Jewish Healthcare Connections, Spring 2020

Jewish Healthcare Connections, Spring 2020
Jewish Healthcare Connections, Spring 2020

    JHC HomeCare | JHC PrivateCare | JHC Hospice | JHC LifeCare | Elsenberg Assisted Living
Jewish Healthcare Connections, Spring 2020
Table of Contents
JHC Center News
Hospice                3-4
                          2                                                                                        JHC Center News
HomeCare/LifeCare         5
Rehab/Jewish Holidays 6                                                            After a six month process of dealing with five
Staff News                7                                                        different banks, the Board of Directors has
Golf Classic              8                                                        made a decision to refinance the Eisenberg
Road Race                 9                                                        Assisted Living Residence with Webster Five
Rec Therapy              10                                                        Cents Savings Bank. This will amount to a
President’s Club          11                                                       $6,000,000 loan, payable over the next 20
Membership                                                                         years. It is remarkable to look back at the
 Honor Roll           12-13                                                        financing of the Eisenberg when we began
JHC Wish List/Special                                                              construction in 1998, and opened in 1999.
 Donors                  14                                                        This was a $15,250,000 project. To finance
Auxiliary             15-19
                                                                                   it we borrowed $11,900,000 through Fleet
                                                                                   Bank, sold $2,100,000 in retail investment
 Assisted Living        20
                                                                                   bonds to our community, received a
Life & Legacy        21-22                                                                                                            Steve Willens
Florida Reunion         23                                                         $1,000,000 gift from our endowment               Chief Executive
                                                                                   fund, and borrowed $250,000 from the
At Home                                                                            Healthcare Center. Then we ran a Capital
is a newsletter for the                                                            Campaign and raised $2,779,540 in pledges
residents, family and friends of                                                   and donations. Of that amount, Denise
the Jewish Healthcare Center                                                       Rich donated $1,000,000 in honor of Emil
and the Eisenberg Assisted                                                         and Geri Eisenberg. The pledges were all
Living Residence.
                                                                                   paid within three years, and we paid off the
Joel Greenberg, President                                                          investment bonds, paid back the JHC, paid
Steve Willens, CEO
                                                                                   down debt, and had money for the operating
Barbara Salitsky, Auxiliary Pres.
Refer comments and                                                                 account. Our refinanced debt with Webster
questions to Steve Willens at                                                      Five will be $6,000,000, so we have paid off       Joel Greenber
(508) 798-8653                                                                     $9,250,000 of debt (along with interest).               President

                                                                                   We have provided a home to a countless
                                                                                   number of members of our community, and
                                                                                   contributed approximately $2,625,129 to the
                                                                                   JHC as a Management fee to support the
Don’t forget to join our                                                           JHC’s annual deficit. We call that a success!
facebook page – just go to
facebook and type in Jewish
Healthcare Center and
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Jewish Healthcare Connections, Spring 2020
JHC Center News

                    JHC Hospice
                    An Affiliate of Jewish Healthcare Center

Let’s celebrate our accomplishments!
• In 2019, volunteers provided almost 1000 hours of face-to-face visits to 100 different patients.
• We currently have 46 active volunteers.
• Our volunteers are a diverse group, ranging in age from 18 to 84, with an average age of 57.
• 70% of volunteers are female; 30% are male.
• While all volunteers speak English, we also have a few volunteers who speak Spanish, German,
  Vietnamese, Mandarin, Hebrew/ Yiddish, American Sign Language and Twi.
• Several volunteers help out in the office, a few volunteer as a team with their pet dog, and the
  rest are out in the field visiting our patients.
• The JHC Hospice Team has also grown.  We currently have 14 nurses, 11 Home Health Aides, 4
  social workers, 3 chaplains, 2 massage therapists, and 2 music therapists.
• Our average census for 2019 was 88 patients per day.

Please welcome the thirteen new volunteers who
completed their volunteer training with us this past fall.
Most have already begun visiting patients, including our
cohort from the College of the Holy Cross.
Each fall, all first-year students from Holy Cross
participate in a year-long introductory seminar course.
Many of these courses are community-based learning
courses where students volunteer with Worcester agencies providing weekly
service or project-based work. One community-based learning course is “Death and Society.”
All students enrolled in this course participate all over the greater Worcester area in hospice
volunteer trainings like ours. We are fortunate that we welcomed six students to our Fall training
this past year. Students partake in the training during their fall semester as part of their “Death and
Society” course, and then are matched with patients during their spring semester. Several of these
volunteers continue to volunteer even after their course requirements are complete.

                                             Bereavement Support Group
                                   If you are suffering a loss of a loved one and need support on
                                  your journey of grieving, join us in a place of safety and comfort.
                                March 25th, April 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th
                                        Time 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
                                The groups are held at:                 JHC Hospice
                                   646 Salisbury Street • Worcester, MA 01609
    This is not a drop-in group, please call to register with JHC Hospice Social Worker, Heather Carcia, LCSW, MSW at 508-713-0512

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Jewish Healthcare Connections, Spring 2020
JHC Center News

                                 JHC Hospice
                                 An Affiliate of Jewish Healthcare Center

JHC Hospice is proud to partner with “We Honor Veterans”, a program of the National Hospice and
Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO), in collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs
(VA). “We Honor Veterans” focuses on respectful inquiry, compassionate listening and grateful
acknowledgement of our patients’ service to our country. Through recognition of our veterans and
families unique needs, JHC Hospice will identify how to support and guide them towards a more
peaceful and dignified end of life experience.
As partners of “We Honor Veterans”, JHC Hospice will continuously provide our team with
education and training on veteran centric care needs and interventions. We will work collaboratively
with our local VA to connect our veterans and their families with support and resources within their
community. Veterans will be able to narrate their service experience through a specialized military
assessment completed by our team. Through this valuable information, veterans and their families
will have the opportunity to take part in our honorary pinning ceremonies, alongside the hospice
interdisciplinary team. During our ceremonies patients are presented with honorary items specific
to their branch of service. These ceremonies will solidify our veterans’ identity with their service,
give families a greater understanding of their experiences, and build strong, trusting connections
with our team. JHC Hospice is an official “We Honor Veterans” recruit and is proudly working
towards earning their stars as a level one partner.

JHC celebrated Sister Pat’s career and dedication to JHC and other causes on July 31, 2019. She
was celebrated by long-time friends and colleagues, and presented the Key to the City.
Jewish Healthcare benefited tremendously when Sister Pat joined the JHC Hospice team in 2012.
With her well-honed and seasoned skills, she provided spiritual care, outreach, and education
and helped to develop the next generation of hospice providers. Through her shining example
and practical guidance, she has helped to shape JHC Hospice into the highly regarded and
compassionate program that it is today. She celebrates 60 years as a Sister of Mercy and has
provided 50 years of nursing service. This is not simply a career. This is a life full of purpose,
meaning, and love. Who she is has helped us to become who we are. Her influence and legacy will
continue to shed light for a very, very long time to come.

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Jewish Healthcare Connections, Spring 2020
JHC HomeCare
                  An Affiliate of Jewish Healthcare Center

JHC HomeCare and Hospice recently initiated a new software system called Brightree. Our staff
now have iPads and “live” connections in the field which enable them increased ability to provide
more efficient and quality patient care.
We currently serve 210 patients in the community. We currently have 33 field clinicians (Nurses,
Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologist, Social Workers and
Home Care Aides) who provide exceptional care in the home.
JHC HomeCare has successfully adapted to the new Patient Driven Grouping Model (PDGM)
regulation brought forward by The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). JHC
HomeCare is dedicated to providing top quality care to our patients in their home.
                                                                Melinda Montiverdi RN MSN WCCN
                                                                             JHC HomeCare Director

                 JHC LifeCare Management
                 An Affiliate of Jewish Healthcare Center

JHC LifeCare Management is the newest division of the
Jewish Healthcare Center. It was started in May 2019 when
the Center acquired Deborah Fins Associates, PC, one of
the oldest and most respected Aging Life Care™ practices
in Central Massachusetts.
The founder of Deborah Fins Associates, PC, Debbie
Fins, continues as Director of the new JHC LifeCare
Management. Her associate, Susan Ritz, continues as well,
and we are growing. We added another part-time care
manager, Nicole Kanis and Lorna Pezzanelli administrative
JHC LifeCare Management partners with families and           Deb Fins, Susa
                                                                            n Ritz, Nicole
elders to provide personalized and compassionate                                           Kanis, Lorna Pe
decision-making and support to the challenges of aging. Aging Life
Care™ is a growing field of private-pay services to ease the family’s journey.
Our services include: comprehensive functional assessments of needs; care plan development,
implementation and supervision; serving as eyes and ears for a long-distance family; guidance
in selecting the most appropriate care; referrals to other elder care professionals as needed;
identifying resources for financial support including completion of benefits applications and
guidance through the long term care insurance claim process; assistance with negotiating complex
family dynamics; guidance and support for planning and decisions about end-of-life care.
As a private service, we are often involved with our families and clients for years and see them
through the many stages of aging and illness.
The health care system is growing more complicated by the day and an Aging Life Care
Professional® can help a stressed family to navigate it successfully. From May 1 through December
31, 2019, JHC LifeCare Management spoke to nearly 120 different individuals about their needs, met
with over 50 elders or families, and continued to serve a caseload of 70.
For more information about JHC LifeCare, contact Debbie Fins at 508-798-8653 extension 6222.

                                                                          JHC HomeCare | JHC PrivateCare | JHC Hospice | JHC LifeCare | Elsenberg Assisted Living   5
Jewish Healthcare Connections, Spring 2020
JHC Center News

 Rehab Success Story - Art Greenseid!
Art Greenseid joined us in September of 2018
after complications from a liver transplant.
His surgery was performed at UMASS Medical
Center, and after three weeks at another facility,
Art was brought to JHC for recuperation and
When Art arrived at JHC, he had muscle ataxia
and could not walk, sit or move himself in the
wheelchair. He was dependent in all areas and
needed maximum assistance with simple tasks
like eating. He needed to build up his muscle
strength and had a long road ahead of him.
After one-year and two months, and a hard
working journey of daily rehabilitation sessions,
Art was granted the green-light to go home (Nov. 8, 2019). He can now sit up, wheel
himself around, ride the bikes in the vigor room, and walk with a walker.
Art and his wife Bobbie, were thrilled with the care they received, and the friendliness of
all the staff at JHC. Art worked closely with Tom, Pat, Tammie and Wennie in the Rehab
Therapy department, who he praised for their dedicated care. They were also very pleased
with the entire rehab staff and the staff on the third and fourth floors at JHC, and said:
“They really care about you.”

                                        SHARING THE JOURNEY PASSOVER HAGGADAH
                                        40% DISCOUNT
                                          Sharing the Journey - The Haggadah for the Contemporary Family is available to
                                          Jewish Healthcare Center (JHC) members and their friends and family at a 40%
                                          discount when ordered from the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR)
                                          Press website. The Haggadah was written by JHC Board Member Alan S. Yoffie
                                           and was illustrated by Mark Podwal. It retails on the website for $18. For the
                                           40% discount, go to and click on Jewish Life/Passover and
                                           enter the promo code Sharing40 when ordering Sharing the Journey.

Experience the joy of Shabbat with loved ones, Caregivers and friends at a short service conducted
by community volunteers on most Friday afternoons.
                  At 3:15 PM at JHC on the 5th Floor (skilled nursing specialty care unit).
               At 4:00 PM at EAL in the Café for assisted living and memory floor residents.
The services are open to all members of the community.
Interested in volunteering to lead a few services?  For more information, contact Rabbi Richard
Rudnick at or Alan Yoffie at   

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Jewish Healthcare Connections, Spring 2020
JHC Staff News
In January, JHC hosted a fabulous holiday party for over 160 staff members and guests at the
Wachusett Country Club. Staff members enjoyed contests and raffles donated by board members,
directors and local businesses. What a fun night out!

Let me introduce you to David Price, our new Executive Director of the Eisenberg Residence.
David was a former engineer who made a career change into our world. David owned
BrightStar Care for eight years before he sold it. This is an agency similar to our own JHC
PrivateCare. He has earned a Certificate in Assisted Living to go along with a BS from Bucknell
and two MS degrees from BU. Our references came from Debbie Fins and Alan Stoll, both
knowing him from the work environment. He has great people skills, business sense, and
organization (from his engineering years). David has been very active in several advocacy
associations, and is known by many people. We are thrilled to add him to our team.

Did you know that JHC provides scholarships to our qualified and eligible employees?
  • We have a CNA Certification program for eligible staff who have a passion for working in direct
  patient care that is paid by JHC.
  • We also have a scholarship program for qualified health care staff who would like to continue
  their education. This enables our Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs) to bridge over to Licensed
  Practical Nurses (LPNs), and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) to become Registered Nurses (LN).
  • In addition, we also offer tuition assistance for staff that are not part of this program, but want
  to further their education.
             To donate to this wonderful cause, please contact the Development Dept.
                          Lynn Skorb is one of our past                        Alexis David has been at JHC
                       scholarship recipients. Lynn has                         for two years. She is currently
                        been with JHC for 15 years and                             the Assistant Unit Manager
                           feels it’s her extended family.                           on the 3rd Floor. While at
                       She started as floor nurse, then                             nursing school getting her
                            moved up to Charge Nurse,                          LPN, Alexis did her clinicals at
                         then Assistant Manager of the                            JHC and was so impressed,
                        3rd Floor Long Term Care Unit.                        she applied to work here when
                       Lynn was recently promoted to                                 she finished her program.
               Nursing Manager of the 4th Floor, Sub-                            Now she is going back to get
  Acute unit. Lynn is extremely dedicated to JHC. She        her Registered Nurse degree at Quinsigamond
   just started the 15-month Nursing Bridge program                     Community College, through the JHC
from LPN to RN at Mount Wachusett College Nursing                Scholarship program. Alexis is very excited.
        Program. According to Lynn, “I could not have         It’s always been her dream to become an RN.
worked and gone to school at the same time without           Alexis lives in Oxford, MA, and loves being part
                        the incredible support of JHC.”                                       of the JHC family.

                                                                    JHC HomeCare | JHC PrivateCare | JHC Hospice | JHC LifeCare | Elsenberg Assisted Living   7
Jewish Healthcare Connections, Spring 2020
Jewish Healthcare’s 44th

                                Annual Golf Classic
Thank you to everyone who sponsored and participated in the Jewish Healthcare Center’s 44th Annual Golf
Classic on Monday, July 29, 2019 at Cyprian Keyes Golf Club, Boylston, MA. It was an extremely hot summer
day, but the event was a huge success and raised over $70,000 to support JHC’s mission. Thank you to Neil
 Patrick and Patrick Motors for donating a Volkswagen Beetle Turbo 2019 for the Hole-In-One contest, no
                          one made the hole in one, but they sure had fun trying.

                              Thank you to the following Sponsors and Donors for your ongoing support!
           Dinner Sponsor                                                                          Full Tee Sponsors                   Barry Communications
             Pro-care, LTC                                                                      Borggaard Construction               Central Mass Auto Auction
          Cocktail Sponsor                                                                          Cutler Associates              Connect Energy Resources, LLC
     Jon Wolf and Bettye Wolf                                                                         Fallon Health               Cyprian Keyes – The Frem Family
          Golf Cart Sponsor                                                              Insurance Marketing Agencies, Inc.        Estate Preservation Law Office
     Bailin Brothers Foundation                                                                         Matrix Care                     Imperial Distributors
       Beverage Cart Sponsor                                                                          Mobilex USA                      Jaffe, Yaffe & Feingold
 Vital Emergency Medical Services                                                                  North Oxford Mills                     Jeffco Fibres, Inc.
       Photography Sponsor                                                                  P&P General Contractors, Inc.                      JF & CS
            J.J. Bafaro, Inc.                                                              Phillips, Silver, Talman, Aframe &                Life Supply
          Pro Shop Sponsor                                                                              Sinrich, P.C.              Long Term Pharmacy Solutions
           Santander Bank                                                                                 Unibank                     Maine’s Produce Express
        Snack Shack Sponsor                                                                             WB Mason                 Professional Nurses Health Services
       Medline Industries, Inc.                                                               Wealth Advisory Services                 Reliant Medical Group
        Hole-in-One Sponsor                                                                         Western Carriers                      Seder & Chandler
            Patrick Motors                                                                                                      The Sher Wealth Management Group
          Mulligan Sponsor                                                                       Half-Tee Sponsors                Webster Five Cents Savings Bank
          Cornerstone Bank                                                                       Apple Home Care                   Westfield Capital Management

                                                                                                                                     THE DATE!
      45th Annual                                                                                                                   Aug. 3, 2020

                                               CYPRIAN KEYES GOLF CLUB
                                          284 EAST TEMPLE ST • BOYLSTON, MA
 8     JHC HomeCare | JHC PrivateCare | JHC Hospice | JHC LifeCare | Elsenberg Assisted Living
Jewish Healthcare Connections, Spring 2020
Patrick Motor’s Home Run 5K
        Save the Date for This Year’s Road Race
             Sunday, September 13, 2020
               Thank You to Our Sponsors from
                      Last Year’s Race

                    Patrick Motors
                Barry Communications
       The Auto Group at Burns & Levinson, LLP
                  Carpet Revolution
           Central Mass Auto Auction, LLC
                    Mary Defeudis
             Digital Federal Credit Union
                    Fletcher Tilton
                Fortune Auto Transport
        Frederick M. Small Insurance Services
              Jose’s Reconditioning, Inc.
            Market Masters Media Group
                 McCarty Engineering
               Southern Auto Sales, Inc.
             Subaru of New England, Inc.
                Volkswagen Credit, Inc.
                Volkswagen of America
                 Wells Fargo Advisors

    Campbell Supply Co., Inc.                                  Sinrich, P.C.
 Central Massachusetts Podiatry                        Carolyn and Dennis Powers
             Chick-Fil-A                                 Sadick Public Adjusters
       Drayton Distributors                            Speedway Auto Body, LLC
      THE FINE EXPERIENCE                                    Sun and Sound
Franchi Brothers Auto Body, Inc.                        Wealth Advisory Services
       GH Berlin Windward                                Steve and Kim Willens
       Houssan & Ojerholm                                  Central MA Striders
  Integrity Merchant Solutions                               Ellie’s Pet Barn
    Lawrence & Susan Levine                             Kay Gee Sign & Graphics
         Lopez Auto Body                                    Polar Beverages
      Edgar Mendoza, DMD/                                    Price Chopper
        1010 Dental on Elm                                   Table Talk Pies
              Mittcom                                        Worcester JCC
Phillips, Silver, Talman, Aframe, &                    Worcester Sound and Light

                                      JHC HomeCare | JHC PrivateCare | JHC Hospice | JHC LifeCare | Elsenberg Assisted Living   9
Jewish Healthcare Connections, Spring 2020
JHC Center News
We continue to look at providing new and fun activities
for our residents as well as look to continue to provide a
comfortable and welcoming environment. We recently
purchased ten new replacement chairs for the Namaste
room on the fifth floor along with new plush blankets and
fresh homey linens for our sensory programming. Since
the Namaste program focuses on later stage dementia
programming and how best to meet the unique activity
needs these residents have, comfortable recliners and
warm inviting blankets enhance that experience.
                                                                                                              Activity Staff Professionals Week
We started off our more traditional recreational
programming with some new activity options on the third
floor and fifth floors. The Club Room on 5th floor recently
added a volleyball game featuring nets that clip on the
tables and creatively use fly swatters for hitting a balloon
over to the other team. The third floor has a weekly
happy hour for socializing and added a giant crossword
puzzle game for a large group to finish together.
Each floor is offered regularly scheduled opportunities to
arrange flowers as a group and either take them back to
their rooms or use as dining room décor.
Finally, we are using quite a bit of technology to enhance
group programs through activity programming software,
the use of HDMI connectors to the televisions to take                                                                 Namaste Room
advantage of the internet, and iPads for residents to use

                                                                                                 Students from Assumption College have been
                                                                                                 working in the gift shop as clerks for many
                                                                                                 years through the work study program, which
                                                                                                 is a federal program that pays students to
                                                                                                 perform jobs both on and off campus. This
                                                                                                 is of no cost to the facility and the students
                                                                                                 work during each school semester in fall and
                                                                                                 spring. As of January, students have worked in
                                                                                                 the gift shop for approximately 275 hours. This
                                                                                                 is an enormous help to ensure the gift shop
                                                                                                 is stocked, maintained, and open for business
                                                                                                 during the week. As always, we are constantly
                                                                                                 getting new seasonal merchandise in. Please
                                                                                                 stop in to browse and purchase!

 10    JHC HomeCare | JHC PrivateCare | JHC Hospice | JHC LifeCare | Elsenberg Assisted Living
JHC Center News
                            2019-2020 President’s Club
            Honoring those who have generously donated a minimum of
                     $1,000 to our Annual Membership Drive.
 While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of any information herein, we apologize for any errors or omissions.

Arthur Aframe & Joan Katz                                                               Eleanor Rodenstein
Barry Aframe                                                                            Toby & Howard Rome
Myra & Jay Aframe                                                                       Ruth Rubin
Joe Bafaro                                                                              Barbara & Andrew* Salitsky
Ben Bailin                                                                              Sue & Ricky Seder
Lois & Burton Berg                                                                      Robert Seder
Jeanne & Howard Borggaard                                                               Larry Sheftel
Fay & Stuart Boyer                                                                      Wendy & David Shepro
Iris & Micah Chase                                                                      Rachel & Phil Sher
Trudy & Merrill Cohen                                                                   Joyce & Carl Sherr
Melvin Cutler                                                                           Marilyn & Marvin Shreiar
Karolyn & Manouch Darvish                                                               Judy & Allan Shriber
Paula & Victor Dufault                                                                  Judy & Phil Shwachman
Lois & Bernie Edinberg                                                                  Matthew Shwachman
Enid & Alan Feingold                                                                    Merna & Ed* Siff
                                        Marianne & Vinny Librandi
Elaine & Philip Feldman                                                                 Shirley & Robert* Siff
                                        Blanche Lonstein
Dolly Fisher                                                                            Robert Sigel Family Foundation
                                        Nancy & Jeffrey Lonstein
Joan & Rif Freedman                                                                     Roberta & Ron Silver
                                        Dorothy Lurier
Sandra & Robert Gass                                                                    Harvey Silverman
                                        Henry Lusardi*
Kathleen & Stuart Glass                                                                 Carol & Michael Sleeper
                                        Gloria MacKoul
Laura & Wayne Glazier                                                                   Dotty & Jerry Starr
                                        Rose Meenes
Carol & Edward Glick                                                                    Nina & Alan Stoll
                                        Steven Meenes
Marilyn Goldsmith                                                                       Janet & Norman Sussman
                                        Toni & Glenn Meltzer
Noreen & Ivan Green                                                                     Elaine Sweeney
                                        Jane & Alan Moss
Judi & Joel Greenberg                                                                   Kim & Steve Willens
                                        Judy Noar
Jeff and Mei Sze Greene                                                                 Bettye Wolf
                                        Marjorie & Robert Ory
Minna & Ira Gregerman                                                                   Jon Wolf
                                        Philip Ostrow
Peter Herman – IMA                                                                      Marilyn Wolpert
                                        Jody & Warren Palley
Bobbie Hirshberg                                                                        Sharon & Alan Yaffe
                                        Neil Patrick
Emily & James Holdstein                                                                 Johanna Drooz Yoffie &
                                        Judith & Alan Pemstein
Barton Kamp                                                                              Alan Yoffie
                                        Zelda Pemstein
Shirley Kane                                                                            Barbara & Nevin Zablotsky
                                        Marilyn & Richard Perlman
Rayna & Jack Keenan
                                        Marlene & David Persky
Paula & David Levine                                                                    *deceased
                                        Bill Poznik and Jane Adolph
Nancy & Garry Levitsky

                                                                             JHC HomeCare | JHC PrivateCare | JHC Hospice | JHC LifeCare | Elsenberg Assisted Living   11
JHC Center News
                                                               2019 Membership Honor Roll
   Our Membership Honor Roll is a tribute to the individuals, companies, and foundations who,
   through their philanthropy, are linked to the proud history and achievements of the Jewish
  Healthcare Center. Their generous contributions ensure that we have the necessary resources
    to sustain the excellence of our mission. The following lists reflect gifts given to the 2019
                          membership drive through December 31, 2019
Life Members                                                   Carole & Ron Dorris                Betty-Lou Gottlieb*           Council
Terry & Harvey Aaron                                           Nancy & Jeffrey Davis              Marlene & William Grady     Shirley Lerner
Daniel Abraham                                                 Brenda & Herbert Dean              Noreen & Ivan Green         Debi & Stanley Levenson
Arthur Aframe & Joan Katz                                      Maria Decillis                     Barbara Greenberg*          Fredda Levine
Barry Aframe                                                   Paula & Victor Dufault             Judi & Joel Greenberg       Faye Levine
Myra & Jay Aframe                                              Bernice & Barry Dworman            Jeffrey & Mei Sze Greene    Paula & David Levine
Judi & Edward Andelman                                         Ralph Dworman                      Minna & Ira Gregerman       Raymond Levine
Jane* & Richard Aronovitz                                      Judith & John Echternach           Jeffrey Gudman              Nancy & Garry Levitsky
Joe Bafaro                                                     Lois & Bernie Edinberg             Pamela Hanson               Jordan Levy
Ben Bailin                                                     June & Howard Edison               Anne E. Hart                Marianne & Vinny Librandi
Marianne Baker                                                 Beverly & Solomon Einhorn          Wayne Hastings & Family     Vicki & Edward Lieber
Lolita Baker                                                   Sarah Entin                        Peter Herman – IMA          Dick Lipson*
Lila Belofsky                                                  Elsa Epstein                       Ruth & Arthur Herring       Thelma & Howard*
Lois & Burton Berg                                             Karen Erickson                     Arnold Hiatt                  Lockwood
Frances & Howard Berger                                        Saul Feingold                      Lena Hillman                Esther London
Malcolm Berkowitz                                              Enid & Alan Feingold               Bobbie Hirshberg            Blanche Lonstein
Renee Berkowitz                                                Elaine & David Feingold            Deanna & Barry Hodes        Nancy & Jeffrey Lonstein
Max Bernstein*                                                 Elaine & Matis Feit                Donald Hodes                Ruth Lonstein
Marjorie Bernstein*                                            Elaine & Philip Feldman            Sue & Sidney Hodes          Lois Lopatin
Jeanette Beskin Burack                                         Wendy & Paul Feldman               Emily & James Holdstein     Ricky & Bruce Lopatin
Howard Borggaard                                               Jonathan Finkelstein               Evelyn Honig                Frances & David Lubin
Faye & Stuart Boyer                                            Irving Fins*                       Wendy Honig                 Dottie Lurier
Joan & Norman Bress                                            Ann & Robert Fippinger             Frances & Howard            Henry Lusardi*
Rhonda Bretholtz                                               Ceril & Howard Fish                  Jacobson                  Gloria MacKoul
Susan Brunell                                                  Dolly Fisher                       Ariel Jaffee                Ruth Margolis
Michael Burday                                                 Lynne & Alan Fox                   Phyllis Jaffee              Debbie & Lawrence Martin
John Burwick                                                   Rosalyn Fox*                       Sylvia Jaffee               Linda Masterman
Marcia Carlson                                                 Richard Fox & Ann Merritt          Anne & John Jette           Barbara Medoff
Mary & Francis Carroll                                         Joan & Rif Freedman                Leon Jonas                  Rose Meenes
Morris Chafetz*                                                Eugene Freedman                    Barton Kamp                 Steven Meenes
Zelda Chafetz                                                  Howard Freeman                     Barbara Kane                Toni & Glenn Meltzer
Ethel Chaifetz                                                 Sandra & Arnold Freilich           Shirley Kane                Miles Funeral Directors
Harriette & Burton                                             Elizabeth & Robert Frem            Louise & Joseph Kangisser   Benjamin Minsk
  Chandler                                                     Margaret & Albert Gammal           Danleigh & Andrew Kaplan    Jane & Alan Moss
Cynthia & Lester Chase                                         Sandra & Robert Gass               Janie & Richard Kaplan      Nita Nagel
Elaine Chase                                                   Lillian* & Herbert Ginsburg        Nancy & David Kaplan        Carol & Sanford Nemshin
Phyllis Chase                                                  Kathy & Stuart Glass               Dorothy Kashuk              Judy Noar
Edith Chatkis                                                  Laura & Wayne Glazier              Florence Katz*              Anne & Robert Oman
David Clark                                                    Shirley Glazier                    Libby & Arthur Katzenson    Carole & Burton Orland
John Coakley                                                   Carol & Ed Glick                   Rayna & John Keenan         Marjorie & Robert Ory
Ruth & Donald Coblentz                                         Norman Glick*                      Jean & Glenn Kessler        Zoe Ostrow
Eleanor Cohen                                                  Doris Goff                         Robert Koenig               Joseph Padavano
Flavia & Joel Cohen                                            Lillian Goff                       Charlotte Koocher*          Jody & Warren Palley
Lisa Cohen                                                     Joan & Jay Gold                    Sylvia Kramer               Leatrice Palley*
Trudy & Merrill Cohen                                          Renee Goldberg                     Anna Krendel                Judith Palson
Lorraine Cotton                                                Marilyn Goldsmith                  Nancy & Steve Krintzman     Susan & James Patrick
Herbert Cremer                                                 Sarah Goldstein                    Roberta & Richard Kropp     Jo & Neil Patrick
Robin & Scott Cutler                                           Alice Goldstein                    Hannah Laipson*             Jay Pelletz
Mel Cutler                                                     Frances Gordon                     Edward Landau               Robyn Pelletz
Sandy & Mark Cutler                                            Samuel Gordon                      Jane & Robert Lavine        Jeanne & Mel Pelletz
Karolyn & Manouch Darvish                                      Jane & Lawrence Gordon             Nancy & Michael Leavitt*    Zelda Pemstein
Evelyn Dolinsky                                                Marsha Gordon                      Leominster Jewish Com.      Judy & Alan Pemstein

 12     JHC HomeCare | JHC PrivateCare | JHC Hospice | JHC LifeCare | Elsenberg Assisted Living
JHC Center News
Shirley & Richard Perkins    Richard Simonian              Benita & Bernie Rotman                              Community $50-$99
Marilyn & Richard Perlman    Lois & Marvin* Singer         Carol Schlegel                                      Marsha Addis
Marlene & David Persky       Rosalind & Earle Skiest       Regina & Bernard Schultz                            Felice Katz & Seth Asser
Bill Poznik & Jane Adolf     Carol & Michael Sleeper                                                           Ruth & Myron* Berman
Joyce Queen                  Ann & Sidney* Sloane          Friend $100-$249                                    Barbara Beroll
Barbara & Arnold Ravelson    Ethel Slovin*                 Elaine & Leonard Alpert                             Leslie Blatt
Toby* & Charles Richmond     Janet & Gilbert Slovin        Vitalia & Boris Aronson                             Alberta Chase
Susan & Jesse Ritz           Judi & David Snider           Ellen Baker                                         Michelle Cochran
Harriet & Jordan* Robbins    Arline Snider Thomas          Wendy & Morris Bergman                              Adeline & Edward Davidson
Eleanor Rodenstein           Phyllis Solod                 Davida & Joel Berman                                Barbara & Leone Dell’olio
Toby & Howard Rome           Joseph Sonnenberg             Karen & Stephen Bernacki                            Diane & Leonard Doerfer
Rosalie Rose                 Denise & Steven Sosnoff       Norman Bitsoli                                      Donna & Joel Elfman
Melody & David* Rose         Vivian & Morris Spierer       Esther & Sheldon Carp                               Marcia & Lowell Fiengold
Martha & Melvin Rosenblatt   Nancy Spitz                   Inna Chernyakova &                                  Debbie & Daniel Fins
Catherine & Ron Rosenstock   Dotty & Jerry Starr           Vsevolod Semenov                                    Ruth-Ellen Flanagan
Jason Ross                   Harriet Strogoff              Elizabeth Clifford                                  Maxine Garbo
Barbara Rossman              Nina & Alan Stoll             William Coblenz                                     Shirley & Raymond Glazier
Rita Roth                    Janet & Norman Sussman        David Cohen                                         Marilyn & Norman Gould
Ida Rotman*                  Elaine Sweeney                Cynthia & Dennis Cohen                              Roberta & Arthur Greenseid
Ruth Rubin                   David Talman                  Lisa Cohen                                          Merle & Edward Jellson
Eugene Rubin                 AnaFlor & Steve Tankanow      Natatlie & Allen Cramer                             Mary Jane Rein & Seth Kates
Gladys Rudnick               Elizabeth Tapper              Brenda & Herbert Dean                               Joanne Kaufman
Irene & Harold Rudnick       Shirley* & Milton Weinstein   James Dunlap, Jr.                                   Roberta & David Kravitz
Myrna & Harold Sadowsky      Kim & Steve Willens           Phyllis Edinberg                                    Sharon & Elliot Krefetz
Joan & Lester Sadowsky       Bettye Wolf                   Ruth & Barry Ehrlich                                Edward Krysiak
Amy Salitsky                 Jon Wolf                      Jeffrey Gass                                        Roberta & Robert Kunen
Barbara & Andrew* Salitsky   Glenda & Arthur Wolpert       Rita Goldberg                                       Silvia & Laszlo Leb
Dinara & Ira Salitsky        Marilyn Wolpert               Glory & Norman Goldman                              Gladys & Erwin Leviton
Tamara & Eric Salitsky       Ruth & Leonard Yaffe          Marsha A. Gordon                                    Lila & Marvin Levy
Sarah & Richard Sandler      Sharon & Alan Yaffe           Alann I. Gordon                                     Gloria & Stuart Lurie
Christina & Robert Schultz   Johanna Drooz Yoffie &        Pat & Harvey Gould                                  Peter Ostrow
Barbara & Edward Scolnick      Alan Yoffie                 Lisa & Bruce Harned                                 Irene & Marvin Perer
Bob Seder                    Barbara & Nevin Zablotsky     James Heald                                         Carlton Perry
Sue & Ricky Seder            Sandra & Don Zagoren          Howard Hiatt                                        Cecile Plotkin
Trudy Selib                  Brenda & Arnold Zaltas        Carole Jacobson                                     Barbara & Arnold Ravelson
Judith & Mark Shankman                                     Edward Landau                                       Jack J. Reiff*
Jordan Shapiro               Fellow $500-$999              Paul Levenson                                       Sylvia Rome
Arline & Haskell Shapiro     Evelyn Dolinsky               Esther & Steven Levine                              Judy & Harold Schneider
Larry Sheftel                Elizabeth & Robert S. Frem    Suzanne & John M. Ligor                             Kathleen & Paul Senior
Nancy Sheftel-Gomes          Susan Granoff                 Lois Lopatin                                        Sherry & William Shapiro
Wendy & David Shepro         Donald Hodes                  Linda Masterman                                     Fe Sharp
Rachel & Philip Sher         Frances & Howard M.           Sandra Meltzer                                      Debra & Mark Shear
Regina Sher                    Jacobson                    Joanne Morin                                        Harry Short
Eva Sherman*                 Ariel Jaffee                  Rosalie Olds                                        Judy & Lee Silverstein
Joyce & Carl Sherr           Robert Koenig                 Avis & Irving Pilson                                Lois & Richard Sobel
Fran & Steven Short          Linda Palmerino               Barcy Proctor                                       Janet Solomon*
Marilyn & Marvin Shreiar     Vanguard Charitable Fund      Charles Ritz                                        Isabel & Morton Sreiberg
Judith & Allan Shriber       Bruce Wahle and Miles         Judith & Alan Robbins                               Gloria & Gerald Thomashow
Judy & Phil Shwachman          Funeral Home                Harriet & Jordan* Robbins                           Barbara & Marshall* Werblin
Matthew Shwachman                                          Martha & Melvin Rosenblatt                          Alice & Morton* White
Stephen Siegel               Sponsor $250-$499             David Sadick                                        Barry White
Shirley & Bob* Siff          Kenneth Brickman              Jonathan Sadick                                     Selma & Irving White
Merna & Edward* Siff         George Dern                   Lili & Alvin Schiffman                              Edward Willins
Carole* & George Sigel       Marlene Farbman               Charlote Siegel                                     Roslyn E. Willis
Marlene & Jerome Sigel       Richard & Janie Kaplan        Bonnie & Richard Silver                             Judy & Steven Wolf
Robert Sigel Family          Carol & Joel Kaufman          Marsha & Steven Silverman                           Peg Foley & Marshall
    Foundation               Thelma & Howard*              Barbara & Joel Strogoff                               Zamansky
Evelyn & Sumner* Silver        Lockwood                    Worcester B’Nai Brith                               Shoshana & Edward Zaritt
Roberta & Ronald Silver      Judith Markowitz                Cemetery
Harvey Silverman             Natalie & Jonathan Palley                                                         * deceased
Marshall Silverman           Shirley & Richard Perkins

                                                                          JHC HomeCare | JHC PrivateCare | JHC Hospice | JHC LifeCare | Elsenberg Assisted Living   13
JHC Center News
JHC Wish List
      Please consider a gift of the following items needed to continue to serve our residents and
               for future residents with the highest level of care in the Worcester area:

New Chairs for Auditorium                                                                        $30,000        Eisenberg Assisted Living Interactive   $5,000
New Boiler for Homecare/Hospice Building                                                         $20,000            Activities Screen
Swipe Card Security System                                                                       $20,000        Food Processor                          $3,700
Nursing Scholarships for CNA’s to become                                                         $10,000 ea     Sims Mannequin Update                   $3,000
   Licensed Nurses (2)                                                                                          Oven                                    $3,000
Insulate Glycol Pipes –                                                                          $15,000        Pill Crusher                            $3,000
   1st and 2nd floors                                                                                           Slicer                                  $2,400
Carpet Extractor/Cleaner                                                                         $14,500        Reach-In Refrigerator                   $2,300
Laundry Dryer                                                                                    $7,500         Replacement Computers (40)              $500 ea
Floor Burnisher/Cleaner                                                                          $7,300

Special Thank Yous
The Jewish Healthcare Center & Eisenberg Assisted Living wishes to thank the following donors who
have made generous gifts of $1,000 or over. Every donation is equally important, but it is impossible
to list them all.

Donor                                                                                                         Amount     Project / Department
JALEPH Sherman Fund                                                                                           $50,000    New nurse call system on third floor
Benny Bailin                                                                                                  $20,000    Endowment
Lillian Glixman                                                                                                $12,000   Endowment
Sumner and Lois Herman Charitable Trust                                                                       $10,000    Third Floor Renovation
Claudia and Lester Ross, in Memory of Lillian Goldin                                                          $10,000    Eisenberg Assisted Living Book Fund
The Joseph Persky Foundation                                                                                    $5,000   Two Stryker Recliners for the Namaste
Alan Pemstein                                                                                                  $5,000    General Fund
Neil Patrick                                                                                                   $5,000    16th Annual Patrick Motors Home Run 5K
Joseph & Rae Gann Charitable Foundation                                                                        $5,000    General Fund, in honor of our cousin
                                                                                                                           Jody Fredman
John and Rayna Keenan                                                                                          $4,000    General Fund
Schwartz Charitable Foundation                                                                                 $2,500    44 Annual Golf Classic
Marilyn and Marvin Shreiar                                                                                     $2,500    Worcester/Florida Reunion
Micah Chase                                                                                                     $1,500   General Fund
Marshall Rosen                                                                                                  $1,200   To the General Fund In memory of your
                                                                                                                           mother Ann Palley and Aunt Goldie and
                                                                                                                           to the entire Palley Family
Jeanne Blackman                                                                                                $1,000    To Hospice in Memory of her husband
                                                                                                                           Richard Blackman
Joel and Judy Greenberg                                                                                        $1,000    Annual Meeting Matching Gift for Third
                                                                                                                           Floor Renovation
Jordan O’Connor                                                                                                $1,000    To the Staff Fund in gratitude for the
                                                                                                                           care, kindness and compassion given to
                                                                                                                           their mother, Janet O’Connor
Susannah and Dirk Auferoth                                                                                     $1,000    To the Staff Fund in gratitude for the
                                                                                                                           care and love given to their mother,
                                                                                                                           Janet O’Connor

 14    JHC HomeCare | JHC PrivateCare | JHC Hospice | JHC LifeCare | Elsenberg Assisted Living
Auxiliary News

From the President, Barbara Salitsky
In June 2019, I took over as President of the Auxiliary of the
Jewish Healthcare Center. This is a new experience for me. After
almost 90 years of existence, the Auxiliary has had to make
changes. Years ago, we were very hands on with the patients
and staff but as times changed, so did the Auxiliary.
With the thought of extinction, I stepped up to take the reins
and revitalize the organization. My main goal is to entice a new
generation of women (and men) to join the Auxiliary and plan
activities and fundraisers that are both fun and informative.
Since June, we have had three very successful events; our
annual Donor Luncheon with a “make you own” ice cream
sundae bar, a movie night with a screening of Hava Nagila: The
Movie with wine and hors d’oeuvres, and in conjunction with
the Worcester JCC, an author event and signing with Randy
Susan Meyers, author of Waisted: A Novel.
We hope to see you at our luncheon card party on April 1,
2020, and our annual donor luncheon on September 30, 2020,
as well as the many more exciting events we are planning
including a “Movie Club”.

                        In Memory of Carole Sigel
                        It is with great sadness that we remember Carole Sigel. She held the office
                        of recording secretary for the Auxiliary for over ten years. She was also on
                        the Donor committee, and enjoyed checking in the guests at our annual
                        luncheon. She was a life member of the Jewish Healthcare Center, and the
                        Auxiliary (along with her husband George, who is also a current Associate
                        member). Her smiling face will be missed by the board and all who knew her.
                                                            ~Lois Singer, Auxiliary Past President

                                   Become a Member
 If you would like to become involved in planning events, meeting new people, and raising funds
               for the Jewish Healthcare Center, become a member of the Auxiliary.
                     Membership is $25 per year and Life Membership is $225
                   Associate Membership for men is a one-time payment of $72
  Not only do we care for elders in our community, but also those recuperating or rehabilitating
      from surgeries and procedures. We would love to have you join our community-based
  organization. Please contact Barbara Salitsky at if you are interested
                in joining, becoming an officer or just want some more information

                                                                   JHC HomeCare | JHC PrivateCare | JHC Hospice | JHC LifeCare | Elsenberg Assisted Living   15
Auxiliary News

2019 Donor Luncheon
We have had a very fun-filled year. The theme of our September 18th donor event was Happy
“Sweet” New Year, which was decorated with New Year’s Eve hats, streamers and leis. We had a
wonderful luncheon with an exceptional “make your own” Ice Cream Sundae bar and, of course,
dozens of fabulous raffles.
In December, we had a wine and appetizer movie night. The 50 Auxiliary members watched
“Hava Nagila: the Movie” as they snacked on popcorn. Because of the event’s great success,
we are planning on more movie events. Thank you all for participating.

  Save the Date: Next Donor Luncheon will be Wednesday, September 30, 2020

 16   JHC HomeCare | JHC PrivateCare | JHC Hospice | JHC LifeCare | Elsenberg Assisted Living
Auxiliary News

                 85th Annual Donor Event
                 The Auxiliary’s 85th Annual Donor Event was held on September 15, 2019.
 Thank you to everyone for your donations which were put towards new equipment for residents of the JHC.
        Let us continue to improve the comfort and safety of our Residents at future Donor Events.
 While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of any information herein, we apologize for any errors or omissions.
                                                                                                                                                     Todah Rabah!
Diamond $500 & Up             Cindy Gray                      Sandra Hersh                                           Carole Sigel*
Lois Berg                     Barbara Kane                    Roberta Hirshberg                                      Roberta Silver
Blanche Lonstein              Roberta Kunen                   Beverly Hurwitz                                        Lois Singer
Ruth Rubin                    Jane Lavine                     Carole Jacobson                                        Rosalind Skiest
Emerald $350 - $499           Joanne Morin                    Dorothy Kashuk                                         Ann Sloane
Robin B. Feldman              Harriet Robbins                 Lillian Katzenson                                      Nina Stoll
                              Miriam Sheftel                  Carol Kaufman                                          Brenda Verduin-Dean
Saphire $250 - $349
                              Merna Siff                      Ruth Ladd                                              Clara Weintraub
Charlotte Brunell
                              Bonnie Silver                   Regina Leavitt                                         Selma White
Elsa Epstein
                              Lois Sobel                      Fredda Levine                                          Carol Woolf
Dorothy Lurier
                              Kim Willens                     Ottilie Levine                                         Minette Zitowitz
Glenda Wolpert
                              Marilyn Wolpert                 Esther Levitt
Ruby $200 - $249                                                                                                    Contributor $49 & below
                              Donor $50 - $79                 Gloria Lurie
Anna Krendel                                                                                                         Elaine Alpert
                              Ruth Berman                     Naomi Mandell
Barbara Salitsky                                                                                                     Nita Bindman
                              Barbara Beroll                  Alisa Mintz
Dorothy Starr                                                                                                        Florence Blatt
                              Ruth Bibace                     Judy Noar
                                                                                                                     Alberta Chase
Platinum $169 - $199          Ethel Chaifetz                  Barbara Patashnik
                                                                                                                     Deborah Fins
Deborah Sinrich               Michelle Cochran                Avis Pilson
                                                                                                                     Sandra Gass
Gold $120 - $159              Cynthia Cohen                   Margie Potash
                                                                                                                     Kathleen Glass
Elaine Feldman                Lisa Cohen                      Barcy Proctor
                                                                                                                     Gayle Golden
Janice Kaplan                 Andrea Daroff                   Kathryn Pulda
                                                                                                                     Andrea Goodman
Shirley Laipson               Donna Elfman                    Barbara Ravelson
                                                                                                                     Merle Jellson
Faye Levine                   Irene Feldman                   Edith Ravelson
                                                                                                                     Lois Lopatin
Judith Markowitz              Marcia Fiengold                 Harriet Robbins
                                                                                                                     Shirley Merken
Elizabeth Raphaelson          Dolly Fisher                    Eleanor Rodenstein
                                                                                                                     Edith Ravelson
                              Doris Golf                      Sylvia Rothschild-Palley
Silver $80 - $119                                                                                                    Arline Rome
                              Nancy Gold                      Jane Rothstein
Myra Aframe                                                                                                          Leslie Rotman
                              Glory Goldman                   Amy Salitsky
Bernice Dworman                                                                                                      Anne Sadick
                              Minna Gregerman                 Regina Salloway
Marlene Farbman                                                                                                      Cynthia Turncliff
                              Sheila Grossman                 Roberta Schaefer
Suzanne Felman                                                                                                       Teri Witkin
                              Mindy Hall                      Marilyn Shreiar
Marsha Gordon                                                                                                        Judith Wolfe
                              Lisa Harned                     Charlotte Siegal
Frances Gordon                                                                                                       Sharon Yaffe

                                                                               JHC HomeCare | JHC PrivateCare | JHC Hospice | JHC LifeCare | Elsenberg Assisted Living   17
JHC Center News
Associate Members
Lawrence Abramoff                                             Herbert Ginsburg                         Richard Lipson*       Andrew Salitsky*
Howard Alfred                                                 Frederick Glass                          David Lubin           Eric Salitsky
Harvey Alpert                                                 Stephen Glass                            Stuart Lurie          Ira Salitsky
Leonard Alpert                                                Stuart Glass                             Erwin Markowitz*      Elliot Salloway*
Richard Aronovitz                                             Edward Glick                             Aaron Mendel          Paul Schwartz
Bernard Bailin                                                Robert Golden                            Melvin Merken*        Steven Schimmel
Marvin Baum*                                                  Norman Goldman                           Charles Mills         J. Robert Seder
Stuart Bentkover*                                             H. Maurice Goodman                       Mansour Moheban       Philip Sher
Burton Berg                                                   Mel Greenberg                            Edward Morin          Marvin Shreiar
Morris Bergman                                                Ronald Greenberg*                        Morton Morin          Edward Siff*
Howard Borer                                                  Morton Grossman                          Bernard Noar*         George Sigel
Stuart Boyer                                                  Harold Gurwitz*                          Philip Ostrow         Bernard Silver
Charles Burack*                                               Stuart Hammer                            Jonathan Palley       Richard Silver
Burton Chandler                                               David Handsman                           Julius Palley*        Ronald Silver
Arthur Chase*                                                 Jeffrey Haselton                         Sanford Patashnik*    Marvin Singer*
David Cohen                                                   Arthur Herring                           Stanley Pelletz       Earle Skiest
Irving Coven*                                                 Yale Hirshberg*                          Richard Perlman       Stephen Slaten
Scott Cutler                                                  Barry Hodes                              David Persky          Jonathan Sloane
Manouch Darvish                                               Melvin Hoffman*                          Nick Pilson           Sidney Smith*
Herbert Dean                                                  Stuart Jaffe*                            Arnold Ravelson       Richard Sobel
Melvyn Defrin                                                 Edward Jellson                           Jack Reiff*           Steven Sosnoff
Barry Dworman                                                 Seth Kates                               Charles Richmond      Morton Sreiberg
Bernard Edinberg                                              Arthur Katzenson                         Charles Ritz          Alan Stoll
Joel Elfman                                                   Joel Kaufman                             Jordan Robbins*       Conrad Swartz
Alan Feingold                                                 Steven Krintzman                         George Rodenstein*    Alvan Tall*
David Feingold                                                David Ladd                               Herbert Rosen         Edward Tankanow*
Albert Feldman*                                               Samuel Laipson                           Melvin Rosenblatt     Seymour Weinstein*
Herbert Feldman                                               Louis Lapin*                             Ronald Rosenstock     Manny Weintraub*
Phillip Feldman                                               Robert Lavine                            Jason Ross            Irving White
Daniel Fins                                                   Edward Leavitt                           Paul Rossman*         Steven Willens
Howard Fish                                                   Michael Leavitt*                         Ralph Rothstein       Edward Williams
Howard Fixler                                                 Dana Levenson                            Bernard Rotman        Irving Witkes*
David Fredman                                                 Paul Levenson                            Allen Rubin*          Michael Wollin
Richard Freedman                                              Raymond Levine                           Stephan Rubinstein*   Alan Yaffe
Robert Frem                                                   Erwin Leviton                            Murry Rudnick*        Leonard Yaffe
Gary Gaffin                                                   Alfred Levitt*                           Richard Rudnick       Sydney Yaffe*
Edward Ganek                                                  Jordan Levy                              S. Richard Sachs                     * Deceased
Robert Gass                                                   Marvin Levy                              David Sadick

                                                                                                  Auxiliary Birthday Party Gift Wrappers

                                                                                                  Thank you to the Auxiliary Birthday Party
                                                                                                Volunteers, who have helped wrap thousands
                                                                                                    of gifts for birthdays over the years!

                                                                                                    Beverly Hurwitz, Nita Bindman and
                                                                                                  Barbara Beroll wrap gifts for the Home.

 18   JHC HomeCare | JHC PrivateCare | JHC Hospice | JHC LifeCare | Elsenberg Assisted Living
Auxiliary News

                                  Gems & Jewels
Gayle Golden - in honor of            Salitsky and her grandsons,               Shirley Laipson - in honor of
Jonathan J. Golden, Kimberly D.       Andrew Irving Salitsky & Aaron            Jonathan Laipson
Golden & Sidney M. Golden             James Salitsky                            Gail Martin - in honor of Mia
Lois Singer - in honor of             Merna Siff - in honor of my               Grace Raffi & Matthew Raffi
granddaughter, Mikayla Singer         beloved grandchildren, Joe &              Michelle Cochran - in honor of
Ruth Rubin - in honor of Corey        Mattie and Zach & Jen Magdovitz,          Meredith Mils, Naomi Mills and
Newman & Justin Newman                Nicki, Markey & Alden Richards,           Oren Cochran
                                      Andy & Kenny Kalvinek
Elaine Baskin - in honor of                                                     Esther Levitt - in honor of my
Adam Baskin, Quill Bee Baskin,        Sharon Yaffe - in honor of                great granddaughter, Adeline
Samantha Gronblom, Alex               grandchildren, Ayelet Harris &            Catron
Gronblom, Leo Fiesinger, Emma         Benjamin Harris
                                                                                Edith Ravelson - in honor of my
Fiesinger, Dora Miller, Joe Miller,   Anna Krendel - in honor of Jacob,         great grandchildren, Matthew E.
Zoe Segal                             Halley & Benny Ames, Danny,               Ravelson & Ellie H. Ravelson
Barbara Salitsky - in honor of        Josh & Emily Krendel and Jeremy
                                                                                Teri Witkin - in honor of Hayden
her children, Amy Salitsky, Eric &    & Ashley Krendel
                                                                                Michael Witkin
Tammy Salitsky and Ira & Dinara

                                      In Memory of
Ruth Rubin - in memory of Allen       Eleanor Rodenstein - in memory            Lisa Cohen - in memory of
Rubin and Sara Sadick                 of George Rodenstein                      Jeanette Richmond
Nancy Glass - in memory of            Barbara Salitsky - in memory of           Edith Ravelson - in memory of
Benjamin Glass, Lillian (Billie)      her beloved husband, Andrew               husband, Harold Ravelson
Glass, Kenneth Elkins, June Elkins,   Lee Salitsky and her father,              Gail Martin - in memory of Ruth
Lydia Thurman, Shea Thurman           Julian J. Blitz                           T. Levey, Samuel J. Levey, Michael
Anna Krendel - in memory of           Joanne Morin - in memory of               M. Levey and Linda M. Cox
Henry Krendel                         Celia Morin, Marion Blumberg,             Teri Witkin - in memory of Sylvia
Shirley Merken - in memory of Dr.     Mr. & Mrs. Morris Morin and               Epstein, Tessie Okin, Edith Witkin
Melvin Merken                         Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bazer
                                                                                Elizabeth Raphaelson - in
Roberta Silver - in memory of         Lois Berg - in memory of                  memory of the Honorable Milton
beloved mother, Ann Cashner           my children, Betsy Berg and               Raphaelson
                                      Jonathan Berg

           JHC 2019 Annual Meeting
       The annual meeting received a huge turnout of 200
   attendees. Lois Singer was honored, and funds were raised
    for the 3rd floor flooring project. Everyone enjoyed a fun
               comedy night and wonderful dinner.

         Save the Date for 2020 Annual Meeting
               on Thursday, June 18, 2020!

                                                                     JHC HomeCare | JHC PrivateCare | JHC Hospice | JHC LifeCare | Elsenberg Assisted Living   19
JHC Center News

Eisenberg Assisted Living

                                                                                                      Eisenberg Assisted Living has
                                                                                                    seven wonderful couples that call
                                                                                                         EAL home, totaling over
                                                                                                          500 Years of Marriage!
                                                                                                    We celebrated this wedded bliss
                                                                                                      with a luncheon together.
                                            David & Ruth Ladd
                                                            s                                  ar
                                               Married for 69 Ye

                                                         nian                                            Roger & Lorraine
                                       Nick & Rose Alexaars                                                               Fo
                                                                                                            Married for 59 Ye
                                                 Married for 72 Ye                                                             ars

                                                         Cole                                          Gerry & Gloria Th
                                        Arthur & Barbara ars                                                              omashow
                                                                                                            Married for 69 Ye
                                                 Married for 68 Ye                                                              ars

                                                      Miller                                             Marty & Shirley Sh
                                     George & Bernice ars                                                  Married for 67 Ye
                                                 Married for 65 Ye                                                          ars

20   JHC HomeCare | JHC PrivateCare | JHC Hospice | JHC LifeCare | Elsenberg Assisted Living
JHC Center News

Create a Lasting Legacy of Caring at JHC. Help ensure that future generations receive the same level of care
that current and past generations have received. Consider making a planned gift to JHC and
Eisenberg Assisted Living.
We would also love to know if you have included JHC in your philanthropic plans or intend to do so. This
would give us an opportunity to thank you and include you as a member of Life & Legacy. Please contact
Jody Fredman, Director of Development for more information at (508)798-8653 x2140 or
                 Please save the date for our Upcoming Life and Legacy and
            President’s Club Event on Thursday, April 23rd, in the JHC Auditorium

         Please join our 54 Life and Legacy Members (as of February 6, 2020, not all are listed below)
 Please join this wonderful group. You do not have to give a gift now to participate. Please send in this Letter
                   of Intent to become part of Life & Legacy at The Jewish Healthcare Center

               Anonymous                   Steven & Debra Heims Family                                 Roberta & David Schaefer
           Myra & Jay Aframe              Peter Herman & Stefanie Bradie                                  Rachel & Philip Sher
            Robert Bachrach                        Anna Krendel                                                Merna Siff
              Benny Bailin                       Steve Krintzman                                            Denise Sosnoff
            Michelle Cochran                       Nancy Leavitt                                            Steven Sosnoff
              Lisa B. Cohen                     Vincent A. Librandi                                        Alan & Nina Stoll
          Brenda & Herb Dean                     Judith Markowitz                                          Mari & Alan Storm
             Evelyn Dolinsky                        Alan Moss                                              Steven Tankanow
           Marlene Farbman                          Mel Pelletz                                           Bruce & Ellen Wahle
            Jody S. Fredman                       Harriet Robbins                                      Steven & Kimberly Willens
           Joel N. Greenberg                     Barbara Rossman                                          Sharon & Alan Yaffe
         Minna & Ira Gregerman                      Ruth Rubin                                                Alan Yoffie
            Gary A. Gurwitz                       Barbara Salitsky

     •   What is a legacy gift? It is a gift of an asset after you pass away.
     •   Who should sign up? Everyone. This is not just for the wealthy or the seniors. There is no expectation
         of payment while you are living.
     •   Why wouldn’t I leave all of my estate to my children? Legacy gifts are usually only a percentage of
         your estate and demonstrate to your heirs your commitment to Jewish values.
     •   Does the gift have to be money or can other things be given? Legacy gifts can take many forms:
         stocks, bonds, real estate, retirement assets, cash, life insurance proceeds, etc.
     •   How much should I bequeath? There is no correct amount – it varies from person to person – and you
         don’t even have to give an amount.
     •   Can I change my gift later? Yes - if your circumstances change you can adjust the amount of your gift.
     •   What are the ways I can leave a legacy gift? There are many ways, including making a bequest in a will
         or trust, naming JHC as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or an IRA or pension fund, giving a gift
         of cash or assets, setting up a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust. Please consult your
         professional advisor to determine which method of giving is best for you.
     •   How do I sign up? The first step is to fill out a letter of intent on the following page and send it to JHC
         or the Jewish Federation of Central MA.

                                                                                JHC HomeCare | JHC PrivateCare | JHC Hospice | JHC LifeCare | Elsenberg Assisted Living   21
22   JHC HomeCare | JHC PrivateCare | JHC Hospice | JHC LifeCare | Elsenberg Assisted Living
JHC Center News
Annual Worcester Florida Reunion 2020
Thank you to the committee for a Great Worcester Florida Reunion!

You never know who you are going to meet at the Worcester Reunion! Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s you.

Marvin and Marilyn Shreiar, Larry Sheftel, Merna Siff, Anne Krendel, Alan and Judy Robbins, Bob Koneig,
Selma and Irving White did a wonderful job again this year. Thank you to the Shreiars for their lead
donation of $2,500 to the Home and to all our other donors who contributed.

See you at next year’s event!

                                      JHC HomeCare | JHC PrivateCare | JHC Hospice | JHC LifeCare | Elsenberg Assisted Living

                     Amy Martin                                                                                       Kim Willens
                     Director of Admissions                                                                           Director
                     Eisenberg Assisted Living                                                                JHC PrivateCare

     Need More Recovery Time? How About Assistance in Your Home?
                    Caregiver Could Use A Break?
   Our services include availability of a respite stay at the Eisenberg Assisted Living
              Residence or JHC PrivateCare services in your own home.
              OUR PLACE                                                                                        YOUR PLACE
   Eisenberg Assisted Living Residence                                                                        JHC PrivateCare

            Fully furnished apartment                                          Personal care - bathing, dressing, toileting,
     3 delicious meals served in our elegant                                    transferring, positioning and ambulation
                    dining room                                              Home support - laundry, housekeeping, grocery
      Physical fitness and wellness program                                         shopping and meal preparation
     Personal care provided by 24 hour staff                                       Medication management assistance
       Medication management assistance                                      Transportation services - run errands, escort to
              Emergency call system                                                           appointments
      Housekeeping, laundry & van services                                     Companionship - engage in conversation or
 Entertainment, lectures & recreational programs                                              favorite hobby
         (508) 757-0981 •                                             (508) 713-0585 •

                                                                                                           JHC HomeCare | JHC PrivateCare | JHC Hospice | JHC LifeCare | Elsenberg Assisted Living   23
629 Salisbury Street             629 Salisbury Street
Worcester, MA 01609-1199         Worcester, MA 01609-1199
508-798-8653                     508-798-8653


                    JHC HomeCare | JHC PrivateCare | JHC Hospice | JHC LifeCare | Elsenberg Assisted Living

                                    CAREGIVING SERVICES
                                    YOU CAN COUNT ON AS YOUR NEEDS CHANGE

                                     AFTER YOUR HOSPITALIZATION…
                                     CHOOSE THE BEST - JEWISH HEALTHCARE
                                     A Recognized Leader Serving the Community
                                     for Over 100 Years
                                     • Short Term Inpatient Rehab Services
                                     • Long Term Care and Dementia Unit at
                                       Jewish Healthcare Center
                                     • Home Care and Hospice Services in the
                                       location of your choice
                                     • Aging LifeCare™ Management
                                     • Assisted Living at Eisenberg Residence
                                     COME SEE OUR MODEL UNIT
 JHC - 629 Salisbury Street - Worcester, MA 01609 -
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