Casa Bernabé Orphanage Team Orientation 2014

Casa Bernabé Orphanage
   Team Orientation

Thank you for your interest in coming to Guatemala and serving here at Casa Bernabé
Orphanage! We are so excited to have you come and be a part of all that God is doing here
for these precious children.

At Casa Bernabé, which means “house of comfort”, children find acceptance, stability and
healing in the love of Jesus. Casa Bernabé is a beautiful 13-acre campus near Guatemala City
and it is home to more than 150 children. All of the children come out of difficult living situa-
tions. Some are orphans, others have been abandoned, others abused. Each child belongs to a
loving, nurturing family made up of house parents and their own children. Together they live in
individual houses large enough for 15-20 children of the same age group. As a family unit, they
eat, pray, play and work together.

Everyone at Casa Bernabé belongs to a larger, international family. Guatemalans, missionaries
and people from different languages and backgrounds work together to make this a place of
hope and healing. Some live at Casa Bernabé full time or short term, while others support the
ministry through prayers and giving. You and your team are also a part of this family. When
you come to serve at Casa Bernabé, you are our guests. But we also hope that you feel like a
part of our family.

The information contained in this “Team Orientation” Packet will give you an idea of what is
expected and required to come serve here at Casa Bernabé. Please take time to thoroughly
read the information and go through it with each member of your team and make as many
copies of it as you need. If you have any questions at all with any of the information in this
packet, please feel free to contact me. I am excited that you are interested in serving here
and look forward to talking with you, should you need anything.

Friends of Children Everywhere, Inc., is the stateside, 501(C)(3), non-profit organization that
administers missionaries and funding for Casa Bernabe (seen throughout here as “FOCE”).

Kalee Barnes

Team Coordinator
Friends of Children Everywhere (FOCE)
P.O. Box 6904
Kokomo, IN 46904-6904


               ENTRY/DEPARTURE                          4

               GENERAL HEALTH AND SAFETY                5

               DRESS REQUIREMENTS                       7

               HOSPITALITY                              8

               KITCHEN & DINING ROOM                    9



               CONTACT INFORMATION                      14

               TOOL USE                                 15

               BACKGROUND CLEARANCE POLICY              16

               VISITOR AGREEMENT FORM                   17

               EMERGENCY CONTACT FORM                   18

               SAMPLE MISSION TRIP APPLICATION          19

Casa Bernabé                                     1           03/2014
       ♦   When forming a team:
             1. PRAY...a lot.
             2. Have each team member fill out an application. (A sample application is included on
                 page 20 and following. Feel free to copy the application and use for your team.)
             3. Make sure each team member, 18 years and older, has a background check
                 completed before arriving, a REQUIREMENT by FOCE and Casa Bernabé.
             4. Email a total of how many males and how many females are coming on your team to
                 Kalee Barnes at:
             5. Go through the information in this “Team Orientation” packet with each team
                 member prior to your trip. The Team Leader will be held responsible for their team
                 knowing ALL contained herein.

       ♦   Two months before your trip:
              1. Email the FINAL total of how many males and how many females are coming on
                 your team to Kalee Barnes at This number CANNOT change unless
                 it is less than the original total.
              2. Mail any project money you will be using for work projects while at Casa Bernabé. This
                 will enable us to purchase your supplies in advance so they are ready for your team, and
                 allow for the often 2-month-long exchange of currency.
              3. Mail check for room and board (and projects) to:
                      Friends of Children Everywhere (FOCE)
                      P.O. Box 6904
                      Kokomo, IN 46904-6904

       ♦   Have in your possession when you arrive:
              1. Emergency Contact forms for each team member.
              2. Visitor Agreement forms for each team member.
              3. Cash for bus transportation to Antigua ($200 USD) and any other trips you are planning.
              4. “In-Kind” giving receipts/list purchased, donated prior to trip.
              5.. Cleared Police Department Background Check for each person over 18. You must
                  be able to show proof that each team member is cleared. If there is any concern
                  about the background of any one on your team, please contact asap.

       ♦   While in Guatemala:
             1. Be flexible! This is Guatemala. All the convenience and easy availability of goods
                  and services that we are used to in North America is simply not available here.

Casa Bernabé                                          2                                              03/2014
Rather than allowing the frustrations to rule, be willing to roll with the certain
                  changes and experience the blessing of a different pace and a different way of life
                  that is focused more on the relationship than productivity. Food is different, dorms
                  lack privacy, and attitudes towards dress and activities are not what we are
                  accustomed to. It is helpful for teams to come with a mindset of adjusting to the
                  culture here, not forcing the Guatemalans to adjust to our expectations.
               2. Plan a daily devotional time with your team. Have a time each day to meet with
                  your team for prayer, testimony, etc. as well as time for the team to communicate
                  plans and problems.
               3. Prepare for a lack of communication/entertainment. We do have wifi available,
                  but it is not always reliable. We can allow a team message to be sent to your church
                  (for instance) so they know that you arrived safely. Exceptions will obviously be
                  made for emergency situations. Please do not use video apps (Skype, FaceTime, etc.)
                  that consume bandwidth and prevent others from basic communication.

Casa Bernabé                                          3                                              03/2014
       Flight info should be sent to ASAP to allow us to plan transportation. At
       minimum 30 days in advance is needed.

       While in Guatemala, it is very important that you carry your Passport or a copy of your Passport
       at all times when you are not at Casa Bernabé. Keep it in a safe place, preferably not in a
       backpack or back pocket. Backpacks can be slit from behind without you knowing it and
       pickpockets know how to be sneaky.

       The Guatemalan police often do random checks. It will be a lot easier, faster, and safer for you
       if you have your passport with you so you can show it to them and move on. If you will be
       driving while you are in Guatemala, you must carry your actual passport, not just the copy.

       Please keep your airplane ticket in a safe place.

       Do not exchange currency at the airport. You will be ripped off with the poor exchange rate. Wait til
       you get to a local bank (time will be made for that usually during an outing).

       It is required that we keep records of all in-kind giving. This includes all money and gifts
       brought down with you or purchased in Guatemala and given to Casa Bernabé staff and
       children. Please keep accurate records of all purchases made, gifts and donations brought with
       you and bought and given during your stay. If anything was purchased in Guatemala, you must
       have the actual receipt. If you brought items with you, you will need to provide an estimate.
       Items bought while in Guatemala are not tax-deductible. You will need to turn all receipts in to
       the Casa Bernabé office before leaving. If for some reason you need to keep your receipts,
       please make an accurate list of all items purchased and the amount spent and turn that in.

       You will need to pre-send/bring money for any projects you want to help with during your stay
       here. The orphanage has no funds for you. If you wish to paint a house, for example, you will
       be responsible for purchasing paint and supplies.

       You will need spending money and funds for your trip to Antigua. If your group is small enough
       to use the van (11 adults or less), the cost will be $75 USD to pay the driver and for fuel. For
       larger groups, you will need $200 to pay the expense of the bus, including the driver and fuel
       and vehicle wear and tear. Each person will also need personal spending money for trinkets.
       Please be very considerate of the driver – provide him food for each meal time while gone..

       Your room and board fee of $25 per person, per night, includes three meals a day,
       transportation to and from the airport, utilities, purified water, paper products and cleaning
       supplies. This room and board fee is required 2 months before your arrival. (currency
       exchange can take 2 months or longer).

Casa Bernabé                                               4                                              03/2014

       While in Guatemala, you will need to wash your hands often with soap and water, especially
       before meals to diminish the risk of getting sick. Bring hand sanitizer for dorms/dining room.
       Also, feel free to bring sanitary wipes for your own dishware for just before eating, to
       minimize contamination.

       Water and Drinks
         • Avoid drinking tap water (even though it is tested as super clean).
         • Drink only clean/bottled water kept in the dining room and always available for you. This is
         the only water that should be used for drinking and for brushing your teeth.
         • It is highly recommended that each person brings their own personal water bottle to
             use. Clean your water bottle at least every three days.

               Remember: boil it, cook it, peel it, or forget it!
           •   Eat only foods that have been thoroughly cooked.
           •   Eat only fruits and vegetables that you know have been properly treated or that you
               have peeled yourself with clean hands.
           •   Do not eat foods that have been purchased from a street vendor. Ever.
           •   All food prepared in the Casa Bernabé kitchen is safe and prepared in a healthy way.
           •   The teams must wash their own dishes immediately after meals (See “Kitchen and
               Dining Room” below)
           •   A trip to Wal-Mart can be arranged, if necessary. Wal-Mart is about 20 minutes from
               Casa Bernabé. If you need to get some items we will try to arrange a trip for you.
               Vehicles are not always available so please be patient. If we cannot get you there we
               will try and pick up the items for you. You will need to pay for the cost of fuel for any
               such trips.

          • Please do not handle animals. Most of them have not been vaccinated for rabies and
              other diseases.
          • Wear insect repellent and keep your skin covered at all times. Even though we are out
              of the malaria zone, the insects still carry other diseases. It is a good idea to spray
              yourself and your bedding before retiring for the night.
          • Be aware of what you have touched before entering the dining room or kitchen to
              prevent contamination to others (sewage, dirty tools, kid with a cold, etc.)
          • Keep your feet clean and do not go barefoot – even in the shower (bring flip-flops).
              This helps to avoid fungal and parasitic infections.
          • Always wear latex gloves if you encounter blood.
          • Do not walk off campus alone. It is unsafe. Only groups of four or more are
              recommended to walk off the campus during daylight, with 2 men in each group.

Casa Bernabé                                            5                                                  03/2014
•    Do not walk off or around campus after dark. Please stay on the concrete by the Main
                building after 6pm.
               Children are often in bed as early as 7:00pm. Please refrain from any noise or loud
                talking after 7:00pm.
              Be inside by 9pm. The doors are locked at this time.
              Always let someone know where you are going. Please be careful and alert. Even if you
               choose to go on a hike or a walk here on campus, please let someone know where you
               are going and always go in groups of two or more.
           •   Do not leave valuables in sight. Leaving valuables out, such as cameras, purses, phones, money,
               or jewelry is an invitation for theft. It’s best to keep these locked in a bag when out
               of the dorm.
           •   Please bring any medications you might possibly need with you. Bring an EXTRA week supply of
               meds than you need, in case a flight is canceled or we have a volcanic ‘issue”.
                 Suggestions include:
                       antacids liquid and tablets (Tums, Rolaids, Maalox, etc.)
                       diarrhea medication (Imodium, Pepto-Bismol, etc.)
                       cough/cold medications
                       pain reliever (Tylenol, Advil, etc.)
                       antibiotic cream/ointment
                       You might also consider an antibiotic, Cipro is usually recommended for stomach
                        problems such as parasites.
                       Lice treatment is also a good idea
                       These can all be donated to Casa Bernabé if you do not use all of them.

Casa Bernabé                                           6                                               03/2014

       Please dress modestly and follow these guidelines closely. They are strictly enforced by Casa
       Bernabé and are the sole responsibility of the Team Leader:

               Girls and Women:
                   • No short shorts: Shorts, skirts and dresses must be at least knee length.
                   • Pants are not to be too tight and if they are hip huggers, please wear a LONGER
                   • Leggings are NOT pants. They are only to be worn under dresses/skirts.
                   • No bellies or backs showing even when you raise your arms.
                   • No low cut or transparent shirts or sweaters.
                   • Sleeveless tops are acceptable but no thin strap cami tops.
                   • Single piercing earrings only. Please remove all other body piercing jewelry.
                   • Keep tattoos covered at all times.
                   • Dress nicely for church on Sunday (office casual is fine).

               Boys and Men:
                  • No baggy pants showing underwear or boxers.
                  • No t-shirts with suggestive messages.
                  • No body piercing jewelry of any kind, including earrings.
                  • Keep tattoos covered at all times.
                  • Dress nicely for church on Sunday (office casual is fine).

       These requests are not meant to be a judgment on anybody. They are the guidelines we feel
       that God had given us for this ministry and we only ask that you help us to uphold them and
       not confuse the children we are ministering to. When our children see piercings or tattoos
       that they find intriguing, they have, on occasion, attempted to duplicate the effect for
       themselves. Without the proper tools, sterilization techniques or knowledge to perform the
       acts safely, the children are at risk of infections and worse.

Casa Bernabé                                          7                                                03/2014

           •   Do not put toilet paper in the toilets!
                There are trashcans in each bathroom stall with trash bags for your toilet paper.
                The septic system in Guatemala is not equipped to handle paper of any kind.
                Putting toilet paper in the toilets will clog them and creates more work for everyone.
                If you do drop toilet paper in the toilet, it is your responsibility to get it out before
           •   Keep your dorms and bathrooms clean. This is your responsibility. Cleaning supplies
               are available upon request. They should be cleaned by your team once daily for
               health purposes.
           •   Do not use our towels to dry the floor. If the floor gets wet, please ask Berta (in La
               Fortaleza) for a floor cloth. Please use towels for your personal shower ONLY, not for
               cleaning up. These bath towels need to be maintained in good condition for use by
               future teams and visitors.
           •   Empty your own trash from your dorms and bathrooms daily by taking your trash bags
               out to the trash cage by the parking lot.
           •   Let us know immediately if something breaks in your room (including bunk beds,
               mirrors, pipes, windows, or ceiling tiles).
           •   There is a washing machine available for team use Monday thru Saturday upon request.
               Please use the clothes lines whenever possible! There is one dryer for teams to use if
               absolutely necessary, please follow the same rules as for the washer.
           •   Bring your own laundry detergent with you.
           •   Please do not put your luggage on the extra beds. Keep them available for other
               individuals that might join you.

Casa Bernabé                                            8                                                03/2014

              You can expect to eat lots of rice, black beans, fruits and vegetables and very little meat.
              The portions are much smaller and the food is not as filling as what you are used to in
               the U.S. The kitchen prepares one serving for each person at Casa Bernabé for each
               meal and work with very limited funds, depending totally on donations to operate
               and purchase food.
              Be considerate of your fellow team members, as well as any other teams that might
               be there at the same time, when taking your portion.
              It is recommended that each person bring nutritious snacks to supplement their meals.
              There is a microwave and toaster available for your use in the team dining room.
              If you tend to have a sensitive stomach you may want to consider taking Pepto-Bismol
               liquid or tablets before meals as it coats your stomach as well as provides protection
               against bacteria.
              Keep all tables and counters clean and lids on jars, as open foods and jars invite insect
               manifestation which is unpleasant and unhealthy for everyone. Please be
               considerate to others and to the kitchen staff in these matters.

       Please be on time for meals! Anticipate meal times as follows:

                Monday-Friday:                         Saturday-Sunday:
                Breakfast – 7:00am                     Breakfast – 8:00am
                Lunch – 1:00pm                         Lunch – 1:00pm
                Dinner – 6:00pm                        Dinner – 6:00pm

       A bell will ring announcing meal times.

           • Each team is responsible to wash, dry and put away their own dishes.
           • The kitchen staff is very aware of sanitary methods. You, too, should be very diligent in using
           the green soap available for dishwashing, as it is anti-bacterial. Use a clean cloth to dry them and
           place them back in dining room cabinets. Train your team, especially those that don’t normally
           wash dishes elsewhere. You will want 100% compliance on this.
           • For those that desire to be extra safe, bring sanitized wipes for personally wiping your plate and
           silverware, just before eating. This is the best step of defense.
           • Please do not leave dirty dishes for the Casa Bernabé kitchen crew to clean.
           • There is no hot water available in the kitchen for washing dishes.
           • Please wash your dishes in the small sink in the kitchen.
           • Soap and towels are available in the kitchen.
           • Make sure the dishes are properly dried to avoid sickness.
           • Please do not take any dishes/utensils/cups out of the dining room.

Casa Bernabé                                            9                                                     03/2014
           •  Remember that you are missionaries – you represent the Lord! Always act and speak
              in a manner that honors Him and shows respect for the children, workers, guests and
              other members of your team, as we live in community here.
           • Watch your language. Some words that are acceptable at home may be very offensive
              here. Likewise, some secular films, TV shows, music, cartoon characters, etc.
              may be considered inappropriate here. Please remember to have uplifting conversations
              that point the children towards Christ rather than worldly interests.
           • Most of the children understand English, so be careful when talking in their presences.
              They like to pretend that they don’t know what you are saying to one another, but they
              often understand much of what is going on. So be very cautious about what you say.
           • Smoking or use of any tobacco product is not permitted in any of the buildings or in the
              presences or sight of any children.
           • You are not allowed to consume alcohol or illegally use drugs on or off campus during
              your stay at Casa Bernabé.
           • Do not bring, purchase or use fireworks or sparklers.
           • Only Christian music is allowed to be played at Casa Bernabé. All music and
              videos must be approved first by house parents to be played in the homes.
               Please be considerate of others when listening to extreme/alternative styles of
                  Christian music.
               The children of Casa Bernabé are not allowed to have any electronic items including
                  cell phones, iPods, any type musical devices, cameras , computers/lap tops, etc.
                  Please do not give, loan or let them use any.
           • Do not play any of the musical instruments without specific permission.
           • It is strictly forbidden to establish or continue any kind of romantic relationship while at
              Casa Bernabé. This includes with members of staff, older children, and with team members.
               If you are currently in a romantic relationship with someone, please put it on hold
                  until returning home. This does not apply to married couples. This is very
                  important because of some of the circumstances the children have been rescued
           • We do not recommend lending your belongings to the children or the staff. If you do choose to
           lend something to someone, we are not responsible if it is broken, lost, or stolen.
           • The houses are private homes. Please knock before going in and please do not wander
              through them without permission. You may ask, “Con permiso”. If you are welcome
              to come in, they will respond, “Adelante”.
           • The kitchen is off limits except for kitchen helpers and with special permission (i.e.
              K.P. duty). Please knock before going in and please do not wander through them
              without permission.

Casa Bernabé                                        10                                             03/2014
•   Please do not complain about anything to, or in the hearing of, the workers and chil-
                Please do not agree with or discuss complaints or negative comments from the chil-
                    dren or workers.
                If you have comment, concern or complaint, please inform your team leader
                    (away from the hearing of others). Your team leader will discuss the issue with Sara
                    or Edgar Salguero. We value your comments, but would appreciate it if you handled
                    them in the above manner, both for the well being of the children and to avoid
                    unnecessary hurt or offence for our workers.
           • Please NEVER associate any photos of the children or references to Casa Bernabé on
               Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, church websites or any other form of communication for
               the protection of the children here.
           • Please be considerate of our children and staff and keep quiet between 7:00pm and 6:00am. In
           the main building and houses there are families with small children that go to bed early, and often
           rise at 4:30am. Conversations can be heard wherever you are, including the dorm bathrooms!
                Please be considerate of others and be continually conscious of this rule. If you
                    choose to be up past 7pm, please do so in the dining room or outside –
           • From time to time, chicken pox spreads from child to child. Please just be aware of this.
           • If you are on a special diet, please let us know (hopefully BEFORE you commit to com-
               ing). We will try our hardest to accommodate your diet, but cannot promise we will be
               able to do so perfectly.

Casa Bernabé                                          11                                               03/2014

       Because of the backgrounds of many of the children here at Casa Bernabé, we have a few basic
       rules you MUST follow when interacting with the children. This is not only for the protection of
       the children, but also for the protection of Casa Bernabé, and for you.

       You may not fully understand the following rules and guidelines or you may feel that they are
       unnecessarily strict. Please understand that we don’t enjoy making rules and guidelines – each
       one has a good reason and most have been introduced in response to a real situation.

          •    Due to the manner in which we receive children, you may see police cars arrive and po-
               licemen enter the main building. Do not worry; it is official business. Please do not
               stand around and watch or ask questions about the child they are bringing. We want to
               preserve the rights of every child and make their entry as easy as possible.
          •    Please respect and do not usurp the authority of the house parents or discipline tech-
               niques. If a child is being punished for behavior, do not interfere. Discipline in Guate-
               mala may look different than discipline in your country. If you question the child’s
               safety, please speak privately with your team leader, who will, in turn, speak privately
               with Casa Bernabé leaders.
          •    Young ladies seven years and older should not sit on the laps of men for any reason.
          •    Kisses are only permitted if given on the cheek in a friendly manner. The children may
               not kiss on the neck, lips, or any other area of the body.
          •    Children are not allowed to beg. We are trying to educate the children in the proper
               way to act and begging does not fall in that category. Do not feel obligated to give any
               child anything they ask for.
          •    The children do not have permission to enter dorm rooms or the dining hall. Please do
               not invite them in for any reason.
          •    The children should never go through your personal belongings. If you brought gifts for
               the children, please make sure you speak with the house parents about it first. This di-
               minishes the chance of a child being accused of theft. Please respect this rule and re-
               member, always ask before giving.
          •    No adult is allowed to be alone with a child. This is both for the protection of the child
               and your protection. Examples of this are going on walks together, being in a room to-
               gether, etc. This does not include playing basketball, swinging, etc.
          •    Children are not allowed out after dark by themselves. Please don’t encourage them to
               leave their house after dinner.
          •    Please DO NOT refer to yourself as any child’s “mommy” or “daddy” or any other term of
               endearment that undermines the parental authority of the house parents
          •    Please do not ask them about their past or their personal life, even if you are qualified to

Casa Bernabé                                            12                                                    03/2014
counsel them. We have specific counselors who are working with them that already
               know their backgrounds. If a child voluntarily offers information about their past and
               wants to talk about it gently ask them to share it with their houseparent and then
               change the subject.
          •    Please make sure the children have no access to supplies: for example, axes, paint,
               thinner, glue, or other substances that can be taken advantage of. Some of the children
               struggled with abusing these products in the past. When not in use, put all painting
               equipment up so that children cannot get into them.
          •    The children eat their meals in their own homes. Please do not give them food or candy
               without asking their houseparent for permission first.
          •    Please respect school hours (when in session).
          •    Please be careful about believing everything a child tells you. Do not do anything just
               because a child tells you they are allowed. Do not send a child to ask their houseparent
               if they are allowed to do something. Always ask the houseparent yourself.
          •    If a child makes an accusation or tells you something that concerns you, please tell Sara
               or Edgar Salguero immediately. Please do not show the child any immediate reaction
               or involve anyone else at this stage. Sara and Edgar will make sure any such concerns
               are given immediate and total attention.
          •    Although we rely completely on financial support from generous individuals and organi-
               zations, we are able to ensure that all our children always have everything they truly
               need. So do not feel obligated to give something to a child that he/she says they need.
          •    Please do not give the children any money or gifts. If you would like to bless them with a
               financial gift, please give it to their house parents, or ask about other specific needs.
               Since there are some 140 children, your gift to our General Fund is THE single best gift
               you can give. It covers food, shelter, staff salaries, medicine and education.
          •    We would be very happy if you wish to write to any of the children after your stay at
               Casa Bernabé. It is best to send it with someone who is coming down, as the
               Guatemalan mail system is unreliable. As a forewarning, all incoming mail and outgoing
               mail for children is read first. Many times children will open up more in letters than in
               person. We need to know what is going on in their lives. We read the letters for the
               protection of the children. Anything of romantic or inappropriate nature will not be
               passed on.

Casa Bernabé                                           13                                                   03/2014

       (available under separate request, for safety and privacy reasons, via Do not
       post it online or give copies to anyone other than team members or their known friends and
       family for contact purposes while traveling).

                                              TOOL USE

       We have been blessed over the years through many generous donations to have good quality
       tools for you to use while you are here. We ask that you treat these tools as if they were your
       own. Please only take tools that are designated for team use and return them EACH DAY to
       the storage shed.

       There are only two places that we store tools for team use: the metal shop and the carpenter

       The metal shop has tools marked green and tools marked red. The green ones are for your use
       and the red ones are to NEVER leave the metal shop. The red ones are only located at the
       work bench area and are there so they are handy when we need to fix something at the work-

       The tools in the carpenter shop are ABSOLUTELY under no circumstances to leave the carpen-
       ter shop. We construct many things from wood and need tools readily available.

       Remember: “Gringo” and “Rojo no” (Green go and Red no)

       Persons not willing to follow these simple rules WILL NOT be given further access to the tools
       or the shops. Safety first- don’t leave tools in pathways or plugged in unsupervised.

Casa Bernabé                                         15                                                  03/2014

       Casa Bernabé and FOCE require that each person 18 years and older obtain clearance in
       the form of a background check against any felony or sexual charges. This is for the
       protection of our children. Failure to comply will result in applicants not being able to
       serve at Casa Bernabé. A felony or sexual charge will prevent that person from coming
       on our campus.


       OPTION 1 - LOCAL POLICE CHECK: Go to your local police department where you reside. Re-
       quest that the police conduct a criminal records search and provide you with a document re-
       flecting that there is no history of a criminal record. Your local police department can phrase
       this in whatever way they deem appropriate. There should be no history of physical or sexual

       OPTION 2 - CHURCH CLEARANCE: Many churches require a local background check for any
       adults who work with youth. If this check has been done on a team member this is acceptable.
       We will require a letter on church letterhead and signed by your pastor stating that the person
       has cleared the background check. Please contact us as soon as possible if any offense is
       disclosed. FOCE will decide if the team member will be granted the privilege of serving at Casa


       FBI BACKGROUND CLEARANCE: Obtain your fingerprints from your local police department.
       The subject of an identification record may obtain a copy of their clearance by submitting a
       written request to the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division of the Federal Bu-
       reau of Investigation (FBI). The request must be accompanied by satisfactory proof of identity
       (consisting of name, date and place of birth, and a set of roll-inked fingerprint impressions) and
       a certified check or money order for the $18 processing fee. Requests should be directed to:
                        FBI CJIS Division – Record Request
                        1000 Custer Hollow Road
                        Clarksburg, WV 26306.
       If there is no criminal record, a report reflecting this fact is provided. This check can take up to
       six weeks to process.

Casa Bernabé                                            16                                                    03/2014
       I fully understand and agree that it is a privilege, a blessing, and an honor to be able to serve at
       Casa Bernabé. In exchange for my being able to serve at Casa Bernabé, I agree to the following

           1. I understand that I am expected to respect and uphold the rules and regulations at
              Casa Bernabé whether or not I am in agreement.

           2. I will act and speak in a manner that honors God and shows respect for the
              children, personnel of Casa Bernabé, and my fellow team members.

           3. I agree to follow the “Dress Requirements” as set forth in the orientation packet. If I
              have any questions, I will seek the advice of my team leader.
           4. I agree that I will not use tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs while in Guatemala.

           5. I will refrain from inappropriate expressions of affection, especially with any Casa
              Bernabé children.

           6. I understand that I am to trust that God is in control and that those who are in posi-
              tions of authority and responsibility for Casa Bernabé are truly seeking to do God's
              will and to act in the best interest of the children that God has entrusted into their

           7. I have read the Casa Bernabé Orientation packet.

           8. I have completed a background check and passed it to the best of my knowledge.

       By signing below, I am stating that I am in agreement with these rules while in Guatemala and
       at Casa Bernabé Orphanage and I will respect all those in authority. Furthermore, I understand
       that if I do not comply with this agreement during my stay I may be asked to return home at my
       own expense.

       PRINTED NAME                                                         DATE


       GROUP                                                                GROUP LEADERS INITIALS

       PASTOR’S SIGNATURE                                                   PASTOR’S PHONE NUMBER

Casa Bernabé                                            17                                                    03/2014
Emergency Contact Form
This form is to be in possession of the Casa Bernabé Team Coordinator upon arrival in Guatemala.
First Name                                                 Last Name


City                                         State                            Zip

Position                                                   Dates of Service
                                                           From          /    /         to      /   /
Date of Birth                                Passport #                       Expiration Date
           /        /

Insurance Company

Insurance Company Phone #

Policy #

Please Specify Any Diagnosed Medical Conditions You Have

Please List Current Prescribed Medications

Please List Any Allergies You Have

Emergency Contact Information
Contact #1 First Name                                      Last Name


City                                         State                            Zip

Relation                                     Home Phone                       Cell Phone

First Name                                                 Last Name


City                                         State                            Zip

Relation                                     Home Phone                       Cell Phone
Page 1
Mission Trip Application
First Name                                                                          Last Name


City                                                    State                                                    Zip

Email                                                                               Home Church

Home Phone                                                                          Cell Phone

Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy)
                                                                                                                 Male                  Female
Marital Status
        Single                   Married                      Divorced                    Other (please specify)

Are you a United States Citizen? Yes                            No                  If no, what country?                                                           _

Spouse OR Father’s First Name                                                       Spouse OR Father’s Last Name


City                                                    State                                                    Zip

Home Phone                                              Cell Phone                                               Email Address

Mother’s First Name                                                                 Mother’s Last Name

Home Phone                                              Cell Phone                                               Email Address

Home Church                                                                                                      Are you a member?
                                                                                                                              Yes                        No
Pastor’s Name                                                                       Pastor’s Phone

Please describe when you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior

Please list any Christian ministry you have done (Bible study, Drama team, Mission, Discipleship group, Small group, Counselor, Leader, Teacher, Music, etc.)
Page 2
Mission Trip Application
Please evaluation yourself in the following areas (place an X on the line in the most appropriate area)
Mental ability
                          quick in comprehension                                         average                                                         slow

                          develop original ideas                                         average                                           depend on others

                          hard worker                                                    average                                             lack persistence

                          meet obligations                                               average                                          neglect obligations

                          work well with others                                          average                                        avoid group situations

                          prompt/intelligent decisions                                   average                                         no leadership ability

                          make good adjustments                                          average                                                    ill at east

Social Attitude
                          take advice                                                    average                                      unyielding in character

Christian Character
                          sound/well-balanced                                            average                                                     unstable

                          cheerful                                                       average                                                   depressed

                          good                                                           average                                                          bad

               Dress      neat                                                           average                                                        untidy

               Person     clean                                                          average                                                      careless

               Speech     careful                                                        average                                                        loose

Briefly describe why you wish to participate in this mission trip/outreach

Briefly describe your personal devotional life in the last 6 months (i.e. What have you learned? What has God spoken to you? What are you burdened for?)

Briefly describe your burden for those who do not know Jesus Christ as the Leader and Forgiver of their life
Page 3
Mission Trip Application
MEDICAL INFO & RELEASE FORM                                        If you are under age 18, your parent or guardian must sign this form.
Physician Name                                                     Physician Phone

Allergies                                                          Date of Last Tetanus

                   Asthma                               Stomach Conditions                       Diabetes (Non-Insulin Dependent)
            High Blood Pressure                               Migraines                            Diabetes (Insulin Dependent)
                  Hay Fever                              Shortness of Breath                            Fainting Spells/Dizziness
        Musculoskeletal Conditions                             Seizures                                     Eye Conditions
            Hearing Conditions               Other (please specify):

LIST ALL MEDICATIONS YOU ARE CURRENTLY TAKING: (attach separate sheet if necessary)

MEDICATION                                   PRESCRIPTION #                                   DOSAGE                TIME

Pharmacy Name:                                                     Pharmacy Phone         (         )

      Ibuprofen          Benadryl Tablets        Cough Drops                Mylanta             Tums/antacids
                                                                                                                        or Baby Oragel
                         Benadryl Lotion        Hydrocortisone                                  Caladryl Lotion
  Acetaminophen                                                           antibacterial                                      Sucrets
                            or Cream                Cream                                          or Cream
Health/Medical Insurance
(If copy of insurance card is attached, check here         and do not complete this section)
Insurance Company

Policy Number                                                      Group Number

Employee or Principal Insured’s Name
Page 4
Mission Trip Application
                              Consent for Medical Treatment; Release and Hold-Harmless for Travel

WHEREAS, (my child / I)                                       _, wishes to be a member of “Name of Church/
Organization” group which will be traveling to Casa Bernabé Orphanage in Guatemala city, Guatemala, Central
America and staying in, and WHEREAS, certain circumstances may occur resulting in (my child’s / my) need for
medical care and treatment, and further resulting in my inability to personally give consent for such care and
treatment; THEREFORE, in consideration of permission for (my child / myself) to participate in said mission,
I,                                     , being of legal age, authorize                       , or any agent of
                       _, to act on (my child’s / my) behalf should I be unable to do so and to consent to
rea- sonable medical/dental care and treatment which may be deemed necessary for (my child’s / my)
medical well-being for the duration of the mission.
This consent is given in advance of any specific diagnosis, treatment, surgery, or hospital care required, but is
given to provide authorization and specific consent for medical/dental treatment and care in (my child’s /my)
behalf. Any consent by                                    shall have the same force and effect as if I had per-
sonally given the consent.

I certify I have personal health insurance with no territorial limitation, including foreign countries, which will
provide coverage for (my child/me) during the duration of said mission. I understand that no health plan is
provided by                                    .

Company (must provide proof of medical insurance)                                   Policy #

I am aware that serious illness, requiring return by air ambulance could be very costly. I agree that I am solely
responsible for any expenses that may arise from (my child’s/my) return by air ambulance or other extraordi-
nary means. I hereby release and hold harmless                                  _, its officers, employees, and rep-
resentatives/volunteers from all liability for personal injury, including death, as well as all property damage or
loss arising out of (my child’s/my) participation in this trip.
(My child’s/ My) Passport # is

Country where passport was purchased

I have read and understand the above information. The information I have given
is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge. I also give                          the right to use my
picture, voice, and/or testimony in any form of promotional or advertising materials. My enclosed signature
signifies my approval of all limitations listed above.
If you are under custody of both parents – both parents’ signatures are required.
If you are under custody of one parent – the signature of the one who has custody is required and a copy of a
legal document stating the sole custody agreement, or a notarized copy of a death certificate.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

Father’s signature (If applicant is under 18 years of age)     Mother’s signature (If applicant is under 18 years of age)   Date

Guardian’s Signature (If applicant is under 18 years of age)   Missionary’s signature                                       Date
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