Be Extraordinary FOR 6TH FORM ADMISSIONS IN SEPTEMBER 2021 - King Henry School

Be Extraordinary FOR 6TH FORM ADMISSIONS IN SEPTEMBER 2021 - King Henry School
2021 ENTRY

                          Be Extraordinary

                          SIXTH FORM

Be Extraordinary FOR 6TH FORM ADMISSIONS IN SEPTEMBER 2021 - King Henry School
2021 ENTRY

    what you are
    capable of
Be Extraordinary FOR 6TH FORM ADMISSIONS IN SEPTEMBER 2021 - King Henry School
2021 ENTRY

Welcome to
The Odyssey Trust
for Education
Welcome from the CEO/Executive Headteacher
King Henry Sixth Form is part of the Odyssey Trust for Education, comprising Townley
Grammar School and King Henry School. As such it benefits from the wider resources
of these two schools, bringing high academic rigour and wrap around support to
students who choose to complete their education with us.
We believe that a great sixth form is more than the subjects you study. It is an
environment that enables you to become the adult you aspire to be, to be a person of
character and a scholar. We expect a great deal in terms of commitment, hard work
and personal growth and in return we offer a unique and life changing experience.
Your sixth form should be a place where you can feel secure and supported, where
you can make new friends and grow existing ones, a place where you can explore your
interests and discover new abilities and talents.
At King Henry Sixth Form we wish you to discover what you are capable of. You will
be challenged to participate in the wider life of the school, to take a leadership role,
to get involved in enrichment opportunities. You will have a wide range of subjects to
choose from but an even wider range of experiences to grow from.
So if you are ambitious, if you work hard and are ready to make your mark on the
world we would like to welcome you.
Desmond Deehan
CEO/Executive Headteacher, Odyssey Trust for Education

  Welcome to The Odyssey Trust for Education..............................................................3
  Welcome to King Henry School.......................................................................................4
  Welcome to King Henry School Sixth Form..................................................................5
  Programmes of Study..........................................................................................................6
  Choosing your sunjects......................................................................................................7
  The Supporting Curriculum and Enrichment.................................................................8
  Higher Education Progression and Oxbridge Applications........................................9
  Apprenticeships & Careers............................................................................................. 10
  Student Leadership........................................................................................................... 11
  Testimonials................................................................................................................12 - 13
  Sixth Form Dress Code.................................................................................................... 14
  Boys’ Football Academy.................................................................................................. 15
                                                                                                                                         Part of the Odyssey Trust for Education
  Girls’ Football Academy................................................................................................... 16
  Basketball Academy......................................................................................................... 17
  Course Listing............................................................................................................18 - 25
  How to Apply..................................................................................................................... 26

Be Extraordinary FOR 6TH FORM ADMISSIONS IN SEPTEMBER 2021 - King Henry School
2021 ENTRY

Welcome to
King Henry School

Welcome from the Headteacher
As Headteacher, it gives me great pleasure to extend a warm welcome to you as
you consider King Henry School Sixth Form for the next phase of your education.
We welcome applications from our current Year 11 students and from newcomer
We are a small and dynamic sixth form. We offer a friendly and supportive learning
environment, with a strong focus on academic rigour, self-discipline and the highest
educational aspirations. We support our students to achieve their very best and to
develop a rich body of knowledge, a wide vocabulary, the ability to question the world
around them and have the skills to form their own ideas and views.
King Henry Sixth Form students are encouraged to have the confidence that
prepares them exceptionally well for higher education entry into leading universities;
apprenticeships; employment and the career path of their choosing. My expectation
is that the majority of our students leave here with a plethora of options and the
wisdom and independence to make the right choices to lead happy, fulfilled lives.
I hope the information you gain here will convey the family atmosphere, the
professionalism and our pursuit of excellence and ambition. Lessons designed to
stretch and inspire are a fundamental feature of school life, but this is only a small
part of the story. King Henry delivers a range of experiences through which we
develop students into the well-rounded, confident and talented young adults that
you will find here. It seeks to provide the best education and give our students the
greatest of opportunities.
Rob Leitch

Be Extraordinary FOR 6TH FORM ADMISSIONS IN SEPTEMBER 2021 - King Henry School
2021 ENTRY

Welcome to King Henry
School Sixth Form

Welcome from the Assistant Headteacher
King Henry School Sixth Form is a vibrant centre of learning for our community, with a
relentless commitment to enhancing the lives of all young people, regardless of their
ability or aptitude. We develop students’ knowledge, academic excellence, and
character by building their resilience, compassion, and ambition. I am incredibly
proud to work with such an ambitious and vibrant group of young people. I think one
of the strengths of our Sixth Form is the personalised approach we take as a team in
ensuring that the support you receive is tailored to fit you as an individual. Although
academic achievement and success are important, they will not be the things that
define you as a person in your time in the sixth form or your wider future. For me,
your personal development is equally, if not more, important. To ensure we achieve
this, we will:
 •   Nurture independence, resilience, and joy for learning in all our students through
     high expectations. This will be supported through developing and enriching
     characteristics in all our young people outside of their curriculum, including the
     Football and Basketball Academies.
 •   Develop our staff across all subject areas, ensuring exceptional teaching,
     learning and individual support. Alongside this, we will offer a broad, challenging   Miss R Powell
     curriculum for all, which supports successful progression to advanced level and       Assistant Headteacher
     beyond, including Medical and Oxbridge pathways
 •   Provide first class facilities – a safe, challenging environment encouraging all
     students to strive to achieve their best.
Within King Henry School Sixth Form and across the Odyssey Trust for Education in
partnership with TGS, we believe in an inclusive approach for all students. We offer
a range of Pathways that students can follow to succeed, at varying levels. Students
can choose subjects across different Pathways if this suits their plans for the future.
This means that our intake is diverse, and our students get a bespoke experience that
works to develop their individual strengths and passions. Our partnership with TGS
allows us to provide students with extended leadership opportunities and a broad
enrichment programme.
All students at King Henry School Sixth Form Students pick three subjects to study,
which run alongside our extensive 21C curriculum, enrichment programme, private
and home study periods. We are incredibly excited to be introducing three pathways
next academic year which will support our students to excel.
We look forward to welcoming you at King Henry School Sixth Form.
Miss R Powell
Assistant Headteacher                                                                      Mrs H Ghatore
                                                                                           Head of Sixth Form

Be Extraordinary FOR 6TH FORM ADMISSIONS IN SEPTEMBER 2021 - King Henry School
2021 ENTRY

Programmes of Study
One of the strengths of our Sixth Form is the
personalised approach we take as a team in ensuring
that the support you receive is tailored to fit you as an
Therefore, Students in Year 12 will be placed on a programme of study dependent on
their GCSE results upon entering the Sixth Form.

There are three main routes that can be taken:

    Specialist                    Professional                   Progression

           21C, Careers, Enrichment, Leadership Opportunities

The Specialist Pathway focuses on A-Level subjects. These are Level 3 subjects that
are particularly suited for those students who are planning to go on the university.
Generally, the entry requirements are 5 GCSEs grade 5-9 and are assessed through
examinations at the end of the two years of study.
The Professional Pathway focuses on vocational courses, such as BTECs. These are
Level 3 subjects that are suitable for students who want to work in a particular sector
or industry. Generally, the requirements are 5 GCSEs grade 4-9 and they are assessed
through a combination of coursework and examinations throughout the two years of
The Progression Pathway focuses on vocational courses, but at Level 2. The Level
2 courses take one academic year to complete, and provide students with provide
students with the skills and qualifications they require to access the Professional
Pathway in their second year. Therefore, these students complete an extra year with
us at King Henry Sixth Form. The entry requirements for these are 5 GCSEs grade
3-9 and they are assessed through a combination of coursework and examinations
throughout the year.

Students also have the opportunity of selecting A Levels and BTEC/Vocational
courses. Students will study a total of 3 A Level/BTEC courses. A select number of
students who have achieved very good GCSE grades can have the opportunity of
studying 4 A Levels/BTECs.

Be Extraordinary FOR 6TH FORM ADMISSIONS IN SEPTEMBER 2021 - King Henry School
2021 ENTRY

Choosing your Subjects
Students will study Level 3 courses for two years
and throughout these two years they must exercise
enthusiasm and motivation.
Therefore, choosing the right subjects can seem difficult. Please choose subjects that
interest you and ones that you will work hard at.

Students must think about their career plan and select the subjects that best suit
their chosen career path. Whether that career path is Higher Education or an
Apprenticeship, a good starting point would be to research the following websites
to assist students’ choice of subjects, for University UCAS ( and
Apprenticeships (

                                                     All subjects are challenging
                                                    and require a committed and
                                                              dedicated attitude.

Be Extraordinary FOR 6TH FORM ADMISSIONS IN SEPTEMBER 2021 - King Henry School
2021 ENTRY

The Supporting
Curriculum and
It is essential that the curriculum offers more than just
the “traditional’’ subjects if students are to become
part of a tolerant and understanding society.
In addition, students must learn how to deal with issues they might face in their adult
life. As part of its supporting curriculum, King Henry School Sixth Form includes a
wide range of initiatives designed to support and enhance the programmes of study.
The Sixth Form contains the following compulsory elements:
 • Daily tutor time
 • 21C
 • Timetabled supervised study periods
 • Enrichment programme
 • One week work experience in Year 12 supported by the Careers team
In addition to enrichment activities, we offer activities and events that Sixth Form
take an active lead in such as:
 •   Sixth Form School Council
 •   Fund raiser event for charities
 •   Work Experience Programme
 •   Sixth Form Prom
 •   UCAS drop down days
 •   UCAS London Taster Course Programme
 •   Apprenticeship drop down days
 •   Safe Drive Stay Alive course
 •   School trips

King Henry 21C is a Complementary Curriculum that supplements the National
Curriculum in preparing students for the 21st century and the rapidly changing
world around them. 21C is a combination of classical educational principles with
the realities of the modern world, and is guided by a desire to further enhance our
students’ knowledge of the world, capacity to question existing ideas, and ability to
communicate clearly and effectively. The aim is to empower students to innovate
in their aspirations rather than follow established paths, and author future cultural
narratives rather than uncritically abide by the status quo. 21C is delivered daily in
dedicated sessions through tutor forms, modulated in content and delivery to the
developmental stages and needs of the various year groups.

Be Extraordinary FOR 6TH FORM ADMISSIONS IN SEPTEMBER 2021 - King Henry School
2021 ENTRY

Higher Education
Progression and Oxbridge
We provide a fully extensive UCAS guidance
programme to support students in their choice of
University and courses.
The process begins early in Year 12, where students are invited to attend ‘drop down
career days’ and information evenings. During these sessions students will spend
whole days gaining extensive information about 3rd level pathways and will register
with UCAS.
In addition to this, students will spend a day at a UCAS fair and collect all the
necessary information needed to help with their choices. We organise informative
talks for students from different industries to assist them in the applications process.
Students will start working on their personal statement in Year 12 and will be issued
a personal referee to assist with their application. This focused, tailored approach
sees a solid percentage of our students succeed in obtaining offers from their ‘first
choice’ university.
Courses which require additional tests such as the BMAT and UCAT for Medicine are
supported through additional sessions through mentoring schemes at KHS and the
Odyssey Trust.
Before choosing your A level options it is highly recommended that you spend time
finding out as much information as you can about universities, the courses they offer
and the grade requirements.

  Any student aspiring to apply for a place at Oxford or Cambridge are supported
  through an extensive programme with continuous support through the Odyssey
  Trust. This includes an intensive programme of subject specific additional readings
  and tutorials in preparation for the rigorous application process (further details are
  available on request).
  You will be invited to attend an Oxbridge Evening for Bexley Schools which will
  provide additional information that will support the application process. Students
  will also be given the opportunity to arrange mock interviews with staff at our
  neighbouring schools in Bexley. Students will also gain additional support through
  the Leadership Team and this helps build confidence in a tutorial setting and
  prepares students for an Oxbridge application.

Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science.
We also provide a highly supportive programme for any student wishing to follow
Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science.
Support is extended through the Odyssey Trust to assist individual applications.
Be Extraordinary FOR 6TH FORM ADMISSIONS IN SEPTEMBER 2021 - King Henry School
2021 ENTRY

Apprenticeships & Careers
At KHS we offer support for students who wish
to take Apprenticeship/ Degree Apprenticeship
KHS welcomes students who wish to pursue apprenticeships where they can
combine work and in some cases study for a qualification at the same time. We have a
careers advisor who is available to all students and can assist with Sixth Form career
KHS invites employers to deliver presentations to students about Apprenticeships
and the benefits that they offer to students who prefer to take this pathway. KHS also
hosts drop down days to further enhance students’ knowledge of Apprenticeship
routes. Placements are co-ordinated by our Careers team with some students
choosing to organise their own.
Many of our students are now holding significant positions in large firms all through
successful Apprenticeships, such as PWC, Deloitte, Lloyd TSB, Facebook and Google
(to mention but a few).

Below outlines our subject strands, and where they can take you in the future.

  Subject Strands            PE            Social Science     Business and Finance              Arts

                                          Potential Career Paths
                                           Care assistant
                                                              Business Administrator
   Degree Level           Nursing           Journalism                                     Film Production
                                                               Banking (many roles)
  Apprenticeship/     Personal training       Nursing                                     Theatre Technician
  Full Time Work                           Prison officer                                     Publishing

                                                              Chartered Accountant
                                          Forensic science                                      Journalist
                      Sports psychology                           Data Analyst
       Degree                               Criminology                                  Social Media Manager
                        Physiotherapy                           Financial Analyst
                                             Biomedics                                      Music producer
                                                              Forensic Psychologist

                                          Subject Combinations
                             PE               Media
  Level 3 Academic       Psychology          Business
                                                                    Business                    Media
      (A-Level)            Biology            Biology
                         Chemistry            History

                         PE (S/D/T)         Criminology
                      Health and Social   Health and Social         Business
 Level 3 Vocational                                                                        Art and Design
                       Applied Science    Applied Science           Finance
    (BTEC/DIP)                                                                             Performing Arts
                            HSLA              Business                ICT
                      Sport and Fitness         ICT

 Level 2 Vocational    Public Services     Public Services
      (Access)              CSLA                 PE
                       Sport Science

2021 ENTRY

Student Leadership
The Sixth Form are an integral part of the KHS
community and provide very important roles for the
rest of the school.
This contact with the younger members of our community is highly valued and
immensely rewarding. Student leadership is an extremely crucial role at King Henry
School that consists of Senior Head of Council, Deputy Head of Council, Student
House Council and Student Parliament.

Senior Council
The Senior Council members act as Student Governors and oversee the KHS Student
Body, support the Sixth Form team and Leadership team. This support includes making
speeches at Open Mornings/ Evenings, meeting the Headteacher and Governors to
propose key ideas to be led by the Student Leadership Team, participating on the
student panel for new staff interviews, co-creating the Student Development Plan
with the House Council, giving votes of thanks to visitors, actively partaking in peer
mentoring schemes in the lower school, overseeing charity events, leading assemblies
and assisting in organising whole school events. The Senior Council members meet
the House Council once a half term to set the vision, discuss actions and listen to the
views of the Extended Student Leadership Team.

House Council
As well as the Senior Council we also appoint House Council representatives (Head
of House reps) that stand as overall leaders of each house. They assist the Senior
Council in their leadership role and work collectively to achieve targets set on the
Student Development Plan. The House Council meet once every half term with the
Senior Council and Student Parliament to provide updates and feedback on the
meetings they have attended.

Student Parliament
As well as the Senior Council and House Council we also appoint Student Parliament
representatives. The Student Parliament act as the voice of their form group and are
the key members of the form whose role is to listen to the opinions of others, provide
updates regarding upcoming events and share key information shared by the House
Council. Student Parliament activities take place once a week in form time.
The House Council and Student Parliament members deputise for the Senior Council
and assist them in their role. This may include organising charity events, assisting
with the organisation of whole School student led events, supporting the school at
Parents Evenings and celebration events, participating on the student panel for staff
interviews and peer mentoring support programmes for the lower school.

2021 ENTRY

     Lewis O, Head Boy (2019-2020)
     Subjects: Media studies, Business studies & Sociology

     After attending King Henry Secondary
     School, the transition to King Henry
     School Sixth Form was made easy through
     the pastoral support given to us. After
     achieving solid GCSE results, I was able to
     make a decision to continue my education
     here without thinking twice. King Henry School
     Sixth Form offers a wide range of subjects, and the
     teachers provide boundless support and resources.
                                                                All teachers
     In addition to this the facilities provided
                                                                work to
     allow me to be successful when I am studying
                                                                support us
     independently. King Henry School Sixth Form is
                                                                to excel, and
     all about independent study and making the most
     of your free time, doing this is very easy because         motivate us
     of the warm and enjoyable environment the King             through the
     Henry School Sixth Form creates.                           journey of
     The teacher support is unbeatable, as all teachers
     push us to reach our potential and keep us
                                                             Lewis O, Head Boy
     motivating us through the journey of post-16
     In addition to my academic studies, I am also
     member of the basketball team. This, alongside
     the football academy, feature strongly at King
     Henry School Sixth Form. The school promotes
     student athletes instead of athlete students, due
     to the acknowledgement of the importance of

2021 ENTRY

Felicia N, Head Girl
Subjects: English Literature, Sociology & Psychology

The support from members of staff and the
community atmosphere created in Sixth Form
is one of the many reasons people stay at King
Henry for Key Stage 5. After receiving my GCSE
results, the Sixth Form Team supported me with
my transition into further education. I believe
King Henry School Sixth Forms strongest quality
is that they have your best interests at heart, giving
you everything you need to be a desirable member in
society, academically and socially.
                                                              You are
When I finish at King Henry School Sixth Form I intend
                                                              given tools
to go to university and study a double honours degree. I
have been able to make this decision due to the support       to make your
from people like Mrs Ghataore and other staff in and          ambitions
around school who are always prepared to give you             achievements.
advice. King Henry School Sixth Form is definitely a
place to be if you want to do something purposeful for     Felicia N, Head Girl

yourself and to help develop your character.

2021 ENTRY

Sixth Form Dress Code
The Sixth Form Dress Code is broadly in line with the whole school dress code and
is summarised as smart work wear.
Therefore items such as trainers (including Converse), hoodies, jeans, jeggings or casual trousers are not permitted. The Dress
Code will be professional in nature at all times. The Sixth Form Team will be the sole arbiters on suitability.

The expected dress code is:                                      Ladies:
 • Jewellery may be worn but must be discrete.                    • Suit or jacket and tailored trousers/skirt (please note: skirts
 • Footwear must be suitable and safe for school.                   should be of a suitable length – no shorter than just above
 • Facial piercings are not permitted.                              the knee)

                                                                  • Open neck shirt or blouse
• Suit or trousers and jacket                                    Sports Academies:
• Suitable shirt and tie                                          • Students attached to either the Football Academy or the
• Facial hair neat and tidy                                         Basketball Academy will adhere to the dress code
                                                                  • Will have KHS Branded kit for training and matches

2021 ENTRY

     Boys’ Football Academy
      Full-Time Education Programme                                                       IN ASSOCIATION WITH


KHS football programme is designed for young student-athletes aged between 16
and 19 who are committed to developing in both football and academic studies. It
is perfect for those who still aspire to become a semi-professional/professional
footballer. We provide each student with a package of education, training and
mentoring tailored to their individual needs.
Each day the students in the academy train from 3.30pm – 4.45pm. Matches are
played every Wednesday afternoon and other evenings in the week as required.
Teams are either in the National U19 Conference Alliance, Kent School Academies
Premiership and Championship leagues. Home Conference games are played at
Phoenix Sports whilst all other home games are played on the new floodlit 3G
Each student in the Football Academy will need to purchase our Nike training kit that
students wear to training as well as to and from games.
Students in the Football Academy will also take their FA Level 1 Coaching badge over
the two years.
We have fully qualified coaches who all play semi- professional football in the area as
well as a part time goalkeeping coach and personal trainer.
Students will be enrolled in a package including;
•   A level PE, BTEC Sport Level 2/ 3 or BTEC L3 Sport, Fitness and Personal Training
•   FA Level 1 Coaching Award
•   Potential to coach the younger teams in the school
•   Opportunity to play in the FA Youth Cup
•   National U19 Conference Alliance
•   Kent Academies Leagues
Please indicate your interest on our application form and you will be
contacted by the academies in due course. For more info please contact:
Mr K Margrave, Football Academy Director, Email:
Miss V Browning, Assistant Headteacher, Email:

Basketball Academy
Full-Time Education Programme

Directed by Steven Bucknall - Ex NBA / LA Lakers player &
Robert Youngblood - Assistant Head Coach of London Lions.

King Henry Basketball Academy is a performance programme developed
by the Director of Basketball and King Henry School to meet the needs
and aspirations of all committed student athletes. The Basketball Academy
is a high-quality Student Athlete-led programme which combines academic
study with high-quality basketball training and coaching. Players receive up
to 15 hours per week of training covering skill acquisition, fitness drills and
competitive matches.
The Academy squads are entered for the Elite Academy Basketball League,
Dynamik Schools League and Regional Championships as well as having               Steven Bucknall
a formal link to the National League Competition with London Thunder
Lewisham Basketball programme.
King Henry School is offering this exciting opportunity for boys and girls
aged 16 to19 to both study and cultivate their basketball skills. The academic
study programme offers a wide variety of courses provided via the King Henry
School Sixth Form. The basketball training programme is directed by Steven
Bucknall, who was the first Englishman to play in the NBA with LA Lakers,
and Robert Youngblood, an ex-professional player and Head Coach of Hemel
Hempstead Division 1.
Steven is a former England captain with 114 caps for his country as a player      Robert Youngblood
and 38 caps as National Team Head Coach of the U18 England Boys, who
achieved 9th place in the Division A European Championship, the highest
position England ever achieved. Steve and Robert both have experience
and leadership qualities which have been vital to developing many teams           For more info please contact:
and programmes across England and Europe. Together they form a unique             Mr S Bucknall,
coaching team which provides students with unparalleled hands-on coaching,        Basketball Academy Director
mentoring and individual player development.
                                                                                  Ms V Browning,
Please indicate your interest on our application form and you will be             Assistant Headteacher
contacted by the academies in due course.                                         E:

2021 ENTRY

Course Listing
• Students are required to choose three
  subjects from the courses listed.                                       Five                      Five                    Five
                                                                           GCSEs                    GCSEs                    GCSEs
• These can be across pathways if                                         At grade 5               At grade 4               At grade 3
  students choose so.                                                      or above                 or above                 or above

• However, they can only choose one
  subject from each of the blocks below.                                 Specialist              Professional             Progression
• All courses offered at this stage are                                         21C, Careers, Enrichment, Leadership Opportunities
  subject to uptake and staffing.

        Level               Block A               Block B               Block C                  Block D                 Block E
                             English             Psychology              Maths
                                                                                               Film Studies
      Specialist             Biology             Chemistry              Business                  History

                                                Photography                PE                   Geography

                                               BTEC Business          LIBF Finance         WJEC Criminology                HSLA
                          Technical ICT

  Professional             BTEC Art &          BTEC Applied          BTEC Applied           BTEC Performing           BTEC Sport and
                             Design           Science (Double)      Science (Double)             Arts                    Fitness

                                             BTEC PE (Double)       BTEC PE (Triple)         BTEC PE (Single)

                               PE                 Business               Finance              Public Services              CSLA
                               ICT              Sport Science

Specialist Pathway
Biology, A Level
A Level Biology is an exciting course involving study of the latest research into health, drugs,
genetics and fighting disease. You will discuss topical issues such as climate change, antibiotic-
resistant microbes in hospitals, and moral issues such as stem cell research. Much of the course is
practical and experiment based. You will study systems in both animals and plants.
Biology can lead to degree courses including life sciences, environmental science, forensic
science, medicine, nursing, dentistry or pharmacy, or careers including biotechnology, research,
land management or the food industry.
Specific GCSE Requirements:
5 GCSE passes at grades 5-9, including English Language, Mathematics and Science at grade 5.

2021 ENTRY

Business, A Level
This course introduces students to the challenges and issues of starting a new business and
examines the core functional areas such as Finance, Marketing, Operations and Human Resources
Management. It looks at how businesses grow and develop as part of the UK, the European Union
and around the world.
Business graduates are highly sought after. You will have lots of opportunities to work in many
different areas of business and also have the skills to set up your own business in the future.
Specific GCSE Requirements:
5 GCSE passes at grades 5-9, including a minimum of grade 5 in both Mathematics and English

Chemistry, A Level
Achieving an A-Level in Chemistry will provide you with a large range of problem solving and
analytical skills. The course covers most areas of Chemistry with more attention now paid to the
practical elements such as laboratory work and analysis. You will study both organic and inorganic
fields. Assessment in the course is through examinations.
Chemistry A-Level is a statutory requirement for Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacology and
Veterinary Science. Students can also gain entry to many other field and laboratory-based
scientific careers and degrees.
Specific GCSE Requirements:
5 GCSE passes at grades 5-9, including English Language, Mathematics and Science at grade 5.

English Literature, A Level
Studying English Literature at A Level is an essential subject for an English degree. Some Drama,
Media studies, American studies and law degree courses will also ask for an English literature. The
Russell Group Informed Choices guide also recommends English Literature A-level for those who
want to take degree courses in classics, French and other modern languages, teacher training,
history, history of art, politics and religious studies. English Literature is one of the Russell Group
universities’ ‘facilitating’ subjects — so called because choosing them at A Level allows a wide
range of options for degree study.
During this two year course you will get the opportunity to develop critical understanding, close-
reading skills as well as an appreciation of a range of poetry, prose and drama from pre-1900
to Shakespeare. We study texts from a range of points of view and different time periods. We
then make connections and acquire a wider knowledge of literary perspective along with an
understanding of the changes that have occurred in literature.
Many of the skills developed through studying this subject are related to independent thinking,
the ability to analyse sophisticated ideas and the ways in which they are presented, to synthesise
large and complex text, and to know how to build a convincing argument are just a few.
It is widely recognised by universities that the skills developed through the study of English
Literature are among the most transferable, with English graduates going on to develop the
widest range of careers — among the most popular are publishing, broadcasting, marketing and
PR, journalism, law, teaching and politics.
Specific GCSE Requirements:
5 GCSE passes at grades 5-9, including a grade 6 in English Literature.

Geography, A Level
This course is for anyone who has an active interest in global affairs concerning people and the
environment. However, it is far more than learning about the theoretical aspects of the causes of
coastal erosion and plate tectonics– you will also investigate the impacts of climate change and
the issues facing a global population of 7 billion and growing. The course requires you to be well
read and interested in topical and contemporary issues on a local, national and global scale.
This course prepares students for study at a higher/university level as well as teaching analytical
skills vital to the modern workplace. It also increases their awareness of significant issues
surrounding people and their environment.
Specific GCSE Requirements:
5 GCSE passes at grades 5-9 including at least a grade 5 in Geography and a grade 5 in English

2021 ENTRY

History, A Level
History helps you to discover how the world has evolved and teaches you how to think/process
information. It provides you with skills such as prioritising information and arguing a case
persuasively, which both employers and universities look for. If you choose to study A-level
History at King Henry School, the topics you cover will include; Britain, 1625–1701: conflict,
revolution and settlement, Russia in revolution: 1894–1924, Poverty, public health and the state
in Britain: c1780–1939 and the coursework element will be on the Cold War.
A-Level History can lead onto the following options/careers: History degree, Politics, Public
Administration, Teaching, Journalism, Law, Business and Marketing and research.
Specific GCSE Requirements:
5 GCSE passes at grades 5-9, including a grade 5 in GCSE English Language and grade 5 in GCSE

Mathematics, A Level
The A Level Maths course at KHS is a study of Pure and Applied Mathematics. Pure Maths is the
foundation of all areas of Mathematics Comprising Algebra, Graphs and Transformations, Circles,
Trigonometry, Series and Sequence, Exponentials and Logarithms, Numerical methods, Vectors
and Calculus (Differentiation and Integration). The remainder is the application of mathematical
knowledge and skills to the study of Statistics (range of statistical and probability models) and
Mechanics (dealing with motions and forces producing motion).
These are essential requirement for Degree level study of Mathematics, Engineering and many
Sciences. Supports higher level study of a variety of subjects including any Science, Sociology,
Psychology, Geography, Computing and Economics.
Specific GCSE Requirements:
5 GCSE passes at grades 5-9, including a grade 7 in Mathematics.

Media Studies, A Level
A Level Media Studies is designed to widen the intellectual horizons of the student through the
analysis of both global and historical media. The two-year course will foster the development of
critical and reflective thinking skills to encourage engagement in the debates surrounding present-
day media. Students will analyse and compare how media products, including products outside
the commercial mainstream, construct and communicate meanings and address key questions
relating to the social, cultural, political and economic role of the media in contemporary society.
The key skills gained through studying media complement students’ learning and understanding
in other subjects such as history, psychology, and sociology.
Some of our former students have been accepted onto university courses to study media at
degree level followed by careers in the media industry, public relations, teaching and advertising.
Specific GCSE Requirements:
5 GCSE passes at grades 5-9, with minimum of grade 6 in English Language.

Photography, A Level
This course is for those who want to explore photography and image making. This course will
not only embed the technical aspects of photography, such as shutter speed control, aperture,
lighting, and the formal elements, but you will also study photography as an art form within its
historical and cultural context. The course encourages you to use your creativity in exploring a
range of genres and topics in photographic art whilst developing your own personal investigation.
You could work in one or more of the creative industries including photography, photo journalism,
picture editing, fashion design or graphics, or further study or teaching
Specific GCSE Requirements:
5 GCSE passes at grade 5-9, including a grade 4 in Photography or Art, or a vocational qualification
in Art and Design at Merit or above and the production of a portfolio of work.

2021 ENTRY

Physical Education, A - Level
This course is for 16-19-year olds who have a passion for sport. They need to have an interest in
the theoretical content of sport science as well as having the aptitude and ability in a particular
sport. Having a high sporting level in at least one sport as a performer is very important on this
course. Topics to be studied include applied anatomy and physiology, skill acquisition, sport and
society, exercise physiology, biomechanical movement, sport psychology and sport and society
and the role of technology in physical activity and sport. Student will also need to undertake a
practical performance in physical activity and sport.
On completion of this course you could pursue a career in sport science, physiotherapy,
recreation and leisure studies, sport psychology, teaching sports therapy, sports journalism or
sports coaching.
Specific GCSE Requirements:
Five GCSE passes at grade 5 or above including in English Language and Maths and at least a
grade 6 in GCSE PE or a Distinction in BTEC Level 2 Sport.

Psychology, A Level
Psychology is a fascinating subject investigating why people behave as they do. You will study
many areas such as attachment, memory, social interactions, mental illness and relationships. You
will learn how to carry out independent psychological research and develop reasoned arguments.
Psychology is a science with cutting edge research that has real world applications to issues in
everyday life.
Psychology can lead to degree courses including psychology, criminology, forensic science,
nursing, or sport science, and a wide range of careers including clinical psychology, social work,
counselling and advertising.
Specific GCSE Requirements:
5 GCSE passes at grade 5-9, including a minimum of grade 5 in English Language, 5 in Mathematics
and 5 in Combined Sciences.

2021 ENTRY

Professional Pathway
Art and Design, Level 3 BTEC
This qualification relates directly to the skills and understanding needed for further study in art
and design and has been developed in consultation with Higher Education. The Pearson BTEC
Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Art and Design is delivered through practical projects
in art and design. There are three mandatory units which explore processes, methods of visually
recording, creative intention and learners’ understanding and analysis of the work of artists and
designers. Learners develop skills and knowledge through an optional unit in a specific area such
as fashion, textiles, graphics, photography, 3D studies or fine art. The qualification is designed to
enable learners to develop their knowledge and skills in the sector and increase their levels of

Specific GCSE Requirements:
5 GCSE passes at grades 4-9, including a GCSE in Art/Design/Photography at grade 6 or a

National Diploma Applied Science (Double), Level 3 BTEC
This Applied Science course is part of a brand-new specification aimed at developing students’
theoretical and applied scientific knowledge. It provides students with the skills for further study
in many scientific areas, particularly in medicine and health.
With a combination of various internal and external assessments, students engage in independent
study as well as teacher-led learning.
Medical-based degree courses such as Nursing, Midwifery and Biomedical Science. The
qualification also opens up to a range of science-based careers such as forensic science and
animal welfare.
Specific GCSE Requirements:
5 GCSE passes at grades 4-9, including English Language and Mathematics at grade 4 and a
minimum of grade 4 in Combined Science or grade 4 for each separate science.

Business Studies, Level 3 BTEC
This course is for learners who are interested in learning about the business sector. This course
uses a combination of assessment styles, both written and practical, which gives you confidence
and the knowledge you need to succeed in the workplace. The course introduces you to particular
areas of Business such as Marketing, Finance and Management.
You could progress into Business related careers such as accounting, administration and customer
service, as well as further studying.
Specific GCSE Requirements:
5 GCSE passes at grades 4-9, including a minimum of grade 4 in both English Language and

2021 ENTRY

Criminology, WJEC Diploma
An understanding of criminology is relevant to many job roles within the criminal justice sector,
social and probation work and sociology and psychology. WJEC Level 3 Applied Diploma in
Criminology is a qualification with elements of psychology, law and sociology that complements
studies in humanities. This is an Applied General qualification. This means it is designed primarily
to support learners progressing to university. It has been designed to offer exciting and interesting
experiences that focus learning for 16-19 year-old learners and adult learners through applied
learning, i.e. through the acquisition of knowledge and understanding in purposeful contexts
linked to the criminal justice system. The qualification would support learners’ progression from
any study at Level 2, particularly GCSEs in Sociology, Law, Psychology, Citizenship, History and
Specific GCSE Requirements:
5 GCSE passes at grades 4-9.

Financial Studies, Level 3 LIBF
This course prepares you for further study through the development of the core skills of critical
analysis and evaluation, synthesis, verbal communication and written communication. This
course develops the knowledge and skills required for young people to make informed financial
decisions by introducing them to the risks and challenges involved in personal finance and the
tools for effective planning.
You can work in the finance sector or further your study within the finance sector and a wide
range of other business-related disciplines.
Specific GCSE Requirements:
5 GCSE passes at grades 4-9.

IT, Level 3 Cambridge Technical
The course offers a wide range of centre assessed units with practical and wider project-based
assessment opportunities, as well as examined units on the Fundamentals of IT and Global
Information. Learners will be able to develop the core knowledge, skills and understanding
required in the IT sector, and develop further skills by completing a range of units through a choice
of specialist pathways: IT Infrastructure Technician; Emerging Digital Technology Practitioner;
Application Developer; or Data Analyst.
This qualification provides learners with the opportunity to enter Level 4 apprenticeships such
as Network Engineer or Software Developer, move directly into employment in the IT sector or
progress to a related HE course.
Specific GCSE Requirements:
5 GCSE passes at grades 4-9, including a minimum of a grade 5 in GCSE ICT or a Merit in an
equivalent vocational qualification, and a grade 5 in English Language.

Performing Arts, Level 3 BTEC
There are two common mandatory units within the qualification, which cover the following
aspects of performance: developing skills and techniques for performance and group performance
workshop. Content that is common to all pathways is designed to give a general grounding
that is relevant to all. Content within each pathway is designed to enable the learner to begin
to specialise in one area, where there are more specific technical job roles or further training
opportunities. Depending on the pathway that the learner chooses to follow they will be able to
add two to three optional units to the mandatory content. These options have been designed to
support the learner’s progression to a range of employment opportunities in the performing arts
sector, and to a range of higher education courses. Optional units will introduce the learner to a
sector-specialist area of their choice, including working in particular environments, and link with
relevant occupational areas.
Specific GCSE Requirements:
5 GCSE passes at grades 4-9, including a GCSE in Performing Arts at grade 6 or an audition.

2021 ENTRY

Sport (Single, Double or Triple), Level 3 BTEC
This course is for anyone who has an interest in the sports industry and wishes to study different
aspects of sport in greater detail. There are three possible options that you can choose: Extended
Certificate (1 A Level equivalent), Diploma (2 A Level equivalent) or Extended Diploma (3 A Level
equivalent). Over the duration of the course learners must complete a series of assignments
to pass specialist units. Evidence for assignments could be produced as written reports,
presentations, posters, question and answers sessions (through observational records) or a
practical performance.
On completion of this course learners can progress onto studying a sports degree at University.
Examples of sports degrees include Sport Science, Fitness and Health, Physical Education or
moving into specific sports coaching degrees. Employment in the sports industry is also an option.
Specific GCSE Requirements:
5 GCSE passes at grades 4-9, including at least a grade 4 in GCSE PE.
Experience in a variety of sports with at least one at club level.

Sport and Fitness, Level 3 BTEC
This course is for anyone who has an interest employment in the Health and Fitness sector. It is also
suitable for those wishing to progress to higher education, where they may use this qualification
to obtain part-time employment while studying.
The qualification provides the knowledge, skills and application required for professional
accreditation with the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and the Chartered Institute
of Management for Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) Gym Instructor standards. The Gym
Instructor Standards are a prerequisite for all professional roles in the sector. On successful
completion of the qualification, learners will be qualified to apply for membership of CIMPSA and
There are three possible options that you can choose: Extended Certificate in Sport and Fitness
(1 A Level equivalent), Diploma in Sport and Fitness (2 A Level equivalent) or Extended Diploma
in Sport, Fitness and Personal Training (3 A Level equivalent).
Over the duration of the course learners must complete a series of assignments to pass specialist
units. Evidence for assignments could be produced as written reports, presentations, posters,
question and answers sessions (through observational records) or a practical performance.
On completion of this course learners can progress onto studying a sports degree at University.
Examples of sports degrees include Sport Science, Fitness and Health or Diet, fitness and
Wellbeing. The course also provides the opportunity to work as a gym instructor or a freelance
Personal Trainer.
Specific GCSE Requirements:
5 GCSE passes at grades 4-9, including at least a grade 4 in GCSE PE and English.

2021 ENTRY

Business Studies, Level 2 Cambridge Technical
This course provides you with opportunities to develop skills demanded by employers. It equips
you with the essential knowledge and tools for the world of work. It is structured to enable you
to gain qualifications at your own pace and build on your achievements. It also prepares you for
further learning or training.

This course helps you to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding required to enable
progression into further education in the same or related area. You can also progress into
employment after taking this course.

Specific GCSE Requirements:
Students must have achieved 5 GCSEs at grades 3-9.

IT, Level 2 Introductory Extended Certificate
The course offers a mandatory unit: using data analysis software and a choice between two
optional units: emerging technologies, and using social media channels for business.
It also includes two examined units: the essentials of IT, and the essentials of cyber security. The
Certificate and the Diploma qualifications equip students with specialist knowledge and skills,
enabling entry to an apprenticeship, employment or progression to further study.
Specific GCSE Requirements:
Students must have achieved 5 GCSEs at grades 3-9.

Finance, Level 2 Certificate in Financial Education
This course introduces you to the impact of finance on the economy and how this can affect
businesses and individuals. It develops knowledge and a valuable range of applied and transferable
skills and provides a foundation for further study in business and finance-related disciplines.
It enables you to apply the concept of financial planning and make informed financial decisions to
enhance financial literacy.
You can progress to Level 3 and other fields that are encapsulated in programmes of study related
to social enterprise and vocational professional development.
Specific GCSE Requirements:
Students must have achieved 5 GCSEs at grades 3-9.

Sport, Level 2 Qualification in Sports Leadership
This is a nationally recognised qualification that provides learners with the skills needed to lead
safe, purposeful and enjoyable physical activity under indirect supervision. The course is part
of the Sports Leaders UK Award Scheme (QCF) and gives learners the opportunity to develop
the skills needed to become a Sports Leader working with young children. As part of the course
structure learners will be required to lead sessions with both Primary and Key Stage 3 students
to help support skill development through various sporting activities.

This course will enable learners to develop self-confidence, communication and leadership skills
that will be vital in all other areas of life. After completion of this course learners can progress
onto the Level 3 Qualification in Sports Leadership or access employment opportunities within
the sport and leisure industry.

Specific GCSE Requirements:
Students must have achieved 5 GCSEs at grades 3-9.

2021 ENTRY

Public Services, Level 2 BTEC
BTEC Firsts in Public Services can help you take your first steps towards a career supporting the
public. You’ll learn the essential skills for a wide range of careers, from the armed services and
police force to roles at local authorities and central government. The aims of the course are to
give learners the opportunity to gain broad knowledge of the public sector, alongside the skills

Specific GCSE Requirements:
Students must have achieved 5 GCSEs at grades 3-9.

Sport Science, Level 2 Cambridge Nationals
This course is for anyone who has an interest in sport. The Cambridge Nationals in Sport
Science offer learners the opportunity to study key areas of sport science including anatomy
and physiology linked to fitness, health, injury and performance; the science of training and
application of training principles, and psychology in sport and sports performance.
The course consists of two mandatory core units which covers fitness training and sports injuries,
and two optional units, totalling 120 guided learning hours across the year. One of the mandatory
units (sports injuries) is assessed by way of a one-hour external exam.
The other compulsory units and the two specialist units are assessed by learners completing a
series of centre assessed tasks. Learners are graded with a Distinction, Merit or Pass.
This course provides the foundation to the Level 3 Foundation Diploma or the Extended Diploma
in BTEC Sport. You can also progress into employment within the sports industry, for example as
an Assistant Coach.
Specific Requirements:
Students must have achieved 5 GCSEs at grades 3-9.

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