A Brief History Of The Creation Of The Monteleone Social Club (By Luigi Nunno)

         Colonia Monteleone Committee: Picture Dated Sunday Jan. 19, 1947

The Picture below is believed to represent one of the original Committee formally created with the
intent to establish and unite the Monteleonesi In Toronto with the name: Colonia Monteleonese.

The picture was taken at the King Edward Hotel, where many of our ancestors were working, thus be
able to obtain attractive prices to celebrate originally the Lunedi' In Albis (Easter Mondays) and later
(When the wives and the children started to come and join their husbands) also La Befana.

Our people would usually alternate holding their FESTE in the Royal York Hotel, both icons were the
best two sought after facilities in the vast new Country.

I wish to thank Mike and Joe Romagnuolo, but mostly Tony and Rosa Grosso and Italia
Racioppo for assisting me in identifying some of the Committee Members shown therein.

In the middle front row is seated Father Hayes (Wearing eye glasses) Pastor of Mt. Carmel
Church who spoke Italian well and Fr.Harry, who was the assistant Pastor. Mike and Joe
Romagnuolo's uncle "Rocco" is seated on the other side of Fr. Hayes. Some of the other
Members are: Paolo Casullo: Fr. Paul Casullo' s dad, still an active priest in Toronto;
Giritiello Ciciretto, married Giulia Romagnuolo, who upon becoming a widow, married
Giuseppe Lombardi; Dr. Rocco Tamburro's father: Leo; Mike Del Grande: Toronto
Councilor Mike Del Grande's Grand Father; Colangelo Rocco (Bellamia) brother of Fedele
(Benedittiello); Danny Liscio: Brother of Vito Liscio; Joe Zambri and Frank Volpe (Uncles
of Fr. Rocco Volpe; Joe Volpe: Fr. Rocco's dad; Graziano and Angelo Racioppo; Antonio
Visconti and Joe Zambri.
In the 1950s and in the beginning of the 60s there was an ever increasing number of
Monteleonesi choosing to live in our new City of Toronto (Mostly settling in the East End).
This trend motivated our people to strive to have a common place to meet, socialize, and
talk about the old country and, especially exchange potential leads in locating better job
opportunities in our new hospitable City.

In 1966, thanks to the persistence and dedication of some Community leaders especially
Leonardo Colangelo [Di Pasquale]), who was already the President of the Monteleone
Soccer Team, following a couple of meetings held on the second floor of a Banquet Hall
located at 840 Pape Avenue, about $880.00 was collected in January of 1966, so that the
community could rent a store on Danforth Avenue, as most of our people lived within a
walking distance of this thoroughfare. A two Dollars monthly fee was agreed upon as the
Membership amount and only a very few Members at that time could afford to pay the
whole $24.00 yearly sum in advance. The money collected by the membership fees and by
organizing social and recreation events/dances, was also going to finance the expenses
incurred by our soccer team, which was already in existence since 1963.

On the next page we can read the names of some Members, who generously paid SEVERAL
ANNUAL FEES in advance, in order to raise some extra funds to cover the initial expenses
that the new Club was facing, as it was getting ready to open its door.

Simone Di Liddo during this second meeting, I distinctly remember when he (As usual)
asked the chair this humorous question: If someone was not borne in Monteleone, could he
become a Member of our new Club? The Chair replied positively and he further stated that
as far as he knew, all the persons present were from Monteleone. Simone burst out
laughing stating that his brother Donato, who was seated next to him, was not born in
Monteleone, but in the second closest town: Accadia.

Leonardo Manserra, a lawyer who had just recently arrived from over seas, was elected as
the Interim President, a position which he reluctantly accepted, as he was fairly certain that
he was going to return to Italy.

A Steering Committee was elected that day with the specific mandate to find a store to rent
on Danforth Avenue and the following volunteers stood to serve:
Leonardo Colangelo, Rocco Volpe, Giovanni Volpe and Gino Nunno.

In 1966 The First MONTELEONE Gathering Place Opened Its Door:

Rocco Volpe, worked on the FIRST Bylaws (In Italian version only), and later in the same
year, the First Social Club was officially started at 1024 Danforth Avenue, Toronto.
The first Committee consisted of the following Executive: President: Rocco Volpe;
Secretary: Luigi Nunno; Treasurer: Lorenzo Ciccarelli; Vice President: Leonardo
Colangelo: Vice Secretary: Giovanni Volpe; Directors: Simone Di Liddo, Rocco Antonio
La Pianta, Giovanni Morra, Giovanni Racioppo, Severino Volpe.

1968 (2 years later), the Club transferred 3 blocks East (At 1276 Danforth Avenue),
as the first location became too small to accommodate our fast growing Membership.
The new premises were owned by one of our concittadini (Ercole Ciani) who generously
charged us $25.00 less per month, even though the unit was 50% bigger, several doors away
from the Greenwood Subway entrance and our people could benefit from the free parking
available across the road on an extra large lot occupied by a small Loblaw grocery store.
(See Financial Statement for 1968 in the nest several Pages).

1969 (On the last Saturday of January): I organized the first FORMAL Dinner and Dance
in The Saint Vincent De Paul Society Banquet Hall on the East side of Kennedy Road.

1975: I personally organized the first Annual Picnic, on the East side of Markham Road,
(Just S. of Highway #7, Mill Dam Conservation Park), as no one wanted to assume the
first demanding challenge.

1975: Following the First Picnic, in November I purchased for our Club a Double store at
#3310 Dan forth Avenue (At Danforth Road) for $108.000.00, consisting of 4.000.00 square
feet on the main floor, plus residential on the second floor. The Members felt that it was too
big and premature for the Community to make such an investment. (See Budget next page).

1985 was the last year that our Soccer Team played in the HIGHEST Ontario League:
Toronto and District T&D Soccer League, which title was won many times by our young
men, especially under the coaching ability of Luigi Visconti. Even though the Monteleonesi
players were all loyal to us, the others were constantly approached by our opposing teams
which lured to them by financial and other lucrative means. Our team budget was increasing
every year and the profits generated mostly by our social dances, could not reach the
$20,000.00 plus required to sustain the team in the T & D as well as the Club. Fortunately
our boys went on and are still today playing in Senior House League under our banner.

1986 (December), the then President Frank Lamanna, after having dedicated 3 full fruitful
years to the Community, decided not to run anymore as the new President, as he had already
reluctantly accepted the last term. I was then elected to chair the Election Committee.
Notwithstanding several attempts, I was NOT able to find a Presidential Candidate willing to
lead the Community for the next term, even though I had enough Members willing to form
the New Committee.

The Following FOUR Reasons provide the reasons as to why no one wanted to assume
such difficult responsibilities:

1)Parking: The Loblaw’s Store across the road had just closed, thus we lost the FREE
Parking spaces.

2)New Club On Pharmacy: A new Italian Club, entirely led by some of our Community
Leaders, was created on Pharmacy Avenue, in the City’s “Scarborough West Community
Centre”. This location not only provided Free and Ample Parking for its Members, but also
offered many more amenities, such as swimming, access to a large kitchen with adjacent
ballroom, exercising classes and many more amenities.

3)Membership dropped: Mostly due to the creation of this New Club, the number of our
paid Members dropped drastically to a mere number of 37, while the new Club on Pharmacy
Ave. in a very short time, reached a surprising number of 100 + Members, as they were
paying only a nominal fee (Versus $100.00 in our Club).

4)High Rent: Our Landlord (Ercole Ciani), who was also borne in Monteleone, owned a
roofing business. He and our then-Treasurer (Lorenzo Ciccarelli) served together in the First
World War. Since the Landlord knew the Club’s financial status, at renewal time Ercole
always gave us a sizeable reduction on the rental amount, thanks to the skilled negotiation
and the constant intervention of zio Lorenzo. Unfortunately as the Landlord’s health
deteriorated, his son (Erminio) became the administrator of his father’s affairs and in just
over one year (In 1985 to 1986), Erminio increased our rent by well over 100 %.
When many Members complained to Erminio, he usually replied: Ask Luigi Nunno, who is
an active Social Club Member and a Real Estate Broker on Danforth Avenue for many
years, if my rent is high or still below the local Market Rate.

Closing Down Our Doors Was Written All Over because of the four reasons
mentioned above. Again, only as the then Election Committee Chair, several months later,
I     called     a       General      Meeting      of     the      whole      Community.
Being a Real Estate Broker on the Danforth since 1973, and being involved with the Club
since its inception, I evaluated the problems that we were facing. I gave serious
consideration to the concerns and the reasons as to why several potential Presidential
Candidates refused to assume the new Presidency (mostly the 4 reasons mentioned above).
I reported my findings to the Members and proposed to them the following suggestion:
In order for our Community to have assured continuity and secure stability, we needed to
purchase a place of our own. In the long term, this would keep our Fixed Expenses
“Constant”, while continuously building equity for all our Members.

As most new immigrants, our Members were and are strong believers of Real Estate
Ownership and knowing further that many Members would trust me, I was fairly confident
that I would be able to sell them the concept of purchasing our own Premises.
In 1987, as I called the Meeting, I presented the following suggestion to our People:
Pre-Pay 10 Years Membership fees (Namely $100.00 X Ten Years = $1,000.00)
to a Corporation, which would become the new Club Owner. All such Members would be
exempt to pay the fee for 10 years and each one will own a share in the new Company.

   I Instilled In Them That The New Corporation Should Have 2 Specific Mandates:

Firstly: Purchase within One Year a Social Club to be used by as our New Members
Community Facility.

Secondly: As our mature Members were aging and their command of the English language
was not significantly improving, the Corporation’s other mandate consisted in striving to
purchase a property (within 10 years) to be used eventually as our own Old Age Home.

Due to these 2 new Initiatives, now it became even more difficult for me to find a new
He/she had to be prepared to donate a lot of his/her time, make a lot of sacrifice, be ready to
take on this huge responsibility, possess strong leadership and be able to lead positively the
Community. Since we had many members willing to serve on the New Committee, but no
one willing to become the New President, I had to resign as the Chair of the Election
Committee and accept once again the new Presidency myself.

With the assistance of many dedicated Members, such as Giovanna Guerriero in
Cannistraci, the 2 Luigi Cornacchia, Mike & Joe Romagnuolo, Camelo & Joe Scarano, and
so many other hard working people, I was able to sell about 300 Shares/Units, which, with
my Real Estate Commission given to the Corporation for free, allowed us to purchase the
present property at # 829 O’Connor Drive in East York. Within a couple of years we were
able to bring on board the more skeptical and we reached a total of 445 Shareholders.

Florio Lamanna, who had a Ceramic Business, worked days and nights for FREE to
remodel the whole subject, including the Basement, which was (and is) zoned for (Only) one
indoor parking spot.

The Borough of East York flatly rejected my Application: To operate the Club, as it had
the billiard and the connotation of a Club/Billiard was not desirable and the neighbors had
signed a petition. I needed 28 Parking Spaces and had ONLY (1) ONE Parking spot to offer.

I personally appeared before the OMB, even though it was an uphill struggle. Thanks to my
own involvement with the Italian Congress for many years and that of Dr. Rocco Tamburro,
apparently the OMB Chair inquired about our organization to the Congress, who assured
him that we were a legitimate organization and also Founding Member. To my amazement,
when I went back in the afternoon to the OMB office to hear the Chair’s decision, I was
pleasantly surprised that I was granted the Relief from the By Law.

       A New Chapter For Our Community: “Villa Monteleone Inc.” Saved Us!

As soon as this name was suggested by Giovanni Racioppo, and seconded by Giuseppe
Volpe (Il Fornaio) both of whom emigrated to Toronto at a fairly mature age, it received a
resounding and standing ovation by all the Members: Our patriotic ORGOGLIO Italiano e
Monteleonese was displayed all over our faces and everyone became a promoter of the new
concept and they all went out to sell this innovative idea not only to their family members,
but to all their friends.

1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, thanks to the new location which offered not only pride of
ownership, but provided twice as much space on the main floor, plus about an equal
2,000.00 square feet of finished basement, saw our membership grow at the end to 445,
who proudly prepaid their 10 years fee. Today they have all benefitted from this initiative,
as no shareholder has paid the membership fee any more.

1990 was the year in which our Board ordered our own Statue Of San Rocco from Italy.

Big Team Work: Alone I couldn’t have accomplished these goals. I have acknowledged
mostly the undivided contribution of Giovanna Guerriero (In Cannistraci) who chaired the
for years chaired the Ladies Club and Bowling League; Raffaele Ciraco, a local Notary and
my compare, who became my First President of the Senior Club; Francesco Cornacchia di
Luigi for accepting to Chair the First Youth Committee, where some members met and went
on to get married. The bowling league was also (And still is) a successful winter recreational
event). An acknowledgment also goes to Tina Lamanna for working endlessly for the Club
and running the Bowling League after Giovanna Cannistraci.

1993: Vittorio La Pianta Committee celebrates the FIRST SAN ROCCO di Maggio in
Saint Aiden Church for a couple of years, until he transfer the Statue to S. Lawrence Church.

1995 was the year in which I asked the Club’s President if I could organize the FIRST Golf
Tournament and I persuaded my Colleague Don Lombardi to chair it for the FIRST year.
I knew that our younger Members were ready for this attraction and it was about time that it
was implemented. Don declined to run it again and I was very fortunate to be able to talk
Cristina and Luigi Colangelo to run it in the second year. This couple not only are consistent
golfers, but they now have successfully organized the tournaments for the balance of the
years (Except for 3 years during which Dr. Rocco Guerriero chaired them).

This very dedicated couple over the years has always been able to have an early sold out,
run the day like a Swiss clock and had their home open for the Committee to meet and greet.
Another note of thanks must go to our own C.A. Len Lombardi, for being the original Vice
President, a constant major sponsor and the M.C. during all these years.

I also need to mention that our only Member of Parliament (Hon. Joe Volpe) and Joe
Lamanna have always been the major Sponsors of this renowned yearly event.
I need to mention that many golfers have approached me multiple times complimenting on
our unique success and friendly atmosphere always noticeable during the whole day,
thanks to skilled planning and professional leadership provided by Cristina and Luigi.

Evolving Of Main Events: Over the years, most of these Social, Religious and Recreational
Events evolved and became very detailed, thus the planning had to be constantly improved
to ensure the perfect executions to which our people were used to receive.

In 1996, I was able to fulfill the Corporation’s “Second” Objective.: Laying the
foundations to eventually have our own Old Age Home in 10 Years.
I personally negotiated “TO TRADE” our present location with a much larger one, owned
by another Christian Organization (The Moose Lodge) located on the East side of
Birchmount Rd. in Scarborough (At Comstock Ave.), which consisted of 3 existing A/C
Banquet Halls totaling 12,000 square feet, sited on approximately one acre of land.

Councilor Lorenzo Berardinetti, who went on to become and still is today the local
M.P.P., and whose parents were born in the Gargano Region of Foggia, was the Ward
Councilor. He assured me that he was in full support of the project and asked me to make
sure that I would save a UNIT for his parents, who were soon approaching their retirement
age. Lorenzo said that due to the short notice and a prior important commitment, he could
not attend the meeting with the City Commissioner, Lorne Ross.

Lorenzo also told me that he had called Lorne to inform him that he was in full support of
the proposal, which had just been rezoned for a Mid -Rise development, while retaining the
12,000 square feet of main floor recreational use. Lorenzo suggested that I see Lorne with
the abutting area Councilor, Gerry Altobello, as the 2 of them had already spoken to each
other and were both in total agreement.

Gerry’s parents bought 2 shares from me because Gerry’s mother, Pasqualina Lombardi,
was born in Monteleone, while his father was from our closest town in the province of
Avellino: Savignano. Gerry and I met with the Scarborough Commissioner, who confirmed
that the property had just received a Zoning change and also stated that it is a common
practice for people to go back to the City in a year time and ask for a density increase. Since
the building would be occupied by seniors, the City would reduce the parking requirements
by about 50 per cent.

This proposed Purchase/Sale “TRADE” was presented to the General Membership at the
new site. Most of our Members attended the meeting and as usual, our own M.P. Hon. Joe
Volpe was present and spoke in favor of our impressive community initiative. I asked the
then Social Club President, Vittorio La Pianta, to say a few words. As expected, he too was
in total support. Only one Member expressed his concern in regard to the proximity to the
existing Ontario Hydro Lines.

Three days later, I was shocked when I received a call from the Social Committee
President, informing me that he would boycott the Project. When I asked the reason why in
such a short time he changed his mind, he replied that some members of the Community (He
referred to the same persons who got involved in the Pharmacy Avenue Club, which only
lasted one (1) year under the directions of the Monteleonesi), went to his house and
persuaded him to oppose the proposed trade of the 2 properties.

As I started to seriously evaluate the magnitude of the proposed project, considering that
Giovanna was no longer by my side and definitely not wanting to confront the potential
hostility of the existing administration, I did not waive the final condition and signed a
Mutual Release of the two (2) Agreements of Purchase and Sale. Let me conclude by saying
that if we would have gone ahead with this Purchase / Sale (TRADE) Agreement,
                          TODAY OUR CORPORATION SHARES

Notwithstanding all the ups and downs that most Communities (Including ours)
regularly go through, this year we are happily celebrating our successful
                                 50Th Anniversary!

       On behalf of my Administration and all other Leaders’
  I wish to thank and congratulate the Whole Community for their
                        continuous support.
                                                     Luigi Nunno.

C \li R C O L O                O O L O N I A          M O N T E L E O N E S E


   /r)     C olangelo Leonardo: ".'.'." Ant icipa te
 J 2 ) D i Liddo Donato :/                         "
                                                                $: 50.00-
                                                                "      "

                                                                                        $: 24.00-
                                                                                        "     "
                                                                                                     C red ito $: 26 00
                                                                                                    C red ito
                                                                                                                             .       -2 ct-: i.
                                                                                                                     $: 26. 00 ·- o _ i 6
 J3) Di Liddo Simone: ..;                          "            "    "          "       II
                                                                                              "      C red ito t:26 .00 -'2
    .:_ 1.11.f/i   u
                         \   1ff t;
The Club Cha rtered a Pla ne to celebrate the
p      p
 A      A
 s      s
 Q      Q
 u      u
 E      E
 T      T
 T      T
 A      A

2016   2016
                                                                                           Lunedi', 17 Maggio 1971
                                                                                                                  8fiANADESE         Pagina 5 ;

                                                                                                                 La Festa
                                                                                                                 della Mamma
                                                                                                                 al Ciroolo
                                                                                                                   TORONTO - Sabato sera,
                                                                                                                 nella sala di Nostra Signora di
                                                                                                                 Fatima, il Circolo Mon-
                                                                                                                 teleonese ha festeggiato le
                                                                                                                 mamme di tutto i1 mondo, ed
                                                                                                                 in particolar modo quelle di
                                                                                                                 Monteleone, nel coro di una
                                                                                                                 simpatica festa alla quale
                                                                                                                 hanno partecipato numerosi
                                                                                                                   11 comitato organizzatore
                                                                                                                 sperava nella partecipazione
         TORONTO -   La    premiazione della "Mamma piu anziana" e della "Mamma piu giovane". Nella foto, da     di un piil nutrito gruppo di
       sinlstra: ii Segretario Rocco Volpe,la signora Filomena Nunno, ii marito della signora Nunno,la signora   compaesani, ma molti         di
       iovannina Lombardi, ii Presidente Carmelo Liscio, ii signor Benito Ciano, della Ciano Florist.            questi non hannq potuto essere
                                                                                                                 presenti perche impegnati in
                                                                                                                 matrimoni , cresime e prime
                                                                                                                   La serata ha comunque fatto
                                                                                                                 registrare un buon successo, ii
                                                                                                                 cui merito va principalmente
                                                                                                                 all'organizzazione curata . dal
                                                                                                                 Presidente del circolo, Car-
                                                                                                                 melo Liscio ed al Segretario
                                                                                                                 Rocco Volpe, che si sono
                                                                                                                 prodigati per far sl che i loro
                                                                                                                 compaesani potessero passare
                                                                                                                 in allegria una bella serata.
                                                                                                                  Dopo la cena e le danze, e qui .
                                                                                                                 sott olin eia m6 l 'o tti ma
                                                                                                                 prestazione dell'orchestra
                                                                                                                 "The Lights", sono state
                                                                                                                 scelte, fra le mamme presenti
                                                                                                                 in sala, la "Mamma piil an-
                                                                                                                 ziana" e la "Mamma piii
                                                                                                                 giovane".        V_entiquattro
                                                                                                                 simpatiche signore hanno
                                                                                                                 partecipato       all' originate
                                                                                                                 manif estazione al termine
                                                                                                                 della quale sono state scelte,
                                                                                                                 come "Mamma piil anziana"
                                                                                                                 la    signora     Giovannina
                                                                                                                 Lombardi e come "Mamma
                                                                                                                 piil giovane" la signora
                                                                                                                 Filomena Nunno.
                                                                                                                   Alie due prescelte, ed alle
                                                                                                                  altre signore, sono stati offerti
                                                                                                                  bouquet di fiori gentilmente
                                                                                                                  offerti . dalla Ciano Florist.

Lad ies Com m ittee organized a trip to Washington US. 1993
 Pres. Tina Nunno, Vice Pres. Maria LaPianta, Seer. Giovanna Cannistraci
Fr. ROCCO celebrated many Masses at our S. Rocco Picnics

                                                                                         We thank you, Lord,
                                                                                       for the life and ministry,
                                                                                            of your servant
                                                                                 Father Rocco Carmelo Volpe, C.S.B.

                                                                                      Give him , now, 0 Lord,
                                                                                      peace in your kingdom ,
                                                                                          and the comfort
                                                                                      of your everlasting love.

                                                                                     "My own peace I give you,
                                                                                   a peace the world cannot give,
                                                                                       this is my gift to you. "

                                                                                           (John 14:27)

                   Rev. Rocco Carmelo Volpe, C.S.B.
                          Born: July 20, 1930
                      Professed: August 15, 1949
                        Ordained : June 29, 1957
                          Died : July 25, 2007
                                                                                    MAY HE REST IN PEACE

                                                                                              Saint John PaulI
                                                                                         Gave a hand written card to
                                                                                         Bishop Guido Maria Casullo
                                                                                         on His 50th Anniversary
                                                                                             of Priesthood (1982)

                                   a        -vi
Monteleone Social Club is a private, democratic Association consisting of volunteers with
no political connections. It eneompasses all the people from Monteleone or of Monteleone
origin and those who wish to joi n.

The present operating name replaces the original name of Circolo Colonia Monteleone,
which was in existence in Toronto, Ontario well before the Second World War.

In 1963 (Three years before the Club was established), there was a Monteleone Soccer
Team playing in the Toronto and District Soecer League and there were 2 Miss
Monteleone elected in 1964 and 1965 respectively: Angelina Liscio and Enza Morra:

The Members' names shown below have had the pleasure and the honor to have served
the Community as Presidents of the Assoelatien and besides are shown the names of the
Miss and Mr. Monteleone as elected in their respective years:

PRESIDENTS:                        MISS MONTELEONE:            MR. MONTELEONE
1966 = Rocco Volpe                   Filomena Lamanna
1967 ;: Rocco Volpe                  Rocehina Colangelo
1968 = Luigi Gino Nunno              Maria Zambri
1969 = Giovanni Volpe                Phyllis Volpe
1970 = Carmelo Liscio                Maria Cornacehia
1971 = Tony Ciani                    Giovanna Romagnuolo
1972 = Luigi Cornacchia              Tina Visconti
1973 = Rocco Volpe                   Carmela Manserra
1974 = Angelo Zambri                 Giovanna Cornacchia
1975 Luigi Gino Nunno                Liscio Lina
1976 Luigi Cornacchia                Carmela Palandra
1977 = Rocco Ta9gio                  Maria Colangelo
1978 :;; Joe Cornaoehia              Tina Colangelo
1979 :;:; Joe Cornacchia             Teodor La Pianta
1980 = Luigi Viseonti                Michelina Morra
1981 == Luigi Gino Nunno
1982 =    Luigi Gino Nunno            Joanne Visconti
1983 ;; Carmelo Visconti              Joanne Romagnuolo
1984 ;; Frank Lamanna                 Joanne Colangelo
1985 ;:; Frank Lamanna                Carmela Racioppo
1986 = Frank LEtmarma                 Anna Zambri
1987 ;;Gino Nunno
1988 :;: Gino Nunno
1989 ;; Gino Nunno                    Grazlella Diminno
1990 ;:; Gino Nunno                   Giuseppina Diminno
1991 = Luigi Lamanna                  Sylvia Morra
1992= Luigi Lamanna                   Diana Abbatang elo
1993= Vittorio La Pianta              Nancy Pugliese
1994= Vittorio La Planta              Rosanna Visconti
1995= Vittorio La Pianta              Anna Colangelo
1996= Vittorio La Pianta
1997= Luigi Nunno
1998= Luigi Nunno          Enza Volpe
1999= Luigi Nunno          Claudia Coco
2000= Luigi Nunno          Krystal Riches
2001= Vittorio La Pianta    Maria Teresa Aletto
2002= Vittorio La Pianta   Jodie Racioppo
2003= Vittorio La Pianta   Danielle Volpe
2004= Vittorio La Pianta   Anna Lisa Ciccarelli
2005= Vittorio La Pianta   Jessica Liscio
2006= Vittorio La Pianta   Laura Lamanna
2007::; Mike Romagnuolo    Josie Lombardi         Andrea Morsillo
2008   = Mike Romagnuolo   Lisa Paonessa
2009 = Mike Romagnuolo
201O = Mike Romagnuolo
2011= Mike Lamanna         Sonia Liscio           Mattew Mascioni
2012= Mike Lamanna         Rocohina Morra         Christopher Colangelo
2013= Mike Lamanna         Angela Di Pietro       Anthony Di Pietro
2014= Mike Lamanna         Alessia Siracusa       Matteo Colangelo
2015= Luigi Nunno          Claudia Ciccarelli     Luciano Meleca
2016= Luigi Nunno

1.1   This by-law and all other herein by-laws and resolutions of the Monteleone Social Club,
      unless the context otherwise requires, are provided to conduct and supervise the
      Modus Operandi of the Monteleone Social Club of Ontario.

   a) Monteleone Social Club may hereinafter also be referred to as the Association or the

   b) The singular includes the plural and the plural the singular;

   c) “Board” means the Board of Directors of the Association;

   d) “Candidate” refers to a person who is selected/nominated to be part of the slate to be
      voted on, as stipulated in the herein ART. # 7.01 (i);

   e) “Delegate” refers to a person, as stipulated in the herein ART. # 7.01 (ii);

   f) “Members” mean the Members of the Association, as determined in Section 6.

                                    2. HEAD OFFICE/CENTRE

2.01 The Head Office of the Association shall be 829 O’Connor Drive, M4B 2S7 in the
     Borough of East York, in the City of Toronto, in the Province of Ontario or at such place
     therein as the Members may from time to time determine.


3.01 The Board may order and adopt a Seal, which shall be the Seal of the Association.


4.1   The main objectives of the Association are:

   a) To promote, co-ordinate and foster Sports, Religious, Recreational, Cultural and
      traditional Monteleonese activities for its Members.

   b) To preserve and disseminate celebrations of feasts Traditionally from Monteleone,
      especially, but not limited to the celebration of our Patron Saint: San Rocco of May and
      of August and Corpus Domini.

   c) To provide assistance, information and aid its Members, especially the elderly, the
      youths, the disabled and all the needy, refer them to the appropriate governmental
      authorities and social agencies in order to achieve a better and more balanced
      Canadian Society.

   d) To protect and strengthen the image of Monteleone and Italian name, while
      contributing to the betterment of the whole Canadian Community.

e) To provide a clean, safe and proud environment in the Community’s Centre, wherein
     the Members feel comfortable and to have access to a small library.

  f) To fraternally unite and encourage a spirit of Christian Brotherhood amongst its

  g) To represent the whole Monteleone Community in the GTA of Toronto and to be the
     only contact, linkage and spokesperson with the authorities in Monteleone (Italy).

  h) To be a Member of the Italian-Canadian Congress, of which the Association is a
     founding Member and whenever the Board deems it appropriate, to be also a member
     of the Regione Puglia In Ontario (RPiO).

  i) To strive to do all such other things as they may be incidental or conductive to the
     attainment of these objectives for the benefit of its Members and the whole Canadian


  The Association shall endeavor to represent the following people:

5.1   Every person of Monteleonese origin, who wishes to belong, concurs with and
      supports the objects and regulations of the Association.

5.2   The spouses, children and grandchildren of the persons described in ART. #5.01.

                                           6. MEMBERSHIP

  The Association shall consist of the following persons, who are herein referred to as
  “Members”. The following will be considered Members of the Association:

6.1   All the Participants/Shareholders (Herein referred also as “Participant or
      Shareholder”) of “Villa Monteleone Inc.” (Herein referred to as “The Corporation”) who
      own a Unit(s)/Share(s) in said Corporation.

6.2   Any person who submits in writing a Membership Application to the Board (provided it
      is approved and accepted by the Board and provided further that he/she pays the
      approved Membership Fee). These Members are known as Social Club Members and
      can not vote on any items pertaining to Villa Monteleone Inc.

6.3   The Board which may in its sole and absolute discretion excludes from the
      Membership any Member who opposes to the Aims and Objectives of the Association
      or any Member, whose objectives are solely political and/or commercial in nature and
      any Member who does not respect the by-law (Rules and Regulations) of the

6.4   Members may terminate his/her Membership in the Association by providing a written
      Resignation to the Association.

6.5     The Board may nominate from time to time an Honorary Member(s) for a term of One
        Year, unless the General Membership extends his/her term. Honorary Members are
        exempt to pay the Membership Fee and do not have the right to vote.

                                      7. CANDIDATES/ DELEGATES
  i) A Candidate for an election is the person(s) whose name is selected to become part of
     the slate of the persons to stand for office / election.

  ii)   A Delegate for an election is the person(s) who is Selected / Nominated by a
        Subcommittee to become part of the slate of the persons to stand for office for the
        Board of Directors, or a person to whom the Board gives power to be represented for
        a specific duty.

iii)    The mandate of the said Delegate will expire 30 days following the date of the event
        that they are responsible for.

7.2     Every existing Subcommittee of the Association shall have the right to nominate one or
        two of its Members (who become Candidates) and be part of the slate for the election
        for the board (as per ART. # 9.01 (a)), provided that they are elected by the General
        The Chairperson(s) of said Subcommittee(s) must provide the names of said
        candidate(s) to the Board, at least 30 calendar days before the date of the Election.

7.3     The following existing Subcommittees have the right of nominating Candidates:
          Ladies Committee;
          Golf Committee;
          Religious Committee;
          San Rocco of May Committee
          Corpus Domini Committee
          Picnic and Feast S. Rocco (August) Committee;
          Advertising Yearly Book Committee;
          Bocce Committee;
          Dinner and Dance Committees;
          Bowling League Committee;
          Discipline Committee;
          Youth Committee.

        and any other future Committee that wishes to apply in writing to the Board for its
        approval and recognition, provided it is accepted by the Board.

7.4     The following Subcommittees are considered to be Special Committees: Golf
        Committee, Religious Committee, Picnic Committee, Advertising Yearly Book
        Committee. The Chair of said Special Subcommittees shall have a special status by
        becoming part of the Board, not form part of ART. # 9.01 and # 11.01 and not be
        subject to Art. 11.01(e).

7.5       If the number of the Subcommittee Members approved by the Board is less than 10
          persons, then there shall be only one Delegate nominated to form part of the slate of
          persons willing to serve on the Board. If the Committee Members number is 11 or
          greater, then the Subcommittee shall propose 2 Delegates to run for the Board.

7.6       Notwithstanding what is contained anywhere else in these By-Laws, the Ladies
          Committee shall always have 2 Members to represent them on the Board, who will be
          considered automatically elected. See ART. #11.01.

7.7       At any time that there are any nominations, appointments and/or elections for the
          Board of Directors, any Shareholders / Participant of Villa Monteleone Inc. shall have
          priority over any other person(s) who is not Shareholders / Participant of Villa
          Monteleone Inc. (except as per Section # 13), because they will be elected by the
          Board, who are mostly Shareholders. If a NON Shareholder Member is elected by the
          General Membership, He/She can only be removed by an Assembly of Members.

7.8       Unless and absolutely that there is no-one else willing to serve on the Board of
          directors; spouses, brothers, sisters, parents and children living at the same address
          should not be allowed to serve at the same time on the Board, not even if the wife
          represents the Ladies Committee (Except as in Section # 12 + Section # 13).

                                   8. MEETINGS OF MEMBERS (ASSEMBLY)

8.1      The Board of Directors shall call every year not less than two (2) General Meetings
   of the Members. Said meetings are to be held at such place and at such time as
   designated by the Board, however whenever possible they shall be held in the Community
   centre. Since the following 2 dates are pre-established.

       The Agenda to be presented to the Members shall contain a template similar to the
       Verify the Quorum;
       Invocation (Mostly remember Members who have passed away since the last General Meeting);
       Approval of the Agenda;
       Read and Approve the minutes of last Meeting;
       President’s Comments;
       Reports of the Subcommittees: Secretary, Treasurer, Special Events, Etc.;
       New Business;
       Date of next Meeting;

 i)       There shall be a General Meeting of the Members held on the 1st Sunday of every
          December. On every EVEN year, amongst other items, the Agenda will provide also for
          the Election of the new Board of Directors for a term of two (2) years.

 ii)      There shall be General Meeting of the Members held every FIRST Sunday following
          Easter. Every ODD Year the Board will present the Agenda which amongst other items
          will contain ONLY ONE proposed Budget for the Club (for about the next 18 months,
          possibly rent the Club facilities for about 2 years and the Election of the Villa
          Monteleone Inc. Management Committee, to be selected by the Shareholders only.

8.2       Special Meetings of the Members may be called at any place and time by the Board,
          however whenever possible it shall be held at the Club.

 i)       Special Meeting(s) must also be called by the Board of Directors, whenever it receives
          a Petition signed by not less than twenty-five percent (25%) of all the Members and it is
          given to the Board not less than 15 calendar days prior to the date requested for the
          Special Meeting.

 ii)      The petition must be accepted by the Board in its entirety (without requiring the
          Board’s approval), provided that the Members’ written request shall specify the
          location and purpose for which the Special Meeting is called.

iii)      The Board may suggest to the General Membership that the Members who have signed
          the petition to call said Special General Meeting, be financially responsible for the
          expenses incurred in organizing said Special Members’ Meeting.

iv)       In the event that the Board does not co-operate and does not call said Meeting as
          requested in the petition, than the Members who have signed the petition, can hold the
          Meeting as requested by electing a Chairperson, a Secretary and not less than one
          other person to conduct the requested Meeting, provided further that there is a
          quorum as stipulated in Art. # 8.05.

8.3       At any General Members Meeting or at any Special Members’ Meeting, each
          Shareholder shall be entitled to one vote. (Subject to Art. #8.04).

8.4       Proxy By Shareholders:
          As provided in the Joint Venture Agreement of Villa Monteleone Inc., during any
          Shareholders’ Meeting, the Shareholders shall have the right to assign his/her power
          to another Shareholder by giving a Proxy, provided that it is dated, signed, witnessed
          by a third party and has an expiry date on it.

8.5      Quorum at the Members Meeting:
         At any General Members’ Meeting and at any Special Members’ Meeting, the quorum
         shall consist of the presence of 100 Members or 20% of the total Membership, which
         ever is less. If the quorum is not reached at the time established, the Chairman shall
         call to order all those in attendance 15 minutes after the original time established for
         the Meeting and the requirements for the quorum shall then be reduced by 35%.

8.6      Transaction of Business at the Members Meetings:
         Business shall be transacted on a simple majority vote, provided that a quorum is
         present when such vote is taken. The acting Chair of the Members’ Meeting shall not
         be entitled to vote, not even in case of equality of votes (except as per Art. 8.04).

       8.07. Notice to Member
          Notices of the time and place of all (General and Special) Meetings of the Members
          have to be posted in the Centre for at least 3 calendar days prior to the Meeting Date
          and Members must be notified in writing by regular mail or by email, not less than 3
          calendar days before the meeting day. In the event of time constrain, the board may
          decide not to inform the Members as herein specified, provided that the Board will
          inform the Members personally or will contact them via telephone.

8.8)     Election of the B_oard
  i)     Prior to any Election of a new Board of Directors, the outgoing Board shall strive to
         elect a Nominating Committee at least 15 days before the date set for the election, to
         select candidates willing to run for offiee for the new Board. Preferably the Nominating
         Committee shall be formed by the ex President and part of the Management Committee
         of the Corporation, (Provided that they do not run for the Office).

  ii)    If the Board provides a Nominating Committee, the Members have no right to approve
         the Nominating Committee, nor the Candidates selected by the Nominating
         Committee, because the Members will have their final right by choosing the
         Candidates with their votes.

  iii)   On election day, just before the outgoing Board of Director resigns, it can propose to
         the Assembly an Election Committee I Scrutinizers Committee (who will not be less
         than 3 persons), who will be subject to the Members' approval. Members of said
         Committee should preferably include Members of the Nomination Committee, who can
         not run for an office that they are supervisi ng.

  iv)    On Election Day, if the out going Board does not suggest an Election Committee I
         Scrutineers, said Committee         will
                                         be elected by the Members.

 v)      On Election Day, the Members shall be allowed to nominate other Members to become
         Candidates for the slate for the election (Provided that they are Seconded) .

 vi)     In the event that a Member is away sick or out of the Province during an election,
         he/she may submit his/her name in writing to be a Candidate for the election of the
         Board, however his/her written notioe, must have a nominator and seconded.

 vii) Whenever possible the Assembly can nominate Candidates/Members to serve on a
      new Board of Cireetors, who must be Aom! nated and seconded.
      Members ean only nomim te and seeond one Candidate.

8.09 Spo_w of _t;t a11dJ?.>!.Nl,t,1tn:!£r§
         At all meetings of the Member-ia evefy Question/ Motion I Resolution shall be deGided by
         a show of hands (Unless a poll is required by the Chairperson or not less than three (3)
         Members of the Board, or by not less than six (6) Members of the Association).
         Whenever a vote by show of hands has been taken, unless a poll has been requested, a
         declaration by the Chairperson that a resolution has been carried or defeated by a
         particular majority and an entry to the effect in the Minutes of the Association, is
         conclusive evidence of the fact without proof of number of proportionate votes
         recorded in favour of, or against the motion.

8.'1 0 'f e Ge       a! _Me111J;!er 1JR
    a) Will consist of all the Participants/Shareholders of ''Villa Monteleone Inc." and of all the
       Social Clu Members in good standing,

    b) Will approve the Proposed Budget, the Financial Reports and Membership Fee.

c) Will approve or elect the Election Committee / Scrutineers and elect the new Board of
     Directors. (Nominating Committee can not be approved by the Members, if the Board
     has already approved it before election day, as per Article # 8.08(i).

  d) Will approve the Agenda at every Members Meeting.

  e) Will authorize possible contracts that are out of the normal every day operation of the
     Business conducted by the Board, which were not proposed / approved in the Budget.

  f) Being the highest Body of the Association, it may reverse any resolution (carried or
     defeated) by the Board.

  g) No decision approved or defeated by the General Membership can be reversed by the
     Board of Directors, however the Board has the right to re-submit the same item of
     business to the Members at the following Members’ Meeting.

8.11 President’s Absentia
     In the absence of the President, the Vice-President, or a Member of the Executive can
     act as Chairperson. If no such Member is present or if all such Members present
     decline to act as Chairperson, the Members present can choose any Board Member
     present to act as the Chairperson for that meeting (Subject to Art.# 9.05).

8.12 Adjournments
     Any meeting of the Members may be adjourned or suspended to any time and from
     time to time, and any unfinished and/or referred business may be transacted at any
     adjourned meeting, subject to the Member’s approval.

                          9.BOARD OF DIRECTORS (OR BOARD)

9.1 Number of Members
   a) The conduct of the affairs of the Association shall be carried on by the Board of
      Directors which shall consist of not less than 9 and not more than 25 Directors,
      (Unless the General Members elect / approve a different number for that term).

  b) The Board to be elected shall always include Two (2) Members of the Ladies
     Committee (Who will not be considered Candidates or Delegates, thus do not need to
     be elected). One Member (preferably the Chairperson) shall be automatically part of
     the Executive. See ART. #11.01.

9.2   Term
      The Board of Directors shall be elected for a term of Two (2) years on every First
      Sunday following Christmas (EVERY EVEN YEAR). A Director filling a vacancy on the
      Board, as mentioned in the herein Article 9.04, his/her term will expire with the
      presiding Board’s mandate.

9.3   Qualifications For the Board Members
      Each Director shall:

  a) Have been elected by the Members, (except as per Art# 9.01 b) and # 9.04.

  b) Be entitled to run for the Executive office, (as shown on Art. # 11.01).

  c) Not be an undischarged bankrupt or a legally declared mentally incompetent .

  d) Not be an elected Officer of any Governmental Bodies.

  e) Whenever possible it is suggested that a Director should have served on the Board
     first, prior to serve on the Executive and preferably only those who have served on the
     Executive, should serve as President. This is only a suggestion, not a prerequisite.

9.4   Vacancy on the Board
      Vacancy on the Board may, as long as a quorum of Directors is in effect,( As in Art. #
      9.05) be filled by the remaining Directors by selecting Member to fill the vacancy.
      If, upon the occurrence of a vacancy on the Board, there is no quorum of the Board in
      office, the remaining Directors shall forthwith call an early Meeting of the Members,
      who shall decide whether to fill the existing vacancies or elect a brand new Board.

9.5   Quorum of the Board
      A simple majority of the Board will constitute a quorum for conducting any business.
      If, notwithstanding the fact that the Members have been properly notified as provided
      herein and the quorum is not present at any meeting, the Directors who are in
      attendance may, by unanimous resolution only, determine that the Directors present
      shall constitute a quorum for conducting the business, but in no case shall a quorum
      be less than NINE (9) Members of the Board.

9.6   Notice of Board Meeting
      Meetings of the Board may be called by the President, 2 Members of the Executive or 5
      Directors. All notices of meeting shall be delivered by post mail or by email, or by
      personally informing or calling via telephone each Director. In the case of delivery by
      mail or email, it shall be posted not less than three (3) Calendar days prior to the date
      of the meeting. All the other notices shall be given not less than 48 hours prior to the
      date of the meeting. A statement from the person that advised Members about the
      meeting as herein provided, shall be sufficient and conclusive evidence that the notice
      was given. No formal notice of a meeting shall be necessary, if all the Directors are
      present, or if those absent have signified their consent to the meeting being held
      without notice in their absence.

9.7    Pre-Established Meetings of the Board
      The Board may pre-establish one or more Board Meetings dates, at a time and place
      (preferably in the centre and time named, and in such instance, no further notice
      needs to be given with respect to such meeting).

9.8   Voting on the Board
      The Agenda/Motions arising out of the meeting of the Board shall be decided by the
      majority of votes. The Chairperson of a meeting shall not be entitled to vote, not even
      in case of an equality of votes. However he/she may decline to chair an item in the
      Agenda, in which case he/she can express his/her point of view and cast a vote on that
      specific business.
      At all meetings of the Board, every question/motion shall be decided by a show of
      hands, unless a poll on the question is required by the Chairperson or requested by
      any 2 Board Members. Unless a poll was requested, a Declaration by the Chairperson
      that a resolution has been carried or defeated and an entry to that effect is inserted in
      the minutes, is conclusive evidence of the fact. No proof of the exact number or
      proportion of votes recorded in favour of or against the resolution is required.

9.9   Remuneration
      The Directors shall not be entitled to receive any remuneration. However, a Director
      may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred by him/her in the performance of
      such his/her duties and may also be paid remuneration for service rendered to the
      Association in other capacities, provided that the Board has approved them first.

9.10 Disclosure of Interests
     Every Director who is directly or indirectly interested in a proposed contract or an
     existing contract with the Association, shall immediately declare his or her interest at
     a meeting of the Board and shall not be present when such a project or contract is
     discussed nor, vote on it.

9.11 The Board of Directors shall:
   a) Prepare “ONLY One” Budget (For the following 19+- Months Term), to be presented to
      the General Membership on the first Sunday after Easter following their election.
      The Board will also present Two (2) Financial Reports to be presented to the General
      Membership on the 2 pre-Established dates on the first Sunday of each December.

   b) All the above financial documents mentioned above in ART #9.11(a) must be presented
      at least 48 hours prior to the General Membership Meeting to the Villa Monteleone Inc.
      Management Committee, in order to obtain their written consent (Art.12.01 iii).
      Furthermore, they must be exposed in the Social Club not less than 5 hours prior to
      and during the meeting of the Members and are subject to the Members’ approval.

   c) Supervise and oversee the rights of the Association, the behavior of its Members,
      protect the assets of the centre, be responsible to Lease the Club’s facilities/assets
      (preferably by auction) and ensure that the By-laws are fully adhered to.

   d) Propose the yearly fee that the Members must pay, in order to be in good standing.

   e) Create and approve admission of existing Committees, New Committees, Ad-Hoc
      Committees, Special Committees, New Members and reinstate Ex-Members.

   f) Prohibit any kind of gambling and ensure that all Governmental laws are adhered to.

   g) Elect the Executive (Also referred herein as Officers) from the Members elected by the
      General Membership, as soon as possible after the election of the new Board.

h) Endeavour to elect a Nominating Committee to select Candidates willing to be part of
      the slate of Candidates for the Election of the new Board at least 15 days before the
      election date, preferably to be chaired by the previous President and part of the
      Management Committee, (Provided they do not run for an office they are supervising).

   i) Establish the hours of operation of the Centre, ascertain that the Centre is closed the
      days of: Good Friday, Easter, Christmas and whenever the Board organizes events.

   j) Work in good harmony with the Management Committee and prepare the General
      Members’ Agenda together.


10.1 Indemnity
     The Association Officers/Directors and Subcommittee Members (and their Heirs,
     Executors and Administrators) shall at all times be indemnified and saved harmless out
     of the funds of the Association from and against;

   a) all costs, charges and expenses whatsoever which the Director sustains or incurs in or
      about any action, suit or proceeding which was brought, commenced or prosecuted
      against the Members for or in respect of any act, deed, matter or thing whatsoever
      made, done or permitted by such Director in or about the Execution of the duties of
      such Director’s office; and

   b) all other costs, charges and expenses which the Director sustains or incurs in or about
      in relation to the affairs of the Association, except the costs, charges, or statements
      made, which if he/she may have knowingly or on purpose caused or made;

10.2 No Director of the Association shall be liable for the act, receipt, neglect or defaults or
     any other Director or Officer or Employees for joining in any receipt or act or
     conformity for a loss, damage or expense happening to the Association for the
     insufficiency through deficiency of title to any property acquired by the Association or
     for or on behalf of the Association or for the insufficiency through deficiency of any
     security in or upon which may of the money of or belonging to the Association shall be
     placed out or invested for loss or damages arising from bankruptcy, insolvency or
     torture act of any person, firm or corporation with whom for which any monies,
     securities or effects shall be deposited or for any other loss, damage from misfortune
     whatsoever which may happen in the execution of the same shall have been by or
     through such person’s own wrongful and willful act or through such person’s own
     wrongful and willful neglect or default.

10.3 The Association must purchase adequate liability Insurance for its Directors.


11.1 The Executives of the Board shall consist of not less than 7 Members, which shall
     consist of:
        First Vice President
        Vice Secretary
        Second Vice President
        Ladies Committee Member

     One Member of the Ladies Committee (preferably the Chairperson) will become
     automatically Member of the Executive. The other Ladies Committee Member will be a
     Board Member, unless she is elected by the Board to serve also on the Executive;

  a) Such other persons as the Board may from time to time by resolution determine to be
     necessary or advisable in the interest of the Association, however it shall not be
     greater than 40% of the number of the whole Committee.

  b) An Executive Member may not hold on the Board more than one (1) office, except that
     one person may hold the office of Secretary and Treasurer, in which case such person
     shall be known as Secretary-Treasurer (Except as per the following clause).

  c) Notwithstanding what is written in ART. # 11.01(b) a Member of the Board of Directors
     (including the Executive) may Chair or be a Member of other Subcommittees and also
     may hold other positions within the herein Corporation and the Management

  d) The immediate Ex-President, upon request from the new Board of Directors, may
     accept to be part of the new Executive, in order to guide and assist the new Board and
     have voting rights, however he/she does not form part of the number mentioned in Art.
     #9.01(a) and furthermore is not subject to Art.# 16.01(e).

11.2 Election of Executive
     Whenever possible and unless the Assembly decides otherwise, it is peferred that
     immediately after a new Board of directors has been elected, the Election Committee
     shall chair the election of the Board’s Executive, in the order shown in Art. #11.01

11.3 Duties of the President
     The President shall, when present, have the right to preside over all meetings of the
     Board and of the Members and shall act as Chairperson of both. The President shall
     supervise the affairs and operations of the Association, sign all documents requiring
     his or her signature and have the other powers and duties prescribed by the Board or
     incident to his or her office.
     The immediate Ex-President shall attempt to serve on the Nominating/Election
     Committee, provided that if he/she does not run for Office.

11.4 Duties of the Vice-President
     The Vice-President shall be responsible for the duties and power exercised by the
     President. In the event of the President’s absence or inability to act, or chooses not to
     chair a meeting or a topic, the Vice-President shall assume the President’s duties and
     he/she shall have such other powers and duties from time to time prescribed by the
     Board or incident to his/her office.

11.5 Duties of the Secretary
     The Secretary shall be the Clerk of the Board, shall record all facts and minutes of
     proceedings of the Board and of the Members of all meetings to be kept for that
     purpose. The Secretary shall give all notices required to be given to the Members and
     to the Directors and shall be the custodian of the Corporate Seal of the Association (if
     available) and of all books, papers, records, correspondence and documents
     belonging to the Association and shall perform the other duties from time to time
     prescribed by the Board or incidental to his or her office.

11.6 Duties of the Treasurer
     The Treasurer shall keep full and accurate records and accounts of all receipts and
     disbursements of the Association in proper books and accounts and shall deposit all
     monies or other valuable effects in the name and to the credit of the Association in the
     Bank or Banks from time to time designated by the Board. The Treasurer shall
     disburse the funds of the Association under the direction of the Board, taking proper
     vouchers therefore and shall render to the Board, whenever required of the Treasurer,
     an account of all transactions as Treasurer of the Association. The Treasurer (And the
     Board) shall co-operate with the Villa Monteleone Inc Management Committee, any
     time that they may wish to view the financial status of the Association and establish the
     General Members Meeting Dates and Agenda.

 i) As provide in the Joint Venture Agreement of Villa Monteleone Inc., its
    Shareholder/Participants (Not the Social Club Members) will elect a Management
    Committee every Two (2) (ODD) Years on the first Sunday after Easter. Said Committee
    shall consist of not less than 3 Participants and not more than 13 and shall review the
    financial status of the Association, in order to provide a greater financial disclosure.

 ii) The above mentioned election will preferably be chaired by an Election Committee,
     consisting of not less than 3 persons, preferably formed by the Board of Directors
     President and other Members of his/her executive, provided that they do not run for said
     election. Immediately after said election, said Election Committee will supervise the
     Election of the Management Committee Executive, which shall consist of a Manager,
     Vice Manager, Secretary, Treasurer and he rest (If any) will become M.C. Members.

iii) The (Only) Budget and the 2 Financial Reports prepared by the Board of Directors(As
     per Art. # 9.11 a) shall be presented to the Management Committee, who will review and
     comment on them in writing, before they are submitted to the General Membership and
     Shareholders. The Management Committee may make recommendations with respect to
     matters such as revenue and expenditure controls, internal department reporting and
     cheque signing authority.

iv)    The Management Committee will be responsible to manage the Real Estate owned by
       the Corporation, rent the 2 Residential Apartments, select/evict tenants, collect rent
       from the residential tenants, and since all the tenants have gross leases, obtain
       estimates for repairing the Real Estate.

v)     The Management Committee must also prepare and present One (their own) Budget for
       the first Sunday of December after their election (For the following 16 + - months).
       Said Committee shall further prepare 2 Financial Reports to be presented to the
       Shareholders on the 2 pre-established General Meetings on the first Sundays after
       each Easter, proposing any excessive amount to be given to the Corporation.

vi)    The above Financial paperwork to be prepared by the Management Committee (As per
       ART. # 12.01 (v) above) with respect to the income and expenses of the real estate, will
       be exposed in the Centre at least 5 hours before and during the Meetings, will be subject
       to the Participants approval and the Participants will approve and/or decide how much
       of the accrued money, will be given to the Corporation.


13.1 The Board may at any time and from time to time appoint one or more Standing, or Ad
     Hoc Subcommittees, and/or Special Committees, (over and above what is shown in
     Article # 7.03) whose Members do not need to be necessarily Directors, Members,
     and/or Shareholder of Villa Monteleone Inc. The Board of Directors may by appropriate
     resolution delegate to such party any of its powers.

        Subcommittees and their Members are subject to the following restrictions and rules:

      I) Their mandate shall expire within 30 calendar days following the date that the event
         for which they were elected took place.

      II) Notwithstanding what is written in ART. #7.07, the Board of Directors will strive to
          always keep the Corporation’s interest at heart, by electing the best qualified
          Members to serve on all the Subcommittees.

      III) The Subcommittee Members are exempt from ART. # 9.01 (a) and # 16.01(e).

      IV) Only if they are invited to participate to a Board of Directors meeting(s), they have the
          right to vote at the Agenda.

13.2 Upon any appointment of a Subcommittee by the Board, the Directors shall determine
     the objects of the Subcommittee, any general or specific mandate of the
     The Chair of said Subcommittees have the right to add or choose his/her Members.
     Notwithstanding what is written in this By law, the Board can not elect the President of
     the Ladies Committee, however it is preferred that the Board’s President with part of
     his/her Executive, should supervise the Ladies Committee election.

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