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                  P R I M A R Y SCHOOL E DI TI ON

CAMP S & E XC UR S I O N S    2
                                     4   FOOD & RE CE SS
               FRIENDS        4
                                     5   GA M E S & P RA N KS
            H O M E WO R K    7
                                     8   L E SSON S & DI A RI E S
           N OW & T H E N     9
                                    11   P UN I SHM E N TS
        REMINISCENCE          11
                                    18   RE S ULTS
       SCHOOL EVENTS          19
                                    21   S PORTS
             T E AC H E R S   22
                                    23   COM I CS
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2     CAMPS & EXCURSIONS                                                                                                  I R E M E M B E R M YS CHO O LDAY S 2012
                                                                                                                                     P R IMA R Y SC HO O L E D I T I O N

    Japan Exchange Programme Memories
                                                                                                                         PEICHUN PUBLIC SCHOOL:
                                                                                                                         Guo Ruixuan
    On the first day of the Japan
    Exchange Programme, we had to
                                                                                                                         Five of my six years in Pei
    go to Changi Airport to “fetch” our
                                                                                                                         Chun have passed. I have had
    Japanese buddies. It was early in
                                                                                                                         many memories over the few
    the morning and we were each
                                                                                                                         years and some of them will
    given a flower garland and a Saint
                                                                                                                         be etched in my memory for
    Andrew’s school badge to give to
                                                                                                                         the time to come.
    our Japanese buddy as a welcome
    gift for them.
                                                                                                                         However, the memories
                                                                                                                         that hold the most value
    The third day was also the first
                                                                                                                         are outings. They are much
    day our buddies visited our school.
                                                                                                                         more fun than being cooped
    Once we stepped into the school,
                                                                                                                         up indoors. Recently, I took
    the pupils who were walking by
                                                                                                                         part in an art competition
    looked at us with weird stares and
                                                                                                                         and went on an excursion to
    it was obvious they did not know
                                                                                                                         the ACM (Asian Civilizations
    about the exchange program.
                                                                                                                         Museum) .There was many
                                                                                                                         galleries for us to view. I had
    There was a welcome concert            For the next few days, we had           On the last day, we went to the
                                                                                                                         a lot of fun exploring in the
    by the Japanese students in the        different journeys to different         airport to send our buddies off.
                                                                                                                         galleries, taking shots of
    school hall after assembly. In the     places in Singapore ranging from        It was hard to say goodbye after
                                                                                                                         the interesting artifacts on
    afternoon, we had a trip to the zoo.   the cultural places in Singapore        getting to make good friends with
                                                                                                                         display. I completed a trail and
    We had an awesome time looking         like Chinatown and Science Centre       them. We took one last group
                                                                                                                         received a small magnet with
    at different animals around the        for learning. For relaxation, we        photo and said goodbye to them.
                                                                                                                         a picture of an ‘animal’ on it.
    zoo and watching the animal            went giant sandcastle building and
                                                                                                                         The ‘animal’ was made up
    performances.                          even Pulau Ubin.
                                                                                                                         of different parts of different
                                                                                                                         animals. The trip was an
                                                                                                                         eventful one.

    Primary 5 Camp at Jalan Bahtera                                                                                      Apart from outings,

    Adventure Centre                         XINGNAN PRIMARY SCHOOL:
                                             Wendy Chiu, Siti Sarah, Joyce Lim & Tan Shi Hui
                                                                                                                         performances during
                                                                                                                         assemblies are also fun-
                                                                                                                         filled and always capture
    It was a sunny and bright day.         them familiar with the place. They      On the second day, they had           our attention. There was a
    Cheryl Tan, a 5A student was           were debriefed and the instructors      campfire. It was excellent! They      captivating performance on
    excited and all ready for the P5       told them what to do when there is      had group activities and some         sand art. It was not the best
    Camp held at Jalan Bahtera             an emergency.                           fun sessions. At night, they slept    sand performance I have ever
    Adventure Centre.                                                              soundly as they were really tired.    seen, but it indeed is not easy
                                           They had their activities till late     On the third day, they were all set   to perform in front of a hall full
    The instructors of the camp            evening. It unexpectedly rained         to go home. They had to do area       of students.
    were from High Achievers. They         and they were disappointed that         cleaning together. At 11.30 a.m.,
    reached her school and picked          they could not proceed with the         they headed back to school and        Interesting things also happen
    the P5 students up. On the way to      Blind Man Walk activity. They           back to home. This camp had           on normal school days. My
    the campsite, the students played      carried on with their campfire          taught them to be independent,        friend told me that one of
    some team bonding games and            preparation till 10.30p.m.. Then,       patient and the importance of         her classmates actually took
    had real fun. Cheryl’s instructors     they were debriefed before              teamwork. “This camp has taught       his pen and notebook to ask
    were Instructors Haney and             they had their supper. They had         me a lot. I hope others have          a painter painting the walls
    Raudah. After the games, they          delicious banana cake and hot           enjoyed the benefits from this        for his autograph! On other
    then headed to the campsite            Milo for supper. They appreciated       camp too,” said Cheryl.               days, my teacher would hold
    and settled there. They had an         every single food that was served                                             competitions (Boys versus
    introductory session to make           to them.                                                                      Girls). Once we had to write
                                                                                                                         Chinese characters on the
                                                                                                                         whiteboard. Somehow, it
                                                                                                                         always gives us great joy to
                                                                                                                         win the opposite gender.

                                                                                                                         Pei Chun would always hold a
                                                                                                                         place in my heart be it in the
                                                                                                                         past, present or future.
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CAMPS & EXCURSIONS                                                                                                      I R E M E M B E R M YS CHO O LDAY S 2012
                                                                                                                                   P R IMA R Y SC H OO L E D I T I O N

First story
9-01-2012 (Day 1)                        ST. ANDREW’S JUNIOR SCHOOL: Jotham Wong

The day of the P5 camp had finally arrived. My classmates and I were           learnt zip-lining and abseiling. Some of my friends went zip-lining but I
very nervous and excited about our camp. I was especially thrilled about       went abseiling. At first I thought abseiling was cool but it got boring after
the many activities I would get to try. I had high expectations of the camp.   two tries. I decided to go for the zip-line but it was too late as we had run
We arrived at the camp by bus. When we reached there, we were asked            out of time!
to assemble under the dormitory. The camp instructors briefed us on the
campsite. After the briefing, we put our belongings in the dormitories         We were all very tired after the rope elements and needed to refresh
and did a lot of interactive activities. After the activities, we had a        ourselves so we all squeezed in the toilet to take a bath. A lot of people
delicious lunch before our lesson on rock climbing.                            did not get to shower because there was not enough time, as some were
                                                                               taking their own sweet time in washing up. Luckily for me, I managed to
We put on our gears and the first person in my team immediately started        bath. We had dinner and we went to our dormitories to sleep. We could
to climb. After I had finished my turn, my friends said that I was fast in     hardly sleep because the instructors kept coming in to check on us!
the rock-climbing. But to be truthful, I could climb even faster. We also

Excursion!                                  YISHUN PRIMARY SCHOOL: Nur Laila Maisarah

“ All eyes were on me as I explained to the                                    alight the school bus. There was a student who came up to me and said,
                                                                               ”Teacher, this is my first time here. My parents always say the tickets are
  class that we were going to the Zoo for an 		                                too expensive for my family of six.“. I could feel how this excursion meant
  excursion. I could see how they beamed                                       a lot for this student.
  and smiled widely.”                                                          After walking and watching animal shows, it was break time. The
                                                                               teachers gathered all students in a shaded area before allowing them
When I gave out consent forms, some of my students could not contain
                                                                               to take out their food and drinks. This part is very interesting. Some
their excitement and squealed. Excursions generally mean a lot of fun
                                                                               students came so well-prepared complete with picnic tablecloth or
and doing something different outside the classroom for them. One
                                                                               newspaper to lay on the ground. They would eat finger foods they
question that was always asked was do they have to pay anything. I could
                                                                               brought as told on the pre-excursion briefing. Amazingly, some students
see the expression of the student who asked was so hopeful of a
                                                                               could bring a lot of food which seemed they compressed the entire
no for an answer. Of course it was a no and the students started
                                                                               kitchen in their small knapsack. After the food and toilet break, we
chattering happily among themselves.
                                                                               continued exploring the zoo.
Excursion day came. All students were geared up, clad in school’s PE
                                                                               The moment they hit the bus to end our day at zoo, all of them were
attire and bringing along a knapsack of goodies. Some wore caps while
                                                                               already exhausted. They trip back to school was super quiet with
others choose to hang their caps on their bags or simply hold the cap.
                                                                               sleeping children in the bus. Looks like, they really enjoyed
Their excitement could be felt the moment they gathered for attendance
                                                                               the excursion.
taking. When they were in the bus, they would sing any song familiar to
them all the way till we reached our destination. They were very eager to
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4     FOOD & RECESS                                                                                                           I R E M E M B E R M YS CHO O LDAY S 2012
                                                                                                                                         P R IMA R Y SC HO O L E D I T I O N

                                           I still remember fondly that when     fish ball noodles, it does not have       Now the ping pong tables are
                                           I was a student in River Valley       fish balls at all! Instead, it only has   made of cement and girls do not
                                           Chinese School, the canteen would     fish cake.                                play zero point or skipping ropes,
                                           have two ping pong tables which                                                 the food are also slightly different,

                                           would be packed like sardines with    As I have a huge appetite, I would        and the students are not allowed
                                           people wanting to play. I would       order the biggest serving which           to fool around anymore.
                                           play with other students there        costs 60c. Usually, I would add
                                           every day. The girls would usually    some crispy pork lard which is
                                           play zero point or skipping ropes.    provided for you at the side.
                                           These were some of the game           Sometimes, my friends and I
    Low Kian Chye
                                           facilities we had in the past.        would cheekily go to River Valley
                                                                                 English School for fun just to go
                                           The food sold in my tuck shop         there and try their tuck shop food
                                           was all quite nice but my favourite   but every time we go there, the
                                           would be the curry potato bun         prefects on duty would not let us
                                           sold at 20c each and a Kickapoo       in. Even if we tried persuading
                                           at 20c per cup. Occasionally, I       them, they would not give in.
                                           would also buy my school’s fish       These are the fun things I did in
                                           ball noodles. Although it is called   school last time.



    Recollection                           Friendship Forged
    on when he                             PRINCESS ELIZABETH PRIMARY SCHOOL: Sim Wenxi, Nichele Liong, Kristen Kee Xing Man & Micole Liong3

    first came to
    SCHOOL: Akash Mattupalli

    Akash first came to Singapore
    when he was eight years old. He
    really had some difficulties when
    he attended a local school.
    Akash was weak in his English
    when he attended a school named
    Chua Chu Kang Primary School.
    He could not communicate
    well with his classmates due
    to his poor english and often
    had no one to talk to. Without
    crying about it, he tried to talk in   I remember when I was in primary      blue, my friend’s hand hit the bowl       game but all I did is interrupt
    English with his parents. After a      2, my friend and I were sitting at    of macaroni and it spilled all over       her before she even could say
    month, he managed to talk to his       the canteen table during together     my skirt. All the small pieces of         a word. I stood up slowly and
    classmates. While talking, they        eating macaroni. We were stirring     chicken and vegetables were on            rushed to the general office with
    even shared their information          our food, feeling really bored. To    my skirt too! The soup dripped            my other friends to get my skirt
    on Singapore. With that, he got        relieve the boredom, I suggested      through the tiny holes of my skirt        changed, leaving my friend crying
    used to Singapore’s lifestyle and      to her that we play a hand game.      and trickled down my legs. I was          at one corner bitterly, without
    believed that Singapore was where      Before starting, I did not check if   furious and I kept blaming her            remembering that it was my fault
    he belonged. Now, Akash is a           the bowl of macaroni was at the       repeatedly until she cried. She           by suggesting we play a hand
    very confident pupil in Princess       edge of the table. So we began        tried to explain that I was the one       game. From that day onwards, our
    Elizabeth Primary School.              playing the hand game. Out of the     who suggested to play a hand              friendship was forged for 2 years…
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GAMES & PRANKS                                                                                                      I R E M E M B E R M YS CHO O LDAY S 2012
                                                                                                                               P R IMA R Y SC H OO L E D I T I O N

Amazing Game                                                                     MAHA BODHI SCHOOL:
                                                                                 Chua Fang Wei                       WRONG
At recess, many boys will wolf
down their food as fast as possible
so that they have time to play
a game of basketball. They will
                                      most of the hoops did not have
                                      nets attached to them. Also,
                                      the paint on the boards would
                                      be peeling off. The courts in his
                                                                             When the ground was slippery,
                                                                             my father sometimes slipped
                                                                             and went skidding across the
                                                                             hard cement floor, scraping their
                                                                                                                     PRINCESS ELIZABETH PRIMARY
                                                                                                                     SCHOOL: Shen Zhuoxian
only stop when the bell signalling    school were much smaller than          arms and legs. The minute this
the end of recess sounded in          the ones we have in schools now.       happened, the others would rush
their ears. Then they will saunter    They were rectangular in shape         to help him get to his feet, and,       Whenever Madam Lim Hwee
to the courtyard drenched in          and about the size of a bus.           despite his injuries and the pain,      Hoon remembers what
perspiration. Sometimes, they         Apparently, they were there just for   he would resume the game within         happened in her primary school,
will be late in assembling and the    the students to exercise and not       a matter of seconds. He was really      she laughs her head off.
discipline master will reprimand      for competitions.                      hardy. His parents, my paternal
them, but that did not stop them                                             grandparents, thought that there        It was the 1st of April. As
from spending every second they       Even without a good court, my          was nothing wrong with him              everybody knows is APRIL
can playing basketball. I always      father would be playing all the        playing basketball. They did not        FOOL’S DAY, the perfect
wonder what is so fun about           time, sometimes in the rain. When      know that my father played in the       time for tricking a person,
tossing balls into hoops.             dark clouds blanketed the sky          rain. My father was indeed lucky.       especially our teachers...
                                      and when huge drops of water                                                   Madam Lim’s primary school
About thirty years ago, when          blurred their vision, they continued   Now, when I see people sprinting        had only 2 classes. Before
my father was still in school, he     playing. I doubt my schoolmates        after that bright orange basketball,    April Fool’s Day, the 2 classes
would, without fail, sneak out of     would play in the rain, but the        I still wonder why it is enjoyed by     had made a plan. It was a plan
his house every Saturday to go to     basketball court in our school is      so many. It is amazing that a game      so tricky that the students
school for a game of basketball.      sheltered, so I might never know.      like basketball can be enjoyed by       would die of laughter after
There were three basketball                                                  people of different generations.        they see the look on the
courts, at my father’s school but                                                                                    teachers’ faces.

                                                                                                                     1st of April - April Fools. That
                                                                                                                     morning, the 2 classes came

Games and pranks
                                                                                                                     to school so early that even
                                                                                                                     the teachers had not reached
                                                                                                                     the school yet. The bell rang
                                                                                                                     and the teachers came into

done by the previous
                                                                                                                     class. “Good morning class,”
                                                                                                                     the teacher greeted them,
                                                                                                                     even before the teacher looked

                                                                                                                     at the class. She looked at the
                                                                                                                     class and realized that she
                                            FENGSHAN PRIMARY SCHOOL:                                                 was looking at different faces
                                            Soo Wan Cheng and Rena Ng                                                as before. She looked puzzled
                                                                                                                     and scanned the sea of faces.
In this issue, Mr Ng tells us about   would have spent their money for       bullying others. Mr Soo played          They all started giggling.
the pranks he used to play: Mr Ng     nothing. He also played soccer and     with spiders and other insects,
would use glass powder to coat        basketball.                            although that was cruel, Mr Soo         ­­­
                                                                                                                     The  teacher went out of the
the string of the kite to cut his                                            and his friends found it really fun.    class and checked to see if she
classmate’s kite to let their kites   Well, the life of Mrs Ong Wang                                                 was in the correct class. She
get blown away by the wind.           Keng was the other way round.          So although pranking others is          WAS in the correct class. But
                                      Instead of pranking others, she        something funny, did you ever           the pupils were in the wrong
Mr Ng Seng Chang, 46, was from        got pranked by her friends very        think that your friend might get        class! Then she remembered it
Sembawang Hill Estate primary         often. Once, Mrs Ong’s friends put     hurt and get sent to the hospital       was April Fools and went over
school. During recess, Mr Ng and      chalk powder on her seat. Once         and you will probably get a             to the next class were HER
his friends would play police and     she sat on the seat, her skirt was     good dressing-down from like,           pupils were and asked the 2
thief. during police and thief, the   all white, what a laugh her friends    everybody?                              classes to switch classrooms.
‘thief’ who was Mr Ng, would run      would have had! She played                                                     The pupils went back to their
to a muddy pool of dirty water        skipping, hopscotch, five stones       We should not prank people              correct classroom.
and when the ‘police’ who was his     and with paper dolls.                  although it’s OK to have a laugh
friend, was near him, he would                                               just once in a while. Why not try       Madam Lim says, “The look on
make a sharp turn to the right or     Mr Soo Chee Woon, 45, had a            a few games listed above? You           the teacher was so funny I burst
left. The ‘police’ would be muddy     gang formed in his school. They        might get a feeling of those            out laughing when I remember
from head to toe. Mr Ng would use     went around bullying weaker            times back then when most of            that face. I sometimes even
glass powder to coat the string       and smaller pupils. The gang           the children were poor and had          dream about it.”
of his kite to cut his classmate’s    went around pranking others etc.       to make do with certain stuff all
kite, to let their kites get blown    pulling other people’s seats away      around us.                              From then on, none of the
away by the wind. I bet the people    when they are sitting down. Mr                                                 pupils forgot that incident and
whose kites were cut by Mr Ng         Soo stopped pranking others and                                                the teachers too, still had that
                                                                                                                     incident etched to their minds.
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6     GAMES & PRANKS                                                                                                          I R E M E M B E R M YS CHO O LDAY S 2012
                                                                                                                                         P R IMA R Y SC HO O L E D I T I O N

    My Time at                                                                       Fun Moments
    Raffles Girls’                                                                   @ Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’
                                                                                     – Sarah Yu Xueli
    Primary School                                                                   ANG MO KIO PRIMARY SCHOOL: Melody Lee, Nur Anishah Bte Mohd Aidi,

    – By Jenny Advanti
                                                                                     Chung Jing Chun, Aw Kai Lin

                                                                                     I attended Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School as it was situated just
    RAFFLES GIRLS’ PRIMARY SCHOOL:                                                   opposite my house. In my school, there was a rule for all of us to
    Teo York Tiang Andrea, Go Jia Lin Kellisa & Valeska Tan                          keep our hair short and neat. I have very fond memories of my
                                                                                     secondary school life as it was fun-filled and packed with activities.
    Oh! My time at Raffles Girls’ Primary School was definitely fun and              Some of these memories were funny, others were touching and a few
    enjoyable. I used to live in close proximity to the school and I walked to       were sad.
    school everyday. I remember those happy times when the school still
    had the animal farms! There were rabbits and little kittens in the open          On April Fool’s Day, we swapped classrooms with another class,
    field and I would often spend my entire recess just playing with the             trying to confuse our teacher for the day. Surprisingly, our teacher
    adorable pets.                                                                   who taught us for many years did not suspect anything unusual and
                                                                                     we managed to trick her. Following that, all of us went forth to shake
    Ask me about my most memorable experience? Well, the most comical                hands with her to wish her Happy Teachers’ Day. Little did she expect
    thing that happened to me was once when I was around twelve years old.           that we had more up our sleeves. Our hands were all covered with
                                                                                     soap and when we shook hands with the teacher, her hand became
    I was in the canteen during recess. To my surprise, everybody started            soapy. She was a real sport and played along with us. She did not
    screaming frantically and running frenziedly in all directions. Then I           scold us even though we played pranks on her.
    realized that the source of the commotion was a dog. My dog! It had
    presumably scampered from my home all the way to my school! I could              Another funny incident that I recall was when I was playing in the
    not believe my eyes. Then, I hurried to the public phone and quickly             Eco-garden with my friends. We were having fun stepping on all the
    called my mother, not daring to own up to the others that that was my            pebbles when I lost my balance and fell forward. As a result, I hit my
    dog in the canteen, out of sheer embarrassment. This has been one of             friend in front of me and she fell into the pond. She was soaked to the
    my most unforgettable experiences in the school.                                 skin when she came out of the pond. It was a rather hilarious sight.
                                                                                     Even though I caused her to fall into the pond, my friend did not blame
    When I was in primary school, there used to be a prawn noodle stall in           me. We continued to remain as friends after the incident and up till
    the canteen. It was my favourite food stall. The vendor, whom I always           now, the memory remains etched in my mind.
    addressed as “Auntie”, was very kind. I would frequently arrive at school
    early in order to “reserve” a hot, steaming bowl of delicious prawn mee
    for recess.
                                                                                    Do you think older brothers
    I certainly miss the good old days when I was in primary school. The
    Holland Grove campus was definitely a good school, providing me with            are great cheaters?
    much laughter and memories to carry with me for a long time.
                                                                                    – Anathi Balah Krishna
                                                                                    PRINCESS ELIZABETH PRIMARY SCHOOL: Venkatesan Samyuktha

    An embarrassing moment                                                          It was the eve of Youth Day. I was busy helping my teacher so I was
                                                                                    neither in class nor in assembly. Thus, I missed all the announcements.
                                                                                    I rushed home after school and did all my homework and slept late. Next
                                                                                    day, I woke up by myself and got ready to go to school. I noticed that
    Has your father had an                    a girl inside! The girl screamed
                                                                                    neither my brother nor my sister got ready to go to school. My brother
                                              and Mr. Lee tried to calm her
    embarrassing moment                       down. The girl did not calm down      asked me where I was going. I replied that I was going to school. I then
    before?                                   so he ran out of the toilet, pushed   asked him why he did not get ready to go to school. Snickering, he
    Well, Mr. Lee Soo khoon has. He           the bully, John, aside and ran        replied “My school has a special programme so we will took the bus to
    was pushed into the girl’s toilet         away. He did not tell anyone about    school start a bit later than usual.”
    when he was primary 5.                    it but the girl did. The bully was
                                              reprimanded by the discipline         Of course he lied and he did it so well. I rushed out of the house and took
    One day, Mr. Lee was playing with         master but he did not learn his       the bus to school.
    his friends when the school bully-        lesson and continued his wrong
    John walked by and had him into           doings.                               On the bus, many people were staring at me. However, I was too
    an arm lock. He tried to escape                                                 engrossed in my book that I did not notice their stares. After alighting
    but in vain. When they reached the        He bullied another pupil by           from the bus, I felt strange. The whole road looked deserted. Then, I
    entrance of the girls’ toilet, John       taking all his money and asking       walked up the slope that led me to the school gate which would take
    released him and threatened him           him to walk into the toilet again.    me fifteen minutes. However, the school gate was closed. I stood there
    to walk into the girls’ toilet.           This time, he was caned by the        beside the gate for a while not knowing what was happening. So, I
                                              principal and he learned his          walked back to the bus stop with a lot of questions on my mind. When I
    He slowly walked into the girls’          lesson- to not bully anyone again.    boarded the bus, the bus conductor kept asking me where I was going
    toilet, but to his horror, there was                                            and why I was in my school uniform. So, I poured out my story to her. She
                                                                                    explained to me that it was youth day, meaning school was closed. I put
                                                                                    my head down the whole bus trip. When I reached home, my brother was
                                                                                    laughing and teasing me. I was so angry at him initially for not telling me
                                                                                    the truth but later joined in the laughter.
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GAMES & PRANKS                                                                                                    I R E M E M B E R M YS CHO O LDAY S 2012
                                                                                                                             P R IMA R Y SC H OO L E D I T I O N

 my Old
 School Days
                                     “Good” Boys!!
                                     GREENRIDGE PRIMARY SCHOOL: Nicholas Ting, Raynee Tham & Li Ying

                                     Nathaniel and Jia Le are the naughtiest boys in our class. Whenever they have the opportunity to be
 WOODGROVE PRIMARY SCHOOL:           mischievous, they will run around and scream like maniacs. Despite their playfulness, they often help out.
 Samuel Tan
                                     Whenever they see someone in need , they will always be there for them. They are smart too! Most of the time,
                                     they top the class!
 “You will miss
 your school days                    “ Never judge a book by its cover!”
 the most after you                    I am sure there are many “good” boys
 come out to work”
 – How true this                       like them in your class!
 words sound when
 finally we embark
 on our career life?
 The things that I miss most at
 my school are the numerous
 fun games that were invented
 despite the lack of modern
                                       Trading Marbles
                                       ROSYTH SCHOOL: Randelle Ong
 technology gadget such as
 iPad, Xbox, PCs, etc. Games           In 1975, there was a school
 such as marbles, board                called Bradell Rise Primary
 games, tikum….Outdoors was            School. Most of the boy and
 always fun…catching spiders           some girls would bring their
 for fighting with others with         marbles to school and trade
 their spiders, catching tadpole       them secretly during their
 to witness their growth to            recesses. If a teacher saw the
 frog, putting red and black           marbles being traded, he or she
 ants to fight to see which is         would confiscate them. However,
 more superior.                        despite the teachers’ warnings,
                                       they still continued the act as
 My teachers are very strict           they loved trading marbles.
 then, use of cane and chalk           Therefore, trading marbles
 flying through the classroom          became common in primary
 aiming at mischievous pupils          schools, including Brad Rise
 are common and always are             Primary School. Mr. Poh Kok
 favorite topics during old            Wee (Kyna’s father) was caught
 classmates gathering. We sure         by his grandmother, and she
 get a good laugh whenever we          confiscated all the marbles. It
 chat about those moments.             was an unforgettable moment.



 Homework Complaints                                                                   PRINCESS ELIZABETH PRIMARY SCHOOL:
                                                                                       Dang Chee Wen, Mao Yudi, XueTingkai & Lim Jin Feng

 Now a lot of children are complaining about that they cannot finish      In the past, a lot of homework would be given by teachers and it must
 or have no time to finish their homework. They can complete it in an     be handed in before the deadline. If not, the teacher would punish the
 extremely short time like 30 minutes or at the most 1 hour.              child severely. Mrs Lim said, “Sometimes, I need to do my homework
                                                                          until midnight in order to finish.”
 Mrs Lim said, “Nowadays, teachers are not so strict with children and
 give them very less homework to do. The children make use of this and
 finish their homework so fast in order to play.”
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8     HOMEWORK                                                                                                             I R E M E M B E R M YS CHO O LDAY S 2012
                                                                                                                                      P R IMA R Y SC HO O L E D I T I O N

i love homework!
    Whenever a teacher mentions homework, the pupils will groan as
                                                                                                        EVERGREEN PRIMARY SCHOOL:
                                                                                                        Nur Nafisah Bte Nasharudyn, Amirul Astraff B
                                                                                                        Baharuddin, Ong Yao Zhi, Irvine, Wee Mu Yan,
                                                                                                        Muhammad Izzat Haqim B Zulkifi

                                                                                  time by giving time limit when she does her homework. Also, she must
    they dislike homework. They think it is time-consuming and a dreadful         understand how important homework is as it would be able to help in
    burden. In fact, just because of homework, some even attempt to escape        various ways. Without homework, everyone will not really get to practice
    from school during school hours. You may think that everyone in this          at home. With homework, she can know her mistakes and learn in a
    world hates homework given by teachers. My sister, Nur Izzati, loves          better way.
    homework instead of being a hater of it.
                                                                                  Even a hardworking student like her sometimes needs assistance
    She thinks of it as a challenge, just like racing against an opponent. She    when she does homework. In fact, asking is learning too. She gets the
    likes homework, but she prefers teamwork because she can do assigned          assistance to her family members like her father, mother, or sometimes
    tasks together as a group. Also, she can learn from each other, realising     her sister.
    each other’s mistakes. There, she can also learn more about the spirit of
    teamwork.                                                                     She has learned a lot from them and she is thankful as she is now
                                                                                  better in studies than before. However, she thought that she cannot
    You may be wondering why she likes homework unlike the other students         be depending on her family members only. She has to try doing her
    now. She likes homework as she can practice the topic she just learned        homework by her own in order to realise her mistakes. To her, it would
    in class and homework also helps her to remember the lesson that she          be way better if she is able to do her homework without asking for a
    had learned. When doing homework, she can also practice managing her          single assistance as it shows that she is an independent student.



    School Memories
    18 May 2012 – Friday                           ST. ANDREW’S JUNIOR SCHOOL: Titus

    9:00am                                10:04am                                 12:00pm                               same time, please write an article
    I got kicked while playing rugby.     We were doing some worksheets           Time for Mother Tongue! I was         about Chapter 12 and submit it
    The opposition team kicked me         while Mr Zhang, our form teacher,       studying Higher Mother Tongue.        to me by the end of the lesson. It
    in the leg, causing me to get         was collecting some forms and           So, my friends and I who are          must be minimum 200 words. You
    injured. But, it was natural. You     money for the Science Center            studying Higher Mother Tongue         can discuss with your pair.
    would naturally get hurt while        Learning Journey during the             had to walk down one level and
    playing rugby. At that moment,        holidays.                               walk to the class that we were        12:29pm
    I felt very happy.                                                            supposed to be in. On the way         Our class was ready to collect
                                          10:10am                                 down, we were talking about some      our work. I counted the number
    9:15am                                Mr Zhang was talking about some         happy occasions that each of us       of words and there were 269
    I was feeling slightly better. My     jokes to entertain us. One of the       had experienced. One of them          words. Though there was not a
    injured friend tickled me and I       jokes was: Why did Mr Left turn         said: I was watching a show on my     big difference in number, I still
    started to laugh as if I was in my    Right? No one could guess the           home television and I was laughing    exceeded the number of words
    own world.                            answer. In the end, the answer          until I nearly wet my pants.          required to write. Our teacher was
                                          was: Because Mr Left’s wife is Mr       Everyone laughed and did not stop     happy with us and immediately
    9:30am                                Right. Everyone laughed to their        laughing for 15 seconds.              told us that we could be released!
    Recess time! I could not walk that    hearts content.                                                               I was so happy at that time to be
    well, but the support from my                                                 12:02pm                               dismissed slightly earlier.
    classmate made me continue to         10:30am                                 Time to begin lessons! Our
    stay firm.                            Mr Zhang was going through              teacher walked into the class with    12:36pm
                                          corrections. My friend, Brennan,        some books, and her computer.         I just finished my food. I was
    10:00am                               was telling me that I dropped my        She was holding an idioms book in     washing my hands, ready to play
    Time to return to class! While        green pen on the floor. I did not       her hands. I was thinking: Could      soccer with my class. It was a
    I was walking up to class, our        even realize that I was using a         she be teaching us idioms or          really fun afternoon as some
    form teacher, Mr Zhang, was also      pencil to write my corrections.         idiom stories?                        of our classmates were going
    walking up. I did not have much       How dumb! While I was about to                                                to depart on Saturday for some
    strength, but I ran up to class as    take my pen, Brennan tickled me         12:10pm                               learning/training program/trip.
    fast as my footsteps could carry      and I started to laugh as if I was in   We were doing our own work when       That afternoon was meant to
    me. I was laughing as my friend       my own world.                           the teacher suddenly announced:       have fun.
    was telling me jokes as we ran up                                             Do your own work while I call
    to class.                             1hr 30mins later……                      some boys for corrections. At the     END of story. Hope story/article
                                                                                                                        attracts you. :D
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NOW & THEN                                                                                                       I R E M E M B E R M YS CHO O LDAY S 2012
                                                                                                                            P R IMA R Y SC H OO L E D I T I O N

My                                                                          An Interview
father                                                                      with Mrs. Chng
                                                                            TAO NAN SCHOOL: Faith Chng


What was it like in the 1980s? Maybe you could get the answer by reading
this article. This is a story on my father who was now around 40.he was
born in china. When he was a child, he studied in a local school in china
for both primary and secondary. For university, he studied in the capital
of china, Beijing. Those days what their snacks was something that had
some cold cream on a stick. It is around 5 cents, according to my father.
Those days, they do not buy food from school. They always brought food
from home. That time, a dollar was a lot of money. It could buy a lot
of things. At that time, they don’t play on computers like us today. As
most people were poor, they could not afford to buy toys too. So, they
played simple games like hide and seek and catching. Sometimes, their
teachers would chastise them for being dirty as there is mud all over
their playground and they would fall into the mud and made their shirts
dirty. But boys are boys.                                                   According to Mrs. Chng, 38,
                                                                            children nowadays are not
Their playground does not have any equipment like those today. They         as street smart, and are less
used to have a vacant playground. My father often climbs trees to play      adaptable and flexible, as
too. That time, they will climb trees to get the eggs of birds as there     compared to those growing up
used to be many birds at that and they would built their nests on trees.    in the 1980s. She also added
Some naughty ones even used a catapult to aim at a bird and shot it         that back in the old days, she
down. Although it is against the law now, it is not against the law then.   played many games with her
Although he did not have a chance to go to the schools, the memory will     friends during recess time
still be forever etched to his mind.                                        that have been lost over time.
                                                                            Mrs. Chng recalls fondly how
                                                                            they even improvised and
                                                                            used old attap leaves to build
                                                                            an actual house - right in their school car park! The house was big
                                                                            enough to accommodate 3 friends. This was something she is sure
                                                                            that primary students these days may never even think of.

                                                                            Mrs. Chng believes that children nowadays are more ‘study smart’
                                                                            and would probably score remarkably better compared to children
                                                                            in the past if a project was handed to them. She also said that the
                                                                            education system nowadays is more competitive - students have too
                                                                            much tuition, but sadly not enough time to play together in a group.
                                                                            In fact, she is grateful that the Internet was invented or all most
                                                                            Singaporean children would spend countless hours in the library
                                                                            digging through mountains of books.

                                                                            Now, with a few clicks, one can get access to whatever information is
                                                                            required for school projects. However, with less opportunity to pick
                                                                            up values through interaction, Mrs. Chng hopes that children these
                                                                            days can still learn to be disciplined, and that schools can teach
                                                                            things like right behavior, learning attitude and social skills.
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10   NOW & THEN                                                                                                        I R E M E M B E R M YS CHO O LDAY S 2012
                                                                                                                                  P R IMA R Y SC HO O L E D I T I O N

 Planting Trees
                                                                               local news
                                                                               those were the days
                                                                               XINGNAN PRIMARY SCHOOL: Pang Eng Ming, Wyzley, Cheang Yu Heng,
                                                                               Sze Shuyuan & Milim

                                                                                                                    Behind Block one of Xingnan
                                                                                                                    Primary School, there was a row of
 During the 1960s, the learning         decided to improve the school’s                                             bushes. Inside the row of bushes,
 environment in classrooms was          environment by panting some                                                 there were tiny spiders. Mrs. Tan
 very outdated. The classrooms          trees. They bought some seeds                                               and her friends would catch them
 had no fans; they depended on          and borrowed shovels from their                                             and put them in matchboxes and
 the windows of the classrooms for      parents to carry out the plan.                                              observe them before releasing
 lighting. The walls were stained       Every day during recess and after                                           them back to where they were.
 yellow and the paint was peeling.      school, they would dig the soil                                             They liked doing that as it was fun
 Teachers also used blackboard          near the school until it was deep                                           and exciting.
 and chalk to teach. The whole          enough to plant the seeds. They
 level consisted of only two classes,   watered it every day and kept a                                             It is rather hard to imagine that
 each separated by gender as            close eye on its growth.                                                    Mrs Tan is a teacher now as she
 there was shortage of classrooms                                                                                   seemed to spend her time playing
 and to avoid distractions such as      The tree was growing well and                                               and catching tadpoles and spiders
 boy-girl relationship. The boys        very soon when my father and                                                rather than studying. Mrs Tan
 back then were well-mannered,          his friends were Primary Six                  MRS TAN PEI SHAN
                                                                                                                    also admitted that she did not
 so teachers found little need to       students, the tree was about three                                          focus very much on studying.
 scold them often, unlike boys          metres high. They were proud of        Mrs. Tan Pei Shan, an ex-student     She considered herself as a late
 today. Unfortunately, there were       themselves for planting this tree.     of Xingnan Primary School and a      bloomer but was very fortunate to
 no trees surrounding the school,       They got closer as they worked         teacher in Xingnan now, recalled     have patient teachers. She hopes
 only construction sites. This was      together and their friendship got      that in the past, the hopscotch      that being a teacher, she has
 not only distracting; it was also      stronger. The tree was always          was in the parade square. The        made her teachers who are now
 making the air more polluted and       there, and sometimes my father         hopscotch in the past was much       her colleagues proud.
 dusty.                                 would sit by the tree, relishing the   bigger than the current one
                                        times of his childhood days.           near the Sin Nan Public School       Mrs Tan also mentioned that
 The reason for the poor learning                                              Heritage Museum.                     the Xingnanians now are very
 environment was because the                                                                                        fortunate to have an eco-garden
 school had very little resources                                              There was also a long drain at the   as there was no eco-garden during
 and equipment. It had limited                                                 school field that had tadpoles in    her times.
 resources, so it was unable to                                                it. Mrs. Tan and her friends liked
 repaint the walls or buy fans. The                                            catching tadpoles and bringing it
 students in the school thought                                                home to foster them.
 that the learning environment was
 not good and the school should
 put in more effort in upgrading
 the school’s aesthetics, making
 sure the environment in the school
 was conducive for learning. In the
 end, my father and his friends

PUNISHMENTS                                                                                                        I R E M E M B E R M YS CHO O LDAY S 2012
                                                                                                                              P R IMA R Y SC H OO L E D I T I O N

 What a DAY!
 27 August 1981 is a memorable        harmless, but we were proven
                                                                      RIVER VALLEY PRIMARY SCHOOL: Sydney Foo

                                                                            jackpot machine and try our           Reaching the school compound,
 date for Foo Piau Sheng,             wrong. In the nick of time, we        luck?” All of them agreed that it     they saw their teacher waiting
 otherwise known as P.S. Foo.         managed to seek refuge up in          was a brilliant idea. They rushed     for them. Mr. Foo explained the
 “That Thursday,” he recalled,        the nearest tree. Phew! Another       to the shop and used all of the       situation to his teacher while
 “was bizarre.” He and his two        moment later, we would have           money from the donations on that      his two friends look down at the
 close friends were selected to       been dead meat!”Reminisce             single machine. Initially, Lady       ground sheepishly. They received
 solicit for donations to help the    Mr Foo.                               Luck smiled on them. Alas, they       an earful from their teacher in
 needy. Expecting the wealthy to                                            left the shop empty handed.           the end.
 be generous, they approached         After the dog left, the three boys
 them for donations. However,         raced towards a nearby park           Carrying their now empty              The three of them were made to
 they were disappointed as they       rested on a bench. While they         donation tins, they walked            do housework for three days and
 collected only a meager amount.      were thinking about how they          towards their school compound,        the money they earned was used
                                      could get more donations in the       trying to think of excuses their      to pay for the money they had
 “My friends and I thought that       last remaining fifteen minutes        empty donation tins. “The             lost. “This is one experience that I
 nothing worse could have             before they had to return to          moment we lost our last coin, I       would never forget,” said Mr. Foo.
 happened when we spotted             school, One of Mr. Foo’s friends      knew we were in hot soup.” Mr.
 a canine coming towards us.          jumped up and said, “Why don’t        Foo replied when asked about
 Initially, it appeared to be         we go to the shop with the mini       his feelings at that point in time.



Old School Days…
RAFFLES GIRLS’ PRIMARY SCHOOL: Tan Hui Shan Denise, Vera Quah Li Qi

Mrs Anna Tan was in Raffles
since 1949 to 1959, ten years as
a Rafflesian. Her first impression
                                      Queen Street. There were only
                                      female teachers and art class was
                                      taught at National Library that is
                                                                            Games played in the past:
of RGPS was clean and quiet. She      close proximity to the school. Only
highlighted to us during her school   a handful of classes were available
days, she recalled the picture        with only two stalls; a drink stall
on the school was the Queen of        and the other selling cake and
England instead of the portrait of    fried rice. Tomato ketchup and
our President and the First Lady.     chilli sauce was a luxury.
Back then, their examination to       Games played were Rounders,
secondary school was known as         skipping, hopscotch and Police
Secondary Entrance Exam (SEE),        and Thief. These common
unlike now it is Primary School       games are free and can have the
Leaving Examination (PSLE). Her       participation of as many students
principal was a British citizen.      as they can.
Mrs Tan would go to school by
trishaw where it was located at
12   REMINISCENCE                                                                                                         I R E M E M B E R M YS CHO O LDAY S 2012
                                                                                                                                     P R IMA R Y SC HO O L E D I T I O N

 ang mo kio primary
 – Past and present (Elfi Mamli)
 ANG MO KIO PRIMARY SCHOOL: Nur Alifah, Ilyana Bte Kamsani, Hasmath Thameena, Teo Jing Ye, Tan Si En, Melissa

 In the past, Ang Mo Kio Primary         The classroom furniture was all        choose as many ECAs (Now it’s          During recess, we could get a
 School was located at the field         made of wood and there were            called CCAs) as we wanted as           plate of nasi lemak for 30 cents
 next to its current site. The current   no floor tiles in the classroom.       long as we can balance our school      and a piece of chicken for 20
 location of Ang Mo Kio Primary          We sat on concrete floors in the       work with ECAs. I was an active        cents. After recess, all of us had to
 School used to be the grounds of        classrooms. In class, once we had      pupil and grabbed the opportunity      participate in the tooth brushing
 Mayflower Primary School. There         completed our work, our teachers       to participate in numerous ECAs.       drill. Each class will either squat
 was a field being shared by three       would hand out cross-stitch kits       One of the ECAs that I participated    beside the drain or stand along the
 Primary Schools in the vicinity.        for us to complete. We learnt how      in was Malay Dance. We would           basin to brush our teeth, guided
 The current uniform of Ang Mo Kio       to stitch pouches, pencil cases and    often perform in front of the whole    by the dental nurse on the proper
 Primary looks very different from       even curtains! Besides learning        school during assemblies.              techniques of tooth brushing.
 what it used to be. The current         cross stitch in class, we could
 uniform definitely looks better
 than before.

 maggie lim (1988)                                                              Article about Mr. Lim Kok Kee
                                                                                – An old boy from St. Gabriel’s
                                                                                Primary and Secondary Schools
 MARYMOUNT CONVENT: Chloe Kuan, Isabelle Liew, Annie Yip, Elyssa Ng

                                                                                and an ex-teacher from
                                         the present PE attire, Maggie
                                         much preferred old PE attire which
                                         had shorts made of stretchy cotton
                                         and white trimmings.                   St. Gabriel’s Primary School
                                         When feeling down, Maggie would        ST. GABRIEL’S PRIMARY SCHOOL: Dominic Sua
                                         pretend to play the odd piano at
                                         the back of the former school          Mr Lim Kok Kee is an old boy from St. Gabriel’s Primary and Secondary
                                         hall, which gives her time to be       Schools. He is also an ex-teacher who started teaching in 1965 and
                                         alone. They used to have their         stopped in 2003. He started teaching again in 2005 and finally retired at
                                         sports days with St. Joseph’s          the end of 2011. During his primary school days, he would usually mix
                                         Institution with the band being        with his friends and talk during recess.
                                         invited, where there were boys
 Maggie Lim, a sporty, vivacious         in the band playing instruments        His favourite subject was mathematics. His favourite teacher was Mr
 woman, graduated from MCS in            and the Marymount girls usually        Paul Lee, his primary one teacher, who was a nice man and was very
 the year 1988. She enjoyed her          teased them. There used to be a        patient with his students. The Principal was Brother Emmanuel, who is
 time in Marymount Convent, along        sheep hill which led to the foyer,     now the supervisor of schools. He had learnt many lessons and virtues
 with a good buddy, Azrina and           and many other staircases around       from the talks the brothers gave. There were fun fairs held annually,
 was always the butt of all jokes.       the school, excluding a flight         which Mr Lim enjoyed tremendously. He said that the school has
 She greatly treasured her favorite      of stairs that led to the open-        changed a lot since his time in school. There were no such places like
 teachers, Mrs Dharma, her               concept canteen in the basement.       the air conditioned library, computer labs and other facilities taken for
 English teacher and her Literature      Maggie still remembers fondly          granted these days.
 teacher, Mr Siva. She strived           the time when she and her friend
 very hard to be a top student,          went tumbling down the hill and        During his secondary school days, during recess, Mr Lim would always
 but competition was tough and           she ended up having cuts on            go to his favourite place without fail — the basketball court to play
 she could only fare as an               her knees! Making graduation a         basketball with his friends. That was his favourite sport as well as
 average student.                        jacket in Secondary 4 was also         pastime. He thought that playing basketball would not only help him
                                         one of the things she thought was      to keep fit and healthy, but also help him to bond with his friends. Mr.
 Maggie might be a DJ, but she was       memorable.                             Lim has no specific best friend, but his best friends are those in the
 actually the netball school player
                                                                                basketball team. As a student, he would be very happy whenever he
 and took part in both sporting and      Lastly, she sends her words of         achieved good results in his examinations. Mr Paul Lee, his favourite
 non-sporting ECAs (now called           advice to the present Marymount        teacher, inspired Mr Lim to become a teacher. Soon, in 1965, he started
 CCA). It might seen a tad too queer     girls – Make as many memories as       teaching his favourite subject, which was of course - Mathematics. After
 for a DJ, but maggie was the            you can from Marymount Convent         teaching for about 39 years, he retired in 2003. Mr Lim started teaching
 netball school team captain and         School. Live every moment here in      again in 2005 until 2011, when he finally retired. As an old student and
 actually excelled in sports during      Marymount with love and laughter.      ex-teacher, he would like to encourage boys to be honest. After many
 her time in Marymount Convent, it       Study Hard and also, Play Hard.        years, Mr Lim still makes phone calls to his friend to keep in touch with
 was also her favorite class. Unlike
                                                                                each other...

REMINISCENCE                                                                                                             I R E M E M B E R M YS CHO O LDAY S 2012
                                                                                                                                    P R IMA R Y SC H OO L E D I T I O N

I Remember                                                                   Mrs. Lee-Goy
my School Days
                                                                             NORTHLAND PRIMARY SCHOOL: Lekha Bengeri, Zhu Hong Yue, Gao Sitian

                                                                             I used to study at Park Road Primary School in Chinatown.

– Koh Eng Kah
                                                                             Surprisingly, it is now a local hostel! I went to school in trishaws
                                                                             (less than $40 per month!).

                                                                             In school, I was the teacher’s pet, the monitor and the head prefect.
                                                                             Apparently, my family was famous in school as nine out of twelve
                                                                             of my siblings studied there and they were all known for their
Whenever I walk past the former        The food at Parry Primary was         outstanding results. I was very proud to be chosen to read out a script
Parry Primary School, now a            cheap. A bowl of noodles was just     on “stop the breeding of mosquito campaign“
hostel for foreign students, I         30 cents! There were only a few
remember my school days there. I       stores in the canteen. My favourite   My CCA was the brownies. After every practice on a Saturday, I would
studied there more than 30 years       food was the “goreng pisang” with     play “crocodile”, the olden-days version with my friends. Usually, all
ago. Parry Primary was actually        curry gravy.                          homework forgotten; we just played!
formed in 1980 by combining three
schools: a Boys’ school, a Girls’      Every day after school, I would       We all looked forward to our sports day! Nowadays, children request
school and a Chinese school. I         buy an ice-cold treat from a small    for more on their Sports Day. Our Sports Days in those days were so
spent the first five years in the      store just outside the school. I      simple. There were only simple running competitions-no long or high
Boys’ school and my last year          would either buy a “bird’s nest”      jumps. We always looked forward eagerly for the packet of biscuits
in Parry Primary when it was           drink, an ice pack filled with        they give to everyone!
eventually formed. I have many         syrup, or an ice ball sprinkled
interesting memories from my           with colourful syrup and milk.        The canteen in my school had only 3 stalls- an ice-cream shop, a
days there.                            These were refreshing and tasty       snack shop and a drink stall. A bowl of noodles was 20 cents or so.
                                       especially when the weather           Hence, to go to school armed with 10 cents is a blessing already!
Parry Primary was a big school. It     was hot!
had a large field equal to the size
of nearly two football pitches with    In terms of study, I did quite well
huge trees along its perimeter.        overall, but this was not so at the
Almost every day, I would play         beginning. At the end of Primary
games with my friends at the field,    1, my results were not so good,
before class and during recess. We     especially myEnglish. I could still
played football, “zero point” and      remember the teacher’s remarks
“police catch thief”. Those games      in my report book that I needed to
were fun. The big tress provided       improve on my English. My English
us with shade and some such as         was poor because I mostly spoke
the flame of the forest had flowers    in the Hokkien dialect with my
that were very nice to look at. Now,   family, neighbours and friends,       Class picture of Mrs Lee-Goy at Primary 1
sadly, most of the schools do not      and I only attended one year of
have such big fields.                  kindergarten. Nowadays, kids go       In those days, my family was very poor and all my clothes and books
                                       to childcare centres from as young    were hand-me-downs. When my skirt was torn, my sister would just
I lived in the kampong. Every day,     as 18 months old! Fortunately, I      have to sew it up for me. I had my first parker ball pen when I was
I had to walk to and from school       improved from Primary 2 onwards.      primary 4. My pencil case only contained a pencil, an eraser and a
either on my own or with other         With hard work, I became the top      pen. Forget Mr. Whiper (a branded correction tape). I feel that the
children who lived nearby. There       in my class from Primary 4 to 6.      students nowadays are taking things for granted. Most students
were many “obstacles” along the                                              aren’t satisfied with what we have and want more. If we could survive
way such as barking dogs, fierce       I miss my days at Parry Primary.      our childhood without computers and smart phones, I believe they
geese and occasionally rain that       They were thoroughly enjoyable.       could too.
turned the tracks muddy. Once, I       Although the lives of primary
even had a chameleon jump onto         school children then are very
my back. It turned white to match      different from those now, I believe
the colour of my school uniform        they are equally, if not more,
and I turned green with fear. It was   interesting.
scary. Now, most children have
their parents send them to school.

                                                                                                                                             Mrs Lee-Goy
                                                                                                                                             winning a prize
                                                                                                                                             (left) and with her
                                                                                                                                             schoolmates (right)
14   REMINISCENCE                                                                                                          I R E M E M B E R M YS CHO O LDAY S 2012
                                                                                                                                      P R IMA R Y SC HO O L E D I T I O N

                                                                                                                        A Hole
 School life in the past
                                                                                                                        in My Pants
                                                                                                                        ROSYTH SCHOOL: Jaime Pang,
                                                                                                                        Wong Yoke Ting, Ng Shuo Ling,
 My mother, Jean, had studied in         Every day during recess, she           My mother also had nice                 Amber Rose Pillay & Ji Xin Yi
 Bukit Batok Primary School for 6        would play the game ‘Zero-Point’       memories when she took part in
 years. Although she stayed very         and catching. However, she             the school’s Singing Competition        INTRODUCTION
 near the school, she took the           preferred playing Zero-Point more      in which she was selected to enter      In the past, most families had a lot
 school bus to school because her        than catching. She and her other       the final round. Although she did       of children, and the family income
 parents did not have the time to        friends would always play Zero-        not win any big prizes in the final,    and intake was very little. Children
 fetch her there.                        Point and challenged against the       she gained the terrific experience      wore hand me downs. The
                                         boys. The girls team always won        of performing in front of the whole     textbooks, books and dictionaries
 Her favourite subject was Chinese       the game as girls were taller than     school. However, I was still proud      were handed from sibling to
 as she found it very interesting        the boys and were all very good        of my mother’s achievement and          sibling, from family to family.
 and her Chinese teacher was very        at jumping. The food sold in the       bravery to participate in those         Those books could last for a few
 aspiring whom always told them          canteen at that time was very          competitions.                           decades. Sometimes those books
 lots of interesting stories. She said   cheap and it cost only around 50                                               could be very out of date. Since
 that Chinese was very important         cents. How I wish that the food        My mother said that she loved           there was not enough income
 at that time as her parents only        now are still sold for 50 cents!       her school life very much as she        coming in, those elder children
 knew how to communicate in                                                     had made many friends during            although having new books, had to
 Mandarin. My mother’s school            One special incident was when          that earlier part of her study life.    sacrifice their education so their
 uniform was white and blue. She         she was among the few selected         My mother said” Gone were the           younger siblings could have a
 liked her uniform very much as it       to do a Children’s Day song music      days when I can have fun with my        chance to go to school.
 was very comfortable to wear.           recording at Rediffusion Radio         friends and enjoy my school life.
 She participated in the Choir           Station, which the end product         I really miss my childhood times        OH NO! TWO HOLES AND I STILL
 CCA in her school because she           was ultimately distributed to all      and hope that I can go back to the      DON’T KNOW!
 loved singing very much. Till           primary schools in Singapore. She      past.”
 now, her singing was still terrific!    felt exceptionally proud and excited
 She was a prefect in school.            for having given that chance to do
 She said that being a prefect           song recording in a professional
 was a very important job as they        studio setting. Through this, she
 needed to maintain order in             gained the experience of how a
 school at all times.                    song was being recorded.

                                                                                                                        Mr. Ng Cheek Chong fondly recalls
                                                                                                                        that his cousin, Mr. Jack Ng, wore

 1950s School Days
                                                                                                                        hand me downs from his eldest
                                                                                                                        brother and went to school in
                                                                                                                        those pants. Wherever he went,
                                                                                                                        people laughed. Only when he
 PRINCESS ELIZABETH PRIMARY SCHOOL: Teo Wee Lin                                                                         got home, he found out that there
                                                                                                                        were two holes in the pants, one
 Ex-pupil of Princess Elizabeth          team. After practicing for some        games very much. She liked              on each side. Even so, he did not
 Primary School, Mrs Lim Choon           time, her team participated in a       playing five stones. She found the      throw away the pants. Instead,
 Hui, talked about the school            competition. Due to their hard         game challenging and fun. She           he mended the pants with a few
 days in 1950s. At that time, she        work and effort put in, they           always had hard time catching all       pieces of cloth and wore them to
 was a prefect and also a class          managed to clinch the first place.     five .She hoped she might get a         school the next day. That was a
 monitress as she had leadership         Mrs Lim was so delighted; it was       chance to play again. Mrs Lim’s         great embarrassment for him.
 skills. Having this quality, she        her first time winning an award in     favourite canteen food would be         Mr. Ng still recalls that he was
 also had good academic results.         volleyball.                            fish ball noodles. It only cost $0.10   trying very hard not to laugh too as
 She was top in her class for three                                             at that time. But for Mrs Lim, it       he was afraid that he would hurt
 consecutive years, Pri 4, 5 and 6.      Remembering the times during           was quite expensive. Her parents        Mr. Jack Ng’s feelings.
 She received storybooks from her        recess, Mrs Lim would play             gave her $0.20 daily for her pocket
 school. They were given to her as       traditional games with her friends.    money. In order to save money,
 an encouragement to read more           Some of these games were               Mrs Lim could only afford to buy
 books.                                  chapteh, five stones and playing       food. She did not have enough
                                         with marbles. “These games are         money to buy drinks. Recalling
 Not only is Mrs Lim good in             fun. It will be fun for children now   that, she felt that her school days
 academic studies, she is also           to play these games than playing       were quite interesting.
 good in sports. Hence, she              computer games,” suggested
 joined the school’s volleyball          Mrs Lim. Mrs Lim enjoyed these

REMINISCENCE                                                                                                        I R E M E M B E R M YS CHO O LDAY S 2012
                                                                                                                               P R IMA R Y SC H OO L E D I T I O N

Top Gabrielite 2010
– Lennon Goh
Lennon Goh is an old boy from
                                                    ST. GABRIEL’S PRIMARY SCHOOL: Auric Seah Hong Rui

                                      Tuesday, every Reap the Laurel        significant impact on his personal
St. Gabriel’s Primary School from     and even his last official event as   discipline and character. The
2004 to 2010. He was our school’s     a Gabrielite, the P6 graduation       academic teachers, Mdm. Shofia,
head prefect when he was in P6        ceremony, was held in the hall.       Mr. Koh, Mr. Goh, Mr. Sng, Mr Loy,
and was also our school’s PSLE        The hall had seen him through his     Ms Woo, Mrs. Chee, Ms Koh and
top scorer for that year. With his    primary school days.                  Mdm. Yes, all had a significant
excellent results, he was admitted                                          impact on his academic foundation
to Raffles Institution (RI).          Lennon struggles with his mother      and also helped him to excel in his
                                      tongue language, Chinese, even        studies and external competitions.
During his primary school days,       now, Chinese was what always
Lennon would usually play soccer      pulled his results down and he        The most significant event that         “3 sets” of friends. Another event
with his friends. He considered it    felt disappointed. He felt that no    happened to him was the school          that affected him was the failure
as an investment of sorts as it was   matter how hard he tried, he still    moving to another location in 2005.     to enter RI via DSA. This motivated
invaluable in helping him to relax    could not excel in it.                This to him caused a repeat of          him to work harder and enter RI
when the curriculum became too                                              the foreignness and nervousness         through results, the main door,
intense and stressful. It was also    To Lennon, all teachers had a         of P1. He had to adapt to a whole       and not the back door.
good for maintaining his physical     significant impact on him.            new environment. The streaming
fitness.                                                                    also affected him, as essentially,      Lennon has a lot of teachers to
                                      Primary school is when most           every two years, it was almost like     thank, and I believe he would
The most memorable place for          children are still very malleable     resetting the friendships he had        always remember someone - St.
him in the school was the hall.       and he was no exception. Teachers     worked to develop and built over        Gabriel’s Primary School’s founder
Almost everything was held in the     like Mr. Soh, Mdm. Shofia and         two years. But in a way, it had         “St. Louis Marie de Montfort”.
hall. All his band concerts, school   Miss Woo, who were in charge          also helped him to develop even
events and the pledge-taking every    of the prefectorial board, had a      more friendships and now, he has

My life
in school
Although it is a long time after I
                                                         TAO NAN SCHOOL: Chen Jingwen, Loh Pei Yi & Jermaine Wong

                                      and the pace of teaching is good.     would play games like ”chapteh”,        Nevertheless, there were still
have completed primary school,        Every word that was pronounced        “zero-point”, hopscotch, hide and       some difficulties that I face. As
once I look back at my class          was clear and concise. In a           seek and catching. There were           there was no tuition last time and
photograph, memories of my            short lesson a lot was taught,        hardly any activities in school.        my parents were unable to help,
primary school will flood into        discussions always came along.        There were only Co Curricular           there was no option but to rack
my mind.                              However, when the teacher asks        Activities (CCA), and netball           my mind for answers whenever
                                      a question, it is always impossible   was my CCA. Life was free, easy         I was stuck in a tough question.
The butterflies in my stomach         to answer it. The teachers were       and happy. Our lives were rich          When other problems, maybe at
fluttered even harder as I            kind and friendly but strict. She     in childhood. My classmates             home, happen to me, I talk to my
approached the school for the first   could also be extremely fierce.       were extremely cooperative and          sympathetic family members,
time. What would happen in class?     When we did something wrong,          generous. We treated each other         teacher and good friends to
There was no kindergarten, so         the teacher would punish us           like siblings. They were never          their advice. I also solved some
everything and everyone seemed        severely. When we did badly for       jealous about other who was             problems myself.
foreign. Even so, I felt a tinge of   a test, the teacher even made us      strong in certain subjects. Special
excitement as I like to experience    carry our schoolbags over our         occasions, special lessons like         As I keep my class photograph,
a new environment and I wanted to     heads and stand on the table for      dance lessons as well as field          I think school is the best place
make new friends.                     a whole period.                       trips held by school would always       to learn after all. We should be
                                                                            jazz up the fun and excitement of       thankful of school for bringing us
After some time in school, I          The schedule was also well-           school. School was pleasing, but        up, feeding us with knowledge.
realized that school was actually     organized. Lessons started from       there were still some weaknesses.
relaxing and enjoyable. There was     7.30am to 1pm after flag raising      I disliked the way the teachers         -Winnie Koh-
a little homework and no project      and there was recess in between.      punished us and the lack of
work at all. The lessons were         During recess, my friends and I       facilities in school.
fun. They were well explained
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