PROGRAMS AND ADMISSION 2018 - Université d'Ottawa | University of Ottawa

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PROGRAMS AND ADMISSION 2018 - Université d'Ottawa | University of Ottawa
Université d’Ottawa   |   University of Ottawa

                          AND ADMISSION
PROGRAMS AND ADMISSION 2018 - Université d'Ottawa | University of Ottawa
General information,
campus tours and events
Liaison Office
Tel.: 613-562-5800 ext. 1000
Toll free: 1-877-868-8292 ext. 1000

Information on undergraduate
admissions and applications
Tabaret Hall
75 Laurier Avenue East Ottawa ON K1N 6N5
Tel.: 613-562-5315
Toll-free: 1-877-868-8292 ext. 5315
Fax: 613-562-5790

Stay connected!
     uOttawa — Future Students, Futurs étudiants


                                                   Come see the campus
                                                   Fall Open House - October 28, 2017
                                                   Spring Open House - March 17, 2018

                                                   Campus tours, offered year-round, Monday to Saturday.
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                                                   For all upcoming events
PROGRAMS AND ADMISSION 2018 - Université d'Ottawa | University of Ottawa
This brochure contains information on            CHOOSE uOTTAWA
                                                 It’s easy to love it here .............................................................................. 4
programs of study, admissions prerequisites      Ottawa: quick facts .................................................................................. 6
and other requirements. It will also give you    French immersion .................................................................................... 7
                                                 CO-OP (Co-operative Education Programs) ................................................ 8
a preview of student life at the University of   Work-Study Program................................................................................ 9
Ottawa. For more on programs, services and       Undergraduate research / Community engagement ................................ 10
                                                 International exchanges ......................................................................... 11
resources, visit
                                                 Feel at home living in rez ....................................................................... 12
                                                 Eat on campus ....................................................................................... 14
The information in this brochure is accurate     A lively campus / Competitive sports ...................................................... 15
as of August 2017. The University of Ottawa      Outstanding support towards your academic success .............................. 16

reserves the right to change program details     STUDY AT uOTTAWA
and requirements without notice.                 With 400 programs in over 100 disciplines, how do you decide? .............. 17
                                                 Academic paths by faculty .................................................................... 18
                                                 Disciplines by faculty
                                                     Arts.................................................................................................. 23
                                                     Management ................................................................................... 31
                                                     Social Sciences ................................................................................. 34
                                                     Engineering ..................................................................................... 40
                                                     Health Sciences ................................................................................ 43
                                                     Science ............................................................................................ 46
                                                     Law (Civil and Common Law)............................................................ 50
                                                     Education ......................................................................................... 53
                                                     Medicine .......................................................................................... 55

                                                 APPLY TO uOTTAWA
                                                 Step-by-step guide to applying for admission ........................................ 58
                                                 Prior postsecondary studies, advanced
                                                 standing and language requirements ..................................................... 59
                                                 Admission requirements for Canadian high schools ................................ 60
                                                 Ontario high school admission requirements .......................................... 61
                                                 Quebec – Secondary V admission requirements ...................................... 65
                                                 Quebec – CEGEP admission requirements ............................................... 69
                                                 Campus map .......................................................................................... 74

                                                 FINANCE YOUR STUDIES ................................ On the reverse side

PROGRAMS AND ADMISSION 2018 - Université d'Ottawa | University of Ottawa

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          IT’S EASY
                                                                                              Ottawa is a vibrant city known for the diversity, openness
                                                                                              and kindness of its residents. Each of Ottawa’s 20-odd
                                                                                              neighborhoods offers a unique lifestyle and atmosphere.

          TO LOVE
                                                                                              With our perfectly located downtown campus, served by
                                                                                              Ottawa’s and Gatineau’s vast public transit systems — transit
                                                                                              pass included as part of tuition fees — and an infinite amount
                                                                                              of activities and opportunities to learn and have fun, you’re sure

          IT HERE...
                                                                                              to find something to satisfy your cravings and interests.

                                                                                              To take a look at more of what Ottawa and our campus have
                                                                                              to offer:

PROGRAMS AND ADMISSION 2018 - Université d'Ottawa | University of Ottawa

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PROGRAMS AND ADMISSION 2018 - Université d'Ottawa | University of Ottawa

     OTTAWA                                                     Canada’s capital offers an exceptional quality life at a reasonable cost.
                                                                It’s a great place to live both during and after your studies.

                OTTAWA RANKS 1st AMONG                                                                                     AN EMPLOYMENT
                  CANADIAN CITIES FOR
                                                                                                                           HOTSPOT WITH PLENTY
       QUALITY OF LIFE 1                                                                                                  OF TECH AND GOVERNMENT JOBS! 3
                             (2016 and 2017)
    2nd highest median family income in Canada: $104,0702                                                                                                  MORE THAN

                     Strong arts and sports community
                                                                                                                             25,000 EMPLOYERS
                     Access to high quality health care

               Easy to walk, bike and take public transit
                                                                                                                                756,000 JOBS 3
                                                                                                                                     Most stable employment rate in Canada
            One of the least congested, fastest growing
            and most affordable cities in North America                                                              Highest concentration of scientists and engineers in Canada

           MoneySense. “Canada’s Best Places to Live 2017”,
           Statistics Canada (2015). “Median total income, by family type, by census metropolitan area.”
           Invest Ottawa.

PROGRAMS AND ADMISSION 2018 - Université d'Ottawa | University of Ottawa

  Stand out as a
  bilingual professional
  Keep up your French or become completely fluent through uOttawa’s
  French immersion stream (Extended French stream in the faculties of
                                                                                  MINIMUM 35%
  Engineering and Science). Study alongside Francophones and other                OF YOUR COURSES
  French immersion students in a bilingual university and city.                   IN FRENCH
  Your benefits:
• Receive an extra $1,000 per year for studying bilingually with the
  French Studies Bursary. (For more information on scholarships and
  bursaries see Finance your studies on page 7.)
                                                                                  86 DEGREE
                                                                                  PROGRAMS OFFERING
• Earn a special mention on your diploma and a certificate confirming
  your second language skills.                                                    FRENCH IMMERSION
• Over 50 first-year courses offer special language classes to help you
  transition to university studies in French.
• Write your assignments, lab reports and exams in your choice of
                                                                            OVER 1,800 STUDENTS
  French or English in nearly every course.                                  CURRENTLY ENROLLED IN
• Enjoy conversation workshops and a writing centre to help you                FRENCH IMMERSION
  improve your French skills, along with student mentors for advice
  and support.
• Receive qualitative grades (pass/fail) for courses taught in French in
  your first two years, limiting the impact on your academic average
  (if you’re enrolled in the faculties of Arts, Health Sciences or Social
  Sciences or in the Telfer School of Management).
• Join the Club d’immersion and experience Francophone culture
  through social activities!
  For more information, visit

PROGRAMS AND ADMISSION 2018 - Université d'Ottawa | University of Ottawa

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                                                                                                completing your degree
                                                                                                The University of Ottawa’s renowned and long-standing Co-operative
                                                                                                Education Programs (CO-OP) allow you to complete paid work terms in
                                                                                                your field of study in the National Capital Region, elsewhere in Canada
                                                                                                and abroad. Our placement officers are sure to find the best work
                        ONE OF THE                                                              placement for you. It’s a great opportunity to pay for most of your
                     5 LARGEST                                                                  studies and confirm our career interests.
                    CO-OP PROGRAMS                                                              Your benefits:
                     IN THE COUNTRY                                                           • Gain 16 months of relevant, hands-on experience in your field.
                                                                                              • Learn interview skills.
                                                                                              • Benefit from a nearly 95% placement rate.
                                                                                              • Build a valuable professional network.
                                                                                              • Earn mention of CO-OP on your diploma.
              EARN BETWEEN
         $35,000 AND $45,000                                                                    For the list of disciplines offering CO-OP, see pages 19-22.
                                                                                                For information on applying for CO-OP, see page 58.
                                                                                                For more information, visit
          4,000 + EMPLOYERS
                                                                                                Typical CO-OP sequence between academics and work placements
                                                                                                 YEAR OF STUDY FALL                 WINTER            SUMMER
                                                                                                 1                 Study            Study             -
                                                                                                 2                 Study            Study             Placement
                                                                                                 3                 Study            Placement         Study
          65 UNDERGRADUATE                                                                       4                 Placement        Study             Placement
          PROGRAMS WITH CO-OP                                                                    5                 Study            -                 -

PROGRAMS AND ADMISSION 2018 - Université d'Ottawa | University of Ottawa

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  PROGRAM                                                                                              EARN UP TO $4,000
  Earn money and gain experience                                                                     WORKING PART TIME DURING
                                                                                                     THE SCHOOL YEAR AND UP TO
  The Work-Study Program (WSP) is just right for students who want                                  $7,000 DURING THE SUMMER.
  to earn extra income while having a highly rewarding work experience
  on campus! The WSP offers 10 to 12 hour a week jobs that fit with
  your course schedule. What’s more, your workplace is where you
  spend your day already, helping you manage your time better.

  Apply online — Use the Work-Study Navigator application,
  accessible through uoZone.                                                                           GAIN ENRICHING EXPERIENCE.
                                                                                                       OVER 1,700 JOBS ARE
  To see eligibility criteria and steps to apply, visit                                                  OFFERED ON CAMPUS EACH YEAR.

  Examples of jobs offered

• Assistant computer technician     • Laboratory assistant or technician
• Assistant editor                  • Marketing assistant
• Assistant fundraising officer     • Research assistant                                                  APPLY AT THE
• Assistant project officer         • Student ambassador                                                 END OF SUMMER
• Customer service agent            • Student mentor                                                      TO WORK AS SOON AS
• Junior information officer        • Theatre costume assistant                                             YOUR FIRST TERM

PROGRAMS AND ADMISSION 2018 - Université d'Ottawa | University of Ottawa

        UNDERGRADUATE                                                                       Be part of world-renowned
        RESEARCH                                                                            The Undergraduate Research Opportunity program (UROP)
                                                                                            allows you to contribute 50 hours to a research project conducted
                                                                                            by a professor of your choice as early as your second year.
                                                                                            Your benefits:
                                                                                          • Apply concepts you’ve learned in class to real situations.
                                                                                          • Discover the world of university research by working
                                                                                            one-on-one with a professor.
                                                                                          • Get hands-on experience in cutting-edge research at one
                                                                                            of the top 10 research-intensive universities in Canada before
                                                                                            graduate studies.
                                                                                          • Receive a $1,000 scholarship.

                                              Researching how
                                                                                            For more information, visit
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                                                                                            Make a difference
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Cleaning the Ca
                pita                                                                        in the community
                                                                                            The Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community

                                                                                            Engagement is an on-campus one-stop shop for volunteer
                                                                                            opportunities in Ottawa and around the world. Through
                                                                                            professor-approved community service placements related to

                                                                                            learning objectives, you can both pursue your program of study
                                                                                            and contribute to the community.
                                                                                            Your benefits:
                                                                                          • Replace course assignments with volunteer projects.

         300 PARTNERS                                                                     • Gain hands-on experience in your field of study that is highly
                                                                                            sought-after by employers.
                                                                                          • Earn a certificate confirming your volunteer experience.
                                                                                            For more information, visit



  Study abroad and explore the world
  Go on an international exchange and spend a term, a whole year or a
  summer studying in another country. It’s a great starting point for an
                                                                               OVER 270
  international career, allowing you to make new friends and develop       PARTNER UNIVERSITIES
  a network of contacts beyond Canada. The University of Ottawa’s
  exchange program offers the largest number of destinations of all
  Ontario universities.
  Your benefits:
• Learn or improve in a second language.                                    54 COUNTRIES
• Grow as a person by exploring a new culture.                             MOST POPULAR DESTINATIONS
                                                                              FRANCE, UNITED KINGDOM,
• Earn credits toward your degree.                                         NETHERLANDS, AUSTRALIA, SPAIN
• Save on international tuition costs by paying uOttawa tuition.
• Enjoy a guaranteed mobility scholarship.
  For more information, visit                                              MOBILITY SCHOLARSHIPS
                                                                              OF UP TO $2,000


                                                                                        A place to relax,
                                                                                                          study and lounge
                                                                                        residence mates.                   aro
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                                                                                                                              Welcome to my house!
     Living in rez means making friends, getting involved in activities in your community                                                                       #uottawa
                                                                                                                              #rezliving #hymansoloway #laurier
     and having access to programs and resources such as community advisers, in-house
     counsellors, study groups and workshops.

                                                                              TRADITIONAL          TRADITIONAL PLUS                    SUITE OR STUDIO           APARTMENT
              10 RESIDENCES                                                     LeBlanc,
                                                                            Marchand, Stanton     Henderson        Rideau        90 University      Friel
                                                                                                                                                               Hyman Soloway
                                                                              or Thompson

                        Single occupancy                                                                                                                         
                        Double occupancy                                                             -                                -                            -
                        Shared with roommates                                      -                                                                              
                        Shared with floormates                                                       -              -                  -           -                 -
                        Double bed(s)                                              -                                                             -                 -
                        Air conditioning                                           -                                                                              
                        Main campus                                                                                -                             -                 
                        Within 15 minutes walking distance of main campus          -                  -                                -                            -
                        In-unit kitchenette or complete kitchen                    -                  -              -                                              
           Meals        Community kitchen                                                                                                                        -
                        5-day or 7-day mandatory meal plan                                           -              -                             -                 -
                        Length (in months)                                          8                  8              8                  8            8               12
       specifications                                                           $10,134 to                        $7,458 to       $12,533 to     $6,494 to        $10,085 to
                        Residence fees per person (2017-2018)+                                      $8,525
                                                                                 $12,015*                          $9,116          $13,158*       $9,587           $11,865

     * Meal plans are included in fees for residences where a plan is mandatory. Fees vary according to choice of 5-day ($3,975) or 7-day ($4,600) meal plan.
       Fees can vary within the same residence according to room type.

     For more information on applying for housing, visit



                   GUARANTEED HOUSING
                            FOR FIRST YEAR STUDENTS*

                        (ELECTRICITY, WATER, TELEVISION, ETC.)

                       WI-FI INCLUDED
                       SECURITY 24/7

                    LIVING LEARNING
                           (DEDICATED SPACES FOR RESIDENTS
                            WHO SHARE THE SAME INTERESTS)

                               REZ LIFE

                        THEME NIGHTS, SPORTS TOURNAMENTS,
                         LOCAL VOLUNTEERING, CONFERENCES

                   * To benefit from the housing guarantee for first-year students,
                     you must be admitted to an undergraduate program starting
                     in the Fall term and reserve your spot by paying a $700
                     deposit by June 1, 2018. This guarantee does not apply
                     if you have already completed more than five university
                     courses or the equivalent.


       The University of Ottawa offers a variety of healthy, fresh and unique food options. There are 23 food service locations
       to choose from, including cafés, food trucks and restaurants, as well as the 24/7 Dining Hall.

       Unlimited meal plans                                                      Sustainability
       Our unlimited meal plans allow you to eat what you want when
       you want in the Dining Hall. Enjoy food options and services like:
     • Gluten-free, vegetarian
       and halal meals                                   V          halal
                                                                                 At the University of Ottawa, food is served with a side
     • Made to order meals                                                       of sustainability. Our whole campus is certified by
     • My Pantry — ingredients                                                   Fairtrade, the Green Restaurant Association and the
       to cook for yourself                                                      Marine Stewardship Council.
     • Dietary Restriction Program
     • Varied menu including international dishes
       and a great selection of other foods
     • Starbucks Coffee
       Meal plan prices vary between $3,975 (5-day plan)
       and $4,600 (7-day plan).*
       * Based on 2017–2018 fees for the academic year (8 months)

       For more information on food services and other meal plan
       options, visit
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   A LIVELY                                                                   Sports and social activities
                                                                              Fuel your body, nurture your mind and enjoy a sense of wellbeing.

                                                                              Make the most of your time on campus and take part in sports and
                                                                              recreational activities.
                                                                            • Access recreational activities and sports facilities, including
                                                                              gymnasiums, an Olympic-sized swimming pool and state-of-the-art
                                                                              playing fields and fitness centres (included in university fees).
                                                                            • Take part in tons of free activities like yoga or cooking demos.
                                                                            • Access health services at our on-campus medical clinic and pharmacy.
                                                                            • 350+ student clubs
                                                                            • 120+ on-campus events
                                                                            • 14 intramural sport leagues
                                                                              For more information on sports and recreational programs and

                                                       Team sport at its
                                                                              List of Student Federation clubs:
                                                       best! #intramurals
                                                       #soccer #ggintra       On-campus events and activities calendar:

                                   r women's rugb
                   e experience fo
An unforgettabl a silver medal at nationals!
league champs
                                      inning                                                         COMPETITIVE CLUBS
    gn at io n #g ee gees #rugby #w
                                                                                     Badminton (M/W)           Fastball (W)           Synchronized

                                                                                       Baseball (M)             Golf (M/W)          Swimming (M/W)
                                                                                    Cheerleading (M/W)         Ringette (W)          Ultimate (M/W)
                                                                                       Dance (M/W)            Rowing (M/W)            Volleyball (M)
                                                                                     Equestrian (M/W)           Rugby (M)           Water polo (M/W)

  SPORTS                                                                              Fencing (M/W)             Soccer (M)

                                                                                                         VARSITY TEAMS
  Our Gee-Gees teams rank                                                            Basketball (M/W)           Rugby (W)                Track and
  year after year among the                                                            Football (M)
                                                                                      Hockey (M/W)
                                                                                                                Soccer (W)
                                                                                                             Swimming (M/W)
                                                                                                                                   Cross-country (M/W)
                                                                                                                                      Volleyball (W)
  top 10 teams in Canadian
                                                                                                         To join a competitive club or a varsity team,
  interuniversity sports.                                                           M - Men's
                                                                                   W - Women's           contact the coach:


       The University of Ottawa offers free services to             • Faculty mentors from upper years to help you with your
       help you stay on track and succeed in your studies.            courses and assignments:
       Make the most of them:                                       • Therapy dogs (brought to you by Ottawa Therapy Dogs and
     • Academic accommodations for students with disabilities:        Therapeutic Paws of Canada) to keep you company and help                                             you get through stressful or difficult times:
     • The Academic Writing Help Centre to help             
       you write great essays and other assignments:                • Foot Patrol volunteers to accompany you to your destination,                                     even on the bus:
     • Student mentors from all regions of Canada to help you       • A resource centre and Indigenous portal to support First
       make the switch to university life during your first year:     Nations, Inuit and Métis students:
                                                                      The Student Academic Success Service (SASS) offers
                                                                      additional student services to support you throughout your
                                                                      studies. To find out more, visit

                              OVER 100 DISCIPLINES,
                              HOW DO YOU DECIDE?
The University of Ottawa offers flexible programs that let             WHEN DO YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE?
you create your own academic path with made-to-measure                 For most programs, you choose your main discipline when
undergraduate degrees. You can study entirely in English,              you apply, by indicating your choice on the Ontario Universities’
or take courses in French, including through our immersion             Application Centre (OUAC) application. Once you are at the
stream. Here are our tips to help you make the best choice,            University, you can add a major or a minor, or change programs
as well as information about different academic paths. If you          altogether. It is possible to add CO-OP to your OUAC application
need help making a decision, contact the Liaison Office at             or during your first year at the University.
                                                                       WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PATHS?
                                                                       Two things differentiate academic paths: the total number
Browse through each faculty’s discipline descriptions starting on      of courses you must take in your main discipline and the
page 23, and find a subject that you’re passionate about and will      ability or requirement to add a second discipline once you’re
lead to your dream job.                                                in university. When you apply, depending on the discipline you
                                                                       choose, you’ll be admitted either to one of our honours degrees,
EXPLORE POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS                                          a major or a three-year bachelor’s, as shown in the diagrams
Are you interested in many subjects? Would you like to explore         on the following page.
more than one? Why not! Some paths allow you to add a second
discipline, such as a minor or a major, or to complete a double        COME TO CAMPUS TO EXPLORE YOUR INTERESTS
degree. Joint honours paths combine courses from two disciplines.      Some of our faculties offer the Student for a Day program,
Take a look at pages 18 to 22 to better understand and explore         a full day personalized according to your availability, your
the different paths offered.                                           interests and your expectations. Spend a day on campus, attend
                                                                       a class, meet with an academic adviser, speak with professors
COMBINE WORK AND STUDIES WITH CO-OP                                    and visit the campus and its residences.
Over 65 undergraduate disciplines allow you to combine paid            A variety of other activities on campus and a number of
work placements with courses for an honours degree. To see             workshops on our different disciplines are also offered during
what disciplines CO-OP is offered in, look for the CO-OP symbol.       our open houses in the fall (October 28, 2017) and in the
                                                                       spring (March 17, 2018).
Our French immersion stream allows students coming from
English-language schools to include courses taught in French in
their program and receive a mention of French immersion on their
diploma. For more information on French immersion, see page 7.
To see what disciplines it’s offered in, see pages 19 to 22 and look
for the FI and EF symbols.


                                          HONOURS ACADEMIC PATHS
                                          HONOURS (4 YEARS)

                                              H     HONOURS                                                                  +                     ELECTIVES

                                             HMn HONOURS WITH MINOR                                   +       Mn   MINOR                       +          ELECTIVES

     In your program, some courses          HOpt HONOURS INCLUDING AN OPTION                                                                   +          ELECTIVES
     are compulsory. Electives, on
     the other hand, are courses you
                                              JH    JOINT HONOURS: TWO DISCIPLINES LEADING TO ONE DEGREE                                       +          ELECTIVES
     are free to choose. They allow
     you to discover a new passion
     and to confirm our choice            DOUBLE MAJOR | MAJOR AND MINOR (4 YEARS)
     of program. You can choose
     your electives among hundreds            M     MAJOR                          +      M     MAJOR                                 +               ELECTIVES
     of courses the University offers.
     For example, if you’re enrolled          M     MAJOR                          +     Mn     MINOR                    +                     ELECTIVES
     in history, you can take a
     geology or a course from one
     of our 14 language programs.          DD DOUBLE DEGREE – INTEGRATED PATH LEADING TO TWO DEGREES (5 YEARS OR MORE)

     The possibilities are endless.
                                                                  HONOURS                                 +                                  HONOURS
     Take advantage of them!

     OPTIONS                              BACHELOR’S ACADEMIC PATHS
     An option is a set of courses in a   BACHELOR’S (3 YEARS)
     given field that complements
     your main program and allows             B     BACHELOR’S                                                       +           ELECTIVES
     you to choose a more specific
     direction in your studies. For       BACHELOR’S WITH MINOR (3 YEARS)

     example, if you are enrolled in          B     BACHELOR’S                    +      Mn    MINOR                +            ELECTIVES
     environmental science, you can
     add an option in global change
     and gain specialized knowledge
     in this field. Options are offered   OTHER ACADEMIC PATHS
     in Engineering, Management           PROFESSIONAL STUDIES (2 YEARS OR MORE)
     and Science.                         To be admitted for professional studies, you must have prior postsecondary studies.

                                              P     COMPULSORY, OPTIONAL AND ELECTIVE COURSES

                                          CERTIFICATE (1 YEAR)
                                          To be admitted to a certificate program, you might require professional or academic experience.

                                                    COMPULSORY, OPTIONAL
                                                    AND ELECTIVE COURSES


At the University of Ottawa, disciplines are offered in many academic paths, as shown on page 18. The tables on pages 19 to 22 let you determine which paths are
offered in the disciplines you’re interested in.

Faculties offering programs not requiring prior university studies
                                                                                                           FACULTY OF ARTS (BA)                                                  See pages 23 to 30
   Legend                                                   Double degree - Integrated path
                                                     DD leading to two degrees
                                                                                                           Geomatics and Spatial Analysis                 -     -      -    Mn       -      -     -
                                                     B      Bachelor’s (3 years)
       H      Honours                                                                                      German Language and Culture                    -     -      M    Mn       -      -     -
                                                            Professional studies requiring
   HOpt Honours including an option                  P      prior postsecondary education                  Greek and Roman Studies                        H    HMn     M    Mn       -      -     FI
    HMn Honours with minor                          CER Certificate                                        History                                        H    HMn     M    Mn       -    CO-OP   FI
       JH     Joint honours                         CO-OP   Co-operative education                         History and Political Science                  JH    -      -     -       -    CO-OP   FI
       M      Double major | Major and minor         FI     French immersion                               Italian Language and Culture                   -     -      M    Mn       -      -     -

       Mn Minor                                      EF Extended French                                    Jewish Canadian Studies                        -     -      -    Mn       -      -     -
                                                                                                           Latin American Studies                         -     -      -    Mn       -      -     -
                                                                                                           Lettres françaises
                                                                                                                                                          H    HMn     M    Mn       -    CO-OP   -
FACULTY OF ARTS (BA)                                                               See pages 23 to 30      (offered in French only)
                                                                                                           Lettres françaises (BA) et éducation (BEd)
Aboriginal Studies                                    -         -      M      Mn       -        -     FI   (offered in French only)
                                                                                                                                                          -     -      -     -      DD      -     -

Applied Ethics                                        -         -       -     Mn       -        -     -    Linguistics                                    H    HMn     M    Mn       -      -     -

Arabic Language and Culture                           -         -      M      Mn       -        -     -    Medieval and Renaissance Studies               -     -      M    Mn       -      -     FI
Art History                                           -         -      M      Mn       -        -     FI   Music / Music Studies                          H    HMn     M    Mn       -      -     FI
Arts                                                  -         -       -      -       B        -     -    Music (BMus)                                   H     -      -     -       -      -     -

Asian Studies                                         -         -       -     Mn       -        -     -    Music (BMus) and Science (BSc)                 -     -      -     -      DD      -     -

Canadian Studies                                      -         -       -     Mn       -        -     -    Philosophy                                     H    HMn     M    Mn       -      -     FI
Celtic Studies                                                                                             Philosophy and Political Science               JH    -      -     -       -      -     FI
(offered in English only)
                                                      -         -       -     Mn       -        -     -
                                                                                                           Physical Geography and Geomatics               -     -      M     -       -    CO-OP   FI
Communication                                         H      HMn       M      Mn       -      CO-OP   FI
                                                                                                           Piano Pedagogy                                 -     -      -     -      CER     -     -
Communication and Political Science                   JH        -       -      -       -      CO-OP   FI
                                                                                                           Psychology and Linguistics                     JH    -      -     -       -      -     -
Communication and Sociology                           JH        -       -      -       -      CO-OP   FI
                                                                                                           Public Relations
Communication et lettres françaises                                                                                                                       H     -      -     -       -      -     -
(offered in French only)                              JH        -       -      -       -      CO-OP   -    (joint program with Algonquin College)
                                                                                                           Rédaction professionnelle et édition
Digital Humanities                                    -         -       -     Mn       -        -     -    (offered in French only)
                                                                                                                                                          -     -      -    Mn CER          -     -

Digital Journalism                                                                                         Religious Studies                              H    HMn     M    Mn       -      -     FI
(joint program with Algonquin College)                H         -       -      -       -        -     -
Écriture et style                                                                                          Russian Language and Culture                   -     -      M    Mn       -      -     -
(offered in French only)
                                                      -         -       -     Mn       -        -     -
                                                                                                           Second-Language Teaching (English or French)   H    HMn     M     -       -      -     FI
(offered in English only)                             H      HMn       M      Mn       -      CO-OP   -
                                                                                                           Spanish                                        H    HMn     M    Mn       -      -     -
English as a Second Language
(for non-Anglophones and offered in English only)
                                                      -         -      M       -       -        -     -    Theatre                                        H    HMn     M    Mn       -      -     FI
English as a Second Language — basic or advanced                                                           Traduction vers le français
(for non-Anglophones and offered in English only)
                                                      -         -       -     Mn       -        -     -                                                   -     -      -    Mn       -      -     -
                                                                                                           (offered in French only)
Environmental Studies                                                                                      Translation
(bilingual program)                                   H      HMn       M      Mn       -      CO-OP   FI
                                                                                                           - French-English                               H    HMn     -     -       -    CO-OP   -
Francophone Studies                                                                                        - French-Spanish-English (apply in 3rd year)
(offered in French only)
                                                      -         -       -     Mn CER            -     -
                                                                                                           Translation into English
                                                                                                           (offered in English only)
                                                                                                                                                          -     -      -    Mn       -      -     -
French as a Second Language
(offered in French only to non-Francophones)
                                                      -         -      M       -       -        -     -
                                                                                                           Visual Arts                                    -     -      M     -       -      -     FI
French as a Second Language — basic or advanced
(offered in French only to non-Francophones)
                                                      -         -       -     Mn       -        -     -    Visual Arts (BFA)                              H    HMn     -     -       -      -     -
Geography                                             H      HMn       M      Mn       -      CO-OP   FI   World Cinemas                                  -     -      M    Mn       -      -     FI


  At the University of Ottawa, disciplines are offered in many academic paths, as shown on page 18. The tables on pages 19 to 22 let you determine which paths are
  offered in the disciplines you’re interested in.

  Faculties offering programs not requiring prior university studies
                                                                                                                     FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES (BSocSc)                                               See pages 34 to 39
      Legend                                                        Double degree - Integrated path
                                                          DD leading to two degrees
                                                                                                                     Anthropology                                         H      HMn          M   Mn       -   CO-OP   FI
                                                           B        Bachelor’s (3 years)
        H       Honours                                                                                              Anthropology and Sociology                          JH        -          -    -       -   CO-OP   FI
                                                                    Professional studies requiring
      HOpt Honours including an option                     P        prior postsecondary education                    Civil Law (LLL) and International
                                                                                                                     Development and Globalization (BSocSc)             See Faculty of Law - Civil Law
      HMn Honours with minor                              CER Certificate                                            (offered in French only)

        JH      Joint honours                            CO-OP      Co-operative education                           Communication and Political Science                 JH        -          -    -       -   CO-OP   FI

        M       Double major | Major and minor             FI       French immersion                                 Communication and Sociology                         JH        -          -    -       -   CO-OP   FI

       Mn Minor                                           EF Extended French                                         Confli t Studies and Human Rights                    H      HMn          -    -       -   CO-OP   FI
                                                                                                                     Criminology                                          H      HMn          M   Mn       -     -     FI
                                                                                                                     Criminology and Women’s Studies                     JH        -          -    -       -     -     FI
   TELFER SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT                                                                 See pages 31 to 33    Economics                                            H      HMn          M   Mn       -   CO-OP   FI
   A complementary option in Entrepreneurship can be added to most BCom programs.
                                                                                                                     Economics and Political Science                     JH        -          -    -       -   CO-OP   FI
                                                                                                                     Economics and Public Policy                          H      HMn          -    -       -   CO-OP   FI
   Accounting                                                   H       -       -          -       -    CO-OP   FI
                                                                                                                     Environmental Economics and Public Policy            H        -          -    -       -   CO-OP   FI
   Finance                                                      H       -       -          -       -    CO-OP   FI
                                                                                                                     Francophone Studies                                See Faculty of Arts
   Human Resource Management                                    H       -       -          -      CER   CO-OP   FI
                                                                                                                     Gerontology                                          -        -          -   Mn       -     -     -
   International Management                                     H       -       -          -       -    CO-OP   FI
                                                                                                                     Global Studies                                       -        -          -   Mn       -     -     -
   Management                                                   H       -       -      Mn CER           CO-OP   FI
   Management Information Systems and Analytics                                                                      History and Political Science                       JH        -          -    -       -   CO-OP   FI
   (offered in English only)                                    H       -       -          -       -    CO-OP   FI
                                                                                                                     International Development and Globalization          H      HMn          -    -       -   CO-OP   FI
   Marketing                                                    H       -       -          -       -    CO-OP   FI
                                                                                                                     International Economics and Development              H      HMn          -    -       -   CO-OP   FI
   Commerce (BCom) and Juris Doctor (JD)
   (offered in French only)
                                                                -       -       -          -      DD      -     FI
                                                                                                                     International Studies and Modern Languages           H        -          -    -       -     -     FI
                                                                                                                     Mathematics and Economics                           JH        -          -    -       -   CO-OP   FI
                                                                                                                     Philosophy and Political Science                    JH        -          -    -       -     -     FI
                                                                                                                     Political Science                                    H      HMn          M   Mn       -   CO-OP   FI
                                                                                                                     Political Science (BSocSc) and Juris Doctor (JD)
                                                                                                                     (offered in French only)
                                                                                                                                                                          -        -          -    -      DD     -     FI

                                                                                                                     Psychology (BA)                                      H      HMn          M   Mn       -     -     FI
                                                                                                                     Psychology (BSc)                                     H        -          -    -       -     -     FI
                                                                                                                     Psychology and Linguistics (BA)                    See Faculty of Arts

                                                                                                                     Public Administration                                H      HMn          M   Mn       -   CO-OP   FI
                                                                                                                     Public Administration and Political Science         JH        -          -    -       -   CO-OP   FI
                                                                                                                     Social Sciences                                      -        -          -    -      B      -     -

                                                                                                                     Social Sciences of Health                            -        -          -   Mn       -     -     -
                                                                                                                     Social Work
                                                                                                                     (offered in French only)                             H      HMn          -   Mn       -     -     FI

                                                                                                                     Sociology                                            H      HMn          M   Mn       -   CO-OP   FI
                                                                                                                     United States Studies                                -        -          -   Mn       -     -     -

                                                                                                                     Women’s Studies                                      -        -          M   Mn       -     -     FI
                                                                                                                     Women’s Studies and Political Science               JH        -          -    -       -     -     FI
                                                                                                                     Women’s Studies and Sociology                       JH        -          -    -       -     -     FI


                                                                                                                FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCES                                                                See pages 47 to 49
   Legend                                                        Double degree - Integrated path
                                                          DD leading to two degrees
                                                                                                                Health Sciences (BHS)                                       H     HMn          -      Mn          -     -     FI
                                                          B      Bachelor’s (3 years)                           Human Kinetics
     H      Honours
                                                                 Professional studies requiring                 (BHK) Emphasis on social sciences                           H     HMn          -      -           -     -     FI
   HOpt Honours including an option                       P      prior postsecondary education                  (BScHK) Emphasis on biophysical sciences

   HMn Honours with minor
                                                                                                                Leisure Studies                                             -        -         -      Mn          -     -     -
                                                         CER Certificate
                                                                                                                Nursing (BScN)                                              H        -         -      -           -     -     FI
     JH     Joint honours                                CO-OP   Co-operative education
                                                                                                                Nutrition Sciences (BScNut)
     M      Double major | Major and minor                FI     French immersion                               (offered in French only to bilingual students)              H        -         -      -           -     -     -

    Mn Minor                                              EF Extended French
                                                                                                                FACULTY OF SCIENCE (BSc)                                                                  See pages 43 to 46
                                                                                                                Biochemistry                                               H      HMn          M      Mn      -       CO-OP   EF
FACULTY OF ENGINEERING (BASc)                                                           See pages 40 to 42
                                                                                                                Biochemistry with option in Chemical Biology,
Biochemistry (BSc) and Chemical Engineering (BASc)                                                              Microbiology and Immunology or Synthetic Biology         HOpt       -          -      -       -       CO-OP   EF
                                                         See Faculty of Science
(Biotechnology)                                                                                                 Biochemistry (BSc) and Chemical Engineering (BASc)
                                                                                                                                                                           -        -          -      -      DD       CO-OP   EF
Biomedical Mechanical Engineering (BASc)                   H        -       -       -      -       CO-OP   -
Biomedical Mechanical Engineering (BASc)                                                                        Biology                                                    H      HMn          M      Mn      -       CO-OP   EF
and Computing Technology (BSc)
                                                           -        -       -       -     DD       CO-OP   -
                                                                                                                Biology with option in Cellular/Molecular, Ecology/
                                                                                                                Evolution/Behaviour or Physiology                        HOpt       -          -      -       -       CO-OP   EF
Chemical Engineering                                       H        -       -       -      -       CO-OP   -
                                                                                                                Biomedical Science
Chemical Engineering with option in Engineering                                                                 (Admission to CO-OP in second year only)                   H      HMn          -      -       -       CO-OP   EF
Management and Entrepreneurship or Environmental         HOpt       -       -       -      -       CO-OP   -
Engineering                                                                                                     Biomedical Science with option in Bioanalytical
                                                                                                                Science, Biostatistics, Cellular and Molecular
Chemical Engineering (BASc) and Computing                                                                       Medicine, Medicinal Chemistry or Neuroscience            HOpt       -          -      -       -       CO-OP   EF
Technology (BSc)
                                                           -        -       -       -     DD       CO-OP   -
                                                                                                                (Admission to CO-OP in second year only)
Civil Engineering                                          H        -       -       -      -       CO-OP   -    Biopharmaceutical Science with option in Genomics
                                                                                                                or Medicinal Chemistry                                   HOpt       -          -      -       -       CO-OP   EF
Civil Engineering with option in Environmental and
Water Resources, Structural and Geotechnical or          HOpt       -       -       -      -       CO-OP   -    Biophysics                                                 -        -          -      Mn      -         -      -
Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship
Civil Engineering (BASc)
                                                                                                                Chemistry                                                  H      HMn          M      Mn      -       CO-OP   EF
and Computing Technology (BSc)
                                                           -        -       -       -     DD       CO-OP   -
                                                                                                                Computer Science and Mathematics                         See Faculty of Engineering
Computer Engineering                                       H        -       -       -      -       CO-OP   -    Environmental Science with option in Conservation
Computer Engineering with option in Engineering
                                                                                                                and Biodiversity, Environmental Geochemistry and         HOpt       -          -      -       -       CO-OP   EF
Management and Entrepreneurship                          HOpt       -       -       -      -       CO-OP   -    Ecotoxicology or Global Change
                                                                                                                Financial Mathematics and Economics                        H        -          -      -       -       CO-OP   EF
Computer Science (BSc)                                     H      HMn M           Mn       -       CO-OP   EF
Computer Science (BSc) with option in Management                                                                Geology                                                    H      HMn          M      Mn      -       CO-OP   EF
and Entrepreneurship or Data Science                     HOpt       -       -       -      -       CO-OP   EF
                                                                                                                Geology-Physics                                            H        -          -      -       -       CO-OP   EF
Computer Science and Mathematics (BSc)                    JH        -       -       -      -       CO-OP   EF
                                                                                                                Life Sciences                                              -        -          -      Mn      -         -      -
Computer Science for Scientists                            -        -       -     Mn       -       CO-OP   -
                                                                                                                Mathematics                                                H      HMn          M      Mn      -       CO-OP   EF
Electrical Engineering                                     H        -       -       -      -       CO-OP   -
                                                                                                                Mathematics and Economics                                 JH        -          -      -       -       CO-OP   EF
Electrical Engineering with option in Engineering
Management and Entrepreneurship                          HOpt       -       -       -      -       CO-OP   -
                                                                                                                Music (BMus) and Science (BSc)                           See Faculty of Arts
Electrical Engineering (BASc)
and Computing Technology (BSc)
                                                           -        -       -       -     DD       CO-OP   -    Ophthalmic Medical Technology                              H        -          -      -       -         -      -
Electrical Engineering (BASc) and Computing                                                                     Physics                                                    H      HMn          M      Mn      -               EF
Technology (BSc) with option in Engineering Management
                                                           -        -       -       -     DD       CO-OP   -                                                                                                          CO-OP

Mechanical Engineering                                     H        -       -       -      -       CO-OP   -    Physics with option in Biological Physics or Photonics   HOpt       -          -      -       -       CO-OP   EF
Mechanical Engineering with option in Engineering                                                               Physics (BSc) and Electrical Engineering (BASc)            -        -          -      -      DD         -     EF
Management and Entrepreneurship                          HOpt       -       -       -      -       CO-OP   -
Mechanical Engineering (BASc)
                                                                                                                Physics-Mathematics                                        H        -          -      -       -       CO-OP   EF
and Computing Technology (BSc)
                                                           -        -       -       -     DD       CO-OP   -
                                                                                                                Statistics                                                 H      HMn          M      Mn      -       CO-OP   EF
Mechanical Engineering (BASc) and Computing
Technology (BSc) with option in Engineering Management
                                                           -        -       -       -     DD       CO-OP   -

Music (BMus) and Computer Science (BSc)                  See Faculty of Arts

Physics (BSc) and Electrical Engineering (BASc)          See Faculty of Science
Software Engineering
(CO-OP is mandatory)                                       H        -       -       -      -       CO-OP   EF
Software Engineering with option in Engineering
Management and Entrepreneurship                          HOpt       -       -       -      -       CO-OP   EF
(CO-OP is mandatory)


  At the University of Ottawa, disciplines are offered in many academic paths, as shown on page 18. The tables on pages 19 to 22 let you determine which paths are
  offered in the disciplines you’re interested in.

  Faculties offering programs requiring prior postsecondary studies
                                                                                                                  FACULTY OF EDUCATION                                                       See pages 53 and 54
        Legend                                                     Double degree - Integrated path
                                                            DD leading to two degrees
                                                                                                                  Aboriginal Teacher Education (BEd)
                                                                                                                                                                     P        -          -       -       -   -    -
                                                                                                                  (offered in English only)
                                                             B     Bachelor’s (3 years)
           H     Honours                                                                                          Aboriginal Teacher Education
                                                                   Professional studies requiring                 (offered in English only)
                                                                                                                                                                     -        -          -       -   CER     -    -
        HOpt Honours including an option                     P     prior postsecondary education                  Teacher Education (BEd)
                                                                                                                  (offered in English only)                          P        -          -       -       -   -    -
         HMn Honours with minor                             CER Certificate
                                                                                                                  Formation à l’enseignement (BEd)
          JH     Joint honours                             CO-OP   Co-operative education                         (offered in French only)                           P        -          -       -       -   -    -
                                                                                                                  Formation à l’enseignement (BEd)
          M      Double major | Major and minor              FI    French immersion                               (mode alternatif, temps partiel)                   P        -          -       -       -   -    -
                                                                                                                  (offered in French only)
          Mn Minor                                          EF Extended French
                                                                                                                  Lettres françaises (BA) et éducation (BEd)
                                                                                                                                                                   See Faculty of Arts
                                                                                                                  (offered in French only)
                                                                                                                  Second Language Teaching (ESL or FLS) (BA)       See Faculty of Arts
     FACULTY OF LAW – CIVIL LAW (LLL)                                                               See page 52
     Civil Law                                               -       -        -     Mn      CER        -     -    FACULTY OF MEDICINE                                                            See pages 55 to 57
     Civil Law
     (offered in French only)                                P       -        -       -      -       CO-OP   -    Undergraduate Medical Education (MD)               P        -          -   -       -       -    -
     Civil Law (LLL) and International Development and                                                            Translational and Molecular Medicine (BSc)         H        -          -   -       -       -    -
     Globalization (BSocSc)                                  -       -        -       -     DD       CO-OP   -
     (offered in French only)
     Civil Law (LLL) and Master in Business
     Administration (MBA)                                    P       -        -       -     DD         -     -    GRADUATE STUDIES
     (offered in French only)
                                                                                                                  For more information about master’s and doctoral programs, visit
     National Program (LLL) - One year                       P       -        -       -      -         -     -
     Programme de droit canadien (JD and LLL)
                                                           See Faculty of Law - Common Law
     (offered in French only)

     FACULTY OF LAW – COMMON LAW (JD)                                                               See page 51

                                                                                                                                  WHAT CAN I DO
     Juris Doctor (JD)                                       P       -        -       -      -         -     -
     Juris Doctor (JD) and Telfer School of Management
     Master in Business Administration (MBA)                P        -       -         -     DD        -     -
     Juris Doctor (JD) and Norman Paterson School
     of International Affairs Mas er of Arts (MA)
     Juris Doctor (JD) and Michigan State University
     College of Law Juris Doctor (JD)







                                                                                                                                  WITH MY STUDIES?
     Juris Doctor (JD) and American University Washington
                                                            P        -       -         -     DD        -     -
                                                                                                                                  If you’re wondering if the program you’re
     College of Law Juris Doctor (JD)
     Commerce (BCom) and Juris Doctor (JD)
                                                                                                                                  considering will lead to the career you
                                                          See the Telfer School of Management
     (offered in French only)                                                                                                     want, check out the “What can I do with
     National Program (JD)
     (bilingual program with second language                P        -       -         -      -        -     -                    my studies?” page at
     requirements) - One year                                                                                                     development-centre/studies. You’ll find
     Political Science (BSocSc) and Juris Doctor (JD)
     (offered in French only)
                                                          See the Faculty of Social Sciences                                      lots of information on job requirements and
     Programme de droit canadien (JD and LLL)
     (offered in French only)                               P        -       -         -     DD        -     -                    employment forecasts related to areas of
                                                                                                                                  study offered at the University of Ottawa.

                                                     ar t s.u O t t awa.c a

 The Faculty of Arts embraces interdisciplinarity, bold           • Employment rates six months after graduation that
 thinking and academic exploration across three sectors —           exceed provincial averages: 89% in both the humanities
 the humanities, languages and literatures, and fine arts.          and in fine and applied arts
                                                                    Source: Based on data for 2013 graduates.
 Our programs will let you to create a unique degree that           resources/facts-figures/performance-indicators/employment-rate

 matches your personal interests and career ambitions by
 allowing you to combine disciplines and take electives in        • More than a hundred English- and French-language
 fields of study you are passionate about.                          undergraduate programs in over 40 subjects

 As a student, you will immerse yourself in subjects              • Stays abroad in the Arabic, German, Italian
 that will take you beyond the classroom walls. Through             and Russian language programs
 experiential learning, you will develop skills and abilities
                                                                  • More than 570 scholarships and bursaries
 essential in today’s workplace.
                                                                  • 97% Student Mentoring Centre satisfaction rate
• Some of our highly ranked programs:
                                                                    in helping students succeed academically
    Ű Linguistics: top 100 in the world, top 5 in Canada,
      top 2 in Ontario
    Ű Geography: top 100 in the world, top 7 in Canada,
      top 3 in Ontario
      Source: 2017 QS World University Rankings

ABORIGINAL STUDIES                                                                              ARTS
        Designed for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students, these programs acquaint               The BA program is flexible and provides you not only with a solid general
        you with the history, philosophy, spirituality, culture, art and current life of Aboriginal     education in a setting known for its vibrancy, but also with the opportunity to take
        peoples in Canada, elsewhere in North America and in countries around the world.                a range of courses in arts-specific fields (humanities, languages and literatures,
                                                                                                        fine arts) or even in other faculties. If you wish, you can also do a minor in a specific
        CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                                                            subject, like modern languages, art history, music, theatre, communication,
     • Community educator                            • Policy adviser                                   history, geography, religious studies or linguistics. This program can also prepare
     • Aboriginal issues coordinator                 • Advocacy community-government                    your for professional studies in law, medicine and education.
     • Community liaison worker                        relations
                                                                                                        CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
        ART HISTORY                                                                                   • Government program officer                   • Author
        These programs give you a solid grounding in the history of international modern              • Project manager                              • Arts and culture program officer
        and contemporary art, curatorial and museum studies, and critical and theoretical             • Teacher
        discourses. An interdisciplinary approach allows you to examine perspectives drawn
        from aesthetics, philosophy, feminism and gender theories, postcolonial theories and            COMMUNICATION                CO-OP

        theories of identity, globalization and new technologies.                                       Ours is the information age. Analyzing how information is gathered, produced
                                                                                                        and distributed helps you understand communication processes—both human
        CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                                                            and technological—that shape a variety of settings: social, cultural, political,
     • Art historian                                 • Art dealer                                       organizational, economic and legal. Combining theory and practice, our programs
     • Museum educator                               • Gallery director                                 are geared towards helping you develop critical and analytical skills, preparing you
     • Art critic                                    • Museum exhibit designer                          either for a career or for advanced studies. Courses cover the two major fields of
                                                                                                        communication : media studies and organizational communication.
        Spoken by over 400 million people worldwide, Arabic is one of the world’s major                 CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
        languages. Our programs provide you with not only a good knowledge of the                     • Communications consultant                    • Event organizer
        language but also an invaluable perspective on Arabic culture, history, literature,           • Media relations officer                      • Web content manager
        philosophy, religion and society. Agreements between the University of Ottawa                 • Marketing officer
        and universities in the Arab world allow you to go on exchange programs in Tunisia
        and Egypt, among other countries.                                                               DIGITAL JOURNALISM
                                                                                                        Journalism is currently undergoing a digital shift (driven by the Internet, mobile and
        CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                                                            tablet technology, data journalism, etc.), inspiring change in journalistic practice
     • Multiculturalism project officer              • Immigration policy analyst                       and forcing journalists to develop new skills, techniques and approaches. Today’s
     • Translator                                    • Cultural and international affairs               journalists need to fill a diversity of roles, requiring not only a good understanding of
     • Diplomat                                        consultant                                       emerging social trends, but also specialized expertise and knowledge. With this
                                                                                                        program, you will better understand the challenges related to journalism in the
                                                                                                        Digital Age, to help you enter the fast-changing media industry. The Department
                                                                                                        of Communication offers an Honours Bachelor in Digital Journalism jointly with
     While maintaining our focus on traditional disciplines (painting, sculpture,                       Algonquin College (in English) and with La Cité (in French). Courses in the Department
     photography), the Department of Visual Arts also helps you discover new                            of Communication provide theoretical, analytical and critical foundations, while
     media and technologies.                                                                            courses at the colleges focus on practical training.

                                                                                                        CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
                                                                                                      • Journalist                                   • Photojournalist
                                                                                                      • Media analyst                                • Political analyst
                                                                                                      • Columnist

                                                                                                     “To the Lit grads, [...] take it from me,
  Besides providing an excellent base for many careers, a degree in English literature
                                                                                                      whatever you want to do with your life,
  can offer you unmatched intellectual challenges and rewards. The Department of
  English offers courses covering all major historical periods and national traditions of             the future is wide open. Whether you want
  literature in English. It also offers courses in creative writing and literary theory,              to become a global literary giant, or work
  along with general interest courses in such topics as literature and film, children’s
  literature, science fiction, graphic novels, and literature and the environment. An                 for the government, you can dream to do
  undergraduate English degree lays a foundation for graduate studies, and is an                      whatever you want.”
  excellent preparation for professional degrees in law, business and education.
                                                                                                       The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau (BA English)
  CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                                                                 uOttawa 2017 Convocation
• Book editor                                 • Digital copywriter
• Writer                                      • Editorial assistant
• Content developer
  (web and social media)
                                                                                                GEOGRAPHY           CO-OP

  ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE                                                                  Geography addresses highly relevant issues like climate change, water resources and
  The Official languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI) offers three programs in             management, community organization and development, social interaction in urban
  English as a second language, each tailored to your needs, skill level and                    spaces and northern development in permafrost environments. Our programs allow
  communication goals: a basic minor, an advanced minor and a major. For non-                   you to not only gain the knowledge, tools and technical skills you need but also to
  Anglophone students only, these programs are designed to improve and broaden                  have unforgettable field experiences in Canada’s North and elsewhere. New in fall
  your skills in your second language through an array of activities and instructional          2018: a Major in Physical Geography and Geomatics. This program is a stepping stone to
  materials. Courses focus on the four essential language skills (reading, writing,             becoming a member of the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (APGO).
  listening, speaking) as well as on more specialized areas, such as grammar,
                                                                                                CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
  vocabulary, pronunciation and culture.
                                                                                            •   Urban planner                               • Natural resource planner and analyst
  CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                                                      •   Geomarketing consultant                     • Geographic information systems (GIS)
• English as a second language teacher        • Bilingual services coordinator              •   Park administrator                            technologist
• Editorial consultant                        • Adult language training instructor          •   Community planner
• Education program planner
                                                                                                GERMAN LANGUAGE AND CULTURE
  ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES                      CO-OP                                              German is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Courses allow
  Environmental studies delve into some of the most significant issues of our day,              you to acquaint yourself with contemporary German and give you insight into the
  such as anthropogenic climate change, northern resource development, urban                    cultural and political history of German-speaking countries and German cinema and
  pollution and threats to human health. You learn how to use applied research tools            literature. Exchange programs with German and Austrian institutions provide an
  and management principles in a variety of areas, such as environmental impact                 opportunity to complete some courses in a native-speaking environment. Closer to
  assessments and resource management.                                                          home, the German Club provides activities in an informal setting so you can practise
                                                                                                your German.
• Environmental impact and                    • Environmental policy analyst                    CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
  sustainability consultant                   • Sustainable development consultant          • Diplomatic service officer                    • Cultural relations officer
• Urban planner                               • Environmental programs analyst              • Immigration settlement liaison officer        • Tourism consultant
                                                                                            • Interpreter
  The Official languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI) offers three programs                GREEK AND ROMAN STUDIES
  in French as a second language, each tailored to your needs, skill level and                  Unlock the secrets of the Greek and Roman civilizations and the origins of the
  communication goals: a basic minor, an advanced minor and a major. These programs,            Western world. Benefit not only from small classes and a close-knit student
  for non-Francophone students, are designed to improve and broaden your skills in              community but also from the department’s library and even an on-campus museum.
  your second language through an array of activities and instructional materials.              Volunteer in the museum to gain firsthand experience working with artifacts from
  Courses focus on the four essential language skills (reading, writing, listening,             the classical world. Apart from the six units in Latin required for an honours or a
  speaking) and on more specialized areas, such as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation           major in Greek and Roman Studies, Greek and Latin language courses are optional.
  and culture.                                                                                  Note, however, that Greek and Latin courses are mandatory for admission to the
                                                                                                master’s program.
  CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                                                          CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
• Teacher                                     • Heritage languages program director         • Museum conservator                            • Historical interpreter
• Terminologist                               • Learning programs officer                   • Curator                                       • Archivist
• Official languages co-ordinator                                                           • Archeologist

HISTORY       CO-OP                                                                          LETTRES FRANÇAISES ET ÉDUCATION
        History is the discipline that focuses on the diverse and complex ways that individuals     The integrated Lettres françaises et éducation program leads to two undergraduate
        and groups have created and adjusted to change over thousands of years around               degrees, bringing together learning in French and education.
        the world. In studying change over time, you learn to interpret evidence of human           Gain a solid foundation in French language and literature while studying
        thought and behaviour, to understand the impact of individual and collective                concepts in education. Your experience in the classroom allows you to quickly
        decision-making and the changing relationships among individuals, peoples and               make connections between theory and practice.
        societies, and between humans and their environment.
                                                                                                     CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
        CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                                                      • Elementary or secondary schoolteacher • Educational program planner
     • Historian                                  • Museum curator                                • Academic adviser                      • School board administrator
     • History teacher                            • Social policy analyst                         • Language evaluator
     • Librarian                                  • Heritage interpreter
        ITALIAN LANGUAGE AND CULTURE                         CO-OP                                  Where does language come from? How does language work? Advances in
        Our Italian program allows you to enter an exciting and vibrant world. Italy is             research and new technologies are revolutionizing the way we answer these
        a land of great beauty, compelling contrasts and universally admired artwork.               questions. In our leading-edge equipment and research labs, you will analyze
        Come and discover our culture courses, which cover everything from Dante and                spoken sounds, track eye movement and brain activity during language processing
        The Divine Comedy to the latest Quentin Tarantino film. r travel to Italy with our          and explore language variation and other theoretical and empirical aspects of
        summer course and learn Italian while fully immersed in the country’s beach, piazza         language. These programs can serve as an entry point to a master’s in either
        and culinary culture. We also collaborate with the UNITRE in Italy for a cutting-edge       speech language pathology or audiology.
        Italian course that allows you to make valuable connections with Italian native
        speakers and learn Italian at a distance.                                                    CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
                                                                                                  • Linguist                                      • Language teacher
        CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                                                      • Audiologist                                   • Computational linguist
     • Cultural and international                 • Teacher                                       • Speech language pathologist
       adaptation specialist                      • Translator
     • Diplomatic service officer                 • Communications specialist                        MEDIEVAL AND RENAISSANCE STUDIES
                                                                                                    The period known as the European Middle Ages has endowed the Western world
        LETTRES FRANÇAISES               CO-OP                                                      with a rich heritage. Our vision of the world has its origins in the Long Medieval period,
        Our programs in lettres françaises offer a complete, diverse and thorough education.        so studying this era, which starts at the end of antiquity and reaches modern times,
        You will study literature from France, Quebec, French-speaking Ontario and other            introduces you to our past in all its dimensions: linguistic, cultural, historical, political,
        communities of the French-speaking world in order to expand your understanding              philosophical and religious. These multidisciplinary programs include courses in history,
        of cultural diversity and sharpen your critical thinking skills. You will master the        philosophy, music, theatre, and English, French, Italian and Latin literature.
        French language and, in particular, written French. Workshops led by writers-in-
        residence and professor-authors help you improve your own writing and enhance                CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
        your creativity.                                                                          • Librarian                                     • Historian
                                                                                                  • Heritage officer                              • Historical interpreter
        CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                                                      • Archivist
     • Author                                     • Cultural journalist
     • Teacher                                    • Publication editor
     • Screenwriter                               • Copywriter

     Yukon field course offered by the Department of Geography,
     Environment and Geomatics.

MUSIC – MUSIC STUDIES                                                                         RELIGIOUS STUDIES
   The School of Music at the University of Ottawa is the ideal place to nurture your            Our multidisciplinary religious studies programs allow you to look at all the world’s
   musical passion while gaining the training you need. The school has close ties to             religions throughout history to better understand the world in which we live today.
   renowned institutions like the National Arts Centre and the Ottawa Symphony                   The programs combine history, sociology, psychology and anthropology. The result is
   Orchestra, along with many professors who are recognized internationally, perform             a rich mix of perspectives on an array of topics: world religions (Hinduism, Buddhism,
   around the globe and publish in leading journals. We are a full-service school,               Islam and Judaism), mysticism, Amerindian religions, mythology of First Nations
   teaching performance, composition, music education, theory and musicology. The                in Canada, religions in colonial America, ecology, sexuality, contemporary spiritual
   Certificate in Piano Pedagogy offers professional training and courses with a                 movements, globalization and multiculturalism.
   practical orientation to piano teachers who are already giving lessons in private
   studios and music schools, to allow them to improve their skills and knowledge.               CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
                                                                                              • Historian                                    • Spiritual and ethical counsellor
   CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                                                       • Multiculturalism consultant                  • International development officer
• Musician or performer                         • Broadcasting station administrator          • Immigration officer
• Music critic or journalist                    • Musicologist
• Teacher (in a private studio                                                                   RUSSIAN LANGUAGE AND CULTURE
  or in a school)                                                                                One of the six official languages at the UN, Russian is the world’s sixth most widely
                                                                                                 spoken tongue. Its richness and beauty have embellished every aspect of Russian
   MUSIC AND SCIENCE                                                                             culture. In our program, you will learn about Russia’s turbulent history; the tenacious
   Do you love music and science? Would you like to develop your musical abilities to            and creative qualities of her people; her prominent writers, musicians, philosophers,
   their full potential while doing advanced studies in science? Now you can, thanks             scientists and leaders; her accomplishments in the arts; and her formidable
   to this double degree offered jointly by the University of Ottawa’s faculties of Arts,        contribution to world culture. Our program also includes a period of study at
   Science and Engineering. Gain in-depth knowledge and pursue rigorous training in              one of Russia’s major universities.
   music and science.
                                                                                                 CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
   CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                                                          These programs lead to international careers in the following fields:
   Music                                          Science                                     • National security officer                    • Northern studies adviser
   Musician, performer, teacher (in a             Careers in biology, biochemistry,           • Foreign affairs officer                      • Tourism officer
   private studio or in a school) and all the     geology, mathematics, physics or            • Diplomat
   other career opportunities related to a        statistics, depending on which
   music degree                                   program you choose                             SECOND-LANGUAGE TEACHING
                                                                                                 These multidisciplinary undergraduate programs are the only ones of their kind in
   PHILOSOPHY                                                                                    Canada. Courses cover theories of language acquisition, as well as second language
   Since it deals mainly with issues that have no simple solutions, philosophy                   learning and teaching, and explore the relationships between language, culture and
   emphasizes the exchange of ideas and debate, and thus cultivates an appetite for              society. What’s more, when you graduate, if you want to work as a second language
   deep and serious reflection. By reading and discussing the works of the world’s great         teacher and you meet the admission requirements of the Faculty of Education,
   thinkers on topics like truth, justice, morality and existence, you sharpen your ability      a limited number of places are reserved for you in the Teacher Education (BEd)
   to think clearly, critically and independently. The department’s curriculum has a twin        program. Several graduate program options are also available.
   approach, historical and analytical, and covers political and social philosophy, ethics
   and logic, as well as the philosophies of science, language and the mind.                     CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
                                                                                              • English or French as a second                • Cultural or international
   CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                                                         language teacher                               adaptation specialist
• Human rights officer                          • Ethics consultant                           • Second-language monitor or tutor             • Pedagogical material developer
• Social policy consultant                      • Teacher                                     • Public policy analyst
• Essayist
   PUBLIC RELATIONS                                                                              Spanish is spoken by over 400 million people around the globe, and 21 countries list
   Public relations is an everyday part of politics, business, non-governmental                  it as an official language. Its reach and influence, and the increasing importance of
   organizations (NGOs) and the entertainment industry. This program, offered in                 the Hispanic world, open an array of professional opportunities. As a student in the
   collaboration with Algonquin College and La Cité, provides a theoretical, analytical          Spanish program, you will learn the language and also study culture, cinema,
   and practical education that prepares you for a wide variety of functions, such as            literature and linguistics. You will gain a broader perspective on Latin America and
   developing communication plans, strategies and materials; organizing events;                  Spain and will be able to complete part of your studies abroad through an exchange.
   producing visual and online materials; and managing crises.
                                                                                                 CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
   CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                                                       • Multicultural project consultant             • Teacher
• Public relations officer                      • Spokesperson                                • Foreign affairs officer                      • Interpreter
• Media relations officer                       • Communications officer                      • Intergovernmental affairs officer
• Speech writer

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