2023.24 inclusive culture, Content Delivery Network (CDN)

2023.24 inclusive culture, Content Delivery Network (CDN)

inclusive culture,
          diverse people
2023.24 inclusive culture, Content Delivery Network (CDN)
CENTRAL Administration                                  BOARD of Education
Amy Albers, Ed.D.                                       Rosemary Pitruzzella, President
Chief Operating Officer/Deputy District Superintendent   South Orangetown Central School District
                                                        Deborah P. Gatti, Vice President
                                                        Tamara Bierker
COMPONENT School Districts                              Clarkstown Central School District
Clarkstown Central School District                      Catherine Boera
(845) 639-6300 | www.ccsd.edu                           Nanuet Union Free School District

East Ramapo Central School District                     Sabrina Charles-Pierre
(845) 577-6000 | www.ercsd.org                          East Ramapo Central School District
                                                        Jackie Dubil Craig
Nanuet Union Free School District
                                                        Pearl River School District
(845) 627-9880 | www.nanuetsd.org
                                                        Sandi Jeanette
North Rockland Central School District                  Suffern Central School District
(845) 942-3000 | www.northrockland.org
                                                        Michael Mark
Nyack Public Schools                                    Nyack Public Schools
(845) 353-7000 | www.nyackschools.org                   Peggy Zugibe
Pearl River School District                             North Rockland Central School District
(845) 620-3900 | www.pearlriver.org
                                                        Erin Sussman
South Orangetown Central School District                Clerk to the Board
(845) 680-1000 | www.socsd.org
Suffern Central School District
(845) 357-7783 | www.sufferncentral.org
2023.24 inclusive culture, Content Delivery Network (CDN)
TABLE of Contents
Target Dates ..................................................................2    Instructional Services and
                                                                                    Professional Development ............................... 25
A Message from Rockland BOCES
Executive Leadership ..............................................3                Administrative Services ....................................... 31

Executive Leadership Services ..........................4                           Adult Education and
                                                                                    Business Services ....................................................38
Community Schools .................................................5
                                                                                    Cross Contracts........................................................ 40
Career and Technical Education......................6
                                                                                    Community and Business
Hudson Valley P-TECH.......................................... 12                   Collaboratives ............................................................43

Student Services ....................................................... 13         Contact Information .............................................45

MISSION Statement

                                                                                   The mission of Rockland BOCES,
                                                                                   in partnership with local school
                                                                                   districts and their communities,
                                                                                   the Board of Regents and the
                                                                                   Commissioner of Education, is to be
                                                                                   a leader in providing quality, cost-
                                                                                   effective, educationally-focused
                                                                                   programs and services that support
                                                                                   learners in achieving high standards.

Rockland BOCES Services Guide 2023. 2024                                                                                                                        1
2023.24 inclusive culture, Content Delivery Network (CDN)
AGENCY Philosophy

We at Rockland BOCES BELIEVE in the intrinsic value of every learner and
in our responsibility to help them each realize their dreams.

To honor this, we REAFFIRM our commitment to provide quality
leadership and instructional excellence.

Moreover, we ACKNOWLEDGE that we are part of a greater whole
and that the collective energy of Rockland County is best reflected in the
collaboratives which serve our learning community.


December 7      Services Guide Presentation

January 6       Preliminary Requests for Services by component
                school districts to be submitted to BOCES

March 29        Distribution of Budget Document

April 12        Annual Meeting

April 14        Final Request for Services by component school districts
                to be submitted to BOCES

April 18        BOCES annual election and meeting of component district
                Boards of Education to be held at each local district

May 10          Rockland BOCES Board of Education adopts final
                administrative, capital and program budgets

July 5          Contracts returned to BOCES by component school districts

2                                             Rockland BOCES Services Guide 2023. 2024
2023.24 inclusive culture, Content Delivery Network (CDN)
A MESSAGE from Board President Rosemary Pitruzzella
and Chief Operating Officer Dr. Amy Albers

December 2022

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to present the 2023-24 edition of the Rockland
BOCES Services Guide. This publication details the Administrative,
Instructional and School Support Services available to the eight
component school districts in Rockland County, as well as services
that may be purchased through other BOCES.

As you explore the pages of this guide, you will find descriptions of
the innovative and award-winning programs and services we offer
as we strive to best meet the changing needs of our component
partners. As school districts continue to face economic challenges,
the need for our shared services and the efficiencies they provide
is more evident than ever. While no one can be certain of what the
future holds, we do know that through partnership and collaboration,
we will continue to move our educational missions forward for the
students and families we serve.

Our shared goal to educate and support students will allow us to innovate and
adapt to the shifting environment of public education. As we work together,
we will be well-equipped to continue creating engaged learning opportunities,
which empower our learners with the knowledge, resources and skills they need
to succeed in life.


Rosemary Pitruzzella               Amy Albers, Ed.D.
Board President                    COO/Deputy District Superintendent

Rockland BOCES Services Guide 2023. 2024                                        3
2023.24 inclusive culture, Content Delivery Network (CDN)
EXECUTIVE Leadership Services
Amy Albers, Ed.D., Chief Operating Officer/Deputy District Superintendent
(845) 627-4703 | aalbers@rboces.org

The Rockland BOCES Chief Operating Officer oversees daily operations of the agency
and the administration of the programs and services provided at the request of the eight
component districts in the Rockland County supervisory area. Additionally, the Chief
Operating Officer leads efforts involving curriculum and program development, building
organizational capacity across divisions and among community partners.
The Rockland BOCES District Superintendent serves as the New York State Education
Commissioner’s representative to the local school districts of Rockland County. As such,
the BOCES District Superintendent is the liaison between the component school districts
and the New York State Education Department (NYSED). Responsibilities include facilitating
communication between NYSED and the component districts and assisting in the imple-
mentation of New York State education law and the regulations of the Board of Regents
and the Commissioner of Education.
Sharing daily administrative responsibilities and management of key agency initiatives
in close collaboration allows the Rockland BOCES Chief Operating Officer and District
Superintendent to provide exceptional regional leadership and outstanding services to
the greater Rockland County community.

Duties of the Executive Leadership Team also include, but are not limited to,
the following:
n Upon request of a local component district board of education, the Executive Leadership
  Team may act as a consultant in the selection of a Superintendent of Schools, including the
  recruitment, screening and evaluation of candidates.

n In collaboration with NYSED, the BOCES Executive Leadership Team is also available to
  consult with local school districts on a variety of education issues such as:
      – Facilitating communication between and among districts, local agencies and the State
        Education Department;
      – Providing leadership as a regional representative of the Commissioner;
      – Supporting the interpretation, clarification and implementation of new state regulations;
      – Assisting in understanding the requirements of management and planning of building projects;
      – Providing assistance to non-public schools;
      – Investigating boundary disputes between districts;
      – Approving BOCES service contracts and cross contracts;
      – Assisting in the development of education policy in collaboration with area
        legislators on behalf of public education.

4                                                               Rockland BOCES Services Guide 2023. 2024
Amy Albers, Ed.D., Chief Operating Officer/Deputy District Superintendent
(845) 627-4703 | aalbers@rboces.org

COSER 533: Community Schools

The Rockland BOCES Community Schools COSER 533 represents a strategy to organize
resources so that academics, social and emotional needs and medical and dental services
and supports are integrated into the fabric of schools. This strategy helps to remove
obstacles to learning and serve the needs of the whole child, allowing teachers to teach
and students to learn.

By aligning resources, the Community Schools COSER results in improved student
learning, stronger families and healthier neighborhoods. Specifically, the COSER provides
for students’ social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs through the following
menu of services:
n Family Resource Center Services (Basic Service          n Medical Director: The medical director will oversee,
  via Rockland 21C): The Family Resource Center             consult in and support the implementation of all
  will provide coordination of information and              aspects of school health services as required by
  referral services and programs to promote                 New York State Education Law, Article 19.
  optimal growth and development of all students
                                                          n Mental and Behavioral Health Services:
  while strengthening family-school partnerships.
  Family Resource Centers connect students and              These services will provide for the social
  families to the services they need. Rockland 21C          and emotional needs of students
  will provide oversight of and coordinate services         through comprehensive intervention
  for the Family Resource centers.                          and prevention services.

n Early Learning Opportunities/Parent-Child:              n Dental Services: Dental services will provide

  The services will provide high-quality and compre-        primary care such as plaque index score, oral
  hensive early learning opportunities for children         health instructions, examinations, x-rays,
  between the ages of two and nine and their                restorative care (i.e. dental fillings), prophylaxis
  parents that nurture development and learning             (dental cleaning), fluoride treatment, sealants
  so children are prepared to enter school. Specifi-        and referrals, thus removing some of the
  cally, staff will provide early literacy supports and     physical obstacles to learning.
  services to at-risk families in their homes and/or
  in schools to better prepare parents and their
  children for school. These services offer a success-
  ful school readiness platform for students.

Family Resource Centers recognize that families play a critical role in children’s
development and school success, therefore strengthening family engagement in
school. Research shows that family engagement is critical to successful learning
and to closing the achievement gaps where they exist. When families are engaged
in children’s education, student test scores and grades are strong and attendance,
attitudes and behavior are optimal. Successful students are more likely to take higher-
level classes, graduate from high school and continue on to post-secondary education.

COMMUNITY SCHOOLS                                                                                                  5
Kim Bell, Director, Executive Director of Career and Technical Education
(845) 627-4772 | kbell@rboces.org

At the Rockland BOCES Career and Technical Education
Center (CTEC), a variety of half-day programs are offered to
high school students at varying academic levels.
Successful completion of these programs may lead to both
entry-level employment and post-secondary education.
Career assessment, integrated academics, guidance,
work-based learning and job placement opportunities are
integral components of each program.
The Career and Technical Education Center at Rockland BOCES
helps students learn skills for life by providing an education that keeps pace with the
changing world of the 21st century. Students have the opportunity to graduate high school
and be “career ready,” earning both college credits and industry certifications.
Every student who successfully completes one year of a CTEC program is eligible to use the
4+CDOS pathway as an option for graduation. In some programs, the technical assessment
has been approved by SED to meet the requirements for the 4+1 graduation pathway.

COSER 101, Career and Technical
Education (CTE) programs offer
                                         the component districts and the
                                         local workforce. Students have
                                                                                 n    ABOVE & BEYOND
rigorous curricula for 11th and 12th     the opportunity to participate in       The success of students in the
grade students that prepare them         internships and earn industry           Rockland BOCES CTE program is
for both the workforce and post-         certifications. Academic projects       supported by initiatives that go
secondary education. All career          are incorporated into all programs.     ABOVE & BEYOND:
and technical education courses                                                  n   13 programs approved by NYSED
have been approved by the New            In both COSERs 101 and 109,                 to offer embedded academic
York State Education Depart-             programs are designed to                    credits and allow students to
ment, allowing qualified students        meet the learning needs of the              receive Technical Endorsement
to receive Career and Technical          growing county population of                on their diploma
Endorsements on their high school        students who are English Language       n   Students received 328 college
diplomas as well as academic and         Learners (ELLs). Multilingual               credits during the 2021-22 school
college credits for work completed       staff members are in place to               year through partnerships with
in their CTE programs. Classrooms        support the language needs of               RCC, College of Westchester and
are equipped with state-of-the-art,      students in the context of their            Dominican University
industry appropriate equipment.          CTEC program.                           n   95% of completers earned
Curricula reflect current industry                                                   CDOS credential
standards allowing students to earn      At no extra charge to districts,
industry certifications in a variety                                             n   SkillsUSA members earned
                                         students in COSER 101 are eligible to
of areas.                                                                            36 medals in regional and
                                         earn one or more industry creden-           state competitions
                                         tials, college credits and academic
COSER 109, the Career Services                                                       Welding instructor secured grants
                                         credits. Successful completers can      n
Program (CSP) courses have a 12:1:1                                                  totaling $100,000
                                         also use the 4+CDOS pathway as an
student/staff ratio, and are available
                                         option for graduation.
to both classified and non-classified
students. Curricula for the course
offerings have evolved to reflect
the changing needs of students,

6                                                                      Rockland BOCES Services Guide 2023. 2024
Alignment of curriculum to meet     that align with new industry            GED for English Language
the requirements of the 4+1 Multiplestandards will be embedded into         Learner (ELL) Students
Pathways to Graduation initiative.  Animal Science (Approved Veterinary     GED curriculum will be delivered
An increased number of internship   Assistant), Automotive Technology       using supports for non- and limited-
opportunities and college courses   (Polestar Electric Vehicle), Culinary   English speaking students. Bilingual
will be embedded into CTE programs. (Hydroponics) and Principles of         staff and curriculum materials will
Students can graduate with up to    Health Occupations (Patient Care        be available to assist with instruction.
24 transcripted credits.            Technician).                            ENL Immersion Program
Expansion of Work-Based Learning      Program Expansion                     English Language Learners with
activities to further align with      In order to meet the growing needs    interrupted formal education are
requirements of CDOS credential       of the local workforce as well as     eligible to enroll in the half-day ENL
and 4+CDOS graduation pathway.        accommodate the steady increase       Immersion program regardless of
                                      in enrollments, several sections      their academic scores on the TABE
Literacy supports for English         were added to existing programs for   test. Students will receive remedial
Language Learners (ELL) in targeted the 2022-2023 school year including     coursework in reading and math in
CTE, CSP and GED programs.            Animal Science, Animal Services,      an effort to reach grade level and
Curriculum platforms added to         Cosmetology, Criminal Justice,        transition back to the home school
programs provide virtual, hands-on    Electrical Trades and Principles of   OR continue into the GED program.
experiences for students so they can Health Occupations. For the 2023-
continue practicing their skills even 2024 school year, Cyber Technology
while learning after school hours.    will join the expansion.
New curriculum components

CTEC Highlights
Career and technical education programs help students develop
skills that lead to New York State licensing, state and national                CTE students received over
certifications, and college credits.                                            $1.5 million in scholarships.
Work-Based Learning opportuni-         Students earned a total of 328
ties were expanded to include an       transcripted college credits             Students earned a total
increased number of guest speakers,    through the SUNY Rockland                of 328 transcripted
field trips, and real-world work       Community College High School            college credits through
experiences. Internships, job shad-    program and other courses                the SUNY Rockland
owing and community projects are       offered through The College of           Community College High
a vital component of each program.     Westchester, St. Thomas Aquinas          School program and other
All completers who are eligible,       College and Dominican University.        courses offered through
meet the requirements for the                                                   The College of Westchester,
                                       The innovative honors-level              St. Thomas Aquinas College
CDOS Credential.
                                       New Visions Health Program               and Dominican University.
Integrated academics, supported        provides career exploration for
by content-area teachers, are literacy students at the top of their
based in all CTE courses enhancing     scholarship. Students can earn
a student’s learning potential. Stu-   up to four credits toward their
dents are eligible to earn credits in  high school diploma while
English 12, Math, Science, Health, Art simultaneously earning college
and/or Participation in Government, credits from Dominican University.
in appropriate classes.

CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION                                                                                   7
CTEC Programs

n COSER 101                           n COSER 404                          n COSER 401B
  Career and Technical Education        Alternative Education                Regional Summer Middle
  Programs (CTE), page 8                Programs, page 11                    School, page 11
n COSER 109                           n COSER 401A
  Career Services Programs (CSP),       Regional Summer High School,
  page 10                               page 11

COSER 101: Career and Technical Education Programs (CTE)                   Curricula in all Career and
                                                                           Technical Education (CTE)
The Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC) offers secondary          programs are continually
students entry-level training and post-secondary preparation in a          updated and reviewed with
variety of career and technical education areas. Successful completion     regard to:
of a CTE program can lead to a state or national industry certification
                                                                           n   Alignment with the Career
and/or college credits. Each CTE student spends approximately half
                                                                               Development and Occupational
the school day in the home school and half the day at CTEC. Each
                                                                               Studies (CDOS) Standards
course consists of 500 hours of instruction per year.
                                                                           n   Alignment with Common Career
A student may earn up to four credits each year including academic             Technical Core standards
credit in English 12, Math, Science, Health, Art and/or Participation in
Government in classes where curricula is embedded into the course.
                                                                           n   Post-secondary articulations

These CTE courses have been approved by the New York State
                                                                           n   Work-based learning
                                                                               experience options
Board of Regents under revised Part 100 Commissioner’s Regulations.
Students in approved courses are also eligible to receive a Career and     n   Technical assessments based
Technical Endorsement on their diploma if they successfully pass an            on industry standards
approved assessment test and final project. Other credits for pull-out     n   Work skills employability profiles
courses are available in Physical Education and Health.
                                                                           n   Availability in languages other
The programs and courses conducted at CTEC are all competency-                 than English
based and modular, allowing for open enrollment.
Employability profiles are developed for each program and are
consistent with the community’s employment needs. Each program
has a Business Advisory Committee comprised of community leaders,          ACADEMIC Credit Options
local business and post-secondary representatives. Committees meet
                                                                           Integrated Academics:
with staff at least twice a year to provide information and guidance
                                                                             Career and Financial Management
designed to keep each program current with industry standards.
                                                                             English 12
Each student is evaluated individually throughout the year on the
skills identified in the employability profile.
All career and technical education teachers have significant                 Participation in Government
work experience in their respective fields and meet certification            Science
guidelines. They continue to use literacy strategies when incorporating
academics into the curriculum and are achieving successful outcomes.       Pull-out Academics:
Bilingual teaching assistants and teachers have been added to targeted      Health
programs to support English Language Learners (ELLs). Curricula             Physical Education
that translates to several languages have been purchased for these
programs where available.

8                                                                  Rockland BOCES Services Guide 2023. 2024
SECONDARY PROGRAM ACADEMIES with Articulation Agreements

ANIMAL SCIENCE ACADEMY                               COMMUNICATIONS ACADEMY                               CULINARY ARTS
• Animal Science I, II                               • Digital Design and Marketing I, II                 • Culinary Arts I, II (ProStart
  (Vet Assistant, Pet First Aid, CPR                   (Adobe Certified Associate                           Certification, 9 college credits)
  Certifications)                                      certification, 9 college credits)                    RCC*, Johnson and Wales, Paul Smith’s
 SUNY Cobleskill                                       RCC*, St. Thomas Aquinas College*, College           College, SUNY Cobleskill, Delhi, Sullivan
This program provides students the                     of Westchester*, Mercy College, Sullivan             Community College, Schenectady
opportunity to learn about, work with,                 Community College                                    Community College
and care for a variety of animals.
                                                     CONSTRUCTION TRADES                                  HEALTH SCIENCE ACADEMY
Topics covered include animal habitats,
                                                     ACADEMY                                              • Health Science Fundamentals
medical procedures, animal behavior,
anatomy and physiology, and much                     • Carpentry I, II                                      (HIPAA certification, 15 college
more! The curriculum lays the foun-                  • Electrical Trades I, II                              credits) RCC*, College of Westchester*
dation for post-secondary placement                  • Plumbing I, II                                     • Nurse Assisting
and/or careers in veterinary hospitals,                                                                     (NYS Nurse Assisting and HIPAA
                                                     • Welding and Fabrication I, II
animal training and grooming facilities,                                                                    certifications, 6 college credits)
kennels, and a variety of local, state,                (Home Builder’s Institute and                        RCC*, College of Westchester*
and national agencies. Students care                   OSHA certifications)
                                                                                                          • Principles of Health Occupations
for animals housed in the classroom                    Delhi, Sullivan Community College,                   (Patient Care Technician and HIPAA
and also gain hands-on experience                      Alfred State, Lincoln Tech-E. Windsor                certifications, 6 college credits)
through internships at a variety of                                                                         RCC*, College of Westchester*
local businesses and agencies.                       COSMETOLOGY
                                                     • Cosmetology I, II                                  NEW VISIONS
                                                       (Waxing and Barbisol certification;                • Health Careers Exploration
                                                       Preparation for NYS Cosmetology                      Program (HIPAA, First Aid, CPR,
• Automotive Collision Technology                      license, 6 college credits)                          ACA certifications, 6 college credits)
  I, II (ICAR)
                                                       College of Westchester*                              Dominican University*
    Automotive Collision ICAR Welding: Rockland
    BOCES CTEC is the first secondary program in     CRIMINAL JUSTICE AND                                 STEM ACADEMY
    the nation to offer ICAR Welding training and    FIRE SCIENCE
    certifications to high school students.                                                               • Cyber Technology I, II
                                                     • Criminal Justice and Fire Science I, II              (Test Out and Comptia
• NATEF/ASE Certified Automotive                       (Firefighter, NYS Security Guard,                    Certifications, 24 college credits)
  Technology I, II                                     911 Dispatcher Certifications,                       RCC*, College of Westchester*
• Certified Automotive Technology                      9 college credits)
 (ASE certifications can be earned                     RCC*, Mercy College, Sullivan Community
 in certified programs)                                College
 RCC, Delhi, Morrisville, Ohio Technical College,
 University of NW Ohio, Alfred State, Lincoln Tech

*Dual credit option available
*Unless noted, college credits are offered through the RCC High School Program and are transferable upon high school graduation to other colleges
 and universities.

CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION                                                                                                                          9
COSER 109: Career Services Programs (CSP)

Career Services Programs are designed for students whose occupational needs require specialized support.
Courses are available for any student who would benefit from a smaller class size and extra support in the
classroom. Students receive hands-on instruction, individualized attention and have the opportunity to
participate in internships. Successful students can transition to a Career and Technical Education program
to continue training at a higher level. Student-Staff ratio is 12:1:1.

o     Animal Services:
      Students in this program learn the skills
necessary for entry-level employment in the field
                                                            ;      Building and Landscaping Services:
                                                                   Students learn the basics of building and
                                                            ground maintenance, including carpentry, electricity,
of animal care. Students gain hands-on experience           plumbing and landscaping. Students also learn to
caring for animals housed in the classroom, as              safely use power and hand tools related to the field
well as through internships and field trips. Topics         while working on real-life projects in our shops and on
covered include grooming, training, day care                our campus. Students earn 10 hour OSHA certification
and kennel work, and basic animal health care.              and card.

w      Automotive Collision Services:
       In our state-of-art shop, students learn the
basics of Automotive Collision repair including
                                                            C     Hospitality Services: First-year students
                                                                  learn the basics of food handling and cooking
                                                            through the preparation of salads, soups, main
compounding, polishing, painting, and detailing.            courses and desserts. As a team, students operate
Through classroom and project work, they also               a short order grill and prepare daily food items
learn to properly and safely use hand and power             available to BOCES students and staff. Second-year
tools preparing them for internships and jobs at            students expand their skills into other areas of the
local dealerships and collision repair facilities.          hospitality industry including front desk, reservations,
                                                            housekeeping and bell services and can earn industry

i       Automotive Services:
        Students learn the basics of automotive
maintenance and care including oil change, tire
                                                            certifications in these areas through the American
                                                            Hotel and Lodging Institute. Students participate in
                                                            internships at local restaurants, supermarkets and
rotation and brake services. Students also learn            hotels which may lead to paid employment.
to effectively use hand and power tools, as well as
troubleshoot using diagnostic equipment. Internships
at local automotive dealerships and repair facilities are
available and can lead to paid employment. Students
                                                            \     Business Services: Students learn basic
                                                                  business, retailing and customer service skills
                                                            to prepare for entry-level employment in a business
can earn ASE certificates.                                  environment. Students participate in projects such
                                                            as development and operation of the CTEC School
                                                            Store, as well as internships to gain real world expe-
                                                            rience in the field.

10                                                                   Rockland BOCES Services Guide 2023. 2024

COSER 404: Alternative Education Programs                 n GED for English Language Learners (ELL):
                                                          GED curriculum will be delivered using supports
n GED (General Education Development)                     for non- and limited-English speaking students.
(changed from TASC by NYSED in Jan. 2022)                 Bilingual staff and language appropriate curriculum
The GED high school equivalency program at                materials (where available) will be accessible to
CTEC offers a structured setting with a non-              assist with instruction.
traditional schedule available to students who are
                                                          n AEP and AEP for ELL Students: Academic
not experiencing academic and/or social success
                                                          Enrichment is tailored to fit the needs of both
in the traditional high school setting. Both non-
                                                          non-classified and classifies students whose reading
classified students (referred by home high school
                                                          levels do not meet the requirement for GED. Instruc-
counselor) and classified students (referred through
                                                          tion is individualized with frequent assessments to
our Student Services division) are eligible for
                                                          measure readiness for advancement into the GED
enrollment. In this preparation course, students
                                                          program. Language supports are available.
work at their own pace on lessons assigned on an
individual basis.                                         AEP Requirement: Students must score between
                                                          a 6th and 9th grade reading level on an entry exam.
Program guidelines
• Enrollment is open throughout the year.                 n ENL Immersion Program: English Language
• Students must be between the ages of 16 and 21.         Learners with interrupted formal education are
• Students must test above a 9th-grade level              eligible to enroll in the half-day ENL Immersion
  (non-classified students) or 8th-grade-level            program regardless of their academic scores on
  (classified students) in reading using the Test         the TABE test. Students will receive remedial
  of Adult Basic Education. Students who do not           coursework in reading and math in an effort to
  meet the reading requirement may be placed              reach grade level and transition back to the
  in an enrichment program.                               home school OR continue into the GED program.
At least 10 weeks of class participation with mastery-
level achievement in all academic components are          n Other Alternative Education Programs:
required before a student can be recommended for          Other high school alternative education
GED testing.                                              options are available through the Rockland
                                                          BOCES Student Services Division.

COSER 401A: Regional Summer High School                   COSER 401B: Regional Summer Middle School

The Regional Summer High School provides students         The Regional Summer Middle School provides
with the opportunity to do remedial work based            middle school students with instruction in foreign
upon the needs expressed by the participating             languages, art, social studies, ESL, health and
districts. Course offerings include English, social       physical education.
studies, math, science, health, foreign language and
other areas of instruction that participating districts
request. August Regents are offered to all districts,
as per SED guidelines.

CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION                                                                                 11
Hudson Valley P-TECH
Daniel Kaplan, Principal | (845) 580-1474 | dkaplan@rboces.org

Rockland BOCES Hudson Valley P-TECH is a New York State tuition-based initiative offered
through Rockland BOCES, with students referred and accepted from the entire Hudson
Valley region.
COSER 421: Rockland BOCES Hudson Valley P-TECH
Hudson Valley P-TECH is an integrated six-year program, combining
high school, college and career training with individual pathways in               SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS
STEM: Computer Information Systems, Engineering Science, Cyber                     TAKE NOTE:
Security, Computer Support Specialist, Business Administration and
Legal Studies through Technology. Each year, the school accepts a
                                                                                   n   The component district receives
group of ninth graders who fit the following profile:                                  all funding associated with
                                                                                       students beyond tuition for an
n   May be “at risk” – have academic ability but not meeting
    his/her/their potential                                                            additional two years while
                                                                                       students complete diploma/
n   Would benefit from a hands-on/student centered approach to learning
                                                                                       Associate’s degree requirements
n   Come from a low socioeconomic and/or a family with need of
    assistance to attend college                                                   n   Tuition paid by districts (including
n   May likely be the first generation in his/her/their family to attend college       extended year and summer
n   Have an interest in STEM                                                           program) is eligible for BOCES Aid

Hudson Valley P-TECH offers a rigorous academic curriculum, targeted               n   Districts benefit from the
technical training, comprehensive workplace learning, individualized                   two-point CCCR index (ESSA)
support services and career pathways in Rockland County. Students                      associated with students
have the opportunity to graduate with an Associate’s Degree (A.A.S. or                 completing P-TECH
A.S.) from Rockland Community College and will be first in line for jobs
with participating businesses. Business partners specializing in green
                                                                                   n   College tuition is included
energy, technology and data systems and other STEM fields, provide
mentors and internships for students.

P-TECH Highlights
The Business Partnership Program           Association allows students to          The Cyber Security Pathway at
connects students with profes-             attend professional council meetings.   Hudson Valley P-TECH provides
sionals in their pathway. Monthly          Student involvement increases           students with the technical skills
Mentor Lounges focus on topics to          opportunities for networking within     leading to a rewarding future in
develop professional skills. Business      the County’s professional community.    information technology. With the
partners also work collaboratively         The partnership with Rockland           knowledge and skills in computer
with teachers to design industry           Community College offers students       and network security, ethical hacking,
challenges where students work on          college opportunities at no cost.       computer forensics, data networking
solving real-world problems present        Students are provided with wrap-        and computer hardware and support,
in the industry partner’s workplace.       around supports, including research     graduates can expect to work as
These relationships lead to job            and writing skills, counseling, and     entry-level network security techni-
shadowing, internship opportunities,       academic advisement, as they            cians and engineers or computer
and employment as students move            move through both the high              support technicians.
through the program. A partnership         school and college program.             STEM learning never stops with
with the Rockland Business                                                         summer courses available at RCC.

MISSION The mission of Hudson Valley P-TECH is to prepare students, through an interdisciplinary project-based
approach, to be productive and successful citizens. By providing a rigorous and technological school environment
partnered with the college and business community, students will be well-equipped to solve real-world problems.

12                                                                       Rockland BOCES Services Guide 2023. 2024
STUDENT Services
Christine Ditrano, Psy.D., Director of Student Services
(845) 627-4790 | cditrano@rboces.org
Gianluca DiMuccio, Assistant Director of Student Services
(845) 627-4724 | gdimuccio@rboces.org
Elise Rosenberg, Assistant Director of Student Services
(845) 627-4773 | erosenberg@rboces.org

Focusing on children and young adults, the Student
Services Division of Rockland BOCES has created
and implemented instructional strategies designed
to educate the whole child. Our expert staff, utilizing
a team approach, educates students with physical,
educational, emotional, social, learning and/or behavior
challenges by providing a wide range of programs
and services, including academic instruction, social
and extensive community support.

Working in cooperation with             A strength-based approach
schools, parents, involved profes-      with research-based pedagogical       ABOVE & BEYOND
sionals and support agencies, the       practices connects our programs       The value-added components of
Rockland BOCES Student Services         as we meet the multifaceted           Student Services are just another
Division offers assistance to classi-   needs of our community.               way that Rockland BOCES goes
fied students from surrounding                                                ABOVE & BEYOND:
                                        Our partnerships with families,
school districts.
                                        school districts, community-based     n   Access to learning technologies
We are proud of the many successful,    organizations, major universities
cooperative efforts with our com-       and Rockland County have sup-         n   Student employment training
ponent districts and community          ported outstanding educational        n   CSE meetings/annual reviews
agencies that support the unique        outcomes for children. Teams of
                                                                              n   Community-based instruction
and special educational needs of        administrators work collaboratively
our students and families.              across a continuum of options,        n   Specialized furnishings/
                                        from center-based, self-contained         equipment
As a vital educational entity in our
                                        services to district-based programs       Individual technology devices
community, we embrace the diverse                                             n
                                        in public school sites across the         provided for home/school use
needs of our children and their
                                        county. All teams also have access
families, and provide them with a                                             n   Transition planning
                                        to wrap-around, psychiatric and
clear path to academic excellence.
                                        other mental health supports,         n   Evening parent transition
The education of the whole child
                                        as well as services and linkages          workshops
is paramount to our full service
                                        provided through the Family               New York State Alternate
school model.                                                                 n
                                        Resource Center (FRC).                    Assessment
                                                                              n   Adaptive physical education

VISION Statement
We, the Student Services Division of Rockland BOCES,
Believe in and honor the intrinsic value of each child as reflected by a strength-based educational approach.
Provide regional leadership through collaborative partnerships and educational program excellence designed
to meet the needs of each child.
Bring together the collective energy of the child, family, school and community to realize the full potential
of each child becoming a productive and integral member of society.

STUDENT SERVICES                                                                                                  13
Jesse J. Kaplan VISTA                 Secondary Programs                    Itinerant and Related Services
n COSER 242                           River View School                     n COSER 301
  Visual Instruction and Structured   n COSER 240                             Visually Impaired, page 22
  Teaching for Students with Autism     School-Based Alternative            n COSER 301
  and Learning Challenges (VISTA I      Education for Classified
                                                                              Orientation and Mobility
  and VISTA II), page 15                Students, page 19
                                                                              Training, page 22
                                      Mountainside High School
Jesse J. Kaplan                                                             n COSER 305
Social Communications/TEAM            n COSER 240
                                                                              Bilingual/ENL, page 22
                                        Mountainside High School, page 20
n COSER 234                                                                 n COSER 306
                                      n COSER 411C
  Technological Exploration of                                                Social Worker, page 22
  Augmentative Communication            Intensive Day Treatment, page 20
                                                                            n COSER 308
  via Movement and Structure          n COSER 401C
                                                                              School Psychologist, page 22
  (TEAMS), page 16                      Intensive Day Treatment
                                                                            n COSER 310
n COSER 242                             Summer Program, page 20
                                                                              Hearing Impaired, page 23
  Social Communications, page 16      n COSER 801
                                                                            n COSER 311
Hilltop School                          Extended School Year
                                        (Summer School), page 20              Physical Therapy, page 23
n COSER 240                                                                 n COSER 312
                                      n COSER 236
  School-Based Mental Health                                                  Occupational Therapy, page 23
                                        Transition Program for Students
  Program (K-8), page 17
                                        with Developmental Disabilities,    n COSER 313
n COSER 411                             page 20                               Speech/Language Therapy
  Elementary Intensive Day                                                    page 23
  Treatment (IDT), page 17            District-Based Secondary
                                                                            n COSER 320
n COSER 401C                          MIDDLE SCHOOL                           Nursing Services, page 23
  Summer Elementary Intensive         n COSER 234 DB page 21
                                                                            n COSER 335
  Day Treatment (IDT), page 17        n COSER 242 DB page 21                  Itinerant Teacher/Teaching
n COSER 801                                                                   Assistant Support, page 23
                                      n COSER 236 DB
  Extended School Year
                                        District-Based Academic/Social      n COSER 335
  (Summer School), page 17
                                        Development Program, page 21          Educational Interpreter, page 23
n COSER 801
                                      HIGH SCHOOL                           n COSER 710
  Extended School Year
                                      n COSER 234 DB                          Related Occupational Therapy,
  (Summer School), page 17
                                        Social Communications, page 21        page 23
District-Based Elementary                                                   n COSER 711
                                      n COSER 236
n COSER 242                             District-Based Academic/Social        Related Physical Therapy
  Social Communication, page 18         Development Program, page 22          page 23
n COSER 236                           n COSER 240                           n COSER 712
  District-Based, page 18               page 22                               Related Speech Therapy
                                                                              page 23
n COSER 242
  Comprehensive Application of                                              n COSER 713
  Behavior Analysis to Schooling                                              Counseling Inclusive of Parent
  Programs (CABAS)®, page 19                                                  Training/Parent Education
                                                                              page 23
                                                                            n COSER 516
                                                                              Support Services, page 23

14                                                               Rockland BOCES Services Guide 2023. 2024
Assessment Services                      n COSER 333                             n COSER 333
                                           Multicultural Evaluations, page 24       Functional Behavior Assess-
n COSER 333
                                         n COSER 333                                ment/Positive Behavior Support
  Social History, page 24
                                           Neuropsychological Consultation          Planning, page 24
n COSER 333
                                           page 24                               n COSER 333
  Psychological Evaluation
                                         n COSER 333                                Assistive Technology Consulta-
  page 24
                                           Neurological Consultation                tion, page 24
n COSER 333
                                           page 24                               n COSER 531
  Education Evaluation, page 24
                                         n COSER 333                                Psychiatric Consultation, page 24
n COSER 333
                                           Behavioral Consultant, page 24        n COSER 591
  Speech and Language
                                                                                    Special Education Committee
  Evaluation, page 24
                                                                                    Support, page 24

The Jesse J. Kaplan School VISTA serves students with autism and cognitive challenges on the Rockland
BOCES campus in West Nyack. In order to meet the unique needs of students, Kaplan VISTA offers students
the ability to participate in a visually-supported, age-appropriate and functional curriculum.
Extensive therapeutic and augmentative state-of-the-art services are provided across all ability levels.
Art, music, physical education and swimming are offered each week. Additionally, a state-of-the art
Hydroworx pool can be accessed for therapeutic support. Each class also benefits from weekly speech
and occupational therapy lessons which are part of the program model. Parent support and training
groups are offered monthly to families, both during and after school hours. Jesse J. Kaplan School VISTA
students reach their potential within nationally recognized programs that blend high educational standards,
innovative curriculum and therapies in a safe, supportive and caring environment.

COSER 242: Student-Staff Ratio 8-1-2 (VISTA I,               tion (matching learners with an alternative method
VISTA II) Visual Instruction and Structured                  of speaking) is a priority. Daily schedules (using objects,
Teaching for Students with Autism and Learning               pictures or words) and individual workstations are
Challenges (VISTA)                                           utilized with extensive data collected for each child.
                                                             In VISTA I, students require high staff-to-student ratios
This program serves students with severe commu-              and intensive individualized instruction. This can
nicative, cognitive and pervasive developmental              include teaching essential skills such as the ability to
disabilities (i.e. autism, intellectual disability). VISTA   wait, tolerating situations and transitioning, all with
(Visual Instruction and Structured Teaching for              an emphasis on independence. VISTA II introduces
students with Autism and learning challenges) is             more work in dyads and small groups to improve
based upon Applied Behavior Analysis with a focus            social skills and generalization.
on Verbal Behavior. A focus on functional communica-

STUDENT SERVICES                                                                                                     15
JESSE J. KAPLAN Social Communications/TEAMS
The Jesse J. Kaplan School – Social Communication/TEAMS serves students with medical fragility,
cognitive and/or multiple disabilities in two locations on the Rockland BOCES campus in West Nyack.
Extensive therapeutic and augmentative state-of-the-art services are provided across all ability levels.
Each class benefits from weekly speech and occupational therapy lessons which are part of the program
model. Art, music, physical education and swimming are offered each week. Additionally, a state-of-the art
Hydroworx pool can be accessed for therapeutic support. Parent support, training groups and transition
meetings are offered regularly to families, both during and after school hours. Teaching independence is
a priority as students gain the skills necessary to actively participate in a variety of adult programs after
age 21. At the Jesse J. Kaplan School – Social Communication/TEAMS, high school students reach their
potential within nationally recognized programs that blend high educational standards, innovative
curriculum and therapies in a safe, supportive and caring environment.

COSER 234: Technological Exploration of                 COSER 242: Social Communications
Augmentative Communication via Movement                 Student Staff Ratio 12-1-4 / Student-Staff
and Structure (TEAMS) Student-Staff Ratio 12-1-4        Ratio 8-1-2
This program provides integrated therapies and          This program focuses on communication, social
education through an interdisciplinary approach for     emotional learning and functional skills delivered
students with severe and multiple disabilities. The     in small and larger group settings. Literacy skills are
program focuses on developing communication             addressed through direct instruction together with
skills and improving or maintaining physical status     a multisensory approach. A rich visually supported
(MOVE®) through learning centers which include          environment ensures maximum independence for
fine motor, sensory, literacy, vision and vocational    each student. Technology is designed for individual
as appropriate. A variety of classroom-wide and         students, including alternative and augmentative
individual communication devices are included.          communication devices. Students acquire skills
This innovative approach ensures a comprehensive        in identified priority areas that are directly related
instructional plan for students with complex educa-     to student and parent/guardian plans for life after
tional and medical needs.                               school. This program also includes a separate
                                                        building on the West Nyack Campus where students
                                                        are able to focus on activities of daily living in a
                                                        simulated apartment environment, with volunteer
                                                        experiences outside of the school and/or community
                                                        based instruction. Teaching independence is a priority,
                                                        utilizing visual supports and a step by step instruc-
                                                        tional sequence paired with graduated guidance.

16                                                                Rockland BOCES Services Guide 2023. 2024
COSER 240: School-Based Mental Health                  experiencing an acute crisis. School and mental
Program Student-Staff Ratio 8-1-1                      health issues are focused on in an integrated 60-
                                                       day diagnostic/intensive support setting. Program
n Hilltop School                                       intent is to stabilize the student and allow him/her
North Rockland Central School District                 to successfully return to the home district. A team
The program serves students, grades K-8, with          consisting of a teacher, teaching assistant, psychiatric
severe and intensive emotional and learning            social worker and psychiatrist, supports students
challenges, as well as high-functioning autism.        and families.
This is a structured school model that utilizes
a strength-based approach and incorporates             COSER 401C: Summer Elementary Intensive
positive behavioral interventions and supports.        Day Treatment (IDT)
The program focuses on academic interventions,
self-regulation and collaborative problem solving.     COSER 801: Extended School Year
This program model is also based on the most           (Summer School) Student-Staff Ratio 8-1-1
current brain-based and learning research. Intensive
academic and clinical supports are provided.           n Hilltop School
                                                       North Rockland Central School District
There is a high student-staff ratio; counseling is
                                                       A six-week summer program is available for
a component of the program model. An evidence-
                                                       students in need of an extended school year
based intervention, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
                                                       (12 months). This program continues with all
(DBT), develops and fosters mindfulness, emotion
                                                       academic, behavioral, developmental and
regulation and coping skills for students.
                                                       social needs as specified in the students’ IEPs.
There is a comprehensive approach to literacy in
which students are assessed according to pre-          COSER 801: Extended School Year
intervention data. This allows the program to place
                                                       (Summer School)
students within the most appropriate curricula
targeted for the five areas of literacy: phonemic      n Jesse Kaplan VISTA
awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary development
                                                       n Jesse Kaplan Social Communications/TEAMS
and comprehension.
                                                       BOCES Main Campus, West Nyack
Additionally, technology is incorporated throughout
the day to increase students’ access to instruction.   n District-Based Locations at Tappan Zee
                                                       Education Center (South Orangetown) and
COSER 411: Elementary Intensive Day                    BERC (Nyack)
Treatment (IDT)                                        A six-week program is available for students who
                                                       require an extended school year (12 months). The
n IDT @ Hilltop School                                 program continues with all academic, behavioral,
North Rockland Central School District                 developmental, social and related service require-
This program is a collaborative with Rockland          ments of students’ IEPs.
Children’s Psychiatric Center. Positive behavioral
interventions and support services are provided for
classified and non-classified students, grades K-5,

STUDENT SERVICES                                                                                            17
COSER 242: Social Communication                              COSER 236: District-Based
Student-Staff Ratio 8-1-2                                    Staff Ratio 12-1-2
These programs serve classified students with a              These programs serve classified students with a
variety of disabilities, including autism and intellectual   variety of disabilities, including autism and learning
disability. All classrooms are located in elementary         disabilities as well as students who present with
schools with opportunities for integration and/or            social and emotional challenges. All classrooms are
mainstreaming. Group speech and occupational                 located in elementary schools with opportunities for
therapy consultations are part of the program model.         integration and/or mainstreaming.
Each class utilizes direct instruction to teach              The core methodology of these programs is based
specific skills in the areas of communication,               on a direct, multisensory, structured teaching
literacy, math, and self-care skills. Individual             approach with instruction focused on the attain-
and small group instruction targets specific goals           ment of phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency,
designed for each student. Data drives instruction           vocabulary development and comprehension.
and informs the specific curricula that is tailored          Listening, understanding, and remembering both
to meet the needs of each student. Teacher collabo-          oral and written language are key objectives of
ration with the speech and language therapist as             the program.
well as the occupational therapist supports students         Instruction also focuses on the development of
with developing appropriate social language and              mindfulness, emotion regulation and coping
self-regulation strategies to support peer relations.        skills. Parent support and wrap around services
Classroom and individual technology supports                 are provided through the school and the Family
are integrated throughout the day. Family services           Resource Center.
are provided.
                                                             n Miller Elementary School
n Farley Elementary School                                   Nanuet Union Free School District
North Rockland Central School District                       This program serves students with developmental,
This program serves students with autism and                 behavioral and language-based delays. Mainstreaming
multiple disabilities. A combination of TEACCH®              opportunities are available.
and ABA methodologies are used. Students also
                                                             n Sloatsburg Elementary School
participate in community-based instruction.
                                                             Suffern Central School District
n William O. Schaefer Elementary School                      This program serves students with behavioral
South Orangetown Central School District                     and learning challenges. There is extensive clinical
This program serves children with autism, multiple           support and mainstreaming opportunities.
or intellectual disabilities. Multisensory instruction
                                                             n Highview Elementary School
with integrated therapies are provided.
                                                             Nanuet Union Free Central School District
n Cherry Lane Elementary School                              This program serves students with learning, and
Suffern Central School District                              social emotional challenges. This program provides
This program serves students with autism                     enriched grade level curriculum, supportive
and developmental disabilities. A combination                mainstream opportunities and clinical supports.
of TEACCH® and ABA methodologies with
multi-sensory instruction is provided.
n Lincoln Avenue Elementary School
Pearl River Union Free School District
This program serves students with a variety
of disabilities, with instruction in modified
grade level curriculum.

18                                                                    Rockland BOCES Services Guide 2023. 2024
COSER 242: Comprehensive Application                         school supervisors and administrators and its board
of Behavior Analysis to Schooling Programs                   and university training program. The program is
(CABAS)® Student-Staff Ratio 8-1-2                           specifically designed to instruct students with
                                                             autism and pervasive developmental delays.
The Comprehensive Application of Behavior Analysis
                                                             n Link Elementary School
to Schooling (CABAS®) methodology focuses on
                                                             Clarkstown Central School District
verbal behavior development and academics.
                                                             n Montebello Elementary School
CABAS® programs are characterized by the following
                                                             Suffern Central School District
components of quality: individualized instruction,
continuous measurement of teaching and student               n Tappan Zee Education Center
responses or curriculum based assessment, graphic            South Orangetown CSD
display of student learning and achievement of               All of the classroom teachers are highly trained in
educational standards, the use of scientifically-tested      Applied Behavior Analysis. Many of the teaching
tactics for instructional decision making, logically and     assistants in the CABAS® classes are Masters students
empirically tested curricula and curricular sequences,       in the Teaching as Applied Behavior Analysis program.
educationally and socially significant goals of instruc-     On-site mentoring and supervision are provided each
tion, positive teaching environments and teachers            week by CABAS® Board certified behavior analysts.
who are strategic scientists of pedagogy.                    The attainment of CABAS® accreditation provides
CABAS applies the underlying principles of behavior
                                                             that the classrooms be affiliated with a university
analysis and advanced principles of teaching and             program that has graduate programs that provide
verbal development to all components of education            the relevant training in a science of differentiated
which include the role of the students, parents, teachers,   instruction that is the hallmark of CABAS® classrooms.

COSER 240: School-Based Alternative                          for successful transitioning upon graduation.
Education for Classified Students                            River View is tailored for Regents, Advanced
Student-Staff Ratio 8-1-1                                    Regents and local diploma-bound students as
                                                             well as students who participate in NYS Alternate
n River View High School                                     Assessments. The Skills and Achievement Com-
BOCES Educational Resource Center (BERC), Nyack              mencement Credential and Career Development
This program offers intensive therapeutic support            and Occupational Studies Credential are also avail-
in an educational setting. High academic standards           able. Career development is an integral component
coupled with flexibility, commitment and caring              of this program model, providing internships, career
are hallmarks of the program. An evidence-based              awareness and access to courses at BOCES Career
intervention, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)             and Technical Education Center (CTEC). River View
is used to empower students in the areas of                  values its partnerships with school districts, MHA,
self-esteem, emotional regulation and coping                 Partnership for Safe Youth, the Family Resource
skills. A comprehensive Positive Behavior Interven-          Center and others.
tion Support (PBIS) program helps students to self-          River View partners with Rockland Community
regulate their emotions and behaviors.                       College to afford our 11th and 12th graders an
The program provides a team approach consisting              opportunity to earn college credits. Families are
of a teacher, teaching assistant and a clinician. The        integral partners in the River View program ­— a
team provides intensive academic and therapeutic             practice that is nurtured through collaboration
supports for students and their families geared              and communication.
towards developing strengths and skills necessary

STUDENT SERVICES                                                                                                   19
COSER 240: School-Based Alternative                     COSER 801: Extended School Year
Education for Classified Students                       (Summer School)
Student-Staff Ratio 8-1-1
                                                        n BOCES Main Campus, West Nyack
n Mountainside High School                              A six-week summer program is available for students
Nyack Public Schools                                    in grades 9-12, who need a twelve-month educational
This program services students in grades 9-12           plan. This program continues with all academic,
with emotional, behavioral and learning challenges.     behavioral, developmental and social needs as
The curriculum consists of courses that meet the        specified in students’ IEPs.
criteria for a Regents and Advanced Regents
Diploma. A Career Development Occupational              COSER 236: Transition Program for Students
Studies Credential and Skills Achievement               with Developmental Disabilities
Commencement Credential are also available              Student-Staff Ratio 12-1-1
for specified students.
                                                        n Project SEARCH
Students may participate in a half-day career           Project SEARCH is a unique, business-led transition
education option located at the Career and Technical    program designed for students with developmental
Education Center. A focus on career readiness,          disabilities. It is targeted for students in their final
internships and employment is also available. Job       year of school. Students should be at least 18 years of
placement is available to all students through our      age, have completed any high school credits neces-
secondary Work Based Learning Center.                   sary for graduation, meet eligibility requirements for
Counseling is provided as part of the program           the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities
model and teaches skills for emotional regulation,      (OPWDD) and/or Adult Career and Continuing Educa-
distress tolerance and increasing access to instruc-    tion Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR)
tion. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) develops     and have employment as their main goal. Total
and fosters mindfulness and coping skills. Virtual      immersion in the workplace facilitates the teach-
learning opportunities are available for students       ing and learning process, as well as the acquisition
requiring additional aid.                               of employability and marketable work skills necessary
                                                        for entry-level employment in various facilities. The
Building a positive school community is paramount.
                                                        cornerstone of the one school-year program is im-
Our Positive Behavior Intervention and Support
                                                        mersion into Good Samaritan Hospital where students
team provides assistance to students struggling
                                                        will explore a variety of work sites. Individualized job
academically, emotionally and behaviorally. Students
                                                        development and placement occurs based on the
are celebrated at the end of each week at a commu-
                                                        student’s experiences, strengths and skills. Students
nity assembly for meeting school expectations.
                                                        are given support with accommodations, adaptations
                                                        and on-the-job coaching.
COSER 411C: Intensive Day Treatment
                                                        Travel training is an integral part of this program
n Intensive Day Treatment (middle and secondary         and as a secondary goal, students will be taught to
students) BOCES Main Campus, West Nyack                 navigate the various means of transportation in Rock-
This program serves classified and non-classified       land County, in order to get to and from work sites.
students, who are experiencing an acute crisis and      The students work with a team that includes their
are in need of short-term mental health and edu-        family, a special education teacher and a teaching
cational support. After 30 days, students are transi-   assistant from Rockland BOCES. In collaboration
tioned back to their home schools. This program is      with ACCES-VR and Rockland County Association
a collaborative with Rockland Children’s Psychiatric    for People with Disabilities, job coaches will be as-
Center and the BOCES component school districts.        signed to work with the program to create an em-
                                                        ployment goal and support the student during this
COSER 401C: Intensive Day Treatment                     important transition from school to work. Students
Summer Program                                          will receive functional academic instruction in math,
                                                        reading, situational judgment, social skills and active
                                                        listening as well as four (4) hours per day directly
                                                        immersed in the work site. All academic programs as
                                                        well as lunch are scheduled on-site. This program
                                                        follows the academic calendar of Rockland BOCES.

20                                                               Rockland BOCES Services Guide 2023. 2024
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