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Welcome to Griffith                                                    Our degrees                                                             Other information
Welcome to Griffith                                      03            Degree finder                                             40            Griffith College                                   73
Why choose Griffith?                                     04            Business degrees                                          42            First Peoples                                      74
Why choose business and government                                     Enterprise, management,                                                 Griffith Sports College                            75
at Griffith?                                             06            work integrated learning degrees                          49
                                                                                                                                               How to apply                                       76
Highest quality learning                                 08            Finance and financial planning degrees                    50
                                                                                                                                               Important things to know about
A head start on your career                               11           Government and international                                            applying to study at Griffith                      78
                                                                       relations degrees                                         51
Be prepared for the future of business                    12                                                                                   Key dates                                          80
                                                                       International tourism and hotel
Open more doors                                           14           management degrees                                        52
Employable skills                                         16           Double degrees                                            53
Flexibility—study in your own way                         18           Business and government
A strong support network                                 20            double degrees                                            54

BusinessPLUS                                             22            Double degrees with engineering                           55

Go global with international opportunities 24                          Double degrees with health                                56

Student Investment Fund                                  28            Double degrees with criminology                           58

Griffith Tax Clinic                                      30            Double degrees with humanities                            59

VET pathways                                             32            Double degrees with
                                                                       information technology                                    62
Adjustment factor pathways                               34
                                                                       Double degrees with law                                   64
For parents                                              35
                                                                       Double degrees with science                               66
Scholarships                                             36
                                                                       Double degrees with
Griffith Honours College                                 39            visual arts and design                                    68

Campuses                                   Applications information                                                               Modes of study
G    =    Gold Coast                       QTAC = 	Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre                                         F        =     Full-time study
L    =    Logan                            UAC      = 	Universities Admissions Centre (NSW-based)                               P      = Part-time study
M    =    Mt Gravatt                                                                                                              For example, 3F/6P = three years full-time, six years part-time
                                           ATAR = Australian Tertiary Admission Rank
N    =    Nathan
O    =    Online                           In this guide, listed ATARs are indicative only.                                       N/A    = not applicable
S    =    South Bank                       VET      = 	Vocational Education and Training                                        CP     = credit points
                                                                                                                                  GPA = Grade Point Average
                                           Prerequisites                                                                          All GPAs in this publication are on a seven-point grading scale
                                           R        =    Recommended
                                           A        =    Assumed

Important note All information is correct as at February 2020, but is subject to change as content is reviewed and updated. Degrees listed as ‘New in 2021’ are subject to University approval.
For the most up-to-date information, including specific VET pathway details, visit
Ranked in the top 2% worldwide*

Australia’s most awarded teachers†

Exceptional student support

Diverse admission pathways

Flexible study options

Global study opportunities

Study on-campus or online

Practical industry experience

50,000 students of all ages

*	Based on the International Association of Universities – World Higher Education Database, listing more than 18,500 institutions of higher education.
   Current as at February 2020.
†	Based on Learning and Teaching results from the Department of Education.

Cover: Lorenzo Schofer, Analyst, Reserve Bank of Australia. Full story page 05.

Your Griffith experience starts here
In a world of opportunities, Griffith will equip you with the knowledge,
skills and support you need to get where you want to be. From day one,
you’ll learn from some of Australia’s most awarded teachers and make
valuable lifelong connections.

This guide will help you decide which undergraduate degree is right
for you. If you have any questions, call us on 1800 677 728, chat online
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          Why choose Griffith?
          We’re proud to deliver an outstanding education that supports our students
          to face the future with confidence, competence and the knowledge and skills
          to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

          You come first                                                                 Global connections
          As a Griffith student, you’ll be supported in every aspect of your             Many of our degrees have an international focus, preparing you
          studies, from help with scholarships, career advice and study                  for work almost anywhere in the world. Every Griffith Business
          skills to finding employment opportunities through our Careers                 School student has the opportunity to apply to enrich and diversify
          Recruitment team. Whether you need learning, personal or financial             learning through overseas study, internships or by learning a new
          support, or anything else to make your time at university a more               language; as well as experiences that help you contextualise the
          manageable and memorable experience, Griffith is here to help.                 global impacts on our local economies. Such opportunities are
                                                                                         valued highly by employers, who need graduates with a global
          Creating a future for all                                                      orientation and local understanding to grow business.

          At Griffith, you’ll be welcomed into an inclusive community.                   Griffith has Guaranteed Exchange agreements with partner
          Knowing that students learn in a variety of ways—and that high                 universities around the globe, including in Asia, North America,
          school results aren’t the only indicators of a person’s aptitude               Europe and the United Kingdom. We also offer a range of study
          —we are pleased to offer a range of admission pathways to study                tours and work placements to help take your learning abroad.
          with us. From providing bridging courses to recognising Vocational
          Education and Training (VET) qualifications and beyond, we are                 Be part of a worldwide community
          committed to giving every student the means to succeed and                     Once you graduate, your Griffith degree will be your passport
          realise their full potential. See page 32 for more information.                to a global network of contacts. You’ll join an alumni community of
                                                                                         more than 200,000 graduates who cover every corner of the world.
          Future-ready skills and knowledge                                              The world opens up for you when you graduate from Griffith.

          Innovative degrees                                                             Learn from the best
          Our future-focused degrees are designed to prepare you for new
                                                                                         As the home of four Australian University Teachers of the Year,
          opportunities in a fast-changing world. For example, with data
                                                                                         Griffith has a proud history of driving innovation and achievement
          science rising rapidly as an area of employment, we’ve introduced
                                                                                         in higher education. Our teachers and researchers have won more
          a range of double degrees that enable you to broaden your career               national awards in the past five years than any other university’s
          outcomes by combining your degree with the dynamic world of                    staff†, and our students who learn in this environment are renowned
          big data (see page 62 for the Bachelor or Business/Bachelor of                 among employers for their skills, experience and work ethic.
          Data Science).

          Launching in 2021, the new Bachelor of Business includes built-in              Flexible study options
          partnerships with industry to meet evolving employer needs                     We’ve put a focus on flexibility. Depending on your degree,
          and expectations. This gives you the space and time to find your               you’ll have the choice to study in person at one of our campuses,
          place in the future of business by taking your lessons beyond                  online through our Digital campus, or using a combination of both,
          the classroom (see page 42).                                                   either part-time or full-time over two or three trimesters.

          Showcase your capabilities                                                     Trimesters
          We listen to what industry is telling us, to make sure you graduate            We teach across three 12-week trimesters each year. Depending
          with the skills they’re after. Then, we help you to showcase                   on your degree, you can pace your study or fast-track and graduate
          them through Griffith Credentials, our range of digital badges.                earlier. Or you can use the third trimester to take an internship.
          Digital badges give you a new way to highlight professional skills,            We have degrees starting in February, July or October.
          such as interpersonal communication, critical judgment and
          team efficiency (see page 22 for digital badges associated                     Study online
          with BusinessPLUS).                                                            Our online study options mean you can study, learn and connect
                                                                                         when and where it suits you. About 40% of our students study
                                                                                         at least one subject online.

          † 	Based on Learning and Teaching results from the Department of Education.

     Business and government 2021 Undergraduate study guide
‘We get hands-on work experience
  with industry partners across
  the private and public sector                              05

  before we graduate.’

                                                             Why choose Griffith?

  ‘I owe everything to Griffith’s Department of
  Accounting, Finance and Economics because I came
  to Griffith with an idea of what I wanted to do but it
  really crystalised once I interacted with the academics,
  like Associate Professor Nicholas Rohde, Associate
  Professor Tarlok Singh and Dr Craig Cameron who
  helped me with direction especially when I decided I
  wanted to go down the academic path of economic
  policy. Working at the RBA you really have to know your
  economics back to front and my courses at Griffith,
  particularly my honours year, have given me the
  technical acumen needed to succeed. We get hands-on
  work experience with industry partners across the
  private and public sector before we graduate...
  the course at Griffith leaves us “industry-ready”.’
  Lorenzo Schofer
  Griffith Business School graduate
  Analyst, Reserve Bank of Australia
          Why choose business and
          government at Griffith?
          At Griffith Business School, we’re proud to deliver an outstanding education that supports
          our students in facing the future with confidence, competence and the knowledge and
          skills to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

          Make your degree an original                                            Engage with industry at university
          With a substantial and varied range of majors, degrees and double       Industry professionals will be central to your learning experience
          degrees, you can shape your business and government studies so          at Griffith Business School, from in-class engagement with
          that you graduate with skills that are in demand for the jobs of the    experts drawn from our diverse range of industry partners, where
          future. There’s also space in your first year to select courses from    knowledge and examples from the workplace are discussed in depth
          other disciplines like health, built environment or arts, so you can    to degree programs and course curricula that are industry-designed
          show employers you understand how business engages with the             to incorporate current market trends and evolving employer
          world. You’ll find the flexibility and support to study in your own     demands and expectations. You will learn from lecturers who are at
          way; you can choose to accelerate your university studies, or use       the forefront of government and industry, who advise regulatory
                                                                                  bodies and guide policy. You can also take an internship with one of
          a part-time or online option to fit in with your busy schedule.
                                                                                  our many partners to test your growing skillset against the demands
                                                                                  of a genuine industry work environment (see page 16).
          Learn to lead responsibly
          As today’s businesses are constantly faced with evolving
                                                                                  People who will support you
          community, social and investor expectations, like ethical supply
                                                                                  With dedicated spaces for students, industry and academics to
          chains and responsible fiscal policy, the demands and expectations
                                                                                  collaborate, you will find yourself in a place where you can meet,
          of our business leaders are ever-changing. A Griffith Business
                                                                                  learn and grow with others in a supportive environment. As a
          School degree is designed with in-built values like sustainability
                                                                                  business student you can immerse yourself in clubs and societies
          and ethics so you’ll graduate as an adaptable business leader; as
                                                                                  that will engage you in rewarding activities that inform and
          well as helping you find the purpose that drives your future career     invigorate your career plans and result in life-long friends.
          (see page 12). You will be prepared for what is to come, poised to      Take advantage of our Peer-Assisted Study Session (PASS),
          make a meaningful impact on the world that is evolving around you.      structured group learning that brings students together—and
                                                                                  sharpen learning while connecting (see page 20). With a low
          Experience beyond the classroom                                         student-to-teacher ratio, you’ll have access to friendly academics
                                                                                  who want you to discover what success means to you.
          With initiatives like BusinessPLUS (page 22), eCareerCoach and the
          Student Leadership Program (page 11), every student at Griffith
          Business School has an extra opportunity to grow personally and         A culture of excellence
          professionally so you’re primed for the workplace. You can apply        As an accredited member of AACSB – International, (only awarded
          for international study or internships as part of your degree, attend   to the top five per cent of the world’s business schools) you can
          workshops like networking and personal branding delivered by            be confident that your business degree will be recognised for its
          industry professionals, and career map with a mentor. You can also      quality across the globe. We’re also home to first-class research
          choose from hundreds of sporting and special interest groups and        (see page 12) and a distinguished honours program, which will set
          associations to enrich your social experience, leadership skills and    you apart from other graduates and ensure you’re surrounded by
          expand your friends.                                                    the top thought-leaders in the industry.

     Business and government 2021 Undergraduate study guide
‘If you want to make, influence and shape
  policy, drive change, or make a difference
 in outcomes for people and places, there’s                                                                                 07
 nowhere better to be than here at Griffith.’

                                                                                                                            Why choose business and government at Griffth?
  ‘The skills and capabilities of those of us involved     ‘For 40 years, Griffith University researchers have been
  in public purpose work are changing, and rapidly.        active players in the shared project of good governance
  Collaboration, citizen centred co-design, and shared     and evidence-informed policy in Queensland, nationally
  distributed leadership are increasingly commonplace.     and internationally. Our tradition of engaged scholarship,
  I believe our shared and common purpose in public        partnership and collaboration with policy-makers at all levels
  purpose work is making a difference. Collective action   of government delivers mutual and reciprocal benefits—
  matters. The challenges are too complex, they are too    for partners in industry, for students, but most importantly,
  entrenched and too damaging to tackle alone. That is     for the public and communities that we serve through our
  why the relationships between government, university     individual and collective efforts. Griffith is renowned as
  and community sectors are essential to the future        an accessible, grounded and approachable partner in the
  success of our Queensland communities.’                  what and how of good public policy. Those links and those
                                                           opportunities drew me here from an earlier career in
  Robert Setter
  Chief Executive                                          government and have kept me here.’
  Queensland Public Service Commission                     Professor Anne Tiernan
                                                           Dean (Engagement)
                                                           Griffith Business School
          Highest quality learning
          As an accredited member of the AACSB International, a ranking given to
          less than 5% of the world’s business schools, Griffith Business School delivers
          industry-relevant degrees recognised across the globe. With a wide breadth
          and variety of industry partners, Griffith Business School can also incorporate
          a range of internship opportunities into your degree (refer page 16).

                  #1 in Australia &                           Top 2% of universities
                   #2 worldwide*                                   worldwide~

                    #5 in Australia†                           Top 100 worldwide*
                                   MBA                                     POLITICAL SCIENCE

                 #150 worldwide^                               Top 150 worldwide*
                   SPORTS-RELATED SUBJECTS                           BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION

                                                                * ShanghaiRanking’s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2019
                                                                † A FR Boss MBA Rankings 2019
                                                                ^ QS World University Rankings by Faculty 2019
                                                                ~ In a series of prestigious world university rankings

     Business and government 2021 Undergraduate study guide

                                                                                           Highest quality learning

‘I chose to study at Griffith University because when
I was researching I noticed they were winning a lot of
awards, especially for research, and they had really
impressive worldwide rankings. I knew I wanted to
position myself alongside a university that is known
globally when it comes to winning awards and excellent
teachers. Everything I’ve learnt through my Bachelor

                                                         ‘I knew I wanted to position
of Business degree has already empowered thousands
of people. I use what I have learnt to return to my

                                                           myself alongside a university
home country of Zimbabwe to teach and run business
workshops with special focus on women and youth.
Griffith taught me a lot about corporate and social
responsibility and ethics. They taught me how to be
                                                           that is known globally when
a global leader and how to be a woman of influence,
and how to be ethical to achieve both.’
                                                           it comes to winning awards
Hazel Herrington                                           and excellent teachers.’
Griffith Business School graduate
‘I believe Griffith is one of the best,
      if not the best, universities for
      financial planning in Australia.’

          ‘We chose to partner with Griffith because their            ‘I believe Griffith is one of the best, if not the best,
          students are keen, they’re interested, and they want        universities for financial planning in Australia due to
          to engage with the industry. Griffith’s role in the         their well established relationship with the financial
          financial planning space is that of a market leader         planning industry. I had the opportunity to network
          compared to other institutions. I’m impressed with          with potential employers throughout my degree and
          the calibre of knowledge the students bring, and the        develop the skills necessary to be a great adviser while
          university’s ability to educate well within that space.     studying. I found that there was a strong correlation
          In order to create a better future, we need to start        between what I learned in my studies and what I do in
          by educating and empowering the next generation             the workplace now that I work for Stonehouse, which
          of advice professionals, and Griffith is at the forefront   made for a smooth transition into the industry.’
          of building those future-focused financial advisers.’
                                                                      Azaria Bell
          Andrew Stewart                                              Winner Stonehouse Group Scholarship
          Senior Partner, Stonehouse                                  Assistant to Andrew Stewart, Stonehouse
                                                                      Griffith Business School graduate

Business and government 2021 Undergraduate study guide
A head start on your career                                                                                                                   11

                                                                                                                                              A head start on your career
Gain the skills to thrive in the future.

BusinessPLUS                                                         Build your profile
Having a wide range of skills in and out of the classroom is key     Either update or establish your presence on LinkedIn with
to being successful in a competitive graduate employment             Griffith’s LinkedIn eModule, designed to enhance your ability
market. BusinessPLUS is a program designed to help Griffith          to connect with industry professionals, employers and alumni.
Business School students expand their personal and professional      You will also be visible to employers using the platform to search
development, preparing them for life beyond Griffith.                for suitable candidates. Once you’ve created your profile, join
                                                                     the Griffith University Careers Service group on LinkedIn,
The program includes career management workshops,
                                                                     for job opportunities and career advice. For more information
recruitment activities and a structured program of employability
experiences for students to complete over the course of their
studies. This program will help students market their skills to
potential employers and expand their resume with experiences         Rewarding innovation
and qualities sought by top recruiters (see page 22).                and entrepreneurship
                                                                     At Griffith, there’s a range of ways that you can develop the skills
Industry Mentoring Program                                           to bring your innovative ideas to life. We’ll show you how to
For over 25 years, our award-winning Industry Mentoring              create opportunities, disrupt existing ways of thinking and
Program has connected Griffith students and graduates with           doing, and create solutions that impact local and global problems.
industry professionals based in South East Queensland, interstate    For more information, visit
and internationally. Students engage with their Industry Mentors     and-entrepreneurship
in person or online, leveraging our innovative mentoring platform
to track their growth and progress. We support hundreds of           Find the right job
mentoring relationships during Trimester 1 and 2 each year.
                                                                     Careers and Employment Service
Through participation in the program, you will have the
                                                                     Griffith’s Careers and Employment Service can help you from
opportunity to broaden your professional networks and begin
                                                                     your first year. Our team of accredited and qualified Career
preparing for work and life after graduation. You’ll be encouraged
                                                                     Development Practitioners can assist you with all your career
to seek information and guidance from your Industry Mentor,
                                                                     development needs. We can help you understand your career
and use the insight gained from learning about their experiences
                                                                     options, market yourself to employers, prepare for graduate job
and expertise to inform decisions about your future.
                                                                     interviews, transition into graduate employment and find suitable
Industry Mentors will help you gain a deeper understanding           employment while you’re studying.
of your study area and give you an added edge to succeed.
                                                                     You’ll also have access to Careerboard, our one-stop shop
The program can support your career development and improve
                                                                     for advertised full-time, part-time and graduate jobs, career
your chances of landing the perfect first job when you graduate.
                                                                     events and training sessions. Alternatively, you can also book
For more information, visit
                                                                     an appointment with one of our career consultants. For more
                                                                     information, visit
Student Leadership Program
The Griffith Business School Student Leadership Program              Your own recruitment agency
gives you the opportunity to participate in a range of               Our Careers Recruitment team provides work opportunities that
leadership development and mentoring activities, participate         fit in with your studies. As a Griffith student, you can register with
in overseas experiences and contribute to University events.         our recruitment agency to access a broad range of general and
You’ll have the chance to help communities through volunteering      degree-related vacancies. These can help you support yourself
and receive formal recognition for participating in the Program.     through your degree and gain valuable skills to improve your
For more information visit                          employability before and after you graduate. Griffith Careers
gbs-student-leadership-program                                       recruits for casual, part-time, project and full-time graduate
                                                                     positions. For more information, visit
You could also join Griffith Mates, a cross-cultural leadership
program that connects international and domestic students,
giving you a fresh perspective on the world around you. For more
information, visit
          Be prepared for the
          future of business
          By studying business and government at Griffith, you will learn        At Griffith Business School you will be guided towards this
          to think ahead and think critically about a business future where      future by world-class researchers and industry leaders who are
          renewable energy, electric vehicles, drought mitigation policy         dedicated to ensuring the future of business is a responsible,
          and transparency in financial institutions are commonplace.            inclusive space of the highest possible standards. It’s at the
                                                                                 heart of everything we do.

                                         Professor Sharyn                                                       Alex Hannant
                                         Rundle-Thiele                                                          The Yunus Centre
                                         Social Marketing @ Griffith                                            If you have an instinct for innovation
                                         In a world where disruption is                                         and entrepreneurship, making your
                                         the new normal, the ability to                                         brilliant business idea a reality comes
                                         demonstrate beneficial change                                          with a social responsibility like
                                         is valuable. This is the focus of                                      never before. Through The Yunus
                                         Professor Sharyn Rundle-Thiele,                                        Centre, Griffith Business School can
                                         Director of Social Marketing @                                         help put you in the right position
          Griffith, who delivers evidence-based change programs with an          to navigate those challenges of the modern world, which are
          eye to the future. ‘We think forward. We are reinvesting in the        increasingly manifest in issues of inequality, social unrest, climate
          next generation to deliver change for the better. Our planet and       and an uncertain future for work structure. ‘New holistic solutions
          people need our help,’ she says. ‘People are always at the heart       and progressive change are needed to address the challenges and
          of my approach to delivering environmental, health and social          opportunities facing our world,’ says Alex Hannant, Co-Director,
          change.’ Reducing waste, preventing damage to the Great Barrier        The Yunus Centre. ‘We are interested in how innovation and
          Reef ecosystem and changing Australia’s alcohol culture are            entrepreneurship can put people, planet and place at the heart
          just some of the areas of concern for Sharyn who has valuable          of our economies.’
          partnerships with practitioners in government and not-for-profit.

                                         Professor                                                              Dr Rob Hales
                                         Susanne Becken                                                         Sustainable Enterprise
                                            Sustainable Tourism                                                 Business decisions—who they
                                            To ensure her research remains                                      impact and what drives them—are
                                            effective moving forward,                                           a central motif in the work of Dr
                                            Griffith Business School Professor                                  Rob Hales, Director of the Griffith
                                            of Sustainable Tourism, Susanne                                     Centre for Sustainable Enterprise.
                                            Becken, continuously asks herself                                   He has carried out extensive
                                            the ‘so-what’ question in relation                                  research on business responses to
          to her work. ‘I also talk a lot to industry and government to          climate change and the motivations behind the development of
          understand what keeps them awake at night,’ she says. Susanne,         business cases addressing climate adaptation. On a global scale,
          who is Principal Science Investment Adviser to the New Zealand         perceived economic costs to countries of implementing national
          government’s Department of Conservation, believes a blinkered          emissions reduction strategies has also been an important focus.
          focus on the importance of tourism to economies around                 ‘Through these and other research activities, it is possible to
          the world presents a major challenge to important changes              increasingly identify key global trends that will influence the
          in industry and policy. ‘These are challenges that must be             decisions of business leaders now and for many years ahead,’
          met if tourism is to be proactive in embracing climate action.         Dr Hales said.
          Business as usual simply won’t work.’

     Business and government 2021 Undergraduate study guide

                                                                                                       Be prepared for the future of business

FutureNormal: A journey of transformation for UAP
The challenges of the 21st Century are not those of the 20th, yet theories of the past continue to
influence the present. Organisations need to evolve to becoming FutureNormal—an organisation
that acts meaningfully in its surroundings, aims for 100 per cent of human wellbeing, and sees
the purpose of what they do as the primary measure of success. Urban Art Project’s (UAP’s)
Gilbert Guaring led a team including Ineke Dane and representatives across their organisation,
to work with Griffith Business School Professors Nick Barter and Chris Fleming to start that
journey. UAP, the world’s largest art fabricator, is a Brisbane-based global organisation that
collaborates with artists, architects, designers and developers to bring uncommon creativity to
the public realm. However, it needed to redefine itself to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.
This redefinition began with professional development activities exploring the latest theories,
concepts and research in strategy, economics and sustainability. Facilitated by Nick and Chris, this
professional development enabled UAP staff to develop a FutureNormal mindset; one where they
took responsibility, saw the change as empowering and didn’t wait for leadership but were the
leaders. This is transforming their organisation, through purposeful incrementalism, into one fit
for the future as opposed to one restrained by the theories of centuries past.
          Open more doors
          Griffith’s industry connections ensure your degree is full of the latest trends and
          professional skills critical for a successful career in business and government.

          Industry-informed degrees                                           Industry events
          You’ll gain strong links with industry via relevant degrees based   Industry events and networking functions held on campus
          on the latest market trends and employer demand. We listen to       give you the opportunity to meet professionals and potential
          what industry is telling us to make sure you graduate with the      employers. Make valuable connections before you graduate
          skills they’re after.                                               and give yourself the best chance of success. Learn about
          In Griffith Business School alone, the University has more than     undergraduate and graduate programs and get an edge over
          150 industry professionals who teach, research and advise to        other applicants with top tips from presenting employers.
          ensure what you learn is up to date with current industry trends.   Every business and government student has the opportunity to
                                                                              join the BusinessPLUS program (page 22) that runs a series of
          Industry-leading partners                                           events designed to introduce you to industry professionals, as
                                                                              well as hosting the workshops that teach you networking skills
          Our partnerships and collaborations help to deliver you all kinds
                                                                              to ensure you get the most out of your new connections.
          of opportunities. Through our broad network of partners, we
          offer unique learning experiences for students to connect with
          government and industry to work on research projects, provide
          advice and solve problems. You can find out more about our
          industry partners at

               ‘When I first became Chair of the Gold
               Coast Hospital and Health Board, Griffith
               Business School was the first port of call
               for a partnership for me. I wanted it to be a
               partnership that embraced more than simply
               doing things with the health faculty. We
               now have interns in finance, legal and human
               relations, marketing, communications and
               in the creative marketing area on branding
               for our foundation. In terms of strengths,
               Griffith Business School makes sure students
               understand the theoretical background of
               what they’re doing and they do a great job
               of that. What we add to that is “OK that’s
               wonderful, now apply it”.’

               Ian Langdon
               Chair, Gold Coast Hospital and Health Board

     Business and government 2021 Undergraduate study guide
‘Knowing that Griffith is open
  to allowing their students to
  work with small business is                                                                                          15

  so impressive and amazing.’

                                                                                                                       Open more doors

  ‘As an entrepreneur I think Griffith is great because     ‘I participated in Griffith University’s Work-
  in terms of the future of the workplace, there is so      Integrated Learning program, working in Marketing
  much about small business that is leading the way         for YCL Jewels, and having that practical marketing
  and innovating for larger organisations, which is a big   experience on my resume definitely helped me land
  advantage for students. I think it was really wonderful   my current job. When I applied for the internship at
  to see the amount of support Keely got from Griffith.     YCL, I felt like being in a small business would be most
  I think that’s a big reason why she thrived here the      beneficial to me. I could have a big impact and see my
  way that she did.’                                        ideas implemented.’

  Fabienne Costa (pictured left)                            Keely Houghton (pictured right)
  CEO YCL Jewels                                            Bachelor of Business
          Employable skills
          Graduate with valuable skills, knowledge and hands-on experience that employers want.

          Get the inside edge                                                  Alumni network
          Griffith students get inside access to industry with many of         The Griffith Business School alumni network connects our
          our degrees offering work placements, overseas field trips           graduates, the School and the business community.
          and industry projects for real clients.
                                                                               After 40-plus years of developing future ready, responsible
          Our industry connections, and industry engaged experts, give you
                                                                               business leaders, our network has grown to more than 50,000
          practical experience that helps to make sense of the knowledge
                                                                               engaged alumni, who participate in a rich calendar of events,
          you’re gaining, while also enhancing your job-ready skills.
                                                                               to ensure your connections extend into your career with
                                                                               like-minded professionals. Our alumni are spread across
          Industry placements
                                                                               the globe working in a diverse range of industries.
          Placements offer you the opportunity to learn in a practical
          setting, see professionals first-hand and ask questions to aid       We are proud to celebrate the achievements of our remarkable
          your learning. Business and government students have access          graduates and provide opportunities for our alumni community
          to work placements and internships through our extensive             to gather, share and benefit from an ongoing connection to the
          network of local and international partners, and can apply           School. Each year we host a full calendar of networking and
          to have them earn credit towards their degree.                       professional development events, keep alumni up to date on the
                                                                               latest School and University news as well as provide opportunities
          Paid work                                                            for graduates to give back and assist in the development of our
          Apply for part-time, casual and graduate jobs on our                 next generation of business leaders.
          Careerboard jobs board and register as a candidate with our
          Griffith Careers Recruitment agency. For more information,
                                                                                   Business and government
          Hands-on learning
          You’ll have the chance to gain practical experience, build
                                                                                   Completing an internship while studying business could
          your portfolio and develop critical networks through our
                                                                                   fast-track your route to employment. ‘Griffith students
          key industry links. Business and government students are offered
                                                                                   consistently make their mark during internships with our
          a range of work-integrated projects, depending on your degree
                                                                                   business partners,’ says Dr Geoff Carter, Deputy Director
          and major; such as Queensland’s largest Student Investment Fund
                                                                                   (Internships), who provides the link between student and
          (page 28), a student managed fund that gives finance students
                                                                                   industry. ‘Opportunities to turn work experience into real
          access to $250,000 of real money to invest in socially responsible
                                                                                   work are seized upon by students who find themselves
          ASX-listed companies.
                                                                                   in the right place at the right time with exactly the right
          Work-integrated placements are mutually beneficial projects for          skills.’ Internships are available to all students at Griffith
          employers, to have fresh eyes tackle business challenges, and            Business School. Geoff highlights examples of employment
          for students, to gain experience in their chosen industries while        offers that materialised for a work-ready student who
          receiving credit towards their degree.                                   developed a marketing plan for a jewellery business during
                                                                                   an internship and another who carried out an industry-
                                                                                   standard HR performance review for a professional sport
                                                                                   club. ‘Our relationships with our business partners mean
                                                                                   our students constantly develop skills that make them
                                                                                   more employable and attractive to the job market.
                                                                                   We endeavour to create internships that are
                                                                                   interdisciplinary, incorporate the latest in technology and
                                                                                   which put our students in work situations that challenge
                                                                                   them to be accountable to themselves, their employers,
                                                                                   client and the wider community in everything they do.’

     Business and government 2021 Undergraduate study guide
‘The massive range of programs
  and opportunities I had at
  Griffith was what helped prepare                            17

  me for the future of work.’

                                                              Employable skills

  ‘The massive range of programs and opportunities I had
  at Griffith was what helped prepare me for the future
  of work,’ Nathan explains. ‘The course work is only one
  element of the benefits of a Griffith degree—it’s the
  extras that set them apart. The Griffith difference is
  all about the extra things they offer beyond the books.
  It’s the internship programs, industry connections, and
  staff who have up-to-date experience in the field.
  That’s what I found most beneficial; being able to get
  that real-world experience. When it came time to apply
  for jobs, I know that my participation in various clubs
  and societies, being part of the Griffith Honours College
  and what I learned in the Student Leadership Program
  made me a more competitive, well-rounded candidate.’
  Nathan Brierley
  Griffith Business School graduate
  Senior Analyst, Deloitte
          Flexibility—study in your own way
          You’ll find flexibility and support to succeed in your studies at the heart of
          Griffith Business School, meaning you can realistically think about studying
          at the same time as managing your life. Think about what flexibility looks like for
          you and you will find ways to manage your commitments alongside your studies.

          Time on your side                                                       Big picture learning
          Set the pace of your studies so you decide how fast or slow you         You can complement your business studies by incorporating
          progress your degree. You can study over two or three trimesters        subjects from other study areas like health and science into your
          each year, picking up or dropping classes to suit. You can fast-track   study plan. An exciting range of options are available to you.
          your degree by studying across three trimesters each year, by           If government and international relations is your area of interest,
          taking additional electives during the November–January trimester.      you are encouraged to explore interdisciplinary options and take
          Or use the November–January trimester to complete an internship         electives that build on this core program knowledge. Look beyond
          or overseas study exchange. Alternatively, study part-time if that’s    business to make your business degree a better degree for you.
          what life demands for now. With multiple intakes each year,
          you can start when it suits you.
                                                                                  Designed for your future
                                                                                  Our online courses are carefully designed to mirror the
          In control of your learning                                             technological workplace—so that you graduate job-ready
          Make online education and face-to-face learning work so you get         for current working environments. The teaching techniques
          on top of course content more efficiently. By using digital access to   incorporated into this design are dynamic and interactive,
          engage with theory and reading before class, you will set yourself      meaning you’ll constantly feel like you are part of a two-way
          up to apply concepts to industry case studies in face-to-face           online discussion with educators and peers—just like you would
          classroom activities. Online options range from 100 per cent online     be in a work-team. Studying this way means you’ll develop
          to accelerated online (which means focusing on just one course          your proficiency and your career credentials as a digital savvy
          subject every six weeks) to fully flexible online where you can         business professional.
          change your mode of study to meet your needs at different times.

                                                                                  Lifelong support—always
          Dive into the Digital campus
                                                                                  We help you fit university study into your life. Whether you’re
          Whether you’re an online or on-campus student, you will find
                                                                                  working full time or busy with your family, you don’t have to
          Griffith’s digital campus a lively, engaging virtual community.
                                                                                  compromise on other parts of your life to achieve your study
          With communication tools like Microsoft Teams, Collaborate and
                                                                                  goals. You’ll have continued access to learning and IT support
          our Thrive Online website and weekly virtual classrooms, you
                                                                                  and to the online tools and digital resources that give you the
          don’t ever have to feel like you’re studying in isolation. Our Pebble
                                                                                  flexibility to succeed. A range of learning support services,
          Pad virtual community is an interactive digital space where you
                                                                                  dedicated tutoring sessions and health and wellbeing options
          can build your professional brand and e-portfolio. Find out more
                                                                                  can be accessed easily.
          about our Digital Campus here:

     Business and government 2021 Undergraduate study guide
‘I decided to study at
  Griffith because they
  could support me and fit                                  19

  in well with my lifestyle.’

                                                            Flexibility—study in your own way
   ‘I decided to study at Griffith because they could
   support me and fitted in well with my lifestyle. The
   fact that courses were online fitted in so well for me
   when I was working full time. I didn’t have to go on
   campus or squeeze in classes on the weekend. It was
   such a flexible approach to learning and really fitted
   in with what I needed. The Digital campus is so easy
   to navigate; the whole system—how you submit
   documentation, the fact that you can record things,
   watch lectures in your own time—really made getting
   my study done so easy. Even though you’re not on
   campus, the staff are so supportive on an individual
   level. Lecturers cared and connected with me and
   spoke to me one on one even on the weekend!
   At Griffith you never feel like just a number.’

   Retha Du Plessis
   Griffith Business School graduate
   Board Director of Suited to Success
          A strong support network
          We offer support services to help you feel confident and succeed in your degree.

          Orientation                                                            Transport, parking and childcare
          To help you get settled into university life, we hold Orientation      Our campuses have easy-to-access public transport and parking.
          Week, or O-Week, the week before each trimester starts. You’ll
                                                                                 Nathan campus provides two childcare centres offering quality
          meet other students, get familiar with our campuses, and have
                                                                                 education and care for children from three months of age to five
          the chance to sign up for clubs and societies. As well as practical
                                                                                 years. For more information, visit
          tours and information sessions, O-Week includes fun activities
                                                                                 or email
          and social events, plus live music, food stalls and giveaways.
          For more information, visit                Childcare facilities are also available close to the Logan,
                                                                                 Mt Gravatt, Gold Coast, and South Bank campuses.

          Learning support services                                              These centres can be found on the website.

          Our libraries are the perfect place to study, providing spaces that
          are adaptable and comfortable. You can access services and
                                                                                 Personal support services
          resources, meet up for group study or find a space for individual      You can get the help you need to manage your life while you’re
          work. In all our libraries we provide computers for study, laptops     at university. All students have access to a range of personal
          you can borrow, or you can even connect your own device to             support services and programs including:
          Griffith Wi-Fi.                                                        • counselling, to help you when you need support with issues
          Participate in our Earlybird workshops or upskill at your own            such as the transition from school, study, motivation,
          pace with the libraries’ study modules designed to develop your          relationships, self-esteem, grief and loss, anxiety and stress
          academic, digital and library research skills. For more information,   • job search and career development to build employability skills
          visit                                    • health services, such as bulk-billed medical consultations,
                                                                                   specialist appointments, free nursing consultations and
          Peer Assisted Study Sessions                                             health information
                                                                                 • transition and support services for students from
          You can access Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) for a wide
                                                                                   educationally disadvantaged backgrounds
          range of courses. PASS is facilitated by student leaders who have
                                                                                 • specialised support for students with disabilities
          previously completed the course and achieved excellent results.
                                                                                 • chaplaincy, where you can discuss life’s challenges, explore
          Participating in PASS will help you improve your grades, better
                                                                                   spirituality, faith and social justice issues and meet other
          understand course content, break down complex ideas and could
                                                                                   people interested in religious matters
          even save you hours with smarter study methods.
                                                                                 • student financial support services for help with issues
                                                                                   such as student loans, Centrelink payments and budgeting
          Peer mentoring
                                                                                 • personal development programs to grow skills for life and
          At Griffith, successful continuing students provide commencing           study (resilience, adaptability, financial literacy, etc.).
          students with assistance to settle into university. These students
          are called peer mentors. Mentors help students get to know other       You can access our services and programs in person,
          students and staff, and understand the services available.             by phone or online. For more information, visit
          International students
          If you’re from a non-English speaking background, you can
          improve your skills through EnglishHELP (English Higher Education
          Language Program). This free service offers individual support
          to help you build confidence with speaking and listening, improve
          your knowledge of grammar and your pronunciation, and learn
          to write academic reports. Explore EnglishHELP’s free online
          resources at

          You’ll also have access to our International Student Advisers, who
          offer personal support and can help you with study-related issues.
          For more information, visit

     Business and government 2021 Undergraduate study guide

                                                                                                                                          A strong support network
Find a place to live                                                 Students with disabilities
Griffith Accommodation and a range of private providers offer        We provide disability support services on all campuses.
on-campus accommodation at most of our campuses. Living on           These services, coordinated through our Student Services office,
campus provides the opportunity to join a diverse international      enable students with disabilities to access and participate in our
community, access university facilities and academic support,        learning environment. Support includes:
and make lifelong friends.
                                                                     • coordination of Auslan interpreters
If you’d prefer a little more space between where you learn and      • modifications to physical environments
where you live, Griffith also offers Homestay accommodation          • negotiation of reasonable adjustments for study
where students live with Australian families in a safe, culturally     and examinations
sensitive environment.                                               • access to assistive technology arrangements for required
                                                                       readings to be converted to accessible formats.
Griffith Accommodation offers a preferred partnership program
with a selection of off-campus accommodation providers close to
                                                                     Future students should contact the
all campuses in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. To be a part of the
                                                                     Student Disability and Accessibility Service:
partnership program, all providers must pass the University’s
rigorous quality and safety standards.                               Phone:     +61 (0)7 3735 7470
Most of our partners offer discount rates on select room types
for students, provided you apply through the Griffith University     If you are deaf or hard of hearing, you can contact the
accommodation website. If you apply directly with the                Disabilities Service Officer directly on:
accommodation provider, you will not be able to receive              Phone:    +61 (0)408 987 639
the discounted rate.                                                 Email:

For more information, visit

       ‘Griffith is really
         amazing at supporting
         its students, past and
         present. The support
         is there to help you
         graduate and to guide
         you to your career goals.’
         Jessie Broomhead
         Federal Budget Officer, Department of Finance
         Griffith Business School graduate
          Learn about the power of self-reflection and self-improvement beyond the classroom
          with the BusinessPLUS program, open to all Griffith Business School Students.

          Discover and invigorate your career aspirations with a build-your-     Develop your professional brand
          own plan of activities—a framework to help you build a portfolio
                                                                                 Put your mark on your business degree by developing a
          of experiences and get the most out of your time at university.
                                                                                 professional brand that complements your university qualification.
          You’ll explore what drives you, discover career options and
                                                                                 A range of enriching BusinessPLUS activities can help you
          develop and sharpen the skills that give you an edge in today’s job
                                                                                 establish a professional reputation and identity you can market
          market. For more information visit
                                                                                 with confidence to the world. You’ll feel equipped to distinguish
                                                                                 yourself online, in person and in any walk of life. Plus you’ll gain
          Start your career at university                                        a digital badge to make you stand out online.
          Put yourself in position to make informed decisions about your
          professional career while you’re on campus. Connect with mentors,      Take control of your interviews
          career coaches and industry professionals who will help you to
                                                                                 You can build a portfolio of experience through the BusinessPLUS
          gain experiences so you can start to make informed decisions
                                                                                 program, giving you the confidence to lead the conversation in
          towards the employment pathway you want to travel; one that
                                                                                 interviews with lines such as these:
          resonates with what drives and motivates you. You can also
          attend workshops to build your professional skills; whether it’s       • I had the most remarkable mentor while I was at Griffith.
          top-level time management or the key to effective networking,            I’d love to share with you what is possibly the best piece
          you’ll build confidence to help you achieve your workplace goals.        of advice I got from her or anyone.
          Plus, there are workshops for all levels—so whether you are            • I once helped to build a bridge during an overseas community
          coming to university straight from high-school, or returning to          volunteer experience in Asia. Here’s what I learnt about building
          study from a period in the workplace, you’ll find something for you.     bridges and what I realised about myself through the process.
                                                                                 • There is a moment that stands out for me from my first industry
                                                                                   placement while I was at uni. I was on site and struggling to
                                                                                   complete a task when a lecturer’s tip from the classroom came
                                                                                   into my head and completely changed my approach.

               ‘The BusinessPLUS program is fantastic and really
               sets Griffith apart from other universities. I started it
               last year, and it really switched my brain into thinking
               about my career post-university and getting a head
               start while I am studying. All the informational sessions
               and workshops were so beneficial. My involvement
               in BusinessPLUS really pushed me to expand my
               extracurricular activities to give me an edge. I ended up
               doing a political internship with Senator Murray Watt
               (pictured with Rochelle) that took everything to a new
               level of professionalism for me. It looks really good on
               your resume to have already worked in the government
               before you even graduate! BusinessPLUS teaches you a
               really broad range of skills you can use to shape where
               you want to go after university and how to get there.’

               Rochelle Harding
               Griffith Business School student

     Business and government 2021 Undergraduate study guide
‘The skills I’ve learnt from
  BusinessPLUS are ones
  that I will take with me                                   23

  for all of my career.’


‘BusinessPLUS provided me with engaging and
relevant workshops that helped me in developing my
professional portfolio, my online presence and my
resume, which boosted my employability. I became
actively engaged in extracurricular activities that really
established my learning and capabilities. I also found
an amazing and creative mentor who has helped guide
my future career, all of which would not have happened
without BusinessPLUS.’

Aria Ferguson
Marketing Co-ordinator, Summernats
Bachelor of Business
          Go global with
          international opportunities
          Challenge yourself, impress employers, learn a new language,
          make lasting connections, and discover the world.

          Through our Global Mobility program, you’ll benefit from a             Open up your learning
          variety of global learning experiences to diversify your degree
                                                                                 Look at the world in a whole new way with one of our international
          and enhance your graduate outcomes.
                                                                                 study tours or field trips. These programs are tailored to individual
          As a Griffith student, you may have the chance to spend                degrees. For example:
          anywhere from a week to a year living and breathing a whole
                                                                                 Griffith Business School Global Mobility Internship
          new global experience. Available opportunities include:
                                                                                 —a six-week full-time internship with an international industry
          •   trimester, winter and summer exchange                              partner in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea (Republic of)
          •   global internships                                                 or Malaysia.
          •   international volunteering                                         Griffith Business School International Community
          •   overseas short courses                                             Engagement Project—a trip to a developing country in the
          •   academic-led study tours and field trips                           Asia–Pacific that provides students with a unique opportunity
          •   clinical placements                                                to engage in valuable community work that will have a long-term
          •   research practicums                                                and positive impact on the local area.
          •   overseas conferences and workshops.
                                                                                 Department of Tourism, Sport and Hotel Management
          Find out if you’re eligible, how to apply, where you can go and what   Tourism Field Study Tour—explore some of the world’s
          financial assistance is available at         most exciting tourism destinations such as Dubai, Rome,
                                                                                 Florence and Venice.

                                                                                 Learn a language and understand
                                                                                 the world
                                                                                 As a Griffith student, you’ll have the option to learn a language
                                                                                 while you’re studying overseas on exchange, or study a language
                                                                                 through the Diploma of Languages, which you can undertake
                                                                                 alongside any bachelor degree.

                                                                                 You can also study a language through the Bachelor of Languages
                                                                                 and Linguistics, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business, Bachelor
                                                                                 of Advanced Business (Honours) or Bachelor of Government and
                                                                                 International Relations.

     Business and government 2021 Undergraduate study guide
‘Going into a different
  culture really broadens
  your horizons.’                                                                         25

                                                                                          Go global with international opportunities

                            When double degree students Brooke Gehrke and
                            James Harcombe were offered the opportunity to
                            travel abroad to be involved in a global project, they
                            jumped at the chance. As part of Griffith Business
                            School’s Student Leadership Program, they spent
                            time immersing themselves in the culture and then
                            taught at a local school. ‘Being able to say we went
                            on a global volunteer exchange program shows we
                            have experience that others don’t have,’ Brooke says.
                            James agrees and says that the personal growth he
                            gained from travelling overseas will contribute to his
                            future career. ‘You could really see the impact we were
                            having,’ he says. ‘Going into a different culture really
                            broadens your horizons. It’s given me the confidence
                            to give things a go. I will be forever grateful to Griffith
                            for giving us the opportunity to do this,’ James says.
          Go global with
          international opportunities
          With partner universities in over 65 countries, you’ll have the opportunity
          to study overseas and have it recognised as part of your degree.

                                                                                              46   14

                                                                                    13 12     47
                                                                          53         19 20
                                                                               15        21
                               59             2                           17        16
                                                       58                      18
                                                                                                                                                   9   4
                          55                                                                                                                                     31 32
                     57                                                                                                                                    5             30
                                                                                                                                                                 33 34
                                         54                                                                                                        8
                                                                                                                                          7            6
                                    37                                                                  51                                                     48 49
                                                                                                                                                   22 23
                                                                                                                    24                        60 61            42 43

                                                                                                                         45           36
                                                  11 10
                                                                                                                                       44                  25 26 27 28



           1   Simon Fraser University Canada               22   The Chinese University of Hong Kong                    42   University of Asia and the
           2   York University Canada                             Hong Kong                                                    Pacific Philippines
           3   University of the Andes Chile                23   The Hong Kong Polytechnic University                   43   University of the Philippines Diliman Philippines
                                                                  Hong Kong                                              44    Nanyang Technological University, National
           4   C
                apital University of Economics and
               Business China                               24   Christ University India                                        Institute of Education Singapore
           5   Shanghai Normal University China             25   Hasanuddin University Indonesia                         45   NSBM Green University Sri Lanka
           6   Sun Yat-Sen University, School of
                                                            26   University of Indonesia Indonesia                       46   Stockholm University Sweden
                Business China                              27   Udayana University Indonesia                            47   L und University Sweden
           7   Yunnan Normal University China               28   Klabat University Indonesia                             48    National Sun Yat-sen University Taiwan
           8   Guilin University of Technology China        29   Catholic University of Milan Italy                      49   National Taiwan University Taiwan
           9   Zhengzhou University of Light Industry      30   Meiji University Japan                                  50   Chulalongkorn University Thailand
                (ZZULI) China                               31   Korea University Business School Republic              51   Abu Dhabi University United Arab Emirates
          10   Sergio Arboleda University Colombia                of Korea                                               52   Loughborough University United Kingdom
          11   University EAFIT Colombia                    32   Kyung Hee University Republic of Korea                  53   University of Sheffield United Kingdom
          12   Copenhagen Business School Denmark           33   Seoul National University Republic of Korea             54   Florida State University United States
          13   University of Southern Denmark Denmark       34   Yonsei University Republic of Korea                     55   University of Utah United States
          14   Hanken School of Economics Finland           35   Macau University of Science and                        56   Ithaca College United States
          15   PSB Paris School of Business France                Technology Macau
                                                                                                                         57   P
                                                                                                                               epperdine University, Graziadio Business
          16   Skema Business School France                 36   HELP University Malaysia                                     School United States
          17   University of Paris, Dauphine France         37   M
                                                                  onterrey Institute of Technology and                  58   State University of New York College at
                                                                 Higher Education Mexico                                       Cortland (SUNY Cortland) United States
          18   ISC Paris Business School France
                                                            38   University of Stavanger Norway                          59   University of Montana United States
          19   Frankfurt School of Finance &
                Management Germany                          39   Bahria University Pakistan                              60   Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City
          20   German Sport University Cologne Germany
                                                            40   ESAN University Peru                                          Vietnam
          21    University of Duisburg-Essen Germany        41   Universidad San Ignacio De Loyola Peru                  61   National Economics University Vietnam

     Business and government 2021 Undergraduate study guide
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