy
Form 9 *     Responsible use agreement
Form 10 *    USI Form
Form 11      Media Consent – 4 pages
Form 12      Administration of medication
Form 13      Department of communities carer form
Form 14      Learning support & special needs form
Form 15      ESL – English as a second language enrolment form
Form 22      Instrumental Music Program Application
 Student Name
 School most recently attended
 Name of parents
 Residential address

Please complete all of the sections below that are relevant to your application.

Admissions Criteria – Tick the relevant criteria and provide information as required.

         Resides within the Local Catchment Area (Please confirm that you reside in the localcatchment
         area by referring to http://www.qgso.qld.gov.au/maps/edmap/?ll=-

         Please attach documentary evidence as required –

         One from primary source and one from secondary source

         Primary Source

         Current lease agreement, or rates notice. Or unconditional sales agreement

         Secondary Source

         Copy of utilitybill
         Copyof other formaldocument showing this same address and parent’s or legal guardian’
         Subject to Principal approval

         Sibling of student as described in AdmissionsPolicy

         Please provide sibling details below

Current NVSHS Student Name:                                                   Year level in2020

Parent /Guardian signature                                                   Date
Application for student enrolment form
FORM 2 (9 Pages)


  Please refer to the Application to enrol in a Queensland State School information sheet at the end of this form when completing this application.

  Failure or refusal to complete those sections of the form marked with an (*) or to provide required documentation may result in a refusal to process your application.
  Sections of the form not marked (*) are optional. However, failure to complete thesesections mayresult in the school not being eligible forimportant Federal and State Gov-
  ernment funding reliant on such information. Parents of all students in Australia have been asked to provide information on their family background as part of a national initia-
  tive towards providing an educationsystem thatisfairto all students, regardless of their background.The requiredinformationincludes the Indigenous status and language back-
  ground of the student, and the education, occupation and language background of the parents.

  If youhave anyquestions aboutthe enrolmentform orprocess, orrequireassistancecompletingthisform,includingtranslation services,pleasecontact theschoolinthe first

  The Department of Education and Training (DET) is collecting the information on this form for the purposes outlined in the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006

  (EGPA 2006), and in particular for:

  assessing whether your application for enrolment should be approved
  meetingreportingobligations requiredbylaworunderFederal–StateGovernmentfunding arrangements
  administering and planningfor providingappropriateeducation,trainingandsupportservices tostudents
  assistingdepartmentalstaffto maintainthe goodorderandmanagementof schools,andtofulfil theirdutyofcaretoallstudentsandstaff
  communicating withstudents andparents.

  This collection is authorised by ss. 155 and 428 of the EGPA 2006. DET will disclose personal information from this form to the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment
  Authority when opening student accounts, in compliance with Part 3 of the Education (Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority) Act 2014 (Qld). Personal Infor-
  mation from this form will also be supplied to Centrelink in compliance with ss.194 and 195 of the Social Security (Administration) Act 1999 (Cth). De-identified information
  concerning parents’ school and non-school education, occupation group and main language other than English and students’ country of birth, main language other than
  English, sex and Indigenous status, is supplied to the Australian Government Department of Education in compliance withFederal – State Governmentfunding agreements.

  Personal information collected on this form may also be disclosed to third parties where authorised or required by law. Your information will be stored securely. If you
  wish to access or correct any of the personal information on this form or discuss how it has been dealt with, please contact your child’s school in the first instance. If you
  have a concern or complaint about the way your personal information has been collected, used, stored or disclosed, please also contact your child’s school in the first

  UndertheEGPA 2006, anapplicant forenrolment at astateschoolmust beenrollediftheyare entitledto enrolment.Whilenot exhaustive, thefollowing matters
  mayaffect an applicant’s entitlement to enrolment at astate school:

  failure to adequately complete this enrolment form
  if the school has an Enrolment Management Plan or an Enrolment Eligibility Plan (enrolment is subject to eligibility under the plan)
  theapplicantisa matureagestudent (theapplicantcanonlyapplyforenrolmentata matureagestateschoolandwillbesubject to asatisfactorycriminal historycheck,orasastu-
          dentina programof distance education. All mature age students must have a remaining allocation of stateeducation.)
  the applicant is not of correct age for enrolment (relates to Preparatory Year and Years 1 to 6)
  theapplicant has beenexcludedorcancelledfromenrolmentor issubjectto suspensionfromastate schoolatthe time oftheapplication
  the school is a state special schooland the applicant does not meet the criteria for enrolment ina specialschool
  theschoolprincipalreasonablybelievesthattheapplicantpresentsanunacceptablerisktothesafetyorwellbeingofmembersoftheschoolcommu nity(applicationis
         referredto Director-General)
   the proposed enrolment requires approval as part of a flexible arrangement under s.183 of the EGPA 2006, and the arrangement has not yet been approved
   the student is not an Australian resident or citizen or the child of an Australian permanent resident or citizen (visa restrictions may apply, fees may be charged, in some cases
          legislation requires that the applicant must obtain approval from the Chief Executive via Education Queensland International (EQI) to enrol).
      Office use only

     Date enrolled                                                  Year level                          Roll Class                     EQ ID

     Independent stu-                                                                                   Birth certificate/passport sighted, number recorded          Yes       No
                                      Yes         No
     dent                                                                                               and DOB confirmed                                         Number:

     Is the student over 18 years of age at the time of enrolment                                             Yes          No
     If yes, is the student exempt from the mature age student process?                                       Yes          No
     If no, has the mature age applicant consented to a criminal history check?
                                                                                                              Yes          No

     School house/                                                                                      EAL/D support                                                 Yes      No
                                                                                                                                                                      To be determined

     FTE                                            Associated unit                                     Visa and associated documents sighted                         Yes       No
                                                                                                        SV – student visa                                     EX – exchange student
     EQI category                                                                                       TV –temporary visa                                    DE – distanceeduca-
                                                                                                        tion DS – dependent – parent on student visa

Uncontrolled copy. Refer to the Department of Education and Training Policy and Procedure Register at http://ppr.det.qld.gov.au to ensure you have
the most current version of this document
Legal family name*

 (as per birth certificate)
 Legal given names*
 (as per birth certificate)

 Preferred family name                                               Preferred given names

 Sex*                                            Female              Date of birth*
                                                                     Enrolment may not be approved without enrolling staff sighting the child’s birth certificate. An alternative to
 Copy of birth certificate                                           birth certificate will be considered where it is not possible to obtain a birth certificate (e.g. child born in coun-
 available to show school                        No                  try without birth registration system. Passport or visa documents will suffice). This does not include failure to
 staff*                                 Yes                          register a birth or reluctance to order a birth certificate.
                                                                     For international students approved for enrolment by EQI, a passport or visa will be acceptable.

                                                                     Mature age applicants must provide photographic identification which proves their identity:
 For mature age stu-
 dents, proof of identity                                            current driver’s licence; or
 supplied and copied*                   Yes                          adult proof of age card; or
                                                                     current passport.

 Has the student ever                                        If yes, provide name of school and approximate date of enrolment
 attended a Queens-
 land state school?                  Yes         No

What year level is thestudent
seeking to enrol in?                                         Please provide the appropriate year level

 Proposed start date                                         Please provide the proposed starting date for the student at this school


                                                             If yes, provide         Year Level
 Does the student have a
                                                             name of sibling,
 sibling attending this
                                                             year level, date        Date of birth
 school or any other                 Yes         No          of birth, and
 Queensland state school?

 Principal place of residence address

 Address line 1

 Address line 2

 Suburb/town                                                                                  State                                                   Postcode
 Mailing address (if it is the same as principal place of residence, write 'AS ABOVE')

 Address line 1

 Address line 2

 Suburb/town                                                                                  State                                                   Postcode


 Parents/carers                                         Parent/carer 1                                                                   Parent/carer 2

 Family name*

 Given names*

 Title                              Mr            Mrs          Ms           Miss              Dr                                  Mrs                Ms             Miss             Dr

 Sex                                Male          Female                                                      Male                Female

 Relationship to student*

 Is the parent/carer
                                    Yes           No                                                           Yes                No
 an emergency con-
Parents/carers                                            Parent/carer 1                                                                 Parent/carer2

1st Phonecontact number*        Work/home/mobile                                                        Work/home/mobile

2nd Phonecontact number*        Work/home/mobile                                                        Work/home/mobile

3rd Phonecontact number*        Work/home/mobile                                                        Work/home/mobile


Employer name


                                   (Please select the parental occupation group from the list                (Please select the parental occupation group from the list provided at the
What is the occupation             provided at the end of this form. If you are not currently in paid        end of this form. If you are not currently in paid work but have had a job in
group of the parent/               work but have had a job in the last 12 months or have retired in          the last 12 months or have retired in the last 12 months, please use your last
carer?                             the last 12 months, please use your last occupation. If you have          occupation. If you have not been in paid work in the last 12 months, enter ‘8’)
                                   not been in paid work in the last 12 months, enter‘8’)

Country of birth

Country of residence

Does parent/carer 1 or
                                    No, English only                                                         No, English only
parent/carer 2 speak a
language other than Eng-            Yes, other – please specify                                              Yes, other – please specify
lish at home? (If morethan
one language, indicatethe
one that is spoken most
often)                          Needs interpreter?             Yes             No                       Needs interpreter?               Yes             No

Is the parent/carer
an Australian citi-                 Yes              No                                                     Yes             No
Is the parent/carer a
permanent resident                  Yes              No                                                     Yes             No
of Australia?

Address line 1

Address line 2


State                                                          Postcode                                                                   Postcode

Mailing address (if it is the same as principal place of residence, write 'AS ABOVE')

Address line 1

Address line 2


State                                                          Postcode                                                                   Postcode

                                What is the highest year of primary or secondary school                 What is the highest year of primary or secondary school parent/carer
school education                parent/carer 1 has completed? (For people who have                      2 has completed? (For people who have never attended school, mark
                                never attended school, mark 'Year 9 or equivalent or below')            'Year 9 or equivalent or below')

Year 9 or equivalent or

Year 10 or equivalent

Year 11 or equivalent

Year 12 or equivalent

Parent/carer non-               What is the level of the highest qualification parent/carer 1           What is the level of the highest qualification parent/carer 2 has com-
school education                has completed?                                                          pleted?
Certificate I to IV
(including tradecertificate)

Advanced Diploma/Diploma

Bachelor degree or above

No non-school qualification
 Origin                          Queensland/interstate/overseas

 Origin type                     Childcare centre or kindergarten/Prep/primary/secondary/VET/other

 Previously employed                 Yes            No                                                   Full time         Part-time

 Is the student of Aborigi-
 nal or Torres Strait Is-
                                    No              Aboriginal                 Torres Strait Islander                  Both Aboriginal and TorresStraitIslander
 lander origin?

   From Year 1, your child will be placed in this nominated reli-
   gious instruction class if it is available.
If this section is marked ‘no religion’ or ‘no religion nominated’ or a re-
sponse is provided that is not represented within the school’s religious in-
struction program, your child will receive other instruction in a separate
location during the period arranged for religious instruction.

 Parents may change these arrangements at any time by notifying the prin
 cipal in writing.

 In which country was the            Other (please specify country)
 student born?

                                 Date of arrival in Australia

 Is the student an Australian
 citizen?                            Yes             No(if no, evidence of student's immigration status to be completed)

 Does the student speak              No, English only
 a language other than
 English at home?                    Yes, other – please specify

 EVIDENCE OF STUDENT'S IMMIGRATION STATUS (to be completed if student is NOT an Australian citizen)*
      Permanent resident         Complete passport and visa details section below

                                 Date of arrival in Australia                                         Date enrolment approved to:
     Student visa holder
                                 EQI receipt number:

      Temporary visaholder       Complete passport and visa details section below

     Other, please specify
                                 Temporary visa holders must obtain an 'Approval to enrol in a state school' from EQI

 Passport and visa details (to be completed for a student who is NOT an Australian citizen).
 NOTE: A permanent resident will have a passport with a permanent residency visa inside worded ‘Holder(s) permitted to remain in Australia indefinitely’.
 For students arriving in Australia as refugee or humanitarian entrants, either PLO 56 Immigration issued card or ‘Document to travel to Australia’ with
 ‘stay indefinite’ recorded must be sighted by the school.

 Passport number                                                                    Passport expiry date

 Visa number                                                                        Visa expiry date (if applicable)

 Visa sub class
EMERGENCY CONTACT DETAILS (Other emergency contact details if parents/carers listed previously are not emergency
contacts or cannot be contacted)*
                                                    Emergency contact                                           Emergency contact


Relationship (e.g.
1st phone contact number*        Work/home/mobile                                               Work/home/mobile

2nd phone contact number*        Work/home/mobile                                               Work/home/mobile

3rd phone contact number*        Work/home/mobile                                               Work/home/mobile

  STUDENT MEDICAL INFORMATION (including allergies)*
  Privacy Statement
  The Department of Education and Training (DET) is collecting this medical information in order to address the medical needs of students during school
  hours as well as during school excursions, school camps, sports and other school activities. DET will not use this information to make a decision about a
  student’s eligibility for enrolment. The information will only be used by authorised employees of the department and DET will only record, use and dis-
  close the medical information in accordance with the confidentiality provisions at Section 426 of the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006.
  It is essential that you advise the school before your child's first day of attendance if he or she has any medical conditions. You must also inform
  the school administration staff as soon as you are aware of any new medical conditions or a change to medical conditions.
  Should your child need to take medication during school hours, an Individual Health Plan, including Emergency Health Plan if relevant, or Authority
  to Administer Medication Form will need to be completed each year and retained at the office.

  My child does not have any
  known medical conditions

  Medical condition (including
  symptoms and management
  (please refer to the list of
  Medical Condition categories

  Medical condition (including
  symptoms and management
  (please refer to the list of
  Medical Condition categories

  Medical condition (including
  symptoms and management
  (please refer to the list of
  Medical Condition categories

  Does the student require any
  medical aids or devices (such         No             Yes, please specify
  as glasses, contact lenses,
  prosthetics or orthotics)?
  This is for the purpose of
  informing planning for school
  activities such as sport and
  school excursions.

  Name of student's medical                                                                    Contact number of
  practitioner (optional)                                                                      medical practitioner

  Do you authorise school staff to contact the student’s medical practitioner for the puposes of seeking advice in cases
  where an immediate but non-life threatening response is required (for instance, when the student may be on an ex-
  cursion or sporting event)? (answer onlyifmedical practitioner details have been provided above)                            Yes           No

  Medicare card number
                                                                                               Position Number

  Cardholder name (if not
  in name of student)

  Private health insurance                                                                     Private health insurance
                                                                                               membership number
  company name (if covered)
                                                                                               (leave blank if company
                                                                                               name is not provided)
 ArethereanycurrentFamilyCourt or othercourtordersconcerningthewelfare,safetyor parentingarrangements of
 your child/children? Please provide a copyof anyrelevant current court order.                                                             Yes               No


                                          Walk                Car               Bus                Bicycle               Train
 Mode of transport to school

 I hereby apply to enrol mychild ormyself at                                                                                                                         _.

I understand that supplying false or incorrect information on this form may lead to the reversal of a decision to approve enrolment. I believe that the information I have
supplied on this form is true and correct in every particular, to the best of my knowledge.

                                                         Parent/carer 1                             Parent/carer 2                                   Student


                                                                    /                               /        /                                   /       /
 Date                                                   /
Parental occupation groups for use with parent/carer details
Group 1: Senior management in large business organisation, government administration and defence, and qualified professionals

Senior executive/manager/department head in industry, commerce, media or other large organisation.

Public service manager [section head or above], regional director, health/education/police/fire services administrator Other admin-
istrator [school principal, faculty head/dean, library/museum/gallery director, research facility director] Defence Forces commis- sioned

Professionals generally have degrees or higher qualifications and experience in applying this knowledge to design, develop or operate compl ex systems; iden- tify,
treat and advise on problems; and teach others

Health, education, law, social welfare, engineering, science, computing professional

Business [management consultant, business analyst, accountant, auditor, policy analyst, actuary, valuer]

Air/sea transport [aircraft/ship’s captain/officer/pilot, flight officer, flying instructor, air traffic controller].

Group 2: Other business managers, arts/media/sportspeople and associate professionals
Owner/manager of farm, construction, import/export, wholesale, manufacturing, transport, real estate business

Specialist manager [finance/engineering/production/personnel/industrial relations/sales/marketing]

Financial services manager [bank branch manager, finance/investment/insurance broker, credit/loans officer]

Retail sales/services manager [shop, petrol station, restaurant, club, hotel/motel, cinema, theatre, agency]

Arts/media/sports [musician, actor, dancer, painter, potter, sculptor, journalist, author, media presenter, photographer, designer, illustrator , proof- reader, sports- person,
coach, trainer, sports official]

Associate professionals generally have diploma/technical qualifications and support managers and professionals

Health, education, law, social welfare, engineering, science, computing technician/associate professional

Business/administration [recruitment/employment/industrial relations/training officer, marketing/advertising specialist, market research analyst, tec hnical sales
representative, retail buyer, office/project manager]

Defence Forces senior Non-Commissioned Officer.

Group 3: Tradespeople, clerks and skilled office, sales and service staff
Tradespeople generally have completed a four year trade certificate, usually by apprenticeship. All tradespeople are included in this grou p

Clerks [bookkeeper, bank/PO clerk, statistical/actuarial clerk, accounting/claims/audit clerk, payroll clerk, recording/registry/fil ing clerk, betting clerk, stores/ inventory
clerk, purchasing/order clerk, freight/transport/shipping clerk, bond clerk, customs agent, customer services clerk, admissions clerk]

Skilled office, sales and service staff:

      Office [secretary, personal assistant, desktop publishing operator, switchboard operator]

      Sales [company sales representative, auctioneer, insurance agent/assessor/loss adjuster, market researcher]

      Service [aged/disabled/refuge/childcare worker, nanny, meter reader, parking inspector, postal worker, courier, travel agent, tour gu ide, flight attendant, fitness
      instructor, casino dealer/supervisor].

  Group 4: Machine operators, hospitality staff, assistants, labourers and related workers

  Drivers, mobile plant, production/processing machinery and other machinery operators

  Hospitality staff [hotel service supervisor, receptionist, waiter, bar attendant, kitchen hand, porter, housekeeper]

  Office assistants, sales assistants and other assistants:

         Office [typist, word processing/data entry/business machine operator, receptionist, office assistant]

         Sales [sales assistant, motor vehicle/caravan/parts salesperson, checkout operator, cashier, bus/train conductor, ticket seller, service station at- tendant,
         car rental desk staff, street vendor, telemarketer, shelf stacker]

         Assistant/aide [trades’ assistant, school/teacher aide, dental assistant, veterinary nurse, nursing assistant, museum/gallery attendant, usher, home helper,
         salon assistant, animal attendant]

  Labourers and related workers

  Defence Forces ranks below senior NCO not included above

  Agriculture, horticulture, forestry, fishing, mining worker [farm overseer, shearer, wool/hide classer, farmhand, horse trainer, nurseryman, greenkeeper,
  gardener, tree surgeon, forestry/logging worker, miner, seafarer/fishing hand]

  Other worker [labourer, factory hand, storeman, guard, cleaner, caretaker, laundry worker, trolley collector, car park attendant, crossing supervisor].
State Schools Standardised Medical Condition Category List

 Acquired brain injury
 Airway/lung/breathing - Oxygen required (continuously/periodically)
 Airway/lung/breathing - Suctioning
 Airway/lung/breathing - Tracheostomy
 Airway/lung/breathing - Other
 Artificial feeding - Gastrostomy device (tube or button)
 Artificial feeding - Nasogastric tube
 Artificial feeding - Jejunostomy tube
 Artificial feeding - Other
 Attention-deficit /Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
 Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
 Bladder and bowel - Urinary wetting, incontinence
 Bladder and bowel - Faecal soiling, constipation, incontinence
 Bladder and bowel - Catheterisation (continuous, clean intermittent)
 Bladder and bowel - Stoma site, urostomy, Mitrofanoff, MACE, Chair
 Bladder and bowel - Other
 Blood disorders - Haemophilia
 Blood disorders - Thalassaemia
 Blood disorders - Other
 Coeliac disease
 Cystic Fibrosis
 Diabetes - type one
 Diabetes - type two
 Ear/hearing disorders - Otitis Media (middle ear infection)
 Ear/hearing disorders - Hearing loss
 Ear/hearing disorders - Other
 Epilepsy - Seizure
 Eye/vision disorders
 Endocrine disorder - Adrenal hypoplasia, pituitary, thyroid
 Heart/cardiac conditions - Heart valve disorders
 Heart/cardiac conditions - Heart genetic malformations
 Heart/cardiac conditions - other
 Mental Health - Depression
 Mental Health - Anxiety
 Mental Health - Oppositional defiant disorder
 Mental Health - Other
 Muscle/bone/musculoskeletal disorders - spasticity (Baclofen Pump)
 Muscle/bone/musculoskeletal disorders - Other
 Skin Disorders - eczema
 Skin Disorders - psoriasis
 Swallowing/dysphagia - requiring modified foods
 Swallowing/dysphagia - requiring artificial feeding
 Transfer & positioning difficulties
 Travel/motion sickness
Application to enroll in a Queensland State School

 This sheet contains information on how to complete the Application for Student Enrolment

Entitlement to enrolment
Under the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 (Qld) a      as per their birth certificate. There is provision to
state school must enrol an applicant if they are entitled to   also record a child’s preferred family and given
enrolment. While not exhaustive, a list of matters which       name. The preferred name will be used on inter-
may affect an applicant’s entitlement to enrolment are in-     nal school documents such as class rolls. The
cluded on the front cover of the enrolment form.               legal name will appear on semester reports unless
                                                               specifically requested by parents to use the pre-
                                                               ferred name only.
Questions which must be answered* The Appli-
cation for Student Enrolment Form contains a num-
ber of questions marked with an (*) which must be              Evidence of Student’s Immigration Status This
answered. These include – Student demographic                  section is required to be completed by a student
details, Student address details, Student family de-           who is not an Australian citizen and requires infor-
tails, Religion – Religious Instruction, Country of            mation to be recorded about a student’s passport
birth, Emergency contact details, Student medical              and visa.
information and the Application to enrol. These
questions and
                                                               Medical information and emergency contacts A
consent are considered necessary to ensure the                 child’s medical condition, symptoms, management and
school can undertake its administrative and care               medication/s must be documented. Medical conditions
responsibilities.                                              may include (but are not limited to) seizures/epilepsy,
                                                               fainting, diabetes, asthma, heart problems, anaphylax-
                                                               is and allergies (such as food or insect stings). Parents
Sections of the form not marked (*) are optional.              must indicate if they
However, failure to complete these sections may
result in the school not being eligible for important          are an emergency contact. Three additional emer-
Federal and State Government funding.                          gency contacts are also required.

                                                               Religion – Religious Instruction Parents/carers
Parent’s occupation and education                              are asked to identify a child’s religion. From Year
All parents across Australia, no matter which school           1, your child will be placed in this nominated reli-
their child attends, are being asked to provide infor-         gious instruction class if it is available.
mation about family background (answering this
question is optional). The main purpose of collecting          If this section is marked ‘no religion’ or ‘no religion nomi-
this information is to promote an education system             nated’ or a response is provided that is not represented
which is fair for all Australian students regardless of        within the school’s religious instruction program, your
their background.                                              child will receive other instruction in a separate location
                                                               during the period arranged for religious instruction.
                                                               Parents may change these arrangements at any
Sighting of birth certificate                                  time by notifying the principal in writing.
Schools are required to sight a child’s birth certifi-
cate. An alternative to a birth certificate will be con-
sidered where it is not possible to obtain a birth cer-        Office use
tificate (e.g. child born in a country without a birth         This section is to be completed by the school and
registration system – passport or visa documents               will assist in documenting specific details in rela-
will suffice).                                                 tion to a student’s enrolment, including confirma-
Mature age students that provide appropriate photo-            tion of the sighting of documentary evidence such
graphic proof of identity do not need to present a             as a student’s birth certificate, passport or visa
birth certificate.                                             and student’s mature age status

Court Orders
Any court orders concerning the welfare, safety or
parenting arrangements of children should be pro-
vided to the school by parents, and the school
should also be provided with any new or updated

Name on enrolment form
A child should be enrolled under their legal name
                                                                        Student Resource Scheme
                                                                  NARANGBA VALLEY STATE HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                             YEAR 11 2020

The scheme is designed to offset the cost to you of the provision of educational resources associated with your child’s education.
These resources enhance your child’s educational experience and assist them to fully engage with the curriculum. The scheme
may be split into two components:
 1. a whole of school component which is common to all students depending on their year level; and
 2. specific goods and services consumed by your child which are related to individual subjects undertaken by your child

    Yes I wish to participate in the Student Resource Scheme in 2020. I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions of
the scheme (see reverse) and agree to abide by them and to pay the participation fee in accordance with the selected payment
arrangement below.

    No I do not wish to participate in the Student Resource Scheme in 2020 I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions
of the scheme (see reverse) and agree to abide by them, particularly paragraphs 12 and 38.

          Please refer to the accompanying Subject Requirements List and/or Year Level Requirements List for fee details.

         Student Given Name                                   Student Surname                          Yr Level            Fee

1.                                                                                                         11       $215.00

Parent Details
Parent Signature:                                                                                 Date:

Payment Arrangement

      Now: I wish to make full payment now as a single payment of the total amount above.
     Instalments: I wish to make instalment payments, during the first two weeks of the first three terms, in the following
 proportion of the total amount: Term 1: $107.50 Term 2: $53.75; Term 3: $53.75; or as negotiated with the school:
I agree to make payments by the due dates and I understand that any failure to make payments by these dates may result in debt
recovery action being undertaken including, where warranted, referral to an external debt collection agency at my expense. I
understand my student will not be permitted to participate in optional school activities if my payment arrangement falls into arrears.

School Use Only: negotiated instalments approved:                                          Position:

Payment Method

I wish to make payment by :             BPOINT *             Qkr App **                 Cash***

                         EFTPOS (Credit/Debit Card) ****                                 Centrepay Deduction *****
                         Direct Deposit ******                                           Cheque

* Online through BPOINT or see your schools website. (For full payment of invoice).
** Online through Qkr App. Please contact the school for information
*** Cash payments can be made in person at the school front office or cashier window.
**** Payment by credit/debit card can be made in person at the school front office or cashier window. To pay by credit
/debit card over the phone please call 1300 631 073 (BPoint IVR Server) or alternatively contact the school on 3385
***** Payment by Centrepay deduction can be arranged through the school office.
****** Payment by Direct Deposit can be made to the school bank account BSB: 064-193 Account Number 10078033.
To ensure correct identification of the payment, please ensure that the EFT payment reference clearly includes the
STUDENT EQ ID NUMBER along with the characters SRS, e.g. 40123412JSRS
19. For payments made in person by cash, cheque or credit/debit card, a
Privacy Statement                                                                    receipt will be provided to the payer. Where payments are received by other
The Department of Education and Training, through the school, is collecting          methods, a receipt will be provided on request. All receipts and documentation
your personal information in accordance with section 51 of the Education             on the scheme should be retained by the parent for future reference and
(General Provisions) Act 2006 in order to administer the Student Resource            possible taxation purposes.
Scheme in an efficient, ethical and secure manner. The information will only
be accessed by school employees administering the scheme. Some of this               Parent Experiencing Financial Difficulties
information may be given to departmental employees for the purpose of debt           20. A parent wishing to participate in the Student Resource Scheme and
recovery. Your information will not be given to any other person or agency           experiencing financial hardship is encouraged to contact the principal to
unless you have given permission or the Department of Education and                  discuss how their financial obligations can be met throughout the school year,
Training is authorised or required by law to make the disclosure.                    or to negotiate alternative arrangements that may be available to
                                                                                     accommodate their individual circumstances. Centrelink deduction is a
Purpose of the Scheme                                                                payment option offered by the school. All discussions will be held in the
1. In accordance with the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006, the cost of       strictest confidence.
providing instruction, administration and facilities for the education of students   21. The onus of proof of being so affected is on the parent, and might include
enrolled at State schools who are Australian citizens or permanent residents,        a current Health Care Card or other evidence to establish financial hardship.
or children of Australian citizens or permanent residents, is met by the State.      22. Any concessions given to the participation fee will be at the discretion of
2. Parents are directly responsible for providing textbooks and other personal       the Principal.
resources for their children while attending school. In recognition that these
costs can be high, the school operates a Student Resource Scheme (the                Terms and Conditions of Participation in the Scheme
“scheme”) that enables a parent to enter into an agreement with the school           23. Payment of the prescribed fee implies acceptance of the Student
that, for a specified annual participation fee, provides for the temporary use by    Resource Scheme including the Terms and Conditions irrespective of whether
the student of prescribed textbooks and/or other resources, and/or the               or not the signed form has been returned.
purchase of consumables and materials for the student.                               24. For the purposes of the scheme, where a student is living independent of
3. A Student Resource Scheme is separate to and distinct from a request for a        his/her parents, reference in the terms and conditions to “parent” is a
voluntary financial contribution.                                                    reference to the independent student.
                                                                                     25. Where a parent chooses to join the scheme and completes a Participation
Benefits of the Scheme                                                               Agreement Form, an annual participation fee will be due and payable by the
4. The purpose of the scheme is to provide the parent with a cost effective          parent to the Student Resource Scheme.
alternative to purchasing textbooks and/or resources elsewhere, through              26. In return for payment of the participation fee, the scheme will provide the
reduced prices gained from the school’s bulk purchasing practices.                   participating student with textbooks and/or resources, consumables and
5. The scheme also ensures that students have consistent personal resources          materials as listed on the Year Level Requirements List and/or Subject
for their education, and saves the parent time and money in sourcing the             Requirements List as being provided by the scheme, when due for the
prescribed materials elsewhere.                                                      student’s use.
6. The scheme is not used to raise funds for other purposes, and revenue             27. Payment of the participation fee is to be made according to the payment
collected through the scheme is applied only to the operation of the scheme.         arrangement option indicated by the parent on the Participation Agreement
                                                                                     Form, or as otherwise approved by the Principal.
Participation in the Scheme                                                          28. Non-payment of the participation fee by the designated payment date(s)
7. Participation in the scheme is voluntary, and there is no obligation on a         will generate a reminder notice to the parent from the school at intervals of 30
parent to participate in the scheme. A parent’s decision to participate or not is    days overdue and 60 days overdue. The Principal may thereafter undertake
based on consideration of the value afforded to them by the scheme.                  debt recovery action for the overdue participation fee including, where
8. The completed and signed Participation Agreement Form should be                   warranted, referral to an external debt collection agency. This may result in
returned to the school by the advertised date to indicate participation or non-      extra costs being incurred by the parent.
participation in the scheme.                                                         29. Without limiting any other action the Principal may take in accordance with
9. If a parent chooses to participate in the scheme and completes the                these terms and conditions, subject to 26 above, the Principal may withdraw a
Participation Agreement Form, a fee will be due and payable by the parent for        student’s participation in the scheme due to non-payment of a participation fee,
the items provided by the scheme to the student.                                     and/or may require the return of items provided by the scheme for the
10. Payment of the participation fee is a requirement for continued                  temporary use of the student, and/or may withhold the giving of any further
participation in the scheme. An unpaid fee will be subject to the school’s debt      items under the scheme until the debt is paid.
collection processes.                                                                30. The Principal may refuse to admit a student to the scheme where
11. A parent who does not wish to participate in the student resource scheme         participation fees are overdue from the previous year’s scheme.
shall inform the school by completing the Participation Agreement Form and           31. Where participation fees are overdue, the Principal has the discretion to
returning it to the Administration Office. Arrangements will be made for the         exclude a student from an optional school activity.
parents of students in Years 7 to 12 or of secondary education age to be paid        32. The scheme provides the entire package for the specified participation fee,
the value of the Textbook and Resource Allowance for each of their eligible          and is not available in parts unless specifically provided for by the school in
children.                                                                            the fee structure.
12. A parent who chooses not to participate in the scheme is responsible for         33. All textbooks and resources provided for temporary use by the scheme
providing the student with all items that would otherwise be provided to the         remain the property of the scheme and shall be returned at the end of the
student by the scheme as detailed on the Year Level Requirements List and/or         course or school year or when the student leaves the school, whichever is the
Subject Requirements List, to enable the student to engage with the                  earlier. Where an item is not returned, the parent will be responsible for
curriculum.                                                                          payment to the scheme of the replacement cost of the item. Failure to make
                                                                                     payment may result in debt recovery action being undertaken.
Parents and Citizens’ Association Support of the Scheme                              34. Textbooks and other resources provided for temporary student use by the
13. The operation of the Student Resource Scheme is discussed annually at a          scheme shall be kept in good condition by the student. The school
meeting of the Parents and Citizens’ Association. Parents are extended an            Administration Office shall be notified immediately of the loss or negligent
invitation to attend this meeting and provided with an opportunity to express        damage to any issued item. Where an issued item is lost or negligently
their opinions. A vote is taken at this meeting on supporting the operation of       damaged, parents will be responsible for payment to the scheme of the
the scheme.                                                                          replacement cost of the item. Failure to make payment may result in debt
                                                                                     recovery action being undertaken.
Textbook and Resource Allowance                                                      35. The parent is responsible for supplying the student with any additional
14. The Queensland Government provides financial assistance to parents of            student materials that are not provided by the Student Resource Scheme, as
students in Years 7 to 12 or of secondary education age, attending State and         indicated on the Year Level Requirements List and/or Subject Requirements
approved non-State schools, to offset the costs of textbooks and other               List or otherwise advised by the school.
resources. Assistance is provided in the form of a Textbook and Resource             36. If a student enters the scheme after the first week of school, a pro-rata
Allowance which is paid once a calendar year through the school. Parents             participation fee will apply, calculated on a 40-week school year basis.
have the option to receive the allowance directly from the school or as an           37. If a student, having paid a participation fee, leaves the school through the
offset of fees associated with participation in the school's Student Resource        year, a pro-rata refund will be made to the parent, calculated on the
Scheme. This option is made available to each parent annually by the school.         participation fee paid, less the cost of consumed materials and the
Current allowance rates are available from                                           replacement cost of scheme items that are lost or negligently damaged or not
http://education.qld.gov.au/finance/grants/fund/garp/html/par-stu.html               returned, plus the pro-rata Textbook and Resource Allowance calculated on a
                                                                                     40-week school year basis.
Payment Arrangements                                                                 38. As the scheme operates for the benefit of participating parents and is
15. Payment of the participation fee may be made by EFTPOS (Debit Card;              funded solely from participation fees, resources provided by the scheme will
MasterCard; Visa; American Express where accepted by the school), cheque,            not be issued to students whose parents choose not to participate in the
or cash.                                                                             scheme.
16. Payment may be made through the QParents portal using a credit card.
Payment will be directed from the QParents portal to BPOINT where relevant
outstanding invoice information may be selected.
17. When paying by BPOINT, please use the Customer Reference Number
(CRN) and invoice number printed on the invoice received from the school. If
unsure of your CRN, please contact the school.
18. Payment of the participation fee may be made in whole or by instalment as
indicated on the Participation Agreement Form or for another amount as
approved by the Principal.
Narangba Valley State HighSchool

     FORM 4


Some parents / caregivers share the financial responsibility of the costs associated with their child’s education. The
school’s student and financial management program, One School, is able to accommodate a nominated percentage
split of invoices between identified parents / caregivers for school fees, excursions and other activities. Please
complete the details below if you wish to share financial responsibility between parents / caregivers, indicating the
percentage share (E.G. 50% per parent).

Student Details

1st Student’s Name:                                                                                            Home Group:

2nd Student’s Name:                                                                                            Home Group:

3rd Student’s Name:                                                                                            Home Group

4th Student’s Name:                                                                                            Home Group:

Parent’s / Caregiver’s Details and Consent

It is usually the residing parent’s responsibility for payment of all accounts for the enrolled student/s. If this is not the
case please detail how invoices and their respective payments will be split.

Parent /Caregiver’ Full Name          Relationship to student          % Share of Costs                        Date

                                                                       Must = 100%

Please Note: To allow the school to process this, it would be expected for both consenting parent / caregivers
to sign. Signature 1:                                       Signature 2:

Office Use Only

Date Entered in One School:

Officer’s Signature:
FORM 6 (4 pages)
                                  Third Party Website Consent Privacy Notice
    The Department of Education and Training is collecting your personal information on this form in order to obtain consent for
 disclosure of a student’s personal information to facilitate registration and use of third-party web-based software identified on the
      form. The information will be used and disclosed by authorised school employees for the purposes outlined on the form.

 Student personal information collected on this may also be used or disclosed to third parties where authorised or required by law.
  This information will be stored securely. If you wish to access or correct any of the personal student information on this form or
                   discuss how it has been dealt with, please contact your student’s school in the first instance.

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The use of web based educational resources has risen steadily over the last decade and are increasingly being used
by teachers across Queensland to improve student learning outcomes.

Our school and teachers make decisions about the best technology to meet the needs of our students. Sometimes it is
beneficial for students to utilise services provided by third party web-based providers.

Narangba Valley State High School wishes to utilise the third-party web-based service provider/s listed below to aid
students learning. For your student to use the service the teacher will need to register them as a user. Registering with
these providers requires student personal information to be disclosed to the provider of the service. In the case of the
services outlined below they are private companies that are hosted onshore in Australia. Outside of Australia means
that data that is entered to register for these sites will be stored on servers that are not based in Australia and
therefore are not bound by Queensland’s privacy laws. Registration may include disclosing the following information
about your student:

            Student Name                                                      Age,
            Student ID                                                        Date of Birth
            Year Group                                                        Student email
            Class Teacher

We need your permission for the registration and use of these sites by your student.

Note: It is not compulsory for you to provide this consent – If you decide not to provide consent, this will not adversely
affect academic achievement, or any relationships with teachers or the school.

Before you complete this consent form it is important that you understand the reasons that these websites collect this
information, what will be done with it, who else may have access to it and where the data is stored. This information
can be found in the hyperlinks below referring to each website’s terms and conditions and/or privacy policy.

Please read these and ensure that you understand the implications of using this service before giving your consent. If
you have any queries around the storage of student’s information, please feel free to contact Ian Sevens, Deputy
Principal of Technology on (07) 3385 4555.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Steven Miskin

Below are the third-party web-based service provider/s:
Name of Provider: sQuizya

Type of Service: sQuizya provides a service to students that primarily focuses on their use and understanding of
numerical concepts. If provides a weekly assigned task for students to complete at its base and collates the results of
these tasks for teacher analysis and differentiation. It also allows teachers to run diagnostic assessment to inform
their teaching sequences.

Website: https://www.squizya.com/

Terms of Use: https://www.squizya.com/pages/4/user_agreement

Privacy Policy: https://www.squizya.com/pages/2/privacy_policy

File Storage: Severs housed and based in Australia.

Name of Provider: Edmodo

Type of Service: Edmodo connects teachers, students and parents to collaborate on
assignments and discover new resources. It is a K-12 social learning community. Teachers are able to set up and
invite students to a locked online classroom.

Website: https://www.edmodo.com/

Terms of Use: https://www.edmodo.com/corporate/terms-of-service

Privacy Policy: https://www.edmodo.com/corporate/privacy-policy

File Storage: Cloud based servers in the USA.

Name of Provider: Prezi

Type of Service: Prezi is a presentation software and storytelling tool for presenting ideas digitally. Can be used by
teachers and students to create, save and share presentation both on and offline.

Website: https://prezi.com/

Terms of Use: https://prezi.com/terms-of-use/

Privacy Policy: https://prezi.com/privacy-policy/

File Storage: Cloud based servers in California, USA.

Name of Provider: Code.org

Type of Service: The purpose of this website is to learn drag and drop programming through tutorials and exercises.

Website: https://code.org/

Terms of Use: https://code.org/tos

Privacy Policy: https://code.org/privacy

File Storage: This website stores data in cloud-based servers in the United States of America (USA).

Name of Provider: Grok Learning

Type of Service: Grok Learning (GL) provides a series of coding courses and challenges for all ability levels
developed through the Queensland Coding Academy (QCA).

Website: https://groklearning.com/

Terms of Use: https://groklearning.com/policies/terms/

Privacy Policy: https://groklearning.com/policies/privacy/

File Storage: This service stores information onshore (i.e., within Australia), but it is outside the Department's
Name of Provider: Quizziz

Type of Service: The purpose of this website is so users can use existing quizzes or create their own, assessment is
in-class or homework, students play together or at their own pace, teachers receive class and student- level reports.

Website: http://www.quizizz.com/

Terms of Use: http://quizizz.com/tos

Privacy Policy: http://quizizz.com/privacy

File Storage: This service stores information in the United States of America (USA).

Name of Provider: Piktochart

Type of Service: The purpose of this website is to create infographics.

Website: https://qlddet.service-now.com/www.piktochart.com

Terms of Use: http://www.piktochart.com/terms-conditions

Privacy Policy: http://piktochart.com/piktocharts-privacy-policy/

File Storage: This service stores information in the United States of America (USA).

Name of Provider: Typing Club

Type of Service: The purpose of this website is to provide a platform for typing classes and tests

Website: https://www.typingclub.com/

Terms of Use: https://www.typingclub.com/terms.html

Privacy Policy: https://www.typingclub.com/privacy.html

File Storage: This service stores information in the United States of America (USA)

Name of Provider: JacPlus

Type of Service: The purpose of this website is to provide a digital bookshelf for educational books.

Website: https://jacplus.com.au/

Terms of Use: https://jacplus.com.au/jsp/general-nav/terms/terms.jsp

Privacy Policy: https://jacplus.com.au/jsp/general-nav/copyright/privacy_policy.jsp

File Storage: This website stores information in Australia but is outside the department’s IT network.

Name of Provider: MusicEDU

Type of Service: MusicEDU is an online application suite designed for school students to learn music.

Website: http://musicedu.com.au/programs/home/

Terms of Use: http://musicedu.com.au/programs/about-us/terms-and-conditions/

Privacy Policy: http://musicedu.com.au/programs/about-us/musicedu-privacy/

File Storage: This website stores information in Australia but is outside the department’s IT network.

Name of Provider: ClickView
Type of Service: ClickView curates the best educational videos from renowned content providers and free-to-air TV

Website: https://www.clickview.com.au/                    App: ClickView (iOS, Windows)

Terms of Use: https://www.clickview.com.au/terms-and-conditions/

Privacy Policy: https://www.clickview.com.au/privacy-policy/

File Storage: This website stores information in Australia but is outside the department’s IT network.
Student’s name: _______________________________________________

Please circle your choice (or cross out which does not apply) to your child’s information being
provided to each of the third party providers for the provision of an educational service.
Item Name: sQuizya                       Do Consent / Do Not Consent
Item Name: Edmodo                        Do Consent / Do Not Consent
Item Name: Prezi                         Do Consent / Do Not Consent
Item Name: Code.org                      Do Consent / Do Not Consent
Item Name: Grok Learning                 Do Consent / Do Not Consent
Item Name: Quizziz                       Do Consent / Do Not Consent
Item Name: Piktochart                    Do Consent / Do Not Consent
Item Name: Typing Club                   Do Consent / Do Not Consent
Item Name: JacPlus                       Do Consent / Do Not Consent
Item Name: MusicEDU                      Do Consent / Do Not Consent
Item Name: ClickView                     Do Consent / Do Not Consent

As a parent or guardian of this student, I have read the terms of use and privacy policy of each of
the websites listed. I understand that my student’s personal information will be provided to these
third party software providers for the purpose of my student’s registration and use of the software
programs and that this information may be stored outside of Australia.

__________________________             ____________________________             ____________
Parent/Guardian’s Name               Parent/Guardian’s Signature              Date
Narangba Valley State HighSchool

    FORM 7 (2 Pages)                   ENROLMENT AGREEMENT

This enrolment agreement sets out the responsibilities of the student, parents / carers and the school staff about the
education of students enrolled at Narangba Valley State High School.

Responsibility of student to:
      Attend school regularly, on time, ready to learn and take part in schoolactivities
      Act at all times with respect and show tolerance towards other students andstaff
      Work hard and comply with requests or directions from the teacher andprincipal
      Abide byschool rules, meet homework requirements and wear school’s uniform
      Respect the school environment

Responsibility of parents to:
      Attend open evenings for parents
      Let the school know if there are any problems that may affect your child’s ability to learn
      Inform school of reasons for any absence
      Treat school staff with respect and tolerance
      Support the authority and discipline of the school enabling your child to achieve maturity, self-discipline and
      Abide by school’s policy regarding access to school grounds before, during and after schoolhours
      Advise Principal if your child is in the care of the state or you are the carer of a child in the care of thestate
      Inform school if your child’s living arrangements change and provide details of new home address and phone

Responsibility of school to:
      Develop each individual student’s talent as fully as possible
      Inform parents and carers regularly about how their children are progressing
      Inform students, parents and carers about what the teachers aim to teach the students each term
      Teach effectively and to set the highest standards in work and behaviour
      Take reasonable steps to ensure the safety, happiness and self-confidence of allstudents
      Be open and welcoming at all times and offer opportunities for parents and carers to become involved in the
      school community
      Clearly articulate the school’s expectations regarding the responsible behaviour plan for students and the
      school’s dress code policy
      Ensure that parents and carers are aware of the schools insurance arrangements and accident cover for
      Advise parents and carers of extra-curricular activities operating at the school in which their child maybecome
      involved, for example, Program of chaplaincy services
      Ensure that the parent is aware of the school’s record-keeping policy including the creation of a transfer note
      should the student enrol at another school
      Set, mark and monitor homework regularly in keeping with the school’s homeworkpolicy
      Contact parents and carers as soon as is possible if the school is concerned about the child’s school work,
      behaviour, attendance or punctuality
      Deal with complaints in an open, fair and transparent manner
      Consult parents on any major issues affectingstudents
      Treat students and parents with respect and tolerance
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