COVID-19 Risk Assessment September 2020 - Dulwich Prep London

COVID-19 Risk Assessment September 2020 - Dulwich Prep London
COVID-19 Risk Assessment
                                                                   September 2020

                                                                            DULWICH PREP LONDON

This document is a live document that is continually being updated in response to changing risk levels associated with the Pandemic COVID-19. Staff assigned here are continually
referencing updated government guidance and medical authority information to support the assessment of risk levels at Dulwich Prep London to both minimise the spread of the virus and
prevent any members of our community being affected where possible.

Where the document has been converted to a PDF a live copy remains on our intranet and the PDF will be refreshed as and when new information is received or
government guidance changes.

The Government has asked schools to adhere to the following:

The risk assessment below sets out the known hazards and importantly controls that have been advised either by the Government/DfE,
the World Health Organization (WHO), Public Health England (PHE), NHS (safe practice) or good practice (unions/other sources).

There are some specific issues that are addressed in the risk assessment but for clarity please read the following Government advice to schools:

        Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including face covering and face masks:
           1. Wearing a face covering or facemask in schools is currently being reviewed by the UK Government. WHO currently recommends that children over 11 wear face
           2. Face coverings may be beneficial for short periods indoors where there is a risk of close social contact with people you do not usually meet and
               where social distancing and other measures cannot be maintained, for example on public transport or in some shops. This does not apply to
               schools or other education settings.
           3. Schools and other education or childcare settings are not currently requiring staff, children and learners to wear face coverings.However the Prime Minister has not ruled
               this out for children of 11 years and above. (August 26th 2020)
           4. Face coverings (or any form of medical mask where instructed to be used for specific clinical reasons) should not be worn in any circumstance by
               those who may not be able to handle them as directed (for example, young children, or those with special educational needs or disabilities) as it
               may inadvertently increase the risk of transmission.
           5. The majority of staff in education settings will not require PPE beyond what they would normally need for their work, even if they are not always
               able to maintain a distance of 2 meters from others.

        PPE is only needed in a very small number of cases including:
           1. Children, young people and pupils whose care routinely already involves the use of PPE due to their intimate care needs should continue
                to receive their care in the same way
           2. If a child, young person or other learner becomes unwell with symptoms of coronavirus while in their setting and needs direct personal
                care until they can return home, a facemask should be worn by the supervising adult if a distance of 2 metres cannot be maintained. If
                contact with the child or young person is necessary, then gloves, an apron and a facemask should be worn by the supervising adult. If a risk
                assessment determines that there is a risk of splashing to the eyes, for example from coughing, spitting, or vomiting, then eye protection
                should also be worn.

Where PPE is required​, the following is a general checklist for PPE management:
         1. Communicate suitable information to pupils, parents and carers on what to expect in relation to staff wearing additional PPE;
         2. Ensure training is provided to the relevant staff on how to correctly put on and wear items of PPE, when it should be replaced throughout
            the day and how it should be disposed of (Videos and guidance is available and noted on the assessment template below);
         3. Ensure that where a need for disposable half facemasks that provide a higher level of protection (e.g. disposable FFP3 masks and reusable
            half masks) is identified. Face fit testing is provided by a competent person (And how this will be applied to staff who have facial hair);
         4. Identify staff that have relevant pre-existing medical conditions which may restrict or prevent some workers wearing certain types of PPE
            and clarify how this will be managed. (E.g.: asthma or skin allergies);
         5. Ensure a maintained stock of all identified items of PPE, including a contingency surplus, is available to ensure that the identified additional
            controls can be sustained throughout the phased return period and into full occupation of each school building until such a time that control
            measures can be reviewed and reduced accordingly.

Additional considerations for planning to re-open schools to more pupils and staff:

    ·​   ​Staff   who are ​clinically extremely vulnerable or had previously been shielding​.

The NASUWT has provided some additional information for its members that schools could consider, these are outlined below and on the following
link: ​

Individual risk assessments for specific pupils should be reviewed to ensure they include provision for safe practice during this time and taking into
account the risk of coronavirus. This may include additional assessments of pupils who previously were not assessed to need one. This may
include the following pupils:

    ●    Pupils who have not previously needed a risk assessment but who in the new circumstances may pose a risk;
    ●    Pupils who need specific care, which cannot be delivered whilst ensuring social distancing;
    ●    Potentially violent pupils, especially those with known risk of spitting and or requiring physical restraint.

The Lead SENDCO and other affected staff should be consulted when reviewing or writing such assessments.

Covid-19 Testing:

As essential workers, Support and Teaching staff who display symptoms of coronavirus can apply for a COVID-19 test on the government portal or the school can arrange the test on their
behalf: ​

This COVID19: Risk Assessment and Action Plan document sets out the decisions taken and measures put in place to prepare for the full re-opening of the school and ensure the school
continues to operate in a safe way.

Existing policies and guidance continue to apply alongside the actions within this document, including but not limited to:

         ●   Health and Safety Policy
         ●   First Aid Policy
         ●   Child Protection Policy
         ●   DFE Guidance relating to COVID19
         ●   Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) 2013
         ●   The Health Protection (Notification) Regulations 2010
         ●   Public Health England (PHE) (2017) ‘Health protection in schools and other childcare facilities’

Health and Safety Risk Assessment – COVID-19
                                                              DRAFT DULWICH PREP LONDON

Subject of Assessment            School Opening during the COVID 19 Pandemic

Conducted by                     Louise Davidson/ Paul James/ Caroline          Date                                           September 1st, ongoing
                                 Skillings/ Sarah Brownsdon

Details of workplace/activity    Pupils and employees partaking in school                                             Persons Affected
                                 activities within the school premises,                                             (who may be harmed)
                                 including general classroom
                                 activities, dining, break-times,               Pupils, Employees, Contractors and Visitors.
                                 playgrounds, pick-up and drop off (where
                                 applicable), First aid and external visitors
                                 to the school.

Risk rating = Likelihood x severity                  Likelihood                                                      Severity

17 – 25 High                                                     1      Very unlikely                                            1.   Very Low
11 – 16 Medium                                                   2      Unlikely                                                 2.   Moderate
5 – 10 Low                                                       3      Medium                                                   3.   Significant
                                                                 4      Likely                                                   4.   Serious
                                                                 5      Very likely                                              5.   Fatal

Hazards and Risks          Initial                                     Control Measures                                         Further Actions / Who         Risk rating
                                 risk                                                                                                    is Responsible       Likelihood x severity
                                rating                                                                                                                         (Review week one
                                                                                                                                                                     after RA

                                LxS=R                                                                                                                         L     S        RR

0.    The building is not       3x5       0a. Risk assessments are undertaken.                                                       CSK, HoSs                0     4        0
      prepared for opening
      and creates a risk of               0b. Heads of Section (HoS) confirm that the internal building checklist has been
      transmission of the                 satisfied.
                                          0c. HoS and DoF confirm that buildings are fully up to date and compliant with all
                                          statutory testing.

                                          0d. Cleaning staff have undertaken training and adhere to COVID cleaning schedules.

1.    Spread/contraction of     4x3       1a. The Head Master, Designated Safeguarding Lead & HR Director regularly check            LDA, SBR, PJA, CSK,      3     2        6
      COVID-19 due to                     the latest government advice for schools and to ensure the advice is shared and            HoS
      interaction with a                  followed.
      person who has
      symptoms of the                     1b. The school has informed parents, pupils, carers, employees and visitors not to         Complete and ongoing
      disease, a person who               enter the school if they are displaying any symptoms of coronavirus (following the
      may be asymptomatic                 COVID-19 guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection);                     Address - complete
      or lack of information.                                                                                                        and with reminders.
                                          1c. Staff are given training on the social distancing measures in place prior to Autumn    RA shared and staff
                                          Term 2020.                                                                                 summary sent. RA on
                                          1d. Parents receive guidance on school times for their child and protocols set out for
                                          attending the school i.e. no touch policy, should follow staff members’ instruction and    Complete and ongoing
                                          should not congregate outside the school;                                                  - Mailing sent to
                                                                                                                                     remind parents 18/0/20
                                          1e. Parents are issued specific school protocols for school attendance for them to
                                          explain to their children; Parent leaflet issued to all parents before the start of term
                                          and parents of SEND pupils or those with care plans will be individually consulted in      It will be most

the first two weeks of term in order that plans are reviewed to include any new                 essential for pupils
                                    safety measures;                                                                                who have additional
                                                                                                                                    needs to be given prior
                                    1f. Staff are briefed and consulted on school procedures and the plans for re-entry of          notice of what changes
                                    pupils; risk assessments shared, opening plans shared.                                          they should expect in
                                                                                                                                    school - SENDCo to
                                    1g. Employees have had sufficient training and briefing regarding infection control and         lead.
                                    school protocols;

                                    1h. Staff are up to date on other related guidance and support in relation to
                                    themselves and pupils such as stress and wellbeing including:
                                    Guidance for parents and carers on supporting children and young people’s mental
                                    health and wellbeing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic                                 Reminders sent via
                                                                                                                                    email 14/09/20
                                    1i. In relation to mental health and stress support, details are available to staff including
                                    confidential employee support from the HR Director/HR Manager and information
                                    that can be provided to pupils; HR updates and signposting in staff meetings as
                                                                                                                                    HR in contact with
                                    1j. There are communication and support networks in place for staff and if there are            staff & sending
                                    particular concerns staff can raise them quickly and effectively with HoS and SLT on            guidance

                                    1k. Hazard reporting mechanism is in place and easily accessible on site and email
                                    address in staff handbook.

2.   Spread/contraction of   4 x3   2a. Drop-off and collection points and timings for each group have been identified and          HoS, CSK,                 3   3   9
     COVID-19 due to lack           this information has been cascaded to parents.                                                  Complete and ongoing
     of social distancing
     measures during the            2b. Pupils who are dropped off can do this in the usual way. Where pupils are                   Where possible
     school day including:          dropped off on foot, only one parent to drop off where possible, to reduce contacts.            adhered to

     • Drop off / entry of          2c. Increased provision for bikes to support any parents wanting to avoid public                New bike racks
     the school.                    transport for their children.                                                                   ordered

                                    2d. Pupils must enter via the designated entrance to the building with ​s​taggered              Reminder in mailings
                                    entry and exit times to ease congestion                                                         18/09/20

2e. A hand- sanitiser ​station is located at the entrances to the School​. All
                                    occupants are required to wash their hands (soap/water or hand sanitizer) on entry to
                                    the school, whilst socially distancing;

                                    2f. Pupils coming to school on public transport are advised to have sealed bags to put      Complete. Reminder
                                    their mask (if using) into before entering the school site.                                 sent 17/09/20

                                    2g. For children using the Foundation Coaches, we recommend that children wear a
                                    face covering to protect them, regardless of age and because of the close proximity to      Complete - children v.
                                    children travelling to DPL and other local schools.                                         compliant here

3.   Spread/contraction of    4x3   3a. Pupils (exit from school):                                                              HoS, CSK                  3   3   9
     COVID-19 due to lack           Drop-off and collection points and timings for each group have been identified, this        Complete
     of social distancing           information has been cascaded to parents before the start of Term.
     measures during the
     school day including:          3b. Pupils must leave via the designated exit from the building with ​staggered entry       Complete
                                    and exit times to ease congestion
     • Pickup / leaving the
     school.                        3c. Parents are unfortunately unable to enter the Alleyn Park site during pickups and       Complete - not all
                                                                                                                                adhered to by families.
                                    drop offs until further notice. At Early Years, parents are expected to be able to
                                    accompany their child on and off site, however, we ask that they do not congregate on
                                    or near to school grounds. No parents on either site are able to enter the school

                                    3d. Markers are used to aid with distancing measures outside of the school for parents      Complete - reminder
                                    during drop off and collection.                                                             sent 18/09/20

                                    3e. Children are to wash or sanitise hands upon leaving the school building.
                                                                                                                                Ongoing and in place
                                    3f. Pupils are required to leave the school grounds and go straight home and not to
                                    congregate on the school grounds.                                                           Ongoing and complete

4.   Spread/contraction of    5x3   4a. Soap and water (which is the most effective) and sanitisers will be provided on site.   HoS, SBR                  3   3   9
     COVID-19 due to lack

of social distancing    4b. Pupils carry their own equipment to reduce contamination e.g. pens and pencils.
measures during the
school day including:   4c. The Behaviour and ethos policy addendum has been updated to include risk-taking         SBR - completed.
                        behaviour or willful intimidation - risk taking behaviour including refusal to socially
- Classroom use /       distance.
                        4d. A zoning arrangement has been introduced to reduce movement around the
                        school. Staff and pupils are well informed about which toilet facilities to use within
                        their ‘bubble’ to reduce movement and mixing.

                        4e. Pupils are split into class group bubbles from Nursery to Year 5.

                        4f. Pupils are split into year group bubbles from Y6-8.

                        4g. To reduce movement and contacts between pupils in school, pupils will stay in the
                        same classrooms and staff will move between classes to reduce movement around the           Staff who use several
                        school. To reduce contact for staff, they will carry their own keyboards (or other          rooms will be provided
                        mitigations) and the following mitigations will be put in place.                            with their own laptop.

                        Supervision of pupils during changeover will be important, which will be carried out        Complete
                        through tight corridor and cloakroom supervision.

                        Teachers are given guidance on teaching strategies to support social distancing – to
                        avoid giving 1:1 support at a desk, teachers should consider ensuring that their
                        explanations are very clear and detailed, and where possible consider the following:

                            1) Explain things very well – it’s harder to spot misconceptions from a distance
                               so we must think hard about our explanations in our planning, to catch them          HoDs/ HoS &
                               before they happen.                                                                  Co-ordinators should
                            2) Use written supports for instructions etc.                                           consider what
                                                                                                                    resources are needed.
                            3) Pupils will need to read their work – environment must be supportive to
                               that. A visualizer/ ipads useful too – pupils bring their work up to it to have it
                               projected on the board.
                            4) iPads should not be the sole resource that children work from in the

5) Formative assessment from a distance – quizzes/mini whiteboards
                                       6) Very quiet classrooms are essential for enabling staff to receive feedback
                                          from pupils effectively.                                                             Assessments
                                                                                                                               undertaken on wiped
                                   4h. To reduce the time spent in close proximity with one another, we should not ask         down laptops
                                   pupils to line up outside classrooms, but instead get pupils straight in, standing behind
                                   their chairs.
                                   4i. Desks must be cleaned following use.

5.   Spread/contraction of   4x3   5a. Moving around the school:                                                                                          3   4   12
     COVID-19 due to lack          Where possible, all spaces are well ventilated using natural ventilation (opening           HoS, CSK
     of social distancing          windows)
     measures during the
     school day including:         5b. Corridors are sterile environments and kept as clear as possible
     - Dining;
     - Moving around the           5c. Corridors that cannot provide 1m separation (although passing in the corridor is
     school;                       deemed low risk) are designated one way where possible/needed or with markings on
     - Break-time /                the floor.                                                                                  Complete
                                   5d. Corridor floors are demarcated to show direction and safe distance signage where
                                   appropriate;                                                                                Complete

                                   5e. Times are allocated for each class/year group where possible to reduce the need
                                   to pass one another in open spaces.                                                         Where possible

                                   5f. Break-times:
                                   Separate times or areas (at a safe distance using government guidance) are issued for       Pupils will be given
                                   each separate class group. If separate times, they will need to be cleaned between          hand sanitizer as they
                                   groups to reduce risk of cross contamination.                                               leave the classroom to
                                                                                                                               go to break.
                                   5g. HoS are responsible for delegating staff to clean toys and balls used at break and
                                   lunch times.                                                                                School to provide new
                                                                                                                               tennis balls per bubble.
                                   5h. Daily inspection and enhanced cleaning programs in place for external areas. This       Complete
                                   includes regular cleaning of handles and commonly touched surfaces, throughout the

day on a rota.

                                   5i. Lunch times are staggered which will reduce queuing. Areas are cleaned
                                   thoroughly between sittings according to the cleaning schedule – pupils part of this        Completed by
                                   solution – cleaning down after eating.                                                      additional staff and by
                                                                                                                               catering team,
                                   5j. Early Years children will eat lunch in their classrooms and clean the tables before     checked by
                                   and after, supervised by staff.                                                             teaching/duty staff

                                   5k. In the Early Years, every effort will be made to ensure one person (or non-class
                                   based practitioners allocated to work mainly with each class) will support children
                                   when social distancing can not be maintained e.g. for intimate care or when children
                                   are hurt.

6.   Spread/contraction of   4x3   6a. Soap and water (which is the most effective) and sanitisers will be provided on site.   Hos, CSK                  3   3   9
     COVID-19 due to lack                                                                                                      Complete
     of hand-washing and           6b. All children are shown how to wash their hands properly and younger children are
     general poor hygiene.         helped with handwashing.

                                   6c. Signage is located adjacent to each wash station or sink reminding occupants to
                                   wash their hands and how to do it effectively;

                                   6d. Hand washing and/or hand sanitiser is recommended frequently and required at
                                   the following times:
                                        ● Entry and exit from the school;                                                      Complete
                                        ● After using the toilet;
                                        ● On entry and exit from each classroom
                                        ● Before and after lunch
                                        ● After Sporting activities

                                   6e. Parents are asked to send children into school in clean clothes each day.

                                   6f. Unnecessary touching of the face is discouraged.

                                   6g. No-touch behaviour expectations communicated with parents and pupils. This is
                                   reinforced through the behaviour and ethos.

6h. Teachers will remind pupils to use tissues and bin them once used. If tissues are
                                   not readily available exactly when needed occupants are reminded to cough or sneeze
                                   into their arm;

                                   6i. Toilets and wash stations have single use paper towels, where possible, for drying     Lidded bins in place
                                   hands and lidded bins.                                                                     and separate
                                                                                                                              COVID-19 PPE bin
                                                                                                                              where required.

7.   Spread/contraction of   4x3   7a. The school will implement additional cleaning regimes. This includes the following:    CSK, HoS                    3   3   9
     COVID-19 due to lack               ● Frequent cleaning of halls, toilets, reception area, toilets and computer
     of adequate cleaning                   rooms.
     measures.                          ● Frequent cleaning of all touched surfaces, such as door handles, handrails,
                                            table tops, and computers.
                                        ● Due care and attention should be given to shared phones; they must be
                                            cleaned before and after use.                                                     Additional cleaning staff
                                        ● Classrooms furniture and soft furnishings have been reduced in order to             on site to undertake
                                            improve the ability to effectively clean;                                         cleaning during the day
                                        ● Keyboards in classrooms should be wiped down at the start and end of each
                                        ● Classrooms will be cleaned at the end of each day or as necessary. Toilets to
                                            be cleaned after break and lunch and at the end of the day or as necessary –
                                            Cleaning rota to be recorded by site staff.
                                        ● Common areas will be cleaned once a day;
                                        ● Staff to bring their own lidded cup and wash daily.

                                   7b. Equipment used by the pupils and staff will be suitably cleaned at the end of each
                                   day or before it is used by another person; Pupils are to bring their own equipment;
                                   staff will have a box of equipment and pupils will keep this once loaned.

                                   7c. If an area is suspected to have been contaminated by coronavirus (a positive case is
                                   detected for an occupant of a classroom), the room and all areas visited will be deep

8.   Spread/contraction of   5x3   8a. Employees are required to conform with social distancing requirements at all           PJA, HoS                    3   4   12
     COVID-19 due to lack          times; and should retain a 2m distance wherever possible, particularly from other staff.
     of social distancing

measures. In particular
school employees.         8b. All staff will be required to record, on a daily basis, any close contact that they
                          have had with other pupils or staff and who they have worked with, if that is outside       HoS overseeing this
                          of their normal group. A member of SLT will be assigned to oversee this and check
                          on a daily basis. All staff will be encouraged to remind each other to complete this
                          information sheet and will inform their Head of Section if there is a breach.

                          8c. In Early Years, each classroom will have a 'day book' to record incidents. There
                          will also be a book for non-class based staff in the office.
                          8d. School offices are either reduced in occupation and desks positioned in order to
                          provide adequate separation or staff are moved to other areas to reduce contact;

                          8e. Skylab is to be used as a coffee servery at the Alleyn Park site; numbers of staff in   Wherever possible
                          communal areas should be limited. Staff must retain social distancing within the
                          smaller staff rooms. Each staff area is assessed, a maximum number of staff per room
                          has been placed on the door. In EY the servery will be in the hall.
                          8f. In classrooms, unnecessary furniture will be removed if applicable and flagged to
                          the maintenance team to create as much space as possible for pupils and staff to
                          maintain social distancing.

                          8g. Employees will be provided with and wear PPE when required in accordance with           Complete
                          government guidance.
                                                                                                                      Complete - staff
                          8h. Staff members will need to maintain a two-metre distance from others as far as          reminded 14/09/20
                          possible. For corporate/support staff:
                               ● Individuals have their own assigned workstation and do not share.
                               ● Workstations are at least two metres apart.
                               ● The occupancy levels of office spaces are limited to enable social distancing.
                               ● An enhanced cleaning schedule has been put in place.
                                                                                                                      Complete - screens
                          If it becomes clear that social distancing cannot be maintained in shared offices, the      and barriers purchased
                          School will consider implementing any of the following measures:                            and installed
                                ● Using screens or barriers to separate people from each other
                                ● Using back-to-back or side-to-side working (rather than face-to-face)
                                ● Reducing the number of people each person has contact with by

implementing fixed teams

9.   Spread/contraction of      5x5   9a. Qualified first aiders are in place at an appropriate ratio - at least 2 members of        SBR, PJA, HoS            1   2   2
     COVID-19 due to                  staff per School section, and 2 for corporate staff.
     insufficient First aid
     measures. This includes:         9b. The school has a specific room dedicated for suspected cases of COVID-19; the              Complete
                                      Parent Meeting Room at Alleyn Park and the main hall at Early Years.
     • Dealing with general
     First aid;                       9c. Occupants (staff or pupils) who display symptoms of the virus during the school
     • Lack of trained first          day will be isolated in the designated room until they leave the site in line with
     aiders;                          Government guidance.
     • Dealing with a                 The HoS (where possible) or AHoS will escort the child from the classroom to the               COVID PPE/First aid
     suspected case of                medical suite for support. The HoS or AHoS will wear full PPE including, apron,                box checked by
     Covid-19;                        gloves, mask and visor; all the relevant equipment is provided in the First Aid Kit and        hospitality staff.
     • Inappropriate handling         should be donned before entering the specified area.
     / removal of clinical
     waste                            9d. First aiders have watched the video for ‘donning and doffing’ PPE – NHS video /            First aid room will be
     • Intimate care                  advice:​   cleaned every day by
     procedures.                      d-incidents/                                                                                   cleaning team as
                                      Details beneath this video clearly outline that the video is for clinical staff, however       standard.
                                      first aiders should aim to copy the guidance carefully to minimise contamination and
                                      spread.                                                                                        COVID-19 reporting
                                      PPE then is disposed of in accordance with NHS COVID19 waste management                        book held in main
                                      guidance:                                                                                      reception.

                                      9e. The medical suite, Parent Meeting room, or Early Years hall will be cleaned at the
                                      beginning and end of each day and after each use (when first aid care has been                 Medical team
                                      provided)                                                                                      Cleaning contractor

                                      9f. Waste disposal measures
                                      All waste will be treated as follows:
                                           ● Put in a plastic rubbish bag and tied when full;
                                           ● The plastic bag is placed in a second bin bag and tied;
                                           ● Sprayed down with antibacterial spray
                                           ● Waste is stored safely and kept away from children until collection

10.   Spread/contraction of     2x3   10a. Parents are not permitted to enter the school; parents should use their usual           HoS, CSK   1   3   3
      COVID-19 due to lack            form of communication via email or phone.
      of social distancing
      measures for external           10b. Clear signage is displayed in reception and in key areas and on the website.
      visitors to the school,
      including:                      10c. DPL staff will only visit a school if essential, and they will not then visit another   Complete
                                      school for 72 hours (only to ensure that they are appraised of any contact with
      • Parents;                      positive cases before moving on)
      • Maintenance
      contractors;                    10d. Parents have been informed to call the school office or email if they have any          Complete
      • External Teachers;            questions or concerns;
      • Inspectors;
      • Delivery personnel:           10e. If parents need to drop off items for pupils, they should be left at the school main    Complete
      Staff                           reception entrance or EY entrance for staff to collect;

                                      10f. For those who have to enter the school reception, screens/counter-top Perspex           Complete
                                      shields have been installed to reduce the risk to school staff;
                                      10g. Visitors will only be permitted into the school if they have an appointment;
                                      Contractors from September will not be attending site unless absolutely necessary, in
                                      which case then a risk assessment will be completed separately for that incidence
                                      (which may include statutory testing, fire safety works, health and safety works etc)
                                      All contractors will be given a copy of the COVID-19 Risk Assessment regarding the
                                      site prior to entry

                                      10h. Where it is essential to have visitors, the school contact will meet them in
                                      reception and escort them to the venue with minimal contact in other areas, and
                                      social distancing must be maintained at all times. Visitors will be asked to wear masks.     Complete

                                      10i. Meetings with visitors will be via video conference or phone where possible;

                                      10j. Face to face meetings in small rooms or within 2m are not permitted;

                                      10k. Premises’ contractors will be managed in accordance with a separate premises            Complete
                                      maintenance risk assessment written specifically for this time;

                                      10l. Delivered items will be left outside of the school building for staff to collect and    Complete

moved to the maintenance corridor. Reception staff will sort packages into sections
                                         and wipe with antibac. Staff have been informed that they are to avoid wherever
                                         possible ordering personal items to the School.

11.   Spread/contraction of        3x3   11a. Toilet use protocols are managed by teachers if located adjacent to classrooms;-       CSK                  2   2   4
      COVID-19 due to lack of            teachers decide if pupils can go to the toilet during lessons. Staff will not be asked to
      social distancing                  clean any toilets but may be asked to clean equipment.
      measures. This includes
      unsuitable use of toilets.         11b. Toilets are cleaned throughout the day according to the rota produced.

12.   Child/ Staff member          4x3   12a. If a child becomes unwell and displays signs of a cough of any sort and/or a high      LDA, SBR, PJA, HoS   3   2   6
      appears unwell                     temperature then their parent will be called. Parents have been told that they will         Medical Team
                                         need to collect their child within 1h of being notified.

                                         12b. Staff will isolate the child comfortably and within view but will stay at least two
                                         meters from them unless the child is in need of medical attention.

                                         12c. Staff will advise the family to call NHS 111 on arrival if the symptoms are
                                         sufficiently aligned to Coronavirus and explain reasons for suspicions of exposure.

                                         12d. Should a child or staff member appear to be in discomfort or experiencing
                                         difficulty in breathing then staff will respond in line with our usual Health and Safety
                                         protocol which will be to call 999. Staff will also call 999 if a child is seriously ill
                                         (non-coronavirus related) or their life is at risk.

                                         12e. The child displaying symptoms will be sent to the Wellbeing Room or the Head
                                         Master’s PA office on the Alleyn Park Site ​or the School Hall in Early Years​ where
                                         they will be seated. Staff will explain to them that they are safe and that the staff
                                         member will be monitoring them at a distance. Isolated children are not left alone at
                                         any point.

                                         12f. The staff member will be taken to the Head Master’s study on the Alleyn Park site
                                         or Head of Early Years office at Gallery Road and will be asked to leave the school

                                         12g. An unwell child will be asked to wear a mask, to avoid touching people, surfaces
                                         and objects and will be advised to cover their mouth and nose with a disposable tissue

when they cough or sneeze and put the tissue in the bin.

                                        12h. If they need to go to the bathroom whilst waiting for medical assistance, they
                                        should use the public toilet by the main school office on the Alleyn Park site or the
                                        disabled toilet in the Nursery corridor or outside toilet on the field in Early Years.

                                        12i. The Head Master’s study / ​Head of Early Years’ office / Parent Meeting Room /
                                        Early Years school hall ​and any toilet used will be cleaned once they have left.

                                        12j. If a staff member becomes unwell or is instructed to self-isolate out of school
                                        hours, they must inform their line manager/Head of Section, HR and the HM as soon
                                        as possible via phone, text and email. A ‘standby’ member of staff will step in for
                                        cover. If this is during the school day, the staff member must inform their Line
                                        Manager, HR and the Head Master immediately and they will be sent home.​ Parents
                                        will also be asked to take siblings home and sibling section secretary contacted to
                                        remove sibling from class. ​ Cover will be brought in from a standby member of staff.

13.   There is a risk to mental   3x3   13a. The usual safeguarding measures are upkept.                                          SBR, PJA        2   1   2
      health and wellbeing for
      children or staff.                13b. There is a designated (or deputy) safeguarding lead on each site at all times.

                                        13c. A register is taken for all children on site each day.

                                        13d. The HR department is available to speak to any staff suffering a deterioration in
                                        mental health/wellbeing, as is the School Counsellor.

                                        13e. School has appointed a full time Counsellor to support children and staff daily as

                                        13f. The HR department will conduct a staff wellbeing survey in relation to COVID to
                                        enable HR and leaders to respond.

14.   Lack of staffing /          2x3   14a. Staff will be asked to contact schools as soon as possible if due to be absent       LDA, PJA/ MSC   3   4   12
      insufficient staff ratios         through sickness, COVID symptoms, or if they have been asked to self-isolate via
                                        track and trace.

14b. The Deputy Head responsible for cover will oversee the staffing rota and to
                                      identify potential replacement staff should staff become unwell, including the Head
                                      Master in the rota.

                                      14c. Should the Head Master become unwell, the organisation of the on-site school
                                      will fall to the Senior Deputy Head, Sarah Brownsdon.

                                      14d. Should insufficient staffing mean that the school is non-compliant and no cover
                                      can be sourced, children may need to be sent home. The school uses a clarion call
                                      system whereby parents can be alerted by text or email to ensure that the message is
                                      received should the school need to close suddenly.

                                      14e. Year Groups may need to attend school part time as a result of insufficient

                                      14f. Should the school need to close, the remote learning provision will be reinstated.

                                      14g. SLT contact details and governor details are accessible via iSAMS (SLT) and the
                                      Head Master’s PA and Director of Finance (Governors).

                                      14h. Staff may be asked to provide cover for colleagues under ‘rarely cover’ guidelines
                                      where necessary to reduce the instances of supply staff in school. SLT will be on a
                                      weekly rota to be on standby for cover.

                                      14i. Predictable supply staff use should be longer term and should be full time where
                                      possible, to avoid the risk of supply moving between schools in the same 7 day period.

                                      14j. Children are suitably supervised at all times;

15.   Shortages in site staff   4x3   15a. Premises staff levels are maintained and suitable for the use of the building;       PJA,   3   3   9
      and support.                    15b. Appropriate cleaning and premises staffing levels are in place;

                                      15c. Waste removal and enhanced cleaning programs are in place for the potential
                                      coronavirus contaminated waste;

                                      15d. Contingency in place for sudden premises staff absence;

16.   Hazardous substance        4x3   16a. Suitable storage and management of flammable hand sanitizer is in place; Science        CSK                   1   2   2
      management, unsuitable           labs must keep hand sanitiser outside the classroom.
      COSHH management
      and use of chemicals             16b. All chemicals used for the cleaning of school buildings and equipment is COSHH
      leading to ill-health or         assessed and managed appropriately;
                                       16c. All cleaning chemicals are stored safely and securely in accordance with
                                       requirements; Chemicals kept in bulk are stored off site.

                                       16d. COSHH safety training has been completed by all those responsible for the
                                       management of relevant chemicals;

                                       16e. Appropriate PPE is available for all cleaning including suitable PPE for cleaning of
                                       potential coronavirus contaminated rooms or equipment.

17.   Fire and evacuation        4x3   17a. Staff familiarise themselves with their working environment to ensure that they         CSK                   2   3   6
      procedures being                 are aware of fire escape routes.
      inadequate at this time
      due to lack of trained           17b. Children have a fire drill in their new environments.                                   Fire drill complete
      fire wardens or
      occupants being spread           17c. Evacuation plans including the following have been reviewed:
      around the building                   ● Safe assembly of occupants following social distancing requirements;
      without suitable                      ● Safe exit via the nearest fire exit;
      procedures in place.                  ● Training occupants of any changes to evacuation;
                                            ● Ensuring there are enough trained fire wardens on site with the ability to
                                                sweep all used areas of the school; This will be every day - a fire marshall will
                                                be on site every day.

                                       17d. All other fire system testing and maintenance has continued as normal.

18.   Pupils are exposed to      4x3   18a. Schools can stagger start times to reduce the risk of being on public transport         CSK                   2   3   6
      risk on public transport         during rush hour.

                                       18b. Pupils above 11 years of age are advised to wear masks on all transport, whether
                                       public transport or school bus transport, in line with government guidance.

18c. School transport adheres to the guidance, and tries to protect bubbles where
                                       possible. The responsibility and risk lies with the Foundation bus Service.

                                       18d. Pupils adhere to transport company requirements – issued consequences where
                                       rules are broken according to Behaviour Policy.

19.   Staff not confident they   3X3   19a. Clear communication with staff of the guidance and the provision and protocols.      PJA   2   4   8
      will be safe
                                       19b. Opportunities for staff to raise any questions or concerns very easily and in a
                                       non-judgemental way – in person, via surveys, in teams calls.

                                       19c. Risk assessment shared openly with staff and is sent in communications and
                                       discussed ahead and during Inset.

                                       19d. Personal risk assessments undertaken for those in vulnerable groups, including
                                       BAME groups, where requested and appropriate plan in place agreed with the

                                       19e. Clear guidance and training for staff on any appropriate use of PPE such as first
                                       aid staff as per government guidance.

                                       19f. Ensure sufficient PPE in stock to ensure compliance.

                                       19g. There will be a weekly review with staff to give feedback on any concerns.

                                       19h. There will be support from School Counsellor or externally for staff wellbeing if

20.   Staff not experienced /    2X3   20a. Communication to staff that they could be re-deployed to meet a need elsewhere       PJA   1   4   4
      confident in working             in school at any point. Managed via the Academic Administrator as usual.
      with the groups they
      are supervising                  20b. The School will try to work to staff areas of preference to reduce any anxiety.

                                       20c. If staff are required to work outside the area of preference provide clear support
                                       and training and review.

20d. Staff planning should be carried out in pairs to support one another.

21.   Spread/contraction of    2X3   21a. The cleaning staff clean when children are outside or not in the areas being            CSK        3   3   9
      COVID-19 due to                cleaned.
      inability to maintain
      social distancing for          21b. The cleaning team work in their own areas and not together.
      cleaning staff
                                     21c. Staff wipe down shared resources as they go throughout the day, including
                                     outside of school hours - only using anti-bac wipes provided before and after use.
                                     21d. The cleaning staff are given clear times for pupils within school and identified
                                     areas in order to ensure they can plan their cleaning schedule around these times.

22.   Spread/contraction of    2x3   22a. There are hand sanitiser stations at all entrances.                                     CSK        2   2   4
      COVID-19 due to
      infection entering the         22b. There are hand washing protocols in place.                                              Complete
      school site, including
      unexpected visitors to         22c. There is signage and reminders for all pupils and staff regarding hand cleaning
      the school                     protocols.

                                     22d. Visitors and contractors only enter school where necessary and follow social

                                     22e. The public reception area at the main entrance at Alleyn Park and Gallery Road
                                     has a screen installed.

                                     22f. Clearly marked areas reinforce where staff and pupils should stand in offices to
                                     maintain social distancing.

                                     22g. The entrances to school sites are limited for working staff only, except for
                                     expected and necessary visitors and contractors.

                                     22h. Face to face conversations take place at social distance. We will request that
                                     visitors wear masks, unless they are exempt.

                                     22i. If a private meeting with a parent is needed in a physical format, it will take place
                                     in a room which is well ventilated and tactile cleaning is undertaken afterwards.

22j. Deliveries to school are received under social distancing.

                                    22k. Staff are asked to try to avoid bringing equipment back and forth to school and if
                                    they do, to wipe it with provided wipes.

23.   Increased risk to       3X3   23a. The school follows current government guidance for those staff classed as               PJA         3   2   6
      vulnerable staff              vulnerable.

                                    23b. All staff have the opportunity to declare they are vulnerable.

                                    23c. Risk assessments are carried out as appropriate and mitigation is put in place to
                                    decrease risk for members of staff.

                                    23d. Staff may request an individualised risk assessment should they feel they require

24.   Staff not aware of      2X3   24a. Regular communication is sent to staff about testing protocols.                         PJA         3   2   6
      testing protocols
                                    24c. Testing results to be communicated to school leadership.

25.   Spread/contraction of   1x3   25a. Staff to follow social distancing in shared spaces with minimal staff at any one time   ALL STAFF
      COVID-19 due to staff         in staff work rooms or smaller staff rooms.
      communal areas not
      catering for social           25b. Staff to use sanitiser before using shared areas.
                                    25c. Where possible, staff to bring their refreshments in a container which means they
                                    can minimise their access the shared kitchen facilities

26.   Spread/contraction of   4x4   26a. There is no shared equipment for staff where possible.                                              1   4   4
      COVID-19 due to staff
      sharing equipment             26b. Cleaning and wiping of any shared areas such as computers and printers between
                                    staff usage using wipes.

                                    26c. Sanitiser and antibacterial wipes available for use in shared staff areas.

26d. Rigorous cleaning is undertaken by the cleaning team.

                                      26e. Shared equipment such as printers and photocopiers to be used only following
                                      application or sanitiser or washing hands.

                                      26f. Regular cleaning of equipment between home and school such as laptops.

27.   Reduced capacity due      2x3   27a. Short-term: the School will reallocate key duties during a period of illness.       LDA   3   4   12
      to a member of senior /
      middle leadership               27b. Rota of SLT and Middle leaders avoids cross contact but covers duties or needs
      contracting Covid-19            of the team.

                                      27c. Medium-term: the School will ask for support from the wider leadership team to
                                      provide additional leadership capacity and/or assist in the Critical Incident Team.

28.   Expectation on typical    2x3   28a. All events from Sept - Oct Half Term are to be postponed; this will be reviewed     SLT   0   3   0
      autumn events that are          at Half Term. For the purposes of appropriate planning, some events may be cancelled
      unlikely to be                  with agreement of the Head Master.
                                      28b. There will be clear communication with all stakeholders on changes of date and
                                           postponement for events.

29.   Spread of COVID-19        1x3   29a. Supply teachers will be used only where considered absolutely necessary.            HR
      due to planned visitors
      to the school                   29b. Where possible supply teachers will be contracted via trusted agencies to ensure
                                      that there is a mechanism in place to inform the school should the supply worker
      Supply teachers                 subsequently develop symptoms or test positive for Covid-19. In the event that a
                                      supply teacher is sourced from an agency not a known supplier then arrangements
                                      must be recorded in writing for informing the school should the supply worker
                                      subsequently develop symptoms or test positive for Covid-19.

                                      29c. Supply teachers should be fully briefed, both verbally and in writing, in all the
                                      arrangements in place at this time prior to commencing their assignment, including
                                      providing a copy of this risk assessment. Supply teachers should sign to say that they
                                      have been fully briefed and understand the arrangements and what they need to do to
                                      comply with them.

DPL staff/ Governors
                                       29d. Staff, including governors and members of the SLT team will all be subject to a
                                       separate risk assessment and will follow the DPL protocol when visiting two sites.

                                       29e. DPL staff will only visit the other site (Alleyn Park or Gallery Road) by prior
      Other professionals
                                       29f. Other professionals may only visit the school by pre-booked appointment and
                                       only where the Head Master considers their visit essential in order to ensure the well
                                       being of a pupil or to deliver curriculum content.

                                       29g. Other professionals should be fully briefed, both verbally and in writing, in the
                                       relevant arrangements in place at this time prior to undertaking the main reason for
                                       their visit. They should also sign to say that they have been fully briefed and
                                       understand the arrangements and what they need to do to comply with them.

30.   Spread/contraction of      2x4   30a. All staff to minimise the use of public transport and use alternative methods of          All Staff              3   3   9
      COVID-19 due to staff            getting into work where possible.
      transport into work
                                       30b. Staff must follow government guidelines if they need to use public transport.

31.   Pregnant members of        2x4   31a. It is appreciated that staff may usually leave notifications of pregnancy until a later   HR/ HoS                2   4   8
      staff                            date, however, staff should be encouraged to notify their line manager of a pregnancy
                                       at an early opportunity to put support measures in place. Pregnant staff should refer to
                                       NHS guidance:

                                       31b. Government guidance to be followed.

                                       31c. Risk assessment to be carried out where additional concerns and risk factors
                                       may be present and regularly reviewed.

32.   Increased risk of          2x4   32a. All lettings have been cancelled except for:                                              LDA/ CSK/ JAD/ DSP     3   3   9
      COVID-19 due to                       ● Lettings of outdoors spaces such as tennis courts which offer little                    will approve risk
      lettings on school site.                   transmission risk.                                                                   assessments of these
                                                                                                                                      external companies

●    Lettings for wraparound care which benefit our own community and are used       and only if they are
                                                by our pupils.                                                                  happy with mitigations
                                           ●    Lettings who have produced appropriate risk assessments.                        will they be allowed to
                                                                                                                                proceed with lettings.

33.   Increased risk of          0     33a. No school trips will be taking place for the foreseeable future. This will be       DSP                       0   0   0
      COVID-19 due to trips            reviewed in October 2020.
      and educational visits

34.   DPL is unable to           1x2   34a. Maintenance procedures should be reviewed and updated taking into account all       CSK & Estates             2   2   4
      complete                         Government guidance. The estates team will provide support as required.
      works due to closure             34b. Much of the routine maintenance will now take place on a pre-planned basis, with
      or other COVID-19                a separate risk assessment completed prior to any work taking place.
      related issues during
      term time                        34c. Essential work can continue, but only after adequate risk assessment.

                                       34d. The Estates team will manage any ongoing or planned capital works following
                                       Government guidance.

                                       34e. 72 hours should pass upon completions of any works and the start of the new

35.   STAFFING - staff who       2x4   35a. These staff have informed HR that they continue meet the criteria;                  Staff affected & HR
      are clinically extremely
      vulnerable                       35b. The Government guidance for clinically extremely vulnerable is that shielding has
                                       been paused. The clinically extremely vulnerable will be able to return to work
                                       following the guidance set out in this document.

                                       35c. Extremely vulnerable MAY work from home where possible but it is recognised
                                       that this may be difficult to accommodate and is dependent upon job role;

                                       35d. If extremely vulnerable staff cannot work from home, where it can be
                                       accommodated, then an individual risk assessment will be completed to ensure that
                                       any risks of being in school are minimised.

36.   STAFFING; Staff who          2x3   36a. High risk individuals will have a specific risk assessment completed to ensure that   PJA   2   4   8
      are clinically vulnerable,         any risks of being in school are minimised.
      pregnant with
      complications or at a
      higher risk

37.   STAFFING: Low staffing       2x2   37a. If anyone in the school becomes unwell with a new and persistent cough or a high      PJA   3   4   12
      numbers due to the                 temperature, or has a loss of, or change in, their normal sense of taste or smell
      absence of members of              (anosmia), they must be sent home and advised to follow ​‘stay at home: guidance for
      staff who are shielding,           households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection​’, which sets
      self-isolating or                  out that they should self-isolate for at least 10 days and should arrange to have a test
      exhibiting symptoms of             to see if they have coronavirus (COVID-19).
                                         37b. DPL will actively encourage all staff to book tests within 24 hours if someone in
                                         the household is showing symptoms or they have symptoms.

                                         37c. HR Department to provide a copy of the guidance (‘​stay at home: guidance for
                                         households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection​) if a staff
                                         member reports having symptoms or a member of the household having symptoms.

                                         37d. Staff well enough will be asked to participate in delivering remote learning to
                                         ensure pupils are still accessing curriculum coverage

38.   STAFFING: Low staffing       2x3   38a. The HR department will provide the Head Master with guidance.                         PJA
      numbers as a result of
      staff who do not fall into
      one of the above
      categories unable /
      refusing to attend work.

39.   School doesn’t have          1x4   39a. Either the Deputies or Head Master should be available to cover the DSL role. If      SLT   2   4   8
      SENDCo, DSL or Head                they are not available, the School will nominate a suitably trained person.
      Master on site due to
      COVID-19                           39b. Either the DSL, Deputies, Head Master or identified member of the Senior Team
                                         should be available every day to undertake the SENDCO role

40    Sudden partial or full   3x5     40a. Leaders will follow DfE guidelines in the case of one or move positive COVID-19    LDA           2   4   8
       closure due to                   tests and work closely with their local Health Protection Team who will advise on the
       COVID-19 outbreak or             measures required.
       positive case
                                        40b. Head Master, Governors and SLT will seek clear and documented procedures for
                                        informing the school staff and parents in the event of a sudden closure from PHE.

                                        40c. In the event of a full or partial closure, parents/pupils will be provided with
                                        resources to support learning during the period that they are unable to attend school
                                        in person.

                                        40d. The remote teaching plan will be implemented immediately - the School has an
                                        immediate response and a longer term solution should it be required.

Date of risk assessment    Names: Louise Davidson
sign off:                  July 6th 2020

Review dates:

Review date:    Review date:    Review date:        Review date:      Review date:        Review date:        Review date:      Review date
10/08/2020      24/08/2020      22/09/2020 LDA
LDA             LDA, SBR,

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