Babas & Borshch Ukrainian Festival

Babas & Borshch Ukrainian Festival
August 25 - 26, 2018

 6th Annual

 Babas & Borshch

 Ukrainian Festival
                            Lamont AB

You’ve heard great things about
                     Babas & Borshch
                     Ukrainian Festival
But isn’t it time to Come See For Yourself!
Babas & Borshch Ukrainian Festival
Locally Family Owned & Operated          780-603-5800
Patricia Fedun-Pawluk & Gordon Pawluk   5036-51 Avenue, Vegreville, AB
Babas & Borshch Ukrainian Festival
Welcome to Year 6! Time truly flies when you’re having fun. In the beginning we
invited Ukrainians & wannabes to help us preserve & promote the Ukrainian culture
in fun, family-focused festival fashion. We’ve learned & grown & moved & more but
our intent remains the same. And it’s never been easier to escape to the country for
some Ukrainian fun. Create some lasting memories in our photo booth!

We’re especially proud of our programming this year and as Baba Magda says isn’t
it time to Come See for Yourself!

For those who love to Listen & Learn our speaker series includes Victor Malarek
of CTVs W5 fame, the humanitarian founders of Medical Mercy Canada, and
Professor Serge Cipko.

For those who love to Do & Learn you’ve got sign making, pysanky, wheat weaving,
korovai making, painting, and butter churning.

For those who love children, see pages 4 & 5
for all the unbelievable options for fun!

Enjoy the talented Promin Ukrainian Dancers
on Saturday 1:30 pm in the ARENA plus
individual youth dancers from Edmonton
(times to be determined).

We’ve revamped this program format….let us
know if it makes your planning Hassle-Free!

Hazel Anaka - Festival Coordinator

           Quick Need to Know Guide
             Kid Zone p 4/5                        Eat. Drink. Be Merry. p 13
             Borshch p 6                           Off-Site Activities p 15
             Zabava p 7                            More Ways to Win! p 15
             Listen & Learn p 8                    Souvenirs p 17
             Do & Learn p 9                        Supporters p 17
             Listen & Enjoy p 10                   Sponsors p 18
             Baba’s Bazaar p 11

                                                                                           3              780-365-2434          
Babas & Borshch Ukrainian Festival
Lamont County Kid Zone
                   Saturday 10 am -4 pm; Sunday 11 am-3 pm

If you’re a kid or simply young at heart we’ve got you covered! Thank you to Lamont
County’s Regional FCSS team for designing two full days of activities.

You need to know:
    •   some are intended only for kids up to 6 years
    •   some are All Day Drop-In
    •   some are Scheduled, first-come, first-serve
        & require registration
    •   there is no supply charge

Parent Link Activities (0-6 yrs):
    •   Sunflower [Соняшник / Soniashnyk]
        Planting Station
    •   Larger-Than-Life Eye Spy Bag
    •   Ukrainian Colouring Books

Scheduled, Registration Required, First-Come, First-Serve Sessions:


 10:30-11:30 Kerchief [Хустка / Khustka]
 1:00 – 2:00 Sunflower String Art
			          [Соняшник / Soniashnyk]
 2:30-3:30   Wreath [Вінок / Vinok)
			Floral Headpiece

 12:00-1:00 Kerchief [Хустка / Khustka]
 1:30-2:30  Sunflower String Art [Соняшник / Soniashnyk]

All Day Drop-In Activities:
    •   Scratch Art Easter Eggs [Писанки /Pysanky]
    •   Christmas Spider Ornament
    •   Wreath [Вінок / Vinok] brooches

4                 780-365-2434
Babas & Borshch Ukrainian Festival
6-Pony Carousel Rides

Join the folks from Jon’s Funny Farm on Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm for Pony Rides.
Rides cost $2 ea or ride all day for $10. Proceeds go to 1st Bruderheim Guiding.

                                Kids Paint a Masterpiece
                               Andrea Levicki is back by popular demand teaching
                               kids to paint. The 2018 project is an 8 x 10 acrylic
                               Sunflower. Pay $5 for supplies and go home with a
                                                    Workshops in the Arena:
                                                Saturday: 11 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM
                                                  Sunday: 11:30 AM, 1 PM

                         Visit the ATCO Energy Education Mobile

Cheer on these young
 dancers as they show
off their budding talent
 …they are our future!

           Avriella Sousa
              Liam Smith

   Ukrainian Canadian Congress - Alberta Provincial Council

     Congratulations on th 6th Annual Babas and
                                              6 Borshch Ukrainian Festival

                                                                                        5               780-365-2434      
Babas & Borshch Ukrainian Festival
Borshch! Borshch! Borshch!
                               Борщ! Борщ! Борщ!

Whether you love borshch for the health benefits of beets; the rich, fragrant, delicious
flavour; or the memories of Baba it conjures up, you can satisfy your craving with a
FREE borshch sample. Get your coupon at the Welcome Area and redeem it at any
Ukrainian food vendor.
      Borshch [Борщ] Cook Off                   •   The first 15 entrants will get a
                                                    keepsake Babas & Borshch / Lamont
Let Cook Off judges Chef Serge Belair               County apron just for entering.
(award-winning Executive Chef at the
                                                •   Deadline for entering is August 11th
Shaw Conference Centre), Shaw Chef
Myles Fedun, and a celebrity media              •   Potter Susan Ferbey’s custom-made
judge rank your best beet borshch                   borshch bowls will be awarded to the
                                                    top 3 entries.
during this strictly-for-fun competition.

                                                “Join me for the
                                                Borshch Cook Off
                                               on August 26, 2018”

                                   Jessica Littlewood, MLA
                                  Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville

                                                Parliamentary Secretary
                                                (Small Business)
                                                Economic Development and Trade

6               780-365-2434      
Babas & Borshch Ukrainian Festival
Zabava! Zabava! Zabava!
                             Забава! Забава! Забава!

While the Zabava’s location at the festival may have changed, all your favourite
components----delicious food, talented performers, great dance music----have
remained. We invite you to join us in this celebration of Ukrainian culture!

St. John’s Institute Catering & Event Specialists are back with the mouth-
watering dishes you’ve come to expect: traditional Ukrainian with an updated twist.
Step back in time to the good old ‘family style’ of meal service.

Back    by      popular     demand,
Edmonton’s Cheremosh Ukrainian
Dance Company is the festival
headliner this year. Enjoy the heart-
pumping action of these talented
performers. Join them for the
kolomyika & strut your stuff!

                         Smoky Lake’s Zorya (beginning of dawn) duo, Christine
                         Horne and Rosaline Sliwkanich share their love of Ukrainian
                         music with Zabava guests. Prepare to be thrilled.

                          You’re in for a treat with
                          the popular Alberta band,
                          The Convertibles. Join this
                          versatile former Las Vegas act
as they perform a variety of great music and vocals from
country, to old time, to rock classics.
   Advance tickets are still $50 per person
   regardless of age.

  Zabava Tickets                GREEN dot tickets
                               bought before July 1
Zabava tickets will have a        will enter first
 coloured dot indicating
                               YELLOW dot tickets
   when ticket holders
                              bought before August 1
 can enter the to choose
                                 will enter second
       their seats:
                               RED dot tickets bought
                                   after August 1
                                   will enter last

                                                                                     7                  780-365-2434
Babas & Borshch Ukrainian Festival
Victor Malarek Author Talk                         Medical Mercy Canada Talk
Saturday 12:00 pm, 		                              Saturday 2:00 PM, Baba’s Bazaar
Sunday 12:30 pm Baba’s Bazaar                      Listen to Calgary humanitarians, Dr. Myron
Join         Toronto’s                             and Elaine Semkuley discuss their 26 years
Victor       Malarek                               of sharing and caring with those in need. As
as he discusses his                                founders of Medical Mercy Canada (MMC)
first fictional work,                              they work with other volunteers to “relieve
Orphanage 41.                                      suffering and improve quality of life through
                                                   the direct provision of supplies, education
This     prominent
                                                   and services to medical facilities and schools
                                                   for overlooked and impoverished areas of
is best known for
                                                   the world.”
his long journalism
career.                                            Hear how this retired doctor and pharmacist
                                                   have turned their skill and compassion into
In 1990 he made the
                                                   relief projects in Ukraine. They welcome
move to television
                                                   the chance to bring their message to north-
after an award-winning career with The
                                                   central Alberta through the Babas & Borshch
Montreal Star and The Globe and Mail.
                                                   audience. Be sure to visit their booth in
After 10 years on CBC’s the fifth estate, he
                                                   Baba’s Bazaar for more information.
moved to CTV’s W5. Over the years he won
four Michener Awards for meritorious public
service journalism, a Gemini as Canada’s           Starving Ukraine: The Holodomor and
top broadcast journalist, and three Canada         Canada’s Response by Dr. Serge Cipko
Screen Awards for his documentaries. He’s          Sunday 11:30, Baba’s Bazaar
authored seven books and won prestigious           News     about       a
awards including the Shevchenko Medal              famine in Soviet
from the Ukrainian-Canadian community.             Ukraine in 1932-33
His life inspired a feature film (Malarek) and     that was claiming
a TV drama series, Urban Angel.                    lives on a colossal
Orphanage 41 “Mykola Yashan receives news          scale       traversed
that shatters his world and propels him on a       the borders of the
dangerous journey of roots unknown. His            USSR.       Although
quest is triggered by a stunning discovery in      the government of
his father’s study, and soon after, the 20-year-   the USSR denied
old Canadian university student is on his way      it, Canadians came
to Lviv, Ukraine. His first stop: Orphanage 41     to learn about the
where he encounters the director, Natalka          famine. Starving Ukraine examines both
Matlinsky, who will stop at nothing, including     Canada’s reporting of the famine (Holodomor)
murder, to keep him from learning the truth        and the country’s response to it, highlighting
- a secret so scandalous that if revealed will     the important role played by journalists and
destroy lives and possibly topple a corrupt        protesters. In his presentation, Dr. Cipko will
government.”                                       emphasize the protests and actions that took
                                                   place in Vegreville, Willingdon, Mundare,
Don’t miss the chance to hear this remarkable
                                                   and other places in east-central Alberta.
man and pick up your autographed copy of
Orphanage 41 at the NASHI booth.                   Serge Cipko is Assistant Director (Research)
                                                   at the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies.

8                    780-365-2434        
Babas & Borshch Ukrainian Festival
                            For classes with supply fees,
                get your kit at the Welcome Area in the Hall Lobby

  with Donna McIntyre of Nearly New Treasures, Andrew
  Create a ready-to-hang wooden, Вітаємо sign for your home
  using paint and stencils! Supply fee applies
  Arena: SATURDAY 10:30am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm;
           SUNDAY 11:30pm, 1:30pm

                   WHEAT WEAVING WONDERS with Irene Topolnitsky
                   Learn the basics of wheat weaving and leave with your very own creation!
                   Max. of 6 per class. Visit Irene’s booth to see advance wheat weaving
                   possibilities! Supply fee $5
                   Baba’s Bazaar: SATURDAY 11am, 12pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm
                                     SUNDAY 11am, 12pm, 2pm

   KOROVAI DEMO with Natalia & Hanya Onyschuk
   See these experts demonstrate the beautiful and symbolic
   Korovai (braided wedding bread). Practice a little rolling of
   your own & get recipes to take home!
   Catholic Church Basement: SATURDAY only 1pm & 3pm

                         PYSANKY with Christine Koscielnuk
                         Visit Christine’s booth in Baba’s Bazaar to try your hand at this
                         magnificent art form or simply watch a pro in action.
                         Baba’s Bazaar: SATURDAY & SUNDAY booth hours

  BUTTER CHURNING with Wilson Zukiwski
  Learn the process for making butter the way Baba used to.
  For your efforts, you’ll be rewarded with a sampling on fresh bread!
  Arena: SATURDAY 11am & 2pm

                    POTATO PANCAKES with Radomir Bilash
                    Make & taste potato pancakes (pliatsky) during this Saturday
                    session at 11AM.
                    Location: TBD

                                                                                              9                   780-365-2434        
Babas & Borshch Ukrainian Festival
Don’t forget sunscreen and a hat as you settle in to enjoy the OUTDOOR MUSIC
JAM LINE-UP. Thanks to new & returning performers, organizer Charlie Gargus, &
Tri-Line Carriers for the stage!
Andrew Zagrosh             Marango Pie
Brent Babiuk               Mike Sabrowsky
Harry Menzyk               Silver & Gold Trio
Jody Quickstad             Alicia & Stephan Slusarchuk
John Kusick                The New Melody Kings
Kasen & Kylie Hutscal      Tom Gargus
Lawrence & Friends
               Bandura Performance

Babas & Borshch audiences will be treated to
Chris Kyrzyk playing a concert bandura Saturday
afternoon in the ARENA. Joining him for one set
is his dad, Dennis Kyrzyk playing a mandolin.
Not to be missed!

10           780-365-2434  
Ukrainian Sausage            Fundraisers
        Perogies                  Wild Game
      Cabbage Rolls
    4204 118 Ave, Edmonton, AB                               780-477-2851

      Ukrainian                    Colours
      A touch of tradition in your contemporary world
          Phone: (780) 456-5196
                                                        10211-165 Avenue
           Cell: (780) 690-9764
                                                      Edmonton, AB T5X 2B8
              Svetlana and Yuri Eremenko

                              Baba’s Bazaar
After checking in at the Welcome Area in the Hall and getting your Ukrainian
passport, head to Baba’s Bazaar for all the action! Displays, shopping, performances,
speakers, workshops. Confirmed at time of publication:

A Stytch N Tyme                Jarvis Group Travel           Ukrainian Colors
Alberta-Ukraine 			            Lori’s Studio                 Ukrainian Pysanky--C.
Genealogical Project                                         Koscielnuk
                               Luba Bilash-Art &
Ceramic Cottage                Adornment                     Weleschuk Family
Cultural & Scenic Paintings    Medical Mercy Canada
                                                             Wheat Weaving Wonders
Faerie Dust Glitter Tattoos    NASHI
                                                             Wounded Volunteers Fund
Helen Klymok                   St. Michael Sticky Business

                                                                                      11                 780-365-2434    
Life Insurance
                                                 for the Whole
  Ukrainian Fraternal Society
                                                Family for All of
          of Canada                               Life’s Stages
   Insurance that works for you

     We’ve Got You Covered !
  Get a         FREE ONLINE QUOTE
               on our N e w W e b s i t e
                 at w w w. u f s c . c a
           Life Insurance is more affordable
                   than you may think
  Phone: 204.586.4482                   Toll-Free: 1.800.988.8372
                         Follow us @ufsc_insurance

12           780-365-2434
Let the Smachno-Ukrainian House
food truck, operated by Anatoliy &
Svitlana Rapotenko & St. John’s
Institute Catering & Event
Specialists & Elk Island Catering
satisfy your need for the flavourful,
stick-to-the-ribs comfort food
Ukrainians are famous for. Think:
pyrohy, borshch, holubsti, and so
much more. Then when you overheat,
visit Bhagvan’s Dairy Cream for an ice cream treat. Yum.

Demo Kitchen by St. John’s Institute Catering & Event Specialists

On Sunday secure your spot at the Demo Kitchen to learn how to make your own
pyrohy, pyrizhky, and nalysnyky from the pros. Wow your family with your new skills!
Space is limited and a supply fee applies. SUNDAY only 11:30 am and 1:30 pm.

Let the Lamont Ag Society volunteers quench
your thirst with the usual Beer Garden offerings
PLUS Ukrainian beer PLUS our signature
festival drink, Na Zdorovlia PLUS new this year,
a Ukrainian Flag Shooter in a souvenir festival
shot glass!

Capture your Be Merry moments in
our complimentary Photo Booth! Share
the images on Facebook, Twitter &
Instagram and make your friends drool!

                                                                                    13              780-365-2434     
Park Memorial
                          Funeral Home & Crematorium

      Proudly serving the families of
   Lamont County and surrounding area.
      Funeral Directors                                         24 Hours
      Dale Menzak
      Steve Zarusky                       1-877-426-0050
      Ed Koroluk                

       Owned and operated by the Smolyk Family since 1941
       Edmonton | Lamont | Mayerthorpe | Smoky Lake | Vegreville

                           Tou rs  to  Ukra    ine
                             Family Run Since 2001
     The Drosdowech Family and our associates in Ukraine and Canada
     are pleased to offer ALL-INCLUSIVE 16-day quality small group tours
       Toll-free : 1-888-269-3013 or 204-256-5996
         email :
         Like us on Facebook:ToursToUkraineCanada

     We specialize in helping you connect with your roots in Ukraine!

14             780-365-2434    
On Saturday ONLY (between 11 am -4 pm) hop aboard the horse-drawn wagon to visit 2
Lamont Churches. Tour these holy buildings and enjoy refreshments.
  •    Lamont United Church, 51 Ave & 53 St
  •    St John the Baptist Ukrainian-Catholic Church,
       50 Ave & 48 St

NEW this year is a drive-by tour of Lamont’s historic buildings
with tour guide TJ Fenton. Driving the team of horses is mom,
Gail Fenton. Great activity for history buffs and the naturally curious!

Korovai Making Demo Saturday ONLY 1 PM + 3 PM Catholic Church
Basement Join Natalia & Hanya Onyschuk as they demonstrate the
beautiful and symbolic Korovai (braided wedding bread). Practice a little rolling of your own
& get recipes to take home!

                         MORE WAYS TO WIN!

Wear your embroidered clothing [Вишиванка / Vyshyvanka],
your kerchief[Хустка / Khustka], your floral wreath headpiece
[Вінок / Vinok] or all of the above (1) to strut your Ukrainian
pride and (2) for a random chance to win:
  •    1 of 2 $75 Gift Certificates for any Baba’s Bazaar vendor
       (Adult category)
  •    1 of 2 $25 Gift Certificates Baba’s Bazaar vendor
       (Child category)
		                 Saturday draw—3 PM        Sunday draw---2 PM

                          Back by Popular Demand!
                          1. KURKA KRAP
                          Guess where our Kurka will krap to win cold, hard cash!

                          2. POSTAL CODE PATROL
                          Share your Postal Code and Phone Number for a chance to
                          win 1 of 8 $25 gift certificates for any Baba’s Bazaar vendor.
                          Must be present to win…Good Luck!

                          3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY
                          Celebrate your birthday at the Festival and get a free Babas &
                          Borshch Tumbler (while supplies last) as our gift to you! Valued at
                          $6. Just show us a driver’s license or birth certificate and Enjoy!

                                                                                            15                   780-365-2434        
Supporting Ukrainian Dance in Alberta!

                         2017/2018 Board of Directors
               Gordon Gordey                        Paul Olijnyk
                 Emily Belke                      Shane Gibson
                Trevor Shular                      Kelsey Olijnyk
              Markiana Melymick                  Kayla Holowatiuk

16            780-365-2434  
We have limited numbers of
past Babas & Borshch souvenirs
for sale. New this year will be
Shot Glasses and Buttons and
Souvenir Postage Stamps.
For a complete list with prices
see our Welcome Area in the
Hall Lobby.

We’ve got tumblers, squeeze
dolls, lens cloths, notepads,
souvenir lapel pins, and scarves
Plus FREE festival passports.
Can you resist? We think not!

                  Thank You SUPPORTERS
                                   Diakuiu дякую

Each year there are companies, organizations, and individuals who make the festival
experience better through their generosity. If you’re keeping score, there are many
repeat names. Please join us in thanking them.

           BHD Companies                                 Tri-Line Carriers
               Gail Fenton                    Ukrainian Canadian Congress-
                                               Alberta Provincial Council
        Kule Folklore Centre
                                                    Vegreville Cultural Society
          Price Automotive
                                                        Webb’s Machinery
                TJ Fenton

                                                                                     17               780-365-2434     
Thank You to Our Sponsors!




18    780-365-2434
               Presents their “Small Group” tour to

                            UKRAINE & POLAND

                       Jarvis Kosowan
                  JARVIS GROUP TRAVEL LTD
                      Phone 403-650-3332

For more details visit us online at
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