COVID-19 Safety Plan Kelowna Gymnastix Inc.

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COVID-19 Safety Plan Kelowna Gymnastix Inc.
Kelowna Gymnastix Inc.
COVID-19 Safety Plan

Introduction Context
This document outlines Kelowna Gymnastix COVID-19 Safety Plan (Process, Procedures & Policy)
in preparation of reopening the Kelowna and West Kelowna locations/facilities. The document
outlines safety protocols incorporating guidelines as directed and prescribed by BC Government
(Provincial Health Authority), WorkSafe BC, viaSport and Gymnastics BC (GBC). These
requirements may change as government monitors and directs, therefore a dynamic document
which will be regular updated.

Refer to link below for more details. and

Safety Plan Principles
The following values forms the underlying objective of the Kelowna Gymnastix Safety Plan, to
ensure the safety of all individuals taking part in scheduled programs or entering the facility:
   • Put People Safety First
   • Communicate Effectively
   • Maintain Business Continuity to Reengage
   • Build Resilience & Prepare for ReStart

In addition, a risk assessment has been undertaken and reviewed at each location to determine
potential impacts, and deploy responsive measures to mitigate such risk.

Communication and Messaging
Kelowna Gymnastix has taken a proactive approach and developed a Communication Strategy
which involves but not limited to updating the Web-Portal, sending direct email, personal calling
as well as using other social media formats, to inform the broader gymnastix community,
members and viewers of KG COVID-19 Safety Plan as new operational protocols to foster
confidence and commitment to everyone’s safety.

The following YouTube Video - provides a simplistic step-by-step
visual of what to expect on arriving at the facility, and how safety measures will be handled during
classes/training and practice.

At the time of enrollment each individual student/parent/guardian will be required to complete
a Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumptions of Risk and Indemnity Agreement, whom
acknowledge and confirm that they understand and accept the policy and procedural processes
to partake and enter the facility as outlines in the KG COVID-19 Safety Plan. In addition, each
participant/student/parent/guardian must complete a Participation Declaration of Compliance
form agreeing to comply to KG Safety Plan Requirement. Refer to Appendix for more details.

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COVID-19 Safety Plan Kelowna Gymnastix Inc.
Poster signs have been placed strategically throughout the facilities to remind staff and students
of the protocols in relation to requirements and risk. Refer to Appendix for more details.

Kelowna Gymnastix COVID-19 Safety Plan is structured and deploys the following basic principles
as tactics (best practices) to achieve the overall framework as defined by GBC:
    • Be Healthy, Be Clean (Personal Hygiene & Stay Home if Sick)
    • Clean & Disinfect (Environmental Hygiene)
    • Social Distancing (safe Social Interactions)
    • Manage Re-engagement (Physical Modifications)

Be Healthy, Be Clean, Be Safe (Personal Hygiene & Stay Home if Sick)
   •   Prior to entering the facility all staff and each student must complete a daily Screen
       Checklist (as posted/communicated online) which can either be completed at home or on
       arrival. NOTE – currently looking at different online portal options to streamline in-take
       process and convenience.
   •   If a staff member or student report and or show symptoms (even slightest symptoms), the
       KG Safety Officer has the discretion and will ask the individual to leave the facility
       immediately, and/or call the parent/guardian to pick-up their child. The individual will be
       isolated with supervision during the waiting period.
   •   Student who experiences seasonal allergies (or other flu like symptoms), it is preferable to
       obtain a doctor’s note before entering the facility.
   •   No temperature check will be required, however the Safety Office could request in certain
   •   Once screened, each student will be required to use hand sanitizer/disinfectant as
       provided at select station. This will also be required after class when leaving the facility.
   •   Students must arrive dressed for class this includes socks. Coaches will direct when using
       specific apparatus.
   •   Students will be encouraged to frequently hand-wash or sanitize before, during and after
       classes, as well as avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.
   •   Students may choose to wear masks at any time or at their discretion.
   •   No congregation will be tolerated.
   •   In addition to our First Aid Kit, a separate PPE Package has been provided in case of any
       emergency. If any injury occurs, physical distancing will be broken, with all persons
       attending to the injured individual, firstly isolate the areas, put on PPE, and notify safety
       officer who in turn will oversee and notify parent.
   •   Refer to KG Illness Policy for more details.

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COVID-19 Safety Plan Kelowna Gymnastix Inc.
Clean & Disinfect (Environmental Hygiene)
  •   High volume touched areas will be cleaned after every class, as well as weekly deep clean.
  •   KG has taken additional precautionary measures and have contracted the services of
      Vitatek Solution using electrostatic spray technology to disinfect weekly the entire facility
      (including washrooms, offices and storage).
  •   Vitatek Solutions is a COVID-19 accredited service provider using Canada Health approved
      products. Refer to link for more details .
  •   Classes are schedule to allow sufficient time as extended overlap to ensure deep clean
      after each class.
  •   KG will ensure adequate supply of cleaning materials on-site at all times.

Social Distancing (safe Social Interactions)
  •   Signage is displayed external/outside and throughout the gym to show pathways and to
      ensure two meter (6 feet) physical distancing is maintained at all times, as well as
      appropriately demarcated at entrance on arrival which is overseen by dedicated staff
      member (door-handler). Staff and coaches will oversee and strictly manage this
  •   Coaching for all programs must be preformed hands-free (no spotting). If participant’s
      safety is at risk, the coach will not hesitate to spot.

Manage Re-engagement (Physical Modifications)
  •   Modified internal flow of students, with single entry point and separate exits.
  •   Facility reorganized/modified to maintain physical distancing, spot-placement and
      demarcated areas created to visualize and assist student with effective distancing.
  •   Adherence to Occupancy Limited with no more than 50 people at any point-in-time. This
      includes staff and students.
  •   Parent/Guardian access to facility restricted and not allowed to enter the facility and will
      pick up their child outside.
  •   Any enquiries are handled via phone or per email, FaceTime or online.
  •   Start with small classes (6 students per class).
  •   There will be minimal sharing of equipment
  •   Water fountain will be closed and not in use.
  •   Foam Pit covered and closed for any form of use.
  •   Washrooms are clearly marked for use by students and staff only, this will allow
      supervision and controlled cleaning after every visit.
  •   Birthday Parties and Drop-In Classes are prohibited. Such areas are covered and closed
      with NO Use or Entry.

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COVID-19 Safety Plan Kelowna Gymnastix Inc.
Emergency & Outbreak Response
As outlined in the “Stay Home if Sick Section”, certain protocols need to be followed in the event
that first aid is required to be administered during classes/activity - all persons attending to the
injured individual must first put on a mask and gloves. Early detection of symptoms is imperative
to facilitate effective control measures. Refer to Illness Policy for more details.

Contact Details
The table below provide contact details for ease of reference.

 Responsibility                 Name                      Contact Details
 Owner/Operator                 Bruce Elwood    
                                                          +1 778 484 7570
 Safety Officer                 Henri Cullinan  
                                                          +1 778 484 7570
 HR & Office Administrator      Irma Stevens    
                                                          +1 778 484 7570
 IHA (Representative)           Ticket System             To be advised
                                                          +1 250 870 5777
 WorkSafe BC                    Ticket System             To be advised
                                                          +1 250 717 4301

KG COVID-19 Safety Plan was developed in consultation with core staff, as well as shared with all
staff to familiarize themselves with protocols in terms of procedures, responsibilities and risk.

The Safety Plan can be viewed online or hard copy in the office.

Approved by:                                                 Date:

_______________________                                      __________________
Bruce A Elwood

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COVID-19 Safety Plan Kelowna Gymnastix Inc.

A. ViaSport Return to Sport Guideline for BC

B. Gymnastics BC Return Sport COVID-19 Safety Plan Guidelines

C. Kelowna Gymnastix Risk Mitigation Measures

           a. Daily Screening Checklist Form
           b. Participation Declaration of Compliance Form
           c. Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and indemnity

D. Illness Policy incorporating Outbreak Response Procedures

E. Signage/Poster Boards directing Flow and Wayfinding

F. Facility Layout Plan

G. General Communication and Messaging - ongoing

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COVID-19 Safety Plan Kelowna Gymnastix Inc.
Gymnastics BC Club Declaration of Compliance - COVID-19

                                 Kelowna Gymnastix Inc.
GBC Member Club Name:            ___________________________
                                                    Bruce Allen Elwood
GBC Member Club Owner or Board Chair Name:          _____________________________
                                                      Henri Cullinan
COVID-19 Club Representative Name (print):            _____________________________
COVID-19 Club Representative Email:                  _____________________________
COVID-19 Club Representative Telephone:             _____________________________

Attention: All GBC member clubs must comply with this declaration.

Gymnastics BC (GBC) requires its member clubs to adhere to compliance requirements outlined
in its Return to Sport Plan. The requirements outlined in the Return to Sport Plan are based on
viaSport’s Return to Sport Guidelines, PHO orders and recommendations, and WorkSafeBC
requirements. These are intended to safeguard the health and safety of individuals within each
member club and the communities beyond, in order to mitigate transmission of COVID-19.

GBC member clubs that do not adhere to, or are unable to agree to the terms outlined in this
document are not permitted to deliver programming.

I, the undersigned member club Owner/Board Chair, hereby understand, acknowledge, and
agree to the terms and information outlined in this document on behalf of my GBC member club:

   1. The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the
      World Health Organization and is extremely contagious. GBC’s Return to Sport Plan
      outlines requirements clubs must adhere to in order to mitigate the risk of transmitting
   2. Each member club must create and communicate their own club-specific COVID-19
      Safety Plan with their members. This plan must be publicly-displayed and available for
      review. A copy of the club-specific COVID-19 Safety Plan must be submitted to prior to reopening.
   3. Each participant must complete GBC’s Participant Declaration of Compliance form and
      GBC’s Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity
      Agreement prior to participating in any activities. These documents must be kept on file
      and be readily available upon request.

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COVID-19 Safety Plan Kelowna Gymnastix Inc.
4. Each member club must implement and document daily screening processes that aim to
      prevent exposure to, and transmission of COVID-19 within the club facility and during
      club activities.
   5. Each member club’s COVID-19 Safety Plan must adhere to all requirements set out in
      GBC’s Return to Sport Plan.
   6. This Club Declaration of Compliance will remain in effect until further notice.
   7. GBC may take a variety of actions (including the use of sections 3.2, 3.5, and 3.6 of the
      GBC Bylaws) to manage and address compliance issues if GBC determines that a member
      club is not compliant with the requirements outlined in GBC’s Return to Sport Plan.

Signature:           _____________________          Date: ___________________

                   Member Club Owner/Board Chair

Signature:           ______________________         Date: ___________________

                    COVID-19 Club Representative

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COVID-19 Safety Plan Kelowna Gymnastix Inc.
Daily Screening Checklist
This checklist may be updated as the situation progresses and from time to time.

 Today’s Date:                                              Activity Start Time:
 Participant Name:

  1.     Do you have any of the symptoms below? Please circle your answer.

             •      Fever (greater than 38.0°C) and/or chills                                Yes   No
             •     Coughing                                                                  Yes   No

             •     Sneezing                                                                  Yes   No
             •     Sore throat and/or painful swallowing                                     Yes   No
             •     Stuffy and/or runny nose                                                  Yes   No

             •     Fatigue related to illness*                                               Yes   No
             •     Loss of appetite                                                          Yes   No
             •     Shortness of breath                                                       Yes   No
             •     Loss of sense of smell                                                    Yes   No

             •     Headache                                                                  Yes   No
             •     Muscle aches related to illness*                                          Yes   No
  2.     Have you, or has anyone in your household travelled outside of Canada in the last   Yes   No
         14 days?
  3.     Have you, or has anyone in your household been in contact in the last 14 days       Yes   No
         with someone who is being investigated or who has a confirmed case of COVID-
  4.     Are you currently being investigated as a suspect case of COVID-19?                 Yes   No
  5.     Have you tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 10 days?                      Yes   No

Participant or
Parent/Guardian name:                                                   Signature

 Emergency Contact #:

 Staff Name: Signature

*Note: fatigue and muscle aches may be expected as athletes return to sport. All participants,
parents/guardians of minors, and club personnel must determine the difference between this and
symptoms of illness.
COVID-19 Safety Plan Kelowna Gymnastix Inc.
Kelowna Gymnastix Illness Policy

In this policy, “Team Member” includes an employee, volunteer, students, participant or

1.   Inform an individual in a position of authority (coach, team manager, program coordinator, safety
     officer) immediately if, you feel any symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, chills, cough, shortness
     of breath, sore throat and painful swallowing, stuffy or runny nose, loss of sense of smell, headache,
     muscle aches, fatigue and loss of appetite.

2.      Assessment
     a. Team members must review the self-assessment signage located throughout the facility each
        morning before their class/practice/activity to attest that they are not feeling any of the COVID-
        19 symptoms.
     b. Staff and Coaches will visually monitor team members to assess any early warning signs as to the
        status of their health and to touch base on how they are regarding their personal safety
        throughout the workday/practice/activity.
     c. If Team Members are unsure please have them use the self-assessment tool or through the COVID-19 BC Support App self assessment
3.      If a Team Member is feeling sick with COVID-19 symptoms
     a. They should remain at home and contact Health Link BC at 8-1-1.
     b. If they feel sick and/or are showing symptoms while at gym, they should be sent home
        immediately and have them contact 8-1-1 or a doctor for further guidance.
     c. No Team Member may participate in a class/practice/activity if they are symptomatic.
4.      If a Team Member tests positive for COVID-19
     a. The Team Member will not be permitted to return to the gym facility until they are free of the
        COVID-19 virus.
     b. Any Team Members who work/play closely with the infected Team Member will also be removed
        from the gym facility for at least 14 days to ensure the infection does not spread further.
     c. Close off, clean and disinfect the areas within the gym facility immediately and any surfaces that
        could have potentially be infected/touched.
5.      If a Team Member has been tested and is waiting for the results of a COVID-19 Test
     a. As with the confirmed case, the Team Member must be removed from the gym facility.
     b. The Public Health Agency of Canada advises that any person who has even mild symptoms to stay
        home and call the public health authority of B.C.
     c. Other Team Members who may have been exposed will be informed and removed from the
        classes/practice/activity for at least 14 days or until the diagnosis of COVID-19 is ruled out by
        health authorities.
     d. The activity space will be closed off, cleaned, and disinfected immediately and any other surfaces
        that could have potentially been infected/touched.
6.      If a Team Member has come in to contact with someone who is confirmed to have COVID-19:

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COVID-19 Safety Plan Kelowna Gymnastix Inc.
a. Team Members must advise their office manager/coach if they reasonably believe they have been
        exposed to COVID-19.
     b. Once the contact is confirmed, the Team Member will be removed from the gym facility for at
        least 14 days or as otherwise directed by public health authorities. Team Members who may have
        come into close contact with the Team Member will also be removed from the gym for at least
        14 days.
     c. The activity area will be closed off, cleaned, and disinfected immediately and any other
        surfaces that could have potentially been infected/touched.

7.      Quarantine or Self-Isolate if:
     a. Any Team Member who has travelled outside of Canada or the province within the last 14 days is
        not permitted to enter any part of the facility and must quarantine and self-isolate.
     b. Any Team Member with any symptoms of COVID-19 is not permitted to enter any part of the
        facility and must quarantine and self-isolate.
     c. Any Team Member from a household with someone showing symptoms of COVID-19 is not
        permitted to enter any part of the facility and must quarantine and self-isolate.
     d. Any Team Member who is in quarantine or self-isolating as a result of contact with an infected
        person or in families who are self-isolating, is not permitted to enter any part of the facility.

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                                    RELEASE OF LIABILITY, WAIVER OF CLAIMS,
                                 ASSUMPTION OF RISKS AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT
                                                ( e e af e             e Re ea e Ag ee e                 )
                                              PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!

 Name of Participant
                                   Last                                                 First

 Parent or Guardian if
 participant under age 19
                                   Last                                                 First

 Address                           Street                                               City                                             Prov./State

                                   Country   Postal/Zip Code              Email                                  Date of Birth: Day   / Month / Year   Age

TO:      GYMNASTICS B.C. AND ALL MEMBER CLUBS and their respective directors, officers, employees, members, participants,
         coaches, volunteers, agents, independent contractors, subcontractors, representatives, successors, and all owners, operators
         or occupiers of the facilities in which the gymnastics activities, as defined below, take place (all of whom are hereinafter
         collectively referred to as the Re ea ee ").
In this Release Agreement, the term "gymnastics activities" shall include all orientation, training, instruction, supervision,
competitions, programs, services, and use of facilities and equipment which are organized, provided, controlled or conducted by the
ASSUMPTION OF RISKS Gymnastics activities involve various risks, dangers and hazards, which can result in serious injuries or
death. These risks, dangers and hazards are reviewed in detail in the Gymnastics B.C. website at:
management/. Please take the time to learn about the risks, dangers and hazards of participating in gymnastics activities by carefully
reviewing the Health and Safety, Assumption of Risks, and Risk Management sections of the Gymnastics B.C. website. Exposure to
infectious disease including COVID-19 is one of the risks of participating in gymnastics activities. Specific information regarding the
response of Gymnastics B.C. and member clubs to the COVID-19 pandemic is found in the Public Health section of the website. If you
are a parent or guardian of a participant under the age of 19, please educate your child on these risks, dangers and hazards before
completing this form. All participants in gymnastics activities are required to assume all such risks, dangers and hazards and all
injuries resulting therefrom.


RELEASE OF LIABILITY, WAIVER OF CLAIMS AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT (applies to person 19 years of age and older)
In consideration of THE RELEASEES allowing me to participate in gymnastics activities, I hereby agree as follows:

 1. TO WAIVE ANY AND ALL CLAIMS that I have or may in the future have against THE RELEASEES and TO RELEASE THE
    RELEASEES from any and all liability for any loss, damage, expense or injury including death that I may suffer or that my next
    of kin may suffer as a result of my participation in gymnastics activities, DUE TO ANY CAUSE WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING
2.    TO HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMNIFY THE RELEASEES from any and all liability for any property damage or personal injury
      to any third party resulting from my participation in gymnastics activities;
3.    This Release Agreement shall be effective and binding upon my heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators, assigns and
      representatives, in the event of my death or incapacity;
4.    This Release Agreement and any rights, duties and obligations as between the parties to this Release Agreement shall be
      governed by and interpreted solely in accordance with the laws of British Columbia and no other jurisdiction; and
5.    Any litigation involving the parties to this Release Agreement shall be brought solely within British Columbia and shall be within
      the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of British Columbia.
In entering into this Release Agreement I am not relying on any oral or written representations or statements made by the Releasees
with respect to the safety of gymnastics activities, other than what is set forth in this Release Agreement.

 Dated this             day of                                 20
                                                                              Signature of Participant

 Signature of Witness                                                         Please Print Name

 Please Print Name                                                            Signature of parent or guardian if participant is under age 19

                                                                                                             ©5359528/ROBERT KENNEDY/FARRIS/0520
Insert Club Name and Gymnastics BC

                        Participant Declaration of Compliance - COVID-19

 Name of participant:
 Parent or Guardian if the
 participant is under age 19:


Attention: All participants entering the facility must comply with this declaration.

By signing this document, I agree to follow club staff directives, and engage with all club
requirements in [insert club name]’s COVID-19 Safety Plan. Additionally, I hereby acknowledge
and agree to respect the following information outlined in this document:

   1) Sickness
          a) I will stay home if I am unwell, or if someone in my household is unwell, or is
             displaying the following symptoms:
                 i)   Fever and chills
                ii)   Cough
               iii)   Shortness of breath
               iv)    Sore throat and painful swallowing
                v)    Stuffy or runny nose
               vi)    Loss of sense of smell
              vii)    Headache
             viii)    Fatigue, etc.
          b) I confirm that I have not knowingly been in contact with a person that has a
             confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19.
          c) I agree to complete a routine daily screening process prior to entering my club.
          d) I confirm that I have not travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days.
             Additionally, I confirm that I have not been knowingly exposed to someone who
             has travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days.
          e) I acknowledge there are inherent risks associated with participating in activities.
             By attending club activities, I understand and assume all risks associated with
             potential exposure of COVID-19.

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2) Personal hygiene:
         a) I agree to follow all personal hygiene requirements set out by my club, including
             but not limited to: frequent hand-washing and sanitizing, coughing and sneezing
             into my sleeve, etc.
   3) Physical distancing
         a) I agree to practice safe social interactions, by maintaining a minimum distance of
             two meters between myself and others.
   4) Environmental hygiene
         a) I agree to adhere to all club cleaning requirements.
   5) Physical modifications
         a) I understand that equipment may be moved in order to facilitate safe social
             interactions and physical distancing.

Additionally, I understand and agree that if I do not adhere to the requirements set out by my
club, I may be asked to leave the club activity in order to protect the health and safety of all

This Participant Declaration of Compliance will remain in effect until GBC determines it is no
longer required, based on viaSport, PHO, and WorkSafeBC requirements.

I also confirm that I have signed (Parent or Guardian if participant is under age 19) the Release of
liability, waiver of claims, assumption of risks and indemnity agreement.

 Signature:                                                         Date:

 Signature:                                                         Date:
                  Parent/Guardian if participant under age 19

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West Kelowna
Kelowna Gymnastix
COVID-19 Safety Plan
Acknowledgement of Risk

I, _______________________________________, understand and agree to all of the following:

   •   Any individual who answers YES to any of the questions within the Daily Screening Checklist
       will be denied access to the gym and will be asked to go home. This is for the safety and
       well-being of all participants. I understand that facilities are required to keep a record of
       all responses in case government tracing is required.
   •   Participants must stay home if they or anyone in their household is displaying the following
       symptoms: fever, coughing, sneezing, sore throat, runny nose or fatigue.
   •   The athlete must access the facility at the designated entrance and exit, and arrive dressed
       for the class.
   •   Activity start and end times are staggered to provide time for cleaning between classes
       and to allow participants to enter and exit the gym safely.
   •   Viewing or seating areas are closed (at this time), to reduce the total occupancy of people
       within the facility.
   •   Parents should be punctual to drop off and to pick up their child. If the athlete has not
       been picked up by the designated activity end time, staff will contact the parent/guardian
       via phone.
   •   No activities that require hands-on spotting will take place, until otherwise directed by
       Government of BC.
   •   These procedures will change and evolve over time. I will follow any new standards
       required by the Government of BC and/or by Kelowna Gymnastix.
   •   If any procedure, safety protocols and new standards are not followed by the athlete,
       parents, or guardians, the athlete can be removed from the activity and will not be allowed
       to participate any further.

As an Athlete and Participant:

   •   I will adhere to the physical distancing standard of 2 meters while at the gym.
   •   I will wash or sanitize my hands regularly and when asked to by my coach or club staff,
       including every time I enter or leave the facility, and before entering the gym.
   •   I will bring a gym bag clearly marked to the gym each day with all required items including
       a full water bottle (other items for example: grips, chalk, yoga mat, etc.). I understand that
       any items that I forget at the gym may be disposed of at the end of the day.
   •   If I don’t follow my coach or the club staff instructions, safety protocols and new standards,
       I will be removed from the activity and will not be able to participate any further.

West Kelowna

I, __________________________________, acknowledge, understand, appreciate, and agree
that participation may result in possible exposure to and illness from infectious diseases, including,
but not limited to COVID- 19. While rules and personal discipline may reduce this risk, the risk of
serious illness and death does exist. I knowingly and freely assume all such risks, both known and
unknown, even if arising from the negligence of the releasees or others and assume full
responsibility for participation and exposure and release the facility, its employees, officers and
directors from any liability related thereto.

Name of the Athlete:                           __________________________

Name of Parent/Guardian:                       __________________________

Signature of the Athlete: (all ages mandatory) _________________________

Signature of Parent/Guardian:                  __________________________

Date:                                          __________________________

Cell Phone (emergency):                        __________________________

Kelowna Gymnastix COVID-19 Safety Plan
Facility Layout Site Plan                                                      Kelowna Location
                                                                               225/6-1891 Springfield Rd

                                                                                                           Only       Parking

                                     Gymnastix                                                            Single
                                      Activity                                                            Point
                                                                                Reception Desk

                                                                       W/R                  Office
                                                                                            Admin                               Legend
                                                                       Staff               Storage
                                                                       W/R                                                         Single Point
                                                                                                                                   Controlled Entry
                                                                                                          Exit Only
                                                                                                          (Parkour)                Exit Only Separate

                                                                                                                                   Sanitization Station
                                   Parkour Ninja                                                                                     Exit Flow
                                     Activity                                    Parkour         Upper                               Entry Flow
                                      Section                                      W/R            Level
                                                                                                  Staff                               Social Distance
                                                                                                 Office                               Door Line-up

Schematic Illustration of Facility Layout Wayfinding & Internal Flow
Kelowna Gymnastix COVID-19 Safety Plan
                                                                                             West Kelowna Location
Facility Layout Site Plan                                                                           2035C Louie Dr

                 Parking                                 Parking                   Parking

                                    Activity                                                                       Seating
                                    Section                                                                       Restricted

                                                                                                                                            Single Point
                                                                                                                               Parking      Controlled Entry

                                                                                                                                            Exit Only Separate
                                                         GYM             Staff                    Parkour Ninja
                                                         W/R             W/R                                                                Sanitization Station
                                                                                                     Section                                  Exit Flow
                                                                                                                                              Entry Flow

                                                                                                                                               Social Distance
                                                                                 Exit                                                          Door Line-up
                                                                                 Only              Parent Receiving End
Schematic Illustration of Facility Layout Wayfinding & Internal Flow

     6FT APART


 KG Safety Plan
                  AVAILABLE HERE   KG Safety Plan
                 AVAILABLE HERE

KG Safety Plan                    KG Safety Plan
COVID-19 Restrictions

No Entry
COVID-19 Restrictions in Place

                         KG Safety Plan
COVID-19 Restrictions

Not in Use
 COVID-19 Restrictions in Place

                           KG Safety Plan
COVID-19 Restrictions in Place

 Parent Access
 Restricted due
 Capacity Limit
 For all Enquiries Call

              KG Safety Plan
           KG Safety Plan
Coronavirus COVID-19
  BC Centre for Disease Control | BC Ministry of Health



                                                                                   IPC V1.1

                If you have fever, a new cough, or are
                having difficulty breathing, call 8-1-1.
                Non-medical inquiries              1-888-COVID19 (1888-268-4319)
                (ex. travel, physical distancing): or text 604-630-0300
Coronavirus COVID-19
                           BC Centre for Disease Control | BC Ministry of Health

                                             Hand Hygiene
     SOAP OR ALCOHOL-BASED                                             Either will clean your hands:
     HAND RUB: Which is best?                                          use soap and water if hands
                                                                       are visibly soiled.

                                              Remove hand and wrist jewellery

             HOW TO HAND WASH                                            HOW TO USE HAND RUB

 1                                   2                                           1

 Wet hands with warm                                                           Ensure hands are visibly
   (not hot or cold)              Apply liquid or foam soap                   clean (if soiled, follow hand
    running water                                                                   washing steps)

 3                                   4                                           2

 Lather soap covering
                                     Rinse thoroughly                         Apply about a loonie-sized
 all surfaces of hands
                                    under running water                         amount to your hands
  for 20-30 seconds

 5                                   6                                           3

                                                                              Rub all surfaces of your hand
Pat hands dry thoroughly               Use paper towel
                                                                               and wrist until completely
    with paper towel                  to turn off the tap
                                                                                  dry (15-20 seconds)


                                                    If you have fever, a new cough, or are
                                                    having difficulty breathing, call 8-1-1.
Coronavirus COVID-19
     BC Centre for Disease Control | BC Ministry of Health


 Maintain a distance of at least
  2 arms lengths from others.
                     If you have fever, a new cough, or are
                     having difficulty breathing, call 8-1-1.
Help prevent the
spread of COVID-19
In order to reduce risk of exposure to the virus that
causes COVID-19, we are limiting the number of
people in this space.

Address / room / space:

Occupancy limit:                               people
Help prevent the
spread of COVID-19
In order to reduce risk of exposure to the virus that
causes COVID-19, we are limiting the number of
people in this space.

Address / room / space:

   2035C Louie Dr. West Kelowna, BC

Occupancy limit:                 50            people
The information in this document is current to May 28, 2020

INTRODUCTION ............................................................................................................................... 3
RETURN TO SPORT .......................................................................................................................... 6
COVID-19 AND TRANSMISSION ...................................................................................................... 7
SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19 ............................................................................................................... 7
RISK MANAGEMENT........................................................................................................................ 8
FACILITY ACCESS and USE ............................................................................................................. 10
FACILITY OPERATIONS................................................................................................................... 12
PARTICIPANTS ............................................................................................................................... 15
SPORT PROGRAMMING ................................................................................................................ 18
EMERGENCY RESPONSE ................................................................................................................ 20
Appendix A – SPORT ACTIVITY CHART .......................................................................................... 27
APPENDIX B – DEFINITIONS .......................................................................................................... 28
APPENDIX C – ILLNESS POLICY ...................................................................................................... 29
APPENDIX D – PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT.................................................................................... 31
APPENDIX E – MEMBER COMMUNICATION ................................................................................. 32
APPENDIX F – REFERENCES ........................................................................................................... 33
APPENDIX G - COVID-19 SAFETY PLAN ......................................................................................... 35


On May 6, 2020 the Government of B.C. announced B.C.’s Restart Plan: Next Steps to Move Through the
Pandemic 1. The goal outlined within this plan “is to slow the spread of COVID-19, protecting our most
vulnerable and ensuring our health-care system can respond to increased demand while we develop a

In Phase Two, some easing of restrictions will enable certain businesses and activities to open and
operate within the orders of the Provincial Health Officer (PHO). This is not a return to normal, but
rather to a “new normal” which will require everyone to modify their behavior, stay informed, apply
protective measures and follow public health advice. Restarting is not mandatory – each organization
must assess and decide for itself whether and when it is appropriate to restart operations.

Prior to restarting, every organization must have an explicit plan for the measures they will implement
and maintain over the coming 12 to 18 months. These plans must be in compliance with orders and
guidance from the PHO, and must be made available to the public either by posting on the wall of the
organization’s facility or on its website.

To help organizations in their planning, major stakeholders in each sector have been asked to create
sector-specific guidance documents. viaSport has been asked by the Minister of Tourism, Arts and
Culture, Lisa Beare, to develop this Return To Sport Guidelines document (the “RTS Guidelines”) to
support the provincial amateur sport sector in B.C. Prior to restarting, all provincial sport organizations
and their clubs should use this RTS Guidelines to develop their own sport-specific Return to Sport plan
and work towards careful and gradual restarting within their own communities.

The information in this document is current to May 28, 2020.

viaSport would like to acknowledge and thank the following organizations for their contributions to this

        Province of B.C., Provincial Health Office, Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture
        Recreation Facilities Association of BC
        Norton Rose Fulbright
        The viaSport MSO Leadership Council: BC Games Society, BC 55+ Games, BC Recreation and
        Parks Association, BC School Sports, BC Sports Hall of Fame, CSI-Pacific, I-SPARC, Sport BC and
        SportMed BC

Our work takes place on the unceded, traditional territory of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-
Waututh Nations.

1B.C.’s Restart Plan: Next Steps to Move Through the Pandemic:


The purpose of this document is to support amateur sport organizations to develop their own explicit
plans to guide the cautious, step-by-step safe return of their sport in B.C. during this pandemic. The RTS
Guidelines provide general information on a number of topics, and includes links to additional
information and resources that can support decision-making and communication with boards, clubs,
members, and other sport partners.

The PHO’s direction is that the RTS Guidelines should cover three things:

In this process, one size does not fit all. Each sport has unique issues which need to be factored into
their own Return to Sport Plan. Modifications and changes to standard practice will be required, and
these modifications will need to be practical and tailored to the sport and the participants. However,
while there can be some flexibility in how sport organizations develop their Return to Sport Plan and
deliver a return to sport activities in communities, all sport activities in B.C. must operate within current
provincial health restrictions in order to promote the safety of our communities. Every organization’s
Return to Sport Plan must include clear policies to ensure:

        no one with symptoms comes to work or to the sport activity, and staff are able to be off sick or
        work at home to enable self-isolation for ten days (at minimum)
        employees have fewer workplace contacts (shorter times, fewer people), through such
        measures as staggered shifts, smaller teams, occupancy limits, virtual meetings, continuing to
        work from home
        higher levels of frequent cleaning of ‘high touch’ areas of facilities and equipment, availability of
        hand sanitizer and encouraging good hygiene
Further, your plan must be based on an assessment of the risks present in your operation. This
may involve consultation with employees, volunteers and participants. Your organization must
train and adequately supervise employees and volunteers to ensure they implement the
measures appropriately. Communications including signage and reminders should be used.
Risks must be re-assessed and plans updated as needed, if circumstances change or as guidance
is updated.


The Emergency Program Act (EPA) authorizes provincial and local levels of government to declare states
of emergency and make decisions about community safety. The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture
works closely with viaSport BC to provide direction and oversight to the development and delivery of
amateur sport in B.C. viaSport BC is a non-profit society that acts as an agent for the Ministry to enable
the growth, governance, and stewardship of amateur sport in B.C. viaSport works closely with provincial
and national sport partner organizations to align approaches, develop standards and policies, and follow
the guidance of health officers to support the safety of sport participants, volunteers, coaches,
suppliers, staff, and others within the eco-system. Provincial sport organizations are also independent
non-profit societies that work with viaSport BC and their national sport federations to align and set
policies and practices for their membership. Each provincial sport organization is overseen by a Board of
Directors that approves policies and is responsible for the oversight of the organization. Members of
provincial sport organizations are required to follow and implement such policies. During this pandemic,
the adherence to, and implementation of, these return to sport policies and practices for all members of
provincial sport organizations, including clubs, associations, and individual members, will help promote
the safety of our communities. These proactive measures can help preserve community health.


The following five principles from B.C.’s Restart Plan have been used to guide this document.


Sport and physical activity play an important role in the physical, psychological and emotional well-being
of citizens in British Columbia. For this and other economic and social reasons we are all eager to
resume sport activities. However, the health and safety of all participants and citizens for British
Columbia must remain the number one priority.

For the purposes of this document “Sport” is defined as any organized sport activity that involves a
number of people doing a physical activity together in a structured way and is facilitated by a Provincial
Sport Organization or Local Sport Organization.

“Recreation” as defined by the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association is the experience that results
from freely chosen participation in physical, social, intellectual, creative and spiritual pursuits that
enhance individual and community wellbeing.” Physical activities would include those undertaken
as leisure, fitness training and sport-related activities that are done at the discretion of the individual(e.g.
– use of parks, hiking trails, public recreation facilities), either self-led or facilitated by recreation
leaders and are not included within the context of this document.
Refer to Appendix B for list of additional definitions pertinent to Return to Sport. As with all other
            activities, Return to Sport will require a gradual, thoughtful, phased approach. The
               provincial government plans to lift restrictions in phases, while closely monitoring
               population health patterns to minimize risk to British Columbians. At the time of release,
              we are in Phase Two with Phase Three following sometime between June and
             September. Organizations will need to be mindful of the phase that the province is in, and
           avoid moving too quickly to introduce activities (such as high-contact activities) prematurely.

Accordingly, in the short-term, modifications will need to be made to many sport activities in order to
ensure that they meet provincial guidelines and are consistent with the limits inherent in Phase Two,
and subsequently Phase Three, of the Restart Plan.

Refer to the section on Sport Programming for more information on activity types and how they can be
phased in.

Please note resuming of sport activities may not be linear, increasing restrictions may be required in
response to fluctuating numbers of COVID-19 cases in the province. Sport organizations need to be
flexible to accommodate and respond to changes in community transmission and the changes in advice
from the Provincial Health Officer.


COVID-19 is transmitted via liquid droplets when a person coughs or sneezes but also potentially when
they are talking in very close proximity to another person. The virus in these droplets then can enter the
body of another person when that person breathes in the droplets or when the droplets touch the eyes,
nose or throat of that person.

This requires you to be in close contact – less than the so-called physical distancing of three to six feet.
This is referred to as ‘droplet’ transmission and is believed to be the primary way COVID-19 is

COVID-19 can also be transmitted through droplets in the environment if someone touches a
contaminated area then touches their face without cleaning their hands. The virus does not enter the
body through skin, it enters through the eyes, nose or mouth when the person touches their face.
Unfortunately, human beings touch their faces very often throughout the day, much more than they
realize. This is why regular handwashing and cleaning of high-touch surfaces is so important.

For COVID-19 there are some emerging indications that there are people who can shed COVID-19 virus
24 to 48 hours prior to symptom onset, but at present, it is not known whether this is a significant risk
factor for transmission. 2

Droplet transmission is much more likely when in close contact in an indoor setting. Transmission is less
likely in an outdoor setting, where there is more space for people to keep physically distanced.
However, in the context of sports, even outdoors there can be risks from high-touch surfaces because
many sports involve objects that are normally shared among players, coaches or volunteers (balls,
equipment, etc.).

                              SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19

The symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to other respiratory illnesses, including the flu and the common
cold. These symptoms include fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and painful
swallowing, stuffy or runny nose, loss of sense of smell, headache, muscle aches, fatigue and loss of

 Go Forward Strategy Checklist available at:

People infected with COVID-19 may experience little or no symptoms, with illness ranging from mild to

Some people are more vulnerable to developing severe illness or complications from COVID-19,
including older people and those with chronic health conditions. 3

                                   RISK MANAGEMENT

When determining whether or not your sport or organization is ready to resume sport activities it is
important to note that at the time of publishing this document most insurance policies will not cover
any claims relating to communicable diseases or pandemics and that most policies, including Directors
and Officers Insurance, now include specific pandemic exclusions.

Role of the Board: The board of an organization is responsible for the oversight of
risk. A board may delegate much of the work involved in managing risk, but cannot
delegate its responsibility for oversight.

Risk Mitigation
        Reopening must be planned around assessing the risks and developing a sport specific Plan to
        take all necessary precautions to mitigate the risk of an individual being exposed to or infected
        with the virus.
        The Return to Sport Plan developed by your organization should be based on a risk assessment
        and analysis that considers the risks presented by the type of sport activities and the place
        where the sport activities occur, who is involved and their risk profile, and what measures can
        be implemented.
        The Return to Sport Plan must be made easily available to staff, volunteers, participants and
        other stakeholders, through the organization’s website or posted in the facility.
        Staff, volunteers and participants should be trained on the Return to Sport Plan (as appropriate
        to age/role).
        The Return to Sport Plan must be consistent with the guidelines and directives set by
        government, WorkSafe BC and health authorities.
        Implementation of the Return to Sport Plan should be monitored and updated as necessary
        when circumstances or provincial guidance changes. Pending the membership affiliation of your
        sport, the respective boards have fiduciary responsibilities and are accountable for the decisions
        and work of the organization. Each board should understand and be comfortable with the level

 COVID-19 Guidance for the Hotel Sector updated May 11, 2020

of risk the organization is taking on and approve the adoption of their organization’s sport-
        specific Return to Sport Plan before implementation begins.
        It is strongly recommended that provincial sport organizations have their members including
        clubs, and/or local sport organizations acknowledge the risks associated with reopening and
        their agreement to follow the provincial sport organization’s plan.
        Once approved, all activities sanctioned by that sport organization should follow their
        Participants should be asked to sign a participant agreement acknowledging their acceptance of
        the risks (see sample form in Appendix D).
        Existing waivers, releases and/or participant agreements should be reviewed to confirm that
        they are broad enough to encompass COVID-19 related risks. Consider revising such documents
        to explicitly reference COVID-19 related risks. Further consider whether any such documents
        which were completed by participants before the COVID-19 pandemic should be completed
        again before activities resume.

B.C. health officials outline that the risk of transmission is subject to two variables that we need to
modify to reduce transmission risk:

        Contact intensity – how close you are to someone and for how long
        Number of contacts – how many people are in the same setting at the same time

Modifying from high to low can be based on a range of controls. Different actions have differing levels of
protection and whenever possible use the action that offers the most protection. The following are
listed from highest level of protection to lowest

        Physical distancing measures – to reduce density of people, (number and duration of contacts)
        Engineering controls – physical barriers, increased ventilation, traffic flow
        Administrative controls – rules and guidelines
        Non-medical masks (and other PPE)

This document outlines how these strategies for can be applied within sport across four key areas:
Facility Access, Facility Operations, Participants and Programming.

        For more information about how to conduct an assessment and develop a Plan, see COVID-19
        Returning To Safe Operations:

        PHO Orders:


Public health officials have indicated that the use of outdoor facilities are generally safer as there is
greater ventilation and ability to physical distance. This does not limit indoor sports from reopening but
it does increase the risk factor and therefore adds further considerations related to facility operations

The Provincial Health Officer has banned gatherings of 50 or more. This ban is expected to remain in
force until the end of the state of emergency.4 The ban applies to events which could result in people
gathering closely together, but where the space is large enough to allow appropriate distancing between
people, grocery store and recreational facility guidelines state it is acceptable to have more than 50
people in attendance. Indoors, it is generally recommended that facilities should have five sq. metres of
“unencumbered floor space” per person. “Unencumbered floor space” means total floor space minus
the amount of space taken by built-in fittings, counters, closets etc. 5

Those that utilize outdoor facilities will need to consider:

        The ability to control group sizes and proximity within the outdoor environment.
        Booking procedures that may be in place with the municipality for use of fields, etc.
        Ability to safely access public areas such as beaches, open water, trails, etc. while ensuring
        COVID-19 measures in the sport organization’s plan can be applied

Those that utilize indoor facilities will need to look at:

        Whether it is possible to re-locate activities to the outdoors – if so, look into how to obtain a
        Whether they are the owner, operator or renter/user of the facility as this will have different
        implications and responsibilities related to it
        Additional municipal guidelines that may be in place
        Whether or not multiple groups/sports will be held within the same facility

BC Recreation and Parks Association Guideline outlines that user groups rented municipal facilities are
required to have a COVID-19 Safety Plan that clearly demonstrates how activities will be provided to
align with the directives of the Provincial Health Officer, local authorities and other relevant regulators
(i.e. WorkSafe BC).6

To mitigate risks related to the facility access the following controls should be considered in consultation
with the facility owners:

    1. Restricted Access

 Mass Gatherings Order:
  COVID-19 Guidance to Retail Food and Grocery Stores:
  BCRPA Restarting Guidelines:

a. Limit access to those that are essential to the approved activities (e.g. participants,
                  facility staff, coaches)
             b. Parents and spectators may be allowed but would need to be factored into the
                  maximum group size and must also adhere to physical distancing guidelines
    2.   Points of Access
             a. Where appropriate, consider designated drop-off and pick-up spaces
             b. Determine the number of access points and consider closing some in order to monitor
                  how many people are entering the facility
             c. Choose doors with an automatic function or prop doors to reduce contact with door
             d. Consider how to manage the flow of people and put signage, directional limitations in
                  place (e.g. all individuals must use one door for entry and a different door for exit,
                  arrows or other directional instructions on the floor)
    3.   Pre-registration
             a. Drop-in activities should be prohibited
             b. Individuals should pre-register online or over the phone
    4.   Arrival and Departure
             a. Set a time in which it is appropriate for participants to arrive in advance of their
                  scheduled activity (example – participants should not arrive sooner than 20 minutes
                  before the scheduled start time, and there should be sufficient space for physical
                  distancing while lining up or waiting to begin)
             b. At the end of their scheduled program/time slot participants must immediately leave
                  the facility
             c. Staggered start times to account for individuals moving in and out of the facility/playing
    5.   Consider restricting or limiting use of different spaces within the facility/space in order to
         maintain physical distancing and proper cleaning protocols, including but not limited to:
             a. Equipment storage areas
             b. Locker rooms
             c. Team benches or areas for gathering
             d. Concessions or food and beverage services*
             e. Pro-shop or retail spaces*
             f. Spectator seating: if used, consider using signage or partially closing seating areas to
                  ensure adequate physical distancing between individuals/groups.
             g. Water fountains: close all water fountains except those used for filling water bottles. Do
                  not allow individuals to drink directly from water fountain taps. Use signage to
                  discourage individuals from touching surfaces of fountains and consider placing hand
                  sanitizer adjacent to support hygiene and reduce transmission risk.

*Any retail or food are subject to further guidelines. Go to the BC Centre of Disease Control for more

Signage within the facility is important to ensure that participants are aware of expectations related to
use of the facility and best practices related to maximum capacity, physical distancing, personal hygiene
and protection against COVID-19. See Appendix F for links to download posters.

You can also read