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Undergraduate Prospectus 2018 monash.edu.my - Monash ...
Prospectus 2018



Undergraduate Prospectus 2018 monash.edu.my - Monash ...
Monash University              1
Monash University Malaysia     2
Life at Monash                 4
Your support network           6
Being career ready             7
Study abroad                   8
Living in Malaysia             10
How to get here                12
Live near campus               13
Scholarships and
financial assistance           14
How to apply                   16
Getting started                17
English language support       18
Diploma of Higher
Education Studies              19

Arts and Social Sciences       20
Business                       28
Engineering                    34
Information Technology         44
Medicine and Health Sciences   50
Pharmacy                       58
Science                        64

Fees guideline                 72
Entry requirements             73
Admission and application      76
Courses, fees, and
entry requirements             78
Undergraduate Prospectus 2018 monash.edu.my - Monash ...
Monash                                                                                                                                                                  TOP
University                                                                                                                                                              50
TOP 100
Ranked top 100 in the world
                                                                                                                                     Ranked top 50
                                                                                                                                     in the world
                                                                                                                                     for 25 subjects
    21 60 78 80 90
 21 in the world             60 in the world 78 in the world                         80 in the world            90 in the world
                                                                                                                                     Accounting and Finance
                                                                                                                                     Anatomy and Physiology
Times Higher Education        QS World University        Academic Ranking of        Times Higher Education            Nature Index
World's Most International      Rankings 2018           World Universities 2017        World University                  2017
                                                                                                                                     Art and Design
    Universities 2017                                                                   Rankings 2017
                                                                                                                                     Arts and Humanities
Monash also takes Australian top spot in the global rankings of the influential Nature Index, which measures
universities’ contribution to high-quality scientific research papers.                                                               Biological Sciences
                                                                                                                                     Business and Management Studies

                                                                                                                                     Chemical Engineering
                                                                                                                                     Civil and Structural Engineering
Reuters Top 75: Asia’s Most Innovative Universities 2017                                                                             Development Studies
The Monash Warwick Alliance is a partnership between The University of Warwick and Monash University.                                Economics and Econometrics
Established since 2009, a key aim of the Alliance is to produce graduates with a global education and to
undertake research that addresses world-relevant and strategically important problems.                                               Education and Training
                                                                                                                                     Engineering and Technology

                                                                                                                                     English Language and Literature
                                                                                                                                     Environmental Studies
Our courses are accredited by professional bodies such as:                                                                           History
                                                                                                                                     Hospitality and Leisure Management
                                                                                                                                     Law and Legal Studies
                                                                                                                                     Life Sciences and Medicine
Monash Business School is one of the few business schools across the globe, and the only one within the Group of Eight,
with the esteemed ‘triple crown’ accreditation of AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA.                                                             Nursing
                                                                                                                                     Pharmacy and Pharmacology

                                                                                                                                     Social Sciences and Management

 4 100+ 5
   Australian                            International                          International
                                                                                                                                     QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017

                                                                                                                                     Some programs offered in our Australian campuses
   locations                                partner                               locations
                                                                                                                                     may differ from programs offered at Monash
 Clayton, Caulfield                       universities                      Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;
Parkville, Peninsula                                                              Prato, Italy;
                                                                                                                                     University Malaysia. Our Future Students Office
                                                                                Suzhou, China;                                       can guide you on this.
                                                                                 Mumbai, India;
                                                                             Ruimsig, South Africa.

                                                                                                                                                            Undergraduate Prospectus 2018 |   01
Undergraduate Prospectus 2018 monash.edu.my - Monash ...
Monash University
Your Australian university in KL
Get a world class degree closer to home. Located in the vibrant, fully integrated township
of Sunway, we are just 30 minutes south of Kuala Lumpur – one of Asia’s most
commercial, dynamic, exciting and culturally diverse capital cities.

Our students come from all over the world to enjoy a quality tertiary education and like
them, you will learn how to challenge the status quo, engage on a global level, and
graduate with the skills and confidence to make positive change to your life and to the
lives of those around you.

What We Believe In                              10 Reasons To Choose Monash Malaysia
VISION                                             Obtain a prestigious,                   Access to high quality
                                                   internationally recognised              research-active academic staff
We are a premier research intensive
                                                   Monash University degree.               with strong industry connections,
institution committed to nurturing visionary,
                                                   Recognised by the Malaysian             and state-of-the-art teaching
responsible and effective leaders who are
                                                   Ministry of Higher Education and the    and research facilities
empowered with the skills to serve our
                                                   Malaysian Qualifications Agency,
national and global communities.
                                                   and quality assured by Monash
                                                   University Australia and the            Safe, secure and affordable
MISSION                                            Australian Tertiary Education Quality   on-campus accommodation, and
We offer an internationally recognised             and Standards Agency (TEQSA)            a lifestyle offering a range of
Australian education, enriching the student                                                extra-curricular, sporting and
experience and employability through                                                       recreational opportunities
educational innovation, high impact
research, student mobility, social                                                         Multicultural student
entrepreneurship and industry                                                              population providing support and
engagement.                                                                                cultural networks in a dynamic,
                                                                                           cosmopolitan, and moderate
                                                   Opportunity to spend some time          Muslim environment
                                                   as an exchange student at
                                                   Monash University Australia, or to      Proximity to countries in the
                                                   transfer to Monash University           Indian sub-continent and Asian
                                                   Australia after completing at           regions
                                                   least one year at Monash
                                                   University Malaysia
                                                                                           Excellent employment and
                                                                                           career prospects upon
                                                   Tuition and living expenses             completion of studies
                                                   significantly less than studying
                                                   and living in Australia, the US or
                                                   UK, providing value for money           Lifelong worldwide connections
                                                                                           through a global alumni
                                                   Simplified admissions, payment
                                                   and visa procedures, and the
                                                   availability of scholarships for
                                                   academically meritorious students

02   Undergraduate Prospectus 2018
Undergraduate Prospectus 2018 monash.edu.my - Monash ...
At a glance

    8,033                     15,052            Self-accrediting              Rated Tier 6
students from                  graduates       private university                   by the
                                                                        Ministry of Higher Education,
 72 countries                   (1998-2017)       for 18 years                    Malaysia

                   academic and professional
                     staff from 32 countries

                                                                                                                   Learn, play, and discover;
                               83%                                  RM107.41mil                                    that’s life at Monash.
                       of our academic staff                worth of scholarships awarded                          Watch us at
                        hold a PhD degree                              (2004-2017)                                 monash.edu.my/discover

                               36%                                   RM4.44mil
                       of our academic staff                      obtained in external
                           are expatriate                       research funding (2017)

*Statistics as of 31 December 2017
                                                                                                        Undergraduate Prospectus 2018   03
Undergraduate Prospectus 2018 monash.edu.my - Monash ...
Life at Monash
      Your university life extends far beyond the walls of a lecture theatre. Our
      social, cultural and sporting programs offer endless opportunities for fun,
      friendship, and wellness to complement your academic achievements. Take
      full advantage of the unparalleled academic support and recreational
      activities available to you at Monash all year round to shape an incredible
      university experience that you’ll never forget.

Study Support                                                                              Public Lectures
Monash has an extensive library collection where you’ll find everything you’ll             There’s always more to learn at Monash.
need in your learning and research. You can also attend workshops to brush                 The Sir John Monash Lectures and The
up on various academic and learning skills like research, writing, citing and              Jeffrey Cheah Distinguished Speakers
referencing practices.                                                                     Series are avenues where you will get to
                                                                                           hear from high-profile thinkers, leaders,
                                                                                           policy makers, academics and experts on
                                                                                           a wide variety of topics.

    Over 88,000                   1,100                 420,000
books, journals and        networked electronic         e-books
audiovisual materials          databases

Find out more at monash.edu.my/library

                                                                                    PROFESSOR SHUJI NAKAMURA
                                                                                    Electronic Engineer and Inventor
                                                                                    Nobel Prize in Physics
04   Undergraduate Prospectus 2018
Undergraduate Prospectus 2018 monash.edu.my - Monash ...
Photo by Samuel Goh for MONGA

Photo by Andrew P. Lim for MONGA
                                                                                                                       Photo by Andrew P. Lim for MONGA

            Clubs and Societies                                                                                       Athletics
            Joining a community is the easiest way to meet new friends and unwind after                               Whether you are an accomplished
            hitting the books. With over 50 student-run clubs and societies of varied                                 athlete, a beginner looking to try
            interests on campus, there's something for everyone.                                                      something new or somewhere in
                                                                                                                      between, Monash offers a range of
                                                                                                                      sporting activities where you can
                                                                                                                      work up a good sweat. At our
                                                                                                                      Monash Sports Centre, you will find
             19                 11                  6                7             6               5                  indoor courts for badminton and
            Sports         Special interest Cultural and         Academic     Creative and      Student               outdoor courts for futsal, basketball
            clubs              clubs       spiritual societies     clubs  performing arts clubs chapters              and handball.

            Find out more at musa.monash.edu.my

                                                                                                           Photo by Christopher Oh

            Be part of TeamMONASH by representing Monash in one of our inter-university
            or community sporting events. We have competed in championships in table
            tennis, futsal, cheerleading and engineering, to name but a few. Fly the team
            spirit high!

            LOW HENG WEI (left) and WANG JIA MIN
            Members of Malaysia's National Dodgeball Team
            Women's Gold and Men's Silver in the Dodgeball World Championships 2016

                                                                                                                              Undergraduate Prospectus 2018   05
Undergraduate Prospectus 2018 monash.edu.my - Monash ...
Your support network
Campus Security                                Religious Facilities                             Research and Learning
Monash is committed to creating a safe         You will find many places of worship within      Looking to improve your academic
and secure campus environment where            Sunway City including mosques, temples,          performance and study approaches? Our
diverse social, cultural and academic          churches and other religious centres. On         librarians and Learning Skill Advisers can
values are allowed to develop and prosper.     campus, we have a Muslim surau (prayer           work with you to identify and develop the
Our security team provides a range of          room) and a multi-faith centre.                  information research and learning skills
services to ensure that you stay safe at all                                                    that you need.
times, including 24-hour security patrols.                                                      monash.edu.my/learning-skills

Counselling Services                           Airport Pick-up                                  Career Centre
We offer psychological counselling to help     Our airport pick-up is a free service for all    We offer individual career counselling, host
you through difficulties, dilemmas and         arriving international students. To arrange      career seminars and employer information
anxieties, and make your Monash Malaysia       a pick-up, submit an airport pick-up             sessions, where many of Malaysia’s
experience a better one. There are also        request form at least seven days before          leading companies participate to attract
monthly lunchtime talks and open-house         you arrive in Malaysia.                          new talent. Programs to assist job hunting
sessions on topics related to social and       monash.edu.my/airport-arrival                    and resume building are also available.
emotional needs.                                                                                monash.edu.my/career-centre

Disability Support                             Health and Wellness                              International Students
If you have a disability, medical or mental    A registered nurse is available on campus        Our international student advisers can
health condition that may impact your          during weekdays to provide professional          assist you with accommodation, medical
study, Disability Services at Monash           services including treating minor illnesses      insurance, places to visit, where to eat,
University Australia can support you.          and injuries, and dispensing over-the-counter,   and other general support to help you
Registered students can access services        one-off medication. For more serious             settle in at the University and also get the
such as academic support, assistive            medical treatment, the Sunway Medical            most out of your time in Malaysia.
software and equipment loans.                  Centre is minutes away by car.                   monash.edu.my/international-students
monash.edu.my/disability                       monash.edu.my/wellness

06   Undergraduate Prospectus 2018
Undergraduate Prospectus 2018 monash.edu.my - Monash ...
Being career ready
Having solid work experience can give you a valuable edge in the              Here are some companies and
job market. Many of our courses offer dynamic internships and work            organisations our students have
placements that count towards your degree. These programs help                interned at:
you define your career goals and give you first-hand experience of            ● Ace Labsystem
potential career paths.                                                       ● Assunta Hospital
                                                                              ● British Telecommunications
                                                                              ● Citibank
                                                                              ● Configura
Monash Career Gateway                                                         ● ExxonMobil
Career Gateway is our online job portal exclusively for Monash students and   ● F&N Coca-Cola
graduates. You will find a wealth of full-time, part-time and voluntary       ● F-Secure
vacancies with employers around the world, including through graduate
                                                                              ● Goodyear
programs, vacation and internship opportunities.
                                                                              ● Guinness Anchor
                                                                              ● HICOM
                                                                              ● IBM
              Over 29,500
              companies                                                       ● Kechara Soup Kitchen
                                                                              ● L’Oréal
                                                                              ● Malaysia Airlines
              Over 70                                                         ● National Kidney Foundation
              countries                                                       ● Nestlé
                                                                              ● Pantai Hospital
                                                                              ● Shell
              Over 30                                                         ● Sunway Medical Centre
                                                                              ● Unilever
                                                                              ● Women’s Aid Organisation
                                                                              ● Yeo Hiap Seng
*Statistics as of May 2017, unless stated otherwise.

                                                                                          Undergraduate Prospectus 2018   07
Undergraduate Prospectus 2018 monash.edu.my - Monash ...
Study abroad

Bachelor of Business and Commerce
Exchange student at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Monash offers many opportunities to go abroad and discover the           How studying abroad can
world. If you are feeling adventurous, consider a transfer or            give you an edge
exchange to one of our four campuses in Melbourne.
                                                                         Exposure. Experience the hidden and untold
Want to see beyond Australia? Spend a semester or two abroad at          norms that can only be revealed when
                                                                         experiencing a country at its own pace, as
our Monash Prato Centre in Italy or at one of our partner universities   opposed to traveling as a tourist. You will
in the Asian, African, European or American region. No matter where      broaden your worldview by immersing yourself in
                                                                         different cultures and ways of doing things.
you go, your overseas experience is an excellent opportunity to
nurture your intellectual development and personal growth.               Personal growth. Go as an outsider and
                                                                         return having not just survived, but thrived in the
                                                                         unfamiliar. You will realise that you are more
                                                                         capable than you think. Build your
                                                                         self-confidence, be more adaptable and

                                                                         Employability. It is not only about fun, it is
                                                                         about life! You will develop skills in effective
 DID YOU KNOW?                                                           communication, collaboration and time
                                                                         management – all valuable life skills that
You will pay the Malaysian campus                                        employers seek.

course fees when you go on an
exchange to one of our Australian
campuses or partner universities as
a Monash Malaysia student.

08   Undergraduate Prospectus 2018
“I didn't know of this city's
                                                                                                          existence before my exchange, but
                                                                                                          now it is a place that will always be
                                                                                                          a part of me.”

                                                                                                          TIONG CHER MINN
                                                                                                          Bachelor of Business and Commerce and
                                                                                                          Bachelor of Communication
                                                                                                          Exchange student at the University of Groningen,

Preparing to see the world
Start planning. Work on your course map from the       Meet the requirements. You must achieve a          Get approval. Your exchange application must be
commencement day of your degree to explore your        minimum weighted average mark of 60% or higher,    approved by your School and our Monash Abroad
exchange opportunities.                                depending on the choice of university/course.      Office in Monash Malaysia.

Credit points. You must complete at least 48 credit    Calculate costs. There will be visa fees, travel   Find out more about our intercampus and
points of your course at Monash University Malaysia    expenses and accommodation costs to consider.      international exchange programs, including
(or 72 credit points for Engineering students) going   Check with us on travel grants available for       faculty overseas programs, at
to partner universities.                               outbound students to partner universities only.    monash.edu.my/abroad

“The exchange
opens up your
potential and pushes
your boundaries.”
Bachelor of Arts
Exchange student at Uppsala University, Sweden

                                                                                                                         Undergraduate Prospectus 2018      09
Living in Malaysia

Strategically located in the economic pulse of Southeast Asia, Malaysia is the leading tourist and commercial destination in
Asia. It borders Thailand to the north, Singapore to the south and Indonesia to the south east.
Apart from being a metropolitan centre with a modern economy, Malaysia also possesses a rich history and vast natural
rainforests. Several UNESCO World Heritage Sites are present here, including the Kinabalu Park and Mulu National Park in
Borneo, and the historical cities of Melaka and Georgetown in the peninsula. In the capital city, the iconic Petronas Twin
Towers render a stunning skyline for Kuala Lumpur.
Home to a diverse population of various ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds, Malaysia offers no shortage of flavourful
cuisine, vibrant festivals and heritage traditions. You will always have places to go, people to meet, and treasures to discover.

    Asia’s            Tropical           Affordable      Convenient      Financial   Shopping       Religious        International      Higher
leading tourist       climate          accommodation   local transport    district                    and               airport      education hub
  destination                                                                                   cultural diversity    connectivity

10     Undergraduate Prospectus 2018
                                                                                         Malaysia is an exciting and affordable
                                                                                         place to live. You can cover your living and
                                                                                         entertainment costs on a reasonable budget
                                                                                         and have money spare to travel.
                                           Photo by Katherine Khaw for MONGA

Studying in Sunway City
Our campus is located in the well-connected Sunway township where
a wide range of amenities, conveniences, leisure and entertainment
options are no more than a few minutes away.
Cool down on a hot day at the Sunway Lagoon theme park, take
a break from your studies with some retail therapy at Sunway Pyramid
shopping mall, or check out the various eateries around the area – all
easily accessed via the Sunway Canopy Walk or public transportation.
Hotels, banks and a hospital are also within reach.

At Monash, we are committed to fostering
an inclusive culture for everyone.

Watch us celebrate diversity at our Open Day:

                                                                               Places to eat
                                                                               If you’re on campus, check out our cafeterias
                                                                               for a wide selection of affordable dishes
                                                                               ranging from piping hot burgers to comforting
                                                                               plates of mixed rice. You'll also find brands like
                                                                               Boost Juice and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.
                                                                               For leisurely days, explore more eateries just
                                                                               across the road from the main entrance
                                                                               or at the Sunway Pyramid shopping mall.
                                                                               Most major global food outlets are present
                                                                               in Malaysia.

                                                                                                  Undergraduate Prospectus 2018    11
How to get here

Airport Transfer                               City Transport                               Sunway Canopy Walk
The most convenient way to travel from         The nearest Light Rapid Transit (LRT) stop   This elevated walkway connects our
the Kuala Lumpur International Airport         to Monash University Malaysia is the USJ7    campus to the Sunway Pyramid
(KLIA) would be by taxi. A less expensive      station, near the Sunway BRT station of      shopping mall. It takes about 15-20
alternative would be the KLIA Ekspres train    the same name. The LRT will connect you      minutes to walk from the main
service, which makes a direct journey to       to many places in and around Greater         campus gate to the mall’s side
KL Sentral in 28 minutes. KL Sentral is the    Kuala Lumpur, including Petaling Jaya, KL    entrance. The Canopy Walk is open
country’s largest transit hub and is home      Sentral, the Petronas Twin Towers, and       daily from 7am to 12midnight (except
to an integrated rail transportation centre.   other parts of the Kuala Lumpur central      on public holidays) and monitored by
                                               business district.                           close-circuit television cameras.
From KL Sentral
Take the KTM train (available at KL Sentral)
and alight at the Setia Jaya station. Once     If you’re driving to campus, there are
there, look for the Sunway Bus Rapid           several parking facilities available. The
Transit (BRT) station and board the electric   Eastern Carpark is free on a
bus. Alight at the Sun-U Monash BRT            first-come-first-served basis while the
                                                                                             DID YOU KNOW?
station, where our campus is located.          Western Car Park is pay-per-entry. You       You can also get around Sunway City with the free
Buses on the Sunway BRT system operate         can also opt to park at BRT Sunway Park      Sunway Shuttle Bus Service, which runs every 60
on a five-minute interval from 6am to          N’ Ride on an hourly rate or pre-paid        minutes (subject to traffic conditions). The
12midnight daily.                              season pass.                                 operation hours are as follows:
                                                                                            Monday to Saturday: 0700 to 2215
Within Sunway City                                                                          Sunday: 0900 to 2215
The Sunway BRT electric bus service will                                                    (last bus leaving from Pyramid Tower Hotel)
take you to key locations including
healthcare (Sunway Medical Centre), retail                                                     Pyramid Tower Hotel
(Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall),                                                                (Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Lagoon)
recreation (Sunway Lagoon), restaurants
                                                                                               Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa
and cafes (Sunway Mentari), education
(Monash University and Sunway                                                                  Sunway Metro (Bus Stop)
University), private residences (South                                                         Sunway Lagoon BRT Station
Quay), and walking distance to city train
                                                                                               Bay Rocks
services interchange (from BRT to KTM
and LRT trains).                                                                               A Marine/Nautica
                                                                                               La Costa
                                                                                               Monash Residence
                                                                                               Sun-U Monash BRT Station
                                                                                               Sun-U Residence
                                                                                               Sunway Medical
                                                                                               Lagoon Club (Bus stop)

12   Undergraduate Prospectus 2018
Live near campus
We know how important it is that you have a space to call your own                                                       COST OF LIVING
especially when you are away from home, which is why we have ensured
                                                                                                                        Need tips on planning cost of living,
that our recommended accommodations are safe, comfortable, and                                                          accommodation and other forms
affordable. These residential options offer modern living spaces, a warm                                                of campus support?
sense of community, and are conveniently located close to our campus and
                                                                                                                        Visit monash.edu.my/
central Sunway City.                                                                                                    wellbeing-activities

                            Sunway Monash Residence                        Sun-U Residence                                  Sun-U Apartment

Room                        Individual                                     Twin-sharing                                     Twin or quad-sharing

Air-Conditioned             Yes                                            Yes                                              No

Distance                    Within campus grounds                          5-minute walk                                    10-minute walk

Features                    Bed, wardrobe, study table and chair,          Bed, study table and chair, wardrobe, fan,       Bed, study table and chair, wardrobe,
                            notice board, book rack, mini fridge,          shower heater, refrigerator, water               book rack, fan, shower heater,
                            LCD TV (singles), side table (ensuite),        dispenser (hot and room temp),                   refrigerator, water dispenser (hot and cold),
                            and Wifi                                       microwave oven, notice board, and Wifi           and Wifi

Unit Layout                 Eight bedrooms, three bathrooms,               Four bedrooms, two bathrooms,                    Three bedrooms (two twin-sharing
                            two washrooms, living area and pantry          living area and pantry                           and one quad-sharing), two bathrooms,
                                                                                                                            living area and pantry

General Facilities          Swimming pool, basketball court,               Swimming pool, gymnasium, laundrette,            Laundrette, 24-hour convenience store,
                            gymnasium, complimentary laundry,              24-hour convenience store, badminton and         badminton court, Muslim prayer room,
                            24-hour convenience store, cafe, BBQ pit,      squash courts, Muslim prayer room,               BBQ pit, study room, and 24-hour security
                            par course, study area, shuttle bus service,   study room, poolside cafe, BBQ pit,
                            covered elevated walkway, guest rooms          visitor’s lounge, and 24-hour security
                            (chargeable), One card access entry,
                            and 24-hour security

Maximum occupancy           2,258 rooms                                    1,884 rooms                                      1,036 rooms

Rental per quarter          - RM 2,340* (twin-sharing)                     - RM 2,100* (twin-sharing, small room)           - RM 1,140* (quad-sharing; near to door)
(3 months)                  - RM 2,940 (single, inner view)                - RM 2,340* (twin-sharing)                       - RM 1,350* (quad-sharing; near to window)
                            - RM 3,450* (single)                                                                            - RM 1,680* (twin-sharing)
                            - RM 4,950* (single, ensuite)                                                                   - RM 2,100* (twin-sharing, small room)

*Rental rates quoted as of December 2017. For the latest information, please visit residence.sunway.edu.my.
All photos above were taken at Sunway Monash Residence.                                                                          Undergraduate Prospectus 2018     13
Scholarships and financial
Monash University Malaysia offers a range of scholarships for new and continuing students undertaking undergraduate study.
These scholarships are offered to high achieving, academically meritorious students, inviting them to enjoy the Monash experience
at one of the finest institutions of higher education in Malaysia.

Monash High Achiever Award
                                                                                                                                      AUSMAT            ≥ ATAR 98
(For new students)                                                                                                                    Cambridge A Level ≥ 3 As
Availability                                                                                                                          CIMP              ≥ 95%

For all undergraduate courses except Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor                                                                Benefits
of Surgery (MBBS), and Bachelor of Pharmacy.
                                                                                                                                      RM5,000 per semester, subject to maintaining satisfactory academic
Eligibility                                                                                                                           progress.

Applicants must have completed an Australian Year 12 qualification or
an international senior secondary qualification accepted by the University                                                             Application Process
with an outstanding Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) or                                                                      An application for Admission to the University will constitute an
equivalent, as deemed by Monash University Malaysia.                                                                                   application for a scholarship. All applications for Admission consistent
                                                                                                                                       with the eligibility and selection criteria will be considered automatically
Minimum academic results*:
                                                                                                                                       for a scholarship. All successful candidates will be offered a Scholarship
                                                                                                                                       along with the Offer of Admission to Monash University Malaysia.
                                                                                                                    Monash College
                                                                                                                    Diploma Part 2*
                      GCE Advanced


                                                                               AISSC India


                                                                   SMA -3


                                                                                                                                      Monash High Achiever Award

ATAR 98+              3 ‘A’s         95%+            89%+   38+     9.5+/
                                                                  GPA 3.66+
                                                                               90%+          85+   6 ‘A’s   11+    WAM 80+
                                                                                                                                      (For continuing students)
Applicants who have already commenced tertiary studies, or applicants                                                                 Availability
transferring with credit exemptions and /or advanced standing, are not
                                                                                                                                      For all undergraduate courses except Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor
eligible to apply.
                                                                                                                                      of Surgery (MBBS), and Bachelor of Pharmacy.
*From Monash College Jakarta and Monash College Sri Lanka

Benefits                                                                                                                              Eligibility

RM5,000/semester, subject to maintaining satisfactory academic progress.                                                              Scholarship will be awarded to qualified candidates as nominated by the
                                                                                                                                      respective Schools based on their outstanding academic achievements.
Note                                                                                                                                  Nominees must have completed one year of study (equivalent to two
                                                                                                                                      continuous semester with a minimum of 48 credit points) at Monash
This scholarship is awarded automatically to eligible students at the time                                                            University Malaysia without failing any units and having achieved 80% or more.
of admission. You do not need to apply.

Monash High Achiever Award                                                                                                            RM5,000/semester, subject to maintaining satisfactory academic progress.

(For MUFY students)
Availability                                                                                                                          Jeffrey Cheah Foundation – Monash Equity
For students enrolled in the Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY)
progressing to any undergraduate degree courses except Bachelor of
Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), and Bachelor of Pharmacy.                                                                    Availability
                                                                                                                                      For all undergraduate courses except Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor
Eligibility                                                                                                                           of Surgery (MBBS) and Bachelor of Pharmacy.
Applicants must meet the minimum admission requirements for the course                                                                This Scholarship is designed to assist selected financially deserving
with a MUFY score of 89% or above.                                                                                                    students to pursue a tertiary education at Monash University Malaysia.
Benefits                                                                                                                              Eligibility
RM5,000 per semester, subject to maintaining satisfactory academic progress.                                                          Applicants must meet the minimum admission requirements for
                                                                                                                                      the course. Available only for Malaysian citizens and Permanent Residents.

Monash High Achiever Award                                                                                                            Benefits
(For Sunway Pathway Programs)                                                                                                         i. 100% tuition fee and associated fees waiver, plus a stipend of

Availability                                                                                                                             a) RM700/month and single accommodation at Sunway Monash
                                                                                                                                            Residence, or
For Sunway College Pre-University programs which include Australian
Matriculation (AUSMAT), Canadian International Matriculation Program (CIMP)                                                              b) RM1,300/month if no accommodation is required at Sunway
and Cambridge A Level. Covers all undergraduate courses except Bachelor                                                                     Monash Residence.
of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), and Bachelor of Pharmacy

14                Undergraduate Prospectus 2018
OR                                                                                   Benefits
ii. 50-100% tuition fee waiver only                                                  RM 10,000 tuition fee waiver per year. A total of RM50,000 for five years of
                                                                                     study in MBBS (Hons) at Monash University Malaysia.
Application Process
For all undergraduate courses except Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor
of Surgery (MBBS) and Bachelor of Pharmacy.                                          Monash Bursaries for Indonesian students
Application Deadlines                                                                Availability

February intake     19 January 2018                                                  For all undergraduate courses except Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor
July intake         15 June 2018                                                     of Surgery (MBBS) and Bachelor of Pharmacy.
October intake      14 September 2018
                                                                                     Applicants must be Indonesian students who have completed the Sekolah
Monash Pharmacy Excellence Scholarships                                              Menengah Atas 3 (SMA 3) qualification accepted by Monash University
                                                                                     Malaysia with a score of 9.0 and above or GPA 3.5 to GPA 3.65.
                                                                                     Applicants who have already commenced tertiary studies, or applicants
For Bachelor of Pharmacy at Monash University Malaysia.                              transferring with credit exemptions and/or advanced standing, are not
                                                                                     eligible to apply.
Applicants must meet the minimum admission requirements (academic
and English language proficiency) for the course. Participation in                   RM 2,500 tuition fee waiver per semester. A total of RM 5,000 for first year
a non-academic pursuit, extra-curricular activities, and community                   of study in Monash University Malaysia.
engagement initiatives are of added advantage.
                                                                                     Application Process
Benefits                                                                             An Application for Admission to the University will constitute an application
Either a 50% or 25% tuition fee waiver for the duration of the course (four years)   for the Bursary. All applications for admission consistent with the eligibility
                                                                                     and selection criteria will be considered automatically for the Bursary. All
Application Deadline                                                                 successful candidates will be offered the Bursary along with the Offer of
                                                                                     Admission to Monash University Malaysia.
February intake     31 January 2018

Monash Sports Scholarship                                                            Sibling discounts
This Scholarship is designed to support talented students studying at                Availability
Monash Malaysia to represent the University and Malaysia in sports. This             Applicants and their sibling(s) must be enrolled in a full-fee paying (full load
program aims to assist students who perform at the national level, and               – 4 units) course in the same semester. The discount applies to all
students must represent the University in a Monash Club/Society or at                undergraduate courses offered by Monash Malaysia except for Honours
inter-university competitions and activities.                                        degree courses.
• Available only for Malaysian citizens who are national athletes, with
  a verification letter from the National Sports Council of Malaysia                 • The scheme is applicable to all students enrolled at Monash University
  (athletes without a verification letter will be subject to review by                 Malaysia commencing in any of the three intakes; February, July or October.
  the Scholarship Committee).                                                        • All siblings must be enrolled concurrently in at least a standard (full)
• Applicants must meet the minimum admission requirements for the course.              study load of 24 credit points (typically 4 units) in the semester in
                                                                                       a full-fee paying undergraduate course. The sibling paying the higher
• For-commencing or continuing undergraduate students enrolled at                      tuition fees will be eligible to a 10% discount off his/her semester tuition
  Monash University Malaysia, except for Honours degree courses.                       fees. A sibling enrolled in the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of
• Students who obtain other external scholarships or financial assistance              Surgery (MBBS) course will be eligible to a maximum discount of
  (except PTPTN Loan) at any point of their studies will not be eligible for           RM5,000 per annum (RM 2,500 per semester).
  the scheme.                                                                        • If one of the siblings is a recipient of the Monash High Achiever Award
                                                                                       (MHAA) for new students/continuing students in the same semester,
Benefits                                                                               his/her sibling(s) are eligible to a 10% discount off semester tuition fees,
RM 5,000 per semester, subject to maintaining satisfactory academic                    provided all other criteria of the sibling discount scheme are met.
progress and sporting performance, as determined by Monash Malaysia.                 • There is no limit to the number of siblings eligible for the Scheme.

Application Process                                                                  • Students who obtain other external scholarships or financial assistance
                                                                                       (except PTPTN Loan) at any point of their studies will not be eligible for the
Interested students must apply at the Scholarships and Study Loan                      scheme.
Administration Office.
                                                                                     • If a student discontinues or intermits from the course, the scheme will
                                                                                       no longer be applicable.
Monash MBBS Bursaries                                                                Siblings are defined as two or more children who have both parents in
                                                                                     common. This discount is not available to step-siblings, half-siblings,
Availability                                                                         cousins, spouses or other family members.
For Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) (Honours) at
                                                                                     The availability of Scholarships and Financial Assistance are subjected to terms and
Monash University Malaysia. This bursary is limited to 20 recipients in the
                                                                                     conditions, which may be reviewed by the University from time to time.
2018 intake.                                                                         Please contact the Scholarships and Study Loan Administration Office for advice
                                                                                     and visit monash.edu.my/study/scholarships-and-financial-assistance
Eligibility                                                                          for more information.
Applicants must have received a full unconditional offer for enrolment into          *Eligibility requirements are subjected to review and changes from time to time.
this course at Monash University Malaysia.                                           Please contact the Scholarships and Study Loan Administration Office for the latest information.

                                                                                                                                                       Undergraduate Prospectus 2018    15
How to apply

        1        Apply               monash.edu.my/apply-online

        2        Monash offers you a place

        3        You accept                  monash.edu.my/accept

      Malaysian students                           International students

       4      Arrange for
              accommodation                         4    Submit student pass documents
              (if required)

                                                    5    Monash Malaysia lodges your
       5      Participate in                             student pass application
                     monash.edu.my/                 6    Student pass approved

                                                    7    Apply for single entry visa (if required)*
                                                         *Please refer to Immigration Department Malaysia
                                                         website for more information on SEV requirements
                                                         at the bottom.

                                                    8    Arrange for accommodation
                                                         and fly to Malaysia

                                                    9    Participate in Orientation

16   Undergraduate Prospectus 2018
Getting started
A place at Monash University Malaysia may                            Monash University
be closer than you think.
                                                                     Foundation Year
You can start your journey to Monash from                            JPT/BPP (K) (R/010/3/0266/ A5694) 10/19
                                                                     Offered at Sunway College Kuala Lumpur, DK265-01 (W);
age 17. By successfully completing a                                 Sunway College Johor Bahru, DK 265 (J)

Monash University Foundation Year, Diploma                           Regarded as “Year Zero” of Monash Tertiary Education,
                                                                     Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) is the
or English language pathway, you’re                                  academic bridge for you to transition successfully into
guaranteed a place at the University.*                               undergraduate studies at Monash University. Equivalent
                                                                     to Australian Year 12, this course provides flexible length
                                                                     of study through modular teaching and learning. A good
                                                                     number of MUFY graduates are awarded Monash
*Subject to meeting Monash University entry requirements and
                                                                     University Entrance Scholarships to pursue degrees at
subject prerequisites.
                                                                     Monash University.

Year 11 Qualification
(SPM / O Level / equivalent)

                                                                         MUFY Scholarships
                                                                         Sunway College Special Scholarship
Monash University                       Year 12 Qualification
                                                                         Awarded to students who have been outstanding in
Foundation Year (MUFY)                  (A Level / STPM / UEC /          both their academic and ECA performance. For more
or                                      Australian Matriculation /       information, please email
Monash College Diploma                  Canadian Year 12 /               specialscholarship@sunway.edu.my
Part 1 #                                equivalent)

                                                                         Monash High Achiever Award
                                                                         For MUFY graduates with a score of 89% and above.
                                                                         Please see page 14 to learn more.
1st Year Monash Malaysia*               Diploma of Higher
� Arts and Social Sciences              Education Studies
� Business
                                        Monash College Diploma
� Engineering
� Information Technology
                                        Part 2
                                        (Available in Indonesia,
                                        Melbourne and Sri Lanka)
                                                                     General Studies
� Medicine and Health                                                The objective of General Studies is to equip you with
  Sciences ˆ                                                         knowledge and soft-skills such as philosophy, arts and
� Pharmacy ˆ                                                         communication in line to produce intellectual, balanced
                                                                     and holistic graduates. It comprises of units from four
� Science                                                            broad categories:
                                        2nd Year
                                        Monash Malaysia*             ● MPU U1: Appreciation of philosophy, values and history
# Progression to Diploma of Higher      � Arts and Social            ● MPU U2: Mastery of soft skills
Education Studies subject to approval     Sciences
                                                                     ● MPU U3: Broadening of knowledge in Malaysia
 ̂ Not available for                    � Business                   ● MPU U4: Practical management of community project
Monash College Diploma Part 1
                                        � Information Technology
                                                                     All international and Malaysian undergraduate students
                                        � Science                    enrolled in Monash University Malaysia are required to
                                        � Engineering                undertake, complete and pass General Studies, as
                                          (only applicable for       prescribed by Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia and
                                          Monash College             Malaysia Qualifications Agency. The completion and
                                          Diploma Part 2)            passing of General Studies is a prerequisite for the award
                                                                     of an undergraduate degree.


                                                                                                        Undergraduate Prospectus 2018   17
To succeed at Monash, you need excellent
English language skills. We have English
                                                     Monash English Bridging
language pathways for those who need                 (MEB)
added assistance in the language and to              JPT/BPP(u)1000-801/595/Jld.6(2) (03/20) - MQA/SWA0118

prepare you for academic study.
                                                             17 weeks

                                                             March and August

                Courses designed for students
                progressing to Monash.
                                                     $       RM 9,700

                                                     The MEB is tailored for those who need added assistance in
                                                     the English language. Classes will also focus on academic skills
                Qualified teachers who understand    preparation for reading, writing, speaking and listening, as well
                                                     as note-taking and research.
                the needs of students progressing
                to university.                       MEB Strengths
                                                     • Direct entry into most Monash courses
                                                     • Development of academic skills
                 Make friends and settle in before   • Practical and effective preparation for the demands of
                                                       academic life at Monash
                 you start at Monash University
                 Malaysia.                           Assessment
                                                     To pass the program, you must successfully complete a series
                                                     of tasks that test your ability to use English for academic studies
                                                     •   listening comprehension
                                                     •   reading comprehension
                                                     •   in-class essay
                                                     •   in-class tutorial discussion
                                                     •   research report/essay
                                                     •   oral presentation
                                                     •   group participation
Turn to Page 78 for the entry requirements
and view the latest information from                 Via MEB as an exit point
                                                                                       Pass                  Monash Malaysia
                                                               MEB                                               studies

18   Undergraduate Prospectus 2018
Diploma of Higher
Education Studies
N/140/4/007 (01/18) - MQA/SWA0654

      1 year (Full-time)                                                 DHES Strengths
                                                                         � Pathway to undergraduate degrees in arts, business,
                                                                           computer science and science
      February, July and October
                                                                         � Develop academic literacy skills such as strategic and critical
                                                                           reading in higher education, sound academic writing
      Malaysian Student                                                    competencies and insight into the world of academic research
      RM 31,900 (Non-Science Stream)
                                                                         � Mentoring to ensure students’ successful transition to
      RM 36,000 (Science Stream)
$     International Student
                                                                           a bachelor's degree program at Monash University Malaysia
                                                                         � Develop lifelong learning skills
      RM 35,100 (Non-Science Stream)
      RM 39,600 (Science Stream)
                                           2018 fees per year            PROGRESSION TO FURTHER STUDIES
                                                                                                                                       Progress to the
                                                                              Choose the                  Successfully
                                                                                                                                      second year of the
                                                                           DHES stream you               complete your
The Diploma of Higher Education Studies (DHES) program is                  would like to study           DHES studies
                                                                                                                                       Monash degree
a pathway to selected undergraduate degrees offered at Monash
University Malaysia. Despite its name, this program does not offer       Upon successful completion* of this program, you may be eligible to
studies in education nor higher education.                               transfer into the second year of the following Monash courses:

The DHES is a pathway program, particularly for those whose              ARTS
pre-university / Year 12 / equivalent scores fall below the entry        � Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences
requirements for selected courses. As a DHES student, you will enrol     � Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies
in six compulsory first-year units in your elected stream, in addition
to two first-year core units in academic literacies development.         � Bachelor of Business and Commerce
These streams provide a direct pathway into the second year of
selected undergraduate studies.                                          COMPUTER SCIENCE
                                                                         � Bachelor of Computer Science

Academic Literacies Development                                          � Bachelor of Science
The academic literacies development component of the                     � Bachelor of Food Science and Technology
program is designed with units to help you adapt to important            � Bachelor of Medical Bioscience
academic and research skills. You will be taught academic
reading, writing, and research competencies through the two              * complete and pass the prescribed 8 units and achieve the
compulsory units, Learning in Higher Education and Academic                minimum average required for the corresponding degree
Literacies that are necessary for you to succeed in Monash
University Malaysia.

                                                                                                 “The Learning in Higher Education and
                                                                                                 Academic Literacies units were especially
                                                                                                 helpful for me as they explored different
                                                                                                 kinds of academic skills like essay writing
                                                                                                 and critical thinking. This created
                                                                                                 a foundation of necessary skills that
                                                                                                 prepared me not just for a degree, but for
                                                                                                 my future studies and career.”

                                                                                                 KENTO MASE
                                                                                                 Diploma in Higher Education Studies student

                                                                                                                         Undergraduate Prospectus 2018     19
Arts and Social Sciences

Where passion goes,
success and joy follow.

Catch up with our alumni.


                                     Photo by Khosyi Musyaffa Muhammad for MONGA
20   Undergraduate Prospectus 2018
Lead the global                                      RANKING AND RECOGNITION
Monash’s arts and social sciences degrees
encompass a broad collection of specialisations
                                                     in the world for Communications
and fields of study including anthropology,
communication and media studies, gender                     and Media Studies
studies, history and political studies, journalism   QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017

and writing, global studies, and screen studies.
Our graduates emerge as ethical and competent
critical thinkers and communicators who can
employ their distinctive analytical and research

                                                        Top 100
skills in the workplace.

                                                                  in the world
At a Glance                                                   for Social Sciences
● Majors: Communication, Gender Studies,                Times Higher Education World University
  Global Studies, Psychology and Writing                      Subject Rankings 2016/17

● Minors: Journalism Studies and Screen
● Opportunity for internships and careers with
  non-governmental organisations (NGOs)              Programs offered at the School of Arts and
  and corporations                                   Social Sciences (SASS) are recognised by the
● Annual study trip within the Southeast Asian       Public Services Department of Malaysia (JPA).
  region to explore cultural, economic, social
  and political environments, issues and

● A range of extracurricular activities including
  opportunities for filmmaking

“Studying Arts and Social Sciences
opens the minds of students to
become global citizens. It helps
them to identify and critique social
inequalities, dominant discourses in
the media, power imbalances and
misrepresentations in political
institutions. We train them in
analytical and critical thinking, help
them to communicate effectively
and work in teams in order to offer
solutions for some of the key
cultural, social and political issues
facing the world today.”

School of Arts and Social Sciences

                                                                                                    Undergraduate Prospectus 2018   21
Arts and Social Sciences

                                                Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences
                                                KPT/JPT (R/220/6/0014) 01/21 - MQA/SWA0103

       3 years                                  This course will open you to new and critical ways              ● Gender studies
                                                of thinking through a curriculum that connects you              ● Screen studies (minor)
                                                to knowledge and activities across a wide selection
       February, July and October               of study areas.                                                 ● Journalism studies (minor)

                                                It is designed to expose you to important skills that
       Malaysian Student                        can be transferred to your future workplace such as             Course Structure
       RM 35,000                                the ability to access reliable and trustworthy
$      International Student
                                                sources of information, and to interpret and
                                                critically evaluate important facts, opinions and key
                                                                                                                The course is made up of 24 units. You must
                                                                                                                complete one Arts major and one Arts minor, along
       RM 38,500                                debates which you will then communicate through                 with Arts Electives and Free Electives. The detailed
                           2018 fees per year   critical writing.                                               course structure is as follows:

                                                You’ll develop awareness of important issues and                ● The Major - Eight units from the same area of
                                                debates in areas such as contemporary journalism                  study
                                                practices, gender and sexuality studies, history and            ● The Minor - Four units from the same area of
                                                world politics, and new developments in media and                 study but different from your major
                                                communication practices.
                                                                                                                ● Arts Electives - Four units from any area of study
                                                                                                                  in the Arts.
                                                Areas of Study                                                  ● Free Electives - Eight units from the same area of
                                                                                                                  study or from different areas of study.
                                                ● Communication                                                 ● There is flexibility in how you can structure this
                                                ● Global studies                                                  section: you can use the eight units to pursue
                                                ● Psychology                                                      a second major; or two minors; or a minor plus
                                                                                                                  electives; or just electives. You can also take
Career Paths                                    ● Writing
                                                                                                                  units from another School.

Your skills can be applied to:
● Journalism, publishing,                       This is what the course will look like:
  editing, writing, electronic
  media, public relations,                        Year 1     Major     Major      Minor      Minor     Arts       Arts       Free       Free
                                                                                                     Elective   Elective   Elective   Elective
  corporate communications,
  and non-governmental                            Year 2     Major     Major      Minor      Minor     Arts       Arts       Free       Free
                                                                                                     Elective   Elective   Elective   Elective
  organisations around
  the world                                       Year 3     Major     Major      Major      Major     Free       Free       Free       Free
                                                                                                     Elective   Elective   Elective   Elective
● Marketing, advertising,
  business research and
● Management consulting,
  international trade, human
  resources, training and
  development, management
  and administration
● Diplomacy, foreign affairs,                               “I learned a whole lot of cultures and
  politics                                                  ideologies where there are no right or
● Tourism, hospitality and                                  wrong answers, but merely different
● Production, direction,
                                                            sets of social beliefs and practices
  management and                                            and how we relate to them. We
  administration, film, television                          weren’t spoon-fed and I discovered
  and video
                                                            the answers to my questions through
                                                            freedom in learning, researching
                                                            and experimenting.”

                                                            WILSON LEE GAIN LOON
                                                            Bachelor of Communication and Master of Arts
                                                            (Cultural Studies) graduate
                                                            Currently working as Head of Media Relations, Digital
                                                            and Internal Communications at PETRONAS Refinery
                                                            and Petrochemical Corporation

  22      Undergraduate Prospectus 2018
“Diversity is definitely
what I love the most about
studying at Monash.
Meeting unique individuals
from all over the world and
being able to exchange
ideas have been highlights
of my university life.
Endless online resources
and helpful lecturers and
tutors are also within
arm's reach.”
Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences student
Exchange student at Yonsei University and Korea
University for one semester each

              Undergraduate Prospectus 2018    23
Arts and Social Sciences

                                                Bachelor of Communication
                                                and Media Studies
                                                KPT/JPT (R/220/6/0012) 01/20 - MQA/SWA0104

       3 years                                  You will explore the recent developments and                   Areas of Study
                                                trends around the world that involve communication
                                                and media practitioners, organisations and                     The course develops through two themes:
       February, July and October               industries. This course combines both the practical            ● Communication and media studies as the core
                                                and theoretical aspects of traditional and new
                                                media of the field of study using new and innovative           ● One complementary study area in either global
       Malaysian Student                        teaching and learning methodologies in the                       studies or screen studies
       RM 35,000                                classroom. Among other key issues, you will learn
$      International Student                    the media’s role in shaping local and global social,           Both themes come together in the third year,
                                                                                                               capstone units, which design to emphasise the
                                                economic and political trends.
       RM 38,500                                                                                               intertwining of communication with all aspects of
                           2018 fees per year
                                                You can choose to specialise in one of the two                 human society. The course is made up of 24 units
                                                fields of study below:                                         that are divided into the following streams:

                                                ● Global studies in communication and media or                 ● Eight units in communication and media studies
                                                ● Communication, media and screen studies.                     ● Five units in the complementary study area with
                                                                                                                 either a focus on global studies or screen studies
                                                To complete your degree, you will also take on                 ● Three capstone units that respectively deal with
                                                three other units known as the capstone units.                   policy issues, the impact of social media, and the
                                                These are specially designed to help you                         management of crisis
                                                consolidate the course's diverse points of learning.           ● Eight elective units which can be taken from the
                                                                                                                 Arts or another School

Career Paths
                                                Global Studies in Communication and Media
You could work in:
                                                A specialisation in global studies complements the communication and media core by allowing you to
● Journalism                                    understand the role of media institutions such as news organisations and social networks in disseminating
● Publishing                                    sociocultural, economic, and political messages and ideas.
● Editing and writing                           You’ll explore ideas surround the power of media actors and organisations in addressing national, regional
● Public relations                              and global issues and problems. Not only will you understand key theoretical knowledge surrounding the
                                                use of new media today, but also how practical aspects of media studies are changing global landscapes.
● Corporate communications
                                                The capstone units are unique in bringing these two aspects together in your final year.
● Marketing and advertising
● Multimedia                                    This is what the course will look like:
● Community affairs                                                                 Global    Global       Free       Free       Free       Free
                                                   Year 1      Core       Core
● Education and media services                                                      studies   studies    Elective   Elective   Elective   Elective

● Television and radio                             Year 2      Core       Core       Core       Core
                                                                                                         Global     Global       Free       Free
                                                                                                         studies    studies    Elective   Elective

                                                   Year 3      Core       Core      Global    Capstone   Capstone   Capstone     Free       Free
                                                                                    studies     unit       unit       unit     Elective   Elective

                                                Communication, Media and Screen Studies
                                                This specialisation combines the study of communication and media with film and television studies, and
                                                other related new screen technologies with historical, textual and critical approaches.

                                                This is what the course will look like:

                                                                                    Screen    Screen       Free       Free       Free       Free
                                                   Year 1      Core       Core      studies   studies    Elective   Elective   Elective   Elective

                                                                                                         Screen       Free       Free       Free
                                                   Year 2      Core       Core       Core       Core     studies    Elective   Elective   Elective

                                                   Year 3      Core       Core      Screen    Screen     Capstone   Capstone   Capstone     Free
                                                                                    studies   studies      unit       unit       unit     Elective

  24      Undergraduate Prospectus 2018
Local and regional
study trips
Study trips within and outside of Malaysia provide our student travelers
the opportunities to learn about the diverse and complex socio-cultural
and political realities affecting the places visited and hone their
observational, interviewing, documentation, and organisational skills.
Through these encounters, student-travelers learn to interrogate the
knowledge gathered in classroom settings and compare it to what is
known in the 'real world'.

Photo by Hamza Delbar
                                                                           Undergraduate Prospectus 2018   25
Arts and Social Sciences

                                              Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
                                              KPT/JPT (R2/220/6/0018) 12/21 - MQA/SWA0106

     1 year                                   If you are looking to extend what you have learned              Course Structure
                                              in your undergraduate degree, an Honours degree
                                              is the way to go. This program is a course on its               This course comprises 48 points.
     February                                 own that involves an additional year of coursework              Part A (24 points): A 15,000 – 18,000 words
                                              study and research. You’ll have the opportunity to              research dissertation. The following broad areas of
                                              design and carry out a research project and                     research are available:
     Malaysian Student                        produce a high-quality thesis. Throughout your
     RM 35,000                                research, you will be working closely with your                 ● Communications and Media Studies
$    International Student                    supervisor who has expertise in your chosen area.               ● International Studies
                                              The Honours degree also paves the way for
     RM 38,500
                                              a career in academia.                                           Part B (24 points): 2 coursework units, 12 credit
                         2018 fees per year
                                                                                                              points each

                                              Learning Outcomes
                                              Studying for an Honours degree will allow you to
                                              gain insights to what is like being an academic and
                                              contribute to a field of knowledge, while preparing
                                              you for higher degree research at master’s and
                                              PhD level.
                                              You’ll also be boosting your career prospects by
                                              demonstrating a higher capacity for independent
                                              learning, investigating and research skills, creative
                                              problem solving, critical thinking, and effective

                                                             “Monash has really made me think
                                                             about who I am and who I want to
                                                             be. I learned a great deal about
                                                             social injustice in the world and this
                                                             is something I have become most
                                                             passionate about. After I graduate,
                                                             I would like to pursue a career
                                                             that promotes social justice and
                                                             human rights.”

                                                             KAN WAI MIN
                                                             Bachelor of Arts (Global) student
                                                             Interned at the Centre for Creative Initiatives in
                                                             Health and Population in Hanoi

26      Undergraduate Prospectus 2018
Industry                                                               “The Arts and Social Sciences degree

exposure                                                               teaches critical thinking, and interning at
                                                                       Virlanie impelled me to do just that. It also
                                                                       taught me to constantly take initiative and
Internship is an amazing experiential learning opportunity where
                                                                       to be competent and inquisitive. I was able
you’ll be able to apply what you have learned in the classroom to      to apply concepts and theories I've
an actual workplace environment of your choice. Not only will you
gain first-hand experience in working in a specific area of interest   learned as a student in Monash, and
that you may wish to pursue after graduation, but it’s also a
wonderful avenue for you to develop networks that may be               I acquired numerous skills essential to
beneficial for future employment opportunities.
                                                                       the career I desire to follow.”
Here are some of the organisations our students have interned at:
● Air Asia                                                             BEA ANGELICA RICAFRENTE
● All Women’s Action Society                                           Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences student
● Asia Press Osaka, Japan                                              Interned at Virlanie Foundation
● BFM Media                                                            Exchange student at Leiden University, Netherlands for a semester
● Consumers Association of Penang
● OpenMinds Resources
● REV Asia
● The Star
● United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
● Women’s AID Organisation

                                                                                                           Undergraduate Prospectus 2018   27


28   Undergraduate Prospectus 2018
Join the next                                      RANKING AND RECOGNITION
generation of
                                                                                                 Our business courses are

business leaders.                                           #                                    recognised by:

                                                                                                 • CPA Australia
Monash business degrees are geared towards                      for
                                                                                                 • The Association of Chartered
training future global leaders. Offering unique       Accounting and Finance
                                                                                                   Certified Accountants (ACCA)
insights into modern business environments and
                                                                                                 • Chartered Accountants Australia
work-ready skills, you will be well equipped to
                                                                                                   and New Zealand (CAANZ)

challenge real problems in the international
business world.                                             #                                    • The Chartered Institute of
                                                                                                   Management Accountants (CIMA)

                                                                 for                             • The Malaysian Institute of Certified
Major Disciplines                                           Economics and                          Public Accountants (MICPA)
● Accounting and Finance
                                                                                                 The School is also a member of:
● Business Law and Taxation
                                                                                                 • The Alliance on Business

● Economics                                                                                        Education and Scholarship for
● Econometrics and Business Statistics                      #                                      Tomorrow, a 21st century
                                                                                                   organisation (ABEST21)
● Management
● Marketing                                                                                      In order to obtain the following
                                                           Business and
                                                                                                 professional qualifications, graduates
                                                        Management Studies
                                                                                                 are required to complete:
                                                  QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017
                                                                                                 • Six papers for Certified Public
                                                                                                   Accountant (CPA) and the
                                                                                                   Association of Chartered
                                                      International Accreditation
                                                                                                   Certified Accountants (ACCA)

                                                                                                 • Nine papers for Chartered
                                                                                                   Institute of Management
                                                                                                   Accountants (CIMA)

                                                                                                 • Five papers for the Malaysian
                                                                                                   Institute of Certified Public
                                                           Advanced Member
                                                                                                   Accountants (MICPA)

“Monash’s School of Business
is an exciting place to study
and grow. Through our
programs, students will
develop an innovative and
entrepreneurial mindset and
lead at the nexus of business
and society.”
School of Business

                                                                                                      Undergraduate Prospectus 2018   29
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