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     Recreation & Parks • Youth Bureau
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       Programs, Activities & Services

R Summ e - City of White Plains
The City of White Plains Programs
 WHITE PLAINS          Office of the Mayor
 CITY OFFICIALS        City of White Plains, Office of the Mayor
                       255 Main Street, White Plains NY 10601
  Thomas M. Roach
                       Dear Fellow Resident:
Council President      I am pleased to present the 2019 Spring/Summer City Guide. The
    John Martin        Guide is a resource for the season, detailing information on the
                       City’s twenty multi-purpose parks, programming for all ages and
Common Council         abilities, special events and community partnerships.
    Justin Brasch      “Spring’s greatest joy beyond a doubt, is when it brings the
  John Kirkpatrick     children out.” – Edgar Guest With the return of warmer
   Dennis Krolian      temperatures and longer days, I hope to see you around town enjoying some of the upcoming
  Milagros Lecuona     events:
Nadine Hunt-Robinson   * Saturday, March 9th, the 22nd Annual White Plains St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Mamaroneck Avenue,
     John Martin
                       * Tuesday, March 26th, White Plains Harlem Fine Arts Show, 360 Hamilton Avenue,
   Recreation          * Saturday, April 20th, the Funny Bunny Morning, White Plains Performing Arts Center,
    Advisory           * Wednesday, April 24th, Farmers’ Market, Court Street
   Committee           * Saturday, April 27th, White Plains Comic Fest, White Plains Galleria,
Nadine Hunt-Robinson   * Sunday, April 28th, the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival, Turnure Park,
     Chairperson       * Saturday, May 11th, Youth Bureau STEAM Fair, Eastview Middle School,
   Caroline Furry      * Saturday, May 18th, Truck Day, Gillie Recycling Center,
 Leonard Gruenfeld
                       * Saturday, June 8th, the Annual Juneteenth Parade & Festival, Mamaroneck Avenue,
  Christopher Kent
  Charles Morgan       * Friday, June 21st, City Pools open through August,
  Richard Sanchez      * Tuesday, July 2nd, Annual City of White Plains Independence Day Celebration, White Plains High
  Evelyn Santiago      School,
  Jonathan Schere      * Thursday, July 11th - Shakespeare in the Park; Julius Cesar, Presented by Hudson Valley
 Michele Schoenfeld    Shakespeare Festival
    Randy Stein
                       Additionally, the Farmers Market is now open on both Wednesday and Saturday, Way Back
    Kevin Scully
                       Wednesdays at Renaissance Plaza are scheduled throughout July and Neighborhood Nights
   Frank Williams      throughout the summer months.
                       The City truly offers something for everyone to enjoy – cultural programming, community recreation,
   Recreation          outstanding facilities, summer camp programs, parks, exercise and sports. The tremendous support
  & Parks Staff        that we receive from our residents and the business community is what enables us to offer so much.
    Wayne Bass         Thank you. I look forward to seeing you around town.
   Commissioner        Best regards,
 Francine Croughan
Deputy Commissioner
  Courtney Abrams
     Ellen Albers
                       Thomas M. Roach
     Mary Carey        Mayor
  Robert Demarco                                                                     s Recreation
    Martha Guarin                                                               Pl                &

  Matthew Hanson


   Ariel Hernandez
  Helen Lamarche
Beverly Myers-Bryant
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R Summ e - City of White Plains
Table of Contents
General Program Information            Life Guard Re-certification,            Center Information
La informacion de la matricula    3    First Aid/ CPR/ AED                 8   Program Offerings                 31-32
Map & Index of Park Facilities   48    My Art Treasure                     8
Refund Policy                     2    Nature Walk                         8   Parks, Playgrounds & Trails 44-47
Recreation ID Card                3    Pool Information                    8
Registration Form                48    Rugby                              13   Camp Central
Registration Information          3    Soccer                             14   Day Camps                            20
                                       Soccer Spring Camp                 10   Specialty Camps                   21-23
Pre-School Programs                    Splash & Swim                      10
Avoid a Car Seat Mistake          5    StoryWalk                           8   Summer Employment                 17-18
Arts & Crafts “Sticky Fingers”    5    Swim Instruction                    9   Special Events                    33-35
Dramabee                          5    Swim Team                          10   Summer Events/Concerts            36-37
Funtastic Fitness                 5    T Ball Senior Squirts              15   Community Partners                38-40
Little Playmates                  5    Taiko Drumming                     10   WP Library Programs               42-43
Multi Sports                      6    Teens Only                      16-17   WP Performing Arts Center            41
Multi Sports Parent & Me          6    Tennis Instruction                 15
Play In the Park                  5    Track & X Country                  15   All seasonal 2018 memberships
Smart Start                       5    White Plains Soccer                10   may be renewed online at www.
Soccer Pre-Kicks                  6    Yoga                               12   cityofwhiteplains.com, visit the
Soccer Parent & Me                6    Young Rembrandts                        Recreation and Parks page and
Soccer Squirts                    6    Cartooning                        10    online registration.
Swim Parent and Tot               6    Youth Bureau after School
T-Ball Squirts                    6    Connection                         7
                                       Youth on Stage Performing
Youth Programs                         Arts Program                      11
Acting on The Fly                  7   Zumba                             12
Basketball HS League              12
Basketball Instruction            12   Adult Programs
Basketball Summer                 12   Athletics                          24
Cheerleading                       7   Arts and Leisure                   26
Chess                              7   Health & Fitness                27-28
Counseling                        11   Nature                             28    Recreation & Parks Office Hours:
Creative Drama                     7   Outdoor Pools                      25      Mon - Fri 8:30am - 5:15pm;
Football                    12,13,15   Tennis                             25             Sat 9am - noon
Funk Dance for Kids                7   Trips & Excursions                 28         Information: 422-1336
Fun in the Garden                 11                                                Cancellations: 422-1302
Golf TGA Enrichment               13   Programs for People
Growing White Plains              11    With Differing Abilities                       *Recreation Office
                                                                                  Closed on the Following Days
Healthy and Fit for Life          11   Programs for all Ages           18-19
                                                                                    April 19-20, May 25-27, July 4,
Hockey Tryout                     13
                                                                                           July 27, August 10
Holistic Kids                     11   60+ Adult Programs                           www.cityofwhiteplains.com
Lacrosse                          13   About the White Plains Senior     30

2018 Spring and Summer Programs
R Summ e - City of White Plains
29                City of White Plains
                                                                                  Department of
                                                                               Recreation & Parks
                                                                       Playgrounds Parks
                                                                        and Schools Map

                                                              PADDLE TENNIS COURTS


    W               E


City Schools                   Parks & Playgrounds                            19     Kitrell Park
                                                                              20     Renaissance Plaza
1   Church Street School       9    Baldwin Farm                              21     Mattison Park
                               10   Battle Hill Park                          22     Mitchell Place Tot Lot
2   Eastview School
                               11   Battle-WP Park                            23     Ridgeway Nature Trail
3   George Washington School
                               12   Bryant-Mamaroneck Park                    24     Liberty Park
4   Highlands School           13   Chatterton Playground                     25     Jack Harrington Greenway
5   Mamaroneck Avenue School   14   Delfino Park                              26     Tibbits Park
6   Post Road School           15   Druss Park                                27     Turnure Park
7   Ridgeway School            16   Gardella Park                             28     Bark Dog Park
8   White Plains High School   17   Gillie Park                               29     Paddle Tennis Courts
                               18   Jacob Purdy Park
R Summ e - City of White Plains
Program Registration

    The mission of the City of White Plains Recreation and Parks
    Department is to enhance the quality of life by providing
    recreational opportunities through safe, well-organized and
    affordable programs and facilities; and to maintain a comprehensive
    network of parks, trails and open spaces that promotes the mental,
    physical and social well being of our residents.
    Refund Policy                                            Cancellation Policy
    Refunds are issued only for the following reasons:       In case of inclement weather, cancellations will be
    A full refund will be issued for any program cancelled   announced on the Recreation & Parks Hotline at 422-
    by Recreation & Parks. A refund request because          1302, and on radio station WHUD FM (100.7).
    of illness or accident must be submitted in writing      All efforts will be made to reschedule classes canceled
    and accompanied by a doctor’s note. Refunds will         due to weather conditions or scheduling conflicts.
    be prorated based on the date received, with a 10%       However there is no refund or pro-rated fee due to
    service charge.                                          missed classes.

White Plains Recreation & Parks Alerts
The City of White Plains is encouraging residents to sign up for Recreation & Parks Dept. alerts (“Rec Alerts”) in
order to receive information and updates about Rec & Parks Dept. programs and activities, including weather-
related schedule changes.
Please Note: Our current Rec Alert platform was retired as of Monday, December 17, 2018. If you already
receive Rec Alerts via text message you will have to sign up with the new notification platform in order to
continue receiving these alerts.
Sign up is quick and easy. Click this link: https://www.cityofwhiteplains.com/RecAlerts then click “Notify Me”
in the right hand column. Type in your email address and then go to the Alert Center category (look for the red
dot) and click on the method by which you would like to receive alerts (email, text message or both). And that’s
all! Stay in the know with Rec Alerts!

                                                                                “Where to Go, What to Do, Way of Life!”
R Summ e - City of White Plains
Program Registration
       Registration for programs will be held at the
   Recreation Administration Office at 85 Gedney Way,                                 White Plains Youth Bureau
   Monday through Friday, 8:30am-5:15pm and Saturdays,
   9am-noon. A $20 fee will be charged for all returned
                                                                                        Program Registration
   checks.                                                                         Location: 11 Amherst Place, White Plains NY
       No Scholarships available for nonresidents.                                 Hours of Operations: Monday through Friday 10:00
       Mail-In, Walk-In or visit https://register.                                 am – 6:00pm
   capturepoint.com/WhitePlainsCityof                                              All registration fees are payable at the time of
       Nonresidents may register for most programs in                              registration.
   our office. Limited enrollment
                                                                                   Payments can be made via credit card, check or
       All registration fees are payable at the time of
   registration. Class sizes are limited, so register early!
                                                                                   money order. Please make money orders/checks
   Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card                               payable to White Plains Youth Bureau.
   (MasterCard, Visa, or American Express). Please make                            Income based scholarships are available where
   checks payable to “The City of White Plains”. Financial
   assistance may be available to qualified applicants.
                                                                                   applicable for qualified residents. Proof of income
   Federal Income Tax Form 1040 tax year 2018 or proof                             verified by submitting Federal Income tax form 1040,
   of SSI or SSD                                                                   or proof of SSI or SSD allocations.

                                    Online Registration for All Spring & Summer Programs!
 ONLINE REGISTRATION                                                               STEP 3
 Registration for programs offered by the City of White Plains Recreation and      On the City of White Plains CommunityPass homepage click on the “Register
 Parks Department can now be done online via the CommunityPass online              Now” tab to begin selecting programs.
 registration system!                                                              STEP 4
 To login, register and pay online, follow the instructions below:                 Please follow the remaining steps to complete and pay for your registration.
 STEP 1                                                                            CommunityPass will calculate your final cost on the Confirmation page.
 Go to https://register.capturepoint.com/WhitePlainsCityof                         Payment can be made with Visa, MasterCard or American Express.
 STEP 2                                                                            If you wish to pay by cash or check in the office you will still have to complete
 From the City of White Plains CommunityPass login homepage click on the           the profile first, (which can be done in the Recreation office) before you can
 “Create an Account” tab. On the next page complete the “Account Creation”         pay for the class. Assistance is available.
 fields and click on Create at the bottom of the page. The next page will          All this information can be found on our website www.cityofwhiteplains.com.
 display a Privacy Policy, which you will need to Accept and then click on         If you have any problems with our online registration website please call the
 Finish. FIND OUT INFORMATION ABOUT EXISTING ACCOUNTS                              office at (914) 422-1336 so we can help you fix the problem or walk you
                                                                                   through the steps to solve the issue.

 REGISTRACION EN LINEA                                                             PASO 2
 ¡La inscripción para los programas ofrecidos por el Departamento de Parques       Desde la página de inicio de sesión de CommunityPass de la Ciudad de
 y Recreación de la Ciudad de White Plains ahora se puede hacer en Línea a         White Plains, haga clic en la pestaña “Create an Account” (“Crear una
 través del sistema de registro en línea de CommunityPass!                         cuenta”). En la siguiente página “Account Creation” (“Creación de Cuenta”)
                                                                                   complete los datos y haga clic en “Create” (“Crear”) en la parte inferior de
 Para iniciar una sesión, registrarse y pagar en línea, siga las instrucciones a   la página. La página siguiente mostrará una Política de Privacidad (Privacy
 continuación:                                                                     Policy), que deberá Aceptar y luego hacer clic en “Finish” (Finalizar).
                                                                                   Averiguar Informacion Acerca De Cuentas Existentes
 Vaya a https://register.capturepoint.com/WhitePlainsCityof

                                                                       h er e  to g o ,  W hat to do, Way of Life!
                                                                     W                     la ins Recreation & Parks
                                                                             f  W h i te P
2018 Spring and Summer Programs                                      City o                                                                                        3
R Summ e - City of White Plains
Program Registration
    PASO 3                                                                         Registration for all programs begins four (4) business
    En la página principal de CommunityPass de la Ciudad de White                  days following the mailing of the Guide.
    Plains, haga clic en la pestaña “Register Now” (“Regístrese ahora”) para
    comenzar a seleccionar programas.                                              Recreation Passes and Program Registration require
    PASO 4                                                                         Proof of Residency.
    Siga los pasos restantes para completar y pagar su registro.
    CommunityPass calculará su costo final en la página de Confirmación.           Acceptable Proofs of Residency: Adult: Picture ID or Driver’s
    El pago puede hacerse con Visa, MasterCard o American Express.                 license photo ID and utility bills, lease or cancelled checks. Youth:
    Si desea pagar en efectivo o cheque en la oficina, usted todavía deberá        School ID card, library card, driver’s permit or license. Youth
    completar primero el perfil (también se puede hacer en la oficina de           without photo ID must be accompanied by a parent. A resident is
    Recreación) antes de poder pagar la clase. Hay ayuda disponible.               a person who lives in the City of White Plains. Owning property in
    Toda esta información se puede encontrar en nuestro sitio web www.             White Plains does not necessarily qualify a person as a resident
    cityofwhiteplains.com Si tiene algún inconveniente con nuestro sitio web       Notice: The Department of Recreation & Parks reserves the right to
    de Registro en Línea, llame a la oficina al (914) 422-1336 para que            cancel a program or adjust fees prior to actual starting date.
    podamos ayudarlo a solucionar el problema o guiarte a seguir los pasos
    para resolver el problema.

             Registracion de Programas
COMO INSCRIBIRSE                                                                    Los Pases y Registraciones para los Programas
Todos los costos de inscripción deben pagarse al momento de la inscripción.         requiere una Prueba de Residencia.
El tamaño de las clases es limitado, regístrense temprano! Pago puede ser
hecho en efectivo, cheque, o crédito (MasterCard, Visa, o American Express).
                                                                                    Pruebas Aceptables de Residencia: Adulto:
                                                                                    Licencia de conducir, facturas de servicios públicos, arrendamiento, o cheques
Por favor haga los cheques a nombre de “The City of White Plains”. Ayuda
                                                                                    cancelados. Joven: Tarjeta de identificación de la escuela, tarjeta de biblioteca,
financiera puede estar disponible para los solicitantes calificados. Declaración
                                                                                    permiso de conducir o licencia de conducir. Joven sin identificación debe ser
de impuestos Federales 1040 del año fiscal 2017 tiene que acompañar la
                                                                                    acompañado por uno de sus padres. Un residente es una persona que vive
solicitud. La ayuda financiera está dispoible solo para residentes de White
                                                                                    en la Ciudad de White Plains. Ser dueño de una propiedad en White Plains no
                                                                                    califica necesariamente a una persona como residente.
Por correo, en persona, o visitar www.whiteplainsregistration.com
                                                                                    Nota: El Departamento de Parques y Recreo se reserva el derecho
La inscripción para los programas se llevará a cabo en la oficina administrativa
                                                                                    de cancelar un programa o ajustar la tarifa antes de la fecha en que
de parques y recreo en 85 Gedney Way, Lunes a Viernes, 8:30am -5:15pm y
                                                                                    comienza el programa.
Sábados, 9am - mediodía. Una tarifa de $20 se cobrará por todos los cheques
devueltos.                                                                                           www.cityofwhiteplains.com

                                                                                                              “Where to Go, What to Do, Way of Life!”
R Summ e - City of White Plains
Pre-School Programs

                                                                                                                                                   Pre-School Programs
Avoid a Car-Seat Mistake                                                 Play in the Park
Research shows that four out of five safety seats are used               Children will have a great time interacting with other children and
incorrectly, with an average of three mistakes per seat, find out        playing a variety of games. Parents must remain with their
whether you’re making any of these mistakes. Attend the car seat         children during activities. This program is weather permitting. No
check and a trained White Plains Police Officer will work with           registration required. You must sign-in at playground to participate
                                                                         in activity.
you to teach you the best way to install and correctly use your
child safety seat. Officers will make certain your seat is: safe,        Age Group              2-5 years with caregiver
no recalls, and no imperfections, age appropriate and installed          Day/Time               Tuesday and Wednesday, 9:30-10:30am
properly. This event is sponsored by The White Plains Police             Location               Gillie Park Playground (Tuesday)
Department and Safe Kids Westchester.                                                           July 2, 9, 16, 23
                                                                                                Turnure Park Playground (Wednesday)
Age Group            Open to All                                                                July 3, 10, 17, 24
Day/Time             Saturday April 27, 10am-2pm                         Fee                    FREE
Location             Public Safety Headquarters 77 South Lexington Ave
Registration         On Site
Fee                  FREE

Arts & Crafts “Sticky Fingers”
Children have a great time during arts and craft activities using
a wide variety of art mediums. A smock or oversized t-shirt is
Age Group             3-5 Years
Day/Time              Monday, 6 sessions, begins April 29
                     3 Years w/Caregiver
Course               C1 12:45-1:30pm
                     4 & 5 Years, children only                          Little Playmates
Course               C2 1:45- 2:30pm                                     Children enjoy a variety of activities that promote socialization, eye-
Location             Gillie Recreation Room                              hand coordination, language, and speech development. Activities
Registration         On going                                            include storytelling, singalongs, arts & crafts, movement and play.
Fee:                 $75                                                 Caregiver must participate in all activities with their child.
Dramabee                                                                 Age Group               18 months to 2 years with caregiver
                                                                         Day/Time                Tuesday or Friday, 9:30-10:30am, 6 Sessions
Dramabee is bringing Broadway musicals to Pre-school aged
                                                                         Course                  L1 Wednesday, Begins April 23
children. Our dramabee performers will spend 8 weeks having
                                                                                                 L2-Friday, Begins April 26
fun learning the classic Broadway musical, “Annie” and will put on       Location                Gillie Recreation Room
a show with costumes at the end for family and friends.                  Registration            Ongoing
Age Group            3-5 Years                                           Fee                     $75
Day/Time             Saturdays, 9:30 - 10:15 am                          Smart Start Sports
                     Begins April 13 (8 weeks)
                     Show will be on June 15                             This program creates a solid foundation for sports activities by
Location             Gillie Recreation Room                              promoting safe and meaningful sports for children. Caregivers
Registration         Recreation office or www.dramabee.com               work together with their children to develop proper throwing,
Fee                  $250                                                kicking, batting, shooting, and catching skills that are needed
                                                                         for organized sports participation. Caregivers must attend and
Funtastic Fitness                                                        participate in this program.
An introduction to fitness through aerobics, calisthenics and
movement games. Comfortable clothing and sneakers necessary.             Age Group              2-4 Years with Caregiver
                                                                         Day/Time               Saturday, 6 sessions, begins April 27
Age Group              4 - 5 years, children only                        Course                 SS 9–9:45am
Day/Time               Wednesday, 1:30 - 2:30 pm, 6 sessions                                    SX 10–10:45am
Course                 F1 Begins April 24                                Location               Mamaroneck Ave School Gym
Location               Gillie Recreation Room                            Registration           Ongoing
Registration           Ongoing
Fee                    $75
                                                                         Fee                    $75

2016 Spring and Summer Programs
R Summ e - City of White Plains
Pre-School Programs
Soccer Pre Kickers                                                    Multi - Sports Squirts - Parent & Me
Introduces children to the game and the various skills needed         With a parent/caregiver by their side, children will learn and play
to play. They will participate in drills, fun games, and mini         a variety of sports including soccer, lacrosse, track & field & much
scrimmages. All athletes MUST wear shin guards to every               more!
session; each will receive a t-shirt at the beginning, and an award   Age Group              2-3 Years
at the end.                                                           Day/Time               Wednesday
                                                                                            Spring - 8 sessions, begins April 24
Age Group              Pre K                                                                9:30 - 10:15 am
Day/Time               Begins Saturday, April 27, 6 Sessions                                Summer - 5 sessions, begins June 26
Course                 P1 9am                                                               10:30 - 11:15 am
                       P2 12:15pm                                     Location              Delfino Park- Spring
Location               George Washington School                                             Gillie Park - Summer
Registration           Ongoing (Space Limited) Deadline April 18      Registration          Recreation Office or www.ussportsinstitute.com
Fee:                   $80                                            Fee                   $129 - Spring
                                                                                            $ 99 - Summer - Check payable to USA
Soccer Squirts - Parent & Me                                                                Sport Group
With a parent/caregiver by their side, children will have fun
learning the fundamental skills of soccer through structured          Multi-Sports Squirts
activities, fun based games, and scrimmages.                          Children will have the opportunity to try a variety of different
                                                                      sports including Lacrosse, Soccer, T-Ball, and Track & Field. All
Age Group              2 to 3 Years with caregiver
                                                                      sports are taught in a safe and structured learning environment
Day/Time               Wednesday, 9:30am-10:15am                      designed to ensure learning and most importantly fun, fun, fun!
                     SPRING - 8 sessions, begins April 24
                     SUMMER- 5 sessions, begins June 26               Age Group             3-5 Years
Location             Delfino Park - Spring                            Day/Time              Tuesday, 2:30–3:15pm, 8 sessions,
                     Gillie Park - Summer                                                   Begins April 23
Registration         Recreation Office or www.ussportsinstitute.com                         Wednesday, 11:30 - 12:15 pm, 8 sessions
Fee                  $129 - Spring                                                          Begins April 24
Fee                  $99 - Summer Check payable to USA                Location              Delfino Park
                     Sport Group                                      Registration          Recreation Office or www.ussportsinstitute.com
                                                                      Fee                   $129 - Check payable to USA
Soccer Squirts                                                                              Sport Group
Participants will learn the fundamental skills of soccer, including   T-Ball Squirts
dribbling, passing, shooting, stealing, and more. Players will be     This program is an introduction to the sports of baseball
taught through structured activities, fun games and scrimmages.       and softball. Through structured activities, fun games, and
Age Group              3 to 5 Years                                   scrimmages children, will learn hitting, throwing, catching, base
Day/Time               Wednesday, 10:30– 11:15am, 8 Sessions          running, fielding, and other skills.
                     Begins April 24
                                                                      Age Group             3-5 Years
Location             Delfino Park                                     Day/Time              SPRING (TUESDAY) - 8 sessions, begins April 23
Registration         Recreation Office or www.ussportsinstitute.com                         3:30-4:15pm
Fee                  $129 Check payable to USA Sport Group                                  4:30-5:15pm
Swim Parent & Tot                                                                           5:30-6:15pm
                                                                                            SUMMER (WEDNESDAY) - 5 sessions,
Parents will accompany their child in all aquatic activities                                begins June 26
designed by our certified instructors and lifeguards. Basic water                           11:30-12:15 pm
skills will be introduced and the child will enjoy activities that    Location              Delfino Rink- Spring
promote simple swimming and safety skills.                                                  Gillie Park - Summer
Age Group              2 - 4 years with Parent/caregiver              Registration          Recreation Office or www.ussportsinstitute.com
Day/Time               Saturday Begins July 6, 6 sessions             Fee                   $129 - Spring
Course                 G3 11 - 11:30 am Gardella Pool                                       $99 - Summer Check payable to USA
                       K3 11 - 11:30 am Kittrell Pool                                       Sport Group
Registration           Ongoing
Fee                    $36

                                                                                          “Where to Go, What to Do, Way of Life!”
R Summ e - City of White Plains
Youth                                    Programs
Acting on The Fly!                                                            Funk Dance for Kids (NEW)
We use improv games and formats to create scenes without scripts.             Groove to the beats of R & B and funk while developing a fusion of jazz
Our class is light-hearted and often funny while teaching quick-thinking      and hip-hop techniques. This high-energy class will help you explore
acting skills. If you enjoyed making things up on the spot, you’ll probably   funk movements that will strengthen balance, improve posture and

                                                                                                                                                         Youth Programs
like this class.                                                              increase flexibility. Learn basic turns and jumps, gain a sense of style
Age Group               Grades 3-5                                            and most importantly, have fun!!!
Day/Time                Friday 5 - 6pm.Begins April 12, 6 sessions            Age Group              Grades 1 - 5
Location                WP Performing Arts Center                             Day/Time               Thursdays, 4:30 - 5:30 pm.
Registration            http://wppac.com/conservatory-theatre/                                       Begins May 2, 6 sessions
Fee:                    $90 Payable to WP Performing Arts Center              Course #               FK
                                                                              Location               Gillie Recreation Room, Gedney Way
Creative Drama: Acting Through Stories!                                       Registration           Ongoing at Recreation & Parks Office
A creative and fun introduction to theatre using familiar stories as source   Fee:                   $75
material. Students go beyond the story and create new adventures using
drama to tie together acting and early literacy skills.
Age Group               Grades K-2
Day/Time                Friday 4 - 5pm Begins April 12, 6 sessions
Location                WP Performing Arts Center
Registration            http://wppac.com/conservatory-theatre/
Fee:                    $90 Payable to WP Performing Arts Center

                                                                              Youth Bureau After School Connection
                                                                              This program provides quality after school child care from
                                                                              school dismissal until 6 pm at all five elementary schools, the
                                                                              Eastview 6th Grade Academy, Highlands Middle School, the
Cheerleading                                                                  DeKalb housing complex and the Thomas Slater Center.
Learn the techniques and team spirit necessary to be a top cheerleader.       Age Group Kindergarten – 8th grade (White Plains Residents)
Basic stunts are also introduced in this class. This cheerleading             Day/Time	Monday – Friday, September 2019 – June 2020
experience will develop your dance skills, work on team building and          Contact   Byron Smalls, 914-422-1378, x6720;
create an environment for new friendships!                                                           bsmalls@whiteplainsny.gov
Age Group               Grades 1-5                                            Fee	
                                                                                  $88.25 ** per week until 6 pm; billed monthly
Day/Time                Monday, 6:30–7:30pm, 6 Sessions                                              Extended day until 6:30 pm available at an
Course #                T1 Begins April 29                                                           additional $45 per month
Location                Ridgeway School Gym                                                          (** Fees subject to change, pending Common
Registration            Ongoing                                                                      Council approval)
Fee:                    $70                                                                          Income based scholarships are available.

2019 Spring and Summer Programs
Youth                                        Programs
Lifeguard Re-Certification Class,                                                  Nature Walk
First Aid/ CPR/AED                                                                 Learn all about the natural wonders in our own local park. This 1 hour,
                                                                                   1/2 mile hike will follow the parks trail and will be led by a naturalist
Update your lifeguard skills and learn how to respond to breathing
                                                                                   from the Westmoreland Sanctuary.
and cardiac emergencies. This class will combine both in person and
on-line options. Students who successfully complete this course will               Age Group               Families
receive a certificate.                                                             Day/Time                Saturday, April 27, 11am-12pm
                                                                                   Registration            Ongoing at Recreation Office
Age Group                 15 years to Adult                                        Fee                     Free, call 422-1336 for reservation
Day/Time                  Friday, 6:30 - 9:30 pm, May 3 & May 10
Course                    LC
Location                  White Plains High School Pool
Registration              Ongoing
Fee                       $236 (includes all fees).Must have own CPR mask.
                                                                                   An exciting initiative that combines a children’s story with a nature walk
                                                                                   through our newest park. Children follow each page of the story as they
                                                                                   walk the path. StoryWalk™ helps build children’s interest in reading
                                                                                   while encouraging healthy outdoor activity for both adults and children.
                                                                                   The stories will change every 6-8 weeks
                                                                                   Where                  Bryant – Mamaroneck Park, municipal parking
                                                                                                          available at the Mamaroneck Ave. Lot, 540
                                                                                                          Mamaroneck Ave. (behind Dunkin Donuts)
                                                                                   When                   April 15–November 4, during normal park hours
                                                                                                          Cost: Free
                                                                                   Note: The path in the park is natural and thus could prove to be
                                                                                   challenging for some. Please exercise caution whilst walking on the path

My Art Treasure
Children will be able to have fun while exploring their artistic abilities. They   POOL PASSES REQUIRED FOR ADMISSION
will enjoy and experience different art mediums (painting, drawing, tie            Poolside fun for you, your family and friends. One of the best kept
dyeing, clay sculpting and more), build on previous knowledge and learn            secrets in White Plains is the refreshing, pristine pools of Gardella Park,
new art skills. Children should wear a smock or oversized shirt.                   Ferris Ave (access & parking from Church Street School) and Kittrell
                                                                                   Pool located on Fisher Avenue. Resident Pool Passes are required for
Age Group                 Grades 1–4                                               Admission. Youth/Seniors $15 and Adults $25 for Season Passes.
Day/Time                  Wednesday, 4:30–5:30 pm, 8 Sessions                      Guest Passes are $6.00 per visit with a valid Adult Pool Pass Holder and
Course                    AS Begins April 24                                       can be purchased @ the Recreation Office during business hours. Pools
Location                  Community Center 65 Mitchell Place                       will open Saturday, June 15, Sunday, June 16 and daily from June 21
Registration              Ongoing                                                  until August 31 Additional information please call 422-1339
Fee                       $90 (supplies included)
                                                                                   RENEWALS may be done online if you have your 2018 card
                                                                                                         “Where to Go, What to Do, Way of Life!”
Youth                                    Programs
Fridays Beginners Swim Class followed                                        Swim Instruction-Beginners (Level 3)
by Open Swim                                                                 Children must be comfortable and able to submerge entire body under
                                                                             water. Children must wear goggles.
A safe and supportive environment will be provided for people with little
or no previous swimming experience. Treading water, front and back           Level 3: Stroke Development - Designed to improve skills learned in

                                                                                                                                                           Youth Programs
float, front crawl stroke, underwater swimming and water safety skills                 level 2. Front crawl, back stroke and basic breast stroke arm
will be covered. Afterwards, there will be designated time to enjoy the                movement will be introduced.
water with friends and family.                                               Age Group               Grades K-8
Age Group               Pre-K to Adult                                       Day/Time                Tuesday, 7:45 - 8:30 pm, 6 sessions
Day/Time                Friday, 6:45 –9:00 pm, Begins May 17                 Course                  T2 Begins April 23
                        (4 sessions)                                         Day/Time                Saturday, 1 - 1:45 pm, 6 Sessions
Course                  BF                                                   Course                  S3 Begins April 27
Location                White Plains High School Pool                        Location                White Plains High School Pool
Registration            Ongoing                                              Registration            Ongoing
Fee                     $50                                                  Fee                     $75

Swim Instruction-Beginners (Levels 1 & 2)                                    Swim Instruction-Intermediate to
Children will be tested on the first day of class and divided accordingly.   Advanced Swimmer (Level 4 & 5)
Children must wear goggles.                                                  Children will be tested on the first day of class and divided accordingly.
Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills- Students learn to feel comfortable   Participants must be able to swim at least 50 yards in deep water using
          in the water and safely enjoy it.                                  freestyle, back stroke and breast stroke. Children must wear goggles.
Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills - Students learn basic swimming         Level 4: Stroke Improvement: Children will gain confidence, improve
          skills to help them to swim more independently.                    their stroke and gain additional aquatic skills. Breast stroke-kicking and
Age Group               Grades K-8                                           basic butterfly stroke will be introduced.
Day/Time                Tuesday, 6:45 - 7:30 pm, 6 sessions                  Level 5: Stroke Refinement: Children will work on coordinating and
Course                  T1 Begins April 23                                   refining stroke efficiency, breathing techniques and building endurance.
Day/Time                Wednesday, 6:45 - 7:30 pm, 6 sessions
                                                                             Age Group               Grades K-8
Course                  W1 Begins April 24                                   Day/Time                Monday, 6:45 - 7:30 pm, 6 Sessions
Day/Time                Saturday, 6 Sessions
                                                                             Course                  M1 Begins April 29
Course                  S1 12–12:45pm, Begins April 27                       Day/Time                Wednesday, 7:45 - 8:30 pm, 6 sessions
                        S2 3-3:45pm                                          Course                  W2 Begins April 24
Location                White Plains High School Pool
                                                                             Day/Time                Saturday, 2 - 2:45 pm, 6 Sessions
Registration            Ongoing
                                                                             Course                  S4 Begins April 27
Fee                     $75
                                                                             Registration            Ongoing
                                                                             Fee                     $75

2019 Spring and Summer Programs
Youth                                     Programs
Swim Conditioning & Skill Proficiency (Level 6)                                Splash “N” Swim
This class is designed to refine strokes so students can learn to swim         Children will learn basic water safety skills, orientation to aquatic
with ease, efficiency, power and smoothness over greater distances.            environment and fundamentals of swimming.
Students will practice flip turns, diving and block starts. Children must      Age Group               Grades K-6
wear goggles. Only advanced swimmers will be allowed in this class.            Day/Time                Saturday, July 6, 6 Sessions
Children registering for this level may not register in a lower level class.   Course                  G1 11:30am-12:15pm Gardella Pool
Age Group                Grades 3-8                                                                    K1 11:30am-12:15pm Kittrell Pool
Day/Time                 Monday, 7:45 - 8:30 pm, 6 Sessions                                            G2 12:30-1:15pm Gardella Pool
Course                   M2 Begins April 29                                                            K2 12:30-1:15pm Kittrell Pool
Day/Time                 Saturday, 11:00 - 11:45 am, 6 Sessions                Registration            Ongoing, classes are limited to 15 participants
Course                   S5 Begins April 27                                    Fee                     $36
Location                 White Plains High School Pool
Registration             Ongoing                                               Taiko Drumming
Fee                      $95                                                   Learn the technique and skill of traditional Taiko Masala drumming.
Fee                      $200 upon selection to the team                       Students will get an introduction to this exciting, energetic and unique
                                                                               drumming experience. Drums will be provided.
Swim Team Competitive Summer League                                            Age Group 1-Adult
The summer swim team will compete in the Westchester County
                                                                               Day/Time	Sunday, 10-11am Beginner 11 am Sakura Taiko
Association Summer league. Practices will be held at the White Plains                                  1 pm Sakuro Taiko Practice Begins March
YWCA and Central Westchester. Meets held at various sites throughout                                   17-April 21, 6 Sessions
Westchester County during weekday mornings and afternoons from late            Location                Gillie Community Room, Gedney Way
June through early August. Participants must reside in the City of White       Registration            Ongoing
Plains, or have an active membership with the White Plains YWCA.               Fee                     $85 Resident, $100 Non Resident
Age Group               Ages 6-18 Years, Boys and Girls                                                Checks payable to Nijinoki
Day/Time                Tryouts: TBA - May                                                             email Chiaki2@optonline.net
Location                White Plains YWCA, 515 North Street
                                                                               WP Youth Soccer Spring Break Camp
Registration            Participants must try out and be selected to
                        the team                                               Kick your way into the soccer season. Experienced and enthusiastic
Fee                     $200 upon selection to the team                        soccer coaches provide an intensive week long soccer immersion. Age
                                                                               and skill abilities are divided for the optimal experience.
                                                                               Age Group               Grades Pre-K–8, boys and girls
                                                                               Day/Time                Monday – Friday, April 15 - 19
                                                                                                       9 am – 4:00 pm (full day)
                                                                                                       9 am – 12 noon (Half day)
                                                                               Location                Highlands Middle School
                                                                                                       Turf Field
                                                                               Registration            Recreation Office or
                                                                               Fee                     $280 (Full day); $185 (Half day)
                                                                                                       Check payable to WPYS
                                                                               Young Rembrandts Cartooning
                                                                               Rejuvenate your child’s spark and creativity with a Young Rembrandts
                                                                               Cartooning class! Learning to draw can be fun, especially when we create
                                                                               silly characters, funny expressions, and drawing sequences that tell a joke!
                                                                               This delightful program combines Young Rembrandts’ innovative, step-
                                                                               by-step drawing method with light-hearted subject matter that engages
                                                                               children, their sense of humor, and their vivid imaginations.
                                                                               Age Group    Ages 6 - 12
                                                                               Day/Time     Wednesdays, 4:15 - 5:15 pm Begins April 24,
                                                                                            7 sessions
                                                                               Location     Gillie Recreation Room
                                                                                            Online @ www.youngrembrandts.
                                                                               Fee          $135
                                                                                                       “Where to Go, What to Do, Way of Life!”
Youth                                    Programs
Fun in the Garden                                                             Youth on Stage Performing Arts Program
Join us for seeding, weeding, composting, and a variety of fun activities     Guitar World 	Students learn the basic techniques and more of
and crafts in the gardens. We will also design and create a fairy garden.                            playing the guitar.
                                                                              Age Group 7 – 21 years of age (White Plains Residents)
Age Group               Grade 1-4

                                                                                                                                                          Youth Programs
                                                                              Day/Time	Mid-September - June
Day/Time                Wednesdays, 4:00 - 5:00 pm Begins April 24,
                                                                              Location  Youth Bureau, 11 Amherst Place
                        6 sessions
                                                                              Contact	 Adrienne Rivers, 914-422-1378, x6716
Course                  FG
Location                NY-Presbyterian Hospital (21 Bloomingdale Rd.)
Registration            Ongoing at the Recreation & Parks Office              Counseling - FREE
Fee                     $83 (individual garden kit included)
                                                                              Family and individual counseling services provided by licensed therapists
                                                                              (services available in Spanish) addressing behavioral problems,
                                                                              depression, family issues and school related problems. Parenting
                                                                              programs also offered.
                                                                              Age Group6 – 21 years of age and families
                                                                                       (White Plains Residents)
                                                                                       Mid-September – June
                                                                                       Monday - Friday, 3:00 – 8:00pm;
                                                                                       Saturdays 1:00 – 8:00pm
                                                                              Location Youth Bureau, 11 Amherst Place
                                                                              Contact	Dr. Bhavana Pahwa, 914-422-1378, x6715

                                                                              Growing White Plains
Holistic Kids                                                                 Recruiting volunteers for a six week summer assignment with the
Spark your child’s curiosity for trying new foods by creating and             Growing White Plains program. The program operates two community
maintaining an edible garden. Your child will sample healthy snacks           gardens, one at NY Presbyterian Hospital and one in partnership with
weekly, learn where their food comes from and how to start and tend           Bethel Baptist Church at the corner of Prospect St. and Sterling Ave.,
their compost.                                                                as well as a small greenhouse in Delfino Park. The food we grow (using
                                                                              organic methods) goes to feed people in White Plains in need. This is a
Age Group               Grade K-4                                             volunteer effort and the gardens belong to the citizens of White Plains.
Day/Time                Friday, 4:30 - 5:30pm, 6 Sessions
Course                  H1 Begins April 26                                    Age Group    All Ages
Location                Gillie Recreation Room                                Date	       Late Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall
Registration            Ongoing                                               Location     Youth Bureau, 11 Amherst Place
Fee                     $75                                                   Registration Ongoing
                                                                              Contact	    Martin Rudow, 914-422-1378, x6717
Healthy & Fit For Life                                                                               mrudow@whiteplainsny.gov
Youth have access to a fully equipped fitness facility and highly qualified
coaches. Fitness activities include Boxing, Personal Training and Karate.
Age Group	Karate: 6-11y.o.; Personal Training 6 – 21y.o.
                        (White Plains Residents)
         Monday - Friday, 3:00 – 8:00pm; School year
Location Youth Bureau, 11 Amherst Place
Contact	Dr. Bhavana Pahwa, 914-422-1378, x6715

2018 Spring and Summer Programs
Youth Sports Programs
Yoga for Kids                                                                 Basketball Travel Program
Come bend, stretch, and play with us. Children learn yoga poses and           ** FALL TRAVEL BASKETBALL TRY OUTS ARE TENTATIVELY
play games that improve balance, strength, flexibility and self-regulation.   LATE SEPTEMBER & EARLY OCTOBER. For further information and
Age Group               Grades K-3                                            details, please contact gprice@whiteplainsny.gov. **
Day/ Time               Monday, 4:30 - 5:30pm, 6 Sessions
Course                  Y1 Begins April 29                                    Basketball Summer 18U League
Location                Gillie Recreation Room                                Competive league featuring top-notch players and teams. A
Registration            Ongoing                                               team representative MUST attend an organizational meeting on
Fee                     $75                                                   Wednesday, May 22 at 6:30pm at Gardella Park Pavilion. Each team
                                                                              representative MUST present a copy of each player’s Valid School ID
Zumba® Kids                                                                   or Birth Certificate with a Valid Picture ID or State ID at this meeting.
Children will have a chance to be active and jam out to their favorite        Players CANNOT Turn 19 before September 1, or have Any Collegiate
music. Classes feature kid-friendly routines based on original Zumba®         Experience. For further information and details, please contact
choreography. Great exercise and lots of fun! For more information            Gprice@whiteplainsny.gov.
contact Lisa at zumbabylisa@optonline.net.                                    Age Group          Grades 9-12, 18 years and under
Age Group               Grades K-4                                            Day/Time           Monday & Wednesday, 6:30, 7:30, 8:30pm
Day/ Time               Monday, 5:45 - 6:45pm, 6 Sessions                     Course             05 Begins Monday, July 1
                        Begins April 1                                        Location           Gardella Park, 175 Ferris Ave
Location                Gillie Recreation Room                                                   Additional FREE Parking at 295 Church St.
Registration            Ongoing                                                                  Church Street Elementary School
Fee                     $80 Checks payable to Lisa Bonelli                    Registration       TEAM ONLY TEAM FEES DUE ON OR BEFORE
                                                                                                 TUESDAY, MAY 22, SPONSORSHIP ENCOURAGED
Little BASKET- Ballers Instructional Program                                  Fee                $250 Resident, $400 Non Resident, CASH, CREDIT
Children will be introduced to the game and the various skills needed to                         CARD, AND/OR MONEY ORDER ONLY.
play. They will participate in drills, fun games, and mini scrimmages.
                                                                              Flag Football League
NCAA Ballers                                                                  The White Plains Flag Football League is a premier youth flag football
Age Group          2nd Grade                                                  league for both boys and girls. Powered by NFL Flag and USA Football,
Day/Time           Thursday, 6-7pm, 6 Sessions                                the WPFFL is primed to provide young players a fun exciting opportunity
Course             B2 Begins June 27                                          to engage in non-contact, continuous action while developing skills and
Location           Kittrell Park, Fisher Ave.                                 learning lessons in teamwork. Players receive NFL Jerseys, Flag Belts,
Registration       Ongoing (Space Limited) Deadline June 22                   Monogramed Shorts & Socks, as well as membership with USA Football.
Fee                $75                                                        Games and practices will be played on Sunday Mornings in 2.5 hour
                                                                              blocks of time. Travel may be required to other local communities in Rye or
NBA Ballers                                                                   Greenwich for league play.
Age Group          3rd Grade                                                  Age Group:          Boys & Girls Ages 5 -14 years
Day/Time           Thursday, 7:15-8:15pm, 6 Sessions                          Day/Time            Sundays, 8:30-11 AM
Course             B3 Begins June 27                                          		                  Begins April 7-June 16
Location           Kittrell Park, Fisher Ave                                  Location            Loucks Field WPHS
Registration       Ongoing (Space Limited) Deadline June 22                   Registration        On-going www.whiteplainsflag.com
Fee                $75                                                        Fee		               $185
Basketball Co-Ed League Play
Rebound from a hectic school year by dribbling your way to a summer
filled with basketball fun.
Age Group          Grades 4-10, 6 Sessions
Day/Time           Monday-Wednesday, 6-8:30pm
Course             01 Grades 4 & 5, Monday Begins July 8
                   02 Grades 6 & 7 Tuesday Begins July 9
                   03 Grades 8, 9, 10, Wednesday Begins July 10
Location           Kittrell Park, Fisher Ave
Registration       Ongoing (Space Limited) Deadline June 29
Fee                $25

                                                                                                     “Where to Go, What to Do, Way of Life!”
Youth Sports Programs
Football Clinic - JF Football Program                                          Lacrosse Association, White Plains
Through our Partnership with JF Football Program we will provide this          This program offers programs for athletes 3-14 years of age. Programs
opportunity for youth to develop and improve their football skills in a safe   are offered during each season and are for beginners and experienced
and enjoyable non-contact atmosphere. Local Head Coaches will be               players. Athletes will build a variety of skills such as: passing, catching,

                                                                                                                                                              Youth Sports Programs
joined by former NFL players and the coaching staff from various youth         scooping, dodging and shooting, all while building their self confidnence.
football organizations.                                                        Applications are available at the Recreation office. Scholarships are
Age Group:           Kindergarten-9th grades                                   available. For more information contact Scott Dooley at wplaxcoaches@
Day/Time             Saturday, June 15, 9-11am                                 gmail.com 914-907-0343
Course               FC
Location             Loucks Field WPHS                                         Rugby Clinic
Registration         Call 422-1336 or ON-Site beginning @ 8:15am               Learn basic Rugby skills in a fast-paced, fun environment under the
Fee		                Free (space limited)                                      guidance of former college and high school coaches from White Plains
                                                                               Rugby Football Club. Structured scrimmages throughout the program with
GOLF Instruction-TGA                                                           certified officials. All equipment will be provided, including shorts and
Come tee it up with TGA - we bring the golf course to you! Beginner            jerseys. Soccer/Rugby cleats and fitted mouth guard must be purchased
and intermediate players will have a blast building their gold skills,         on your own.
learning about rules and etiquette of the game, and exploring how              Age Group:           U10, U12, U14
academic concepts like gravity, spin, and force apply to golf through fun      Day/Time             Sundays, 9am-11am, April 7 - June 9 (8 sessions)
games and activities.                                                          Location             Battle Hill Park
Age Group                 Grade K-6                                            Registration         Recreation Office
Day/Time                  Begins April 29, 6 sessions                          Fee		                $100 Make checks payable to White Plains
                          Grades K-3, 4:45–5:45pm                              		                   Rugby Football Club
                          Grades 4-6, 5:45–6:45pm
Location                  Presbyterian / Westchester Division
Registration              Recreation Office or                                 Soccer Starts Here!
                          www.playtga.com/southernwestchester                  Come on out to the field and kick your way through the spring! We offer
Fee                       $160 Check payable to TGA of Southern                various soccer programs for children, where players will begin to learn
                          Westchester                                          the game and various skills, as well as team work. Athletes will develop
                                                                               their skills and learn how to compete in game situations. All athletes
                                                                               will receive a t-shirt and an award. For further information and details,
                                                                               please contact Gprice@whiteplainsny.gov.
                                                                               ** FALL RECREATION SOCCER REGISTRATION BEGINS May 1st**
                                                                               VOLUNTEER COACHES ARE NEEDED, for our Coed 2nd Grade,
                                                                               and Boys & Girls 3rd/4th Grade
                                                                               & 5th/6th Grade Divisions.
                                                                               For further information and
                                                                               details, please contact Gprice@

White Plains Youth Hockey -Try outs
Age Group           U8 - U18
Day/Time            Tuesday April 9, Wednesday April 10 &
                    Thursday April 11
Location            Ebersole Ice Rink - All levels
Times               TBA Call 422-1366
Fee                 $85

2019 Spring and Summer Programs
Youth Sports Programs
Little Kickers Instructional Program                                       Coed Soccer League for 2nd Grade
Children will be introduced to the game and the various skills needed to   This League provides an opportunity to refine skills and compete in a
play. They will participate in drills, fun games, and mini scrimmages.     semi-competitive setting. No experience needed. They MUST wear shin
They MUST wear shin guards to every session. For further information and   guards to every session. For further information and details, please
details, please contact gprice@whiteplainsny.gov                           contact gprice@whiteplainsny.gov
Soccer Pre Kickers                                                         Age Group          Boys & Girls 2nd Grade
Age Group      Pre K COED                                                  Day/ Time          Begins Saturday, April 27, 6 Sessions
Day/Time       Begins Saturday, April 27, 6 Sessions                                          Time Varies 9:30-11/11:15-12:30pm
Course         P1 9am                                                      Course             02 Coed Soccer
               P2 12:15pm                                                  Location           George Washington Elementary School Field #2
Location       George Washington Elementary School Field #1                Registration       Ongoing (Space Limited) Registration Deadline April 18
Registration   Ongoing (Space Limited) Registration Deadline April 18      Fee                $85
Fee            $80
Kinder Kickers
Age Group      Grade K COED
Day/Time       Begins Saturday, April 27, 6 Sessions
Course         K1 10:05am
               K2 1:20pm
Location       George Washington Elementary School Field #1
Registration   Ongoing (Space Limited) Registration Deadline April 18
Fee            $80
First Kickers
Age Group      Grade 1
Day/Time       Begins Saturday, April 27, 6 Sessions
Course         1A 11:10am
               B 2:25pm
Location       George Washington Elementary School Field #1
Registration   Ongoing (Space Limited) Registration Deadline April 18
Fee            $80

                                                                           Sunday Stars Instructional Program
                                                                           Children will be introduced to the game and the various skills needed to
                                                                           play. They will be placed on teams and participate in drills and games.
                                                                           All players will receive a t-shirt, shin guards are mandatory.
                                                                           Age Group              Grade K–6
                                                                           Day/Time               Sunday, April 28, 6 Sessions
                                                                           Course                 08 10am Grade K–2
                                                                                                  09 11:30am Grade 3-6
                                                                           Location               Ralph Ave Field
                                                                           Registration           Ongoing (Space Limited) Registration Deadline
                                                                                                  April 23
                                                                           Fee                    $85
                                                                           Soccer White Plains Youth-Travel
                                                                           Travel soccer teams for Boys and Girls, 8-19 years of age. Openings
                                                                           on current teams may be limited depending on space. For further
                                                                           information contact Alejandro Galeano @ alejo2384@hotmail.com or
                                                                           visit the website at www.wpys.org.

                                                                                                 “Where to Go, What to Do, Way of Life!”
Youth Sports Programs
Tennis Quick Start                                                            Track & X Country
What makes tennis fun for children is being able to rally a ball back and     Learn the basics of track & X country. This program will introduce
forth over the net. In cooperation with the USTA, we offer Quick Start        participants to the skills necessary for a lifetime of enjoyment, strength
Tennis. This program is designed to instruct children at the beginner

                                                                                                                                                           Youth Sports Programs
                                                                              training and health from running in an enjoyable non-competitive
level in the skills needed to play and most of all enjoy the game. By         atmosphere. For further information and details, please contact: Gprice@
utilizing smaller tennis courts, foam and oversized tennis balls, the child   whiteplainsny.gov.
will learn the game. All equipment for this program is provided.
                                                                              Age Group              Grades 4-8
Age Group               Grades 1-6                                            Day/Time               Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday
Day/ Time               Thursday & Friday, 5-6pm, 4 Sessions                                         5:30-6:30pm, 12 Sessions
Course                  01 Grades 1-3, Thursday, May 16                       Course                 MW Begins Wednesday, April 24
                        03 Grades 4-6, Friday, May 17                                                TT Begins Tuesday, April 23
Location                Gillie Park Tennis Courts                             Location               Highlands MS, Parker Stadium Track
Registration            Ongoing                                                                      Meet near Hartsdale Avenue Entrance on the field.
Fee                     $100                                                  Registration           Ongoing
                                                                              Fee                    $96
Tennis Spring Instructions
This instructional program is designed for the beginner as well as            T-Ball – Senior Squirts
the more advanced player. The goals include the following areas of            Players will focus on learning the rules and developing their skills in
fundamentals, proper grip of racquet, development of a forehand and           hitting, throwing, base running and fielding. Each session, players will
back hand game, as well as learning the etiquette and rules of the game       apply what they have learned into a T-Ball scrimmage. Participants must
of tennis. Through development of basic tennis skills an individual can       provide their own glove.
develop a lifelong interest in a healthy activity.
                                                                              Age Group              Grades K-2
Age Group               Grades 4-9                                            Day/Time               Tuesday, 8 Sessions, 4:30–5:15 pm
Day/ Time               Wednesday, Begins May 15, 4 Sessions                                         Begins April 23
Course                  04 Grades 4-6, 5-6pm                                  Location               Delfino Park
                        05 Grades 7-9, 6:15-7:15pm                            Registration           Recreation Office or www.ussportsinstitute.com
Location                Gillie Tennis Courts                                  Fee                    $129 Check payable to USA Sport Group
Registration            Ongoing
Fee                     $100                                                  White Plains Tigers Football League
                                                                              Teaching the foundation of football and teamwork.
                                                                              Our coaches take great pride in teaching our players many life skills so
                                                                              that they may develop their talents, on and off
                                                                              the field. FLAG: K-2nd Grade – TACKLE: 3rd – 8th Grade
                                                                              Practices and home games are at WP High School.
                                                                              For more information please visit www.wptigersyouthfootball.com

                                                                              White Plains Bernies Football & Cheer
                                                                              FLAG: K-2nd Grade - TACKLE: 3rd – 8th Grade Teaching White Plains
                                                                              Youth Football Since 1958. www.BerniesFootball.com

Tennis Summer Clinic
Instructional clinic where participants will sharpen and learn new skills.
Age Group               Grades 1-7
Day/Time                Monday, 5 - 6pm,
Course                  06 July 8, 4 Sessions
Location                Gillie Park Tennis Courts
Registration            Ongoing
Fee                     $100

2019 Spring and Summer Programs
Youth Teen Programs
     TEENS ONLY No Parents Allowed                                                   Summer Employment
     Programs promise to be exciting, fun, social and well supervised by
     recreation staff. Attend with your old friends and meet new friends at       and Volunteer Opportunities
     these events. RESIDENTS ONLY, SCHOOL ID REQUIRED.                                  Youth Bureau Summer Employment 2019
                                                                                          Monday, July 1st – Friday, August 9th
     H.I.I.T. Squad Teen Brigade (High Intensity
                                                                                The Youth Bureau offers six weeks of summer employment to
     Interval Training) (NEW)                                                   White Plains youth ages 14-21. Applicants must be available for
     A challenging, fun cardio workout that incorporates strength training,     the entire 6 week program.
     agility training & plyometric training. Get fit and have fun at the same   1. Applications will be available ONLINE Monday, April 15th @
     time.                                                                          5pm @ www.whiteplainsteens.com
     Age Group           Grades 6 – 8                                           2. Application DEADLINE: Thursday, May 30th by 5PM
     Day/Time            Tuesday, May 7, 4:00 - 5:30 pm, 6 sessions
     Location            Gillie Recreation Room                                 3. Applications can be submitted at the following locations only:
     Registration        Recreation Office                                        • Youth Bureau at White Plains High School – H Cafeteria, Monday
     Fee                 $60 Checks payable to DVD Blue Collar                       – Friday

     Teen Night Pool Party                                                        • Youth Bureau Office, White Plains Education Training Ctr., 303
                                                                                     Quarropas Street, Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm
     The pool is a great place to hang with friends, play some group water
     games and listen to some great music. Kick off your weekend with a         4.Proof of White Plains residency is required.
     fun-filled evening with lots of laughs.                                    5.SUBMIT APPLICATIONS EARLY! There are a limited number of
     Age Group Grades 6 - 8 (Residents only. School ID required)                   interview slots per placement. They are 1st come first serve.
     Day/Time  Friday April 26, 6 - 8 pm                                        Identification
     Location  White Plains High School Pool                                    If you are 14-17 you must submit a work permit. If you are 18-21
     Fee	     $8 (School ID required)                                          you must submit photo ID.
                                                                                Additionally, all applicants will need to submit a 2nd form of ID which
     After School Field Day of Outdoor Play                                     could either be a passport, social security card, or birth certificate.
     Get outside, collaborate with your peers and participate in challenging
     and fun activities such as Knock Out, Potato Sack Races, Kickball and
     Relay Races. Learn the importance of working as a team as you move,        Growing White Plains: SUMMER VOLUNTEERS
     play and have fun. Snack Provided                                          Recruiting volunteers for a six week summer assignment with the
         Friday, 3 - 5:30 pm                                                    Growing White Plains program. The program operates two community
         May 3 (6th grade) @ Eastview School Field                              gardens, one at NY Presbyterian Hospital and one in partnership with
         May 31 (7 and 8 grade) @ Highlands School Field                        Bethel Baptist Church at the corner of Prospect St. and Sterling Ave.,
         $8 (School ID required)                                                as well as a small greenhouse in Delfino Park. The food we grow
                                                                                (using organic methods) goes to feed people in White Plains in need.
     Back to School Video Dance Party,                                          This is a volunteer effort and the gardens belong to the citizens of
     Grades 6th, 7th and 8th                                                    White Plains. The summer gardening program operates four days per
                                                                                week; three hours per day.
     DJ rocks Delfino Park as we celebrate fall, friends, and back-to-
     school. Meet new people, dance, sing and enjoy an inflatable obstacle      Age Group    7th – 12th grade (White Plains Residents)
     course.                                                                    Date         July 1st - August 9th
                                                                                Location     Youth Bureau, 11 Amherst Place
     Day/Time            Friday, September 13, 7 - 9:30 pm                      Requirements White Plains Residents
     Location            Delfino Park, Ebersole Ice Rink                        Contact	    Martin Rudow, 914-422-1378, x6717
     Fee                      $10 (Residents only. School ID required.)                                 mrudow@whiteplainsny.gov

                                                                                                    “Where to Go, What to Do, Way of Life!”
Youth Teen Programs

This Way Ahead – Training & Paid Summer                                      Toastmasters Youth Leadership
Internship Program                                                           & Public Speaking

                                                                                                                                                          Youth Sports Programs
Are you interested in fashion or sales? This is an exciting                  Develop or improve your public speaking skills while strengthening
opportunity to join one of the nation’s premier retail                       your leadership and organizational skills in a fun learning environment.
organizations, and participate in a free job training program that           Age Group            11 years and up; Adults (White Plains Residents)
allows you to potentially work at local area GAP, Banana Republic            Location             Youth Bureau Office at White Plains
or Old Navy retailers once you have successfully completed the                                    Community Center
training component.                                                          Day/Time 	School Year: First and third Wednesday of the
Age Group11th and 12th grade students                                                             month: Time: 6:15pm – 8:15pm
         (White Plains Residents)                                            Contact 	Adrienne Rivers, 914-422-1378, x6716
Day/Time April 2nd-May 30th; Tuesdays & Thursdays                                                 arivers@whiteplainsny.gov
Location Youth Bureau Office at White Plains High                            TEENS ON THE GO!
         School H Cafeteria                                                  A program designed to take teens to places they normally wouldn’t go
Contact	Janet Spencer, 914-422-1378, x6721                                  on their own. Experience the riches of living in New York State – join
         jspencer@whiteplainsny.gov                                          us as we take trips to Liberty Park for paintball or a trip up the Hudson
                                                                             or maybe a special screening of a film at the Jacob Burns Center.
                                                                             We’ll take at least one trip a month; some will be free and others will
                                                                             have a nominal cost.
LETS GET READY … SAT and College                                             Age Group             Middle and High School students
Preparation                                                                                        (White Plains Residents)
This 9 week Summer Program, designed for White Plains students,              Day/Time 	School Year
is administered by Let’s Get Ready (LGR) and provides intensive SAT          Location              Youth Bureau, 11 Amherst Place
preparation and assistance with all aspects of the college admissions        Contact 	Adrienne Rivers, 914-422-1378, x6716
process. Please visit the LGR website (www.letsgetready.org) for                                   arivers@whiteplainsny.gov
additional program information and enrollment criteria. Applications for     Youth Court
coaches and students will be available on the Website in May.                Great opportunity for high school students to earn community service
Age Group            rising 11th and 12 graders (White Plains Residents)     credit and learn about the workings of the judicial system. Students
Day/Time             Tuesday & Thursday, mid-June through August             will meet Judges, Lawyers, and other professionals in the field of
		                   5:45pm – 9:00pm                                         law enforcement. Students process real cases under the guidance of
Location             Youth Bureau, 11 Amherst Place                          Judges.
Contact              Jason Roberts, jroberts1216@yahoo.com                   Age Group             9th – 12th grade students (White Plains Residents)
                     or register at http://letsgetready.org/signup/          Day/Time 	School Year
                                                                             Location              Youth Bureau, 11 Amherst Place
Babysitters Training Program                                                 Contact 	Connie Jones Hairston, 914-422-1378
Young people focus on leadership, safety, basic care and first aid through
our American Red Cross Babysitter Certification class. Applications can
be obtained online at www.whiteplainsyouthbureau.org.
Age Group           12 – 18 years of age (White Plains Residents)
Day/Time            April 16th; 9:30am – 4:00pm
Location            Youth Bureau Office at White Plains Community
                    Center, 65 Mitchell Place
Contact             Janet Spencer, 914-422-1378, x6721
Job Bank
Calling all White Plains youth looking for a job! The local business
community calls on us to help fill their jobs. Open positions are posted
on our website at www.whiteplainsteens.com/current-job-listings.html
Age Group              14 and up (White Plains Residents)
Day/Time               Monday – Friday
Location               Youth Bureau Office at White Plains High School,
                       H Cafeteria
Contact                Janet Spencer, 914-422-1378, x6721

2019 Spring and Summer Programs
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