Trust Summary Strategy 2019-2024 - Delivering Excellent Care and Supporting Wellbeing - Greater Manchester ...

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Trust Summary Strategy 2019-2024 - Delivering Excellent Care and Supporting Wellbeing - Greater Manchester ...
Delivering Excellent Care
and Supporting Wellbeing
Trust Summary

                            Improving Lives and
                              Optimistic Futures
Trust Summary Strategy 2019-2024 - Delivering Excellent Care and Supporting Wellbeing - Greater Manchester ...
                          53,000                                  sites
                          service users

                                 Total annual

                       Contents                                        6 specialist
                                                                  research units and
  £10m            Our Trust by Numbers ........... 02
                                                                     in 130 clinical
2018/19 Capital   Introduction ........................... 03     research studies in
 Expenditure                                                            2018/19
                  Plan on a page ....................... 04

                  Context .................................. 07

                  Our Population ...................... 08

                  Strategic Objectives .............. 11
                                                                  Living Wage
7,300             Objective One ........................ 13
Recovery          Objective Two ........................ 15
Academy           Objective Three ..................... 17
                  Objective Four ....................... 19

                  Objective Five ........................ 21

10,600            Our Services ........................... 22
                  Monitoring and Outcomes ... 28
Members                                                             apprentices
                                                                   participating in
                  Milestones ............................. 29
                                                                  over 31 different
                  Get Involved .......................... 31        programmes

                  22         Elected Governors
Trust Summary Strategy 2019-2024 - Delivering Excellent Care and Supporting Wellbeing - Greater Manchester ...
“ Our ambition is for people
  to have improved lives and
  optimistic futures. ”                                                          Neil Thwaite
                                                                                 Chief Executive

Welcome to Greater Manchester Mental
Health NHS Foundation Trust’s new strategy
for 2019 to 2024.
I am delighted to be presenting       The new NHS Long Term Plan           We believe that the way we do
this strategy, our first as Greater   aims to ensure the healthcare        things is equal to what we do.
Manchester Mental Health              system is fit for purpose for the    We will continue to promote
NHS Foundation Trust (GMMH)           next ten years. In line with this,   a healthy and open culture
following the acquisition of          the Greater Manchester Mental        and to support all our staff to
Manchester mental health              Health and Wellbeing Strategy        deliver safe and high quality
services in 2017. Having focused      and our commissioner plans           services. Staff wellbeing is a
on bringing the two former            and priorities, our strategy has     fundamental priority for us
organisations together over the       a continued focus on quality,        and as we look forward we will
last two years, I am pleased to       workforce, digitally-enabled         do so with service users at the 03
now be presenting our shared          care, research, partnership          heart of everything we do.
vision for the future. Our vision     working and social value. We
– working together to improve         have made great progress over
lives and support optimistic          the last two years, not least
futures – is founded on our           in transforming services in
values, which are embedded            Manchester, and we are well-
throughout our services. It           placed to focus on the future.
reflects the importance we            We have recently launched
place in achieving the best           a new Quality Improvement            Neil Thwaite
possible outcomes for service         Strategy and Digital Strategy,       Chief Executive
users.                                both of which will be key
                                      drivers in delivering our over-
The profile of mental health          arching vision, and are already
has been raised significantly         recognised nationally as a
in recent years partly through        highly research active mental
campaigning, high profile             health trust. Partnership
people speaking candidly              working is intrinsic to delivering
about their mental health             care in a different, more
problems and greater focus            effective way and we are a
in government. Our strategy           strong and visible partner in
builds on this drive to challenge     our local communities. Beyond
stigma and address inequalities,      partnership working, we want
by clearly setting out what we        to contribute even more social
will do over the next five years      value.
to improve our care offer and
support wellbeing. We are
aiming for excellence and will
work closely with our partners
to deliver this.                                                                  Trust Strategy 2019-2024
Trust Summary Strategy 2019-2024 - Delivering Excellent Care and Supporting Wellbeing - Greater Manchester ...
Our vision                                         Working together to improve lives

     Our strategy                                                    Delivering excellent care

                                                                               Our strategic

        Work with service users and         Create an outstanding place            Continuously
        carers to achieve their goals       to work, ensuring staff feel         services for use
         by delivering high quality          valued and are supported            Research, Inno
                    care                      to reach their potential               Digital Tech

                                                                           Our priority progr
            Quality Improvement           Supply, recruitment and retention      Research and In

            To improve outcomes              Outstanding place to work                    Digita

            To deliver safest care           Transforming our workforce

        To integrate care around the         Outstanding leadership and
                   person                    management development

                  Best care

                                                                                  We aim to

             Best care, every day            Compassionate, supported,                Best outc
                                                 motivated staff

       Our values              We inspire hope       We work together           We are caring

 Trust Strategy 2019-2024
Trust Summary Strategy 2019-2024 - Delivering Excellent Care and Supporting Wellbeing - Greater Manchester ...
ves and support optimistic futures

are and supporting wellbeing

gic objectives

usly improve            Work in partnership with         Be a sustainable, well-led
 users through            others to improve              organisation that delivers
nnovation and           wellbeing and challenge                 social value
Technology                       stigma

ogrammes of work
nd Innovation       Service users, communities and      Financially sustainable and
                      Voluntary, Community and                well-governed
gital                Social Enterprise sector (VCSE)
                                                       Safe, effective and supportive
                            Integrated care                     environments
                               Public sector                   Productivity
                         Trusted partnerships             Delivering Social Value

 to achieve

outcomes                     Individualised,                Sustainable services,
                              seamless care                    adding value

 ng and compassionate          We value and respect      We are open and honest

                                                                     Trust Strategy 2019-2024
Plan on a page


 Trust Strategy 2019-2024
The NHS Long Term Plan and           In planning ahead, our strategy
Implementation Framework             builds on the foundations of
sets out new mental health           our co-produced supporting
priorities that focus on             strategies, including:
integrated working and mental
                                     •   Service User Engagement
health, in particular, prevention,
                                         Strategy, 2018 – 2021
early intervention, resilience
                                     •   Carer, Family and Friends
and access to services. This
                                         Strategy, 2018 – 2021
vision is reinforced through the
                                     •   Equality, Diversity and
Greater Manchester Mental
                                         Inclusion Strategy, 2019 –
Health and Wellbeing Strategy
for the development of mental
                                     •   Spiritual Care Strategy, 2019
health services and reflected in
                                         – 2021
commissioning strategies and
                                     •   Housing and Mental Health
Locality Plans.
                                         Strategy, 2019 - 2022
                                     •   Workforce Strategy, 2018 –
Engagement in Development
We have created this five-year       •   Digital Strategy, 2019 - 2022
strategy with service users,         •   Research and Innovation
carers, staff and leaders, to            Strategy, 2017 – 2021
describe how we will develop         •   Recovery Academy
from 2019 to 2024. We became             Programme
a new Trust in 2017, providing       •   Quality Improvement
local care in Bolton, Manchester,        Strategy (Phase 1) 2019-2020                          07
Salford and Trafford, as well
as our regional and national         This strategy describes the
specialist services. Over the last   direction for the organisation
two years, we have successfully      over the next five years, guiding
transformed many services,           how we will lead and enhance
particularly focusing on             services in collaboration with
improving those in Manchester        service users, carers, staff and
and integrating them with the        partners – always with a shared
other communities we serve.          purpose of improving health
                                     and wellbeing.
As we look forward we have
listened to many people’s views
on what is important to them
and how we should move
forward, including:
•   Service users and carers
•   Staff
•   Clinical and other Senior
•   Council of Governors,
    including public, service
    users and partner Governors
    from across Bolton,
    Manchester, Salford and
•   Board of Directors

                                                                         Trust Strategy 2019-2024
Our Population

                             People with mental health problems are far more likely to
                             experience physical ill health and those with serious mental
                             illness are likely to die 15-20 years earlier than those without.

                     The number of people accessing mental health
                     services in Greater Manchester is almost double
                     the national rate (3,981 per 100,000 population
                     compared to 2,176 nationally).


        In Greater
        40% of the
        population            40%
        are among
        the 10% most                                  GMMH provides a range of services to
        disadvantaged in                              prisons across the North of England with
        the country.                                  a total of over 8000 inmates.

                              Poor mental health makes physical illness worse and raises
                              total health care costs by at least 45% for each person with a
                              long-term condition, meaning between £420m and £1.08bn
                              of all NHS expenditure in Greater Manchester is on long-term
                              conditions linked to poor mental health.

 Trust Strategy 2019-2024
Our Scope
Bolton, Salford and Trafford
• Mental Health and Substance Misuse Services (SMS)
• Mental Health Services
• SMS Services
• SMS Services
Specialist Services across Greater Manchester, the North
West and beyond:
• Adult Forensic Mental Health Services (including
   medium and low secure care)
• CAMHS - Tier 4, Male Medium Secure Forensic Mental
   Health Service, FCAMHS
• Mental Health and Deafness Services
• Health and Justice Services
• Perinatal Mental Health Services
• Substance Misuse Services
• Community Specialist Psychological Services (including
   Veteran Mental Health, support to Probation Services)


                        GMMH serves a local population of 1.32 million people and is
                        projected to increase by over 75,000 by 2026, resulting in 3,000
                        more people accessing current services.
                        By 2021, the over 70s population will increase by 15% and over
                        the next 25 years, the over 85s will double resulting in increased
                        comorbidities and complex care needs.

                        The prison population is ageing; in 2002, 7% of prisoners were over
                        50 increasing to 16% in 2019.

                        There has been a 12% increase in hospital admissions with a
                        primary diagnosis of drug-related mental health and behavioural
   Changing             disorders in the ten years to 2017. The North West has the highest
  populations           rate of such admissions nationally.

                        There is an expected 4% increase in the prison population in
                        England by 2022.

                        We continue to experience challenges in workforce availability.
                        The NHS Long Term Plan introduced additional funding for mental
                        health services through the Mental Health Investment Standard.
                        There continues to be consolidation of providers to improve quality
                        and efficiency of services.

                                                                             Trust Strategy 2019-2024

 Trust Strategy 2019-2024
We believe that mental health
and wellbeing matters.
Every person deserves the opportunity to be
supported to improve their mental health and
wellbeing and have access to person-centred,
high quality, integrated services.
Our goals are:                      Fundamental to our approach
• For people and communities        is working with service users
   to have mental wellbeing         and carers using the ladder
• For individuals who need          of co-production. We have
   mental health and/or             co-produced four important
   substance misuse support to      strategies that set out how
   have timely access to services   we do this – Service User and
   that are personalised,           Engagement, Carers, Family and
   integrated and close to          Friends, Equality Diversity and
   home                             Inclusion and Spiritual Care.
                                    Together these approaches
• Our staff and services to be                                                                       11
                                    provide the framework for the
   recovery-focused, building
                                    implementation of our Strategic
   individual and community
• The services we provide           As we set out our strategy for
   to be evidence-based,            the next five years, we have five
   offering high quality care by    strategic objectives to deliver
   compassionate and capable        excellent care and support
   staff in fit for purpose         wellbeing, based on our values.
• Our staff to be happy and
   motivated                        1.   Best care, every day
                                         Work with service users and carers to achieve their
• Anyone with a mental
                                         goals by delivering high quality care
   health or substance misuse
   issues to be treated equally     2.   Compassionate, supported, motivated staff
   and be supported to                   Create an outstanding place to work, ensuring staff
   challenge stigma that they            feel valued and are supported to reach their potential
   may face in their lives          3.   Best outcomes
                                         Continuously improve services for users through
                                         Research, Innovation and Digital Technology
                                    4.   Individualised, seamless services
                                         Work in partnership with others to improve wellbeing
                                         and challenge stigma
                                    5.   Sustainable services, adding value
                                         Be a sustainable, well-led organisation that delivers
                                         social value

                                                                               Trust Strategy 2019-2024

 Trust Strategy 2019-2024
Objective One

 Objective One    Best care, every day

Work with service                   forward to delivering these
                                    services and the opportunity
                                                                       •   Pathway Development –
                                                                           standardise high quality care
users and carers to                 they offer to work with partners       in our services and redesign
                                    to develop a consistently high
achieve their goals                 quality pathway approach
                                                                       •   Inclusive Services – meet the
by delivering high                  for the people of Greater              needs of all individuals and
quality care                                                               recognising their community
                                                                           of identity
                                    Our vision is for services
We want people to thrive in         to be an integral part of
their communities, accessing        each community, building
the best care when they             resilience and wellbeing whilst
need it. Our aim is to support      improving access and delivering
wellbeing and help service          consistently high quality
users and carers to achieve their   through two areas of focus:
goals, building resilience with
people and in communities,          1. Quality Improvement
and ensuring access to timely,      We launched Phase One of
inclusive and consistently high     our Quality Improvement
quality pathways of care.           Strategy in June 2019 and will

                                    embed a culture of continuous
Over the past two years we          development and learning                                          13
have worked on developing           across the organisation through
new models of care across           our three Quality Improvement
home-based treatment,               Priorities, to improve outcomes,
community mental health             to deliver safest care and to
teams and inpatient services,       integrate care around the
concentrating on providing          person.
care closer to home and
taking on new services such
as Bolton Community Child           2. Best Care
and Adolescent Mental Health        We will continue to work with
Services. A number of Quality       our commissioners and partners
Improvement approaches have         to expand access to services,
been implemented promoting          reduce variation and deliver
the least restrictive approaches    consistently high quality care
to care including the               and improve pathways to
implementation of ‘Positive and     deliver excellent, co-produced
Safe’ and ‘Safewards’ leading to    care and support every day via:
improved standards of care.
                                    •   Expanded Access – self
                                        referral and using digital
Our specialist services have
developed at a pace. In 2019
we became one of three              •   Acute Care Pathway –
national pilot sites for the            supporting people close to
women’s blended service                 home
and we are a national Lead          •   Crisis Response –
Provider Collaborative for              intervention and prevention
Greater Manchester Adult
Secure Services. We are looking
                                                                               Trust Strategy 2019-2024

 Trust Strategy 2019-2024
Objective Two

 Objective Two   Compassionate, supported, motivated staff

Create an                         our BAME workforce. The key
                                  building blocks of the strategy
                                                                      Transforming our workforce
                                                                      – Respond to changing needs
outstanding place                 will emphasise the importance       and demands through the
                                  of building leadership              development of a highly skilled,
to work, ensuring                 capacity in managing systems,       flexible and modern workforce.
staff feel valued                 compassionate leadership and        This will be achieved through
                                  quality improvement.                planning and developing
and are supported                                                     new roles to integrate into
to reach their                    As the largest provider of
                                  mental health services in
                                                                      the workforce and improving
                                                                      organisational performance.
potential                         Greater Manchester the Trust
                                  has a great opportunity to          Outstanding leadership and
We want to be the first choice    position itself as one of the       management development
employer for mental health and    leading employers within            – Effective leadership and
substance misuse services, with   the sector nationally. Our          positive management enables
staff who feel valued, cared      Workforce and Organisational        the development of a high
for, supported and rewarded       Development Strategy focuses        performing organisation that
for the work that they do. The    on four high impact areas to be     provides service users and
national workforce shortage is    delivered in collaboration with     carers the best possible care.
our biggest challenge and since   staff and partners across the       Our approach puts clinical
launching our Workforce and       system as follows:                  staff at the heart of

Organisational Development                                            decision making through
Strategy we have made good        Supply, recruitment and             our collective model of        15
progress on addressing the key    retention – We need to recruit      leadership.
issues of supply, recruitment     and retain high calibre staff
and retention.                    with the right values, attitudes,
                                  skills and experience to perform
We have expanded student          their roles effectively, working
placements, increased Trainee     with stakeholders to influence
Nurse Associates and grown        and increase the mental health
the number of apprenticeships     workforce supply; developing
and peer mentors, as well         approaches to attracting and
as instigating a national         recruiting people; retaining our
recruitment campaign for          existing workforce.
medical staff. In support
of this, and to create an         Creating an outstanding place
outstanding place to work,        to work – To be the first choice
we have developed inclusive       employer for the mental health
staff networks focussed upon      workforce where people
our BAME, LGBT and Disabled       feel valued, looked after
workforce.                        and appreciated through an
                                  inclusive environment, which
Our priorities are broadening     embraces diversity and where
and we will be developing         our employees can achieve the
a new Leadership Strategy         best possible state of health and
for the Trust building on         well-being at work.
the work we have started to
develop an internal coaching
network, our Shadow Board
Programme and our Opening
Opportunities Programme for
                                                                             Trust Strategy 2019-2024

 Trust Strategy 2019-2024
Objective Three

 Objective Three    Best outcomes

Continuously                        Our Research and Innovation
                                    Strategy seeks to expand
improve services                    opportunities for service users
                                    to participate in research and
for users through                   build on five outstanding
Research,                           academic hubs. Involving more
                                    users and staff in research
Innovation and                      will bring the twin benefits
                                    of improving outcomes for
Digital Technology                  people with mental health and
                                    substance misuse problems, and
We want people to have the
                                    support staff to provide the
best possible support and
                                    best possible care.
access to excellent services. Our
goal is to continuously improve     2. Digital
how we work and what we
do so that service users and        Our vision is to enable the
carers have the best possible       adoption of digital technologies
experience and outcomes.            that enhance the service user
                                    experience, whilst ensuring that
Evidence shows that high levels     we are able to demonstrate

of Research and Innovation          that we are using our resources
within services contribute          to the maximum effect.                                     17
significantly to the experience     Further, this will ensure that
and outcomes for users. We          our comprehensive research
are a highly research active        programmes are supported
organisation and have six           to adopt new and emerging
Research Units, reflecting the      innovative technology to
Trust priorities, that bring        advance research and outcomes
research in to practice to          for our service users. Our digital
improve outcomes. This is           ambitions are:
complimented by our digital
                                    • Improving the experience of
approaches that demonstrate
                                        our services for service users
our commitment to testing
                                        and carers
new ways of working using
technology to innovate the way      • Connect our organisation
we support people and deliver           across the health and social
services. We are building on this       care partner footprints
approach and, to continuously       • Improving our ability
improve, we are working with            to make informed and
service users and our staff             intelligent decisions
through two programmes              • Improve the efficiency
of work, which are Research             and digital safety of our
and Innovation and Digital              organisation
Technology.                         • Supporting our workforce to
                                        become digitally enabled
1. Research and Innovation
GMMH wants to become the
world-leading organisation
for mental health research.

                                                                         Trust Strategy 2019-2024

 Trust Strategy 2019-2024
Objective Four   Individualised, seamless services

Work in                              that supports innovation with
                                     VCSE partners to meet local
                                                                         Trusted partnerships – We
                                                                         recognise that our successful
partnership with                     needs and expand our successful     collaborations are built on
                                     Recovery Academy.                   relationships, shared values
others to improve                                                        and purpose. We will develop
                                     Integrated Care Partners –
wellbeing and                        GMMH is a committed and
                                                                         a framework of trusted
                                                                         partners for strategic areas
challenge stigma                     active partner in Bolton,
                                     Manchester, Salford and
                                                                         of our services. We now have
                                                                         the opportunity to develop
As a specialist mental health        Trafford. Each locality has
                                                                         our role as a commissioner
and substance misuse provider        a different approach to
                                                                         of services through the Lead
we recognise the need to             integrated working, and our
                                                                         Provider Collaborative approach
collaborate with service users,      priority is to ensure we work to
                                                                         developed by NHS England
families, communities, third         integrate our service offer and
                                                                         for specialised mental health
sector and statutory partners        delivery focusing on the needs
                                                                         services. Working in partnership
to bring together expertise for      of the local population. We will
                                                                         with other providers, this
the benefit of service users,        work in our local integrated
                                                                         will offer an opportunity to
moving beyond medical care           partnerships to lead, improve
                                                                         redesign pathways of care and
to create optimistic futures.        and support mental health
                                                                         improve quality of services for
The Trust works with a great         and wellbeing and drive the
                                                                         service users.
many partners in the planning        principles of parity of esteem to

and developing of services. We       ensure that mental health has
work together with service           equal recognition with acute,                                     19
users and carers, in communities     community, adult social care
and in delivering services, across   and primary care.
local mental health, substance       Public Sector partners – GMMH
misuse and health and justice        is a core partner in the Greater
services.                            Manchester Health and Social
                                     Care Partnership and wider
The number and complexity            transformation of health and
of partnerships continues to         social care services. Our Housing
increase as we look to promote       and Mental Health Strategy
wellbeing and best meet the          2019-2022, recognises the value
needs of service users and           of working in partnership to
carers. We want to continue to       develop alternative forms of
develop our trusted partnership      supported housing to enable
approaches in four ways:             people to live in the community.
Service Users, Communities and       We will work with partners to
VCSE partners – We will work         deliver better outcomes and
with partners to implement           reduce inequalities, through
the Greater Manchester Mental        a range of housing pathways
Wellbeing Strategy and support       promoting independence.
our third sector partners to
promote wellbeing across the
population. We will continue
to promote our asset based
approach, expanding our
Health and Wellbeing Fund
within a partnership framework

                                                                                Trust Strategy 2019-2024

 Trust Strategy 2019-2024
Objective Five    Sustainable services, adding value

Be a sustainable,                   improve productivity; work
                                    with commissioners to develop
                                                                        Our status as a Living Wage
                                                                        Foundation Employer and
well-led                            cross locality opportunities;       established apprenticeship
                                    ensure funding is allocated         programme is demonstration
organisation that                   as per the Mental Health            of our commitment to social
delivers social                     Investment Standard; Invest in      value. We aspire to add
                                    new Capital developments and        more social value through
value                               improvements to our current         continued development of the
                                    estate and IM&T infrastructure.     volunteer and peer mentorship
We want to use the mental                                               programmes available through
health pound to add value           Ensuring we deliver services        our Recovery Academy, and
to people’s health and              in an efficient and effective       commitment towards our
wellbeing and play our role         environment – We want people        workforce reflecting our local
in contributing social value to     to be safely supported in fit       communities of place and
communities. We will develop        for purpose accommodation           identity.
and deliver services for people     and have invested £19m in
that meet their needs whilst        our environments over the
continuing to be a sustainable      last two years. Services are
organisation that is financially    delivered across 140 locations
sound and well governed. Our        and continued investment is
programme of operational

                                    needed to fulfil our aspiration
productivity will support           to enable the environments
quality improvement whilst                                                                               21
                                    to effectively support clinical
also maximising efficiency. As      models. Our estate strategy will
an NHS-funded organisation          be sustainable in environmental
spending resources and              and financial terms and ensure
employing over 5000 staff we        that any investment is central to
recognise the role that we          this.
play in our communities and
that we need to maximise the        Productivity – We will deliver
impact of our expenditure to        against the principles of
deliver added social value.         operational productivity
There are four programmes of        to make the best use of
work identified to ensure this is   limited resources. We have
achieved.                           benchmarked ourselves against
                                    other NHS organisations
Being financially sustainable       to better understand and
and well governed – Our             challenge the variations in
financial strategy is focused       quality and cost of our services.
on achieving long-term
sustainability whilst continuing    Delivering Social Value in our
to deliver financial targets and    communities – We will develop
managing financial risks. The       a social value strategy securing
overall financial objectives        wider social, economic and
are aligned to the Long-Term        environmental benefits from
Plan five financial tests and       the work that we undertake.
will ensure that we maintain        Through our partnership work
financial balance through cost      we will work with service users,
improvement and reducing            carers and partners to create
areas of high spend; use            optimistic futures and “a life
benchmarking information to         worth living”.
                                                                               Trust Strategy 2019-2024
Our Services
 GMMH provides mental health        Through this strategy we have
 and substance misuse services      focussed on each service area,
 to diverse populations, and a      their ambitions for the next
 geography extending across the     five years and how this will be
 North West of England. Broadly     achieved, in order that we can
 speaking, our services fall into   deliver the highest standards of
 nine categories of provision:      treatment and care.

 •   Prevention and primary care
 •   Acute care pathway
 •   Rehabilitation
 •   Child and adolescent mental
 •   Older People
 •   Adult forensic
 •   Mental health and deafness
 •   Health and justice
 •   Substance misuse


 Prevention and Primary Care

 Our Ambition                       people outside of secondary         those requiring services. We
                                    mental health care. We have         are leading on the provision
 We want people who are             been working with General           of University student mental
 experiencing mild to moderate      Practice, Commissioners and the     health services across Greater
 mental health problems to          integrated local care systems to    Manchester and provide
 have timely access to care and     develop services to address this,   specialist psychological support
 support. An estimated one          testing different approaches to     through our Military Veterans
 in four adults (255,000 across     primary care mental health.         and Eating Disorder services.
 GMMH footprint population)                                             We will continue to expand our
 experience a mental health         How will we get there?              Greater Manchester Perinatal
 problem and will need support.                                         Service to support prevention,
 Approximately 53,000 of these      Across GMMH we have made
                                                                        which is linked our to Mother
 people are in contact with         significant progress to improve
                                                                        and Baby Unit.
 GMMH services. This includes       the access and recovery rates for
 our primary care Improving         IAPT services. We are supporting    We will evaluate approaches
 Access to Psychological            the Volunteer, Community and        to primary care mental health
 Therapies (IAPT) service and       Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector,    and work with general practice,
 our wellbeing services, working    with a focus on prevention          commissioners and partners to
 with our third sector partners.    roles, as part of our strategy      establish the best model for
 We recognise that there is a       to improve the mental health        primary care mental health
 gap in commissioned primary        of young people, reduce             moving forward.
 care mental health support for     stigma and increase access for
 Trust Strategy 2019-2024
Acute Care Pathway

Our Ambition                        want the neighbourhoods and           good housing. For people
                                    communities we serve to be            who do require inpatient
We want to provide the
                                    great places to live and work,        care, we want this to be in
best care, every day through
                                    and see good mental health as         environments that are of the
services that work across those
                                    a foundation in achieving this.       highest standard. We want to
communities, are responsive
                                                                          increase the face to face care
to crisis and provide a
                                    How will we get there?                hours provided by our inpatient
recovery focus that optimises
                                                                          multidisciplinary teams, provide
independence and minimises          We want to support people in
                                                                          intensive community support,
the input required from             their communities, preventing
                                                                          shortening hospital stays,
statutory services.                 hospital admission and enabling
                                                                          enabling people to continue
                                    early discharge through home
GMMH provides secondary                                                   their recovery at home.
                                    based treatment services
mental health services across
                                    that can provide intensive
four of the ten Greater
                                    therapeutic intervention,
Manchester Metropolitan
                                    averting crisis and providing
Boroughs; Bolton, Manchester,
                                    a real alternative to hospital
Salford and Trafford and at
                                    admission. This will be
any one time we provide care
                                    strengthened through our
via our Acute Care Pathway
                                    strategy to help people access
for up to 20,000 people. We



Our Ambition                        How will we get there?                four units are supported by
                                                                          GMMH as a partner maximising
Our aspiration is that everyone     The programme of work to
                                                                          the opportunity for individual
who has the potential to            review all service users in out
                                                                          placements through the
benefit from rehabilitation         of area placements has begun
                                                                          provision of varying degrees
can do so from within their         and will continue until we know
                                                                          of accommodation across the
home locality. We will work         that for those people in these
with service users and carers       placements this is due to clinical
to provide care within their        need and that there is no
                                                                          We will continue to enhance
local communities, less isolated    alternative option within their
                                                                          the rehabilitation pathway
from families, friends and          home locality.
                                                                          across GMMH through building
local support networks. Where
                                                                          on our already successful
specialist placement is required    GMMH has established a
                                                                          partnership arrangements,
out of area, we will work with      specialist Rehabilitation division,
                                                                          developing further alliances
service users, carers and their     consolidating the expertise
                                                                          with housing providers to
families to support the return to   and resources across the
                                                                          improve community-based
a placement as close to home at     organisation. GMMH operates
the earliest opportunity.           six inpatient rehabilitation
                                    units as prime provider, two of
                                    these in partnership with the
                                    independent sector. A further

                                                                                 Trust Strategy 2019-2024
Child and Adolescent Mental Health

 Our Ambition                       services away from a ‘tiered’         young people.
                                    model of service to one that is
 We want to be an integral                                                A priority is to achieve the
                                    built around the needs of the
 and sustainable provider of                                              ‘Quality Network Inpatient
                                    children, young people and
 the entire Tier 4 pathway for                                            CAMHS’ (QNIC) Accreditation
                                    their families.
 Greater Manchester including                                             for our inpatient services.
 Medium Secure, Low Secure,                                               GMMH is affiliated with The
                                    How will we get there?
 PICU and General Adolescent                                              University of Manchester and
 beds and to build upon our                                               the establishment of CAMHS.
                                    We will meet the workforce
 provision of Community CAMHS                                             Digital Research Unit, improving
                                    requirements and challenges
 in Bolton to expand Tier 3                                               the Mental Health of vulnerable
                                    by reviewing the skill mix
 services and further enhance                                             Children, Young people and
                                    and traditional roles and
 the pathway for children and                                             families.
                                    responsibilities to meet
 young people. GMMH supports
                                    recruitment and retention
 the whole system approach that
                                    needs to deliver the
 places emphasis on prevention
                                    transformation agenda.
 of mental ill health, early
                                    The service will remain fully
 intervention and recovery, and
                                    engaged in the development
 commitment to transform the
                                    and implementation of the crisis
 design and delivery of local
                                    care pathway for children and


 Older People

 Our Ambition                       responsive to peoples changing        Alliances and we are developing
                                    circumstances and needs,              our capability to manage
 We want to develop our older
                                    recognising the increasing            complex comorbidities as well
 people’s services in order to
                                    frailty and complex physical          as organic and functional
 provide the best care to enable
                                    health problems, and social           mental illnesses. Our priorities
 older people to continue to live
                                    care needs and supported by           are to develop a model of care
 fulfilling lives and be engaged
                                    a skilled and compassionate           that recognises the changing
 in their local neighbourhoods
                                    workforce.                            population needs, continue
 and communities, and not be
                                                                          to develop our relationships
 defined by frailty and illness.    How will we get there?
                                                                          across the third sector,
 The population is increasing       GMMH’s Dementia Research              identifying where they are
 and people are living longer.      Unit, is a leading hub for clinical   better placed to provide services
 Across the GMMH boroughs           studies sponsored by academic         and work collaboratively
 we can expect the over 70          and commercial partners.              with commissioners to ensure
 population to increase by 15%      This is a testing site for new        suitable long term, continuing
 from 119,500 to 137,500 by         technologies to support brain         care can be provided.
 2021 meaning an increase of        health in older people and is a
 18,000 people, presenting a        focus of clinical research activity
 different challenge to services.   for dementia. We are a valued
                                    partner across the Local Care
 We want to provide secondary
                                    Organisations and Local Care
 mental health services that are

 Trust Strategy 2019-2024
Adult Forensic Services

Our Ambition                       restrictive clinical environment.   learning from one and other,
                                                                       valuing the importance both of
We will establish GMMH             How will we get there?
                                                                       professional expertise and lived
as the driving force of the
                                   Our established Recovery            experience. Our aspiration is to
Lead Provider Collaborative
                                   Academy Edenfield Hub               continue to develop the services
for Greater Manchester and
                                   supports the delivery of            through; implementation of the
develop our services to provide
                                   mental health care for service      Lead Provider Collaborative,
outstanding care in outstanding
                                   users within a medium secure        Women’s Blended Service;
facilities as a national leader
                                   setting. Recovery activities are    the development of Forensic
in secure care. This provides a
                                   at the heart of our services and    Outreach and Liaison Service
unique opportunity to redesign
                                   we offer a recovery focused         to provide community forensic
the way forensic services
                                   programme of wellbeing              services to GM; development of
are delivered in the future,
                                   and learning aimed at               early intervention, prevention
building on our partnership
                                   empowering and building the         and peer support services within
working and further developing
                                   understanding, capabilities and     the inpatient and community
our links and collaboration
                                   skills of service users to make     team.
with criminal justice partners
                                   sustainable recovery plans
and locality mental health
                                   for their future. We continue
teams to ensure all service
                                   to involve people with lived
users have personalised care
                                   experience in the co-facilitation
supporting individual choice,
                                   and co-production of courses
independence, recovery and
                                   with the aim of everyone
quality of life in the least


Mental Health and Deafness

Our Ambition                       more deaf staff and increased
                                   awareness of deaf culture.
We want our Mental Health
and Deafness service to be         How will we get there?
recognised as the most deaf
                                   We will continue to strengthen

                                                                              1of 3
accessible unit in the UK. The
                                   our clinical expertise, placing
John Denmark Unit (JDU),
                                   the service at the forefront
based on the Prestwich site, is
                                   nationally as a provider. We
one of three units across the
                                   have developed, and will
country specialising in mental
                                   continue to expand a range of             units across the
health and deafness. The service
delivers assessment, care and
                                   British Sign Language approved            UK specialising
                                   information that we have made            in mental health
treatment to a diverse group
                                   available as freeware, further
of service users, and leading
                                   enhancing the reputation of                and deafness
nationally, this has recently
                                   the service. We will work in
been developed to include men
                                   collaboration with NHS England
stepping down from secure
                                   in development of the specialist
care. We want the service to
                                   function of forensic step
be more accessible through the
                                   down and continue to expand
use of innovative technology,
                                   our workforce to include
increase and improve staff
                                   deaf staff, developing a deaf
training in sign language,
                                   friendly culture throughout the
develop our workforce with
                                   organisation.                              Trust Strategy 2019-2024
Health and Justice Services

 Our Ambition                         Health and Justice Services         with Greater Manchester Police.
                                      in the country and improve          We recognise the strength
 Our ambition is to be the best
                                      the health and care outcomes        and value that the third sector
 overall provider of health and
                                      for this vulnerable group and       brings to our clinical models,
 justice services. Our services
                                      narrow the gap with the wider       broadening the expertise
 operate across the north of
                                      population, divert people with      available to service users. As
 England and we will work in
                                      mental health problems from         a Mental Health Trust we will
 partnership to meet peoples
                                      the criminal justice system and     work with partner organisations
 needs in our three areas of
                                      support people post release.        to develop clinical models
                                      We will help service users live     that provide the best care
 •   Prisons – Delivering a           more fulfilling lives build safer   meeting the often complex
     combination of Mental            communities with greater social     needs of this group of service
     Health, Substance Misuse         cohesion.                           users. We are committed to
     and Primary Care                                                     effectively delivering mental
                                      How will we get there?
 •   Community – Offender                                                 health, substance misuse and
     Liaison and Diversion, Bail      GMMH is recognised as a             primary care elements of prison
     Hostel, Street Triage Services   provider of high quality services   contracts.
                                      across the prison sector in the
 •   Young Persons – providing
                                      North of England. We want to
     individual and group
                                      build on this, developing our
     therapy to children in secure
                                      opportunities as prime provider
     children’s homes
                                      across the sector and continue
 We want to provide the best          to work in strong partnership

 Substance Misuse Services

 Our Ambition                         our aims for drug and alcohol       justice agencies, the third sector
                                      services are to build resilience    and other organisations who
 Our vision is to be a nationally
                                      based prevention; address           are involved in the promotion
 recognised centre of excellence
                                      the wider health and social         of recovery and rehabilitation.
 for the provision of addiction
                                      economic inequalities; increase     We demonstrate innovation
 services. GMMH provides
                                      partnership working and             and GMMH is home to the UK’s
 integrated community
                                      respond to the challenges posed     first RADAR referral pathway
 substance misuse treatment and
                                      by the recent rise in drug-         (Rapid Access Detoxification
 recovery services and specialist
                                      related deaths. We want to          Alcohol hospital) this pathway is
 inpatient detoxification and
                                      shift our emphasis to outcomes      a bespoke 5-7 day rapid alcohol
 stabilisation available across
                                      and impact using integrated         detoxification programme.
 the North West at the Chapman
                                      approaches to deliver services      The substance misuse service
 Barker Unit. Drug and alcohol
                                      with an emphasis on long-term       also provides a dual diagnosis
 misuse has a profound impact
                                      recovery.                           service offering specialist
 on the health and wellbeing of
                                                                          advice and consultancy to all
 individuals and their families       How will we get there?
                                                                          practitioners within mental
 and on the safety, resilience
                                      Our approach focuses on             health and substance misuse
 and economic future of our
                                      delivering innovative and high      service to support their work
 communities. It is therefore
                                      performing substance misuse         with services users who have a
 important that we develop
                                      treatment and recovery with         dual diagnosis. We are uniquely
 services that are responsive to
                                      our partners using a proven         positioned to support this
 the needs of the communities
                                      approach to promptly identify       vulnerable group and we are
 and reduce the risks and harm
                                      and support people affected         able to offer an integrated
 caused by drugs and alcohol.
                                      by alcohol or drug misuse into      approach, co-locating with our
 In line with the national and
                                      appropriate treatment. Our          mental health colleagues and,
 Greater Manchester strategies,
                                      partnership model incorporates      using one care record to meet
 and recognising local need,
 Trust Strategy 2019-2024             mental health services, criminal    complex needs.

Trust Strategy 2019-2024
Monitoring and Outcomes
 The Board of Directors at          Progress will be monitored
 GMMH is committed to               through our governance,
 delivering the vision described    performance management,
 in this strategy, and to           organisational development and
 developing and delivering          risk management frameworks
 excellent mental health and        with oversight at Board Sub-
 substance misuse services. We      Committees and ultimately
 have set out the following         the Board of Directors.
 delivery goals in the monitoring   Delivery of this strategy will
 of this strategy.                  occur through the adoption
 1. Best care, every day            of the strategic objectives
                                    at a local level across the
 2. Compassionate, supported,
                                    organisation with associated
     motivated staff
                                    agreed key deliverables and
 3. Best outcomes                   outcomes. The five strategic
 4. Individualised, seamless        objectives will be translated
     services                       into agreed divisional and
 5. Sustainable services, adding    service goals and each division
     value                          will scope out their part to play
                                    in delivering this strategy in the
                                    Trust annual business planning


 Trust Strategy 2019-2024
We have set one to two year milestones and this will be updated annually:

 We aim to deliver                  Key Element                          Milestones

 1                      Quality Improvement               QI Strategy – Phase 1
        Best care,
        every day
                        Best Care                         Best Care Programme – Year 1

                        Supply, recruitment and retention Workforce Strategy – Year 1 and 2
 2   Compassionate,
       supported,       Outstanding place to work         Workforce Strategy – Year 1 and 2
     motivated staff
                        Transforming our workforce        Workforce Strategy – Year 1 and 2
                        Outstanding Leadership and
                                                          Workforce Strategy – Year 1 and 2
                        management development
                        Research and Innovation           Refresh Research and Innovation Strategy
 3        Best
        outcomes        Digital Technology                Digital Strategy – Year 1

                       Service Users, communities and     GM Mental Wellbeing Strategy – Year 1
 4    Individualised, VCSE partners
                                                          Development of Recovery Academy
     seamless services
                                                          Develop VCSE Framework and wellbeing
                        Integrated Care Partners          Equal partner in each Integrated Care
                                                          System developments                   29

                                                          Develop new approaches to primary care
                                                          mental health and primary/secondary
                                                          care interfaces
                        Public Sector Partners            Housing Strategy – Year 1
                                                          Housing First - implement agreed GMMH
                                                          Develop employment strategy
                        Trusted Partnerships              Review strategic partnership – implement
                                                          Enhance role as lead provider and
                                                          delegated commissioner as part of Lead
                                                          Provider Collaborative
                        Finance                           Deliver Cost Improvement Plans
 5     Sustainable                                        Complete financial modelling for
     services, adding                                     NHS Long Term Implementation Plan
           value                                          including five Financial Tests
                        Estates / Environment             Develop Business Case for Park House
                                                          Develop Estates Strategy

                        Productivity                      Agree productivity improvement plan
                                                          and implement Year 1 milestones

                        Social Value                      Develop Social Value Strategy

                                                                            Trust Strategy 2019-2024

 Trust Strategy 2019-2024
Get involved
Become a member                     Volunteer
If you have used our services       We recognise the value
in the last five years, or are a    volunteering adds to the
member of the public who is         experiences of our service users
interested in having a greater      and their families and carers,
say in how we develop our           and to volunteers themselves. If
services, become a member of        you are interested in becoming
GMMH.                               a volunteer, please visit our
0161 358 1607                       volunteering

Work for us                         Recovery Academy
Our staff are passionate, service   The Trust’s Recovery Academy
user focussed and committed         provides a range of free
to working together to help         educational courses and
people to live well. We employ      resources for people with
a diverse workforce that reflects   mental health and substance
the communities we work with        misuse problems, their families
and welcome applications from       and carers as well as health care                         31
people who are newly qualified      professionals.
or more experienced. To find
                                    If you are interested in
out more about working for
                                    attending a course and would
us, and to view our current
                                    like more information, advice
vacancies, please visit the NHS
                                    or support, please get in touch
Jobs website (
                                    by emailing recoveryacademy@
uk) or contact our Recruitment
                           or calling us on
Team by emailing recruitment@
                                    0161 358 1771.

                                                                        Trust Strategy 2019-2024
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Telephone: 0161 773 9121

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