GCSE Options Guide - St Mary's Colchester

GCSE Options Guide - St Mary's Colchester
GCSE Options Guide
GCSE Options Guide - St Mary's Colchester
GCSE OPTIONS GUIDE 2020-22                                                                                                                                     GCSE OPTIONS GUIDE 2020-22

                               A range of Year 10 and 11 courses                                                Making your choices
                             This booklet describes the Year 10 and 11 courses that are available to you    In making your choices, you should take the following factors into
                             at St Mary’s. It is designed to help you in making informed decisions when     consideration:
                             choosing your GCSE options.
                                                                                                            10 GOOD reasons to choose               10 BAD reasons to choose an
                             Compulsory subjects                     Optional subjects                      an option:                              option:
                             You MUST study these.                   These are the ones to choose           •    You like it or find it             •   Your friends are doing it
                                                                     from.                                       interesting                        •   You think you should do it -
                             GCSE:                                                                          •    You’re good at it                      even if you don’t want to
                             • English Language                      GCSE/iGCSE:                            •    You need it or it’s useful for     •   Your parents think it’s a good
                             • English Literature                    Art and Design                              your future career                     idea - but you don’t
                             • Mathematics                           Classical Civilisation                 •    You can develop new skills         •   You know someone who’s
                             • Modern Language - a choice            Drama                                       by doing it                            done it and they say it’s
                                of French, German OR                 Geography                              •    You think you will do well in it       great
                                Spanish                              History                                •    It will give you satisfaction      •   It’s thought of as a cool
                             • Science - all girls take              ICT                                    •    Your teachers think it is a            option by most people
                                Combined Science (two                Latin                                       suitable choice for you            •   You can’t think of anything
                                GCSEs) OR Separate Science           Music                                  •    It will combine well with              else to choose
                                - Biology, Chemistry and             Physical Education                          other options and help your        •   You think it will be easy
                                Physics (three GCSEs)                Religious Studies                           general education                  •   It sounds good even though
                                                                     Statistics (primarily offered to Set   •    You like the method of                 you haven’t found out about
                             Non-examination:                        1 and 2 Mathematics)                        assessment and learning                it
                             • PSHEE                                                                        •    It’s something you would like      •   You really like the teacher
                             • Physical Education                    Cambridge O Level:                          to become good at                      you’ve got now
                                                                     Fashion and Textiles                                                           •   You think it will impress
                                                                                                            Good choices are balanced                   people now or later on
                                                                     Level 2 Award:                         choices.

                                                                                                                                                                                             MAKING YOUR CHOICES
                                                                     Further Maths                                                                  Bad choices are unbalanced
                                                                     Vocational Award:
                                                                     Hospitality and Catering

                         2                                                                                                                                                               3
GCSE Options Guide - St Mary's Colchester
GCSE OPTIONS GUIDE 2020-22                                                                                                                               GCSE OPTIONS GUIDE 2020-22

                            English Language (Edexcel 1EN0)                                             English Literature (Edexcel 1ET0)
                          General aims                          will be reported as a separate        General aims                           skills to maintain a critical style
                                                                grade on the student’s certificate.                                          and informed personal response.
                          We aim for the English Language       Students are awarded either a         Students read a wide range of
                          course to enable all students to      pass, a merit or a distinction.       classic literature fluently and with   Paper 2 (50%) - 19th century
                          express themselves articulately                                             good understanding, making             novel and a range of romantic,
                          and with confidence in a variety      Content of the course and             connections with their reading.        heritage and contemporary
                          of speaking, listening and written    assessment                            They read in depth, critically and     poetry: Students study a 19th
                          activities. The course covers                                               evaluatively, so that they are         century novel and a poetry
                          critical, personal and imaginative    Paper 1 (40%) - Fiction and           able to discuss and explain their      anthology from the exam board.
                          responses to a variety of literary    Imaginative Writing: Students         understanding and ideas.               They develop skills to analyse
                          genres.                               study a range of prose fiction,                                              how the language, structure, form
                                                                developing skills to analyse          GCSE students develop the habit        and context of texts can create
                          The GCSE English course               and evaluate 19th century             of reading widely and often and        meanings and effects. Students
                          encourages students to                fiction extracts. They develop        learn to appreciate the depth          also develop skills to maintain
                          learn to read a wide range of         imaginative writing skills to         and power of the English literary      a critical style and informed
                          texts fluently and with good          engage the reader and use             heritage. They write accurately,       personal response as well as
                          understanding. Students               spelling, punctuation and             effectively and analytically about     comparison skills.
                          read critically, using previous       grammar accurately.                   their reading, using Standard
                          knowledge gained from wider                                                 English and acquire and use
                          reading to inform and improve         Paper 2 (60%) - Non-fiction and       a wide vocabulary, including
                          their own writing. They write         Transactional Writing: Students       grammatical terminology and
                          effectively and coherently using      study and analyse selections          the literary and linguistic terms
                          Standard English appropriately,       from a range of non-fiction texts     they need - in order to be able to
                          using grammar correctly,              (including literary non-fiction) as   criticise and analyse what they
                          punctuating and spelling              well as exploring and developing      read.
                          accurately.                           transactional writing skills, for

                                                                                                                                                                                       COMPULSORY SUBJECTS
                                                                example letters, articles and         Content of the course and
                          An aim of the course is for           reports.                              assessment
                          students to acquire and apply
                          a wide vocabulary alongside                                                 Paper 1 (50%) - Shakespeare
                          knowledge and understanding                                                 and Post 1914 Literature:
                          of grammatical terminology and                                              Students study a Shakespeare
                          linguistic conventions for reading,                                         play and a post-1914 British play
                          writing and spoken language.                                                or novel. They develop the skills
                                                                                                      to analyse how the language,
                          Students learn to listen to and                                             form, structure and context of
                          understand spoken language and                                              texts can create meanings and
                      4   to use spoken Standard English                                              effects. Students also develop                                               5
                          effectively. Spoken language
GCSE Options Guide - St Mary's Colchester
GCSE OPTIONS GUIDE 2020-22                                                                                                                          GCSE OPTIONS GUIDE 2020-22

                            Mathematics (Edexcel 1MA1)                                              Modern Languages
                          General aims                        three equally weighted written      Students can either be entered       12 pieces of evidence and take
                                                              examination papers at either        for GCSE or FCSE French              tests all through the course
                          The aims of this GCSE               Foundation tier or Higher tier.     (Edexcel FR0), German (Edexcel       rather than at the end of Year 11.
                          specification are to encourage      The components of each tier and     IGN0) Spanish (Edexcel 1SP0)         Students are awarded either a
                          candidates to:                      the grades available are shown in                                        pass, merit or distinction.
                          • develop a positive attitude to    the following table.                GCSE
                             Mathematics                                                                                               As communication skills are very
                          • consolidate basic skills          Foundation tier                     Modern Languages are assessed        important in language study,
                             and tackle appropriately         Paper 1F (non-calculator)           at GCSE in the four skill areas:     visits abroad are encouraged.
                             challenging work                 Paper 2F (calculator)               Speaking, Listening, Reading and     We hope that all girls will take the
                          • apply mathematical                Paper 3F (calculator)               Writing. All examinations are set    opportunity to visit the relevant
                             knowledge and                    1 hour 30 minutes			                and marked by Edexcel. They are      country during the course,
                             understanding to solve                                               taken at the end of Year 11.         either on trips organised by the
                             problems                         Grades available: 5-1                                                    school or through individual
                          • think and communicate                                                 Foundation and Higher papers         arrangements.
                             mathematically - precisely,      Higher tier                         are avaliable so that every
                             logically and creatively         Paper 1H (non-calculator)           student can demonstrate her
                          • appreciate the place and use      Paper 2H (calculator)               skills to the best of her ability.
                             of Mathematics in society        Paper 3H (calculator)
                          • apply mathematical concepts       1 hour 30 minutes			                The course and assessments
                             to situations arising in their                                       are designed to include cultural
                             own lives                        Grades available: 9-3               and authentic content wherever
                          • understand the                                                        possible, showing how language
                             interdependence of different                                         is used in real life.
                             branches of Mathematics
                          • acquire the skills needed                                             FCSE (Foundation Certificate

                                                                                                                                                                                  COMPULSORY SUBJECTS
                             to use technology, such as                                           of Secondary Education)
                             calculators and computers,
                             effectively                                                          Some students may be invited to
                          • work co-operatively,                                                  take an alternative qualification
                             independently, practically                                           to GCSE. The FCSE provides
                             and investigatively                                                  formal certification and is a
                          • acquire a firm foundation for                                         nationally recognised language
                             further study                                                        qualification. It is portfolio
                                                                                                  based and assesses Listening,
                          Assessment                                                              Reading, Speaking and Writing. It
                                                                                                  covers the same themes as the
                      6   The Edexcel GCSE in                                                     GCSE course. Students produce                                               7
                          Mathematics is assessed through
GCSE Options Guide - St Mary's Colchester

  Science (Edexcel 1SC0 or 1BI0, 1CH0 and 1PH0)
Why Science?                        awards: Physics, Biology and
                                    Chemistry. Naturally there is
Science is an invaluable GCSE.      more content and some of this
It can be the launch pad for a      content is challenging. At the end
huge variety of careers in sport,   of Year 11 you would sit 6 exams
engineering, medicine and, of       of 1 hour and 45 minutes each.
course, working for NASA. The
Science Department follows          Which one is for me?
the Edexcel GCSE course with
a high standard of scientific       Students who choose the
content. Science is compulsory      Separate Sciences are usually
but there is an element of          very academically motivated and
choice as there are two potential   are happy to work independently
routes: Combined Science or         where required. We would
Separate Science.                   expect you to be scoring
                                    consistently good grades in
Separate Science or                 your assessments (as a guide
Combined Science?                   somewhere around a Grade
                                    5). You would also need to
Combined Science is the most        be confident with your Maths
common route with around 70%        ability as each of the Sciences
of students choosing this option.   has a significant percentage of
You study Physics, Chemistry        Maths content (Physics has 30%,
and Biology and sit six exams of    Chemistry 20% and Biology 10%).
1 hour and 10 minutes resulting     A good reading ability and level
in two GCSE awards on the 9-1       of English is also desirable. Lastly,

                                                                                COMPULSORY SUBJECTS
grade scale.                        we would be expecting a good
                                    overall result for your End of Year
Combined Science is a good          exams in Year 9, averaging out
option for those students who       at around a Grade 5 to 6 with a
might want to use their extra       Grade 4 to 5 in your Maths.
option for a different subject.
You can still study a Science       Separate Sciences are often a
at A-Level if you sit this course   choice for students wishing to
with most colleges asking for a     study more than one Science at
minimum of a Grade 6.               A-Level (e.g. potenital medics
                                    would choose this option) or
With the Separate Sciences          students that are especially            9
you study for three GCSE            interested in the subjects.
GCSE Options Guide - St Mary's Colchester
GCSE OPTIONS GUIDE 2020-22                                                                                                                         GCSE OPTIONS GUIDE 2020-22

                           What if I cannot decide?            marks                               difference between a Grade 5
                                                               C1 paper, 1 hour 45 minutes, 100    from a Foundation paper and a
                           Speak to your teachers as they      marks                               Grade 5 from a Higher paper.
                           can help guide you as to whether    C2 paper, 1 hour 45 minutes, 100
                           this is an appropriate option for   marks                               The final choice for Foundation
                           you. They will know if you would    P1 paper, 1 hourr 45 minutes, 100   or Higher is not made until Year
                           be able to cope with the various    marks                               11 to allow for flexibility and
                           demands of the course including     P2 paper, 1 hour 45 minutes, 100    improvement across the course.
                           the essential ability to work       marks
                           independently.                                                          In summary
                                                               Skills and knowledge of core        			Combined		                                 Separate Sciences
                           Assessment                          practicals are tested in exams,
                                                               forming 15% of the total marks.     GCSE awards		2			3
                           You are examined over six
                           papers in total which are all       Higher and Foundation               Can I study A-Level?    Yes (minimum Grade 6) Yes (minimum Grade 6)
                           equally weighted - two for
                           each of Biology, Chemistry and      Students may opt to take either     How many exams?         6 x 1hr and 10 mins   6 x 1hr and 45 mins
                           Physics. The Separate Science       the Higher or Foundation tier.
                           exams are longer (1 hour 45         The Higher Paper is generally       What grade can I        4-9 Higher 		         4-9 Higher
                           minutes), to reflect the depth of   taken by students who can           achieve? 		             1-5 Foundation 		     1-5 Foundation
                           knowledge studied.                  comfortably achive a Grade 5
                                                               and above. In the Foundation
                           Combined Science                    papers there are more multiple
                           Examinations                        choice questions and fewer long
                                                               answer questions. The choice of
                           B1 paper, 1 hour 10 minutes, 60     Higher or Foundation applies to
                           marks                               all papers for Combined Science.
                           B2 paper, 1 hour 10 minutes, 60
                           marks                               If you achieve less than 30% on
                           C1 paper, 1 hour 10 minutes, 60     the Higher paper this is usually

                                                                                                                                                                                COMPULSORY SUBJECTS
                           marks                               an indication that you would do
                           C2 paper, 1 hour 10 minutes, 60     better on the Foundation. If you
                           marks                               study the Separate Sciences,
                           P1 paper, 1 hour 10 minutes, 60     students generally take the
                           marks                               higher tier.
                           P2 paper, 1 hour 10 minutes, 60
                           marks                               For the Higher tier, anything
                                                               below a Grade 4 would result in
                           Separate Science Examinations       an ungraded GCSE while for the
                           B1 paper, 1 hour 45 minutes, 100    Foundation tier, a candidate can
                           marks                               reach a maximum of Grade 5. In
                      10                                                                                                                                                   11
                           B2 paper, 1 hour 45 minutes, 100    terms of results, there is no
GCSE Options Guide - St Mary's Colchester
GCSE OPTIONS GUIDE 2020-22                                                                                                                                  GCSE OPTIONS GUIDE 2020-22

                             Personal, Social, Health and                                                 Physical Education (no exam)
                             Economic Education (no exam)                                               General aims                          Introductory courses: New
                                                                                                                                              sporting activities may include
                           General aims                           Careers advice is available           The aim of the PE Course in           badminton and racketball. This
                                                                  throughout students’ time at          Years 10 and 11 is for the students   leads students, where possible,
                           Personal, Social, Health and           St Mary’s in order to help them       to experience a wide range of         to make their own selection of
                           Economic Education aims to             to make informed decisions.           popular sporting activities in        activities in Year 11, that they
                           cover the following topics with        Specific skills in writing letters    order to stimulate an interest that   can follow over the two terms,
                           a view to preparing girls to           of application, compiling CVs         may be continued after leaving        allowing for greater depth of
                           make informed decisions at             (Curriculum Vitae) and attending      school. We aim to develop             enjoyment.
                           the appropriate stages in their        interviews are developed in Year      practical abilities and knowledge
                           futures:                               11. Practice interviews are held in   to a level that will give students    It is hoped that sufficient interest
                           • Personal Relationships               the Autumn term.                      the confidence to join an outside     and skill level will be achieved in
                           • Health Education and                                                       organisation.                         one or more of these activities
                                Hygiene                                                                                                       to enable each girl to want to
                           • Citizenship                                                                Girls are grouped in a variety of     continue with an activity that she
                           • Careers and the World of                                                   ways - by their own chosen social     enjoys after leaving school.
                                Work                                                                    group, their chosen activity group
                           • Hazards in the Workplace                                                   and sometimes by their ability,
                                                                                                        in order to increase their social
                           Content of the course                                                        skills.

                           The final two years at St Mary’s                                             Girls are encouraged to begin to
                           play an important part in                                                    take responsibility for their own
                           preparing students for the future                                            fitness and physical well-being.
                           and that includes all aspects,
                           not only the academic ones.                                                  Content of the course

                                                                                                                                                                                          COMPULSORY SUBJECTS
                           The approaches used in PSHEE
                           offer the opportunity for in-                                                Major games and activities:
                           depth discussion, and with such                                              Consolidating the games/
                           techniques, the ability to listen is                                         activities that have been
                           of equal value to that of voicing                                            studied in Years 7-9 (basketball,
                           your own opinion.                                                            volleyball, netball, fitness,
                                                                                                        tennis, rounders, athletics and
                           PSHEE lessons provide an                                                     swimming). Personal skill levels
                           opportunity for students to                                                  are improved largely within game
                           discuss the more personal                                                    situations, while knowledge of
                           and social aspects of life in                                                the sport, tactics and teamwork
                      12   preparation for the future.                                                  are developed.                                                               13
GCSE Options Guide - St Mary's Colchester

  Art and Design Fine Art (Edexcel
  Photography (Edexcel 1PY0/01&02)
Content of the course                    Portfolio (internally set)
                                     •   Component 2: Externally Set
Art and Design equips students           Assignment.
with the skills to enjoy, produce
and engage with the visual arts      Component 1: Personal Portfolio
throughout their lives, and it       60% of the qualification
has immense value as a GCSE          • Students create a personal
subject.                                portfolio of work that
                                        demonstrates knowledge,
GCSE Art and Design provides            understanding and skills.
the opportunity for students to:     • The portfolio takes a
• explore both contemporary             thematic approach and linear
    and historical sources of art,      structure exploring a broad
    craft and design.                   theme like ‘Structure’ or
• take an individual approach           ‘upside Down & Inside out’.
    to their art, craft and design
    making                           Component 2: Externally Set
• develop the skill of               Assignment
    selecting their best and         40% of the qualification
    most appropriate work for        • The Externally Set
    presentation.                        Assignment represents
                                         the culmination of the
Students are required to actively        GCSE course as it draws
engage in the creative process           together all the knowledge,

                                                                                OPTIONAL SUBJECTS
of art, craft and design in order        understanding and skills
to develop as effective and              developed in Component 1.
independent learners, and as         • Students must present a
critical and reflective thinkers         personal response to an
with enquiring minds.                    externally set broad-based
                                         thematic starting point, set by
The GCSE course in Art and               Pearson.
Design is structured into two
internally assessed and externally   Areas of Study
moderated components.
• Component 1: Personal              We offer an opportunity for the
GCSE OPTIONS GUIDE 2020-22                                                                                                                             GCSE OPTIONS GUIDE 2020-22

                         girls to take a number of                 working with a broad
                         different components within               range of media, materials,         Classical Civilisation (OCR J199)
                         the choice of Art and Design.             techniques, processes and
                         These components include Fine             technologies with purpose
                         Art, Photography and Graphic              and intent                       General aims                           1 hour 30 minutes = 50% of total
                         Communications. There is a            •   develop knowledge and                                                   marks.
                         need for all students to use              understanding of art, craft      The Classical Civilisation             Women in the Ancient World:
                         drawing in their studies (even            and design in historical and     GCSE course focuses on the             • Women of Legend: Depiction
                         photographers), and annotate              contemporary contexts,           civilisations of Greece and Rome,          of women in myths and
                         using historical and contextual           societies and cultures           and is a wide-ranging subject              legends of Greece and
                         references (to write a series of      •   develop an awareness of the      involving the study of literature,         Rome, eg Pandora, Helen of
                         explanations in sketch books).            different roles and individual   art, artefacts, archaeological             Troy.
                                                                   work practices evident in the    sites, and the ancient historical      • Young Women: Everyday
                                                                   production of art, craft and     context.                                   life for a young woman in
                                                                   design in the creative and                                                  Greece and Rome and what
                         Assessment Qualification
                                                                   cultural industries              From women in the Ancient                  this implies about their status
                         Aims and Objectives                                                                                                   in society.
                                                               •   develop an awareness of          World, to the study of religious
                                                                   the purposes, intentions         beliefs and ancient ideas about        • Women in the Home: The
                         This GCSE Art and Design                                                                                              roles and responsibilities
                                                                   and functions of art, craft      war, Classical Civilisation involves
                         qualification requires students to:                                                                                   of female members of the
                                                                   and design in a variety of       interesting discussions about
                         • develop creative, imaginative                                                                                       household.
                                                                   contexts and as appropriate      issues that still affect us today
                             and intuitive capabilities                                                                                    • ‘Improper’ Women: The legal
                             when exploring and making             to students’ own work
                                                               •   demonstrate safe working         The Classical Civilisation course          and social position of women
                             images, artefacts and                                                                                             who were unmarried; ideas
                                                                   practices in art, craft and      can improve skills in essay
                             products                                                                                                          about how females should
                                                                   design.                          writing and source analysis,
                         • become confident in                                                                                                 behave.
                                                                                                    and teach how to structure an
                             taking risks and learn from                                                                                   • Women and Religion: Roles
                                                                                                    argument. It shows good thinking
                             experience when exploring                                                                                         of women in religious rites.
                                                                                                    and evaluation skills, and an
                             and experimenting with                                                                                        • Women and Power: The
                                                                                                    interest in people and cultures so
                             ideas, processes, media,                                                                                          extent to which women were
                                                                                                    is great preparation for A levels
                             materials and techniques                                                                                          able to be involved in the
                                                                                                    in a wide variety of subjects, from
                         • develop critical                                                                                                    political process or effect

                                                                                                                                                                                      OPTIONAL SUBJECTS
                                                                                                    Archaeology to Politics and Law.
                             understanding through                                                                                             political change.
                             investigative, analytical,                                                                                    • Warrior Women: Women
                             experimental, practical,                                               Content of the course and
                                                                                                    assessment                                 warriors in art and literature.
                             technical and expressive                                                                                      • Women to be Feared - The
                             skills                                                                                                            presentation of foreign,
                         • develop and refine ideas                                                 Component Group 1: Thematic
                                                                                                    Study                                      powerful women in art
                             and proposals, personal                                                                                           and literature, including
                             outcomes or solutions with                                             This involves a comparative study
                                                                                                    of ancient Greece and Rome,                how they compare to
                             increasing independence                                                                                           ‘respectable’ women in each
                         • acquire and develop                                                      and combines literary and visual/
                    16                                                                              material sources. Written exam,            culture.                          17
                             technical skills through

Component Group 2: Literature          slaves and masters, women
and Culture                            and men, patrons and
This contains two elements: one        clients?
in-depth cultural study and one
study of related literature. Written
exam, 1 hour 30 minutes = 50% of
total marks.

Roman City Life: Culture
• Roman Housing: House
   design including flats,
   Pompeian domus. Rich and
   poor living conditions.
• The Roman Home and
   Family: Paterfamilias, patrons
   and clients, education, dinner
• Society: Citizens and
   citizenship, politicians, slaves
   and freedmen.
• Leisure and Entertainment:
   Amphitheatre, chariot races,
   Circus Maximus, the theatre,
   Roman baths.

• Satire and Fiction: The
     origins and purposes of
     satire; use of humour and
• Pliny and his Letters:

                                                                          OPTIONAL SUBJECTS
     Pliny’s letters as a personal
     commentary on Roman life.
• Experiencing Roman City
     Life: What was life like for
     rich and poor? What were
     the dangers of city life? What
     did people do in their leisure
• Relationships and Roman
     Society: What were the
     Roman attitudes towards                                         19

                           Drama (iGCSE Cambridge 0994)
                         General aims                         of drama and theatre. This
                                                              includes study of extracts from
                         This mixture of practical            two plays and analysis and
                         performance and written exam         evaluation of a piece of devised
                         develops self-confidence, the        practical work performed during
                         ability to work with others and      the course.
                         also the ability to think on your
                         feet in most situations. Drama       Component 2: Practical Work
                         is also useful for helping with      (60%)
                         social skills that are invaluable    Candidates work in groups to
                         in later life. And, of course,       create a piece of theatre from
                         candidates learn all about theatre   a given stimulus. They are
                         and how to create and analyse        assessed on the performance.
                         performance work of a high           Candidates must also act in two
                         standard. This subject is useful     extracts from a play, one an
                         for anyone wishing to pursue         individual performance, the other
                         Drama or Performance at a            a group. Marked by the teacher
                         higher level, or indeed anyone       and externally moderated by
                         who is looking to challenge          Cambridge.
                         themselves. It is both demanding
                         and rewarding, requiring a
                         high level of commitment and
                         enthusiasm. Language skills, both
                         written and oral, should be of at
                         least a good standard.

                         Content of the course and

                         The specification requires
                         students to study practical drama,
                         text work and written analysis.

                         Paper 1: Understanding Drama
                         A written paper assessing
                    20   knowledge and undertstanding

  Geography (Edexcel A 1GA0)
General aims                          •   develops a full range of skills
                                          that will be useful in the other
Geography focuses on the issues           subjects you study, and in
that will face students as citizens       employment.
of the future. For example:
• Will the Earth be able to           Content of the course and
     provide us with all the          assessment
     resources we take for
     granted?                         The Physical Environment: The
• What really causes ‘natural         changing landscapes of the UK
     disasters’, such as floods,      - two studies from coastal, river
     earthquakes and 		               or glaciated landscapes; weather
     volcanoes? Can people cope       hazards and climate change - two
     with them?                       studies of tropical storms and
• How do coastal processes            drought; ecosystems, biodiversity
     affect or threaten our future    and management - two studies
     and how - or indeed              of tropical rainforests and
     should - we manage them?         temperate deciduous woodlands.
• What causes people to               37.5% 90 marks, 1 hour 30
     migrate and what impact          minutes written paper.
     does this have on the
     country of origin and the host   The Human Environment:
     country.                         Changing cities - two studies
• Is there any point to               including a UK city and a city in a
     recycling, or should we just     developing or emerging country;
     be less wasteful?                global development - a study of a
                                      developing or emerging country;

                                                                                  OPTIONAL SUBJECTS
You will enjoy this course if you     resource management - a study
want to study a subject that:         of energy or water. 37.5%, 90
• is relevant to the world you        marks, 1 hour 30 minutes written
    live in, and to your future.      paper.
• encourages you to discuss
    current affairs and issues.       Geographical Investigations:
• focuses on the environment.         Fieldwork and UK Challenges:
• involves practical work             The changing landscapes of the
    outdoors.                         UK - two studies from coastal,
• is studied through                  river or glaciated landscapes;
    investigation, not just           weather hazards and climate            23
    listening and reading.
GCSE OPTIONS GUIDE 2020-22                                                                                        GCSE OPTIONS GUIDE 2020-22

                         change - two studies of tropical
                         storms and drought; ecosystems,         History (OCR B J411)
                         biodiversity and management -
                         two studies of tropical rainforests
                         and temperate deciduous               General aims                                interpretations of the same
                         woodlands; changing cities - two                                                  events;
                         studies including a UK city and a     History GCSE is a stimulating,          •   to use historical sources –
                         city in a developing or emerging      challenging and wide-ranging                we will look at a range of
                         country; global development           option and we hope to inspire               authentic source material
                         - a study of a developing or          our students to be open-minded,             including eye witness
                         emerging country; resource            yet critical, citizens of the twenty-       accounts, documents,
                         management - a study of energy        first century.                              historical sites,
                         or water.                                                                         archaeological evidence and
                                                               The aims of the GCSE course are:            the writing of historians;
                         Fieldwork: One physical and           • to make history meaningful            •   study diversity – we will look
                         one human investigation; UK              - we encourage students to               at a variety of periods from
                         Challenges - a study drawing             become curious, to develop               a variety of perspectives, to
                         across knowledge and                     their own opinions based                 develop an understanding of
                         understanding from The Physical          on a respect for evidence,               social and cultural diversity
                         Environment and The Human                and to build a deeper                    within a local, British and
                         Environment. 25%, 60 marks, 1            understanding of the present             global context;
                         hour 15 minutes written paper.           by engaging with and                 •   discover about History
                                                                  questioning the past;                    Around Us – we will
                         There are numerous                    • to develop a wide and deep                study our local historic
                         opportunities for field work, both       knowledge – students                     environment, which is
                         locally and further afield. The          will gain knowledge of                   a stimulating and life-
                         exam board expectation is that           significant historical issues            enhancing way of engaging
                         each student has the opportunity         that will help them in their             with history, and will enhance
                         to have completed their field            further study of history and in          our students’ developing
                         work for Paper 3 in a location           making sense of their world;             sense of identity;
                         that contrasts to where she lives.    • to engage in historical               •   encourage enjoyable and

                                                                                                                                                 OPTIONAL SUBJECTS
                         Examples of previous visits are          enquiry and understanding                rigorous learning.
                         to Snowdonia in North Wales and          interpretations – students will
                         Somerset, where we spend four            be consistently encouraged           Content of the course
                         days completing this section of          to develop their own ideas
                         the course. The cost for this is in      and understanding, by                The GCSE History course offers
                         the region of £380.                      looking at the way the past is       an exciting opportunity to gain a
                                                                  continually viewed from              better understanding of the world
                                                                  different points of view;            in which we live and to fire our
                                                                  this ensures that learners           students’ enthusiasm for the past.
                                                                  are consistently thinking
                    24                                            about how and why it is              At GCSE we try to explain some       25
                                                                  possible to arrive at different

of the significant issues which     Cold War (20%)
have shaped the world, country
and local area we live in:          The third examination (1 hour 45
• How has life in Britain           minutes paper) will contain the
     changed over the previous      World Period Study studying the
     centuries?                     Making of America, 1789-1900
• What was the significance         (20%) and the World Depth Study
     of crucial events in British   looking at Living under Nazi Rule,
     history?                       1933-1945 (20%).
• How have local historical
     sites been developed,          As part of the course, students
     shaped and interpreted?        will be offered the opportunity
• What was it like to live under    to visit Krakow and Auschwitz-
     a dictatorship?                Birkenau in Poland, to further
• How similar and different is      their understanding of Living
     the modern day to past eras?   Under Nazi Rule.

Content of the course and           Whilst History is a valuable
assessment                          subject in its own right, it also
                                    builds bridges to many other
The new GCSE is assessed            subjects and teaches skills that
solely by written examination.      prove useful in working life:
There are five strands to the       • A greater understanding of
OCR GCSE History B syllabus,            current affairs and important
which are assessed over three           events in the world.
examinations:                       • Experience in judging the
                                        reliability of information.
The first examination (1 hour       • Learning to look at problems
45 minutes paper) will contain          and arguments in a balanced
the British Thematic study on           and unbiased way.
Migration to Britain from c.1250    • Developing skilful oral and

                                                                              OPTIONAL SUBJECTS
to the present day (20%) and            written communication.
the British Depth Study on the      • Becoming an independent
Norman Conquest, 1065-1087              thinker.

The second examination (1 hour
paper) will be based on a site
study analysing History Around
Us, where we will look at the
Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear
Bunker and the history of the

                           Hospitality and Catering (WJEC
                           Eduqas Level 1 and 2 Vocational Award)

                         General aims                          buyer, production manager,
                                                               public relations, hygiene
                         This course concentrates on the       control, National Health Service,
                         hospitality and catering industry.    health promotion, technical
                         You will develop the knowledge        management, food quality, food
                         and understanding related to a        preparation and retail.
                         range of hospitality and catering
                         providers; how they operate           Assessment
                         and what they have to take into
                         account to be successful. You         Unit 1 (40%): The Hospitality
                         will have the opportunity to learn    and Catering Industry will be
                         about issues related to nutrition     externally assessed with an
                         and food safety and how they          online examination that lasts 90
                         affect successful hospitality         minutes. You will be graded as
                         and catering operations. In           follows:
                         this qualification, you will also     • Level 1 Pass
                         develop food preparation and          • Level 2 Pass
                         cooking skills as well as the         • Level 2 Merit
                         transferable skills of problem        • Level 2 Distinction
                         solving, organisation and time.
                                                               Unit 2 (60%): Hospitality and
                         You will learn about the              Catering in Action is internally
                         hospitality and catering industry     assessed. This involves you
                         by completing lots of practical       completing a piece of controlled
                         work to learn new skills with         assessment in school under
                         weekly practical lessons.             examination conditions (NEA).

                         Therefore, it is essential that you   You will be set a task by Eduqas
                         are prepared to bring ingredients     and will have to safely plan,
                         at least once a week.                 prepare, cook and present
                                                               dishes to satisfy the task. This
                         Future career opportunities           qualification develops students’
                         include becoming a chef,              skills in communication, creativity,
                         sports science, dietician, food       independence, team building and
                         journalism, product development,      evaluation. Food is one of the
                         home economist, events                fastest growing industries with
                    28   management, hospitality, front of     many varied jobs on offer.
                         house, conference management,
GCSE OPTIONS GUIDE 2020-22                                                                                                                           GCSE OPTIONS GUIDE 2020-22

                           ICT (Edexcel iGCSE 4IT1)                                                    Latin (WJEC Eduqas C990)
                         General aims                          Topic 2: Connectivity                 General aims                        parts one and three, and the
                                                               Topic 3: Operating Online                                                 middle part is to be translated
                         This course enables students to:      Topic 4: Online Goods and             Latin GCSE aims to provide          into English.
                         • explore how digital                 Services                              a foundation in linguistic and      There is a Defined Vocabulary
                             technology impacts on the                                               cultural competence, enabling       List of 440 words in this section.
                             lives of individuals, 			         Paper 2: Practical Paper - 50%        learners to gain knowledge and
                             organisations and society;        of the total                          understanding of the Roman          Section B: This offers a choice
                         • learn about current                 Students are assessed through a       world through reading and           between a translation from
                             and emerging digital              three-hour practical examination,     responding to its language          English into Latin of a small
                             technologies and the issues 		    set and marked by Pearson             and literature. Students will       number of simple (single-clause)
                             raised by their use, in a range   (includes printing time). The         be encouraged to use their          sentences, or the recognition,
                             of contexts, by individuals       examination window takes place        knowledge and understanding of      analysis and explanation of
                             and organisations;                during one week in May/June.          the ancient language to deepen      syntax and accidence within
                         • develop awareness of the            Students must study both of the       their understanding of English      a short passage of Latin (ie
                             risks that are inherent in        following topics:                     and other languages. They will      identifying the grammar).
                             using ICT and the features of     Topic 5: Applying Information and     be able to develop research
                             safe, secure and responsible      Communication Technology              and analytical skills which will    Component 2:
                             practice;                         Topic 6: Software Skills (Graphics,   empower them to become              Latin Literature and Sources
                         • work with a range of digital        Web authoring, Presentations,         independent learners and equip      (Themes) - Written examination:
                             tools and techniques              Databases, Spreadsheets).             them for further study in many      1 hour 15 minutes (open-
                             to produce effective                                                    different areas. If students have   book exam) = 30% of total
                             ICT solutions in a range of                                             opted to take the WJEC Level        marks. 2021-2023 Theme is
                             contexts.                                                               1 Exam in Year 9, they will have    ‘Superstition and Magic’
                                                                                                     covered some of this course
                         Assessment                                                                  already.                            Component 3:
                                                                                                                                         3B Roman Civilisation - Written
                         Paper 1: Written Paper - 50% of                                             Assessment                          examination 1 hour = 20% of total

                                                                                                                                                                                    OPTIONAL SUBJECTS
                         the total                                                                                                       marks.
                         Students are assessed through                                               Component 1:                        2021-2023 Topic is ‘Daily Life in a
                         a 1 hour 30 minute written                                                  Latin Language - Written            Roman Town’.
                         examination, set and marked                                                 examination: 1 hour 30 minutes =
                         by Pearson. This comprises                                                  50% of total marks.
                         a mixture of multiple-choice,
                         short/long questions. The total                                             Section A: This takes the form
                         number of marks available for                                               of a momentum test consisting
                         the examination paper is 100.                                               of a narrative in Latin divided
                         Students must study all of the                                              into three passages. There are
                    30   following topics:                                                           comprehension questions on                                                31
                         Topic 1: Digital Devices

                           Music (Edexcel 1MUO)
                         General aims                         Understanding Music (40%):
                                                              This is a listening paper taken
                         GCSE Music aims to give a            at the end of the course. There
                         solid foundation to both hobby       are set areas of study plus some
                         and career musicians and             specific works from a wide
                         accommodates a range of              variety of genres.
                         abilities. It focuses on the core
                         activities of Understanding Music,   Performing Music (30%):
                         Performing, and Composing. As        Candidates perform one solo
                         most candidates take performing      and one ensemble piece on a
                         lessons privately, some of the       chosen instrument or voice in
                         preparation for the performance      Year 11. Those who have taken
                         component is usually undertaken      instrumental/vocal examinations
                         by students’ instrumental/voice      will find they are familiar with this
                         teacher.                             requirement which makes Music
                                                              an excellent choice for them. It
                         Post-16 study can include A-level    is important that those taking
                         Music, A-level Music Technology      Music GCSE gain performing
                         or Performing Arts courses.          experience through participation
                         Many Music students maintain         in school groups such as Choir,
                         it as a valued hobby throughout      Chamber Choir or Orchestra
                         adulthood, whereas for others        where applicable and taking part
                         music can be a career in its own     in school concerts and events.
                         right. It can be followed, for
                         example, through performing,         Composing Music (30%):
                         composing (eg for TV and film,       Candidates are required to
                         stage, concert hall), teaching/      compose two pieces of music.
                                                              It is possible to compose in a

                         lecturing, sound technology (eg
                         in a theatre or studio), music       wide variety of styles and for
                         journalism, music therapy,           any combination of instruments/
                         education/arts management and        voices. Popular choices include
                         consultancy.                         songs of any sort and solos/duets
                                                              for any instrument with piano
                         Content of the course and            accompaniment.

                         The GCSE Music course
                         comprises three components:
GCSE OPTIONS GUIDE 2020-22                                                                                                              GCSE OPTIONS GUIDE 2020-22

                                                                                                      For the analysis and evaluation,
                           Physical Education (Eduqas C55OQS)                                         students must design and
                                                                                                      carry out a personal training
                                                                                                      programme, with the aim of
                         General aims                            physiology; Movement analysis;       providing recommendations to
                                                                 Psychology or sport and physical     improve performance in one of
                         The GCSE PE course is designed          activity; Socio-cultural issues in   the practical activities in which
                         to encourage and enable                 physical activity and sport. This    they are being assessed. Any
                         students to develop theoretical         is comprised of two units and is     activities taken off-site must be
                         knowledge and understanding             assessed via a two-hour exam,        recorded on video, both in Year
                         of the factors that underpin            which carries 60% of the total       10 in order to moderate and in
                         physical activity and sport; they       marks. Students are assessed         Year 11 as their final exam piece.
                         will also then be able to apply         through short and extended
                         this knowledge to improve               answers to questions.                Team sports: association football,
                         performance. Students will be                                                badminton, basketball, camogie,
                         expected to take part in physical       Component 2 - The Active             cricket, dance, Gaelic football,
                         activities that they may not            Participant: Practical controlled    handball, hockey, hurling,
                         themselves opt to take as one of        assessments on three different       lacrosse, netball, rowing, rugby
                         their three sports. In all activities   sports, one of which must be a       league and union, squash, table
                         they will have the opportunity to       team sport and one must be an        tennis, tennis and volleyball.
                         develop skills and techniques,          individual sport; the third can      Individual activities: amateur
                         select and use tactics, strategies      be either. Any activities taken      boxing, athletics, badminton,
                         and/or compositional ideas.             off-site must be recorded on         canoeing, cycling, dance, diving,
                         Students will also develop their        video, both in Year 10 in order      golf, gymnastics, equestrian,
                         ability to analyse and evaluate to      to moderate and in Year 11 as        kayaking, rock climbing, rowing
                         improve performance in physical         candidates’ final exam piece. The    (sculling), skiing, snowboarding,
                         activity and sport. Please note         three sports count for 30% of the    squash, swimming, table tennis,
                         that candidates should be strong        total marks; the remaining 10%       tennis, trampolining.
                         in three sports, ie school, club or     is assessed through an analysis
                         county standard as a minimum,           and evaluation of candidates’        There are limitations on some
                         in order to access the higher           performance in one of their          combinations of sports, for
                                                                 chosen activities.

                                                                                                                                                                     OPTIONAL SUBJECTS
                         grades at GCSE PE.                                                           example candidates may not take
                                                                                                      skiing and snowboarding.
                         Content of the course and               For the practical element,
                                                                 students are formally assessed
                                                                 on one day during Year 11,
                                                                 between March and May.
                         Component 1 - Theory: The
                                                                 An external assessor visits
                         theory element of the course
                                                                 the school to watch the
                         is broken down into sections
                                                                 performances/videos. Candidates
                         and covers a range of content.
                                                                 must offer three performances,
                         Candidates learn about Health,
                    34                                           at least one as a team player and                                                              35
                         training and exercise; Exercise
                                                                 one as an individual performer.
GCSE OPTIONS GUIDE 2020-22                                                                                        GCSE OPTIONS GUIDE 2020-22

                           Religious Studies (Edexcel B 1RB0)     Statistics (Edexcel 1ST0)
                         General aims                           General aims                          Geography, as well as providing
                                                                                                      a solid background for the study
                         Religious Studies at GCSE allows       The Statistics course                 of Statistics beyond GCSE level.
                         students to study two religions        complements the Edexcel               This qualification is suitable only
                         in depth, looking at their beliefs,    Mathematics syllabus. It is not       for students in Mathematics Set
                         practices and ethics. Not only         included in the option blocks         1F and Set 1S
                         do students learn about what           as it is taught in Mathematics
                         followers of religions believe,        lessons, in three six-week blocks     Content of the course and
                         but also how this affects their        in Year 10. Students learn how        assessment
                         behaviour and views in today’s         to interpret and apply data to a
                         world. When looking at ethical         number of scenarios, both across      In June, Year 10, students sit two
                         issues, we also consider the non-      the curriculum and in the real        externally-examined papers of
                         religious points of view. A good       world, and builds skills useful for   equal weighting.
                         level of written English and good      subjects such as Science and
                         revision skills are necessary for
                         this course.
                                                                  Further Maths (Level 2 AQA 8360)
                         Content of the course and
                         assessment                             General aims                          qualification is suitable only for
                                                                                                      Mathematics Set 1F students
                         The examination consists of two        This course complements the           expected to achieve Grades
                         papers:                                Edexcel Mathematics syllabus,         7, 8 or 9 in GCSE Mathematics
                         The first paper covers Christian       particularly the algebraic            and who are likely to progress
                         beliefs and practices, issues to       reasoning, and is designed            to A-Level Mathematics and
                         do with relationships, marriage        to stretch and challenge high         possibly Further Mathematics.
                         and family and issues on life and      achieving mathematicians.             Students must be self-motiviated,
                         death (abortion, life after death      The course emphasises higher          committed and hard working.

                                                                                                                                                 OPTIONAL SUBJECTS
                         etc). At present we offer Judaism      order technical proficiencies,
                         as the second paper. This covers       problem-solving skills and            Content of the course and
                         Jewish beliefs and practices,          rigorous argument. The students       assessment
                         crime and punishment and issues        are introduced to calculus and
                         to do with peace and conflict.         matrices, and develop further         This qualification is assessed
                         Students have the opportunity to       their skills in trigonometry,         through two written examination
                         travel to Krakow, where they visit     graphs and functions. This            papers sat at the end of Year 11:
                         the cathedral, a synagogue and         subject is not included in the        Paper 1 (non-calculator) carries
                         Auschwitz.                             option blocks as the course is        40% of the marks and Paper 2
                                                                taught in Mathematics lessons         (calculator) carries 60% of the
                    36                                          throughout Years 10 and 11. This                                            37

  Fashion and Textiles (Cambridge O Level 6130)
General aims                           Computer Technology), CAD
                                       (Computer Aided Design),
Fashion and Textiles provides          and CAM (Computer Aided
a useful background for many           Manufacturing), will be studied
creative career paths and is a         as well as contemporary fashion
valuable life skill. The project-      design and accessory design.
based approach with emphasis           This is a practical based course
on design and making, develops         demonstrating technical skills
creativity, graphic communication,     supported with theoretical
the application of ICT in the          knowledge.
workplace as well as developing
technical skills. Students must be     Component 1 Fundamentals of
self-motivated and dedicated. It is    Fashion and Textiles (Written
not necessary to be able to draw       Examination): 50% externally
beautifully to take this course, but   assessed, the written exam is
students should have a creative        two-hours and covers fibres and
mind backed up with an ability to      fabrics, manufacturing processes,
develop good practical skills and      surface decoration, CAD/CAM,
the ability to present work well.      commercial practices and
Content of the course and
assessment                             Component 2 Coursework: 50%
                                       internally assessed and externally
The course builds on the basic         moderated. Two coursework
skills taught in Key Stage 3           projects provide candidates with
and aims to develop students’          the opportunity to demonstrate
knowledge, skills, creativity and      the ability to integrate their

                                                                                  OPTIONAL SUBJECTS
enjoyment of Fashion and Textiles.     knowledge from Component 1,
Students will learn to develop and     through designing and making
use a design brief in response to      skills to produce one quality
varying consumer needs. They           textile garment and one fashion
will explore the design principles     accessory which satisfy a specific
of line, form and colour as well as    need or function. Each product will
develop and refine their practical     have a portfolio to evidence the
skills, to produce high quality,       planning, development, testing
desirable textile end products.        and evaluation stages. This award
Commercial practice, including         will be examined in November
the use of ICT (Information            2021.

                          St Mary’s Year 10 and 11 courses

                         Subject 				                       Board & code

                         English Language			              Edexcel 1EN0
                         English Literature			            Edexcel 1ET0
                         Mathematics				Edexcel 1MA1
                         Modern Languages:
                          French OR				                   Edexcel 1FR0
                          German OR				                   Edexcel 1GN0
                          Spanish 				                    Edexcel 1SP0
                         Science: Combined or Separate 		 Edexcel 1SC0 or 1BI0,
                         PSHEE					No exam
                         Physical Education			            No exam


                         Subject 				Board & code

                         Art and Design
                           Fine Art				              Edexcel 1FA0/01&02
                           Photography				           Edexcel 1PY0/01&02
                         Classical Civilisation			   OCR J199
                         Drama					Cambridge iGCSE 0994
                         Fashion and Textiles 			    Cambridge O Level 6130
                         Further Mathematics			      AQA 8360
                         Geography				Edexcel A 1GA0

                         History					OCR BJ411
                         Hospitality and Catering			 WJEC Eduqas Level 1/2
                         ICT					Edexcel iGCSE 4IT1
                         Latin					WJEC Eduqas C990
                         Music					Edexcel 1MU0
                         Physical Education			       Eduqas C55OQS
                         Religious Studies			        Edexcel B 1RB0
                         Statistics				Edexcel 2ST0

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