International Student Prospectus - 2018 Information for International Students - Bond University

International Student Prospectus - 2018 Information for International Students - Bond University
2018   Information for International Students

 International Student

                                                International Student
International Student Prospectus - 2018 Information for International Students - Bond University
Right now, no matter what you’re doing – working on a
big job, a small job or trying to find a job – this is the
most you’ve ever thought, worked or questioned what
life is all about, and you’re not the only one.

There’s seven billion different ‘nows’ happening in the
world. With so much going on, why wouldn’t you learn
from it?

At Bond University we prize current knowledge from
innovators. We value experience in the world right
now. We make each moment count with small class
sizes, personal attention and accelerated degrees.
Because there’s no moment like this moment.

Bond University.
International Student Prospectus - 2018 Information for International Students - Bond University

Vice-Chancellor’s Message

The world is changing. How we learn and respond to these
changes is critical for our future successes. The future belongs to those
making it now, so finding the right university is the most important
decision you will make at this stage of your life. It all starts with the right
learning environment. Every Bond student receives a personalised,
transformative learning experience thanks to practical learning
opportunities that respond to our world moment by moment, smaller
class sizes and the chance to collaborate with like-minded students.

As a Bond student, you will have a lifelong advantage, equipped with the
skills to stand up to intense competition, become globally mobile and
connected with the right people for career success.

When I venture around campus I feel a special kind of spirit at Bond.
Guided by world-class lecturers, all of our students are eager, ambitious
and ready to challenge the norm with innovation always top of mind. The
accelerated degrees, which can be completed in just two years inspire a
culture of discipline and focus. And the result? Graduates that are
confident, capable and awake to opportunity.

We know you have the potential to make a real difference – because we
have seen so many of our students over the years do just that. Living and
working in every corner of the globe, they are now heading up major
corporations, helping disadvantaged communities in developing countries,
researching medical breakthroughs, engineering cutting-edge
technologies. As a graduate of Bond University, you will be joining their
elite ranks.

I very much look forward to sharing the journey as you bring
your ambition to life.

Kind regards,

Professor Tim Brailsford
Vice-Chancellor and President
                                                                                  International Student
International Student Prospectus - 2018 Information for International Students - Bond University

 6     The Bond Difference           COURSE PROFILES                              APPLYING TO BOND

 9     Why Bond?                     30   Bond Business School                    40   Pathways to Bond University

 12    Life at Bond                  32   Faculty of Law                          42   Application and Entry

 13    Living on the Gold Coast      34   Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine   44   Fees

14     State-of-the-Art Facilities   36   Faculty of Society & Design             45   Essential Contacts

18     Your Opportunities at Bond


24     Undergraduate Study Options

26     Postgraduate Study Options
International Student Prospectus - 2018 Information for International Students - Bond University
International Student
International Student Prospectus - 2018 Information for International Students - Bond University
The Bond Difference

A Bond University degree takes you beyond the accepted
definition of a university education to develop initiative,
enterprise, ambition and lifelong commitment to making a
meaningful contribution to your chosen field.
In 2017 Bond University was also listed in the prestigious
global top 20 universities in the Times Higher Education
(THE) Rankings of the Best Small Universities in the World.
You will find Bond’s dedication to the highest academic
standards, coupled with open access to world-class teaching
professionals, industry leaders and blue chip employers will
help you to reach your very highest potential.

                                 2017 Good Universities Guide
                                 •   Overall Quality of Education
                                 •   Teaching Quality
    Bond                         •
                                     Learner Engagement
                                     Learning Resources
    University                   •
                                     Student Support
                                     Skills Development
    rates 5 stars                2017 QS Star Ratings
                                 •   Teaching
                                 •   Employability
                                 •   Internationalisation
                                 •   Facilities
                                 •   Social Responsibility
                                 •   Inclusiveness
International Student Prospectus - 2018 Information for International Students - Bond University
#1 in Australia for Student Experience
Bond University students are most satisfied with their Student
Experience as rated on Quality Indicators for Learning and
Teaching (QILT) website.

                        The Main Library provides customer-focused, quality innovative services,
                                                                                                   International Student

                        information resources and a selection of active learning zones to suit
                        groups and individual silent study needs.
International Student Prospectus - 2018 Information for International Students - Bond University
Why Bond?
Because we do things differently.


           At Bond, you won’t lose time with long breaks between semesters. We run three full
           semesters a year, with intakes in January, May and September. This means that you can
           complete a standard bachelor’s degree in just two years or a Master of Business
           Administration (MBA) in one year. It also means you will be out in the workforce up to a
           year ahead of the rest, earning sooner.


           Bond’s personalised teaching philosophy means you will learn in smaller class sizes with
           unprecedented one-on-one access to your professors. Even outside of class time, our
           academics have an open door policy that means they will not only know you by name,
           they’ll actively mentor your progress.


           At Bond, we believe education goes beyond the classroom. Our unique Beyond Bond
           program will expand your horizons with internships, global volunteering programs,
           international competitions, industry conferences, study tours, community service and much,
           much more.

           This is why our graduates are the first choice for many employers. They are immediately
           distinguishable in the workplace for their confidence, maturity, global awareness,
           communication skills and leadership qualities. Bond sets you up to succeed.
                                                                                                        International Student
Experience Bond University Now

Explore Bond University from anywhere in the world!
Our Bond Now application allows you to immerse yourself in our campus and state-of-the-art facilities in a
360-degree tour. Watch as the bustling activity of university life unfolds around you and take in every aspect
of our amazing learning spaces.

There is so much to explore and visit from the Anatomy Labs and watching AFL training on the sports fields to
witnessing a mock trial in the Moot Court.

Download the app now!

                                                                                                   Search “Bond Now”
About the Gold Coast








       WEATHER                        FAMOUS FOR

              September to November      Theme parks                  Entertainment and nightlife
              15 - 28˚C (59 - 82˚F)

              December to February       Lush hinterland              Shopping and markets
              20 - 31˚C (68 - 88˚F)

              Autumn / Fall
              March to May               Beautiful wild and sealife   Music and food festivals
              16 - 27˚C (61 - 81˚F)

              June to August             Hotel and resorts            Surfing
                                                                                                    International Student

              9 - 22˚C (48 - 72˚F)
Life at Bond

Bond has a real community feel and vibrant student social life. From
sporting, social and special interest clubs as well as a full calendar of
events and gatherings, there’s so much to enjoy.

SAM provides you with access to the Sports Centre and clubs offered    FACULTY STUDENT ASSOCIATIONS
by the Bond University Students Association (BUSA). BUSA is your       We encourage you to get involved on campus with over 70 student
student organisation. BUSA’s mission is to make student life at Bond   clubs available to you. Sign up at Club Sign-On Day, held the first
more rewarding - ranging from enhancing academic pursuits,             Friday of each semester. Below are a few examples of clubs and
facilitating sporting involvement and satisfying social necessities.   activities you can access:
BUSA is funded through the SAM Fee, and is a voluntary, apolitical     · Athletics and Running Club         · Water polo
group of elected students here to represent you.                       · Cheerleading                       · Rugby
                                                                       · Basketball                         · Drama Society
BUSA offers a number of services, including:                           · Netball                            · Bond Music Society
· Clubs, societies and association support
· Events                                                               For further information on the clubs offered at Bond University, visit
· Acting as your voice on University issues                  
· Publications
· External connections                                                 CAFES AND RESTAURANTS
                                                                       The university has a variety of dining options available conveniently
BUSA is here to help you make the most of your time at Bond and
                                                                       located on campus including Don’s Tavern, Pines Brassiere, Papyrus
exists to provide services to Student Activity Members and the
                                                                       Cafe, and the University Club as well as Bond Express, an on-campus
broader student community.
                                                                       convenience store.

SAM members also gain access to all group exercise classes, Sports
Centre facilities and sports equipment hire, discounted prices for
massage services and personal training packages.

                                                             “Being President of the Bond University Student
                                                             Association (BUSA) is not only a great honour but also
                                                             an amazing experience. I am always surprised at how
                                                             much access we have to senior management and how
                                                             much they genuinely want to know and
                                                             accommodate the student voice. Not only does Bond
                                                             offer its unique variety of events, student clubs and
                                                             initiatives, the campus is just a short drive to some
                                                             amazing central spots on the Gold Coast which are a
                                                             must see for any student. A few great places to check
                                                             out off campus include Miami Street Food Marketta,
                                                             climb Mt Warning, day trip down to Byron Bay and
                                                             swim in the Currumbin rock pools.”
Christian Whitfield
President, Bond University Student Association
Bond University has been awarded world’s best beachside university in
2015 by independent education network, Study International.

         Living on the Gold Coast

    Bordered by a lush hinterland rainforest and stretching along 57           ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS
    kilometres of stunning coastline, the Gold Coast is best known for its
                                                                               With a variety of accommodation options, there’s something to
    beaches and sees 300 days of sunshine each year and is one of
                                                                               suit most students’ preferences, whether you wish to live on or
    Australia’s fastest growing cities. The city is vibrant and modern and
                                                                               off campus.
    boasts a strong community spirit with a lifestyle second to nowhere
    else in Australia.
                                                                               There is also a wide range of rental accommodation available near
                                                                               the University if you would rather live off campus.
    Bond University is located approximately 10 minutes from some of
    Australia’s most beautiful beaches. It is also in close proximity to
                                                                               For more information on accommodation options,
    great shopping precincts, entertainment, theme parks and nightlife.
                                                                               visit or email
    Bond University is a non-denominational campus, however we have
    prayer rooms on campus and our pastoral care and chaplaincy
    service can link you to nearby worship centres for all different faiths.

                                                                                                  Gold Coast to Brisbane    1 hour

                                                                                                  Gold Coast to Adelaide    2 hours 45 mins
                                                                                                  Gold Coast to Canberra    1 hour 40 mins
                                                                                                  Gold Coast to Melbourne   2 hours 20 mins
                                                                 Brisbane                         Gold Coast to Sydney      1 hour 30 mins
                                                                                                  Brisbane to Darwin        4 hours 10 mins
                                                Gold Coast
        Perth                                                                                     Brisbane to Hobart        2 hours 45 mins
                                                                                                  Brisbane to Perth         5 hours 40 mins
                                 Adelaide                Canberra                                 Gold Coast to Auckland, NZ 2 hours 55 mins

                                                                                                                                                   International Student

                                                                                                  Gold Coast to Brisbane    1 hour 30 mins
State-of-the-Art Facilities

Studying at Bond University provides you with access to world-
class facilities on campus. You will gain a clear advantage through
easy access to unparalleled academic, technological and
recreational facilities.

  TECHNOLOGY                                                    LIBRARIES
  The Balnaves Foundation Multimedia Learning Centre            Bond University’s John & Alison Kearney Library includes
  (MLC) is a technology-rich and architecturally exciting       over 235,000 volumes and 1,800 journal titles in print, as
  learning environment. It provides you with access to          well as hundreds of DVDs, laserdiscs, CD ROMs, and video
  collaborative study spaces and the latest audio visual and    and audio cassettes. Access is provided to over 22,000
  computer technology in a spectacular location. You will       full-text electronic journals and over 100 journal
  have access to a laptop bar, study booths with LCD            databases.
  screens for interactive learning, a collaborative learning
  room with a Smartboard, HD projector and video                In addition, Bond University’s John & Alison Kearney Law
  conferencing facilities and flexible furniture arrangements   Library has an extensive collection of specialised law
  to accommodate group work and discussion.                     materials available for the Australian and selected
                                                                international legal systems.
Bond University has an active sporting and recreation
program on campus, housing a fully equipped gymnasium
including an Olympic size swimming pool and spa. Also
located on campus are beach volleyball courts, a sports
hall for basketball and netball, tennis courts and sports

Students compete in both the summer and winter
competitions of the Australian University Games. Some
students also play competitive sport representing
Queensland or Australia in national and international
sporting codes.
BOND BUSINESS SCHOOL                                            FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCES & MEDICINE
Comprising two industry-standard trading facilities, Bond       Incorporating the latest technology, the Faculty contains the
Business School offers every student unparalleled, 24-hour      following outstanding learning facilities:
access to 40 Bloomberg terminals. Used predominantly in         •   Anatomy and Histology Laboratory — Fitted to handle
accounting, actuarial science, economics and finance                human cadaveric material, also contains an extensive
classes, all students benefit from exposure to live market          collection of modern anatomical models and histology
information. You will gain practical experience with data           slides.
analytics, portfolio management, economic trends and            •   Clinical Skills Rooms — Exposing students to a variety of
financial trading. A practical understanding of these areas         real-world situations before they commence their
will give you a competitive edge in your career. Our students       placements with state-of-the-art equipment including
also have access to the Bond Business Commercialisation             computerised simulations and human patient simulators.
Centre (BBCC) a dedicated area to help build tomorrow’s         •   Bond Institute of Health and Sport — Housing world-class
innovative thought leaders and budding entrepreneurs, one           training and monitoring equipment for students studying
by one.                                                             nutrition and dietetics, physiotherapy, occupational therapy,
                                                                    and exercise and sports science.
FACULTY OF LAW                                                  FACULTY OF SOCIETY & DESIGN
Bond Law’s Legal Skills Centre is the first of its kind to      The Faculty of Society & Design has several state-of-the-art
integrate the full complement of legal-based training           teaching and learning facilities including:
facilities, with moot courtrooms and purpose-built suites       • Abedian School of Architecture — Architecturally
designed for interviewing, dispute resolution and                  designed learning space including design studios, reading
Professional Legal Training. Designed on input provided by         and resource rooms as well as an exhibition area. The
judges, legal practitioners and the Faculty, this world-class      facility provides 24/7 access with dedicated studio desk
facility is designed to give you simulated real world              space for each student for the duration of their studies.
experience in practising your legal skills. It is equipped      • Level-up Lab — A media facility specifically tailored for
with evidence management systems, video conferencing               the development of 2D and 3D digital media.
facilities and video streaming that replicates the very         • Film and Television Studios — One of the largest

latest technology used in the High Court of Australia.             production facilities in South East Queensland.
                                                                • Psychology Clinic — A modern clinic with observation and
                                                                   consulting rooms; including a test library and student
                                                                                                                               International Student

                                                                   training area.
                                                                • Sustainable Development Building — First in Australia to

                                                                   achieve a 6 Star Green Star — Education PILOT Certified
                                                                   Rating for design by the Green Building Council of
Your Opportunities at Bond

STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM                                                    ALUMNI PROGRAM
Bond University offers the opportunity for international students to    The Bond Alumni Network is a vibrant, active and committed
study for one or two semesters. Taking part in a study abroad           association of professionals, comprising more than 22,000
experience will connect you to a global network of new friends and      graduates in over 170 countries worldwide.
future business associates as you study and live within a dynamic,
multicultural community of students and academics hailing from          Our Alumni are distinguished by their high level career connections
over 80 different countries.                                            and their willingness to share their wealth of life experience with
                                                                        current Bond students.
The university conveniently offers three intakes per year in January,
May and September. The semesters align with the Northern                The Alumni Network is closely involved with life on campus,
Hemisphere’s academic calendar ensuring minimal disruption to           providing students with work experience placements, internships,
your study timetable.                                                   one-on-one mentoring, job opportunities and career introductions.
                                                                        They also contribute to the Bond Annual Fund, helping students
SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM                                                     finance their studies through the Academic Support Fund
                                                                        and with special grants for unique ‘beyond the classroom’
Bond University’s Scholarship Program aims to reward students
                                                                        educational experiences.
from across the globe with part-fee tuition remission scholarships
and monetary grants. We aim to identify the leaders of the future
and help them realise their full potential by providing access to an    EXCHANGE PROGRAM
exceptional educational experience.                                     Bond encourages diversity in academic and cultural
                                                                        experiences through our international exchange program. Choose
Bond University’s Scholarship Program is proudly supported by key       from over 80 institutions in 27 countries that are leading the field
industry partners and global philanthropists, our scholarships are      in your study area while building new global friendships and
available to international students who have excelled in the areas of   networks. By enrolling with one of our prestigious partner
academia, leadership, community and sporting.                           universities for a semester, you study courses relevant to your
                                                                        degree, receive credit toward your studies, and still complete your
Awards range from full and part-fee tuition scholarships through to     degree in the same amount of time as you would in Australia.
monetary grants and are offered at both the undergraduate and
postgraduate level.                                                     Please refer to for further information.

For more information on Bond University’s Scholarship Program

                                                                        I chose Bond because I wanted to complete
                                                                        my degree in English and come to Australia
                                                                        as it is a great environment to learn Business
                                                                        and a beautiful university. A highlight so far
                                                                        has been winning the Gold Coast Startup
                                                                        Weekend offered on campus, where we
                                                                        were challenged to work intensively with a
                                                                        team to develop and present our business
                                                                        idea within 48 hours. I have been amazed by
                                                                        all of the opportunities that exist on the Gold
                                                                        Coast and studying at Bond.
                                                                        Alexander Daysh from Norway
                                                                        Bachelor of Business
The Global Links Room provides international connectivity and the ability
                                                                         to study, discuss and debate issues with other students and academics
                                                                         across the world in real-time, 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

BEYOND BOND                                                              CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTRE
Beyond Bond is an innovative, student-focused, non-traditional           From your first weeks at university, we can help you identify your
program that presents a life-learning experience like no other. This     career goals and learn more about potential industries and
core compulsory component aims to equip you with the knowledge,          employers; working with you through the processes of finding
competencies and skills to effectively take responsibility and plan an   graduate positions, writing applications and resumes, and getting
appropriate career path. You will gain awareness and understanding       you ready for that all-important interview.
of the career development process and, through the use of various
job-related tools, will be empowered to create your own professional     We are your go-to team for arranging internships and work
approach towards your future career aspirations. Students will also      experience placements with every type of organisation from top
acquire a realistic appreciation of the world of work and broaden        corporates through to small SMEs in your field of studies.
their employment skills beyond the classroom through a variety of
work-integrated learning and/or global community engagement.             We can help you source holiday and part-time employment. And, as
                                                                         a key point of contact for leading blue-chip employers actively
INTERNSHIPS                                                              recruiting university graduates, we can put you in touch with all the
                                                                         right people via personal introductions at our annual Careers Fair,
At Bond University we are committed to ensuring our graduates are
                                                                         regular networking functions and referrals.
ready to hit the ground running through internship and work
experience opportunities. These opportunities provide you with
invaluable skills in your selected field, which may lead directly to
full-time employment opportunities. Our qualified and experienced
team of employment services specialists will assist you with
everything from part-time employment, internships and work
experience, through to graduate opportunities and career support.
We work closely with industry partners from top tier blue-chip and
multinational companies, through small and medium enterprises.
Some of our industry partners include Amnesty International,
Macquarie Group Limited, Clayton Utz, KPMG, Marriott International,
Clemenger BBDO and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

 2018 Semester Dates

                                      Semester 1                         Semester 2                         Semester 3

 Orientation                          8 - 12 January                     7 - 11 May                         3 - 7 September

 Semester Starts                      15 January                         14 May                             10 September
                                                                                                                                                     International Student

 Semester Ends                        24 April                           18 August                          15 December
Sports Centre

Bond University’s world class Sports Centre opened in May, 2016. The
multi-million dollar facility encompasses a gym with state-of-the-art fitness
equipment and measures 2,700 sqm. The centre is truly the jewel in the
crown of Bond University Sport.
All students get free access to Bond’s wide range of sporting facilities including:
•     World class gym
•     50 meter heated Olympic swimming pool
•     Spa
•     Beach Volleyball courts
•     Group exercise rooms and classes
•     Rugby and AFL / Soccer fields
•     Sports Hall
•     Squash courts
•     Tennis courts
•     Golf and cricket practice nets

For more details visit
Be part of GC2018

There’s never been a more exciting time to study on the Gold Coast! From 4- 15 April, 2018, the City of Gold Coast will host the 2018
Commonwealth Games, welcoming more than 6,600 athletes and team officials from 70 Commonwealth nations and territories.
GC2018 will be the largest event held in Australia this decade, featuring the most extensive sports program in Commonwealth
Games history comprising 18 sports and seven para-sports.

With some of the most advanced sports training and testing facilities in south-east Queensland, Bond University will be hosting a
number of athletes in our new multi-million dollar Sports Centre on campus and the high performance Bond Institute of Health and
Sport located right next door to one of the host venues, CBus Super Stadium.

For our students, there will be casual job opportunities in the lead-up to and during the Games or you can be part of the action by
joining the GC2018 team of 15,000 volunteers.

Find out more about how you can make the 2018 Commonwealth Games part of your Bond experience at:
•    Official GC2018 website -
•    Gold Coast City Council website – - GC2018 Opportunities
• – (search words: Commonwealth Games)
•    Volunteering –
•    NEP Host Broadcaster Student Training Program -

                                                                                                                                        International Student
Course Information
Choose to study from a wide range of
undergraduate and postgraduate programs across
our faculties of Law, Society & Design, Health
Sciences & Medicine, and Bond Business School.

The Physiotherapy Clinical Teaching Laboratory at
the Bond Institute of Health & Sport enables students
                                                        International Student

to gain practical experience by conducting post
surgery patient assessments.
Your Undergraduate Study Options

There’s a lot to consider when deciding what you will study.
Knowing where your degree will take you after you graduate
is very important.
Below is a list of our degrees based on career outcomes. Visit for more
information about undergraduate study at Bond University, or contact us to discuss your options. For contact
details visit

                                                                             LAW, CRIMINOLOGY AND
                                                                               CRIMINAL JUSTICE
     For careers relating to accounting, actuarial science,
        digital business, economics, entrepreneurship,              For careers relating to business law, corporate and
    finance, hotel and tourism management, international             commercial law, criminology, dispute resolution,
            business, management and marketing.                                      forensics and law.

Diploma of Business                                           Diploma of Criminology
Diploma of International Hotel and Tourism Management         Diploma of Legal Studies
Bachelor of Actuarial Science                                 Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Actuarial Science (Honours)                       Bachelor of Business Law
Bachelor of Business                                          Bachelor of Jurisprudence
Bachelor of Business (3 Year Program)                         Bachelor of Social Science
Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Commerce (3 Year Program)
Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management

                                                                                 BUILT ENVIRONMENT
                                                                                 AND ARCHITECTURE
      For careers relating to biomedical science, exercise
                                                                    For careers relating to architecture, construction
       and sports science, health sciences, medicine and
                                                                   management and quantity surveying, environmental
                     sports management.
                                                                   management, environmental science, property and
                                                                     sustainable development, real estate and urban
                                                                                  design and planning.

Diploma of Health Sciences                                    Diploma of Sustainable Environments and Planning
Diploma of Sports Management                                  Bachelor of Architectural Studies
Bachelor of Biomedical Science                                Bachelor of Construction Management and Quantity Surveying
Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science                       Bachelor of Property
Bachelor of Health Sciences                                   Bachelor of Sustainable Environments and Planning
Bachelor of Sports Management
Medical Program^
      For careers relating to advertising, communication
      and media, computer game development, creative
       writing, film and television, journalism, marketing
                       and public relations.

Diploma of Communication
Bachelor of Communication
Bachelor of Communication (Business)
Bachelor of Creative Arts
Bachelor of Film and Television
Bachelor of Film and Television (3 Year Program)
Bachelor of Interactive Media and Design
Bachelor of Journalism

             HUMANITIES, LANGUAGES                                               COMBINED DEGREE OPTIONS
                                                                       Bond University offers a range of combined degrees.
      For careers relating to applied linguistics, Australian
                                                                          Combined degrees in other combinations are
         studies, foreign correspondence, international
                                                                          available conditional upon subject availability.
        relations, international trade law, language and
                     culture, and philosophy.

Diploma in University English Studies                           Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Arts                                                Bachelor of Biomedical Science / Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Arts (English as an International Language)         Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Global Studies (Sustainability)                     Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Social Science
Bachelor of International Relations                             Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of International Relations
                                                                Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Laws
                                                                Bachelor of Communication / Bachelor of Laws
                                                                Bachelor of Communication (Business) / Bachelor of Laws
                                                                Bachelor of International Relations / Bachelor of Laws
                                                                Bachelor of Journalism / Bachelor of Laws
                                                                Bachelor of Psychological Science / Bachelor of Laws
        For careers relating to behaviour management,
                 counselling and psychology.

                                                                ^The Medical Program is comprised of two sequential degrees – the Bachelor of
                                                                Medical Studies (BMedSt) and the Doctor of Medicine (MD). All students
                                                                                                                                                  International Student

Bachelor of Social Science                                      selected for entry into the Medical Program^ will have to complete both the
                                                                BMedSt and MD to be eligible for registration as a medical practitioner in any
Bachelor of Psychological Science                               state or territory in Australia or New Zealand. Both degrees are awarded at the

                                                                completion of Year 5.
Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)
Your Postgraduate Study Options

There’s a lot to consider when deciding what you will study.
Knowing where your degree will take you after you graduate is
very important. Use this index to explore your study options
based on your career interests.

                                                                                     LAW, CRIMINOLOGY AND
              BUSINESS AND COMMERCE                                                    CRIMINAL JUSTICE
                                                                       For career progression and professional development
    For career progression and professional development
                                                                        in the fields of business law, criminology, corporate
    in the fields of accounting, actuarial science, business,
                                                                         and commercial law, dispute resolution, forensics,
    big data, entrepreneurship, finance, management and
                                                                             international trade law, law and philosophy.

Master of Accounting
Master of Accounting (Professional)                             Graduate Certificate in Criminology
Master of Actuarial Science                                     Graduate Diploma In Legal Practice
Master of Actuarial Science (Specialisation)
                                                                Juris Doctor
Master of Actuarial Practice
                                                                Master of Criminology
Master of Business
                                                                Master of Criminology (Professional)
Master of Business (Professional)
                                                                Master of Laws
Master of Business Administration
                                                                Master of Legal Administration
Master of Business Administration (Specialisation)
                                                                Master of Laws (By Research)
Master of Business Administration (Professional)
                                                                Doctor of Legal Science (Research)
Master of Business Administration (Executive)
                                                                Doctor of Philosophy
Master of Finance
Master of Finance (Professional)
Master of Financial Management
Master of Financial Management (Professional)
Master of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy

                                                                        COMMUNICATION AND CREATIVE MEDIA

                                                                      For careers relating to advertising, film and television,
                                                                       computer game development, communication and
                                                                        media, journalism, marketing and public relations.

     For career progression and professional development
                                                                Master of Advertising
     in the fields of health, medicine, biomedical sciences,
                        and physiotherapy.                      Master of Arts (Coursework)
                                                                Master of Communication
                                                                Master of Communication (Professional)

Medical Program^
Master of Nutrition and Dietetic Practice
Master of Occupational Therapy
Master of Science by Research (Health Sciences)
Master of Sports Management
Master of Sports Science                                        ^The Medical Program is comprised of two sequential degrees – the Bachelor of Medical
                                                                Studies (BMedSt) and the Doctor of Medicine (MD). All students selected for entry into the
Doctor of Philosophy                                            Medical Program will have to complete both the BMedSt and MD to be eligible for
                                                                registration as a medical practitioner in any state or territory in Australia or New Zealand.
Doctor of Physiotherapy                                         Both degrees are awarded at the completion of Year 5.
                  ARCHITECTURE AND
                                                                               AND SOCIAL SCIENCES
                  BUILT ENVIRONMENT
                                                                     For career progression and professional development
     For career progression and professional development                        in psychology and criminology.
       in the fields of project management, construction
         practice, property valuation and environmental
                 management and urban design.
                                                                Graduate Certificate in Criminology
                                                                Master of Criminology
                                                                Master of Criminology (Professional)
Master of Architecture                                          Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)
Graduate Certificate in Building Surveying                      Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science
Graduate Diploma in Building Surveying                          Master of Psychology (Clinical)
Master of Building Surveying                                    Master of Psychology (Forensic)
Graduate Certificate in Construction Practice
Graduate Diploma in Construction Practice
Master of Construction Practice
Master of Construction Practice (Professional)
Graduate Certificate in Project Management
Graduate Diploma in Project Management
Master of Project Management
                                                                             COMBINED DEGREE OPTIONS
Master of Project Management (Professional)
Graduate Certificate of Sustainable Environments 		                  Bond University offers a range of combined degrees.
and Planning                                                            Combined degrees in other combinations are
Graduate Diploma of Sustainable Environments 		                         available conditional upon subject availability.
and Planning
Master of Sustainable Environments and Planning
Master of Sustainable Environments and Planning
                                                                Master of Architecture / Master of Project Management
Graduate Certificate of Valuation and
                                                                Master of Business Administration / Master of Accounting
Property Development
                                                                Master of Business Administration / Master of Finance
Graduate Diploma of Valuation and Property Development
                                                                Master of Business Administration / Master of Project
Master of Valuation and Property Development
Master of Valuation and Property Development
                                                                Master of Communications / Master of Project
                                                                Master of Construction Practice / Master of Project
                                                                Master of Criminology / Master of Project Management
                                                                Master of International Relations / Master of Project
                                                                Master of Sports Management / Master of Project
            HUMANITIES, LANGUAGES                               Management
          AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS                           Master of Sustainable Environments and Planning / Master of
      For careers relating to applied linguistics, Australian   Project Management
     studies, language and culture, international relations,    Master of Valuation and Property Development / Master of
      foreign correspondence, politics, international trade     Project Management
                       law and philosophy.

Graduate Certificate in TESOL
Master of Arts (Coursework)
Master of Arts (TESOL)                                                    HIGHER DEGREES BY RESEARCH
Master of International Relations
Master of International Relations (Professional)                     For career progression in a range of research related

                                                                                                                              International Student

                                                                Master of Arts (By Research)
                                                                Master of Philosophy

                                                                Doctor of Philosophy
Course Profiles

A brief overview of our most popular degrees.
For full program information visit

The Abedian School of Architecture offers
individual learning spaces that promote creativity
                                                     International Student

and ensure that students can utilise an ongoing
workspace for the full term of their project.
Bond Business School

Bond Business School is now internationally accredited by the
European Foundation for Management Development’s Quality
Improvement System (EQUIS) and the Association to Advance
Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), ensuring that a Bond
Business degree is recognised and respected all over the world.

BACHELOR OF COMMERCE                                                   Major (5)
                                                                       You must complete one of the following majors:
CRICOS Course Code 063059D
                                                                       •  Accounting
                                                                       •  Actuarial Science
Duration: 2 years full-time (6 semesters)                              •  Big Data
Starting: January, May, September                                      •  Economics
                                                                       •  Finance

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS                                                     Electives (6)
Successful completion of Year 12 or equivalent, or a Bond University   You must complete six elective business subjects. You are
College program.                                                       encouraged to complete a second major to diversify your skills and
                                                                       enhance your employability.
The Bachelor of Commerce will equip you to think creatively and        PROFESSIONAL OUTCOMES
critically, communicate professionally, make ethical business          The Bachelor of Commerce is accepted around the world by leading
decisions and work effectively in a global context. The program        employers in the commercial and public sectors. Graduates can work
develops financial and business acumen through experiential            in a range of fields, including large multinational corporations,
learning.                                                              specialist organisations, government departments, consulting or
University Core Subjects (3)
                                                                       PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION, depending on major
Three Bond Core subjects plus one compulsory not-for-credit
                                                                       • Australian Securities & Investment Commission (RG146)
                                                                       • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute
• Critical Thinking and Communication (Core 1)
                                                                       • Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (CAANZ)
• Leadership and Team Dynamics (Core 2)
                                                                       • Certified Practising Accountants (CPA) Australia
• Ethical Thought and Action (Core 3)
                                                                       • Chartered Institute of Management Accounting (CIMA)
• Beyond Bond
                                                                       • Financial Services Institute of Australia (FINSIA)

                                                                       • Institute of Public Accountants (IPA)
Core Subjects (9)
• Accounting for Decision Making
                                                                       COMBINED PROGRAMS
• Accounting Information Systems or Digital Transformation of
                                                                       Popular combined degrees include:
                                                                       • Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Business (CRICOS
• Business Law
• Econometrics
                                                                       • Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Laws
• Fundamentals of Finance
                                                                         (CRICOS 093908G)
• Cost Management Systems or Financial Applications and

  Quantitative Analysis
• Marketing

• Principles of Economics

• Quantitative Methods
Bond Business School’s World Class Trading Facilities offer every student 24-hour access to Bloomberg’s
live financial market data via two industry-standard trading rooms. Our students gain practical experience
in executing deals, managing portfolios, trading financial securities and changing market conditions. Bond
Business School has 40 Bloomberg terminals.

                                                                To me, Bond represents a university living in the
                                                                present moment and preparing students for the future.
                                                                I find it inspiring to meet people from around the world
                                                                with different backgrounds and experiences. To work
                                                                closely with lecturers and be able to have their personal
                                                                attention is very helpful.
                                                                I really enjoy the beach, local markets, cafes and healthy
                                                                lifestyle here on the Gold Coast. I am part of the Bond
                                                                Cheerleading Club where I have formed many lifelong
                                                                friendships and had the chance to compete in Sydney,
                                                                Melbourne and the University Worlds Competition in
                                                                Florida, USA. To be a part of Bond cannot really be
                                                                described, you have to experience it!
  Charlotta Eklund
  Bachelor of Commerce student from Sweden

  BACHELOR OF COMMERCE                                                      For more information on all Bond Business School degrees offered
  (3 YEAR PROGRAM)                                                          at Bond University, visit

  CRICOS Course Code 077411M

  Duration: 3 years full time (6 semesters)
  Starting: January, September

  The Bachelor of Commerce (3 Year Program) is designed for
  international students who wish to study via a two semester model.
                                                                                                                                               International Student

  This three year program means you will study during the January
  and September semesters of each year only and will complete the
  degree over three years rather than the usual two.
Faculty of Law

Bond Law has earned an international reputation for its
personalised teaching environment, its integrated Skills and
Professionalism Program and the international focus of its degree
offerings. Past students are changing the world right now. That’s
why Bond Law is recognised as one of Australia’s top law faculties.

JURIS DOCTOR                                                            •   Equity
CRICOS Course Code 093923J                                              •   Administrative Law
                                                                        •   Evidence
                                                                        •   Civil Dispute Resolution
Duration: 2 years full time (6 semesters)                               •   Legal Profession
Starting: January, May, September
                                                                        Law Elective Subjects (7)
                                                                        A wide range of law elective subjects are offered.
                                                                        Various specialisations are available, including:
A prior degree in any discipline. Consideration is also given to
                                                                        •   Canadian Law and Practice
relevant work experience and referees’ reports on the suitability of
                                                                        •   Corporate and Commercial Law and Practice
the applicant for studying law.
                                                                        •   Dispute Resolution
PROGRAM DESCRIPTION                                                     •   International Business and Finance Law
The Juris Doctor is a professional legal qualification which prepares   •   Legal Practice
you to become a legal professional in the corporate, government,
                                                                        INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE
community or not for profit sectors, both within Australia and
                                                                        Clinical legal subjects are available as electives, with students
overseas. Bond’s Juris Doctor provides an engaging learning
                                                                        placed in legal settings, working under the supervision of a
experience that both challenges students academically and
                                                                        practising lawyer. The faculty also encourages you to complete
prepares them practically for a legal career. Our unique integrated
                                                                        clerkships or internships with law firms during your holidays, but
skills and professionalism program is embedded in the degree and
                                                                        these do not form part of program requirements. Our career
focuses on core legal skills essential to the practice of law. These
                                                                        development specialists are available to assist you in your search
skills include:
                                                                        for a suitable placement.
•      Legal research and reasoning
•      Legal writing and drafting
                                                                        PROFESSIONAL OUTCOMES
•      Oral communication and advocacy
                                                                        Some students will plan to seek admission as a lawyer on the
•      Dispute resolution and collaboration
                                                                        completion of their Juris Doctor, while others will be well
•      Legal ethics and professionalism
                                                                        established in their careers and will be undertaking the Juris Doctor
                                                                        in order to enhance their career options.
Compulsory Law Subjects (17)
                                                                        The Bond Law Juris Doctor is specifically designed to develop well
The 17 compulsory subjects cover all the ‘Priestley Eleven’ areas
                                                                        rounded legal practitioners equipped with the practical legal skills to
required to practise law in Australia.
                                                                        take leading positions in both the public and private sectors. Our
•   Legal Foundations A
                                                                        graduates are employed in top tier law firms throughout Australia
•   Legal Foundations B
                                                                        and the world (including the USA, United Kingdom, Canada,
•   Foundations of Private Law
                                                                        Scandinavia, France, China and Malaysia) as solicitors in private
•   Foundations of Public and Criminal Law
                                                                        practice, associates to Supreme and High Court justices, barristers,
•   Contract Law A
                                                                        government lawyers, in-house counsel academics and business
•   Tort Law
                                                                        leaders. You are encouraged to focus on the specific areas of study
•   Criminal Law
                                                                        that you feel best serve your future career path.
•   Property Law A
•   Constitutional Law
                                                                        PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION
•   Contract Law B
                                                                        In conjunction with further study (Graduate Diploma in Legal
•   Property Law B
                                                                        Practice) and meeting the requirements of the Legal Practitioner
•   Corporate Law
                                                                        Boards of the various Australian states and territories, the Juris

**Half unit subject
Doctor is an approved degree for purposes of admission as a legal          Admission is on the basis of an approved research proposal and
practitioner in Australia. This degree can also be used to gain            availability of appropriate supervision.
admission in certain other jurisdictions; however, you are advised to
confirm admission requirements in the particular jurisdiction in           PROGRAM STRUCTURE
which you wish to practise.                                                The Master of Laws (by Research) program is a higher degree by
                                                                           research awarded for a 50,000 word thesis. It represents the
FURTHER POSTGRADUATE STUDY                                                 student’s ability to research, analyse and apply information and
Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice                                         concepts to a body of knowledge or practice.
The Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, also know as
Professional Legal Training (PLT), is the link between
                                                                           PROFESSIONAL OUTCOMES
your law degree and becoming a practising lawyer in
                                                                           For domestic students, the LLM provides a specialist postgraduate
under a year. You’ll also receive extensive, individualised help to find
                                                                           qualification to augment their practice of law in Australia. For
a placement.
                                                                           international students, the program provides a wide range of
                                                                           international law, comparative law, IP law, trade law and dispute
For more information on all Faculty of Law degrees offered at Bond
                                                                           resolution subjects to broaden and internationalise an
University, visit
                                                                           undergraduate law qualification.

CRICOS Course Code 063455C

Duration: 2 years full time (6 semesters)
Starting: January, May, September

A Bachelor of Laws, Juris Doctor or equivalent with an average of at
least 65 per cent.

An applicant may also be required to satisfy the Dean that they have
the appropriate level of research skills to write a thesis of up to
50,000 words.

                                                                   I decided to study at Bond because I wanted to
                                                                   combine my love and passion for travel with my
                                                                   studies. Within the Juris Doctor I have been able to
                                                                   choose specialised electives in Canadian Law and
                                                                   Practice which will allow me to meet all
                                                                   requirements necessary to be able to practice law
                                                                   back in Canada.
                                                                   At Bond, I have taken the opportunity to join an
                                                                   international moot team which has been an
                                                                   invaluable experience. The course integrates general
                                                                   legal skills training – something that will be essential
                                                                   in my future career. I have been very impressed by
                                                                   Bond’s commitment to ensuring that students’
Lisa Brass                                                         individualised needs are accommodated.
Juris Doctor student from Canada
                                                                                                                                               International Student
Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine

All health sciences programs place a strong focus on real world
experience and workplace learning, to ensure that theory is
informed by practice.
The Faculty contains on campus state-of-the-art laboratories,
teaching facilities and research spaces in addition to our
purpose-built Bond Institute of Health & Sport.

BACHELOR OF BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE                                           Foundation Subjects (7)
                                                                         • Australia’s Health Issues and Priorities
CRICOS Course Code 063085B
                                                                         • Biological and Physical Chemistry

                                                                         • Cell Biology

Duration:	2 years full-time (6 semesters).                              • Chemistry for Living Systems

Starting: January, May                                                   • Human Organ Systems 1

                                                                         • Medical Biochemistry 1

                                                                         • Principles of Human Structure and Function
Successful completion of Year 12, Bond College* Foundation or            Advanced discipline subjects (6)
Preparation Program or equivalent with successful completion of          • Health Research Methods
English and Maths B or Physics, or equivalent.                           • Human Organ Systems 2

                                                                         • Medical Biochemistry 2
Students without the equivalent of English and Maths B or Physics        • Medical and Molecular Genetics
or equivalent will be required to successfully complete bridging         • Microbiology
subject/s in those disciplines. Pathways are available for applicants    • Pathophysiology and Pharmacology
who do not meet the standard subject entry requirements.
*Students must undertake and pass Elementary Maths.
                                                                         Majors (8)
                                                                         Complete eight subjects from one of the following majors:
PROGRAM DESCRIPTION                                                      > Laboratory / Research
The Bachelor of Biomedical Science provides you with the ideal           • Advanced Bioscience Lab
undergraduate foundation for a career in the health sciences. The        • Exploring Human Disease
program develops your knowledge in the molecular, cellular,              • Human Control Systems
anatomical and physiological processes of the human body and             • Immunology
prepares you for graduate entry programs such as medicine and the        • Laboratory Medicine
allied health professions.                                               • Molecular Diagnostics

                                                                         • Research Project A
You will have the opportunity to focus your studies in the last few      • Research Project B
semesters in a major relevant to your area of interest. The majors
are designed to develop detailed knowledge and skills relevant to        > Pre-Health professional
the particular discipline of study undertaken, providing structured      • Exploring Human Disease
pathways to specialist postgraduate study.                               • Food, Nutrition and Health

                                                                         • Health Communication
Extensive laboratory training from the first semester, as well as case   • Human Control Systems
studies and problemsolving techniques are applied within a variety       • Immunology
of clinical, research and allied health care settings.                   • Laboratory Medicine

PROGRAM STRUCTURE                                                        Plus two subjects from the following options:
The Bachelor of Biomedical Science comprises 24 subjects, as             • Exercise, Health and Disease
follows:                                                                 • Human Nutrition

                                                                         • Molecular Diagnostics
University Core Subjects (3)                                             • Sport and Exercise Nutrition
Three Bond Core subjects plus one compulsory not-for-credit              • Introduction to Psychology: Biology and Personality
component.                                                               • Introduction to Psychology: Learning and Social
• Critical Thinking and Communication (Core 1)

• Leadership and Team Dynamics (Core 2)

• Ethical Thought and Action (Core 3)

• Beyond Bond
The Faculty contains several state-of-the-art
laboratories and research spaces incorporating the
latest technology and industry standard equipment.

PROFESSIONAL OUTCOMES                                                    Students who complete the Bachelor of Biomedical Science, and
The broad scope of the Bachelor of Biomedical Science program            meet the entry requirements may apply for the following Bond
assists graduates to enter a wide range of professions that may          University programs:
include:                                                                 • Master of Nutrition and Dietetic Practice

• Health Promotion Officer                                               • Master of Occupational Therapy

• Laboratory Assistant / Technician

• Medical equipment                                                      In addition you can also undertake research-based honours studies,
• Pathways to other health professions                                   leading to a PhD.

The program provides opportunities for you to pursue postgraduate        For more information on all Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine
studies for a career in medicine and health sciences such as medical     degrees offered at Bond University, visit
research, pharmacy, nutrition and dietetics, as well as broader public
health programs.

                                                               I was first introduced to Bond University in my college
                                                               year at an education fair in Malaysia. I was really
                                                               attracted to the idea of studying abroad and
                                                               experience different cultures. I chose Bond University
                                                               because of its three semester per year timetable which
                                                               gives me the chance to finish my degree early and
                                                               enter to the workforce sooner.
                                                               During my degree I have highly benefitted from the
                                                               university’s world-class facilities such as the
                                                               laboratories, but I’ve also been able to further my skills
                                                               through the guidance of my professors and tutors.
Andy Hsien Wei Koh
Bachelor of Biomedical Science student from Malaysia
                                                                                                                                              International Student
Faculty of Society & Design

The Faculty of Society & Design applies the latest theory, research
and sustainable practices to its programs and prides itself on
offering an innovative and challenging academic environment.
The Faculty has strong industry partnerships and award winning
state-of-the art teaching and learning facilities.

MASTER OF SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENTS                                      •    Planning and Assessment Processes
AND PLANNING                                                            •    Planning Theory and Ethics
CRICOS Course Code 079538B                                              •    Regional Planning Policy and Practice
                                                                        •    Research Project
                                                                        •    Sustainable Communities
Duration: 	1 year 4 months full-time (4 semesters)                     •    Urban Design and Place Making
            Intensive mode delivery*
Starting: January, May, September                                       Plus two electives from the postgraduate subject offerings in the
                                                                        Faculty of Society & Design.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS                                                      PROFESSIONAL OUTCOMES
An Australian Qualifications Framework Level 7 Bachelor degree at       This degree will provide you with access to a wide range of career
an approved institution.                                                pathways in the natural and built environments. You will be
                                                                        equipped with the knowledge and practical experience required to
                                                                        be sustainability professionals in business, industry, government,
This program provides two specialisations: Environmental
                                                                        consulting firms and non-government organisations. You may
Management or Urban Design and Planning.
                                                                        progress into a wide range of careers in mining and energy, fisheries
                                                                        and agriculture, tourism, property, community infrastructure, city and
The Environmental Management specialisation provides an in-depth
                                                                        regional planning, development assessment, transportation, strategic
examination of environmental management, including field work.
                                                                        or social planning or urban design.
The content is globally focused, providing qualifications that are in
demand worldwide.
                                                                        PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION
                                                                        Graduates of this degree are internationally recognised by the Royal
The Urban Design and Planning curriculum equips you with the
                                                                        Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Graduates who have
theoretical and practical skills required to undertake the design,
                                                                        obtained a cognate undergraduate degree and complete all requisite
appraisal and management of urban and regional developments.
                                                                        subjects in the Urban Design and Planning specialisation, may also be
With this qualification, professionals from a built environment
                                                                        eligible to be accredited by the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA).
background will be able to undertake urban planning and
development at a professional level.                                    *Intensive mode delivery is a compact and time-efficient way for you to complete your
                                                                        postgraduate qualification with minimal impact on your work / home life. You will attend
PROGRAM STRUCTURE                                                       two three-day sessions per subject, scheduled Thursday to Saturday (approximately six to
This program enables you to exit after four subjects with a Graduate    eight contact hours per day).

Certificate, after eight subjects with a Graduate Diploma or            There will be a break of four or five weeks between session one and session two. You will
complete 12 subjects for a Master’s degree.                             receive 40 hours of combined lectures, discussion groups, case studies, workshops and
                                                                        field trips during these contact hours.

Master of Sustainable Environments and Planning (12)
                                                                        For more information on all Faculty of Society & Design degrees
To complete a Master of Sustainable Environments and Planning,
                                                                        offered at Bond University, visit
you must complete all of the following subjects:
•   Economics of Sustainable Development
•   Environmental Assessment
•   Environmental Management and Climate Change
•   Environmental Science Fieldwork
The award-winning Abedian School of Architecture building is
a devoted architectural studies learning space housing individual
design studios, dedicated studio desk space, inspiring exhibition
areas, innovative fabrication workshops and even a state-of-the-
art digital robotics laboratory – All with 24/7 accessibility!

                                                  Lecturers at Bond have extensive industry background
                                                  that enables students to get practical knowledge.
                                                  Bond’s personalised teaching philosophy means you
                                                  will learn in small class sizes, be exposed to state-of-
                                                  the-art facilities and leading technology.
                                                  Bond really appealed to me because of its unique
                                                  three-semester-per-year timetable, which gives
                                                  students the opportunity and flexibility to finish their
                                                  degree quicker and enter the workforce sooner.
                                                  When considering my study abroad options I was
                                                  looking for a location, which had blue skies and golden
                                                  beaches, and I’m thoroughly enjoying studying, living
 Wenpeng Zhao                                     and working on the Gold Coast.
 Master of Construction Practice (Professional)
 student from China
                                                                                                             International Student
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