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ISLINGTON TIMES - Village of Islington
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    Volume 05 • Issue 02 • Summer 2017 Edition
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 New Development Coming Soon – How Design Influences Community
By Ken MacSporran, Architect
Design affects our day to day lives in ways that we are immediately aware of and in ways that take more time to evolve.
Just in the past month, two quite different public events focused upon design plans for the area around the Six Points
Interchange at the west end of the Village of Islington Business Improvement Area (BIA). In April, a public presentation
by the finalists in an architectural competition for a new Etobicoke Civic Centre was held; and in May, a Public Open
House about the Six Points Interchange Reconfiguration was held. Both events were hosted by the City of Toronto for
different reasons.

The architectural competition for a new Etobicoke Civic Centre Design proposed at the intersection of Bloor Street West
and Kipling Avenue included highly detailed proposals for designs that evolved over the course of several months,
whereas the Public Open House about the construction process and new street design for the Six Points Interchange
Reconfiguration has been over ten years in the making.

However, these two recent community events are closely related in that they are both based upon the design decisions
                                                                                                                                        Name That Mural
that will create a new urban street system resulting from the Six Points Interchange Reconfiguration plan. City staff from
                                                                                                                                      The first person to email
various departments continue to provide progress updates through Meghan Bratt, City of Toronto field ambassador        with the
responsible for communications with the public about the Interchange Reconfiguration.                                                correct name and address
                                                                                                                                       of the mural above will

The ideas of the great urban writer and activist, Jane Jacobs, continue to have a positive influence on the design of
                                                                                                                                WIN a $40 Gift Certificate
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cities that better meet the needs of communities, and perhaps the elements we take most for granted turn out to be
                                                                                                      continued on page 03
ISLINGTON TIMES - Village of Islington
ISLINGTON TIMES - Village of Islington
My 2 Cents
  New Developments Coming Soon
                                                                                             Sharing Financial Literacy Ideas
  continued from front cover
                                                                                             By George Liolis

the most important. The armature of the city - a system of streets and sidewalks           I used to dread taking my kids with me whenever I had to run errands.
- has a tremendous influence on life in and around a community. Jane Jacobs                Stopping to pick something up seemed to be such a chore when children
suggested that “Streets and their sidewalks - the main public places of a city - are       are involved. Buckling kids in and out of their seats, taking out the stroller,
                                                                                           making sure we over emphasized looking both ways before crossing the
its most vital organs.” The best streets support all aspects of life in a community
                                                                                           street or walking across a parking lot. We’re now 15 minutes into the errand
– walking, biking, driving – and they provide vital connections to live, work and          and we haven’t entered the store yet.
play, both locally and beyond.
                                                                                           Regardless of these factors, I remind the kids of our prime directive. Oh yes, I just
From underground infrastructure to street-level public realm, parks and civic,             quoted Star Trek! For those of you not familiar with Star Trek, the prime directive
commercial and residential spaces, central Etobicoke is poised for significant             is Star Fleets guiding principle. It prohibits personnel from interfering with the
development over the next decade. The transformation of the Six Points                     internal affairs of alien species. How does this correlate you ask? Well, the grocery
                                                                                           store is the alien planet, my children and I are Star Fleet officers, picking up milk
Interchange and the former Westwood Theatre lands into a network of streets
                                                                                           is the objective and the candy strategically placed at the checkout counters is
and sidewalks (including Dundas Street West, Dunbloor Road, Bloor Street West              the interference. No matter how much I remind my crew of the prime directive,
and Kipling Avenue) will make the area that was largely developed in the 1950s             they always seem to want to interfere with the mission and ask for things that
unrecognizable in 2020 and beyond. The current interchange design lasted 60                are not on the list.
years or so; if the proposed design better meets the needs of the community, it
will last more than 60 years.                                                              At first, my solution was to not take the kids with me when running errands. This
                                                                                           was not always possible so my wife and I decided that we would give the kids an
                                                                                           allowance of $5 a week, $20 a month. Our reasoning for this was quite simple.
The 200 business and property owners in the BIA along Dundas West from                     Over the course of the month, we found that we would spend on average up
Montgomery Road to Kipling, are excited about the possibilities that this                  to $30 on each child. Treats at the grocery store, a small toy at Winners or a
development will bring. However, as one group in the area, the BIA is carefully            book at Chapters all added up by the end of the month. Giving the kids $20 a
watching and listening as the City-driven, $70 million construction project moves          month meant that they would have to use their money to buy the things that
forward. Throughout the various phases of construction, the BIA will continue              they wanted. When they asked for us to buy them something, we would reply
to provide information to the City as the changes from the development affect              “use your allowance.” At first, they spent their money foolishly on candy and
                                                                                           Pokémon cards but they soon realized that if they wanted that Lego set at Toys
the local community.
                                                                                           R Us, they would need to develop better saving and spending habits. Teaching
                                                                                           children how to manage their finances and develop good spending habits are
As people look for better ways to get around the city, upgraded transit at Kipling         essential skills that need to be taught at an early onset and teaching them to
Station orchestrated by the provincially run Metrolinx will be a valuable asset            play an active part in their financial learning is equally important.
to the Central Etobicoke community. The Kipling transit hub is approximately
half way between the two largest employment zones in Canada  downtown
Toronto and the Pearson Airport zone. Significant upgrades at Kipling Station
are planned to create new passenger pick up and drop-off areas, bus platforms
for Mississauga Transit and some GO Transit buses.

So, as we consider the opportunities that a new urban street infrastructure may
create, beyond the usual concerns about traffic, it is clear that the sidewalks
will accommodate pedestrians better than the bridges across Kipling Avenue
ever did, and improved connections to a redeveloped Kipling transit hub will be
welcomed by residents and businesses near the Station, including the Village of
Islington BIA. The proposed design will influence community through the new
sidewalk and street pattern, but we will have to wait to see what is planned for
the individual blocks of land that are created by the new urban street system,
effects on the existing area and how, ultimately, community influences design.

Ken MacSporran
Moffet & Duncan Architects Inc.

ISLINGTON TIMES - Village of Islington
Happy 150th Canada

Canada’s 150th celebration is a chance to reflect on everything that has made Canada what it is today.
                                                                                                                                                              Village of Islington Times
The logo that was created to mark the 150th year represents an important milestone                                                                                     Community Newspaper
in Canadian history. Chosen from multiple entries as a product of nationwide student                                                                                    Volume 05 | Issue 02
design competition, the creation is by Ariana Cuvin of Toronto. It is a composition of
                                                                                                                                                               Quarterly Publication ~ Circulation 17,000
diamonds brought together to create an iconic maple leaf. The four diamonds at the
base of the image represent the first four provinces of confederation: Ontario, Quebec,                                                                                Delivered by Canada Post
New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The remaining nine diamonds were added in addition                                                                                 For advertising information,
to represent all 13 current provinces and territories.
                                                                                                                                                                please contact Toby Gardiner at
Take this year to check out our amazing nation. There is so much to see and do!                                                                    
Happy Canada Day!
                                                                                                                                                                  Village of Islington BIA
Check out the celebrations in the GTA!                                                                                                                                  5048 Dundas W.
Toronto Ribfest -                                                                                                                                 Toronto ON M9A 1B9
To Canada with Love -
                                                                                                                                                                          Linda Plater
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ISLINGTON TIMES - Village of Islington
The Music Studio Launches New Program
 By Ed Lettner

The Music Studio is thrilled to be the first music school in Ontario, and only
the second in Canada, to offer the exciting Kidzrock band music program.

Kidzrock is an acclaimed music program that teaches children how to play an
instrument in the setting of a rock band. Students in Kidzrock rehearse and
perform on drums, electric guitar and keyboards. Band members rotate on
instruments as they learn the basics of each instrument in the rock band. Band
members also sing and perform songs from the Kidzrock CD.

Kidzrock implements a colour-coded note reading system allowing children
immediate access to reading and playing an instrument. The Kidzrock song book
is comprised of instrumental rock songs written specifically for the program.
Kidzrock uses modified instruments allowing children as young as four years
of age to participate in the program. Kidzrock is taught by teachers who have
completed the Kidzrock training program.

As Ed Lettner, the owner of The Music Studio, learned more about the Kidzrock
curriculum, he realized the potential of the program to give young children a
solid musical foundation in a format that is fun and exciting. As Ed says, “I am
impressed with the amount of research, thought and planning that has gone
into the Kidzrock program”.

The Music Studio is offering half-day Kidzrock summer camps on July 4, 5, 6 and
August 1, 2, 3 from 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. each day. Children may attend one or
more camps which also include arts and craft activities related to the program.
Weekly 45 minute Kidzrock classes begin in September.

The Music Studio continues to offer traditional early childhood music education
classes. However, Kidzrock is another option for parents when they are
considering how best to introduce their children to music.

If you are looking for a band music program with a difference for your young
child, this is the program for you! Instruments provided by The Music Studio.

Ed Lettner owns The Music Studio located in the Islington Village Plaza which
has offered music instruction since 1990. He is an honours graduate of the
Humber College Institute of Technology music program. For information about
the Kidzrock music program at The Music Studio, please call 416-234-9268,
email: or visit

                 Market Days
                                                @ Montgomery’s Inn

                                                                                       FRESH LOCAL PRODUCE
                                                                                       Wednesdays 2PM - 6PM
                                                                                        Outdoor Season Open Now
                                                                                       4709 Dundas St. W. at Islington
                                                                                        Free parking onsite • 416-394-8113
                                                                                           Montgomerysinn     MontInnTO


ISLINGTON TIMES - Village of Islington
Everything Old Is New Again                                                               O Canada - Oh What a Story
   By Dr. Janet McKenzie                                                                     By Ed Lettner

The prospect of Canada’s 150th “birthday” reminded me of that old song                    We all know the words to O Canada but do you know the story behind our
title and got me thinking about what healthcare would have been like over                 national anthem?
a century ago.
                                                                                          As our country celebrates its 150th birthday, it is interesting to note that O
                                                                                          Canada has only been our official national anthem since 1967. Until that time,
While those living in Ontario, or Upper Canada as it would have been known                Canada had three unofficial national anthems: O Canada, The Maple Leaf Forever
then, have always been at the forefront of healthcare advances, thanks to                 and God Save the Queen.
the contributions of Sir William Osler, Dr. Christopher Widmer and Dr. Charles
Duncombe to the development of medicine in Canada in the 19th century, the                The music for O Canada was composed by Calixa Lavallée who was asked by
average person would have been very self-reliant for healthcare because the               the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society to write music for a French Canadian patriotic
publically funded system that we value so greatly today did not exist then.               song to accompany the original French lyrics by Sir Adolphe-Basile Routhier.
                                                                                          This version of our anthem had its public debut in Quebec City on June 24, 1880.

In those days, people relied upon their knowledge of natural therapies and                Although it was well received, O Canada did not become popular and only a small
“home remedies” to treat their illnesses because access to a trained doctor might         number of copies were published without a copyright having been registered.
not be possible and would certainly have been expensive. Botanical medicine,              In fact, having composed the music for O Canada was not even mentioned in
or herbalism, was frequently employed. Herbs commonly grown for culinary                  Lavallée’s obituary.
reasons could also be used medicinally, and native plants with medicinal
                                                                                          English Canadians likely heard O Canada for the first time when schoolchildren
properties were freely sourced.
                                                                                          sang the anthem for the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall during their visit in 1901.

Sage, for example, was often used for lung complaints. Nettles, which are                 O Canada is thought to have first been considered our national anthem when
very nutritious, were used to treat a wide variety of conditions and were also            King George VI stood at attention while it was played during the dedication
consumed as a tonic. Were these treatments effective? Yes, many of them were,             of the National War Memorial in 1939. However, there were no official rules
and modern science helps us understand why.                                               governing the use of O Canada at public events. Generally speaking, God Save
                                                                                          the Queen was performed as our anthem in Toronto while O Canada played the
                                                                                          part in Montreal
Sage (Salvia officinalis) is traditionally used to treat many conditions, including
asthma, bronchosis, catarrh, cough, and laboured breathing. Research has                  It wasn’t until 1965 that Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson declared that O Canada
established that sage extracts have antispasmodic properties that would have              would be our national anthem and God Save the Queen would be the Royal
underscored their effectiveness for these illnesses.                                      Anthem of Canada. It then took two more years for this to become official and it
                                                                                          would be another five years until the Queen of Canada purchased the rights to
Among the illnesses that nettles (Urtica dioica) were traditionally used to treat         the music and lyrics of O Canada for the sum of $1.00.
is diabetes. Diabetes has long been recognized, with the first known mention
                                                                                          After several changes to the words of the English version over the years, a
of it dating back to 1552 B.C. Prior to the Nobel prize winning work of famous            final version of the words of O Canada was officially proclaimed by way of the
Ontarian Dr. Frederick Banting on the use of insulin as a treatment for diabetes          National Anthem Act in 1980.
in 1922, the illness was a frequent cause of death.
                                                                                          So, now you can impress your friends on Canada Day with your knowledge of
No one would advocate using nettles instead of insulin now, but in the mid 19th           the history of O Canada.
century the use of nettles would have made sense. A number of recent studies,
                                                                                          Ed Lettner owns The Music Studio located in the Islington Village Plaza which has
including one published earlier this year, indicate nettles extracts improve the
                                                                                          offered music instruction since 1990. He is an honours graduate of the Humber
way a person’s body uses its own insulin in cases of type 2 diabetes. Research on         College Institute of Technology music program. For information about the programs
the use of nettles extracts for the treatment of non-insulin dependent diabetes           at The Music Studio, please call 416-234-9268, email: or visit
may eventually result in a low-cost therapy that would benefit millions of      
diabetic people.

“Everything old is new again.” The use of herbal medicines is not just a thing
of the past. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, more than 70%
of Canadians regularly use natural healthcare treatments, including herbal
medicines. Research into the medicinal properties of familiar plants may be
one of the driving factors in the ongoing and renewed interest in herbalism.

Herbal medicines can be a useful adjunct to many health regimens; however,
it is important to understand that “natural” and “safe” do not mean the same
thing. Most herbal medicines are safe when used appropriately: in the correct
doses following a review of your prescribed medications and supplements to
screen for potential interactions. If you are interested in exploring the use of
herbal medicine to support your health, please consult a registered herbalist or
naturopathic doctor.

Dr. Janet McKenzie, MBA, ND is the Clinic Director of Etobicoke’s Summit Natural
Health Centre where she helps people to feel their best with customized natural
treatments. Janet is especially interested in diet, nutrition and orthomolecular
medicine, and has taught at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

ISLINGTON TIMES - Village of Islington
Gems of Etobicoke-Lakeshore 2017                                                                         Mayor Tory visits the Village of Islington

Local small businesses and service organizations were recognized as Gems                                 The mayor of Toronto toured Ward 5 on Friday, May 12th with local Councillor
in May. The annual Gems of Etobicoke-Lakeshore Awards were handed out                                    Justin Di Ciano and stopped into local businesses. They brought greetings from
during a special ceremony at The Assembly Hall on Wednesday, May 17.                                     City Hall and updated local businesses on future developments in Ward 5.

“The Gems of Etobicoke-Lakeshore were created to recognize and appreciate
outstanding small businesses and service organizations that are unique to south
Etobicoke and make our community a more vibrant place to live, work and play,”
said Etobicoke-Lakeshore MPP Peter Milczyn.

The prestigious Michael O’Connor Thompson Award, named after late local
business owner and Chair of the Lakeshore Joint BIA, exemplifies volunteerism
and community spirit, was presented to Shelley Porritt, of Royal LePage Porritt
Real Estate for long-time commitment to volunteering in the community.

Winners Ward 5
Best Food Service - Dino’s Wood Burning Pizza
Best Restaurant - Vibo Restaurant
Best Business Services - Head Candy Salon
Best Retail - Beaulieu Vision Care
Best Cultural and Recreational - Islington Senior’s Centre
Best Community Service - Out of the Cold – All Saints Anglican Church
Best New Business - Jules Café Patisserie
Best Customer Service - The Co-operators

Winners Ward 6
Best Food Service – Fit Organix
Best Restaurant - Nimman Thai Cuisine                                                                                Local property managers Ralph Montone and Pierre Seunik talk to the mayor
Best Business Service – Silver Lion Framing Shop
Best Retail – Cakestar
Best Cultural & Recreational – Kickstart Taekwondo
Best Community Service – Village Mosiac
Best New Business – Halibut House

                                                                                                                                                  BIA meets Mayor Tory
                                                                                                               (left to right - Mary Campbell, Ralph Montone, Linda Plater, John Tory, Lola Macanowicz,
                                                                                                                                             Justin DiCiano, Michael Wood)
   MPP Peter Milczyn presents Gem of the Lakeshore, Best Cultural and Recreational, Ward 5, to
  Debbie Morgan, Executive Director, Islington Seniors’ Centre with Subodh Kumar & Ted Hawkins

                                                                                                                                  HAPPY CANADA 150 ETOBICOKE!
                                                                                                                    Wishing all Ward 5 Residents a safe and enjoyable celebration

                                                                                                               Stay Connected—sign up for Councillor Di Ciano’s E-News!
    Thank you Etobicoke residents and clients for the nomination for Best Customer Service -                                    #Ward5Etobicoke
                      Ward 5 Lola Macanowicz Insurance and Financial Services                  
 From left to right: Carla Barbosa, Lola Macanowicz, Christine Idzik, Maureen Jones, Vanessa Brais                                                                         100 Queen St. West, Suite C51
                                                                                                | 416.392.4040                      Toronto, ON M5H 2N2

ISLINGTON TIMES - Village of Islington
Spring Mural Contest Winner                                                        Doors Open Toronto

Congratulations to Debra Wilson of Camperdown Avenue, Etobicoke – winner           May 27-28, 2017 marked the sixth year that the Village of Islington BIA has
of the spring Name that Mural Contest. Debra is a volunteer at the Islington       sponsored mural trolley tours for Doors Open Toronto.
Seniors Centre, Montgomery’s Inn and sits on the Board of CARP’s Etobicoke
Chapter.                                                                           Over 550 visitors came to enjoy ten trolley tours and three walking tours of
                                                                                   the village. Some were local residents and business owners and others came
She has resided in Etobicoke since 1967 and lives in the house her parents         from across the city and around the world. Many said they would be back with
bought that year when they moved from the High Park area of Toronto.               their friends and family. The Music Studio entertained visitors, Turner Porter
                                                                                   served refreshments and Montgomery’s Inn welcomed people to share in our
                                                                                   community’s history.

                                                                                   Toronto’s Village of Murals thanks all volunteers and business owners for
                                                                                   supporting the ever-popular ArtWalk and trolley tours.

ISLINGTON TIMES - Village of Islington
Mabelle Iftar Nights
Every Thursday in June (June 15th, June 22nd, June 29th)
7-10 pm in Mabelle Park across from 49 Mabelle Avenue
For the past five years, MABELLEarts
                                                                                            Welcome New Businesses
has been working with community
members of all ages and backgrounds
to create inter-cultural celebrations that
                                                                                               Academy of Math & English
mark the holy month of Ramadan. Each                                                           5101 Dundas W. 416-242-9410
year, residents from a range of cultural
backgrounds gather in the Mabelle
Park to join their Muslim neighbours as
they break their Ramadan fast. Join us
for musical performances, art-making,
stories around the fire, and a meal served at Iftar. Free! Everyone welcome! For
more info: MABELLEarts would like to extend our
most sincere thanks to the Islington Village BIA for your support of Mabelle Iftar
Nights, and for being such long-time generous neighbours to Mabelle Park.
Your donation will help support refugees and asylum-seekers from across the
city to take part in free art-making, music, and delicious food in Mabelle Park
during the holy month of Ramadan. Thank you!

Upcoming Events at Montgomery Inn
Gypsies & Folk Melodies! Saturday June 24, 2 pm to 4 pm
A fanciful afternoon filled with classical music based on folk songs of composers
from Classical and Romantic Eras. Tickets available at

To Budapest and Back! Sunday June 25, 2 pm to 4 pm
The Gypsy Rebels return for a 2nd season with more Balkan beats and Klezmer
tunes, bringing the concert season to an exciting climax! Tickets available at

Thirsty Thursdays Last Thursday of the Month 7 to 10 pm
Enjoy a glass of beer or wine in our restored 1847 barroom! Admission is pay-
what-can! Cash bar; $5.00 for a bowl of stew, while supplies last.

Canada Day Tea Canada 150 Event Saturday July 1, 1 to 5 pm
Enjoy a cool homemade iced tea on our new patio, as part of a special Canada
Day menu At 2pm volunteer Marda Robinson will celebrate Canada 150 with
a special introduction to the Inn before visitors take a tour of the Inn to learn
more about how the building is being re-presented to celebrate its significant
survival. Children’s activities include historic cooking, strawberry ice cream
making. $7.00 plus HST for refreshments, free Inn admission and activities.

Tea Time at the Inn Sundays, 1 to 4 pm
Visit the community room for a choice of sweet or savoury plate, with a seasonal
feature. $7.00 plus HST. No reservation required.

Montgomery’s Inn Outdoor Farmers Market Every Wednesday from, 2 to 6 pm
Buy direct from local farmers and food artisans. Organic fruit and vegetables,
cheese, bread and prepared foods as well as ethically raised meat, honey and
more! Free.

Fret Not Ukulele Night First Thursday of the Month, 6 to 9 pm
A fun evening of music and song by Doctor of Music, Chris Wilson guides us
through ukulele instruction with new and old tunes. Perfect for all skill levels.
Bring your own ukulele, some spares available but they go fast! First hour is a
chord workshop. $15.00.

Irish Culture Camp at Montgomery’s Inn - Ages 5 to 14, July 10 to 14, 9 am
to 4 pm; August 28 to September 1, 9 am to 4 pm
An introduction to Irish culture which includes language, singing, dancing,
crafts, sports, music (including the tin whistle and fiddle). Children are grouped
according to their ages. At the end of the week there will a concert so parents
and friends can see what they have learned. Pre-registration is required. Cost is
$130. To register or call 416-446-6993

Corn Roast and Heritage Fair Thursday, September 7, 5 to 8 p.m.
Canada 150 Event
                                                                                         26 AWARD WINNING MURALS
Join us for locally grown corn cooked in the Inn’s outdoor bake oven, live music,
print making by InPrint Collective, children’s activities and displays from west-        Discover 5 blocks & over 15,000sq ft of History
end heritage organizations. Bring your lawn chairs. Admission: Free; various
prices for items for sale.                                                                   Book a Free Artwalk Group Tour Today
Master and Commander – A Weekend in 1800 Friday to Sunday, September
22 to 24                                                                                
Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Royal Navy in Lord Nelson’s time.                     (647) 703-1802
Enjoy a concert by renowned trio Gin Lane, the merchants’ market, historical
meals by candlelight, dancing, demonstrations, hearth-cooking workshops, and
much more. For full details, or call 416-578-1031.
ISLINGTON TIMES - Village of Islington
My City My Six

A participatory public art project that will reveal Toronto and its residents
six words at a time. We belong where love finds us
                              - Anne Michaels, Toronto Poet Laureate

My City My Six (MCM6) is a participatory public art project that will reveal
Toronto and its residents in celebration of Canada 150, six words at a
time. From January through May 2017, the My City My Six project asked
Torontonians of all ages and backgrounds to share something essential
about themselves in six words.

The project is led by Toronto Arts and Culture in collaboration with the city’s
six local arts service organizations (Arts Etobicoke, East End Arts, Lakeshore
Arts, North York Arts, Scarborough Arts and UrbanArts). Stories were collected
through emails, workshops and events. A jury, including Toronto Poet Laureate
Anne Michaels, will select stories to appear in the exhibition, which will include
transit shelters, transit interiors, billboards and other public spaces. Local
galleries, businesses and public spaces will also be animated as part of the
exhibition in September and October 2017.

At the annual Village of Islington BIA Merchant Mingle held in March at Sixth
Street Gastro Pub, participants learned to bucket drum and craft six word poems.

Enjoy what our community has to say about Islington!

Learn Wisdom                           Toronto World Family
Lessons From                           Freedom
Previous Projects                      No Myth
- Rex                                  - Rosa

                                       Be proud
Many villages                          Take adventure
We grow                                Live diversity
One universe                           - Kelly
- Lola
                                       Diverse communities
People of Character                    Gives families
Many villages grow                     Possibilities
- Karen                                - Melanie

                                       Toronto City
Secret of life                         is a beautiful
Is hopeful love                        Home
- Oksana                               - Janie

                                       City Home
Problem                                In village
You experience                         I roam
Could be                               - Anna
- Rostyslav
                                       Live life
                                       High above sky
Favourite city
Works in Harmony
Dr. Stewart Bland East                                                                    Top tips for a stress-free renovation
  Community Builder                                                                         By Lola Macanowicz
  By Terry Reardon                                                                          Certified Financial Planner & Insurance Advisor

Stewart East was a preacher, military hero and politician who was inducted                Putting your greatest investment (your home!) in expert hands shouldn’t
into the Etobicoke Hall of Fame in 1988.. Stewart East has demonstrated an                be stressful. Reduce anxiety and get the most out of your home reno with
untiring dedication to his community and is indeed the type of individual                 these top tips.
who brings credit to Etobicoke.
                                                                                          10 quick questions to ask your contractor BEFORE renovating
Imagine community outreach at                                                             Gain confidence by asking friends to recommend top-notch contractors. Then
a time when there were no roads                                                           narrow the pool and set expectations with these 10 must-ask questions.
and horseback was the mode of                                                             1. Cost: Is your quote an estimate or fixed price, and what’s the payment schedule?
transportation. In 1908 Stewart                                                           2. Supervision: Who will supervise the job site and how many hours a day/week
East received a calling to be a                                                           will they be here?
                                                                                          3. Permits: Who will get the permits and co-ordinate inspections?
Church Minister which was no
                                                                                          4. Protection: Do you have full liability insurance for people and materials?
easy undertaking as he had the
                                                                                          Beyond insurance, how will you protect my property (for example, if you’re
challenge of riding year round to
                                                                                          adding an addition and it rains)?
the various churches in his circuit.
                                                                                          5. Timing: What’s our start-to-finish schedule, and when will I be needed on site?
The Circuit Rider was a prominent
                                                                                          6. Communication: How will you communicate updates to me, and how can I
local figure at the turn of last
                                                                                          reach you after hours?
century; he is depicted on horseback in the Faith of Our Fathers mural beside
                                                                                          7. Experience: How many years of experience or similar projects have you
the Village Trattoria at 4901 Dundas Street West.                                         completed, and can I visit one of your past projects?
                                                                                          8. Employees: Do you work with the same pool of subcontractors/construction
Stewart volunteered as Chaplain to the 48th Highlanders in World War Two,                 workers on every project, or will there be new folks?
and was awarded the Military Cross in May 1944, for duty under fire. With the             9. Savings: How can I save some money? For example, can I buy some supplies
end of the War, and demobilisation, Stewart was appointed Senior Minister at              myself?
the Islington United Church. At this time, the congregation was growing and a             10. Codes: Are you up-to-date on all current building codes, and how will you
new church was required. Under Stewart’s guidance, construction of the new                handle any violations/changes if the project doesn’t meet code (important for
Islington United church began in 1947, and the sacristy was completed in 1949,            older homes)?
at a cost of $300,000.
                                                                                          3 tips to ensure your renovation increases your home’s value Renovating
In 1965 Stewart received a rare honour with the degree of Doctor of Divinity              should increase the value of your home, but it doesn’t always. Consider
by Victoria University, University of Toronto. In addition to his pastoral duties         three things before you start:
Stewart was committed to helping a wider public. In 1973 he was elected as                1. Your neighbourhood’s market value. Will an expensive open-concept main
an alderman in the former City of Etobicoke, and he continued in that capacity            floor reno put your home’s value above the market value in your neighbourhood?
until 1980 when he left local politics. That same year he became a director of the        2. Future buyers. Even if you’re not planning to sell soon, it’s wise to think of your
Islington Ratepayers’ & Residents’ Association (IRRA), and he continued as such           project in terms of what most buyers would want. For example, eliminating a
until his death.                                                                          bedroom to expand another room may not appeal to every buyer, especially
                                                                                          those with families.
A noteworthy achievement in 1980 was Stewarts’s contribution to saving the                3. Return on investment. Some renos add insta-value, like updating kitchens and
historic Shaver Homestead House, now known as Applewood, which nearly                     bathrooms, adding square footage, or changing carpet to hardwood. Likewise,
faced demolition. He was instrumental in making sure the building was                     replacement renos – like swapping out an old roof or rotten deck – are smart.
transported to its present site on the West Mall.
                                                                                          Renovations can affect your home insurance Once the work is completed, we can
                                                                                          take a look at your upgraded new home to ensure the estimated replacement
Stewart East died on June 29, 1995 and was interred in the Islington Burial
                                                                                          value is correct.
Ground on Dundas. Just east of the cemetery is the latest addition to the Village
of Murals, Ordinary Folk, Extraordinary Lives. Stewart and his wife are shown
                                                                                          Want maximum insurance savings?
with other early settlers who made a major contribution to our community.
                                                                                          5 ways to save more AND reduce your risk of water damage:
                                                                                          1. Install an automatic water shut-off system.

 James Maloney, M.P.
                                                                                          2. Install a backflow valve or sump pump with a secondary automatic pump.
                                                                                          3. Extend downspouts to direct water away from your home.
                                                                                          4. Older roof? Replace it if there are signs of deterioration.
   Member of Parliament — Etobiocke-Lakeshore
                                                                                          5. If renovating your basement, ensure window wells are up to code and any

  Happy 150th Birthday
                                                                                          foundation leaks are addressed. Or, skip the basement reno if you’re in a flood-
                                                                                          prone zone.

        Canada!                                                                           Your home holds everyone and everything you love and value most. Talk to your
                                                                                          insurance professional about how to protect your greatest investment, so you
  Please join me for my Canada 150 Celebration!                                           can get back to enjoying what matters. Plan ahead, do your homework, add a
                                                                                          little patience into the mix and enjoy your beautifully renovated home!
  When: Saturday August 19, 2017, 2:00pm—6:00pm
  Where: Franklin Horner Community Centre, 432 Horner Ave.                                Lola Macanowicz CFP, CLU, CHS, CIP - Insurance & Financial Services
           *Entertainment *Refreshments *Kids activities *Bbq                             The Co-operators has provided insurance and financial planning advice in Etobicoke
                                                                                          since 1985. For more information, please call 416-234-2777 lola_macanowicz@
                                                                                , Visit us at 5048 Dundas St W, Etobicoke      416.251.5510            JamesMaloney.etobicoke             FaceBook LolaMacanowiczInsuranceFinancialServices Twitter@LolaMacanowicz
Protecting Your Data                                                                      It’s Renovation Time!
  By Linda Plater                                                                           By Linda Plater

If you have ever lost personal or business data from a malware or other                   A sign of affluence is the appearance of dumpsters in your neighbourhood.
computer attack or malfunction, you understand the difficulties that                      Walk around the Kingsway, Islington, Thorncrest Village or Princess Anne
losing your electronic files can cause you and others who depend on this                  Manor and you will see that renovation season is well underway. Many
information. More than productivity is lost; for some, their computer feels               homes are getting completely rebuilt while others are getting costly
like an electronic extension of their life and a shutdown can feel like death!            additions or interior improvements.

                                                                                          When you look at the cost of selling your home, moving costs and hefty land
What if you lost all your digital files right now and could never get them back?
                                                                                          transfer taxes, it is easy to understand why GTA residents are opting for staying
This loss can be more serious than deleting personal contacts and photos,                 put and renovating their current homes.
although these are very dear to most people. A computer virus or hack can result
in the loss of the economic lifeblood of your business: databases, contracts,             Contractors are into full swing this busy reno season. On my street where I’ve
orders and more!                                                                          lived for twenty years, there are several homes for sale and approximately 15%
                                                                                          of the 1940s- 2 story and 1950s bungalows have been completely redone.
Last year the Village of Islington business improvement area (BIA) experienced a          Simple Etobicoke bungalows like mine are hard to find on the market and when
malware attack and thankfully managed to recover lost files. I believed that the          they do appear they sell well over the listing price.
firewalls and antivirus software in my home office would protect our data from
viruses and attacks. I was wrong! An email addressed to info@villageofislington.          Islington area residents and owners of Instyle Kitchens and Bathroom, Michael
com with an attachment stating invoice came into my work inbox. The BIA often             Lamarche and Gerry Turino have been renovating in the community for over
receives invoices by email so I thought nothing of opening the document. Here             sixteen years, completing over five hundred local projects. These include
                                                                                          building or improving kitchens, bathrooms, basements, additions and large
is where all the trouble began. Never open an attachment from an unknown
                                                                                          custom homes in their neighbourhood. They’ve created a niche, whereby new
sender!                                                                                   clients are able to visit local projects, and past clients welcome current clients
                                                                                          to have a look at their completed work. According to Instyle, this gives their
This malware virus sent as an attachment proceeded to lock down all of my                 business the gold seal of approval because new or prospective clients can see
Microsoft documents preventing access to all of my work. When trying to use               the quality of what they will get.
these files, I was directed to a website where I was instructed to pay to get a
code to unlock the files - supposedly making them useable again. This is the              Building on the success of past projects, Lamarche and Turino provide design
ransomeware scam. Several computers in our home network were affected                     knowledge and experience, to complete any project, big or small, on budget and
and even the remote dropbox files were overwritten by the ransomeware. Right              on time. Instyle Kitchens and Bathrooms offer a one-stop shopping experience
away we shut everything down and managed to remove the corrupted files,                   for a stress-free home renovation.
nasty malware and reinstall the Microsoft files. This attack took hours to fix and
we were lucky because I kept extra backups offline. Don’t pay ransomeware and             If you are planning a kitchen, bathroom or basement renovation, please call for a
                                                                                          free in-home consultation at 416-833-4343 or
don’t let this happen to you and your business!

Lessons learned: Keep a backup on a USB or external hard drive separate
from your computer and related networks. Use the cloud for extra backups.
Google docs, Dropbox and ICloud are some of the more popular sites to store
data. Always install software updates provided by the company designed to
protect your programs and files. If you are a small business concerned about
data protection and disaster recovery planning, there are many sites online
which help you to plan before it is too late. Being prepared for an eventual
hack is worth the time spent because recovering from an attack is rarely easy or
straightforward. If you are prepared you will be better equipped to handle the
challenges of data failure or corruption.

Village of Islington – Toronto’s Village of Murals BUSINESS LISTINGS 2017
ANIMAL CARE                                                                                              Edward Jones – investments                               4889 Dundas W, #1A      416-239-0415
Islington Village Animal Hospital                             4932 Dundas W          647-347-2299        Hendricks & Associates: Accounting, CA, Tax              4899 Dundas W           416-766-3941
Nice Digzz Pet Daycare & Grooming                             5094 Dundas W          647-867-3644        Money Bankers Inc.                                       4889a Dundas W, #7a     416-236-1636
                                                                                                         RBC Royal Bank                                           4860 Dundas W           416-239-8175
APPAREL AND ACCESSORIES                                                                                  Rc Tax Financial Inc.                                    4889a Dundas W, #7      416-247-7233
The Comeback – resale ladies clothing                         4893 Dundas W          416-231-0381        The Co-Operators,
                                                                                                         Lola Macanowicz Insurance & Financial Services           5048 Dundas W           416-234-2777
Arsenault Architect Inc.                                      5186A Dundas W         416-255-4378        FLOWERS, PARTY SUPPLIES
Edwards Builders Hardware                                     4988 Dundas W          416-231-3325        Flowers & Balloons                                       4917 Dundas W           416-234-9146
Elias Brothers Construction Co.                               4929 Dundas W          416-234-0144        Morning Flower                                           4934 Dundas W           416-239-0585
Moffet & Duncan Architects, Inc.                              5052 Dundas W          416-239-2775
R.H. Carter Architects, Inc.                                  5040 Dundas W          416-233-5583        FUNERAL DIRECTORS
                                                                                                         Turner & Porter, Butler Chapel                           4933 Dundas W           416-231-2283
Arts Etobicoke                                                4893A Dundas W         416-622-8731
Creative Village Studio
Mabelle Arts
                                                              4895 Dundas W
                                                              5005 Dundas W
                                                                                                                                          HEALTH & WELLNESS
                                                                                                         ACUPUNCTURE, ACUPRESSURE
BEAUTY & AESTHETICS: SALONS, SPAS & STUDIOS                                                              Acupuncture Clinic: Tak Lin Lai                          5140 Dundas W, #208     416-234-5502
99 Nails                                                      4942 Dundas W        647-348-5448          Dr. Y. Zheng                                             4939A Dundas W          416-580-6580
Adagio Hair Design & Spa                                      15 Summerland Tce    416-233-3773          Lily’s Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine             4894 Dundas W, #202     416-760-8688
Aesthetics by Ana, at Victor & Roberto                        4883 Dundas W        416-239-5990          Summit Natural Health Centre                             5133 Dundas W           416-236-7642
Aesthetics by Linda                                           5128 Dundas W        416-234-8322          Welcome Health – Dr. O. Makar                            4889 Dundas W, #4       416-560-0291
Arany’s European Skin Care, at Caron                          4937 Dundas W        416-237-9529          Wendy’s Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic                    4920 Dundas W, #303     416 831-8028
BSO – Beauty Supply Outlet                                    4910 Dundas W        416-231-8880
Caron Hair Salon                                              4937 Dundas W        416-231-3663          CHIROPRACTIC AND MASSAGE THERAPY
Chameleon & Papillon Esthetics                                4908 Dundas W        416-231-7589          Hands On Health Chiropractic & Massage Therapy           4939 Dundas W           416-237-0069
Dundas Hair Salon                                             5086 Dundas W        416-236-5086          Islington Village Health
Euphoria Spa                                                  4894 Dundas W, #204  416-231-8788             – Dr. S. Vicente and Dr. N. Larga                     4920 Dundas W           647-343-3136
                                                                                   647-299-3863          Luxury Body Work, C. Puebla - RMT                        4945A Dundas W          647-860-2639
Fabutan                                                       10A Burnhamthorpe Rd 416-234-8418          Massage Therapy Clinic:
First Nails                                                   4879 Dundas W        416-231-6300             – K. Breitkreuz - RMT                                 5150 Dundas W, #304 416-880-7819
Hair Unlimited                                                5144 Dundas W        416-233-4571             – L. Majesky - RMT                                    5150 Dundas W, #304 416-826-5222
Igli Salon and Spa                                            5092 Dundas W        416-354-2450          Summit Natural Health Centre                             5133 Dundas W       416-236-7642
Just Pur Wellness                                             4864 Dundas W        416-220-4885          Welcome Health
Lana’s Hair Design                                            4866 Dundas W        416-236-5535            – J. Sviatlana - RMT                                   4889 Dundas W, #4       647-991-5139
Luxury Body Work                                              4945 Dundas W        647-860-2639            – Dr. E. Noudga - chiropractor, acupuncture            4889 Dundas W, #4       416-916-4422
Nail Trendz & Psychic                                         5124 Dundas W        416-234-8989            – Dr. M. Noudga - RMT                                  4889 Dundas W, #4       416-894-6492
                                                                                   647-532-5094          Wendy’s Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic                    4920 Dundas W, #303     416-831-8028
Naturelax Spa                                                 5100 Dundas W        416-207-1688
Nu Look Medspa                                                4 Burnhamthorpe Rd   416-234-8961          COUNSELLING, PSYCHOTHERAPY & PSYCHOLOGISTS
Perfect Touch Nail & Spa                                      5116 Dundas W        416-207-0866          Kaizen Physiotherapy Group, K. Hoppler - RMT             4955 Dundas W              416-207-0404
Rosa Hair Salon & Barber Shop                                 5068A Dundas W       416-236-4163                                                                                              416-239-7667
Sense Beauty Spa                                              5170 Dundas W        437-888-3759          Mavaacs Consultants – children’s counselling               4889A Dundas W, #2 416-222-4606
The Golden Comb – for men & women                             4864 Dundas W        416-232-2943          Dr. P. McRoberts – psychologist                            4891 Dundas W, #2A 416-207-0969
The Root of Skincare                                          4953 Dundas W, #107 647-220-7082           Positive Changes – hypnosis, coaching                      4895B Dundas W (at back) 416-695-7272
The Village Salon                                             4924 Dundas W        416-234-1160          Rostyslav Shemechko Registered Psychotherapist, Life Coach 4920 Dundas W            647-866-9061
Toronto Wax                                                   4927A Dundas W       647-449-0880          Sayu Healthy Living – Dr. Pilowsky                         4905 Dundas W            647-748-7298
Twin Scissors Hair Salon                                      4976 Dundas W        416-653-6662          Toronto Psychological Services & Allied Health             4920 Dundas W, #205 416-531-0727
Victor & Roberto Hair Design Salon                            4883 Dundas W        416-239-5990
VIB Studio                                                    4959 Dundas W        416-857-5251          DENTISTS, DENTAL SURGEONS, DENTURISTS AND DENTAL LABORATORY
Zen’s Best Choice Salon                                       4886 Dundas W        647-346-0092          Dr. C. Cristea                                  16 Burnhamthorpe Rd              416-551-3351
                                                                                                         Dentistry on Dundas – Dr. Guido & Associates    5080 Dundas W                    416-239-4999
BOOK STORES                                                                                              Dr. R. Michou                                   5101 Dundas W #104               416-231-9595
Everywhere Maps and Books                                     5160 Dundas W          416-767-6277        Dr. J. E. Kennedy and Dr. J. Kennedy            5020 Dundas W                    416-239-9601
BUSINESS SERVICES                                                                                        Dr. B. Luk – Dental Surgeon                     5130A Dundas W                   416-233-7038
Circulation Solutions, Inc. – B2B tele-surveys                4920 Dundas W, #200 416-236-2459           Dr. M. A. Marcelo                               5121 Dundas W                    416-239-8300
Helium Video                                                  5048 Dundas W       416-460-9881           Islington Denture Centre – Dr. C. Iacob         5101 Dundas W, #102              416-233-7555
Star Coaching and Training                                    4953 Dundas W, #105 416-233-4189           The Dental Clinic – Dr. J. Sekoulidis           4869 Dundas W                    416-233-9581
                                                                                                         Toronto West Oral Surgery Associates            5150 Dundas W, #302              416-233-3289
CELL PHONES, COMPUTERS                                                                                   Village Dental – Dr. R. Hassanein               4931 Dundas W                    416-233-9638
JH Computer Services                                          5074 Dundas W          416-792-9132        Zajacz Dental Care & Seefuss                    4889 Dundas W, #1                416-231-8031
Mr. Cell Phone                                                5076A Dundas W         647-342-5102
Chatr Mobile                                                  4916 Dundas W          647-348-5055        DIGESTIVE HEALTH CENTRE
Freedom Mobile                                                4947 Dundas W          647-702-3722        Lassen Digestive Health Centre                           4927A Dundas W          416-829-4449

CHILD CARE, EDUCATION & TUTORING                                                                         DOCTORS: WALK-IN MEDICAL CENTRES
Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators                 4953 Dundas W, #102    416-239-1166        Dunbloor Medical Pharmacy                                5117 Dundas W           416-482-1980
Growing Tykes Learning Centre                                 5150 Dundas W          416-207-9259        Islington Medical Centre & Walk-In Clinic
Learna – tutoring                                             4943 Dundas W          416-546-7664           – Dr. R. Mohan & Associates                           4 Burnhamthorpe Rd      416-234-1987
Mavaacs Consultants – children’s counselling                  4889A Dundas W, #2     416-222-4606        Pharma-Docs Medical Centre & Walk-In Clinic
Silkatsilco Care Intl Inc – live-in caregivers                4894 Dundas W, #206    416-239-8950           – Dr. Pardis & Associates                             4972 Dundas W           416-236-7924
The Music Studio                                              6 Burnhamthorpe        416-234-9268
                                                                                                         FOOTCARE AND ORTHOTICS
CLEANERS, SHOE REPAIRS                                                                                   Wendy’s Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic                    4920 Dundas W, #303 416-831-8028
Coin Laundry                                                  5082 Dundas W          N/A                 HEARING SPECIALISTS
Royal Custom Cleaners                                         4994 Dundas W          416-231-4400
Valentina Shoe Repair & Alterations                           4901 Dundas W          416-231-6121        BRAVO! Hearing Centre                                    4920 Dundas W, #204 416-207-9711
DÉCOR, HOME IMPROVEMENTS & ART RENTAL                                                                    Diane Kent, Medical Herbalist                            4891 Dundas W, #3       647-296-4372
Arts Etobicoke                                                4893A Dundas W         416-622-8731        Lily’s Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine             4894 Dundas W, #202     416-760-8688
Edwards Builders Hardware                                     4988 Dundas W          416-231-3325        Pain Free Clinic – Dr. Y. Zheng – Chinese herbs          4939A Dundas W          416-580-6580
Proserv Plumbing & Drain Service                              5174 Dundas W          416-236-5373
La Strada Fine Espresso Machines sale & repair                5176 Dundas W          416-792-6967        Wendy’s Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic                    4920 Dundas W, #303     416-831-8028
Smithwood Floors c/o                                          5090 Dundas W          416-410-4140        HOMEOPATHY
Urban Cabinetry                                               5160 Dundas W          416-640-0120        Healthy Garden & Homeopathy                              4945B Dundas W          416-237-9269
Village Paint – Benjamin Moore Paint, Hunter Douglas blinds   4949 Dundas W          416-231-2831
                                                                                                         HOME HEALTHCARE
EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES                                                                                      The Seniors Store Mobility Equipment                     4974 Dundas W           416-231-1300
Alfa Job Agency                                               4990 Dundas W          647-351-2532
Labour Ready – for construction trades                        5132 Dundas W          416-253-4434        HYPNOTHERAPY
                                                                                                         Positive Changes                                         4895B Dundas W          416-695-7272
ACG Accounting Consultant Group                               4889A Dundas W, #6     416-234-8383        NATUROPATHS
Assante Financial Management Ltd                              4884 Dundas W, #200    416-236-1087        Academy Health Centre
Associated Accountants                                        4889A Dundas W, #3B    647-932-0905          – Dr. K. Caria and Dr. P. Gabryl                       4984 Dundas W           416-234-1451
BN Accounting & Consulting Services                           5140 Dundas W, #209B   416-857-3674        Summit Natural Health Centre
BCO Wealth Management                                         4953 Dundas W, #106    416-233-5303          – Dr. J. McKenzie, Naturopath                          5133 Dundas W           416-236-7642
CIBC                                                          4914 Dundas W          416-231-2850        Welcome Health
Dominion Lending Centres – mortgages                          5110 Dundas W          416-207-0699          – Dr. L. Gerus, ND Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine     4889 Dundas W, #4       647-669-8047

OSTEOPATHIC PRACTITIONER                                                                            DELIS, SUBS & SANDWICHES
J. Izzard, Bsc. – Osteopathic Practitioner               4891 Dundas W, #7   647-271-6908           Ali Baba's                                          4928 Dundas W          416-690-1026
Royal York Massage Therapy & Osteopathy                  4887 Dundas W       416-234-1707           Galata Cafe                                         5122 Dundas W          647-351-4888
Wendy’s Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic                    4920 Dundas W, #303 416-831-8028           Espresso Bakery & Deli – eat-in, take-out           4980 Dundas W          416-236-3183
                                                                                                    Miss Natalie's Tropical Cuisine                     5118 Dundas W          416-260-9444
PHARMACIES                                                                                          Subway                                              4927 Dundas W          647-344-8368
Dunbloor Medical Pharmacy                                5117 Dundas W          416-482-1980
Pharma Plus                                              4890 Dundas W          416-239-4567        FINE DINING
Pharma-Docs                                              4972 Dundas W          416-233-0404        Anatolia – Turkish cuisine                          5112 Dundas W          416-207-0596
Remedy’s Al-Shafa Pharmacy                               4922 Dundas W          416-239-8127        Cirillo’s Culinary Academy                          4894 Dundas W          647-430-8795
PHYSIOTHERAPY                                                                                       favolosi ristorante                                 4900 Dundas W          416-232-2250
Dr. P. McRoberts                                         4891 Dundas W       416-207-0969           Mai Bistro                                          4906 Dundas W          647-343-3130
Kaizen Physiotherapy Group                               4955 Dundas W       416-207-0404           Village Trattoria – Fine Italian cuisine            4903 Dundas W          416-236-2609
The Best Physiotherapy & Rehab Clinic                    4920 Dundas W, #200 416-231-2011           FISH & CHIPS
SHIATSU, CHINESE FOOT MASSAGE, AROMATHERAPY                                                         John’s Fish ‘n’ Chips                               5090 Dundas W          416-231-3474
Elite Health Spa                                         5178 Dundas W          416-207-9800        PIZZA
TaiJi Health Centre                                      4864B Dundas W         416-231-3288        2-4-1 Pizza                                         4909 Dundas W          416-241-0241
SPEECH LANGUAGE PATHOLOGISTS                                                                        Mamma’s Pizza                                       4986 Dundas W          416-231-4545
Encouraging Expression                                   4947A Dundas W         416-239-2030
                                                                                                    PUB FARE
VISION                                                                                              6th Street Gastro Pub                               4923 Dundas W          647-348-6612
Balance – for blind adults                               4920 Dundas W, #302 416-236-1796           Beer N Wings                                        5164 Dundas W          416-236-2627
                                                                                                    Fox and Fiddle, Precinct                            4946 Dundas W          416-207-9990
                                                                                                    St. James Gate Irish Pub                            5140 Dundas W          647-350-5140
                                                                                                    Tessie McDaids Irish Pub                            5078 Dundas W          416-207-1111
Academy of Math & English                                5101 Dundas W          416-242-9410        SUSHI BARS / JAPANESE & KOREAN CUISINE
Cirillo’s Culinary Academy                               4894 Dundas W          647-430-8795        Cho Dang Soon Tofu                                  5130B Dundas W         416-234-1161
Growing Tykes Learning Centre                            5150 Dundas W          416-575-3044        Gohyang Korean Restaurant                           5096 Dundas W          416-231-6660
Learna-Islington Education Centre                        4943 Dundas W          416-546-7664        I Love Sushi – all you can eat Japanese             4944 Dundas W          416-236-5400
Star Business Coaching & Training                        4953 Dundas W, #105    416-233-4189        Insadong Korean Restaurant                          4941 Dundas W          416-746-0777
Sunburst Yoga                                            5128 Dundas W          647-544-3340        Hikari sushi                                        4925 Dundas W          647-343-7838
Supperworks Meal Preparation                             4868 Dundas W          416-354-2220        Sushi Osaka                                         5084 Dundas W          416-233-2727
The Music Studio                                         6 Burnhamthorpe Rd     416-234-9268        Toji Sushi                                          5088 Dundas W          647-348-8654

IMMIGRATION SERVICES                                                                                TAKE-OUT
Immigration Partners International                       4920 Dundas W, #206 416-232-9339           Ah So – “Sushi to go” at Rabba’s                    4869 Dundas W          416-234-0609
                                                                                                    Ali Baba's                                          4928 Dundas W          416-690-1026
INSURANCE                                                                                           Chinese Food Gallery                                5138 Dundas W          416-236-3838
Brian McGowan Insurance Brokers Inc.                     4894 Dundas W, #200 416-236-8282           Churros & Fries – at Neighbours Fine Foods          4917 Dundas W          416-234-9146
Horizon Insurance Brokers Ltd.                           4941 Dundas W       416-239-2988           Galata Cafe                                         5122 Dundas W          647-351-4888
The Co-Operators,                                                                                   Medium Rare                                         10 Burnamthorpe Rd     416-231-1500
Lola Macanowicz Insurance & Financial Services           5048 Dundas W          416-234-2777        Miss Natalie's Tropical Cuisine                     5118 Dundas W          416-260-9444
                                                                                                    Tasty Market & Falafel                              4922 Dundas W          416-207-0001
D’Avella, Anthony – Barrister & Solicitor                4920 Dundas W, #306    416-234-2198
Dhaliwal & Dhaliwal LLP - Barristers & Solicitors        4953 Dundas W, #106    647-928-8506
Direct Action Legal Services                             5142 Dundas W          416-503-9393        SALES & MARKETING
Heakes Housley Law Office                                5150 Dundas W          416-249-2237        Aldert Chemicals Ltd.                               4889 Dundas W, #5   416-236-4222
Kns Legal Services                                       4891 Dundas W          647-341-8666        Heinemann Electric / D.T. Shaw Co. Ltd.             5150 Dundas W, #306 416-231-2706
Medhekar, Archana – Barrister & Solicitor                4889 Dundas W, #2      416-977-4204        Mock Marketing & Sales                              4953 Dundas W, #101 416-234-2790
Miroutenko, Oksana – Barrister & Solicitor               4920 Dundas W, #305    416-234-9555
Pratt, Thomas W.G. – Barrister & Solicitor               4889A Dundas W, #4     416-239-6811        SENIORS LIVING
Schneider, Manfred S. – Barrister & Solicitor            4920 Dundas W, #301    416-233-3232        TAPESTRY AT VILLAGE GATE WEST                       15 Summerland Tce      416-777-2911
Sultan, Mak – Barrister & Solicitor                      4891 Dundas W, #1      416-237-1984        The Seniors Store                                   4974 Dundas W          416-231-1300
Tyron Crawford, Lawyer & Notary                          4945 Dundas W          416-760-8118
PHOTOGRAPHY                                                                                         True North Hockey Canada – adult league             4920 Dundas W, #304 416-231-8642
Helium Video                                             5048 Dundas W       416-460-9881           Sunburst Yoga                                       5128 Dundas W       647-544-3340
MKG Photography                                          4953 Dundas W, #104 905-609-2030
                                                                                                    TAXIS, TRANSPORT
PHOTOCOPIES, PRINTING                                                                               Etobicoke Taxi                                      4891 Dundas W, #1A     416-252-7777
Reprodux                                                 5050A Dundas W         416-231-9203
The Printing House                                       5120 Dundas W          416-231-3303        TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS
                                                                                                    A2Z Translation and Interpretation Services Corp.   4945A Dundas W      416-847-0102
PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS                                                                               The Interpreters’ Group Inc.                        4946 Dundas W, #200 416-233-8280
Venturex Field Services                                  4891 Dundas W, #6      416-253-1713
PLUMBERS                                                                                            Active Journeys Inc. (backpacking & biking)         4891 Dundas W, #4      416-236-5011
Proserv Plumbing & Drain Service                         5174 Dundas W          416-236-5373
REAL ESTATE                                                                                         VACUUM CLEANERS
Royal LePage West                                        5110 Dundas W          416-233-6276        Etobicoke Service Centre – vacuum cleaners          5114 Dundas W          416-231-3056

Emimax Holdings Inc.                                     4879 - 4901 Dundas W   905-278-3998                                       COMMUNITY LISTINGS
Islington Village Mall                                   4916 - 4946 Dundas W   647-710-2171
Links Living Properties / Stan Collini                   4912 Dundas W          416-503-4444        CHURCHES
Maxemum Property Management                              4937 - 4959 Dundas W   905-278-3998        Anglican: St. George’s on-the-Hill                  4600 Dundas St. W      416-239-2341
Office Rentals                                           5150 Dundas W          416-575-3044        Catholic: Our Lady of Peace                         3914 Bloor St. W       416-239-1259
Studio West                                              4889B Dundas W                             First Church of Christ, Scientist, Etobicoke        4480 Eglinton Ave W    416-236-4816
TAPESTRY, VILLAGE GATE WEST                              15 Summerland Tce      416-777-2911        Iglesia Ni Cristo                                   310 Burnhamthorpe Rd   416-231-6006
The Kip District Condo Sales Office                      5143 Dundas W          416-207-1919        Islington Baptist Church                            50 Royalavon Cr        416-236-8801
Village Gate West Rental Office                          11 Dunbloor            416-239-0008        Islington United Church                             25 Burnhamthorpe Rd    416-239-1131
Village of Islington Business Excellence Centre (VIBE)   5048 Dundas W          416-234-8423        Jehovah’s Witnesses                                 423 Burnhamthorpe Rd   416-622-6859
                                                                                                    Mount Sinai Presbyterian Church                     50 Royalavon Cr        416-767-7985
                                                                                                    Olivet Church of the New Jerusalem                  279 Burnhamthorpe Rd   416-239-3054
    RESTAURANTS, COFFEE SHOPS, PUBS & BISTROS                                                       Presbyterian: St. Andrew’s Islington                3819 Bloor St. W       416-233-9800
                                                                                                    RC Parish of the Resurrection (Lithuanian)          1 Resurrection Rd      416-533-0621
BAKERIES, DELIS, MARKETS – FOOD & CONVENIENCE STORES                                                Toronto Light and Salt (Korean) Church              910 Islington Ave      647-272-0191
A.F. Home Bakery                                 5168 Dundas W                  647-430-3611
Ali Baba's                                       4928 Dundas W                  416-690-1026        COMMUNITY GROUPS, CLUBS & SERVICES
Dairy Milk Convenience Store                     5066 Dundas W                  416-239-9706        Arts Etobicoke                                      4893A Dundas W      416-622-8731
Espresso Bakery & Deli                           4980 Dundas W                  416-236-3183        Creative Village Studio                             4895 Dundas W       647-351-4362
European Patisserie – custom cakes & desserts    5072 Dundas W                  416-783-9377        Etobicoke Historical Society                                            416-621-6006
Lucky Buck Plus – dollar convenience store       4909 Dundas W                  416-236-2702        Etobicoke Horticultural Society Marta Krywonis                          416-695-9514
Miss Natalie's Tropical Cuisine                  5118 Dundas W                  416-260-9444        Etobicoke Humane Society                            1500 Royal York Rd  416-249-6100
Medium Rare                                      10 Burnamthorpe Rd             416-231-1500        Etobicoke Lawn Bowling                              1313 Islington      416-239-5315
Neighbours Fine Foods                            4917 Dundas W                  416-234-9146        Humber River Shakespeare Co                                             416-209-2026
Rabba Fine Foods                                 4869 Dundas W                  416-234-0609        Islington Residents and Ratepayers Carolyn McGee                        416-233-7468
Tasty Market & Falafel                           4922 Dundas W                  416-207-0001        Islington Seniors’ Centre                           4968 Dundas W       416-231-3431
Traditional Korean Bakery                        4992 Dundas W                  416-233-8883        Mabelle Arts                                        5005 Dundas W       647-989-0807
                                                                                                    Royal Astronomical Society of Canada                4920 Dundas W, #203 416-924-7973
COFFEE SHOPS & TEA ROOMS                                                                            Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #210                  110 Jutland         416-231-2021
European Patisserie – custom cakes & desserts            5072 Dundas W          416-783-9377        Montgomery’s Inn and Farmers’ Market                4709 Dundas W       416-394-8113
Joe’s Pastizzi Plus                                      5070 Dundas W          416-233-9063
Montgomery’s Inn Tea Room                                4709 Dundas W          416-394-8113
Second Cup                                               4850 Dundas W          416-232-2224


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