Prospectus 2021-2022 - Leeds Arts University

Prospectus 2021-2022 - Leeds Arts University

Prospectus 2021-2022 - Leeds Arts University
              BA (Ho

                    ns) Pho






                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         4    Hello
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         6    Our new Chancellor
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         8    Introducing Leeds Arts University
                   Seronga                                                                                                                                                                                                               12   Our Facilities

                                                                                                                                                               e Ar
BA (Hon

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Laura Harding                    16   Our Heritage

                                                                                                                                                         s) Fin

                                                                                                                                                                                           ion Design
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        20    Our Creative City


                                                                                                                     ele       ine T
   Visual Co

                                                                                                                                    ichb                                                                                                      Your Accommodation

                                                                                                                                                  BA (
                                                                                                                                          ourn                                                                                          22

                                                                                                                                                                             BA (Hons) Fash
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        24    Our Students’ Union

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        26    Our Student Support
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        28    Your Future Career

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        30    Our Sustainability
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Our Courses
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        34    BA (Hons) Animation
                                                                                                                    Our                                                                                                                 38    BA (Hons) Comic & Concept Art
                                           BA (Hons) Fashion
                                                                                                                  Students’                                                                                                             42    BA (Hons) Creative Advertising
                                                                                                                    Work                                                                                                                46    BA (Hons) Creative Writing

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Hannah            50    BA (Hons) Fashion Branding with Communication
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        54    BA (Hons) Fashion Design

                                                                                                                                                                                                             BA (H

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        58    BA (Hons) Fashion Photography
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ons) G

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        62    BA (Hons) Filmmaking

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        66    BA (Hons) Fine Art
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        70    BA (Hons) Graphic Design

                                                                                                                                     ies                                                                                                      BA (Hons) Illustration
                                                                                                                               Smith                                                                                                    74

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        78    BA (Hons) Photography

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        82    BMus (Hons) Popular Music Performance
                                                                                                                    n De

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        86    BA (Hons) Textile Design

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        90    BA (Hons) Visual Communication

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Further Education

                                                                 g  er

                                                            eth A                                                                                                                                                                       94    Foundation Diploma in Art & Design
                                                                         BA (Hons) G


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        98    Extended Diploma in Creative Practice
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ng ’A
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Ng ’A
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Eric                           102   Introducing Postgraduate Study
                                                                                    raphic Desig

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              How to Find Us

                                                                                                                                                                                        BMus (Hons) ance
                                                                                                                                                                                        Music Perform

                                                                                                                                 2                                                                                                                                      3
Prospectus 2021-2022 - Leeds Arts University
We believe          You’ll be immersed in an inspiring
                    atmosphere and will have

that Leeds Arts
                    opportunities to collaborate with
                    others whose specialism lies outside
                    of your own, from filmmakers to
                    fashion designers, photographers

University is the
                    to musicians, artists to designers;
                    anything feels possible here.

                    There’s a real-life feel to studying

best place
                    with us. You’ll have countless
                    opportunities to learn from,
                    network with, and work for some
                    of the best names in your chosen

to begin your
                    field, thanks to our contacts within
                    industry and practising creatives.
                    This adds a vital perspective to your
                    studies, helps to build your CV and

journey in the
                    will enhance your prospects.

                    We work extremely hard to remain
                    a leading centre for the arts,

creative arts.
                    nurturing some of the most
                    sought after talent. Our diverse
                    student body encompasses
                    creatives from across the globe,
                    from India to Iceland, Egypt to Hong
                    Kong, each bringing with them their
                    own individual perspective,
                    skills and potential.

                    I’m delighted that you’re
                    considering studying with us.
                    At Leeds Arts University you’ll
                    discover an exciting creative
                    community, where hard work
                    really pays off and the only limit
                    is your imagination.
                                                                Professor Simone Wonnacott

                    ”                                       5
Prospectus 2021-2022 - Leeds Arts University
“I am                                                        Introducing our new Chancellor


delighted and
honoured to
accept the
role as the
first ever
Chancellor                                 Skin, acclaimed DJ, fashion icon, actress,          As well as fronting one of the UK’s most

of Leeds Arts                              activist and lead singer of multi-million
                                           selling rock band, Skunk Anansie, became
                                                                                               successful bands, Skin is a multi-talented
                                                                                               artist involved in various projects. She is an
University,                                the first Chancellor of Leeds Arts University
                                           in 2021. The Chancellor is the ceremonial
                                                                                               established DJ, playing Techno, Tech House
                                                                                               and Minimal all over the world at classic
the only                                   head of the University and plays an important       venues like Output in New York, Sound

specialist arts                            ambassadorial role, one who students and
                                           staff can look to for inspiration and who can
                                                                                               Nightclub in LA and Fabric in London, and with
                                                                                               Iconic Techno Dj Nicole Moudaber, Space
university                                 speak on behalf of the University and the
                                           creative sector.
                                                                                               (Ibiza) at Carl Cox’s Revolution (2016) and
                                                                                               Coachella in 2016.
in the North
of England.                                Skunk Anansie became the first international
                                           multi-racial band to tour South Africa and also
                                                                                               “We are so proud and delighted to
                                                                                               have Skin as Leeds Arts University’s
I am really                                performed at a concert held to mark the 80th
                                           birthday of former South African President          first Chancellor. Skin has an ongoing
impressed                                  and global icon Nelson Mandela. The band            relationship with the University, her
                                                                                               visit in 2019 as a part of our Creative
with the                                   headlined Glastonbury just 4 years after
                                           their debut appearance on the main stage            Networks events programme and
students and                               in 1995 and were hailed as iconic pillars of
                                           Britrock by the British press. Skunk Anansie
                                                                                               masterclass was an inspiration to
staff, and                                 also received wide-spread acclaim from              all our students. Skin’s creative
                                                                                               background spans many areas of
look forward                               specialist music and fashion press including
                                           Dazed & Confused, Phoenix Magazine, Diva            the creative industries including
to being able                              Magazine, The Quietus, NME, Classic Rock,
                                           and Kerrang, who awarded the band their Hall
                                                                                               music, fashion and art, and makes her
                                                                                               uniquely qualified to undertake the
to support                                 of Fame Award 2019.
                                                                                               post of Chancellor.”
everybody in
their creative                                                                                 Professor Simone Wonnacott
”                     Image: @arvedphoto

                  6                                                                        7
Prospectus 2021-2022 - Leeds Arts University
Leeds Arts
    We have built an international
                                                        Our Creative Staff
    reputation as the only specialist
                                                        Excellent staff: student ratios mean you’ll
    arts university in the North of                     benefit from expert advice to achieve your
    England. The entire University                      goals. We have been awarded Silver in the
    is dedicated to the study of                        Teaching Excellence Framework, meaning
                                                        our expert tutors deliver high quality teaching
    creative subjects across a range                    and learning which is research informed.
    of postgraduate, undergraduate                      Our tutors and professional instructors are all
    and further education courses.                      highly experienced in their disciplines. Many
                                                        of them continue to be actively involved in the
                                                        creative industries so they’re well-connected
    Integrated with Industry                            and up to date with current practice. They
    We do everything to enable your future              share two major goals: to encourage, support
    success. This means maximising your contact         and develop you to reach your full potential
    both with industry and practising creatives.        and to prepare you to build a successful
    We offer you the chance to take part in live        career after you leave us.
    briefs, performances, competitions, and work
    experience as relevant, as well as developing
    your core business, entrepreneurial and             Our Sites
    professional skills. We provide you with            Blenheim Walk is where our postgraduate and
    opportunities to promote your work and              undergraduate degrees are based. It’s just a
    perform in a variety of settings. Every June        ten minute walk from the city centre.
    our end of year shows are promoted to the
    media and the creative industries, many of          Vernon Street is our historic original building
    whom are talent-spotting and looking to             where our further education courses are
    recruit creative graduates.                         based. It is situated in the city centre, just a ten
                                                        minute walk from the railway station.

    Our Excellent Facilities
    We invest heavily in our facilities - we have
    won the Whatuni Student Choice Award for
    the UK University with the Best Facilities in
    2019, 2016 and 2014 (and came second in    
    2017, 2018 and 2020!).

8                                                   9
Prospectus 2021-2022 - Leeds Arts University
“Art is
                                                 about life
                                                   and it
                                                can’t really
                                                 be about
                                              anything else.
                                                There isn’t
                                              anything else.”
                  Damien Hirst
           For the Love of God, 2007                 Damien Hirst
     Platinum, diamonds and human teeth
      6.7 x 5 x 7.5 in (171 x 127 x 190 mm)        Studied 1983 — 1984
Photographed by Prudence Cuming Associates
       © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd.
       All rights reserved, DACS 2021.

                    10                                     11
Prospectus 2021-2022 - Leeds Arts University
     At Leeds Arts University we                            We take great care to manage our resources
     pride ourselves on our state-of-                       so that they offer opportunities to students at
                                                            the right level and provide an enhancement
     the-art resources and libraries.                       to your curriculum. You will therefore find
     We have won the Whatuni                                differential access to these facilities according
     Student Choice Award for the                           to your choice of course.
     UK University with the Best                            Computers
     Facilities in 2019, 2016 and 2014,                     Our computer suites house networks of Apple
     and came second in 2017, 2018                          Mac computers. These feature regularly
                                                            updated, industry-standard software for a
     and 2020!                                              wide range of creative applications, including:
                                                            video and audio editing; animation and motion
                                                            graphics; image creation, scanning, editing
     All our buildings have been designed and built         and manipulation; and 3D scanning and
     for specialist creative education, whether             3D printing. All our suites use equipment
     this is our iconic Vernon Street building or           consistent with that used in the creative
     our state-of-the-art campus at Blenheim                workplace and clusters of computers are
     Walk. Dedicated facilities across our range            also in each course area with appropriate
     of specialist disciplines are complemented             software.
     by open working areas designed to enable
     collaborations and social opportunities.               Digital Printing
                                                            These resources enable professional-
     Specialist Resources                                   standard, large-format digital printing and
     Our resources are equipped to industry                 print finishing. We have large format (up to
     standards, and are run by highly skilled staff.        A0) printers which are capable of printing
     Resources have a drop-in facility so work can          over a metre wide. Our negative scanners
     be carried on provided resource inductions             allow professional quality film scanning at both
     have been completed.                                   large format, medium format and 35mm. Our
                                                            vinyl cutter enables designs to be cut from
     Our differing facilities are based across              many types of vinyl.
     our Vernon Street and Blenheim Walk
     sites. Facilities at Blenheim Walk have been           Libraries
     designed to enhance the experience of higher           Our libraries are dynamic learning
     education whilst those at Vernon Street are            environments, including a range of specialist
     designed for further education.                        resources carefully curated to support your
12                                                     13
Prospectus 2021-2022 - Leeds Arts University
studies. Digital Collections are an evolving        Photography and Filmmaking
area of the University, enabling an enhanced        Equipment is available for students to borrow
learning experience and information literacy.       according to their course, including digital and
Our special collections include artists’ books,     film SLRs and a range of support equipment
photobooks and illustrated books as well as         for use in our lighting studios or off-site. BA
the University archive. Self-service facilities     (Hons) Photography, BA (Hons) Fashion
are available throughout, supported by a            Photography and MA Photography can use
dedicated team of Subject Library Assistants.       dedicated lighting studios with a range of
                                                    professional equipment.
Print and Printmaking
Our resources are equipped to a high                Equipment for BA (Hons) Filmmaking
professional standard. Facilities include           students includes industry-standard
flat-bed and vacuum-bed screen-printing             professional production and editing
for textiles and paper, using a variety of print    equipment, 4k cameras, broadcast standard
media. We also have digital textile printers and    editing suites, full film studio and green screen
a large dye laboratory. The print resources         facility. Lighting kits are available for location
provide excellent facilities for paper-based        and studio work.
printmaking using a range of processes,
including intaglio (drypoint and etching),          Fashion and Garment Construction
screen-printing, mono-printing and linocut.         Facilities for our BA (Hons) Fashion Design
                                                    students reflect those typically used in
3D Resources                                        the fashion industry; our large studios are
All of our 3D resources for working with            equipped with a range of industrial sewing
wood, metal, plastics and ceramics are              machines and presses that you would expect
equipped with high quality industrial-standard      to see in a professional garment production
machinery. These specialist machines, some          setting.
of which are computer-controlled (CNC) are
supplemented by extensive hand and power            Music, Performance and Audio
tools and highly trained staff.                     Bespoke music facilities for our BMus (Hons)
                                                    Popular Music Performance students include:
There are industry standard laser cutters           24-track analogue/digital recording studio;
able to cut and engrave a range of material         fully-integrated studio live/ensemble rooms;
such as; wood, plastic, fabrics, papers & cards     auditorium with full live PA and lighting rig and
and much more.                                      sound-proofed instrumental teaching rooms.

In our woodworking resources we have                University Shops
equipment for processing and multiple               Our not-for-profit shops and studio
methods of construction techniques (both            resources offer very competitive rates. We
hand and machine). Our metal resources              sell a wide range of materials including paints,
include plasma-cutting (inc CNC), electric          inks, paper, card, adhesives, portfolios,
and gas welding, brazing, folding and bending       sketchbooks, film, digital media, guitar tuners,
and much more. In the casting resources we          guitar picks, drum sticks, guitar strings,
explore sculptural processes using materials        earplugs and stationery.
such as plaster, wax, latex, and moulding
rubbers. In the ceramics and glass resources,
we have a wide range of handtools supported
by modern potters’ wheels and kilns . The 3D            View our facilities at an open day!
resources also have plastic resources and               Visit
equipment for breaking down and reusing                 to book your place.
recyclable plastics.

                                                   14                                                    15
Prospectus 2021-2022 - Leeds Arts University
We are very proud of our rich                           were now encouraged to adopt a scientific
history, having contributed                             approach, enabling them to develop a capacity
                                                        for constructive criticism and understanding.
significantly to the development                        The University of Leeds’ new Gregory                                                                  Students outside our
of arts education in the UK.                            Fellowship brought many practising artists to
                                                                                                                                                             Vernon Street building

We have roots dating back to                            Leeds, many of whom came to help out at the
                                                        college.                                         2018
1846 and the original Leeds
                                                                                                         We expanded our postgraduate courses in
School of Art.                                          1960                                             the fields of graphic design, photography
                                                        In 1960 we began to run courses which            and fine art, and included a new creative
                                                        encouraged an open-ended, creative and           writing undergraduate degree course.
 1846                                                   flexible approach, leading to a new system of
The Leeds Mechanics’ Institute (which                   art education at Leeds and nationwide.           2019
offered drawing classes) merged with the                                                                 We further developed Blenheim Walk
Literary Institute, creating Leeds School of            1980                                             with a new extension that opened in 2019,
Art. In 1903, it moved to our present Vernon            In the mid-1980s our Blenheim Walk               housing a public gallery space, performance
Street building, where the radical design               building was erected. New construction           auditorium, a new library, postgraduate
reflected the clean lines of the Arts and Crafts        and development continues to this day for        suite and specialist film, photography,
movement and in 1927 became Leeds College               the benefit of all our students. More recent     fashion and music studios. We also
of Art. Following the world wars, ex-service            alumni include Marcus Harvey, Damien             introduced further postgraduate courses in
personnel resuming their education filled               Hirst, film director Clio Barnard, and Leigh     creature design and graphic novel.
the college almost to bursting. Henry Moore             Francis, otherwise known as Keith Lemon.
and Barbara Hepworth (enrolling in 1919 and             Between 1968-93 the college was named            2020
1920, respectively) were students of this era.          Jacob Kramer College, after one of its leading   We increased our postgraduate portfolio
                                                        alumni, before reclaiming the name Leeds         with new MAs in animation, digital fashion,
1946                                                    College of Art in 2009.                          illustration and worldbuilding.
As our reputation grew, new design
departments were formed, including                      2017                                             2021
furniture, graphic design and printmaking.              In September 2017 we were granted full           The University appoints Skin, acclaimed
A new pottery and workshops were built,                 university title. Our new name is now Leeds      DJ, fashion icon, actress, activist and lead
and in 1959 a new library was created.                  Arts University, making us the only specialist   singer of multi-million selling rock band,
                                                        arts university in the North of England. We      Skunk Anansie, to be its first Chancellor.
1950                                                    also expanded our undergraduate curriculum
From the 1950s to the 1970s, there was a                to include filmmaking, popular music, and
reappraisal of art education in Britain, largely        comic & concept art. Our teaching continued       Find out more at:
based on ideas developed in Leeds. Students             to be informed by practice-based research.

                                                   16                                                                                                   17
Prospectus 2021-2022 - Leeds Arts University
“A sculptor
 is a person
    who is
in the shape
  of things,
    a poet
  in words,
  a musician
 in sounds.”
    Henry Moore
   Studied 1919 — 1921
                                                    Image provided by Yorkshire Sculpture Park.
                                            Image: Henry Moore, Three Piece Reclining Figure No.1 1961-62
                         Copyright: The Henry Moore Foundation. All rights reserved, DACS/The Henry Moore Foundation 2021.

           18                                                           19
           Creative City
Leeds was named ‘The UK’s                       Leeds is known as a cultural centre, and is
                                                home to the Leeds Grand Theatre, Opera
best student city’ by The                       North, Northern Ballet and the Leeds
Independent and has everything                  Playhouse. There are art-house cinemas, (the

that our creative students need.                Hyde Park Picture House building is one of the
                                                oldest in the country), comedy clubs, bowling
Leeds is only a short distance                  alleys, ale houses, city-centre cafes and bars
from the inspiring Yorkshire

                                                and super-clubs.
countryside, and has excellent
transport links to cities like                  Art in Leeds

Manchester, Edinburgh,                          Leeds has a thriving independent arts scene
                                                                                                    Music in Leeds
                                                that students can enjoy. There are studios
Glasgow and London.                             and art collectives all over the city offering      Leeds has a lively music scene, with a

                                                potential for artistic collaboration. Leeds         range of music performance venues. The
Life in Leeds                                   Art Gallery houses an impressive range of           city has a rich musical heritage which has
For shoppers Leeds has everything from          20th-century British art, while the Henry           generated internationally recognised
vintage boutiques to Harvey Nichols and         Moore Institute next door showcases a range         artists such as alt-J, Pigeon Detectives
hundreds of smaller independent stores.         of sculpture-based exhibitions. The Tetley is a     and Wild Beasts. Independent recording
Victoria Quarter is home to Vivienne            contemporary and exciting arts space based          studios and rehearsal spaces provide
Westwood, Mulberry and Paul Smith, but          in the city centre, and there are also lots of      a creative community of professional
you can also find plenty of great bargains      independent galleries. The award-winning            musicians, and make Leeds the perfect
on the high street and in Kirkgate Market.      Hepworth Gallery and Yorkshire Sculpture            place for studying musicians to develop
The Trinity Leeds shopping centre and           Park are close by in Wakefield. Bradford’s          their industry connections. There’s a
luxury shopping centre Victoria Gate have a     famous National Science and Media Museum            huge range of live music in hundreds of
wide range of shops, bars and restaurants.      is also a short train journey from Leeds.           venues around the city, spanning a variety
Leeds has celebrated the annual Leeds Indie                                                         of genres. Venues include the Leeds
Food festival, and has hosted the German                                                            Arena, the O2 Academy, the Wardrobe,
Christmas Market in winter. There are                                                               Stylus, The HiFi Club, Belgrave Music
independent and chain restaurants for all                                                           Hall, the Domino Club, the Key Club and
budgets and tastes. Students who enjoy sport    To find out more about what life in Leeds is like   the Brudenell Social Club. The city is also
may experience the Leeds heritage of rugby,     you can visit:                                      known for the Live in Leeds Festival, and the
football and cricket with Elland Road and                   world-famous Leeds Festival.
Headingley stadiums within easy reach. There
are also student-friendly gyms, pools and
exercise classes all over the city.   

                                               20                                                                                                   21
     We understand that moving                             To view the accommodation options, visit
                                                           our website at:
     away from home to live in                             accommodation
     student accommodation is an
     exciting prospect, but it can                         Students aged under 18
     also seem confusing and a bit                         Students who are under 18 years old can
     intimidating. Choosing your                           have difficulty finding a landlord who will sign
                                                           a tenancy agreement with them. If you’ll be
     accommodation is an important                         under 18 when you need to sign a tenancy
     decision and we are here to                           agreement, you should discuss with your
     help. We reserve rooms with a                         chosen accommodation provider.

     select group of accommodation
     providers in a variety of student                       You can view accommodation at one of our
                                                             open days. To view upcoming open days
     accommodation blocks for new                            visit:
     and international students.

     The benefits of staying in the accommodation
     offered through these arrangements are that
     you’ll be living with other creative students
     from Leeds Arts University, so you’ll get to
     know students from across all of our degree
     courses. The accommodation is well located,
     so you can be sure you’ll be getting the most
     out of living in Leeds from when you first
     arrive, and is also within walking distance of
     the University. The different accommodation
     sites and blocks have been selected to meet
     the high standards you expect so that you feel
     safe and secure, with a choice over cost and

22                                                    23
   Students’ Union
Our Students’ Union team                           put forward the views of students and have
work hard to ensure that every                     played an important part in creating positive
                                                   change and making Leeds Arts University a
student gets the most from their                   great place to study.
time at Leeds Arts University.
                                                   Events and Entertainment
Throughout the year our Students’ Union            Our calendar of events and activities will help
organise activities, campaigns, events and         you to settle into University life and allow
fundraising, run our student magazine as well      you to get to know your fellow students and
as supporting societies and sports teams.          this brilliant city. We host various events
There are many ways in which you can get           throughout the year making sure you have
involved; allowing you to have your say, have      every opportunity to relax and have fun. Our
                                                                                                        to take advantage of hundreds of exclusive
fun and meet new people. As a specialist arts      links with some of the city’s best retailers, bars
                                                                                                        deals and discounts online, in shops, bars and
union, Leeds Arts Union will always strive to      and attractions mean you can access great
                                                                                                        entertainment venues.
offer students as many creative activities and     deals, up-to-date news on events and the
opportunities as possible. We always make          chance to explore the creative scene in Leeds.       Sports and Fitness
sure there’s plenty on offer for the creative
                                                   Societies and Activities                             We offer a range of fitness and sporting
student including supporting opportunities to
                                                                                                        activities to help our students take a break.
collaborate with students on other courses.        Joining one of our societies is a great way to
                                                                                                        Throughout the year we organise a calendar
                                                   meet other students. These groups are set
Student Representation                                                                                  of activities suitable for all abilities which are
                                                   up and run by our students and are open to
                                                                                                        a great way to stay fit and meet like-minded
Each spring, the Students’ Union hosts the         all. If you’ve got an interest and want to get
                                                                                                        people from courses across the University.
annual Student Elections that give all students    other students involved, we can help you get a
the opportunity to decide who will lead their      society up and running with support provided.
Students’ Union for the coming year. Students      Throughout the year we offer a range of
from across the University campaign for            activities and you can find out about our
roles in the Students’ Union team that play        current societies online:
an important part in improving the student
experience.                                                                                              Find out more at:
                                                   The National Union of Students (NUS)        
Course Representation                              The NUS campaigns nationally on student     
Each course also elects its own Student            issues ranging from tuition fees to safer             Blenheim Walk: 0113 202 8297
Representatives who provide a valuable             accommodation and fair access to education.           Twitter | Instagram | Facebook: @
link to University staff; enabling feedback        They provide our staff and students with              LeedsArtUnion
and ensuring that the student voice is heard       training and support. The TOTUM Card,
throughout the University. They continue to        powered by NUS, is a great way for students
                                                  24                                                                                                         25
     Student Support
     We have a diverse student                             use online resources and self-help materials
     population and work hard to help                      independently, attend workshops on
                                                           issues such as managing stress or tackling
     you participate and engage in                         procrastination, have 1-to-1 appointments
     all aspects of university life. Our                   with a Welfare Advisor or access short
     Student Support Services work                         term counselling. If you need longer term
                                                           support or treatment, we’ll help you identify
     across the University to provide                      appropriate local NHS or voluntary sector
     disability, academic, welfare and                     services available in Leeds.
     counselling support, and work
                                                           Disability Support
     closely with academic colleagues                      If you have practical, physical or mobility
     to develop our inclusive practice.                    needs or disabilities, a long term diagnosed
                                                           mental health condition or other condition, we
                                                           can help arrange reasonable adjustments. We
     Our Academic Support Team                             will talk to you about your individual needs and,
     For students with Specific Learning                   if appropriate, we can explain how to apply for
     Difficulties (SpLDs) and disabilities or long         the Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSA).
     term diagnosed mental health conditions, our
     academic support team will help you to enjoy          Chaplaincy support
     your learning and make the most of student            Our Chaplaincy supports students of all faiths
     life as independently as possible. Dyslexia, and      and none. Chaplains can support you when
     other SpLDs, can be common among highly               you are finding university life difficult and in a
     creative people, so we offer assessments and          variety of circumstances such as: you need
     support as well as advice on a range of related       someone to talk to or you need time and space
     issues to help support your creative practice.        to think, you need help in times of crisis, you
                                                           need to make a decision and need help doing
     Our Student Welfare Team                              so, someone has died and you need support,
     You will be able to access free, professional         you have personal struggles or relationship
     and confidential support from our welfare             problems.
     team. We offer a wide range of help with
     areas that can affect your studies, or stop
     you enjoying university life, such as: stress,           For further information visit:
     relationship problems, bereavement, feeling    
     anxious or depressed, or other wellbeing or    
     mental health concerns. You can choose to
26                                                    27
Victoria Ying
                                                                                                     Creative Networks event

       Future Career
When you leave Leeds Arts                         Past speakers include DJ, fashion icon,
University you will be stepping                   actress, activist and lead singer of Skunk
out into the fast-growing and                     Anansie, Skin; fashion designers Patrick
                                                  Grant and Jeff Banks; creative director Eric
exciting world of the creative                    Kessels; designer Jimmy Choo; filmmakers
industries. You’ll have discovered                Clio Barnard and Elaine Constantine; fantasy
who you are, developed your                       author Ian Livingstone CBE; comic artist Mike
                                                  Mignola; graphic novel writer Brian Azarello;
talent, built your confidence and                 visual artist Jake Chapman; illustrator for
learned new skills.                               Pixar Victoria Ying; and Director of Tate
                                                  Modern Frances Morris.
                                                                                                     Freelancers Summer School
At Leeds Arts University you’ll have              Visiting Professionals
opportunities to mix with the creative            Within your course, leading talented
industries, network with potential employers,     professionals from the creative industries are
and gain essential business skills. We’ll help    invited to share their experiences with you
you to develop a wide range of employability      and to offer career advice. They help spark
and enterprise skills that are crucial whether    ideas for your work and provide that ‘real-life’
you’re looking for a job or want to work for      perspective on planning your future.
yourself. This will help to ensure that you
develop the skills and experience needed          Recent visiting professionals have included
to gain a real competitive advantage after        world-renowned film director Ken Loach,
you leave us. You will also have access to a      colour expert and creative director Marianne
careers guidance specialist who supports          Shillingford, music photographer Kevin
higher education students in their career         Cummins, textile designer Davinda Madaher,
progression or postgraduate study.                and international artist and Leeds Arts
                                                  University alumnus Marcus Harvey.
Creative Networks
Creative Networks is our own professional
events programme. It’s a great chance to mix
with staff, students and people from industry,
and to hear high-profile speakers as they
recount their career journeys and provide
insights into industry.

                                                 28                                                                              29
Bobby Jones
BA (Hons) Graphic Design

                                      We are committed to                             Conscious Creatives Society
                                      establishing the highest possible               Both the University and our Students’
                                                                                      Union take sustainability seriously and are
                                      standards of sustainability                     committed to providing as many opportunities
                                      across all our core activities.                 to educate ourselves, help our communities
                                      We operate within a University                  and be the change. ​Our dedicated
                                                                                      sustainability society, Conscious Creatives,
                                      Sustainability Framework that                   was created by students with the aim to
                                      guides how we engage with                       educate, promote and celebrate sustainable
                                      and advance our sustainability                  and social responsibility throughout the
                                                                                      University. So far they have brought students
                                      practices.                                      together through workshops, exhibitions,
                                                                                      action days and collaborative projects. The
                                      We aim to:                                      Students’ Union Sustainability Officer leads
                                      – embed sustainability within the               the Conscious Creatives society and is there
                                         curriculum, promoting issues around          to make sure that we are doing everything we
                                         sustainability through teaching, learning    can do make a positive impact on our planet.
                                         and research.
                                      – encourage and support student                 To find out more about the work the Students’
                                         engagement throughout all sustainability     Union do on sustainability visit:
                                         developments in the University.    
                                      – reduce our carbon footprint and optimise
                                         our waste management, building systems,
                                         fabric and infrastructure to be more         Sustainability Award
                                         energy efficient.                            Our annual University Sustainability Award
                                      – make sure that our staff and students are     recognises innovative and outstanding student
                                         aware of their individual and collective     work that addresses environmental, social
                                         responsibilities regarding sustainable       and ethical issues with sustainability running
                                         practices.                                   clearly through the thinking and approach.
                                      – ensure our policies and procedures
                                         support sustainable development.
                                      – ensure our graduates are sustainability
                                         literate, equipped with the skills,
                                         knowledge and understanding to live and
                                         work in a complex and changing world.

Fran Tredget
BA (Hons) Visual Communication   30                                              31
Our Courses
Find out more about our courses at:              Undergraduate
                                           34    BA (Hons) Animation
                                           38    BA (Hons) Comic & Concept Art
                                           42    BA (Hons) Creative Advertising
                                           46    BA (Hons) Creative Writing
                                           50    BA (Hons) Fashion Branding with Communication
                                           54    BA (Hons) Fashion Design
                                           58    BA (Hons) Fashion Photography
                                           62    BA (Hons) Filmmaking
                                           66    BA (Hons) Fine Art
                                           70    BA (Hons) Graphic Design
                                           74    BA (Hons) Illustration
                                           78    BA (Hons) Photography
                                           82    BMus (Hons) Popular Music Performance
                                           86    BA (Hons) Textile Design
                                           90    BA (Hons) Visual Communication
                                                 Further Education
                                           94    Foundation Diploma in Art & Design
                                           98    Extended Diploma in Creative Practice

                                           102   Introducing Postgraduate Study

                                      32                                      33
BA (Hons)

                           Our BA (Hons) Animation is a
                                                                                     UCAS code / W615
                           focussed course aimed at students                         Duration / 3 years
                           interested in becoming a professional                     Study Mode / Full time
                           animator who can work across                    
                           animated film, TV and related
                           industries. You will work alongside
                           other students who are collectively                    Previous visiting professionals have included
                           interested in animation production.                    animators, modelmakers, sound designers,
                                                                                  scriptwriters, producers and directors
                           On this course students will learn practical           from companies such as CBBC, Aardman
                           and technical skills across a range of                 Animation, Mackinnon and Saunders, Cartoon
                           traditional and digital animation practice. A          Network and Golden Wolf. The course
                           grounding in animation and related concepts            encourages students to attend festivals
                           and theories will help you make an informed            and conferences as opportunities arise.
                           choice when you begin to specialise on a               Through these you’ll learn to generate your
                           specific area of animation practice. This is           own networking, collaboration and career
                           developed through practical investigation              opportunities, and how to find work and clients
                           of the animation production cycle including            when you graduate.
                           narrative development, worldbuilding,
                           character design, storyboarding,
                           background/layout and animating using a
                           variety of media and techniques.
                                                                                  “I was thrilled to discover a real
                           We encourage collaboration both at course
                           level and across the University, including live
                                                                                  intimacy and creative buzz. The
                           briefs and international competitions, helping         tutors made me feel at home
                           you to focus on developing your specialist             instantly and the University-wide
                           practice within animation.
                                                                                  focus on employability stood out
                           Work experience and studio visits are                  amongst other choices.”
                           supported as part of the professional practice
                           elements of the course. Visiting professionals         Sophie Pantelli
                           will give an insight into career development           BA (Hons) Animation
                           and industry practices.

Emma Williams
BA (Hons) Animation   34                                                     35
Work Experience
“Animation is not just about                                    Work experience covers a broad range of activities
entertainment, it has the                                       and students are encouraged to undertake work
                                                                placements during their time at university. As well
potential to provoke, promote,                                  as guidance from the course team our Careers,
educate and inform.                                             Employability and Enterprise team offer support that
                                                                enhances employability skills and supports engagement
Our animation course is                                         with industry. In the past our students have made links
                                                                with companies such as Kilogramme, Mackinnon and
vocationally driven and will                                    Saunders, Brown Bag Animation, Beryl Productions,
challenge you practically,                                      Framestore, Disney Europe, Factory Create, Turner
                                                                Broadcasting and BlueZoo.
technically and critically.”                                                                                                      Devon Short
                                                                Accolades                                                         BA (Hons) Animation

Mike Smith — Course Leader                                      Recent student successes include:                                      –   Royal Television Society - Student Award for Best
                                                                    Animation 2020.
                                                                –   International Animation Challenge Winners 2020.
What You’ll Study                                               –   Animated Music Video for The Silk Collective.
Year One — You’ll develop an understanding of the               –   After Lives documentary animation selected for
principles of animation and explore the pipelines                   Encounters, Anim!Arte and Lift Off Film festivals in
involved in animation from the beginning to the end of              2019.
the production process. This will include, worldbuilding        –   Not Alone animation selected for Underwire
and storytelling, character design, background and                  Festival, Anim!Arte and Los Angeles Animation
layout. You will develop your animation skills across 2D,           Festival 2019.
3D computer generated and stop motion animation.                –   Atrocity Exhibition animation selected to be
You’ll consider the practical, conceptual and theoretical           screened at the ICA’s London Short Film Festival
concerns of animation and develop an awareness of the               2020, British FiIm Institute - Future Film Shorts
opportunities and pathways open to you as an animator.              2019 and Manchester Animation Festival - Student
                                                                    Selection 2018.
Year Two — You’ll be encouraged to collaborate with             –   Winners of a D&AD award for their work on the
others which will help you to identify and develop your             John Lewis brief 2019.
own specialist practice through briefs and self-identified      –   Commendation for a collaborative response to the
projects. As you progress through the year you will                 YCN brief – A2 Milk 2018.
focus your energies on pre-production, animation or             –   Students selected to represent the course came
post-production techniques in 2D, 3D or stop motion                 first at the third annual International Animation
animation. This will enable you to further develop an               Competition held in Rubika-Supinfocom School
understanding of the roles within an animation production           (Valenciennes) 2019.
pipeline, helping you to understand where you may enter         –   Winners of a D&AD award for their work on the
the animation industry. Competitions, live briefs and               D&AD Beano brief 2018.
collaboration on projects will help you to lear n essential
communication, professional and entrepreneurial skills.
Year Three — You’ll focus on your own creative ambitions        Our graduates work as industry professionals within
and develop a strategy for becoming a professional              animation companies and across the broader related
animator. You’ll negotiate your own project work and            industries. Graduate jobs include concept artist,
take part in competitions, collaborate with others, attend      character designer, production assistant, storyboard
conferences and meet visiting professionals. The focus          artist, animator, model maker, set designer, environment
of year three is on building a portfolio which reflects your    artist, 3D artist, CG, and visual effects designer.
individual specialist practice and demonstrates the skills      Graduates may also continue to postgraduate study.
that you have to offer.

Studying Overseas
We offer a range of international experiences which may
include educational visits, study abroad and opportunities
for work experience.

                                                               36                                           Cameron Cook     37
                                                                                                       BA (Hons) Animation
Music Tiamethakorn
BA (Hons) Comic &
Concept Art

                                                               BA (Hons)

                                        Comic &
                                       Concept Art
                          This transdisciplinary course offers                      UCAS code / W223
                          a space for you to explore comic                          Duration / 3 years
                          and concept art holistically. We are                      Study Mode / Full time
                          a practical course where you can                
                          discover the theory, practice, and
                          professional context of comic and
                          concept art through a hands-on and
                          industry-relevant approach.                            international context. There are opportunities
                                                                                 for collaborative projects within the course
                          You will have opportunities to apply your              and across the University. You will also have
                          skills across a range of specialisms including         a variety of opportunities to collaborate with
                          character, environment, architecture,                  industry, past examples include Thought
                          prop, mech, vehicle and creature design,               Bubble – the leading comic art festival in
                          storyboarding, narrative illustration,                 Europe. You will be supported in developing a
                          webtoons, comics and graphic novels. The               range of career options upon graduation.
                          course will enable the development of your
                          professional understanding of studio and
                          freelance practice, whilst acquiring specialist
                          skills within a range of creative careers from
                                                                                 “This course has given me a
                          concept art for the film and game industries,          guided structure when it comes
                          to comic art and self-published comics.                to work in which I can interpret
                          Your learning experience will be professionally        in any way I feel. This gives
                          focused throughout the course with                     me opportunities to work and
                          opportunities for industry contact and
                          embedded professional practice skills.
                                                                                 solve problems in areas of work
                          Established industry links will complement             I would never have pushed
                          the curriculum through visiting professionals,         myself to do.”
                          live briefs, and visiting lecturer workshops.
                          This course promote an awareness of the                Emily Ormerod
                          comic and concept art industry practices in an         BA (Hons) Comic & Concept Art

                     38                                                     39
“Drawing, worldbuilding, and                                    Work Experience
                                                                Work experience covers a broad range of activities and
storytelling are at the heart                                   students are encouraged to undertake work placements
                                                                during their time at university. As well as guidance
of Comic and Concept Art.                                       from the course team our Careers, Employability
Visualise the imagination, create                               and Enterprise team offer support that enhances
                                                                employability skills and supports engagement with
believable characters and                                       industry.

explore their stories through
how they interact with their                                    Bronze award in the International Comic/Manga School
world.”                                                         Contest 2020. Students are actively involved in national
                                                                festivals, curating and running convention tables, gaining
                                                                professional experience and industry exposure. Recently,
Rosemary Chalmers — Course Leader                               Thought Bubble Festival and Belgrave Music Hall hosted                               “Who would read a comic like this?”; an online exhibition
                                                                of student work across all levels celebrating diversity in
                                                                comic creators and readership.
What You’ll Study
Year One — You will explore how to think and draw as
a comic artist and concept artist. Practical workshops          Careers
introduce and develop your skills in design drawing,            Graduates will be prepared for employment across a
idea generation, and visual storytelling. Lectures and          range of roles within the creative industries including:
seminars develop your understanding of the historical and       –   Commercial/independent/freelance comic artist.
professional contexts of the comic art and concept art          –   Storyboard artist for film/animation/games/TV/
industries. A range of projects and art tests give you your         advertising.
first taste of the skills required to be a comic and concept    –   Character designer for comics/film/games/
artist. There is a focus on experimentation and developing          animation/figurines/miniatures.
traditional drawing skills to inform your 2D and 3D digital     –   Concept art generalist for film/animation/
skills.                                                             games/TV.
                                                                –   Comic strip cartoonist.
Year Two — You will explore the cultural and professional       –   Editorial/political cartoonist.
contexts of comic and concept art. Lectures and                 –   Caricature artist.
seminars develop your skills in worldbuilding, cultural         –   Pre-production artist for film.
awareness, and believability. Practical workshops further       –   Visual development artist for animation.
develop your digital 2D and 3D workflows in visualising         –   Creature designer for the entertainment industry
characters and their worlds around them. There is a                 or scientific illustration.
focus on developing a specialism, an online professional        –   Experience/theme design for museums or
profile and industry engagement.                                    theme parks.
                                                                –   Sci-fi/fantasy illustrator for publishing
Year Three — You will focus on developing your                  –   Marketing artist for games.
specialism and industry-related skills for becoming             –   Cover artist for comics.
a professional comic and/or concept artist. You
will negotiate a creative project including industry            Graduates may also continue to postgraduate study.
engagements—competitions, live briefs, studio visits,
industry research and work experience—building a
portfolio that reflects your professional practice and
career ambitions as a versatile specialist.

Studying Overseas
We offer a range of international experiences which may
include educational visits, study abroad and opportunities
for work experience.

                                                               40                                      Music Tiamethakorn    41
                                                                                            BA (Hons) Comic & Concept Art
Lucy Matthews
BA (Hons) Creative Advertising

                                                                          BA (Hons)

                                      This exciting and creative course                       UCAS code / W900
                                      nurtures individuality through                          Duration / 3 years
                                      collaboration. It is designed to                        Study Mode / Full time
                                      produce ‘Ideas That Work’ from                
                                      creative professionals in advertising.

                                      We’ve developed exceptional links with
                                      leading national and international agencies          AdVenture in past years. Top agencies have
                                      such as McCann, Ogilvy, BJL, Havas Linx,             offered coaching, mentoring, work critiques,
                                      Atomic London, Intermarketing, Golley Slater,        live briefs, workshops, competition briefs and
                                      Jaywing, CreativeRace, Home, Uniform and             work experience possibilities. Our students
                                      TBWA, which will maximise your exposure to           regularly win work experience opportunities
                                      industry practice.                                   with agencies.

                                      Creativity sits at the core of our proposition
                                      and we encourage originality and innovative
                                      thinking. Our ‘Actively Creative’ philosophy
                                      helps you to experience first hand creative
                                      challenges which are developed both in-house
                                      and through our industry contacts.
                                                                                           “You have to have great time
                                                                                           management skills but it is so
                                      Our tutors have considerable industry                rewarding. It’s great being able
                                      experience spanning art direction,
                                      copywriting and branding. They will support          to say that every week I feel
                                      you to understand and analyse advertising, so        more and more confident with
                                      that you can use what you discover to inform
                                      and develop your own work.
                                                                                           the course. The lecturers really
                                                                                           care about their students - we
                                      You’ll have the opportunity to enter                 get plenty of one on one time.”
                                      prestigious international competitions which
                                      have included D&AD New Blood Awards,                 Amber English
                                      YCN, The Drum Chip Shop Awards, and                  BA (Hons) Creative Advertising
                                 42                                                   43
“Creative Advertising is                                       Work Experience
                                                               Work experience covers a broad range of activities and
fascinating and powerful, but                                  students are encouraged to undertake work placements
                                                               during their time at university. As well as guidance
it is up to you to harness its                                 from the course team our Careers, Employability
potential and use it to bring                                  and Enterprise team offer support that enhances
                                                               employability skills and underpins engagement with
change, create awareness,                                      industry.

persuade, guide or make us
feel something, anything.”                                     Students have won awards including D&AD New Blood
                                                               Awards, YCN Awards, Chip Shop Awards, and Clio
Fabio Fragiacomo — Course Leader                               Awards.
                                                               Graduates usually find employment within agencies,
What You’ll Study                                              working as art directors, copywriters, creative directors,
Year One — Is primarily concerned with developing              brand planners and account handlers. Some prefer
an ability to investigate and recognise, to explore            to start their own businesses, work as freelancers or
and understand, to build the bases for a fundamental           continue to postgraduate study.
knowledge of the elements of the discipline. You will
develop your awareness of advertising, brands, context,
language, practices, creative and strategical thinking.
You will further explore thinking by questioning, then
questioning your thinking.                                         Our BA (Hons) Creative Advertising course
                                                                   is industry recognised by ScreenSkills,
Year Two — Encourages you to explore a range of                    the industry-led skills body for the UK’s
talents, proficiencies, and roles, from digital, through           screen-based industries, and carries the
to strategic and creative, including the traditional               ScreenSkills quality-mark which indicates
collaborative dynamism of copywriter and art director.             courses best suited to prepare students for
You will have opportunities to respond to live and                 a career in the screen industries.
competition briefs, informed by, and relevant to the
advertising industry, which demands a more pragmatic
approach to creativity.

Year Three — Affords you with the tools to create outputs
with a degree of professionalism that will illustrate your
ability to combine the theoretical and pragmatic aspects
of the field. At this level, you will be required to plan
your career, decide on directions, make contacts, build
relationships and develop a portfolio of work informed by
a professional evaluation and a theoretical appreciation of
the problem.

Studying Overseas
We offer a range of international experiences which may
include educational visits, study abroad and opportunities
for work experience.

                                                                                                Images (clcckwise from top):
                                                              44               Eleanor Farish, Ellie Horridge, Helen Lismore
                                                                                             BA (Hons) Creative Advertising
Hannah Watt

                                                          BA (Hons)

                   The course offers unique                                  UCAS code / W800
                   opportunities to develop a portfolio of                   Duration / 3 years
                   creative and critical writing in a lively                 Study Mode / Full time
                   and stimulating environment.                    

                   Writing is a valuable social currency and
                   opens up doors. The creative possibilities
                   of the written word are enhanced and                    role of writing as a social, cultural, historical
                   invigorated by working collaboratively                  and political meaning maker, and explore its
                   alongside established visual and performing             contemporary relevance. A positive approach
                   arts courses.                                           to a writing life is emphasised. You are
                                                                           encouraged to develop cultural awareness
                   You’ll write in the real world and be                   and a reflective, self-aware and critically
                   encouraged to enter competitions, write for             analytical mind-set that will equip you to
                   review, write to briefs, and write alongside            take on the writing world with a portfolio of
                   visual and performative creatives. You will be          transferable skills.
                   guided through a range of creative writing
                   landscapes including writing for performance,
                   prose writing, short fiction, art criticism,
                   poetry, script writing, novel writing, new              “I am meeting a huge array of
                   media and zines. You will be encouraged to              contacts that can help forward
                   think locally and globally about the place,
                   purpose and reach of writing, exploring online
                                                                           my career, and also making
                   platforms as well the potential of the festival,        lifelong friends and building
                   gallery and event space.                                up a writing skillset that is so
                   You will learn to successfully employ a range           personalised I doubt I could
                   of critical thinking skills that will enable you        achieve it anywhere else.”
                   to make sound and valid judgements about
                   the value and role of fiction and non-fiction,          Hannah Prince
                   becoming a critical reader, thinker and                 BA (Hons) Creative Writing
                   producer of language. You’ll consider the
              46                                                      47
“Our philosophy is to develop                                   Work Experience
                                                                Work experience covers a broad range of activities and
creative writing, respond                                       students are encouraged to undertake work placements
                                                                during their time at university. As well as guidance
critically to the world we live                                 from the course team our Careers, Employability
in, stand with courage by our                                   and Enterprise team offer support that enhances
                                                                employability skills and supports engagement with
writing, and make it count.”                                    industry.

Dr Karen Tobias-Green — Course Leader                           Accolades                              The journal Wyd Eyd published student writing, and work
                                                                by students was also featured on the University blog.
                                                                Students took part in the Lockdown Show with BMus
                                                                (Hons) Popular Music Performance, showcasing their
What You’ll Study                                               spoken word talents on IGTV and YouTube as well as on
Year One — The writing workshop plays a central role            the University website.
as a collaborative exercise to accelerate and consolidate
student learning. It will expand your critical vocabulary
and develop technical skills in the drafting and editing        Careers
work required of a professional writer. All work is seen        Good writers are welcome everywhere; the arts and
as work in progress, with you and your peers acting as          creative writing sector requires a broad set of skills.
not only fellow writers but also fellow readers and critical    Talented new voices with cultural awareness and
friends. Tutorials, lectures, seminars, masterclasses and       critical thinking skills are also welcome in science,
cross-disciplinary project work also feature in year one,       industry, commerce, education, research centres,
as does work on entering competitions and responding to         journalism, editing, HR and marketing. You will benefit
live briefs and in-house collaborations, many with public       from the University’s already well-developed industry,
facing outcomes.                                                commercial and creative links, and its strong careers
                                                                advisory provision. In addition, the knowledge and
Year Two — You will now be developing a clear sense             expertise of new and existing courses can provide
of your writing directions and favoured mode of                 students with opportunities to develop skillsets required
production, and will produce work that responds to              by these industries. Graduates may also continue to
outward facing briefs and opportunities. Tutorials,             postgraduate study.
masterclasses and collaborative project work continue
to help you focus on technical skills, which may include
the use of screenwriting, editing and publishing software.
Experiential learning and mentoring by experienced
writers as well as visits, online forums and blogs will help
develop and challenge your writing breadth and skills.
Lectures and seminars covering contextual, historical
and cultural material will continue to inform your critical
response to your own and others’ work.

Year Three — The final year gives you the opportunity to
negotiate, develop and complete a major writing project,
and culminates in the production of a substantial body
of work appropriate to, and contributing with originality
to, your writing platform. It will reflect your individual
philosophy and career aspirations as a writer.

Studying Overseas
We offer a range of international experiences which may
include educational visits, study abroad and opportunities
for work experience.

                                                               48                                                           49
BA (Hons)

                                                             Branding with
                                                     This dynamic course will encourage                         UCAS code / W231
                                                     you to take a creative approach to                         Duration / 3 years
Emily Bradley [top] / Kennedy Hughes [bottom]        fashion branding with communication,                       Study Mode / Full time
BA (Hons) Fashion Branding with Communication
                                                     and develop an individual practice that          
                                                     is underpinned by a social, cultural,
                                                     political and ethical awareness of this
                                                     global industry.                                        through opportunities such as visiting
                                                                                                             speakers, live projects, industry briefs and
                                                     You will explore a diverse range of evolving            competitions to ensure that you develop
                                                     theories and practices that underpin fashion            professional skills.
                                                     branding, and have opportunities to develop
                                                     skills in: creative direction and styling, image
                                                     making, editorial copy, advertising, exhibition
                                                     design and styling, fashion films, visual
                                                     merchandising and experiential campaigns.
                                                                                                             “The course is highly diverse
                                                                                                             with seminars tailored to the
                                                     With new technologies increasingly                      area of creative practice we are
                                                     influencing the industry, you’ll study
                                                     futurology and investigate theories to apply            looking into. The environment
                                                     to augmented and virtual reality, mobile                in the studio lets us share ideas,
                                                     technology user interface design, and digital
                                                     and social media platform communications
                                                                                                             and there is freedom in which
                                                     that will turn such future-facing ideas into            direction we take our work, while
                                                     reality.                                                still having one-on-one tutoring.”
                                                     There will be opportunities to work                     Chloe Mcfeggan
                                                     collaboratively with students on other                  BA (Hons) Fashion Branding
                                                     courses. You will have contact with industry            with Communication

                                                50                                                      51
“This holistic degree is centred                              Studying Overseas
                                                              We offer a range of international experiences which may
around creative thinking                                      include educational visits, study abroad and opportunities
                                                              for work experience.
and concept development,
underpinned by a strong                                       Work Experience
research spirit that results                                  Work experience covers a broad range of activities and
                                                              students are encouraged to undertake work placements
in successful and sustainable                                 during their time at university. As well as guidance
branding and communication                                    from the course team our Careers, Employability
                                                              and Enterprise team offer support that enhances
strategies.”                                                  employability skills and supports engagement with

Thomai Papathanasiou — Course Leader                          Accolades
                                                              Students worked with Mindless Magazine and Katie
                                                              and May boutique on live briefs, and on an international
                                                              collaboration with Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico.
What You’ll Study
Year One — You will study multiple branding theories,
concepts, processes, creative communication tools             Careers
and applications employed by the industry, including          Career opportunities include creative direction, fashion
historical contexts, fashion culture, visual language, and    branding, brand management, fashion buying, set building,
consumerism. You will start developing your own voice,        fashion promotion, fashion advertising, marketing and PR,
ideas and creative practice through individual and group      event management, styling, fashion editing and writing,
projects. Research skills, lateral thinking and creative      concept development, curation, visual merchandising and
imagination are central to all units.                         social media management. Graduates may also progress
                                                              to postgraduate study.
Year Two — You further develop your skills with a
specific focus on future concepts and innovative, creative
branding strategies. Exploration of applied theories to
digital applications, social media platforms and multi-
platform branding will further enhance your approach
to branding and communication. Creative concept
development will be supported through the study of
consumers’ shifting relationship with brands and luxury,
the emergence of new global consumption communities,
online communication and identity formation, and
trend forecasting of styles and ideas. Live projects and
competitions will expand your external contacts and
enhance your professionalism, confidence, experience
and employability.

Year Three — You will consolidate your in-depth
knowledge of developing fashion branding strategies
and communication campaigns to produce a creative
and professional portfolio. The self-directed final year
takes a holistic approach through a body of research
that is supported by reflective and critical writing. This
culminates in the realisation of a graduate folio which
reflects your individual philosophy and career aspirations
as a fashion branding professional and creative thinker/

                                                                                                            Lucie Di Serio
                                                             52                                BA (Hons) Fashion Branding    53
                                                                                                     with Communication
You can also read