Complete CPD Guide 30+ days 300+ seminars 31 March Deadline - February - March 2020 - Legalwise Seminars

Complete CPD Guide 30+ days 300+ seminars 31 March Deadline - February - March 2020 - Legalwise Seminars
                                            CPD Guide
                                            30+ days
                                            300+ seminars
                                            31 March Deadline

                                            February - March 2020

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT Register and pay by 24 Dec 2019 to save up to $100
10 POINTS                                                                        CRIME
10 Points in One Day                                                     7       Criminal Law Symposium                                                   28
10 Points in One Day – Last Chance                                      39
                                                                                 EMPLOYMENT LAW & SAFETY
BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION                                                          Workplace Law Conference                                                 32
Construction Law: Major Issues, Key Insights                            29
Law for Architects: Contracts, Costs and Risk                           33       FAMILY
                                                                                 Family Law Conference: Settling the Asset Pool                           13
CORPORATE & COMMERCIAL                                                           Family Law Drafting Intensive                                            35
Contract Law Masterclass                                                 9
In-House Counsel Conference                                             12       GOVERNMENT
Advanced Commercial Litigation Conference                               16       Litigation Issues for All Government Lawyers                              8
Game of Drones: Critical Regulatory, Risk and Liability Issue           17       Administrative Decisions Making: Practical Guide                          8
Business Sales: Legal Issues                                            18
Demystifying Venture Capital and Private Equity Transactions            21
                                                                                 Migration Law Symposium                                                  26
Business Clients: 20 Answerts to the Most Frequently Asked              22
Privacy and Data Security Workshop                                      22       INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY
Contract Law Conference                                                 24       Intellectual Property Law Review                                         19
Understanding Financial Reports: The Complete Masterclass               29
                                                                                 LITIGATION & DISPUTE RESOLUTION
SMSFs: The A-Z of Legal Issues                                          30
                                                                                 Litigation Issues for All Government Lawyers                              8
Trusts and Deeds Advanced Review                                        30
                                                                                 Advanced Commercial Litigation Conference                                16
PPSA Updates and Strategies                                             31
Franchising Law Forum: Critical Lessons and Key Changes                 35       Advanced Evidence and Advocacy Practicum                                 34
Directors & Officers: Know the Duties                                   36       Mediation Masterclass: Positive Results for Pleased Clients              36
Shareholder Agreements Workshop                                         37
                                                                                 MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT
CPD CORE AREAS                                                                   Film and TV Conference: Key Content and Production Issues                20
CPD Compulsory Units for All Lawyers on 5 March                    4
                                                                                 NATIVE TITLE
CPD Compulsory Units for All Lawyers on 10 March                   4
                                                                                 Native Title Intensive                                                   31
CPD Compulsory Units for All Lawyers on 20 March                   5
CPD Compulsory Units for All Lawyers on 24 March                   5
                                                                                 NOT FOR PROFIT
CPD Mandatory Core Areas for Property Lawyers                      6
                                                                                 Not for Profits and Charities: The Current Legal Issues                  21
CPD Mandatory Core Areas for All Lawyers on 5 March                7
CPD Mandatory Core Areas for All Lawyers on 10 March               9             PERSONAL INJURY
CPD Compulsory Units for IP Lawyers                               11             Personal Injury Conference                                               15
CPD Compulsory Units: Over Lunch, Over 3 Weeks                    11             TPD and Life Insurance Injury Claims                                     25
CPD Compulsory Units for In-House Counsel                         12
CPD Mandatory Core Areas for Family Lawyers                       13             PROPERTY
CPD Mandatory Core Areas for Wills and Estates Lawyers            14             Property Law Conference 2020                                              6
CPD Mandatory Core Areas for Personal Injury Lawyers              15             Retail and Commercial Leasing Review                                     10
CPD Mandatory Core Areas for Commercial Litigators                16             Conveyancing Conference                                                  23
CPD Mandatory Core Areas: Expert Guide to Legal Costing           17
Privacy and Data Security Workshop                                22             WILLS & ESTATES
CPD Mandatory Core Areas for Conveyancers                         23             Wills and Estates Symposium                                              14
CPD Mandatory Core Areas for Contract Lawyers                     24             Will Drafting Workshop                                                   33
CPD Mandatory Core Areas for All Lawyers on 19 March              25
CPD Compulsory Units for Immigration Lawyers and Migration Agents 26
Women in Law: Can I Have it All?                                  27
CPD Mandatory Core Areas for Criminal Lawyers                     28
Understanding Financial Reports: The Complete Masterclass         29
Starting a New Law Firm                                           38
Business Skills for Lawyers                                       38
CPD Mandatory Core Areas For All Lawyers on 30 March              39

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CPD COMPULSORY                                                                 CPD COMPULSORY
                          UNITS FOR ALL                                                                  UNITS FOR ALL
                          LAWYERS ON 5 MARCH                                                             LAWYERS ON 10 MARCH
THURSDAY, 5 MARCH 2020                                                 $490    TUESDAY, 10 MARCH 2020                                                $490
2.00PM TO 5.15PM (AEDT) Live from NSW                             WEB203N06    2.00PM TO 5.15PM (AEDT) Live from NSW                            WEB203N10

    As the market becomes increasingly competitive, make sure you                  Whether you’re a seasoned litigator or rarely find yourself in court,
    have the skills to shine. Join our stellar lineup of specialists as they       everyone needs to know the essentials of handling a dispute.
    walk you through the skills you need to influence your audience, deal          From dealing with conflicts of interest, to mastering mediation to
    with difficult colleagues and unravel those tricky ethical grey areas –        understanding strategic project management, this is the session
    all while gaining your core CPD units for the year.                            you need to prevent disputes from ever rising or to effectively deal
                                                                                   with them when they do arise.
Chair: Aileen Challinor, Principal, Pivotal Lawyers
   Practical Legal Ethics                                                     Chair: Paul Blackburn-Hart SC, 7 Wentworth Selborne Chambers
What Would You Do? Ethical Dilemmas for Lawyers                                   Practical Legal Ethics
The path to success in the legal profession is fraught with peril. Ethical     Conflicts of Interest: The Legal and Commercial Considerations
dilemmas can quickly threaten to derail your goals. Work through a             · Legal and commercial conflicts: What is a conflict?
practical series of ethical predicaments and real life examples to gain        · Can I ever act against a former client?
the knowledge, skills and strategies to ensure your ethical, and career,       · Lessons from key cases featuring conflicts
survival.                                                                      · Information barriers: Are they effective?
 Presented by Timothy Zahara, Senior Associate – Commercial Law, KPMG Law
                                                                                Presented by David Fairlie, General Counsel, Competitive Foods Australia

   Practice Management & Business Skills
                                                                                  Professional Skills
Dealing with Difficult People and Behaviours at Work                           Dispute Resolution: Strategies to Keep Your Matter Out of Court
· Managing up and sideways                                                     Whether you’re a litigation or transactional lawyer, this practical session
· Conflict between colleagues                                                  will examine the best strategies you can implement to prevent disputes
· Responding to bullying                                                       from arising in the first place along with providing guidance on how to
 Presented by Christa Ludlow, Principal Consultant, Weir Consulting           use ADR techniques for dispute resolution.
                                                                                Presented by David Ash, Barrister, Frederick Jordan Chambers
   Professional Skills
Presentation Skills: Talk Unlike a Lawyer                                         Practice Management & Business Skills
· Presenting on the law without boring your audience to death                  Strategic Litigation Project Management
· Writing to engage and explain, not soothe your own ego                       Drawing from the presenter’s experience in managing complex disputes
· Thinking like a journalist                                                   and in litigation funding, examine:
· Knowing your place (you’re not that special)                                 · The importance of strategic project management prior to commencing
 Presented by Michael Bradley, Managing Partner, Marque Lawyers                 litigation
                                                                               · Preparation of litigation budgets
                                                                               · Litigation project management designed to minimise cost and
                                                                                 maximise outcomes
                                                                                Presented by Susanna Khouri, Head of Investment Operations (Diligence &
                                                                               Monitoring), Augusta Ventures

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 3         ATTEND AND EARN                                                      3         ATTEND AND EARN
            1 CPD unit in Practical Legal Ethics                                          1 CPD unit in Practical Legal Ethics
            1 CPD unit in Practice Management & Business Skills                           1 CPD unit in Practice Management & Business Skills
            1 CPD unit in Professional Skills                                             1 CPD unit in Professional Skills
CPD COMPULSORY                                                                    CPD COMPULSORY
                          UNITS FOR ALL                                                                     UNITS FOR ALL
                          LAWYERS ON 20 MARCH                                                               LAWYERS ON 24 MARCH
FRIDAY, 20 MARCH 2020                                                  $490       TUESDAY, 24 MARCH 2020                                                $490
2.00PM TO 5.15PM (AEDT) Live from NSW                             WEB203N30       2.00PM TO 5.15PM (AEDT) Live from NSW                            WEB203N34

    Want to master the tactics of interest based negotiation? Need to                 Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from industry experts about
    brush up on the do’s and don’ts of client legal privilege? What about             some of the best practices that can make or break a career or a
    knowing what to do in the event of a data breach? Separate yourself               practice. Remove the guesswork and soak up countless tips and
    from your competitors and focus on actionable strategies in this                  strategies in this informative, practical session that will take your
    practical and informative seminar, all while gaining your core CPD                legal practice to the next level.
    points for the year.
                                                                                  Chair: Ishita Sethi, Barrister, Second Floor Selborne Chambers
Chair: Elizabeth Devine, Principal, Devine Law at Work                               Practical Legal Ethics

   Practical Legal Ethics                                                        #TheEthicalLawyer: The Ethics of Social Media Use
The Ethics of Client Legal Privilege                                              · Identifying the ethical issues arising from social media use by lawyers
· Creating, maintaining, and protecting privileged communications                 · #LawyersBehavingBadly: cautionary tales from around the globe
· Loss of privilege: fraud, disclosure and other exceptions                       · How do the Australian Solicitors Conduct Rules assist in resolving social
· Lessons from recent cases and the Australian Solicitors Conduct Rules             media ethics concerns?
 Presented by Angus MacInnis, Director of Dispute Resolution, StevensVuaran       Presented by Angus MacInnis, Director of Dispute Resolution, StevensVuaran

Lawyers                                                                           Lawyers

   Professional Skills                                                              Professional Skills

Interest Based Negotiation for All Lawyers                                        Communication Skills for Managing Difficult Clients
· Knowing your alternatives                                                       · Taking charge of volatile situations
· Looking behind positions to underlying interests                                · Understanding written, verbal and non-verbal communication
· Inventing options for mutual gain                                               · Managing stressful and high conflict clients
· Evaluating options against objective standards                                  · Understanding client needs and how to ask the right questions
· Making clear, careful commitments                                               · How to reduce areas of conflict
· Maintaining effective two way communication                                     · Dealing with high conflict subject matters
· Building good working relationships                                              Presented by Marina Dulhunty, Barrister, William Deane Chambers

 Presented by Gregory Burton SC, 5 Wentworth Chambers; Leading Mediator,
                                                                                     Practice Management & Business Skills
Doyle’s Guide 2018
                                                                                  Legal Services in a Digital Era: How to Win and Maintain Online
   Practice Management & Business Skills                                         Clients
How to Survive a Data Breach: A Practical Guide                                   · Legal perspective: whether starting out or well established, winning
· Summary of current cybersecurity landscape and latest trends,                     and retaining an online client can be a challenge
  including key risks                                                               - Positioning your legal services to be more attractive to digital clients
· How to prepare and plan in advance of any data breach                             - Networking amongst the online, start-ups and other communities
· Responding to breaches: from first steps to aftermath                               disrupting the legal industry
· Managing insurance issues and third party claims associated with data             - Balancing commercial and corporate risk and providing practical
  breaches                                                                            advice
 Presented by David Rountree; Intellectual Property & TMT Rising Star, Doyle’s   · Client perspective: hear firsthand from a new online business model
Guide 2018; and Jonathan Light; Construction & Infrastructure Rising Star,          success story
Doyle’s Guide 2019; Managing Associates, Allens                                     - What was surprising and issues that arose that hadn’t been raised
                                                                                    - What was good value for money
                                                                                    - What is and what isn’t valuable to online clients when engaging a
                                                                                      law firm
                                                                                  · Adapt or perish? Opportunities in disruption
                                                                                    - Legal marketplaces
                                                                                    - Digital marketing
                                                                                    - Document and process automation
                                                                                   Presented by Dominic Woolrych, Chief Executive Officer, LawPath

 3         ATTEND AND EARN                                                        3          ATTEND AND EARN
            1 CPD unit in Practical Legal Ethics                                             1 CPD unit in Practical Legal Ethics
            1 CPD unit in Practice Management & Business Skills                              1 CPD unit in Practice Management & Business Skills
            1 CPD unit in Professional Skills                                                1 CPD unit in Professional Skills                           05
WEDNESDAY, 4 MARCH 2020                                                                                                                                      $870
9.00AM TO 5.15PM                                                                                                                                           203Q02

 Whatever property problem your clients bring your way this coming year, this comprehensive program will prepare you. Body corporate law,
 planning and environment updates, community management, property taxes, compulsory land acquisition, covenants, easements, new
 legislation, new cases: Brisbane’s leading experts have you covered. Gain all the updates you need in each of these key areas and more, plus
 lock down your core area CPD points.

 SESSION 1: PROPERTY LAW UPDATES AND                                                        SESSION 2: CPD MANDATORY CORE AREAS FOR
 DEVELOPMENTS                                                                               PROPERTY LAWYERS
 9.00AM TO 1.15PM                     203Q02A                        $490                   2.00PM TO 5.15PM                        203Q02B                    $490

Chair: Kathleen Ready, Senior Partner, Reading Hocking Law                              Chair: Chris Baker, Special Counsel, Hickey Lawyers

Planning and Environment Update for Your Property Practice:                                Professional Skills
Recent Developments                                                                     Expertly Drafting Easements and Covenants
· Significant planning and environment court decisions impacting                        · Essential principles for drafting easements
  property lawyers                                                                      · Issues in drafting easements and covenants in specific situations:
· Key merits appeals and enforcement matters                                               - Existing structures and development rights
· Important takeaways for your property practice                                           - Repair and maintenance covenants and sharing expenses
 Presented by Mitchel Batty, Barrister, Byth Chambers; Preeminent Planning &            Presented by Leone Costigan, Executive Counsel, Herbert Smith Freehills
Environment Junior Counsel, Doyle’s Guide 2019
                                                                                           Practical Legal Ethics
Property Law Developments: Covenants, Contracts and More                                Property Practice: Professional Obligations and Ethical Duties
· When misleading conduct is not enough: QM Properties Pty Ltd v                        · Scope of retainer
  Belscorp Pty Ltd [2019]                                                               · Who is your client?
· Restrictive covenants in the era of solar panels: Bettson Properties Pty              · Conflicts: declining to act
  Ltd & Anor v Tyler [2019]                                                             · Verification of identity requirements
· Drawing the line between contractual and fiduciary relations: Eaton v                 · Payment transfer obligations: avoiding fraudulent intervention
  Rare Nominees Pty Ltd [2019]                                                          · Recent cases update
 Presented by Michael Amerena, Barrister, Inns of Court                                 Presented by Bronwyn Clarkson, Partner, Carter Newell Lawyers

Body Corporate and Community Management: Lessons for Property                              Practice Management & Business Skills
Lawyers                                                                                 Financial Challenges Created by the Nature of Property Law Matters
· Body Corporate and Community Management Regulations – 2019                            The transactional nature and progression of property law matters create
  amendments                                                                            unique issues when it comes to the financial management of those
· Management disputes: recent cases, terminating management rights                      matters and of a law practice. Gain an understanding of the causes,
  and dealing with issues related to onsite managers                                    impacts and potential solutions for these property related financial
 Presented by Robert Herd, Principal, Herd Law                                         issues.
                                                                                        · The impacts on cash flow and profitability
GST and Land Tax: Issues for Property Lawyers                                           · Is the problem cash flow or profitability?
All property transactions will have land tax implications and often there               · Cash flow tips and techniques
will be GST issues associated with the disposal and acquisition of land.                · Identifying waste that impacts profitability
Clients often place trust in their property lawyers to ensure these tax
                                                                                        · The profit formula and achieving the right result
risks are properly identified and managed.
                                                                                         Presented by Robert Pitt, Associate, Mazars
· GST risk: What it is and how it could impact every transaction a lawyer
  is asked to document
· Taxable, input taxed and GST-free supplies and how to ensure clauses
  are drafted in an appropriate manner
· Drafting land tax clauses for leases and sale contracts to protect client
                                                                                                          Really enjoyable and engaging.
 Presented by Lyndon Garbutt, Principal, West Garbutt; Leading Tax Lawyer,                               Good high-level summary of
Doyle’s Guide 2019
                                                                                                          complex topics presented in
Practice & Procedure in the Land Court: Tools to Navigate a                                               an interesting and informative
Specialist Court
· Overview of the Land Court to ensure effective litigation, with a focus                                 manner.
  on Practice Direction 3 of 2019
· Overview of the legislation by which rights in land are acquired and
  compensation paid                                                                                       Very informative and direct;
· Significant Land Court decisions impacting property lawyers.
 Presented by Katherine Buckley and Holly Stephanos, Barristers, Byth
                                                                                                          interesting, topical and relevant.
Chambers; Recommended Planning & Environment Junior Counsel, Doyle’s Guide

        4 CPD units in Legal Knowledge                          1 CPD unit in Practical Legal Ethics
        1 CPD unit in Practice Management & Business Skills     1 CPD unit in Professional Skills
THURSDAY, 5 MARCH 2020                                                                                                                                          $960
7.30AM TO 6.30PM                                                                                                                                              203Q03

    With 10 timely topics in a myriad of areas of law, attend the full day and complete your CPD for the year in one go or just register for the
    sessions that interest you.

                                                                                              Practice Management & Business Skills
    SESSION 1: FAMILY LAW AND ESTATES ROUNDUP                                              Work Smarter, Not Harder in Your Practice
    7.30AM - 10.30AM                       203Q03A                        $490             · Month end reality check: the key financial and operational KPIs
                                                                                           · What areas of practice generate the best return?
Chair: Karen Gaston, Partner, Head of Private Clients, Thynne +                            · Positive communication and employee engagement
Macartney; Accredited Specialist in Succession Law; Leading Estates                        · Client satisfaction and effective web site marketing
Litigation Lawyer and Recommended Wills, Estates & Succession                              · Critical technology and skills to improve efficiency and productivity
Planning Lawyer, Doyle’s Guide 2019                                                         Presented by Graeme McFadyen, Principal, Misso Legal Consulting

Wills and Estates: Year in Review
                                                                                               SESSION 3: PROPERTY, COMMERCIAL AND EMPLOYMENT
Join us for a very special session as Katrina reviews key developments
                                                                                               LAW UPDATES
and significant cases in succession law from the last 12 months and
shares knowledge that will set you up for the year ahead.                                      2.15PM - 6.30PM                         203Q03C                      $490
 Presented by Katrina Kluss, Barrister, More Chambers, Hemmant’s List;
Recommended Wills & Estates Litigation Junior Counsel, Doyle’s Guide 2019                  Chair: Mark Healy, Barrister, Inns of Court; Recommended
                                                                                           Employment & WHS Junior Counsel, Doyle’s Guide 2019
Developments in Family Law
· Round up of significant case law in property and parenting matters                       Property Law Developments: Covenants, Contracts and More
· Summary of the facts and key points to take away from each case                          · When misleading conduct is not enough: QM Properties Pty Ltd v
· Practical discussion useful to family law practice                                         Belscorp Pty Ltd [2019]
 Presented by Ann-Maree McDiarmid, Barrister, Win Paten Chambers;                         · Restrictive covenants in the era of solar panels: Bettson Properties Pty
Recommended Family Law and Parenting & Children’s Matters Junior Counsel,                    Ltd & Anor v Tyler [2019]
Doyle’s Guide 2019                                                                         · Drawing the line between contractual and fiduciary relations: Eaton v
                                                                                             Rare Nominees Pty Ltd [2019]
Financial Agreements under the Family Law Act 1975 and their Impact                         Presented by Michael Amerena, Barrister, Inns of Court
on Estate Planning
Explore the family courts recent approach to financial agreements, in                      Treasure Hunt: Following and Tracing Property
particular post Thorne v Kennedy, and their potential impact on estate                     · What is following and tracing property?
planning, inheritances and family provision claims.                                        · How do you trace property?
 Presented by Phillip Sorensen, Barrister, Fifteen Inns of Court; Accredited
                                                                                           · Recent examples of tracing succeeding and failing
Specialist in Family Law
                                                                                           · Possible developments
                                                                                            Presented by Gavin Handran, Barrister, North Quarter Lane Chambers;
    SESSION 2: CPD MANDATORY CORE AREAS FOR ALL                                            Preeminent Insolvency & Restructuring Junior Counsel and Leading Commercial
    LAWYERS                                                                                Litigation & Dispute Resolution Junior Counsel, Doyle’s Guide 2019

    10.45AM - 1.45PM                      203Q03B                        $490              Contract Law Recent Case Update
                                                                                           Review some of the significant cases in contract law in the last 12
Chair: Gavin Handran, Barrister, North Quarter Lane Chambers;                              months.
Preeminent Insolvency & Restructuring Junior Counsel and Leading                            Presented by Robert Quirk, Barrister, Bay Street Chambers and Higgins
Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution Junior Counsel, Doyle’s                         Chambers
Guide 2019
                                                                                           Lessons from Employment Law: To Litigate or not to Litigate?
   Professional Skills
                                                                                           · Balancing risk with remedy for the bullied or mistreated client
Drafting Affidavits: Practical Workshop with Case Examples
                                                                                           · Assessing the claim: Is it actionable? Is there independent evidence?
· UCPR and Practice Direction requirements
                                                                                             Will witnesses be cooperative? Should an informal approach be
· Significant considerations when exhibiting evidence                                        adopted?
· Affidavits on originating applications where there are no pleadings                      · Assessing the client: Their mental health, options for re-employment
· Drafting affidavits for applicants and for respondents, with examples                      and resources
 Presented by Angela Rae, Barrister, Burnett Lane Chambers and Hemmant’s
                                                                                           · Assessing the choices: Via a court? A Commission? What are the
List; Recommended Wills & Estates Litigation Junior Counsel, Doyle’s Guide 2019              financial costs?
   Practical Legal Ethics
                                                                                           · Assessing the combatant: Are they amenable to a negotiated
Legal Ethics and Lessons from the Latest Cases of Misconduct                                 settlement?
                                                                                            Presented by Susan Moriarty, Principal, Susan Moriarty & Associates;
· Recent case examples
                                                                                           Recommended Employment Lawyer (Employee & Union Representation), Doyle’s
· The main and emerging areas of risk for practitioners
                                                                                           Guide 2019
· Penalties which can be imposed
· What to do and what not to do if you are faced with an ethical issue
 Presented by Genevieve Dee, Partner, Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers

           7 CPD units in Legal Knowledge                          1 CPD unit in Practical Legal Ethics
           1 CPD unit in Practice Management & Business Skills     1 CPD unit in Professional Skills
LITIGATION ISSUES FOR ALL                                                           ADMINISTRATIVE DECISION
GOVERNMENT LAWYERS                                                                  MAKING: A PRACTICAL GUIDE
THURSDAY, 5 MARCH 2020                                                $490          THURSDAY, 5 MARCH 2020                                               $490
9.00AM TO 1.15PM                                                    203Q04          2.00PM TO 5.15PM                                                   203Q05

    As a government lawyer you may not litigate all day but that                      Your administrative decisions and actions are routinely subjected
    doesn’t mean you aren’t dealing with matters in dispute, appeals                  to scrutiny and challenge. Understand the complexities and
    of decisions or being required to prepare public sector witnesses.                processes behind duties, delegated powers and decision making
    So what exactly do government lawyers need to be aware of                         by spending a morning with our experienced panel of barristers.
    should the need arise? The ethical parameters of the Model                        Make sure your actions and decision making are correct.
    Government litigant; preparing public sector witnesses and
    government privilege and immunities obligations. Hear from an                   Chair: Felicity Nagorcka, Assistant Chief Counsel, Constitutional and
    outstanding panel of speakers on the absolute red flags if you get              Advocacy Branch, Crown Law
    caught up in litigation.                                                         Professional Skills

                                                                                    Crafting a Statement of Reasons for a Decision
Chair: Aaron Guilfoyle, Work Health and Safety Prosecutor,                          · Legal requirements
Queensland Government                                                               · Practical considerations
                                                                                    · Traps to avoid
   Practical Legal Ethics
                                                                                     Presented by Nitra Kidson, Barrister, Higgins Chambers
The Model of a Modern Government Litigant
· Expectations following the Banking Royal Commission                               Merits Review
· What justifies a requirement for government to litigate differently?              · Merits review: ’a fresh set of eyes’
· What does being a modern model litigant require?                                  · Alternative dispute resolution in merits review: ‘avoiding those eyes
· Why does it matter and what can go wrong?                                           needing to see it’
 Presented by Matt Black, Barrister, Quay 11 Chambers                              · Evidence in merits review: ‘having those eyes see it your way’
                                                                                     Presented by Kate Slack, Barrister, Higgins Chambers
   Practical Legal Ethics
Bound by Ethics: The Model Litigant as Prosecutor                                   Application of the Human Rights Reforms in Decision Making
· What it means to be fearless but fair; questions raised in a high profile         · Applying the intention of these reforms in decision making and policy
  case                                                                              · Complaint handling obligations of public entities
· Ethics of presenting the case                                                     · How the Commission will deal with complaints
· The prosecutor’s role in sentencing                                                Presented by Neroli Holmes, Deputy Commissioner, Queensland Human
· Prosecutors as Ministers of Justice?                                              Rights Commission
 Presented by Alan MacSporran QC, Chairperson, Crime and Corruption
Commission                                                                          The Obligation of Procedural Fairness During Multistage Decision
                                                                                    Making Processes
 Professional Skills

Preparing Public Sector Witnesses Required to Give Evidence:                        · The variable content of the obligation of procedural fairness
Guidance and Advice                                                                 · Procedural fairness during investigations
Guide to best practices for preparing a public sector witness to give               · Exercising powers of suspension
evidence before:                                                                    · Update on recent case law
· A court                                                                            Presented by Ben Cramer, Assistant Crown Solicitor, Administrative Law,

· A Royal Commission                                                                Crown Law
· The Ombudsman or other integrity body
· Parliament
 Presented by Patrina Clohessy, Deputy Crown Solicitor and Chief Counsel
and Amanda Meisenhelter, Assistant Crown Solicitor, Crown Law Queensland

 Professional Skills

Understanding and Working with Privileges Applying to Government
· Issues with legal professional privilege for government
· Public interest immunity
 Presented by Ian Bloemendal, Partner, Clayton Utz

 Practice Management & Business Skills
                                                                                                   Book multiple programs
Procurement of Government Legal Services: Managing and
Minimising External Legal Costs
                                                                                                       and SAVE BIG!
· Managing external legal expenditure in a cost conscious environment                                 See page 3 for more details
· Working with external legal providers to manage expenditure and
· Evaluating performance
· Costs recovery in civil litigation
 Presented by Moira Tucker, Director, Advice & Litigation, In-house Legal, DNRME

 4         ATTEND AND EARN                                                           3       ATTEND AND EARN
           1.5 CPD units in Practical Legal Ethics                                            2.5 CPD units in Legal Knowledge
           1 CPD unit in Practice Management & Business Skills                                0.5 CPD units in Professional Skills
           1.5 CPD units in Professional Skills
                                                                                       AREAS FOR ALL LAWYERS
CONTACT LAW MASTERCLASS                                                                ON 10 MARCH
TUESDAY, 10 MARCH 2020                                                      $490       TUESDAY, 10 MARCH 2020                                               $490
9.00AM TO 1.15PM                                                          203Q06       2.00PM TO 5.15PM                                                   203Q07

 With contracts lying at the very heart of both the commercial and                         Wary of traps when dealing with clients with protected attributes?
 legal spheres, it’s critical that you hone your knowledge, skills and                     Are you fully across the issue of workplace harassment and
 strategies in this area. There’s no better way to perfect your abilities                  discrimination training? Do you know how to draft contracts
 when working with contracts than to attend this practical masterclass.                    effectively so that all matters of termination are covered? Don’t
 Featuring a renowned specialist in the field, Jeffrey Goldberger will                     let these challenges side-track your career path. Master the skills
 walk you through precisely what you need to know to elevate your                          needed to quickly and effectively deal with each of these issues all
 practice. From taking a deep dive into the hottest issues and cases                       while gaining your CPD core units for the year.
 impacting contract law to working through real world examples to
                                                                                       Chair: Tim Mathews QC, Inns of Court
 providing you with precedents, examples, case law and analysis, you’ll
 walk away with insights and tools to implement in your practice.                         Professional Skills
                                                                                       Termination of Contracts: Proper Drafting Skills
Session 1: Contract Law in the Cases: The Year in Review                               · Overview on the most common methods of termination
Consider key recent cases and issues in contract law that practitioners                · Proper drafting of termination for convenience clauses, tips and traps:
should have on their radar.                                                              including the effects of the Unfair Contract Terms legislation
· The principles of contract interpretation in Australian Law                          · Concepts regarding termination for a major breach and repudiation
· Statutory unconscionable conduct in commercial transactions                          · Proper drafting of termination notices
· Forms of authority and the principles of agency                                      · Strategic considerations regarding the termination of contracts,
· Loss of opportunity damages in contract and tort                                       recovery of damages and protecting your client’s position
                                                                                        Presented by Alexander Tuhtan, Special Counsel, CDI Lawyers
Session 2: Indemnities: Legal Principles and Drafting Issues
Take a deep dive into indemnities, the related legal principles, and                      Practice Management & Business Skills
important drafting considerations to keep in mind.                                     Workplace Harassment Training
                                                                                       · Understanding your obligations
Session 3: The Implication and Incorporation of Contractual Terms                      · What is unlawful discrimination?
Round out the program with an insightful look at the key principles and                · What is harassment?
the latest case law in this important area of contracts.                               · Managing stress claims in the workplace
                                                                                       · Strategies for managing claims
 Presented by Jeffrey Goldberger, Special Counsel, Norton Rose Fulbright
                                                                                        Presented by Jennifer Veiga, Special Counsel, MinterEllison

Jeffrey Goldberger is contract law specialist with over 25 years’ experience in the       Practical Legal Ethics
Australian legal sector who is a recognised authority on Australian contract law.      Don’t Fall Foul of Folau
In 2012 Jeffrey served on the then Federal Attorney General’s Expert Panel on the      · Ethical considerations when dealing with clients and employees with
effectiveness of Australian contract law. Jeffrey formerly lectured in contract law,     protected attributes
commercial law and private international law at the University Of Sydney Law           · Tips and tricks for developing a proactive approach to working with
School.                                                                                  clients and employees in the LGBTI space
                                                                                       · Ensuring you don’t fall foul of Rule 42
                                                                                        Presented by Kerry-Lea Gibb, Special Counsel, MinterEllison; Accredited
                                                                                       Specialist in Workplace Relations Law

Testimonials from Jeffrey’s prior Contract
Law Masterclasses:

               Very polished performer/
               instructor who makes a very
               technical subject matter so much
               easier to understand. Excellent.

               Absolutely flawless. An expert in
               his field. Very instructive and a
               pleasure to listen to.

 4      ATTEND AND EARN                                                                 3         ATTEND AND EARN
         2 CPD units in Legal Knowledge                                                           1 CPD unit in Practical Legal Ethics
         2 CPD units in Professional Skills                                                       1 CPD unit in Practice Management & Business Skills
                                                                                                  1 CPD unit in Professional Skills                            09
TUESDAY, 10 MARCH 2020                                                                                                                            $870
9.00AM TO 5.15PM                                                                                                                                203Q08

 The legal issues impacting the leasing sector are ever present and you must keep up with the latest developments and strategies to succeed.
 Learn what you need to know about the latest cases and market trends, key disclosure issues, risks arising from forfeitures and options, and
 how to navigate lease breaches and termination.

                                                                              OF LEASES
 9.00AM TO 1.15PM                         203Q08A                  $490       2.00PM TO 5.15PM                     203Q08B                        $490

Chair: John Lowes, Special Counsel, Shand Taylor Lawyers; Accredited         Chair: John Nicolas, Partner, Gadens
Specialist in Property Law
                                                                             Relief Against Forfeiture & Options to Renew: Practical Tips and Case
Assignments, Subleases, Redevelopment and Tenant Downsizing                  Update
· Redeveloping retail and commercial premises                                · Proper exercise of an option, relief against failure, breaches
  - Understanding and planning for the risks                                 · Practical tips: advising your client when there has been a failure to
  - Relocating existing tenants                                                exercise an option
· Tenant downsizing                                                          · Obtaining relief against forfeiture of a lease: advice to tenants and
  - Opportunities and challenges for tenants and landlords                     landlords
· Assignments and subleases                                                  · Case law update
  - Precise language to include in leases                                     Presented by Susan McNeil, Barrister, Alfred Lutwyche Chambers
  - How to manage these situations when they arise
  - Resolving disputes                                                       Variation, Surrender and Termination of Leases
 Presented by Cameron Graham, Partner, Thynne + Macartney; Recommended      · Variation
Property & Real Estate and Leasing Lawyer, Doyle’s Guide 2019                  - When does variation to a lease constitute a surrender and re-grant
                                                                                 of the lease?
Disclosure: The Retail Leases Act, What’s Required, and                        - What are the potential implications of agreeing to variations of
Consequences of Getting it Wrong                                                 leases?
· When does the Retail Leases Act apply?                                       - How have recent cases affected the law in this area
· Disclosure under the Retail Leases Act: What is required and what are      · Surrender
  the consequences of non-disclosure or inadequate disclosure?                 - The importance of not overlooking surrender provisions when
· Drafting, documentation and best practices                                     negotiating and drafting leases
 Presented by Heath Gleig-Scott, Partner, Mills Oakley                        - When surrender occurs: upon vacation of the space or the
                                                                                 satisfaction of specified conditions
Commercial and Retail Leasing Update                                           - The practical and legal effect of a failure to surrender in accordance
· Agreements for Lease                                                           with lease requirements
· Service stations and retail leasing                                        · Termination
· Contamination issues                                                         - Improvements that must be removed upon expiration of the lease of
· Retail leasing: Major tenant waivers                                           earlier termination
· Holding over                                                               · Potential damages in connection with termination and a failure to
· Recent cases update                                                          vacate
 Presented by Nicola Young Berryman, Senior Associate, Carter Newell         Presented by Charles Wilson, Barrister, Inns of Court
                                                                             Strategies to Avoid or Resolve Breaches of Lease
 Practice Management & Business Skills
                                                                             · General strategies for avoiding and managing defaults
Retail and Commercial Leasing Market Snapshot                                · Warning signs and important principles
· Insights into current market conditions for Brisbane office, commercial    · Non-payment of rent
  and retail spaces                                                          · Lease termination and calling on bank guarantees
· The latest economic indicators and trends in rent                          · The tenant and landlord perspectives: common issues that arise
· Supply and vacancy data                                                    · Dispute resolution: practical guidance
· Analysis of the current market, possible trends to come, and the            Presented by John Davies, Barrister, Deane Chambers
  potential impact on the retail and commercial leasing space
 Presented by Peter Dodd, Qld Head of Office Leasing, Cushman & Wakefield

                                                                                                    Very practical, useful

                                                                                                    Excellent. Succinct
                                                                                                    and informative.

          6.5 CPD units in Legal Knowledge
          0.5 CPD units in Practice Management & Business Skills
                          CPD COMPULSORY                                                                    UNITS: OVER LUNCH,
                          UNITS FOR IP LAWYERS                                                              OVER 3 WEEKS
TUESDAY, 10 MARCH 2020                                                 $490       17 FEBRUARY, 24 FEBRUARY, 2 MARCH 2020     $395
2.00PM TO 5.15PM (AEDT) Live from NSW                            WEB203N11B       1.00PM TO 2.00PM (AEDT) Live from NSW WEB202N01

    Attend and earn your CPD mandatory core area units with unique                    You run a busy practice. We understand. You also need your CPD
    sessions designed especially for IP lawyers. Delve into best practices            compulsory units. We get it. That’s why we’ve come up with this
    in dealing with subpoenas, discovery and privilege in IP disputes.                convenient, efficient and practical lunchtime web series where you
    Explore how to best utilise technology to manage IP portfolios. Gain              can acquire your CPD compulsory units and bolster your practice,
    effective strategies to build and enhance your IP practice.                       all from the comfort of your home or office, all while hearing from
                                                                                      esteemed experts and engaging speakers.
Chair: Cecillia Suatan, Senior Legal Counsel - IP & Commercialisation,
Cochlear: Leading In-House Intellectual Property and TM Lawyer
Doyle’s Guide 2019                                                                         MONDAY, 17 FEBRUARY 2020

   Practical Legal Ethics                                                            1.00PM - 2.00PM                         WEB202N01A                     $155
Subpoenas, Discovery and Privilege in IP Disputes
· Meaning and scope of possession, custody and control                               Practical Legal Ethics

· Test relating to privilege and waiver of privilege                              Privilege: A Fresh Approach
· Ramifications of not complying with discovery orders and subpoenas              Legal professional privilege is one of the most important issues facing
 Presented by Gabriella Rubagotti, Barrister; Recommended Intellectual
                                                                                  a lawyer. The rules are complex, and change regularly. A strong
Property Junior Counsel, Doyle’s Guide 2019 and Megan Evetts, Barrister           understanding of privilege, how it works, and how it can be inadvertently
(Reader), Nigel Bowen Chambers                                                    lost, are all critical skills of the in-house or external lawyer.
                                                                                  · A refresh on the law of privilege as it exists today
   Professional Skills                                                           · The special issues facing the in-house lawyer
Using Technology to Better Manage IP Portfolios                                   · Hints and traps relating to how key documents are handled
· Solving problems in portfolio management                                        · How you can lose privilege in a document inadvertently
· Searching and watching                                                          · How privilege can be maintained when disseminating a privileged
· Prosecution                                                                       document within a corporate group
· Infringement                                                                     Presented by Peter Butler AM RFD, Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills; Best
· Commercialisation                                                               Lawyers 2020, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Class Action Litigation, Litigation,
· Legal technologies available                                                    Product Liability Litigation
· Short case study on watching
 Presented by Frances Drummond, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright                            MONDAY, 24 FEBRUARY 2020
   Practice Management & Business Skills                                             1.00PM - 2.00PM                         WEB202N01B                     $155
Tips for Building and Enhancing Your Practice as a Trusted IP Adviser
· All professionals serve clients: barristers, law firm principals, solicitors,      Practice Management & Business Skills
  in-house counsel                                                                People Skills and Communicating to Effectively Manage Clients
· Business development = client/customer service = goodwill = future              · How to perfect your people skills
  work                                                                            · The ins and outs of great communication
· All of us benefit from trying different approaches practising our skills        · Tips and tricks from the field
  and techniques to improve performance                                           · Managing difficult clients
· Key themes and top tips from years of experience                                 Presented by Nicole Armstrong Lourenco, Managing Director, Family
 Presented by Odette Gourley, Partner, Corrs Chambers Westgarth;                 Therapist, Counsellor, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, The Relationship
Recommended Contentious Intellectual Property Lawyer, Doyle’s Guide 2019          Practice NSW

                                                                                           MONDAY, 2 MARCH 2020
                                                                                      1.00PM - 2.00PM                         WEB202N01C                     $155

                                                                                      Professional Skills
                             Very informative and

                                                                                  Making a Deal: Negotiation Skills
                             educational.                                         · What makes a good outcome?
                                                                                  · How best to get there?
                                                                                  · The value of the ‘why’ question
                                                                                  · Some real life examples
                             Pitched at good level of                              Presented by Alan Limbury, Negotiator; Specialist Accredited Mediator;
                                                                                  NMAS Accredited Mediator and Arbitrator; Managing Director, Strategic
                             detail & demonstrated                                Resolution; Leading Mediator, Doyle’s Guide 2019

                             in depth knowledge &
                             experience.                                                  REGISTER FOR JUST THE 1-HOUR
                                                                                          LUNCHTIME SESSIONS THAT MATCH YOUR
                                                                                          INTERESTS OR BOOK ALL 3 AND SAVE!

 3         ATTEND AND EARN                                                         3         ATTEND ALL THREE AND EARN
           1 CPD unit in Practical Legal Ethics                                              1 CPD unit in Practical Legal Ethics
           1 CPD unit in Practice Management & Business Skills                               1 CPD unit in Practice Management & Business Skills
           1 CPD unit in Professional Skills                                                 1 CPD unit in Professional Skills                                 11
WEDNESDAY, 11 MARCH 2020                                                                                                                                     $870
9.00AM TO 5.15PM                                                                                                                                           203Q09

 Sweeping in scope & formidable in depth, this conference will equip you with the insights you’ll be expected to have as your organisation’s
 legal counsel. Catch up on game-changing workplace law changes, receive regulatory updates you cannot ignore and gain crucial commercial
 and governance tactics that will prove vital to your practice, all while gaining your core CPD area points.

 SESSION 1: THE KEY LEGAL ISSUES FOR IN-HOUSE                                              SESSION 2: CPD MANDATORY CORE AREAS FOR IN-
 COUNSEL IN 2020                                                                           HOUSE COUNSEL
 9.00AM - 1.15PM                       203Q09A                        $490                 2.00PM - 5.15PM                         203Q09B                     $490

Chair: Mark Anning, General Counsel and Company Secretary, Tritium                     Chair: Kirsten Kiel-Chisholm, General Counsel and Company Secretary,
                                                                                       Translational Research Institute
The Rise in Penalties in Regulatory Proceedings: Lessons for
In-House Counsel                                                                          Practice Management & Business Skills
· The rise in penalties as a tool for deterrence by regulators                         Preventing & Repairing Damage to Your Organisation’s Brand or
· The new maximum penalty regime for ASIC and ACCC                                     Reputation
· Navigating AFCA (previously FOSS) complaints                                         · Managing your organisation’s reputational risk
· Dealing with greater litigation, prosecution and corporate scrutiny                  · Effective strategies for corporate crisis prevention and planning
  - Increased enforcement efforts & litigation by ASIC & other regulators              · The role of the general counsel
  - How to effectively deal with regulators                                            · What to do when things go wrong
 Presented by Anthea Faherty, Special Counsel, McInnes Wilson Lawyers                 · Communicating and managing your staff’s obligations, even out of
Competition and Consumer Law Update                                                    · Tips for preventing or repairing damage to your organisation’s
· The ACCC’s Final Report from its Digital Platforms Inquiry: significant                reputation online
  implications across competition, consumer protection, copyright and                  · Defamation risks and defences
  privacy issues                                                                       · How to respond if threatened with legal action
· ACCC’s immunity policy                                                                Presented by Trent Taylor, Partner and Blair Beven, Partner, Holding Redlich
· New cartel and misuse of market power cases
· Anticompetitive behaviour                                                               Professional Skills
· Consumer law: big fines in telco area; unfair contracts                              Effective Communications with the Board
· Additional significant cases, developments and trends in the area                    · Strategies for effective communication with the Board
 Presented by Shireen Long, Barrister, McPherson Chambers                             · How can you actually influence and build trust with the Board?
                                                                                       · Tips for preparing memorandums of advice
Employment Law Update                                                                  · Simplifying complex issues into clear, concise advice
· Significant cases, trends and legislative amendments                                 · How to communicate information that the Board will disagree with or
· Modelez and the definition of a work day                                               simply does not want to hear
· Procedural fairness and natural justice: a useful tool as well as an                 · The elephant in the room: what to do if you don’t have faith in your
  employer obligation in all employment issues                                           Board to take the correct course of action in a given situation
· Workplace investigations: when, who and how                                          · Asserting your advice and recommendations in a persuasive manner
· Conflict coaching and early interventions                                             Presented by Daniel Gosewisch, General Counsel, Minor DKL Food Group
 Presented by Amanda Harvey, Director Principal, Thrive Workplace Consulting
& Legal / Weir Consulting (National)                                                      Practical Legal Ethics
                                                                                       Legal Professional Privilege: Challenges and Strategies for In-House
Strengthening Your Organisation’s Legal Compliance Regime                              Counsel
· Identifying potential compliance risks                                               · Legal professional privilege: key principles
· Role of the in-house lawyer                                                          · When are communications with in-house lawyers privileged?
· Keeping abreast of the law and communicating changes                                 · What qualifications do in-house lawyers require?
· Addressing possible pitfalls in compliance                                           · Challenges caused by close relationships and blurred lines between
· Tailoring compliance training for your organisation                                    legal, executive and management teams
 Presented by Rebecca Hoare, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright                           · Strategies for in-house counsel to maintain privilege
                                                                                        Presented by Katrina Alidenes, Special Counsel, MinterEllison; Best Lawyers
Mental Health in the Workplace: Considerations for In-House Counsel
                                                                                       2019, Competition Law
· Mental health risk management in the workplace in response to
  predicted new regulations
· Navigating the intersection of mental health and employment law
  - Health & safety obligations, performance management and
    managing employees with mental health issues
· Additional significant cases, developments and trends in the area                                              This has been the best and
 Presented by Belinda Winter, Partner, Cooper Grace Ward; qualified Mental                                      most relevant CPD seminar
Health First Aid Instructor; committee member, QLD Law Society Wellness
Committee; Best Lawyers 2020, Labour and Employment Law and Occupational                                         I have ever watched.
Health & Safety Law

        4 CPD units in Legal Knowledge                         1 CPD unit in Practical Legal Ethics
        1 CPD unit in Practice Management & Business Skills    1 CPD unit in Professional Skills
WEDNESDAY, 11 MARCH 2020                                                                                                                                         $870
9.00AM TO 5.15PM                                                                                                                                               203Q10

  Financial and property settlements can be anything but straightforward. Many involve the dividing up of complicated business, corporate
  and trust structures in addition to interdisciplinary crossover with issues such as Division 7A and other tax concerns. This important and
  comprehensive conference gives you a practical and informative view of these issues, empowering you with the correct information to give the
  very best advice to your clients and at the same time allows you to gain your CPD mandatory core area units.

 IN SETTLEMENTS                                                                             LAWYERS
 9.00AM - 1.15PM                       203Q10A                           $490               2.00PM - 5.15PM                            203Q10B                    $490

Chair: Pippa Colman, Director, Pippa Colman & Associates; Accredited                       Chair: Fiona Caulley, Partner, Phillips Family Law; Accredited Specialist
Specialist in Family Law                                                                   in Family Law; Leading, Family & Divorce Lawyer and Recommended
                                                                                           Family Lawyer (High Value & Complex Property Matters), Doyle’s Guide
How to Avoid Tax Consequences in Splitting the Assets of the Family
                                                                                           2019; Leading Parenting & Children’s Matters Lawyer, Doyle’s Guide
Trust, Business and Company
· 3rd party loans and the ability of the Family Court to make orders to
  transfer tax debt (or other debts): Commissioner of Taxation v Tomaras                      Professional Skills
  [2018] HCA 62                                                                            Evidence: Discovery and Admissibility vs Reliability
· Div 7A impacts of financial settlements                                                  · The obligation of disclosure
· Tax consequences where the assets are owned by an entity, including                      · Implications for your client of a failure to provide disclosure
  the operation of Division 7A to private companies                                        · A practitioner’s obligations when a client gives you documents/
· CGT and Stamp Duty exemptions and transferring assets between                              information
  spouses                                                                                  · How to deal with another party failing to provide disclosure
· Small business restructuring: alternatives to family law rollover                        · Alternative methods for obtaining disclosure and gathering evidence
· Planning opportunities and traps to avoid                                                · Admissibility vs reliability of evidence
 Presented by Damian O’Connor, Managing Principal, Tax + Law                               Presented by Amity Anderson, Legal Partner, Best Wilson Buckley Family Law;
                                                                                           Accredited Specialist in Family Law; Family Law Rising Star, Doyle’s Guide 2018
SMSFs: Issues to Consider Pre-Relationship, at Separation and on                           and Rebecca Horsley, Barrister, Inns of Court; Leading Family Law and Parenting
Property Settlement on Divorce                                                             & Children’s Matters Junior Counsel, Doyle’s Guide 2019
· Issues to consider pre-relationship
   - Superannuation is property of a marriage or de facto relationship                        Practice Management & Business Skills
     under Part IIIVB of the Family Law Act 1975                                           Costs in the Family Court of Australia
   - Financial agreements pre-relationship (pre-nup)                                       · Full Court decision of Sfakianakis and impact to costs in family law
   - Practical tips                                                                          proceedings
· Issues to consider immediately on separation                                             · The importance of costs agreements and disclosures
   - Liability as trustee                                                                  · Exclusive jurisdiction of the Supreme Court in relation to assessment of
   - Binding death benefit nominations                                                       all solicitor and client costs
· Issues to consider in property settlement and divorce                                    · Effectively dealing with solicitor and client costs issues
 Presented by Peter Bobbin, Principal, Argyle Lawyers                                     · Claiming party and party costs
                                                                                            Presented by Kay Feeney, Principal, Feeney Family Law; Accredited Specialist
Inheritances and Property Settlements: Legacies of Cases Past                              in Family Law; Recommended Family & Divorce Lawyer, Parenting & Children’s
· Inheritances received during a relationship and post-separation                          Matters Lawyer and Family Law Mediator, Doyle’s Guide 2019
· Relevance of prospective inheritances and
                                                                                              Practical Legal Ethics
· Indirect and direct contributions to the other party’s inheritance
                                                                                           Your Ethical Responsibility and Legal Obligations When a Client
 Presented by Alison Ross, Partner, HopgoodGanim Lawyers; Accredited
                                                                                           Delivers Suspicious Documents
Specialist in Family Law; Recommended Family & Divorce Lawyer, Doyle’s Guide
2019; Leading Family Lawyer (High Value & Complex Property Matters), Doyle’s               · Documents obtained ‘innocently’ by your client from the family home,
Guide 2018                                                                                   including:
                                                                                              - Privileged documents
When Worlds Collide: Bankruptcy Impact on Family Court                                        - Documents to which the other spouse has an obligation to disclose
Proceedings Under s60 Bankruptcy Act                                                          - Documents obtained from the other spouse’s inbox and mobile
Analyse case law applying a stay on family law proceedings under s60                            phone
Bankruptcy Act where a party applying for family law orders is made                         Presented by Freda Wigan, Partner, HopgoodGanim Lawyers; Accredited
bankrupt while those proceedings are on foot. Learn precisely how to                       Specialist in Family Law; Leading Family & Divorce Lawyer and Family Lawyer
deal with these important situations when they arise.                                      (High Value & Complex Property Matters), Doyle’s Guide 2019
 Presented by Greg Shoebridge, Barrister, 19 Inns Chambers; Leading Family
Law Junior Counsel and Leading Parenting & Children’s Matters Barrister, Doyle’s
Guide 2019

Remarkable Creatures: Significant Decisions, Trends and Legislative
Amendments Relevant to and from the Family and Federal Circuit Courts
 Presented by Kathryn McMillan QC, Quay 11 Chambers and Kate Buckley,
Barrister, Byth Chambers

        4 CPD units in Legal Knowledge                            1 CPD unit in Practical Legal Ethics
        1 CPD unit in Practice Management & Business Skills       1 CPD unit in Professional Skills
THURSDAY, 12 MARCH 2020                                                                                                                                             $870
9.00AM TO 5.15PM                                                                                                                                                  203Q11

 Catch up on recent developments and key issues for wills and estates lawyers from the last 12 months. Address significant cases in succession
 law, informal wills difficulties, taxation quagmires, the new guardianship & administration laws, capacity issues, affidavits and so much more!

 SESSION 1: SUCCESSION LAW HOT SPOTS                                                              SESSION 2: CPD MANDATORY CORE AREAS FOR WILLS
                                                                                                  AND ESTATES LAWYERS
 9.00AM - 1.15PM                         203Q11A                             $490                 2.00PM - 5.15PM                         203Q11B                     $490

Chair: David W Marks QC, Hemmant’s List; Preeminent Tax Senior                                Chair: Darlene Skennar QC, Chancery Barristers; Leading Wills &
Counsel and Recommended Wills & Estates Litigation Senior Counsel,                            Estates Litigation Senior Counsel, Doyle’s Guide 2019
Doyle’s Guide 2019
                                                                                                 Practice Management & Business Skills
Recent Cases in Succession Law                                                                Managing a Wills and Estates Practice in a Competitive Market
Review significant cases in succession law from the last 12 months.                           · Standing out in a competitive legal market
 Presented by Katrina Kluss, Barrister, More Chambers, Hemmant’s List;                       · Costs in wills and estates and your practice
Recommended Wills & Estates Litigation Junior Counsel, Doyle’s Guide 2019                     · Managing workload and cash flow management
                                                                                              · Applications of technology
Informal Will Applications                                                                    · Dealing with clients in distress
· Establishing the testator’s intention                                                        Presented by Carla Parsons, Director, Parsons Law; Accredited Specialist in
· Evidence of testamentary capacity                                                           Succession Law; Recommended Wills, Estates & Succession Planning Lawyer and
· Preparing the application and supporting affidavits                                         Wills & Estates Litigation Lawyer, Doyle’s Guide 2019
· Recent case law
                                                                                                 Professional Skills
 Presented by Richard Williams, Barrister, Brisbane Chambers; Leading Wills &
Estates Litigation Junior Counsel, Doyle’s Guide 2019                                         How to Efficiently Prepare Affidavits in Family Provision Proceedings:
                                                                                              Lessons from Baker v Baker [2019]
Taxation of Deceased Estates                                                                  · The operation of r. 430 of the UCPR and the impermissible use of
· Income tax issues in deceased estates                                                         hearsay evidence in proceedings where final relief is sought
· Present entitlement of beneficiaries                                                        · Compliance with para [11] of Practice Direction 8
· Capital gains tax issues in deceased estates                                                · Compliance with r. 435 (12) of the UCPR
· Application of main residence exemption                                                     · How noncompliance with r. 430 of the UCPR, para [11] of PD 8 and r.
· Gifts to charities and non-resident beneficiaries                                             435 (12) of the UCPR may impact on recovery of costs
· Liability of executors, particularly in light of ATO PCG 2018/4                              Presented by Llewellyn Judd, Barrister, Cedric Hampson Chambers, Inns of

 Presented by Angela Cornford-Scott, Director, Cornford-Scott Lawyers;
Accredited Specialist in Succession Law; Preeminent Wills & Estates Litigation
                                                                                                 Practical Legal Ethics
Lawyer and Wills, Estates & Succession Planning Lawyer, Doyle’s Guide 2019
                                                                                              Managing Professional Duties and Risks, When a Client’s Capacity is
                                                                                              in Doubt
The Impact of the New Guardianship & Administration Laws on Your
Practice                                                                                      Capacity is a question of fact, decided by a judge not a doctor or lawyer
· The how and why of the new reforms                                                          · Documenting your observations and making your own investigations
· The most significant changes for wills & estate practitioners                               · The ‘Golden Rule’ of getting a medical opinion in modern practice
· Changes to the ademption rules and the impact on applications for                           · What assessment to ask for and whom to ask
  compensation under the Powers of Attorney Act & Guardianship &                              · Limits of screening tests like MMSE and MOCA
  Administration Act                                                                          · Fluctuating capacity and lucid intervals
· What the changes mean for drafting Enduring Powers of Attorney,                             · Conflicting opinions of doctors and lawyers
  Wills and Advance Health Directives                                                          Presented by Dr Dan Morgan, Barrister, Chancery Barristers and Mediators;

· How the laws will affect clients, QCAT, the Public Trustee and others                       Leading Wills & Estates Litigation Junior Counsel, Doyle’s Guide 2019 and Sarah
                                                                                              Doblo, Senior Associate, McCullough Robertson; Recommended Wills & Estates
 Presented by Margaret Arthur, Partner, CRH Law; Accredited Specialist in
                                                                                              Litigation Lawyer, Doyle’s Guide 2019
Succession Law; Recommended Wills, Estates & Succession Planning Lawyer,
Doyle’s Guide 2019; Recommended Wills & Estates Litigation Lawyer, Doyle’s
Guide 2018

Financial Agreements Under the Family Law Act 1975 and their
Impact on Estate Planning
This session will explore the family courts recent approach to financial
agreements, in particular post the High Court decision in Thorne v
Kennedy and their potential impact on estate planning, including                                                           SPECIALISTS
inheritances and family provision claims.
 Presented by Phillip Sorensen, Barrister, Fifteen Inns of Court; Accredited
                                                                                                                           Are required to complete
Specialist in Family Law                                                                                                   15 units of CPD each year

         4 CPD units in Legal Knowledge                               1 CPD unit in Practical Legal Ethics
         1 CPD unit in Practice Management & Business Skills          1 CPD unit in Professional Skills
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