Creative Scotland On Screen - Film Strategy 2014-17

Creative Scotland On Screen - Film Strategy 2014-17
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 Film Strategy
Creative Scotland On Screen - Film Strategy 2014-17
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                                                                Unlocking Potential, Embracing Ambition

                                                                  Scotland, the wider UK and Internationally

                                                                Draft Film Strategy, Consultation and Responses

                                                                                 The Ambition

                                                                                 Our Strategy
                                                                                   Film Education
                                                                           Talent and Skills Development
Equal opportunities
                                                                        Film Development and Production
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Cover: The Black Cuillin hills on the Isle of Skye
from the road to Glen Brittle, Inner Hebrides.
Photo: Ian Paterson/Scottish Viewpoint

Creative Scotland On Screen - Film Strategy 2014-17
Peter Mullan and Freya Mavor
        in Sunshine on Leith
        Photo: courtesy of Black Camel Productions

2   3
Creative Scotland On Screen - Film Strategy 2014-17

                         Introduction                                                                                                             Context
            Unlocking Potential, Embracing Ambition                                                                              Scotland, the wider UK and Internationally

    In April 2014 we published Creative Scotland’s               While the focus of this strategy is film, it is            Scotland has a strong international reputation           In recognition of the importance of film in the
    10-year Strategic Plan, Unlocking Potential,                 framed in the context of the screen sector                 for film; our filmmakers and both on and                 Scottish cultural landscape, Creative Scotland
    Embracing Ambition, presenting a shared vision               as a whole including those individuals and                 off-screen talent are highly-regarded and                commissioned BOP Consulting in partnership
    for the arts, screen and creative industries for             organisations whose work spans or overlaps                 internationally recognised. There has been               with Whetstone Group and Jonathan Olsberg
    the next ten years. At its heart is a set of ambitions       with the film and television value chain, such as          a steady output of films with some exciting              to conduct a Film Sector Review which was
    and priorities that will focus and inform our work           facilities and post-production houses, digital             recent successes.                                        published in January 2014. Key aims for the
    as well as our funding guidelines and decisions              technology companies, animation companies                                                                           sector in Scotland set out in the Film Sector
    over the period 2014–2017; it reflects what                  and games companies.                                       However, the sector has faced challenges, some           Review included the following:
    we aim to achieve in collaboration with others.                                                                         that are systemic and others as a result
    Through discussion with individual sectors                   We have appointed a new Director of Film                   of the growth in new viewing technologies,               •C
                                                                                                                                                                                       reative Scotland should have a clear strategy
    and the specialist knowledge of our staff,                   and Media to lead our team of specialists                  the continually shifting international market             and brand identity in the context of film, widely
    we also produced a suite of Companion Pieces                 with the aim of giving a clearer focus to                  for film and the global financial crisis.                 recognised for championing and networking
    developed to be read alongside our Strategic                 Creative Scotland’s work in the sector in                                                                            across the sector
                                                                 future. We will translate this strategy into a             The UK Government and the European Union
    and Annual Plans.                                                                                                       provide financial support for film in the UK             • r outes into film careers and skills provision
                                                                 work-plan and identify clear responsibilities
    We have said that Creative Scotland’s remit                  within the team for each element of it.                    through a variety of channels. The BFI Statistical          across the screen sector should be better
    across the arts, screen and creative industries                                                                         Yearbook 2014 notes that:                                   co-ordinated and provided through the further
    creates opportunities for us to:                             Through a sharper focus within the organisation,                                                                       education system as well as by independent
                                                                 matched with constructive collaboration with               • t otal measured public funding for film in the           organisations
    • act as a conduit for cross-sector                         the sector and stakeholders, Creative Scotland               UK in 2012/13 was £363 million, a decline of
       connection and learning                                   will be a driver and advocate for film in Scotland.          just under 1% on 2011/12                               • more international film and high-end television
                                                                 We will review and refresh our application and                                                                         productions should be encouraged to come
    • understand the wider cultural system                                                                                 • t he principal sources of public funding for             to Scotland through spend-related and other
                                                                 assessment processes, make funding decisions                 UK film in 2012/13 were the film production
       and economy and identify where to act                     with a sense of confidence in filmmakers based in                                                                      incentives, bringing economic, skills and
       in order to strengthen them                                                                                            tax relief (57%), the National Lottery (18%)              employment benefits
                                                                 Scotland, and ensure that we are engaging at the             and grant-in-aid (8%) from the Department
    • position the work that we fund at the                     appropriate stage in the film development and                for Culture, Media and Sport                           • film in and from Scotland should be celebrated
       heart of creative, artistic, cultural, social             production process.                                                                                                    domestically and renowned internationally
       and economic development, stimulating                                                                                • fi
                                                                                                                               lm development and production received
                                                                 This strategy identifies our priorities for the film         71.2% of total UK public funding for film              •d
                                                                                                                                                                                       iverse audiences across Scotland should
       future growth for public investment in                    sector over the next three years and explains how
       arts and culture                                                                                                                                                               enjoy greater film choice, at the cinema,
                                                                 we will work with the sector and public partners           •o
                                                                                                                              f the total UK public funding for film, the            on the move and at home.
    • help develop and diversify income streams                 to achieve the ambitions set out in Creative                2012/13 net film spend by Scottish agencies
       for the arts, screen and creative industries,             Scotland’s 10-year Strategic Plan. It reflects a            with a responsibility for film (including film          Scottish feature film production currently sits
       maximising opportunities from intellectual                dynamic and changing sector and, as such, we                expenditure on the part of Creative Scotland            at an average of six films annually, though the
       property and stimulating collaboration                    will be responsive to changing sector needs and             and the Scottish Screen Archive – part of the           number does fluctuate from year to year.
       between commercial creative companies,                    priorities in the implementation of this strategy.          National Library of Scotland) represented               Scotland strives to encourage a mix of large
       artists and creative practitioners.                                                                                   £6.9 million (1.8%).                                    international productions and indigenous
                                                                                                                                                                                     productions; it has had some recent successes,
                                                                                                                                                                                     but it is generally accepted that Scotland needs
                                                                                                                                                                                     to develop and produce more films (documentaries,
                                                                                                                                                                                     features, animation and artists’ films) each year
                                                                                                                                                                                     in order for its production community to stabilise,
                                                                                                                                                                                     grow and compete in a meaningful way at home
                                                                                                                                                                                     and internationally.

                                                             4                                                                                                                   5
Creative Scotland On Screen - Film Strategy 2014-17
Jack O’Connell in`71
        Photo: courtesy of Dean Roger

6   7
Creative Scotland On Screen - Film Strategy 2014-17

Neil Platt in I Am Breathing
Photo: courtesy of Scottish Documentary Institute

                                                                                     Draft Film Strategy,
                                                                                 Consultation and Responses

                                                            The objectives and aspirations set out in                A core theme of the consultation responses
                                                            the Film Sector Review were translated                   was that Creative Scotland’s Film Strategy
                                                            into a Draft Film Strategy reflecting Creative           must support the whole film value chain from
                                                            Scotland’s 10-year Strategic Plan, Unlocking             education and skills development, through
                                                            Potential, Embracing Ambition.                           film development and production, to audience
                                                                                                                     development and exhibition.
                                                            The Draft Film Strategy was published for
                                                            consultation on the Creative Scotland website            There was also a call for explicit acknowledgement
                                                            on 1 July 2014. We received responses from a             that the film sector in the UK depends on public
                                                            range of individuals and organisations working in        funds for developing cultural film and economic
                                                            school education, further and higher education,          incentives to support commercial filmmaking.
                                                            film production, film distribution and exhibition,       We accept this and will do everything within our
                                                            as well as from sectoral representative bodies.          power to influence new public investment in film.
                                                            Around three-quarters of respondents were
                                                            working in some capacity in film production.

                                                    8                                                            9
Creative Scotland On Screen - Film Strategy 2014-17
Agyness Deyn in Sunset Song
          Photo: courtesy of Hurricane Films

10   11
Creative Scotland On Screen - Film Strategy 2014-17

Kiss the Water
Photo: courtesy of Independent Cinema Office

                                                                                               The Ambition

                                                        The ambition envisaged by this strategy                  • s upport for and commitment to Scotland’s
                                                        is to generate the conditions necessary                     production community, in particular
                                                        to position the film sector at the heart of                 documentary-making and animation, through
                                                        Scotland’s economic and cultural life.                      sourcing increased funding for production
                                                        In the context of our 10-year Strategic Plan, we         • support for, and investment across, the distribution
                                                        will measure the success of this ambition by the            and exhibition sector creating better links from
                                                        extent to which Scotland has become home to                 production through to distribution and exhibition
                                                        a vibrant, culturally diverse and commercially              together with a focus on audience development
                                                        competitive film sector. The strategy is
                                                        motivated by a shared ambition to see growth in          •g
                                                                                                                   reater emphasis on film and moving image
                                                        the number and diversity of films and filmmakers,         education with clearer, more co-ordinated routes
                                                        with an enviable reputation for excellence                from school to further education and on into
                                                        in filmmaking and as a key destination for                the sector, together with development of real
                                                        international productions. We will be a nation            professional opportunities and sustainable
                                                        that celebrates the importance of every aspect            careers across the screen sector.
                                                        of film culture.                                         Focusing our efforts on these priorities for film
                                                        Through our role as a funder, advocate,                  over the next three years will mean that Scotland
                                                        development body and influencer, we will lead            is better equipped to compete on an equal footing
                                                        the necessary change for film in Scotland.               with other territories, encourage international
                                                        We will reinforce our commitment to the promotion        ‘mobile’ productions to establish themselves and
                                                        of film education, skills and talent development,        shoot in Scotland and, at the same time, support
                                                        film production, distribution and exhibition,            the nation’s own film sector. This focus is intended
                                                        and we will build on existing successes which            to generate the conditions for a larger number of
                                                        recognise Scotland’s wealth of talent, diversity,        films to be produced in Scotland each year; both
                                                        resourcefulness and vision.                              productions from Scotland as well as international
                                                                                                                 mobile productions.
                                                        Our key priorities for film in Scotland are:
                                                                                                                 In addition to the associated cultural and
                                                        • the establishment of a sustainable film studio         commercial benefits that films bring to Scotland,
                                                                                                                 they also raise the profile of Scotland nationally
                                                        • increased incentives for film and television          and internationally. This brings additional
                                                          production which match – or better –                   employment, expenditure and skills development
                                                          the incentives of other territories                    for craft and technical crew, together with business
                                                          reater support for writers                            opportunities for production, distribution and
                                                         and script development                                  exhibition companies. This increase in production
                                                                                                                 in Scotland is also fundamental to the studio
                                                        • t alent and skills development across the             facility and maintaining its operation with demand
                                                          entire film value chain and addressing skills          at levels which will make it successful.
                                                          gaps through specific targeted programmes

                                               12                                                           13
Creative Scotland On Screen - Film Strategy 2014-17

Maja Borg and Tilda Swinton, Future My Love
premiere at Edinburgh International Film Festival
Photo: courtesy of Edinburgh International Film Festival

                                                                                                           Our Strategy

                                                                                                                               Over the next three years:
                                                                    Film Education
                                                                                                                                 e will ensure film is a core part of Scotland’s
                                                                                                                                Youth Arts Strategy Time to Shine and Cashback
                                                                    Moving images dominate global culture and                   for Creativity programmes, through a range of
                                                                    communication. However, despite their ubiquity,             Youth Arts Hubs and Cashback activities taking
                                                                    social and political influence, artistic value,             place across Scotland
                                                                    historical importance, economic role and complex
                                                                    and highly-evolved language, film and moving               • we will review and develop film learning provision
                                                                    image education remains relatively marginal in                for those outside of the 5-19 years age range
                                                                    most education systems around the world.
                                                                                                                                 e will work with European partners on two
                                                                    Creative Scotland aims to put film and moving               projects funded through the Creative Europe
                                                                    image education where it should be on the learning          Film Literacy programme: the development
                                                                    agenda, in formal and informal education, at                of a European Framework for Film Education
                                                                    whatever age, to help develop discerning audiences.         and the creation of a catalogue of European
                                                                    Our ambition is to inspire future filmmakers                films for children and young people
                                                                    and for film literacy to be recognised as vitally
                                                                                                                               • learning from all of these programmes,
                                                                    important so that everyone can be inspired and
                                                                                                                                  we will work with partners to develop a more
                                                                    equipped to understand, appreciate, explore,
                                                                                                                                  comprehensive provision of film and moving
                                                                    create and share film.
                                                                                                                                  image education across Scotland.
                                                                    We aim to drive the improvement of film and
                                                                    moving image education in every context,
                                                                    increasing the reach, depth and inclusivity of
                                                                    provision, including currently under-served
                                                                    communities across Scotland.
                                                                    Over the next 12 months:
                                                                      e will continue to support the strategic
                                                                     development of film learning through the
                                                                     national Moving Image Education programme
                                                                     for 5-19 year olds, in partnership with the BFI,
                                                                     the Scottish Film Consortium, Into Film and
                                                                     Education Scotland
                                                                      e will continue to support the delivery
                                                                     of the BFI Film Academy, developing talent
                                                                     among 16-19 year-olds in Scotland
                                                                      e will continue to support film education
                                                                     initiatives provided by cinemas, multi-arts
                                                                     venues and other organisations across Scotland.

                                                           14                                                             15
Creative Scotland On Screen - Film Strategy 2014-17
The First Movie
Photo: courtesy of CONNECTfilm

                                 16   17

                                                              Over the next three years:                                   Developing a Skilled and Diverse Workforce                   Over the next three years:
Talent and Skills Development
                                                              • we will facilitate debate and critical thinking           The strength of the sector relies on a continuous            •w
                                                                                                                                                                                          e will encourage filmmakers to recognise the
                                                                 across the screen sector, regularly listening to          flow of skilled and creatively ambitious craft and            importance of digital technologies and platforms
Identifying and Nurturing Talent                                 the resulting information and views and working           technical crew. The identification, inclusion and             for distribution and exhibition and to be innovative
There are gaps and disconnects across current                    to bring about positive change through leadership         development of this workforce is of paramount                 in their thinking. This will mean helping them to
provision for talent and career development.                     within the sector, with the support of the sector         importance in underpinning the success of the                 connect their work to the world to find audiences
We aim to ensure that there is a structured                                                                                sector. A core strategic priority is to foster real           and identify specific skills training and forums
                                                              • we will drive for more high-quality productions           professional opportunities and sustainable careers.           which will develop market knowledge and
and co-ordinated approach to identifying and                     to be made in and from Scotland, working with
nurturing talent across the film value chain in                                                                                                                                          awareness. All this will enable filmmakers to
                                                                 our partners to create opportunities for writers          Creative Scotland aims to encourage better                    operate more strategically and investigate
Scotland, including development, production,                     and directors to realise their vision and raise           co-ordination across all areas of skills development
critical appreciation, distribution and exhibition.                                                                                                                                      potential areas for support
                                                                 their profiles                                            through further and higher education as well as
Over the next 12 months:                                                                                                   by independent organisations.                                • we will work to promote a more diverse workforce
                                                              • we will test the potential for better links across                                                                        and create opportunities for disabled people and
  e are committed to identifying and supporting                 the arts, screen and creative industries especially       Over the next 12 months:                                        diverse groups in the workforce by challenging
 emerging Scottish filmmakers to reach their                     between film, the performing arts and new                                                                                 existing approaches to working practices in
                                                                 writing to maximise creative and experimental             •w
                                                                                                                             e will map and review current provision
 full potential and will work with partners in                                                                              for entry-level training for craft and technical               the screen sector and by supporting inclusive
 the strategic delivery of talent development                    opportunities for Scotland’s screen sector in                                                                             working practices. In particular we will seek to
                                                                 all its forms.                                             crew
 initiatives such as Docscene, and the Scottish                                                                                                                                            address barriers to access and progression and
 Film Talent Network (in partnership with the BFI).                                                                        • we will continue to fund festivals and associated            encourage increased diversity within the sector
 As part of this approach, we will continue to                                                                                development work across Scotland
 develop and support short film as a recognised                                                                                                                                         • we will support producers to identify and
 art form and pathway to longer form production                                                                            •w
                                                                                                                             e will encourage a focus on audience and                     maximise audiences, exploring the opportunities
                                                                                                                            sector engagement, skills development,                         presented by digital platforms and the tools
  e will lead a review of support necessary for                                                                            cultural exchange and raising Scotland and                     required to increase and broaden cinema access
 emerging talent of all kinds and consider other                                                                            its filmmakers’ profiles in the international                  and programming for as wide and diverse an
 talent development programmes to address                                                                                   marketplace: in terms of creative output and                   audience as possible.
 gaps in current provision, in particular in the                                                                            as a location and production partner
 context of equalities and diversity, for example
 gender imbalance and under-representation                                                                                 • we will continue to support Scottish-based
 of specific groups of people in the sector                                                                                   filmmakers’ attendance at international festivals,
                                                                                                                              giving them the opportunity to meet potential
• we will develop an artistic and creative framework                                                                         co-production partners and to access global
  across all the creative work we fund, including                                                                             markets for their work
  film, to help define how we will evaluate excellence
  and quality and the potential for excellence from                                                                        •w
                                                                                                                             e will direct the collective sector knowledge and
  2015 onwards. We have begun this development                                                                              experience in our Film and Media Team towards
  process, which will include sector engagement                                                                             assisting screen sector industries to
  as part of its design.                                                                                                    access global markets for their work, for example,
                                                                                                                            through schemes such as the Market Leaders
                                                                                                                            Scotland initiative for producers. We will review
                                                                                                                            schemes with similar objectives which run outside
                                                                                                                            Scotland and consider how we can work with
                                                                                                                            relevant partners to apply the most successful
                                                                                                                            key elements of those in Scotland.

                                                         18                                                                                                                        19
George MacKay in For Those in Peril
          Photo: courtesy of Protagonist Pictures

20   21

                                                           Over the next 12 months:                                     • we will lead the dialogue between the film
Film Development and Production                                                                                            sector and broadcasters, building the case for
                                                           • we will work to find the right balance between               broadcasters to play more of a role in the film
                                                              films cultural and economic impact in the                    sector in Scotland through talent development,
Film is a cultural, creative art form as well as              allocation of our Film and Television Funding,
a business, and filmmakers in Scotland create                                                                              and the development and production of film
                                                              giving support to Scottish-based filmmakers                  and television drama projects.
a range of content aiming for critical, public                and films that reflect or promote Scottish
and commercial success in forms encompassing                  culture, creativity and diversity. We will make           Over the next three years:
commercially or socially-driven features as                   our application and assessment processes
well as the experimental. This breadth should                 reflect this more clearly                                 •w
                                                                                                                          e will support our partners in creating new
be encouraged, supported and developed, and                                                                              opportunities for emerging and established
artists and filmmakers should be empowered                 • through our Targeted Funding programmes,                   writers, directors and producers to develop
to take risks and create content with the                     we will prioritise funding for the development             and create high-quality work
potential to have international appeal.                       and production of high-quality feature films,
                                                              documentaries and animation from Scottish-                •w
                                                                                                                          e will encourage filmmakers to reflect
We want to work in partnership with Scotland’s                based talent. This work should demonstrate                 a diversity of Scottish voices and promote
filmmakers, independent production companies,                 the need for public funding, be relevant to                the value of Scottish culture and all of
independent cinema exhibitors, distributors,                  Scotland, connect to audiences at home and                 Scotland’s languages through their work
broadcasters and public sector partners to grow               internationally and have strong potential for              for national and international audiences
and strengthen Scotland’s screen sector, and                  UK and international distribution
will continue working in collaborative ways                                                                             •w
                                                                                                                          e will support a diverse range of talent
to achieve this.                                           • as part of our work with Scottish Government               through all strands of our funding
                                                              and Scottish Enterprise to establish a film studio        •w
                                                                                                                          e will work with Scottish Government and
We aim to foster a better understanding                       in Scotland, we will focus on the requirement
and awareness of the challenges facing                                                                                   the enterprise agencies, in particular Scottish
                                                              for the studio to operate in a way that supports           Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise,
film-related businesses: growth, stability,                   and serves Scotland’s own productions as well
sustainability and the need for commercially                                                                             to foster a better understanding and awareness
                                                              as international mobile productions                        of the challenges facing film-related businesses
appropriate, well-marketed support.
                                                           • our Open Project Fund will accept applications             in terms of growth, sustainability and stability
The Film Sector Review reflected a view that                  to support high-quality and experimental work
independent cinema is vital for cultural diversity                                                                      •w
                                                                                                                          e will review steps necessary to mirror the
                                                              falling outside the traditional film development           BFI’s initiatives to strengthen the UK production
and that alongside commercial filmmaking it is                and production model. This could include writers
important to encourage the development of film                                                                           sector, including the BFI ‘Locked Box’, to help
                                                              and directors developing their creative practice           producers in Scotland build their businesses,
as a cultural medium, one where a range of voices             and professional skills to test new ideas and
can tell Scotland’s stories. These films should not                                                                      subject to any necessary State Aid approvals
                                                              experimental approaches to filmmaking
be judged purely on commercial grounds but on                                                                           • we will encourage the development of
the richness of their contribution to society and          • Creative Scotland will continue to work closely              partnerships between film and digital
our cultural identity. We recognise that cultural             with Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise             companies (such as games companies)
film is vital for identity and, as is the case with           to explore what possibilities might exist for                to add depth and value to their productions.
other art forms, is not financially viable without            sourcing additional funding through European
public subsidy.                                               funds. This is an uncertain route, but every effort
                                                              will be made and we will maintain our engagement
                                                              with the sector to keep filmmakers informed
                                                              about progress
                                                           • we will promote opportunities in the Creative
                                                              Europe funding scheme and specifically through
                                                              the Creative Europe Desk UK in order to find
                                                              ways for Scottish-based filmmakers to access
                                                              its funding

                                                      22                                                                                                                     23
Robert Carlyle and Ray Winstone
in The Legend of Barney Thomson
Photo: courtesy of Sigma Films

                                  24   25

                                                            Over the next 12 months:                                       Over the next three years:
Inward Investment and Co-Productions
                                                            • Creative Scotland will continue to work with                • a s a partner in the Scottish Locations Network,
                                                               Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Government                   we will work to promote Scotland as a filming
Securing inward investment and working through                 to establish a sustainable film studio                        location, raising awareness of crews and production
co-production partners is a crucial factor in                                                                                services across the country, and encouraging
developing Scotland’s reputation as a culturally            • through the right balance in our funding for film             productions to work in all regions of Scotland
and commercially successful filmmaking nation.                 and television, we will welcome international
We recognise the steps that need to be taken                   filmmakers of high-standing to Scotland with                • a s a partner in the Scottish Locations Network,
and we are already working with key partners                   projects that promote Scotland and Scottish                   we will lobby for local incentives and improved
to establish this.                                             talent, crews, locations and tourism, and benefit             delivery of local authority services and policies
                                                               the Scottish economy                                          in all regions of Scotland
Our aim is to develop Scotland’s reputation as a
destination for international productions because           • we will work with the Scottish and UK                       • to improve filming policy across Scotland
of its world-class talent, crews and facilities,               Governments and international partners to                      as a whole, we will work to create a national
ensuring Scotland is recognised as a film-friendly             advocate for improved policies, increased tax                  film advisory board with our national partners,
nation with unique landscapes and competitive                  incentives and to ensure Scotland is viewed                    including VisitScotland, National Trust for Scotland,
incentives. We will drive for more high-quality                on the international production scene as a                     Historic Scotland, Transport Scotland, ScotRail
productions and co-productions to be made                      competitive country to film in. We will also work              and Police Scotland
in and from Scotland.                                          with the Association of Film Commissioners
                                                               International and European Film Commissions                 • in partnership with the sector, Scottish
The creation of a film studio has been identified as           Network to ensure Scotland remains competitive                 Government and UK Government, we will
a key priority in order for Scotland to accommodate            and informed in an increasingly expanding                      work towards a review of the policies and
high-profile international projects as well as                 incentives market                                              issues surrounding co-productions, international
properly supporting and serving Scotland’s own                                                                                film and high-end television drama production,
productions. A Scottish film studio would also              • Creative Scotland’s Locations website will be                  and energetically press the case for increased
support and serve connected companies, such as                 expanded to incorporate a comprehensive                        tax incentives
picture and sound post-production facilities, and              locations database accessible to registered
encourage the growth of digital companies                      users worldwide                                             • combining the data analysis and research
including VFX companies, increasing output and                                                                                capabilities at Creative Scotland with sector
creating employment with the associated economic            • we will build on the successes of the Film in                  insight, we will work with the Scottish and UK
benefits. With this in mind, Creative Scotland,                Scotland brand, which promotes all aspects                     Governments to develop Scotland’s image as
Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Government are                of Scotland’s screen activity, raising the profile of          a destination for productions. We will promote
committed to establishing a sustainable studio,                our creative talent, crew, production facilities and           Scotland’s reputation for excellent and ambitious
working within the European Union’s rules on                   locations. The brand will be promoted nationally               filmmakers and a pro-active, skilled and adept
State Aid.                                                     and internationally at markets and festivals.                  approach to filmmaking.

                                                       26                                                                                                                             27
Caitriona Balfe in Outlander
Photo: © Sony Pictures Television

                                    28   29
Glasgow Film Theatre
                                                                                                                            Photo: courtesy of Glasgow Film Festival

                                                             Over the next three years:
Distribution, Exhibition and Audiences
                                                             • we will work with the key film festivals
                                                                and cultural cinemas across Scotland to provide
We aim to broaden cinema access and                             more opportunities for broadening engagement
programming in Scotland for as wide and                         with film and the moving image
diverse an audience as possible and to encourage
and deepen audience engagement with film.                    • we will encourage dialogue between cinemas
While there is world-class cinema programming                   and festivals, BAFTA, online distribution platforms,
and provision in Scotland’s key cultural venues                and sector and audience bodies to cultivate
and festivals, we recognise that work is required              stronger links between Scottish audiences,
to support distribution, exhibition and                        communities and filmmakers
audience development.
                                                             • we will work with our partners in Government,
A number of responses to the Draft Film Strategy                local authorities and other public and private
consultation focused on the need to encourage                   sector organisations in Scotland to realise the
collaboration and a connected approach between                  potential for an integrated network of high-
programmers and exhibitors, particularly when                   quality modern cinema provision available to all
developing new initiatives and supporting best
practice. There was also a call for Creative Scotland        • we will also encourage dialogue between these
to prioritise ‘support for and investment across                organisations and producers, and others working
the exhibition sector’, including creating better               in access and talent development
links from production through to exhibition and              • we will work with local authorities and other
audience development.                                           partners in the arts, screen and creative industries
Over the next 12 months:                                        to support the growth of multi-arts centres,
                                                                which can act as creative hubs in the community
• through our funding routes we will support                   and promote public engagement through their
   audience development initiatives that increase               programming
   and broaden cinema access and programming
   for as wide and diverse an audience as possible           • we will learn from the work of the Promoting
                                                                Equalities Programme, whose aim is to develop
• we will continue to fund filmmakers and                      a programme which puts equalities at the heart
   projects which are using digital innovations in              of the participating cultural and creative
   film distribution and exhibition to encourage                organisations. It does this through their structure,
   better access to film. This includes developing              policies and practices, programming and customer
   new audience experiences and cinema-going                    engagement, and we will encourage adoption of
   opportunities throughout Scotland, especially                these policies and practices in the screen sector.
   beyond the major cities
  e will review and identify opportunities for
 the development of an integrated network
 of high-quality modern cinema provision
 available to all
  e will engage with the sector in the context
 of digital distribution, rights management and
 discussions over the virtual print fee (the subsidy
 paid by a film distributor towards the purchase
 of digital cinema projection equipment for use
 by exhibitors).

                                                        30                                                             31
Donald Ewan MacKinnon, Debbie MacKay
          and Tony Kearney, Bannan
          Photo: courtesy of Young Films

32   33

                                Creative Scotland’s
                                                                                                                                                          Monitoring Progress
                                Role and Approach

The Film Sector Review identified the need                    We will focus on working with the BFI’s International       Creative Scotland will work with the screen sector         Places and quality of life are transformed
for a public-facing screen presence to work                   team, Scottish Government, the film sector in the           and with partner organisations such as the BFI, to         through imagination, ambition and an
with the sector.                                              UK and internationally, and other key partners,             capture qualitative and quantitative information           understanding of the potential of creativity
                                                              to promote the commercial and cultural interests            about the consumption of film in Scotland.
There is a distinct, skilled and expert screen-focused        of Scottish film and the Scottish film sector.                                                                         We will monitor:
group of people in the Film and Media Team within             Over the next year, we will publish an international        We will look at how audiences are engaging with
Creative Scotland. The Team applies its film-specific                                                                     film, and how the sector is performing in economic         • t he overall value of the film sector to
                                                              strategy spanning Creative Scotland’s work across                                                                        the economy.
skills and experience to work for, and in partnership         the organisation which will include specific                terms, and in terms of the perception of the sector
with, the screen sector, Scottish Government,                 international priorities for the screen sector.             at home and internationally. More generally, we
Scottish Enterprise and other sector partners. We                                                                         will assess how film culture is embedded in the            Ideas are brought to life by a diverse, skilled
will make the Film and Media Team more visible to             We aim to help make our screen heritage more                wider cultural life of Scotland.                           and connected leadership and workforce
the sector and its various roles more transparent.            accessible to audiences through continued work
Over the next year, we will build an identity for             with the Scottish Screen Archive as it moves into           We will monitor progress against the priorities            We will monitor:
Film and Media within Creative Scotland which is              a public facing venue and further enhances                  set out in our Strategic Plan, Unlocking Potential,
                                                                                                                          Embracing Ambition, and the Performance                    • t he uptake of film and moving image
internationally recognised.                                   its ability to make our digitised film heritage                                                                          learning opportunities
                                                              available online.                                           Management Framework set out in our Annual
We will draw on other skills within Creative                                                                              Plan 2014-15.                                              • c areer progression of creative,
Scotland, in the Arts, Creative Industries and                We will support film productions to measure,                                                                             craft and technical talent
Business Operations teams, to capitalise on the               report and reduce their environmental impact.               Excellence and experimentation across
opportunities presented by the organisation’s                 Emissions reporting will be mandatory for                   the arts, screen and creative industries                   • t he diversity of audiences and the film
multi-arts remit and the potential for cross-sector           Regularly Funded organisations from April 2015.             is recognised and valued                                     workforce in terms of ethnicity, gender,
working and encourage the screen sector to                                                                                                                                             geography and disability
do the same.                                                  We will work with Creative Carbon Scotland and              We will monitor:
                                                              other relevant organisations to raise awareness of                                                                     • t he percentage of key partners including
We will focus on building trust between Creative              environmental and sustainability issues affecting           • t he number of high-quality feature films                 the film sector who see Creative Scotland
Scotland and the wider sector, nationally and                 the screen sector.                                            being made in Scotland                                     as an effective lead supporting the interests
internationally, and encourage open communication.                                                                                                                                     of film in Scotland.
                                                              One of Creative Scotland’s ambitions is to improve          • t he level of investment in film from private
                                                              lives in terms of health and wellbeing. We will work          and public sources.
                                                                                                                                                                                     Scotland is a distinctive creative nation
                                                              to raise awareness of the value of involvement in
                                                                                                                                                                                     connected to the world
                                                              artistic and creative activity and help communities         Everyone can access and enjoy artistic and
                                                              transform through creativity.                               creative experiences                                       We will monitor:

                                                                                                                          We will monitor:                                           • t he Scottish-based talent receiving screenings
                                                                                                                                                                                       of their work at national and international film
                                                                                                                          • t he percentage of Scotland’s population that             festivals, and winning major domestic and
                                                                                                                            engages with film as part of their cultural life           international awards
                                                                                                                          • t he total size and diversity of audiences for          • t he number of locations enquiries and number
                                                                                                                            film in general, and in particular Scottish film,          of international projects shooting in Scotland.
                                                                                                                            measured across all platforms.

                                                         34                                                                                                                     35
Halle Berry and Keith David
          in Cloud Atlas
          Photo: © 2012 Warner Bros.
          Entertainment Inc.

36   37

                             Connecting Themes                            Further Information and Contacts

Our 10-year plan has four Connecting Themes                 A new strategy for the Creative Industries                 Creative Scotland’s Companion Pieces
which are Creative Learning, Equalities and                 is being developed through our work with                   for the Arts, Screen and Creative Industries
Diversity, Digital and Environment. Everything              Scotland’s Creative Industries Partnership,                can be found at:
we do will take these four Connecting Themes                a joint approach developed across public
into account.                                               sector bodies to support creative industries,    
                                                            business and skills development through                    what-we-do/companion-pieces
Further information about these can be found at:            a shared strategy. It includes clarifying the              Further information on Creative Scotland’s
Creative Learning Information                               roles and remits of each agency to provide                 Funding Programmes can be found at:                 ease of access for creative companies of all
file/0009/26775/Creative-Learning-Information-              scales and sizes.                                
Sheet-2014-15-v1-1.pdf                                      Current membership comprises Scottish                      Further information about the BFI’s initiatives
Equalities Information                                      Government, Creative Scotland, Scottish                    to strengthen the UK production sector, including                 Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise,              the BFI ‘Locked Box’, can be found in Film Forever,
file/0003/26778/Equalities-Information-Sheet-               Scottish Funding Council, Skills Development               the BFI’s plan for 2012-2017 at:
2014-15-v1-1.pdf                                            Scotland, COSLA (Convention of Scottish Local
                                                            Authorities), VOCAL (Voice of Culture and Leisure),
Digital Information                                         SLAED (Scottish Local Authorities Economic                 policy-strategy/film-forever                 Development Group) and Business Gateway.                   If you want to know more about Creative Scotland
file/0010/26776/Digital-Information-Sheet-2014-             We will also develop and publish an Arts Strategy          and our work across film and television, contact
15-v1-1.pdf                                                 during the course of 2015.                                 our Film team by email:
Environmental Information                                                                                              E:

                                                   38                                                             39
Scarlett Johansson in Under the Skin
          Photo: courtesy of JW Films

40   41
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