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            FIRST YEAR MODEL

Victoria University is an open and excellent university that
prides itself on being inclusive, not exclusive. As the University
of Opportunity and Success, we have a long tradition of
transforming the lives of students from diverse countries, cultures,
socioeconomic and educational backgrounds, with a strong
focus on student success.

We offer a comprehensive range of flexible                     By choosing to study with us, you can be
programs including our revolutionary new                       assured of a friendly, supportive environment
First Year Model, and our pathways program,                    where our teachers will work alongside you
that meet the needs of our diverse student                     to help you achieve your goals.
population. As a dual sector university,
based in the west of Melbourne, we focus                       We also offer a range of targeted student
on enriching the experience of our students                    support services that maximise student
and communities in the west and beyond.                        persistence and success throughout the
                                                               educational journey.
We are a university that is deeply connected
with industry. We provide you with access to                   We believe the achievement of our students
workplace learning opportunities that will give                and graduates is demonstrated by their
you real-world experience so you graduate                      employability, entrepreneurship and leadership
job-ready. Our collaboration with industry                     capabilities in a local and global context.
partners in our region, through education
                                                               We give our students the necessary knowledge,
and research, reflects our dedication to the
                                                               skills and capabilities needed to be the next
growth and development of Melbourne’s west.
                                                               generation of problem-solvers and creators
                                                               of a new future, developing the skills for work
                                                               and life in the twenty-first century.

                                                               Thank you for considering VU for your tertiary
                                                               studies and I hope to welcome you in 2019.

                                                               Professor Peter Dawkins
                                                               Vice-Chancellor and President

1. Times Higher Education Universities Rankings 2018. 2. Shanghai Ranking’s Global Ranking
of Sport Science Schools 2017. 3. Times Higher Education Young Universities Rankings 2017.
                                                        Course areas



                                                        Engineering, Science and IT   42

                                                        Health and Biomedicine        48

                                                        Law and Justice               54

                                                        Sport and Exercise Science    60

TOP 2%

                                                     TOP 25
                                                     GLOBALLY FOR SPORT

                         IN THE WORLD
                         UNDER 50 YEARS OLD3
     From 2018, the first year of all Bachelor degrees taught at our
     Melbourne campuses will see courses delivered in a more focused
     way, one unit at a time. Our new First Year Model is founded on
     the success of universities in the US, Canada and Sweden that
     have been teaching this way, with great success, for decades.
     You’ll get more individual attention from your educators as
     you complete each unit, and a significantly more immersive,
     collaborative and enriching learning experience.

     How does it work?
     You’ll study in short bursts, called blocks. Each block focuses on one unit                      88% OF STUDENTS
     (subject) for four weeks. You’ll get up to four days between blocks to relax
     and prepare for the next.
                                                                                                      LOVE THE FIRST
                                                                                                      YEAR MODEL*
     We break the year up into ten four-week blocks: two semesters of four
     blocks, plus two optional blocks over winter and summer.                                         What are the benefits?
                                                                                                      • Enjoy uni life
     Each unit typically has three 3 hour, face-to-face teaching sessions per
                                                                                                         You’ll benefit from a more relaxed
     week, scheduled over three days. These will be available in multiple
                                                                                                         learning environment where you can
     combinations of days and times (morning, afternoon and evening),
                                                                                                         make new friends and find your feet
     allowing you to choose the combination that best suits you.
                                                                                                         at uni from day one.
     Units with labs and professional experience (called ‘pracs’) have additional
                                                                                                      • Less stress, more success
     teaching hours, and where relevant, will be scheduled on the same days
                                                                                                         Smaller class sizes mean you’ll feel less
     as teaching sessions. Teaching sessions will not run on more than two
                                                                                                         overwhelmed with more opportunities
     consecutive days, so you will have a gap day between teaching sessions
                                                                                                         for you to succeed through interactive
     and two gap days each week.
                                                                                                         learning and collaborative projects.
     Assessments have been designed for quicker completion within each
                                                                                                      • More one-on-one time
     four-week block, with most of your work completed in class. Early and
                                                                                                         You’ll benefit from greater connections with
     ongoing feedback will help you to achieve your best. So you’ll also have
                                                                                                         your teachers and one-on-one support
     a great sense of how you’re progressing in your course, with final grades
                                                                                                         from lecturers who’ll know your name.
     for units available soon after each block finishes.

4   *88% of students felt ‘good’, ‘happy’ or ‘extremely happy’ one week into the first year model.
     Result of 1000 students surveyed March 2018.
 Your year at a glance
 Instead of juggling four units at once, your semester is broken into four blocks. So you can focus
 on one unit at a time, three days a week, for four weeks.

                         SEMESTER 1                                                           SEMESTER 2

   BLOCK 1     BLOCK 2     BLOCK 3      BLOCK 4       WINTER           BLOCK 1      BLOCK 2    BLOCK 3       BLOCK 4   SUMMER
                                                      BLOCK                                                             BLOCK
                                                      EXTRA UNIT                                                        EXTRA UNIT

                                        UNIT 4                                                               UNIT 8
                            UNIT 3                          NAL                                 UNIT 7                        NAL
                                                      OPTIO                                                             OPTIO
                UNIT 2                                                              UNIT 6
    UNIT 1                                                                 UNIT 5

    4 WEEKS               QUARTER YEAR INTAKE

 Flexible timetable options
 The timetable example below gives you an idea of how your week may look if you are undertaking
 a non prac-based unit. This shows a student who has work commitments on Thursday. This can be
 applied to any of the degree programs that don’t have lab sessions.

              TUITION TYPE                       MON                  TUE            WED             THU                FRI

                                                  1                  GAP               2             GAP                 3


                                              LUNCH                                 LUNCH                              LUNCH

      TIMETABLED STUDY SKILLS SESSION                                                               WORK

 The timetable example below gives you an idea of how your week may look if you are
 undertaking a prac-based unit. Lab times vary from 1-3 hours; number of labs per unit varies
 from 1-12. This is an example of a student in the Nursing program (11 labs at two hours).

              TUITION TYPE                       MON                  TUE            WED             THU                FRI

                                                  1                    2              GAP                3             GAP


                                              LUNCH                                 LUNCH                              LUNCH


             LAB/PRAC SESSIONS

                                                                   VICTORIA UNIVERSITY COURSE GUIDE 2019 | UNDERGRADUATE

    “	VU’s new first year model seems like       “	If Madi finds her first year of uni
      a really good idea to help first year         relatively stress free, then I think
      students adjust to uni life. I’ve told my     she will be more inclined to succeed
      friends about it and they believe it will     and ultimately gain more satisfaction
      be so beneficial – they actually sounded      from her studies.
      a bit jealous!
                                                   VU’s new First Year Model will also help
     I was so excited and surprised when I got     Madi adjust to uni life – students can
     into VU! I had wanted to study Exercise       liaise with each other and support each
     Science for a long time. I am most excited    other one unit at a time. I hope this will
     about the independence of starting uni.       provide Madi with the skills that will set
     It is such an exciting journey that will      her up for the workforce in her chosen
     prepare me for the future.”                   field and enable Madi to focus on her
                                                   chosen career path.
     Madison Soutar
     VU First Year Model student,                  Having a more structured learning
     Bachelor of Exercise Science                  regime will also reduce stress,
     (Clinical Practice)                           giving her time to focus on social and
                                                   physical activities, which I believe will
                                                   encourage mental health and maintain
                                                   a balanced lifestyle.”

                                                   Sharon Walker
                                                   Mother of Madison Soutar

“	A few years ago, I started
  a degree at another uni,
  and doing all the units at
  once became overwhelming.

 At VU the coursework is evenly
 spread and you’re getting your
 teeth into it straight away – by the
 second week you’re 50% through!
 By our third class of the year, we
 witnessed law making in action
 with a visit to Parliament House.”

 Edward Allis
 VU First Year Model student,
 Bachelor of Laws


 “	I enjoy being immersed in a class             “	The block mode of study I experienced
   and love how what I am learning will             during my exchange in Sweden gave
   always pop up in my everyday life.               me the best opportunity for success.

  For a month, I see the world through              It allowed me to focus more effectively
  the lens of the class I am taking.                on my subjects, as it eliminated the
  It always amazes me how much                      stresses that come with juggling multiple
  you can learn in four weeks.”                     units. I felt it gave me a greater opportunity
                                                    to really master each unit, and remember
  Matilda Taylor                                    more of the content.”
  Student at Quest University in Canada,
  which uses the block learning approach.           Sophie Webb
                                                    VU Bachelor of Business student. Sophie undertook
                                                    a year on exchange with our international partner
                                                    Jönköping International Business School in Sweden.
 Want to know more?
 To find out more about your individual study
 journey, please visit vu.edu.au/first-year
 or email firstyear.feedback@vu.edu.au

                                                VICTORIA UNIVERSITY COURSE GUIDE 2019 | UNDERGRADUATE
    With our flagship campus situated in the heart
    of Footscray, we’ve been providing education
    in the west of Melbourne for over 100 years.

    Study with us and learn in the city’s western creative epicentre, engaging with
    key cultural events through Footscray Community Arts Centre, Big West Festival,
    Maribyrnong City Council, Williamstown Literary Festival, and more.

    While you gain skills to take on the world, you can taste the world through
    Footscray’s authentic multicultural eat streets bursting with African, Vietnamese,
    Indian, Malaysian, Chinese and Middle Eastern dining destinations.

Footscray is being revitalised as a hub of knowledge,
learning, creativity and opportunity in a bold and
innovative partnership between VU and Maribyrnong
City Council.

Footscray University Town is a long-term initiative that is responsive to the
fast-paced development and changes of Melbourne’s west. As a VU student,
you’ll have the opportunity to get on board this dynamic, transformative project
that’s making a difference to the future of Melbourne’s west.

A range of exciting annual events, including the Game Changers Conversation
Series, Footscray Art Prize, West Projections Festival, Picturing Footscray
photography prize, and One Night in Footscray, provide unique occasions
for VU staff and students to collaborate with local communities.


VU at MetroWest is VU’s multipurpose community
hub in the heart of Footscray. It’s open to the
local community as well as VU students and staff,
and is part of VU’s commitment to developing
Footscray as a University Town.

Features and facilities include:
• free Wi-Fi                              • Psychology Clinic
• coworking spaces                       • Fresh Student Media
• Hatch Design Studio                     • a versatile exhibition space
• Skills & Jobs Centre                      and meeting room (free to book).


                                                VICTORIA UNIVERSITY COURSE GUIDE 2019 | UNDERGRADUATE
VU student Raquel Stevens (R) collaborated on
     projects with Malthouse Theatre during her work
     placement while studying Bachelor of Arts.

         VU has strong partnerships with industry, community, government
         and other academic institutions. We have over 4,000 connections
         to industry that help to equip students with the skills, knowledge
         and professional networks required to succeed in the real world.
         By studying at VU, you will graduate with industry contacts
         and the capabilities employers are looking for.

         Industry-relevant curriculum                                 Professional accreditation
         Employers value our graduates because they learn             Many of our courses are accredited by leading industry
         from industry-relevant curriculum, giving them real-life     organisations. Accreditations are identified in our course
         experience. Our industry partnerships provide valuable       listings. Accreditation means your qualification delivers
         insights into current industry practices, allowing us        the skills employers are looking for and will be
         to develop our courses to meet employers’ current            recognised by industry.
         and future requirements. Our teachers also maintain
         strong, practical involvement in their fields of industry.   Key partner industries
         This ensures we provide the most meaningful,
                                                                      Our work with industry is focused on 10 key fields,
         relevant and up-to-date education.
                                                                      chosen for their predicted growth and potential to
                                                                      enrich the courses we offer. These areas are:
         Practical learning                                           •   sport and recreation
         At VU, we produce work-ready graduates. Our approach         •   health services
         to learning combines theory with practice, through work      •   educational services
         placements and practical learning opportunities across       •   built environment
         all of our disciplines. These allow our students to see      •   tourism and major events
         how their studies are applied in the workplace.              •   community services
                                                                      •   creative industries
         When you study at VU, you will gain real industry
                                                                      •   financial services
         experience while developing the practical skills
                                                                      •   legal services
         and professional networks to become confident
                                                                      •   supply chain and logistics.
         and career-focused when you graduate.

“During my studies at VU I was
  able to connect with Ian James
  (Mushroom Music Publishing)
  after he gave a guest lecture
  for one of my subjects. We still
  work together to this day.

 I started my company, UNIFIED,
 in 2001. We’re now one of
 Australia’s fastest growing
 independent music companies
 with offices in Melbourne,
 Sydney, LA and London.
 We’ve signed some game-
 changing artists including Vance
 Joy, Amy Shark, Violent Soho,
 Illy, and The Amity Affliction.
 Right now I’m based in LA and
 oversee 35 staff worldwide.

 My goal is to keep growing
 my business on a global level.”

 Jaddan Comerford
 Bachelor of Business

                                                                                    INDUSTRY CONNECTIONS

                                                                           ACROSS ALL DISCIPLINES

                                                                          LEADING STAFF
                                                                                   AND ADJUNCT

                                     VICTORIA UNIVERSITY COURSE GUIDE 2019 | UNDERGRADUATE
Mitch Wallis and Kirsty Lamb
                                                                                                        of the Western Bulldogs.

     Western Bulldogs                                              Melbourne Victory
     Our partnership with the Western Bulldogs Football Club       In 2017, we announced a five-year strategic
     is unique among Australian universities and sporting          partnership agreement with the Melbourne Victory
     clubs. The partnership extends to the Bulldogs VFL            Football Club (MVFC).
     team and Women’s league. It is based on a shared
     commitment to sport, recreation, and the economic             The new engagement sees us provide sport science
     and social wellbeing of residents in Melbourne’s west.        and performance support for the MVFC Academy teams,
                                                                   and learning experiences such as internships for our
     The benefits include joint research and staff appointments,   students in Master of Sport Science (Football Performance)
     work placements for students, collaborative education         and Master of Sport Business and Integrity. It also includes
     programs, shared state-of-the-art facilities and joint        placement opportunities for undergraduate students in
     community activities. The Bulldogs’ training ground –         sport science, coaching and sport management.
     Victoria University Whitten Oval – is a venue for VU
     students to undertake practical placement and research.       Western Water and City West Water
     The partnership also provides students with the               City West Water, Western Water and Victoria University
     opportunity to take up placements in areas such as            are engaged in a number of partnerships and agreements
     biomechanics, exercise physiology, remedial massage           together. These include a partnership to promote research
     and exercise rehabilitation. Students in business,            collaboration in the area of water and sustainability; the
                                                                   use of solar heat in water treatment; and storm water
     administration, event management, marketing, tourism,
                                                                   harvesting in urban Melbourne.
     hospitality, psychology and community development also
     undertake work placements through the Western Bulldogs        A number of Victoria University academics and research
     Community Foundation and club.                                students’ projects are funded by City West Water.

Western Health                                                 Community engagement
Our collaboration with Western Health includes student         The west of Melbourne is Australia’s fastest growing
clinical placements and work-based education programs.         region and VU’s heartland. Our community engagement
                                                               includes improvements to physical infrastructure and
The Western Centre for Health Research and Education,          helping to develop and grow the capacity of community
the first purpose-built research and training facility for     groups. VU has significant experience working with
medicine and the health sciences in Melbourne’s west,          culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) and Indigenous
is a three-way partnership between Victoria University,        communities; addressing refugee issues; tackling diversity
Western Health and the University of Melbourne.                and social inclusion issues; and improving health
                                                               and social wellbeing in the region.
Footscray Community Arts Centre
                                                               We have also partnered with local, government and
VU has had a partnership with the Footscray Community          community organisations to establish Footscray University
Arts Centre since its inception over 40 years ago.             Town, a 10-year urban renewal program for Footscray.
The partnership is built on a shared vision to celebrate       You can find out more about this on Page 9.
and support community and empowerment in the arts.
The University’s staff and students undertake placements
and participate in research at this Footscray institution.
                                                                  “I undertook a semester-long
World Health Organisation                                           Work Integrated Learning placement
                                                                    at Western Bulldogs in the Sons of
VU works with the World Health Organisation on                      The West program. I credit this as
research that addresses disease prevention and                      one of the greatest experiences the
management, and health investment that has a positive               University offers its students for
impact on global health and economic issues.                        our success.

                                                                    The placement allowed me to apply
Sports partnerships and                                             theoretical knowledge I had learnt
collaborations                                                      over the first couple of years in my
                                                                    course. VU’s hands-on approach has
VU actively supports and participates in research and               meant that in addition to learning
knowledge exchange with the following sports bodies:                theory, we also appreciate why
• Australian Sports Commission                                      these theories are important and
• Australian Institute of Sport                                     how they can be applied to real-
                                                                    world scenarios.”
• Sport Australia Hall of Fame
• Shanghai University of Sport                                      Carlie Bauer
• Western Bulldogs Football Club (AFL, VFL and AFLW)                Bachelor of Exercise Science
                                                                    (Human Movement)/Bachelor of
• Melbourne Victory Football Club
                                                                    Psychological Studies
• Real Madrid Graduate School Universidad Europa.


                                                      VICTORIA UNIVERSITY COURSE GUIDE 2019 | UNDERGRADUATE
                                                               Luke Beveridge
                                                               2016 AFL premiers coach, Coach of the Year, and adjunct
                                                               professor Luke Beveridge contributes to the University’s

                                                               sport science, coaching and management courses.

                                                               The Honourable Dr Craig Emerson

                                                               Former Federal Government minister The Hon. Dr Craig
                                                               Emerson provides advice and expertise to the College
                                                               of Business, and delivers guest lectures. A high-profile
                                                               economist, Dr Emerson was Minister for Trade and
                                                               Competitiveness; Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills,
                                                               Science and Research; and Minister Assisting the
                                                               Prime Minister on Asian Century Policy.
      Tapping into industry experts
                                                               The Honourable Nicola Roxon
      The high standard of our teaching, curriculum
      and research is complemented by the industry focus       The Hon. Nicola Roxon was Minister for Health and
      and connections that our highly regarded professors      Ageing for four years and became Australia’s first
      bring to VU. With years of experience in their fields,   female Attorney-General in 2011. She acts as an adjunct
      they deliver guest lectures, provide industry insights   professor in the College of Law and Justice and is chair
      and assist with curriculum development.                  of our Sir Zelman Cowan Centre.

From left:
                                                                            Alan Kohler, Financial Journalist, Newspaper Editor;
                                                                                  VU Adjunct Professor, Robert Stary, Principal,
                                                                                      Stary Norton Halphen Criminal Lawyers.

The Honourable Michael Kirby AC                                 Ian James
The Hon. Michael Kirby AC is a former Justice of the            Managing Director of Mushroom Music Publishing,
High Court of Australia, and remains an active human            Ian James is one of Australia’s most respected music
rights advocate. He joins us in the classroom to discuss        industry identities and has contributed significantly
his experiences as a highly respected judge.                    to VU’s music industry business courses.

Robert Stary                                                    Dianne Smith
Adjunct Professor Robert Stary is one of the most               Victoria Tourism Industry Council CEO Dianne Smith
experienced criminal legal practitioners in Victoria.           mentors students and assists their transition into the
He has practiced law since 1980 and is currently Principal      tourism and events industry. Smith has more than
of Stary Norton Halphen Criminal Lawyers. He was the            20 years’ experience in the industry – both in
founding committee member of both the Western Suburbs           Melbourne and regional Victoria – in marketing,
Legal Service and the Footscray Community Legal Centre.         visitor services, policy and strategy.

Alan Kohler
As one of Australia’s most experienced financial
journalists, Alan Kohler contributes to our business
curriculum, and promotes the value of financial
literacy – which is critical for small, medium
and large businesses.

                                                       VICTORIA UNIVERSITY COURSE GUIDE 2019 | UNDERGRADUATE
     Find the right qualification for you.

      QUALIFICATION                                 DURATION*                      QUALIFICATION                                 DURATION*

      VCAL, VCE, VETIS, APPRENTICESHIPS                                            HIGHER EDUCATION – UNDERGRADUATE

      For students in Years 10, 11 and 12,          1 day (short courses           ASSOCIATE DEGREE
      including VCAL, Australian School-Based       and tasters) to 3 years
      Apprenticeships and short courses. For more   full-time (apprenticeships)    Similar to an advanced diploma but focused    2 years full time
      information email vet.dtss@vu.edu.au                                         more on academic theory rather than
      or visit vu.edu.au/vet-dtss                                                  industry-specific workplace knowledge.

      FURTHER AND VOCATIONAL EDUCATION (TAFE)                                      BACHELOR DEGREE

      CERTIFICATES I–IV                                                            Provides students with knowledge and skills   3 – 5 years full time
                                                                                   for work in their chosen profession and
      Training ranges from basic skills to trade    6 months – 4 years full time   initial preparation for postgraduate study.
      and post-trade qualifications. Students who
      complete an Australian Apprenticeship will                                   HONOURS DEGREE
      receive a qualification.
                                                                                   An additional year of study with supervised   1 year full time
      DIPLOMA AND ADVANCED DIPLOMA                                                 research experience. Available to students
                                                                                   who achieve consistently high results in
      Provides students with the knowledge          6 months – 2 years full time   their undergraduate degree.
      and skills necessary to work in many
      professions.                                                                 DOUBLE DEGREES

                                                                                   Double degrees combine the core               4 – 5 years
                                                                                   components of two disciplines into            full time
                                                                                   a single program of study.
                                                                                   The student receives two degrees.


                                                                                        There are several ways to apply for
                                                                                        courses at VU based on a number of
                                                                                        factors, including your chosen course
                                                                                        and your student status.
                                                                                        Currently studying Year 12?
                                                                                        Current Year 12 applicants can apply to study at VU either
                                                                                        through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) or
                                                                                        directly to VU using our online Admissions Centre.

                                                                                        If you are applying for a course that is listed with VTAC,
                                                                                        you must apply through VTAC. Otherwise you may apply
                                                                                        direct to VU.

                                                                                        Check the online course page for your chosen course
                                                                                        for the correct way to apply and the closing date for
                                                                                        applications. The web address for each course is listed
                                                                                        under the course name in our course tables in this guide.

                                                                                        Returning to study?
                                                                                        Non-year 12 (mature-age) applicants can apply to study
                                                                                        with us either through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions
                                                                                        Centre (VTAC) or directly to VU using our online
                                                                                        Admissions Centre.

                                                                                        Check the online course page for your chosen course
                                                                                        for the correct way to apply and the closing date for
                                                                                        applications. The web address for each course is listed
                                                                                        under the course name in our course tables in this guide.

QUALIFICATION                         DURATION*                                         Submitting your application
HIGHER EDUCATION – POSTGRADUATE                                                         When submitting your application, you may be required to
                                                                                        provide certified documentation to support your claims of
GRADUATE CERTIFICATE AND GRADUATE DIPLOMA                                               previous study, work or life experience. These may include:
Improves your professional practice   6 months – 1 year full time                       • evidence of qualifications, work and/or life experience
and extends your skills and
knowledge from your bachelor                                                            • statement of interest
degree or advanced diploma.                                                             • other course-specific requirements.
You’ll develop professional
competence in new areas.                                                                Some courses may list additional information requirements,
                                                                                        so please check the online course page for your chosen
MASTER AND DOCTORAL DEGREES                                                             course to ensure you submit a complete application.
Master degrees are studies in         2 – 3 years full time                             Find out more about how to apply for your course at
a specific area through coursework
and/or research. Doctorates are                                                         vu.edu.au/apply
the highest levels of academic
achievement and require an original
contribution of knowledge, usually
                                                                                        Student profile
through a thesis.                                                                       On the web page above, you can also find information
                                                                                        about the student profile at Victoria University. Our student
                                                                                        profile table provides relevant study or work background
                                                                                        data on all students who commenced undergraduate study
                                                                                        with us in the most recent intake period, including those
                                                                                        admitted through all offer rounds, across all Australian
                                                                                        campuses, and international students studying in Australia.

                                                                    VICTORIA UNIVERSITY COURSE GUIDE 2019 | UNDERGRADUATE
     At VU we believe that education is for everyone. Through our flexible study
     opportunities, support services, pathways between courses and innovative
     approaches to course entry, we prepare you for victory in your career.

     You’re more than your score                                 Foundations at VU – fulfil
     We have modernised our admission criteria, so your          your dreams
     entry into many of our courses will be determined simply    If you didn’t meet the admission criteria for your
     by meeting course prerequisites. Your application will be   preferred course, or you weren’t able to complete your
     assessed more fairly, in line with our mission to provide   Australian Year 12 (or equivalent), you can still gain entry
     education opportunities for everyone.                       to either an undergraduate degree or higher education
                                                                 diploma by completing Foundations at VU, our 13-week
     If you meet our prerequisite study requirements,
                                                                 course designed to prepare you for university.
     VU can open doors to undergraduate and higher
     diploma studies.                                            For more information go to page 24 or visit
     Digital accessibility – The VU Blend
     VU’s Blended Learning program is an exciting shift away     Special Entry
     from the traditional method of lecture-based teaching,      Access Scheme
     to a combination of face-to-face and technology-based
                                                                 If you are a student with recent secondary education
                                                                 applying for your course via VTAC, you may be eligible
     With so many students juggling part-time work, family       to apply for the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS).
     commitments and even health issues, our ‘VU Blend’          This is a single application that is sent to all the courses
     program reduces the restrictions of university timetables   you apply to.
     by offering learning opportunities on and off campus.
                                                                 If you are approved for SEAS, your course application
     This approach complements practical learning with           will be given special consideration depending on factors
     additional benefits for students that include:              that may have impacted your performance in year 12,
                                                                 such as:
     • flexible access to course content across place
       and mode (face-to-face and digital)                       • your location
     • student-directed learning pace and engagement style       • your financial background
     • enhanced learning outcomes.                               • disabilities and medical conditions
                                                                 • difficult circumstances.

For more information about the
program and your eligibility see

If you are a student applying direct to VU,
you can ensure your application is given
additional consideration by submitting a

Special Consideration for Direct Entry form
available at vu.edu.au

Find out more
To find out more about our programs that
can help you gain access to university and
support you once you’re here, contact us
on 03 9919 6100.
                                              Our elite athlete program helps you
Mature-age students should check
out page 68 for more information on
                                              successfully complete your studies while
returning to study. To discover more about    training and competing at an elite level.
our extensive range of scholarships see       We recognise the challenges of combining
page 70.
                                              elite sport with an academic workload
                                              and provide the support you need to
                                              be successful on and off the field.
                                              For more information or to find out if
                                              you are eligible phone 03 9919 4433
                                              or email eliteathletes@vu.edu.au

                                                 VICTORIA UNIVERSITY COURSE GUIDE 2019 | UNDERGRADUATE
     As VU’s vocational education provider, Victoria University Polytechnic
     will prepare you for a world that is changing rapidly by providing
     the up-to-date, real-work skills that you need to achieve success.
     Our programs prepare you for work, providing the technical skills
     and soft abilities needed to thrive. Learn with us in a supported
     environment connected with industry and jobs.

     An education designed                                         As a VU Polytechnic student you have access to support
                                                                   services, including academic and careers support.
     for tomorrow                                                  We will get you job-ready, equipping you with the
     Our education programs are constantly evolving to             technical and enterprise skills you need to succeed.
     meet the demands of each new generation of workers,
     something we’ve been doing for over 100 years.                Our offer
     To ensure we are on the cutting-edge, our teachers
     maintain active involvement in their industries.              We offer you tailored training in:
                                                                   • Business, Legal, IT and Logistics
     We offer award-winning, stress-tested learning that
                                                                   • Community Services
     will last the distance – from today’s workplace needs,
     to tomorrow’s industry advances. We will ensure you           • Creative Arts
     graduate with strong, relevant skills even in a climate       • Early Childhood and Education Support
     of rapid industry change. What you learn with us today        • Hair, Make-Up and Beauty
     will bring you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.
                                                                   • Hospitality, Tourism and Events
     vupolytechnic.edu.au                                          • Nursing, Health and Personal Care
                                                                   • Sport and Massage
     Our learning approach                                         • Trades
     VU Polytechnic’s multi-award winning blended learning         • Transition Education.
     model replaces paper-based theory with user-friendly
     e-learning you can do anytime, anywhere. This means           Forging industry connections
     you’ll spend quality time refining your skills in practical
     face-to-face workshops and on the job work placements.        With a range of industry partnerships, our courses
                                                                   are underpinned by current industry needs.
     Our purpose-built learning environments feature               Our expert facilitators are engaged with industry.
     state-of-art facilities and equipment to reflect the modern   They know what you need to gain employment
     workplace. You gain hands-on learning using modern            and become an industry leader.
     technologies including virtual reality, humanoid robots,
     simulation equipment and computerised mannequins.             The Polytechnic’s current industry connections include
                                                                   the Western Bulldogs Football Club, Western Health,
     We offer multiple entry and exit points including             Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Alfred Health, CISCO,
     guaranteed pathways into VU degrees. As a multi-sector        Department of Health and Human Services, Victorian
     provider, VU Polytechnic offers transitions between           Transport Association and the Metropolitan Fire Brigade.
     courses at all levels, so you can gain the skills you need
     for career success. We have established pathways into
     over 50 higher education degrees at Victoria University.
     You can also undertake complementary vocational
     programs while completing your degree to increase
     your employability and set yourself apart from the pack.

” I chose Victoria University Polytechnic
              because of the good facilities and services
              that it offers to many immigrants and
              students from low income families.

             During my studies I completed an
             internship with African Population
             and Health Research Center (APHRC),
             and was the winner of the 2015 United
             Nations Population award, working
             with the Tegla Laroupe Foundation to
             empower talented refugees.

             All my achievements are because
             of VU – they listened to me and
             transformed me into a better person
             who can serve other people, especially
             those who seek refuge in other countries.”

             Innocent Karabagega
             Certificate III in EAL (Further Study)
             Certificate III in General Education for Adults
             Certificate IV in EAL (Access)
             Advanced Diploma of Legal Practice
             Bachelor of Laws

“I began with a Diploma and then took the pathway
                                                              into Bachelor of Business. Within 12 months of
                                                              graduating I became the hotel manager of Adina
                                                              Apartment Hotel Melbourne, Flinders Street.

                                                                I decided to go back to study to progress
                                                                my career and gain confidence academically.
                                                                I had reviewed a few different course providers,
                                                                but settled on VU after receiving a very welcoming
                                                                feeling from the course coordinator, who also
                                                                introduced me to VU’s pathways program.

                                                                During my studies I undertook a cooperative
                                                                education year with TFE Hotels, which gave
                                                                me a foot in the door at entry level. At the
                                                                end of that year, TFE offered me a place in their
                                                                Future Leaders Program and then an assistant
                                                                manager role at Travelodge Docklands.”

                                                                Jen Seymen
                                                                Diploma of Hospitality Management,
                                                                Bachelor of Business
                                                                (Hospitality Management Major)

     We believe that everyone                                        Pathway partners
     should have equal opportunities                                 If you are studying at one of the following VU partner
     to attend university                                            education providers, we can also provide a seamless
                                                                     pathway into our degree-level courses:
     VU is one of the few institutions in Australia to offer
     both vocational and higher education, with accessible           • Australian Academy of Beauty and Spa Therapy
     transitions between courses at all levels. We call these        • Bendigo Kangan Institute
     connections between courses ‘pathways’, and they                • Builders Academy Australia
     provide a seamless transition between vocational
                                                                     • Ella Baché College
     and higher education.
                                                                     • Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy College
     You can start your education journey with us at                 • The Gordon Institute of TAFE
     certificate level and proceed to a diploma, degree,
                                                                     • Sports Education and Development Australia (SEDA)
     a masters or a PhD. You can exit your pathway when
     you achieve your work or study goal, and re-enter if            • TAFE SA
     you choose to further your studies later in your career.        • TAFE NSW
                                                                     • Macquarie Education Group Australia
     Our pathways are designed to suit all types of students
     – whether you’ve just finished secondary school, are            • Victoria Police.
     looking for career advancement, want to develop
                                                                     Visit vu.edu.au/pathways to discover more about
     new skills or change career direction, or are seeking
                                                                     your tailored VU pathway options or email us at
     personal development.

Below are a few examples of the many courses available for VU pathways. Visit vu.edu.au/pathways
to discover how you can achieve your dream qualification with a tailored course pathway at VU.

       Certificate IV in           Advanced Diploma
                                                                     Bachelor of Music                 Master of Arts
       Music Industry               of Music Industry
          CUA40915                    CUA60515                           ABMC                             HRAT

         Certificate IV                                            Bachelor of Business              Master of Business
                                  Diploma of Accounting
        in Accounting                                                 (Accounting)                     (Accounting)
          FNS40615                     FNS50215                           BBNS                           BMAK

EDUCATION PATHWAY                                                                             OR
         Diploma of                   Bachelor of                    Master of Teaching             Master of Teaching
      Education Studies             Education Studies                  (Secondary)                      (Primary)
             EDES                         EBST                            EMES                            EMPE

         Diploma of                    Bachelor of
                                                                   Master of Counselling
         Youth Work                    Youth Work
          CHC50413                       ABYW                             AMPE

    Advanced Diploma of          Bachelor of Engineering
                                                                   Master of Engineering
   Engineering Technology      (Honours) (Civil Engineering)
          22228VIC                       NHEC                            NMEN

       Certificate IV in         Diploma of Information           Bachelor of Information             Master of Applied
   Information Technology        Technology Networking                 Technology                  Information Technology
           ICT40115                    ICT50415                           NBIT                            NMIT

       Certificate IV in
                                    Diploma of Nursing              Bachelor of Nursing
     Tertiary Preparation
          22313VIC                     HLT54115                           HBNB

       Certificate IV in               Diploma of
                                                                  Bachelor of Paramedicine
     Tertiary Preparation          Paramedical Science
          22313VIC                     HLT51015                           HBPD

    Advanced Diploma of                                               Master of Laws
                                     Bachelor of Laws
       Legal Practice                                                  (by research)
          22276VIC                       BLAW                             BMLT

        Diploma of              Bachelor of Sport Manage-         Master of Sport Business
     Sport Development          ment/Bachelor of Business              and Integrity
          SIS50612                        SBSB                            SMSI

         Certificate IV                Diploma of
                                                                Bachelor of Dermal Sciences
      in Beauty Therapy              Beauty Therapy
          SHB40115                     SHB50115                           HBDS

                                                          VICTORIA UNIVERSITY COURSE GUIDE 2019 | UNDERGRADUATE
     VU College delivers higher education diplomas and pathways, English
     language studies and an innovative foundations course – all with the support
     to ensure you succeed.

     Streamlined diploma pathways                                 English language studies
     Our higher education diplomas provide a streamlined          VU College’s English language centre, VU English,
     pathway from a one-year diploma straight into the            offers a variety of nationally-accredited intensive
     second year of a bachelor degree, with full credit for       courses for overseas students.
     the first year of the degree.
     These programs are designed for students who want
     to undertake a degree but may not be fully prepared –        Local students seeking English language and foundation
     perhaps because they lack certain prerequisites, or          studies should view our TAFE division Victoria University
     have not studied for a while. These diplomas offer more      Polytechnic’s course guide, or visit vupolytechnic.edu.au
     focused academic support with smaller class sizes for
     greater preparation for your Bachelor degree. Even if        Higher education diploma
     you choose not to continue on after the first year, you’ll   pathways
     still graduate with a diploma that has prepared you for
     the start of your career.                                    DIPLOMA OF BUSINESS (ENTERPRISE) PATHWAY
                                                                      Diploma of Business             Bachelor of Business
     To the right are the current higher education degree             (Enterprise) (1 Year)                (2 Years)
     programs and Foundations at VU pathways.                                  VDBE                          BBNS

     vu.edu.au/vu-college                                         Majors:
                                                                  • Accounting
     Foundations at VU                                            • Banking and Finance
     Foundations is a 13-week course established specifically     • Event Management
     to help students get their study plans back on track         • Financial Risk Management
     by commencing study at a tertiary level. With three
                                                                  • Human Resource Management
     admissions per year and full or part-time study options,
     we offer flexibility for your individual circumstances.      • Information Systems Management
                                                                  • Tourism and Hospitality Management
     Foundations at VU is available to domestic students who
                                                                  • International Trade
     have attempted an Australian Year 12 (or equivalent)
     and have successfully completed an Australian Year 11        • Management and Innovation
     or a comparable educational level.                           • Marketing
                                                                  • Supply Chain and Logistics Management.
     As well as providing an alternative pathway to tertiary
     study, Foundations at VU also assists students to develop
                                                                  DIPLOMA OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
     the numeracy, critical thinking, academic writing and        PATHWAY
     research communication skills they need to make their
                                                                      Diploma of Information        Bachelor of Information
     dream of tertiary study a reality.
                                                                       Technology (1 year)           Technology (2 years)

     vu.edu.au/foundations                                                     VDIT                           NBIT

                                                                  FOUNDATIONS AT VU PATHWAY
                                                                        Foundations at VU         Diploma OR Bachelor Studies
                                                                           (13 weeks)             at Victoria University (1-5 years)

“I always had an interest in
  business, but a three-year degree
  was intimidating to me, so I started
  with the diploma. The diploma
  gave me the confidence to pursue
  a degree. The great thing about the
  diploma is that you can pathway
  directly into the second year of the
  Bachelor of Business.

 The lecturers in the diploma were
 so supportive. I was not confident
 in maths or statistics, so I got extra
 tuition through VU student services,
 which enabled me to pass with
 flying colours.

 For my Work Integrated Learning
 (WIL) unit I worked at the number
 one accounting firm in Australia
 in my HR specialisation, with the
 Campus Recruitment Team. After
 finishing the placement, I accepted
 a role in the management portfolio
 area where I am now working
 full time.”

 Rio Delaney
 Diploma of Business (Enterprise)
 Bachelor of Business

                                          VICTORIA UNIVERSITY COURSE GUIDE 2019 | UNDERGRADUATE
“ There is an optimal mix of
         theory and practice in VU
         courses which is valued by
         students and by their placement
         supervisors and employers.

        Baptcare has been employing
        graduates of VU and taking
        on student placements from
        VU social work courses for
        many years.

        VU students come with a solid
        theoretical foundation, a strong
        sense of social justice and a
        passion for helping vulnerable
        membersof our community.
        It is a delight to see them
        light up when they relate
        their classroom learning
        to experiences in the field.”

        Tina Guido
        Program Manager at Baptcare
        Family Services Victoria

                                 PLACEMENT PARTNERS
                                  FOR ON THE JOB LEARNING

     WORLD TOP 10
        (Lonely Planet 2016)

                       WORLD STANDARD
                               IN LANGUAGE, COMMUNICATION
                                  AND CULTURE & CULTURAL
                                     STUDIES RESEARCH
                                    (Excellence in Research
                                      for Australia 2015)

Whether you are a budding artist,
      musician, thinker or writer, we have a
   broad range of arts courses to spark your
       passions and take your career further.

            By undertaking real-world projects during your course,
         you will put theory into practice. Through internships and
          work placements, you will have invaluable opportunities
       to learn within workplace contexts and community settings,
    and start forging a network of industry contacts for your future.

                   CAREER CONNECTIONS
                  Our arts students collaborate with many exciting
    organisations, events and venues including Melbourne Writers
        Festival, SBS Television, Footscray Community Arts Centre,
       Western Bulldogs, Emerging Writers Festival, Maribyrnong
                          City Council and Mats’ Court of Victoria.

                           This means you gain the latest knowledge,
                  skills and experience necessary to be work-ready
                            and career-focused before you graduate.

                            ARTS PLACEMENTS
           Everything you learn with us has direct links to the real
          world and your future career. Just a few of the numerous
              placements and opportunities for practical learning
                                     we offer are outlined below:

                                                       Offset journal
          Third-year students in the College of Arts and Education
      have the opportunity to develop their skills by collaboratively
            publishing Offset journal, presenting contributions from
                                    esteemed and emerging artists.

                                   Professional placement program
      Students in community development, communication, writing
      and screen media undertake a professional placement under
      the supervision of a qualified specialist in their area of study.

                                Student-led communication agency
            Our Student-led Communication Agency is an exciting
            initiative, supporting our students to work with industry
                            clients on real projects to real deadlines.

Find out more about our work placements at vu.edu.au/work-ready

                                                      CREATIVE ARTS
                                                  CRIMINAL JUSTICE
                                      COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT
                                                     SCREEN MEDIA

                                                ARTS  vu.edu.au/arts
     Kindred Studios offers music and sound production
     students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience
     in a professional facility.
     The studio features a range of state-of-the-art spaces
     including band rehearsal rooms, a recording studio,
     co-working spaces, a licensed performance venue,
     café and TV studio.

COURSE/CODE                        OVERVIEW                                                 ADMISSION CRITERIA                       CAREER OUTCOMES

                                                         The following information is valid for applicants with recent secondary education only. If you have previous
ARTS AND CREATIVE INDUSTRIES                              VET/TAFE study, higher education study or work and life experience, please see course webpage listed.

BACHELOR OF ARTS ABAB              Follow your own career path with maximum                 Units 3 and 4: a study score of at       After graduation, you may move straight into
                                   flexibility. You can choose to major in                  least 25 in English (EAL) or at least    positions in public service, corporate, community and
                                   communication studies, history, literary                 20 in English other than EAL.            non-government organisations. Alternatively you may
CAMPUS: FP                         studies, political science, sociology,                                                            move onto graduate studies to pursue the many
VU.EDU.AU/COURSES/ABAB             visual art, or writing.                                                                           professional careers that are best served by graduates
                                                                                                                                     with a generalist first degree such as teaching, law,
                                                                                                                                     journalism, communications, and business leadership.

BACHELOR OF ARTS (HONOURS)         Build on and extend knowledge gained in                  A three-year undergraduate course        Honours will give you a leading edge with employers
AHBA                               a Bachelor of Arts or other relevant undergraduate       with Distinction or High Distinction     and is a criterion for acceptance into many graduate
                                   degree. You’ll be provided with the research             (or equivalent grades average and        positions within the public and private sectors.
                                   experience, advanced analytical skills and               a minimum of results at the level        Honours is also the preferred prerequisite for entry
CAMPUS: FP                         theoretical background necessary to undertake            of credit or above (or equivalent        into postgraduate research degrees and is utilised as
VU.EDU.AU/COURSES/AHBA             a higher degree by research (Masters or PhD).            grades) in at least 60% of the total     a ranking system for the awarding of postgraduate
                                                                                            number of undergraduate units            scholarships.
                                                                                            attempted. The selection process is
                                                                                            competitive and places are limited.

BACHELOR OF MUSIC ABMC             Expand your artistic knowledge, musicianship,            Units 3 and 4: a study score of at       Our potential careers include: music performer;
                                   technical fluency, creativity and critical listening     least 25 in English (EAL) or at least    composer/songwriter (freelance); composer; sound
                                   skills to prepare for a career in the music, creative    20 in English other than EAL.            artist; music producer; instrumental music teacher;
CAMPUS: FP                         arts or education industries, using our commercial       In addition to achieving the above       music theory teacher; band leader; musical director;
VU.EDU.AU/COURSES/ABMC             recording facilities at Kindred Studios. This course     prerequisites, applicants will be        copyist; arranger; accompanist; music administrator.
                                   focuses on popular and contemporary music                required to attend an audition.
                                   through practice, theory, cultural analysis
                                   and critical listening.

BACHELOR OF SCREEN MEDIA ABSN      Follow your interests in industries that include         Units 3 and 4: a study score of at       You will be ready to enter into and succeed within a
                                   film, television, radio, screen culture, online          least 25 in English (EAL) or at least    range of professional roles that include producer,
                                   and mobile media production. In practically-oriented     20 in English other than EAL.)           director, cinematographer, production manager,
CAMPUS: FP                         subjects, you will develop skills in media production                                             sound recordist, post production supervisor, editor,
VU.EDU.AU/COURSES/ABSN             and intellectual property for online distribution,                                                distributor and cross-platform content creator.
                                   and video-on-demand use of streaming sites such
                                   as YouTube, television and radio.


BACHELOR OF COMMUNITY              Make a real difference in the world as a community       Units 3 and 4: a study score of at       Become a community development worker,
DEVELOPMENT ABCD                   development practitioner, creating programs and          least 25 in English (EAL) or at least    researcher or policy officer in non-government
                                   initiatives to build strong, participatory and           20 in English other than EAL.            organisations, community organisations, international
                                   sustainable communities. Specialise in global issues                                              development agencies or government.
CAMPUS: FP                         and international community development, or
VU.EDU.AU/COURSES/ABCD             community development in the Australian context.
                                   In either specialisation you will study community
                                   development approaches and develop professional
                                   skills for your career.


BACHELOR OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE AND   This course combines studies in criminal justice with    Units 3 and 4: a study score of at       You will be equipped to undertake a range of roles in
PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDIES ABCY         an accredited psychology major. You will gain a          least 25 in English (EAL) or at least    criminal justice, government, police and correctional
                                   strong theoretical, research, and applied                20 in English other than EAL.            services, health care and welfare systems. Careers
                                   understanding of human behaviour and the interplay                                                include the justice sector, health and community
CAMPUS: FP                         between psychological and social contributors to                                                  services such as child protection, policy development
VU.EDU.AU/COURSES/ABCY             crime; as well as an understanding of the legal,                                                  and related service provision. Students successfully
                                   political and community responses to social                                                       completing this course are eligible to apply for further
                                   dislocation, human behaviour and development.                                                     study in psychology followed by postgraduate studies
                                                                                                                                     in criminal justice/criminology or further professional
                                                                                                                                     training in preparation for more senior roles. This
                                                                                                                                     course is designed to meet the accreditation
                                                                                                                                     requirements of the Australian Psychology
                                                                                                                                     Accreditation Council.

BACHELOR OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE       Gain a developed understanding of the philosophies       Units 3 and 4: a study score of at       Employment in the criminal justice system is
ABCJ                               and objectives of modern criminal justice and the        least 25 in English (EAL) or at least    becoming increasingly professionalised and requiring
                                   role of various agencies within it and the systemic      20 in English other than EAL.            graduates with a broad knowledge of justice in a
                                   interactions between social welfare organisations,                                                range of professional and community settings. As a
CAMPUS: FP                         law and judicial administration, penal and                                                        graduate of this course, you can also seek
VU.EDU.AU/COURSES/ABCJ             correctional institutions, family and community,                                                  employment in community legal settings, law firms,
                                   and policing.                                                                                     security and intelligence organisations and related
                                                                                                                                     welfare and support agencies.



                                                                                    VICTORIA UNIVERSITY COURSE GUIDE 2019 | UNDERGRADUATE
“ During my studies I undertook
  an internship with the Cotton On
  Group. After I finished my degree,
  I was kept on as marketing
  assistant – a role they created
  especially for me.

 Recently, I was selected to be on
 the panel for developing Robotic
 Marketer – currently the first robot
 in the world designed to replace
 staff developing and writing
 marketing strategies.

 I also write for the Marketing Eye
 Magazine, which can be found
 in Qantas lounges. I was so
 inspired by my placement course
 at VU that I now help manage the
 internship program at Marketing
 Eye Melbourne. Nothing makes me
 happier than to be in a position
 now to help support others in their
 career paths.”

 Samantha Dargan
 Diploma of Business (Enterprise)
 Bachelor of Arts (Communications)


“ I never believed I could achieve
          my dream to work for a big
          global investment bank. VU’s
          Work Integrated Learning at
          ANZ opened these doors for me.

          During my work placement,
          I gained valuable experience
          within the Australian Branch
          Network and a sound
          understanding of lending
          products, services and
          procedures. This allowed me to
          apply the skills, knowledge and
          qualifications obtained at VU, to
          further my career prospects in a
          professional work environment.”

          I’m now a mortgage broker and
          help people achieve their goal of
          buying a home. I love my job, it
          gives me so much satisfaction.”

          Urbano Laa
          Bachelor of Business
          (Banking and Finance)

                          LEARNING PARTNERS


                                        224K ALUMNI
                                              INCLUDING 28,000+

VU has one of the largest, most
    internationally active business schools in
 Australia. We offer undergraduate business
and commerce degrees that specialise in the
    various fields of business and undertake
          business research and consultancy.

      We are a three-time winner of the Australian Tourism Award
  for excellence in tourism education and training, and have been
         inducted into the tourism industry’s National Hall of Fame.

    Our Bachelor of Business degree offers choice and flexibility:
      after a common first year, you can choose from 13 different
         specialisations or 78 double specialisation combinations.
  Our Bachelor of Commerce allows you to undertake specialised
               studies in international business or applied finance.

             Through our strong industry links, workplace learning,
      specialist professional development units and industry-expert
                            teachers, you will graduate work ready.

Everything you learn with us is directly linked to the real world and
 your future career. When you undertake a Bachelor of Business or
Commerce degree, our Centre for Work Integrated Learning (WIL)
       assists you to integrate workplace learning into your degree.

                Co-operative Education or ‘Co-op’ is a year of paid,
     full-time employment between the second year and third year
                of a three-year business degree. Students undertake
             a preparation program during the second year of study,
                         and enter the workplace the following year.

      Business-Integrated Learning (BIL) recognises industry-based
  experiences such as relevant project work, part-time employment,
           a holiday job or even voluntary work undertaken while
                completing your qualifications in business courses.

                                    Find out more at vu.edu.au/wil

                               MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING
                                   SUPPLY CHAIN AND LOGISTICS
                                  EVENTS, TOURISM, HOSPITALITY

                            BUSINESS            vu.edu.au/business
“As part of my studies I completed
      an amazing industry placement
      year at Hallmark/Qantas,
      Los Angeles International Airport.

      Not only did I meet some incredible
      people, I was able to connect
      more strongly with other students
      in my course.

      While completing my course, I secured
      a casual position at Gray Line, which
      complemented my study hours. When
      I graduated, I took on the role full time.
      I’ve been working there for 11 years
      now and my current position is Sales
      and Marketing Coordinator. VU set
      me up with the skills I needed to
      succeed in the tourism industry.”

      Chantelle Khan
      Bachelor of Business (International Tourism
      Management specialisation)

“	I’ve mentored over 100 VU students
                                                                                                                   since 2001 and accept up to six
                                                                                                                   students in my internship program
                                                                                                                   every year. My second in charge
                                                                                                                   is a VU alumnus, with two other
                                                                                                                   staff being VU PhD students.”

                                                                                                                    Halinka Panzera
                                                                                                                    Founder and CEO,
                                                                                                                    BDC Market Intelligence

COURSE/CODE                        OVERVIEW                                                 ADMISSION CRITERIA                       CAREER OUTCOMES

                                                         The following information is valid for applicants with recent secondary education only. If you have previous
BUSINESS                                                  VET/TAFE study, higher education study or work and life experience, please see course webpage listed.

DIPLOMA OF BUSINESS (ENTERPRISE)   Get prepared for transition into university studies      Year 12: Completion of an Australian     When you successfully complete all the
VDBE                               and further studies in the Bachelor of Business          Senior Secondary Certificate             requirements of this program you will be eligible to
                                   (BBNS) and/or for transition to the business             (VCE or equivalent).                     transfer into the second year of the VU Bachelor of
                                   workforce at entry level. If you successfully                                                     Business program. If you decide not to continue your
CAMPUS: CF                         complete this diploma you will be eligible for                                                    tertiary studies upon completion of the diploma you
VU.EDU.AU/COURSES/VDBE             a guaranteed place in the second year of the                                                      will have acquired a range of skills relevant in the
                                   Bachelor of Business.                                                                             business world to commence a successful career.

BACHELOR OF BUSINESS BBNS          In this three-year course, you can choose from           Units 3 and 4: a study score of at       Find employment in a wide range of occupations
                                   various majors including accounting; event               least 25 in English (EAL) or at least    and professional settings including private
                                   management; financial risk management; human             20 in English other than EAL.            corporations, professional service firms,
CAMPUS: CF; FP                     resource management; information systems                                                          the public service, and community sector.
VU.EDU.AU/COURSES/BBNS             management; tourism and hospitality management;                                                   Course accreditations in the Bachelor of Business
                                   international trade; management and innovation;                                                   refer to the respective course majors.
                                   marketing; and supply chain and logistics



                                                                                  VICTORIA UNIVERSITY COURSE GUIDE 2019 | UNDERGRADUATE
You can also read