Creative Arts Programme guide 2022 - MASSEY UNIVERSITY

Creative Arts Programme guide 2022 - MASSEY UNIVERSITY
Creative Arts
Programme guide
Creative Arts Programme guide 2022 - MASSEY UNIVERSITY
                                                                                                                             CONTENT S
                                                                                                                          NGĀ IHIR ANGI

                                           Creative Arts
                                           INTRODUCTION                           POSTGRADUATE STUDY
                                           02   Rankings and awards               42 Postgraduate study
                                                                                       > Bachelor of Creative Media
                                           03   Welcome                                  Production (Honours)
                                           04   Wellington                             > Bachelor of Commercial Music (Honours)
                                                                                       > Postgraduate Diploma Design
                                           05   Student life                           > Postgraduate Diploma Fine Arts
                                                                                       > Postgraduate Diploma Māori Visual Arts
                                           06   Make and create                        > Master of Design
                                           08   Opportunities                          > Master of Design Weta Workshop
                                                                                       > Master of Fine Arts
                                                                                       > Master of Creative Enterprise
                                           DEGREES                                     > PhD

                                           11 Bachelor of Design
                                              with Honours                        GRADUATE STUDY
                                                >   Concept Design
                                                >   Fashion Design
                                                                                  48 Admission and Enrolment
                                                                                       > Semester start dates and
                                                >   Industrial Design
                                                                                         completion times
                                                >   Integrated Design
                                                                                       > Selected entry and open entry
                                                >   Photography
                                                >   Spatial Design
                                                >   Textile Design                50   Portfolio requirements
                                                >   Visual Communication Design
                                                                                  53   International students
                                           23 Bachelor of Fine Arts
                                              with Honours                        54   Scholarships
                                           25 Design and Fine Arts Degree         56   Key Information
                                                                                       >   Events
                                              Structure                                >   Fees
                                           27 Bachelor of Māori Visual Arts            >   Accommodation
                                                                                       >   Support
                                           29 Māori Visual Arts Degree
                                           31 Bachelor of Creative Media
                                           32 Creative Media Production
GRADUATED 2020 AND 2021.                        >   Film and Television
                                                >   Animation and VFX
Please note: The information contained          >   Game Development
in this publication is indicative of            >   Creative Technologies
the offerings available in 2022 and
                                                >   Producing and Directing
subsequent years. This information
may be subject to change. While all
                                                >   Immersive Media
reasonable efforts will be made to         37 Bachelor of Commercial Music
ensure listed programmes are offered
                                                > Music Industry
and regulations are up to date, the
University reserves the right to change
                                                > Music Practice
the content or method of presentation,          > Music Technology
or to withdraw any qualification or
part thereof, or impose limitations on
                                           41 Foundation Certificate
enrolments. For the most up to date
information please go to
Creative Arts Programme guide 2022 - MASSEY UNIVERSITY

             OUR GRADUATES
             ARE SOUGHT AFTER
             BY EMPLOYERS,
             WITH 77% OF ALL
             BACHELOR DEGREE

                                                                                     Rankings &
             IN FULL OR PART-TIME
             WITHIN SIX MONTHS

             OF GRADUATING
             * Music, design, fine art and creative media production

             – Graduate Destinations Survey 2020

             QS WORLD UNIVERSITY RANKINGS                              JAMES DYSON                                        AOTEAROA MUSIC AWARDS
             Top 100 for art and design for 5 years running.           Massey grads have won the National Dyson           Tiare Kelly, Felix Holton and Dylan Clark
                                                                       Award for 17 of the 19 years of this award. In     completed their Bachelor of Commercial Music
             RESEARCH (PBRF)
                                                                       2020, of the 24 entries, 7 were from Massey,       degrees while working as band members
             Across design and visual arts and craft,                  with all three top places being won by Massey      with top-rated act BENEE. BENEE dominated
             the College of Creative Arts comes out on                 design graduates.                                  at the 2020 Aotearoa Music Awards.
             top, with the largest number of top-rated
             researchers of all tertiary institutions in               TE TOHI O TE PAPA TONGAREWA                        MAJOR AIRPLAY
             New Zealand.                                              RONGOMARAEROA                                      2020 graduates who released successful
                                                                       Ka pai rawe to our Professor Bob Jahnke,           singles and albums include Transistor (Lochie
             RED DOT
                                                                       who won the Te Tohi o Te Papa Tongarewa            Noble), Sofia Machray and RIIKI (Raquel
             Ngā Pae Māhutonga Wellington School of                    Rongomaraeroa award in 2020 for outstanding        Abolins-Reid). Transistor and Sofia received
             Design has ranked in the top 3 in Asia Pacific            contribution to ngā toi Māori.                     strong airplay on student radio throughout
             in the annual International Red Dot Awards for                                                               New Zealand. The RIIKI single ‘High Heights’
             six years in a row, with five design graduates            TO THE FLOOR
                                                                                                                          has had over a million plays on Spotify,
             winning awards for their work in the 2020                 Wellington School of Design’s Ashley Oswin         significant airplay across major commercial
             competition.                                              won the To The Floor design competition with       radio stations in New Zealand, and RIIKI
             DINZ BEST AWARDS                                          her carpet tile design ‘Circular Relationships’.   has performed at a number of major summer
                                                                       She is now developing a carpet tile collection     festivals.
             In 2020 a third of all student finalists were             with global manufacturer Milliken-Ontera.
             from Massey, and 24 projects were awarded                                                                    INDEPENDENT SHORTS AWARDS
             gold, silver and bronze across all categories.            GOOD DESIGN AWARDS
                                                                                                                          Film lecturer Gwen Isaac received an
             Over the past 18 years of the awards there                Industrial Design students Daniel Shorrock,        honorable mention for best documentary short
             have been 510 Massey student finalists and                Zoe Lovell-Smith, Chris Warren, Oscar              at the Los Angeles based Independent Short
             279 award winners.                                        Jackson, Fergus Salmon and Liam Avery won          Awards for her film ‘Siouxsie and the Virus’.
                                                                       a Gold Good Design Award for their Electric
                                                                       Cargo Trike.
                                                                       ECC NZ STUDENT CRAFT /
                                                                       DESIGN AWARDS
                                                                       In 2020, PhD candidate Erana Kaa won the
                                                                       Friends of the Dowse Fashion Design Award,
                                                                       and Lucy Grunfeld and Saskia Jamieson won
                                                                       the ECC Lighting and Furniture Product Design
                                                                       Award. Two other Massey students were
                                                                       highly commended, in Ceramics, and Visual
                                                                       Communication Design (Illustration).
Creative Arts Programme guide 2022 - MASSEY UNIVERSITY
                                                                                                           ABOU T THE

                              Nau mai
                              Haere mai
                              WELCOME TO THE
                              COLLEGE OF CREATIVE ARTS

                                                   Toi Rauwhārangi College of Creative Arts is
                                                   New Zealand’s leading university in creative
TE HAANA PAEWAI (BMVA 2020)                        arts, offering comprehensive, internationally
                                                   benchmarked, future-focused programmes.
                                                   Our studio-based learning environment creates
                                                   innovative thinkers and makers. World-class,
                                                   industry-connected academic staff provide an
                                                   inspiring and supportive culture that will give you
                                                   the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in
                                                   all creative industries.
                                                   We offer internationally acclaimed degrees in
                                                   Design, Māori Visual Arts, Fine Arts, Commercial
                                                   Music and Creative Media Production.
                                                   With an excellent reputation for innovative
                                                   creative arts research and practice, Toi
                                                   Rauwhārangi is New Zealand’s oldest and most
                                                   comprehensive creative arts school.
                                                   At Toi Rauwhārangi you will work across disciplines
                                                   and on collaborative projects that develop
                                                   leadership skills and foster lifelong connections.
                                                   Our courses are often based on live briefs and
                                                   projects, giving you real world understanding and
                                                   connections with people in the industry. You’ll
                                                   develop both critical thinking and technical expertise
                                                   that prepares you well for a creative career.
                                                   Our degrees place our graduates well ahead in the
                                                   increasingly competitive global job market, where
                                                   entrepreneurial attitudes and creative problem-
                                                   solving skills are highly sought by employers.
                                                   Toi Rauwhārangi staff are recognised in Aotearoa,
                                                   the Pacific and internationally for their distinctive
                                                   contribution to indigenous art practice. We’re
                                                   dedicated to Māori achievement in teaching,
                                                   research and learning, and committed to the
                                                   success of Māori and Pacific students.
                                                   Our programmes are based on a pōwhiri framework
                                                   that acknowledges our distinct cultural and
                                                   geographical location in Aotearoa New Zealand.
                                                   This framework develops confident students who
                                                   display toi (creativity), mōhio (virtuosity, skill),
                                                   mātauranga (understanding), mana (autonomy),
                                                   and whānaungatanga (connectedness).
Creative Arts Programme guide 2022 - MASSEY UNIVERSITY

                                     KNOWN AS
                                     NEW ZEALAND’S
                                     LITTLE CAPITAL
                                     Wellington is a creative, friendly, and safe
                                     city to live in. Our campus is centrally
                                     located, within walking distance from the
                                     thriving city centre.
                                     Wellington is compact, accessible and vibrant,
                                     and there’s always something happening. The
                                     centre of government and business in Aotearoa,
                                     Wellington is also home to our world-class film
                                     industry, top design firms, tech hubs, Te Papa
                                     Tongarewa and a flourishing art scene.
                                     Surrounded by lush green hills and a diverse
                                     coastline, Wellington is full of walks and places
                                     to explore. The city is famous for a vibrant
                                     creative culture fuelled by great food, coffee and
                                     craft beer.
                                     Massey’s campus is not far from entertainment
                                     and nightlife in Cuba Street and Courtenay Place,
                                     with excellent transport links, as well as the
                                     beautiful waterfront. Everything is within easy
                                     walking distance so that both work and play are
                                     right on your doorstep.

             PHOTOGRAPHY BY
             JEFF MCEWAN
Creative Arts Programme guide 2022 - MASSEY UNIVERSITY
                                        ABOU T THE

Student life
Our campus offers plenty of resources
to inspire and enhance your study and
creative practice.
Creative Arts Programme guide 2022 - MASSEY UNIVERSITY

        Make & create
                                 DEVELOP new knowledge, ideas and systems.
                                 EXPERIMENT with new ways of seeing,
                                 making and doing.
                                 LEARN from some of the best practitioners
                                 and researchers in the world.
               KA MUA, KA MURI
               XOĒ HALL          EXPLORE what it means to be a creative
                                 person in Aotearoa New Zealand.
                                 COLLABORATE AND CONTRIBUTE
                                 share ideas, make new work, and participate
                                 in real world projects that make a difference.
Creative Arts Programme guide 2022 - MASSEY UNIVERSITY
                      ABOU T THE

Creative Arts Programme guide 2022 - MASSEY UNIVERSITY

        YOUR WAY.
                                                                                       MEET AND MAKE
                                                                                       NEW BUSINESS
                                                                                       The college has partnered with
                                                                                       MBIE, DIA, MPI, Callaghan,
                                                                                       Te Papa, Cuba Dupa, WREDA,
                                                                                       WOW, Alexander Turnbull Library
                                                                                       and Agribusiness New Zealand.

        STUDY TOUR                              MEANINGFUL PROJECTS
        Fashion and Creative Media Production   Producing VAKA, a climate change
        students in India, 2019.                documentary, enabled students of
                                                Creative Media Production to film on
                                                location in Tokelau, with assistance
                                                from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
                                                and Trade.

                                                                                       STUDY ABROAD AT ONE
                                                                                       OF MASSEY’S WORLD-CLASS
                                                                                       PARTNER UNIVERSITIES
                                                                                       Clara Gan, BDes (Hons) Industrial
                                                                                       Design, studied at Munich University,
                                                                                       Germany in 2019.

        Our students win awards at national
        and international competitions.
Creative Arts Programme guide 2022 - MASSEY UNIVERSITY
JOIN CLUBS AND                                                    ABOU T THE
COLLECTIVES THAT CONNECT                                            COLLEGE
Banter and Brews, a student
initiative focused on supporting
the transition from study to work.

                                     Open Lab is a place for students to
                                     gain real life design experience. We
                                     bridge the gap between students and
EXHIBIT, PROMOTE OR                  the wider design industry, with paid
PERFORM YOUR WORK ON                 internships and the opportunity to
                                     work with actual clients.
The final year exhibition for        Check out Open Lab The Podcast
graduating students, Exposure        on Spotify or iTunes.
Exhibition is a must-see event
held at the beginning
of November each year.

                                     ACCESS FAB LAB WGTN
                                     Use all the tools and workshop
                                     facilities here at the college,
                                     including digital and fabrication
                                     resources at Australasia’s first
                                     Fab Lab.

EVA NGAMANU                           JADE JOHNSTON
TEXTILE DESIGN                        PHOTOGRAPHY

ANYA WANGSUWAN                        JENNY MOON


                                                    Bachelor of
                                                    Design with
                          Selected entry
                      Four years full time
                              Wellington            BDes(Hons)

Find your design strengths at                       DESIGN MAJORS INCLUDE :                          CAREERS INCLUDE:
New Zealand’s most comprehensive
                                                    >   Concept design                               Industrial designer, documentary photographer,
design programme.                                   >   Fashion design                               graphic designer, fashion designer, textile or
Ngā Pae Māhutonga Wellington School of              >   Industrial design                            surface designer, service designer, spatial
Design was established in 1886, and continues       >   Integrated design                            designer, advertising executive, brand manager,
a tradition of research-led, innovatively taught    >   Photography                                  information designer, commercial photographer,
design education that has produced some             >   Spatial design                               transport designer, interaction designer,
of the world’s most respected and successful        >   Textile design                               concept designer, entertainment designer,
designers.                                          >   Visual communication design                  pattern-maker, user experience (UX) designer,
                                                                                                     fashion stylist, typographic designer, freelance
The BDes(Hons) offers majors in photography,
concept design, fashion and textile design,
                                                    WHAT’S SPECIAL ABOUT                             design contractor, design researcher, illustrator,
                                                    DESIGN AT MASSEY?                                business owner, and many more.
spatial and industrial design, integrated design
and visual communication design.                    Vibrant studio environments                      „ GUS HUNTER
In the course of your study you’ll address local    Collaboration drives your creative development     A visual communication and design graduate,
and global issues, producing inspirational design   Shared briefs across majors                        Gus Hunter is now a senior concept designer
solutions for a rapidly changing world. For         Designers work in multi-disciplinary teams as      at Weta Workshop. From an early age he
example, through design, how do we encourage        well as on individual projects                     knew he was interested in art. A keen drawer,
more young people to vote, our consumer                                                                he was enthralled by the drawings in Marvel,
practices to be more sustainable, our services      Design thinking                                    DC and Creepy comic books; films such as
more efficient or our environments healthier?       Create systems and experiences as well as          Animal Farm; and old master painters such
                                                    products                                           as Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci.
The first year explores design practice and its                                                        His Pacific island heritage fueled his desire
core concepts, methods and applications through     Live briefs
                                                                                                       to give back to the community, and he has
hands-on projects. You’ll be introduced to a        Work on projects for real clients
                                                                                                       worked with local budding artists to illustrate
range of disciplines and the principles of design   Pōwhiri framework                                  children’s stories for their own schools.
through investigation, concept development and      Experience learning through an integrated
making. You’ll mix, discuss and collaborate with                                                       He was one of the lead concept designers
                                                    Pōwhiri framework, which incorporates Māori        on King Kong and also had a significant
other students across art, design, music and        perspectives and guides you through four years
creative media production. Work individually as                                                        contribution to many of Weta Workshop’s
                                                    of supportive learning                             movies including the Lord of The Rings
well as with peers and tutors to develop your
own design voice.                                   Office hours                                       trilogy, The Hobbit, the Narnia films and
                                                    Seek advice from any academic staff member,        Avatar. He also worked on the Gallipoli:
Throughout your study you can choose electives      not just your own lecturers                        The Scale of Our War exhibition at Te Papa
that support your selected major, or allow you to                                                      Tongarewa. Gus was inducted into the
branch out into other creative disciplines.         Graduate job-ready                                 College of Creative Arts Hall of Fame in 2016.
                                                    Emerge well-prepared for a creative career
                                                    anywhere in the world.
Your fourth year is an opportunity to really
extend your skills and push the boundaries of
design innovation. You can choose between
the more research-based honours programme
or a project-based non-honours programme.

                                                                                                           GUS HUNTER

                                                   Concept Design
                                                   BDes Major

         Create concept design in both 2D and 3D   Concept design is about visualising and              „ BO MOORE, MDES 2016
         for entertainment and education within    developing the ideas behind film, television,         Bo Moore is a concept designer with a
         film, animation, television, gaming,      gaming, performance, or interactive experiences.      passion for character design, interactive
         and location-based experiences.           In concept design you’ll use traditional art          narrative and worldbuilding. Her work
         Design stunning visuals and concepts      forms like drawing and sculpting 3D models,           blurs the line between science fiction and
                                                   as well as making digital plans and renders, to       fantasy, telling stories of the strange
         for imaginary worlds, compelling
                                                   communicate your concepts for new objects,            and the strangely familiar through a range
         characters, engaging environments,
                                                   characters or environments.                           of mediums.
         and incredible stories.
                                                   You could be designing characters, creatures,         She has worked for Huhu (a Māori TV
         Apply these skills as you explore         props, vehicles and machines, all the way to          animated children’s show). She has also
         storytelling through idea creation,       building entire worlds to form the foundations        developed concept art for Pukeko Pictures
         drawing, explorative design, modelling    of feature films, theme parks, events, toys or        plus she was the key designer on the award
         and sculpting to realise the design       exhibits.                                             winning Promised Land books – the world’s
         of environments, props, characters                                                              first LGBTQ themed fairy tale.
                                                   Concept design is one of the first stages in every
         and costumes.                             design process, and concept designers create the
                                                                                                        „ JOEL SAVAGE, BDES(HONS) 2014
                                                   basis for further production and development,
                                                                                                          3D ARTIST (FRAMESTORE, UK)
                                                   rather than finished products.
                                                                                                         Joel is a 3D artist. He worked at Weta
                                                   In this major you’ll study in courses focused upon    Workshop and Magic Leap as a 3D artist
                                                   drawing, prototyping and rigorous conceptual          and modeller, before moving to Framestore
                                                   development of characters, environments,              in the UK. At Weta Workshop he worked
                                                   costumes and creatures.                               on Ghost in the Shell, GKR and Pacific Rim.

            BO MOORE                                                           JOEL SAVAGE

                                             Fashion Design
                                             BDes Major

We consume fashion daily; it constantly      You will explore and develop fashion design         There are also opportunities for internships,
shapes us and is shaped by us. The           concepts for international markets as well as       and for students to collaborate internationally
global impact of this multi-billion-dollar   Aotearoa New Zealand, through garments,             with other fashion design schools and present
industry is challenging future fashion       accessories and systems that respond to the         collections at New Zealand Fashion Week and
thinkers and makers to explore new           times. Learn skills in idea generation, fashion     other Fashion Weeks around the world. Our
                                             communication, pattern making, construction,        graduates have a long history of success in
directions and make changes to create a
                                             materials, historical and contemporary fashion      design competitions such as WOW, iD Emerging
more sustainable future in fashion.
                                             analysis and critical thinking, challenging how     Designer Awards, Hokonui Fashion Design
                                             things are done through fashion practice. Think     Awards, Miromoda Fashion Design Awards,
                                             broadly and push boundaries, exploring anything     including Sean Kelly, winner of Project Runway
                                             from a 3D printed open-source garment design,       (USA) in 2014 and Bradley Smit winning a Silver
                                             to a gender-neutral collection that questions       Award at the Best Awards 2019.
                                             ideas of gender and identity.
                                                                                                 „ JING HE, BDES (HONS)
                                             Our facilities and staff offer almost unlimited       FASHION DESIGN, 2020
                                             possibility. You may find your work on the
                                                                                                   Assimilation // Annexation intends to
                                             catwalk following in the footsteps of alumni like
                                                                                                   simultaneously expose and confront the
                                             Kate Sylvester and Kathryn Wilson; you may
                                                                                                   institution of marriage from my cultural
                                             develop new sustainable fashion systems taking
                                                                                                   perspective. This collection embodies
                                             fashion towards a more responsible future.
                                                                                                   diverse Asian feminine identities and voices,
                                                                                                   by performing and capturing moments of
                                                                                                   my mum’s life through transformed bridal
                                                                                                   dresses, exploring concepts of loss, memory
                                                                                                   and nostalgia. The white wedding dress
                                                                                                   may function as a representative stereotype
                                                                                                   of femininity whilst exploring hidden
                                                                                                   symbolisms through cultural tradition and
                                                                                                   social rituals for women. From China.

                                                                                                 „ CAITLIN SNELL, BDES (HONS)
                                                                                                   FASHION DESIGN, 2020
                                                                                                   The lockdown created an inability to
                                                                                                   purchase new non-essential fabrics,
                                                                                                   providing motivation to find innovative ways
                                                                                                   to incorporate scrap, damaged or repurposed
                                                                                                   household materials into my work. These
                                                                                                   were donated or acquired at zero cost during
                                                                                                   the Level 3 and 4 restrictions. This allowed
                                                                                                   me to work slowly and sustainably while also
                                                                                                   considering the role of nostalgia in producing

   JING HE                                       CAITLIN SNELL

                                                          Industrial Design
                                                          BDes Major

         As an industrial designer you’ll develop         You’ll learn how to meet the social, cultural,   You’ll work in our state-of-the-art studios,
         aspirational and elegant objects,                economic, and environmental needs of people      workshops and digital fabrication facilities
         products and systems for our world.              through innovative thinking and creative         including Australasia’s first Fab Lab. Our
         You’ll design products and develop               application of new technologies, defining the    industrial design graduates win national and
         new-to-the-world ideas, for example              world for future generations.                    international awards for their work, including
                                                                                                           Red Dot, Dyson, Electrolux, Sony, LG Designer’s
         a mountain bike helmet that can manage           As an industrial design student you’ll learn
                                                                                                           Institute Best Awards, and the ECC NZ Student
         concussion, or a garment to help                 how to manipulate the material world using
                                                                                                           Craft / Design Awards. Our alumni can be found
         people manage anxiety.                           both physical and digital processes. Through
                                                                                                           in design roles with Apple, Ducati, Nike, Fisher
                                                          studio-based classes you’ll learn about idea
                                                                                                           and Paykel, Formway, Macpac, Howard Wright,
                                                          generation, materials, processes, human
                                                                                                           Gallaghers, Weta Workshop and phil&teds.
                                                          experience, ergonomics, visual communication,
                                                          modelling and production.                        „ LESLIE MEADOWS, MICHAELA LAWN,
                                                          Psych                                              SHUBHAM GHANATHA,
                                                                                                             BDES (HONS), 2020
                                                                                                             Psych: Leslie, Michaela and Shubham set
                                                                                                             out to design and develop a personal electric
                                                                                                             vehicle that could meet the needs of a broader
                                                                                                             range of commuters. Psych is an adaptable
                                                                                                             electric micro-vehicle that allows the rider
                                                                                                             to adjust its configuration for different uses,
                                                                                                             placing it between the convenience of a
                                                                                                             bicycle and utility of a car.

                                                                                                           „ HANNA DE RIDDER
                                                                                                             BDES (HONS), 2020
                                                                                                             Mindful: In this project, Hanna set out to
                                                                                                             address cluttered, chaotic and stressful
                                                                                                             home environments especially for people
                                                                                                             living in smaller spaces. She designed a flat
                                                                                                             packable, multifunctional storage system
                                    LESLIE MEADOWS, MICHAELA LAWN, SHUBHAM GHANATHA
                                                                                                             for two people with an emphasis on only
                                                                                                             holding the necessities. ‘Mindful’ improves
                                                                                                             peoples’ wellbeing through reducing
                                                                                                             both physical and mental clutter, as well
                                                                                                             highlighting the often-wasteful life cycle
                                                                                                             of domestic furniture and reflecting
                                                                                                             on consumption and purchasing habits.

                                    HANNA DE RIDDER

                                             Integrated Design
                                             BDes Major

In the past decade, designers have had       Integrated design allows you to include design         Integrated design offers a new way for you
to become agile and multidisciplinary        studio courses from two design majors. Choose          to approach a design career and form your
in order to respond to the speed of          from concept, fashion, industrial, photography,        own solutions to the challenges that emerge
change in the world around them. The         spatial, textile and visual communication              from contemporary design practice. With the
distinction between different fields of      design. You could explore the intersection of          Wellington School of Design’s traditions and
                                             photography and fashion, or textile design with        expertise, integrated design will encourage you
design has blurred, as the demand for
                                             an industrial application, or any other design         to form your own creative, professional and
proactive, versatile, flexible and curious
                                             combination that appeals to you.                       consultative methods.
designers has increased.
                                             You’ll begin by exploring famous and well-             „ TRACEY GUIEB, BDES, 2020
                                             understood models of design from over the past
                                                                                                      BenifiSense: A Sensory Jacket for Individuals
                                             century. As you progress, you’ll integrate a variety
                                                                                                      with SPD. BenifiSense is a jacket that aims
                                             of techniques and strategies in your design
                                                                                                      to prepare adults with Sensory Processing
                                             practice, considering perspectives that include
                                                                                                      Disorder (SPD) for environments where they
                                             a diversity of people, their needs and desires,
                                                                                                      may be prone to experience sensory overload.
                                             cultures and contexts, and points of view.
                                                                                                      It does this by catering for the senses in a
                                                                                                      discrete and non-disruptive way, allowing
                                                                                                      the user to interact with the jacket when and
                                                                                                      how they want, depending on their individual
                                                                                                      sensory needs.
                                                                                                      This project was developed within a 4th year
                                                                                                      industrial design brief.


                                                    BDes Major

         Photographers help people to see the       Massey has the longest running photography              When you graduate, you’ll join Massey alumni
         world in new ways, using both critical     programme in New Zealand and is led by some             whose careers span the range from fine
         understanding and highly developed         of Aotearoa’s most distinguished contemporary           art to commercial, photojournalism, fashion
         technical skills with the ability to use   photographers, including Anne Noble, Shaun              photography, content creation for digital media,
         a range of communication modes.            Waugh and Wayne Barrar.                                 and work within the gallery/museum sectors.

                                                    You’ll be introduced to a range of technologies         „ HENDRIX HENNESSY-ROPIHA
                                                    while developing a social and cultural                    NGĀTI KAHUNGUNU & NGĀTI
                                                    understanding of photography’s place in society.          RAUKAWA, BDES (HONS) 2020
                                                    There are well-equipped studios, colour-                  We can travel only a short way together:
                                                    managed digital photography computer suites               We stood in the intersection and talked without
                                                    and high quality digital print facilities, as well as     opening our mouths. You appeared younger,
                                                    wet-based darkrooms and specialist labs.                  like when we first met, surrounded by people
                                                                                                              who shared a closeness with you. It was
                                                    As the course progresses your work will embrace
                                                                                                              strange, fading from a dream while realising
                                                    longer-term, often self-directed projects dealing
                                                                                                              that for now, this would be our final farewell.
                                                    with ideas and issues of real relevance within
                                                    your personal and professional life. You can              ‘We can travel only a short way together’
                                                    choose to develop expertise in commercial, art-           explores the underlying issues of taboo,
                                                    based or documentary photography, with access             restriction and invisibility when discussing
                                                    to a wide range of cameras and capture systems            suicide in New Zealand.
                                                    to realise your dreams.
                                                                                                            „ MIA VINACCIA
                                                                                                              BDES 2020
                                                                                                              Queen. Gendered stereotypes and unrealistic
                                                                                                              ideals impact how we view ourselves and the
                                                                                                              people around us. This is especially evident in
                                                                                                              editorial, commercial and fashion photography,
                                                                                                              where gendered stereotypes coincide with
                                                                                                              the problematic physical appearances
                                                                                                              that are reinforced in our day to day lives.
                                                                                                              ‘Queen’ playfully reveals how the extreme
                                                                                                              stereotypes of gendered power are embedded
                                                                                                              in contemporary society and play out through
                                                                                                              mass media and cinematic experiences.

            HENDRIX HENNESSY-ROPIHA                     MIA VINACCIA

                                         Spatial Design
                                         BDes Major

                                                                                             „ TOM CALDER, (HONS)
                                                                                               SPATIAL DESIGN, 2020
                                                                                               Shelter from the Storm offers the tourist
                                                                                               industry a contemporary backcountry hut
                                                                                               experience on Grasmere Station as an
                                                                                               alternative to the Great Walks multi-day
                                                                                               tramping geared for mass-tourism. A
                                                                                               contemporary interpretation of traditional
                                                                                               backcountry hut heritage providing more
                                                                                               profound experiences with the natural
                                                                                               environment and history. The design is
                                                                                               generated through explorations into spatial
                                                                                               experiences of shelter, backcountry hut
                                                                                               typology and interior elements, including
                                                                                               strategies for camouflage and framing.
                                                                                             „ KATE STANLEY, (HONS)
                                                                                               SPATIAL DESIGN, 2020
Spatial designers shape the              Rethink built and virtual spaces in ways that         Respect your Elders: This project considers
environments that we inhabit and the     are innovative, speculative, and mindful of the       whether practices of holistic healing can
ways we experience them. Spatial         wellbeing of people and the planet. You’ll learn      be extended beyond the normal empathetic
design provides educational experience   to understand, represent and create spaces,           range to include heritage architecture that
in new and emerging spatial practices    working between studios, workshops and site-          has suffered or is suffering earthquake
and professions, while maintaining a     specific environments. Learn technical drawing        trauma. By personifying architecture through
foundation in traditional design such    skills, rendering software and video editing          its historical, social and cultural layers and
as interior architecture, landscape      skills to create, imagine and represent spaces.       connections, brick and mortar can be, and
and urban design. It explores                                                                  should be afforded personal, body to body
                                         You will discover ways to imagine and construct
temporary spaces like exhibitions                                                              care and respect usually reserved for human
                                         engaging environments in both physical and
and performances, and digital spaces                                                           to human healing. This project re-frames
                                         digital space, from the big picture right down
including online environments, virtual                                                         the perception of dormant, traumatized
                                         to the detail of construction and materiality.
reality and mixed reality.                                                                     architecture, afflicted by un-inhabitation and
                                         You’ll explore light, surfaces and materials, and
                                                                                               reconstruction. By creating a practitioner,
                                         consider the way people interact with spaces,
                                                                                               patient relationship between myself and a
                                         in different social, cultural and historical
                                                                                               body of brick the building becomes a relatable
                                                                                               and recognisable character for the surrounding
                                         Our graduates find exciting jobs as spatial           communities, who have experienced the
                                         designers, interior designers, architectural          trauma of earthquakes. Through this act of
                                         designers, digital designers, performance             care I can uplift the building’s character and
                                         designers, landscape designers, web designers,        face, renewing its place in the community and
                                         digital FX artists, and interaction and               culture of the wider site, to celebrate longevity
                                         experience designers. New types of jobs are           and trauma as part of its character.
                                         constantly emerging.


                                                     Textile Design
                                                     BDes Major

         Textiles design spans everything            The textile design major focuses on the creation       Our students regularly enjoy success in a range
         from fashion and interiors, to industrial   of new textiles, materials and surfaces for a          of national and international competitions
         products and exhibitions. Push the          diverse range of applications including fashion,       including Best Awards, Red Dot, The Society
         boundaries of surface, texture and          product, interiors and art. You will develop           of Dyers and Colorists, the ECC New Zealand
         material, in a programme that prioritises   specialist skills in print, weave, knit, embroidery,   Student Craft / Design Awards and The Surface
                                                     dye and materials through learning traditional         Design Association.
         design for sustainability.
                                                     textile techniques and working with state-of-the-
                                                     art digital technologies.                              „ SOPHIE PARSONS, BDES (HONS)
                                                                                                              TEXTILE DESIGN
                                                     We encourage you to harness the potential
                                                                                                              Distant Connections is an interior surface
                                                     that textiles and materials have to make a
                                                                                                              design collection that explores New
                                                     positive impact in the world, while considering
                                                                                                              Zealanders response to Covid-19. Inspired
                                                     sustainability in your approach. Engage with the
                                                                                                              by the spatial restrictions that limit our
                                                     history of traditional textiles in Aotearoa New
                                                                                                              physical interactions, Distant Connections
                                                     Zealand and globally, and combine conventional
                                                                                                              captures the consequential bonds formed
                                                     methods with high-tech approaches like VR,
                                                                                                              within our communities. These bonds enable
                                                     bio-design and material-driven innovation.
                                                                                                              us to maintain strength during uncertain
                                                     Textile design graduates have gone on to work            times. Using digital print on paper, textile and
                                                     around the globe in areas including textile design       ceramic, this collection is designed for your
                                                     for fashion and interiors; product development           home; the place you now know so well.
                                                     for multiple industries like sport, health care
                                                     and travel; materials research and development;
                                                     illustration and surface design; and art.

            SOPHIE PARSONS

                                            Communication Design
                                            BDes Major

Visual communication design (VCD)           As a VCD student you’ll learn to become an             „ MATT LAW, BDES (HONS),
is at the heart of how we experience the    independent creative and critical thinker                VISUAL COMMUNICATION DESIGN
world; guiding, informing, educating and    and maker, developing innovative responses                Based on the challenges of climbing a
inspiring us every day.                     to address complex issues facing our world.               mountain, UP! is a gameful tool designed to
                                            In the first two years of the VCD major you’ll            inspire children to develop healthy self-
Visual communication design spans                                                                     management strategies — especially those
                                            gain confidence and proficiency with technical
print and editorial design, illustration,                                                             living with a chronic health condition. Players
                                            skills across the discipline, and learn processes
brand communication, motion graphics,                                                                 take on the role of mountaineers, acquiring
                                            for developing ideas.
video, information design, AR and VR,                                                                 and trading tokens to build a route to the
and mobile application and web.             Our visual communication design students and              summit. Open-ended question cards prompt
                                            graduates excel nationally and internationally            meaningful discussion around a holistic
                                            in the Best Awards, Red Dot Design Awards,                approach to health and equip players with
                                            and are recognised by the International Society           transferable skills for future challenges.
                                            of Typographic Design.
                                                                                                   „ FRANKIE HAYMAN, BDES (HONS),
                                            There is a growing demand for graduates who              VISUAL COMMUNICATION DESIGN
                                            can apply design thinking at a strategic level
                                                                                                      Nudge aims to help the students of Massey
                                            in business, government and within social
                                                                                                      College of Creative Arts navigate curriculum
                                            and civic enterprises. VCD graduates also go
                                                                                                      through radical transparency so they
                                            on to work as creative directors, interactive
                                                                                                      can make informed decisions when picking
                                            designers, graphic designers, user experience
                                                                                                      papers. This online tool gives students
                                            (UX) designers, typographic designers,
                                                                                                      access to student reviews, student work
                                            advertising executives, brand managers,
                                                                                                      and alumni hindsight, acting as a window
                                            publishers, web designers, and illustrators.
                                                                                                      into the Massey experience.

  MATT LAW                                                                                      FRANKIE HAYMAN

         Communication Design

         Within the design degree you can                   These pathways are sets of electives from
         combine a selection of electives which             visual communication design that fit together
         will give you a range of specialised               well, sometimes in combination with electives
         skills and in-depth knowledge. Below               from other creative arts disciplines including
         you can see a variety of options provided          fine arts, creative media production, and
                                                            even commercial music. You can take these
         currently in the Bachelor of Design with
                                                            pathways even if VCD is not your major.
         Honours and the Bachelor of Design.

         Brand communication provides students                                                               „ KASEY MCDONELL
         with a range of critical and practical skills                                                         BDES(HONS), 2020
         for engaging with marketing, service and
                                                                                                              Project Zero. We need a majority of people
         experience design thinking. Beginning with
                                                                                                              prioritising action to fight climate change, but
         visual identity design, the pathway moves
                                                                                                              climate rhetoric paralyses people rather than
         through product-centred branding, and
                                                                                                              motivating them. Designers can persuade
         concludes with the user-centred strategies
                                                                                                              more people to demand action by changing
         for designing services. From designing logos
                                                                                                              the rhetoric of low carbon behaviours.
         to staging transformational experiences,
                                                                                                              To persuade people from being concerned, to
         this pathway will equip you for these exciting
                                                                                                              demanding wider change, Project Zero excites
         and growing areas of design practice.
                                                                                                              people with a fresh approach to plant-based
                                                                                                              meat, gives confidence with a smart recipe
                                                                                                              service and helps support community action.

         Explore illustration as both art form, and as                                                       „ MATT JENNINGS
         a medium for design communication. This                                                               BDES(HONS) 2020
         entails developing industry-level illustration
                                                                                                              Mr Stranger Is Your Friend In The
         skills for print and online platforms including:
                                                                                                              Apocalypse. As the music industry pushes
         text analysis, conceptual development, visual
                                                                                                              further into the digital space, album covers
         representation, visual style and rendering, and
                                                                                                              and music videos are being squeezed into
         3D modelling. You will become accomplished in
                                                                                                              our pockets. I believe that there needs to
         producing engaging illustrations and narratives
                                                                                                              be a resurgence in the visual translations
         on a range of topics, in response to course
                                                                                                              of music in order to truly communicate an
         and industry briefs. Through this pathway you
                                                                                                              idea to those listening. In response to this,
         will also develop your own personal style and
                                                                                                              I have designed a modular Graphic-Score
         perspective as an illustrator.
                                                                                                              that enables a musician to independently
                                                                                                              establish their own visual identity and
                                                                                                              enhance the communication of an idea
                                                                                                              through an album.

Learn how to transform complex data and             „ TUI WRIGHT-MEMBRY
information into impactful messages. In a world       BDES (HONS) 2020
that is increasingly built on information and
                                                     Puku Ora is a personal account of living with
facts, information design takes these elements
                                                     Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). IBS is painful
and makes them accessible and entertaining.
                                                     and exhausting. Researching and implementing
As you progress through this pathway you’ll
                                                     scientific information is consuming and difficult.
explore how to translate data into clear
                                                     This project employs a strategy of ‘humanising
communication, engaging stories, and finally
                                                     good scientific information’. By carefully
into meaningful interactions. You’ll become
                                                     identifying each stage of this experience the book
a storyteller of data, unlocking the skills to
                                                     offers a nurturing and empathetic step by step
engage users and change minds.
                                                     support framework to follow. A book delivering
                                                     good science wrapped in beautiful empathy.

Explore how humans interact with objects,           „ JASMIN PAPWORTH
spaces, and technology. This pathway covers           BDES(HONS) 2020
a wide range of media and situations including
                                                     Safari 2.0 is an immersive online environment
website and app interfaces, exhibitions
                                                     that creates an experience that captivates
and installations, and exciting emerging
                                                     customers senses and emotions. The website
technologies like virtual and augmented reality.
                                                     uses experience and destination marketing
Through this learning, you’ll gain insight
                                                     design to convert the COVID-19 disruption
into user-needs and how to guide users in a
                                                     into a transformative innovation, with the
way that is useful, intuitive and enjoyable.
                                                     added potential to reimagine and reform the
                                                     next normal for the tourism industry. With
                                                     the case study of Nigel Perks Discovery, the
                                                     experience of the website is personal; its aim
                                                     is not to sell, but inspire.

Typography can be informative, expressive or        „ SAM FRASER
interpretative and spans all forms of media and       BDES(HONS) 2020
communication. The typographic pathway builds
                                                     International recognition for Massey typography
from fundamental principles of letterforms,
                                                     students. Fourth year design student Sam
legibility and design of layouts to complex
                                                     Fraser was awarded the highest recognition
narratives. Typographic electives offered in each
                                                     of commendation in the annual International
year aim to develop skills through interpreting
                                                     Society of Typographic Designers student
simple concepts to complex self-directed
                                                     membership assessment. His was the only
research projects with an advanced level of
                                                     commendation out of 52 students who entered
craft and conceptual thinking. In the fourth year
                                                     the South Pacific assessment. His personal
there is a hand printing option in contemporary
                                                     experience of Covid lockdown was a response
letterpress and the opportunity for submission
                                                     to the ISTD brief: The Significance of Numbers.
to an international typographic assessment.


                                                                                                                                                          FINE AR T S

                                                   Bachelor of
                                                   Fine Arts
                         Selected entry
                                                   with Honours
                     Four years full time
                             Wellington            BFA(Hons)

Establish your place in the art world              WHAT’S SPECIAL ABOUT
with some of the finest artists in                 FINE ARTS AT MASSEY?
New Zealand.
                                                   A cross-media art school
Be the commentator, the activist, the              Experiment with different modes of art-making
narrator or the storyteller to transform
perceptions, express a point of view or            Define the future of art
make a political comment.                          Explore sound, moving image, online art
                                                   and other emerging fields of practice
Work across sculpture, painting,
drawing, performance, installation,                Vertically streamed classes
moving image, sound, photography,                  Second, third and fourth-year students
printmaking, site-responsive work,                 share studio spaces and classes.
curatorial activities and art writing.             Freedom to try things
At Whiti o Rehua School of Art you’ll learn        An open, friendly culture that encourages
from leading artists, including Walters Art        diversity and individuality
Prize winner Shannon Te Ao, Fulbright-Wallace
                                                   Engine Room
Arts Award recipient Simon Morris, and Best
                                                   Contemporary art gallery on campus                    „ CIARAN BANKS, BFA (HONS) 2020
Award-winning Mana Moana team Rachael
Rakena and Michael Bridgman.                                                                              What am I making? Where am I going?
                                                   Pōwhiri framework
                                                                                                          What am I saying? No way of knowing.
This contemporary art programme fosters a          Experience learning through an integrated
                                                                                                          My curiosity about the nature of things has
critical understanding of the place of art in      Pōwhiri framework, which incorporates Māori
                                                                                                          led me to a practice centred on questioning
today’s world. Your learning will be hands-on,     perspectives and guides you through four years
                                                                                                          and manipulating materials. My exploration
working in an interdisciplinary open-plan          of supportive learning
                                                                                                          through the wider borders of painting and
studio surrounded by other students from all                                                              sculpture complements my background in
                                                   Office hours
year levels.                                                                                              street art, provisionality, and a destructive
                                                   Seek advice from any academic staff member,
Develop your own unique art practice, voice        not just your own lecturers                            ethos to create paintings influenced by
and confidence as an artist in a culturally                                                               the contrast between improvisation and
diverse environment.                               Know who you are as an artist                          composition. These twin entities and my
                                                   With a fine arts degree you’ll graduate as an          knowledge of industrial processes guides
You’ll be exhibiting your work from your second    inventive, dedicated thinker and maker, able to        my engagement in the creation of art.
year, on campus and eventually in exhibitions in   define your future career in a broad spectrum of
galleries and public spaces around Wellington.     creative fields

WHY FOUR YEARS?                                    CAREERS INCLUDE:
Your fourth year is an opportunity to really       Sculptor, painter, photographer, performance
extend your skills and push the boundaries         artist, conceptual artist, digital media
of contemporary art practice. You can choose       artist, curator, art writer, gallery assistant,
between the more research-based honours            gallery director, gallery owner, gallery public
programme or a project-based non-honours           programmer, gallery publicist, teacher,
programme.                                         historian, archivist, gallery technician,
                                                   videographer, film director, scriptwriter,
                                                   illustrator, editor, stylist, publisher, filmmaker.

                RACHAEL RAKENA
                MANA MOANA

              „ RACHAEL RAKENA                Rachael Rakena from the Whiti o Rehua          Rakena co-leads the Mana Moana project,
                NGĀI TAHU, NGĀPUHI,           School of Art uses the term ‘toi rerehiko’     a collaboration between Māori and
                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR,          to describe her practice, meaning ‘art that    Pasifika musicians, artists, writers and
                WHITI O REHUA SCHOOL OF ART   employs electricity, movement and light’.      choreographers. It is a series of short art
                                              It claims and names digital arts for Māori     films, fusing poetry, dance, song, painting,
                                              by centring the concepts of ‘space between’,   photography and animation. Instead of
                                              ‘fluidity’, ‘immersion’ and ‘continuum’        projecting on a traditional film screen,
                                              within a Māori paradigm, and combines          Mana Moana explores themes of ocean,
                                              notions of continuum with interdisciplinary    climate change and diaspora on a screen
                                              and collaborative practice. ‘I make art        of projected water.
                                              that usually involves video and is often
                                              collaborative. I’ve been exploring themes
                                              around identity and water for many
                                              years, always with an indigenous focus.’
                                                                                                                                                     FINE AR T S

                                                Design and
                                                Fine Arts Degree
You are automatically enrolled in a BDes or     YOUR FIRST YEAR                                     Year One
BFA Honours degree at Massey (four years).
                                                The University year is divided into two             Semester 1                 Semester 2
This gives you a competitive edge in a world                                                        Weeks 1–12                 Weeks 1–12
                                                12-week semesters from February–November,
where having initiative and confidence are an
                                                with mid-semester as well as mid-year breaks.
advantage, and where new careers continue                                                            Studio I     Studio I      Studio I     Studio I
                                                Please check online for a full calendar of
to be invented.                                                                                      S1B1         S1B2          S2B1         S2B2
                                                important dates and university holidays.             ––– .157/8   ––– .157/8    ––– .157/8   ––– .157/8
100 LEVEL / INTRODUCTION                        In your first year, you will take 8 courses, each
                                                                                                     Select one   Select one    Select one   Select one
Explore what it means to be a university        worth 15 credits. That is 120 credits in total,      Lens         Lens          Lens         Lens
student. Find your feet. Choose your path.      which is full time at Massey. Full-time study        Art Place    Imagine       Art Place    Imagine
                                                equates to about 40 hours per week, including        Space        Art Lab       Space        Art Lab
                                                                                                     Dress        Material      Dress        Material
                                                class time and independent work.
200 LEVEL / DEVELOPMENT                                                                              Screen       Screen        Object       Screen
                                                Core Major Courses:                                  Object       Type          Type         Type
Become more familiar with the practices
and processes of design or contemporary         Depending on the course, you might create
art production. Experiment.                     site-specific art, photographic images, objects,
                                                garments, performances, new materials, video
                                                or graphics.
                                                                                                     6 weeks      6 weeks       6 weeks      6 weeks
Extend your art and design practice and hone    Shared Core Courses:                                 15 credits   15 credits    15 credits   15 credits
your critical skills further.                   There are two compulsory courses,
                                                Communication for Makers and Conversations           Communication              Conversations in
                                                                                                     for Makers                 Creative Cultures
                                                in Creative Cultures, where we introduce you
400 LEVEL (HONS) / INNOVATION                   to ideas and people that shape the creative
                                                                                                     237.130                    237.131

Push the boundaries of your design              arts and develop skills for communicating
process or art practice with a significant      your work. You discuss, blog, read, listen, and
research-led independent body of work,          communicate in a whole range of ways.
and celebrate your growth into a fully-fledged                                                        12 weeks                   12 weeks
creative arts graduate.                         Elective Courses:                                    15 credits                 15 credits

                                                Examples include: fashion construction,              Elective                   Elective
                                                printmaking, painting, contemporary sculpture,       100 level                  100 level
                                                drawing the body, introduction to computer
                                                animation, photography as an agent of change
                                                and digital fabrication. You can also take
                                                electives from other parts of Massey. Check out
                                                all options online.                                  12 weeks                   12 weeks
                                                                                                     15 credits                 15 credits
                                                The Yellow Book programme guide provides
                                                more details about all degree content and
                                                elective options, download it from:
                                                If you are wondering which core studio courses
                                                are right for you check out our two-minute
                                                videos about each first year studio course


KAWAKAWA PRINT #4                 TUKU KA RERE
                                                                                                                                    MĀOR I
                                                                                                                               VISUAL AR T S

                       Toioho Ki Āpiti
                       Bachelor of
    Selected entry
                       Māori Visual Arts
Four years full time
        Manawatū       BMVA

                       Immerse yourself in the only university-            WHAT’S SPECIAL ABOUT THE
                       based four year degree in Māori Visual              BACHELOR OF MĀORI VISUAL ARTS?
                       Arts in Aotearoa.
                                                                           This four-year degree is kaupapa Māori-
                       Staff and students engage creatively in a           based. Engage in te reo Māori, tikanga and
                       culturally rich environment where te reo,           whanaungatanga, and become a conceptual
                       tikanga and whanaungatanga are fundamental          and critical thinker and creative maker.
                       to growing creative processes and practices
                       in toi Māori. Students will have access to staff    Mana Whakapapa
                       who are acknowledged Māori artists, both            Open your senses to Māori visual culture
                       nationally and internationally, in their areas of   and explore your identity through a Māori
                       expertise.                                          worldview. Become part of the whānau.

                       Established in 1995 by Professor Robert Jahnke      Mana Tiriti
                       ONZM, Toioho ki Āpiti (Māori Visual Arts) is        Awaken your responsibility to Te Tiriti o
                       based at Te Pūtahi-a-Toi on the Manawatū            Waitangi. Become aware and engage with
                       campus in Palmerston North. The programme           the political context.
                       caters for all levels of proficiency in te reo      Mana Whenua
                       whether you have grown up through kohanga           Carve your own pathway within the landscape
                       and kura or are an absolute beginner.               of contemporary Māori art.
                       Students and staff start each study year with a     Mana Tangata
                       stay on a marae where whakawhanaungatanga           Take leadership and responsibility for your
                       begins, and continues to be fostered through        creative practice. Pursue artistic excellence.
                       collective experiences throughout the degree.       He toi whakairo, he mana tangata!
                       Exposure to contemporary visual arts, both
                       mainstream and indigenous, is facilitated
                       through visits to galleries, hui, wānanga
                                                                           CAREERS INCLUDE:
                       and exhibition openings. Previously this has        Artist, designer, academic/researcher,
                       included travel to marae and exhibitions in         curator, museum and art gallery collections
                       Sydney, Melbourne, Venice, Tokyo, Korea,            manager, gallery director, gallery assistant,
                       Hawai’i, Paris, Tahiti, as well as New Zealand.     iwi development officer, Māori cultural
                                                                           adviser, teacher, lecturer, archivist, historian.
                       The Toioho ki Āpiti community has extensive
                       professional relationships with curators, public
                       and commercial galleries, and artist networks
                       both nationally and internationally. You will be
                       able to access and develop connections with
                       these networks to help further their chosen
                       career in the arts.

                                                                                                               „ MATA AHO COLLECTIVE
                                                                                                                The Mata Aho Collective is a group of four
                                                                                                                Māori women artists who produce large
                                                                                                                scale fibre based works and work with a
                                                                                                                single collective authorship.
                                                                                                                The artists are lecturer at Toioho ki Āpiti
                                                                                                                Māori visual arts, Erena Baker, of Te Atiawa
                                                                                                                ki Whakarongotai and Ngāti Toa Rangātira,
                                                                                                                Toioho ki Āpiti graduates Bridget Reweti, of
                                                                                                                Ngāti Ranginui and Ngāi Te Rangi, and Sarah
                                                                                                                Hudson, of Ngāti Awa and Ngāi Tūhoe, and
                                                                                                                Whiti o Rehua School of Art graduate Terri
                                                                                                                Te Tau, of Rangitāne ki Wairarapa.
                                                                                                                They credit Toioho ki Āpiti as giving them a
                                                                                                                foundation of visual arts practice. “It helped
                                                                                                                us to see the relevance of mātauranga
                                                                                                                Māori in the work we create for the current
                                                                                                                contemporary art landscape and to push for
                                                                                                                innovation within our work.
                                                                                                                AKA is a 14m high hand-woven work made
                                                                                                                from 25mm thick marine rope, situated in the
                                                                                                                rotunda of the National Gallery of Canada.

                 IMAGES: NATIONAL ART
                 GALLERY OF CANADA

                 Puawai says her BMVA gave her the            “The amazing lecturers have open minds
                 confidence to express herself and has         about different whakaaro, different types of
                 helped take her to places not even she        work and you’re appreciated for your ideas.
                 imagined at the beginning of her studies.     I wouldn’t be where I am today without the
                “When I started I was really passionate        BMVA… the skills to express myself and the
                 about painting but the course offers other    confidence and passion I’ve gained in my art
                 art forms like photography and media          and in where I come from, in my pepeha.”
                 studies. Over the years my passion
                                                              A woman of many talents, Puawai was one
                 changed as I started creating videos.”
                                                              of the artists involved in the hit te reo song
                After graduating Puawai became one of the     Maimoatia which pushed Justin Timberlake
                presenters on iconic youth TV show Pukana     off the top of the NZ iTunes chart in 2016,
                and has a growing online audience for her     and also performed at the national kapa
                Hey Puawai videos. She credits her success    haka championships with the Hatea team
                to the course that awakened her passion for   from Whangārei.
                performance art.
                                                                                                                                               MĀOR I
                                                                                                                                          VISUAL AR T S

                                                   Māori Visual Arts
                                                   Degree Structure
YOUR FIRST YEAR:                                   Te Reo Whakahoahoa:                                Year One
                                                   Take a language paper at the level appropriate
MANA WHAKAPAPA                                     to you. You may also choose to do the next level
                                                                                                      Semester 1            Semester 2
                                                                                                      Weeks 1–12            Weeks 1–12
As part of the Toioho ki Āpiti Māori Visual        in semester two.
Arts whānau, you will participate in a range                                                           Mata Puare            Mata Puare
                                                   Critical and Contextual:
of collective activities such as kapa haka,                                                            Studio IA             Studio IB
                                                   In this distance course, you will learn about       150.107               150.108
exhibitions and wānanga. The programme aims
                                                   customary Māori visual arts. This includes
to encourage and challenge you to push the
                                                   a contact course at Te Papa Tongarewa that
boundaries of contemporary Māori art.
                                                   takes you into the storerooms to learn from
The University year is divided into two 12-week    taonga tuku iho.
semesters between February and November,
with mid-semester and mid-year breaks. Please
                                                   You may be interested in other courses offered
check online for a full calendar of important
                                                   by the College of Creative Arts, the School
dates and university holidays.
                                                   of Māori Studies, or from other parts of
In your first year, you will take five courses     Massey. Examples include digital fabrication,
that add up to 120 credits, which is full time     fashion construction, printmaking, painting,
                                                                                                       12 weeks
at Massey. Full-time study equates to about        contemporary sculpture and drawing.                 30 credits
40 hours per week, including class time and
                                                   The Yellow Book programme guide provides            Ngā Hanga
independent work.
                                                   more details about all degree content and           Whakairo
Mata Puare Studio:                                 elective options, download it from:                 150.106
You will spend two full days a week in the
studio making, experimenting, discussing and
developing ideas. All lecturers are exhibiting
artists and so depending on their experience                                                           12 weeks              12 weeks
                                                                                                       15 credits            45 credits
and skills you might create a conventional or
unconventional painting, sculpture, photographic                                                       Te Reo Whakahoahoa    Te Reo
or design work, video or performance piece or                                                          300.110               Kōnakinaki
a mixed media installation.                                                                                                  300.111

                                                                                                       12 weeks              12 weeks
                                                                                                       15 credits            15 credits



                                                                                                                                                          CR E ATIVE
                                                                                                                                                  MEDIA PRODUC TION

                                                    Bachelor of
                                                    Creative Media
                             Open entry
                    Three years full time
                             Wellington             BCMP

Future-focused, this degree emphasises              WHAT’S SPECIAL ABOUT CREATIVE                      YOUR FIRST YEAR
originality, innovation and critical                MEDIA PRODUCTION AT MASSEY?                        The University year is divided into two 12-week
thought, and is led by practising                                                                      semesters from February–November, with mid-
                                                    Learn from the experts
academics and industry experts.                                                                        semester as well as mid-year breaks. Please
                                                    Developed and taught by award-winning
                                                    industry professionals and academics, who’ve       check online for a full calendar of important
The BCMP aims to give you the skills and
                                                    worked on projects including Avatar, The           dates and university holidays. In your first year,
creativity to realise your vision in interactive
                                                    Hobbit, Iron Man 3, Planet of the Apes, Babe,      you will take 8 courses, each worth 15 credits.
and digital media production. With an
                                                    Ocean Girl, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea           That is 120 credits in total, which is full time
emphasis on production skills, you’ll take
                                                    and Daffodils.                                     with Massey. We expect you to spend 40 hours
creative media projects through development
                                                                                                       per week on your studies, including class time.
of initial concepts and narratives to a
                                                    Industry connections
completed, distributable work. Using industry-                                                         The Yellow Book programme guide provides
                                                    Staff are well connected in the screen industry,
standard production facilities, studios and                                                            more details about all degree content
                                                    and include former staff of Weta Digital,
labs, you’ll respond to briefs that combine                                                            and elective options, download it from:
                                                    Weta Workshop, Park Road Post, TVNZ,
creative studio practice, linear and non-linear                                              
                                                    SKY and the BBC.
storytelling, professional practice and portfolio
development.                                        Cross-discipline collaboration
                                                    Embedded in an internationally recognised          Year One
BCMP PATHWAYS INCLUDE:                              art and design school, which fosters creativity
                                                    and innovation.                                    Semester 1                  Semester 2
> Animation and VFX                                                                                    Weeks 1–12                  Weeks 1–12
> Creative Technologies
                                                    Graduate job-ready
> Film and Television                                                                                   Select two:                  Select two:
                                                    Builds on Massey’s strong track record of
> Game Development                                                                                         Animation                    Audio
                                                    training graduates for successful careers
> Immersive Media                                                                                          Digital Video                3D Modelling
                                                    in the screen sector.                                  Games                        Film & Video
  (subject to regulatory approval)
                                                                                                           Producing &                  on Location
> Producing and Directing                                                                                  Directing                    Prototyping
                                                    CAREERS INCLUDE                                        Visualisation                for Creative Tech
                                                                                                           Web & Mobile                 Programing
GET CAREER READY                                    Producer, director, visual effects producer,
                                                                                                                                        for Interactive
                                                    special effects technical director, virtual
Immerse yourself in the screen industry.                                                                                                Time-based
                                                    producer, sound designer, sound recording                                            Editing
Assemble a robust and diverse portfolio.
                                                    engineer, camera operator, lighting technician,                                     VFX
Develop a unique production through
                                                    editor interactive/ creative technologies
a mentored final-year project, with an                                                                  12 weeks                     12 weeks
                                                    producer, app developer, concept artist,            15 credits each              15 credits each
opportunity to have your work seen by the
                                                    storyboard artist, art director, animator, 3D
industry sector.                                                                                        Introduction to Creative     Working with
                                                    modeller, rigger, games art director, games         Media Production             Scripted Material
                                                    developer, web and mobile games producer, VR/       289.100                      289.120
                                                    AR developer, audio producer, CG artist, motion
                                                    capture animator, digital effects artist.
                                                                                                        12 weeks                     12 weeks
                                                                                                        15 credits                   15 credits
                                                                                                        Elective                     Elective
                                                    Extend your study, develop your research and        100 level                    100 level
                                                    create outstanding creative media in the BCMP
                                                    Honours programme. For more information, go
                                                    to the Postgraduate section on page 43.
                                                                                                        12 weeks                     12 weeks
                                                                                                        15 credits                   15 credits
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