Enrolment Handbook 2021 - Mareeba State High School "Building a Better Future Together"

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Enrolment Handbook 2021 - Mareeba State High School "Building a Better Future Together"
Mareeba State High School
“Building a Better Future Together”

Enrolment Handbook 2021 - Mareeba State High School "Building a Better Future Together"
Enrolment Handbook 2021 - Mareeba State High School "Building a Better Future Together"
Enrolment Handbook Contents

    Message from the Principal                                     4

    Opportunities For Your Child                                   5

    Term Dates 2021                                                6

    School Daily Routine and Staff                                 6

    Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students
                               Behaviour Expectation Matrix        7
                               Behaviour Actions                   8-9

    School Uniform Dress Standard                                  10

    Sun Smart Policy                                               11

    Internet and School Network Access Agreement                   12

    Enrolment Agreement                                            13

    Privacy Information Sheet for Parents/Carers                  14-15

    Consent to use copyright material, image, recording or name    16

    Website Risk Review Register                                  17-18

    Extension Curriculum                                          19-20

    Community Education Counsellor                                 21

    Instrumental Music Program                                     22

    Chaplaincy Program                                             23

    Putting Things Right – Complaints Management                   24

    Homework Policy and Assessments                               25-26

    Attendance Policy                                              27

    Electronic Device Policy                                       28

    Anti-Bullying Policy                                          29-30

    Emergency Evacuation and Lockdown Procedure                   31-32

    No Smoking Policy                                              33

    Smart Choices and Tuckshop                                    34-35

    Tuckshop Menu                                                  36
Enrolment Handbook 2021 - Mareeba State High School "Building a Better Future Together"
Message from the Principal
Mareeba State High School is an inclusive school with a great
history of providing opportunities for every student. We are
proud of our academic achievement, extensive curriculum,
cultural richness, professional teaching, innovative practices,
sporting champions and creative brilliance, all within a
disciplined and caring environment.

Our school has outstanding facilities which are a valuable part of
the rural landscape of the Mareeba Shire. With an enrolment of
800, students are provided with a personal approach which
caters for their individual needs.

The school focuses on students having high personal expectations and continues to experience wonderful
academic results.

With over 91% of all students receiving their Queensland Certificate of Education in 2019, the school also has the
interests of all students’ at heart. With the advent of the ATAR system, our school has continued to develop
comprehensive and quality curriculum that will give students the best opportunities in the future. Mareeba SHS
also promotes School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships as a pathway to a variety of trades. The strong
industry links are backed up by the quality resources available through the Trade Training facilities in Engineering
and Automotive located on the school site.

Other examples of innovative practices include the successful Curriculum Extension Program, Instrumental Music
and Performing Arts Excellence Programs and Outdoor Education activities.

Students at Mareeba SHS are taught by a professional group of teachers who regularly undertake professional
development opportunities. They support students both within and beyond the classroom.

We are proud of Mareeba State High School and are sure that the school can offer the best educational
opportunities available.

Welcome to Mareeba State High School.

Scott Whybird

                                          Jasper Street Mareeba  PO Box 1079 Mareeba QLD 4880
                      Telephone 07 4086 2777  E-mail principal@mareebashs.eq.edu.au  Web http://mareebashs.eq.edu.au

Enrolment Handbook 2021 - Mareeba State High School "Building a Better Future Together"
Mareeba State High School “Building a Better Future Together”

                                                                           Opportunities For Your Child
   Prestigious TJ Ryan Award Winner                        STUDENTS WITH STRONG
   Prestigious National Helen Handbury Leadership            LEADERSHIP SKILLS
                                                                       • 
   Winner of Prestigious Prof Harry Messel
    Scholarship for International Science School –          PROFESSIONAL, SKILLED,
    twice                                               ENTHUSIASTIC AND DEDICATED STAFF
                                                        STUDENT LEADERSHIP
                                                           Year 8 and 11 camps
                                                           Active student council
                                                           New Zealand Ski Trip
                                                           Grip Leadership workshop
                                                           Participants in Young Endeavour Sailing Voyage
                                                            “South Passage”                                     CULTURAL
                                                                                                                   Winner of Order of Australia Student Citizenship
                                                                                                                    Award multiple times.
                                                        VOCATIONAL                                                 Public Speaking Workshops
   Winner of Future Leaders National Environment        Extensive Vocational programs – currently over 75        Regional Winner of Radio ABC Heywire
    Award                                                 senior students enrolled                                  Competition over several years
   Moot Court                                           School Based Apprenticeship and Traineeship              Indigenous Leaders of Tomorrow
   Prestigious Peter Doherty Outstanding Senior          program across a range of industries                     ARTIE Program
    Science Winner twice–only 10 students awarded        Vocational subjects with certificate level               Participation in FNQ Lions Youth of the Year
    in Qld each year                                      qualifications up to Certificate III                     Award for Community Service
   85% of students with OP 1-15                         Year 10 Work Experience – a FULL WEEK during             Annual School Concert/Musical
    (20% with OP 1-5)                                     Term 2                                                   Extensive community performances
   UQ Science Ambassadors                               Partnerships with TAFE and other experienced RTOs.       FNQ Reader’s Cup State Champions
   Digital Showcase                                                                                               Public Speaking
   Year 9 Math Enrichment                                                                                         Chess Club
   Writer’s Workshop                                                                                              Drama Club
   Science Club and Science Ambassador                                                                            Instrumental Music – Concert Band, Big Band
   Writer’s Workshop + Visiting Author                                                                            Page Turners Book Club
   Uni of NSW Australasian Maths                                                                                  Youth Parliament representative
    Competition above state average                                                                                Winner Mareeba Shire Council Young Australian
   Uni of NSW Australian English Competition above                                                                 of the Year – many times
    state average                                                                                                  Winner Mareeba Shire Council Community
   Australian Schools Science Competition above                                                                    Service Award
    State average                                                                                                  Winner Mareeba Shire Council Junior
   Academic House Captains and Academic Shield                                                                     Sportsperson of the Year
   State Brain Bee finalists TEN years running                                                                    Participation in Rostrum Voice of Youth
   Work Experience at Queensland Brain Institute                                                                  Winner of the Country to Canberra’s Leadership
   Sparq-Ed research immersion program                 OTHER FEATURES                                              competition
   Early University students have achieved High         State of the Art Science Centre
    Distinctions and guaranteed University entry         Trade Training Centre                                 SPORTING
   Distance Ed options for maximum flexibility          Winner of Regional Showcase Award for Student            Winner of Pierre De Coubertin Award
    in subject choice                                     Leadership                                               Sports Presentation Night
   Participation in the National Youth Science Forum    Staff winner of National Excellence in Teaching          National and State Cross Country Champions
   Participation in the Australian Computational and     Award and multiple nominees                              Sports/Health Committee
    Linguistics Olympiad (OzCLO)                         Students have the opportunity to apply for many          Promote student participation in School and
                                                          prestigious awards and Bursaries sponsored by the         District trials for sports in Peninsula Sports
                                                          business community                                        individual sports – tennis, swimming,
                                                         Active and supportive P and C Association                 athletics. Team sports – rugby league, soccer,
                                                         Anti-Bullying policy and practices in place               basketball, netball, volleyball, rugby union,
                                                         Students learn respect for each other and to              AFL, touch football
                                                          tolerate differences                                     State and National Swimming Champions
                                                         All air- conditioned classrooms                          School Equestrian Team
                                                         Affordable Text and Resource Scheme to suit all          Challenge Games
                                                         Open communication with all members of the
                                                         Positive Behavior Program
           Our School Values                             Deadly Choices
           We are Respectful                             Comprehensive student support team including
                                                          Curriculum Extension Facilitator, Guidance Officer,
           We are Organised                               Youth Support Officer, Industry Liaison Officer,
            We are Learners                               Community Education Counsellor, Alternate Care
                                                          Coordinator, Transition Pathways Officer, School
             We are Safe                                  Nurse, School Based Police Officer and School
                                                          Chaplain.                                                       “Non Nobis Solum”
                                                                                                                              Not for Ourselves Alone

                    The present meets the future - Excellence is nurtured - Community is valued

Enrolment Handbook 2021 - Mareeba State High School "Building a Better Future Together"
School Vision
                                   “Building a Better Future Together”
Our purpose is to develop quality education through a partnership of staff, students, family and the community.
We aim to help students develop as independent lifelong learners who are morally and socially responsible,
employable, and capable of making a positive contribution to our changing society.

                                          Term Dates 2021
         Term                                        Dates                                         Length
        Term 1                       Wednesday 27 January – Thursday 1 April                      10 weeks
        Term 2                          Monday 19 April – Friday 25 June                          10 weeks
        Term 3                        Monday 12 July - Friday 17 September                        10 weeks
        Term 4                       Tuesday 5 October - Friday 10 December                       10 weeks

                                              Daily Routine
Students will be called to a parade at 8.45 am.
*On Parade days

 Time                        Activity                  Notes
 8.40am                      Warning Bell              Students move to Parade.
 8.45 – 9.00am               Parade */Care Class       (15 minutes)
 9.00 – 10.10am              Period 1                  Roll marking in class.
 10.10 – 11.20am             Period 2                  Roll marking in class.
 11.20 – 12.10pm             Recess
 12.05pm                     Warning Bell
 12.10 – 1.20 pm             Period 3                  Roll marking in class.
 1.20 – 1.50 pm              Recess Two
 1.45 pm                     Warning Bell
 1.50 – 3.00 pm              Period 4                  Roll marking in class.

PARADE for the whole school is held every Tuesday at 8.45 in the Hall.

YEAR PARADES are held once per week for each year level.

CARE CLASSES are held every other day and are of 10 minutes duration in which rolls are marked and notices
read. They occur before Lesson 1 from 8:50 – 9:00am.

Your Care Teacher will keep watch over your general well-being and is your first point of contact for any issues.
Your Care Teacher will check your records of progress, supervise your uniform, good manners and conduct,
watch your attendance and punctuality. If your Care Teacher thinks it necessary in your interests, your parents
will be contacted.

For a full list of School Administrators, Heads of Department, Teaching Staff, MLC and Support Staff please visit
our school website https://mareebashs.eq.edu.au/our-school/contact-us

Enrolment Handbook 2021 - Mareeba State High School "Building a Better Future Together"

                 We are Respectful                              We are Organised                                We are Learners                                   We are Safe
All Settings      Look, listen and follow staff instructions    Bring required equipment.                      Participate in all activities and try new        Look out for others and seek help
                  Use appropriate language                      Be on time                                      things                                           Keep our hands and feet to ourselves
                  Accept difference and show tolerance          Be in the right place at the right time        Complete all required tasks                      Use equipment for intended purpose
                                                                                                                 Keep an open mind and a positive attitude        Keep valuables in a safe place
                  Be honest and take responsibility for our     Wear uniform correctly
                                                                                                                                                                   Look after property and our environment
                   own actions                                                                                   Ask for help if unsure
                                                                                                                                                                   Show self-control
                  Show courtesy and consideration for                                                           Give our best effort
                                                                                                                                                                   Follow the safety rules of activities
                   others, their property and the school                                                         Model positive behaviours to
                                                                                                                                                                   Show sensitivity to the needs and feelings of
                   environment                                                                                   allow others to learn                             others
                  Show pride in our school and represent it                                                                                                       Sit, stand and move in a calm orderly manner
Classrooms        Help others                                   Line up quietly outside the                    Care about our own learning                      Treat all equipment with care as demonstrated
                  Use a respectful voice and manner             classroom                                      Stay on task
                  Wait our turn to speak                        Arrive prepared                                Do our personal best
                  Respect others rights to learn and teach      Complete set tasks to the best of our
                                                                                                                 Strive to achieve our best in all class work,
                                                                  ability and on time
                                                                                                                  homework and assessment
                                                                 Attend all lessons                             Learn and are engaged
School Grounds    Be considerate of others                      Stay in approved areas                         Participate in organised activities              Follow safe practices
                  Show good sportsmanship                       Keep areas clean                               Enjoy a relaxing and safe break                  Report hazards to staff
                  Look out for others                           Stay alert to unauthorised visitors and        Use breaks to assist in learning                 Keep to the left of the walkways and stairs
                  Respect others belongings                      inform teaching staff                          e.g. library, tutorial
                  Care for the environment                      Move purposefully between
                                                                 classes
Tuckshop and      Be courteous towards staff and students       Place litter in the bin                        Make healthy choices                             Maintain personal boundaries
Eating Areas      Respect the outdoor eating environments       Monitor and maintain noise levels                                                                Queue in a safe manner
                                                                 Have orders and payment ready
Before and        Respect personal space                        Keep area tidy                                 Learn road rules and public transport rules      Encourage others to act in a caring way
After School      Speak politely                                Travel to and from school directly             Learn and apply student driver policy            Apply road rules around vehicles
                  Treat all property respectfully                                                                                                                 Board the bus in an orderly fashion
                                                                                                                                                                   Go directly into the school grounds on arrival

Enrolment Handbook 2021 - Mareeba State High School "Building a Better Future Together"
Behaviour Actions

                                          Student Behaviour                                                      Actions                                   Staff Follow-Up
                      Attending every day                                                Staff actions could include:                            On One School:
                      Arriving at school by 8.30am                                        Praise, encouragement and positive feedback
                      Prepared for learning (eat breakfast, bring equipment)              Trust                                                  Record Positive
                      On time to every class                                              Rewards and vouchers
                      On task and giving your best effort                                 Certificates                                           Print One School Certificate
                      Following staff directions                                          Stickers
                                                                                                                                                   Record Parent Contact

                      Using appropriate language                                          Recognition on parades, newsletters and newspaper
           Level 0

                      Being honest and taking responsibility                              Displays of student work / achievement
                      Showing courtesy and consideration                                  Leadership opportunities
                                                                                           Positive feedback to parents                          You may ask one of the Leadership Team
                      Participating in activities
                                                                                                                                                  to present these rewards on Parade
                      Sharing with others                                                 Postcard home
                      Wearing the uniform correctly                                       Extra-curricular activities
                      Representing the school positively                                  School dance
                      Modelling positive behaviours                                       ROLSTARS
                      Following class and school expectations
                      Late for class                                                     Staff actions should include a process to De-escalate   On One School:
                      Not meeting Uniform expectations (eg. Shoes, makeup, jewellery)    the behaviour and could include:
                      Off task / Work incomplete                                          ESCM’s (Micro skills)                                  May record the Incident
                      Calling out                                                         Give choice / warning                                   (Do not refer to anyone)
                      Not meeting assessment deadlines                                    Verbal correction
                      Failing to bring equipment (eg pens, textbook)                      Apology                                                Record Parent Contact
                      Disrupting Learning                                                 Post lesson discussion
                      Rude to others                                                      Seating Plan
           Level 1

                      Littering                                                           Contact/phone parents
                                                                                           Verbal negotiation                                    May seek advice from:
                      Not following minor health and safety (eg. Safety glasses, hats)
                                                                                           Reminder of classroom expectations                        Colleagues
                      Eating and drinking in the classroom (water OK)
                                                                                           In-class separation or isolation                          HOD / HOSES
                      Not following teachers instructions
                                                                                           In-class detention                                        Year Coordinators
                      Making undue noise (eg. tapping pencils, whistling)
                      Using inappropriate language (eg conversational swearing)           Litter Duty with a teacher on PGD
                      Moving around the school in an unsafe manner (eg running)
                      Using aerosol deodorant, gum, permanent pen or white out
                      Missing class detention / consequence

Enrolment Handbook 2021 - Mareeba State High School "Building a Better Future Together"
Student Behaviour                                                               Actions                                       Staff Follow-Up
                   Sustained repeated Minor behaviours that were documented and                  Middle Management initiated actions could include:            On One School:
                   dealt with in Level 1 using the Possible Actions                               Parent contact
                    Using deliberate inappropriate language (i.e. aggressive, racist, sexist)    Mediation or restorative conference                          Record the Incident
                    Behaving aggressively toward others (harassment-victimisation)               Referral for assessment and specialist support (SSS/MLC)      (Refer to appropriate HOD)
                    Inappropriately touching others                                              Individual Behaviour Support Plan
                    Inciting fights (including electronic messages)                              Recess or after-school detention                             HOD to record parent contact
                    Leaving the school grounds without permission                                Interagency referral
         Level 2

                    Truanting                                                                    Detention room reflection
                    Using ICT’s and Electronic devices inappropriately                           Monitoring Card                                             Referral Options:
                    Swearing at other students                                                   Time out card                                                HOD Faculty (Curriculum issues)
                    Bullying (including cyber bullying)                                          Intervention Program (e.g. Rock and Water, Drumbeat)         Head of Junior School 7,8,9
                    Spitting at others                                                           Suspension                                                   Head of Senior School 10,11,12
                    Repeatedly refusing to follow reasonable teacher directions                  Student Referral Room
                    Smoking tobacco                                                                                                                           ONLY Refer to ONE person to action
                    Selling / trading items for personal profit

                   Sustained repeated Wilful behaviours that were documented and                 Admin initiated actions could include:                        On One School:
                   dealt with in Level 2 using the Possible Actions                               Referral to relevant support team to review Individual
                    Refusing to follow HOD / DP instructions                                      Behaviour Support Plan                                       Record the Incident
                    Physical assaulting others including students and staff                      Police notification                                           (Refer to Student Services)
                    Possessing pornographic images                                               Restorative conference on return from suspension
                    Using electronic devices to record without permission                        Discipline Improvement Plan                                  Student Services to record parent
                    Possessing, supplying and / or using drugs / drug implements / alcohol       Timetable modification                                        contact
         Level 3

                    Stealing                                                                     Work placement
                    Vandalising – wilful damage                                                  Cancellation of enrolment
                    Possessing and / or using weapons                                            Suspension                                                  Referral Options:
                    Swearing directly at a staff member                                          Suspension with recommendation for exclusion or Behaviour    Head of Junior School 7,8,9
                    Throwing dangerous objects at others                                          Improvement Condition                                        Head of Senior School 10,11,12
                    Threatening staff or students with violence                                  Non-participation in extra-curricular activities             DP SS
                    Repeatedly non-compliant with the Electronic Device Policy
                    Repeatedly non-compliant with the Student Services consequences                                                                           ONLY Refer to ONE person to action

Consequences depend upon factors such as the prior history of the student, circumstances of situation with student and impact upon the good order and management of the school.
Considerations may also include Individual Support Plans. Subsequent suspensions for similar behaviour will increase in length each time.

Enrolment Handbook 2021 - Mareeba State High School "Building a Better Future Together"
Mareeba State High School “Building a Better Future Together”

                                                                                                                                                         School Uniform Dress Standard
The following uniform has been devised by the Mareeba State High School P and C Association. Every student is expected to dress appropriately and modestly if the school is to achieve an identity, cohesion, tone, pride
and spirit. Students are expected to wear the school uniform and to take pride in its appearance. The school colours are BLUE and MAROON. House colours are: Gregory Crocs – GREEN, Kennedy Tigers – YELLOW,
Leichhardt Sharks – BLUE and McKinlay Dragons – RED. Uniforms can be purchased from: Claude Cater Mensland or Tina’s Fashions both on Byrnes Street, Mareeba.
Everyday Uniform
                                                                                                                                                              Appropriate                  Inappropriate 
 Blue Mareeba SHS polo style shirt
  (with school emblem embroidered on pocket)
 Maroon Mareeba SHS shorts
  (long in length but not below the knee)
 Girls may wear a maroon skirt
  (A-line or 4 gored, no shorter than 15 cm above the knee when kneeling, no splits)
 Winter Jacket - The Mareeba State High School blue and maroon Jacket or MSHS blue Jacket
  (no other styles or colours permitted)

Note: Year 12 Students are permitted to wear the current year’s Senior Shirt
Formal Uniform
                                Note: If required, maroon Mareeba SHS blazers are available for loan from
                                Student Services Girls
                                           Ladies sky-blue Mareeba SHS button-up shirt
                                           Formal maroon pleated skirt (knee length)
                                           School Tie
                                           Black leather lace-up shoes with White ankle socks (not sports socks)
                                           Men’s sky-blue Mareeba SHS button-up shirt
                                           Black tailored long trousers (with a black belt, no logos)
                                           School Tie
                                           Black leather lace-up shoes with Black men’s dress socks
                                      Footwear: Predominantly black, grey or white lace-up joggers (no canvas shoes, no boots)
                                      Black or white socks Note: Spats will be provided to students in subjects where protective footwear is required.
                                      Hats: Students should wear a Mareeba SHS sunsafe hat for any outside activity. A school cap as sold by the
                                      PandC is permitted.
                                      Jewellery: Items permitted include a watch, a small flat ring (no large or sharp raised edges), one thin chain
                                      necklace with a small pendant (10mm coin size), small plain sleepers (12mm diameter) or studs (5mm in
                                      diameter) (no more than two per ear). Items not permitted include facial piercings, wristbands, bracelets,
                                      bangles and anklets. Students will be asked to remove inappropriate jewellery, this will be held at Student
                                      Services for collection by student or parent.
                                      Make-up, coloured acrylic nails and nail polish: Are not permitted.
                                      Hairstyles: A small plain hair band or ribbon in uniform colours are acceptable.
                                      Hair should be clean and neatly groomed at all times. Only natural hair colours permitted.
                                      No pink, blues, purples, etc.                      Facial Hair: Must be well groomed.

                                                            Students out of uniform must report to student services (A Block) before
                                                            school with a note to explain the reason for non-uniform.
                                                            A replacement school shirt, shorts or shoes will be issued to the student.

Mareeba State High School “Building a Better Future Together”

                                                                         Sun Smart Policy
Queensland has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. Two out of every three Queenslanders will develop some
sort of skin cancer in their lifetime. Research suggests that at least two-thirds of all melanomas occurring in Australia
could be prevented if children were protected from the sun during their first 15 years.

Skin damage, including skin cancer, is the result of cumulative exposure to the sun. Research shows that severe sunburn
is a contributor to skin cancer and other forms of skin damage such as sunspots, blemishes and premature ageing. Most
skin damage and skin cancer is therefore preventable.

Ultraviolet radiation (UV) levels are highest during the hours that students are at school, and the nature of some
curricular activities dictates they take place in the sun. The condition that students of Mareeba State High School are
exposed to pose a great concern for their future. With this in mind, Mareeba State High School realises the need to
protect students’ skin and educate them about Sun Smart behaviour, thus reducing the risk of skin damage from exposure
from the sun.

The policy aims to:
     Promote the wearing of broadbrim school hats for outdoor activities, camps, etc.
     Provide ongoing education that promotes personal responsibility for skin cancer prevention and early detection.
     Provide environments that support Sun Smart practices.
     Create an awareness of the need to reschedule work commitments and outdoor activities to support Sun Smart

Our school recognises that winter sun also contributes to skin damage. The implementation of this policy will therefore
be conducted throughout the year.

The purpose of this Sun Smart policy is to ensure that all students attending our school are protected from the harmful
effects of the sun throughout the year.

Our Commitment
Mareeba State High School will:
     Inform parents of the school’s Sun Smart policy on enrolment
     Include the Sun Smart policy statement in the School Prospectus
     Increase the amount of shade in the school grounds, where possible, by building shelters and planting trees
     Incorporate education programs that focus on skin cancer prevention and early detection into the school
     Encourage staff and volunteers to act as positive role models of Sun Safe behaviour
     Seek ongoing support from parents and the school community for the Sun Smart policy and its implementation,
       through newsletters, parent meetings etc.
     Enforce students and staff to wear hats with brims that protect the face, neck and ears and SPF 30+, broad-
       spectrum, water resistant sunscreen, when school involved in outdoor activities.
     Require students to have broad-brim school hats when involved in organised outdoor activities.
     Enforce students without adequate sun protection to use shaded or covered areas at recess, lunch times and
       sporting carnivals.
     Review the school dress code to conform with the Queensland Cancer Fund Sun Smart clothing guidelines.
     Encourage students to wear a Sun Smart swimsuit or shirts for swimming and SPF 30+, broad-spectrum, water
       resistant sunscreen
     Ensure that, wherever practicable, outdoor activities take place before 11:00am or after 2:00pm.

   1.    Staff will receive professional development regarding this policy.
   2.    This Policy will be reviewed annually.

                  Endorsed:         P and C Meeting - 13 October 2009                      SLT Meeting - 10 November 2009

Mareeba State High School “Building a Better Future Together”

                                    Internet and School Network Access Policy
The computers, computer network, internet access at MSHS are provided at considerable expense by Education
Queensland and for use by students and teachers to provide students with valuable computing skills and for use in
enhancing the study of a wide range of curriculum areas. It is therefore of great importance that for students to get the
greatest possible educational benefit of the resources, the computers are used for school use and not as a source for
storing and playing games and music and other inappropriate usage.
The Department of Education provides a managed and filtered Internet access system that provides access to useful
educational sites with every effort made to block access to any inappropriate sites. At the school level students have a
student user name and password to access the World Wide Web and a school supplied email account. While every effort
is made to ensure that the Internet is used for the benefit of student’s education it is ultimately up to the student to use
the access responsibly.
In order to ensure smooth system operations, the System Administrator has the authority to monitor all accounts while
endeavouring to maintain privacy and security. In view of the above, students are expected to follow the following
 must not tell other students their Internet user name or password or use other students’ user names and passwords.
 must not access the Internet during school lessons unless the teacher gives them permission.
 must not download computer games, computer programs, zip files and other similar files.
 must not download music, sound, video and image files unless the classroom activity requires it and the teacher gives
    them permission.
 must not access material that would generally be considered illegal, dangerous or offensive. For example:
    pornography; racist or foul jokes; instructions on explosives etc. (this list is not exhaustive).
 must not reveal their or anyone else’s home address or phone number via e-mail.
 must not accept invitations sent via e-mail to meet people or open suspicious e-mail.
 must not send unsolicited, offensive, illegal or dangerous e-mail to others.
 must advise the supervising teacher of any illegal, offensive or dangerous material sent to them via e-mail or
    accidentally accessed on the Internet.
 must not tell other students their computer network user name or password or use other students’ user names and
 must not store computer games, computer programs, zip files and other similar files on the school computer
 must not store music, sound, video and image files on the school computer network unless the classroom activity
   requires it and the teacher gives them permission.
 must not play music files during class time unless the classroom activity requires it and the teacher gives them
 must not interfere with computer software or other files stored on the local computer or the network server
 must not use USB Drives, CD’s, DVDs from home in the school computers unless they have permission from their
 must not interfere with or damage school computer hardware and facilities including network cables, mice, mouse
   mats, keyboards and computer furniture.
 must use the printers responsibly so as not to use paper and printer toner or ink excessively.

                                FAILURE TO FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES MAY RESULT IN:
 detentions, litter duty or similar
 computer or Internet access limited to certain hours of the week and/or limited to use of certain computers.
 computer or Internet access totally restricted for a set period of time or indefinitely.
 Parents will be advised of students’ misuse and any action taken by the school, depending on the severity of the misuse.
Source: MSHS G:\Coredata\Office\_Students\Student Enrolment Package\Network Internet Access Agreement

Mareeba State High School “Building A Better Future Together”

                                                                                              Enrolment Agreement
This enrolment agreement sets out the responsibilities of the student, parents or carers and the school staff about the
education of students enrolled at Mareeba State High School.

Responsibility of student to:
 attend school on every school day for the educational program in which they are enrolled, on time, ready to learn and
    take part in school activities
 act at all times with respect and show tolerance towards other students and staff
 work hard and comply with requests or directions from the Teacher and Principal
 abide by school rules/expectations as outlined in the school’s Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students, including not
    bringing items to school which could be considered as weapons (e.g. dangerous items such as knives)
 meet homework requirements and wear school’s uniform (if applicable)
 respect the school property.

Responsibility of parents to:
 ensure your child attends school on every school day for the educational program in which they are enrolled
 advise the school as soon as possible if your child is unable to attend school and reason/s why (e.g. child is sick)
 attend open meetings for parents
 let the school know if there are any problems that may affect your child’s ability to learn
 ensure your child completes homework regularly in keeping with the school’s homework policy
 treat all school staff with respect
 support the authority of school staff thereby supporting their efforts to educate your child and assist your child to
    achieve maturity, self-discipline and self-control
 not allow your child to bring dangerous or inappropriate items to school
 abide by school’s instructions regarding access to school grounds before, during and after school hours
 advise Principal if your child is in out-of-home care
 keep school informed of any changes to your contact details or your child's details, such as home address, email address
    and phone number
 ensure the school is aware of any changes to your child's medical details.

Responsibility of school staff to:
 design and implement engaging and flexible learning experiences for individuals and groups of students
 inform parents and carers regularly about how their children are progressing
 design and implement intellectually challenging learning experiences which develop language, literacy and numeracy
 create and maintain safe and supportive learning environments
 support personal development and participation in society for students
 foster positive and productive relationships with families and the community
 inform students, parents and carers about what the teachers aim to teach the students each term
 teach effectively and to set high standards in work and behaviour
 clearly articulate the school’s expectations regarding the Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students and the Student
    Dress Code policy
 ensure that parents and carers are aware that the school does not have personal accident insurance cover for students
 advise parents and carers of extra-curricular activities operating at the school in which their child may become involved
    (for example Program of Chaplaincy Services, sports programs)
 set, mark and monitor homework regularly in keeping with the school’s homework policy
 contact parents and carers as soon as possible if the school is concerned about the child’s school work, behaviour,
    attendance or punctuality
 notify parents of an unexplained absence of their child as soon as practicable on the day of the student’s absence
    (allowing time for parents to respond prior to the end of the school day)
 deal with complaints in an open, fair and transparent manner in accordance with departmental policy, Customer
    complaints management
 treat students and parents with respect.

Source - Department of Education and Training Policy and Procedure Register at http://ppr.det.qld.gov.au Enrolment Agreement

Mareeba State High School “Building a Better Future Together”

           Privacy Information Sheet for Parents/Carers
Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 Section 155(1) Approved form SEF – 1 V7

The school is part of Education Queensland in the Department of Education and the Arts. It is subject to Information
Standard 42 – Information Privacy (IS42) which controls how it must collect, store, use and disclose personal

Why does Education Queensland collect personal information at enrolment?
Education Queensland collects personal information on the attached enrolment form so it can:
         meet its legal obligations under the Education (General Provisions) Act 1989;
         meet its duty of care to all students and staff members; and
         administer and plan for providing appropriate education and support services to students.

Also, the State of Queensland has agreed to collect information about students’ gender, indigenous status, socio-
economic background and language background and provide it to the Commonwealth. Commonwealth law requires
Education Queensland to collect and provide the information to the Commonwealth Department of Education,
Science and Training (DEST) in order for the Commonwealth to provide funding for education to the State.

Do you have to provide all of the information requested on the enrolment form?
NO, you do NOT have to provide ALL of the information requested on the enrolment form. However, Education
Queensland requires certain information by law to ensure that those seeking enrolment are eligible. Education
Queensland also requires personal information to ensure that the school can meet its legal ‘duty of care’ obligations
and to provide appropriate education and support services to students. If you choose not to provide the information
requested on the enrolment form, the school may be unable to enrol the person as a student, or properly care for the
student or provide appropriate education and support services to the student.

Do you have to provide the information requested by the Commonwealth?
NO, it is voluntary. You do NOT have to provide the information requested by the Commonwealth. The State of
Queensland is required by law to collect and pass on the information, that you choose to give, to the Commonwealth
BUT you decide whether to give that information to Education Queensland.

What will happen to the information collected by Education Queensland and provided to the Commonwealth?
Queensland State schools normally collect information on students’ sex, indigenous status and language background
and use it to provide appropriate education and support services to students. The school will continue to collect and
hold this information. The two questions on the enrolment form about the student’s socio-economic background are
about you, the student’s parent/caregiver. Education Queensland will not retain this information. The questions are:
          What is the highest year of primary or secondary school the parents/caregivers have completed?
          What is the level of the highest qualification the parents/caregivers have completed?

The information regarding gender, indigenous status, socio-economic background and language background is given
          the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority so that it can be linked with students’ numeracy
             and literacy test results; and
          the Commonwealth Department of Education, Science and Training.

Information provided to the Commonwealth government is aggregated and does not identify individuals. Your socio-
economic background information is entered into a database using only the student’s numerical identifier. The name
of the student and your name(s) are not part of the States’ reporting requirements. The school will destroy the forms
used to collect your socio-economic background information and will have no future access to the data.

Are a student’s records transferred when the student moves from a Queensland State school to another school
within Queensland?
YES, a student’s records are transferred when the student moves from a Queensland State school to another school
within Queensland. Education Queensland is permitted by law to transfer information about a student from a State

school to another State school or from a State school to a non-State school within Queensland. This helps the new
school to understand the student’s needs and assists with continuing appropriate educational support programs. It
also provides an opportunity for parents/carers to review and discuss the information being transferred to make sure
that it is up to date, accurate and complete.

In what other circumstances can the school or Education Queensland disclose personal information?
Education Queensland can only use and/or disclose your personal information in accordance with IS42. Further, under
IS42, Education Queensland can disclose your personal information that is relevant to other organisations if:
          you consent;
          you are likely to be aware that the disclosure is usual practice;
          it is required or authorised by law;
          it is necessary for law enforcement; or
          it is believed to be necessary to prevent or lessen an imminent threat to a person’s health or life.

Listed below are Queensland government agencies to which Education Queensland regularly discloses relevant
personal information under IS42.
          Queensland Transport;
          Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority;
          Queensland Police Service;
          Department of Employment and Training;
          Department of Child Safety;
          Department of Communities;
          Disability Services Queensland.

Education Queensland is also regularly required by Commonwealth law to give personal information to the following
Commonwealth government agencies for data matching for the payment of welfare benefits:
         Centrelink; and
         Australian Taxation Office.

How can you access the information about your child enrolled at a Queensland State school?
You may request access to personal information about you or your child held by Education Queensland or a school by
making a policy. You may also apply in writing to Education Queensland for access under the Freedom of Information
Act 1992.

What are your responsibilities as a parent/carer regarding personal information?
It is the responsibility of parents/carers to continue to provide to the school up-to–date and accurate information
when circumstances change so that the school can meet its obligations to the student. This will include, for example,
maintaining current contact information and advising the school of any relevant changes to custody or care

Further information
If you have any questions about information privacy practices of Education Queensland, please first contact the school
Principal or consult the Department of Education website.

Mareeba State High School “Building a Better Future Together”

                                                                                                                              Consent Form
                                                                        to use copyright material, image, recording or name
This information is to inform you about how we will use your child’s personal information and student materials. It outlines:
                o What information we record
                o How we will use student materials created during your child’s enrolment
Examples of personal information which may be used and disclosed (subject to consent) include part of a person’s name,
image/photograph, voice/video recording or year level.
Your child’s student materials:
                o are created by your child whether as an individual or part of a team
                o may identify each person who contributed to the creation
                o may represent Indigenous knowledge or culture

Purpose of the consent
It is the school’s usual practice to take photographs or record images of students and occasionally to publish limited personal
information and student materials for the purpose of celebrating student achievement and promoting the school and more broadly
celebrating Queensland education.
To achieve this, the school uses newsletters, its website, traditional media, social media or other news media as listed on the
consent form.
The Mareeba State High School (MSHS) Consent Form may, at your discretion, provide consent for personal information and a
licence for the student materials to be published online or in other public forums. It also allows your child’s personal information
and student materials to be presented in part or alongside other students’ achievements.
The school needs to receive consent in writing before it uses or discloses your child’s personal information or student materials in a
public forum. The attached form is a record of the consent provided.
It should be noted that in some instances the school may be required by the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 or by law to
record, use or disclose the student’s personal information or materials without consent (e.g. assessment of student materials does
not require further consent).

There will not be any negative repercussions for not completing the MSHS Consent Form or for giving limited consent. All students
will continue to receive their education regardless of whether consent is given or not.

Consent may be limited or withdrawn
Consent may be limited or withdrawn at any time by you.
If you wish to limit or withdraw consent please notify the school in writing (by email or letter). The school will confirm the receipt
of your request via email if you provide an email address.
Due to the nature of the internet and social media (which distributes and copies information), it may not be possible for all copies
of information (including images of student materials) once published by consent, to be deleted or restricted from use.
The school may take down content that is under its direct control, however, published information and materials cannot be deleted
and the school is under no obligation to communicate change to consent with other entities/third parties.

Media source used
Following is a list of online and social media website and traditional media websites and traditional media sources where the school
may publish your child’s personal information or student materials subject to your consent.
        School website: https://mareebashs.eq.edu.au
        School Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages.Mareeba-State-High-School
        Local Newspapers: The Express, The Tablelander, The Cairns Post and others
        School Newsletter which is uploaded to School website
        Traditional and online media, printer materials, digital platforms’ promotional materials, presentations and displays.
The MSHS Consent Form does not extend to P & C run social medial accounts or activities, or external organisations.

The consent applies for the period of enrolment or another period as stated in the MSHS Consent form, or until you decide to limit
or withdraw your consent.
During the school year there may be circumstances where that school or Department of Education may seek additional consent.

If you have any questions regarding the MSHS Consent Form please contact the school on 4086 2777
Source - Department of Education and Training Policy and Procedure Register at http://ppr.det.qld.gov.au state-school-consent-form.docx

Mareeba State High School “Building a Better Future Together”

                                                                                                                                Website Risk Review Register
     Website / Application Name          Year Level and Faculty                                Type of Use                                     Terms of use:                Privacy Policy          File Storage
                                                                  An educational platform which enables users to access online           https://www.asx.com.au/      https://www.asx.com.au/a     Onshore in      Medium
ASX Education                         8-9                         courses, attend webinars, watch investment videos and play and         about/terms-use.htm          bout/privacy-                Australia
http://www.asx.com.au                 Technology                  practise sharemarket games to develop knowledge in the financial                                    statement.htm
                                                                  market exchange.
                                                                  Access to a range of software and hardware products, learning          http://www.autodesk.co       http://www.autodesk.com      Outside of      Medium
                                                                  materials, trial and full version software.                            m/company/legal-notices-     /company/legal-notices-      Australia
Autodesk                              7 – 12                      Ability to login, maintain a user profile with personal information,   trademarks/website-          trademarks/privacy-
https://autodesk.com/education        Technology                  purchase and track purchases.                                          terms-of-use/terms-of-       statement/autodesk-
                                                                  Ability to create, upload and share projects based on the trial or     use-english                  privacy-statement-2015-
                                                                  purchased products.                                                                                 english
                                                                  The purpose of this website is to participate in an online             http://www.nicta.com.au/     http://www.nicta.com.au/     Outside of      Medium
Bebras                                8 – 10
                                                                  computational thinking challenge for students and access challenges    terms-and-conditions/        privacy/                     Australia
https://www.bebras.edu.au             Technology
                                                                  tasks from previous years.
                                                                  Binnacle Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that     https://www.binnacletrai     https://www.binnacletrain    Onshore (In     Use with
Binnacle Training                     11 – 12
                                                                  provides online educational resources for Vocational Education and     ning.com.au/rto.php#binn     ing.com.au/page/148          Australia)      Caution
https://www.binnacletraining.com.au   Health
                                                                  Training (VETS) programs to schools and colleges across Australia.     acle-rto-files
                                                                  ClickView curates the best educational videos from renowned            https://www.clickview.co     https://www.clickview.co     Onshore in      Medium
Clickview                             7 – 12
                                                                  content providers and free-to-air TV channels.                         m.au/terms-and-              m.au/privacy-policy/         Australia
https://www.clickview.com.au          Various
Code.org                              7 – 10                      The purpose of this website is to learn drag and drop programming      https://code.org/tos         https://code.org/privacy     Outside of      Medium
https://code.org                      Technology                  through tutorials and exercises.                                                                                                 Australia
                                      7 – 12                      The purpose of this website is to provide an online educational        https://www.codecademy       https://www.codecademy.      Outside of      Medium
                                      Technology and              platform to learn coding and scripting.                                .com/terms                   com/policy                   Australia
Create Arduino                        8 – 10                      The purpose of this website is to provide users with a platform to     https://www.arduino.cc/e     https://www.arduino.cc/e     Outside of      Medium
https://create.arduino.cc             Technology                  write code, access content, configure boards and share projects.       n/Main/Terms                 n/Main/PrivacyPolicy         Australia
Desmos                                7 – 12                      The purpose of this website is to teach mathematics using online       https://www.desmos.com       https://www.desmos.com       Outside of      Medium
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Grok Learning                         8 – 10                      Provides a series of coding courses and challenges for all ability     https://groklearning.com/    https://groklearning.com/    Onshore in      Medium
https://groklearning.com              Technology                  levels developed through the Queensland Coding Academy.                policies/terms/              policies/privacy/            Australia
https://github.com/themakersorg       9 – 10 Technology
https://www.incompetch.com            7 – 12 Arts
                                                                  The purpose of this website is to provide a digital bookshelf for      https://jacplus.com.au/jsp   https://jacplus.com.au/jsp   Outside of      Low
JacPlus                               7 – 12                      educational books.                                                     /general-                    /general-                    Australia
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Literacy Planet                                     7 – 12
                                                                                             participate in quests, play games and compete in competitions.
https://literacyplanet.com                          English
                                                                                             Teachers can assign work, monitor students’ progress and grade
Mathletics                                          7 – 12                                   The purpose of this website is to provide Maths games and activities    http://www.3plearning.co      http://www.3plearning.co      Outside of      Medium
https://au.mathletics.com                           Mathematics                              to support the learning of Maths concepts and skills.                   m/terms-conditions            m/privacy-policy              Australia
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Quizizz                                             7 – 12                                   create their own, assessment is in-class or homework. Students                                                                      Australia
https://quizizz.com                                 Various                                  play together or at their own pace. Teachers receive class and
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Reading Eggs                                        7 – 12                                   The purpose of this website is to promote and provide access to a       http://readingeggs.com.a      http://readingeggs.com.au     Outside of      Medium
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Unity 3D                                            8–9                                      The purpose of this website is to provide software download access                                    http://unity3d.com/legal/     Outside of      Medium
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    Source: MSHS G:\Coredata\Office\_Students\Student Enrolment Package\Third Party Website Register.docx

Mareeba State High School “Building a Better Future Together”

                                          Curriculum Extension Program
Extension Programs, Special Opportunities and Mentoring for our Gifted and Talented Students.
At Mareeba High we know that not all students learn at the same pace. We know that some
students can learn more and learn faster than others. We know that some students need to
be challenged and offered opportunities to be extended in some or all of their subjects.

What Do We Do?
At Mareeba High we cater for students who have potential in a variety of areas.
    Enrichment programs run throughout the year.
    Acceleration is available for exceptional students.
    Distance Education options for students who wish to study extra subjects or pursue a
     particular course of study.
    Workshops for students are provided in Maths, English and Social Science.
    Extension opportunities are provided in most subject areas with streaming in some subjects in the Junior School.
    Early University Entrance is for interested students with demonstrated needs for this option.
    Monitor student results and mentor them to keep them on track to succeed.

How Do We Do It?
Once a student is enrolled at Mareeba SHS, we use a range of measures to identify those students who will most benefit
from our enrichment programs. NAPLAN testing is also providing data which can identify our high potential students.
Parents know their child best of all, and when they tell us that their child has special interests and abilities, we listen
and do our best to provide for their individual needs. Teachers recognise students with special abilities and encourage
them to participate in those activities and opportunities offered by the school which best suits their needs and abilities.

Opportunities for Enrichment
Enrichment is the provision of extra-curricular activities which students can access in their lunch hours or as offered.
At Mareeba, these activities are available to all students who wish to be involved and include:
     Chess Club, Speakers Anonymous Club, Debating Workshops, Public Speaking, Readers Cup, Interact Club,
     Music: School Band, Instrumental Lessons
     Sports: Netball, Volleyball, Athletics training, Football, Cricket, Soccer, Cross-Country training etc.
     ICAS Competitions in English, Writing, Computer Skills, Maths and Science.
     Competitions including Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Competition, many writing competitions, and competitions in
      Maths, Science, Manual Arts, Business Skills, and Performing Arts.
     Digital Showcase, Certificate courses in IT, Technology Bootcamp, Girls in IT program
     School Concert, ANZAC Day, Multicultural and Rodeo Festivals, Musical, Tablelands Young Performers and much
     Opportunities to participate in the RACI Chemical Titration Competition, to attend Youth Parliament Week,
      Cairns Schools Constitutional Convention, United Nations Youth Conference, Eureka Science Prize, Somerset
      Literature Prize, Australian Government History Prize, Asia Wise, National Geographic Australian Geography
      Competition and many, many more are offered throughout the year.
     Year 10 students attend the Science and Engineering Challenge, and participated in a wide range of engineering
      related activities.

Opportunities for Extension
    Students in both Maths and Science have the opportunity to access extension classes in Years 9 and 10 on a merit
    A Maths Excellence Camp is held annually (for almost 20 years) for high ability Year 9 students at Black’s Gully
     Education Centre, Tinaroo.
    Other subjects offer students the chance to work at their ability level through in-class extension and specific
     extension units. Renewed emphasis has been placed on differentiating the curriculum for all of our students.
    Workshops designed to extend high achieving students are offered - Writer’s Workshop, Visiting Mathematician,
     Debating Workshop, Visiting Chef and more.

 Many opportunities are given for students to build a quality resume and attend quality programs at State and
      National level. Students are mentored through application procedures for such opportunities as Peter Doherty
      Outstanding Senior Science Student Award –awarded to only 10 students across the state – Mareeba SHS students
      have achieved this twice since 2010, Brain Bee Challenge (Mareeba SHS students have reached the State Final
      every year since 2008), Young Scholars at UQ, FEAST at UQ and more.
     Mareeba High’s award-winning leadership program is recognised as turning out high quality young leaders ready
      to take their place as leaders in the academic world, the workplace and in the community.

Scholarships and Bursaries:
The school has developed a strong partnership with community organisations and is able to offer a wide range of
scholarships and bursaries to students who perform well across a broad range of academic, sporting, cultural and
community pursuits.
Students who develop a strong resume showing their commitment to their studies, their school and their community
find that they are often able win scholarships and bursaries to help with the costs of their tertiary studies. They are fully
supported by the Curriculum Extension Facilitator in every step of the application process for a wide range of

Promoting Academic Excellence
    At Mareeba High we actively promote academic excellence. Student achievements are acknowledged on parades,
     at Academic Morning Teas, and in the local media.
    Academic Captains are chosen to be academic leaders in the school. The Academic Shield is awarded annually,
     with all student results counting towards the points their house receives.

At Mareeba State High School we believe in providing opportunities for all of our students.
In addition, there are many opportunities provided for high potential indigenous students, including the Indigenous
Leaders of Tomorrow Program for Year 11 and 12, UNSW Indigenous Winter School, ASSETS Engineering Camp, Spotlight
on Science at the QIMR, Indigenous Ambassador program and many opportunities for scholarships and bursaries to
pursue tertiary studies.

High achieving students attending our school benefit from a wealth of teacher experience and are provided with many
opportunities to extend themselves and perform at their ability level.

Stefanie Prizmic has 10 years classroom experience. She is a qualified Business and Mathematics teacher with a passion
for numeracy. Stefanie has a strong interest in providing a range of learning experiences to cater for all students, and
seeing them reach their full potential.

For more information please contact: Curriculum Extension Facilitator, Stefanie
Email: Stefanie Prizmic: scagn4@eq.edu.au
Phone: 4086 2777

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