2021 2022 School Guide - source for field events, contests and more! - Strathcona County

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2021 2022 School Guide - source for field events, contests and more! - Strathcona County
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 2021 - 2022 School Guide

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2021 2022 School Guide - source for field events, contests and more! - Strathcona County
4    School’s e-news

5    Active Student Prize Pack

6    Active Schools Challenge

7    Millennium Place School Visits

8    Swim@school

10   Outdoor Education,
     Retreats, Team Building and
     Summer School Opportunities

12   NEW! All season fun at The Broadmoor

13   Gallery@501 Art Education Programs

14   Pottery Programs

15   Performing Arts

16   History and Heritage

17   Mayor’s School Walk/Run

18   Arbor Day

19   Pitch-In

20   Reduce your Footprint Programs

21   Emergency Services at School

22   RCMP at School

23   School Garden Program

24   Physical Literacy

25   Family and Community Services

26   Everybody Gets to Play
     Recreation Access Program

27   Community Partners
     Curling Programs

2021 2022 School Guide - source for field events, contests and more! - Strathcona County
School’s e-news
                                    Jennifer Wilson
        Active Schools Challenge
       Mayor’s School Walk / Run

   Millennium Place School Visits
                                    Booking Representative                           2021-2022
                                    780-416-7252 | mpbooking@strathcona.ca

                                    Swimming and Water Safety Program Team
                                    780-464-8236 | swimming@strathcona.ca

              Outdoor Education,    Strathcona Wilderness Centre
      Retreats, Team Building and
    Summer School Opportunities
                                    Programs and Bookings
                                    780-922-3939 | swcinfo@strathcona.ca
                                    Broadmoor Public Golf Course
                   Golf Packages    780-467-7373 | bpgc1@strathcona.ca

                     Gallery@501    Victoria Sanchez
          Art Education Programs    780-410-8575 | victoria.sanchez@strathcona.ca

Smeltzer House Visual Arts Centre   Ruta Nichol
               Pottery Programs     780-464-2023 | ruta.nichol@strathcona.ca

                   Festival Place   Susan Mullen
                 Performing Arts    780-410-8566 | susan.mullen@strathcona.ca

                                    Lori Clapp
             History and Heritage   780-416-6762 | lori.clapp@strathcona.ca

                                    Cassandra Nicol
                       Arbor Day
                                    780-400-2028 | cassandra.nicol@strathcona.ca

                         Pitch-In   780-467-2211 | recreation@strathcona.ca

                                    Erin Wildeboer
       Waste Education Programs     Waste Diversion Program Liaison

                                    Chad Cook
        Waste to Energy Program     Community Energy System Senior Technologist
                                    780-417-7116 | chad.cook@strathcona.ca

                                    Strathcona County Utilities
       Water Education Programs

                                    Community Safety Education
   Emergency Services at School
                                    780-464-8468 | safety.educators@strathcona.ca

                                     Strathcona County RCMPMedia Relations
                 RCMP at School

                                    Transportation and Agriculture Services
         School Garden Program      780-417-7100 | communitygarden@strathcona.ca

                                    780-410-8530 | recreation@strathcona.ca
                Physical Literacy

      Mental Health in the School

            Supports for finances   Family and Community Services
                  and parenting     780-464-4044 | familyandcommunity@strathcona.ca
          Everybody Gets to Play
      Recreation Access Program

2021 2022 School Guide - source for field events, contests and more! - Strathcona County
School’s e-news

              Looking for great ideas to inspire your class? Sign up today for the Strathcona
              County School’s e-news and receive monthly notices with programs, events and
              activities for you and your students.

              Opportunities include:

              •   Booking fire and home safety presentations
              •   Waste in our World presentations
              •   Reciprocal use updates (where you can use County facilities for FREE.)
              •   Special events
              •   Contests
              •   Field trips to the Strathcona Wilderness Centre, Gallery@501,
                  Smeltzer House, Millennium Place, Ardrossan Recreation
                  Complex, and more.

              Sign Up

              Get the School’s e-news and learn more about Strathcona County’s Active
              Schools at strathcona.ca/activeschools.

                                       Jennifer Wilson

    Sign Up

2021 2022 School Guide - source for field events, contests and more! - Strathcona County
Active Student Prize Pack

Great prizes for your students!                                                                                   ive
                                                                                                    Act                                        LS
Recreation, Parks and Culture is pleased to provide each school in Strathcona                              SCHOO
County with a prize package. These items are great for a variety of school programs                                                        sion
and activities such as door prizes for school dances, silent auctions, volunteer                               Single                         ission.
                                                                                                                                      uth adm
                                                                                                                            ild or yo
                                                                                                                    free ch
                                                                                                                        ra                    , 2023
                                                                                                               Valid fo                        mber 31
                                                                                                                                      til Dece
                                                                                                                             Valid un
recognition and student incentives for reading programs and spelling bees.

Each school’s Active Student Prize Pack includes:

•   2 for 1 recreation single visit passes
•   FREE recreation single visit passes                                                             Active
•   Family single visit passes                                                                                                            LS
•   Variety of amazing swag for students!                                             FREE
                                                                                       Valid fo
                                                                                               r a fam
                                                                                              including admission.
                                                                                                          up to tw     Imm
                                                                                                                   o adult ediate family
                                                                                                                            s and fiv       on
                                                                                                              Valid un               e childre ly,
                                                                                                                       til Dece               n.
                                                                                                                                mb er 31, 20

                                                                                                  Act                                    LS

                                                                                                                    1 Adm and geFRt thEEe!
                                                                                                        2 fultoror senior admsoissr ion
                                                                                                                                    value fo
                                                                                                          h, ad         l or les               , 2023
                                                                                                 ild, yout      at equa                mber 31
                                                                                         Buy 1 ch xt admission                til Dece
                                                                                                ne                  Valid un


               Active Schools Package
               The Active Schools package is delivered to each school at
               the beginning of the each school year and is designed to
               last to the end of the school year.

               We appreciate this opportunity to work with your school
               and promote active living.

2021 2022 School Guide - source for field events, contests and more! - Strathcona County
Active Schools Challenge
                           March 7 to 18, 2022

    r 1 , 0    00          Get your class active between March 7 to 18, 2022 for just 30 minutes a day and

Ove              ts
                           you could win!

  s t u d  e   n           Prizes include:

         i c i p a t ed
                           •    Field trips to Millennium Place including busing and a healthy snack.

           t    y e a r!
                           •    Free admission pass to Strathcona County’s recreation facilities for every
                                student that participates.

                           •    A prize pack for each participating classroom.

                           Participating is as simple as...
                           1.   Accept the challenge.
                                To register email jennifer.wilson@strathcona.ca before the deadline on
                                February 11, 2022.

                           2.   Get active and track your progress.
                                Encourage your students to be active for an extra 30 minutes every day
                                from March 7 to 18. Track your progress by marking down the total number
                                minutes every day.

                           3.   Submit your poster for a chance to win.
                                Enter your completed poster before Friday, March 25, 2022. Posters can be
                                scanned or photographed and emailed to jennifer.wilson@strathcona.ca

                                                   Jennifer Wilson

2021 2022 School Guide - source for field events, contests and more! - Strathcona County
Millennium Place School Visits                                                                   Place

Millennium Place welcomes group and school visits. Floor hockey, gym sports,
swimming, skating, walking, running, fitness and more! A unique recreation
opportunity is waiting for your students. Whether it’s a structured lesson or a
drop-in activity, make recreation fun by trying something new. Millennium Place is
your one-stop location for fun activities and great food. Please contact Compass
Foods at 780-449-7133, if you are interested in catering for your class or group

Some of the activities waiting for you:
•               Soccer on the MacMillan Team or MaxWell Realty Field*
•               Volleyball, basketball, badminton and floor hockey in the gymnasium
•               Skating on the Leisure Ice
•               Swimming in the lap pool and wave pool at The McKay Team Aquatics Centre
•               Weight training in the Wellness Centre*
•               The Pasta Pantry Fit for the Future program* (ages 10 to 13)
•               Playground and climbing wall in the Edu-tainment Centre
                (for children under 8 years of age)
•               Youth lounge including air hockey, pool table, and more!

* Subject to availability.

                                      Booking Representative

                                           For more information, visit
                                           strathcona.ca/activeschools to view the
         Millennium Pla
                                           Millennium Place group visits brochure.


2021 2022 School Guide - source for field events, contests and more! - Strathcona County
Leisure Centre
Emerald Hills
Leisure Centre
                               Flexible Solutions for Physical Education
                               The Swim@School program is designed to help students of every age and ability
                               stay physically active and safe in, on, and around the water. Programs are taught
                               by certified swimming and water safety instructors. Whatever your group size and

                               interest, all programs are designed to maximize instructional time, student-to-

          2 ,   0
                               instructor ratios, and provide an exceptional experience for you and your students.

          u d  e   n t s
                               Kindergarten Programs

                               The Red Cross Swim Preschool program encourages singing, splashing, playing,

         r t i c i p a         and learning while developing core physical literacy skills in our unique aquatic
      pa                  r!

               t    y e a
         las                   Elementary Programs
                               The Red Cross Swim Kids program is an excellent way to teach students valuable
                               life skills and it is designed to meet physical education curriculum requirements
                               through a variety of session formats.

                               Red Cross Swim Adapted
                               We are pleased to offer specialized programming for classes dedicated to
                               complex needs. We provide lower ratios and lower stimulus times to ensure your
                               students have the opportunity to experience the best swimming and water safety
                               program available.

                               Jr/Sr High Programs
                               Swim@School Sports is designed for Junior and Senior High School students and
                               has been built on the Canadian Sport for Life model. This program introduces
                               students to a variety of aquatic sports that will keep them engaged, active and
                               healthy for life. Some of the sports you can select include:
                               •   Water Polo
                               •   Stroke Improvement
                               •   Diving
                               •   Underwater Hockey
                               •   Triathlon Swimming
                               •   AquaZumba
                               •   Lifesaving Sport and more!

                               Faculty Programs
                               Are you looking for a unique health and wellness opportunity for professional
                               development days? Book your staff for a fun, energetic program like underwater
                               hockey, inner tube water polo, or swimming skills and finish with a dip in the hot
                               tub or steam room.

                               In-school Field Trips
                               Interested in providing an in-school field trip on water safety, boat safety, or first-
                               aid? Book the Swimming and Water Safety team to come out to your school and
                               create a fun and memorable experience for your students.

2021 2022 School Guide - source for field events, contests and more! - Strathcona County
How can your class
participate in                                 Program Ratios

Swim@School?                                   Programs fall within the
                                               recommended instructor-
1. Reserve Today                               to-student ratio as set
 Daytime programs are available                out by the Canadian Red
 throughout the week at Emerald                Cross. While ratios vary
 Hills Leisure Centre and Kinsmen
                                               from program to program,
 Leisure Centre. Contact us for
                                               all courses are designed to
 availability or to be placed on the
 waitlist for a future opportunity.            maximize the instructional
                                               time for your students.
2. Gather Registrations                        We can accommodate a
 Once your reservation has been                variety of group sizes in
 confirmed, you will receive all of            one or multiple timeslots,
 the information you need to enroll
                                               depending upon the facility,
 each of your students. Simply follow
                                               number of students, and
                                                                              Did You Know?
 the directions and complete the
 registration forms. Once everything           instructors available.         We are pleased to
 is ready, deliver the registration                                           offer specialized
 package to Emerald Hills Leisure                                             programming for
 Centre and we will take it from                                              classes dedicated to
                                                                              complex needs. We
3. Attend Your Lessons                                                        provide lower ratios and

 Sit back, relax and enjoy watching                                           lower stimulus times to
 your students! Once everyone is                                              ensure your students
 changed and on the pool deck,                                                have the opportunity
 students will be given a brief safety                                        to experience the
 presentation and then whisked                                                best swimming and
 away for their program experience.
                                                                              water safety program
                                                                              available. For more
                                                                              information, please
                      Swimming & Water Safety Program Team
                                                                              contact us and ask
                      swimming@strathcona.ca                                  to discuss school
                                                                              opportunities for
                                                                              adapted aquatics.

2021 2022 School Guide - source for field events, contests and more! - Strathcona County
                  Outdoor Education

                  School and Group Programs
                  The Strathcona Wilderness Centre welcomes school, community and home-
                  school groups to experience a wide variety of outdoor and environmental
                  education programs.

                  The Strathcona Wilderness Centre is located only 20 minutes east of Sherwood
                  Park in UNESCO’s Beaver Hills Biosphere Reserve. Programs are delivered
                  by highly qualified instructors who provide educational opportunities for both
                  students and faculty.

                  Amenities include a fully equipped lodge, bunkhouses, campsites, cookhouse
                  and over 12 kilometers of hiking and groomed cross country ski trails. You may
                  choose to come for a half day, full day, or multi-day programs. Modern and
                  comfortable, rustic and adventurous, we offer it all!

                  Our school programs have been designed to meet curriculum objectives in a
                  variety of subject areas. Teachers may choose from standardized programs, or a
                  custom program can be designed to meet your needs. All programs are active
                  and fun and are delivered from an experiential framework. Programs run year-
                  round, encouraging students to enjoy the outdoors in every season!

                  Call now to book your programs and overnight stays in our walk-in tent
                  campsites, bunkhouses or lodge.

                   Active Participation, Cooperation and Challenge

                   Curriculum                                       Spring and Fall            Winter
                    •   Elementary Science                           •   Interpretive hikes     •      Cross-country
                        and Social Studies                           •   Pond studies                  skiing
                    •   Peoples of the Land                          •   Orienteering           •      Snowshoe
                    •   Nature Detectives                            •   Canoeing               •      Winter games
                    •   Physical Education                                                      •      Wilderness living
                        and Outdoor

                                    Outdoor Recreation
                                    School and Group
                                                                   Our programs and pricing are
                                    Program Guide
                                    STRATHCONA WILDE
                                                    RNESS CENTRE
                                                                   outlined in the School & Group
                                                                   Programs Guide, located online at


Retreats, Team Building and                                                            Wilderness
Summer School Opportunities                                                            Centre

Situated far enough from the city that you feel the quiet of the wilderness, but       The Strathcona
close enough to ease time and transport, the Strathcona Wilderness Centre              Wilderness Centre
is ideally located to provide overnight field trips or team building retreats. Our
                                                                                       offers a variety of
modern pine lodge offers hostel-style accommodations for up to 41 people
                                                                                       programs for staff
and free wireless internet is available. Should your group prefer more rustic
accommodation, our bunkhouses, walk-in tent campsites, and cookhouses may              development, student
be just what you are looking for!                                                      councils and team
                                                                                       building. Mix business
Team Building
                                                                                       with team building
Our team challenge programs are designed to meet your group’s particular               activities and outdoor
needs. The programs offer team building initiatives, with well-designed
                                                                                       programs for a
introductions and debriefs to enhance group development and dynamics. The
                                                                                       memorable PD day or
programs are challenging and fun. Team building challenge programs are suitable
for staff development, student councils, sports teams and all student groups.          overnight retreat. Our
                                                                                       lodge is also available
Summer School Opportunities
                                                                                       to rent.
Our summer school programs are designed to experientially meet curriculum
objectives, with day opportunities and week-long programs available. Our
qualified staff will coordinate with your teachers to meet curriculum objectives for
CALM, Physical Education, and specific CTS programs. The programs may be
custom designed to meet your needs.

Call the Strathcona Wilderness Centre and we can design a package for you!

                         Strathcona Wilderness Centre
                         Programs and Bookings

 Public Golf
               All season fun at The Broadmoor

               School golf lessons and driving range
               The Broadmoor Public Golf Course is committed to growing the game of golf
               through our junior programs. We currently offer special rates for range time and
               group lessons for schools.

               Our current pricing for school groups is:

               •   One hour of range time. $10 per student, unlimited golf balls
               •   One hour with C.P.G.A Golf instructor: $15 per student, minimum 7 students,
                   unlimited range balls

                                       Broadmoor Public Golf Course

               Cross-country at The Broadmoor
               Enjoy Cross-country skiing at the Broadmoor! Walking, tobogganing and
               snowshoeing are also available on the golf course. Please note that ski or
               snowshoe equipment rentals are not available at The Broadmoor.

               Washrooms are available 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, located on the exterior of the
               Broadmoor Clubhouse. The course is open for winter activities 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. for
               daily use.

               Visit thebroadmoor.ca/xcskiing to check out the trail map!


Visual Arts Education Programs                                                                                                                    County Art

Explore, learn, and inspire through art!
Gallery@501 offers learning programs                                                          Outreach Programs
for schools that enable students and
teachers to explore exhibitions by                                                            Interested in bringing a Gallery@501
contemporary local, regional, and                                                             art experience into your classroom?
national artists through guided visits                                                        Book a gallery educator to lead an art
and studio art-making sessions.                                                               observation and interpretation activity,
                                                                                              followed by an art project to translate
Explore: Gallery@501 School                                                                   learning into visual expression.
Programs provide students with an
opportunity to engage in guided                                                               Bus Subsidies
observation, discuss ideas and                                                                Gallery@501 offers bus subsidies
concepts related to the artwork on                                                            to Elk Island Public and Catholic
display, and create connections with                                                          School Divisions that come to us
their personal experiences.                                                                   for a program. These subsidies are
Learn: Our educator-guided                                                                    generously sponsored by the Festival
programs are complemented with                                                                Place Cultural Arts Foundation.
hands-on art studio projects that                                                             Contact us for more information.
further explore themes encountered
in exhibitions and teach about art
processes and materials. All guided
exhibition tours and art activities are
designed - and can be further tailored
                                                                                              Victoria Sanchez
- to enhance core competencies of
the Alberta school curriculum K-12
Inspire: Hands-on art projects are an
opportunity to inspire communication,
creative thinking and problem-
solving in ways that are accessible to                                                                                                   Testimonials
students of all abilities.
                                                                                                                                         “This was really well
                                                                                                                                         done! Our Gallery
                                                                                                                                         Educator was able to
                                                                                                                                         maintain the interest of
                                                                                 For more information, visit                             all students. She also
                                                                                 strathcona.ca/gallery501 to
                                                                                                                                         ensured all students
                                                                                 learn more about programs
2020                                                                                                                                     had a chance to share
2 02 1 ED UC AT IO N
                                              PR OG RA MS                        offered..
                 S FOR PRE SCH
                               OOL                       TO GRA DE 6
                                                                                                                                         their thoughts and were
      Art Gallery@501
                        | The Clay Hut
                                         | Smeltzer House

                                                                                                                                         engaged. Fantastic
                                                          Visual   Arts Centre


                                                                                                                                         – Teacher, St. Luke
                                                                                                                                         Catholic School

 House Visual
                         Pottery Programs
 Arts Centre

 “Students learn         Clay Hut
 planning, new skills,   Ranked as one of the best pottery studios in the province, the Clay Hut has been
                         home to Strathcona County’s iconic pottery program since 1978. Our pottery
 patience, sense of
                         programs are designed to offer a challenging and creative educational experience
 accomplishment, and a
                         to your students. Freedom of expression and imaginative use of materials are
 love of learning!”      encouraged.

 “The students get to    We provide a unique experience that students wouldn’t normally get in school
 see and do something    - working in a real pottery studio setting at the Clay Hut. Located at Smeltzer
 different that we       House Visual Arts Centre, #1 Broadmoor Boulevard, Sherwood Park, Alberta, this
 could not do in the     idyllic, creative space is located upon three acres of beautiful outdoor park and
                         There are a variety of projects to choose including coil, pinch and slab pots, clay
 Teacher feedback.
                         sculptures and plaques. Seasonal and special projects are available upon request.

                         Clay programs are offered for:

                         •   Preschool – Kindergarten
                         •   Grade 1 – 3
                         •   Grade 3 – 6

                         For more information, visit strathcona.ca/smeltzer to learn more about programs

                                                Ruta Nichol

                                            For more information, visit
                                            to view the Visual Arts
                                            Education Programs brochure.             2 0 2 0 ED UC AT IO N PR
                                                                                                              OG RA MS
                                                                                     2 02 1
                                                                                                                                        DE 6
                                                                                                                     OOL TO GRA
                                                                                                       S FOR PRE SCH
                                                                                            VISUAL ART              er House Visual
                                                                                                                                    Arts Centre
                                                                                                                               | Smeltz
                                                                                                              | The Clay Hut
                                                                                            Art Gallery@501

Performing Arts Programs                                                                               Place

Did you know?                                                                          “Performing arts brings
                                                                                       your imagination a
The performing arts foster inner joy and personal growth from the inside out.
Students learn skills to build self esteem, social and emotional development,          creative spirit to life! By
communication and team work, all whilst having a blast!                                learning how to express
                                                                                       their creativity, students
Exploring dance, drama and music, inspires the sharing of stories, perspectives
                                                                                       improve their self esteem
and can transport your class into a world of imagination, joy and wonder. Classes
are designed for all experience levels.                                                which can improve their
                                                                                       overall quality of life.”
Festival Place Theatre Tour
Get a behind the scenes tour of this vibrant performing arts facility, and learn       “All the world’s a stage”
how performers, staff and stage crew bring countless productions and programs          – Shakespeare’s As You
to life for our community. Students will finish their tour with creative drama or      Like It – Act II, scene vii
movement games. Tour and games can be tailored to fit the group.

Performing Arts Workshop
The performing arts workshop is adaptable by age, skill and activity level.
Participants are guided to use their imagination and creativity to explore different
areas of performing arts in a hands on workshop.

Types of performing arts:

•   drama
•   dance
•   musical theatre
•   improv
•   presentation skills

                          Susan Mullen

 County Museum
                           History and Heritage
 & Archives                Have you ever wondered...

                           •   What do we know about Indigenous people’s history for this region?
                           •   Why did early settlers move here?
                           •   Why is our municipality both urban and rural--city and country?
                           •   How did Strathcona County become the specialized municipality it is today?

                           Find the answers to these questions and more on Strathcona County’s website at
                           strathcona.ca/history. Watch the short video series called “The past where we

                                • A rich and plentiful country gives an interesting overview of this region’s
At Strathma                       history over the past 100-plus years. Time: 11 minutes
students see                    • A specialized municipality explores Strathcona County’s municipal
themselves                        history. Learn about its name, its boundaries and how it came to be a
as history                        specialized municipality. Time: 9 minutes

Exhibits and visible
labs become the
classroom during
facilitated curriculum-
                                                                                                           Aerial of Ardrossa
based activities, giving
                                                                                                           courtesy of Strath
learners a holistic
                                                                                                           Museum and Arch
understanding of the
stories that shape
Strathcona County.                                                                               Ardrossan, 1931
Students will engage                                                                             Photo courtesy of

with hands on history                                                                            Strathcona County
                                                                                                 Museum and Archives
and see their world
through the eyes of a
museum.                    From the skies!
                           Getting a bird’s eye view of the countryside gives us a different perspective than
To learn how your          we’re used to, especially when the photos were taken between 50 and 100 years
students (k-6) can         ago! Check out Rural history from the skies—an online image gallery—to survey
enjoy the Strathma         Strathcona County’s early rural landscape from a vantage rarely if ever seen by its
experience, visit          residents back in the day. This selection of archival photos helps us imagine what
                           was here in yester-year. strathcona.ca/fromtheskies

                                                   Lori Clapp

Mayor’s School Walk/Run
            May 18, 2022

            Grade 4 Students
            Celebrate healthy and active living, register your Grade 4 class today for the
            annual Mayor’s School Walk/Run on May 18, 2022.

            Your class will enjoy a morning or afternoon walk/run with other Grade 4 classes
            from across Strathcona County, followed by a swim at Millennium Place.

            Our wellpower team will set up the walk/run and provide you with:

            •   A fun warm up
            •   A healthy snack
            •   A swim at Millennium Place after the run

            Depending on the number of classes registered, a second walk/run date may be
            added on May 11, 2022.

            Register today!
            To register email jennifer.wilson@strathcona.ca by April 15, 2022

                                   Jennifer Wilson
an: Photo                          jennifer.wilson@strathcona.ca
hcona County

Arbor Day
     May 6, 2022

     Calling all Grade 1 Teachers
     Recreation, Parks and Culture is inviting all Grade 1 students in Strathcona County
     to a fun, tree-focused event on May 6, 2022. Help instill the importance of trees
     and caring for our environment at an early age. Each year Grade 1 students in
     Strathcona County are presented with a seedling to help celebrate Arbor Day.

     More information regarding the location for the event will be available in early

                             Cassandra Nicol

May 2022

Pitch-In and make a difference!
Our local Strathcona County Pitch-in campaign kicks off in May 2022. Your school
selects a date, and we supply the waste bags to help you clean up your school
yard and surrounding community. Challenge your students to be eco-Active!
Being eco-Active means your students will be role models in your community
who pitch-in and care about the environment.

Thank you to last year’s Pitch-In Program volunteers. Together they spent hours
collecting and filling bags of garbage.

Register your class and help make Strathcona County clean and green. For more
information and dates please visit strathcona.ca/pitchin.


                        Reduce your Footprint
 Utilities              Strathcona County believes that through education, current and future
                        generations will respect and conserve natural resources by making informed
                        choices. Choose from the following programs or work with a programmer to
                        develop one that will work well for your class.

                        Waste Programs                                Waste to Energy
                        Green Routine games                           Grades 2 to 12
                        Kindergarten to Grade 3                       Take a tour of the Community Energy
                        Students learn about the importance           Centre and learn how we turn
                        of keeping our planet clean by playing        construction waste into power.
                        games and planting seeds.

                        Green Routine comes to class
                                                                      Water Programs
                        Grades 4 to 12                                Yellow Fish Road
                        Students learn about waste                    Learn how we can keep our stormwater
                        management and reduction through              ponds and wetlands healthy.
                        hands on experience playing games
                                                                      From wastewater to wetlands
 Special                and sorting their waste. This program
                                                                      Discover the importance of conserving
                        can be tailored to any grade.
 Events                                                               water and protecting wetlands with
                        Green Routine Gurus                           simple actions we can do in our homes,
 Are you hosting        We can turn your students into Green          backyards, and parks. Learn where our
 a special event at     Routine Gurus! Complete with their            water comes from, where it goes and
 your school that you   own badge and certificate, we help            how wetlands play a large role in water
 would like to make     the students teach their peers about          quality treatment.
                        the importance of the Green Routine
 zero-waste? We can                                                   Global and local water use
                        at school.
 help with everything                                                 Students learn about water availability
 including hot lunch,   Little Green Library                          around the world and in Strathcona
 pancake breakfasts     Borrow a bundle of books all about            County. Activities encourage students
 and volunteer          taking care of the environment from           to take water conservation actions in
                        our Little Green Library. Free to             their own homes.
 appreciation events.
                        borrow and three cases of books to
 Contact the Waste                                                    Tapped Out
                        choose from.
 Diversion Program                                                    Grades 8 to 12
 Liaison at             Beeswax wrap kits                             Students learn the journey water takes
                        Students can learn how to reduce              from rivers to our taps. Activities
 780-416-6784 to find
                        their plastic waste by making beeswax         encourage students to re-evaluate their
 out more.
                        wraps. These are a fun, reusable              understanding of where water comes
                        alternative to things like foil and plastic   from.
                        wrap. Kits are available free of charge.

                        Tour the Broadview Enviroservice
                                                                      Waste Programs
                        Get a behind the scenes look at how           erin.wildeboer@strathcona.ca
                        household hazardous waste, electronics
                                                                      Waste to Energy
                        and other materials are handled in            chad.cook@strathcona.ca
                        Strathcona County. This program is free
                                                                      Water Programs
                        and ideal for groups of 30.
Emergency Services at School
All Strathcona County Emergency Services in-school presentations are                Emergency
temporarily suspended. Online presentations and activities will be available to
teachers in October.

Presentations for students are best organized at the individual classroom level.
Educational materials will be provided to each participant.

Sparky Visits                              types of emergencies, potential
Kindergarten                               hazards in the home, and some brief
These classroom visits are scheduled       first aid.
from September to October
with every kindergarten class in           School Team vs Team
Strathcona County. Sparky and his          Firefighter/Paramedic
friend from Emergency Services will        Junior High only
teach kids basic fire prevention skills    Does your school volleyball or
including stop, drop and roll and          basketball team want to challenge
the importance of a meeting place.         Team Firefighter/Paramedic
Emergency Services will connect            to a lunchtime game? Email
with every elementary school and           emergencyservices@strathcona.ca and
private kindergarten class in August/      request a Public Relations form, where
September to schedule a visit.             you can indicate your requested date
                                           and time. Emergency call dependent, a
9-1-1                                      team worthy of the challenge will stop
Grade 1                                    by for a game!
Students will learn when it is
appropriate to call 9-1-1 and what         Emergency preparedness and home
questions the 9-1-1 operator will ask.     -school safety presentation
We can tailor this program anywhere        All Grades
from 15 to 45 minutes.                     Are you and your family prepared to
                                           be self-sufficient for up to 72 hours?
Hazard house and home safety               This presentation is aimed at teachers
presentation                               (perfect for a staff meeting) where
Grade 3                                    we will discuss what emergency
Students will learn about safety           preparedness is and how you and your
hazards in the home, and how to            family can get ready.
prevent them. We can tailor this
program anywhere from 30 minutes
to an hour.

At Home by Yourself
                                           Community Safety Education
Grade 5
There is no “right” time for your
child to be left alone in the home;
the child must feel comfortable
with the situation and feel ready for
the responsibility. The At Home by
Yourself program covers a variety of
topics including general safety, the
value of 9-1-1, dealing with different
Royal Canadian
 Mounted Police
                  RCMP at School

                  Safety Education Presentations
                  Police Pals
                  Grades pre K to 4
                  Students will learn about police officers and their role in the community. An
                  RCMP officer will touch on seasonal safety tips, police uniforms and equipment
                  including a police vehicle demonstration. Safety Bear has been known to tag
                  along for these informative sessions.

                  Read In Week
                  Grades pre K to 3
                  RCMP and a special seasonal guest will attend your classroom to read a story
                  that promotes student engagement. This allows students to meet a local RCMP
                  officer and share the joy of reading. This presentation takes approximately 30

                  Safe Halloween
                  Grades pre K to 3
                  Students are reminded how to be safe on Halloween. Safety Bear and an RCMP
                  member will attend for a fun and interactive experience. We can tailor this
                  program anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

                  Sports Challenge
                  Have your school sports team play against the RCMP and Enforcement Services
                  members in a friendly and exciting sports game.

                  If you wish to have an RCMP member and Safety Bear attend your event, please
                  contact Community Policing. We would love to hear from you.

                                         Strathcona County RCMP
                                         Community Policing

School Garden Program                                                              and Agriculture
School gardens are a place where students can learn about growing and eating
healthy food. Through hands-on learning, teachers help students connect with the
plant life cycle, while learning about seeds, soil, sun, water, bugs and weeds.

Each participating school receives two raised garden beds, soil and seeds to
get started (with opportunity for expansion over time). In 2021, the program is
entering its eighth year with 24 schools participating, from elementary to high    Did you know?
                                                                                   Strathcona County has:
School gardens inspire creativity and wonder. Kindergartners learn that fresh-
                                                                                   •   16 community gardens
picked spinach is sweet and tasty and that good nutrition helps grow muscles,
like Popeye. High school students incorporate growing and harvesting vegetables    •   24 school garden sites
and herbs into their culinary arts program. In the fall, harvest soups made with
                                                                                   •   A pollinator garden
root vegetables are ways teachers and students celebrate growing food.
                                                                                   •   7 edible garden
Are you wondering how to start a school garden program at your school? Contact
Transportation and Agriculture Services today for more information.
                                                                                   Learn more online at
                        Transportation and Agriculture Services

PHYSICAL                                                                        How can you help?

 LITERACY                                                                                           1   role model and

 AND YOU                                                                          2

 Let’s move together and support
 our children to be active for life!

 Physical literacy is the motivation,                                                                   3   every day
 confidence, physical competence,
 knowledge, and understanding to
 value and take responsibility for
 engagement in physical activities                                                                  4    Move together
 for life.


                                                                                 5    Explore

        PHYSICAL                                                                      new choices

      + KNOWLEDGE                                                                                   6   meaningful
      = ACTIVE FOR LIFE                                                          Children need someone to show them how
                                                                                 important movement is every day!
Source: International Physical Literacy Association’s definition from May 2014

 780-410-8530 | recreation@strathcona.ca

Family and
Nourishing mental health and                                                             Community
healthy relationships                                                                      Services
“Students who are healthy—not only physically, but also socially, intellectually,
spiritually, and emotionally—are more likely to do well in school. Mental health,
school success and life success are strongly linked” (Alberta Health Services Be
Kind to Yourself and Others Mental Health Kit).

For Students &                             For Schools
Families                                   Teachers and school staff have the
                                           unique opportunity to develop and
Youth Connect—Free
                                           nurture the well-being and mental
Find out what’s happening in the
                                           health of students. Mental health
community for youth! Check out the
                                           topics such as resiliency, coping, and
program calendar to learn more.
                                           embracing a growth mindset can
strathcona.ca/youthconnect                 be incorporated into existing lesson
                                           plans to support a healthy school
Parenting Support                          environment and community. The
Parenting is a journey and we all need     Mental Health Capacity Building team
help sometimes. A range of FREE            is available to consult and explore
supports are available to parents and      ways to enhance curriculum outcomes
caregivers including:                      by integrating social-emotional
                                           learning and mental health promotion     We listen.
- workshops to learn new skills
and address common parenting
                                           strategies.                              We support.
challenges                                                                          We connect.
- connection to information and                                                     Through the Solutions
resources to promote child/youth                                                    Navigation program,
                                                                                    individuals and families
                                           Family and Community Services
- 1:1 parent led coaching to enhance       780-464-4044                             can receive support
skills and family well-being               familyandcommunity@strathcona.ca         with parenting, housing,
                                                                                    financial or other life
Counselling is an opportunity to make
positive changes. We offer individual,
family, couples, youth sessions and
more for $0-$90.

Family and
             Recreation Access Program
             The Recreation Access Program improves access to services for residents who
             have a limited income. The program provides approved applicants with no cost
             drop-in recreational opportunities and registered program opportunities at a
             reduced fee.

             The Recreation Access Program offers:

             •   An monthly pass at no cost.

             •   All drop-in activities and services offered with the monthly pass which is valid
                 at: Millennium Place, Kinsmen Leisure Centre,
                 Glen Allan Recreation Complex, Strathcona Wilderness Centre, Ardrossan
                 Recreation Complex and Emerald Hills Leisure Centre.

             •   Registered program discounts.

             To determine eligibility for the program contact Family and Community Services.

                                       Family and Community Services
                                       Solutions Navigation

Community partners

Many community organizations also offer curriculum based physical activity
programs for schools.

CanSkate@School is specifically designed for grades 1 to 3 and includes three
to five sessions delivered by Skate Canada professional coaches. The CanSkate
program is adaptable to school needs and also includes follow-up classroom
activities and support materials for teachers.

Sessions can be booked with no ice fee at Ardrossan Recreation Complex, Glen
Allan Recreation Complex, Moyer Recreation Centre, Sherwood Park Arena and
Strathcona Olympiette Centre.

Please note in order to reduce barriers to participation, students with equipment
needs may request skates and/or helmets for use during the program. All
participants will be required to wear a CSA approved helmet.

                        Sherwood Park Figure Skating Club

Curling Programs
Strathcona County has three curling clubs that offer programs to schools. Each
club offers unique, comprehensive learn-to-curl lessons for your students.

                        Ardrossan Curling Club
                        Ardrossan Recreation Complex

                        Sherwood Park Curling Club
                        Glen Allan Recreation Complex

                        Strathcona Curling Club
                        Strathcona Olympiette Centre

Did you receive your
 Active Schools                                                                           Your
                                                                                      source fo

 Reciprocal Use
                                                                                          t based

                                                                               2021 - 20
                                                                          s’ Guide
 Teachers’ Guide?                                          TeacUhse eandrEducational Opportunities

 Elk Island Catholic and Public Schools, New
 Horizons and École Claudette-Et-Denis-Tardif have
 a reciprocal use agreement with Strathcona County.
 This is a handy resource to inspire activity for your
 students. The Active Schools Teachers’ Reciprocal Use
 Guide is delivered to your school administration at the
 start of the school year or you can view it online at

      c h o o l’s
    S            se
          n e  w
    e-up and recewivith
    Sign                ices
       n t h  l y not nts and
    mo                   ve
      o g r a  ms, e ou and
         i v i t i e s for y ts.
     act              stude

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