Winter 2021 50 FARMINGTON CONTINUING EDUCATION - Farmington Public Schools

Winter 2021 50 FARMINGTON CONTINUING EDUCATION - Farmington Public Schools
Celebrating   50 Years (1971-2021)
         Winter 2021
                 January - March

Winter 2021 50 FARMINGTON CONTINUING EDUCATION - Farmington Public Schools
                                            Hello Lifelong Learners,
     FARMINGTON CONTINUING                  Let’s put 2020 behind us and bring in the NEW
           EDUCATION                        YEAR! This year marks the 50th anniversary of
    1 Depot Place, Unionville, CT 06085     Farmington Continuing Education. There is no
         Phone: (860) 404-0290              better time to stay active, engaged, and connected
          Fax: (860) 404-0294               by participating in the many course offerings in             this winter catalog during January, February, and

                                            The spring catalog will be released in February for
             8:30AM - 4:30PM
                                            courses being offered in April, May, and June. Visit
              Monday - Friday
                                            our website for newly added
          (closed major holidays)
                                            course offerings and to register.

                                            Hope to see you in person in 2021!
                                            All aboard to lifelong learning!
          Kathleen C. Greider
        Superintendent of Schools           Lori Wyrebek
              Kimberly Wynne      
     Assistant Superintendent of Schools

               Alicia Bowman
    Assistant Superintendent of Finance &

             Christine Arnold
                Bill Beckert
               Sylvie Binette
               Kristi Brouker
          Elizabeth Fitzsimmons
               Beth Kintner
               Sarah Healey
                Ellen Siuta
             Andrea Sobinski
                                             Due to COVID-19, no in-person courses will be
                                             held at Lewis Mills High School or Lake Garda
                                             Elementary School. Burlington and Harwinton
                                              residents can attend an in-person or virtual
             Lori Wyrebek                             course listed in the catalog.
                                            Many businesses and instructors from Burlington
                Amy Ferrari                      and Harwinton are offering courses
       Supervisor and Catalog Design                      for winter 2021.

TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                             COURSE LOCATIONS
    State Mandated Courses                                                          Barney Library
W   Adult Basic Education (ABE)................................... 4                71 Main Street            Farmington, CT 06032
    Citizenship................................................................ 4   Claudette’s Creative Clippin’s Pet Salon
    English for Speakers of other                                                   22 Main Street              Unionville, CT 06085
d   Languages (ESL)....................................................... 4
n                                                                                   DOT Commuter Lot
    High School Completion                                                          475 Hartford Road         New Britain, CT 06053
    Programs (GED, CDP & NEDP)............................... 5
                                                                                    Farmington Community & Senior Center
r   Adult Enrichment Courses                                                        321 New Britain Avenue  Unionville, CT 06085
t   Art, Games & Hobbies............................................. 6
                                                                                    Farmington High School
    Computers & Technology..........................................6-7             10 Monteith Drive         Farmington, CT 06032
    Cooking.................................................................... 7
                                                                                    Farmington Library
    Financial & Retirement.........................................8-9
                                                                                    6 Monteith Drive          Farmington, CT 06032
    Health & Wellness............................................ 12-13             Farmington River School of Art
                                                                                    73 East Main Street         Plainville, CT 06062
    Home & Garden..................................................... 13
    Language................................................................ 14     First Church of Christ - Farmington
    Music, Dance & Drama.................................... 14-15                  75 Main Street              Farmington, CT 06032
    Nature & Outdoors.......................................... 15-16               First Church of Christ - Unionville
    Personal Enrichment........................................ 16-17               61 Main Street               Unionville, CT 06085

    Youth Enrichment Courses............................. 17-21                     Flanders Nature Preserve
                                                                                    5 Church Hill Road	        Woodbury, CT 06798
    Notes, Reminders & Policies................................22                   Irving Robbins Middle School
                                                                                    20 Wolf Pit Road         Farmington, CT 06032

                                                                                    Spotlight Art, Dance & Wellness
                                                                                    1055 Farmington Avenue Farmington, CT 06032

                                                                                    Stanley Whitman House
     MARK YOUR                                                                      37 High Street            Farmington, CT 06032

     CALENDARS!                                                                     The Zoo Health Club
                                                                                    498 Bushy Hill Road             Avon, CT 06001
     Courses will NOT be held
                                                                                    West Woods Upper Elementary School
     on the following dates.....                                                    50 Judson Lane        Farmington, CT 06032
     • January 1 - New Year's Day
     • January 18 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
     • February 15 - President's Day                                                Find us on Social Media!
     • February 16 - Winter Recess (schools closed)                                 Facebook - FarmingContEd
                                                                                    Instagram - FarmContEd
                                                                                    Twitter - FarmContEd

                                                                    REGISTER ONLINE AT WWW.FPSCT.ORG/FCE                            3
    The Farmington Board of Education provides courses in Adult Basic Education (ABE), Citizenship,
     High School Completion Programs (GED®, CDP, and NEDP), and English for Speakers of Other
     Languages (ESL). These courses are FREE to residents of Farmington, Unionville, Avon, Canton,
            Collinsville, Burlington, and Harwinton. Registration is required for ALL courses!

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESL)
Learn to speak, read, and write English with a focus on those
skills needed in everyday life. Both day and evening courses will
be offered at three levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced).
Registration is required for all new and returning students.
Aprenda a hablar, leer y escribir inglés en un programa
que enfocará en las destrezas de todos los días. Se ofrecen
clases por el día y por la noche en tres niveles (principiante,
Intermedio y avanzado). Matriculación es obligatorio para
todos los alumnos.
02/02 to 05/20                                 28 sessions (TTh)
10AM-12PM (Beg./Int.)  Farmington Library - Upstairs, Board Rm 1
12-2PM (Adv.)          Farmington Library - Upstairs, Board Rm 1

02/01 to 05/19                                 28 sessions (MW)
6-8:30 PM                              Farmington High - Rm 908

Adult Basic Education (ABE)                                              REGISTRATION FOR:
For adults who want to learn basic reading, writing, and math
skills. You will improve your life skills and can prepare to enter        ABE, ESL, GED® &
a high school completion program.
02/01 to 05/19
6-8:30 PM
                                                28 sessions (MW)
                                        Farmington High - Rm 913
                                                                       At this time, the ABE, ESL, GED®, and
Prepares the applicant in the 3 areas of the naturalization
                                                                       Citizenship courses will be offered as
process including both the application and documents, U. S.            a hybrid model (both in-person and
history and government, and reading and writing skills.
                                                                      online) but can change based on state
02/01 to 05/17                                   14 sessions (M)
6-8 PM                                 Farmington High - Rm 909             health recommendations.
General Education Development (GED®)
                                                                        REGISTER ONLINE for all
02/01 to 05/17                                   14 sessions (M)     courses at
6-8:30 PM                              Farmington High - Rm 906

LANGUAGE ARTS/SOCIAL STUDIES:                                         Once your registration is received, you
02/03 to 05/19                                  14 sessions (W)     will be contacted by phone to verify your
6-8:30 PM                              Farmington High - Rm 906
                                                                      registration information and schedule
                                                                            in-person or remote testing.
    Volunteers are needed for courses! Contact                       If you have any questions, call our office at
     Sarah De Feudis for more information at                                      (860) 404-0290.
      (860) 805-2499 or

                                                                  -- Go to and create an account
               Register online at                                 -- Must take GED® Ready Test at and receive
                                                                     a score of "likely to pass" in each subject area
                                       -- Complete the process, in person, at Farmington
                                                                     Continuing Education
There are three distinct pathways for adults to attain a high     -- Receive an email that you can now schedule your GED®
school diploma outlined below:                                       test
                                                                  CT General Statutes, Section10-5(a) requires that individuals
General Educational Development (GED®):
                                                                  who are either 17 or 18 years old at the time of registration
Adults who have not completed high school must demonstrate,
                                                                  for the GED® must submit documentation that they have been
through a 4-part computerized examination that includes a
                                                                  officially withdrawn from a CT school for at least 6 months.
writing sample, the attainment of academic skills and concepts
normally acquired through completion of a high school             17-year-olds: must submit a withdrawal form with a parent/
program. Applicants for this exam must be at least 17 years of    guardian signature.
age and officially withdrawn from school for at least 6 months.   18-year-olds: may submit, in place of a withdrawal form, a letter
Individuals who pass the GED® Tests are awarded a State of CT     from the last high school they attended stating that the 9th-
High School Diploma.                                              grade class they entered (or would have entered) has already
Credit Diploma Program (CDP):
CDP is a combination of teacher-led courses and an                                       MISSION STATEMENT
internet-based high school curriculum. Earn credits through        The Farmington Board of Education will provide a planned
independent study projects, community service, work                program of studies to expand the educational opportunities for
experience, or vocational training. Teachers are content-area      adult learners in the areas of Basic Education, GED® Preparation,
certified secondary educators, and our courses are as equally      ESL, and Citizenship. The plan takes into account the intent of
challenging as regular high school but are shorter in length.      state statutes to expand educational accessibility of offerings, and
                                                                   educational achievement as indicated by the receipt of a high
If you are motivated, an independent learner with a busy
                                                                   school diploma. This is a common standards-based educational
work schedule, have family concerns, have 4-7 credits left to      program that will enable every student to achieve rigorous
earn your diploma, you believe that earning a high school          performance standards.
diploma similar to daytime high school is what you want,
then this program is for you!
                                                                                     NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY
22 credits are required to earn a Bristol High School diploma:     Farmington Continuing Education is committed to a policy of equal
4 in English, 4 in Math, 4 in Social Studies, 2 in Science, and    opportunity/affirmative action for all qualified persons and does
8 electives. A minimum of 4 credits must be completed in           not discriminate based on race, color, religious creed, sex, age,
this program, no matter how many credits are transferred           national origin, ancestry, marital status, sexual orientation, gender,
from previous high schools. This program is offered through        gender identity or expression, disability (including, but not limited
Bristol Adult Education (860) 584-7865 and has rolling             to, intellectual disability, past or present history of mental disorder,
                                                                   physical disability or learning disability), genetic information, or
                                                                   any other basis prohibited by Connecticut state and/or federal
                                                                   nondiscrimination laws. Inquiries regarding non-discrimination
National External Diploma Program (NEDP):                          policies should be directed to the Director of Special Services at
NEDP assists adults with life experiences, such as working         (860) 677-1791.
and raising a family, towards a high school diploma. All work
is done in a non-traditional, one-to-one at-home setting.
                                                                                   DISABILITIES ACCOMMODATIONS
Flexible appointments are made with staff to obtain, review,
                                                                   All activities offered by Farmington Continuing Education are
and demonstrate mastery of the 70 competencies measured            held at accessible locations. Accommodations for individuals
by this nationally certified program. Although there is no         with disabilities are available upon request. Please contact Lori
age requirement, most adults that apply are over age 24.           Wyrebek at (860) 404-0290.
High school proficient scores in Math, Reading, and Writing
are a prerequisite. This program is available through both
Bristol Adult Education (860) 584-7865 and West Hartford                          GED® TEST ACCOMMODATIONS
                                                                   Accommodations for the GED®® test are available for qualified
Continuing Education (860) 561-6900. Call to find out when
                                                                   individuals with a disability. For more information contact Lori
the next NEDP Orientation is being held.                           Wyrebek at (860) 404-0290 or Sabrina Mancini at the Connecticut
                                                                   State Department of Education at (860) 807-2111.
Information to the GED® Test-Taker:
This program prepares adult learners to pass the 4-part,
computer-based GED® exam to earn a State of CT diploma.                                 MANDATED COURSES
                                                                   Farmington Continuing Education complies with Connecticut
Students receive necessary instruction in 4 subject areas
                                                                   General Statute 10-73a, there is no fee for registration, books, or
(Science, Social Studies, Math and Language Arts) plus basic       materials to any adult enrolled in the High School Completion,
computer skills to take the exam.                                  ESL, or Citizenship programs.

                                                      REGISTER ONLINE AT WWW.FPSCT.ORG/FCE                                                5
ART, GAMES & HOBBIES                                             COMPUTERS & TECHNOLOGY
                                                                                            iPhone for Beginners
                      Register online at                                                    Elizabeth McDonald (A-COM038)
                                                                                            We will explore using your iPhone

                                                                 from downloading apps, sorting and
                                                                                            organizing them, creating folders,
                                                                                            sending and receiving text messages,
                                                                                            using the text message function to
Watercolors of Spring!                       Cedar Plank Wood Sign Painting                 Facetime with 1 or more people who
ShawnaLee Kwashnak (A-ART028)                Workshop                                       also have an iPhone, how to send
Spring brings a welcome myriad of            Alison Murphy (A-ART024)                       messages with attachments, and how to
bright colors! Explore methods and           Enjoy an evening of painting handcrafted       use more than one language, including
techniques of watercolor painting            cedar plank wood signs. There will be          emojis.
while appreciating springs welcomed          several mix & match design options             01/07 to 01/28              4 sessions (Th)
renewal. Create paintings of flowers. All    provided, or feel free to go rogue and         6:30-7:30 PM                        Online
skill levels welcome.                        create your own! Signs will be made            Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $45, $39
03/01 to 03/22            4 sessions (M)    with genuine cedar planks with twine
10 AM - 12 PM                     Online    attached for hanging. These signs make         Using Zoom - Getting Past Just
Course Fee: $79                              a great addition to your home decor or         Clicking “Join a Meeting”
                                             give one as a gift.                            Elizabeth McDonald (A-COM039)
Sewing 101: The Basics -                     03/08                    1 session (M)        Build upon your basic knowledge of
Scrunchies, Tote Bag, and                    6:30-8:30 PM Farmington High – Rm 615         Zoom by exploring its various functions,
Pillowcase                                   Course Fee: $45                                including chat, private chat, break out
Ashley Parker (A-ART036)                                                                    rooms, screen sharing, and more.
Do you have a sewing machine and             Drawing Animals                                02/03 to 02/24              4 sessions (W)
have no idea where to start? Learn the       ShawnaLee Kwashnak (A-ART027)                  6:30-7:30 PM                        Online
basics, including machine operation,         Learn how to draw animals like an artist!      Course Fee: $39
how to sew hems, French seams, and           Gain valuable experience in learning
much more! Each week there will be           how to see shapes and techniques to            Microsoft Word
a small project to complete: tote bag,       create a 3D drawing. Learn techniques          Sara Bozzuto (A-COM008)
pillowcase, and scrunchies.                  to draw eyes, noses, ears, and fur!            Learn Microsoft Word by creating
02/02 to 02/16             3 sessions (T)   Students will complete at least one            documents, such as letters and resumes.
6-7:30 PM                         Online    animal drawing.                                Create, edit, format, save and print text
Course Fee: $99                              03/01 to 03/22               4 sessions (M)   and graphics. Use tools such as spell and
                                             6:30-8:30 PM                         Online   grammar check, the thesaurus, word
Quilting 101                                 Course Fee: $85                                count, the help menu, and keyboard
Ashley Parker (A-ART039)                                                                    shortcuts. Use the ruler, change margins,
Learn the basics of piecing two different    Home Decor Sewing - Throw                      set tabs, line spacing, and fonts; create
quilt blocks. A simple cut and twist         Pillow and Welt Cord                           headers, footers, and borders; cut, copy,
block, also known as the disappearing 9      Ashley Parker (A-ART034)                       paste, and more. Work efficiently with
Patch, and a fabric origami bowtie block     Join this “basic” sewing class to learn        folders and files.
are perfect for an adorable baby quilt or    how to create a sample throw pillow so         02/03 to 03/03               5 sessions (W)
warm lap quilt.                              you can spruce up your home décor!             6:30-8:30 PM                         Online
                                                                                            Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $99, $89
02/17                      1 session (W)    01/25                        1 session (M)
6-7:30 PM                         Online    6-7:30 PM                           Online
Course Fee: $49                              Course Fee: $49                                All Things Facebook
                                                                                            Elizabeth McDonald (A-COM037)
Home Decor Sewing - Curved                   Decorative Painting Art Lessons                Explore Facebook, the Marketplace,
Valance                                      Carolyn Mitchell (A-ART011)                    Facebook Group, and Organizational
Ashley Parker (A-ART037)                     Throughout this 4-week course, learn           Pages, how to attend events in Facebook
Create a sample valance, perfect for         the basics of Decorative Painting. Topics      Live, and how to use Facebook
the kitchen or bathroom window. The          to be covered will include design              Messenger’s video function to hold
valance will have a curved hem, a rod        placement, base coating, shading,              live, no-cost video chats with 1 or more
pocket, and be fully lined.                  highlighting, and adding details. Two          people.
01/18                      1 session (M)
                                             complete projects will be created. All         01/06 to 01/27               4 sessions (W)
6-7:30 PM                         Online    materials and instruction are included.        6:30-7:30 PM                         Online
Course Fee: $49                                                                             Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $55, $49
                                             03/01 to 03/22               4 sessions (M)
                                             6-7 PM                               Online
                                             Course Fee: $165

COMPUTERS & TECHNOLOGY                                                                                        COOKING
What’s a Tweet, Post, or Pin? An             Ricotta Gnocchi Mac & Cheese                  Foodways at Stanley-Whitman
Exploration of Twitter, Instagram,           Food Explorers (A-COO018)                     House with Dennis Picard
and Pinterest for Beginners                  Join a Registered Dietician from Food         Stanley-Whitman House (A-COO009)
Elizabeth McDonald (A-COM040)                Explorers to make homemade Ricotta            Food in colonial times was much
Explore Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest    Gnocchi Mac & Cheese for a perfect            different compared to what we eat
to learn more about what they each are,      Valentine’s Day dinner for two (or more!).    today. Religious beliefs, traditions,
how they function, and why people are        No special equipment is required.             geography, growing season, harvest,
drawn to one over the other for specific     02/15                       1 session (M)    and cooking methods all played a role
purposes.                                    5-6 PM                             Online    in what was available and how much
                                             Course Fee: $25                               was eaten with each region developing
02/04 to 02/25            4 sessions (Th)
6:30-7:30 PM                      Online                                                  their unique dietary habits.
Course Fee: $45                              Homemade Ravioli                              A) Maple Day! Maple Sugaring - At
                                             Food Explorers (A-COO017)
                                                                                           Stanley-Whitman       House,      historic
Computer Basics                              Join a Registered Dietitian from Food         interpreter    Dennis      Picard     will
Jen Wollman (A-COM042)                       Explorers to make homemade ravioli!           demonstrate how to tap a maple tree
Did you get a new laptop or computer?        Learn how to make pasta and whip up a         for its sap and then evaporate the sap
If so, this is a great course to learn       delicious cheesy filling, without needing     over an open fire as part of the sugaring
common computer terms and computer           a pasta machine! You’ll have perfect          process. Dennis will share anecdotes
basics. What is a file? How do I save a      ravioli in no time. You’ll also have the      of this time-honored tradition by
file? What is a folder? Learn how to add     chance to ask any food and nutrition          indigenous peoples of the Eastern
your favorite picture to your desktop        questions you may have, so come               Algonquin Peoples of the lower CT
background, how to find a file, internet     prepared!                                     River Valley and then later by English
browsing, keyboard shortcuts, and            01/18                       1 session (M)    colonists in New England.
much more! The class is based on             5-6 PM                             Online
                                             Course Fee: $25
                                                                                           B) Hearth Cooking: Irish Colonial
Windows 10. Designed for the novice                                                        Cooking - Focus on the foods and
with little computer experience.                                                           challenges of the Scotch-Irish that were
03/15                      1 session (M)
                                             Friday Night Supper Club with
                                                                                           part of the last major wave of British
6-8 PM         Farmington High – Rm 522     Prudence Sloane - Classic Risotto             immigrants to the colonies in 1720–
Course Fee: $29                              with Variations                               1775 seeking economic betterment and
                                             Prudence Sloane (A-COO010)
                                                                                           escaping severe economic hardships.
                                             Classic Risotto with Variations - Learn       Dennis will prepare a typical breakfast

 UGotClass                                   the art of making a versatile risotto base
                                             from which you can make a multitude
                                             of risottos, such as a Venetian Seafood,
                                                                                           of toasted bread, cheese, “leftover”
                                                                                           meat, or vegetables. Learn about a
                                                                                           standard breakfast dish made of soured
                                             Southwestern, Wild Mushroom, and              milk or boiled grains made, modified,
 With more than 100 ONLINE                   even a risotto with leftovers. You get to     and eaten by backcountry settlers of all
     course topics and 30                    choose which one you’ll be doing as           ages.
                                             your cook along.
  certificate programs, you                  01/08                        1 session (F)
                                                                                           A) 02/28
                                                                                           B) 03/07
                                                                                                                       1 session (Su)
                                                                                                                       1 session (Su)
   should have no problem                    5:30-6:30 PM                       Online
                                             Course Fee: $29                               12-4 PM           Stanley Whitman House
 finding a course to fit your                                                              Course Fee: $25 each
         needs today!                        The Culture of Coffee with Cafe
   Visit http://www.yougot-                  Eduardo Garces (A-COO020)
                                                                                              CLASS MATERIALS
                                             In this course, learn the basics of                 coffee agriculture, the green coffee             Supplies for some online
                                             trade, coffee roasting, and the different       courses will be available for
                                                    extraction methods.
                                                                                              pickup at the Farmington
                                                       03/01 to 03/15  3 sessions (M)
                                                        6-8 PM                 Online
                                                                                             Continuing Education office
                                                         Course Fee: $29                     located at 1 Depot Place in
                                                                                               Information about pickup dates
                                                                                               and times is listed in the course

                                                      REGISTER ONLINE AT WWW.FPSCT.ORG/FCE                                         7
The Truth About Medicaid Rules                Special Needs and Disabilities:               Empowering Women in
and Long-Term Care Costs                      Helping a Loved One (or                       Retirement
Brendan Daly (A-FIN009)                       yourself) Live the Best Life!                 Michael Alimo (A-FIN013)
In this course, learn the truth from an       Colleen Masse (A-FIN011)                      Get educated on the most common
experienced elder law attorney. Walk          Come learn from a Connecticut special         Social Security mistakes, learn how
away understanding how you can                needs planning attorney who knows             to avoid them, and how to maximize
properly protect your life savings, as well   how to safeguard the more complex             this benefit through need-to-know
as how Medicaid can help you pay for          rights and interests of those with            strategies developed to prevent
long-term care costs. Learn strategies to     disabilities and special needs. Learn         outliving your hard-earned money in
protect your money should a crisis arise.     about housing options, employment,            retirement. Create a legacy plan that
Medicaid’s confusing rules, what it takes     and public benefits, as well as valuable      protects you, your spouse, or your
to apply, who can help you complete           planning tools, like ABLE accounts            heirs from the IRS and probate courts.
an application, and much more will be         and special needs trusts, that can help       Learn about protecting your money
covered.                                      you preserve your money and not               from market volatility and the dozens of
03/11                       1 session (Th)   jeopardize eligibility for public benefits.   options available to you.
6-7:30 PM                          Online    Walk away with knowledge on how to            02/24                      1 session (W)
Course Fee: $19                               create a financial plan that works now        6:30-8 PM                         Online
                                              and in the future.                            Course Fee: $19
Social Security Changes: The                  03/31                        1 session (W)
Impact on Your Retirement                     6-7:30 PM                           Online   ABC’s of Government Benefits
Michael Alimo (A-FIN002)                      Course Fee: $19                               for Your Loved One with Special
Retirement is one of the most                                                               Needs
important life events many of us will         Veteran’s Benefits - What You                 Stuart Hawkins (A-FIN020)
ever experience. When to collect              Need to Know!                                 Gain a greater understanding of the
Social Security may be the single most        Steve Rubin (A-FIN015)                        various government benefits available
important decision you make in the            This course will highlight the programs       to your loved one. Detailed discussions
context of planning your retirement.          and services that are available to our        on how to qualify, maximize, and
This is a great opportunity to learn KEY      veterans, with or without disabilities, and   preserve benefits such as Supplemental
CONCEPTS you need to know BEFORE              how to qualify for them, even if at first     Security Income (SSI), Social Security
applying for Social Security. Depending       glance, they do not meet the financial        Disability (SSDI), Medicaid, Medicare,
on your age, Social Security filing           requirements.                                 and the ABLE Act will be included.
strategies may boost lifetime benefits        03/31                        1 session (W)   01/20                      1 session (W)
and increase retirement income by tens        6:30-7:30 PM                        Online   6:30-8 PM                         Online
of thousands. Always consider Social          Course Fee: $15                               Course Fee: $19
Security payout as a component of your
retirement plan.                              Medicare Basics .... Get the Facts!
                                              Dan Dempsey (A-FIN015A)

02/17                        1 session (W)
6-7 PM                              Online   During this course, learn the differences
Course Fee: $15                               between Medicare and other health
                                              coverage, what is Original Medicare
Empowering You Through the
Probate Process
                                              and are there other options, is Original       There are over 100 ONLINE
                                              Medicare enough health coverage,
Bryan Etter (A-FIN001)                        what are Medicare Parts A, B, C, & D,              Career Training and
Death in the family? Want to protect          are prescriptions covered, how much              Development courses to
your loved ones from the evils of             will it cost and are there deadlines
Probate? The Probate process can              to enroll? Become educated on                   choose from. There are 12
cause confusion and stress during a           Medicare Advantage Plans, Part D               sessions per course over a 6
sensitive time in your life. Allow Attorney   prescription drug plans, and Medicare
Bryan Etter to help guide you through         Supplement plans. The advantages and
                                                                                             week period. A new course
the steps of the Probate Process, and         disadvantages will be discussed in an              begins each month.
introduce you to the precautions to take      easy to understand manner.
to give your family the peace of mind it
deserves during a difficult time.
                                              6-7:30 PM
                                                                           1 session (Th)
02/10                        1 session (W)   Course Fee: $15                                  farmington or careertrain-
6-7:30 PM
Course Fee: $19

FINANCIAL & RETIREMENT                                                                                                 FITNESS
Protecting Assets as You Age                    You Need to Have an Estate Plan!             Pilates
Bryan Etter (A-FIN012)                          Learn Why?                                   Rob Schrader (A-FIT013)
Several options can be implemented              Ruth Fortune (A-FIN008)                      Exercises focus on the core muscles
which can help preserve your assets             Decide how your estate is divided,           which include the abs, back, glutes, and
over time. Preemptive planning options          who is responsible for your care, who        shoulders. We work to create balance
discussed in this course can result in          gets custody of your children, and so        and strength in your trunk and loose,
positive outcomes - probate avoidance,          much more! Learn from an experienced         limber limbs. Pilates strives to makes
preservation of funds for the family, and       elder law attorney about important           you strong and long while improving
a seamless transition into state-funded         documents EVERY ADULT should have,           balance, coordination, and posture.
programs to ensure proper medical               such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney    Every part of the body gets worked and
care. But like most things in life, there are   (POA), and healthcare directives.            you’ll discover muscles you never knew
positives and negatives to each of the          Walk away knowing what these all             you had.
options. We will compare and contrast           documents are for and what you need          01/12 to 03/23              11 sessions (T)
the different options you can enact to          to do to create them. Arm yourself with      6-6:45 PM                           Online
help protect your assets as you age.            information about the probate process        Course Fee: $85
02/03                         1 session (W)    and how it works, even if you already
6-7:30 PM                            Online    have an estate plan.                         Tighten & Tone
Course Fee: $19                                                                              Allison McClain (A-FIT016)
                                                03/04                      1 session (Th)
                                                6-7:30 PM                         Online    Get the endorphins flowing in Tighten
Savvy Social Security Planning                  Course Fee: $19                              and Tone. A Pilates-based class designed
for Baby Boomers                                                                             to strengthen your arms and back using
Retirement & Money Strategies (R-FIN004A)       ABLE Accounts: How Someone                   2 lb. weights, trim and slim your middle
This course covers not only the basics          with a Disability Can Save for               through a series of mat-based exercises,
of Social Security but also reveals             Their Future                                 and lengthen and define the lower
strategies for maximizing your benefits.        Stuart Hawkins (A-FIN021)                    body through bodyweight resistance
We will discuss how to minimize taxes           Learn the ins and outs, and pros and         to improve balance and stamina. Top
on Social Security benefits and how to          cons of this exciting new planning tool,     off a successful class with a rewarding
coordinate your Social Security with your       and its tax advantages for individuals       full-body stretch to seal in all your hard
other sources of retirement income. We          and families with special needs.             work.
welcome your questions about Social                                                          01/13 to 03/24              11 sessions (W)
                                                02/03                      1 session (W)
Security benefits as you explore your           6:30-8 PM                         Online    5:45-6:30 PM                         Online
options in making this financial decision.      Course Fee: $19                              Course Fee: $89
03/23                          1 session (T)
6:30-8 PM                            Online                                                 Total Body Barre
Course Fee: $19                                                                              Allison McClain (A-FIT010)
                                                                                             Total Body Barre combines strength,
What is a Trust and Do I Need                                                                endurance, and flexibility for a complete
One?                                                                                         workout designed for maximal toning
Jeff Rivard (A-FIN010)                                                                       and sculpting.
In this course, we will explain how trusts                                                   01/11 to 03/22               9 sessions (M)
are created, the different types of trusts,                                                  5:45-6:30 PM                         Online
and go over who you should choose                                                            Course Fee: $79
to participate. Walk away knowing
how to use trusts to minimize and/or                                                         Mindful Movement for the Body
avoid taxes, protect assets, keep public                                                     and Brain
benefits for loved ones with special                                                         Martha Rouleau (A-FIT031)
needs, and how to avoid probate court.                                                       Practice movement that incorporates
Leave this course with an understanding                                                      gentle yoga as well as movement that
of how to use these powerful planning                                                        integrates the left and right side of the
tools to your advantage.                                                                     brain for calming and feeling gathered.
03/18                         1 session (Th)                                                Allow your body to begin the week
6-7:30 PM                            Online                                                 feeling both energized and restored.
Course Fee: $19                                                                              01/14 to 02/04               4 sessions (Th)
                                                                                             5-6 PM                               Online
                                                                                             Course Fee: $39

   WANT TO TEACH A                                  Share your insterest or talents with others! Complete a
      COURSE?                                       Course Proposal Form available at

                                                         REGISTER ONLINE AT WWW.FPSCT.ORG/FCE                                          9
Zumba®                                         Pilates                                        Exploring Yoga
Alyson Grisham (A-FIT021A)                     Nancy Pandolfo (A-FIT031A)                     Emily Kelaher (A-FIT008A)
Zumba® is a dance-based fitness course         With an emphasis on breathing, core            This course is perfect for those new to
that uses a combination of Latin and           conditioning, and body awareness,              yoga or those looking for a slower-paced
international music. It’s a cardio-based       Pilates essential mat exercises are a          practice, offering a safe and welcoming
workout that offers some components            safe and highly effective way to stretch,      environment to explore yoga’s many
of resistance/sculpting training to tone       strengthen, and streamline your body           benefits. Breathwork, a brief meditation,
your entire body from top to bottom            without building bulk or stressing             warm-ups, poses to increase strength,
and from inside out. It’s fun, easy and        your joints. Built upon the essence            flexibility, balance, and new poses will
a type of exercise you will want to do         and principles of Joseph H. Pilates, all       all be explored!
every day. The music, the steps, the           exercises are performed on a mat with          01/25 to 03/22                8 sessions (M)
moves, and the feel are unlike anything        a focus on core stability, including pelvic    6:30-7:30 PM
you have ever experienced before. The          and shoulder girdle stabilization, neutral     First Church of Christ, Farmington
course is designed for everyone. If you        alignment, and patterned breathing.            Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $99, $89
can move, you can Zumba®! Attend               Pilates exercises will leave you looking
online through Zoom or in-person.              toned, feeling revitalized, and moving         Tai Chi 24 Form - Beginner
                                               with ease!                                     Cynthia Hoag (A-FIT027)
01/11 to 03/15               8 sessions (M)
6-7 PM                  West Woods - Cafe     01/16 to 03/20            10 sessions (Sa)    Learn the complete sequence of the
Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $85, $75         10-11 AM                            Online    Tai Chi 24 Form, as is practiced in many
                                               Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $99, $89         countries as a daily exercise/relaxation
Zumba® with Carla                                                                             regimen. This course is tailored for
Carla Hazzam (R-FIT015A)                       Essentrics® - Release, Rebalance,              the beginner, with each movement
Zumba® combines dance and fitness              Restore for Strength and                       being taught and added sequentially
moves. Inspired by Latin dance and             Flexibility                                    throughout 10 classes. The focus will
music, Zumba® uses a variety of styles         Debbie Trovato (A-FIT001)                      be on shifting the weight between
in its routines, including Cumbia,             Essentrics® is a dynamic, yet gentle,          steps and coordinating/connecting
Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton, Mambo,             full-body program that activates all your      movements. A short meditation will be
Rumba, Flamenco, and a Hip Hop.                muscles. This scientifically designed,         done at the end of class if time permits.
Music selections include both fast and         age-reversing workout re-balances your         03/31 to 06/02            10 sessions (W)
slow rhythms to help tone and sculpt           body by working through your muscle            6-7 PM                              Online
the body. Attend online through Zoom           chains to stretch and strengthen, release      Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $109, $99
or in-person.                                  tension, and relieve chronic pain.
02/03 to 03/17               7 sessions (W)                                                  Yoga, Meditation, and Journaling
                                               A) 01/14 to 02/11           5 sessions (Th)
6:30-7:15 PM Farmington High – Rm 605         REVISED                                        to Set Intentions for the New Year
Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $65, $55         Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $65, $58         Martha Rouleau (A-FIT030)
                                                                                              Simple movement and easy guided
Simple Stretches with Chair                    B) 03/04 to 04/08           6 sessions (Th)   meditation will allow you to deepen
Exercises                                      Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $79, $69         into the quiet wisdom that resides in
Amy Perales (A-FIT022)                                                                        you. From this place, through simple
Experience a soft, simple stretch for          6-7 PM                                         journaling and prompts, your intentions
the mind and body. Lose yourself in            First Church of Christ, Unionville             for how you want to live and be as the
the music as you stretch from head to                                                         2021 year unfolds can emerge to our
toe (part of this course stretches in a        Yoga                                           eyes and heart. No prior experience is
chair). This course is wonderful for those     Migdalia Merriman (A-FIT004A)                  needed. Come with an open heart and
who are less mobile and not as flexible.       Focus on the basics of yoga - for all ages     curiosity.
Come exercise in a setting with support        and conditions. Increase your flexibility,     01/23                         1 session (Sa)
from other participants.                       reduce stress, and bring a sense of calm       9:30-11 AM                           Online
A) 02/03 to 03/10                             to your busy life. Yoga will tone the body,    Course Fee: $25
6 sessions (W)                                 discipline the mind, and improve your
                                               overall health. Each session includes
                                               stretches, simple breathing techniques,
                                                                                                 EARN YOUR HIGH
B) 03/31 to 05/05
6 sessions (W)                                 and relaxation.
                                                                                                SCHOOL DIPLOMA!
12:30-1:15 PM
                                               01/13 to 03/17            10 sessions (W)       FREE courses for residents
                                               6-7:15 PM                           Online
Spotlight Art, Dance
                                               Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $125, $115         of Farmington, Unionville,
& Wellness
Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+):                                                                   Avon, Canton, Collinsville,
$59, $55 each                                                                                   Burlington, and Harwinton!
                                                                                                         see page 5
     Tai Chi 24 Form - Advanced                     Zumba®                                         Full Body Refresh
     Cynthia Hoag (A-FIT028)                        Alyson Grisham (A-FIT021A)                     Maggie Downie (A-FIT014)
o    Using QiGong movements as a warm-              Zumba® is a dance-based fitness course         This gentle yet invigorating class is a
     up, we will break-down and review the          that uses a combination of Latin and           great way to start the week. We combine
g    24 form Tai Chi movement sequence              international music. It’s a cardio-based       gentle stretches and fluid movements
y    and the meaning/use of the Yang style          workout that offers some components            that both relax and rejuvenate you.
 ,   movements. We will continue to focus           of resistance/sculpting training to tone       Moves can be completed while standing,
 ,   on shifting weight during movements            your entire body from top to bottom            sitting, and lying down. We move all
     (movement refinement) and some                 and from inside out. It’s fun, easy and        your parts from your head to your toes
     individual practice in class will be           a type of exercise you will want to do         in ways that feel so good you won’t want
 )   included. Flow and breathwork will be          every day. The music, the steps, the           to stop, and we stimulate the muscles,
     introduced, which will bring you toward        moves, and the feel are unlike anything        tendons, and fascia (connective tissue),
     inner peace, moving stuck energy,              you have ever experienced before. The          so every part of you is ready to start the
     and finding the mind, body, and spirit         course is designed for everyone. If you        week.
     connection. A short meditation will be         can move, you can Zumba®! Attend               01/11 to 03/22             9 sessions (M)
     done at the end of class, time permitting.     online through Zoom or in-person.              8-8:45 AM                          Online
     For students with previous experience          01/11 to 03/15               8 sessions (M)   Course Fee: $79
     with Tai Chi.                                  6-7 PM                  West Woods - Cafe
y    03/31 to 06/02            10 sessions (W)     Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $85, $75         Bolly X Low Impact
     7:15-8:15 PM                                                                                  Nikki Moore (R-FIT017A)
     Farmington Community & Sr Ctr - Rms A & B      Zumba® with Carla                              Bolly X is a Bollywood-inspired dance-
t    Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $109, $99        Carla Hazzam (R-FIT015A)                       fitness program. We combine dynamic
                                                    Zumba® combines dance and fitness              choreography with the hottest music
 l   Intro to Tai Chi (8 Form)                      moves. Inspired by Latin dance and             from around the world. This cardio
     Cynthia Hoag (A-FIT026)                        music, Zumba® uses a variety of styles         workout cycles between higher and
     Are you interested in learning a simple        in its routines, including Cumbia,             lower-intensity    dance     sequences
     Tai Chi form? Then the Intro to Tai Chi (8     Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton, Mambo,             to get you moving, sweating, and
     Form) class is for you! It’s easy enough       Rumba, Flamenco, and a Hip Hop.                motivated. We embody the infectious
     to learn virtually in the comfort of your      Music selections include both fast and         energy, expression, and movement of
     home, with no experience necessary.            slow rhythms to help tone and sculpt           Bollywood and aim to expand the reach
     Tai Chi helps to maintain your energy          the body. Attend online through Zoom           of fitness to more people worldwide.
     systems, improve your balance, stamina,        or in-person.                                  The Low Impact version has all of the
     and reduce tension and anxiety. Tai Chi        02/03 to 03/17               7 sessions (W)   fun and swag but limits the high impact
     practiced as regular exercise can help         6:30-7:15 PM Farmington High – Rm 605         moves.
     keep you grounded and centered, as             Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $65, $55         01/18 to 02/22             6 sessions (M)
d    well as lift your spirits! The 8 movement                                                     5:30-6:30 PM                       Online
n    Tai Chi form is taught along with QiGong       High Interval Training                         Course Fee: $79
     exercises to help cultivate Qi energy,         Maggie Downie (A-FIT015)
e    improving one’s health.                        Interval training is a great way to increase   Bolly X & Tone
     01/20 to 03/10               8 sessions (W)   your endurance and can increase aerobic        Nikki Moore (R-FIT016A)
e    6-7 PM                               Online   capacity in just two days of training. This    This is an effective workout that leaves
     Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $89, $79         is a high-intensity class. We’ll focus on      your body feeling awesome. You will
                                                    endurance training, strength training,         have a new appreciation for a whole
d    Body Sculpting                                 and all-over body toning. You’ll be            new culture of music and dancing while
     Nancy Pandolfo (A-FIT030A)                     sprinting, jump roping, resistance             enjoying a full-body workout. Topics to
     Body Sculpting is a cardiovascular             training, and doing plyometrics (which         be covered include, but are not limited
     strength training class that shapes and        involves jumping). While modifications         to: music and dance moves from three
     tones the entire body and helps prevent        will be given, this may not be a suitable      primary genres (Bhangra from the
     osteoporosis. No dancing, jumping,             class for individuals with certain knee or     Punjab region, Folk from the Rajasthan,
     or jazzing, just results! Accommodates         ankle injuries.                                Gujarat, and Maharashtra region, and
     beginner to advanced fitness levels.           01/13 to 03/24              11 sessions (W)   Bollywood from the Mumbai region);
     Work out at YOUR own pace!                     7:45-8:30 AM                         Online   cardio and body-weight exercises for
     01/11 to 03/15             10 sessions (M)    Course Fee: $89                                the entire body; and stretching and
     4:30-5:30 PM                        Online                                                   flexibility.
     Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $99, $89                                                        01/19 to 02/23              6 sessions (T)
                                                                                                   6:15-7:15 PM                       Online
             DON'T                   We encourage you to register early.                           Course Fee: $79

             DELAY!                  It can often make or break a course!

                                                              REGISTER ONLINE AT WWW.FPSCT.ORG/FCE                                         11
FITNESS                                                                                     HEALTH & WELLNESS
Group Indoor Rowing                                                                                QiGong: Calm Your Mind, Heal
The Zoo Gym Simsbury (A-FIT020)                                                                    Your Body
Similar to spinning, Group Indoor                                                                  Risa Gaull Brophy, BS, MQT (A-HEA001)
Rowing has become the best way to get                                                              Feel all your tension melt away as you
a full-body workout using every major                                                              calm your mind and revitalize your

muscle group reducing stress on your                                                               energy with the deep breathing and
joints and body. Each class is an hour                                                             slow, flowing movements of these
long and is designed to burn fat and                                                               ancient Chinese healing exercises.
improve cardio, strength, and overall                                                              QiGong (“Chee-Gong”) means “Energy
fitness while having fun! Classes are                                                              Work”, and is a gentle system of
offered to all experience levels and each                                                          exercises that balance Qi (vital energy)
rower will work at their intensity. Enjoy a                                                        in the body for a calm mind and vibrant
variety of indoor rowing workouts.                Refuge from Stress
                                                                                                   health! Learn simple exercises everyone
                                                  Christine Bailey (A-FIT019)
A) 01/25                     6 sessions (MWF)                                                     can do in just a few minutes a day to
B) 03/10                     6 sessions (MWF)    For many of us, relaxation and letting           relieve stress, reduce pain and stiffness,
                                                  go of stress is not easy. In this course,        improve sleep, boost immune function,
9:30-10:30 AM                                    we will explore bringing your studio             increase energy, and improve overall
The Zoo Health Club, Avon                         Restorative Yoga practice home. Using            health.
Course Fee: $65 each                              yoga props, or similar options found
                                                                                                   01/27 to 03/03               6 sessions (W)
                                                  in your home, we will create a practice
                                                                                                   10-10:45 AM                          Online
Cardio Fitness                                    that you can build into a daily habit.           Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $55, $49
Rita C Johnson (A-FIT012)                         An important outcome will be creating
A friendly exercise program that                  your own peaceful space, collecting              Healing with the Angels
combines low-impact aerobics with                 and exploring props, and experiencing            Shari Dorman (A-HEA014)
stretching, strength training, and                Restorative Yoga in your home so you
                                                                                                   This is an Integrated Energy Therapy
routines to improve flexibility, muscular         can offer yourself the beneficial 20-min
                                                                                                   (IET) energy work course created by The
strength, balance, and cardiovascular             per day of relaxation to let go of some
                                                                                                   Center of Being, Inc. We will be working
fitness. Previous punch cards purchased           held tension and take care of your
                                                                                                   with the 9 healing angels within the IET
can be used.                                      wellbeing.
                                                                                                   energy work (Ariel, Raphael, Gabriel,
A) 01/20 to 02/24       14 sessions (MWF)        A) 01/11to 02/15              6 sessions (M)    Celestina, Faith, Cassiel, Daniel, Sarah,
REVISED                                           B) 03/08 to 04/12             6 sessions (M)
                                                                                                   and Michael). Learn a special prayer
Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $105, $95
                                                  7:30- 8:30 PM                       Online
                                                                                                   of invitation, use an angelic heart link,
                                                  Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $59, $49           and connect with angels who bring
                                                  each                                             support in their healing journey. Upon
B) 03/08 to 04/23       20 sessions (MWF)
Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $149, $135                                                           completion of the course, students
each                                              Core Strength                                    will receive a letter from The Center of
                                                  Rob Schrader (A-FIT017)                          Being, Inc.
9:15-10:15 AM                                     This functionally fun class provides a           REVISED TIME AND FEE
First Church of Christ, Farmington                                                                 03/03 to 03/31              5 sessions (W)
                                                  complete workout that will help tone
Punch Card (20 punches): $165                                                                      6:30-8:30 PM                        Online
                                                  and reshape your body. You will use
                                                                                                   Course Fee: $95
                                                  light weights, bands, and your body
Chair Yoga with Chris Bailey
                                                  weight to improve strength, flexibility,
(online)                                          balance, and stamina to sculpt and tone.
                                                                                                   Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Christine Bailey (A-FIT042)                                                                        Relationship Support For Women
                                                  01/14 to 03/25               11 sessions (Th)
Using a chair as a prop, we will explore                                                           Risa Gaull Brophy, BS, MQT (A-HEA002)
                                                  6-6:45 PM                             Online
fun yoga poses, including Seated Sun              Course Fee: $79                                  If you are frustrated and unhappy in
Salutations, Seated Warrior I, and many                                                            your relationship, and asking yourself
more in this ONLINE course. Being                                                                  the question, “Should I stay or should I
seated and supported in our practice                 FITNESS COURSES                               go?”… join us for this confidential online
allows us to explore poses more deeply.               Fitness courses can be                       course for women, “3 Steps to Finding
Practicing together, though not in the            strenuous. Consult a physician                   the Ultimate Relationship Clarity!” Find
same room, will bring you connection,                                                              out the #1 question you need to ask
movement, breath, and a welcome                    before enrolling. By enrolling                  yourself to see if your relationship can
break from your daily routine.                         in these courses, you                       be healed       Discover what keeps you
A) 01/11 to 02/15               6 sessions (M)    indicate you have no physical                   stuck Determine how you know when
B) 03/08 to 04/12               6 sessions (M)     conditions that would make                     it’s time to go

4-5 PM                              Online       your participation hazardous to                  02/13                        1 session (Sa)
                                                                                                   12-1 PM                             Online
Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $65, $55                      your health!                           Course Fee: $15

HEALTH & WELLNESS                                                                            HOMES & GARDEN
     Introduction to Runes Magic                                                                  Window Replacement Workshop
     Workshop                                             ESL COURSES                             Paul O’Doherty (A-HOM001)
     Dina Karpukov (A-HEA007)                                                                     Want to save on your heat and air
u    This course will introduce you to the              English for Speakers of                   conditioning bills and take advantage of
     concept of Runes Magic. We will                  Other Languages DAY and                     incentive programs available, but don’t
     discuss what Runes Magic is as well as           EVENING courses for adults                  know where to start? Low-E, Argon, Triple
e    its history, how it works, as well as its                                                    Pane, Wood, Vinyl, Composite. How
                                                             are available!
 .   meaning and purpose. Additionally, we                                                        much should I pay for a good quality
     will cover: 24 Energy vibrations known                     see page 5                        window? Confused? Don’t be! Come
     as Runes, different Runes set patterns,                                                      learn from a local experienced Master
     Elder and Younger Futhark, the hidden                                                        Carpenter. This virtual replacement
                                                   Herbal Medicine Making
     meanings of Runes for personal growth,        Dina Karpukov (A-HEA009)
                                                                                                  window workshop will compare
e    the interpretation of Runic symbols for                                                      products, pricing, and show you how
                                                   Want to learn more about how to                windows are properly installed. This
o    every day reading, and Runic Amulets
                                                   use plants for healing? Herbs have             workshop is a must for anyone thinking
 ,   and talismans
                                                   been used for thousands of years by            about having windows replaced or
 ,   02/03 to 02/24              4 sessions (W)   cultures around the world as medicine,         replacing windows themselves.
 l   7-8 PM                              Online
                                                   protection, and more. In this course,
     Course Fee: $45                                                                              03/25                       1 session (Th)
                                                   learn the basic techniques for making
                                                                                                  7-9 PM                             Online
                                                   potent and safe medicines in your
     Mindfulness in Everyday Life                                                                 Course Fee: $29
                                                   kitchen - herbal teas, tinctures, infusions,
     Linda Pountney (A-HEA008A)
                                                   decoctions, vinegar, vinegar essence,          Saving Energy (& Money) This
     Introduction   to   Mindfulness     will      infused honey, and honey ups.
     transform your life. Learn practices                                                         Winter!
                                                   03/10                        1 session (W)    Susannah Shmurak (A-HOM002)
     to reduce anxiety, insomnia, and
                                                   7-9 PM                              Online
y    depression. Simple self-care tools will       Course Fee: $45                                Get your home ready for the heating
e    be introduced for you to use every day                                                       season with these simple ways to make
     to manage stress. Don’t let fast-paced        Aroma-Enhanced Mindfulness                     your house more energy-efficient and
T    environments dictate your inner calm!         Linda Pountney (A-HEA030)                      save money on your power bill. This
 ,   01/26                        1 session (T)                                                  class will cover the easiest energy-
                                                   Learn simple mindfulness practices
 ,   6-7:30 PM                          Online                                                   saving tweaks you can make and also
                                                   to achieve balance and relieve stress.
     Course Fee: $39                                                                              provide information on more complex
                                                   This class is based on the 8-week
 ,                                                                                                projects like insulation, heat pumps, and
                                                   Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
     What Color is Me?                                                                            solar power.
                                                   (MBSR) course and can be used
n    Shari Dorman (A-HEA013)                                                                      01/19                        1 session (T)
                                                   throughout the day. MBSR is the
s    Have you ever wondered why you are                                                           7-8:30 PM                          Online
                                                   gold standard in Mindfulness. When
     drawn to certain colors or why some                                                          Course Fee: $35
                                                   you combine Aromatherapy with
     colors can make you feel a certain way?       Mindfulness, you can achieve maximum
     During this interactive course, explore                                                      Plants I Love - From the Eyes of a
                                                   benefit for anxiety, stress, and sleep.
     why color is so important in our lives, the   The synergistic effects are increased          Landscape Designer
     ways that colors influence and enhance                                                       Kaitlyn Larson (A-HOM003)
                                                   and optimal relaxation can be quickly
     our health and well-being every day,          reached.                                       This course will walk you through an
     and the relationships between colors                                                         assortment of annuals, perennials,
                                                   A) 01/13                     1 session (W)
     and the chakras. Learn a color breath                                                        trees, and shrubs that have been tried
                                                   B) 04/07                     1 session (W)
     and visualization exercise and finish with                                                   and tested in landscapes in CT for
     a color meditation.                           6-7 PM                              Online    years. Learn about the pros and cons
n    02/17                       1 session (W)    Course Fee: $35 each                           of the plants being showcased and why
     6:30-8 PM                          Online                                                   they are loved in CT gardens. You will
 I   Course Fee: $29                                                                              have an opportunity to ask questions
                                                                                                  and dive into the why and why not of
                                                                                                  different plants. In the end, you will be
                                                                                                  able to walk into a Garden Center with
                                                                                                  more confidence and knowledge that
                                                                                                  you are selecting exactly the right plants
                                                                                                  for your dream garden.
                         SCHOOL CANCELLATION                                                      03/30                        1 session (T)
                                                                                                  6:30-8:30 PM                       Online
       Online courses will NOT be canceled on inclement weather days when
                                                                                                  Course Fee: $25
      schools are closed. If an instructor needs to cancel a course for personal
       reasons, they will notify registrants and the course will be rescheduled.

                                                                REGISTER ONLINE AT WWW.FPSCT.ORG/FCE                                     13
LANGUAGE                                                                     MUSIC, DANCE & DRAMA
Conversational English &                        German III                                    Music Lessons for Intermediate/
Comprehension Practice                          Elizabeth Bombach (A-LAN036)                  Advanced (individual)
Michelle Foerstch (A-LAN002)                    This is a continuation of German II           Thomas Furdon (A-MUS032)
Practice your conversational skills and         and will provide additional instruction       Lessons are available in Acoustic/Electric
sharpen your reading comprehension              in the German language. Materials             Guitar, Electric Bass, Ukulele, Mandolin,
by reading articles on an array of topics       are designed to supply copious oral           or Music Theory and Improvisation (pop,
and discussing those topics with your           practice will supplement the required         blues, and jazz-oriented). Intermediate/
peers. An interesting and informative           textbook. For each chapter there will         Advanced lessons for those who have
way to increase your vocabulary and             be a packet containing oral and written       some playing experience but need
practice conversation in a natural              exercises to be printed. Prerequisite:        specific individual instruction to help
setting. For English Language Learners          German II or previous knowledge of the        advance their ability. Topics will include;
(ELL)                                           German language.                              skill level and musical goals, scales,
01/26 to 04/06              10 sessions (T)    01/06 to 02/03              5 sessions (W)   chords, music theory, improvisation, and
5-6 PM                              Online     7-8:30 PM                           Online   practice routines.
Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $109, $99         Course Fee: $79                               A) 01/13 to 02/03           4 sessions (W)
                                                                                              B) 02/10 to 03/03           4 sessions (W)
Spanish for Beginners                                                                         C) 03/10 to 03/31           4 sessions (W)
Cruz Saubidet (A-LAN032)
                                                Adult Tap for Beginners                       12:30-9 PM                         Online
Whether it is for work, travel, or just plain   Amy Perales (A-MUS009)                        Course Fee: $240 each
fun, this course will help you learn the        Adult Tap offers the opportunity to
basic conversational skills of Spanish.         exercise in a unique and fun way. Start       Introduction to Harmonica
Emphasis will be on communication and           with a gentle stretch, learn or review a      Michael Stone (A-MUS017)
writing for everyday expressions.               tap step, work on techniques, and finish      For aspiring harmonica players, we
03/22 to 05/17               8 sessions (M)    with a short tap combination.                 will start
6-7:30 PM       Farmington High – Rm 901
                                                A) 02/05 to 03/26           8 sessions (F)   with basic
Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $99, $89
                                                7-7:45 PM                                     campfire-style
Spanish Intermediate                                                                          songs, and
                                                B) 02/05 to 03/26           8 sessions (F)
Cruz Saubidet (A-LAN033)                                                                      move onto the
                                                12-12:45 PM
                                                                                              blues. Just bring a
In this intermediate Spanish course,
                                                Spotlight Art, Dance & Wellness               harmonica in the Key
you will improve your level of
                                                Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $69, $59        of “C”, and you’ll be on
communication. Emphasis will be on the
                                                each                                          your way.
conversation as well as grammar, use of
good verb tenses, vocabulary, and an                                                          01/12 to 02/16 
                                                Music Lessons for Beginners                   6 sessions (T)
introduction to the subjunctive. Spanish
music and literature will also be used.         (individual)                                  7-9 PM
                                                Thomas Furdon (A-MUS031)                      Online
03/22 to 05/17               8 sessions (M)                                                  Course Fee: $99
7:30-9 PM       Farmington High – Rm 901       Lessons are available in Acoustic/Electric
Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $99, $89          Guitar, Electric Bass, Ukulele, Mandolin,
                                                or Music Theory and Improvisation
                                                                                              Instant Guitar for Busy People
                                                                                              Craig Coffman (R-MUS002)
German I                                        (pop, blues, and jazz-oriented).Beginner
                                                lessons will introduce basic playing          Have you ever wanted to learn the guitar
Elizabeth Bombach (A-LAN034)
                                                to beginners - no previous music              but simply find it difficult to find the
This course will provide you with a                                                           time? In just a few hours you can learn
solid foundation in the language, with          knowledge is needed. Emphasis will be
                                                on learning skills by playing classic pop     enough about playing the guitar to give
vocabulary useful for the traveler.                                                           you years of musical enjoyment, and
Materials are designed to supply copious        songs. Essential skills and basic note-
                                                reading are taught in a fun, supportive       you won’t have to take private lessons
oral practice and will supplement the                                                         to do it. This crash course will teach you
required textbook. For each chapter             setting that allows for development at
                                                each student’s pace.                          some basic chords and get you playing
there will be a packet containing oral                                                        along with your favorite songs right
and written exercises to be printed.            A) 01/12 to 02/02           4 sessions (T)
                                                B) 02/09 to 03/02           4 sessions (T)
                                                                                              away. Sit at home with your guitar and
03/17 to 04/14                5 sessions (W)                                                 take this course without any pressure
                                                C) 03/09 to 03/30           4 sessions (T)
5-6:30 PM                             Online                                                 and continue your practice and study
Course Fee: $79                                                                               on your own with the provided online
                                                12:30-9 PM                         Online
                                                Course Fee: $120 each                         materials and follow-up video lessons.
                                                                                              The course is part lecture/demonstration
                                                                                              and part hands-on instruction.
  Take a L                   K ...
                                 more German courses are available on                         03/13                       1 session (Sa)
                      our website -!                                        1-3:30 PM                          Online
                                                                                              Course Fee: $59

MUSIC, DANCE & DRAMA                                                               NATURE & OUTDOORS
     Instant Piano for Busy People                 Belly Dancing for Beginners
     Craig Coffman (A-MUS003)                      Carla Hazzam (R-MUS001)
     In just a few hours, you can learn            Does the allure and mystique of far-off
     enough secrets of the trade to give you       lands appeal to you? Are you looking
 ,   years of musical enjoyment. Learn to          for a fun workout that challenges
 ,   play piano the way professionals do-          both your mind and body? Well, belly
/    using chords. Sit at home in front of your    dancing offers all that and more! Along
e    keyboard or piano and take this course        with exercise, belly dancing instills
     without any pressure and continue your        confidence, muscle awareness, and a
     practice and study on your own with the       sense of accomplishment. Be prepared
;    provided online materials and follow-         for a low-impact, gently aerobic, and
,    up video lessons. The course is part          creative experience. Attend online
     lecture/demonstration and part hands-         through Zoom or in-person.
     on instruction.                               02/03 to 03/17               7 sessions (W)
     03/13                       1 session (Sa)   7:20-8:05 PM Farmington High – Rm 605
     9 AM - 12 PM                       Online    Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $65, $55          Preparing for a Long-Distance
     Course Fee: $59                                                                               Hike
                                                   Line Dancing - Beginner                         Ken Sgorbati (A-NAT006)
     African Drumming for Beginners                William Belejack (A-MUS004)
                                                                                                   This course will provide practical
     Lance James (A-MUS016)                        Line dancing is healthy for both the            guidance on the importance of long-
     Journey along the road to learning            body and the mind, as well as a lot of          distance hiking considerations. Topics
     not only how to play the African Drum         fun! This is a great opportunity to learn       will include gear selection, fitness
     but understanding its origin and              how to line dancing while having a              training, route planning, food resupply,
     connectivity to the world today. You will     good time. Each week, the degree of             health and safety considerations, and
     take away from this course what you           difficulty will gradually increase for both     backpack weight.
     bring to it - the more you give of your       the dances and critiques. Come alone
                                                                                                   02/16 to 03/02               3 sessions (T)
     knowledge, the more you will be open          or with a partner!                              6-8 PM                              Online
     to receiving knowledge. The intention         03/22 to 05/17               8 sessions (M)    Course Fee: $15
     is not complex. Come encounter the            6:30-7:30 PM       Farmington High - Cafe
     African Diaspora Experience through           Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $85, $75          Introduction to Astronomy
     African Drumming!                                                                             Ronald Zincone (A-NAT003)
     03/24 to 05/05             6 sessions (W)
                                                   Ballet for Seniors & Adults                     Does the Cosmos fascinate you? Do you
                                                   Bonnie Flattery (A-MUS001)
     6:30-7:30 PM                       Online                                                    often find yourself staring up at the night
     Course Fee: $65                               Ballet is a fun way to exercise. It’s all       sky with jaw-dropping awe? Would you
                                                   about movement! Enjoy rhythm while              like to learn more about our cosmic
     African Drumming ... Continued                dancing to music using ballet technique.        neighborhood? Well, then it’s time to
     Lance James (A-MUS016)                        The advantage of dance and movement             hop on board the cosmic express and
     This course offers more hand exercises        programs like ballet is that you can go         take a journey from our precious planet
     and rudimentary skills useful to help         at your own pace. The value of using a          earth to Pluto and our Kuiper Belt zone!
     you develop speed and accuracy.               chair is that participants can stop and         Learn about the cosmic wonders such as
     Memory is always a problem when it            rest while continuing with their arm            the planets, stars, comets, meteors, our
     comes to recalling rhythms. To improve        movements. The focus will be on body            sun and moon and so much more!
     on memory, practicing every day is            alignment, natural movements, building
                                                                                                   03/16                         1 session (T)
     important, sometimes even twice a             strength, increasing balance, and               6-9 PM                              Online
     day, those rhythms that give you the          stability. Through good body alignment,         Course Fee: $49
d                                                  posture is improved, while strength and
     most trouble. You will receive short
s                                                  balance are gained through movement.
     videos of each rhythm presented to you
     throughout the course. For students           A touch of Jazz and Modern will be
     who have taken the African Drumming           included.
     for Beginners course or have previous         A) 02/04 to 03/11            6 sessions (Th)
     experience with African Drumming!             5:30-6:30 PM                         Online
     02/03 to 03/10             6 sessions (W)
                                                   B) 03/20 to 05/06            6 sessions (Th)
e    6:30-7:30 PM
     Course Fee: $65
                                                   6:30-7:30 PM          Irving Robbins - Cafe             CITIZENSHIP
n                                                  Course Fee, Senior Fee (65+): $69, $59            Courses offered for residents
                                                   each                                             preparing for the naturalization
                                                                                                   process to obtain U.S. Citizenship!
                                                                                                              see page 5
                                                             REGISTER ONLINE AT WWW.FPSCT.ORG/FCE                                          15
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