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Ref. No: DPS /NAC/18-19/Cir:88                                                                                                      Date: 01-03-2019

 Dear Parents
 Greetings from DPS Nacharam!
 The academic year 2018-19 has drawn to a successful close.
 Every person on this earth is full of great possibilities that can be realized through imagination, effort and
 perseverance. The year 2018-19 has gone by leaving in its wake beautiful and indelible memories of wonderful
 events, competitions, assemblies and many an important occasion.
 The year was a coaster ride despite its ups and downs. Academics saw a new surge in learning with the new
 pattern of evaluation released by the CBSE. Parent orientations put many a parent at ease and most of the
 students sailed through the year with ease.
 Co-curricular activities were conducted successfully and opportunities were thrown open to many students to
 participate. Elocution, Debate, Essay writing, Mono-action, Declamation, Wall Magazine Competition were
 some of the competitions conducted. Clubs also were successful and varied. All for Kids Club, Robotics,
 Aeromodelling, School Cinema, Spell Bee and other clubs were highlights of the middle school. A glimpse
 of this has been presented before you in this circular.
 House Assemblies: The first House assemblies of the new academic year were held on 31st March 2018.
 Students were asked to speak for a minute to two minutes on various topics. Students were shortlisted for
 house captains and deputy house captain posts from classes VII and VIII. Team of teachers judged the
 performance of the students.
 Elections: Elections for middle school at DPS was a very colourful and an exciting event. It was Democracy
 in action. Students were made to undergo a stringent process for nominations and elections for student council
 and house captain posts. Screening was done for student council through an essay writing, panel interview
 and speeches given by students. For house captains and deputies, nominated students campaigned using
 symbols and manifestos for their house. Students voted in ballot boxes. The results were declared to a roaring
 and excited audience.
 Academic Proficiency Award Ceremony: It is customary at DPS to honour academic achievers for their
 round the year performance in academics. Students who had score d A1 for three consecutive years and who
 had scored A1 for that academic year were honoured at a glittering function on 7th April 2018.
 GESE Exam at DPS Nacharam: DPS Nacharam conducted the GESE( Graded Exam of Spoken English)
 by Trinity College of London in the month of February 2018. Students aced the exam and many of them
 distinctions. The international certificates were distributed to students at an official function
 Special Assembly on World Environment Day: World Environment Day was celebrated in the month of
 June through a special assembly conducted by students of class 8. An oath was taken by students not to use
 Guest Lecture on Character building: A Guest lecture was arranged for students of class VII on the
 Character building in the month of June. The team from i-focus, Mr.Venu and Ms.Aishwarya gave a
 meaningful talk of behaviour in classrooms and at home. Children were suitably motivated.
DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL Nacharam Mahendra Hills Nadergul
Science Week Special Assembly: Science Week was celebrated in the month of June with much fanfare at
DPS. The theme was Food and Technology. It was very meaningful with the students learning about food and
importance of good food , usage of technology in cooking and nutrients in cooking.
Mime and Mono acting: Mono-action Competition and Mime Competition was conducted in the month of
July for students of the four houses after a long drawn process of auditions. It was a presentation of the best
of talents among the students.
Inter House Competition Rhetoric, Extempore, and Debate: Literary competitions were conducted in the
month of July in Extempore, Rhetoric and Debate. The students spoke with verve and panache and floored
the judges.
VI MK’s Cricket Tournament: The VI MK’s South Zone Inter School Cricket Tournament was held at DPS
Nacharam from the 6th of July, 18.Around 28 schools from the twin cities and Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh
took part in the three categories of Under 12, Under 14 and the Under 16 category. DPS Nacharam won the
Rolling trophy in the Under 12 and Under 14 categories and were the Runners up in the Under 16 category.
Guest Lecture on conservation of the environment: A Guest lecture was organised for the students of class
7 by a scientist from the N.G.Ranga Agricultural University in the month of July. The topic related to the
conservation of the environment and reduction in the use of plastic. The lecture was a revelation and the
students vowed to put all that they had learnt to good use.
Guest Lecture on Good touch and bad touch: To promote increased awareness and understanding in girl
students about Good Touch and Bad Touch, four reputed doctors were called from leading hospitals to address
students in the month of August.
Young Innovators Competition: An interesting and exciting inter-house competition ‘Young Innovators
Competition’ was conducted for the students of the middle school in the month of August. The theme was
related to Science and Art. The students made exciting innovations using recyclable materials.
Teen Chef Inter House Competition: It was an exciting time when the Inter- house Teen Chef Competition
was conducted for the students in the month of August. Master Chef Ajay Chopra was invited as the Chief
Guest and he was floored by the innovative and nutritious items showcased by the students.
Social Week Celebrations: Social Week was celebrated grandly with the theme being Woman Empowerment
in the month of August. Students showcased the role played by prominent women across the world and did a
meaningful role play. Boys were made aware of the respect needed to be given to women in all walks of life.
Teachers’ Day Celebrations: Teachers’ day was celebrated with great fun and enjoyment on the 5th of
September, 18.Students celebrated with the class teachers in their classes in the morning and it was
entertainment unlimited for teachers in the afternoon and evening with the management. Tattoo Corner,
Mehndi corner, pony rides, car rides, selfie corner were some of the fun events organised for the teachers.
Lunch was a grand affair with a great spread. The theme of the day was Retro to Metro.
Guest lecture for Boys on Hygiene: Using the very talented and resourceful parent pool of the school, a guest
lecture was arranged for the boys of classes 7&8 on the 6th of September, 18 by a team of parent doctors. The
doctors stressed upon hygiene for boys, physical changes during teen years and about the need for the right
kind of focus during these years.
Hindi Diwas: Hindi Week was celebrated by the Hindi department through a special assembly in the month
of September .It was one of the most meaningful assemblies conducted. The theme was celebration of Hindi
literature. Students enacted plays in Hindi like Kalinga War, lives of poets and so on. The works of great
writers and poets was stressed upon by teachers and students alike. Overall, it was a great learning experience
for the students.
Language week celebrations: It was a week of celebrations as language week was celebrated in Telugu,
English, Sanskrit and French in the month of October
DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL Nacharam Mahendra Hills Nadergul
English week celebrations: English week a was celebrated in the month of October through a special
assembly celebrating the works of Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Keats, Shelley, R.K.Narayan and many other
literary giants
Telugu week celebrations: The Telugu week assembly was colourfully and meaningfully celebrated in the
month of October through the works of great Telugu poets, writers and novelists. Children enjoyed reciting
poetry of great poets of Telugu literature.
Sanskrit Week celebrations: The rich and glorious Sanskrit language was brought out beautifully through a
special Sanskrit week assembly in the month of October. Various plays, news broadcast and radio commentary
was part of the Sanskrit week celebrations.
French week celebrations: In continuation with the language assemblies, French special assembly was
conducted on the 1st of November 2018. The theme of the assembly was France. Students spoke about famous
places, personalities and the richness of the French language.
Inter House Dramatic competition: The theme of the Dramatic competition held on 2nd November was
Shakespeare. The major plays of Shakespeare like Macbeth, The Merchant of Venice, King Lear, Othello and
so on were shortened into ten minute plays and performed by students of classes 7 & 8. The students enjoyed
dramatising Shakespeare’s plays.
Diwali special assembly: A colourful special assembly was conducted for students of middle school on the
occasion of Diwali in the month of November. Dances, songs and lighting of lamps formed part of the
celebrations. The significance of Diwali and ways of safe and green Diwali was stressed upon during
assembly. The students of the Outreach Club took sweets and sparklers to an Old Age Home and to a Mental
Rehabilitation home. The resident were given sweets, dry fruit boxes and made to burn sparklers to celebrate
the victory of good over evil.
Diya Decorating Activity: Diya decoration is part of the culture of DPS to celebrate the festival of lights,
Diwali. Students brought earthen lamps from home and decorated them in all colours and designs to celebrate
the beauty of the festival in the month of November.
Children’s Day celebrations: Children’s Day was celebrated in the month of November with a mix of
academics and fun and frolic. A special assembly was conducted for the children and the music and dance
teachers danced and sang to the tune of popular songs to the merriment of students. Teachers danced and sang
songs and conducted the special assembly for students.
Outreach Club: The Outreach Club as part of its earnest endeavour, invited the students of the government
school to see the Atal Tinkering Lab. Different projects in the lab were shown and discussed with the students
in the month of November.
Sports Day: Intramural sports was conducted for students from class 7 upwards. Every student participated
in one team event and two individual events. The   finals of Athletic events and selected team events were
conducted on the 16 of November. Pyramids performed by middle school students and Zumba by high school
students were the highlights of the day.
Library Week Celebrations: The celebration of Library week were held in the last week of November a
specially assembly was conducted were the significance of library was beautifully showcased by students.
Story telling by a celebrated author and character walk by students was the highlight of the celebrations. The
libraries were beautifully decorated with write ups of well-known authors and importance of reading.
Math Week Celebrations: Math Week was celebrated in the unique manner using Origami and Geometrical
shapes. Easy ways and techniques of understanding Maths was showcased in the colourful assembly. in the
month of December.
Christmas Celebrations and Inter House Dance Competition: Christmas was celebrated through a unique
assembly wherein the celebrations and competitions were clubbed. Inter House Dance Competition was
DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL Nacharam Mahendra Hills Nadergul
conducted as part of the celebrations. The spirit of Christmas was beautifully showcased by the students of
classes 7 & 8. Christmas carols reverberated through the air
Joy of Giving: Charity forms a major part at DPS based on the motto “Service before Self.” Joy of Giving
celebrations were conducted on 29th December’18. Many orphanages, government school students and blind
school students were invited for the programme. Various items like stationery, towels, napkins, exam pads,
compass boxes, toys, blankets, books, steel plates and glasses were donated by students and were given away
to the poor and the underprivileged children. Students were also made to play games and visit the Atal
Tinkering Lab.
Techno Week Celebrations: Techno Week celebrations were held on 31st December’18 in a special
assembly. Students spoke about advances in computers and about hacking. Dangers of playing computer
games on mobiles were also highlighted during assembly.
New Year Resolution Activity: New Year Resolution Activity was conducted on 31st December’18 for
classes 7 & 8. Children enjoyed writing their New Year resolutions for 2019.
Sankranthi Celebrations: As part of Sankranthi celebrations, a special assembly was conducted by the
Telugu department on 12th January’19. The significance of the festival of Pongal, Sankranthi and Lohri was
showcased beautifully through traditional songs, dances and special speeches. Inter House Music Competition
was also held during the celebrations.
Inter House Rangoli and Flower arrangement Competition: Sankranthi was indeed colourful with the
Rangoli and Flower arrangement competitions held on 12th January as part of festival celebrations. The school
celebrated colour in all its glory.
Guest lecture on first aid and its importance: Class 8 students had a guest lecture on 19th January 2019.
The lecture was given by Dr. Praveen Yada , Nuero Physician from KIMS hospital. The lecture revolved
around the topic of first aid and its importance. It was a very meaningful and useful guest lecture as the students
learnt how to react to basic health concerns like fainting, burns, injuries, falls, bleeding etc.
Heritage Walk: The bright morning of 26th January 2019 saw a massive and exciting event- The Heritage
Walk conducted by DPS Nacharam, Nadergul and Pallavi group of schools. Students of classes VII and VIII
took part in the Heritage walk from the Charminar to The Falaknuma Palace, a distance of 4.7 km. The walk
was initiated to create awareness on protection and conservation of monuments. The day was very significant
as it was combined with a National festival, The Republic Day Celebrations. Thousands of students and
teachers and students made the walk a great success.
Pariksha Pe Charcha: As part of Pariksha Pe Charcha, two students and a teacher were selected by from the
school education board to be part of the group that would be presented before the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra
Modi for a question and answer session on the 29th January 2019. Many students watched the session in action
from the DPS campus. The school is proud of Ms. Sandhya Ramakanth, Kush Kabra and Tejaswini for being
selected to be part of the key group in Delhi.
Class Wall Magazine: The highlight of the middle school every year is the Wall magazine competition. It
was conducted on 31st January 2019. The themes for the competition were “Values that define us” for class
VII and “With our own two hands we can change the world” for class VIII. Students put in their best forward
showcasing the value based theme.
Learning is a lifelong process. The school continues to be committed in its journey of bringing out responsible
and caring individuals with values and passion and commitment towards the society at large
Please find below glimpses of activities held.
DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL Nacharam Mahendra Hills Nadergul
House Assemblies:

DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL Nacharam Mahendra Hills Nadergul
Academic Proficiency Award Ceremony:

GESE Exam at DPS Nacharam:
DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL Nacharam Mahendra Hills Nadergul
Special Assembly on World Environment Day:

Guest Lecture on Character building:

Science Week Special Assembly:
DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL Nacharam Mahendra Hills Nadergul
Mime and Mono acting:

Inter House Competition Rhetoric, Extempore, and Debate:
DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL Nacharam Mahendra Hills Nadergul
VI MK’s Cricket Tournament:
DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL Nacharam Mahendra Hills Nadergul
Guest Lecture on conservation of the environment:

Guest Lecture on Good touch and bad touch:

Young Innovators Competition:
Teen Chef Inter House Competition:

Social Week Celebrations:
Teachers’ Day Celebrations:

Guest lecture for Boys on Hygiene:

Hindi Diwas:
English week celebrations:

Telugu week celebrations:

Sanskrit Week celebrations:
French week celebrations:

Inter House Dramatic competition:

Diwali special assembly:
Diya Decorating Activity:

Children’s Day celebrations:
Outreach Club:

Sports Day:
Library Week Celebrations:

Math Week Celebrations:
Christmas Celebrations and Inter House Dance Competition:
Joy of Giving:

Techno Week Celebrations:
New Year Resolution Activity:

Inter House Rangoli and Flower arrangement Competition:

Guest lecture on first aid and its importance:
Heritage Walk:

Pariksha Pe Charcha:
Class Wall Magazine:

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