THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY - International Guide 2022

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THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY - International Guide 2022
International   2
THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY - International Guide 2022
                                                                            1   ST

                                                                        in Australia
                                                                  and 4th in the world for
                                                                  graduate employability*

                We help you develop the skills, knowledge and
                values to become a leader in a rapidly changing
                world. Whether you’re finishing high school,
                                                                       38          TH

                continuing your undergraduate studies, pursuing           in world
                your passion or looking to advance your career,          rankings**

                we have a wide range of courses to suit your
                interests, strengths and career goals.

                * QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2020
                ** QS World University Rankings 2022
THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY - International Guide 2022
1 ST
                in Australia and 2nd globally
                                                            majors and minors to
               in the Times Higher Education               combine your interests
                    Impact Rankings 2021                     across disciplines

     250+                                       250+                                380,000+

                                                                                                        International Guide 2022
clubs and societies to                 international partners and                   alumni to connect
 enrich your student                  the largest student mobility                      you with a
     experience                           program in Australia                      worldwide network

THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY - International Guide 2022

JOIN                                                                        AREAS
US                                                                          OF STUDY
Why choose Sydney..............................................1            Architecture, design and planning..................18
Sydney alumni around the world.......................4                      Arts and social sciences....................................19
University life.........................................................6   Business................................................................20
Scholarships and student loans for                                          Education and social work.................................21
international students......................................... 7           Engineering and computer science................22
Industry and business partnerships.................8                        Law........................................................................23
Our research.........................................................9      Medicine and health..........................................24
Centre for English Teaching............................. 10                 Music.....................................................................25
Our campuses......................................................12        Science.................................................................26
Student accommodation...................................14

We acknowledge the tradition of custodianship and law of the Country
on which the University of Sydney campuses stand. We pay our respects
to those who have cared and continue to care for Country.
THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY - International Guide 2022
The Sydney Undergraduate Experience....... 30                             Why study postgraduate at Sydney?............... 76
Design your degree.............................................31         Postgraduate coursework courses................. 78
Follow your interests, all of them....................32                  Postgraduate coursework courses
Undergraduate courses................................... 34               - additional information ...................................93

Bachelor of Advanced Studies.........................55                   How to apply - postgraduate coursework.....94

2022 guide to admission criteria                                          Postgraduate research courses......................97
for international students ................................56             How to apply - postgraduate research........100
Table notes..........................................................64   Application advice............................................ 102
How to apply - undergraduate........................68                    Fees and costs..................................................103
Application advice...............................................71       —
Fees and costs.................................................... 72     Glossary..............................................................104
The University of Sydney                                                  Student support services...............................106
Preparation Programs.......................................73             Important dates for 2022................................ 107
                                                                          International events ........................................108
THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY - International Guide 2022
                THE WORLD
                Our international alumni and where                                                       UK
                                                                                 Amie Liebowitz, Broadcast
                their studies have taken them                                             Journalist at BBC
                                                                                      Bachelor of Arts 2014,
                                                                                     Master of International
                                                                                               Security 2017

                                                             Amy Zhu, Senior Manager
                                                             at Deloitte Canada
                                                             Bachelor of Commerce 2011

                                                                               Shea Duncan, Music
                                                                               Director at Mophonics
                                                                               Music and Sound
                                                                               Bachelor of Music
                                                                               (Composition) 2012

                Anastasia Volkova,
                CEO and Founder at FluroSat
                PhD (Research) 2019
                                                                                   Richard Pearshouse,
                                                                   Head of Crisis and the Environment
                                                                             at Amnesty International
                                                                                  Bachelor of Arts 1998,
                                                                                Bachelor of Laws 2000

                380K+                                       140+                               1 ST
                                  We have a                         Our alumni are                     We are ranked 1st in
                                  global network                    making a worldwide                 Australia and 4th in
                                  of more than                      impact across more                 the world for graduate
                                  380,000 alumni                    than 140 countries                 employability*
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                * QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2020
THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY - International Guide 2022
                                               Jeevesh Kumar,
                                               CEO at Greenscape
                                               Bachelor of Engineering (Software) 2004

                                                                      Olivia Jingshu Ji,
                                                                      President and Founder at Glue Up
                                                                      Master of Commerce 2003
Dr Dalia Bajis, FIP Lead for
Provision and Partnerships
at The International
Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)                                                          Hong Kong
Bachelor of Pharmacy 2001,                                                               Vincent Lam,
PhD (Research) 2020                                                                      Chairman and
                                                                                         Founder at Asiaray
                                                                                         Media Group
                                                                                         Bachelor of

                                                                                                              International Guide 2022
                                                                                         Science 1984

                                                                                         Nghia Pham,
                                                                                         CEO and Founder
                                                                                         at Studio8 Vietnam
                                                                                         Master of
                                                                                         Architecture 2009
              Mervyn Sirisena,
 Chairman at SIA Engineering
    (Philippines) Corporation
  and Director at Boeing Asia
     Pacific Aviation Services
      Bachelor of Engineering
                                                                                         Victoria Ong,
            (Aeronautical) 1975
                                                                                         TV Journalist,
                                                                                         Host and Producer
                                                                                         Master of Media
                                                                                         Practice 2014

                  Faradila Keiko, Psychiatry Registrar
                  at Dr Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital
                  Master of Brain and Mind Sciences 2018

                                       Alexie Seller, CEO at Enterprise Learning
                                          Projects and Co-Founder at Pollinate
                                       Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) 2011,
                                                                                                              Page 5

                                                            Bachelor of Arts 2011
THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY - International Guide 2022
                University is more than what
                happens in the classroom. Make
                the most of it by getting involved in
                campus life: join one of our 250+
                student clubs or societies, connect
                with others and find the support
                you need.

                Our clubs and societies provide opportunities
                for networking, fun and leadership. In our diverse
                community of students, made up of more than
                32 cultural groups and 130 nationalities, you’ll be able
                to make friends from all around the world. There are
                also numerous facilities, programs and events to keep

                you healthy and active during your time at university.

                Find out more:

                                   Travel the world while
                                         you study
                             We have the largest student mobility
                       program in Australia.* We’ve partnered with over
                       250 universities in more than 40 countries to give
                      you access to global opportunities that will broaden
                         your horizons. 130 of our partner universities
                       are ranked in the top 200 worldwide,** including
                      Harvard, Yale and the London School of Economics.

                                         Learn more:
                           Our study abroad and exchange programs
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                * Australian Universities International Directors’ Forum
                   Learning Abroad Benchmarking 2019 (in 2020)
                   Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021
THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY - International Guide 2022
Whether you are an undergraduate, postgraduate                    Student loans and funding options
or research student, we offer a range of university               As an international student, you may be
and faculty scholarships to support you.                          eligible for student loans or benefits from your
                                                                  home government.
Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship                       − The University of Sydney administers United
This is a prestigious scholarship awarded on                        States Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and
academic merit to exceptional international                         funding from private United States lenders.
students to pursue coursework studies. Value:
                                                                  − The University is also accredited to
up to $40,000.
                                                                    administer benefits from the United States
                                                                    Department of Veteran Affairs.
Sydney Scholars India Scholarship Program
This is an undergraduate and postgraduate                         − We can support citizens of Canada, Norway,
coursework scholarship offered to commencing                        Sweden and some other European nations

                                                                                                                              International Guide 2022
Indian students, to foster our engagement                           with the administration of their student
with India. Value: a pool of $500,000 for                           loans and tuition fee tax credits.
28 scholarships.                                                  −

Research Training Program International                           Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)
Scholarship                                                       Australia Awards
Many high-achieving students apply for a                          This Australian Government scholarship attracts
research degree and a scholarship at the same                     scholars of the highest calibre from countries that
time. Research Training Program International                     have a development partnership with Australia. It
Scholarships, funded by the Australian                            covers full tuition fees and provides a living allowance.
Government, cover tuition fees, Overseas                          −
Student Health Cover, relocation costs and a
living allowance.

Browse the full list of scholarships:

“The scholarship really helped me kickstart my
 journey in Sydney. The financial aid I received
 helped me to settle in easily and not stress about
 expenses. Studying at USYD has helped me get
 out of my comfort zone and collaborate with
 different people.”
Pratul Nayar
Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Software Engineering)
Master of Commerce, Sydney Scholars India Scholarship recipient
Home country: India
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THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY - International Guide 2022
                We have a global network of         “I worked on a real-life consulting
                                                     project in Malaysia for the Maggie
                industry partners. You’ll have       Beer Company. The experience was
                opportunities to collaborate         invaluable to me and helped in securing
                                                     a role in international trade between
                with businesses, community           Australia and China.”
                organisations and government
                                                    Qin Huang
                bodies through internships and      Master of International Business 2018
                                                    Current role: Key Account Executive,
                placements on projects that will    The Export Group Ltd.
                                                    Home country: China
                develop your networks and deepen
                your critical thinking, problem-
                solving and communication skills.

                Our industry partners include

                Google, Adobe, Microsoft, KPMG,
                Coca-Cola Amatil, Unilever and
                the NSW Government.
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International Guide 2022
                                       1    ST     in Australia and 2nd in the world
                                                   for research impact*

We're one of the world's top
research universities. Our research

is driven by the big picture. We                   fields of research ranked world
                                                   standard or above
take a problem and look at it from
all angles, combining the expertise
and talents of scholars from many

                                                   research centres
disciplines. Our key research areas
include technology, health and
wellbeing, society and culture,
and environmental issues.

                                                   research partnerships with
                                                   universities around the world

                                                   jointly funded research projects
                                                   with partner universities
                                                                                       Page 9

                                      * Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2021

                The Centre for English Teaching (CET) offers English   Unique 4-2-1 learning model
                language courses and academic skills programs to       − 4 hours of interactive in-class learning
                prepare you for university.
                                                                       − 2 hours of personalised online learning
                                                                       − 1 hour of engagement opportunity to develop
                                                                         language skills outside the classroom
                Achieve your goals in English language learning,
                academic skills development, teacher training
                                                                       Highly qualified teaching staff
                or international test preparation in a supportive
                                                                       All CET courses are taught by highly qualified
                face‑to‑face or online environment with our
                                                                       instructors who have extensive experience teaching
                experienced and highly qualified teaching staff.
                                                                       English at universities in Australia and internationally.

                You can also package your university degree studies
                                                                       Co-curricular activities
                with a CET Direct Entry Course so you can develop
                                                                       CET offers a great range of activities to support you
                your English and academic skills to ensure your
                                                                       both inside and outside the classroom, including a free
                success at university. You can apply to obtain a
                                                                       social app, weekly study workshops, a peer support
                student visa to cover the full duration of your CET
                                                                       network, a monthly calendar of social, sports and arts
                course and degree studies.
                                                                       activities, and much more.
                                                                       Academic and wellbeing support
                                                                       You’ll also have free access to a range of support
                                                                       services including academic counselling, wellbeing
                                                                       workshops, a peer-to-peer program and online
                                                                       self‑study resources.
Page 10
Our programs                                                 Develop professionally
Depending on your starting level in English and the          English Language Teacher Training
target level for admission into your chosen course           This is an innovative professional development
at the University of Sydney, you may need to take            course that covers the latest theories and
a combination of university preparation courses.             approaches to Teaching English to Speakers of
These are some of your options.                              Other Languages (TESOL).

Intensive Test Preparation                                   English for Academic Purposes Teacher Training
CRICOS: 085557D and 055142J                                  This course extends your teaching skills and knowledge
This intensive course is designed for students who           into the field of English for Academic Purposes to
wish to undertake a language exam, such as IELTS.            enhance your career prospects as an English language
You will learn effective test-taking skills and strategies   teaching professional.
to maximise your test results, increase your English
language proficiency and confidence level, and               Learn online
improve your study practices.                                Academic Skills for University Success Specialisation
                                                             This series of five Massive Open Online Courses
Direct Entry Course                                          (MOOCs) provides an introduction to academic
CRICOS: 083314F                                              culture and prepares you for study at an English-
This is an English language program for students who         medium university. It helps you to develop a deep
have a conditional offer to study at the University          understanding of the graduate qualities essential for
of Sydney. It is designed to improve your academic           academic success: information and digital literacy,
English and develop the academic skills needed to            problem solving, critical thinking and communication.

                                                                                                                      International Guide 2022
study at an Australian university.                           −
Graduate Academic Skills
CRICOS: 086047G and 042448J                                  Customised programs for study tour groups
This course is for students who have an                      CET also offers customised courses specifically
unconditional offer to study at an Australian                designed to meet the needs of particular groups
university. This high‑level five-week course provides        of learners. These courses range from two to
an introduction to the expectations and values of            12 weeks, and can include a mix of core classes and
academic culture in an Australian university.                optional activities such as lectures, workshops and
                                                             cultural activities.

         “CET teachers are professional and
          patient when teaching us. They
          gave us many resources and taught
          us different approaches to learn
          efficiently. We saw improvements in
          our English skills such as writing and
          listening, which is beneficial for our
          academic courses at the University.”
          Jiayang (Jaya) Li
          Direct Entry Course
          Home country: China
                                                                                                                      Page 11
                                                                        of Music

                  500 km
The University of Sydney has a network of campuses and
             teaching locations in the heart of the city and beyond.
             Sydney CBD, with the University of Sydney’s Camperdown/
             Darlington Campus in the foreground. © Mark Merton Photography

CBD Campus

                                                           Surry Hills

                                                                              International Guide 2022
                                                                              Page 13

                Experience uni life at your doorstep.
                Whether you choose to live on     Living off campus                  It offers helpful advice on areas to
                or off campus, you’ll have many   The University's campuses are      live, accommodation options and
                accommodation options to          surrounded by many vibrant and     expected costs. It also allows you
                choose from.                      multicultural suburbs. You can     to register for a place at University-
                                                  choose to live in independently    owned housing.
                Living on campus                  run student housing or rent        −
                − University residences offer     accommodation privately.
                  fully furnished single rooms                                       For more general information on
                  with shared living, learning    New to Sydney?                     approximate living costs in Sydney,
                  and study spaces.               We recommend you book              including transport, groceries and
                                                  a temporary place to stay          other everyday expenses as well as
                − Residential colleges offer
                                                  before committing to longer-       accommodation costs, visit
                  fully furnished single rooms
                                                  term accommodation. Our
                  with daily meals provided.                                         −
                                                  Accommodation Services website
                                                  is a great place to get started.
Page 14
International Guide 2022
Meet an international student living            Benny's advice on accommodation options
on campus                                       “Make full use of the resources and facilities
Benny Shen is an international student          available and enjoy the unique experience
from China who lives on campus at the           of living on campus. Coming from a boarding
University of Sydney. He recently graduated     school, I have always enjoyed the sense of
from a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance            community that you experience by sharing
and Marketing) and is starting a Master of      and growing under the same roof with
International Management.                       others. Everyone in the USYD community is
                                                open-minded and supportive.
“Living in student accommodation during the
last three years of my studies has been the     As well, there are a variety of academic
most exciting and meaningful element within     and extracurricular programs run by the
my university life. I got to meet individuals   residences and Student Accommodation
from all over the world, learn about their      Services so you can always find something
various cultural backgrounds, and ultimately    that you will be interested in. With such
become friends with them.                       easy access to campus and all other
                                                events and activities, your experience of
We study, cook, travel and explore together,    living on campus will become the heart of
as well as sharing so many wonderful            your uni life!”
memories! The people I have met through         −
living on campus have made Sydney a second
home, which has been the most wonderful
experience for me as an international
                                                                                                 Page 15

student studying abroad.”
Our rankings across many areas of study reflect our achievements
                                     as one of the world’s leading research and education providers.

                                     Architecture, design                      Engineering and
                                     and planning                              computer science

                                       21    ST
                                                                                 2    ND
                                                   in the world for                        in Australia for
                                                   architecture/built                      engineering and
                                                   environment*                            technology***

                                     Arts and social sciences                  Law

                                         1 ST
                                                                                 14   TH
                                                   in Australia for arts                   in the world
                                                   and humanities**                        for law*

                                     Business                                  Medicine and health

                                         TOP       of business schools            TOP      in the world for

                                         1                                       20
                                                   in the world with                       medicine, nursing
                                             %     Triple Crown                            and sports-related
                                                   accreditation (AACSB,                   subjects*
                                                   AMBA and EQUIS)

                                     Education                                 Science

                                       25     TH
                                                                                  1  ST
                                                   in the world                            in Australia and
                                                   for education*                          16th in the world for
                                                                                           veterinary science
Page 16

                * QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021
                ** US News and World Report
                *** Times Higher Education Rankings by Subject 2021

            Page 17
                AND PLANNING
                Invent with intent. When you study
                at Sydney, you’ll combine creative
                flair with finely tuned technical skills
                to shape the spaces, services and
                experiences – both physical
                and digital – in which we live,
                work and play.

                                                                         “With top-quality labs, studios and high-tech
                                                                          facilities including recording studios, design,
                                                                          modelling and fabrication labs, I’m provided
                                                                          with everything I need to express my ideas and
                                                                          innovations. We are encouraged to express
                                                                          ourselves and our design language. You’ll find
                                                                          people show up with crazy models and designs
                                                                          in the studio!”
                                                                          Lade Tran
                                                                          Bachelor of Design in Architecture
                                                                          Home country: Vietnam

                21   ST   in the world for                       Home to one of                            Active events and alumni
                          Architecture/                          Australia’s best-                         program: meet visiting
                          Built Environment*                     equipped fabrication                      scholars/architects and
                                                                 and prototyping labs                      attend exhibitions at the
                                                                                                           Tin Sheds Gallery
Page 18

                * QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021
At Sydney we’ll train you to think
through problems constructively
and find effective solutions. You’ll
develop the skills to rigorously
assess assumptions, develop
strategies and test ideas against
evidence. In the classroom, on
an industry placement or overseas
exchange, you’ll bring your intellectual
curiosity to bear on some of the most

                                                                                                  International Guide 2022
complex issues of the 21st century.

“[Choosing a] Bachelor of Arts has allowed me to
 have flexibility and choice. When I first started uni,      ST   in Australia and 11th in
                                                                  the world for arts and
 I didn't have a clear career plan, and I wanted to               humanities*
 explore through learning. I chose to do a Bachelor
 of Arts because I can also take [subjects] from

 other fields from the faculty's shared pool. I chose             subject areas taught
 digital cultures and accounting as my majors.                    by leading experts
 When I graduate, I can either choose to work in
 communications/media or commerce.”

Zixin Wang
Bachelor of Arts (Digital Cultures                                global industry network
and Accounting)                                                   partners, including
Home country: China                                               Amnesty International,
                                                                  PwC and Sydney
                                                                  Opera House
                                                                                                  Page 19

                                                            * US News and World Report Rankings
                                                             At the University of Sydney
                                                             Business School, you'll develop
                                                             the skills to succeed as a business
                                                             professional or build your own
                                                             entrepreneurial start-up. Graduate
                                                             with the leadership abilities to drive
                                                             positive change that has social,
                                                             environmental and commercial
                                                             impact. Your global business
                                                             journey starts here.

                “The Business School gave me the skills                      Join Job Smart Edge, our
                 and networks to accelerate my journey                       award-winning international
                 through the start-up world. Through the                     student employability program
                 Alumni Mentoring Program, I connected
                 with an industry professional from
                 Amazon Web Services who provided                  TOP

                                                                            In the top 1% of business schools
                 advice that still guides my career.”
                Alan Shen
                Bachelor of Commerce 2018
                                                                     %      worldwide with triple crown

                Current role: Sales Development, Pave, USA
                Home Country: Taiwan

                                                                             Study in our ultra-modern
                                                                             Abercrombie Building, equipped
                                                                             with the latest technology and
                                                                             learning spaces


                                                                             in the world for accounting and
                                                                             finance and top 50 for business
                                                                             and management studies**
Page 20

                                                                   * AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS, and CEMS
                                                                   ** QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021
Make a world of difference through
teaching or social work. At Sydney,
you’ll explore ideas and issues in your
chosen field to become a highly informed
practitioner and lifelong learner.

                                                                                                     International Guide 2022
25    TH   25th in the
           world for

* QS World University Rankings
  by Subject 2021

                                 “Studying at the University of Sydney ultimately
                                   turned out to be the most rewarding, life-changing
                                    experience. Now, I am more than ready to bring
                                     about changes to the education system in Cambodia.
                                     This academic qualification is a big contribution
                                      to where I am today, landing into a management
                                      and leadership position where I have led and
                                     managed Cambodian and expat teachers as well as
                                     educational projects.”
                                    Chanleap Pin
                                  Master of Education (Educational Management and Leadership) 2020
                                 Home country: Cambodia
                                                                                                     Page 21
                AND COMPUTER
                With a degree from Sydney
                in engineering, project
                management or advanced
                computing, you can make a
                powerful impact to improve the
                lives of people around the world.
                From AI to space travel, engineers,
                project managers and computer scientists
                develop innovative and sustainable solutions                                       You'll study in our brand new
                                                                                                   multimillion-dollar engineering
                to society’s greatest challenges.

                                                                                                   and technology precinct.

                2                                                1200+
                         in Australia for engineering and                             industry partners that offer student work
                    ND   technology, computer science                                 placements, internships, capstone projects
                         and information systems*                                     and employment opportunities

                                                                                      brand new Engineering and Technology
                                                                                      Precinct with world-class teaching and
                                                                                      research facilities

                                                             “My degree equipped me with the in-depth
                                                              knowledge and skills to start my own IT company.
                                                               The University was an excellent place to nurture
                                                               my abilities and meet wonderful professors,
                                                               mentors and friends, who exposed me to
                                                               new perspectives.”
                                                               Thanh Van Dang
                                                              Computer science graduate
                                                             Current role: CEO and Founder of Savvycom software development
                                                            Home country: Vietnam
Page 22

                                                                            * Times Higher Education Rankings by Subject 2021;
                                                                              QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021
Studying at Sydney Law School
will give you the skills in
research, analysis and persuasive
communication to become an
outstanding lawyer. Your expertise
will be highly transferable in the
global marketplace.

                                                                                                         International Guide 2022
                                                         14   TH   in the world for law*

                                                                   You'll automatically be a student
                                                                   member of the Sydney University
                                                                   Law Society (SULS), one of
                                                                   the most active student-led
                                                                   organisations at the University

“The support of teachers and peers has given me the
 motivation to stay curious, which I find invaluable in my
 studies. Learning to develop my skills under the guidance and
 expertise of some of the best legal minds is, I believe, what
 will best prepare me for the challenges of my future career.”
Lila Ostermann
Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws
Home country: France
                                                                                                         Page 23

                                                                   * 2021 QS World Rankings by Subject
                                                                                      AND HEALTH
                                                                                  At Sydney you can pursue your
                                                                                  passion in health and prepare
                                                                                  for a career where you can make
                                                                                  a difference to millions of lives.
                                                                                  You'll choose from the largest
                                                                                  range of health degrees of any
                                                                                  Australian university, and graduate
                                                                                  with knowledge and skills that are
                                                                                  in demand.

                “Having a degree from the University of
                 Sydney meant that it was recognised
                 internationally. So I worked in Australia as
                 well as the UK for a decade before moving
                 back home to Singapore. It was easier than
                 I expected and this was probably because
                 I have learnt to be adaptable to changes
                 and new environments – a trait developed
                 as an international student!”
                Dr Shamala Thilarajah
                Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) 2003
                Current role: Principal Physiotherapist, Singapore General Hospital
                Home country: Singapore


                          globally in medicine,                      New state-of-the-art            Most courses include
                          nursing and sports-                        Susan Wakil Health Building     embedded placement
                          related subjects*                          fitted with lecture theatres,   opportunities to prepare
                                                                     simulation rooms, a medical     you for practice
                                                                     imaging suite, research gyms
Page 24

                                                                     and a speech clinic
                * QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021

The Sydney Conservatorium
of Music has been at the
centre of Sydney’s cultural
history for more than 100
years. Through our flexible
courses you can explore diverse
areas such as composition,
contemporary music, jazz,
musicology, performance and

                                                                                                                International Guide 2022
music education.

                                                                “The Con is one of the most
                                                                 prestigious music institutions
                                                                 in Australia, with a wide range
                                                                 of facilities. My advice to any
                                                                 prospective students is to go for
                                                                 it, work hard and support your
                                                                 peers whenever you possibly can.
                                                                 I believe the opportunities we gain
                                                                 from studying are what we make
                                                                 of them.”
                                                                Anna Da Silva Chen
                                                                Bachelor of Music (Performance) 2018

2   ND                                $1.5+
          in Australia                           offered                        The best facilities to study
          and 30th in                            annually in                    music in the Asia-Pacific
          the world for                          scholarships                   region, a short stroll to the
          performing arts*             MILLION                                  Sydney Opera House
                                                                                                                Page 25

* 2021 QS World University Rankings
                At Sydney, we’ve united our
                expertise in the sciences
                – including nanoscience,
                mathematics, psychology and
                food science as well as animal and
                human health – to offer you the broadest
                possible choice. From biology and chemistry to
                physics and geosciences, you can build a degree
                around your interests.

                                                                                1 ST

                                                                                         in Australia and
                                                                                         16th in the world for
                                                                                         veterinary science*

                                                                                         Home to some of the
                                                                                         world’s best scientific
                                                                                         facilities: Sydney Nano,
                                                                                         the Charles Perkins
                                                                                         Centre, our Veterinary
                                                                                         Hospital/Clinic and the
                                                                                         Plant Breeding Institute

                                                                                         Industry projects and
                                                                                         internship opportunities
                                                                                         to help build your career
                                                                                         before you graduate

                “The highlight of my journey studying neuroscience
                 within my science degree was when I hacked into my
                 own brain to memorise things better! My degree also
                 gave me the opportunity to learn about a potential
                 treatment for brain cancer from a leading researcher
                 and undertake a research internship at the University
                 of Sydney's Brain and Mind Centre.”
                Felicia Suteja
                Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Advanced Studies
                Home country: Indonesia
Page 26

                                                                         * QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021
Page 27   International Guide 2022
“The best thing about my course is how
                                                                practical and useful it is. In the course, they
                                                                teach you basic economics theory to help
                                                                you understand what’s going on in the real
                                                                world. At the same time, they also teach
                                                                you econometrics models so you will know
                                                                how to apply them and use them to analyse
                                                                real-world data. Lastly, they teach you
                                                                financial knowledge like the different kinds of
                                                                investment portfolios and how to analyse the
                                                                stock market.”
                                                                Vikki Qin
                                                                Bachelor of Economics
                                                                Home country: China and Singapore

                “Since moving here on my own to study,
                 I have been fortunate to enjoy a rich
                 university experience. The vibrancy of
                 student life emboldened me to explore

                 a range of new opportunities, from
                 launching a musical jamming society to
                 attending a humanitarian engineering
                 workshop in Pune, India.”

                Charles Christopher Hyland
                Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics)
                (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce
                Home country: Thailand

                                                             “My degree provided me with opportunities
                                                              to attend clinical placements. I had an
                                                              overview of how life will be as a health
                                                              professional - I value the opportunity that
                                                              I had and appreciate USYD for giving me the
                                                              chance to work in clinical settings. I also
                                                              loved getting involved in SUCSA (Sydney
                                                              University Chinese Students Association).”
                                                             Yibai Li
                                                             Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies)
                                                             Home country: China
Page 28


COVID-19 has required changes to the operation of the University for health and compliance reasons from
time to time. This means that your course or parts of your course may be delivered differently to the standard
description in this guide. Changes might include remote or blended modes of delivery, changes to campus
operations, assessment methods and the way we deliver support services. For the latest information,
including about delivery modes, make sure to regularly visit and

Most changes are intended to be interim arrangements to safeguard the health of our community while
allowing students to continue their studies where possible. If your course is available to commence remotely,
                                                                                                                     Page 29

there may be some aspects you must complete in Australia and you will usually be expected to come to
Australia on a relevant visa as soon as you are able to do so.
                         UNDERGRADUATE EXPERIENCE

                               We offer flexibility across our undergraduate degrees
                                  to prepare you for a future full of possibilities.

                Design your own degree and            Prepare for your future by             Challenge your academic and
                choose the study path that is         working with industry leaders          leadership abilities and build
                right for you                         No matter what you study, you’ll       your networks
                Gain expertise in more than           have opportunities and support         In our unique Dalyell Scholars
                one field by choosing from our        to undertake internships and work      stream, high-achieving students
                range of professional, specialist     placements with industry leaders,      can access enrichment
                or liberal studies, and combined/     so you’ll graduate ready for work.     opportunities and exclusive units
                double degrees.                                                              of study and work alongside other
                                                      Extend your skills and expertise       peer leaders.
                With 100+ majors and minors           Through our Bachelor of Advanced       −
                across the shared pool, you can       Studies combined degrees, you can
                broaden your skills even further.     tackle advanced course and project     Gain international experience
                Follow all your interests by adding   work and boost your personal and       We offer the largest study abroad
                multidisciplinary knowledge           professional skills with units from    and exchange program in Australia,
                outside your primary degree(s).       the Open Learning Environment.         so you can take advantage of
                                                                                             opportunities all around the world.
                                                      If you’re passionate about research,
                                                      we offer options to undertake an
                                                      honours year, equipping you with
                                                      the prerequisite research skills to
                                                      undertake a research degree such
Page 30

                                                      as a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).
DESIGN YOUR DEGREE                                                                                For
Enjoy the flexibility of designing a degree that combines all your interests, including                                      sample study plans,
opportunities to study overseas, collaborate with industry partners and undertake                                             find your course at
advanced units of study. Below is an indicative degree structure for a liberal studies                                
or specialist degree combined with the Bachelor of Advanced Studies.*                                                               courses

            What can I study?
            Shared pool of majors and minors
            Design a degree that allows you to combine your interests from more than 100 majors and minors.
  Year 1

            You can build interdisciplinary expertise from a wide range of study areas outside your primary degree.

             Semester Units of study
                  1       Major 1                        Core/elective                  Core/elective                  Minor/Major 2

                  2       Major 1                        Core/elective                  Core/elective                  OLE

            Can I study overseas?
            Global opportunities                                                 Open Learning Environment (OLE)

                                                                                                                                                    International Guide 2022
            Semester or year-long exchanges and short-term                       Boost your personal and professional development
            summer and winter placements can be taken at                         through these online tutorials and masterclasses,
  Year 2

            various points throughout your degree.                               including a range of in-country experiences.

             Semester Units of study
                  1       Major 1                        OLE                            Elective                       Minor/Major 2

                  2       Major 1                        Minor/Major 2                  Elective/Major 2               Minor/Major 2

            What real-world experiences will I have?
            Interdisciplinary projects
            Enhance your knowledge through an embedded third-year interdisciplinary project within each of
            your majors. You can further extend your learning and collaborate with businesses, community and
  Year 3

            government organisations through elective interdisciplinary project units that address real-world
            issues. Industry partners include Adobe, Google, Deloitte, KPMG and Amnesty International.

             Semester Units of study
                  1       Major 1                        Major 1                        Elective                       Minor/Major 2

                  2       Major 1                        Major 1                        Elective/Major 2               Minor/Major 2

            How can I enhance my degree?
            Advanced coursework + project or honours (combined Bachelor of Advanced Studies)**
            Challenge yourself through advanced units of study and experience across disciplines by completing a
  Year 4

            substantial real-world industry, community, entrepreneurship or research project, or undertake honours.

             Semester Units of study
                                 Advanced coursework including a substantial real-world industry, community, entrepreneurship
                                        or research project, or honours advanced coursework and an honours project

Find out more about our different types of undergraduate degrees, including professional, specialist, liberal studies and combined and double
degrees, at:
                                                                                                                                                    Page 31

* The course structure and components will vary according to the particular degree requirements.
** See pages 56-63 for more information about the combined Bachelor of Advanced Studies.

                ALL OF THEM.
                A number of our undergraduate
                degrees allow you to combine your
                interests with more than 100 study areas
                from a shared pool of majors and minors.

                This means you can broaden your skills
                or acquire multidisciplinary expertise
                in a second field that sits outside your
                primary degree.
Page 32
Shared pool of majors and minors
Combine your primary major with a major or minor in one of the areas below.

      Architecture, design      − Indonesian Studies             − International                  Science
       and planning              − International and                Business                    − Animal Health,
    − Biological Design            Comparative Literary           − Management and                Disease and Welfare
    − Design                       Studies                          Leadership                  − Animal Production
    − Urban Studies              − International Relations        − Marketing                   − Biochemistry and
                                 − Italian Studies                                                Molecular Biology
      Arts and social           − Japanese Studies                                             − Biology
       sciences                                                     social work
                                 − Jewish Civilisation,                                         − Cell and
    − American Studies                                            − Education Studies
                                   Thought and Culture                                            Developmental
    − Ancient Greek              − Korean Studies                                                 Biology
                                                                    Engineering and
    − Ancient History            − Latin                             computer science           − Chemistry
    − Anthropology               − Linguistics                    − Computer Science            − Data Science
    − Arabic Language            − Modern Greek Studies           − Project Management          − Ecology and
      and Cultures                                                                                Evolutionary Biology**
                                 − Philosophy                     − Software
    − Archaeology                                                   Development                 − Environmental Studies
                                 − Political Economy
    − Art History                                                                               − Financial Mathematics

                                                                                                                              International Guide 2022
                                 − Politics
    − Asian Studies                                                 Medicine
                                                                                                 and Statistics
                                 − Sanskrit*                        and health
    − Biblical Studies and                                                                      − Food Science
                                 − Social Policy*                 − Anatomy and
      Classical Hebrew                                                                          − Genetics and
                                 − Socio-legal Studies              Histology                     Genomics
    − Chinese Studies
                                 − Sociology                      − Applied Medical             − Geography
    − Criminology
                                 − Spanish and Latin                Science
    − Cultural Studies                                                                          − Geology and
                                   American Studies               − Disability and                Geophysics
    − Digital Cultures                                              Participation
                                 − Studies in Religion                                          − History and Philosophy
    − Diversity Studies*                                          − Health
                                 − Theatre and                                                    of Science
    − Economic Policy***           Performance Studies            − Hearing and Speech          − Marine Science
    − Economics                  − Visual Arts                    − Immunology*                 − Mathematics
    − Econometrics               − Writing Studies*               − Immunology and              − Medicinal Chemistry
    − English                                                       Pathology**
                                                                                                − Microbiology
    − Environmental,                Business                      − Infectious Diseases
                                                                                                − Nutrition Science
      Agricultural and           − Accounting                     − Neuroscience
      Resource Economics                                                                        − Physics
                                 − Banking**                      − Pathology*
    − European Studies                                                                          − Plant Production
                                 − Business Analytics             − Pharmacology
    − Film Studies                                                                              − Plant Science*
                                 − Business Information           − Physical Activity
    − Financial Economics          Systems                                                      − Psychological Science
                                                                    and Health
    − French and                 − Business Law                                                 − Quantitative Life
                                                                  − Physiology
      Francophone Studies                                                                         Sciences
                                 − Finance**
    − Gender Studies                                                Music                       − Soil Science and
                                 − Industrial Relations
    − Germanic Studies             and Human Resource             − Digital Music
                                   Management                                                   − Statistics
    − Hebrew (Modern)                                             − Music**
                                 − Innovation and                                              − Virology*
    − History
                                   Entrepreneurship                                             − Wildlife Conservation*
    − Indigenous Studies
                                                                                                                              Page 33

*    Available as a minor only     ** Available as a major only        *** Not available for Bachelor of Economics students
                        Architecture, design and planning

                B Architecture and Environments
                ATAR: 80                                  Programs, majors and minors                       Career possibilities
                IB: 29                                    Core areas of study include architectural         Architect (with additional study), architectural
                Entry: Feb                                and environmental design, architectural           technologist, project manager, urban
                Duration (full time): 3 years             history and theory, architectural sciences        designer, urban planner, building surveyor,
                Assumed knowledge: English Advanced       and technologies, property and sustainability,    spatial designer, designer, or roles in property
                and Mathematics Advanced or higher        urban design and planning. The University of      and real estate or construction
                                                          Sydney School of Architecture, Design and
                                                          Planning electives may include acoustics,
                                                          lighting, structures and design computing.

                B Design Computing
                B Design Computing/B Advanced Studies

                ATAR: 80                                  Programs, majors and minors                       In the final year of the combined degree you
                IB: 29                                    Core areas of study include app design,           will undertake advanced coursework and a
                Entry: Feb/Aug                            creative technology, design thinking, graphic     substantial real-world industry, community,
                Duration (full time): 3 years (single)/   design, information architecture, physical        entrepreneurship or research project, or an
                                                          computing, sound design, user experience          honours project.

                4 years (combined)
                Assumed knowledge: Mathematics Advanced   (UX) and user-centred design. The four design
                or higher                                 studios focus on user experience design,          Career possibilities
                                                          interaction design, information visualisation,    Interaction designer, UX designer, business
                                                          and interactive product design. Related units     developer, creative director, marketing
                                                          may be taken from arts and social sciences,       consultant, communications adviser,
                                                          business, engineering, computer science,          project manager, design manager, web and
                                                          music and visual arts. In the combined            multimedia designer, multimedia strategist,
                                                          B Design Computing/B Advanced Studies, you        creative technologist
                                                          will also take a major from the shared pool.

                B Design in Architecture

                ATAR: 90                                  Programs, majors and minors                       Career possibilities
                IB: 33                                    Core areas of study include architectural         Architect (with additional study), architectural
                Entry: Feb                                design, architectural history and theory,         technologist, interior and spatial designer,
                Duration (full time): 3 years             architectural technologies, architecture          urban designer, project manager,
                Assumed knowledge: English Advanced       workshops, environment and sustainability,        property developer
                and Mathematics Advanced or higher        professional practice and architectural
                                                          communications. You can take electives            Combine this degree with
                                                          from the University of Sydney School of           B Engineering Honours (Civil)
                                                          Architecture, Design and Planning as well as
                                                          from other faculties and schools.

                B Design in Architecture (Honours)/M Architecture

                ATAR: 92                                  Programs, majors and minors                       Career possibilities
                IB: 35                                    Core areas of study include architectural         Architect, design manager, academic
                Entry: Feb                                design, history and theory, technologies,
                Duration (full time): 5 years             architecture workshops, environment and
                Assumed knowledge: English Advanced       sustainability, professional practice and
                and Mathematics Advanced or higher        architectural communications. You can take
                                                          electives from the University of Sydney School
                                                          of Architecture, Design and Planning as well as
                                                          from other faculties and schools.
Page 34
Arts and social sciences                                                                                         Mock-QR
B Arts
B Arts/B Advanced Studies

ATAR: 80                                  Programs, majors and minors                         Sanskrit (minor only); Social Policy (minor only);
IB: 29                                    In the B Arts, you will choose one major from       Socio‑legal Studies; Sociology; Spanish and
Entry: Feb/Aug                            the options below and a minor or second             Latin American Studies; Studies in Religion;
Duration (full time): 3 years (single)/   major from these options or from the shared         Theatre and Performance Studies; Visual Arts;
4 years (combined)                        pool. In the B Arts/B Advanced Studies, you         Writing Studies (minor only).
Dalyell by invitation                     will choose one major from the list below,
                                          and a second major from the shared pool             In the final year of the combined degree you
Assumed knowledge: Depends on the major
                                          or from the following: American Studies;            will undertake advanced coursework and a
or units of study chosen
                                          Ancient Greek; Ancient History; Anthropology;       substantial real-world industry, community,
                                          Arabic Language and Cultures; Archaeology;          entrepreneurship or research project, or an
                                          Art History; Asian Studies; Biblical Studies        honours project.
                                          and Classical Hebrew; Chinese Studies;
                                          Criminology; Cultural Studies; Digital Cultures;    Career possibilities
                                          Diversity Studies (minor only); Econometrics;       Anthropologist, archaeologist, archivist, art
                                          Economics; Economic Policy; Education               historian, business administrator or manager,
                                          Studies; English; Environmental, Agricultural       historian, heritage specialist, foreign affairs
                                          and Resource Economics; European Studies;           and trade officer, government policy officer,
                                          Film Studies; Financial Economics; French           information specialist, journalist, museum or
                                          and Francophone Studies; Gender Studies;            gallery curator, language specialist, media and
                                          Germanic Studies; Hebrew (Modern); History;         communications officer, editor or publisher,
                                          Indigenous Studies; Indonesian Studies;             researcher, sociologist
                                          International Comparative Literary Studies;
                                          International Relations; Italian Studies;           Combine B Arts with
                                          Japanese Studies; Jewish Civilisation,              B Engineering Honours, B Laws, B Social Work,
                                          Thought and Culture; Korean Studies; Latin;         D Medicine, M Nursing
                                          Linguistics; Modern Greek Studies; Music;
                                          Philosophy; Political Economy; Politics;

                                                                                                                                                   International Guide 2022
B Arts/B Advanced Studies (Dalyell Scholars)

ATAR: 98                                  Programs, majors and minors                         Career possibilities
IB: 40                                    Refer to B Arts/B Advanced Studies for degree       Anthropologist, archaeologist, business
Entry: Feb/Aug                            requirements. As a Dalyell Scholar, you will        administrator or manager, economist, editor
Duration (full time): 4 years             undertake 12 credit points of distinctive Dalyell   or publisher, foreign affairs and trade officer,
Dalyell by application                    Scholars stream units complemented by               government policy officer, historian, language
                                          additional enrichment opportunities, including      specialist, journalist, museum or gallery
Assumed knowledge: Depends on the major
                                          mentoring, professional skill development and       curator, public relations manager
or units of study chosen
                                          an optional global mobility experience.

B Arts/B Advanced Studies (International and Global Studies)

ATAR: 87                                  Programs, majors and minors                         will undertake advanced coursework and a
IB: 32                                    This stream requires completion of a program        substantial real-world industry, community,
Entry: Feb/Aug                            in international and global studies which           entrepreneurship or research project, or an
Duration (full time): 4 years             includes a major in Global Studies, a minor in      honours project.
Dalyell by invitation                     a language from the School of Languages and
                                          Cultures, and a minimum of 12 credit points of      Career possibilities
Assumed knowledge: Refer to
                                          study abroad/exchange. A second major, which        Community development program manager,
B Arts/B Advanced Studies
                                          may be an extension of the language minor,          diplomat, foreign aid worker, foreign
                                          must be taken from those available in the           correspondent, human rights advocate,
                                          B Arts or from the shared pool. You’ll also have    international business consultant, policy
                                          access to the Open Learning Environment.            adviser, trade negotiator
                                          In the final year of the combined degree, you

B Arts/B Advanced Studies (Languages)

ATAR: 90                                  Programs, majors and minors                         Career possibilities
IB: 33                                    This stream requires completion of a program        Language localisation specialist, public
Entry: Feb/Aug                            in Languages. You will complete two language        relations officer, public policy officer, foreign
Duration (full time): 4 years             majors as well as translation-focused units, and    affairs and trade officer, researcher, translator
Dalyell by invitation                     have the opportunity to complete electives
                                          from the shared pool. You’ll also have access       Professional recognition
Assumed knowledge: Refer to
                                          to the Open Learning Environment. In the            This degree is endorsed by the National
B Arts/B Advanced Studies
                                          final year of the combined degree, you will         Accreditation Authority for Translators and
                                          undertake an honours option, or complete            Interpreters (NAATI).
                                          advanced coursework units in languages,
                                          multilingual projects and translation in up to
                                          three languages.
                                                                                                                                                   Page 35

                                                                              For assumed knowledge, mathematics prerequisites‡ and
                                                                            other important information, see table notes on page 64.
Arts and social sciences

                B Arts/B Advanced Studies (Media and Communi­cations)

                ATAR: 90                                   Programs, majors and minors                          Career possibilities
                IB: 33                                     This stream requires completion of a program in      Corporate communications officer, information
                Entry: Feb                                 Media and Communications, including a major          officer, journalist (print, online, radio,
                Duration (full time): 4 years              in Media Studies. A second major must be taken       television), market or media researcher,
                Dalyell by invitation                      from those available in the B Arts or from the       producer, public relations officer, public
                                                           shared pool. You’ll also have access to the Open     policy officer
                Assumed knowledge: Refer to
                                                           Learning Environment. In the final year of the
                B Arts/B Advanced Studies
                                                           combined degree you will undertake advanced
                                                           coursework and a substantial real-world
                                                           industry, community, entrepreneurship or
                                                           research project, or an honours project.

                B Arts/B Advanced Studies (Politics and International Relations)

                ATAR: 90                                   Programs, majors and minors                          Career possibilities
                IB: 33                                     This stream requires completion of a program,        Current affairs journalist, government
                Entry: Feb/Aug                             including a major in Politics and International      and public service administrator, non-
                Duration (full time): 4 years              Relations. A second major must be taken from         government or private sector administrator,
                Dalyell by invitation                      those available in the B Arts or from the shared     policy researcher and consultant, political
                                                           pool. You’ll also have access to the Open            adviser, think-tank participant. This degree
                Assumed knowledge: Refer to
                                                           Learning Environment. In the final year of the       will equip you to pursue a wide range of
                B Arts/B Advanced Studies
                                                           combined degree you will undertake advanced          careers where knowledge of the interactions
                                                           coursework and a substantial real-world              between international and domestic politics
                                                           industry, community, entrepreneurship or             is necessary.
                                                           research project, or an honours project.

                B Arts (Dual Degree, Sciences Po, France)**

                ATAR: 80 + other admission criteria        Programs, majors and minors                          specialist, journalist, museum or gallery curator,
                IB: 29 + other admission criteria          This dual degree enables you to work towards         public relations manager, researcher, sociologist
                Entry: Aug (in France)                     both a B Arts degree at Sciences Po in France
                                                           for the first two years, and a B Arts degree at      Additional admission criteria

                Duration (full time): 2 + 2 years
                Assumed knowledge: Refer to B Arts         the University of Sydney for the remaining two       Applicants must be recent school leavers –
                                                           years. As part of your B Arts at the University of   transfer applicants are not eligible to apply. In
                                                           Sydney, you’ll have access to the shared pool        addition to meeting the academic requirements
                                                           and the Open Learning Environment. Refer to          of an accepted secondary education (Year 12)
                                                           B Arts for University of Sydney-based majors.        qualification, you need to submit an online
                                                           For information on studies in France, including      application directly to the University, including a
                                                           units of study, refer to the Sciences Po website:    personal statement, resume and school reports
                                                                             or transcripts from the past three years, as
                                                                                                                well as attend an online interview. For more
                                                           Career possibilities                                 information about admission criteria, tuition
                                                           Anthropologist, archaeologist, business              fees and the application process, visit the
                                                           administrator or manager, economist, editor          relevant course page.
                                                           or publisher, foreign affairs and trade officer,
                                                           government policy officer, historian, language

                B Economics
                B Economics/B Advanced Studies

                ATAR: 85                                   Programs, majors and minors                          Career possibilities
                IB: 31                                     You will complete a program in Economics             Accountant, banker, business consultant,
                Entry: Feb/Aug                             which includes a major from the list                 business information systems analyst,
                Duration (full time):                      below, and a second major (mandatory                 economic analyst, economist, financial
                3 years (single)/                          for B Economics/B Advanced Studies) or               manager, government or NGO worker, human
                4 years (combined)                         a minor from the shared pool or from the             resource manager, industrial relations
                Dalyell by invitation                      following: Economics; Econometrics; Financial        specialist, researcher, social policy adviser.
                                                           Economics; Environmental, Agricultural and           This degree will equip you with the capabilities
                Mathematics prerequisite:‡ Yes
                                                           Resource Economics. You’ll also complete             to develop economic and social policy and
                Assumed knowledge:                         units from the Open Learning Environment.            to work in fields such as business, banking,
                Mathematics Advanced or higher             In the final year of the combined degree you         financial markets and consulting in both the
                                                           will undertake advanced coursework and a             private and public sectors.
                                                           substantial real-world industry, community,
                                                           entrepreneurship or research project, or an          Combine B Economics with
                                                           honours project.                                     B Laws

                B Economics (Dual Degree, Sciences Po, France)**

                ATAR: 85 + other admission criteria        Programs, majors and minors                          Career possibilities
                IB: 31 + other admission criteria          Refer to B Economics for University of Sydney        Accountant, banker, business consultant,
                Entry: Aug (in France)                     based-majors. For further information on             business information systems analyst, economic
                Duration (full time): 2 + 2 years          studies in France, including units of study,         analyst, economist, financial manager, human
                Mathematics prerequisite:‡ Yes             please refer to the Sciences Po website:             resource manager, industrial relations specialist,
                                                                             researcher, social policy adviser
                Assumed knowledge:
Page 36

                Mathematics Advanced or higher
                                                                                                                Additional admission criteria
                                                                                                                See B Arts (Dual Degree, Sciences Po, France).
Arts and social sciences

B Visual Arts
B Visual Arts/B Advanced Studies

ATAR: 70 + portfolio                             Programs, majors and minors                          Career possibilities
IB: 25 + portfolio                               You will have access to a wide range of              Artist, arts writer, craftsperson, curator, digital
Entry: Feb                                       electives in contemporary art, as well               artist, art educator (with further tertiary
Duration (full time):                            as a range of study areas offered across             qualifications), exhibition designer, filmmaker,
3 years (single)/4 years (combined)              the University and in the Open Learning              illustrator, painter, product designer, sound
                                                 Environment. In the final year of the combined       artist, web and multimedia designer
                                                 degree, you will also take a major or minor
                                                 from the shared pool, and complete advanced          Additional admission criteria
                                                 coursework units and a substantial research,         You will also be assessed based on a portfolio
                                                 community, industry or entrepreneurship              of artwork. You are required to submit the
                                                 project, or an honours project in the final year.    portfolio by the relevant deadlines. When
                                                                                                      submitting the portfolio online, you will need
                                                                                                      to include a short statement describing one of
                                                                                                      the more developed projects in your portfolio.

 ** Sciences Po and University of Sydney         The Sciences Po degree requires a total of          transfer credits for studies undertaken at
 dual degrees                                    four years of full-time study to be eligible for    Sciences Po. Students pay the applicable
 Admission to the Sciences Po Dual Degree is     two separate awards from Sciences Po and            Sydney fee in Years 3 and 4, to the University of
 highly competitive. Applicants will need to     the University of Sydney. During Years 1 and 2,     Sydney. Student visa holders who commence
 meet the minimum admission requirements         students enrol at Sciences Po, France, and          this course may face additional costs
 for their degree of choice at the University    pay the applicable fee direct to Sciences Po.       associated with their student visa. For visa
 of Sydney, including English language           During Years 3 and 4, students enrol in the         information, visit
 requirements. The higher of the English         applicable Sydney degree (international   
 language requirements of the two partner        students enrol in the applicable CRICOS-

                                                                                                                                                            International Guide 2022
 institutions will apply.                        registered Sydney degree), with eligible


 B Commerce
 B Commerce/B Advanced Studies

ATAR: 95                                         Programs, majors and minors                          Career possibilities
IB: 36                                           You will choose one major from the options           Accountant, business analyst, entrepreneur,
Entry: Feb/Aug                                   below and a second major (mandatory for              enterprise architect, financial dealer
Duration (full time): 3 years (single)/4 years   B Commerce/B Advanced Studies) or a minor            and broker, human resources specialist,
(combined)                                       either from the shared pool or from these            international business consultant, investment
Dalyell by invitation                            options: Accounting; Banking (major only);           banker, management consultant, marketing
                                                 Business Analytics; Business Information             executive, policy adviser, project manager
Mathematics prerequisite:‡ Yes
                                                 Systems; Business Law; Finance (major only);
Assumed knowledge: Mathematics Advanced          Industrial Relations and Human Resource              Combine B Commerce with
or higher. Other assumed knowledge depends       Management; Innovation and Entrepreneurship;         B Advanced Computing, B Engineering
on majors or units of study chosen               International Business; Management                   Honours, B Laws
                                                 and Leadership; Marketing; Professional
                                                 Accounting (program). In the final year of the
                                                 combined degree you will undertake advanced
                                                 coursework and a substantial real-world
                                                 industry, community, entrepreneurship or
                                                 research project, or an honours project.

 B Commerce/B Advanced Studies (Dalyell Scholars)

ATAR: 98                                         Programs, majors and minors                          Career possibilities
IB: 40                                           Refer to B Commerce/B Advanced Studies. As a         Accountant, business analyst, entrepreneur,
Entry: Feb/Aug                                   Dalyell Scholar your B Commerce/B Advanced           enterprise architect, financial dealer
Duration (full time): 4 years                    Studies will incorporate 12 credit points of         and broker, human resources specialist,
Dalyell by application                           exclusive Dalyell units. These units will be         international business consultant, investment
                                                 complemented by enrichment opportunities             banker, management consultant, marketing
Mathematics prerequisite:‡ Yes
                                                 that you can tailor to your needs and interests.     executive, policy adviser, project manager
Assumed knowledge: Mathematics Advanced          They include accelerated study options,
or higher. Other assumed knowledge depends       additional enrichment units of study from
on majors or units of study chosen               outside your primary discipline, mentoring
                                                 and professional skill development, and the
                                                 option to undertake an international study
                                                 experience with the support of a $2000 global
                                                 mobility scholarship.
                                                                                                                                                            Page 37

                                                                                     For assumed knowledge, mathematics prerequisites‡ and
                                                                                   other important information, see table notes on page 64.
You can also read