Hillcrest High School - Te Kura Tuarua O Tihipuke - PROSPECTUS 2015

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Hillcrest High School - Te Kura Tuarua O Tihipuke - PROSPECTUS 2015
Hillcrest High School
  Te Kura Tuarua O Tihipuke

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Hillcrest High School - Te Kura Tuarua O Tihipuke - PROSPECTUS 2015
Hillcrest High School
       Te Kura Tuarua o Tihipuke

Mission Statement (Kaupapa Matua)
Hillcrest High School’s mission is to value all students, enhancing their self-esteem, academic potential, abilities and sense
of responsibility by helping them to develop the knowledge, ideas and skills to become active, independent, caring New

Ko te mahi a Te Kura of Tihipuke kaupapa matua, kia whaihua, kia whakapakari i ngaa akonga i o raatou i o raatou
kiritau, maatauranga pitomata, kia kaha ki te kawa me te awhina ki te whanaki moohiotanga whakaaro mo oona
pukenga hoki ki to kakama kia tu tangata ai ngaa tangata o Aotearoa

Vision (Whakakitenga)
An innovative educational community that enables students to be lifelong learners who adapt and positively contribute to
an ever changing world.

Ko te hapori auaha matauranga kia aahei ngaa akonga puumau ki te Whakarite i ngaa hua pai mot e taakoha ki
teenei ao hurihuri

Values (Uaratanga)
The values of Hillcrest High School are linked with the school houses.

School Haka
Matika mai rã, Tirohia ake kia mau kia ita, i te Mana o Te Kura Matauranga. Whaia kia eke te tūturutanga o tēnei
kura, kia puta Ã-Ihi, Ã-Wana, Auē H!
Arise, look around you, hold steadfast to the mana of our school, engaging quality education, strive until the
authenticity of this school emerges in greatness.

Hillcrest High School - Te Kura Tuarua O Tihipuke - PROSPECTUS 2015
Hillcrest High School                                                           Principal’s Message
  Te Kura Tuarua o Tihipuke

                              Hillcrest High School aims to provide        We strive to cater for the individual
                              each student with a quality co-              needs of our learners. We have a
                              educational experience. We are an            comprehensive curriculum, with
                              inclusive school, providing high             programmes of learning that recognise
                              quality education tailored to the            the different ethnicities, interests,
                              learning needs of a diverse student          aspirations, abilities and learning
                              population. Teaching and learning is         needs of our students.
                              the cornerstone of the school, with the
                              school having national recognition for       The school promotes high standards
                              scholastic achievement.                      of student conduct and behaviour
                                                                           with our core values integral to the
                              Last year we received an outstanding         development of our students as caring,
                              ERO report which confirmed the               respectful and motivated learners. We
                              school will not be reviewed for another      wish our students to leave school with
                              4 to 5 years. The report commented           the knowledge, skills and attitudes
                              favourably on many aspects of school         to ensure they make a successful
                              operations, management, leadership,          contribution to New Zealand in the
                              student achievement and well-                21st Century.
                              being, and also the school’s ability to
                              successfully sustain and improve its         As Principal I am committed to
                              performance in the future.                   maintaining and enhancing the
                                                                           ethos and culture of Hillcrest High
                              Our outstanding staff of dedicated           School and in providing a safe and
“We strive to cater           professionals are committed to               supportive learning environment. I
                              teaching and striving for academic           consider it an honour and a privilege
for the individual            excellence, while our extensive co-          to work with such a highly professional
needs of our                  and extra-curricular programmes in           and committed staff and school
                              EOTC, sport, culture and the arts, are       community.
learners.We have              an important feature of the fabric of
a comprehensive               the school.                                  I hope that the school will be more than
                                                                           a place where students learn. It will be
curriculum, with              While students are encouraged to             an exciting and rewarding experience
programmes                    excel in their specialist areas, we are      that involves a family commitment to
                              also determined that they should be          the school.
of learning                   balanced and well rounded young
that recognise                people.                                      Kelvin Whiting
the different                                                              Principal

abilities and
learning needs of
our students.”

                              We are not a “one size fits all” school.

                              Senior Leadership Team

                              Left to right: Dan Franicevic (Assistant Principal), Susan Radford
                              (Assistant Principal), Kelvin Whiting (Principal), Edgar Johl (Deputy Principal),
                              Debbie Greenhill (Assistant Principal)
Hillcrest High School - Te Kura Tuarua O Tihipuke - PROSPECTUS 2015
“The school’s            Curriculum
curriculum effectively
promotes and
                         Hillcrest High School is proud of          Overall, the school curriculum caters
supports student         the exceptionally high standard            as much as possible for each student’s
learning. The            of academic, cultural and sporting         subject choice and their individual
                         excellence achieved by students            needs. A focus on multi-level study
curriculum is focused    within our school community. We are        means students have more flexibility
on addressing the        consistently ranked as one of the very     to select their level of learning. Our
strengths, interests     top academic schools in the country.       curriculum also provides opportunities
                         Hillcrest students are regularly           for students to make closer links
and learning needs of    rewarded for their outstanding             between work and school, making
students. It is broad    achievements.                              education relevant to later work.

based, inclusive         The junior curriculum is broad-based
and designed to          and nurtures a diversity of learning
                         opportunities for all students. It
provide students with    provides a spring board for study and
relevant choices and     specialisation in the senior school.
pathways as they
progress throughout
the school.”             Enrichment and Extension Programmes

2013 ERO Report          All students have a right to an            and Computer Science. Top scholars
                         education that acknowledges and            have traditionally engaged in a full
                         respects their individuality, and that     programme of co-curricular activities
                         offers them maximum opportunities          including mooting, public speaking,
                         to develop their strengths and             debating, Shakespeare club, choirs and
                         abilities. A wide range of extension and   orchestra as well as participating in the
                         enrichment opportunities, at all levels,   many sporting challenges on offer.
                         are features of both the curriculum and
                         co-curricular programmes at Hillcrest      Junior School
                         High School.                               At Years 9 & 10, all students participate
                                                                    in a Careers Pathway Programme
                         Senior School                              while students identified as gifted
                         Although Scholarship represents            and talented have opportunities to
                         the pinnacle of achievement for            participate in programmes such as
                         many students, there are numerous          JEEP (Junior Extension and Enrichment
                         opportunities throughout the senior        Programme), Sports Development,
                         school for students to be challenged       and the Waikato Young Leaders
                         and enriched.                              Programme.
                         Cambridge AS level is offered in Year 12
                         in English and Mathematics, and senior     The Junior Enrichment and Extension
                         Computer Programming students are          Programme (JEEP) provides extension
                         able to enter for the Waikato University   opportunities for academically able
                         Computer Science Scholarship. At Year      students; it includes group work,
                         13, selected students are currently able   discussion, problem-solving, thinking
                         to study level one university papers       “outside the square”, and working
                         in Computer Science, Economics             outside of one’s comfort zone. It is NOT
                         and Philosophy. Students are given         an accelerated learning programme. 9
                         opportunities to participate in national   JEEP is a semester course timetabled
                         and international competitions in          for the second half of the year, while 10
                         Mathematics, International languages,      JEEP is a full year course. Both courses
                         English. Science, Art, Maori, Economics    are invitation only.

Hillcrest High School - Te Kura Tuarua O Tihipuke - PROSPECTUS 2015
Sports Development Programme

Year 9 Programme                            Year 11 Programme

Students applying for this half year        This is a full NCEA course offering 20
programme will go through a rigorous        credits across a range of contexts
selection process before being              including Fitness Studies, Lawn
accepted into the group. Selection will     Bowls, Sports Education Module, and
be based on sporting ability, potential,    Outdoor Education activities.
effort in both sport and school, and
general attitude.                           Students will be selected for this
                                            course from the Year 10 class but there
This is not a timetabled option course      are often spaces open for others to
but an extra-curricular programme           apply for.
with the group meeting once a week
(generally in the morning before            The course has been designed to be
school) in Terms 3 and 4.                   as practical as possible while offering
                                            contexts that will benefit the students
This course will ready the students         in their sporting endeavours.
for the Year 10 programme and will
cover goal setting, fitness testing and       “Students
training, skill acquisition, strategy,
teamwork and keeping training logs.           experience high
                                              levels of success
Students who demonstrate the
required levels of effort and dedication
                                              in an extensive
will be offered a place in the Year 10        range of sporting,
                                              cultural and
                                              performing events
Year 10 Programme                             and enrichment
This runs as a full year option course        programmes
and topics included are Fitness Studies,      offered at the
Anatomy, Injury Prevention, Nutrition
and Sports Psychology.         Practical      school.”
experiences will include weight
training, swimming, kayaking, and a
Sports Education module.                      2013 ERO Report
The class will begin the year by training
for and competing in the Multi Sport
Challenge. Teams of two will complete
a challenging event including
swimming, running and kayaking
around the Mt. Maunganui area.

Hard working and dedicated students
will be offered the opportunity of
partaking in two trips. In term 3 the
class will head to Whakapapa for skiing
or snowboarding and will stay in a
cabin on the mountain overnight. We
then combine with the JEEP class at
the end of the year for the Big Day Out.

Hillcrest High School - Te Kura Tuarua O Tihipuke - PROSPECTUS 2015
Hillcrest High School
       Te Kura Tuarua o Tihipuke

Qualifications and Student Achievement
A summary of NCEA results for 2013 is as follows:

                  Level 1              Level 2               Level 3                UE
                  % Pass               % Pass                % Pass                 % Pass

 Hillcrest         85.0                85.4                  75.8                   81.3

 National          82.5                85.6                  79.2                   70.5

                   25.3                26.3                  24.2
                                                                                        “A significant number of
 Excellence                                                                             students achieve NCEA
 National                                                                               merit or excellence
 Excellence        17.0                13.3                  11.3                       endorsements, and a
 Endorsement                                                                            large group of students
 L1 Literacy          % Pass           L1 Numeracy          % Pass                      succeed in scholarship
 Hillcrest         91.9                Hillcrest             90.7
                                                                                        examinations. The school
                                                                                        continues to build on
 National          83.5                National              81.9                       historically high levels
NCEA Results                                                                            of students academic,
Hillcrest continues to achieve at the         We have some very pleaseing NCEA          sporting and cultural
highest level in the National Certificate     results for 2013. A particular feature    success.”
in Educational Achievement (NCEA)             of our results is the high number of
and Scholarship.                              students gaining merit and excellence     2013 ERO Report
                                              endorsements across all levels of NCEA.
We are particularly mindful of
maintaining the academic rigour of            To gain a merit endorsement students      In 2013 Hillcrest gained 34
NCEA while still creating a programme         have to gain at least 50 credits at       Scholarships, including 1 outstanding.
of learning that meets the needs of           Merit/Excellence level and to gain an     Last year Grace Buckland was awarded
our diverse student population. We            excellence endorsement students           Top Scholar in New Zealand for
believe a quality NCEA programme              have to gain a minimum of 50 credits      Mathematics with Statistics.      This
needs to provide the necessary pre            at Excellence level.                      follows Hillcrest student Hao Jeng
requisites to further our students NCEA                                                 gaining a Top Scholar in Mathematics
course of study at school and also            A total of 54.9% of all Level 1 to 3      with Calculus the previous year.
provide the necessary qualifications          students gained an endorsement, with
for further tertiary study or work place      excellence endorsements at an all time    Since 2004 Hillcrest has averaged in
employment.                                   high.                                     excess of 40 Scholarships a year, which
                                                                                        is an outstanding achievement.

                                                                                        Cambridge AS          Examinations
                                                                                        (2013 Results)
                                                                                        Students presenting for the Cambridge
                                                                                        Advanced Subsidiary Examinations
                                                                                        continue to achieve at very high levels.

                                                                                        English had nearly half of the
                                                                                        candidates receiving the top A grade.
                                                                                        In Mathematics 90% pass rate with
                                                                                        more than 20% of candidates receiving
                                                                                        the top grade and a 100% pass rate.

                                                                                        Students studying Cambridge English
                                                                                        and Mathematics also study NCEA
                                                                                        Level 2.
                Prizegiving - 2013
Hillcrest High School - Te Kura Tuarua O Tihipuke - PROSPECTUS 2015
Hillcrest High School
                                                    Te Kura Tuarua o Tihipuke

                                                  Student Leadership

Hillcrest High School focuses on            Other leadership opportunities
the development of values of good           - Peer Monitoring
citizenship for community living            - Peer Support leadership for Year 9
in the 21st century by providing                students
opportunities for students to meet          - Reading tutors
challenges, and develop well-               - ESOL tutors for new English speakers
informed choices. We are committed          - Kapa Haka
to providing opportunities to improve       - Outdoor Education leaders for
leadership skills for students to assume        Year 10 camps
future leadership roles within our          - Student Mediation
community.                                  - Anti Harrassment Team
                                            - Organising School Ball and Cabaret
Specific leadership roles                   - Sports Council
-   Head Girl                               - Arts Council
-   Head Boy                                - Cultural Committee
-   Deputy Head Girl                        - Pasifika Council
-   Deputy Head Boy                         - Maori Student Council
-   Maori Leadership
     Pouhine (female)/Poutama (male)        Student Initiatives
-   Cultural Captains
-   Sports Captains                         - Running weekly school assemblies
-   Service Captains                        - School wide Strategic Planning
-   Environment Captains                    - Talent Quest
-   Arts Captains                           - Students Against Driving Drunk SADD
-   Students’ Representative on the         - Interact Club
    Board of Trustees                       - 40 Hour Famine
-   Chairperson Senior & Junior Council     - Invisible Children Charity
-   House Captains                          - Valentines Day

The Senior Student Leaders also assist
the staff with daily duties to ensure the
smooth running of the School.

These special portfolios bring specific
responsibilities to represent the
student body as ambassadors and
leaders for Hillcrest High School.
                                                                                     2014 House Captains
Councils are forums for the student
voice. They take responsibility for
focusing on current student issues and
raising issues with the Principal and
the Board of Trustees via their Student
Representative, as well as organising
a myriad of activities in the school,
including raising money for charities.

Inter House Competition

- Swimming & Athletics
- Spirit Week    - House Relay
- Cross Country - School Quiz
- Road Race     - Duathlon
                                                              7       2014 Senior Student Leaders
Hillcrest High School - Te Kura Tuarua O Tihipuke - PROSPECTUS 2015

                                        The well-resourced Careers Centre           STAR Courses
                                        offers all students help with any career-   ‘Try it for a Day‘ tasters and unit standard
                                        related matter, including exploration       short courses are opportunities offered
                                        of post-school options, tertiary study      by local tertiary providers in a range of
                                        information, subject choice and CV          occupational areas.
                                        preparation. Information regarding
                                        universities, polytechnics, Te Wānanga,
                                        apprenticeships and employment
                                                                                    Gateway offers structured workplace
                                        is available. This includes data on
                                                                                    learning opportunities to senior
                                        employment trends and specific job
                                                                                    students. Workplace learning is a
                                        information. One on one in-depth
                                                                                    formalised learning arrangement
                                        consultation is available. We also offer
                                                                                    set in an actual workplace for a
                                        lunchtime information presentations
                                                                                    sustained period of time involving the
                                        that are open door events from
                                                                                    assessment of industry unit standards.
                                        various organisations, eg: universities,
                                                                                    Unit standard credits are gained
                                        industry sectors, overseas exchange
                                                                                    toward industry national certificates
                                        programmes. Vocational Pathways
                                                                                    and NCEA.
                                        career planning , Youth Guarantee
                                        (Trades Academy, Fee-Free courses),
                                                                                    Secondary Tertiary Partnership-
                                        STAR and Gateway courses are also
                                        offered at the Careers Centre.              Trades Academy
                                                                                    Senior students who are interested
                                                                                    in a career in trades or technology
                                        Vocational Pathways Course
                                                                                    can access a number of options to
                                        This is a timetabled subject where the
                                                                                    study and develop clear pathways to
                                        learning content is tailored to students’
                                                                                    obtain industry qualifications that are
                                        particular needs and provides credits
                                                                                    relevant in the workplace. Students
                                        that can be used toward gaining
                                                                                    will achieve a minimum of NCEA level
                                        NCEA and other industry national
                                                                                    2, by combining study at the Wintec
                                        certificates. Senior students would be
                                                                                    Trades Academy (dual-enrolment)
                                        pursuing NCEA level 1 and level 2 and
                                                                                    with studies at school. Credits go
                                        future enrolment in a Youth Guarantee
                                                                                    towards their NCEA and a nationally
                                        programme or employment. STAR,
                                                                                    transferable tertiary qualification Level
                                        Gateway, Trades Academy and fee-free
                                                                                    1, 2 or 3 (eg. National Certificate in
                                        courses are available.
                                                                                    Mechanical Engineering L2).

                                                                                    Secondary Tertiary Partnership-
STAR                                    Gateway                                     Trades Academy
• 60 STAR courses offered               • 60 students on the Gateway                Our Secondary Tertiary Partnership
• 27 outside providers used                programme (TEC contract 50               (STP) Trades Academy with Wintec
• 92% STAR courses from external           places)                                  has expanded considerably in 2014.
   providers                            • Students achieved an average of           Currently 95 students, across Year 11 to
• 96.6% success rate overall for Unit      15 credits per student at Level 2        13, are enrolled with Trades Academy at
   Standards achieved (93.7% Maori,        (TEC contract 10 credit average)         Wintec (Hillcrest has the most students
   90.9% Pasifika)                      • 15 ITO’s (Industry Training               in the Trades Academy throughout the
• 1791 Unit Standards enteres. 1718        Organisations) used                      region). These students are enrolled
   Unit Standards achieved                                                          in a range of courses including:
• 620 students accessed STAR            Outcomes                                    Manufacturing       and     Technology,
• STAR includes industry Unit           • 18 students gained part time or           Construction      and     Interstructure,
   Standards and University papers         full time employment                     Service, Primary Industry, Agriculture,
                                        • 6 students returned to school             Building and Construction, Electrical
                                        • 30 students enrolled with                 Engineering, Mechanical Engineering,
                                           Wintec or a PTE (Private Training        Collision Repair and Paint, and
                                           Establishment)                           Hospitality. Students gain credits
                                        • 6 students went to University             towards national certificates and Level
                                                           8                        1 to 3 NCEA.
Hillcrest High School - Te Kura Tuarua O Tihipuke - PROSPECTUS 2015
Physical Assistance Centre

The Physical Assistance Centre (PAC)          with the transition from school to life
provides comprehensive support                beyond school.
for ORS funded students who have
a physical disability. PAC students’          Enrolments can be made on the school
academic and individual requirements,         enrolment form with a covering letter
related to their disability, are identified   from parents/caregivers. Enquiries
and     monitored        by     Individual    relating to support by this Centre can
Education Plans (IEPs). They have the         be directed to the Head of Department,
benefit of high support staff/student         Mrs Robyn Ninnes or Mrs Margaret
ratios including Teacher Aides and            Ellery, or the Principal. An appointment
needs-based specialist support such           to visit the Centre and obtain further
as Physiotherapist, Occupational              information is welcomed.
Therapist and other identified
specialists as required.                      “Students with special
                                              learning needs are
The aim of the Centre is to enable            receiving high-quality
students, to the best of their ability,       support through a range
to have a mainstream experience of
academic school life with involvement         of focused interventions.
and participation in all other school         Teachers and support staff
activities.                                   ensure these students
                                              are included in school
Support within the Centre provides
                                              activities and experience
alternative academic programmes and
activities when full participation in         success.”
mainstream is not possible. During the
final year of school the Centre assists       2013 ERO Report

                                         Independent Living Centre
The Independent Living Centre (ILC)           work experience and cultural activities.
is a department within Hillcrest High
School catering for the Ongoing and           Parents/Caregivers interested in a
Reviewable Resourcing Scheme (ORRS)           placement in the ILC should enquire
funded students who have a significant        to the Head of Department Mrs M
intellectual disability. Targeted funding     Ellery or the Principal. Additional
for these students provides teachers          information is available from the ILC.
time, teacher aide support and, when
necessary, therapist/specialist support
to ensure all students have access to
the curriculum.

All students have Individualised
Education Programmes (IEP’s) and
these are developed along with
parents/caregivers,  teacher    and
support staff. All programmes are
based on the New Zealand Curriculum
and emphasis is placed on Key

Students are able and encouraged
to participate in the school life
depending on their individual ability,
and interests and includes purposeful
mainstreaming, academic, sporting,
Hillcrest High School - Te Kura Tuarua O Tihipuke - PROSPECTUS 2015
Te Whanau O Tihipuke

E ngā mana e ngā reo, e ngā               Whāia te pae tawhiti kia tata!
karangaranga maha,
                                          Whakamaua te pae tawhiti, kia tina!
tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou tēnā koutou
Me wehi ki a Ihowa, koia te timatanga     Students from Year 11 and up can
me te whakamutunga o ngā mea              apply to join the whānau form
katoa.                                    class. The whānau allows students
Me whakahōnoretia tō tātou kīngi          to be nurtured within a Māori
Māori a Tuheitia e noho mai rā i          environment. Manaakitanga and
runga i te ahurewa tapu o ngā mātua       whanaungatanga, in particular,
tūpuna, ki te kāhui ariki nui tonu. Pai   are core values that underpin the
Mārire.                                   whānau. Upon entry, there is an
                                          expectation that whānau students
Koutou kua haere ki tua o te arai, kua
                                          will commit to enhancing Māori
ngaro ki te kitenga kanohi. Haere atu
                                          culture within the school either
rā, okioki atu.
                                          by learning Te Reo Māori, or by
                                          participation and leadership in
Tihei Mauriora kia tātou katoa. Ka        Kapa Haka or any other kaupapa
haere tonu ngā mihi kia tātou e           Māori initiatives.
whawhai nei i ngā whawhai kia eke
ā tātou tamariki ki ngā taumata           “The school has
matauranga e tika ana. Me kii nā ēnei     significantly
tūmomo                                    strengthened its
whakatipuranga ka nui ngā                 capacity to promote
āhuatanga hou kua uru ki roto i           educational success for
ngā marau hei whainga mō ā tātou
tamariki, mokopuna. Kia kaha, kia
                                          Maori , as Maori.”
maia, kia manawanui.
                                          2013 ERO Report

Bula vinaka, Kia orana, Talofa lava,      Students with Pasifika heritage are
Malo e lelei, Fakaalofa lahi atu and      warmly welcomed at Hillcrest High
warm Pacific greetings!                   School and although our community
                                          comprises only 5% of the school
                                          student body, these are represented
                                          well in statistics for academic and
                                          cultural achievement, in leadership
                                          roles and in top sports teams.

                                          Individuals are encouraged through
                                          a mentoring network to make
                                          appropriate choices in their learning
                                          and develop their skills at the highest
                                          levels. Opportunities for students
                                          include a Pasifika Camp, participation
                                          in Pasifika by Nature Cultural Festival,
                                          subject specific mentoring and a
                                          weekly homework Centre.

                                          Our goal is to encourage these young
                                          people to make the very best of their
                                          education , as Pasifika, to ensure they
                                          can pursue meaningful careers in the
Tauwhare Marae

Early in the year we run a noho marae       Building positive relationships as early
(marae stay) for our Year 9 students.       as possible is very important in any
They spend two days at Tauwhare             school and these trips are the perfect
Marae with senior student leaders and       opportunity for that to happen. The
staff. On the second evening whānau         trips also ensure our new students are
(family) are invited for dinner to share    familiar with the close connections
the experience with their children.         we have with Tauwhare Marae, local
The purpose of this trip is for new         tikanga (customs) and mātauranga
students and their whānau to have the       (knowledge) which are an important
opportunity to get to know the school       part of our school.

                                           Great Barrier Experience
Five weeks of adventure, team work, independent living and sustainability studies.

Hillcrest High School, in conjunction       They explore the different infrastructure
with the Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor         systems currently being utilised (no
Pursuits Centre of New Zealand, has         power/water/sewage utilities on GBI)
developed an exciting five week             and we undertake community work by
programme for our year 10 students          creating tracks, working with DOC and
on Great Barrier Island so as to promote    Glenfern Reserve in habitat restoration
team work, confidence and leadership        for endangered species and contribute
in our students.                            to local projects around the OPC
The students live independently,
bunking in pairs and undertaking their      Two courses are arranged to run in
own washing, cooking and cleaning.          Term 2 each year with the boys’ and
They complete a wide range of outdoor       girls’ courses alternating in terms of
pursuits under the expert guidance of       their position in the first or second half
the OPC staff including, surf kayaking,     of the term. Each course can take a
sea kayaking, hiking, steep creeking,       maximum of 30 students with suitable
coasteering, rock climbing, high            applicants balloted.
ropes course, ABL, sailing, fishing and
snorkelling. They undertake single
day activities as well as planning and
executing four expeditions during
their time on the island.

Parallel to the outdoor pursuits is a
study that includes Mathematics,
English, Social Studies and Science.

The students undertake a study
programme while on the island that
revolves around the investigation and
reporting of economic, cultural, social
and environmental sustainability
issues on Great Barrier Island. The
students interview local residents,
business owners, visit the local primary
school and stay overnight on the
Motairehe Marae.

Learning Support

Student learning is supported in a         This initiative gives these students an
variety of ways. Year 9 and 10 students    extra boost to their literacy learning
are identified for assistance through      so that they are better prepared to
common entry testing, reports from         succeed in Year 11.
contributing schools and parent
referrals. These students are supported    For Year 11-13 students, in-class
in the main stream classes by Teacher      assistance is given in English and
Aides and differentiated learning.         Maths classes for students previously
                                           identified as needing support. Reader-
Teacher Aide help is provided in a range   writer assistance is provided for those
of classes with the priority being given   students who meet the NZQA criteria.
to English. This assistance continues      The Learning Support Co-ordinator
and extends to other subjects to the       will make referrals to RTLB and GSE
end of Year 10.                            services and other Ministry and
                                           Community agencies when this is
When resources are available,students      thought to be beneficial.
may also be selected for the Early Start
to Qualifications programme.

International Education
Hillcrest High has an outstanding          Prospective applicants must include
reputation for academic attainment         their academic results, last school
and a national award for the pastoral      report (both translated) and a letter
support of International Students.         of introduction. We encourage
                                           application before October of the
Our      40 International Students         preceding year.
represent a range of nationalities. We
provide an extensive range of curricular   Our website (www.hillcrest-high.
and extra-curricular opportunities         school.nz)   explains enrolment
with a highly effective pastoral care      procedures and fees.
and guidance programme.
                                           Enquiries please to Mrs. Raelyne
Assessment is based on individual          Selby, International Student Director
needs, abilities and future aspirations.   (rselby@hillcrest-high.school.nz)
Specialist ESOL programmes are
available if required.

                                           “The International
                                           Students department
                                           is well led by an
                                           experienced and
                                           manager who ensures
                                           that all aspects
                                           of student life are
                                           carefully monitored
                                           and managed.”

                                           2013 ERO Report
Cultural Activities and Performing Arts

The school promotes a wide range            as outstanding solo musicians,
of artistic activities, groups and          chamber music groups, rock bands,
opportunities for students of all           actors and drama ensembles, are
abilities, interests and cultures. The      regularly among the winners of
excellent Performing Arts programme         local and national festivals and
is regularly showcased and contributes      competitions. For the past 20 years, the
to the high profile of the school.          HHS annual School Show has had the
Groups such as the HHS Orchestra, Jazz      reputation for being among the finest
Band, Scat Choir, Junior and Senior         and most professional of the country’s
Theatresports, Kapa Haka, as well           school musical productions.

We offer:

Chamber Music                               Mooting
School Music Production                     Debating
Orchestra (senior and beginners)            Shakespeare Club
Itinerant Music Tuition                     International Concert
Smokefree Rockquest                         Theatresports
Public Speaking                             Rockbands
Kapa Haka                                   SCAT Choir
Theater trips                               Junior Vocal Groups
Lion Dancing                                Indian Dance

                                         ‘Guys & Dolls’ Production - 2014

Hillcrest High offers all students the       We are also fortunate to have a
opportunity to become actively               number of staff, qualified coaches and
involved in a wide range of sports.          members of our community involved
With over 100 teams entered in local         in our extensive sports programme.
competitions spread across more than         Cricket, Football, Rugby, Netball
40 sporting codes, whether they seek         and Rowing all have successful
competition, attainment of excellence,       Club structures involving staff and
fitness, the chance to learn new skills or   parents to assist in fundraising and
simply good fun, we offer something          the management and organisation of
for everyone. We are proud of the            these codes.
success of our students as individuals
or teams as they stamp their mark on
the sporting landscape.

Students represent the school in the following sports:
Archery		        Equestrian                Parkour            Table Tennis
Athletics        Football                  Road Race          Tennis
Badminton        Golf                      Rowing             Touch
Canoe Polo       Gymnastics                Rugby 		           Triathlon
Chess		          Hockey                    Skiing		           Volleyball
Climbing         In-Line Hockey            Softball           Waka Ama
Cricket		        Lacrosse                  Squash		           Water Polo
Cross Country    Motocross                 Surfing		          Yachting
Cycling		        Mountain biking           Snowboarding
Duathlon         Netball                   Swimming

The following ex students from Hillcrest High School were selected in the
2014 Commonwealth Games Team:
Badminton:                                   Cycling:
Oliver Leydon-Davis (2003 - 2007)            Jaime Nielsen (1999 - 2003)
Susannah Leydon-Davis (2005 - 2009)          Netball:
Michael Fowke (2004 - 2008)                  Laura Langman (1999 - 2003)
Madeleine Stapleton (2006 - 2010)
Ivica Pavlinic (2001 - 2006)

Pastoral Care of Students

Every student is placed in a horizontal      Peer support leaders meet regularly
form class with the form teacher             with Year 9 students to assist their
maintaining a close liaison with his/her     transition to high school through a
class and with the Deans. The Deans          structures peer support programme.
have responsibility for the welfare          The Anti-Harassment Team is a
and administration of a form level and       group of Year 13 students who work
progress with that level throughout a        to enhance student relationships
student’s years at school. Contact with      through peer mediation and support
the school regarding a student should        and through activities that promote
first be made through the appropriate        Hillcrest High as a safe and supportive
form teacher or Dean.                        school environment.

Each senior leader (Principal, Deputy        The Health Clinic is staffed by a
Principal and Assistant Principals) is       registered Nurse from 8.45am to
attached to a year level. They play an       3.15pm daily. Appointments are not
integral role in the pastoral care and       necessary but students are advised
well being of students.                      to avoid coming during class time.
                                             The school nurse is a registered
Guidance Counsellors provide a               ACC provider and offers a full range
confidential counselling service to          of health information and services
students at the school. Appointments         which are strictly confidential. A
can be requested by students or              doctor is available for one morning
referrals can be made by parents or          per week to see students at school. A
staff. Counsellors can be contacted          registered physiotherapist is available
through the school office.                   two afternoons a week. The service is
                                             funded by the Waikato District Health
Senior students play an important role       Board and is free to students but if
in the support and care of younger           a prescription is issued, there will
students at Hillcrest High School.           normally be pharmacy costs incurred.

                     Parental and Community Involvement

Hillcrest High School seeks a                A highly supportive Parent Group
close liaison between parents and            meets each month. This group provides
caregivers and the school, so that           opportunities for the school to consult
the most positive and appropriate            parents on a range of matters and
learning environment is provided for         for parents to raise issues of concern
our students. We appreciate contact          and interest. The Parent Group also
to assist a student’s performance at         assists in special projects, helps with
school and will contact you if we have       the annual Ball, provides refreshments
concerns or commendations that you           at Parent/Teacher interviews and
need to know about. Please do not            supports parental involvement in the
hesitate to contact us on any school         schools extensive extra-curricular
related matter. We also invite parents       programme.
and caregivers to assist in our extensive
extra-curricular programmes in sport,        Parents of Maori students are invited
music, drama and the arts.                   to regular hui at the school, while
                                             our Pasifika parents also attend
The Board of Trustees is the governing       regular school based meetings. These
body of the school. It consists of six       meetings, like the Parent Group,
members elected by parents and               focus on current issues and provide
caregivers, and co-opted members,            useful feedback to school staff and
a staff representative, student              strengthen our commitment to our
representative and the Principal.            local community.
Hillcrest High School
        Te Kura Tuarua o Tihipuke

School Uniform

YEARS 9, 10 (Junior Uniform)                                     YEARS 11,12 (Senior Uniform)
GIRLS                                                            GIRLS

•   Plaid school skirt                                           As for Junior uniform except for changes outlined below:
•   Sage school blouse
•   School navy woollen jersey or navy softshell jacket          •   Pin striped skirt
•   Plain navy/black cap                                         •   Pin striped woven green blouse
•   School or plain navy/black scarf
•   No beanies to be worn                                        BOYS
•   Navy blue/black/white thermals only (must not be visible)
                                                                 As for Junior uniform except for changes outlined below:
• Black roman sandals                                            •   Pin striped woven green shirt
• Black, leather, polishable, lace-up school shoes with navy
   ankle socks, navy knee length school socks or plain
   navy/black tights


•   Navy dress school shorts or navy dress school trousers
•   Sage school polo shirt
•   School navy woollen jersey or navy softshell jacket
•   Plain navy/black cap
•   Navy socks with trousers
•   School or plain navy/black scarf
•   No beanies to be worn
•   Navy blue/black/white thermals only (must not be visible)

• Black roman sandals
• Black, leather, polishable, lace-up school shoes with
   navy knee length school socks

                                                                 YEAR 13
                                                                 No uniform but a high standard of clean and tidy dress
                                                                 must be maintained at all times.
                                                                 Clothing must be appropriate in content and style for
                                                                 school wear.

                                                                 The following guidelines apply:
                                                                 • Clothing must not contain offensive or sexist language,
                                                                    advertise alcohol or drugs
                                                                 • No clothing normally considered ‘beachwear’
                                                                 • Shorts must be hemmed and NOT ripped
                                                                 • Length of short - inside leg measurement must be at
                                                                    least 12cm
                                                                 • No bare midriffs
                                                                 • No singlets/tank tops
                                                                 • Students must have footwear
                                                                 • No facial or other body piercing
                                                                 • Males must be clean shaven

Hillcrest High School
                                                                            Te Kura Tuarua o Tihipuke

                                                                               School Uniform


JEWELLERY                              PHYSICAL EDUCATION
• One plain chain or bone carving
• One pair earring studs or sleepers   GIRLS AND BOYS
   in the ears only                    • Navy school PE shorts
• No facial or other body piercing     • Navy school PE shirt
• No other jewellery is acceptable
                                       SPORTS UNIFORMS
GENERAL APPEARANCE AND                 • As specified by coaches and
GROOMING                                  sports codes
• Hair to be clean and tidy            • School tracksuit
• No unnatural hair colours
• No extreme hairstyles,
   ie. dreadlocks                      All uniform items ca be purchased
• The Principal may determine          from NZ Unifroms (cnr Tristram and
   if a student’s appearance is        Rostrevor Streets).

Hillcrest High School
          Masters Avenue
           PO Box 11020
         HAMILTON 3251
           NEW ZEALAND

        Ph 0064 7 8570297
        Fax 0064 7 8565125

Email: office@hillcrest-high.school.nz


132 Masters Ave, Hamilton 3216
P +64-7-857 0297 F +64-7-856 5125

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