Building better digital lives - BT Group plc Digital impact and sustainability report 2018/19 - BT Plc

Building better digital lives - BT Group plc Digital impact and sustainability report 2018/19 - BT Plc
Building better
digital lives     BT Group plc
                  Digital impact and sustainability report 2018/19
Building better digital lives - BT Group plc Digital impact and sustainability report 2018/19 - BT Plc
Building better                     Championing human              Tackling climate change                                                                     BT Group plc Digital impact and   01
Introduction                             digital lives                       and digital rights             and environmental challenges                           Strong foundations                   sustainability report 2018/19

  In this report

This report sets out our new strategy on digital impact and sustainability,
and the progress we’ve made during 2018/19.

 We are preparing our                                      … we’re investing in digital                      … whilst protecting people’s
 customers for the challenges                              skills to create the workforce                    privacy as the fourth industrial
 and opportunities of tomorrow…                            of the future…                                    revolution gathers pace…

 Introduction                                              Building better digital lives                     Championing human and digital rights
 In this report                                   01      Making digital skills our priority         07    Protecting people’s rights on and offline                         14
 Introduction from our                                     Supporting families’ digital lives         08    Respecting human rights in our business                           14
 Chairman and Chief Executive                     02      Supporting working people                         Sourcing with human dignity                                       14
 Using the power of communications                         and businesses                             10    Tackling modern slavery                                           15
 to make a better world                           03      Supporting charity partners                11    Protecting privacy
 Our priorities                                   04                                                        and freedom of expression                                         16
 Our ambitions                                    05                                                        Strengthening security                                            17
                                                                                                             Shaping the agenda on emerging issues                             17

 … at the same time we’re reducing                         … and making sure                                 Online Appendices                                                          Using this report
 our emissions and helping                                 we all play our part.                             Environmental management
 our customers do the same…                                                                                  Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
                                                                                                             UN Global Compact
                                                                                                             UN Sustainable Development Goals                                           Use the document controls located on the
 Tackling climate change                                   Strong foundations
                                                                                                             LR independent assurance statement                                         bottom of each page to help you navigate
 and environmental challenges                              Doing business ethically                   28
 Taking a leadership approach                     19      Engaging our people                        29    Find out more                                                              through this report. Other links are also
                                                                                                             Supporting documents at our online download centre provide further
 Reducing our emissions                           20      Attracting and developing diverse talent   30    information on our key non-financial metrics, our digital impact and
                                                                                                                                                                                        indicated by underlined text, or by the
 Partnering with suppliers to cut our emissions   22      Supporting employee wellbeing              32    sustainability targets, our BT people data and our environmental data.     following symbols:
 Reducing impacts from using our products         23
                                                                                                             Tell us what you think
 Helping customers save emissions                 23                                                        We welcome feedback on this report or its contents. Please complete the    Reference to other pages within the report
 Adapting to climate change                       24                                                        online feedback form or contact us via our Twitter account @BTGroup.
 Supporting a circular economy                    25
 Managing environmental impacts                   26                                                                                                                                   Reference to further reading online
Building better digital lives - BT Group plc Digital impact and sustainability report 2018/19 - BT Plc
Building better                        Championing human                  Tackling climate change                                                      BT Group plc Digital impact and   02
Introduction           digital lives                          and digital rights                 and environmental challenges           Strong foundations                    sustainability report 2018/19

  Introduction from our
  Chairman and Chief Executive
Using the power of                       People are using more data, in more places and on
                                         more devices than ever before. Ten years ago, there
                                                                                                 Building better digital lives is one of the biggest
                                                                                                 contributions we can make to society and to the UN
communications to                        were just three connected devices in the average UK     Sustainable Development Goals, together with
                                         home. In five years’ time, it could be as many as 50.   championing human and digital rights, and tackling
make a better world.                                                                             climate change and environmental challenges.
                                         The UK aims to be a leading digital economy, but
                                         faces a major digital skills challenge that’s costing   We remain committed to upholding the principles
                                         an estimated £63bn a year.                              of the UN Global Compact and are helping to drive
                                                                                                 the conversation on human rights issues like privacy
                                         BT’s expertise and reach make us uniquely qualified     and free expression. We’re also exploring how
                                         to help tackle this. That’s why we’ve put digital       technology can be used to combat human trafficking,
                                         skills at the heart of our new strategy on digital      and a new smartphone app we helped to develop is
                                         impact and sustainability. It will help grow the        enabling the charity, Unseen, to extend the reach
                                         pipeline of digital talent and, over the long-term,     of the UK Modern Slavery Helpline.
                                         increase demand for our products and services.
                                                                                                 The urgent need for action on climate change was
                                         We have set a goal to reach 10 million people in the    underlined by the latest report from the
                                         UK with digital skills training by 2025, building on    Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change this
                                         our work in primary schools.                            year. We responded by leading the industry with a

                                         Through our Barefoot Computing programme,
                                                                                                 new ambition to become a net zero carbon business
                                                                                                 by 2045. Decarbonising our energy use will help us          Business has an important role
                                         we’ve already trained over 70,000 teachers over
                                         the past five years, enabling more than two million
                                                                                                 achieve this and 87% of our electricity now comes
                                                                                                 from renewable sources.
                                                                                                                                                             in delivering long-term value
                                         children to get a head start on computational                                                                       for stakeholders and society.
                                         thinking. And more young people than ever took
                                         part in our Work Ready programme, gaining
                                                                                                 Our digital impact and sustainability strategy is
                                                                                                 underpinned by strong foundations: keeping people
                                                                                                                                                             BT’s focus on digital skills will
                                         hands-on tech skills and experience to help them as     safe and healthy, behaving ethically and developing         help to prepare people for
                                         they enter the world of work.                           diverse talent. It’s no coincidence that these
                                                                                                 foundations focus on our people. Our people are our         an increasingly digital world,
                                         And we’re stepping up our efforts.                      biggest strength, and will be key to enabling to us
                                                                                                 achieve our ambitions as we transform BT and use
                                                                                                                                                             equip them for the jobs of
                                         This year, we worked with Code First: Girls to train    the power of communications to make a better world.         the future, and support
                                         more women as software developers, and BT Sport
                                         partnered with Google Digital Garage to provide         Jan du Plessis             Philip Jansen                    the UK’s productivity.”
                                         digital training for small businesses.                  Chairman                   Chief Executive                  Jasmine Whitbread
                                                                                                                                                             Non-Executive Director and Chair of BT’s
                                         The UK is not alone in lacking digital skills and we                                                                Digital Impact & Sustainability Committee
                                         aim to extend our impact in other key markets. In
                                         India, for example, we’re working with the British
                                         Asian Trust to empower half a million adolescent
                                         girls through technology and education.
Building better digital lives - BT Group plc Digital impact and sustainability report 2018/19 - BT Plc
Building better                         Championing human                    Tackling climate change                                                    BT Group plc Digital impact and   03
Introduction                          digital lives                           and digital rights                   and environmental challenges           Strong foundations                  sustainability report 2018/19

  Using the power of communications
  to make a better world
Our new digital impact and sustainability strategy will
                                                                                                                           Our purpose – we use the power of communications
help us achieve “win-wins” for communities and our
                                                                                                                                         to make a better world
business and contribute towards global goals.
We’ve updated our strategy to focus on the UK and global challenges that we can
make the most meaningful contribution to through our technology, our reach
and our people (see graphic).

The three main pillars of our strategy are supported by strong foundations:                                                                                                                        Tackling
• Keeping people safe and healthy                                                                  Our strategic         Building better                                                       climate change
• Behaving ethically                                                                                                                                            human and
• Developing diverse talent
                                                                                                   focus areas            digital lives                                                       and environmental
                                                                                                                                                               digital rights
Supporting our business model
Our business model is based on providing customers with communications and connectivity
services, while delivering great experiences and maintaining long-term relationships.

The new digital impact and sustainability strategy will support this by helping us grow
demand for our products and services, build and enhance our reputation, manage risks,                                                                       Keeping people safe and          A sector-leading approach
                                                                                                   Our               Reach 10 million people in               secure online, whilst            to climate change, with
develop talent, make BT the best place to work, and create long-term value for our                                    the UK with digital skills
                                                                                                   ambitions                                                 protecting privacy and          a target for net zero carbon
business and the UK.                                                                                                     training by 2025                    freedom of expression                emissions by 2045

Our digital impact and sustainability strategy
                                                                                                                    Giving everyone access to the            The UK Government is
underpins our goal to deliver sustainable growth.                                                  Supporting
                                                                                                                    digital skills they need is a key   committed to tackling the crime
                                                                                                                                                                                             The UK Government’s target
Unless everyone is able to understand and make                                                     the UK’s                                                                                 is to reduce emissions by 80%
                                                                                                                   strand of the UK Government’s        of modern slavery that affects an
                                                                                                   ambitions                                                                                  by 2050 (from 1990 levels)
use of the technology that surrounds us, people risk                                                                        Digital Strategy             estimated 40m people globally
being left behind. BT’s focus on digital skills
aims to address this challenge. It will help people                                                Contributing
                                                                                                   to the UN
and businesses get the best out of technology and                                                  Global Goals
at the same time develop the pipeline of talented
                                                                                                                     Target     Target      Target             Target      Target                 Target      Target
people we need to grow our business.”                                                                               4.3, 4.4      5b        9.1, 9c             8.7         10.2                12.5, 12.7     13a
Michael Sherman
BT’s Chief strategy & transformation director
Building better digital lives - BT Group plc Digital impact and sustainability report 2018/19 - BT Plc
Building better                     Championing human                   Tackling climate change                                                           BT Group plc Digital impact and   04
Introduction                            digital lives                       and digital rights                  and environmental challenges           Strong foundations                         sustainability report 2018/19

  Our priorities

We prioritise what matters most to                                                                              Stakeholder materiality analysis
our stakeholders and our business.
                                                                                                                                                                   Most material                        5                     1
                                                                                                                                                                                             9                                2

                                                                                                                                                                                                         7         4

                                                                                                                  Significance to our stakeholders
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   8          6
Every year, we listen to our stakeholders to                                                                                                                                                 11
understand their concerns and we map these                Investing in society
against the opportunities we see to make a
difference and the potential risks to our business.                                                                                                        14
This materiality analysis includes looking at how
we can contribute to global challenges, such as                                                                                                                                                                    12
                                                          We invest in initiatives designed to accelerate
the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
                                                          progress towards our ambitions. This year, our                                                               15                    13
                                                          investments through cash, time volunteered and
Our most material issues remained largely
                                                          other in-kind contributions totalled £28.7m.                                                                 16
unchanged this year, with cyber/data security
                                                          This is equivalent to 0.83% of the previous
continuing to top the list. In line with our new
                                                          year’s adjusted profit before tax, falling short of                                                          17
strategy, we’ve brought together the issues of
                                                          our target of 1%. Over the last five years, we
digital skills, accessibility and online safety under
                                                          have invested an average of 1.02% of adjusted
the topic of digital lives, and combined privacy                                                                  Moderate                              Potential impact on our business                                     High
                                                          profit before tax.
and data security with other issues grouped under
human and digital rights. Both these wider topics                                                               1 Data/cyber security                                       16 Electromagnetic Field (and radio frequency
                                                          Going forward we will channel much of this
are among our most material issues, together                                                                    2 Network investment and innovation                            health concerns)
                                                          investment into initiatives that support our
with climate change which is the third pillar                                                                   3 Business ethics (including reporting transparency)        17 Disaster response
                                                          strategy to build digital skills and we remain
of our strategy.                                                                                                4 Climate change                                            Movement since 2018
                                                          committed to our 1% target. This is one of the        5 Digital lives
                                                          measures we use to track our performance as                                                                         Greater impact
We address our most material issues in this report,                                                             6 Customer experience                                         Lower impact
                                                          a responsible business.                               7 Human/digital rights
with the exception of network investment, customer                                                                                                                            More significance
experience and economic impacts, which are                                                                      8 Energy (efficiency/renewables)                              Less significance
covered in more detail in our Annual Report.                                                                    9 Equality and diversity
                                                                                                                                                                            For more details, see report chapter:
                                                          See Our purposeful business targets appendix.         10 Economic impacts
                                                                                                                                                                            l Building better digital lives
                                                                                                                11 Sustainable consumption
                                                                                                                                                                            l Championing human and digital rights
                                                                                                                12 Health, safety and wellbeing
                                                                                                                                                                            l Tackling climate change and environmental challenges
See Governance appendix for more information on                                                                 13 Community and charity support
                                                                                                                                                                            l Strong foundations
how we manage risk, listen to stakeholders and                                                                  14 Emergent tech
                                                                                                                                                                            l See Annual Report for further details
identify our material issues.                                                                                   15 Air pollution
Building better digital lives - BT Group plc Digital impact and sustainability report 2018/19 - BT Plc
Building better                      Championing human                   Tackling climate change                                                                            BT Group plc Digital impact and   05
Introduction                          digital lives                        and digital rights                  and environmental challenges                           Strong foundations                          sustainability report 2018/19

  Our ambitions

We’ve refocused our ambitions to help us drive progress in the                                                 Building better digital lives
areas where we can make the biggest impact.                                                                    Our ambitions1                                                               2018/19 performance                         Status

                                                                                                               Reach 10m people in the UK with digital skills                               Not applicable (new goal)                   New
                                                                                                               training by 2025

                                                                                                               Help 5m children to receive better teaching
                                                                                                               in computer skills by 2020                                                   2m                                          To be
                                                                                                                                                                                            children reached                            into above
                                                                                                                                                                                            since 2014/15                               target in
Over the past six years, our ambitions have evolved     As we realign our charity partnerships to focus                                                                                                                                 2019/20
in response to changing priorities for our business     on digital skills, we’ve taken the tough decision
and our stakeholders. This year, we reviewed them       to close our fundraising platform, MyDonate, from
in light of our new strategy.                           June 2019 (see page 11). We’ll keep reporting
                                                        on progress on use our skills and technology to        Tackling climate change and environmental challenges
Our existing environmental targets support our          generate more than £1bn for good causes by
                                                                                                               Our ambitions                                                                2018/19 performance                         Status
focus on tackling climate change and we’ve added        2020 but it will no longer be a business priority.
a new one to become a net zero carbon emissions                                                                Become a net zero carbon emissions business by 2045
                                                                                                                                                                                            298,461                                     New

business by 2045. But we found some of our social       We’ll continue to encourage our people to support
targets weren’t closely enough aligned with our         charities through payroll giving and carry on their                                                                                 tonnes CO2e
sharpened focus on digital skills – the area where      proud history of volunteering. But this year we                                                                                     in 2018/19
we can deliver the greatest impact for the UK and       took the decision to no longer focus purely on the
for BT.                                                 proportion of our people who volunteer, which is
                                                        why the volunteering participation rate dropped
                                                                                                               Cut our carbon emissions intensity by 87%3
                                                                                                               by 2030, compared with 2016/17 levels                                        25.7%                                       Ongoing

                                                                                                                                                                                            reduction achieved
We’ve set a new target to reach 10m people              to 26% (see page 12). Instead we will refocus our                                                                                   since 2016/17
in the UK with digital skills training by 2025.         volunteering efforts on digital skills.
This supersedes our previous target – to help 10m
people overcome social disadvantage through the
                                                                                                               Enable customers to reduce their carbon emissions
                                                                                                               by at least three times the end-to-end carbon                                2.6:1                                       Ongoing

                                                                                                               impact of our business by 2020                                               achieved during
benefits our products and services can bring – with                                                                                                                                         2018/19
a more focused and measurable programme. The
new target builds on our ongoing investment at
the primary school stage and our existing ambition
                                                                                                               Buy 100% of our electricity worldwide from
                                                                                                               renewable sources by 2020, wherever                                          87%                                         Ongoing

to help 5m children to receive better teaching in                                                              markets allow                                                                bought from renewable
computer skills by 2020, which will contribute                                                                                                                                              sources in 2018/19
to the new 2025 ambition.

                                                                                                              1 We report progress on our £1bn ambition on page 04.
                                                                                                              2 Measured for scopes 1 & 2 greenhouse gases
                                                                                                              3 Measured for scopes 1 & 2 greenhouse gases, per unit of gross value added
Building better digital lives - BT Group plc Digital impact and sustainability report 2018/19 - BT Plc
Building better   Championing human    Tackling climate change                                         BT Group plc Digital impact and   06
Introduction                           digital lives     and digital rights   and environmental challenges              Strong foundations    sustainability report 2018/19

  Building better digital lives

We think everyone should have the                                                                                                                               cost to the
opportunity to benefit from the power
and potential of the digital world. We’re
                                                                                                                                             £63bn              economy of the
                                                                                                                                                                digital skills gap

investing in digital skills to improve lives
and bridge the UK’s productivity gap.

 In this section

 Making digital skills our priority
 Supporting families’ digital lives
                                                                                                             people lack essential
 Supporting working people
 and businesses                               10                                                                digital skills
 Supporting charity partners                  11
Building better digital lives - BT Group plc Digital impact and sustainability report 2018/19 - BT Plc
Building better                     Championing human                                   Tackling climate change                                                            BT Group plc Digital impact and     07
Introduction                             digital lives                       and digital rights                                  and environmental challenges               Strong foundations                      sustainability report 2018/19

   Making digital skills
   our priority
The world is increasingly shaped
                                                                                                                                                         Building better digital lives
by technology. But the rapid pace                                                                                                            Helping people improve digital skills at key stages of life
of change is leaving people behind –
as many as 11.3m UK adults and 10%
of the UK workforce lack basic digital skills.                                                                                         For your                                                               For your
This digital skills gap is costing the UK                                                                                               family                                                                business
economy an estimated £63bn a year.
                                                                                                       Children                    Parents                Older and                 Future                 Women in tech         Businesses
                                                                                                                                                          disabled people           workforce
                                                                              The challenge            65% of children             75% of parents         3.5m people with a        The UK needs           Only 30% of the       Three in four UK
We can help the UK fill this digital skills gap. And grow demand for                                   who started school          want more advice       registered disability     500,000 digital        digital workforce     businesses report
our products and services too. We’re working with partners to make                                     in 2016 are likely          to help keep their     are offline               workers by 2022        will be women         a digital skills gap
a difference to families through targeted support at key stages of life.                               to do jobs that             child safe online                                                       in 2022
We’re helping businesses upskill their workforce and boost productivity                                haven’t yet been
by doing more digitally, ourselves included (see graphic).                                             invented

                                                                              How we’re                Inspiring children          Helping parents        Improving elderly         Encouraging STEM       Encouraging more      Showing businesses
Our commitment to building digital skills is at the heart of our digital
                                                                              inspiring                to develop                  understand and         and disabled              education and          women into tech       how tech can
impact and sustainability strategy and reflected in our new ambition
                                                                              change                   computational               manage their           people’s confidence       improving digital      jobs both inside      help them grow
to reach 10m people in the UK with digital skills training by 2025.                                    thinking and                child’s safety         in and access to          skills for work        and outside BT        and improve
                                                                                                       encouraging STEM            online                 digital capability                                                     productivity
But we’re not starting from scratch. Projects such as our flagship                                     education
Barefoot Computing programme in primary schools and our Work                                                                                                                                                                     Helping employees
Ready programme to help young people get into work are already                                                                                                                                                                   to reskill
well established.
                                                                              What we’ve               Reached 2m                  Hosted Safer           Launched                  Helped over 2,700      770 BT women          BT Sport partnered
And this is not something we’re doing alone. We’re advising the               achieved                 children through            Internet Day 2019      products tailored         16-24-year-olds        progressed their      with Google Digital
UK Government as a member of the Government’s Digital Skills                                           70,000 teachers             with Internet          for customers             improve their skills   careers on our        Garage to help
Partnership and we’re supporting global efforts to bridge the digital                                  with our Barefoot           Matters to raise       with hearing              and employability      TechWomen             1,000+
literacy and skills divide through the Coalition for Digital Intelligence.                             Computing                   awareness of online    impairments with          through Work           programme and         commercial
                                                                                                       programme                   safety issues          Action on Hearing         Ready since 2014       taught 21 women       customers enhance
Our partnerships with charities mean we can reach more people in the                                                                                      Loss in 2018/19                                  how to code in        their skills to grow
UK and abroad, in key markets such as India. And our enthusiastic BT                                                                                                                                       partnership with      their business
volunteers will continue to help.                                                                                                                                                                          Code First: Girls

                                                                              Above data has been drawn from external sources.
Building better digital lives - BT Group plc Digital impact and sustainability report 2018/19 - BT Plc
Building better                       Championing human                     Tackling climate change                                                  BT Group plc Digital impact and   08
Introduction             digital lives                         and digital rights                    and environmental challenges         Strong foundations                  sustainability report 2018/19

  Supporting families’ digital lives

In a world where life and                  We’re working to inspire early digital thinking in
                                           schoolchildren. We’re helping families build their         Crazy
work increasingly depend on                digital confidence and stay safe online. And we’re
                                           making it easier for more people to get online,
technology, having the right               regardless of their income, age or physical ability.       for critical
skills can be the difference               Inspiring children’s digital thinking
between getting ahead                      Teachers hold the key to children’s digital
or being left behind.                      development. Our Barefoot Computing programme
                                           is training them to help primary school children
                                           learn, think and thrive in a digital world.

                                           Computational thinking doesn’t have to be difficult.
                                           Barefoot breaks it down into fun and easy lessons
                                           that teach digital concepts like logic and algorithms
                                           (see box). The aim is to help children develop critical
                                           thinking, become digitally literate and be active
                                           participants in a tech-driven world.

                                           We revamped the Barefoot website this year so
                                           teachers can easily download ready-made lesson
                                           plans and games. Barefoot workshops by trained
                                           volunteers – including BT people – help teachers           Barefoot’s Crazy Characters activity asks children to create their
                                           build their confidence. 92% of the teachers we’ve          own crazy character and write a sequence of instructions for
                                           trained tell us Barefoot gives them greater                their friends to follow to draw it. If their friends draw a character
                                           confidence to teach computing.                             that looks different, the pupil rewrites their instructions until
                                                                                                      it looks the same. They’ve just written and debugged their first
                                           Together with our programme partners at BCS, the           algorithm – an important building block for computational thinking.
I love busting the myth that               Chartered Institute for IT, we celebrated a major
programming is hard. Teachers              milestone this year. Barefoot has reached more
                                           than 2m children through 70,000 teachers since it          Barefoot resources make teaching computing simple,
can’t believe how simple it can            started five years ago. We’ve got 60% of UK primary
                                           schools on board. And we’re not stopping there.            fun and uncomplicated. It helps young children understand
be to teach digital concepts.                                                                         challenging concepts like algorithms in a hands-on way and
The children jump right in to              This year, we became the first strategic partner of
                                           the UK Government’s newly created National Centre
                                                                                                      develop their logical thinking at their own pace. We love
the games and teachers tell us             for Computing Education (NCCE). It’s designed to           using Barefoot resources and we highly recommend
                                           improve the reach and quality of computing teaching        all schools give it a try.”
they love how interactive it is.”          across England. Among other things, we’ll be
                                           bringing our Barefoot Computing programme to               Lily Sellers
Ian Clapshaw                                                                                          Teacher, Ashmount Primary School
Barefoot volunteer, BT                     the heart of the NCCE’s offer for primary schools.
Building better digital lives - BT Group plc Digital impact and sustainability report 2018/19 - BT Plc
Building better                       Championing human                   Tackling climate change                                                      BT Group plc Digital impact and   09
Introduction                          digital lives                         and digital rights                  and environmental challenges            Strong foundations                   sustainability report 2018/19

  Supporting families’ digital lives

                                                        Getting communities online                              We’re connecting more people outside the UK by
 Keeping                                                Access to the digital world can offer better health,    helping Jāńgala, a tech start up, develop and test           Transforming
                                                        finance, education and job prospects. But around        portable wi-fi systems for use in refugee camps
 children                                               12% of UK adults are missing out on these               and during humanitarian relief. We made them
                                                                                                                                                                             tariffs for
 safe online                                            opportunities because they’ve never been online.        available to refugees in Italy and Serbia to contact         people with
                                                        We’re working with communities to tackle digital        their families and get support, and our own                  hearing loss
                                                        exclusion and make sure no one is left behind.          emergency response teams are using the
                                                                                                                boxes too (see page 24).
                                                        We have 12.2 million superfast fibre broadband
                                                        customers, covering 86.6% of homes and                  Improving accessibility
                                                        businesses and we have now rolled out ultrafast         We’re making technology more accessible for
                                                        fibre to 3.2 million homes and businesses. We are       older people and those with disabilities, and we
 Parents can teach their children how to cross                                                                  sponsor the annual Tech4Good Awards to support
                                                        working with government and Ofcom on options for
 the road safely and tell them not to talk to
 strangers. But they don’t always know how
                                                        a broadband Universal Service Obligation – to
                                                        provide 100% of UK homes and businesses with a
                                                                                                                accessible product development.
                                                                                                                                                                             It’s very encouraging to
 to keep them safe online. Our free parental
 controls enable them to block unsuitable
                                                        minimum speed of 10Mbps by 2020. Using Ofcom            One in every six people in the UK live with some             see EE making sure their
                                                        measures, our mobile network now provides 84%           form of hearing loss, but most mobile tariffs focus
 content and manage children’s online activities.
                                                        geographic coverage in the UK. We aim to be the         on voice calls that they can’t use. This year, EE            customers living with
 We’re a founding partner of Internet Matters
                                                        UK’s first mobile provider to offer 5G, launching in
                                                        16 busy UK cities in 2019.
                                                                                                                partnered with Action on Hearing Loss to launch
                                                                                                                special tariffs with more data and fewer minutes so
                                                                                                                                                                             deafness and hearing loss
 and Plusnet is now a member alongside BT
 and EE. We partner to offer advice and tools
                                                                                                                that people with hearing loss can communicate                are not being financially
 to help families stay safe online.
                                                        We’ve also helped connect more than 800
                                                        hard-to-reach communities since 2016 with our
                                                                                                                visually via SMS and video calls (see quote).
                                                                                                                                                                             disadvantaged and are able
 We supported the Safer Internet Day
                                                        community fibre partnership grants for broadband        We provide sign language on our websites and we              to access phone packages
                                                        infrastructure. And anyone can access free ultrafast    offer a Next Generation Text relay service so that
 campaign, inspiring customers, our colleagues
                                                        wi-fi from more than 350 InLink street units we’ve      people with hearing loss and speech impaired                 that are better suited to their
 and teachers to join a national conversation
 about using technology responsibly, reaching
                                                        installed across 19 UK towns and cities. More than
                                                        250,000 people have used them since 2017.
                                                                                                                customers can make calls. This is now available on
                                                                                                                all InLink street units too.
                                                                                                                                                                             needs. We’ve been working
 46% of young people in the UK. We hosted an
 event for Safer Internet Day 2019 at our
                                                                                                                                                                             in partnership with EE’s
                                                                                                                We offer accessibility advice and products through
 headquarters, BT Centre, for school pupils,
                                                        Even when the network is there, some people still
                                                        don’t go online. Our research with the Good Things      our IncludingYou website. BT customer service                excellent Customer Disability
 tech executives and government officials to
 discuss online consent and we launched a new
                                                        Foundation confirmed that barriers include not
                                                        seeing any benefit to being online and finding it
                                                                                                                teams are trained to support customers with
                                                                                                                accessibility needs, as well as older customers
                                                                                                                                                                             Team so that people with
 Barefoot teaching resource on the same topic.
                                                        too complicated or too expensive. We’re helping         with conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s.               hearing loss can benefit
 We also supported Anti-Bullying Week 2018
                                                        overcome some of these hurdles with low-cost
                                                        BT Basic + Broadband and Plusnet broadband
                                                                                                                This year, we created a new Customer Disability
                                                                                                                Team for EE customers.
                                                                                                                                                                             from all the latest mobile
 by promoting the #StopSpeakSupport campaign
 run by the Royal Foundation Taskforce on the
                                                        packages for people on low incomes or certain                                                                        and assistive technology.”
                                                        government benefits. We’ve also supported
 Prevention of Cyberbullying.                                                                                                                                                Tim Willett
                                                        essential digital skills training for over 600 older,
                                                        disabled and low-income people in Scotland to                                                                        Executive Director of Engagement,
                                                        tackle poverty, social isolation and inequality.                                                                     Action on Hearing Loss
Building better                       Championing human                 Tackling climate change                                                        BT Group plc Digital impact and   10
Introduction                            digital lives                         and digital rights                and environmental challenges           Strong foundations                      sustainability report 2018/19

  Supporting working people
  and businesses
In the UK, more than 500,000                              Our Skills for Work one-day boot camps give
                                                          14-18-year-olds more confidence to apply for
                                                                                                                Addressing the digital skills gender gap
                                                                                                                Science, technology, engineering and maths
                                                                                                                                                                            Supporting small businesses
                                                                                                                                                                            Three quarters of UK businesses say they have
highly-skilled workers will be                            jobs, go to interviews and give presentations. This   (STEM) roles have historically been male dominated.         a digital skills gap. That means they could be
                                                          year, over 1,900 teenagers took part, many of
needed to fill digital roles by                           them from areas of high unemployment.
                                                                                                                Even by 2022, women are expected to make up
                                                                                                                only 30% of the UK’s digital workforce. We’re
                                                                                                                                                                            missing out on opportunities to save time and
                                                                                                                                                                            costs, increase their profit and keep customers
2022. That’s three times the                                                                                    encouraging women into tech roles to address
                                                                                                                this looming gap and we’re a signatory to the
                                                                                                                                                                            happy. By improving their digital capabilities,
                                                                                                                                                                            we can help them succeed and grow.
number of computer science                                  Getting                                             Tech Talent Charter.
                                                            young people
graduates in the last decade.                                                                                                                                               We’re already helping SMEs with digital skills,
                                                            work ready                                          We’re encouraging girls – and boys – to improve their       through initiatives like the free digital training
                                                                                                                STEM learning as soon as they start school through          workshops run in partnership between BT Sport
We’re helping businesses large and small – ourselves                                                            Barefoot (see page 08). And this year, female BT            and Google Digital Garage for customers who own
included – upskill their workforces and boost                                                                   colleagues spoke to more than 900 schoolgirls               pubs and clubs. We held 11 workshops and also
productivity by doing more digitally. And we’re                                                                 aged 11-15 about future roles with us.                      visited individual venues, helping over 1,000
encouraging more young people – and women in                                                                                                                                BT Sport commercial customers to enhance their
particular – into the tech sector to grow our own                                                               Our BT furtHER programme in partnership with                online profile of their venues, and attract more
and the wider digital talent pipeline.                                                                          Code First: Girls takes women from beginner coders          customers via social media.
                                                                                                                to the starting point for a career as a software
Supporting young people to access tech jobs                                                                     developer in just four months. We’ve taken on
An estimated 300,000 young people in the UK today                                                               21 women as junior software developers in
lack basic digital skills. Many disadvantaged young                                                             our Technology team this year.
people are not achieving positive outcomes online,
particularly when it comes to education and                                                                     We’ve also expanded our TechWomen programme
employment.                                                 I’d finished my A-levels and decided                for BT women (see box on next page) and
                                                            I didn’t want to go to university.                  supported female colleagues at the middle stages
We want to help change that. Our Work Ready                                                                     of their career to gain apprentice level
programme prepares 16-24-year-olds for the world            I needed experience to help me find                 qualifications to move into tech roles within our
of work and teaches them practical skills to improve        a job. I shadowed an engineer for six               company. A team from Openreach also showcased
employability. Young people not currently in education,                                                         STEM-related roles on offer to young women at a
employment or training gain hands-on tech skills            days and it was out of this world. You
                                                                                                                British Army event celebrating 100 years of women
and work experience with us. More than 2,700                learn so much about what happens                    in the forces.
have graduated from Work Ready since 2014.                  behind the scenes of technology. That
                                                            helps you in all areas, even customer               Just 22% of chief information officers in leading
More young people than ever took part this                                                                      UK organisations are women. This year, we hosted
calendar year with 982 starting the programme in            service, because you know how to                    an event for our customers’ IT leaders, attended
2018, and 77% completing it. In the 2017 cohort,            help people more. I’d recommend                     by female CIOs, IT directors and heads of IT, to
55% went on to get a job or an apprenticeship or                                                                help build a strong network of connections in the
went into further education. We aim to ensure that          BT work placements to anyone.”
                                                                                                                technology sector who can lead future change.
each annual Work Ready cohort is an equivalent              Yasmeen Awais
size to 1% of our own workforce, as part of our             Work Ready participant, Blackburn
commitment as a founding member of the
Movement to Work coalition.
Building better                     Championing human               Tackling climate change                                                         BT Group plc Digital impact and   11
Introduction                       digital lives                       and digital rights              and environmental challenges            Strong foundations                      sustainability report 2018/19

  Supporting working people
  and businesses
                                                                                                         Supporting charity partners

 Our                                                                                                   We’re using our technology                                   As a founding partner of the Geared for Giving
                                                                                                                                                                    campaign, we are building an online tool that will
 TechWomen                                                                                             and expertise to improve                                     help drive uptake of payroll giving across the UK,
                                                                                                                                                                    in addition to bolstering our own employee
 of the future                                                                                         people’s lives in the UK                                     contributions. This year our people donated over
                                                                                                       and globally through charity                                 £2.9m to more than 1,500 charities through
                                                                                                                                                                    payroll giving.
                                                                                                       partnerships and volunteering.
                                                                                                                                                                    We’ve also partnered with, one of the
                                                                                                                                                                    UK’s leading volunteering databases, to create
                                                                                                                                                           The digital platform enables people to
                                                                                                       This year, we continued to support major                     connect to charities, schools and civil society
                                                                                                       campaigns for charities, including Stand Up                  organisations to find volunteering opportunities.
                                                                                                       to Cancer for Cancer Research UK, SoccerAid                  This year, we trialled the platform with some of
                                                                                                       for Unicef and Red Nose Day for Comic Relief.                our people in the UK and opened it to all our
                                                                                                       Openreach continued its long standing support                people in India.
                                                                                                       of SSAFA – the armed forces charity.
                                                                                                                                                                    Partnering with charities to improve
                                                                                                       Using technology for good                                    digital skills
                                                                                                       We’ve continued to use our technology to help                Going forward, we will focus our work with charities
                                                                                                       charities boost fundraising efforts through our              on the area we think we’ll deliver the greatest
                                                                                                       MyDonate fundraising platform and our Digital Tin            impact: digital skills. This year, we’ve worked with
                                                                                                       contactless fundraising devices, But we’ve made              Unicef to identify a project that will help thousands
                                                                                                       the tough decision to close MyDonate in June                 of young people in Brazil to enhance their digital
                                                                                                       2019. It was the UK’s first fee-free platform when           skills and we stepped up our support through
                                                                                                       introduced in 2011, but there are now many other             charity partnerships in India.
                                                                                                       providers in the market.
 Our TechWomen programme helps hundreds of           In 2017/18, 41% of participants secured                                                                        The BT Supporters Club also funded a ground-
 women in technology and commercial roles            a bigger role after completing the programme.     We’re proud of what we achieved, helping raise               breaking digital training programme with Football
 progress their careers.                             87% said they were more confident driving their   more than £400m over the last nine years. But it is          Beyond Borders. Young people gained digital
                                                     own career and 90% felt more confident            now time to lead in another important area for the           media, filmmaking and public speaking skills, and
 Over the course of a year, participants get         networking.                                       UK. Our work with charities and other partners will          the chance to write and produce their own football
 face-to-face training, masterclasses, coaching,                                                       increasingly focus on digital skills. We will continue       show for TV. Since it was set up over five years ago,
 and access to a new network of peers and senior                                                       to report on our ambition to use our skills and              the BT Supporters Club has raised over £10m for
 leaders. The number of women taking part                                                              technology to generate more than £1bn for good               Comic Relief thanks to BT Sport customers
 doubled this year to 770. We added a new course                                                       causes by 2020, but it will no longer be a business          donating through their monthly bill.
                                                                                                       priority. Since 2012/13, we’ve used our technology
 for women in early management roles, as well as
 training senior leaders. We’ve expanded the                                                           and expertise to help generate more than £646m
 programme to India too.                             Women taking part this year                       for good causes, including £109m this year.
Building better                     Championing human                    Tackling climate change                                                         BT Group plc Digital impact and   12
Introduction                             digital lives                       and digital rights                   and environmental challenges            Strong foundations                      sustainability report 2018/19

   Supporting charity partners

Mobilising our people
We want our people to be digital champions.                Empowering
Everyone at BT can take up to three days a year
for volunteering and we’re encouraging them
                                                           young people
to use that time to develop digital skills in their        in India through
communities. Our people can get a lot back                 innovation and
from volunteering too. They learn new skills,
build confidence and expand their horizons.                technology in
This year, we took the decision to no longer
focus purely on the proportion of our people
who volunteer, which is why the volunteering
participation rate dropped to 26%. Instead,
we will refocus our volunteering efforts on digital
skills – the area we think will deliver the greatest
impact for the UK and BT.

In the year ahead we’ll develop a new target, to
replace our existing participation one, that better
reflects the impact and growing contribution our
people are making through volunteering. As an
example, this year, nearly 2,500 of our people
contributed over 6,700 days supporting our
programmes on digital skills and helping
young people prepare for the world of work.

                                                           In India, around 150m school age children are          We’re also pioneering new finance models to                  This builds on our existing work to tackle
                                                           illiterate. Improving their literacy – and digital     support learning on an even bigger scale as the              illiteracy in India through the Katha Information
                                                           literacy – can make a big difference to their          first corporate to support the British Asian Trust’s         Technology and E-commerce School (KITES) that
                                                           future prospects.                                      education development impact bond. It aims to                we set up with the charity and publisher Katha in
                                                                                                                  improve literacy and numeracy skills for more                2001. It’s helped over 375,000 children in the
                                                           This year, we launched a three-year partnership        than 300,000 children in India through                       slums of New Delhi learn how to read, with
                                                           with the British Asian Trust to empower half a         local partnerships.                                          support from BT volunteers. This year, we
                                                           million young people, with a particular focus on                                                                    supported the development of new online
                                                           adolescent girls, in India. It will use apps, videos                                                                learning resources to reach more children.
                                                           and other interactive digital technologies to break
                                                           down social barriers and improve young people’s
                                                           health, education, employability and life skills.
Building better   Championing human       Tackling climate change                                      BT Group plc Digital impact and   13
Introduction                          digital lives     and digital rights      and environmental challenges   Strong foundations            sustainability report 2018/19

  Championing human
  and digital rights                                                                                                                     The same
                                                                                                                                     rights that people
                                                                                                                                     have offline must
                                                                                                                                     also be protected

Everyone’s entitled to basic rights and freedoms –
both on and offline. We’re committed to respecting                           estimated worldwide victims
                                                                                                                                       The UN Human
                                                                                                                                    Rights Council in 2017

these rights, partnering to combat modern slavery and                             of modern slavery
helping to drive the conversation on issues like privacy.

 In this section

 Protecting people’s rights on and offline    14
 Respecting human rights in our business      14
 Sourcing with human dignity                  14
 Tackling modern slavery                      15
 Protecting privacy and freedom
 of expression                                16
 Strengthening security                       17
 Shaping the agenda on emerging issues        17
Building better                       Championing human                   Tackling climate change                                                            BT Group plc Digital impact and   14
Introduction                           digital lives                         and digital rights                  and environmental challenges            Strong foundations                         sustainability report 2018/19

  Protecting people’s rights                                                                                       Sourcing with human dignity
  on and offline
Human rights are important                               We’re committed to respecting human rights
                                                         in our own business (see box) and our supply chain.
                                                                                                                 Respecting human rights                                      If we find an issue, we assess the risk and how
                                                                                                                                                                              best to deal with it. We identified 368 high and
for everyone – society,                                  And we’re taking a lead on modern slavery,              is fundamental to the way                                    medium-risk suppliers this year, and followed up
                                                         including partnering with others to unlock the                                                                       with all of them within a three-month period to
government and business. We                              power of technology in combating this crime.            we work and we want to                                       request more information, we then decide whether
use the UN Guiding Principles                            We have strong safeguards in place to protect
                                                                                                                 partner with suppliers who                                   we need to take any further action. This may
                                                                                                                                                                              include an audit – we conducted 53 on-site
on Business and Human Rights                             customers’ data against cyber-attacks and protect       share this commitment.                                       assessments this year. We track progress monthly
to shape our approach.                                   their privacy and free expression. Issues like online
                                                         freedoms and privacy are evolving as people
                                                                                                                                                                              to check we’re dealing with high and medium-risk
                                                                                                                                                                              suppliers effectively and that improvements are
                                                         spend more time online. We’re helping the UK                                                                         being made. If they don’t show any commitment
                                                         Government think about the changing nature                                                                           to improve, we may stop working with them.
                                                         of these complex issues.
                                                                                                                                                                              Supplier assessments on social
                                                         We’re also responding to other emerging issues                                                                       and environmental criteria
                                                         relevant to our industry, such as artificial                                                                                                            2017/18       2018/19
                                                         intelligence and human rights in sports                                                                              Self-assessments by new or
                                                         broadcasting (see page 17).                                                                                          renewed contract suppliers            917           782
                                                                                                                                                                              Suppliers identified as
                                                                                                                                                                              high or medium risk                   269           368
                                                                                                                 We spent around £13.4bn this year with more
                                                                                                                 than 16,000 direct suppliers in nearly 100                   % of high or medium-risk
Respecting human rights in our business                                                                          countries. To work with us, they must commit to
                                                                                                                 meeting our requirements on Sourcing with Human
                                                                                                                                                                              suppliers reviewed within
                                                                                                                                                                              three months as follow-up           100%          100%

We’re committed to respecting the dignity,               All of our people must complete training on             Dignity and other fundamentals like our standards            On-site assessments
liberty and equality of everyone we work with.           human rights as part of our mandatory annual            on ethics, health and safety, environment, product           (Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers)          52               53
This is part of the BT ethics code that everyone         training on the BT ethics code. We provide              stewardship and climate change (see page 22
at BT must follow.                                       additional training for the teams who are               for more on our work with suppliers to cut
                                                                                                                 carbon emissions).                                           Looking deeper in the supply chain
                                                         involved with higher risk areas.                                                                                     Our supply chain is large and complex. We’re
This year, we launched an overarching human                                                                                                                                   looking beyond our direct (Tier 1) suppliers to check
rights policy. It brings together existing policies      We encourage our colleagues, contractors and            We work with our suppliers – and their suppliers –
                                                                                                                 to check they meet these standards. We’re also               that their suppliers (our Tier 2) also comply with our
in one place to explain the human rights we are          suppliers to report concerns, including through                                                                      standards. This year, we audited 33 Tier 1 and 20
more likely to affect and how we’re addressing           our confidential Speak Up helpline (see page 28).       improving the process we use to evaluate potential
                                                                                                                 suppliers on social and environmental criteria. We’re        Tier 2 suppliers, focusing on the suppliers identified
these risks.                                                                                                                                                                  as highest risk.
                                                                                                                 introducing a new pre-qualification questionnaire
Our due diligence processes help us identify                                                                     which will flag potential risks or early-warning signs
and manage potential human rights risks in our                                                                   before we decide to work with a supplier. We’re
operations. The Digital Impact & Sustainability                                                                  especially alert to the risk of modern slavery
Committee, a Board committee, oversees our                                                                       in our supply chain (see page 15).
human and digital rights programme worldwide.
Building better   Championing human                     Tackling climate change                                                   BT Group plc Digital impact and   15
Introduction                             digital lives     and digital rights                    and environmental challenges          Strong foundations                  sustainability report 2018/19

   Sourcing with human dignity
                                                             Tackling modern slavery

We’ve started mapping the supply chain of two of
our consumer products, our DECT phone and our
                                                           More than 40m people                                       National
Smart Hub. We now know who supplies many of                around the world are thought                               Anti‑Slavery
the components of these products as far as Tier 4
of the supply chain so we’re better able to                to be in some form of slavery.                             Day
understand potential risks.                                Much more needs to be done
We’re members of the Responsible Business                  to stamp out this crime and
Alliance (RBA), a business coalition for responsible
supply chains. This gives us greater visibility of the
                                                           we’re working with partners
lower tiers of our supply chain by giving us access        to look at how technology
to audit information shared by others in our
industry. We’re using the RBA’s shared supplier            can help.
database to check suppliers’ performance and
take action if necessary.

Checking for conflict minerals
Electronic devices may contain tantalum, tin,
tungsten and gold. These are known as conflict             Leading change in business and society                      On National Anti-Slavery Day in October 2018, we lit up the BT Tower with
minerals if they are sourced from war-torn or              Forced, bonded or child labour is never acceptable.         modern slavery messages, visible to thousands of people across London.
politically unstable places such as the Democratic         We have systems in place to help us prevent any form        This included highlighting the modern slavery helpline and smartphone app.
Republic of Congo, that have a heightened risk of          of slavery in our own business or our supply chain.
human rights abuses.                                       Our Modern Slavery Act statement explains how.

Our conflict minerals policy explains how we’re            We believe technology can help combat modern                It is only by a close partnership between
managing this risk and we report progress in our           slavery and we’re exploring how through Tech
                                                           Against Trafficking, a coalition of organisations
                                                                                                                       committed stakeholders that we can begin to
annual conflict minerals disclosure. We’re also
members of the Responsible Minerals Initiative             including Amazon, AT&T, Microsoft, Nokia,                   effectively combat and ultimately prevent modern
which is helping us review and compare our
approach against industry standards.
                                                           Vodafone, and anti-trafficking
                                                           experts. This year, the group began mapping ways            slavery. The partnership of BT and Unseen is an
                                                           that technology is already combating slavery
                                                           around the world, identifying over 200 solutions
                                                                                                                       exemplar of this and we encourage others to
                                                           so far. Each solution was assessed to determine             partner and collaborate to end slavery.”
                                                           the potential to scale up their impact with the
                                                           help of the group. Our plan is to collaborate on            Andrew Wallis
                                                           high potential solutions to support the                     CEO, Unseen
                                                           fight against slavery.
Building better                       Championing human                  Tackling climate change                                                        BT Group plc Digital impact and   16
Introduction                           digital lives                         and digital rights                 and environmental challenges            Strong foundations                     sustainability report 2018/19

  Tackling modern slavery
                                                           Protecting privacy
                                                           and freedom of expression
We’re also working with the UK Government
and other businesses to champion best practices
                                                         The rights people have offline must also be protected online.
through the Home Office’s Business Against               We work hard to protect our customers from online harms
Slavery Forum. This year, we funded the
development of a digital platform to support             and safeguard their privacy and security, supporting their
Bright Future, a programme started by a fellow
member of the Home Office’s Business Against
                                                         right to free expression.
Slavery Forum, the Co-operative Group. The
programme aims to help survivors of human
trafficking and modern slavery find secure work.
City Hearts, the charity operating the scheme,
will be able to use the new digital platform to          But our customers’ right to privacy is not absolute.   Balancing privacy and government                             Blocking illegal content
post opportunities and match suitable candidates         Governments can request access to information          investigatory powers                                         We believe everyone should have access to any
against paid work placements across the UK.              that could help to fight serious crime or terrorism,   In some situations, authorities can legally override         content online as long as it’s legal. So we won’t
                                                         and the law requires us to provide it. We take         the right to privacy because they need access to             block access to material on the internet except in
Raising awareness                                        this issue very seriously. We have due diligence       people’s communications and data to help stop                a very specific set of circumstances (see our
No country is immune to modern slavery. In               processes for dealing with such requests and           serious crime and terrorism. This can be vitally             BT Privacy and Free Expression Report). This
the UK, tens of thousands of men, women and              are transparent about our approach.                    important to national security and we’ve a legal             includes images of child sexual abuse flagged by the
children are believed to be victims. But public                                                                 obligation to provide this information.                      Internet Watch Foundation. We also offer parental
awareness remains low.                                   Protecting customers’ privacy                                                                                       controls and work with Internet Matters to make
                                                         Customers expect us to keep their information          The government has to find the right balance                 the internet safer for children (see page 09).
We partner with the charity Unseen to raise              safe and private. We must – and do – protect our       between protecting people’s security and their
public awareness of slavery in society and               customers’ personal data (see page 17). And            privacy and free expression. We assess any requests          Filtering helps to block access to harmful content
provide communications services, equipment               when we design a new product or service, we            in line with our process, and we will ask for clarity        online. But illegal content spread on social media
and consultancy to support the UK modern                 consider privacy from the very start. We call this     if we need to. We have strong internal governance            is beyond our control. We don’t think internet
slavery helpline it runs. The helpline provides          privacy by design.                                     in place and our Investigatory Powers Governance             providers like us should be making judgement calls
access to information and support on a 24/7                                                                     Committee, a Board committee, oversees all our               about what content is and isn’t acceptable. But we
basis for victims of modern slavery, businesses,         In May 2018, new EU data protection regulations        activity in this area. The BT Privacy and Free               think someone should. In September 2018, we
authorities and the general public. Since its            came into force that enhance privacy rights for        Expression Report 2019 lays out how we respond               joined other broadcasters and media providers in
launch in October 2016, it has received many             individuals. We welcomed these changes and             to these requests in the UK and 20 other countries.          an urgent call for an independent watchdog to
thousands of contacts indicating over 13,500             took steps to ensure compliance. We simplified                                                                      regulate the industry and make the internet
potential victims.                                       the language of our privacy policy and added more      We’ve joined the Global Network Initiative –                 safer for everyone.
                                                         detail on how we’re using our customers’ data.         an organisation at the forefront of the debates on
This year, we developed an app with Unseen to            We used training, posters, videos and quizzes to       privacy and freedom of expression – to keep our
make it even easier to report suspected cases of         alert colleagues of their duty to keep data secure     approach in line with best practice.
modern slavery. It also offers tips on how to spot       – and what to do if there’s a breach.
the signs of slavery.
Building better                       Championing human                  Tackling climate change                                                     BT Group plc Digital impact and   17
Introduction                            digital lives                         and digital rights                 and environmental challenges          Strong foundations                    sustainability report 2018/19

  Strengthening                                                                                                    Shaping the agenda
  security                                                                                                         on emerging issues
Security is fundamental to protecting our customers’ privacy.                                                    Human and digital rights risks are constantly evolving.
By keeping our networks secure, we’re helping to keep their                                                      We’re working with others to understand these risks
personal information and private communications safe from                                                        and shape the agenda on emerging issues relevant
increasingly sophisticated cyber-crimes like phishing,                                                           to our business.
malware and hacking.

We’re taking a leading role in the fight against          This year, 175,000 hours of training helped to         Exploring the ethics of artificial intelligence
cyber-crime and we’re empowering our customers            equip our teams with the skills they need to protect   Artificial intelligence (AI) has a lot of useful
to protect themselves too.                                BT and our customers against cyber-attacks.            applications. But there are challenges. The criteria       BT has been a critical partner
Bolstering our defences
                                                          Sixteen apprentices joined our team this year and
                                                          we will welcome more next year as we build
                                                                                                                 it uses to make decisions must be clear and the data
                                                                                                                 it uses must be high quality – which means correct,
                                                                                                                                                                            of the Centre from its inception
Our security council is responsible for managing          essential skills for the future (see page 10).         complete, and bias-free to avoid discrimination.           through to today. From playing
cyber security risks. It reports to our Executive
Committee. Automated systems and the BT                   Empowering our customers
                                                                                                                 That’s why respecting human rights is at the heart
                                                                                                                 of our approach as we explore further uses for AI.         a key role in developing tools
Security team, of over 3,000 colleagues around the
world, monitor customer and BT devices at all
                                                          We offer customers advice and tools to help them
                                                          protect themselves online too. In 2018, we ran         We’re drawing on all of our experience in
                                                                                                                                                                            to help broadcasters embed
times. Between October and December 2018 they             a campaign to encourage people to fortify their        AI research to contribute to the emerging debate           human rights into its operations,
blocked an average of 135m connections to
malware sites each month, protecting our
                                                          homes against cyber-criminals. Our website offers
                                                          practical tips on how to choose strong passwords,
                                                                                                                 on the ethics of this technology. We responded to
                                                                                                                 the UK Government’s consultation on the new
                                                                                                                                                                            to leading the broadcast voice
systems and keeping our customers’ data safe.             spot scams and protect digital files like photos.      Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation this year.           into discussions around collective
                                                                                                                 We’re also part of techUK’s working group on
We publish the number of phishing attacks,                Customers can also use our free software to help       digital ethics.                                            action, BT has proven itself
scams and malware sites we’re detecting on our
new Cyber Index website. We’ve done this to be
                                                          keep their data safe. Products like BT Protect are
                                                          designed to detect viruses, malware and spyware.       Protecting human rights in sports
                                                                                                                                                                            invaluable to our work.”
more transparent, raise awareness of the risks and                                                               broadcasting                                               Mary Harvey
show what we’re doing behind the scenes to protect        Working together                                       Sport has the power to be a uniting force for good         CEO, Centre for Sport and Human Rights
our customers.                                            We’re working with others to help combat               in society. But more work needs to be done to fully
                                                          cyber-crime. Last year, we became the first            align the world of sport with the fundamental
Many of our products are moving to the cloud to           telecommunications provider in the world to start      principles of human rights.
give our customers flexibility and greater security.      sharing information about malicious software and
We carry out due diligence on our cloud providers         websites with our peers. This builds on our existing   We’re on the advisory council of the Centre for
to check they meet the latest industry security           data-sharing agreements with the National Cyber        Sport and Human Rights that launched in June
standards.                                                Security Centre and law enforcement organisations      2018. Through this stakeholder alliance, we work
                                                          such as INTERPOL. We’re calling on other UK            with governments, civil society, sports bodies and
We’re investing in research, innovation and training      broadband providers to follow our lead and             other broadcasters and sponsors to navigate the
to ensure we stay one step ahead of the criminals.        share this type of data too.                           risks and take action.
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