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Computer Science - Athens State University

                               Computer Science
                          Presented by the Department of Mathematical,
                                 Computer, and Natural Science
                                  Program Advisory Board Meeting
                                        February 24, 2017

Follow-up Items                                    New Business

•   Review of Program students                     •   Rubrics
     – Enrollment
     – Completion Rates
                                                        – Teamwork
•   ABET Official Response                              – Programming
     – Program Goals & Student Outcomes            •   What’s Next
     – Changes to Transcript Displays
                                                        – ITE Curriculum Review
     – Changes to Degree Structure
          Requirements                                  – ABET site visit
•   Exit Exam                                      •   Next Meeting
•   Capstone Course Liabilities Statement               – October 2017
•   Program Advisory Board Website
     – Short Bios
     – Publicly accessible meeting minutes
•   Capstone
     – Project Presentations

Athens State University


Our Students: Enrollment & Completion
                                     Enrollment                2015 Annual
                                     Spring         Fall
                                      2015         2015
        Computer Science                60           60                  9
        Computer                        31           28                  11
        Computer                        91           73                  19
        Information Systems
        Information Security            20           30                  2

Athens State University   Additional information found in Appendix A– Fact Book

ABET Official Response

Athens State University


ABET Summary
•   Weakness indicated that a program lacks the strength of compliance with a criterion, policy, or
    procedure to ensure that the quality of the program will not be compromised. Therefore, remedial
    action is required to strengthen compliance with the criterion, policy, or procedure prior to the next
•   Concern indicated that a program currently satisfies a criterion, policy, or procedure; however, the
    potential exists for the situation to change such that the criterion, policy, or procedure may not be
•   Program Weaknesses
      – Criterion 2, Program Educational Objectives
      – Criterion 3, Student Outcomes
      – Criterion 4, Continuous Improvement
      – Criterion 5, Curriculum
•   Program Concern
      – Criterion 6, Faculty
      – APPM Section II.E.4.b.

Athens State University

Criterion 2 Program Educational Objectives
Weakness                              Current Objectives
•   Recent changes in the way         •    At time of graduation
                                             –   Develop knowledge of fundamental core concepts of Computer
    the program’s industrial                     Science and their applications.
    (program) advisory board                 –   Develop analytical and problem-solving skills.
    reviews program education                –   Learn large-scale project development in a team development
    objectives have not become                   environment.
                                             –   Demonstrate oral and written communication skills.
    an established pattern.
                                      •    2 to 3 years after Graduation
                                             – Are academically prepared to continue on to graduate study or
Actions                                           advance in their workplace.
                                             – Are skilled, competent, and capable of contributing to the workforce in
•   To continue to review                         their specialty.
    program educational                      – Use the background they have acquired from their study of a wide
                                                  range of areas in computer science as a basis for continued self-
    objectives with Program                       motivated growth of their professional skills and knowledge.
    Advisory Board.                          – Model high ethical standards within the community and profession.
                                             – Use teamwork skills effectively in the development of computer
                                                  software systems.

                              Additional information found in Appendix B– Objectives & Outcomes
Athens State University


Criterion 3 Student Outcomes
Findings/Weaknesses                                    Actions
•   No evidence found that Student Outcomes            •   The department has been making sure to
    are reviewed with constituents and revised             document any and all conversations that
    accordingly; verbal proof provided in                  take place about the Student Outcomes.
    interviews, no documented audit trail. (Crit.          Meetings included are those of departmental
    3, Rated: Deficiency)                                  faculty and with Program Advisory Board
•   The extent of which the program’s new                  where industry partners, alumni, and
    process for the periodic review and                    students have the opportunity to review.
    revision of student outcomes and is 1.          Technical understanding of Computer Science
    periodically applied and its overall      2.    Familiarity with common themes and principles
    effectiveness has yet to be fully         3.    Appreciation of the interplay between theory and practice
    demonstrated.                             4.    System-level perspective and problem solving skills
                                              5.    Communication and organizational skills
                                              6.    Commitment to life-long learning and professional
Athens State University

Criterion 3 Student Outcomes
Findings/Weaknesses                                    Actions
                                                       •   Dr. Lewis, Prof. Mayfield and Dr. Hill will be
•   The criterion states that the program must
                                                           on a rotation for teaching Software
    enable students to attain, by the time of
                                                           Engineering. It has been agreed that within
    graduation, an understanding of
                                                           this course students will be required to write
    professional, ethical, legal, security, and
                                                           a paper to discuss ethics and technologies
    social issues and responsibility. (Crit. 3,
                                                           societal impacts. Dr. Hill plans to be the first
    Rated: Deficiency)
                                                           to assign this paper as part of his course this
•   New coursework to enable all students to
    attain an understanding of professional,
                                                       •   Spring 2017 is the second semester in
    ethical, legal, security, and social issues
                                                           which the ethics course is being offered. We
    and responsibilities has not been fully
                                                           will be able to show evidence of student
                                                           work through discussion questions, quizzes,
                                                           exams and a paper in which they have to
                                                           write at the end of the semester.

Athens State University


Criterion 4 Continuous Improvement
Findings/Weaknesses                                                Actions
                                                                   •     Professor Mayfield has attended an ABET week long
•   No audit trail could be found that indicates that
                                                                         workshop focused solely on assessment.
    assessment data is being used effectively at the
                                                                   •     The department is implementing changes based on
    department level to manage curriculum and instruction;
                                                                         information gathered from assessment and feedback
    narrative in assessment plans need to provide this +
                                                                         from the Program Advisory Board.
    need to document an audit trail of meetings where this
                                                                   •     Changes Made and Currently being reviewed for
    information is reviewed and incorporated into
    operational plans. (Crit. 4, Rated: Deficiency)
                                                                           – Prof. Mayfield working as assessment coordinator
•   The extent to which the program’s new process for
                                                                           – Purchase of equipment to allow for scanning, and
    continuous improvement is regularly used and its
                                                                                tracking of data
    results systematically applied has not been fully
                                                                           – Placement exam in CS 317
                                                                           – Required grade on exit exam
                                                                           – Implementing Rubrics to measure student
Continued Actions                                                               outcomes instead of depending on grades
                                                                           – Dr. Hill and Prof. Mayfield collaborating to select
•   Continuous dialogue about department’s assessment
                                                                                specific Programming I materials to assess
    plan and report with the Program Advisory Board.
•   Current focus on Computer Science Degree Option                        – Moving away from multiple choice questions on
                                                                                exit exam.

Athens State University

Criterion 5 Curriculum
•   ABET standard for CS programs is 30 credit hours of math and science beyond pre-calculus trigonometry. (Crit. 5, Rated:
      – Math: 22 hours, Lab Sciences: 8 hours
      – Great variation in requirements between degree options
•   ABET requires program to provide for ethical, legal, and social development of students. (Crit. 5, Rated: Deficiency)
      – Complementary of work done in Capstone experience
      – No evidence of direct instruction within curricula in this area
•   Exposure to multiple programming languages is limited, particularly in the Information Security Plan of Study. (Crit. 5, Rated:
•   Exposure to multiple operating systems and development environments is limited, particularly in the CIS and CN Plans of
    Study. (Crit. 5, Rated: Deficiency)

•   Fall 2016 Plans of study were implemented for Computer Science and Information Security to meet Curriculum Requirements
•   Fall 2017 Program split will occur between Computer Science and Information Technology
•   We will not yet have a graduate under the new curriculum requirements but we will be able to show that they have been

Athens State University


Criterion 6 Faculty
Concern                                      Actions
•   Given the heavy teaching and             • Dr. Hill has joined our team!
    advisory loads, the potential exists
    that the faculty may not be able to
    maintain continuity and stability of
    the program.

Athens State University

APPM Section II.E.4.b
Concern                                      Action
•   Given that the department offers         •   The issue has been discussed
    four tracks, there is concern that           with enrollment management
    the fact that the computer science           services and the records office
    track will be clearly represented in         along with the Provost.
    the institution’s electronic and print   •   Changes to the display of student
    publications as the only accredited          transcripts are being made and
    path.                                        will be active for any student
                                                 under the Fall 2017 catalog and

Athens State University


 Change To Transcript Display
 Current                                                Starting Fall 2017

 Athens State University

 Changes to requirement structures
 •   Due to “concentration” being added to transcripts the structure of the degree must change.
 •   The degree in computer science will appear initially with classes that correspond to both pure
     Computer Science and Information Security requirements.
 •   Catalog will state that students must choose either the Computer Science degree or a
     concentration in Information Security.
 •   Classes that correspond solely to Computer Science and Information Security will be split into two
     different sections within the same degree in the catalog.
                           Additional information found in Appendix C– Computer Science Degree Catalog Information .

Changes to current requirements
 •   Students will now be required to register in at least one 3 credit hour 400 level elective.
      – Before students could enroll in all 300 level electives.
 •   Students will be required to take Discrete Math before enrolling in Software Engineering due to
     exit exam requirement in the Capstone class.
      – Pre-requisite used to be present however along the line it was dropped off.

 Athens State University


   Degree Requirement Plan of Study
Fundamentals of Computer Science Courses                 Hours
                                                                       Additional Required Computer Science and Information
CS 318 Computer Science II                                 3           Technology Courses
CS 309 Introduction to Digital Logic Design                3           Computer Science and Information Technology Advanced Courses
CS 309L Digital Design Lab                                 1           CS 340 Introduction to Assembly Language                                         3
CS 310 Professional Ethics of Computing                    1           CS 417 Topics in Object Oriented Programming                                     3
CS 372 Data Structures                                     3           CS 472 Algorithm Analysis                                                        3
MA 308 Discrete Mathematics                                3           ITE 440 Database Systems                                                         3
Mathematics Background Courses                                         Upper Level Electives in CS, ITE, CN
                                                                       Upper Level 300/400 Electives in CS, ITE, or CN taken at Athens State with       6
MA 310 Matrices and Linear Algebra                         3
                                                                       prior approval of the faculty advisor (except ITE 301, CS 305, CS 317)
MA 331 Applied Probability and Statistics                  3
Upper Level 300/400 Mathematics electives (MA 316,         6           Concentration in Information Security
320, or 400-level MA courses except MA 454) with prior
                                                                       Computer Networking Advanced Courses
approval of the faculty advisor
                                                                       CN 303 Wide Area Networks                                                    2
Fundamentals of Computer Networking Courses
                                                                       CN 304 Network Architectures                                                 2
CN 301 Networking Fundamentals                             2           CN 405 Network Security                                                      3
CN 302 Local Area Networks                                 2           CN 405L Network Security Lab                                                 1
Computer Science Core Courses                                          Information Security Courses
CS 414 Programming Language                                3           ITE 420 Foundations of Information Security                                  3
CS 415 Operating Systems                                   3           ITE 421 Digital Forensics                                                    3
Capstone Experience Courses                                            CS 454 System Security Management                                            3
CS 451 Software Engineering                                3           CS 484 Applied Cryptography and System Security                              3
CS 452 Senior Software Engineering Project                 3           Technology Management Courses
CS 452L Senior Software Engineering Project Lab            1           IAM 409 Management of Information Assurance                                  3

   Athens State University

   Exit Exams

                                                 Additional information found in Appendix D- Student remediation agreement.

   Athens State University


 Quick Follow-ups
Capstone Liabilities Statement
 •   Legal department has finalized capstone liabilities statements that need to be signed
     by students, faculty, and “client” Additional information found in Appendix E – Capstone Liability Agreement

Program Advisory Board Website
 •   Recommendations from ABET is to publicly recognize those that server on Boards.
 •   Plan:
      – Create a website linked to both degrees (CS & IT) to introduce the Board.
      – Contain introductory information to Program Advisory Board (information found
         on invitation emails)
      – Images and short biographies of each board member
      – Links to meeting summaries

 Athens State University

 Capstone Projects & Guest Speakers
 •   Spring 2017
      – Implementation of a Website for The SK Salon
      – Continued work Molecular Biology themed Serious Educational Game for the iPad
      – Maintenance and changes to Limestone County United Way

 •   Summer 2017 (Planning-Phase)
      – Continued work Molecular Biology themed Serious Educational Game for the iPad
      – Barbershop Kiosk registration/sign-in implementation
      – Research project

 •   Fall 2017 (Planning-Phase)
      – Possible partnership with Huntsville Botanical Gardens
      – Continued work on web system implementation for The SK Salon
      – Application development for Katahdin Sheep Farm in Cullman

 •   Guest Speakers:
      – Dynetics employer information session scheduled for March 8th
      – Additional presentations?

 Athens State University


Rubric Implementation
•   Writing rubric developed by University will be used on appropriate paper/research assignments
•   Working on development of
     – Team Work Rubric
           • Team members evaluate themselves and their teammates based on the rubric
                  – Self evaluation considered “life long learning” by ABET due to self-assessing
                  – Need to determine indicators thought out by employers when it comes to working
                     as part of a team.
     – Programming Rubric
           • Professors use rubric to assess specific programming assignments
           • Need to develop generic assessment rubric to be used across the board for early
              programming classes such as Programming I to more advanced courses such as
              Operating Systems or Programming Languages
                  – Need to determine indicators through out by employers the expectation of code
                     that is developed.

Athens State University

Programming Indicators                             Teamwork Indicators
•   Program specifications/correctness             •   Contributions
•   Readability                                         – Research and gather information
•   Code Efficiency                                     – Share information
•   Reusability                                         – Punctuality
•   Evidence of Testing                            •   Responsibility
•   Test framework                                      – Fulfill team role’s/duties
•   Repeatable process                                  – Participates in meetings
•   Sufficiency of Documentation                        – Share equally
•   Adherence to Standards                         •   Value Other’s Input
                                                        – Listening to other teammates
                                                        – Cooperating with other teammates
                                                        – Makes fair decisions

Athens State University


Coming up…
•   ABET site visit has been requested for        •   Prof. Mayfield and Dr. Hill will be reviewing
    September 24-26th                                 the IT curriculum guidelines established by
     – Should know around April/May time              ACM and implementing any changes
        frame if requested dates approved or          required.
        not                                       •   Prof. Mayfield and Dr. Hill will also research
     – Need to find out what visit will consist       additional concentrations for ITE, which
        of, not full visit just to address            include considerations for:
        shortcomings found during first visit.          – Health Informatics
     – Will send out invite to Board members            – Database and Data Analytics
        if evaluators would like to hold a              – Industrial Automation and Robotics
        meeting                                         – Computer Graphics and Gaming
•   Development of Rubrics for the classroom.           – Modeling and simulation
     – Once created perform a formal review
        and pilot the rubrics to determine if
        changes need to occur.

Athens State University

Athens State University

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