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EVENT GUIDE - NHS Improving Quality - International Forum on Quality and Safety in ...
London 2015
                      EVENT GUIDE

              International Forum on Quality
              & Safety in Healthcare

              In Partnership With Patients

              London, 21-24 April 2015

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              Improving Quality
EVENT GUIDE - NHS Improving Quality - International Forum on Quality and Safety in ...
2                                             Contents

Welcome                                  03
Practical Information                    04
2015 at a glance                         05
Speakers                                 06

2015 Highlights
    My next step                         08
    Connect at the Forum                 09
    Cable Car Challenge                  10
    Wellbeing and Yoga                  11
    Learning and Networking Zone         12
    S tudent and Health Care            15
     Professionals Programme
Special Interest Breakfast Sessions      16
Special Interest Lunchtime Sessions      17

Tuesday 21 April programme
    International Improvement Science   18
     and Research Symposium
    London Experience Days               22
    Full Day Courses and Seminars        25

Wednesday 22 April timetable             26
Wednesday 22 April session details 28

Thursday 23 April timetable              32
Thursday 23 April session details        34

Friday 24 April timetable                38
Friday 24 April session details          40

Floor Plan                               44
Exhibitors                               48
Abstract Reviewers                       51
Strategic Advisory Board                 52
Patient Panel                            54

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EVENT GUIDE - NHS Improving Quality - International Forum on Quality and Safety in ...
Welcome                                                                                        3

On behalf of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and BMJ, I wish you a very warm
welcome to the 20th International Forum. We have a rich and inspiring programme
in store for you, representing the very best of new thinking from the global quality
improvement movement.
This week I invite you to celebrate the achievements of the healthcare improvement
movement over the last 20 years and to reflect on the solutions for the challenges we face
in the future.
Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal
I am honored to welcome Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal who will be attending the
2015 International Forum on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the event.
Introducing our Patient Panel
I am also delighted to introduce our new Forum Patient Panel who will be with us
throughout the International Forum representing the patient voice. Our Patient Panel is
composed of a number of people who can actively contribute through their first-hand
personal experience. They will be contributing to our discussions and challenging our
thinking to keep patients at the core of our mission. Moving forward for our planning for
the 2016 International Forum in Gothenburg, our Patient Panel will play an active role in
shaping the next programme.
Live broadcast
For the first time we will be streaming the presentations on the main stage live via our
Livestream channel (new.livestream.com/IFQSH/ForumLIVE). I would like to extend a special
welcome to our colleagues who will be joining us online throughout the week from many
locations around the globe. Be sure to also visit our new Forum YouTube channel (youtube.
com/QualitySafetyForum), where you can view hundreds of sessions from previous years of
the International Forum.
Contribute in real-time via Twitter
This year, each session will have a designated discussion thread on Twitter. Be sure to join
the conversations and share your opinions with the presenters during each session at the
conference. There will be facilitators who will be posing your questions to the speakers
during every session.
Our passionate team
I would like to personally thank our Strategic Advisory Board, reviewers, speakers, poster
presenters, facilitators, sponsors and partners for their knowledge, commitment and
dedication in bringing this International Forum to you.
I look forward to welcoming you again to the 2016 International Forum in Gothenburg,
Sweden, in April next year.

Mark Stuart
Forum Director
On behalf of
Institute for Healthcare Improvement
EVENT GUIDE - NHS Improving Quality - International Forum on Quality and Safety in ...
4                                                   Practical Information

Assistance                                          Poster Viewing
If you have any questions or require any            Posters have been grouped into themes and             The International Forum live
information, just ask a member of the Forum         can be viewed in the Poster Area, Level 1 of          stream and YouTube channel
Team (they will be wearing green shirts) who        the venue during registration, refreshments           With such a comprehensive programme
will be able to assist you.                         and lunch on the three main event days,               and so many speakers, it has always been
                                                    Wednesday 22 - Friday 24 April.                       a challenge to get to all the sessions you
Registration                                        In addition there are daily Specialty Poster          want to go to.
Registration will take place in the Capital         Focus Group Sessions on the three main event          This year, all the presentations on the
Hall, Level 0. Registration will be open            days (see full details on the daily programme         main stage will be streamed live via our
during the following times:                         pages). These chaired sessions provide a great        Livestream channel on new.livestream.
    • Tuesday 21 April 0800-0900 Full day          opportunity to view posters and interact with         com/IFQSH/ForumLIVE. The stream is
       course attendees only                        the authors who took part in the research and         publicly available and there is no need to
                                                    design of the work on display.
    • Tuesday 21 April 1600-1800 All Forum                                                               sign in. After the International Forum all
       attendees                                                                                          streamed sessions will be published on our
    • Wednesday 22 April 0800-1900 All Forum                                                             new International Forum YouTube channel.
                                                    The Forum has been awarded 24 CPD credits
       attendees                                                                                          Visit the International Forum
                                                    by the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) in
    • Thursday 23 April 0800-1730 All Forum                                                              YouTube channel (youtube.com/
                                                    England. Attendees wishing to claim CPD
       attendees                                                                                          QualitySafetyForum), where you can
                                                    should sign the green register on the
                                                                                                          also view hundreds of sessions from
    • Friday 24 April 0800-1615 All Forum          Registration Desk each day.
                                                                                                          previous years of the International Forum.
       attendees                                    The Forum has also been granted 23 European
                                                    CME credits (ECMEC) by the European
Badges                                              Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical
You will be issued with your name badge             Education (EACCME). Attendees wishing to              Please join us at the International Forum
when you register. Please be aware that you         claim ECMEC credits should sign the blue              Welcome Reception on Wednesday 22
must wear your badge at all times during            register each day.                                    April from 1730 in Capital Hall, Level 0.
the International Forum as it does show the
days you are eligible to attend the Forum and       Certificates of Attendance
guarantees you entry to the venue on those          A general certificate of attendance will be
days via the venue security team.                   emailed to you two weeks after the event. This
                                                    will be followed by a CPD certificate if you have
Registration Desk                                   signed the register.
During the event, the Registration Desk
telephone number is: +44(0)207 069 6150.
                                                      Give us your feedback and get
Wifi access                                           entered into a prize draw
Wifi is available in all areas.                       We want to hear your real-time feedback
Please select ExCel_London as your wifi               about the sessions you attend. By
network and enter forum2015 as the user               providing your feedback you have the
name and password.                                    chance to win one of our 4 prizes:
To access Forum handouts go to                        • 2 iPads
http://internationalforum.bmj.com/speaker-            • 2 complimentary 4-day delegate tickets
handouts-2015                                            for Gothenburg 2016 (allocated to the
                                                         organisation of the winning delegates;
Print Booth                                              travel, accommodation and expenses are
The Print Booth is located in Capital Hall, Level        not included)
0, Booth number 25 and is for the download of         How to enter?
speaker handouts only.
                                                      Please fill in the feedback form at the end
Opening times are as follows:                         of this Event Guide as you go along and
• Tuesday 21 April 0800-1600                          put it in the boxes provided at Registration
• Wednesday 22  April 0800-1600                       before you leave.
• Thursday 23 April 0800-1600                         Thank you for support and feedback,
                                                      which will help us to improve and develop
• Friday 24 April 0800-1430
                                                      future events.

                                                                                       Twitter: @QualityForum   #quality2015     internationalforum.bmj.com
EVENT GUIDE - NHS Improving Quality - International Forum on Quality and Safety in ...
2015 at a glance                                                                                 5

This year our programme is
structured with nine streams.
These streams capture the essence
and key priorities of today’s quality
improvement movement.

Clinical Improvement

Cost, Value, and Quality

Education and Training

Improvement Science (sponsored by
The Health Foundation)
                                        Introducing our Patient Panel          5th annual International              London Experience Days
Improving Population and                Our International Forum Patient        Improvement Science and               At our ever popular London
Community Health                        Panel is composed of people with       Research Symposium                    Experience Days, you will be able to
                                        first-hand experience of healthcare.   Our fifth annual International        visit local health organisations and
Leadership and Management               Members of the Patient Panel will      Improvement Science and Research      get an insight into the best quality
                                        join you this week during sessions     Symposium will aim to connect         and safety initiatives in the UK
New Technology and Innovation           and will be with us to ensure the      researchers and healthcare            healthcare system.
                                        patient voice is heard.                professionals who are at the          See page 22
                                        See page 54                            frontline of implementing evidence-
Patient and Family-Centred Care
                                                                               based improvement interventions.

Patient Safety                                                                 See page 18

Learning and Networking Zone            Special Interest Breakfast             Cable Car Challenge                   Wellbeing and Yoga
Visit our dedicated space for           sessions                               In this fun networking session,       Take a break from a busy
networking and shared learning to       A number of special interest           delegates are sent on a special       programme – energise and reflect
meet colleagues, participate in some    breakfast sessions will run before     quality improvement mission. Walk     on your learning with our wellbeing
of our informal sessions held in the    the first keynotes on Thursday and     in teams to the Emirates Air Line     sessions designed to balance your
Zone and write your messages on         Friday. Get a practical view of how    Cable Car where you will be given     mind, body and spirit.
our Big Wall of Inspiration.            to handle challenges and progress in   an exclusive cable car cabin to       See page 11
See page 12                             local settings.                        undertake the challenge.
                                        See page 16                            See page 10
EVENT GUIDE - NHS Improving Quality - International Forum on Quality and Safety in ...
6                                                  Keynote Speakers

In Partnership With Patients

“Inspiring a new              “Old Myths and New “Providing practical, “A story about fruit            “A Story of
  generation                     Designs: The New            emotional and             flies, balloons,      Suffering, Recovery,
  of healthcare                  Simple Rules for            educational support toys and our                Determination and
  improvers”                     Health Systems”             to vulnerable inner- future: What can           Self-Belief”
                                                             city children and         healthcare learn
Maureen Bisognano              Donald M. Berwick             young people”             from Google’s       Martine Wright
President and CEO, Institute   MD, MPP, President Emeritus                                                 Paralympian; Survivor of
for Healthcare Improvement     and Senior Fellow, Institute
                                                                                       global  innovation  the 7/7 London Bombings;
                                                            Camila Batmanghelidjh      and customer-
(IHI)                          for Healthcare Improvement                                                  Patient Spokesperson,
                                                            Founder and Director, Kids
                                                            Company, England
                                                                                       centric approaches” England

                                                                                          Alfred Biehler
                                                                                          Head of Customer Advocacy,
                                                                                          Google, England

“EBOLA: The Global Impact”

Professor David Heymann        Colin Brown                   Stephen Mepham                Jean-Jacques Muyembe-
Chair of Public Health         Infectious Diseases Lead      Consultant in Microbiology    Tamfum
England, Head of the           for the King’s Sierra Leone   and Infectious Diseases,      Professor of Microbiology,
Centre on Global Health        Partnership                   Royal Free London NHS         Kinshasa University Medical
Security at Chatham House,                                   Foundation Trust, UK          School and Director General
London and Professor of                                                                    of The National Institute
Infectious Disease, UK                                                                     for Biomedical Research,
                                                                                           Kinshasa, Democratic
                                                                                           Republic of Congo

                                                                                    Twitter: @QualityForum   #quality2015     internationalforum.bmj.com
EVENT GUIDE - NHS Improving Quality - International Forum on Quality and Safety in ...
Featured Speakers                                                                 7

Vision for the future:          In treating illness, are        Making better lives             Quality Mindset:
NHS England                     we forgetting about             with Cycling Without            Health & Care
                                creating wellness?              Age                             Radicals Inspiring
Simon Stevens                                                                                   Industrial Quality
Chief Executive, NHS            Harry Burns                     Ole Kassow
England                                                         Founder, Cycling Without
                                Professor of Global Public
                                Health at Strathclyde           Age, Denmark
                                                                                                Celine Schillinger
                                University, UK
                                                                                                French Business Woman
                                                                                                of the Year 2013, charter
                                                                                                member of Change Agents
                                                                                                Worldwide, and currently
                                                                                                running the Sanofi Pasteur’s
                                                                                                dengue programme

Project ECHO:                   Everyone’s Involved             Designing                       PARO robot
Moving Knowledge                and No One’s in                 Technology for                  harp baby seal in
Not People                      Charge: Strategies              Working Dogs:                   action at Danish
                                for Multi-system                an Interspecies                 elderly homes, the
Sanjeev Arora                   Problem Solving in              Perspective on                  important factors
MD, Founder of Project
                                Population Health               Human Wellbeing
ECHO, USA                                                                                       Jakob Iversen
                                Rosanne Haggerty                Clara Mancini                   Senior Project Manager,
                                Founder and President of        Lecturer in Computing and       Health and Human
                                Community Solutions, USA        Head of Animal-Computer         Interaction Technologies,
                                                                Interaction, The Open           Danish Technological
                                                                University, England             Institute, Denmark

Developing a world              Inspired                        Can social networks             Improving Care for
class digital health            transformation: How             support minimally               Athletes – lessons
service                         to ignite energy for            disruptive medicine             from The Glasgow
                                change                          through promoting               2014 Commonwealth
Helen Rowntree                                                  connections and                 Games
Head of Digital Services, NHS   Helen Bevan
England, UK                                                     mobilising resources
                                Chief Transformation Officer,                                   Liz Mendl
                                NHS Improving Quality,          outside of formal
                                                                                                Consultant, Performance
                                England                         medical care?                   Sport and Medical Services,
                                Göran Henriks                   Anne Rogers
                                Chief Executive of Learning     Professor of Health Systems     Dr John MacLean
                                and Innovation, Jönköping       Implementation, University of   Medical Director, Sports
                                County Council, Sweden          Southampton and Research        Medicine Centre, Hampden
                                                                Director of the NIHR CLAHRC     Park, Glasgow; International
                                                                Wessex, England                 Team doctor for The Scottish
                                                                                                Football Association

                                                                                                Sarah Mitchell
                                                                                                Programme Manager, Chief
                                                                                                Medical Officer and Public
                                                                                                Health Directorate
EVENT GUIDE - NHS Improving Quality - International Forum on Quality and Safety in ...
8                                   2015 Highlights

My Next Step!
This year we want you to take your new learning
from the International Forum and put it into action
when you return home. Over the next few days,
be sure to send us a ‘selfie’ photo of yourself or
your new friends holding up your ‘Next Step’.

Send your photo to:
or Tweet to: #qfnextstep

                                 NEXT STEPS!
                                 What’s your next
                                 step to improve

                                                      Twitter: @QualityForum   #quality2015     internationalforum.bmj.com
EVENT GUIDE - NHS Improving Quality - International Forum on Quality and Safety in ...
2015 Highlights                               9

Connect at the Forum
Join the conversation
on Twitter!
#quality2015 @QualityForum
All you need is an internet connection and
a Twitter account!                              I want to learn more!
Every session at the International Forum        There will be a ‘Twitter Clinic’ during
will have a designated Twitter hashtag          the morning refreshments break (after
(listed in this Event Guide) where you can      morning keynotes) on Wednesday,
join a conversation in real-time with your      Thursday and Friday in the Learning and
fellow participants. Your opinions and          Networking Zone to help you get started.
questions will be captured and presented        You can also join the general International
to the speaker to discuss during the            Forum happenings by following
session. #quality2015 is the hashtag to         @QualityForum and using the hashtag
use when tweeting about the International       #quality2015.
Forum in general.
                                                I want to meet the people
How do I sign up for Twitter?
                                                behind the tweets!
• Go to twitter.com
                                                Let’s hang out! There will be a ‘tweet up’
• Enter your name, email address, and a        at Meeting Point B on Thursday 23 April
   password, click ‘Sign up’                    during the lunch break. It will be a great
• Select a username - type your own or         chance to catch up and meet the people
   choose one                                   you have been tweeting with over the last
• Click ‘Create my account’                    couple of days.
• Twitter will send you a confirmation
   email – click the link in that email to
   activate your account

What’s a hashtag?
• A hashtag is used to organise
   information so that it’s easy to find. For
   instance, if you’re tweeting about stroke
   care you could type “#stroke” in your
   tweet. Someone looking for information
   on strokes would then find what you
   (and the rest of the world) are talking
   about by searching for “#stroke”.
• Every session will have a hashtag so that
   you can comment, discuss and follow
   key points with your fellow participants.
   You will find each session’s dedicated
   hashtag next to its description in this
   Event Guide.
• To view all of the tweets relating to a
   session, enter its hashtag in the Twitter
   search box.
• Don’t forget to add the hashtag in
   all of your tweets so you can join the
   conversation, too!
EVENT GUIDE - NHS Improving Quality - International Forum on Quality and Safety in ...
10                                                2015 Highlights

Cable Car Challenge
In this fun networking session at the             thoughts, ideas, conversations, and to foster
International Forum, delegates will be            new friendships. It will also provide delegates a
allocated into teams of 8 people plus a ‘Cable    unique opportunity to experience London from
Car Captain’, and sent on a special quality       the air.
improvement mission.
                                                  The activity will be facilitated by an expert in
Your team will walk to the Emirates Air Line      the field of quality and safety.
Cable Car (about 20 minute walk) where you
will be given an exclusive cable car cabin to     The Cable Car Challenge will be held at the
undertake the challenge. Prior to the flight      following times during the International Forum:
and during the walk to the station, some
warm-up and icebreaker activities will be         Wednesday 22 April
facilitated, to enable your team to get to know
each other and prepare for the challenge.

Your team will be presented with a                Thursday 23 April
hypothetical scenario to discuss and solve. You   1100-1230 and 1330-1500
will be in-flight for 20 minutes during a round
trip across to The O2 on Greenwich Peninsula,
where you will workshop your ideas together.
                                                  Ask at the Registration Desk
                                                  to check availability and join!
The networking event will bring people            Meeting point for the Cable Car
together in a truly unique way to inspire         Challenge is Meeting Point B.

                                                                                       Twitter: @QualityForum   #quality2015     internationalforum.bmj.com
2015 Highlights                                                                                     11

Wellbeing and Yoga Programme

                                                       About the Sessions                                 Carol is a member of the International
                                                                                                          Yoga Teacher’s Association and Australian
                                                       The Hatha style of yoga is suitable for
                                                                                                          Yoga Master’s Therapist Association and
                                                       all fitness levels and ages. Sessions will
                                                                                                          also a qualified nurse. Carol believes that
                                                       present a variety of easy physical exercises
                                                                                                          through yoga, health, happiness, and
                                                       including gentle limbering and stretching,
                                                                                                          inner peace can be improved.
                                                       breathing techniques and relaxation and
                                                       meditation techniques.                             1. Yoga to Start the Day
                                                       Classes will be tailored to the participants       A class for people of all abilities, based
                                                       and will involve techniques that can               on the Hatha style of yoga. The class will
                                                       be done by most conference delegates               combine gentle yoga techniques and
Carol Stuart, Yoga Teacher                             throughout the day. No special change              breathing exercises to energise and refresh
                                                       in clothes is required and yoga mats will          you before you start the day.
                                                       be provided. Some people may feel more
Be sure to drop                                        comfortable in loose fitting clothes and           2. Reflect and Refresh
                                                       may wish to bring a small towel.                   Informal drop in time for tailored gentle
into our Yoga and                                                                                         yoga exercises and guided meditation to
                                                       As with any exercise, people with any
Wellbeing Space                                        physical or medical conditions (including          balance the mind, body, and spirit.

in our Wellbeing                                       pregnancy or post natal) should have
                                                                                                          3. Energise and Revive -
                                                       their health professional’s approval
Room (Capital                                          before participation and must advise the           Thames River Walk
Suite, Level 3).                                       instructor of these conditions and any             This revitalising lunchtime session by the
                                                       limitations and medications before doing           Thames River will include gentle stretches
                                                       the class.                                         and guided visualisation to help focus and
                                                                                                          refresh the mind.
                                                       About Carol Stuart, Yoga
                                                       Teacher                                            4. Yoga and Relaxation for Life
                                                       Carol practices Hatha Yoga, meditation             These sessions will demonstrate simple
                                                       and Ayurveda in Sydney, Australia where            techniques in yoga and relaxation that
                                                       she presents classes, workshops and                can easily be incorporated into your busy
                                                       retreats. She is qualified in yoga practice        lifestyle.
                                                       and philosophy, and Ayurvedic  therapy
                                                       and massage.

                             Wednesday 22 April                       Thursday 23 April                            Friday 24 April
 Before Keynote                                                       0800-0900 - Yoga to Start the Day            0800-0900 - Yoga to Start the Day

 Morning                     1100-1230 - Reflect and Refresh          1100-1230 - Reflect and Refresh              1045-1145 - Reflect and Refresh

 Lunchtime                   1245-1330 - Energise and Revive          1245-1330 - Energise and Revive              1300-1400 - Energise and Revive
                             Thames River Walk                        Thames River Walk                            Thames River Walk
                             (Starts at Meeting Point B)              (Starts at Meeting Point B)                  (Starts at Meeting Point B)
 Afternoon                   1345-1500 - Reflect and Refresh          1345-1500 - Reflect and Refresh              1415-1500 - Reflect and Refresh

 Afternoon                   1530-1630 - Yoga and Relaxation          1530-1630 - Yoga and Relaxation for Life
                             for Life
12                2015 Highlights

Learning and Networking Zone

INSPIRE US!        At this year’s International Forum we have a designated space for networking and shared
                   learning - you can find this energising zone towards the rear of the exhibition area in Capital
                   Hall on Level 0. There are scheduled interactive and dynamic sessions throughout the
What healthcare    programme taking place at the Learning and Networking Zone. We invite you to join us in this
                   space during breaks and lunchtime to meet new friends and to contribute to global thinking to
                   improve healthcare.
improvement        Don’t forget to also leave your messages for all to read on our ‘Big Wall of Inspiration’.

are you most       What’s happening at the Learning and Networking Zone?
                   Twitter clinic
proud of?          Learn how to join and use Twitter.

                   When: every morning break (Wednesday - Friday)

SPARK A            Facilitated activities
                   This year, we also have some new facilitated learning and networking opportunities. Drop in
REVOLUTION!        these fun and informal sessions to start conversations with fellow colleagues and get involved
                   in discussions ranging from the challenges of working in primary care and why do Team

What’s your big
                   Scotland huddle, to the reality of being an agent for change.

                   When: see schedule below.
idea to improve    Learning and Networking Zone sessions schedule

healthcare?         Wednesday 22 April
                    1100-1230 (90 minute session) A                The FolksLab (the Peoples’ Laboratory)

                    1300-1330 (30 minute session during            The FolksLab (the Peoples’ Laboratory)
                    1330-1500 (90 minute session) B                Primary Care Networking

                    1530-1630 (60 Minute session) C                Nurses using social media to improve care

                    Thursday 23 April
                    1100-1230 (90 minute session) D                The FolksLab (the Peoples’ Laboratory)

                    1300-1330 (30 minute session during            The FolksLab (the Peoples’ Laboratory)
                    1330-1500 (90 minute session) E                Using Games to Teach the PDSA Cycle

                    1530-1630 (60 Minute session) F                Networking on quality indicators

                    Friday 24 April
                    1045-1145 (60 minute session) G                GetUpGetBetter

                    1200-1300 (60 minute session) H                The FolksLab (the Peoples’ Laboratory)

                    1330-1400 (30 minute session during            Why do team Scotland huddle?
                    1400-1500 (60minute session) I                 Becoming an Agent for Change

                                                    Twitter: @QualityForum   #quality2015     internationalforum.bmj.com
2015 Highlights                                                                                13

                                          ...Leave your messages on our Big Wall of Inspiration!
Session types                                   other and participate in our Global Nurses       want to share our passion for the GUGB
                                                Network Live Tweet Chat.                         ideals. We will discuss how GUGB can help
The FolksLab (the Peoples’                      Hosts: Erica Reid, Strategic Advisor in          your quality improvement work inspire
Laboratory)                                     Improvement and Person-Centred Care,             colleagues around the world and offer
                                                Scottish Government, Scotland; Lorraine          support to join or set up your own GUGB
Converse with people with similar interest
                                                Armstrong, Clinical Academic Fellow,             competition. Join us at the International
and curiosity to learn, discuss topics that
                                                University of Stirling, Scotland                 Forum and online on getupgetbetter.com.
you are passionate about, share your
learning and learn from others from across                                                       Hosts: Ian Leistikow, MD PhD, Senior
the world.                                      Using Games to Teach the                         Inspector, Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate,
                                                PDSA Cycle                                       The Netherlands; Patrick Kools, Founder,
The topics that will be covered through
                                                                                                 GetUpGetBetter, The Netherlands; Claire
interactive discussion will include:            This networking session will anchor the          Matthews, FY2, St Thomas’ Hospital, UK
• Improvements in primary care                 simple fact that we do PDSA testing every
                                                day. A variety of games that enable teams
• The revolution in care for older people                                                       Why do team Scotland huddle?
                                                to quickly design and conduct PDSA cycles
• Spreading change                             will be explained and then experienced           Previous delegates at the International
• Person-centred care                          by participants. The value of rapid-cycle        Forum will have witnessed Team Scotland
                                                testing and the knowledge gained from a          huddles (if you are an early riser!). You
• Clinical innovation
                                                failed test will also be demonstrated.           have perhaps looked on from a distance,
The Folkslab is jointly managed by leaders                                                       or even joined us. If you’ve always
from Qulturum, Jönköping Sweden and             Host: Robert Lloyd, PhD, Executive
                                                                                                 wondered why we huddle, what we talk
NHS Improving Quality, England.                 Director, IHI, USA
                                                                                                 about and how we structure them then
Hosts: Agata Rukat, Improvement leader,                                                          come and join us. This is your opportunity
Qulturum, Jönköping County Council,             Networking on quality                            to see first-hand. We will also discuss how
Sweden; Caroline Fruberg, Development           indicators                                       huddles can and do support safe and
leader, Qulturum, Jönköping County              In this creative and interactive session         person centred care in clinical areas in
Council, Sweden                                 delegates will share their experiences and       Scotland.
                                                challenges connected to creating and using       Hosts: Erica Reid, Strategic Advisor in
Primary Care Networking                         National Quality Indicators. Your hosts will     Improvement and Person-Centred Care,
This session brings together GP’s,              be Jan Maarten van den Berg and Fredrik          Scottish Government, Scotland; Brian
practice nurses, pharmacists, allied health     Westander, both leaders in the Dutch             Robson, Executive Clinical Director,
professionals and all those who oversee         respectively Swedish system for National         Healthcare Improvement Scotland,
or who are responsible for primary              Quality Indicators. Their goal of this session   Scotland
care to share experience, ideas and             is to yield ideas and inspiration and seduce
encouragement.                                  you to continue the discussion long after        Becoming an Agent for Change
                                                the Forum ends.
Hosts: Dr Kate Adams, GP; Paresh                                                                 Agents for Change is a collection of
Dawda, Australian National University,          Hosts: Ian Leistikow, MD PhD, Senior             junior doctors with a common vision: a
Keele Univeristy UK, ACT Medicare               Inspector, Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate,        generation inspired and prepared to deliver
Local, Ochre Health, ACT, Improvement           The Netherlands; Jan Maarten van den             world class healthcare. Their mission (if
Foundation, Australia; Robert Vanham            Berg, Coordinating Healthcare Inspector,         you choose to accept it!): To create a
                                                Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate, The               community and foster a culture where
Nurses using social media to                    Netherlands                                      individuals work collaboratively; sharing
                                                                                                 ideas, developing skills and inspiring
improve care
                                                                                                 change. Together we will deliver world
The Nursing Network session at the 2014                                                          class healthcare which eliminates inequality
Paris International Forum generated                                                              and promotes healthy lives. We are all
excitement and enthusiasm in how we use                                                          agents for change.
quality improvement methodologies to
                                                                                                 Learn from Clinical fellows from the Faculty
improve care. A diverse range of nurses in
                                                                                                 of Leadership and Management National
policy, academia, leadership, practice and
                                                                                                 Medical Director’s Scheme how to be an
students at the event formed the Global         GetUpGetBetter                                   effective Agent for Change within your
Nurses Network for Quality Improvement          GetUpGetBetter (GUGB) is a non-                  organisation. Get help with developing
(GNN for QI). As a result a group of            commercial initiative to set up international    your individual ‘elevator pitch’ to get your
enthused nurses from around the globe           healthcare quality competitions. In sports,      message across, and key skills to make
connected to develop what is now our            competitions have dramatically improved          the most of your networking time at any
new network for nurses with a passion for       the speed and spread of innovation.              event.
QI. A year on, our network has expanded.        Imagine what we could achieve if the
Nurses at any stage in their QI journey                                                          Hosts: Kate Adlington, BMJ Clinical
                                                Olympics were about healthcare quality?
are welcome to join us for an informal                                                           Fellow, UK; Emma Parish, BMJ Clinical
                                                Imagination is becoming reality, the first
and friendly opportunity to share stories,                                                       Fellow, UK
                                                GUGB competitions have already been
ask questions, connect, learn from each         launched. In this interactive session we
The International
Leadership Development                         Improvement
Program for Physicians                         Advisor
IHI in collaboration with the Harvard          Professional
School of Public Health                        Development
                                               Program             Autumn
June 15–26, Boston, MA                                             2015
Develop the management knowledge and
leadership skills you need to drive your
health care organisation forward.

                                           Organisations that achieve multiple and
                                           sustained improvements usually have the
                                           invaluable leadership of an Improvement
                                           Advisor (IA). IAs are trained to identify,
                                           plan, and execute improvement projects,
                                           deliver successful results, and spread
                                           changes across the entire system.
Open School
Spreading safety and improvement
through online courses!

    Build a common language among          Customised Services
    staff and earn more than 30
    continuing education credits.
                                           For ten years, IHI has worked intensively
    Use the tracking feature to stay       with organisations and government entities
    updated on staff progress along        to drive transformational change throughout
    with provided tools to facilitate      a system or country. Learn how IHI can help
    team discussions.                      you achieve bold aims in quality and safety
                                           and build long-term sustainability.

                       Learn more at ihi.org/Europe or visit booth #19.
2015 Highlights                                                                         15

Student and Junior Health Care
Professionals Programme

  Throughout the International Forum, the
  IHI Open School and BMJ are hosting
  a number of dynamic and unique
  sessions for students, junior health
  care professionals, trainee doctors, and
  educators in the Student and Juniors
  Lounge (Capital Suite, Level 3).
  We look forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, 21 April                                 Thursday, 23 April                                Come visit the IHI booth, Booth
                                                  1800                                              #19, to meet the IHI Open School
1500-1700                                                                                           team and learn more about the
Student & Junior Health Care                      Social Outing for Students, Junior                Open School Chapter Network and
Professional Orientation                          Health Care Professionals, and                    the Open School’s growing catalog
Student and Juniors Lounge                        Friends                                           of asynchronous online courses
                                                  (Meet in the Student and                          that teach the foundations of
(Capital Suite, Level 3)                                                                            improvement, safety, system design,
Join us for an orientation session to network     Juniors Lounge)                                   and leadership.
with colleagues from around the world. Here       Join us at a nearby bar or restaurant for
you’ll find guidance on how to get the most       informal networking with your new colleagues
out of your Forum experience, review activities   and friends.
planned for the following three days, and have
an opportunity to network and meet new            Friday, 24 April
friends at the Forum.                             1300-1400
                                                  Student & Junior Health Care
Tuesday, 21 April                                 Professional Lunch Session
Social Outing for Students, Junior                Student and Juniors Lounge
Health Care Professionals,                        (Capital Suite, Level 3)
and Friends                                       Grab your lunch and join us for the final lunch
                                                  session. IHI Open School Regional Chapter
(Fox Bar @ Excel)                                 Leaders will help you reflect on the Forum
Join us for a fun social event at a nearby        experience and develop an action plan to
bar for informal networking with your new         bring home.
colleagues and friends.
                                                  Friday, 24 April
Wednesday, 22 April
                                                  Student Session - Becoming an
Student & Junior Health Care
                                                  Agent for Change
Professional Lunch Session
Student and Juniors Lounge                        (Learning and Networking Zone)
(Capital Suite, Level 3)                          Join us in the Learning and Networking Zone
Grab your lunch and join Donald Berwick,          to learn how to be an effective Agent for
MD, MPP, FRCP, President Emeritus and Senior      Change within your organisation. Clinical
Fellow at IHI, for a discussion on how students   Fellows from the Faculty of Leadership and
and junior doctors can lead improvement.          Management National Medical Director’s
                                                  Scheme will help you develop your own
Thursday, 23 April                                ‘elevator pitch’ to get your message across
                                                  and teach key skills to make the most of your
1230-1330                                         networking time at any event.
Student & Junior Health Care
Professional Lunch Session
Student and Juniors Lounge                          Twitter #quality2015
(Capital Suite, Level 3)                            Twitter #IHIOpenSchool
Grab your lunch and join the IHI Open School
for an opportunity to meet other students
and reflect with BMJ Clinical Fellows and
members of Agents for Change on your Forum
experience so far.
16                                               2015 Highlights

Special Interest Breakfast Sessions

Thursday 23 April, 0800-0900                     Thursday 23 April, 0800-0900                        Friday 24 April, 0800-0900
Platinum Room 1                                  Platinum Room 3                                     Platinum Room 2
Twitter #qfbupa                                  Twitter #qfpwc                                      Twitter #qfdrfoster
New developments in dementia                     New patient, new health: beyond                     Dr Foster – Don’t be myopic:
care                                             the illness                                         stories from a global healthcare
In the absence of a pharmacological disease      Never before has so much change occurred in         quality group
modifying breakthrough in more than fifteen      such short periods of time. Disruptive forces -     Over the past four years Dr Foster in
years new dementia care developments in          demographic change, increased expectations,         collaboration with over fifty hospitals in ten
recent times embrace risk-awareness, the         pressure to deliver better outcomes at lower        countries have worked to share insight and
benefits of diagnosis, cognitive stimulation     cost, new entrants and new technology - are         improve healthcare outcomes. As the project
interventions, managed care and the added-       rapidly reshaping healthcare, in the UK and         widens into the Middle East and China, this
value of longstay care settings. Yet do these    globally. A new health landscape is emerging,       session will cover both the outcomes and the
represent little more than a leap of faith?      with a new type of patient at its heart: with       insights gained from parts of this work.
Dr Hemal Desai, Associate Medical Director,      increasing expectations about healthcare
Corporate Centre: Medical; Professor             services, increasing knowledge about their
                                                                                                     After this session, participants will be
Graham Stokes, Bupa’s Global Director of         health, and increasing motivation to take
                                                                                                     able to:
Dementia Care                                    responsibility for their own wellbeing.
                                                                                                     • A
                                                                                                        ppreciate the value in linking international
                                                 This interactive session will explore the
                                                                                                       datasets to monitor hospital performance,
                                                 implications of the new patient for healthcare
                                                                                                       drive academic research and improve patient
                                                 providers, clinicians and commissioners.
                                                 We’ll also be previewing the findings of our
                                                 global study into patient, carer and clinician      • U
                                                                                                        nderstand insight obtained from hospitals
                                                 experiences of cancer care.                           across the ten countries in areas including
                                                                                                       stroke management, Acute Myocardial
Thursday 23 April, 0800-0900                     Dean Arnold, UK Health Industries Leader,
                                                                                                       Infarction Mortality, Sepsis and demand
Platinum Room 2                                                                                        management
Twitter #qfnhsiq                                                                                     Katrina Herren, Clinical and International
Advancing transformational                                                                           Director, Dr Foster, UK
change using collaboration,
networks and systems thinking –
realtime learning from the English               Friday 24 April, 0800-0900
health system                                    Platinum Room 1
Join this interactive and practical session      Twitter #qfihi
from NHS Improving Quality, England’s
national health improvement body, on its         What Wall? A Walking Breakfast
work with health and care systems advancing      Through IHI’s Global Initiatives
transformational change. You’ll take away        Maternal and Child Health. Safety. Systemwide
tested approaches for large scale change and     improvement.
hear insights into the progress and impact for
                                                 Join IHI staff on a walking tour of leadership
local systems.
                                                 and capability-building storyboards at the
Charlie Keeney, Programme Director, NHS          International Forum. In this breakfast session,
Improving Quality; Rachel Hinde, Programme       you will hear from IHI content experts and
Lead, NHS Improving Quality                      our partners about the recent work in Europe,
Chair: Steve Fairman, Interim Managing           Africa, the US, Latin America, Asia, and the
Director, NHS Improving Quality                  Middle East - what tests of change are moving
                                                 forward with local partners, what’s worked,
                                                 and what has not, what has been achieved. Be
                                                 prepared to ask questions and analyse results
                                                 for how teams succeed when they come upon
                                                 a wall, throw their hats over it, and then go
                                                 and get their hats.
                                                 Pedro Delgado, Executive Director, Institute
                                                 for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), USA

                                                                                    Twitter: @QualityForum   #quality2015     internationalforum.bmj.com
2015 Highlights                                   17

                                                 Special Interest Lunchtime Sessions

Friday 24 April, 0800-0900                       Thursday 23 April, 1245-1315
Platinum Room 3                                  Capital Room 2
Twitter #qfbmj                                   Twitter #qfkmandt
BMJ Quality – Making quality                     Health: How it needs to work.
improvement simple                               A concept based on TOYOTA
At BMJ Quality we believe in making              thinking
healthcare improvement simple. In this session   For the past 60 years, Toyota has been globally
we introduce our award-winning online            recognised as the world leader in not only
programme which aims to put everything you       motor manufacturing, but also in supplier
need to improve healthcare in one place:         relations, employee satisfaction and product
• See
    how our innovative online workbook         innovation. This holistic approach to Toyota’s
  can guide you step-by-step through an          products has driven its global success.
  improvement project and make it easy to        This session, developed by senior ex-Toyota
  record your data                               managers working with the NHS, looks at how
• Hear
      about BMJ Quality Improvement            we can bring the whole system together to
  Reports - a peer-reviewed journal of front-    provide seamless care within a single cohesive
  line quality improvement evidence - which      system.
  allows you to submit your work with a single   Karen Baker, Chief Executive, The Isle of
  click                                          Wight NHS Trust; Steve Boam, KM&T CEO
• Understand
            how you can collaborate online     & founder
  with your team through the Quality platform
  and access our expert mentors to support
  your work
Ashley McKimm, Head of BMJ Quality, BMJ
Dr Cat Chatfield, Clinical Lead for BMJ
Quality, BMJ
                                                 Friday 24 April, 1315-1345
                                                 Capital Room 2
                                                 Twitter #qfcwf
                                                 The Harkness Fellowships
                                                 The Harkness Fellowships in Health Care Policy
                                                 and Practice provide a unique opportunity
                                                 for promising mid-career professionals –
                                                 from Australia, Canada, France, Germany,
                                                 the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway,
                                                 Sweden, and the U.K. – to spend 12 months
                                                 in the United States working with leading
                                                 U.S. experts to study innovative healthcare
                                                 delivery system reforms and critical issues on
                                                 the health policy agenda in both the U.S. and
                                                 their home countries. Each fellowship provides
                                                 up to U.S. $119,000 plus family supplement
                                                 of approximately $55,000. Please join us to
                                                 learn more about the Harkness Fellowship
                                                 experience, who should apply, and the impact
                                                 of the Fellowship on Fellows’ career paths.
                                                 Robin Osborn, Vice President and Director of
                                                 the Harkness Fellowships; Harkness alumni:
                                                 Jako Burgers, Christopher Hayes, and Imogen
18                     Tuesday 21 April
                       Session Details

5th annual International Improvement
Science and Research Symposium
Sponsored by:          0900-0910                                            1120-1230
                       Welcome and introduction                             Presentations: Putting patients at
                       Fiona Godlee, Editor-in-chief, The BMJ               the centre of Improvement Science
                       Göran Henriks, Chairman of the Forum’s               Chairs: Göran Henriks, Chief Executive of
                       Strategic Advisory Board and Chief Executive         Learning & Innovation, Jönköping County
                       of Learning & Innovation, Jönköping County           Council, Sweden; Nick Barber, Director of
                       Council, Sweden                                      Research, The Health Foundation
                                                                            1. Q
                                                                                uality improvement and person-
  0900-1715            0910-0930                                               centredness: developing and refining the
  Capital Room 1       Opening keynote:                                        ‘always event’ concept for primary care
                       Challenges for Improvement                           Gregor Smith, Senior Medical Officer, Primary
                       Science for the real world: making                   Care Division, Scottish Government, Scotland
  Twitter #qfscience
                       a difference for patients                            2. System-oriented engagement of
                                                                                stakeholders in identifying priority
                       Maxine Power, Director of Innovation                     evidence-practice gaps, barriers and
                       and Improvement Science at Salford Royal                 strategies for primary healthcare
                       Foundation Trust, England                                improvement
                                                                            Ross Bailie, Professor of Public Health and
                       0930 -1040
                                                                            Scientific Director, Centre for Primary Health Care
                       Presentations: Researching how we                    Systems, Menzies School of Health Research,
                       work together                                        Australia
                       Chair: Paul Batalden, Professor Emeritus,            3. Partnership between patients and health
                       Dartmouth Medical School, USA                            workers to implement an improvement
                       1. ‘The most productive meeting we have                 change package – a strategy to accelerate
                           ever had’: the power of constructing                 improvement gains
                           programme theory diagrams using the              Martin Muhire, Quality Improvement Advisor,
                           Action Effect Method                             USAID- Applying Science to Strengthen and
                       Laurel Issen, Research Associate, National           Improve Systems (ASSIST) Project, University
                       Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Collaboration    Research Co., LLC, Kampala, Uganda
                       for Leadership in Applied Health Research and
                       Care (CLAHRC) Northwest London; Imperial             1230-1330
                       College, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital,           Lunch and networking
                       London, UK
                       2. Using ethnographic research to inform            1330-1430
                           the development of a diagnostic and              Improvement Science world café:
                           intervention toolkit for intensive care
                                                                            ‘conversations about research’
                                                                            Presentations from authors to their table.
                       Scott Reeves, Professor in Interprofessional
                       Research, Faculty of Health, Social Care and         Chairs: Göran Henriks, Chief Executive of
                       Education, Kingston University & St George’s,        Learning & Innovation, Jönköping County
                       University of London, England                        Council, Sweden; Nick Barber, Director of
                                                                            Research, The Health Foundation
                       3. Collaboration and proactive teamwork
                           used to reduce (CAPTURE) falls
                       Katherine Jones, Associate Professor, Division
                       of Physical Therapy Education, School of Allied      Reflection and discussion
                       Health Professions, Omaha, Nebraska, USA             around the table: 3 challenges in
                                                                            Improvement Science
                       1040-1100                                            Within the categories of design and
                       Refreshments and networking                          collaboration, methodology, measurement and
                       Getting to person-centred care:                      1445-1515
                       building and using the evidence                      Refreshments and networking
                       Helen Crisp, Assistant Director of Research, The
                       Health Foundation, United Kingdom

                       This segment is sponsored by The Health

                                                           Twitter: @QualityForum   #quality2015     internationalforum.bmj.com

1515-1600                                           1715-1730
Presentations: Challenging                          Closing remarks                                  G8: Engineering systems to save
our thinking on approaches to                       Göran Henriks, Chief Executive of Learning &     lives; recognise the unexpected
Improvement Science                                 Innovation, Jönköping County Council, Sweden;    Friday 24 April, 1045-1145
Chair: Kaveh Shojania, Editor-in-Chief, BMJ
                                                    Nick Barber, Director of Research, The Health    Platinum Room 3
                                                    Foundation                                       This 60 minute sessions describes a detailed
Quality & Safety
1. E
    valuation of improvement initiatives                                                            systems engineering approach to solving
   using statistical process control and                                                             complex problems.
   theory driven evaluation                           Sponsored by:
                                                                                                     I5: Embracing Complexity:
Tom Woodcock, Information Theme Lead,
National Institute of Health Research (NIHR)                                                         Mastering the use of Plan-Do-
Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health                                                       Study-Act cycles to navigate and
Research and Care (CLAHRC) Northwest London;                                                         negotiate change
Imperial College, Chelsea and Westminster
                                                                                                     Friday 24 April, 1400-1500
Hospital, London, UK
                                                                                                     Capital Room 4
2. How scientific is the Plan-Do-Study-Act
    method? Comparisons of the scientific            Improvement Science stream                      This workshop draws on new research
    method and its application in chemistry          There a number of events alongside              findings from an international qualitative
    and in healthcare                                                                                study to explore the reality of using PDSA
                                                     the International Improvement Science
                                                                                                     method in practice.
Julie Reed, Academic Co-Director, National           and Research Symposium, aimed at
Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Collaboration    those working on or with an interest in
for Leadership in Applied Health Research and        the areas of improvement science and
Care (CLAHRC) Northwest London; Senior
                                                     research.These include:
Research Fellow, Imperial College, Chelsea and
Westminster Hospital, London, UK
                                                     A7: The impact of improvement
1600-1645                                            research on clinical practice
Presentations: Implementation and                    Wednesday 22 April, 1130-1230
knowledge translation                                Platinum Room 2
Chair: Gareth Parry, Senior Scientist, Institute     During this Wednesday session, hear
for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and Clinical        about research initiatives by 3 different
Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School,       organisations in the USA, UK and New
USA                                                  Zealand.
1. A
    chieving implementation principles is
   associated with effective delivery system         C3: Efficient Approaches to
                                                     Infectious Diseases in Africa
Olivia Jung, PhD Student in Health Policy            Wednesday 22 April, 1530-1630
(Management), Graduate School of Arts and
Sciences, Harvard Business School, Harvard           Capital Room 2
University, USA                                      Evaluate the success of 2 different
2. Improving physician hand hygiene                 interventions initiated by public health
    compliance: design and pilot of a theory-        officials and emergency medical services.
    based knowledge translation intervention
                                                     C8: Specialty Focus Groups
Stefanie Linklater, Research Assistant, Ottawa
                                                     Wednesday 22 April, 1530-1630
Hospital Research Institute (OHRI), Ontario,
Canada                                               Poster Area
                                                     This poster focus group will provide a unique
1645-1715                                            opportunity for research teams to connect
Panel discussion: How do we                          and share their work.
translate what we know into
practice? Moving from research to
Panelists: Maxine Power, Paul Batalden,
Helen Crisp, Kaveh Shojania
How we can
help you in
2 15
The Health Foundation is an independent charity working
to improve the quality of health care in the UK.
We are here to support people working in health care practice
and policy to make lasting improvements to health services.
We carry out research and in-depth policy analysis, fund
improvement programmes in the NHS, support and develop
leaders and share evidence to encourage wider change.

Stay on top of                           Resources to                            Improvement news
patient safety                           make care more                          and research delivered
                                         person-centred                          to your desktop
Get access to accurate, up-to-date       People will enjoy better health         Every month we scan thousands
patient safety information from a        and wellbeing if they have the          of journals to select and summarise
single online resource. Our patient      right support and information at        around 60 of the most interesting
safety resource centre provides key      the right time to help them make        studies about health care
research papers, national standards,     informed decisions and to manage        improvement.
implementation guidelines and            their own health and care. The
                                                                                 Signing up for the Research Scan
case studies.                            Health Foundation’s person-centred
                                                                                 is quick, free and will save you time
                                         care resource centre features a range
Visit the patient safety resource                                                getting the latest evidence.
                                         of materials to help health care
centre today at
                                         professionals deliver care responsive   Sign up at
                                         to people’s individual abilities,       www.health.org.uk/researchscan
                                         preferences, lifestyles and goals.
                                         Visit the person-centred care
                                         resource centre today at

For UK attendees

Innovating for improvement
will be open for application in the
summer. We have £1.5m available
for up to 20 teams to test and develop
innovative ideas and approaches

                                                        Stay in touch
to improving health care delivery
in the UK.
Scaling up improvement
will be open for application in the
spring. Seven teams will receive                        For all the latest news and developments
up to £500,000 each to support                          from the Health Foundation:
the wider implementation and
                                                     • subscribe to our monthly email newsletter
evaluation of their work.
                                                       at www.health.org.uk/enewsletter
                                                     • register for email alerts to be notified about
our part time, fully-funded leadership
                                                       our latest work at www.health.org.uk/updates
programme for senior leaders from
health care policy and practice, and                 • follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn
the charity sector, will be open for
                                                     • visit our blog for the latest opinions,
application in the summer.
                                                       analysis and insight on health and
Visit www.health.org.uk                                health care at www.health.org.uk/blog
22                                                Tuesday 21 April
                                                  Session Details

London Experience Days
This interactive and energising day will
give a detailed and inside view of the             Proudly supported by:                                  • Embedding the science of improvement
best quality and safety initiatives currently                                                                into primary and community care.
being implemented in the UK healthcare                                                                    Your facilitators and hosts
system. The day will advance and progress
                                                                                                          • Dr Zuhair Zarifa, Chair of Newham CCG
fresh thinking in improvement and safety
                                                   EXPERIENCE 1
by:                                                                                                       • Satbinder Sanghera, Director of
                                                   Olympic Experience Day:                                   Partnerships Newham CCG and previously
• E nabling international visitors to actively    Regeneration and Innovation in                            Director of Athletes’ Village
   learn from the word class examples of
                                                   Newham                                                 • Meradin Peachey, Director of Public
   the UK healthcare system
                                                   Twitter #qfolympic                                        Health, London Borough of Newham
• P roviding UK healthcare professionals          A morning visiting the Queen Elizabeth II              • Dr Shanti Vijayaraghavan, Consultant
   with an interactive opportunity to learn        Olympic Park, host site for the London 2012               Diabetologist, Barts Health
   from the wider global community, and            Olympic & Paralympic games, followed by
   to inspire fresh thinking around local          an afternoon out in the local community                • Professor Martin Marshall, Lead,
                                                   of Newham. Delegates will experience an                   Improvement Science London, Professor of
                                                   official tour of the iconic park gaining an               Healthcare Improvement, UCL
The day will include tours and                     insight into the planning of health services           • Richard Mountford, Communications
demonstrations of local healthcare                 throughout the games and how new                          Manager, Newham CCG, UK
facilities at a number of healthcare centres       services have been designed for the local
of excellence around London.                       population post-games. After a lunchtime               • Liz Nicholls, Programme Lead for
                                                   trip up the Anish Kapoor designed Orbit                   Physiotherapy, School of Health and
                                                   Tower, delegates will then be taken out                   Bioscience at UEL, UK
                                                   to experience the local health services
                                                   that serve one of the UK’s most deprived
                                                                                                          Proudly supported by:
                                                   Learning Objectives
                                                   • To gain an insight into the Olympic and
                                                      Paralympic 2012 legacy and how health
                                                      services have evolved and sustained to
                                                                                                          EXPERIENCE 2
                                                      support Newham’s regeneration and new
                                                      population.                                         Improving Care of Children,
                                                   • To look at examples of how local health             Great Ormond Street Children’s
                                                      services are building on the legacy of              Hospital
                                                      the games, by incorporating exercise                Twitter #qfgosh
                                                      into healthcare and working with young
                                                                                                          Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital
                                                      people, in the youngest population in the
                                                                                                          Trust (GOSH) is one of the top 5 children’s
                                                                                                          hospitals in the world. Everything the Trust
                                                   • To learn how Newham is building and                 does – from excellent clinical care to cutting
                                                      embedding a culture of quality and safety           edge research and paediatric education -  is
                                                      in primary care through collaboration with          devoted to improving the health of children
                                                      academia, secondary care and community              and supporting their families during what
                                                      partners.                                           we know are difficult times.

                                                   • To learn how Newham health system is                Achieving sustainable change is a challenge
                                                      driving innovation and behaviour change             that many organisations face on their
                                                      across a whole system.                              improvement journey. Great Ormond Street
                                                                                                          Hospital is continually learning how to
                                                   • To visit the Olympic site and see local             develop and sustain Quality Improvement
                                                      regeneration, first-hand                            interventions despite encountering
                                                   Your experience                                        significant challenges.

                                                   • Risk stratification of patients and the use         Your experience
                                                      of informatics (EMIS) across whole patient          Your visit to GOSH will take you into the
                                                      journey.                                            heart of the organization, where you will
                                                   • Engaging ‘hard to reach’ patients in                learn how GOSH teams deliver their safety
                                                      diabetes self-management.                           agenda across a complex system.

                                                                                       Twitter: @QualityForum   #quality2015     internationalforum.bmj.com
Tuesday 21 April                                                                                  23
                                                Session Details

Delegates will see our successes and            • Some of the innovative service models in      Proudly supported by:
challenges and how we addressed them.              operation within liaison teams, primary
There will be an opportunity to interact with      care, and community settings – which have
those who have innovated and improved, as          applicability beyond the mental health and
well as experience skills learning workshops       community services context.
and a visit to clinical areas.                                                                   EXPERIENCE 5
                                                Your facilitators
Your facilitators                                                                                Improving acute care for all ages
                                                • Dr Kevin Cleary, Medical Director
• Zoe Egerickx, Transformation Programme                                                        – inspiration from University
                                                • Dr Amar Shah, Associate Medical Director
   Manager                                                                                       College London Hospitals NHS
                                                   for QI
• Peter Lachman, Co-Deputy Medical                                                              Foundation Trust
   Director and Consultant Paediatrician        EXPERIENCE 4                                     Twitter #qfacute
                                                                                                 About your Visit
                                                Embedding quality Primary Care
                                                Experience Day                                   Your visit to UCLH will provide you with
Proudly supported by:                                                                            access a wide range of talks from our
                                                Twitter #qfprimary                               executive team and our clinical leaders.
                                                The UK’s health system is based on               These will be interactive sessions with a
                                                comprehensive primary health provision           focus on safety, quality improvement and
                                                and free access for all. The recent              innovation. This will be through a large
EXPERIENCE 3                                    Commonwealth Fund’s 2014 report ranked           group session in the morning with the
Embedding quality                               the UK the best performing health system in      opportunity for delegates to break into
                                                the world.                                       smaller groups with a specialty focus in the
improvement in mental health                                                                     afternoon.  During the day you will:
and community services at East                  During the morning of the primary care
                                                experience day, there will be an opportunity     • Learn from leading experts in women’s
London NHS Foundation Trust                     to visit some of the following:                     health, elderly medicine, critical care and
Twitter #qfeast                                                                                     cancer care on what they’ve been doing
                                                • An innovative community-led organisation
East London NHS FT is a provider of                                                                 to improve clinical outcomes and patient
                                                   working alongside a primary care practice
predominantly mental health and                                                                     experience.
                                                   in one of the most deprived areas of the
community services in one of the most
                                                   UK                                            • Network with clinical experts interested in
culturally diverse and economically deprived
parts of the country. The organisation has                                                          improving clinical outcomes, safety and
                                                • A site that has undergone system wide
embraced quality as its business strategy,                                                          patent experience
                                                   reform of urgent care services
and has embarked on a large organisation-                                                        • Develop ideas on the use of simulation
wide quality improvement programme, in          • A site where GP-led commissioning has
                                                                                                    that you can implement in your own
partnership with the IHI. East London NHS FT       resulted in new solutions to patient care
receives some of the best patient feedback      • A GP practice to learn more how
results among its peers, and has recently                                                        Sessions for all
                                                   primary care is delivered, managed and
been named as one of the top 10 best               incentivised.                                 • Hear about our organisation and the
places to work in healthcare in the country.                                                        benefits and challenges facing an acute
                                                In the afternoon we will come together
Your experience                                                                                     foundation Trust in the current economic
                                                to share reflections from the morning. We
                                                                                                    climate - Sir Robert Naylor (CEO).
Spend a day with East London NHS FT, and        will also hear from UK primary care leaders
learn more about:                               about approaches to establishing new multi-      • Hear about our improvement journey so
                                                professional primary care offerings at greater      far and our aspirations for the future -
• How the organisation is applying             scale.                                              Jonathan Fielden (Medical Director) and
   systematic continuous improvement                                                                Tara Donnelly (Director Quality, Efficiency
   to tackling complex quality issues in        Your hosts                                          and Productivity )
   mental health and community services,
   hearing directly from the teams leading      • Dr Kate Adams, General Practitioner           • Learn how our critical care team with
   improvement work                                                                                 the support of UCLP have successfully
                                                • Paresh Dawda, Senior Research
                                                                                                    sustained a 50% reduction in cardiac
• How the organisation is shifting to being      Fellow, Australian National University,
                                                                                                    arrests and eliminated pressure ulcers
   improvement-focused, building capacity         Visiting Fellow, Keele Univeristy, UK,
                                                                                                    in their unit whilst improving staff and
   and capability for improvement at scale,       Implementation Adviser, ACT Medicare
                                                                                                    patient satisfaction - John Welch (Nurse
   and making quality its business strategy       Local, GP and Medical Director, Ochre
                                                                                                    Consultant) and Elaine Thorpe (Matron)
                                                  Health, ACT, Consultant, Improvement
• How patients, carers, and families             Foundation, Australia                          • Observe the use of simulation in
   are partnering with staff and leaders                                                            clinical training and learn how you
   to influence decisions, define quality       • Robert Vanham
                                                                                                    could implement this approach in your
   measures, and being part of all                                                                  own organisations - Melissa Whitten
   improvement work                                                                                 (Consultant Obstetrician)
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