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ITALIAN 20192019 - The European Bookshop
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ITALIAN 20192019 - The European Bookshop

                                                     Ages 11-18
                                                                                                        ALMA EDIZIONI
                                                                                                          A course for 16-19
                                                     Espresso Ragazzi                                   year olds who are
                                                     ALMA EDIZIONI                                      learning Italian as a
                                                                                                        second language in an
                                                       Clear, modern and packed with engaging
                                                     content for secondary school students! The
                                                                                                        context. This course
                                                     youth-oriented topics include: friends, school,
                                                                                                        has been designed
                                                     family and free time. A key component of
                                                                                                        primarily for students attending secondary
                                                     the first two levels is the videocorso: a series
                                                                                                        school in Italy (secondo biennio e l'ultimo anno
                                                     following the lives of four young friends. The
 Classroom                                           videos are supported by a videogrammatica
                                                     and videoquiz to aid comprehension and
                                                                                                        della scuola secondaria di secondo grado) and
                                                                                                        focuses on developing their comprehension of

 courses                                             build on vocabulary and language skills.
                                                     The student's books contain: a dedicated
                                                                                                        authentic Italian texts. The course is centred
                                                                                                        around written and audio-visual texts that
                                                                                                        are interesting and diverse, aiming not only
                                                     workbook section with answer key, revision
Ages 5+                                              tests, audio CD and a glossary for each unit
                                                                                                        to develop students’ communicative skills
                                                                                                        in Italian but also to complement their wider
                                                     which can be filled in by the student. Video
Piccolo e forte!                                     materials on DVD are included for the first two
                                                                                                        cross-curricular and social education.
                                                                                                        034701 Libro + Mp3 e video online 1 £16.75
  Volume A (for 4-6 yr olds) provides a first                                                           034730 Guida in PDF 1       Free download
                                                     037600 Libro studente + CD + DVD 1 £17.95
point of contact with spoken Italian. Volume         037601 Guida in PDF 1       Free download          B2
B (for 5-7 year olds) helps children begin to                                                           034756 Libro + Mp3 e video online 2 £16.75
write in Italian as well as developing their                                                            034757 Guida in PDF 2       Free download
                                                     038555 Libro studente + CD + DVD 2 £18.95
oral skills. Inspired by a close analysis of the
                                                     038556 Guida in PDF 2       Free download          B2+ (Due to be published April 2019)
cognitive and communicative development                                                                 034758 Libro + MP3 e video online 3 £16.75
of young children, the motivating recreational                                                          034764 Guida in PDF         Free download
                                                     038557 Libro studente + CD 3        £18.95
approach is centred on songs, games and
                                                     038560 Guida in PDF 3       Free download
creative activities to maximise enjoyment and
enhance the natural learning process. Perfectly
designed to precede Forte!, the popular              Passaggi
course for 7-11 year olds, Piccolo e forte!          ALMA EDIZIONI                                      Al dente
follows the same structure and introduces the                                                           CASA DELLE LINGUE
same characters: Paula, Edmund, Hamid and              A course for 14-16
Simone (they’re just a little smaller!).             year olds who are                                    This modern, dynamic
                                                     learning Italian as                                course offers motivating
                                                     a second language                                  topics and activities
039953 Volume A + CD audio               £15.75
                                                     in an international/                               to encourage interest,
039955 Volume B + CD audio               £15.95
                                                     bilingual context.                                 participation and
039951 Guida per l’insegnante A+B         £9.40
                                                     This course has                                    interaction. It focusses particulary
                                                     been designed                                      on vocabulary and the development of
Giochiamo con Forte!                                 primarily for students attending secondary         communication skills. Additional cultural
EDILINGUA                                            school in Italy (terzo anno della scuola           resources and activities are provided in each
                                                     secondaria di primo grado e il primo biennio       book on a variety of topics: art, history, famous
  A boxed game kit containing over 50 games                                                             people, geography, the Made in Italy industry.
                                                     della scuola secondaria di secondo grado) and
and activities for 4-11 year olds learning Italian                                                        Supplementary resources in English
                                                     focuses on developing their comprehension of
(CEFR Pre A1-A2). The kit contains 900 cards                                                            for levels A1 and A2 are now available to
                                                     authentic Italian texts. The course is centred
and flashcards, an instruction booklet, 2 game                                                          download for free in PDF format including:
                                                     around written and audio-visual texts that
boards (Gioco dell’Oca), 10 counters, 2 dice                                                            translations of the coursebook instructions,
                                                     are interesting and diverse, aiming not only
and 4 educational posters. The kit offers a                                                             the complete grammar sections and Italian-
                                                     to develop students’ communicative skills
variety of games for playing in the classroom                                                           English glossaries.
                                                     but also to strengthen collaboration between
and in an open space, including traditional
                                                     students and to complement their general           A1
Italian games. The games are inspired by and
                                                     cross-curricular education.                        034672 Libro + Esercizi + CD + DVD 1 £23.95
complement the children’s courses Piccolo e
                                                     A2+/B1                                             034674 Guida dell’insegnante 1       £18.75
forte! for 4-7 year olds and Forte! for 7-11 year                                                       034676 Libro digitale (USB) 1        £42.95+
olds; on the back of each flashcard you will         034681 Libro + MP3 e video online   £13.75
                                                     034698 Guida in PDF         Free download          A2
find a reference to the relevant coursebook
                                                     B1                                                 038910 Libro + Esercizi + CD + DVD 2 £23.95
and unit.
                                                     034687 Libro + MP3 e video online   £13.75         039008 Guida per l’insegnante 2      £18.75
Beginners                                                                                               038911 Libro digitale (USB) 2        £42.95+
                                                     034698 Guida in PDF         Free download
039971 Giochiamo con Forte! Kit          £52.00+
                                                     B1+ (Due to be published April 2019)               B1
                                                     034715 Libro + MP3 e video online    £13.75        035657 Libro + Esercizi + CD + DVD 3 £23.95
                                                     034766 Guida in PDF         Free download          035660 Guida per l’insegnante 3      £18.75
                                                                                                        035671 Libro digitale (USB)          £42.95+
                                                                                                        035674 Libro + Esercizi + CD + DVD 4 £23.95

                                         w w w . italianbookshop. c o . u k
ITALIAN 20192019 - The European Bookshop
                                                   ELI PUBLISHING
                                                     An engaging course for young adults which
                                                   adopts a flexible communicative approach,
                                                   providing students with a solid grounding in
                                                   both the language and culture of Italy. Packed
                                                   full of vibrant images, varied exercises, and
                                                   with a strong focus on practical everyday
                                                   usage, the structure facilitates smooth and
                                                   clear progression in all four linguistic skills,
Il Nuovo Affresco                                  while the content supports both grammatical        Bravissimo!
Italiano                                           and intercultural reflection. The integrated       CASA DELLE LINGUE
                                                   workbook offers                                      An innovative task-based approach
                                                   substantial                                        encourages students to become active
  A comprehensive course based on practical        opportunity for                                    protagonists in their own learning. The
and effective language use. This revised           practice and                                       course is modern and stylish, and designed
edition boasts updated content and a richer        consolidation of                                   to generate quick progression in language
offering of exercises and activities. Close        each unit, with extra                              skills. It offers authentic texts, vibrant images
attention to vocabulary and grammar rules          pages dedicated to                                 and illustrations together with rich and varied
is coupled with more communicative tasks           Italian culture and                                cultural content. Each volume presents 8 units
dedicated to developing the four key skills.       also to preparing                                  of lessons and exercises, leading to 8 group
The course benefits from a well-defined            for the CELI,                                      project tasks. Dedicated sections for self-
structure and provides clear and gradual           CILS and PLIDA                                     evaluation are also provided throughout.
progression in both language and grammar.          examinations.
The student's books include an integrated                                                             A1
                                                    See also p.7: Bellissimo! Edizione compatta       048190   Libro dello studente + CD 1 £22.95
workbook, glossary and audio CD. A new
                                                   A1                                                 048402   Quaderno degli esercizi 1      £9.40
feature of this edition is the digital aspect of
                                                   037102 Libro + eserciziario + CD 1 £21.95          048450   Workbook 1 - bilingual edition £9.40
the course: each volume comes with access
                                                   037104 Guida insegnante + CD (2) 1 £17.50          048737   Guida pedagogica CDROM 1 £25.50+
to a range of interactive activities enabled                                                          048784   Lessico e grammatica 1         £9.40
                                                   037108 Libro digitale (CD-ROM) 1   £54.00+
with auto-correction as well as a bank of                                                             048775   Prove di verifica 1            £9.40
vocabulary flashcards.                             A2
                                                                                                      049010   DVD + CD-ROM 1                £28.50+
                                                   037110 Libro + eserciziario + CD 2 £21.95
A1                                                                                                    048427   Libro digitale (USB) 1        £43.75+
                                                   037111 Guida insegnante + CD (2) 2 £17.50
039037 Manuale + quaderno + CD          £32.75     037112 Libro digitale (CD-ROM) 2   £54.00+         A2
039038 Guida per l’insegnante            £9.95                                                        048458   Libro dello studente + CD 2 £22.95
A2                                                                                                    048824   Quaderno degli esercizi 2      £9.40
                                                   037113 Libro + eserciziario + CD 3 £21.95
039039 Manuale + quaderno + CD          £32.75                                                        049125   Workbook 2 - bilingual edition £9.40
                                                   037114 Guida insegnante + CD (2) 3 £17.50          048825   Guida pedagogica CDROM 2 £25.50+
039040 Guida per l’insegnante            £9.95
                                                   037115 Libro digitale (CD-ROM) 3   £54.00+
                                                                                                      048793   Lessico e grammatica 2         £9.40
                                                   B2-C1 (Due to be published March 2019)             048979   Prove di verifica 2            £9.40
039100 Manuale + quaderno + CD          £32.75
                                                   037354 Libro + eserciziario + CD   £21.95          048980   DVD + CD-ROM 2                £26.75+
039146 Guida per l’insegnante           £10.95
                                                   037355 Guida insegnante + CD (2)   £17.95          048992   Libro digitale (USB) 2        £43.75+
B2 (Due to be published September 2019)            037359 Libro digitale (CD-ROM)     £54.00+
                                                                                                      048974   Libro dello studente + CD 3    £22.95
Il Balboni                                         Italiano plus                                      048975
                                                                                                               Quaderno degli esercizi 3
                                                                                                               Guida pedagogica CDROM 3
BONACCI                                            BONACCI                                            049120   Lessico e grammatica 3          £9.40
  From a leading voice in the field of MFL           "Imparare l'italiano per studiare in italiano"   048977   Prove di verifica 3             £9.40
teaching and research comes this effective         This two-volume course for university students     048978   DVD + CD-ROM 3                 £26.75+
communicative course, blending tried-              has been developed following research by the       049124   Libro digitale (USB) 3         £43.75+
and-tested methodology with modern                 Foreign Language Teaching Laboratory at the        B2
innovation. Short inductive lessons favour oral    University of Parma. An initial focus on basic     048786   Libro dello studente + CD 4    £22.95
comprehension and lexical development. This        skills and everyday communication is followed      048791   Quaderno degli esercizi 4       £9.40
is coupled with a more traditional structure       by a gradual introduction to contextual            049121   Lessico e grammatica 4          £9.40
of comprehension, analysis and summary                                                                049123   Prove di verifica 4             £9.40
                                                   language and communicative skills that are
                                                                                                      049161   Libro digitale (USB) 4         £43.75+
which reflects the natural process of learning a   more directly related to university life and
language. Each unit offers at least one section    academic study. The course takes beginners
dedicated to Italian culture and society plus      to an upper intermediate level of competency
a range of revision exercises. Supplementary       in Italian. Each volume includes online access
worksheets, teacher's guide, audio and             to extra materials, multilingual glossaries and
transcripts are available online free-of-charge.   the MP3 audio for the course.
037233 Volume A1                       £18.95      A1-A2
 Instructions and explanations are printed in      037052 Volume 1                         £21.95
 both Italian and English in Volume A1 only.       A2-B1/B2
037234 Volume A2                       £18.95      037054 Volume 2                         £21.95
037236 Volume B1                       £18.95
037237 Volume B2                       £18.95

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ITALIAN 20192019 - The European Bookshop
LS                                                                                                   Nuovo Espresso
BONACCI                                                                                              ALMA EDIZIONI
  Bring Italian to life through interaction with                                                       This best-selling course offers a complete
social tools, audiovisual resources and the                                                          course from beginners to advanced level.
latest multimedia! Students will build real-life                                                     Multimedia plays a key role in this course:
experiences with the language and culture,                                                           the first three levels feature an integrated
developing a truly communicative command                                                             video series that follows the loves and lives
of Italian that can be applied in a variety of                                                       of four friends, dealing with everything
contexts, both in Italy and around the world.                                                        from the day-to-day to the exciting and
  Features: a gradual and integrative                                                                unexpected. The episodes are supported
development of key skills; focus on texts and                                                        by La videogrammatica which develops
vocabulary; grammar in context, with the                                                             linguistic arguments and expands students'
text as a starting point; versatile structure
in sections; cultural reflection on Italy today
                                                    Nuovo Contatto                                   understanding of grammatical structures,
                                                                                                     expressions and idioms present in the video. A
with a view to developing intercultural skills;                                                      cultural section, caffè culturale, enriches each
digital materials, audiovisual support plus           A complete course of language and culture      unit with interesting texts and extra information
opportunities to implement social networking        for beginners to advanced level students.        about Italy and Italian society.
in order to develop genuine communicative           The second edition of a successful course,
competence based on experiences, even               updated and enriched with new units featuring    033025 Libro studente + DVD-ROM 1 £33.95
beyond the classroom.                               cultural dossiers, improved exercises and        033026 Libro studente 1           £22.50
                                                    engaging audio-visual content. The course        035027 Esercizi supplementari 1   £12.75
031243 Volume A1                         £25.95     takes a well-rounded pragmatic approach
                                                                                                     033027   CD audio 1                       £13.95+
                                                    that quickly develops communicative skills       036942   Guida in PDF 1          Free download
                                                    and grammatical knowledge, with a keen           035033   Grammatica A1-B1                 £13.75
031252 Volume A2                         £25.95
                                                    focus on vocabulary. Further exercises and       034297   Attività e giochi per la classe 1 e 2
                                                    a comprehensive grammar appendix are                                                       £22.50
                                                    provided. Each volume is supported by a                                     Supplementary
                                                    wealth of online resources including teacher's                              activities and games
                                                    guides, activities and videos. Audio tracks,                                for beginners and
                                                    transcripts, glossaries and answer keys can be                              near beginners,
                                                    accessed online.*                                                           CEFR levels A1-
                                                    *The audio and videos for level C1 are                                      A2. This volume
                                                    provided on the accompanying discs.                                         offers a variety of
                                                    A1                                                                          alternative and
                                                    035956 Volume A1 + A2                                                       motivating activities
                                                           (Manuale + Eserciziario)      £42.50                                 to use in the
New Italian Espresso                                032023 Volume A1
                                                           (Manuale + Eserciziario)      £23.95
                                                                                                      classroom, allowing students to practise
                                                                                                      and experiment with language structures
ALMA EDIZIONI                                       035685 Manuale A1                    £15.95       and vocabulary. It contains photocopiable
  A course for English speakers, particularly       035688 Eserciziario A1                £7.15       materials and cut-outs. Activities include:
suitable for schools and universities.              A2                                                card games, board games, dominoes, bingo,
This revised edition offers a vast range of         033507 Volume A2                                  puzzles, crosswords, plus communicative
multimedia resources to aid and invigorate                 (Manuale + Eserciziario)      £28.75       activities centred on oral and written
the language-learning experience. New               035699 Manuale A2                    £17.95       production and role-play exercises.
texts, activities and updated exercises have        035796 Eserciziario A2                £9.35
revitalised the original course, whilst retaining   B1
                                                                                                     033029   Libro studente + DVD-ROM 2 £34.95
its popular format and methodology. The             035956 Volume B1 + B2
                                                                                                     033031   Libro studente 2            £22.95
easy-to-use layout features helpful grammar                (Manuale + Eserciziario)      £61.00
                                                                                                     035028   Esercizi supplementari 2    £12.95
boxes and lexical notes, as well as links to        037209 Volume B1
                                                                                                     033032   CD audio 2                  £12.95+
                                                           (Manuale + Eserciziario)      £32.95
the comprehensive workbook. Each lesson is                                                           036944   Guida in PDF 2       Free download
                                                    035802 Manuale B1                    £19.50
supported by its own Italian-English glossary                                                        B1
                                                    035810 Eserciziario B1               £10.95
and sections dedicated to Italian culture                                                            033033   Libro studente + DVD-ROM 3 £34.95
and grammar. A sitcom-style video series is         B2                                               033040   Libro studente 3            £22.95
                                                    035815 Volume B2                                 033041   CD audio 3                  £12.95+
integrated into the course, which follows the
                                                           (Manuale + Eserciziario)      £33.50      036946   Guida in PDF 3      Free download
daily lives of four friends. Each episode can be
                                                    035819 Manuale B2                    £21.95      B2
watched either with or without Italian subtitles                                                     035038   Libro studente + CD audio 4 £28.95
                                                    035822 Eserciziario B2               £11.95
and is complete with activities.                                                                     035098   Guida in PDF 4       Free download
A1-A2                                                                                                C1
                                                    033457 Volume C1
031553 Textbook + DVD-ROM 1      £43.95                                                              035072   Libro studente + CD audio 5 £29.75
                                                           (Manuale + Eserciziario)    £35.95
031554 Workbook 1                £18.95                                                              035099   Guida in PDF 5       Free download
                                                    030497 Volume C1 (Manuale + Eserciziario) +
103998 Guide in PDF 1    Free download                     DVD-ROM + CD-ROM            £39.95        C2 (Due to be published April 2019)
A2-B1                                               035826 Manuale C1                  £23.95        033034 Libro studente + CD audio 6 £29.75
031556 Textbook + online MP3 audio and              035828 Eserciziario C1             £11.95        033048 Guida in PDF 6       Free download
       video 2                     £46.95           033450 Guida per l’insegnante C1     £6.00
031559 Workbook 2                  £19.95
031552 Guide in PDF 2      Free download

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ITALIAN 20192019 - The European Bookshop
                                                     Un nuovo giorno in                                   Pari e dispari
                                                     Italia                                               LOESCHER

                                                     BONACCI                                                This course is designed
                                                                                                          for mixed ability classes.
                                                        A light communicative course with an
                                                                                                          Structured in 4 short
                                                     original narrative structure. Completely
                                                                                                          volumes from pre-A1
                                                     updated in terms of content and design, this
                                                                                                          level to B1, it focuses
                                                     new edition is clear, engaging and easy to
                                                                                                          on cooperative learning
                                                     use. Students are introduced to the language
                                                                                                          through a pragmatic-
Nuovissimo Progetto                                  in context as well as to contemporary Italian
                                                     culture by following the story of a train journey.
                                                                                                          communicative approach and the use of
italiano                                             Stopping at various locations throughout Italy,
                                                                                                          multi-level activities. The course comes with
                                                                                                          free online access to audio tracks in MP3
EDILINGUA                                            each unit is well-structured and focuses on a
                                                                                                          format, the teacher’s guide and solutions to
  A fully revised, updated and improved edition      set of practical communicative functions. Rich
                                                                                                          the exercises. It is also supported by a wealth
of the bestselling language and culture course,      illustrations accompany a variety of motivating
                                                                                                          of complimentary multimedia resources on the
Nuovo Progetto italiano.                             exercises with dedicated grammar sections
                                                                                                          publisher’s website including activities, games
  This new edition maintains the original            at the beginning of each unit. Each book
                                                                                                          and videos.
structure and philosophy, still encouraging          offers free online access to the audio tracks,
                                                     teacher's notes, solutions to the exercises,         032662 Volume pre-A1                    £9.95
quick progression, while offering a more
                                                     tests, plus further activities and multimedia        032646 Volume A1                       £11.95
pleasant, less-intensive course which is                                                                  032640 Volume B1                       £12.95
balanced between communicative elements              resources including a digital version of the
                                                     student's book.                                      Volume A2 due to be published 2019.
and grammar. Recurring characters provide
greater consistency between each unit, while         039102   Volume A1                     £18.50
the activities are now more inductive and
engaging, with shorter, more spontaneous and
                                                              Volume A2
                                                              Volume B1
                                                                                                          Spazio Italia
                                                     039249   Volume B2                        TBA        LOESCHER
natural dialogues. Brand-new videos (including
                                                              (Due to be published April 2019)              An enjoyable course with a strong focus on
new episodes, quizzes, actors, locations and
texts) are better integrated into the course                                                              gaining competency in the spoken language.
book, complementing the dialogues, with                                                                   It enables students to quickly and confidently
revised audio tracks recorded by professional                                                             interact with native speakers in a variety
actors. The cultural sections are modern,                                                                 of contexts and is supported by authentic
concise and inviting, while the vocabulary has                                                            videos, audio tracks and online resources.
been carefully revised and follows a spiral                                                               Each volume comprises 10 units, glossary
approach through the textbook and workbook.                                                               and 2 tests. An easy reader style story is also
Particularly complex grammar tables have                                                                  included for levels A1 and A2. The course
been simplifed to aid understanding or moved                                                              presents vocabulary, grammar and Italian
to a new dedicated section of further study.                                                              culture in a clear and practical way and is
Boasting a variety of exercises, a fun new                                                                available either with or without DVD-ROM. The
activity to conclude each unit, in addition to       UniversItalia 2.0                                    DVD-ROM provides 10 cultural videos and an
new online games and a Gioco di società,             ALMA EDIZIONI                                        extra 100 activities to practise and consolidate
Nuovissimo Progetto makes language pratice                                                                various skills including speaking, grammar
                                                       This course for university students is             and vocabulary. It also provides an interactive
and revision more entertaining than ever.
                                                     centred on quick progression. Completely             version of the book with integrated multimedia.
 The course will be available in three levels:       revised and up-to-date, UniversItalia 2.0 takes
Level 1 Beginners (CEFR A1-A2),                                                                           A1
                                                     students rapidly from beginner’s level to an
                                                                                                          033378 Manuale + Eserciziario 1     £23.75
Level 2 Intermediate (CEFR B1-B2),                   upper intermediate level of Italian in just two
                                                                                                          030156 Manuale + Eserciziario 1 + DVD-ROM
Level 3 Advanced (CEFR B2-C1).                       volumes, covering A1-B2 of the CEFR. The                                                 £28.50
  An optional split edition will also be available   course is suitable for those studying Italian as     033384 Guida per l'insegnante 1      £7.30
for levels 1 and 2, dividing each one into two       a foreign language both in Italy and abroad,         030160 CD Audio per la classe 1      £7.90+
separate volumes with integrated workbook:           whether studying the language as a major
Level 1a (CEFR A1) and Level 1b (CEFR A2),           degree, as an optional course alongside              033387 Manuale + Eserciziario 2     £23.75
Level 2a (CEFR B1) and Level 2b (CEFR B2).           another subject, or as part of the ERASMUS           033611 Manuale + Eserciziario 2 + DVD-ROM
		                                Prices TBA         scheme. The pace and structure enable                                                    £28.95
                                                     students to communicate effectively within a         033804 Guida per l'insegnante 2      £7.20
A1-A2 (Due to be published April 2019)
                                                     short space of time, preparing them well for         033577 CD Audio per la classe 2      £7.90+
031800 Libro dello studente + DVD 1
031801 Quaderno degli esercizi + CD 1                everyday situations, examinations as well as         B1
031802 Edizione per insegnanti.                      potential periods of study or work placements        033215 Manuale + Eserciziario 3     £23.75
       Libro dello studente + DVD 1                  in Italy. Additional materials including practice    033214 Manuale + Eserciziario 3 + DVD-ROM
031803 Edizione per insegnanti.                      tests are in preparation and will be available to                                        £27.95
       Quaderno + CD 1                               download from a dedicated website.                   033117 Guida per l'insegnante 3      £7.20
031804 Guida didattica 1                                                                                  033118 CD MP3 per la classe 3        £7.90+
031805 Gioco di società 1                                                                                 B2
                                                     034710   Libro e esercizi + CD (2) 1   £28.75
A1 (Due to be published May 2019)                    034712   Guida in PDF 1         Free download        035932 Manuale + Eserciziario 4     £22.75
031806 Libro & Quaderno + CD + DVD 1a                B1/B2                                                035933 Manuale + Eserciziario 4 + DVD-ROM
                                                     034723   Libro e esercizi + CD (2) 2   £29.75                                            £26.95
A2 (Due to be published May 2019)
                                                     034724   Guida in PDF 2         Free download        035934 Guida per l'insegnante 4      £7.30
031807 Libro & Quaderno + CD + DVD 1b
                                                                                                          035935 CD MP3 per la classe 4        £7.80+

                                         w w w . italianbookshop. c o . u k
ITALIAN 20192019 - The European Bookshop
                                                    Short & intensive                                  Partiamo!
                                                                                                       ELI PUBLISHING
                                                    courses                                              A class-based course
                                                                                                       for absolute beginners,
                                                   Adolescent/Adult                                    focusing on basic
                                                                                                       structures, vocabulary

                                                   Bellissimo!                                         and phonetics. It is
                                                                                                       ideal for those who
Via del Corso                                      Edizione compatta                                   come from non-Latin linguistic backgrounds,
EDILINGUA                                          ELI PUBLISHING                                      as well as for people who just want to learn the
                                                                                                       basics, and to find a way to easily overcome
  Structured around a story - an intriguing          Bellissimo! blends the best of traditional with
                                                                                                       difficulties with pronunciation and the written
comic-noir - this highly-motivating innovative     communicative methodologies. This compact
                                                                                                       language. It is the perfect companion for
course makes learning Italian simple,              edition offers a more condensed and more
                                                                                                       students who are taking the first steps before
enjoyable, and effective. The story, which is      rapid didactic progression than the original
                                                                                                       moving on to a beginner level A1 course.
set in various Italian cities, unfolds through     three-volume edition, leading students from
alternate episodes of a video series and           beginner's level A1 to intermediate level B1 in     Pre A1
short chapters of a graphic novel. Along           two volumes. The course features a thorough         034270 Libro studente + online audio    £15.95
with original cultural videos, they present        development of grammar and functions with
practical and idiomatic language in an
                                                   additional activity pages, cultural exercises
authentic contemporary context. Offering           and a section dedicated to preparation
complete versatility, the sitcom can also be
                                                   for CELI, CILS and PLIDA exams. Online
listened to in the style of a radio drama on the   resources including the audio tracks for both
accompanying CD, while the DVD provides            pupil and teacher complement the course,
animated versions of the comic strips,             while the student books are also available          Adolescent/Adult
providing a truly diverse and engaging learning    in digital multimedia format, ideal for the
and teaching experience.                           Interactive Whiteboard.
  The systematic structure promotes gradual         See also p.4: Bellissimo!
progession in grammar, vocabulary and                                                                  LOESCHER
communicative functions. The wide variety of       039863 Libro + eserciziario + online audio 1          "Imparare l’italiano con
multimedia, games and interactive activities                                              £21.50       i video" An engaging
both in the coursebook and online maintains        039867 Libro digitale (CD-ROM) 1       £52.00+      multimedia course
students' interest and encourages effective        039866 Guida unica per livelli 1 e 2   £23.95       designed for mixed ability
communication from the outset. In addition, a      B1                                                  classes, where levels of
range of fun card games are also available.        039864 Libro + eserciziario + online audio 2        language competency
A1                                                                                        £21.50       and rates of progression vary among students
036311 Libro studente ed esercizi + CD audio       039868 Libro digitale (CD-ROM) 2       £52.00+      (beginners - upper intermediate level).
         (2) + DVD video A1             £33.95                                                         16 thematic units focus on everyday topics,
036312 Libro studente ed esercizi A1 £26.95
036326 Edizione insegnanti. Libro professore       Facilissimo                                         offering a wide range of authentic resources
                                                                                                       together with activities to develop vocabulary,
         + CD audio (2) + DVD A1        £38.50     ALMA EDIZIONI                                       cultural and intercultural understanding, and
036323 Guida per l’insegnante A1        £10.95                                                         grammatical and communicative skills with
                                                      Learning Italian is simple and effective
036327 Gioco di società A1              £12.75+
                                                   with this beginner's short course, ideal            a focus on oral production and cooperative
 The first boxed game to complement a
                                                   for holidaymakers and those with limited            learning. The 65 videos aim to retain interest
 specific Italian language course for adults
                                                   time to dedicate to studying the language.          while aiding comprehension through word-
 and young adults. It contains 300 cards (6
                                                   Students will quickly gain a practical level        image association and the use of inductive
 decks of 50 cards) to diversify the lesson
                                                   of conversational Italian thanks to the clear       and deductive strategies. The book comes
 and motivate the class in an entertaining
                                                   structure and straightforward approach.             with free online access to the videos (with and
 and interactive way. Each deck of cards
                                                   Acting as a kind of "practical guide to Italy",     without subtitles), audio tracks, supplementary
 relates to the language content and the
                                                   the topics cover a variety of useful situations     activities, answer keys, as well as a teacher’s
 story featured in two units of the course
                                                   such as: finding accommodation, shopping            guide and multilingual glossaries. You will
 book, although they may be used for general
                                                   and dining out, asking for directions, visiting     also find the audio- and video transcripts at
 practice. The cards provide 4 different
                                                   the bank, the pharmacy and the post office          the back of the book and an Italian-English
 types of games: Tabù (avoiding certain
                                                   and using public transport. Each short              glossary. Access to a digital version of the
 words), Indovina (guess who/what/where?),
                                                   chapter makes the most of simple dialogues          textbook is also included.
 Ciak! (charades), Mix (communicative task
                                                   and easily-accessible written texts, a helpful      A1-B2
 or question). Other games include drawing
                                                   illustrated dictionary and exercises. The book      032286 Libro                           £26.75
 tasks and sentence making.
                                                   includes clear grammar tables, solutions to all
A2                                                 the exercises, self-assessments, a bilingual
036332 Libro studente ed esercizi + CD audio       Italian-English glossary, and an audio CD
       (2) + DVD video A2             £33.95       with recordings of the dialogues and specific
036334 Libro studente ed esercizi A2 £26.95        vocabulary for pronunciation practice.
036353 Edizione insegnanti. Libro professore
       + CD audio (2) + DVD A2        £38.50       A1
036335 Gioco di società A2            £15.95+      034571 Libro + CD audio                 £16.95
Further levels: B1 due in 2019, B2 due in 2020

                                       w w w . italianbookshop. c o . u k
ITALIAN 20192019 - The European Bookshop
                                                   L’italiano nell’aria
                                                   EDILINGUA                                           Language Skills
                                                                                                       and Practice
                                                     This two-volume course has been developed
 Vocational                                        for students of any nationality who want to
                                                   better understand operatic libretti by learning
 courses                                           Italian. It is aimed primarily at students of
                                                   conservatoires, universities and other music        Teacher resources
                                                   schools worldwide. The course is ideal for
                                                   classroom-based teaching but can also be           Adolescent/Adult
                                                   used for independent study. The teacher’s
                                                   guide is available online along with a
                                                   multilingual glossary. Each volume consists        Andiamo fuori!
                                                   of student’s book, workbook and audio CD.
                                                   Volume 1 also includes a booklet dedicated to        "Attività per imparare l’italiano all’aperto".
                                                   improving pronunciation.                           A collection of activities for learning Italian
                                                                                                      outside of the classroom (Beginners level
                                                                                                      CEFR A1-A2). This innovative resource
                                                   035794 Libro + CD audio (2) + dispensa di
                                                          pronuncia 1                   £32.95        provides teachers with a range of practical
                                                                                                      tasks to consolidate students’ language skills,
                                                                                                      bringing them out of the classroom and taking
Adolescent/Adult                                   035795 Libro + CD audio 2              £32.95
                                                                                                      them around the town. The book contains:
                                                                                                      40 activities (20 for level A1 and 20 for level
Affare fatto!                                                                                         A2) including photocopiable sheets where
                                                                                                      required, 8 thematic learning pathways (4
                                                                                                      for each level). The activities, which can be
  A beginner’s course of Italian for work                                                             completed individually or in groups, focus on
and business. Written in collaboration with                                                           oral comprehension and production as well
professionals in the business sector, the                                                             as grammar and vocabulary with the purpose
course is set firmly in the context of today’s                                                        of actively using the language in authentic
working environment. It provides practical                                                            contexts. The duration of the activities varies
exercises and scenarios that develop the four                                                         from 20-50 minutes, some with preparation
linguistic skills and stimulate intercultural                                                         time in the classroom, and they unfold in
reflection. The ten didactic units also include                                                       the following locations: the town square, the
communicative role-play activities, workbook                                                          street, the market, the shops, the art gallery/
section and an inductive presentation of                                                              museum, the station, and on public transport.
grammar structures. Answer keys and audio
transcripts are available online. A teacher’s      Un vero affare!                                    A1-A2
                                                                                                      038209 Libro                            £17.50
guide with supplementary activities is in          BONACCI
                                                     A textbook for those with an intermediate
                                                   level of Italian who wish to study more specific
038935 Libro studente + CD 1           £29.75
                                                   language relating to work and business. The
                                                   book deals with basic language structures
Al lavoro!                                         plus the sector-specific vocabulary needed
                                                   to work in Italy and for Italian companies
                                                   abroad. Various professions are presented
  A course of Italian for the workplace            throughout including print/video interviews
designed for complete beginners. Italian           with real people who work or play key roles
for beginners is usually taught solely in a        in Made in Italy companies (in the fields
recreational context, whereas Italian for          of food, fashion, design, cars, tourism,
professional purposes tends to require             footwear, cultural commercialisation, and
previous study at a more intermediate level.       event organisation). The book also deals with
Al lavoro! bridges this gap and is aimed at
those wanting to learn Italian from scratch but
                                                   transportation companies, communication
                                                   and correspondence, and considers the
                                                                                                      La Nuova DITALS
specifically in the context of work. The course    changing world of work and commerce both           risponde
consists of two volumes: level A1 and level A2.    in Italy and globally. Complementary content:      EDILINGUA
Each comprise: 20 short units, 10 vocabulary       a section on telephone Italian, a video about
worksheets, 10 skills worksheets to develop                                                             A series of reference materials for all
                                                   Italian gestures, an appendix on intercultural
communicative competence, 4 review sections                                                           teachers of Italian as a Foreign Language.
                                                   communication with role-play ideas, online
plus further exercises for each unit at the back                                                      The books contain articles on best teaching
                                                   resources. The teacher's guide is available
of the book. The accompanying audio tracks                                                            practice in a variety of contexts, information
                                                   online as a pdf.
and transcripts can be downloaded for free                                                            and discussions of resources and current
                                                   A2+/B2                                             research as well as offering helpful guidance to
from a dedicated website as well as further
                                                   037705 Volume                          £29.95      teachers intending to take the certified DITALS
online resources including: tests, multilingual
glossaries, multimedia activities and teacher's                                                       examinations.
guides.                                                                                               030980 La Nuova DITALS risponde 1 £26.50
038417 Volume A1                       £19.95
038418 Volume A2                       w w w . italianbookshop. c o . u k
ITALIAN 20192019 - The European Bookshop
Nuovi Quaderni                                                                      Preparazione al GCSE
DITALS                                                                              in Italian
EDILINGUA                                                                           EDILINGUA

  A series of books for teachers preparing                                            A workbook and preparatory guide for the
to take the certified DITALS examinations                                           GCSE in Italian specifically adapted to both
in Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language.                                          the AQA and Edexcel syllabuses*. It covers
Each book contains useful information about                                         the thematic areas of the GCSE curriculum
the exams, together with practice tests and                                         and includes two complete Higher Tier
answers for the most recent examination                                             practice exams compiled according to AQA
sessions 2013-2015.                                                                 and Edexcel specifications. Four broad
                                                                                    chapters (Media and Arts, Sports and Free
039348 Ditals I livello - Volume 1                                       £20.95
039349 Ditals I livello - Volume 2                                       £20.95     Time, Holidays and Geography, Education
039468 Ditals II livello                                                 £19.95     and Work) develop the reading, listening,
                                                                                    writing and speaking skills that are necessary
                                                                                    for both the GCSE controlled assessment          CELI Test di
                                                                                    and the examination. Lists of topic-based
                         Sonia Bailini • Silvia Consonno

                             nonos tantee tuttotutto.. .                            vocabulary are provided along with useful tips
                         mette rmii neiei tu  tuo panni
                                              tuoi                                                                                   FAOS EDITIONS
                                  dillo con un gesto                                to help students improve their formal accuracy
                         ti prese ntoRice i miei
                                            mtte per
                                                                                    and communication skills. Comprehensive            Complete practice tests for students
                            anch’ io!PARLARE
                                  na chi
                         indd ovina
                         indov                on
                                        hi sono
                                            son                                     grammar summaries at the end of each             preparing to take the CELI exams (Certificati
                             g razie,
                             grazie             tanto
                                   ie , altret tanto!                               chapter reinforce students' knowledge and        di Conoscenza di Lingua Italiana) in Italian
                         il latte l’hai comp rato?rato
                                                                                    understanding. An audio CD and answer key        as a Foreign Language. Each book provides
                                        attività e giochi
                                     per la produzione orale                        for all the exercises are also provided.         8-10 complete practice tests for the particular
                                                                                                                                     exam and corresponding language level
                                                                                      *Designed in accordance with the GCSE
                                                           edizione aggiornat a

                                                                                                                                     being assessed. The tests follow the structure
                                                                                    specifications (exams from 2014 until 2018)
                                                                                                                                     and format of the official CELI exams with
                                                                                    though the book is not officially endorsed by
Ricette per parlare                                                                 either AQA or Edexcel.
                                                                                                                                     authentic written and spoken texts taken from
                                                                                                                                     magazines, websites and national newspapers
ALMA EDIZIONI                                                                       Lower Intermediate                               in order to develop the four key skills in
                                                                                    035286 Book + CD audio                 £23.95    accordance with the CELI syllabus. The books
  A collection of games and activities to
develop speaking skills and stimulate                                                                                                can be used both in a classroom context
conversation in the classroom. Suitable for                                         Preparazione al CELI                             and for self-study thanks to the provision of
                                                                                                                                     answers to all the exercises. The audio tracks
a range of abilities, from beginners (A1) to                                        EDILINGUA
advanced level (C1), a variety of tasks are                                                                                          for the listening sections are provided as a free
presented for work in pairs and small groups,                                         A series of books to prepare students for      download on the publisher's website.
including board games, card games, role-                                            the CELI examinations, an internationally        B1
plays, matching exercises, interviews, quizzes                                      recognised Italian language qualification. At    030401 CELI 2 + audio scaricabile       £19.95
etc. Much of the book is photocopiable,                                             the end of each book there is a mock exam,
offering teachers a set of high-quality                                             the answers for which are provided in an
                                                                                                                                     030415 CELI 3 + audio scaricabile       £19.95
resources which are easy to prepare. This                                           accompanying booklet. This new edition also
                                                                                    includes an audio CD with listening exercises.   C1 (Due to be published March 2019)
revised edition includes ten new activities.                                                                                         030970 CELI 4 + audio scaricabile   £19.95
A1-C1                                                                               B1
034867 Libro - edizione aggiornata                                       £23.95     035200 Celi 2 + CD                     £18.50
                                                                                    B2                                               Traguardo CILS
                                                                                    035201 Celi 3 + CD                     £18.50    CASA DELLE LINGUE
 Evaluation, tests                                                                                                                     This series prepares students for taking the
                                                                                                                                     CILS exams in Italian as a foreign language.
Adolescent/Adult                                                                                                                     Each book covers the grammar, vocabulary
                                                                                                                                     and communicative functions for the level of
                                                                                                                                     Italian being assessed and includes a variety
Percorso CILS                                                                                                                        of exercises to practise the four key skills.
                                                                                                                                     The books aim to familiarise students with the
                                                                                                                                     structure of the exams, offering advice and
  A series of books to help students prepare                                                                                         suggestions on how best to approach them.
for taking the CILS exams, an internationally                                                                                        Practice tests and exam models are included.
recognised certification of competence in the                                                                                        MP3 audio tracks, audio transcripts and
Italian language, certified by the Università per                                                                                    solutions are available to download for free.
Stranieri di Siena. With answers provided at
the back of the book for all the activities, these                                                                                   039651 Libro CILS DUE                   £20.95
books can be used both for self study and for
class-based teaching. Each book comes with
online audio tracks for the listening exercises.
B1 (Due to be published March 2019)
30734 CILS - UNO B1                 £22.75

                                                                         w w w . italianbookshop. c o . u k
ITALIAN 20192019 - The European Bookshop

 Speaking                                                                                                   Reading                                             Writing
Ages 11-18                                                                                                 Adolescent/Adult                                    Adolescent/Adult

Pro e contro Junior                                                                                                                                            Scriviamo insieme!
BONACCI                                                                                                                                                        EDILINGUA
  This book presents a series of topical                                                                                                                         A useful series of workbooks to develop
issues to stimulate lively discussions in                                                                                                                      and improve writing skills in Italian, providing
the classroom. The book helps students to                                                                                                                      gradual and steady progression from guided
develop arguments using visual stimuli and                                                                                                                     writing to free independent written production.
written extracts which are both interesting and                                                                                                                The activities cover a variety of topics and
relevant to teenagers. The units are arranged                                                                                                                  provide students with effective techniques and
into the following 10 broad topics: sentimenti,                                                                                                                strategies to organise and express their ideas
famiglia, amore, moda, società, mass media,                                                                                                                    in a clear, coherent and original way.
scuola, tempo libero, (ir)razionalità and cibo.                                                                                                                A1-A2
The 20 units each pose a specific topical                                                                                                                      030756 Libro 1                          £14.95
question and provide a variety of related
texts to generate ideas. In addition a list of                                                                                                                 038612 Libro 2                          £15.95
arguments 'pro' e 'contro' are included at the
end of each unit to aid discussion. Each text
                                                                                                           Ascoltare e leggere
is accompanied by a short comprehension
exercise to help students pick out arguments
                                                                                                           LOESCHER                                             Vocabulary
while a set of comparative exercises at the end                                                               Approach 20th-21st century Italian
of each unit develops vocabulary. At the end of                                                            literature with ease with the help of these         Ages 8-10
each unit the students are asked to complete a                                                             complementary workbooks for intermediate
creative group activity.                                                                                   level students. Analyse works by Levi,
B1-B2                                                                                                      Ammaniti, Ginzburg and Baricco. Learn about
034260 Libro - JUNIOR                                                                             £16.75   the author with biographical information
                                                                                                           plus contextual notes on the historical,
                                                                                    A1|A2                  geographical and artistic background to
                                               C. Mazzotta
                                                                                                           the text. The workbooks provide a useful
                                                     italiano                                              summary of each chapter and offer a variety
   ho la febbre

                                                     in pratica                                            of comprehension and language-based
ita           gu
              a domani! mo


                                                                                                           exercises. Ideal companions to any print
                  ri!che tem

                                      non mi dire!

                                                             per com
                                                                   i situazione
                                vuoi un caff

                                                              in ogn
                                                                                                           edition of the literary texts and to the Emons
                           l p

                                                                                                           audiobook versions (find them on our website
                              po fa?
          e mi

                                                                                                           or ask for details).
                                                             Domani ho
                                                             un esame....

                                                                                                                                                               ELI Vocabulary in

                                                                            In bocca al

                                                                                                            NB. The workbooks do not include audio.

                                                                                                           B1-B2                                               Pictures
                                                                                                           032382   Io non ho paura                  £7.45
                                                                                                                                                               ELI PUBLISHING
                                                                                                           036386   Lessico famigliare               £7.00
Adolescent/Adult                                                                                           036384   Novecento                        £7.00        A colourful and easy-to-use book to help
                                                                                                           032386   Se questo è un uomo              £7.00     children learn and revise basic vocabulary
                                                                                                                                                               in a foreign language. The captivating
Italiano in pratica
ALMA EDIZIONI                                                                                              La grammatica vien                                  illustrated scenes, the immediate picture-word
                                                                                                                                                               association, plus the audio recordings and
  This ready-to-use beginners handbook                                                                     leggendo                                            fun digital activities engage young students
presents practical everyday Italian phrases                                                                EDILINGUA                                           in a pleasant learning process. Each picture
needed for the most common situations:                                                                                                                         dictionary contains:
                                                                                                             Delve deeper into the Italian language and        - 45 attractive thematic scenes with delightful
how to introduce yourself, say hello, order
                                                                                                           consolidate grammatical understanding with          illustrations
at the bar, apologise, ask for the time, give
                                                                                                           this selection of original literary extracts with   - More than 1000 words: nouns, adjectives,
directions, talk to a doctor... Each of the 20
                                                                                                           accompanying activities for intermediate level      verbs and prepositions
chapters includes: a list of basic expressions
                                                                                                           students. Each of the 11 units is dedicated         - A complete alphabetical index of the words
with grammar notes and tips on what to say
                                                                                                           to a particular work by a contemporary              - Online audio recordings of all words
in different contexts, a range of exercises
                                                                                                           Italian author: Paolo Maurensig, Luciano            - Free access to a digital version of the book
and activities, and online videos with extra
                                                                                                           De Crescenzo, Leonardo Sciascia, Tiziano            with a variety of interactive activities based on
activities. With answers to the exercises and
                                                                                                           Terzani, Italo Calvino, Andrea Camilleri,           matching written/spoken words and pictures.
useful tables for reference, the book is an ideal
                                                                                                           Antonio Tabucchi, Carlo Fruttero and Franco
resource for independent study as well as for                                                                                                                  A1-A2
                                                                                                           Lucentini. The book includes an audio CD and
class-based use.                                                                                                                                               033349 ELI Vocabolario illustrato - Italiano
                                                                                                           answer key for all activities.
030557 Libro + video online                                                                       £14.95
                                                                                                           035578 Libro + CD                        £14.75

                                                                                                  w w w . italianbookshop. c o . u k

                                                                                                                                              Percorsi italiani
                                                                                           Mixed skills                                       ELI PUBLISHING
                                                                                                                                                A revised series of textbooks with activities
Le prime ... parole                                                                       Adolescent/Adult                                    aimed at near beginner and intermediate-level
italiane con esercizi                                                                                                                         students, each focusing on a particular aspect
                                                                                                                                              of Italian culture (Cuisine, History, Art).
  A series of handbooks that scientifically                                                                                                   048591 Sapori d’Italia - Libro + CD      £13.95
combines the most frequent Italian words,                                                                                                      Sapori d’Italia takes us on a fascinating
carefully selected to suit the needs of students                                                                                               journey through the incredible variety
of Italian as a foreign language. The first                                                                                                    of Italian culinary tradition. 10 thematic
volume is aimed at beginners and deals with                                                                                                    pathways introduce traditional regional
the first 1000 Italian words, while the second                                                                                                 dishes (and related recipes) and present
volume is for intermediate-level students                                                                                                      the basic elements of Italian culinary art.
and features the first 3000 Italian words.                                                                                                     Authentic dialogues and informative texts on
The easy-to-use layout allows the reader to                                                                                                    alimentary habits and the lifestyle in Italy are
visualize connections between words of the                                                L’italiano per la cucina                             the springboard to enriching intercultural
same family, helping them to to expand and                                                ALMA EDIZIONI                                        comparisons. The audio CD contains the
memorize vocabulary. Following criteria of                                                                                                     recording of all the dialogues in the book.
frequency and progression, the varied exercise                                              "Lezioni di cucina e lingua italiana per
                                                                                                                                               Supplementary activities and video-recipes
sections make use only of the 1000 (or 3000)                                              stranieri CON 12 STORIE"
                                                                                                                                               are available for free online.
featured Italian words to further aid the                                                 Wish you could learn the art of Italian cookery,
learning process. An answer key is provided                                               moving from stove to stove while talking like       A2-B2
in each book as well as handy vocabulary and                                              a true Italian? This course in Italian language     042488 Senti che Storia! - Libro + CD £13.95
summary tables, making them ideal for both                                                and cuisine - for near beginner and lower            This book takes students on a fascinating
independent study and use in the classroom.                                               intermediate level students of Italian - presents    journey through 150 years of Italian history
                                                                                          12 original and simple stories, each dedicated       and society: from the Unification in 1861
                                                                                          to a classic Italian recipe. Each short story is     right through to the 21st century!
030655 Le prime 1000 parole italiane £15.50
                                                                                          accompanied by a picture glossary plus a rich        10 chapters - each based on a particular
B1-B2                                                                                     and structured unit of exercises and activities      period of Italian history - begin with an
032793 Le prime 3000 parole italiane £15.95                                               including the featured recipe. Each unit helps       iconic Italian song from the era. This is
                                                                                          students gain competence in using cooking-           followed by factual articles and information
                                      amore pasta

                                                         R. Tartaglione

                                                                                                                                               about each period along with stimulating

                                                                                          related language, while introducing them to

                                                        le prime                          interesting facts about the origins of typical       activities for comprehension and written and

                    miillllee       c

                                                                                          recipes, the Italian proverbs and idiomatic          spoken production. The main themes and
                                                                                          expressions connected with food, and - of            social issues that characterise each period

                                                        parole italiane                   course - the art of traditional Italian cuisine!     are also discussed in the context of today’s

                                                                                          The book comes with free online access to            Italy, enabling students to gain a broader
                            a davvero
                      nsieme ieri

                                                                          con esercizi

                                                                                          audio readings of the stories and the recipes,       understanding of Italy’s history and culture

                                                                                          audio tracks for the listening exercises, plus       in a light and entertaining way. The selected
                                                                                          a selection of videos. Answers to all the            songs not only follow a chronological order
                                                                                          activities are provided at the back of the book,     but also demonstrate a gradual linguistic
                                                                                          perfect for use at home and in the classroom.        progression. The book includes a CD
                                                                                          A2-B1                                                with the songs, the tracks for the listening
                                                                                          031110 Libro + online audio             £16.75       activities and interviews. Supplementary
                                                                                                                                               resources are also provided online.

Nuovo Vocabolario                                                                                                                             B1-B2
                                                                                                                                              048605 L’Italia dell’arte - Libro + CD £13.95
visuale                                                                                                                                        10 masterpieces tell the story of both Italian
EDILINGUA                                                                                                                                      art and the Italian language. The featured
                                                                                                                                               works by celebrated and revolutionary
  A revised and updated edition with exercises                                                                                                 artists such as Giotto, Botticelli, da Vinci,
and audio CD included. This illustrated                                                                                                        Michelangelo, Caravaggio and Boccioni lead
dictionary with activities and listening                                                                                                       the reader through a timeline of art history,
exercises is perfect for all ages, providing an                                                                                                while revising and practicing grammatical
active and engaging means of learning Italian                                                                                                  structures and language through practical
vocabulary both at home and in the classroom.                                                                                                  activities. The accompanying audio CD
40 thematic units provide over 1000 common                                                                                                     contains descriptions of the artistic works,
Italian words with end-of-unit tests to help                                                                                                   thus enabling the student to practise
revise the vocabulary covered in each chapter.                                                                                                 listening skills while learning art-related
The book contains an index of all the featured                                                                                                 vocabulary. Lively dialogues between
words in alphabetical order and answers to the                                                                                                 recurring characters offer samples of
exercises.                                                                                                                                     contemporary spoken Italian and are
A1-A2                                                                                                                                          especially useful to revise grammar rules
034984 Libro ed esercizi + CD                                                    £17.50                                                        and communicative functions.

                                                                                w w w . italianbookshop. c o . u k
                                                   L’italiano a gesti                                 Grammatica italiana
                                                   BONACCI                                            per bambini
                                                     Italians are famous for talking with their
                                                   hands but the gestures employed in everyday
                                                                                                      - Nuova edizione
                                                                                                      ALMA EDIZIONI
                                                   communication can often be difficult to
                                                   interpret for people of other nationalities. In      This colourful book makes Italian grammar
                                                   some cases they can even be completely             fun and accessible to young learners aged
                                                   misunderstood where similar gestures but           7-11, integrating the adventures of 2 young
                                                   with different connotations are used in other      children, Francesco and Giulia. Each chapter
                                                   cultures. This gesticulation is a common form      is dedicated to a single topic which is clearly
                                                   of non-verbal communication in Italy yet it is     presented and supported by a wealth of
                                                   often overlooked in language coursebooks.          engaging activities. With answers provided,
Centro!                                            This book aims to bridge that gap and to           it is a valuable resource both for class-based
EDILINGUA                                          deepen students’ understanding of this             learning and for use at home. The new 2018
                                                   functional and cultural element of the Italian     edition now also includes an illustrated short
  A useful workbook for beginners in Italian                                                          story “Lorenzo e l’albero magico” with fun
                                                   language within the context of more general
which focuses on grammar and vocabulary.                                                              activities and downloadable audio.
                                                   non-verbal communication. The book includes
The volume consists of ten units covering
                                                   exercises and activities, making use of online     Beginners
specific grammar topics with clear tables
                                                   video materials.                                   038657 Libro - Nuova edizione           £16.95
and plenty of activities to put the rules into
practice. The volume also features a wealth        A1-C1
                                                   030060 Libro                           £14.95
of images, cultural references, vocabulary
and idiomatic expressions. An audio CD and
answer key is also provided, making this an
ideal tool for independent study.
033283 Libro + CD 1                     £18.75

Nuovo Canta che ti
  An innovative resource using contemporary
Italian music to teach aspects of the language.
It's ideal for use as supplementary material
for beginners to advanced level students,           Grammar
enriching the cultural learning experience while
offering practical revision of grammar as well     Ages 7-11
as widening vocabulary through a fun and
engaging medium. The course comprises a
variety of language-based activities including     Forte in grammatica!
communicative classroom exercises, games           EDILINGUA
and comprehension exercises. A teacher’s             Fun activities and cartoon adventures
guide and solutions to all exercises are           present basic grammar structures in an
included inside the book.                          enjoyable way, providing plenty of practice to
A1-C1                                              consolidate skills and enhance progression.        Grammatica di base
034428 Libro + CD                       £29.95     An ideal accompaniment to Italian courses
                                                   - both as a foreign and second language -
                                                   this colourful workbook can also be useful         CASA DELLE LINGUE

 Idioms                                            to young native-speakers who need help
                                                   improving their grammatical knowledge.
                                                                                                        This innovative Italian grammar book is
                                                                                                      clear, thorough and easy to use thanks to
                                                   With answers included for all exercises, this      its effective cognitive aproach. It offers
                                                   versatile resource allows children and parents     comprehensive explanations in plain language
                                                   to work together at home as well as with a         coupled with purposeful illustrations designed
Acqua in bocca!                                    teacher in the classroom.                          to aid the learning process and to help
CASA DELLE LINGUE                                    The book follows a group of children on a        students avoid the most frequent pitfalls. With
                                                   school trip: from getting on the bus, what         over 300 exercises to develop comprehension
 Talk like the Italians do with this compact       they’ve brought in their bags, to what they see    and communicative skills, plus verb tables and
collection of idiomatic expressions! The book      on the journey and when they finally arrive. The   solutions to the exercises, this highly practical
provides simple explanations based on use          vocabulary and contexts used are practical         resource is ideal for independent study as
and register together with contextualised          and familiar so that children can begin to use     well as being a useful tool for class-based
examples of the numerous phrases.                  the language quickly and with ease.                language teaching.
A2-C1                                              A2                                                 A1-B1
035739 Libro                            £11.50     035789 Libro                           £18.95      038292 Libro A1-B1                      £21.75

                                       w w w . italianbookshop. c o . u k
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