CREATIVE ARTS 2021 - Massey University College of Creative Arts

CREATIVE ARTS 2021 - Massey University College of Creative Arts
CREATIVE ARTS 2021 - Massey University College of Creative Arts
CREATIVE ARTS 2021 - Massey University College of Creative Arts
                                                                                                                 CONTENT S

CONTENTS                                   CREATIVE ARTS
                                           ABOUT THE COLLEGE                    POSTGRADUATE STUDY
                                           02   Rankings and awards             40 Bachelor of Creative Media
                                           03   Welcome                            Production (Honours)
                                           04   Why Wellington?                 40 Bachelor of Commercial Music
                                           05   Student life                       (Honours)
                                           06   In the studio                   41 Master of Māori Visual Arts
                                           08   Great opportunities             42 Master of Design
                                                                                43 Master of Fine Arts
                                           BACHELOR’S DEGREES                   44 Master of Creative Enterprise
                                           11 Bachelor of Design with Honours   45 PhD
                                              > Concept Design
                                              > Fashion Design                  ADMISSION AND
                                              > Industrial Design               ENROLMENT
                                              > Integrated Design               46   Domestic students
                                              > Photography                     46   Open entry programmes
                                              > Spatial Design                  47   Selected entry programmes
                                              > Textile Design                  48   Portfolio requirements
                                              > Visual Communication Design     51   International students
                                           23 Bachelor of Fine Arts
                                              with Honours                      KEY INFORMATION
 Please note: The information contained    25 Design and Fine Arts degree       52   Scholarships
 in this publication is indicative of
 the offerings available in 2021 and
                                              structure                         52   Fees
 subsequent years. This information        27 Bachelor of Māori Visual Arts     52   Accommodation
 may be subject to change. While all
 reasonable efforts will be made to        31 Bachelor of Creative Media        53   Events on campus
 ensure listed programmes are offered
 and regulations are up to date, the          Production                        53   Support
 University reserves the right to change
 the content or method of presentation,       > Film and Television
 or to withdraw any qualification or
 part thereof, or impose limitations on
                                              > Animation and VFX
 enrolments. For the most up to date          > Game Development
 information please go to                        > Creative Technologies
 COVER IMAGE:                                 > Producing and Directing
 BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS                     37 Bachelor of Commercial Music
 Familiar – POW Ply and acrylic paint
 Photographed by Madison Hunt                 > Music Industry
                                              > Music Practice
                                              > Music Technology
CREATIVE ARTS 2021 - Massey University College of Creative Arts

                                 AND AWARDS
             RED DOT                                    HOKONUI FASHION AWARDS                      HOT 20
             Wellington School of Design ranked         Two fourth year fashion students            2nd Year commercial music student
             once again at No 1 in Asia Pacific,        Grace Hughson and Madison Freeman           RIKII, (managed by fellow music student
             with graduate Sian Hosking Berge           were awarded Highly Commended               Isaac Adams, and promoted by student’s
             awarded a Red Dot Best of Best for         and Open merit awards.                      Something Something club) debut single
             her BOU Bike.                                                                          High Heights and achieved #12 on the Hot
                                                                                                    20 NZ Singles chart, #12 on iTunes NZ top
                                                        ID DUNEDIN INTERNATIONAL                    Alternative charts, #16 on iTunes Norway
             QS WORLD UNIVERSITY                        FASHION AWARDS                              top Alternative charts, and playlisted
             RANKINGS                                   Two Massey grads selected as
                                                                                                    across multiple stations.
             Top 100 for art and design.                finalists – Kimberley Franklin and
                                                        Tsega Gebremedihin.                         ANIMATION CAREER REVIEW
             PBRF                                                                                   Top 100 for Animation.
             Across design and visual arts &            FULBRIGHT
             craft, the College of Creative Arts        VCD Graduate Nandini Nair was               SOUTH PACIFIC PICTURES
             has the largest number of top-rated        awarded a Fulbright Science and
             researchers of all tertiary institutions   Innovation Award and is off to study        BIG PITCH
             in New Zealand.                            her masters at Carnegie Mellon.             Hans & Tweet, a stop-motion animation
                                                                                                    project by third year creative media
                                                                                                    production students Tony Matich,
             DINZ BEST AWARDS                           KOHLER NEW ZEALAND                          Jing Jing Ke, Saina Filipo and Niamh
             462 finalists over the last 17 years.
             In 2019 one third of all student
                                                        FUTURE DESIGNER AWARDS                      O’Connell, was one of only eight projects
                                                                                                    to be shortlisted to pitch in the South
             finalists were Massey graduates.           The inaugural recipient was third year      Pacific Pictures Big Pitch Competition at
                                                        industrial design student Michaela          the national SPADA conference.
                                                        Lawn, and her fellow student Symone
             JAMES DYSON                                Robson was runner up.
             Massey grads have won the National                                                     VODAFONE NZ MUSIC AWARDS
             Dyson Award for the past 5 years in
             a row, with a total of 21 graduates
                                                        ECC NZ STUDENT CRAFT /                      Top-rated act BENEE, who took out
                                                                                                    awards for Best Pop Artist, Single
             selected as finalists. In 2019 graduates   DESIGN AWARDS                               of the Year, Best Solo Artist and
             Daniel Shorrock, Chris Warren, Fergus      7/15 finalists were Massey graduates,       Breakthrough Artist and is backed by
             Salmon, Zoe Lovell-Smith, Liam Avery       with Sian Hosking Berge awarded             three second year commercial music
             and Oscar Jackson won with their           Furniture and Product Design                students; Tiare, Felix and Dylan,
             Electric Cargo Bike (with joint runner     Category winner, alongside six highly       who have been with her since she
             up, graduate Sian Hosking Berge).          commended fellow graduates in               broke into the scene.
                                                        industrial, textiles and lighting design.
             WOW                                                                                    NZ CINEMATOGRAPHERS
             Second year fashion student Anna           CAREERS                                     SOCIETY ANNUAL AWARDS
             Baines selected as a finalist – one of     94% of design graduates are employed,
             115 designers from 22 countries.                                                       Creative media production graduate
                                                        the majority in the creative industries,    Alice Toomer won a silver award
                                                        six months after graduation (Graduate       in the student category for her film
             NZ ART SHOW                                Destination survey 2018).                   RASPBERRY AND COKE. Alice
             Three Massey fine arts graduates           72% of fine arts graduates are              was supervised by creative media
             were selected as finalists: Chad Bevan,    exhibiting the art they make.               production lecturer and film producer
             Hannah Lawn and Samuel O’Malley.                                                       Mathew Knight, who received a gold
                                                                                                    award for his work on the feature film
CREATIVE ARTS 2021 - Massey University College of Creative Arts
                                                                                                   ABOU T THE

        WELCOME TO

                                              The College offers five undergraduate degrees:
                                              design, fine arts, creative media production,
                                              commercial music and Māori visual arts. These
                                              degrees place our graduates well ahead of the
                                              increasingly competitive university market as
                                              well as in global employment networks, where
                                              critical thinking, entrepreneurial attitudes and
                                              creative problem solving skills are rated amongst
                                              the most valued abilities and attributes sought
                                              by employers.
                                              At Toi Rauwhārangi you join an established
                                              creative arts college, with the opportunity to
                                              work across disciplines and on collaborative
                                              projects that will develop leadership skills and
                                              foster lifelong connections. Students of creative
                                              arts develop both critical thinking and technical
                                              expertise that prepares them well for a variety
                                              of industries and careers. Our courses are often
                                              based on live briefs and projects, facilitating
                                              real world understanding as well as future
                                              employment networks. Design and fine art
                                              degrees offer an integrated honours year and
      The College of Creative Arts            commercial music and creative media production
      Toi Rauwhārangi is New Zealand’s        offer a one year honours programme to enable
      premier provider of creative arts       students to research more deeply or specialise in
      education, with comprehensive,          their subject area, providing an additional career
      internationally benchmarked, future-    advantage.
      focused programmes, innovative
      studio based learning, high levels      Our programmes are underpinned by a pōwhiri
      of undergraduate and postgraduate       framework that acknowledges our distinct
      student achievement and a distinctive   cultural and geographical location in Aotearoa
      contribution to Māori and Pacific       New Zealand. This framework fosters the
      creative practice.                      development of graduates who are confident
                                              thinkers and makers who display toi, mōhio,
                                              mātauranga, mana, and whānaungatanga –
      Toi Creativity
                                              creativity, skill, understanding, autonomy
      Mōhio Virtuosity
                                              and connectedness.
      Mātauranga Understanding
      Mana Autonomy
      Whanaungatanga Connectedness
CREATIVE ARTS 2021 - Massey University College of Creative Arts

                                                                    Known as New Zealand’s coolest little
             CREATIVE CAPITAL WELLINGTON                            capital, Wellington is internationally
                                                                    regarded as one of the most liveable
                                                                    cities in the world, having been
                                                                    ranked no.1 by Deutsche Bank for
                                                                    two consecutive years, and named
                                                                    New Zealand’s top destination by the
                                                                    lonely planet guidebook (2018).
                                                                    Wellington also has the highest skill and
                                                                    salary base per capita in New Zealand,
                                                                    and a reputation for being innovative and
                                                                    collaborative in its business practice. The city
                                                                    is compact, accessible, vibrant and home
                                                                    to numerous sport, art and technology-based
                                                                    industries. Surrounded by lush green hills and
                                                                    a diverse coastline, there are many recreational
                                                                    opportunities as well as a flourishing creative
                                                                    culture to immerse yourself in. It’s also proud
                                                                    of its very fine coffee and craft beer cultures,
                                                                    not necessarily enjoyed at the same time!

             WELLINGTON HARBOUR            GOLDING’S FREEDIVE BAR   Massey’s campus is centrally located with
                                                                    excellent transport links, and a choice of
                                                                    supported or independent accommodation for
                                                                    first year students is nearby. The entertainment
                                                                    hubs of Courtenay Place and Cuba St, as well
                                                                    as the beautiful waterfront, are within easy
                                                                    walking distance so that both work and play
                                                                    are right on your doorstep.
CREATIVE ARTS 2021 - Massey University College of Creative Arts
                                                                  ABOU T THE

We welcome diversity,       THE COLLEGE OF CREATIVE ARTS CAMPUS
with clubs, groups and
cultural networks to help
you find your place and
make new connections.
Our campus offers plenty
of resources to inspire
and enhance your study
and creative practice.

                            LUX LIGHT FESTIVAL

CREATIVE ARTS 2021 - Massey University College of Creative Arts

             IN THE
             Our students spend most     DEVELOP               EXPERIMENT

             of their time at Massey     NE W KNOWLEDGE,
                                         IDE AS AND SYSTEMS.
                                                               WITH NE W WAYS OF SEEING,
                                                               MAKING AND DOING.
             making and thinking in
             studios, workshops and
             media labs. Typically, at
             least two-thirds of your
             classes will be hands-on.
CREATIVE ARTS 2021 - Massey University College of Creative Arts
                                                                                             ABOU T THE

LEARN                        EXPLORE                         COLL ABORATE AND CONTRIBUTE
                                                             A DIFFERENCE.
CREATIVE ARTS 2021 - Massey University College of Creative Arts

                             When you study creative arts at Massey,                     GREAT
                               you become part of a diverse creative
                                   community. We offer lots of extra
                              opportunities to help you find your way.

             Work at Open Lab Design Studio                                              Develop your expertise with a Master’s degree
             A place for students to gain real life experience. Open Lab bridges         Massey has partnered with Weta Workshop to deliver a Master of
             the gap between students and the wider design industry, with paid           Design (Entertainment).
             internships and the opportunity to work with actual clients.                Image credit: Delta by Paul Tobin, Weta Workshop.

             Travel and work on meaningful projects                                      Study abroad at one of Massey’s world-class
             Producing a climate change documentary VAKA enabled students of             partner universities
             Creative Media Production to film on location in Tokelau, with assistance   Clara Glen, BDes (Hons) Industrial Design, studied at Munich University,
             from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.                             Germany in 2019.
                                                                                                                                                           ABOU T THE

Exhibit, promote or perform your work on and off campus                    Meet and make new business
Final year exhibition for graduating students, Exposure Exhibition         The College has partnered with MBIE, DIA, MPI, Callaghan, Te Papa, Cupa Dupa,
is the must see event held at the beginning of November each year.         WREDA, WOW, Alexander Turnbull Library and Agribusiness New Zealand.

Go on an international study tour                                          Join clubs and collectives that connect you with
Fashion and Creative Media Production students in India, 2019.             people who share your passions and interests
                                                                           Banter and Brews, a student initiative focused on supporting
                                                                           the transition from study to work.

Access Fab Lab Wgtn                                                        Make great work
Use all the tools and workshop facilities here at the college, including   Our students win awards at national and international competitions.
Australasia’s first Fab Lab digital printing resource.

                 CLAIRE HENWOOD

                                     Moa Road

                                                Tui Street



                                                   BACHELOR OF DESIGN
                                                   WITH HONOURS
                         Selected Entry
                     Four years full-time

Find your design strengths at                      DESIGN MAJORS INCLUDE :                            CAREERS INCLUDE:
New Zealand’s most comprehensive
                                                   >   Concept design (new)                           Industrial and product design, documentary
design programme.                                                                                     photography, graphic design, fashion or
                                                   >   Fashion design
The Wellington School of Design was                >   Industrial design                              textile design, service design, spatial design,
established in 1886, and continues a tradition     >   Integrated design (new)                        advertising executive, brand communications or
of research-led innovatively-taught design         >   Photography                                    management, information design, commercial
education that has produced some of the world’s    >   Spatial design                                 photography, transport design, experience and
most respected and successful designers.           >   Textile design                                 interaction design, concept design, pattern
                                                   >   Visual communication design, with areas        making, user experience design, fashion
The BDes(Hons) offers majors in photography,                                                          styling, typographic design, freelance design
concept design, fashion and textile design,            of interest in: illustration practice,
                                                       typography, information design, branding,      contracting, design research, script-writing,
spatial and industrial design, integrated design                                                      archiving, event management, editing, film
                                                       and interaction design
and a full suite of visual communication design                                                       directing and many more.
electives that include illustration, brand,
interaction design and service design options.     WHAT’S SPECIAL ABOUT                               „ DANNY COSTER, HALL OF FAME, 2012
                                                   DESIGN AT MASSEY?                                    An industrial design graduate of 1989, Danny
In the course of their study students address
local and global issues, producing inspirational   > Vibrant studio environments: collaboration         joined Apple Computer in 1993. Over the next
design solutions for a rapidly changing world.       spills into corridors and kitchens (and days       20 years he was part of the elite team that
The first year explores design practice and          into nights!)                                      changed the way the world communicated.
its core concepts, methods and applications        > Shared briefs across majors: designers work        Apple grew to be one of the most successful
through hands-on projects. You’ll be introduced      in multi-disciplinary teams as well as on          and prestigious design studios in the world,
to a range of disciplines and the generic            individual projects                                and Danny’s contributions were recognised
principles of design through investigation,        > You’ll create systems and experiences as well      with many international awards. When he
concept development and hands-on making.             as products                                        moved on to lead Go Pro as Vice President
Subsequently you’ll have the opportunity to mix,   > ‘Office hours’: means you can seek advice          of Design and Creative Strategy in 2016,
discuss and collaborate with other students          from any academic staff member, not just your      he held more than 500 design patents with
across art, design, music and creative media         own lecturers                                      Apple, and had been responsible for iconic
production. Throughout your study you can          > Live briefs: work on projects for real clients     consumer electronics like the iPhone 4 and
choose electives that tailor your expertise,       > World-first bicultural framework underpins the     the wireless keyboard.
support your selected major or expand your           curriculum
career choices.                                    > Why four years? All design degree students
                                                     enrol in honours. Your fourth year is
Your 4th year is an opportunity to really extend     technically a postgraduate year, and as such
your skills and push the boundaries of design        can be strongly research-led. The alternative
innovation. You can choose between the more          non-honours path is less research-focused
research-based honours programme or a                and gives you room for more electives.
project-based non-honours programme.               > Either way you will emerge well-prepared
Through design, how do we encourage more             for a creative career anywhere in the world.
young people to vote, our consumer practices to      Our graduates are highly sought after, with a
be more sustainable, our services more efficient     reputation for being some of the best thinkers                       DANNY COSTER
or our work environments healthier? Students         and makers of the 21st century.
work individually as well as with peers and
tutors to develop their own design voice.

                                                  CONCEPT DESIGN
                                                  BDes Major

         Create concept design in both            Concept design is about visualising and              „ BO MOORE, MDES 2016
         2D and 3D for entertainment and          developing the ideas behind film, television,         Bo Moore is a Concept Designer with a
         education within film, animation,        gaming, performance, or interactive experiences.      passion for character design, interactive
         television, gaming, and location-based   In concept design you’ll use traditional art          narrative and worldbuilding. Her work
         experiences. Design stunning visuals     forms like drawing and sculpting 3D models,           blurs the line between science fiction and
                                                  as well as making digital plans and renders, to       fantasy, telling stories of the strange
         and concepts for imaginary worlds,
                                                  communicate your concepts for new objects,            and the strangely familiar through a range
         compelling characters, engaging
                                                  characters or environments.                           of mediums.
         environments, and incredible stories.
                                                  You could be designing characters, creatures,         She has worked for Huhu (a Māori TV
         Apply these skills as you explore        props, vehicles and machines, all the way to          animated children’s show). She has also
         storytelling through idea creation,      building entire worlds to form the foundations        developed concept art for Pukeko Pictures
         drawing, explorative design, modelling   of feature films, theme parks, events, toys or        plus she was the key designer on the award
         and sculpting to realise the design      exhibits.                                             winning Promised Land books – the world’s
         of environments, props, characters                                                             first LGBTQ themed fairy tale.
                                                  Concept design is one of the first stages in every
         and costumes.                            design process, and concept designers create
                                                                                                       „ JOEL SAVAGE, BDES(HONS) 2014
                                                  the basis for further production and development,
                                                                                                         3D ARTIST (FRAMESTORE, UK)
                                                  rather than finished products.
                                                                                                        Joel is a 3D artist. He worked at Weta
                                                  In this major you’ll study in courses focused upon    Workshop and Magic Leap as a 3D artist
                                                  drawing, prototyping and rigorous conceptual          and modeller, before moving to Framestore
                                                  development of characters, environments,              in the UK. At Weta Workshop he worked
                                                  costumes and creatures.                               on Ghost in the Shell, GKR and Pacific Rim.

            BO MOORE                                                          JOEL SAVAGE

                                         FASHION DESIGN
                                         BDes Major

Fashion is something we consume in       As a student of fashion design at Massey            There are also opportunities for internships, and
numerous ways; it constantly shapes      University in Wellington, you will explore          for students to collaborate internationally with
us and is shaped by us. The global       and develop fashion design concepts on a            other fashion design schools as well as present
impact of this multi-billion dollar      global level, through garments, accessories         collections at New Zealand Fashion Week and
industry is challenging future fashion   and systems that respond to the times.              other Fashion Weeks around the world. Our
                                         Fashion design students learn skills in idea        graduates have a long history of success in
thinkers and makers to explore
                                         generation, fashion communication, pattern          design competitions such as WOW, iD Emerging
new directions and make changes
                                         making, construction, materials, historical         Designer Awards, Hokonui Fashion Design
that allow for a more sustainable        and contemporary fashion analysis and               Awards, Miromoda Fashion Design Awards,
future in fashion.                       critical thinking, challenging how things are       including Sean Kelly, winner of Project Runway
                                         done through fashion practice. Accumulated          (USA) in 2014 and Bradley Smit winning a Silver
                                         knowledge and skills enable you to think broadly,   Award at the Best Awards 2019.
                                         exploring anything from a 3D printed, open-
                                         source collection to be produced anywhere in the    „ GENEVIEVE JENSON, BDES (HONS)
                                         world, to a customised garment that questions         FASHION DESIGN, 2019
                                         ideas of body image.                                  Genevieve Jenson has a global approach
                                                                                               to fashion design and is committed to a
                                         Our facilities and staff offer almost unlimited
                                                                                               more sustainable fashion future. Genevieve
                                         possibility! You may find your work on the
                                                                                               completed a six-week internship in India
                                         catwalk or following in the footsteps of alumni
                                                                                               in January 2019 focussed on design in a
                                         like Kate Sylvester or Kathryn Wilson; you may
                                                                                               sustainable context.
                                         develop new sustainable fashion systems taking
                                         fashion towards a more responsible future.            In her recent conceptual graduate
                                                                                               collection; The Lone Woman, Genevieve
                                                                                               explores the negative effects of gendered
                                                                                               microaggression against women and looks
                                                                                               at ways we can mitigate this through
                                                                                               a creative fashion design process. The
                                                                                               intention of the collection is to be soft,
                                                                                               intimate and comforting, fostering positive
                                                                                               mental health and wellbeing from making
                                                                                               through to wearing, in a slow-fashion
                                                                                               context. Genevieve’s collection won the
                                                                                               Kate Sylvester Award for Design Excellence
                                                                                               in 2019, recognising the innovative pattern
                                                                                               making methods and creativity shown
                                                                                               through textile development processes and
                                                                                               natural dyeing.


                                                INDUSTRIAL DESIGN
                                                BDes Major

         As an industrial designer you’ll       You’ll help to define the world that future         „ SIAN HOSKING-BERGE, BDES (HONS)
         develop aspirational and elegant       generations will come to experience. Students         INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, 2019
         products, objects and systems such     are encouraged to research and design using          A clever kitset balance bike and scooter for
         as mountain bike helmets that manage   both traditional and digital processes in their      2 to 5-year-olds, BOU enables children to
         concussion, predator-proof nesting     exploration, making and communication.               experience creating their own ride-on toy.
                                                Through studio-based classes you will learn          Sian’s inspiration came from her experience
         boxes that protect our native birds,
                                                about idea generation, materials and processes,      building in her Poppa’s workshop as a
         or reinterpret a traditional musical
                                                human experience, ergonomics, visual                 child. I decided I wanted the outcome to
         instrument.                            communication, modelling and production.             be something the child could build with a
                                                Massey offers state of the art studios,              parent or caregiver as a relationship building
                                                workshops and digital fabrication facilities         experience and then use and be proud of.
                                                including Australasia’s first Fab Lab. Industrial    I wanted this to be a series of ride on toys
                                                design graduates win national and international      for 2 to 5-year-olds, received flat pack and
                                                awards for their work, including Red Dot,            constructed using basic tools. A toy that
                                                Dyson, Electrolux, Sony, LG and Designer’s           transforms using the same pieces so that the
                                                Institute Best Awards. Our alumni can be found       building experience extends past the initial
                                                in design roles with Apple, Ducati, Nike, Fisher     construction. This being a trike to balance
                                                and Paykel, Formway, Macpac, Howard Wright,          bike to scooter that adjusts in height so that
                                                Gallaghers, Weta Workshop and phil&teds.             it grows with the child.
                                                                                                     Sian’s work has been recognised both
                                                                                                     nationally and internationally including
                                                                                                     winning the Red Dot “Best of the Best” award,
                                                                                                     a gold Best Award, national runner-up in the
                                                                                                     James Dyson awards, and winner of the ECC
                                                                                                     Furniture & Product Design Award in the
                                                                                                     ECC NZ Student Craft / Design Awards 2019.

                                                                              SIAN HOSKING-BERGE

                                         INTEGRATED DESIGN
                                         BDes Major

In the past decade, designers have had   Integrated design allows you to include           „ SORA ICHINOSE, BDES (HONS)
to become agile and multidisciplinary    design studio courses from two or more other        TEXTILE DESIGN, 2017
in order to respond to the speed of      design majors. Choose from concept, fashion,       Sora specializes in illustration and repeat
change in the world around them.         industrial, photography, spatial, textile and      pattern for playful surface based design that
                                         visual communication design.                       has a strong emphasis on bringing light to the
The distinction between different                                                           unexpected. In her project Slight of Hand
                                         You’ll begin by exploring famous and well
fields of design has blurred, as the                                                        Project , she explored new technologies and
                                         understood models of design from over the
demand for versatile, flexible and                                                          unconventional media to push the boundaries
                                         past century. As you progress, you’ll integrate
curious designers increases.             a variety of techniques and strategies in your     of screenprint and bring a new sense of
                                         design practice, considering perspectives that     wonder to material engagement.
                                         include a diversity of people, their needs and     With the advancement of technology, vision
                                         desires, and their points of view.                 has overridden our sense of touch. Sleight
                                         Integrated design offers a new way for students    of Hand is a range of interactive textiles
                                         to approach a design career and explore forming    that seeks to rejuvenate the tactile sense.
                                         their own solutions to the challenges that         Material properties and printed pattern are
                                         emerge from contemporary design practice.          altered and unveiled through participant
                                         Within the expertise and durability of the         involvement. This collection evokes childish
                                         Wellington School of Design’s traditions and       wonder and curiosities, finding joy in visual
                                         expertise, integrated design will encourage        discovery and bringing us back to using
                                         students to form their own professional and        our hands in a physical space. Integrating
                                         consultative practices upon graduation.            technology and textile design Sora has
                                                                                            created a a highly engaging product for many
                                                                                            future applications.

                                            SORA ICHINOSE

                                                    BDes Major

         Photographers help people to see the       Photography at Massey is the longest running        from fine art to commercial, photojournalism,
         world in new ways, using both critical     programme in New Zealand and is led by some         fashion photography and work within the
         understanding and highly developed         of Aotearoa’s most distinguished contemporary       gallery/museum sectors.
         technical skills with the ability to use   photographers, including Anne Noble, Shaun
                                                    Waugh and Wayne Barrar. Students of                 „ ANJULI SELVADURAI, BDES (HONS)
         a range of communication modes.
                                                    photography are introduced to a range of              PHOTOGRAPHY, 2019
                                                    technologies while developing a social and            Anjuli Selvadurai interrogates aspects of her
                                                    cultural understanding of photography’s place         cultural identity in a series of embellished
                                                    in society. As the course progresses your work        photographic textiles titled Gita, engaging
                                                    will embrace longer term, often self-directed         with notions of belonging and reflections of
                                                    projects dealing with ideas and issues of real        personal identity. Selvadurai’s dual cultural
                                                    relevance within your personal and professional       background situates her work within the realm
                                                    life. You can choose to develop expertise             of identity politics spanning two cultures and
                                                    in commercial, art-based or documentary               worlds. Silk, a traditional medium for saris
                                                    photography, with access to a wide range of           is employed in this series of photographic
                                                    cameras and capture systems to realise your           works, confronting the often exoticised
                                                    dreams. There are well-equipped studios,              perceptions of South Asian culture. Utilising
                                                    colour-managed digital photography computer           decorative cultural artefacts associated with
                                                    suites and high quality digital print facilities,     traditional, cultural and contemporary female
                                                    as well as wet-based darkrooms and specialist         experiences, the work addresses the concept
                                                    labs. When you graduate, you’ll join Massey           of girlhood within a dual cultural experience.
                                                    alumni whose careers span the range


                                           SPATIAL DESIGN
                                           BDes Major

                                                                                               „ DESHAN MCLACHLAN, BDES(HONS)
                                                                                                 SPATIAL DESIGN, 2019
                                                                                                As a spatial designer Deshan created
                                                                                                Anti-hype, a spatial installation to support
                                                                                                the wellness of overwhelmed festival
                                                                                                goers. This live project is specific to the
                                                                                                festival site and event, and it has been
                                                                                                developed in consultation with the festival
                                                                                                organisers. The design offers alternative
                                                                                                assistance for medical services that are
                                                                                                usually daunting for those experiencing
                                                                                                discomfort, disorientation and fatigue from
                                                                                                drug or alcohol effects. This project aids in
                                                                                                reducing harm through simple interaction:
                                                                                                each of the spaces offer a unique experience
                                                                          DESHAN MCLACHLAN      that encourages a present connection with
                                                                                                the self through interaction and visual
                                                                                                distraction. The experience and interaction
                                                                                                with Kinect technology is geared to create
                                                                                                an experience of respite.
Spatial designers shape the                Spatial design students learn to understand,
                                                                                               „ OSCAR KEYS, BDES(HONS)
environments that we inhabit and           represent and create spaces, working
                                                                                                 SPATIAL DESIGN, 2019
the ways that we might experience          between studio, workshop and site-specific
                                           environments and using a range of tools and          Oscar is interested in transforming spaces
them. This growing field of practice                                                            with light projection and interactivity. His
brings together interior, architectural,   media to develop a broad set of specialist and
                                           transferable skills. Spatial design at Massey        final year project, Embers is a process
landscape, urban, performance,                                                                  and experience-driven projection-based
                                           explores environments and events, offering
exhibition and digital design.                                                                  installation to be installed at Rhythm &
                                           opportunities to rethink built and virtual spaces
                                           in ways that are innovative, speculative,            Vines Festival. His aim was to transform the
                                           and mindful of the wellbeing of people and           previously under-utilised spaces in between
                                           the planet. You will discover ways to imagine        stages into an immersive light and sound
                                           and construct engaging environments in both          experience. Embers employs large scale
                                           physical and digital space, from the big picture     projections that are mapped to existing natural
                                           right down to the detail of construction             architecture. The projection content revitalises
                                           and materiality.                                     the technique of liquid light art, mixed with a
                                                                                                range of new digital augmentation.
                                           You will be asked to challenge and imagine
                                           spaces that question conventions and enrich
                                           experience. You’ll be encouraged to explore
                                           the diversity of art and design areas offered
                                           at Massey to develop a unique skill set
                                           that will lead to a wide range of career options.
                                           Our graduates find exciting jobs as spatial,
                                           interior, architectural, digital, performance,
                                           landscape, web, digital FX, interaction and
                                           experience designers, and new types of jobs                                             OSCAR KEYS
                                           are constantly emerging.

                                                  TEXTILE DESIGN
                                                  BDes Major

         Textile designers think through          Textile design students are encouraged to          „ JULIA HOPE, BDES (HONS)
         making and span multiple mediums to      question the traditional boundaries of textiles.     TEXTILE DESIGN, 2019
         create new surfaces and materials        By engaging with a range of textile materials       Microalgae Colouration is a research-led
         for application within a diverse range   and processes – including print, weave, knit,       project focussing on textile colouration,
         of creative contexts.                    embroidery, nonwovens and dye - you will            which is one of the most damaging aspects
                                                  develop your design practice in response to         of the fashion and textile industries. Through
                                                  current social, environmental and cultural          both scientific experimentation and textile
                                                  challenges. With ready access to state-of-the-      processes, Julia investigates how microalgae
                                                  art facilities and equipment you will explore       pigments can be used as a natural colourant
                                                  various approaches to the design and production     resource. In 2050 when sea levels, CO2
                                                  of textile surfaces and materials including         emissions and water pollution has increased,
                                                  traditional techniques, digital fabrication, VR,    microalgae will overpopulate our rivers,
                                                  bio-design and material driven innovation.          lakes and coastlines. This overpopulation,
                                                  Our graduates work in areas such as: fashion,       or better known as Harmful Algae Blooms,
                                                  product, costume and interior design, in product    is detrimental to all aquatic ecosystems.
                                                  development, design, research and sustainability    These Blooms block out the sunlight that
                                                  roles; and have established successful practices    other life underwater requires for survival.
                                                  in woven and printed textiles, dye, surface         When this occurs we will have to remove
                                                  design and illustration, jewellery and ceramics.    some microalgae to preserve the aquatic
                                                                                                      ecosystems that we depend on. So Julia’s
                                                                                                      question is: how can we use this waste
                                                                                                      product of climate change to prevent further
                                                                                                      damage caused by the textile industry?

            JULIA HOPE

                                        VISUAL COMMUNICATION DESIGN
                                        BDes Major

Visual communication design is at the   Students of communication design work           Career pathways for a communication designer
heart of how we experience the world;   fluidly across an exciting range of mediums     include opportunities in publishing, branding,
guiding, informing, educating and       and creative processes to convey a message,     interactivity and entertainment. There is also
inspiring us everyday.                  express a point of view, and transform          a growing demand for graduates who can
                                        perceptions. Equipped with critical, creative   apply design thinking at a strategic level in
                                        and technical knowledge you’ll embrace          business, government and within social and
                                        experimentation to develop innovative           civic enterprises.
                                        responses that address complex issues facing
                                        our world.

                                                                                        „ MATT KENDREW, BDES (HONS)
                                                                                          VISUAL COMMUNICATION DESIGN, 2019
                                                                                          The Freehand project addresses the need
                                                                                          for more of our population to know at least
                                                                                          basic New Zealand Sign Language— one
                                                                                          of our three official languages —in a way
                                                                                          which amplifies the efficiency of existing
                                                                                          adult NZSL classes. Freehand is a digital
                                                                                          platform which employs haptic motion design
                                                                                          to encourage young adult Sign Language
                                                                                          students to engage in fun and rewarding
                                                                                          practice in-between their classes.



         Within the design degree you can                   These pathways are sets of electives from
         combine a selection of electives which             Visual Communication Design that fit together
         will give you a range of specialised               well, sometimes in combination with electives
         skills and in-depth knowledge.                     from other design disciplines including
         Below you can see a variet y of options            fine arts, creative media production, and
                                                            even commercial music. Unless otherwise
         provided currently in the Bachelor of
                                                            indicated, any design student can take these
         Design with Honours and the Bachelor
                                                            pathways regardless of their major. Plenty
         of Design.                                         of other elective combinations work towards
                                                            other specialisations, such as a focus on
                                                            sustainability within fashion, or a focus on
                                                            design for stage and performance in spatial.

         Brand design provides students with a range                                                        „ SARAH ILLINGWORTH
         of critical and practical skills for engaging                                                        BDES (HONS) 2019
         with marketing, service and experience
                                                                                                              Fool’s Gold explores how brand identity
         design thinking. Beginning with visual identity
                                                                                                              design can be used to build positive
         design, the pathway moves through product-
                                                                                                              reception of edible insects in New Zealand.
         centred branding, and concludes with the
                                                                                                              It aims to alleviate the fear associated with
         user-centred strategies for designing services.
                                                                                                              consuming the novel yet emerging protein
         From designing logos to staging transformational
         experiences, this pathway will equip you
         for these exciting and growing areas of design

         Explore illustration as both art form, and as                                                      „ KANE WILLS
         a medium for design communication. This                                                              BDES (HONS) 2019
         entails developing industry-level illustration
                                                                                                             Portrait of transported East End convict and
         skills for print and online platforms including:
                                                                                                             West Coast gangster Richard Burgess.
         text analysis, conceptual development, visual
                                                                                                             This was a live brief and used for the Radio
         representation, visual style and rendering, and
                                                                                                             New Zealand (RNZ) podcast Black Sheep.
         3D modelling. You will become accomplished in
         producing engaging illustrations and narratives
         on a range of topics, in response to course
         and industry briefs. Through this pathway you
         will also develop your own personal style and
         perspective as an illustrator.

Learn how to transform complex data and             „ CATHARINA SCHULTZ
information into impactful messages. In a world       BDES (HONS) 2019
that is increasingly built on information and
                                                     The Maui Dolphin: Mapping the story
facts, information design takes these elements
                                                     of an endangered New Zealand species
and makes them accessible and entertaining.
As you progress through this pathway you’ll
explore how to translate data into clear
communication, engaging stories, and finally
into meaningful interactions. You’ll become
a storyteller of data, unlocking the skills to
engage users and change minds.

Explore how humans interact with objects,           „ HANNAH CHRISTENSEN
spaces, and technology. This pathway covers           BDES (HONS) 2019
a wide range of media and situations including
                                                     It Makes Cents facilitates the education
website and app interfaces, exhibitions
                                                     of personal money management for young
and installations, and exciting emerging
                                                     adults leaving home for the first time.
technologies like virtual and augmented reality.
Through this learning, you’ll gain insight into
user-needs and how to guide users in a way
that is useful, intuitive and enjoyable.

Typography can be informative, expressive or        „ HANNAH COLENBRANDER
interpretative and spans all forms of media and       BDES (HONS) 2019
communication. The typographic pathway builds
                                                     Fugue – The typographic exploration
from fundamental principles of letterforms,
                                                     of a lost memory.
legibility and design of layouts to complex
narratives. Typographic electives offered in each    Awarded merit and membership of the
year aim to develop skills through interpreting      International Society of Typographic
simple concepts to complex self-directed             Designers through the South Pacific
research projects with an advanced level of          student membership assessment 2019.
craft and conceptual thinking. In the fourth year
there is a hand printing option in contemporary
letterpress and the opportunity for submission to
an international typographic assessment.

                                                                                                                                                            FINE AR T S

                                                   BACHELOR OF
                                                   FINE ARTS
                                                   WITH HONOURS
                         Selected Entry
                     Four years full-time

Establish your place in the                        WHAT’S SPECIAL ABOUT
art world with some of the finest                  FINE ARTS AT MASSEY?
artists in New Zealand.
                                                   > A genuinely cross-media art school
Whiti o Rehua was established in 2001, with        > Shared studio classes are offered across
a faculty that comprises some of Aotearoa’s          year groups from second to fourth years,
finest artists, including Walters Art Prize 2016     offering the chance to support as well as
winner Shannon Te Ao, and Fulbright-Wallace          challenge each other
Arts Award 2016 recipient Simon Morris.            > An open, friendly culture that encourages           „ ELISABETH POINTON, BFA (HONS) 2011
                                                     diversity and individuality                           IMAGE CREDIT: KASMIRA KREFFT
This contemporary art programme facilitates
positive interpersonal communication and           > A bicultural framework underpins the                 Elisabeth is a graduate of both Massey’s
fosters a critical understanding of the place of     curriculum                                           BFA and MFA programmes, whose practice
art in today’s world. Open plan studio spaces      > ‘Office hours’ means you can seek advice             draws from her experiences in the workplace
are shared across year levels, enabling support      from any academic staff member, not just             at a luxury car dealership. She uses text
and exchange of ideas between year groups.           your lecturers                                       and commissioned advertising props as her
Students of fine art explore media that includes   > With a fine arts degree you’ll graduate as           art media of choice. Language, accessibility
sculpture, painting, drawing, performance,           an inventive, dedicated thinker and maker,           and representation has been a continued
installation, moving image, photography,             able to define your future career in a broad         interest for Pointon. As a Pakeha and Indian
printmaking, site-responsive work, curatorial        spectrum of creative fields.                         artist, her position in a traditionally white
activities and art writing. With a focus on                                                               and masculine-led environment mirrors
the methods and ideas of contemporary art          CAREERS INCLUDE:                                       the experiences of many minorities in
production, and with technical support, you’ll                                                            the workplace, which in turn mirrors the
                                                   Sculptor, painter, photographer, performance
be encouraged to produce work that makes                                                                  experience of many minorities in the art
                                                   artist, conceptual artist, curator, art writer,
the audience think and feel, act and react,                                                               world. Elisabeth initially reconfigured her job
                                                   gallery assistant, gallery public programmer,
whatever the mode of art making.                                                                          at a luxury car dealership to be the Official
                                                   gallery publicist, teacher, historian, archivist,
                                                                                                          (though unpaid) Artist in Residence, latterly
After graduating 65% of students find paid         videographer, film director, scriptwriter,
                                                                                                          as a recognised part of her job description.
employment in BFA related fields, and 75%          illustrator, editor, stylist, publisher, filmmaker.
                                                                                                          In May Elisabeth was invited to show with
are exhibiting their own work.                                                                            play_station as part of the 2019 Auckland
                                                                                                          Art Fair. She hired small aerial advertising
                                                                                                          company Airbubble to tow her text BIG
                                                                                                          DEAL. across the Fair’s skyline. Though the
                                                                                                          organisers were aware of the flyover, the
                                                                                                          text was a surprise.
                                                                                                          Since then, Elisabeth has been invited to
                                                                                                          participate in many exhibitions across
                                                                                                          New Zealand and Australia: What Goes Up.,
                                                                                                          City Gallery, 2019; For the last time would
                                                                                                          you look at that., Hobiennale 19, Hobart,
                                                                                                          2019; The Future of Work, The Dowse, Lower
                                                                                                          Hutt, 2019; Moving Forward, Firstdraft,
                                                                                                          Sydney, 2019; All that is solid., Auckland Art
                                                                                                          Fair (w/ play_station), 2019; Better living
                                                                                                          everyone., Blue Oyster Art Project Space,
                                                                                                          Dunedin, 2019; WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT.,
                                                                                                          play_station, Wellington, 2019; Special
                                                                                                          offer., Te Tuhi, Auckland, 2018.

                 SHANNON TE AO,
                 STILL FROM: ‘TWO SHOOTS THAT STRETCH FAR OUT’, 2013-14.

              „ SHANNON TE AO                                              within moving image, creating works that         exhibitions in Paris, Lisbon, Dubai, Edinburgh
                NGĀTI TŪWHARETOA,                                          address aspects of colonial trauma while         and Taipei. In July 2017, Shannon premiered
                LECTURER, WHITI O REHUA                                    reflecting on universal human refrains           his ambitious new work commissioned by
                SCHOOL OF ART                                              of love, loss and connection. Nationally,        The Edinburgh Art Festival, With the sun
               Shannon Te Ao teaches in both the                           Shannon has contributed to major exhibition      aglow, I have my pensive moods.
               undergraduate and postgraduate                              projects at Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki;   Shannon holds a Masters of Fine Arts
               programmes. As an academic he is active in                  Te Tuhi Centre for the Arts; City Gallery        degree (with First Class Honours) from
               numerous symposia, panels and discussions                   Wellington and Christchurch Art Gallery          Toi Rauwhārangi College of Creative Arts.
               delivering on diverse topics from art and                   Te Puna o Waiwhetu.                              In 2016 he was awarded the Walters Prize,
               mental health to identity politics, and Colin               Shannon’s work has continued to compel           arguably Aotearoa New Zealand’s most
               McCahon’s engagement with Māoritanga.                       a growing international audience. In             prestigious art award, for two artworks;
               As an artist, Shannon works predominantly                   2017 alone, his works travelled widely to        Two shoots that stretch far out (2013-14)
                                                                                                                            and Okea ururoatia (never say die) (2016).

               Louise Bourgeois

                THAT LOGIC CANNOT REACH.’
               Sol LeWitt

               Marina Abramovic
                                                                                                                                                     FINE AR T S

                                                 DESIGN AND FINE ARTS
                                                 DEGREE STRUCTURE
You are automatically enrolled in a BDes or      YOUR FIRST YEAR :                                   Year One
BFA Honours degree at Massey (four years).
                                                 The University year is divided into two 12-week     Semester 1                 Semester 2
This gives our students a competitive edge in
                                                 semesters from February – November, with            Weeks 1–6     Weeks 7–12   Weeks 1–6    Weeks 7–12
a world where having initiative and confidence
                                                 mid-semester as well as mid-year breaks.
are an advantage, and where new careers                                                               Studio I     Studio I     Studio I     Studio I
                                                 Please check online for a full calendar of
continue to be invented.                                                                              S1B1         S1B2         S2B1         S2B2
                                                 important dates and university holidays.             ––– .157/8   ––– .157/8   ––– .157/8   ––– .157/8
This is evident in the stellar careers of some
                                                 In your first year, you will take 8 courses, each    Select                    Select
of our renowned graduates, like New York-                                                                          Select                    Select
                                                 worth 15 credits. That is 120 credits in total,      one          one          one          one
based fashion designer Rebecca Taylor
                                                 which is full-time at Massey. Full-time equates      Dress        Art Lab      Dress        Art Lab
or international documentary photographer                                                             Art Place    Lens         Art Place    Lens
                                                 to about 40 hours per week, including class
Robin Hammond.                                                                                        Lens         Screen       Lens         Screen
                                                 time and independent work.                           Screen                    Screen
                                                                                                                   Type                      Type
                                                                                                      Type                      Type
100 LEVEL / INTRODUCTION                         Core Major Courses:
                                                                                                                   Imagine      Space
Explore what it means to be a university         Depending on the course, you might create            Object                    Object
student. Find your feet. Choose your path.       site-specific art, photographic images, objects,     Imagine                   Imagine
                                                 garments, performances, new materials,
                                                 video or graphics.
200 LEVEL / DEVELOPMENT                                                                               6 weeks      6 weeks      6 weeks      6 weeks
Become more familiar with the practices          Shared Core Courses:                                 15 credits   15 credits   15 credits   15 credits
and processes of design or contemporary          There are two compulsory courses,
                                                 Communication for Makers and Conversations           Communication             Conversations in
art production. Experiment.                                                                           for Makers                Creative Cultures
                                                 in Creative Cultures, where we introduce
                                                                                                      237.130                   237.131
                                                 you to ideas and people that shape the creative
300 LEVEL / EXPANSION                            arts and develop skills for communicating
Extend your art and design practice and hone     your work. You discuss, blog, read, listen,
your critical skills further.                    and communicate in a whole range of ways.
                                                                                                      12 weeks                  12 weeks
                                                 Elective Courses:                                    15 credits                15 credits
400 LEVEL (HONS) / INNOVATION                    Examples include: fashion construction,              Elective                  Elective
Push the boundaries of your design               printmaking, painting, contemporary sculpture,       100 level                 100 level
process or art practice with a significant       drawing the body, introduction to computer
research-led independent body of work, and       animation, photography as an agent of change
celebrate your growth into a fully-fledged        and digital fabrication. You can also take
creative arts graduate.                          electives from other parts of Massey.
                                                 Check out all options online.                        12 weeks                  12 weeks
                                                                                                      15 credits                15 credits
                                                 The Yellow Book programme guide provides
                                                 more details about all degree content and
                                                 elective options, download it from:
                                                 If you are wondering which core studio courses
                                                 are right for you check out our two-minute
                                                 videos about each first year studio course

                                                                                                                                  MĀOR I
                                                                                                                             VISUAL AR T S

                       TOIOHO KI ĀPITI
                       BACHELOR OF
                       MĀORI VISUAL ARTS
    Selected Entry
Four years full-time

                       Immerse yourself in the only                       WHAT’S SPECIAL ABOUT THE
                       university-based four year degree in               BACHELOR OF MĀORI VISUAL ARTS?
                       Māori Visual Art in Aotearoa.
                                                                          > A unique, culturally-based education
                       Staff and students engage creatively in a            in contemporary Māori art practice
                       culturally rich environment where te reo,          > Critical understanding of issues relating
                       tikanga and whanaungatanga are fundamental           to the development of Māori art
                       to growing creative processes and practices in     > A rich cultural foundation for verbal
                       toi Māori. Students will have access to staff        and visual communication
                       who are acknowledged Māori artists (both           > Interaction with the broader Māori
                       nationally and internationally) in their areas       community through exhibitions and
                       of expertise.                                        community programmes
                       Established in 1995 by Professor Robert Jahnke
                       ONZM, Toioho ki Āpiti (Māori Visual Arts) is       CAREERS INCLUDE:
                       based at Te Pūtahi a Toi on the Manawatū           Artist, designer, academic/researcher,
                       campus in Palmerston North. The programme          curator, museum and art gallery collections
                       caters for all levels of proficiency in te reo     manager, gallery director, gallery assistant,
                       whether you have grown up through kohanga          iwi development officer, Māori cultural adviser,
                       and kura or are an absolute beginner.              teacher, lecturer, archivist, historian.
                       Students and staff start each study year with a
                       stay on a marae where whakawhanaungatanga
                       begins, and continues to be fostered through
                       collective experiences throughout the degree.
                       Exposure to contemporary visual arts, both
                       mainstream and indigenous, is facilitated
                       through visits to galleries, hui, wānanga
                       and exhibition openings. Previously this has
                       included travel to marae and exhibitions in
                       Sydney, Melbourne, Venice, Tokyo, Korea,
                       Hawai’i, Paris, Tahiti, as well as New Zealand.
                       The Toioho ki Āpiti community has extensive
                       professional relationships with curators, public
                       and commercial galleries, and artist networks
                       both nationally and internationally. Students of
                       the programme are able to access and develop
                       connections with these networks to help
                       further their chosen career in the arts.

                                      „ PUAWAI TAIAPA-APORO
                                        Puawai says her BMVA gave her the
                                        confidence to express herself and has
                                        helped take her to places not even she
                                        imagined at the beginning of her studies.
                                       “When I started I was really passionate
                                        about painting but the course offers other
                                        art forms like photography and media
                                        studies. Over the years my passion
                                        changed as I started creating videos.”
                                       After graduating Puawai became one of the
                                       presenters on iconic youth TV show Pukana
                                       and has a growing online audience for her
                                       Hey Puawai videos. She credits her success
                                       to the course that awakened her passion for
                                       performance art.
                                       “The amazing lecturers have open minds
                                        about different whakaaro, different types of
                                        work and you’re appreciated for your ideas.
                                        I wouldn’t be where I am today without the
                                        BMVA… the skills to express myself and the
                                        confidence and passion I’ve gained in my art
                                        and in where I come from, in my pepeha.”
                                       A woman of many talents, Puawai was one
                                       of the artists involved in the hit te reo song
                                       Maimoatia which pushed Justin Timberlake
                                       off the top of the NZ iTunes chart in 2016,
                                       and also performed at the national kapa
                                       haka championships with the Hatea team
                                       from Whangārei.
                                                                                                                                       MĀOR I
                                                                                                                                  VISUAL AR T S

                                                    MĀORI VISUAL ARTS
                                                    DEGREE STRUCTURE
YOUR FIRST YEAR:                                    Te Reo Whakahoahoa:                               Year One
                                                    Take a language paper at the level appropriate
(Mana Whakapapa)                                    to you. You may also choose to do the next
                                                                                                      Semester 1     Semester 2
                                                                                                      Weeks 1–12     Weeks 1–12
As part of the Toioho ki Āpiti Māori Visual         level in semester two.
Arts whānau, you will participate in a range                                                           Mata Puare    Mata Puare
                                                    Critical and Contextual:                           Studio IA
of collective activities such as kapa haka,                                                                          Studio IB
                                                    In this extramural course, you will learn about    150.107       150.108
exhibitions and wānanga. The course aims
                                                    customary Māori visual arts. This includes
to challenge and encourage you to push the
                                                    a contact course at Te Papa Tongarewa that
boundaries of contemporary Māori art.
                                                    takes you into the storerooms to learn from
The University year is divided into two 12-week     taonga tuku iho.
semesters between February and November,
with mid-semester and mid-year breaks. Please
                                                    You may be interested in other courses
check online for a full calendar of important
                                                    offered by the College of Creative Arts, the
dates and university holidays.
                                                    School of Māori Studies, or from other parts of
In your first year, you will take five courses      Massey. Examples include digital fabrication,
that add up to 120 credits, which is full-time at   fashion construction, printmaking, painting,
Massey. Full-time equates to about 40 hours         contemporary sculpture and drawing.
per week, including class time and independent
                                                    The Yellow Book programme guide provides
                                                    more details about all degree content and          12 weeks
                                                                                                       30 credits
Mata Puare Studio:                                  elective options, download it from:
You will spend two full days a week in the                        Ngā Hanga
studio making, experimenting, discussing                                                               Whakairo
and developing ideas. All lecturers are                                                                150.106
exhibiting artists and so depending on their
experience and skills you might create a
conventional or unconventional painting,
sculpture, photographic or design work,
video or performance piece or a mixed                                                                  12 weeks      12 weeks
                                                                                                       15 credits    45 credits
media installation.
                                                                                                       Te Reo        Te Reo
                                                                                                       Whakahoahoa   Kōnakinaki
                                                                                                       300.110       300.111

                                                                                                       12 weeks      12 weeks
                                                                                                       15 credits    15 credits


                                                                                                                                                           CR E ATIVE
                                                                                                                                                   MEDIA PRODUC TION

                                                    BACHELOR OF
                                                    CREATIVE MEDIA
                            Open Entry
                   Three years full-time

Future-focused and driven by new                    > Builds on Massey’s strong track record of          YOUR FIRST YEAR :
technology, the degree emphasises                     training graduates for successful careers
                                                                                                         The University year is divided into two
originality, innovation and critical                  in digital and interactive media, film and
                                                                                                         12-week semesters from February – November,
thought, and is led by practicing                     television, post-production, VFX, animation
                                                                                                         with mid-semester as well as mid-year
academics and industry experts.                       and games.
                                                                                                         breaks. Please check online for a full calendar
                                                    > Embedded in an internationally recognised
                                                                                                         of important dates and university holidays.
The BCMP aims to give students the skills and         art and design school, which fosters critical
                                                                                                         In your first year, you will take 8 courses, each
creativity to realise their vision in interactive     thinking and innovation.
                                                                                                         worth 15 credits. That is 120 credits in total,
and digital media production. With an emphasis                                                           which is full-time with Massey. We expect you
on production skills, students take creative        CAREERS INCLUDE:                                     to spend 40 hours per week on your studies,
media projects through development of initial       Producer, director, visual effects producer,         including class time.
concepts and narratives to a completed,             special effects technical director, sound
distributable work. Using industry-standard                                                              The Yellow Book programme guide provides
                                                    designer, sound recording engineer, camera           more details about all degree content and
production facilities, students respond to          operator, lighting technician, editor interactive/
briefs that combine creative studio practice,                                                            elective options, download it from:
                                                    creative technologies producer, app developer,
linear and non-linear storytelling, professional    concept artist, storyboard artist, art director,
practice and portfolio development.                 animator, 3D modeller, rigger, games art
                                                    director, games developer, web and mobile            Year One
GET CAREER READY:                                   games producer, audio producer, CG artist,            Semester 1                  Semester 2
Immerse yourself in the active Wellington           motion capture animator, digital effects artist.
                                                                                                          Weeks 1–12                  Weeks 1–12
screen industry. Assemble a robust and diverse
                                                                                                          Select two:                 Select two:
portfolio. Develop your unique vision with a        HONOURS                                                 Animation                   Audio
mentored major project.                             Extend your study, develop your research                Digital Video               3D Modelling
                                                                                                            Games                       Film & Video
                                                    and create outstanding creative media in                Producing & 					         		on Location
WHAT’S SPECIAL ABOUT CREATIVE                       the BCMP Honours programme. For more                  		Directing                   Prototyping
MEDIA PRODUCTION AT MASSEY?                         information, please go to the Postgraduate              Visualisation             		for Interactive
                                                    section on page 45.                                     Web & Mobile                Programming
> Developed and taught by award-winning                                                                                               		for Interactive
  industry professionals and academics.                                                                                                 Time-based
> Staff are well connected in the screen                                                                                                VFX
  industry, and include former staff of Weta
  Digital, Weta Workshop, Park Road Post,                                                                 12 weeks                    12 weeks
                                                                                                          15 credits each             15 credits each
  TVNZ, and the BBC.
> BCMP tutors’ film credits include: Avatar,                                                              Introduction to             Working with
  The Hobbit, IronMan3, Planet of the Apes,                                                               Creative Media              Scripted Material
  Babe, Ocean Girl, and 20,000 Leagues Under                                                              Production                  289.120
  the Sea.                                                                                                289.100

                                                                                                          12 weeks                    12 weeks
                                                                                                          15 credits                  15 credits

                                                                                                          Elective                    Elective
                                                                                                          100 level                   100 level

Ranked Top 100 International
Schools for Animation                                                                                     12 weeks
                                                                                                          15 credits
                                                                                                                                      12 weeks
                                                                                                                                      15 credits



          From blockbuster films to online                    The award-winning Film and Television staff       „ FRANCESCA SEWELL
          formats, film and television                        have practical working experience in Hollywood      BACHELOR OF CREATIVE MEDIA
          practitioners work across the                       films, indie breakouts, and international           PRODUCTION
          full production pipeline to create                  television development.
                                                                                                                 Francesca is an emerging writer, director and
          compelling stories.                                 The group-oriented courses allow students          editor and recently graduated as a part of
          Film and Television students study the art and      to practice across roles and responsibilities,     the Bachelor of Creative Media Production’s
          craft of storytelling through moving image and      including story and concept development,           second cohort.
          sound. Using industry standard equipment            direction, camera operation, production design,
                                                                                                                 Fresh from wrapping her directorial debut,
          and tools, students gain skills in pre-production   editing, lighting, and sound.
                                                                                                                 she is currently working as a freelance
          development, on-set and on-location filming,                                                           short film and commercials editor, and is
          editing, post-production, grading and delivery                                                         collaborating with like-minded creatives
          technologies. They also work across formats,                                                           to develop and share New Zealand-focussed
          including short film, television and documentary.                                                      stories.
                                                                                                                 Francesca’s major project Raspberry and
                                                                                                                 Coke is a short Kiwi drama, a melancholic
                                                                                                                 slice of New Zealand life which she co-
                                                                                                                 wrote, directed and edited.
                                                                                                                 Raspberry and Coke has recently been
                                                                                                                 featured in the official selection of four
                                                                                                                 international film festivals and has won
                                                                                                                 awards at the California International
                                                                                                                 Short Film Festival and the Independent
                                                                                                                 Shorts Awards. Mentored by US/Kiwi
                                                                                                                 Writer/Director and Producer Casey Zilbert
                                                                                                                 (Ash vs Evil; Hangtime; Born to Dance),
                                                                                                                 Raspberry and Coke and its success
                                                                                                                 has been an amazing springboard project
                                                                                                                 for Francesca and her team.
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